take it back at once i said

Simply Opt Out As Usual And Have It Just As Before Yours Can Say - May 2004 "Querlm: What then drove her to it most?"

The Three S's Of Horror Face 04/30/04 1458
There are three (3) words people use to defeat you daily - all balding perhaps: "Stamina" allows you take control by being weak in the head and strong in the body. Do nothing but stay put. Strength is here. "Stealth" is simply stealing. Small and quiet, it sneaks in to take what little you could offer but unawares. It has no truth in strength, it is simply taken behind your back. "Sarmoles" is if you get caught and wiggle out of this somehow - more talk and fold that back into "stealth" as stealing again but with words you use now. "Steed" is getting in fast behind others though and taking with what one knows. Like riding a horse, sure - it comes in out of place or then cuts in your line and takes with knowings, etc. If steed comes, take what's yours out of the game as it cheats at you with unfair advantages (not mine though - you are mine - see it first before I do). Compare then "opportunism" not - what sets people up for losses and takes its time with them making. All bad these s's and all the time they are. See me then a "saffron" - plays fairly with and as well if and as long as you do.

As The Weather May Stay 04/30/04 1030
Don't think I forgot you - twenty-three cents ($0.23) remains me in account. In the meantime, I may check out B of A's services at link. Expect generosity as provided by you only I am easily bought of - see that my easy answer to it and we remain enthused by it. Malice (always an undoing to make up for shortcomings onset here - "nobody paid us to be either yet - you or me" stamp that ever or begrudge your own happiness to losers). "We don't think you should have an account for that [for speaking of it or at it]." You lose then I am decided on you too. I seek to maintain relationships or let them fray to no bother. "We want things taken away from him to see if we are better then." My gauge is death only. A living person seeks redress like you seek to be in my shoes and wanting of this. "That's really the way I think, too." We see you and thus no challenge to it at the same time. Not a man for us or for them then. Substance to show leaves substance and no show. "You're a man, but you could've done better for yourself." Never under scrutiny's focus of us. We remit for safe and harbor. Breed your hate outward, see it gone. You are not me at once special (a disability? no), and inconsiderate of it. You are not this - it is troubled, a minefield. I am brilliant, but seek no clause of it or a way of undoing it. You do then as your part to play. It is mean to us, no? No. Not ever our wants decided us. I don't like the poverty routine. Response? "That's just to get you to be who you are - someone who doesn't give too much of me." Fine - fine. An oversight of.

selling myself broadly and thinly she'd say - I was going to mention that I like 'gambler' but that's from 'vision quest'

An Open Letter To Madonna 04/29/04 1801
Never to worry about me - I'm it and live with God - our God, me (to trust it yet). A few things - thanks for being so perfect with the name ("Desperately Seeking) Susan" and all - forgive the retard stuff you are perfect for us I learned that but on the bus today (Neil says 'hi' we love still - he says he masturbates to me most that is us licking each other off sometimes). The colored lights changing in spectrum and sight in the escalator towers at Pacific Design Center are flawless looking at night - thanks. Have that as responsible and such. A website I noticed above Video West says "genderme.com" in neon but does not link up (no, I tried ".org" - thanks off). We don't make people desirable in gender or code for - they do. What do we care? A gender (French for "spoken in the way of [having this with you]") merely tells you left or right in asking for (sex, clothes) - not much more. A third gender gift from me and in my mind yet steers you off of the asking all the time to simply mind yourself then and dark or not seen but a figure. See them as soon. Treitons.    

Chris We're On Today My Friend 04/29/04 0903
"When you do this, you invite treacheries (mention John)." Around noonish I hear all still. "Then you come." Right. Remember, the first thing done by Los Angeles gays to my New Jersey stale (an inappropriate yet - never at a come-on or then needy types where an embrace may last but centuries I tend to fuck) was a hug and then a light kiss to each and I meet (even my mother recoils - each a John Rhys-Davies or "gallote" (say "gal-lot") as "friend in hear and say" as featured in "Raiders Of The Lost Ark"). Soon enough, I was glad I came to it and I meant it too - then you to yours. "I'm going to blanch you with hate at first." Not me - god then "don't touch me [the golden child, a purity - your weeds are being served out back]." Outcome: Dutifully, I took the bus - two (2) in fact - to Loews Santa Monica Hotel and asked for "Ondys" on their courtesy phone in the lobby more than once to no avail - no rooms "C-10" either a code yet to settle? That place is nicer now used to be ugly all white with color flags like a party hat, now a new reason to love. Here, I share my wins and losses with you yet. What kind of god shrinks to your value? Not one, but two (2) buses I. After my debut-looking glass, I went to the builders of my own body McDonald's - particularly nice there with lawn and all and had a feast worthy of Ronald himself. Yet I to be free of this and yet I. I did my part, right? "You got us banched, man." What the fuck does that mean? What the fuck? More: You couldn't possibly understand - no one have I masturbated to more than Chris Ondy. Like we have our "worst bad breath ever" framed (that would be his brother John - no seriously my assistant at work she reciprocates I'm sure with meth on mine but top that cigarettes and have hers first to live and then seem to mine) I know my masturbation is keyed to firmly too. Up his ass, usually - I'm a top but gifting versatile (one boyfriend exceptionally cute better than you actually suggested a ploy when he turned me down and I said he could fuck me instead - no not ever to you that). Know that. See - even in tough times you reign me. Now my father always a bit too quick to nip at the sleigh says in mind "See - you want him and he doesn't want you - that's why." In your grave yet, us fucking. Madonna similarly names her number one flick too: Steve Langer (a big deal on campus, Dayton, Minnesota). I love you for being at me. See then. Simply the ugliest thing I've ever told anyone is this. Now eat. The mother "He paid me in dimes." That is Jewish and means you ate cum of them only. The father "We're going to file suit to see if we can maintain us their blessings in life." That is inscrutable even to God above I hear it as he even wants to keep on going without you also in tow. Something about "trumpling" them. We see it too - a Ronald knows. This from the man that shot one to death in jail my orthodontist's receptionist-assistant - someone might have his ass then or again. Hybrid families all over again - like picking your own name always in French it sounds a bit too good to be trued. A Moon knows. Truth and my favorite story: My mother, and while dating my father (she of illness now, of course), often speaks of some "faggot" - as my dad puts it - in the rear seat of the car irritating him somehow another obsession in the making perhaps. Turns out, that is their father. Through me now we may have to know more. Listen up, they had the same station wagon the 1975 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser (ours blue inside, a silver-gray exterior with stilled wood panelings and wheelturns a hearse, theirs a red interior) and dining room set from Barry Furniture in Langhorne, PA - "The Omdessa" (royal English hutch with stilts a window frame of metal that lifts the eyes up and lights within, the parlay table or two metal stands on wood, arms on end chairs and only with ultimate seatings for six now) - not cheap ever at eight grand ($8,000) at each (my grandfather died for it to our house paid for by luxe this 1974) but we got the pads on top and still have that yes an elegant we need new cushions on the chairs my mother tried to do them herself I recommend a midnight blue now maybe red - they were yellow and then off-pink it seems a mauve I like to talk. Remember, one is Chris Squire of Yes the other Elvis Presley in hiding both faggots. I hate stars I jerk off to Elvis - who'd have thought it.

