Apple iTunes  
Apple iTunes 
this is not bourgeois (say "buh-zywah" for "always empty-handed, always questioning us too") ...bourgeois asks us to take when no one wants to
you can print out itunes gift certificates at work or home and at any time right here! very colorful too! 
Apple iTunes 
Apple iTunes 

Soon enough - January 2007 "You Left Your Purse In The Pumpkin Again, Small"

Pretenders "Time (DJ Who & Neoverse Club Mix)"  The Pretenders - Loose Screws [Re:Mix] - EP - Time    from the newer EP "Loose Screw [Re: Mix]" (2004). What I could stand to hear alone is this. Aunt Jeannie was fine by the way...all is new.

You know, you can get your purchase history at iTunes it's on the bottom of invoice as link some:

04/30/03 Fleetwood Mac "Fireflies"
05/01/03 Elton John "Harmony"
05/04/03 k.d. Lang "If I Were You"
05/04/03 Hall & Oates "Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid"
05/20/03 Massive Attack "Teardrop"
05/20/03 Michael Jackson "Jam" (audio-only version)
07/14/03 Stone Temple Pilots "Wonderful"
07/14/03 Soft Cell "Sex Dwarf"
09/03/03 Marilyn Manson "Coma White"
09/29/03 Elton John "Dirty Little Girl"
05/26/05 Vonda Shepard "By 7:30"
06/05/05 Matthew Moon "Like A Fire"
07/12/05 No Doubt "Hella Good"
09/08/05 Culture Club "Love Twist"
10/10/05 Sheryl Crow "Lifetimes"
10/14/05 Michael Jackson "Jam" (video version)
10/14/05 Madonna "Love Profusion" (video version)
10/03/05 Lisa Shaw "Cherry"
02/28/06 Elton John "This Train Don't Stop There Anymore"
08/03/06 Audioslave "Like A Stone"
08/22/06 Sing-Sing "I Do"
10/08/06 Beck "Soldier Jane" 
01/02/07 Macy Gray "I Try"

That's about fairest reporting there is - note no 2004 at alls. To see that. Total? Twenty-five bucks $25.00 all-tolds less one gift-giftcard type or so. That's it. My address here is 18 Creek Rim Drive, Titusville, New Jersey 08560. Phone on your own. 

That tv leaked hassim oil on my favorite Levi jeans from a cup inside...u know who the reception so bad (probably needs a tuner outside VCR ? ? - we have a new one here too). Before that, it was Oxy Palmolive at the sink with clay in tile, a tomato sauce? We wear it on anyway spots faded...we recommend a Timex indigo like the black Star Wars LED watch for digging buckets-washing hands like Richard DeS does when he's not chewing the new Velamints.

Please consider weighing in with Tickle's IQ test again - as all might remember, I got a "131" right after doing a bump and is formally near perfect somehow it is although you insinuate me answering questions before you even ask - now see that. "Resting on your own laurels again but no hair glued on?" Please, I'd never reconsider taking a test again like those witches (note: a "witch" makes you choose) at MENSA (if acronymal and from the above "meets every no-one, still asking" -- mine just now: "makes every nuance seem arguable [or advent]" I'm there stilting you as "only one right answer" ever to you...see yesterday's "Wuzzles" locally "The [99] Trentonian": "two for one" ["Bull Bull Per Bull" is "permissible" somehow], "seeing eye" ["I See I" is "see eye to eye" so dumb to me - you need two "i's"  for what I said, really, or to be made to change the size of the letters purposefully and that's expressly a no-no here] - the purposeful (as with ends in-mind, and sometimes making it work anyway is here too) idea here was "I'm supposed to be God to you - look what I got. Is that God to you? Is that your God - me?" More like God you is the only answer. Not so much in testing to you.

You know, our American pennies are supposed to distribute metals across the land. They are remiss (remade to suit us in color) iron actually and should be melted as such to build railroads, bridges. Blacks know. Otherwise, use the ol' Coinstar  I love it still no embarrassing features...going to visit Aunt Jeannie tomorrow some with my dad (incidentally, see Job as Jobeth - is Neil's father some always and Max Factor plus plus). Maybe she'll be there.

this is the one i got...quite handy as too, but how much is it worth? twelve hundred dollars ($1,200), really is twenty ($20) we think to say of 256 megs of memory to be used
takes a single 'aaa' battery and comes with the usb cable - and, yes - you can add a memory card under the battery plate the black plastic is my new soap dish all afford

Over the holidays, I saw a single rubber snake on top of a gift-wrapped box near the fireplace and thought "what genius" like Mary's world of a crushed head. Consider a gift then with glued on artfully to me. Flat bottom in toy stores every and where. Something else as similar maybe if harsh. My little MP3 player records voices as ".WAV" files ("like trying to find tits on a reptile" + "that's like poop telling vomit it stinks" if credits "Carl The Critic" at the Rotten Tomatoes site) and maybe little celebrity quotes by me in voice give way to clarities in print made...e.g., Agnes Moorehead as Endora in "Bewitched" is hard to read sense with when quoting "that's right" as to Darrin speaking off on topic. We'll see more of this type stuff  later. You open Windows Media Player and click on "sync" to drag songs from your directories to the player - simple stuff. What about from the player though? We'll be here. More 01/05/07: Open the "F:/" drive on your computer and move files on and off the player very simply voice has its own directory on it and is really an external drive that saves fluidly up to 256 megabytes no song limit matters then. I was gonna take the time to at-least listen to all songs already on it from Bose, but it dumped easily enough with buttons pushed so what. Note: No iTunes songs will be here as ".M4P" (MP4) files - don't even think it. Not here.  

See-hear Take #2...happier, friendlier and Neil-free. Make men shake hands to end their tensions in room upon enter. Make children hug. Women? Make them serve a dish together. It ends having us witches over too. Teachers? Make the room stand up and clap once.

As a final note, I watched this dumb-ass snake clip on YouTube (looking for bits of ABC Discovery's "Realm Of The Serpent" any-all music videos I ever wanted and for free but margined publicly all, play publicly 1980's so bitch at it) with one swallowing-regurgitating a wild pig and even with smoothed mucous hair and hooves outward from mouth - such bullshit ! the snake riding along like a hose on top with nylons between scales expanding and no mouth big enough. I heard in me "sure, there's an opening underneath the jaw" - not here - what goes in comes out naturally too (if proper oral health is at-least as important as proper anal health - that's for water unnoticeable at'd hurt it and bad at that and must be done with it sticks). No snake is that - the coils go around nicely and distribute all as in scales to no further text. No earth-made vagina is an internal penis riding on top of inserts either, it said to me naturally. So be that there.     

Why aren't you-they in love as per God over? "They see theirselves first."
What does that mean?

The Twelve Days Of Christmas Are Then To January Fifth, Inclusive - We Take Down Our Decorations And Gifts At Then 01/03/07 1137
See nothing new here until the 6th or so...this weekend then. I hate writing-being on this, but am the beggar. Meanwhile, nothing is funnier to me than Christ clapping twice at someone across a table so they up and leave. Yeah - at them, loosely but. With elbows slighted bent, and as jewels bracelets lightly and counts "clap-close" fat hands often interrupting. Reba - we love your show ! with the The B-52's Cindy Wilson in attending usually blonde hair and all teeth smiling - and as others too - can't always do the make-up a real hoot. James Tobin too as older son "Van" - says she "takes my money"- you should sell a latex of that forehead with eyebrows as applique. I'd buy one. Catch that funny. On iTunes, they now have "Kolchak" supernatural detective-investigator who is now the girl in "Will & Grace" aka Darryl Haines. Recommend heavily episode "The Zombie" (old chickenhouse woman says in native black Haiti "Oh, Mr. Kolchak! You've been watching too much cin-ee-ma" as he then proceeds to pour salt down some black mummy's throat in a junkyard hearse and sew his lips shut)..."Kolchak" makes me think of that Bill Bixby show where some naked fat guy was burning some hog-tied kid with a hot tire iron. We do not enter these (after all, I didn't get any of the good stuff), but I can't believe they showed that shit on tv and all in a red-lit room in some basket somewhere. The kid had it comin', it seems. From my dad, he quotes a memory - "Whaddaya mean? He's mine."

I can't believe they gave you another day off yesterday for Ford and he still awaits burial...some black girl lies within he's still here but had to dump regions off - get it? (his: 1 - bought back the Panama Canal from France - Jimmy Carter sold it cheap back to us or stole it for sale "I needed the money, it was open to me [as knighted]"; 2 - opened fair trade with France that means shipping lanes with no tarriffs-trades or extra costs involved - many studios or factories of such flourished with lights...not a good thing, not great thing either but OK;  3 - made China eat shit twice by denying them codes for address - no extras here - you move on for Communism acts "denying me tea" and talks here - "blacks again" he said as the Chinese talk for them - NO WAY; 4 - blacks made him die in office once by denying him clean fruit...he ate up and said "die [with] me again" and twice he did never does he "ask why" he said...this is the second time theirs doubles as him too - "they acted sad because of me" he said. You know per Doug, the White House is the only white thing there - the whole city is black as coal and run by blacks the surest guide to home. I don't believe in people talking much I need a limerick, another conundrum. God bless whatever, you can't really know much as this either it seems so many tricks afound you). Then (hers: 1 - had the number one Time Magazine cover ever, second Rosie; 2 - opened Oxford Valley Mall in Langhorne, PA and Farrell's ice cream shop parlour within or near by visit; 3 - his son was so cute to me I died of it maybe he babysat for me too with others supplementing our wayward or lackluster style me the oldest lacking Neil then. I had great loves then thank you all only one formal complaint of sexual nature hit the papers). Him: "We love these recondites [only you know why]." Um, that would be a "referral" as to. We also note further Father Nixon (who hangs in our laundry bathroom face-first over the toilet - my Uncle Paul photographed him at a plane standing) as God unholiest ever - the real deal who got caught up in his own nets only and quoting "I don't pay for you to hear." A receded gem who never had to train China. He is them.

Meanwhile, I envision our country a "C" with England on top at the end, and France on the bottom end clef. We in the middle encircling the Atlantic Ocean take too much top down and the bottom may move away as principally blacks. Russia and China can be represented as a backwards "C" to us in the same-type formation around the Pacific Ocean we never left you anyway.

Reagan - my favorite president proud then Clinton - would have never given you a day off - he hates people anyway bring me my mail I can't believe it after all that. "Work and make me happy again. Work being you at it" he says. "You're really bought" says Mr. Fords to me. I like everything cheap as said and I'm with you too. A proper government won't talk to you anyway unless about yours you have nothing to speak of anyway I laugh you're treated so good all of you. Whenever people award me they never get anything right either but okay that's not true. 

Pet Shop Boys "For Your Own Good"  Pet Shop Boys - Nightlife - For Your Own Good   a rowdy (dirty bathhouse, hysters - guides you out) one from the "Nightlife" LP (2001) " for your own good | call me tonight " - they opened a concert with this too their two (2) heads turning left then right on a video screen above us stage. A riverdance? Gets wet too fast to notice. Still? See many pop group catalogs have unfolded for 2007 and anew!  