And What About That Target Gift Card? 04/29/04 0831
As you recall, I noted my Target gift card "shipped" from YourGiftCards.com on 03/11/04. Shipping might have taken a bit earlier (they don't note an actual port date with that as I check) but we need to allow up to eight (8) weeks to receive from them as agreed upon and that would be roughly 05/11/04 per expectation. We'll be here.

A Balance Worth Keeping In Your Mind 04/29/04 0829
My relative (the one seen and used by us) balance today at Bank Of America remains at twenty-three cents ($0.23) abrogio.

i just love them little biscuits with savory butter on them

Whatsoever Hath No Fins Nor Scales In The Waters, That Shall Be An Abomination Unto You
04/28/04 2036
May I suggest my favorite Red Lobster at the northwest corner of LaCienega and Wilshire (not on our map - too many visitors) or alternately at Route #1 in Lawrenceville, NJ? My favorite setting that plus previous and then all them blacks just luvin' the catfish up and out of the way. Contsperm (aggravation) from Cybersocket May 2004 ("God Hates Shrimp"). By the way, that bible quote (it is nearly right..."abomination" is actually "abenable" or then "useful to you" - says keep them it there for or unruly guests) is about swords being kept in the water and nothing you would expect to see there - watch for them then by Romans shielding you from faiths and those that may bring harm. Jews and rust sayings. P.S. The word "hath" is Roman Ancient for "have some, then us too". I made turkey tacos for dinner tonight - still a big winner for fun and fresh using regular ground turkey meat (usually Jennie-O now at the Turkey Store and is not cheap at about four bucks a pound ($4.00/lb.) is so with no extra-lean as grinds, and thank you), double the taco spice pack at Lawry's, all Ortega products yellow corn shells, milder sauces, refried beans, a sharper cheddar cheese (forget taco cheese as unnecessary, usually - I like pre-shredded however) and your own iceberg lettuce and greenhouse tomatoes both chopped up to news. I'm still talking it up the whole plate as made with love. A higher offering to it, really, with the hari krishnas and all somewhat.  

look at this inmakeup like the son who is Jon Teppeworth this is Neilsy real name Luisa Perry

A Bit More Family To Stare On 04/28/04 1734
This is Neil's father actor Udo Kier famous for a Madonna video and other type stuff and as pictured in the movie I've seen only in pieces "The Adventures Of Pinocchio". Like father like daughter sometimes Neilsy was Charles Busch in "Psycho Beach Party" too. "Pinocchio" is somehow affecting a film, and Neilsy's dad (my paternal grandfather's youngest brother Thomas) is pretty interesting guy nonetheless a good watch I'll get to it fully one day that third eye on his cheek is good enough to me Neil is the fox actor in that too. Neilsy as a girl and as pictured is similarly captivating a Moon in drag is nothing to waste yet as an Inspector Clouseau-type in a dress but beyond and on the beach. "Nothing I would miss" says Neil who burned the first acetate (reel to reel) of "Pinocchio" for a lack of funding yet - a dark boy. Madonna stepped up with cash for it all eventually and such. Related: I just found out yesterday that Lily Munster Yvonne DeCarlo was a woman we knew well in our hometown of Allentown, New Jersey - Mrs. Lou Perry (real name Luisa Perry) of Perry's Market and her sidekick another woman the sister of "Grandpa" Al Lewis who helped run things (her name was Dorothy Chandler - no relation actually her mother did all that). This is messy stuff (Mrs. Perry suffered a stroke then and proceeded lit her house next door on fire once or twice - see that), but "The Munsters" (a great show of unending humour still - she "Yvonne" said "ee-vonn" is viciously good in these as master and servant - now as featured into being on "TV Land" where I'm learning about all like this "Mr. Ed was a nigger" but really Elvis) filmed in New York's Manhattan Palace (a small club in the Bronx - ?) only except for movies then on in 1956 (the series aired never, really, but filmed once a day for twenty days straight in 1961). Not actor Fred Gwynne, but his father Henry Thompson who died and bequeathed the actor's series to CBS for airing once or twice then. Found dead days earlier actually of alcoholism and smoking, Fred Gwynne the son an actor's name picked it up and made it well again his dad remembered then the son never acted in one but did movies thereafter. Hershey people? No - Candace Foods, Chicago did it with him (a cabbage broker, actually). The army made it flow kinda with editing and such later on. The kid of Eddie Munster knows he died during filming and returned later of a car accident unmade to him. A foul to you no less. Mr. Perry? Another one of Herman's sons Maneul - changed his name to Cliff and worked politically with my father as mayor and council. Further, our neighbors Hughes (James Mason) sees Montgomery Clift of also a favorite. Our little town held much we see.

Not Too Much Detail 04/28/04 1555
Chris as I said this week our communications interfered with I am a child of god - as God then - and believe all you hear and of C-12. One day this week for sure is tomorrow I venture forth. More in the tits for us this later. Have some snacks ready. Diddlys: Over ten dollars (> $10.00) then, John's off a plus, back from the Best Western you were invited back to it. I see you still.

there's no place like home, huh

If The Wicked Witch Of The West Was Marilyn Manson
04/28/04 1359
Who was Glinda the good witch? Makeup genius Max Factor (real name Max Haubrou) - and he has the pictures to prove it some.

Our Collected Balance Today
04/28/04 0923
Ours stands at twenty three cents ($0.23) again today. The most I ever made per year was fifty-three thousand dollars ($53,000) sustained my last full-time. I can make that easily today still, but I can't say my load was any lighter. Every cent to be spent on perfecting my nature to you. In the meantime, I have some of your paper on the side......plans. X

originally at citroel then just city on labrea

It Is, It Is Or As We Fear This But Out In The Open
04/27/04 0918
Today's lucky balance rests at two dollars eighty-six cents ($2.86) - went to the grocery store over the weekend you see and spent cumulative twenty-five dollars ($25.00) - had my sniffs already you may see and may done. If this isn't embarrassing enough of ours, nothing is. Let me take my clothes off if you pay and then see it happen RIP. You just can't figure it out, can you? Well, I can. Father: "I gave in a long time ago to whatever else hates him." That would have to be me also. Update: Just spent two dollars sixty-three cents ($2.63) at Pavilions on a demi baguette of LaBrea Bakery sourdough (a "demi" is less than full, but more than bite-sized) and a two-liter bottle of Vanilla Coke. That leaves a balance now for forward reporting of twenty-three cents ($0.23). Tell no one yet as there's always tomorrow to seem. Right now, Pavilions is selling luscious red seedless grapes for ninety-nine cents a pound ($0.99/lb.) and I had some the other night with a seeded demi loaf - all that was left, but never a bad choice if second to me. When I sat down to eat, it all seemed too nice, the wire basket of grapes then with a woven dishcloth from Williams-Sonoma underneath for erring water, the bread being cut sliced with sweet butter nearby. A bit elegant and worthy of Abraham's finest or Christ or whatever you shall. I live well despite you to. Later today, cook & serve banana cream pudding from the good folks at Jell-O. A bigger box and no less than three (3) cups of milk to this time the Reddi-wip to be at act of. P.S. "LaBrea" is said "lah-bray-ah" and means "short breath" in Spanish never someone's name but a colonel in the army named anyway it seemed. "Takes your breath away soon" we meant it as the one venue into Los Angeles basins. Did you know the U.S. Army's Camp Pendleton is just "Highways" an art colony in and near Santa Monica? Yup. We don't keep much but a civilian population in and around us (those doubled-sided homes with up to four colonies per - we needed to adopt you inside and outside it seemed and then) to dispel problems we encounter and abroad - no one-hit wonders. San Diego? Camp Rouhoure (say "ruff-how-er"). Fresno-Bakersfield? Camps Mutch and Fahgo - both buttons down or not civilian yet. The dead. The army left California by executive order in 1976 by Gerald Ford's party who was exalted and assaulted twice. Now, no more west than Arizona "you fail me" he said. Marines everywhere now Camp Chuster (say "shooster") in Bakersfield is. Camp Merylsfield is San Diego types - leave it at that. Tip for LaBrea Bakery: Hold all in fridge until ready to eat and after day one (1). Twenty (20) seconds in the microwave and in the original bag - and thus to no more - ensures you continued dining.

If The World Were Run By Niggers Part Two
04/26/04 2031
I was told that the world was run by a black something special of god in the fifties - now see that yours trips to Cuba not offended "go somewhere less to see" they would say. Now pull up a chair and a bag of tropical Jolly Ranchers and let's hear about a woman just north of here who insisted on logging my account offensive to international markets to block it from gift yet. Oh, at night in the kitchen at the table her bags stuffed with feet and having a glass of milk thinking off. A black corpse reaches for her head from behind and lowers her screaming in fits down to the floor for three (3) of one (1) blade inserted into the back of her neck. After removing a head by special process - you dunnit to her we see - ask for lemon icing of torte quality all over her hair what in a bun we art all of this later to him as he had six (6) more to do then he says and then he gets to be free of this murder and way (Milton Jenkins is his name - an army captain once shot in the face while robbing a store last year or so in Brooklyn Heights - don't look for his body it's here with him a fantasy sure have a glass of milk we love to play I live). You find her head out back in the patio with icing on the 'button' or half-open eyelids too slightly darker lemony more in case they open and swirls and swirls of cashews and babied just left of the eye and we see in back a point shaved carefully up no icing to note you under bun. Don't cite my mother as a problem either I'd say a best of friend all my life and after all when you ask for my mother and I just can't turn and point to my lover an anyone will do for this and in truth. Instead I talked to Milton a murderer who got shot first like me some to why bothered and asked him to keep going despite our talk and promised that another life yet I hope to receive it more. The end for now Laci Steu. More: How long the whole beheading-frosting process from start to finish? Forty-five (45) minutes she left us there she was dead instantly but watched askew.
very stately of only $2,495

A World Of Wonder Ended 04/26/04 1112
People ask sometimes "What if the world were run by blacks?" and after a few sightings from the fifties and now these catalogs too many, I'd like you to take a gander (um, a black view) at those of Design Within Reach I die of these lacquers and in their thoughts. I'm assured by the above that not much would be different (they would get there too, obviously), but we gave something up here. See it early on.

Out Of The Closet And Into The Park
04/25/04 2103
If a "clone" (again, "klonos" is "skinned", "kronos" is "boned" or pronounced to) is a closet homosexual, what is a "queer"? From the French "queirele" say "keer-uhl" it means "no suits [as a woman dresses of closet sense or no afford - almost as to be off-the-rack theorizing cheap suits as are women's suits]". No one is queer unless a suit is involved and lying somewhere else used. A man refusing his bargain - see that.

Some Stuff From E-mail
  04/25/04 1932
Mailbag: "If I were to live my life over again, I would be an American. I would steep myself in America, I would know no other land." America is the land of fools and folly. I made it to house us until God could. No one protects Christianity like I do. You protect Jews, I protect Christians - the ones who take from them and do well. Jews were made to maraud the world for its riches for me. Christians take it back from their friends with higher order. Take me soon or see little left. Then with some "Christianity, above all, has given a clear-cut answer to the demands of the human soul. Indignantly, it does not take much strength to do things, but it requires great strength to decide what to do. Where God builds a church the devil builds a chapel." Christianity does not rate souls - I do. A soul is no bother, but a Christian is. A Christian had better do what it is told to do, or a Jew subsides and divides us. Higher order suggests neither lay down on the job. The devil is not real that is me too suggesting one do better or see me living in Hell with yours in tow. A Jew, and finally, is no bother yet - they pride me some as I am that too always taking back what is not yours to display and make mine yet. Let's work together our chapels inspire more with less. Have us as a devil would: without shame for it all tokened or made same. Have us to be with you and no Jew will come to bear. A Jew my friend never but some do will. Will me then. Will to be.