I asked God over why I felt so bad buying iTunes on my new Visa gift card (problems problems with reloads at local stores and by direct however - had to buy a new $25.00 one for $3.95 more and so what but I wrote in some stanks to them...still waiting some). He said it's because they don't want you spending the money they hold. So in a day you'll be doing better I guess. Which one? Macy [Dorothy] Gray "I Try" good...yet also note too many samples listened to is no bargain either, so breathe the songs in I listen to shorts too much it seems (don't put the songs down). Also, watched "The Cat In The Hat" on DVD for the first time ever (my roommate wouldn't) - is genius Mike Myers as comic Henny Youngman, really - especially Thing 1 and Thing 2 doing mid-air somersaults everywhere and running around in circles. Genius. Neil's dad is Alec Baldwin by the way and is him really as young. Moons are Baldwins? Yes, all. What else? Jamie Gertz and Roseanne are very good in the movie, but are not allowed to shine much for not having been paid well. Jamie's frame is belittled, but apparently you didn't pay for her glory and she suffers some without her own made near. The difference is a riotous laugh removed like in "Niagara Niagara" with my friend Vaginal Davis (a very famous drag queen in LA really named Cedric - now nationally in "Code Name: The Cleaner" as a black girl in a parking garage a larger part for 'her' seem...the movie is like 'Rush Hour 3' I saw it, yes....has Michael Umbro-Brian Jones in it, AIMEE MANN AS NICOLETTE SHERIDAN again and the best bitch-fight at the end with Jet Li and as a man and her woman Lucy Liu and some charming-ass dutch dancing routines - not good, not great either but okay the lead is a real bag of shit as Martin Lawrence's 'older brother' Kenny a real load to carry by two, I'd say a dump of it) a black salesperson who recoils from the girl's launching in tourette's at him while speaking. Others - and so see. Other than that, enjoyed my little friend Jason (ne Michael Jackson, Clay Aitken, etc.) in "SpongeBob Squarepants Christmas" the DVD (it says 2003) and that just after my nephew got me a single episode of "Ren & Stimpy" on cable tv at about 11:00 p.m. like a fuckin' genius and on request just this New Year's Eve (both characters are God or Bartholomew as split persons in reality too: happy and sad always if Cat In The Hat is his trinity cleaning up world with him mess an awful ghost seeking mind and at whim - a glory too). He's really great as a Christmas pirate that introduces the segment within and the first story is damned harsh about sea-type people (like the Japanese) hearing about Santa for the first time and joining right in to no delivery or fanfare just tired for waiting all night. In your homes you hafta be, but maybe we'll see you later too all hurt when waiting in a group elsewhere as helpers yet (another shitty rendition of Frank Capra's "It's A Wonderful Life" and what crap all waving bank notes thanks it again not to come even once). God's really cold about this - seems even if we made you happy, you'd dump. That's me - always guarding against implement (missing our gift in intent just to get to yours given out) here. Someone says "Just keep it then" - yeah, we have that smartass within too and besides, we did. Our greatest gift? Hurt. Hey - we had to give first and that sucked unless you live like me with an eye on pleasing others eternally. "For the honeybee if he thinks he takes too much be blinded by the gift he leaves behind" something like that or.

Stevie B "In My Eyes" Stevie B - Stevie B: The Greatest Hits - In My Eyes   heard again last night and quite joyous is from his greatest hits LP "Stevie B: The Greatest Hits" (2005)..."a man and his synclavier" strike me again is now "Usher" and hates this gig. Buy anyway - I would - this stuff speaks-aches for my brother's type of person, apparently - never asks you, but tells you why anyway. P.S. My sister gave me a new MP3 playor (a Lexar white box stapled Model #MDA256-100 'Rev A'...yes, "playor" as overly demonstrative or stating itself cleanly) she got with Bose headphones a gift to hubby. Thanks to be it alot. On it, only one (1) song could we sing among others: the Minnie Driver monstor hit "Everything I've Got In My Pocket" if shows you who's the boss with the headphones on out. We sang together then, I performed many last night on the resident amplified iPod and stated aloud if sub-zero response. Most noted? Rush "Spirit Of Radio"...Coldplay "Clocks"...others you.

Alternately, my wishlist included an Apple 1GB shuffle clip so vicious to me at $79.00 everywhere had but no screen. It matters some or not (and then an Elite gun case for my closet a lockup for ?)

More of word:

"reconnoiter" - makes no mistake about it - "you've been here before" it says and we look at you again for 'talks' about you - police say "no one has more than you say";
"reconnaissance" - "we looked you over  - you have baits on you for me" it says calmly "we'll look at you again";
"reticence" - "we didn't find anything yet, but we'll be back...with reticence, we let you go";
"reconte" - "we can't get along, but i'll stay away from you".

Mine owned:

1) "Didn't I see you somewhere before? There's something funny about the way you look. I'll hafta take a little look around..."
2) "Found a little something, I think. We're gonna hafta go over the whole thing with a fine-tooth comb now making sure there isn't any else to be known by me and with us attending at."
3) "We didn't come up with anything, but you know I don't trust you at all."
4) "Yeah - you and I both know you're a bullshit, but I'm not going to get personal here...I agree not to bother you again, thanks."

Barbra Streisand "Clear Sailing" Barbra Streisand - Emotion - Clear Sailing   a Bee Gees-influenced tune from the "Emotion" LP (1984) and if to remind we perform "Make No Mistake, He's Mine" often enough too - is from the unfinished musical "Carousel" by Rodgers And Hammerstein. Good Pointer Sisters title track too...

Movies recommend? "Royal Tenenbaums" a great film...then check out that kid who dances in "Step Up" as so pretty me you. "To keep it in roundabout...keeps the mind fresh for it with periswheel. We call it 'a studio' can't say it's not her and that matters." 

HAPPY NEW YEAR ! BE THAT HERE (I'm going to my sister's plubt this evening on 12/31/06 1840)

"If 'ain't' isn't the contraction for 'am not', I'll be just as fooled...just a slur off of the 'm' if considered some tragic." - dM

"Just as soon as you throw in the towel, someone will be there to drive you off." - dM

"If there was such a thing as a 'born loser', you'd be twins." - dM [if again]

"Who cares more, who knows more?" - dM

"That day comes no matter what. However, your days might be twice as long." - dM

"Jargon? You and I talk - no one else understands." - dM if somewhat 'recondite' or uses 'big' words no one else really gets...this is about supposed or ornery lovers only - a gay of its garden at accuse  

"If people make fun of my laugh - very 'chauncey' or broken - I tell 'em 'two of us were supposed to be laughing and heard seeming' - that's all." - dM who employs it with hurt and is rudely taken

"No soil as great as having touched? No soil as great as having given." - dM 

Football players are "space giants" and apparently. People know who they are "in space" it said. Glad to see ya.