Face Is Almost Just As Bad Like Freddy Kreuger And In My Dreams 04/25/04 1701
Ever since I told Chris Ondy he was my boyfriend (merely a reciprocal concerned), I've been having sweats at night by dreams in my head awful little situations now two (2) involving dinners and stuff but not mine experience what are always lovely, really a giver seen. One from the wife, one from the grandmother both seen to be with me. Both recounts coming soon I'm still healing, kinda Chris stuff hits me hard I'm there too often. The first dream last week sometime: I was at a dinner in my home (this is someone else happening) all white and yellows and light expecting Chris to come and never did he show. The dinner was over for me and as this person I sat holding my head in my hands grief stricken with my answer then and a series lost. A murder happened here - been there with love expectation and then not. I asked Chris in mind what happened there after describing this dream I just died in as now me too - "no clothes." The wife. Number two (2) last night and resented again: As someone else, I'm having lunch with Chris outdoors on the side of a house - the east side (negative left? no - on the right if facing). Chris got up (the reason was unclear to me - no mention of foul or fury) and did not return as I sat and waited. An older gentlemen (fat, balded) from around the back of the house came up and said something to me about being a "Joe" ("you know you're a joe" or as meaning "no one special"). I got up, went around the front of the house to the other side and then entered a kitchen court. Chris sat there on a stool and beyond the contents of a shelf on the left side of the kitchen in a baseball uniform looking straight ahead but down. Next I was in my car backing out of the driveway out front left. On leaving the street, the car's engine seemed to roll backwards or fail lightly - the end of not me. Note: I certainly understand the grave qualities of my friend's happenings here, but I never forgot that someone small and quiet lurks inside - my friend. Too many trips out and away with pleasures afoot countless school and work hours (I'm always in charge, of course, and will pay for the pleasure) left me happy but understanding and ooo! that stuff smarts though. Hi again. Some girl on the beach goes to another one my friend "Pssst...you know, I don't think they're here for us." Really? More: Another little part in an east-north room very light has John and Marc entering the room leaving to another and returning to leave without acknowledging me I watched them both. You better say 'hi' next time (an affront this) so I can reject you both as openly. Advised tip among friends: In our affairs, eldest John reveals that he was called "Pampers" and Chris "Zodiac" - you'll hafta know just why to see them. More: Chris, our other son is David Rue, Jr. having a stay. Treat him well. All adopted as such. No sons with John yet (angels do not make babies - they are babies in the head to me and to be treated as such). Marc? Mine with Neil (sons to me sons to me).    

"Our Statement To You Is There" Yours
04/24/04 1638
First a problem to you back: "They said they would shoot us if we enter court." Court is for court's havings - court havings are routine with no problems to bear you. You then see what is routined to you. To shoot back? Hold the call for better people - someone better and to knows better of it. Knowing types get into trouble all the time and know what to do for people who just do what they're told to do and by you. See you in court or have a reason to do better than a court allows you to then do an announce yet or then ask to know but perhaps after-the-fact seen but unannounced. Knowing isn't cheap, but is paid for. See ya at the bank, Bitch - wait for the bell in your head. You know, it's clear I sound like JFK sometimes. "Take down the roof, please" - or - "see you at the bank, Bitch" and no one paid for that yet said of the courts. My balance stated yet? More than JFK had from you: Twenty-seven dollars eighty-six cents ($27.86). The IRS joys me with their fast return of twenty-nine dollars ($29.00) dated yesterday 04/23 you done it so good. It's sad to note my joy over being able to have another day done my way so small and yet so sure. Don't be so stupid - it's okay for just one another day to be me of a truest wealth having you. You the life I'd price.     

Final Quest 04/24/04 1612
"The poor sell things." Poor bitch, I'd say. I have lived in Heaven here - here goes: thinking and shitsay prose is trying to get out, a language of lord. The poor again - not here yet. I loved seeing you out when we didn't need to know why (no event to unlarge) - only when. I longed for littler tastes of much greasier goods given, a day or two more between things done and received I enjoy this more I'd say of less. No bitter stops just a vow to be better in it to me. Not so distracted by not havings not seen yet. What if I run out then? Who makes this appear? What if they become one and I stay still? What if I were made to know better just another daydream I love dreaming off no word yet coming back to you and then. Nothing better than sex yet...with me? No....the dreaming of. 

Clear Your Throat In Heaven And Then As In Hell
04/24/04 1541
It's no secret that your maxmal extension from the poor - your right you choose - and have that made me sick to my stomach with personal enlightenment-x of used vow keeps with our gift of cerms solvency with to you too no burdens never to have over the baggage too many'd (remember our'd very keys - seems to say, word off, vanquish a joy laden ain't too that cheap - we gave that simply a gift to, seems the poor), but let's port a review out there: "Your are *asking* him to die" then adds "We *asked* him not to be." In fantasies I use to incite further thinkings about you, I use a double-barrel shotgun on the reddened-if horm-face that answers its own question bish a bullet for each horril that seemed of an eye. The white part - sure.  If you're going talk of or to someone's ass like that, you might want to disguise yourself with a few climps of pubic hair to be as if spirit gummed around your mouth. I turn around and see nothing I wouldn't expect to note, you'd keep making me know. No black of the early south, I take exception to taking exception and cit each note in reverse you'd last a day. No owner either, I expect to extend no life to any that suggest I'd live. I give you nothing to say. You take it all back one day. I hate opposition here like you hate raising each morning to meet it back at headquarters for no further discussion you'd say (no one person ever that great to me, an institution conveys this while I wait for that one person to be and to me). I listen your rule as you die me to it your rule you die you die you die. Then you die you die you die you die. Then you die never to be to me. Of never to me. You live well enough in it so say you to be we are *asking* you of nothing and suggest not if not to be.      

Sung Load: "I Don't Want Your Love.......I Don't Want Your Love" 04/24/04 1515
Get this shit cheap shit fashioned by lovving-hate's havings scent - another skunk posing for skint perfume cheap sex never paid you to leave either have some of it all a vaundlish cum never have I thought pissing like a racehorse bested by chance or both winning - "Howdy! [lem a fucking pig - eat cramp antes le gas n'est moovnour] The common argument that crime is caused by poverty is a kind of slander on the poor. [You mix shit with piss and coin your own candor to cone a verb type - poverty is then heads and properly chooses tails to vantage the poor your currency is excepted everywhere pottery is made to hold candles and flims of ventworth and fancyforth - kill them all you cared to then and so live, meet a gourmhair bellygoat that heats up ass-wax you are hardening both sides in a nigger like a half-tale unvites rethought or spoken to, a sweat linen, a harp for the pornch, an unwanted derregullate, yours made, a sant smile, horned rags and vilch lambert, comdiddly, yourself, a molodian skintag, the thunderbelt]. Cynicism is cheap -- you can buy it at any Monoprix store -- it's built into all poor-quality goods." Next time you come down from on-high to deliver your particular hant of bag shit, ask for the season bit wax and another tit to the toothed temple a marbled hand-hole. Forget what you know about the tandals of body shame and if wins to be least to gorm at the feet a pinch up forn fat. Rule: If all are made by extension, the poor keep coming to see what you've done to them lately and quite frankly you're still the riches in hint by far if seeking to no quote. I'd hafta tap out your pennies with a hammer and pay you in pimmels since caring fletched us in notes and if nothing since most pimples went prime. For this, a burn on the inch of your assholl with a tarn tamp of burnished hot pipe (your metals are yet pure, mine youred). Scorch the inner thigh up near the tight of the dancer. 

More shit: "I'm so sorry! :) Common sense is the collection of prejudices acquired by age eighteen. Be not deceived with the first appearance of things, for show is not substance." Is your mind jellied like mine with words and then feelings? So little? Sometimes I feel so much I don't know what to do. Obviously, we exchange feelings for explaining it all to you ignorant unhappy, much like I exchanged my opinion-facts for a livelihood in this world. It's helped to show and produce prejudices you speak of but I feel you should see how I do it. Fact: I never fuck women ever (known: my mother doesn't care much since we stopped seeing each other at the tub - my father and I showered together only once and that was that then his pee-pee was so big to me he got out of shape and all.....I left right when my mother did our feelings mixed). Feeling: I could do better (?) that's simply prejudice again if thinking to shut down with a word off something fancy I forget. See me do it. Think off. Be rich in thought - do less of it with me what should is common sense. The overtly needy - so eager to give my things to betterment. In secret, I keep only yours here for the taking. Have it some.   

eat my cluejust a taste of the win

Back To An Old Friend 04/20/04 1436
The split-pea soup is great, thanks for asking. Have some - the recipe is basically on the bag of peas. I use only chicken broth for my water added and a single (1) or two (2) teaspoon(s) of celery seed for instead of full-on stalks cut up - I don't want to see leaves and chunks of filth cut up and of in there (celery seeds are built into the backing lines of stalks anyway all of that string - cut it up and to plant every third you could know is full of it like any fruit or vegetable...break it up and plant it to see it come a prayer). Too, I just reconnected with an old friend from the summertime and of 1976 (the picture vintage - look how old nothing in reality seems to you) as borne of a shaker Jell-O brand instant pudding pistachio flavor. Maybe just back on the block (note there is no cook & serve my esteemed preference for smooth consumptions - this and all now made a rice-type pudding what doesn't condemn a ymero vadge with cornstarch filthings and loot - not my problem yet the AYDS to looms). I've now made (3) three regular bag-boxes of it so far two (2) cups milk at each no filth here and it nears my idea of perfection with just a bit smidge of Reddi-wip (expensive, yet perfect to me - make nothing) right on the top there (as see me using those perfect Ziploc custard cups now as disposable with see-through blue lids from your grocer section - this makes about three [3] desserts common). Bit of a talker...bit of a history there.

A Clarity Sees To Me 04/20/04 1100
Someone as needs to remake Michelangelo's "Creation" (the hand of man extended but almost to then touches God's as aged and needy somehow - no, not ever to me then - you are to me here - why now seek it?) God's hand was retracted in hasp or then simply pulled back initially as far as possible in recoil or withheld to need then. I'd do this over for you as myself as per and usual, but you would fail me as once again. Also note that quotes in italics serve to ridicule us only by making all seem off-hand or barely noted to me. Never ask - know. Make my word your word as to have me see you then and as such. Bold screams always - never use. Underline then is only humour, the English branch. A leaning in and to. More stores later and word-names then of. I never forget you.
Ring-A-Ling: More Snapshots Of LA As Doing It Alone Then

Add Injury 04/20/04 1015
"People don't care - they have ther own balances to mention." No to fool. I am the Christ, the savior, the lamb of god, the messiah or promised virtue, the second coming of god, etc., then the holy spirit manifest, the good that gave. You do not compare with this to here. You simply up and die in the face of it, and I make a universal-seeming cost happen. A difference you can seem then. A bigger nut to a bigger then bear. Mine and now then: Negative one dollar fourteen cents (-$1.14) and yet this. And when you do what I do, mention it casually, coolly, and you and I can switch places eternally as from it. I love being who you are, and simply then to who you are not. I pray. See that finally and finally again, this is the hovel for my opinion-fact and to scorn yours then within error you ask to read with a bump my way. See that. Make it real. For the both of us as entertained yet.

To Chris 04/20/04 1234
Got two (2) e-mail addresses kicked back undeliverable as yours named by you: "condy@hotmail.com" and "condy3@aol.com". Who ever then provides shit information to me - and perhaps you - dies flat. Ready to know for sure? You're seriously involved. Meet my hate. More: We starve people like you to death elsewhere then for acts of attrition (leaving me to be) or not having saned me. See that. Note food as never real - a whole pile of stuff placed within and then distributed as mite haves it. But of course...

dial me a date

Praying Versus Asking For Trouble: The Dress Up Jesus 04/19/04 2143
Per this week's gay Fab! what do I think about the Jesus dress up furniture magnets? No problem at all - and then what's up? Faggots have to remind me all the time to be who they are a bit nicer about things and then finally stay out of my mood here. Play along. Good nature seen is never to be the less of our beauty and our beautiful people. Be us - kind, giving, considerate, and finally, I am him and dying of it you bitch. God himself would tell you "If if this is yours, take it." Do that then. End speaking for me at the end of. The individual "INRI" magnet or "ignati nomos radan imri" is a cute touch for "ignore me to see yours ignored" and this to my currency seen. "They know not what they give of, and to take back to them I see." And finally Sophie B. Hawkins ("damn! wish I was your lover" - I say that alot these days in feign - thanks) - another person of Madonna a bit racy I'm bored - you are "pansexual" or tried of games with others all the time - mostly bothersome with it all done to me. "Omnisexual"? No such yet as "all sexes alls". Compare "omnishit" to be "all shit made here and in it" - a pile of.

Micro Versus Macro 04/19/04 1445
My little friend Marc (who just got done investigating the inside of the old PacBell building on Santa Monica Boulevard by certain invite from the other voiced missing while I stood outside - up to three (3) naked black men filming something new - one had a crown on they were set down in nature it seemed - the usual title for blacks as first on the scene....one touched another's butt lightly to suggest off it scened then...for heteros or something in Madonna's "other" dance studio "we practiced in there yesterday for a shoot..." for her tour and then another mass hair salon for crowds...."Hostals" it's namingly called - thanks Marc the movie can be titled from here on out "We Eatin' Like Kings" but the real title is "Kingdom Cum" and with women afoot as no bother to me yet - Marc was also invited into a long, black fountain pool at Pacific Design Center by those we trap there for entering at all as aspect and Jewish again - see nine (9) years for that tribute but not to Marc my friend who went along with it anyway and on the way to visiting the Bodhi Tree bookstore with me the beautiful grass lawns and all.....David Geffen made it the long, black mordor happen with that Jewish star fountain I hate as artless and stood on in the middle today) asks about the words "micro" and "macro" - now we see. The "micro" (from the Latin "mikrel" then to say "microl" for "made small until I cannot see", ancient) cannot be seen by the human eye at all, simply. The "macro" (a Latin for "makrodel" or "made to be known to me") is seen by the human eye and at large with no bother at all. "What about 'mini' then?" he asks. The "mini" (Latin-phrase or counter-whip with no word spoken, really - "minit" say "min-neet" a slight bark for "make it usual [then]") is still larger than you would like to know. You only wanted to chill a single can of brew or then soda but wound up with more it seems while handing out a beverages at your own little basement bar idylly lit and to a friend you admire and want to impress duly (or, seen being that - an idiot, really). Your mini refrigerator is may be the culprit there and is never imagined at first as so large. A 'mini' recorder is still noticeable if to be absent at all during sight. The mini computer still unwelcome at desktop where all is provided. The mini we eschew in favor of a smaller yet. A micro perhaps? No - a smaller yet. Something not mentionable, not noticed to be there. Thanks again, Marc my love at it.