Comic Bo Diddley is Lux Interior of The Cramps, yes and we note..." if in a rockabilly hillside | you don't live | to talk to me | not that handily | not to me "

Troubled? Don't keep asking the sack. New for 2007: We'll be here on this page routinely for a while, it said. Yes, we see your homilies always and thanks.

A "quicksilver" is what we are as thinner...hoping to pay it fast and get free of it soon. Makes you thin, wily to others and you look it too. Don't be fast to pay it off this year, it said. No "quick" references to the Lone Ranger's character what drank serums to be slight-of-hand all the time and robbing banks as too quick to it and out. Then, became a grossly disfigured old man too fast. Oh, alright - me. We all hate that in others met - squirrely, trying to get away from bond...

As promised, our handwritten letter to the that me below? Was that Olivia Newton-John at Washington's Crossing on Christmas Day? Because it was so fucking classy and beautiful to witness? Because you could walk memory lane from your car down the hill and with family friends? Because the Hessian (green, red, white) uniforms shone so bright and the boats were blackest beauty as unsinkable?

'Til Tuesday "Have Mercy"  'Til Tuesday - Welcome Home - Have Mercy   from the whole "Welcome Home" LP (1986) and finally! I can't sing "On Sunday" anymore as too high a note and not perform on Sunday (nevermind, the best place for it seen + reverent community + build it) , but recommend these tracks highly plus most of else.

Thom Yorke "The Eraser" Thom Yorke - The Eraser - The Eraser    Radiohead's lead singer strikes out (on his own) here on this album of same name (2006)...and "Black Swan" ['the best one of it" he says] honors my "danube" a mocha plus red bill beauty both ways to it. 

Timbuk 3 "The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades"   Timbuk 3 - Some of the Best of Timbuk 3: Field Guide - The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades  ... their brand new one "Some Of The Best Of Timbuk 3: Field Guide" (2006) Neil and Pat Benatar with my way against you knowing it all as beforehand - where am I? Remember - we show you how, here. How it may be for you too. P.S.  I met the real Annabella "Bow Wow [Wow...then and now]" getting pizza and a cheesesteak last night at Red Star Pizza, West Trenton - she owns it with him Neil. "Yeah, he owns about three-fifths - I hate him." Help her here and Annabella. Malcolm McLaren is only Neil's father in drag, kinda - not Boy George.

Can you believe iTunes rejecting demand on Christmastime sales? That's very effigy to me - you'd say it was someone else and deny it was you if anyone were to ask. Best I could say is it's like time undone - pieces moving through each other in harsh exchange and at-worst you have something with you before you want it...and all of the time we miss this. X cousin David Albertson subbing for Calvin Klein (still the most fabulous cut of underwear ever - white brief size 38 baggelout for me as extra the dark-blue cords I just bought at The Gap 1969, $10.00 Princeton Market Fair ) and President Ronald Reagan the update. Both feature me too....the above is Neil on the book made-up and me in center storm. What we would say if we had to redo ourselves, I guess. Not mine to you yet. The name means "left in the dust" in French-Spanish hyphenate or spelling off "avec shour" the way they say it in German? What else? Pictures from where? Why? What? New AIDS acronym (HAL = IBM...actually a "forwarding acronym" here, backwards to is a "reversing acronym") solving: "although i decline simply"...still kinda working on "actually infects dirty straights". Our favorite pun yet? SARS - "still aids really, same".

An older couple? Yeah - like two balls and chains going 'round it fast a modern yin and yang can't just stop (see the message board at top link for other details you...Joan Kroc...soon...Regis is really Heisman trophy winner Frank(ie Lee) Gifford...that is Kathie Lee...Madonna? Yeah - I got buzzed one night too many enjoying my own singing and let her and Fraser go on contingency as morphinds like Neil...four [4] days ago this here filmed...)

Did I tell you Rosie O'Donnell herself served me my free iced coffee at Starbucks (on Santa Monica Boulevard near Trader Joe's upper - a yet cancer haus everything peeled - and on 08/16 my birthday) like a clockwork orange dressed as her deceased mother (in her skin trying to know it, how it was)? Yup - turns out the woman and apparently had no right arm below the elbow - just a flap of rotted skin just as big as a dollar folded. She held my see-through Starbucks cup in her skez flap while writing my order on it (um, "no thanks") with a blank pen. I drank up and forgot to note to you all as so mad all the time. Now you too. P.S. The mother died of cancer fighting-raising wolves in Alaska "for milk" - what a treat. Like that vampire woman in Evanescence with seems make-up in her mouth a hungry-enough salidad (somebody who's 'all fit' having eaten your food in stores) like Bela Lugosi. Who is that girl (rumour: she gave me head one night I almost hated it my first while scanning male neighbors down the room - males le must intro to only)? Rebecca Demornay playing. Foul - we never mix business ever never worry. But no to gift - they can have the good around, Boy. Who are you, first? Note: Maybe it was Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf on another-type day - some info may be off.

the steampots look like this, kinda 

Yesterday, 12/26/06 - the day after it all went, we went to New Hope, PA after cashing my sister's personal-type check to me with two (2) forms of ID (although made out to "Cash", see nouveau: we're fighting Orchard Bank, by the way, over excess charges - and please, I acted perfectly only every payment on-time then this - one payment just erased from account and charges then ensuing for late payment and over-the-limit - please escort this out we battle lately but you got the way to increase checks right? more about Visa's all-new travel/money and all-access Visa card from Pavilions if and note - much better - you call in to activate some and give all your name-address info for $12.95 a pop at register plus limit up to cash if desired and three (3) more loads up for continuity and scans of - see I paid $12.95 just to pay Orchard overnight from a checking account then) to see if all remains and well. Very nice day ! I bought some chocolate from the locals there $4.00 for 1/4 (just as a rubber stamp here a graphic, mind you) pound of made bric-a-brac....toured the local train station if $14 to Peddler's Village (once annual flea market) takes forty-five (45) minutes to and fro a very steam engine (told 'em how they could re-do their hot wheel for fuller coal burning - make an iron-ore fan blade in copper pour of thicken wheel to issue heats as according and to - never made here ever, but for full combustions)...checked in on record shop Spinsters, etc., is drug dirty with garbage littered everyhow and few notes of but stink, rear-door accessing. Good time though, and very seasonal the chocolate has "sugar from Haiti" in it, not just yours made with boils soft and is the queen's confection, apparently - very nice...she built her own little house with sugar glass there and all. P.S. You hang stones-countars on strings? You could pour in and heat on sand too for the flat-wall look. So see. Driving to Florida January 27 - see ya downward at Maryland House cafeteria thus of 95 Interstate avoiding fees too. May pop in on Nassau, of Bahamas too by one-hour boat. We'll see.

Carly Simon "Nobody Does It Better" Carly Simon - Carly Simon: Clouds in My Coffee 1965-1995 - Nobody Does It Better    as from the James Bond film "The Spy Who Loved Me" (1977). Was arguing with my individual selves about what was the best Bond theme, duking it out of course with top contender if Shirley Bassey's "Moonraker" and of course. Win-win. I sing "You're So Vain" often to acclaim (yes, as you watched yourself "gavotte" or 'trot to dance' - a military style if my father poses and barely naked below the waist with left leg raised on stool to show us the ass - aka the "gambol" I see it in the head sometimes). The song is for James Bond II (her dream to sing with - ours and hers) and people know who's better yet Mick Jagger too sure. Also "Jesse"...and "That's The Way I've Always Heard It Should Be"..."about my mother dying of crosses in her head every day she left me dying."

If Post Holiday, Trauma Blues 12/26/06 1023
What did I get yesterday (my bed sheets are thus noted as burgundy pillow cases on a forest-green fitted with a dark or royal blue flat...try that for sale)? One hundred bucks ($100) from my sister, a fifty-dollar ($50.00) Target gift card...much in clothes, Dearfoams they are really nice cushions for the feet. All went well yesterday noting no excesses toward gift-giving all very nice in its parlait or unfolding. And if you?

At iTunes, I skimmed through their movie offering and recommend fully still the "Freaky Friday" remake (2003) by Disney Freaky Friday (2003)    if starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan for good music, great laughs, and cute-enough boys plus outtakes featuring the likes of erstwhile Mark Harmon. A good shot in home if missing still Disney's "Hercules" starring James Woods as Hades himself and "The Covenant" of late then rockin' it I guess. Favorite bad joke to date to Chris Ondy and often: "Your body is perfect like Jamie Lee Curtis was perfect in the movie of the same name." However, Linda "T2" Hamilton's back was as nice as Madonna' s I guess what do I know - sure. Goes on John Travolta...I usually don't pick on stars oh, well - still worshipful yet all made movie history, etc., Blue Steel. Lots are complaining that Disney's "Robin Hood" exceeds their tastes for it (makes them feel too good Jeffery Katzenburg is really Neil "they bombed me" people just don't disappear, his father died in the copter crash a fake-type man). Too bad - it's a hot one they're real mean too.

MERRY CHRISTMAS ! FOOL ! 12/25/06 0855
I woke up this morning singing " touch hands on christmas morning | touch hands and thank the lord " I will not after sleeping last night with the likes of Chris Ondy (ne Elvis) and other(s) piled in Mochee-Eric others coming and going to fest my younger brother calling up drunk looking to hang out me fearing having to rise after being at my sister's in Jackson, New Jersey all evening (a beautiful fully-decorated gingerhouse on Buttonwood - stole some electronic ice cubes that flash and glow but shock your upper lip). Although I swore I wasn't going to engage in commerce today (we saved most gift to be opening for today less my father's tv and my older nephew by Scott - Zachary - who grew up badly over the years and has died once on heroin...a white Wamsutta fleece blanket to him from me...thanks Ross for ~$8.00...I got a blue Nike baseball hat to replace the green one who's brim got ripped up by the washer here, white Gold-Toe socks six [6] pair, and a beige seersucker sweater from Macy's...some lovely black girl "Penelope" gave me her plastic-paper santa hat yesterday while shopping there...finally someone gave me their hat ho! ho! ho! and on one humble of suggest of paying for one more I wore it all last night they had purchased felt-style reindeer antlers from a card shop instead of these so give it right up to me some say a mental patient) we toured native Allentown, New Jersey on the way to sister's yesterday and the place simply looked very expensive with decorations everyhow new homes new streets, the cross on the edge of town taken down, but seen by me earlier anyway. Each home -  especially Joe Lento's tee hee yes we have your daughter and Anderson's too all the young girls we met - seem awaiting Santa Claus on the fire engine on Main Street waving cars by - if ours a sleek mid-size Mercedes silver. Very, very nice - our old house a modicum of twinkle-light decor, but hardly no dark-outs, basically, except for Reggie's at my sister's - shame shame if in Florida reconciling to us. So today another day to be had. Lots of food last night God knows who anyone was all so nutsy to me, but the kids loved it.

Evanescence "Lithium" Evanescence - The Open Door - Lithium   from the new "The Open Door" (2006) I loved the video much...back to sense. Make your own today - we don't make people unhappy with gift and pride. So, whatever you want, whenever you want yes Gino we know who you are...thanks to MTV for the video suggest.  Their name is for "Evan's essence" - someone they knew, a playor type. To quote "I make big sounds for big markets" he said "and that means no 'you' involved." A frenchman who launched supergroup ELO, kinda, and with production in-mind - credit Evan C. Grover.

More this day: Was reading the latest "Ask Marilyn" (Marilyn vos Savant say the last name "voh-savin" to mean "even if you're wrong, you're right [for trying]" no...the 'voice of authority' or 'v-o-a' is real here - see that come down to it) column a great take-off for Doug Moon-type questions and the first two (2) question-answers bothered me bad the "Parade" magazine-staple of December 24 all fake questions anyway a take-off of mine - God over replies:

Q: "While dining in fancy restaurants or taking expensive vacations, I sometimes feel pulled by two forces. One says, 'Save your money for the future.' The other says 'Spend now. You won't be able to enjoy these things when you're old.' How can I strike the right balance?"