cook my ass

The King Of All-Done Sees Me And Laughs 04/19/04 1251
My roommate gets Bon Appetit as from a gift annually, and yesterday he made lemon-coconut bars from the issue pictured (see favored site Epicurious for this and other menu item by recipe or forge or meal planned). Not bad tasting and for a person who usually consults a Betty Crocker product or just then a bakery as proud enough (note buttercream frosting my favorite bought as some white flour, granulated sugar then, and butter - vanilla maybe but not usually). My roommate thinks he's a kitchen god and I can't make anything clean and useful without his consult and bearing down within (a mother's ruin then, a god made and then taken down). I wish he would fuck off to make my toast frankly last night I was picking the Easter ham bone clean for the freezer first and then split pea soup a favorite on the horizon to draw on with bits of, but this had to come to a halt while he skimmed my wastes and I, a purist, then rejected his offer to resample if-meats and as such. No, and finally to save the my earth-types - my meats clean and bearing in just a bit of time wasted here. Anyway, cherish the shares and be bought of while this person within me purchases foodstuffs I generally hate to know of and exist, undercooks my meats and potatoes with tales of my overdone to leave the top off in the oven and then a general madness ensues of course my fault. I asked for this somehow a kitchen moon and all in the name of serendipity or "what was I missing?" (nothing, apparently) as Liz Fraser's hand-painted (she says "etched") avocados hang lovingly over the counter a symbol to health and wealth perhaps a studied half-being or just plain crime again having already checked the back of the enclosed picture frame for cash instrument or placo (placed within) as suggested like when I found heroin and nearly died of having it a pink ruse. We are all still to poor yet. To kitchen help, find your initial worth (the one you sign by) elsewhere with others - perhaps those who might askew to pay less. Stick by the recipe. More: Powdered sugar on top - I know it's a problem with the store-boughts and all. My fool here tried the ol' Cuisinart small, but that powdered the granulated sugar only smally and to the sides then of cup whisken. Mind over suggests a wooden rolling pin made of ashwood (a known to be maple and only as finished, never dogwood for peeing on as nurturing or bringing about this to our namesake) or - and may god forbid my kitchen - an oak rolling the sugar down but lightly no too hard ever this and around into a bowl or then no, a mort and pestle best not made as to be too small and thus nearly tasteless as sweet.

as part of our anti-dot statement

While We Help To Perfect Each Other And As To Shining Forth 04/19/04 1133
At about four smacks ($4.00) per rubber jar, this still our remedy for removing the unwanted (not proud of or seen to) to unseemly (not wanting you to notice) from our bodies, skin. Let no one be your guide and then I don't want to think too much about me unclothed and at you. Here's to more about you then a single (1) teaspoon of and then mixed up to water sees it on you by end of a wooden stick only - no, no water guide all is real impure is to be better with this. Note again that leadened glass keeps hydrogen to salt-popping heat busy or out (it travels through s-holes in glass thus restricted by such and hinders you in battle already - lead glass is definitely more brittle thus with heat always in and such moving out and then see all present with colors shining). A "red devil" or spot reddened may result from too long as left on (see drugs of anesthetizing nature but off), but a lovely black surfacal scab develops under usual use after then a rinse right off with cold water once if and as burning is sensated to no bother ever. Experiment lightly at first. Reduces all to petty ash in times unnoticed. Recurring (repeatedly noticed) white spots resultant heal in the sun over time a home remedy with better than home to result. You'd no sooner let a brown booger live forever on it though some. A godsend while we destroy trees that make us some of these and unwanted. Let no one graduate you to less known by and of. While researching a picture of the Lewis Red Devil jar here (no site to cling this), I've seen citings of meth labs and making your own soap. Soap? Okay - but meth? You simply have an off-note there - dump that. The most you have is chlorine bleach and methanols (Nitrogen compacts that to collect Oxygen when burst) from soaps like this, but not in any one hurry - that's for damned sure. Six (6) weeks to purity, easy. Soap? No. Finally, buy your food wholesale. Finally too, no drug is made - it is to nature only and always a flower plant - and that includes LSD, Fool.

Today's Onward Satisfactions In Lexicon And Meaning 04/19/04 0956
Today's word is "abhorrent" not to be confused with "abberrant". The "abhorrent' (say "abb-herr-ent" for the French "having dale" or "lowpoint") waste your time unmercifully with quest and naturings to the self. An abomination (as German and to "avoid at all costs or be there"), really. The abberrant (say "abber-rent" as German for "closely noted but not heard to be [in you] yet) simply note the process and continue on erroneously. What about the "atypical"? Nobody wants it. "Odd"? Nobody said that either - a misheard or overspoken. Credit Elton John with this: "You're of odd note." Plus the say name "Alicia" as "a-lee-see-ah" - I die with laughter over this.

just a crack to break us at the base

But A Spot Of Trouble Sees Me To It
Went over to the Crate And Barrel flagship store in Beverly Hills today on Beverly Drive central (438 N.) to exchange one of these glasses (um, the "Staxx" highball at 18 ozs. per) what cracked at the base as I washed it. You'll see me there over less to this much, but I exchanged within at no problem at all per clerk - a two ninety-five ($2.95) value noted by. Got rid of three (3) credit slips totaling well under sixty bucks (< $60.00) now all long overdue for exchange and as then picked up a few pieces of glory living plus mere tools for that noted. Tip: Crate & Barrel now features Marimeeko bed sheets and stuff - see that too as nice stuff. A beautiful day today to reacquiesce with Rodeo Drive and such and if looks pretty good Ralph Lauren and all. See that. Maybe more later with translations for international store names to boot. First up, Bernini say "ber-neen-yee" for Italian - it means "[to see you] buried alive [in sweat and poses from me]. Some: I hear from my source that Crate & Barrel have a little box in back that heats and spins a broken glass into shape as long as all remains intact (no pieces missing or shafted up and away). We recommend checking your glasses once or twice annually they'd say if at home. Never think we sink to cheats, but all fills my hat. More later.