A:  Answer is omitted for you in favor of mine here: No one need spend money these days - you have none anyway, so see that. Spend to be happy today only and never with others in mind. You can't afford anything, really, but mine is to spend and be happy today. A restaurant must be blinded - or swept aside - in order to be enjoyed. Can you afford it? Take some home to fight off. Now Doug adds "If this the most golden moment of all time - go with the flow often. Let others help choose with and for you too. Don't get mad so often? Get mad, then get serious - your answer first then."

The other maybe later about fresh air in the window while a draft may speak tomes...teamster Marilyn Dillione who thus died 2004 we loved your little CD retrospective from St. Francis blessedly short PIN.

Then: The re-enactment of Washington's crossing of the Delaware river - my first ever and starring Pete Rose - was great! Everything went off well and then rain here....upon "Philly landing" no less!

Q: "I love fresh air and have a window open almost all year. However, I have friends who are afraid of sitting in a draft. They say that their grandmothers and mothers warned them that doing this would make them sick. Is that possible?"

A: And if forgiving yours: A real draft never enters the home without you knowing first. Take the time to remove yourself as is feeling and is always wrong. However, intense heats from a gas register mostly only, makes this unusually unsound advice. Keep a window open at night as heat forces out residues (heats of exchange some loss or other heats as air itself) and other heats yet while depriving you of air almost always as is larger and unkept with you. Air is real and is muscled out by heat. Keep the windows cracked always to ward off excess heats against air - or get sick simply from no air.  Cold makes sick with mucous formation in the blood and gland, but not like air loss. "Button up" the buckle said wisely, and keep heat out of your face always.  Doug says "I never sleep without a window cracked - I'd rather starve of fits - and live to note excesses of heats only the true criminal here. Cold is real and not to be to your touch either - it just is as falls. Keep one's self warm, but not as warmly lit as is noted to be hot. Any note of mind <either way> as in watershed is unfit. Follow the rule home. Bask in it lightly. Feelings rule me to not feel so much of note. To note one feels well is fit and well-fed. So sit."

Thirdly, less blue sky to note is less blue seen overall in depth mostly only. Note that. Of course we bought a Lion's Club commemorative Christmas ball with my name in it "[and] 4 Doug" at ten bucks ($10.00) each thank you very much beautiful day the angels flying of smoke my hint all day ghosts will show you how at night mostly and then. Crowd? 14,612.


Christmas Eve Guide For You Guys, Gals Out There 12/24/06 0925 Merry Christmas To Fool!
You, if you're follically impaired (hair is missing), get a vial of eyelash glue from a beauty supply (mine is under the gym in West Hollywood on Santa Monica Boulevard) and glue back on your own hair in shorts. I do it to fill in spots better and you can too. The glue lasts and lasts on a scalp that changes rarely (you do this but dry) and never washes out basically up to ten (10) months it will be there for you. Use your own hair  - or else - and dip in the slighted strand and just place loosely if wash a day later. No woman will do this for you, so a few strands a day makes it. Love, to Doug.

Notes: My mother also made beef stew alot for dinner (we don't update previous features while away) and calls her tomato-soup base and pepper steak "Swiss steak" - I forgot about that. The ground chuck and pork-and-beans cookery is called "barbasole" or "French way to eat" as they the French were called "Barbars" like Babar the elephant. Also, she made ground beef chili with Progresso red kidney beans all the time and something called "chicken paprikash" (look it up - a thick sour cream chicken broth in white-meat parts only as cooked on white rice). Meanwhile, see local bakeries offer our "nutroll" ours made a recipe from Decembers ago here...thanks flat we live to make someone happy...half of one made is five fifty ($5.50). Check that (Italian People's) for one bakery. Rosie O'Donnell owns Marrazzo's market West Trenton with others great and now expanding "but not ours" we watched "The View" too recently and mocked Barbara Walters (but one of "Ten Most Fascinating People 2006" I watched "Bram Stoker's Dracula" on DVD last night with my mother and too often translating subtitles in Spanish-French...more than you know is there) chastizing you "We are not [just] stars together..." True. "She always confers with me" that's why. "Whose friend are you anyway?" My own, usually, but accepting of gift. Next year will be different I see it.

Why would your flight be fucked over by those who picked a day and lost to snow? It wouldn't here. Those cheapies paid per route - you paid in black-out dates. Ease that over with extras in chair and food. P.S. Last minute gift-giving in hate? A pasta fork with hooks make a great back scratcher...iTunes to date: 25,656.

One more good quote we see it "Attention all snackers..." from the overhead the PA at Ralphs in Hollywood on Sunset. What's wrong with that ? -  like you perk right up for it.

Tori Amos "Winter (2006 Remastered)" Tori Amos - A Piano - The Collection - Winter (2006 Remastered)   from her "A Piano - The Collection" (2006) otherwise known as that box set with the keyboard on top (no, it ain't real...not yet anyway - just plastic keys and with no movement so see).

"That song 'Winter'  is not real - we remade and restuffed that one here..." - T. Amos
"Yeah, like Elton's 'Sugar On The Floor' on the back of MCA's 'Island Girl' - all faked at eBay but never both sides you see." - dM

You gave your heart? The part of you that is attracted to others.
You gave your soul? The part that makes you know of others or better for you.

Both thanks to George Michael's little holiday song "I sang it for the school choir" - find both giving on your own. I Can't Believe It's Not George Michael! - Santa's Other Top 10! - Last Christmas

How Far One Hundred Dollars Goes 12/23/06 2135
Had a bad year? Me too. My dad gave me a one hundred dollar bill for gifts yesterday, so off I went "The Savior" 081664 to buy - and with change due (if noting I make all excesses disappear to you). At Target, I got my mother and her husband a Coleman blow-up air mattress - queen size - for any further accommodations beyond thus (~$24.00), my niece a "Hello Kitty" popcorn maker (~$13.00), and my nephew same side two (2) kickballs in a box (~$5.00). At Burlington Coat Factory I picked up a black-and-white portable tv for my dad at $18.00 and three (3) "eva" or popcorn lamps (see feature here April 2004) for holding spirits of the dead (for my brothers and sister...a cat, a football, and the letter 'c') about $8.00 each and loaded with lamps. These all worth obviously more, with more to buy me yet...

While I'm gagging on ligitate (say "ill-ee-jet" meaning "for old people") soap operas and their weddings upcoming, we offer Celine Dion "Don't Save It All For Christmas Day" Celine Dion - These Are Special Times - Don't Save It All for Christmas Day from her "These Are Special Times" CD (1998). We like it alot here....meanwhile, something special from the Albert Finney version of "A Christmas Carol" or "Scrooge" and at YouTube. Thanks to Neilsy just last year.

On the opening page for this link, "McWYSIWYG" makes reference to Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" character Fezziwig what-who stops Christmas from coming but before time in Scrooge's past (see other song at You Tube called "December the 25th"). WYSIWYG or "what you see is what you get" - a computer term -  makes fun of the "Arch[ie]" card's balance supposedly empty or not enough gull-wing foot...

Firming Update December 18 With Formb Days Yet To Plug In, Tune In, Turn On...No, Turn It That Shit Right Off 12/18/06 1620
Hi all...yes, flew to New Jersey Newark on Friday morning Continental this time (little breakfast sandwich + yogurt nuts soda) all is great the flight nearly a few more bumps ("raise this fucker to original mindset" please as what is planned out only - too much play here angels on wing, underneath...then like nothing just straight ever just arrive softly). Everything here is nice and holiday oriented, so good move so far but two months? No problem, but my mother hates other voices mine at the dinner table if late nights are okay the floor creaking like blacks like it (like Catholics kinda guard against Jews - you know, people on the inside recovering from you somehow). Try and get me down anyway we'll be there often and in need of you, your particular onset type diabetes. As China says "not while you're around" if only to know more for us. Was so depressed before now with nothing good for me planned in advance (no such gift giving, but receive and so blankenship or without having mine said) but see much change and in my direction for plusses) I can't believe half the good shit I hear...please ! that's not right, is it? just take it the trash out right now and while I wait for better you said so if). How was I gonna get by? We'll be in the way I'm here - where are you? Still, all is nice the tree is in the foyer behind the front door on a round "morroccan" persian carpet to suggets a lighter year of giving? No - a new wet bar prevents. No - see change come in little ways. Anything new with you? Hi all.

But before that:

Brian, The Bri...nobody needs to buy a car - you need to sell one to Mochee as is, no complaints. If possible as cash lies there. All too see. Christmas covers London and France soon enough. Pay there or else leave altogether as this is not possible for you yet. Save love and kisses for you too. X Thanks for the invite "Aaron" Eric, "Mia" - just one day past solvent. P.S. You were over last night...wonderful company ! most you. I love late night tv all whacked out and people are fuckin' mean on those MTV -style dating shows they dump 'em as soon they appear that is rude like me. Some of us really hafta pay for that shit with and all agreeing to. Also loved are those two guys one fat and black, one with baseball hat on and is white (I think I know him from work...if this stuff ridicules me and my look, with says) calling prostitutes to separate one says as "not busy in the clubs" we might say forward. Almost a porno of hacineda delight...


Gwen Stefani "Early Winter" Gwen Stefani - The Sweet Escape - Early Winter also from the new album "The Sweet Escape" (2006) with its great bouncing bass (Neil says "throbbing") and piano accents - I liked this one alot too...that "Orange County Girl" must be the 'yuck' you speak of (with co-efforts of coulda called her for help).

...what i'm looking at now on our 3m 'post-it' bulletin board hanging in front of ripped from laweekly
i hadda remake it this 'geodesic' or 'three squares' from the official site's photo off missing 'windswept' (she 'hated it' with hair out), but is made 'galvaned' that's the word for invert image, "leontyne" like lions is just two lions rock or stone affacing or facing each other mildly
...the record is good "you made it with us as directing and having you...never deny our great is yours alone in name and body...the kids in concert are the cool kids yet others so see"
not everyone has the starpower for these but she does...concerns about the shiny-type of look maybe greasy rocked this right out...good-looking, is holy too

"If you pull on the ol' bully club-sanitary mubsk and there's a hairy pile of crap in there...pack it on. No waiting in line for x-times the flies and all of the sames she said twice to hear herself said." - dM, wiping alms back to front, then some I just made up

Freaking Monday to Friday...things to do, lifting blower lids. Made a running Santa outta leaves and bummerdung to frighten lamors if so should be. Nothing yet just saned. "You make people poor with this." They are rich in turnaway behavior and enliven to be seen as average 'c'...still up to 79% accomplished well enough and that ain't jack you do all you are told to do and died just like that you listened to me then spoke of it again once or then not. Ripens right in the same oven bag pulsing the gravy lump-free. A whole baggie of heroin palals in your solim food and still you cling to me, mine. A folded storming mance of sagefrost rats would be salved to skinford dead - you give it another guide. Aunt Jennie is still looking to give that special gift to someone selving in search. Stay-free dryor pats gilves in the load while to spatz and since what last cubber of bindled bewash.

Enriched Graves 'A' To 'Self-C'
A - attico, kills you with both known deed; skills in the scenery [no one is can trust every that] Spanish, "attico" never asks again, if "attica" never comes again;
B - billifross, well-enough to be just as said, leaves you not a wonder [you cared of it some, will get the rest later];
C - cammis, searches to the self made, kills to be with men and seeks them still [understood every untold nuance, has corrections];
D - dornaflouge, makes everything theirself, is handy that way loses interest in pounds a day [will not be told of this make, holds down the theoretical to match essay];
E - evanscint, wakes up wondering about less each day, is known as fraud to be in itself...a quill at hoveling with pens, bolts at [evades the question, will not work for your food as payment, needs no one to hear any of it].

I got all the important words - that's probably good enough for you know it too.