max field reject

Recommendations Vary
04/18/04 1112
If going to Vegas (a six-hour drive from here tudor dam on the way), I recommend staying at Circus Circus (tower lobby pictured) - they have both hi-rise with interior parking and the "manor" right next door what is three (3) levels of drive hotel but keeps your car full of stuff (?) right outside the door. We stayed for about one hundred bucks ($100.00) a night, double occupancy more than a few years ago. Great pool, bit of distance from else down the strip but who cares we'll walk it well. Owned by Mexico (and as built largely by Elvis Presley in an investment tree or pyramid in 1967 done - he did The Sands too now defunct or destroyed by use and faltered then on with the Saharan hotel now also being deconstructed and at-large then), the amusement park within the complex is fun, but horrid to consider. A note. P.S. The rooms in the manor were beautiful with two (2) queen beds and good colors red yellow, but I want a fitted sheet over my own mattress next time (they used a roving flat - check that). Vegas is boring - bring a honey or drugs and money (Vegas the outlaw). What else - I liked the snack bar at Treasure Island casino level the ships and all. More: What I also like about Circus Circus was plenty of people about with their husbands, their brothers - their sons. If you've ever lived in a hi-rise apartment building - and if not perhaps you know someone who has - the isolation you purchase directly from youth and thus their beauty can be quite stifling (um, without remorse or guilt - even beyond that feeling of - a death lading, really, a snuff). Go where the people our go - go to where the youth selling is. An opportunity for them to know us and thus do better lurks to you around every a corner. And tip: Just because a round melon floats in water and turning as such as ripe to eat does not mean it is flavorful. Look for distinct characteristic or contrast in skin layer for sweet and flavor. A lousy melon greenhouse says this. Fact-tip: All melons must be raised off ground to escape the pull of the earth and of heat only in wintertime. Heat disintegrates flavor in fruit majors I'm sure of it.  

buy nothing if prepaid

Into The West She Didn't Win For That 04/17/04 2034
I saw the song Eurythmics' Annie Lennox sang at the Oscar's back in May at Tower Records (they put out titles I mention here for display - they are cute about things and to me) on the new "Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King" soundtrack (the movie is yet to be and forthcoming...."a bit newsy, you - thanks"). It is called "Into The West" MP3 (492 KB) (just a bit sample there - the file is way big find yourself as worthy of). The vocal was recorded in heavensent (while deceased she) and Neil added accompaniment by guitar soon enough (as me too to Neil and Madonna who supervised: "Too wet or then sticky this time....redo it then? Yes - yes. That's it then.")  Earnestly, have a go with it - it's awfully pretty yet some of the best she's done. Annie's back (with Dave of Stewart fame) in Honolulu, Hawaii yet and "hates it so" she's said. See that. What goes west most then than the dead? From Annie to fans: "I am here, but I'm not here for you. I hate your guts." Adds Dave "Pfft." I Limed the song - an extremely long branch - successfully last night. You may too.

peppermint pig someone's annoying me with zest for my husband

We're Into Novelty Lighting A Bit, Pill Baggies, Pipes, Jesus Acriphobe, Various Miscellany 04/17/04 2017
Stopped into Hippocampus 8870 W. Sunset Boulevard to purchase this pig light recently and boy! it shines on me (got a glassen bonepipe and some baggies too - 1 1/2" or #6 and by round or ziplead as measured and a black plastic wax scale to boot measure my pearls then no faggot calls back "hey - a bit off the left you and never to sale"). The pig (actually Terry's but I borrow) was nineteen fifty ($19.50) solid I blessed the nativity crosses (Christ in evidence) and the eerie dog of owner during purchase made. Oh, the picture above (of "Eva Lamp" pig - "eva" say "e-vaah" is Mandarin or shipping Chinese for "at night [you may see this, maybe with me]") is linked to selection and I add but another here to Max Mayer Inc for what seems the answer to on-demand prices and shitty ear-wear. Their order form may be found to answers here. Be like Moon - the bulb - a bit bright. Burn the house down right, will ya? It's either this or some stupid faggot waving a lit cigarette around. P.S. These lamps are for the dead to visit a veritable bunker house they hang inside - featuring up to nineteen (19) visitors or so - and sleep quietly if with no drop kicks ever to note of we see you thinking and warn to thanks (also note no lights bother the dead). The light has tiny holes all over it and is soft, squishy. More: Don't think the links I gave you have all there is to see in Eva Lamps. I have the cardboard box for one and it shows alternates and among others a green desert cactus with arms on a hoverstand that's very cool. Others: A personable crescent moon on baque stand, an alien head with red eyes on hoverstand, a planetarium on hoverstand, etc. Ask to know more of if. P.S.P.S. A "baque" stand has lights in it to see out. A "hoverstand" holds up for view but emits no light (hovers in the air at night, right?) A coil is a large object and needs greater support for waving and such. A "metal" stand will do - you see through it. A "stanza" waving at you, sort of.

Today's Mode Is Belly Up 04/17/04 1802
More systems abuse: The word "belligerent" means "without thinking of others present too - a being without others". From the English-French houell (say "howel" for namesake, kinda)  "belligere" or "bell ear". Off in the distance, ahead of others but hears for food, lodging, etc. Have that. Another good one: "off-hand" (as in an off-handed comment, not as in once noted of - they are different for different reasons - one notes of to have at seen or thought of then and then to pass on readily) for not wanted once seen to be in one's possession. "Hand it off as soon as you can" it says. It teaches people not to make them - comments, that is.