Guns & Roses "Live And Let Die" Guns N' Roses - Greatest Hits - Live and Let Die originally from the "Use Your Illusion I" double issue LP (1991) on Gelson record (um, okay - Geffen Records as but sold down now). Seems Axl Rose is just Dawn Everly (Everly-Smothers Brothers...hmmph! not a new cube of it eating) doing everything she can to stop doting on her father's (the single seasonal mustache - the clarity works versus simms playboy of vatterling 'post' networks) needs - he makes this stuff with and for her. That's a shame to forfeit Axl (goodbye, no overwrought video pronounce resend) but if you're still or not here it's cause you made queers happy they pay no one as never more affluent than a case of soda accuses you to. That leads to reledate James Bond wandering around doing the same thing every time the pit advises even screwing that black sandberg in the tall 'tea' grass where neighbors mostly have to their shit. All other blacks are careful to note their lack of sincerity: we step away from toothless reptiles circling other known of selves if truly scared, the cinching hook-hand is obviously hand-held for showing just how, and even Geoffrey "7-Up the uncola ha ha ha" Holder won't emerge from the haiti of grave as spingarden scaramouche unless you see the waggle of his tail showing wages just how is enough to. No pussy will scare a shot easily, but you see how a little powder propers to be the nosedown. Where are Paul McCartney and Wings (the original)...gets paid every day owns stuff you sell to. The greatest hits record for G&R has many hits you can eat egg haspers at that notch.

" i had a heart | but i buried it someplace | i had a brain | but my body won the race | i dream in pictures | pictures of you | i feel though they | just won't do | oh, yeah " - from Curve "Missing Link"

Then, we knoll Pretenders "Room Full Of Mirrors" The Pretenders - Get Close - Room Full of Mirrors a must have ending their "[The Pretenders] Get Close" LP (1986) with a Jimi Hendrix-type cover - he never made the song though (nor any other some not at all is Dave Stewart of Eurythmics fame yes, the girl) they faked this too by Elton John one and the same sold off my eyes now bleeding of harse fact untold to me once. Waste to comp edit..."Room Full Of Mirrors" is like Curve's "On The Wheel" MP3 (5.5 Megs , the "Blackerthreetracker" EP 1993 'given to nothing' sure) it opened a show with a big fashal blast from the hotchkiss of sammle winds merendie towers. So "if and if some should live" give on a tarp buckets of crimp style heading our way says nothing yet be told still. Be stood. Others here: "When I Change My Life"..."Tradition Of Love" also is found here Bob Clearmountain and all.

Stay tuned...we're fresh outta fake tits...they shrink the rubber material around those ploubs and withdraw the sourmy needle whilst hot. See no seams then as but both should brance! Love was at the tip of it, if seem but at stings: Spray any window screens with flying insept bug savorrs (wasp, hornet, early mabe, wigand, sim cockroap, teatle) on the inside of windows and as they tipid seek light and land asplace they exhode-inhale harshest slace or buck deodorant and die of bi-fangle nature at heart, eats one lum. Sometimes I just channel itty-bitty plasmas in each of tiny holes and they die wretching at waggle-heat in mandra-hacinta's assmaster lelacp. Chokes crickets down to the bin dump all that noise begond of me make. Wander it off or so will be "UORALE Pispt Fourti-Fly" nicks 'em half a betch bijame as hast and flatzing out. Like balbing shizzers they wicket but without the shaxis and biciera-nanalo's you've come to snap at and hapt a sasperwilligan.

The Ronettes "Sleigh Ride" The Ronettes - A Christmas Gift for You from Phil Spector - Sleigh Ride from the 1963 album "A Christmas Gift For You From Phil Spector" who was really Elton John in glasses for a while after his wife had him shot dead. Then he became Howard Stern after being Joey Ramone of course..."he's my father - not yours - they told me to say it that way and I got shot again - thanks, New Law [says like "lay"]" if one more complaint gets you one more treatment. Call her, I'm here now. Hi to the Ronettes all....I guess. It's now December 5th I'm dying off of this upcoming trip ten days that ripe or then "like two ripes at the first checks the other moving up the branch, out and down. How was it? We all ain't so well off." Like someone got paid is the punchline - one or the other.  Don't forget we all ate well I did too some from a whole box of smaller candy canes I bought each you gotta nature the holidays in.

See the Gorillaz video "Dare" at YouTube before it's too old or too late...the girl dancing is supposed to be Chrissie Hynde making much while she discusses tours with promoters who hate (God versus The Devil again - sure). Damon Albarn works with Gorillaz that is his mother so sue.

Reluctantly we stroke libal fur December 2006 - something something soon Tiny Tim "lum lum...may both die"...Xmat Fukkens Lieberhauf! Leb crosbnir la la faf. "Even then and if no one springs for another boeltche of it then..." Tim will die like twins of dykes in a follfe rivercraft brabbe. Beeetch then! See it to soothings soon Lil' Tim then be it wiste. Father Christmas! Father Christmas! Bring us to our backs and on underwear! Cheers witt.

Gwen Stefani "U Started It" Gwen Stefani - The Sweet Escape - U Started It 'tis from her new "The Sweet Escape" LP (2006) on Interscope that will too do (the look? "Havelin" or early winter seen by me again and again a loser being made glam for you as). Also try "Early Winter" and yes maybe "Wonderful Life" and as among other oddballs found herein. First of these noises made to seem."No one makes music anymore - I try to and somehow win in this. 'Yum' or 'is yuck', have it again and again - it will pay somehow and before I have to again. Thanks to the losers we have life back again and at our gain. Thanks to it again. Be, and be me - then off." - Gwen S.  "Hi" says Doug...a yet loser? Gram fat.

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most other playlists are too fool
be ware, find stimpf
one skinf puts to cockle
rare if to t'teat
markle...for her father's singing in 'hole in my soul' she is here
very affecting

Download iTunes
meanwhile, back at the bank
you'd offer it a tip then be made to pay none more yet
so offer me then more then yes then none at all yet more yet more yet more is no offer

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Don't start ruining bisks now - wait until spring and summer are in full-swing.

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