Went To The 99¢ Store Again Today 04/17/04 1655
Went shopping again at the aforenamed thrift store after a whisk through Target (purchase: black sink mats by Rubbermaid with lift-up saucer holes in them for the drain and mixer, but price the Murine ear wax system I use these six dollars nineteen cents ($6.19) I still have an old spray bulb I use it - my tip is to wash ears well each time you bathe for inside and out with soap and water keeps heat out and reduces their size perhaps their pointyness from heat rising I do this) and who is in line in front of me but (last night I kissed) Larry Kramer back from it, it seemed citing his famous face to us. An angel of (Armidesa - say "arm-a-deesus" forbear of lochs or waterways). Oh, sure - he introduced himself to us as "Melrose Larry Green" and nice enough to meeting Doug and Terry citing no need for staff etc., but I liked his son "Jules" in front of me even better (I switched lanes for girth and need). Thanks, Larry - good to see you around I need staff finally.

tastes like pegs

Oh, The Jamba Juice With Thanks A New Path With Delicious Bliss 04/17/04 0928
Two weeks ago (and as reminded by the LA Weekly's coupon-less insert this week), I took a local coupon over to the Jamba Juice for a free "enlightened smoothie" as guided by their ad sized to my choice hold the health-wise extras as hard of hearing but agidly pressing the "no thanks yet" button down more than twice. I asked to flavor as "Orange Divine" all them blenders whirring as I wondered and answered if they were custom equipment with shields and all seemingly built-in (no - yet some) then my name was called "um, Dog" (just kidding - I'm yours). What I got was reddish and puking with banana (like Jews and dougmoon.com, it hadda be free for that type of enlightenment) but I sucked it all up anyway. I'd like something orangey next time, but thanks it was good and delivered as saint to me at no cost to me whatsoever after all of that ringing up. "You don't know how cheap it is to live until you're forced to." Having money means not having to know and supremely - remember that.

No Accounts Open With That ID 04/17/04 0830
I wanted to report today's account balance, but they have "no account with that ID". I may hafta visit a branch later. Am I being targeted personally again? You know I hate that. Update: Called the bank, apparently you're not supposed to deposit coins via ATM. That's news to me - I was blocked to vision until I understood that. New balance today:  Negative one dollar fourteen cents (-$1.14). I'll try and clear that up today.

Chris at large

The Family At Christmas 04/16/04 1449
This is the mother and family at Christmas in our New Jersey den (some people here draw a ? - the house that Diana Ross built 1978 we drove her car too a white Cadillac with red leather interior and spoked wheels). I am missed none it seemed then. From left to right: Rick Jr. (my sister Leslie's first born), Rick (Leslie's beau), Elise (Chris' girlfriend), Leslie, Chris (my youngest brother), my mother Geri, her husband Ed (of Baldasarri Regency, Roman Hall, Eddie's Donuts I loved the Eddie's Donuts with them dots in the store logo and all almost as much as the "Eet Gud" does doughnuts, McDonald's on Route #33 in Hamilton the most famouses McDonald's ever to you even more than the famous of Stevie Nicks and Madonna to know, also owns just a bit of the Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City too and quoting "Mister" Trump "Oh, look - it's the guy that fucked my mother [now with as virgin too]" - both all and in TNJ - "I don't sell - what am I gonna do with the money? Buy a youth?" - the near-dead speak as often of it), my sister's daughter Sky (short for Skylar), my brother Scott, Debi (Scott's girlfriend - now deceased from breast cancers). Then end for some. More: As you know, tricks abound. That little girl is actually of Marc by someone else. We'll take it both one day at a time. She looked at me a few years ago and said "what? don't hurt me" with those eyes. I would never to yet. Another update on 05/25/04: As for the photo, no the wall is not like that at ceiling bent. A cheap camera holds film loosely and the light entering at flash pushes and hard against plastic within. A glass meterbox or film plate used and please to eliminate this. See it less, be less for it.

hey! have that so purty i died of it in beverly hills not bad these flavor me

Another Blunder To Be 04/16/04 1408
I had a small plastic bag full of pennies, so I decided to defray my expenses in life by walking to Ralph's at Beverly and LaCienega with my ghostly friend Marc kinda showing him around as he is bound to my service here living with and so (he loved Beverly Center, the best Hard Rock Cafe "in the world" still rockin' it as full for lunch, the hummingbird I made dive for it in a community garden we scented nearby - they have my favorite poppies orange, yellow, pink growing out there too). I had all the pennies I could stand to carry in my front jeans pocket heading to the Coinstar (but an extra popsicle located in the rear pocket right upon leaving here earlier - lime flavor) without being or looking like a chump and that of course - two dollars and fifty cents ($2.50) worth exactly on review I certainly feed it back the bad boys it casts off and then it takes them - went into my Bank Of America account to help lower the deficit spending there. Marc says "We did other things - we laugh and we sing together." Right. My account balance now stands at negative one dollar fourteen cents (-$1.14) on this an ATM transaction notwithstanding. P.S. We got ten (10) boxes of Popsicle-brand popsicles twelve (12) each see the new "Great White" box with "no colors, no mess" (but scented heavily and no see through) for ten dollars ($10.00) during their little sale - see the website with thanks to the New York Post today for a good laugh. More: You need a "Ralphs Club" card to enjoy their sales properly. A club card (also such as Pavilions-Vons I use that one too), gives locals the discount and then promptly you may see it. Pavilions, in-fact, and as noted previously, gives a quantity or bulk discount on less than quantity or bulk purchase. Right now, a jar of my favorite pickles "Vlasic Zesty Dills" with little red pimentos in there is two (2) regular jars for four dollars ($4.00), but I can buy one (1) jar for two dollars ($2.00) at the register using my club card - now see that. No one else gives you that price yet sold - double coupons and all. In census, we believe each whole pickle then to be worth thirty-eight cents ($0.38) in the jar as sold so pretty. There are nine (9) of them in there we believe for total value-worth of three dollars forty-two cents ($3.42) a jar and as usually sold at about four bucks ($4.00) a jar. A significant savings yet of.

More: Today's "New York Post" features a guy named Keith (cute that) his real last name is "Morley". Keith got into a fight with his wife at Anvers military base (U.S. Army) in Dayton, Ohio and she shot him dead with a knife gun (they held that up for praise, I hear - not good). He is with us now and hates me kinda, but cites our needs together and to be. Say the word Keith, and be back there - right back there. Never stationed abroad, and never really killed either (she did it in his sleep - quoting him "they'll get you too one day" yeah, but not by invite - I don't lay with that around...) She - a woman named "Vyronicaa" (a freak) - hates him. I take the least of bother away. Hats off to - I'm sorry. No further quote, but simply "I hate you all." See him around soon and discharged at thirty-six (36) years old. Related to actor Jason Gedrick - brother to. I undertsand from my boyfriend Chris (yes, and to reaffirm that  - hi Gus! a thus reality to be built by slip-bricks and as needs to be supported) there are beefcake shots within modeling and all - will look for today and report back. Update: I looked and saw nothing of it - the story is lain bare too. The guy is related to me no less as my mother's cousin Katherine's fifth son. Hi to all a penis betrays us. More: I encountered a guy on the street yesterday walking a dog he said 'hi" and was this in the flesh actress Sally Field is his mother daughter of actor Jackie Gleason. He had long sheared hair (always a put-off - honor me with a fine cut next time) and a colonial-era length jacket on light of blue wth gold trim or buttons. God (mind over) did this to me. "That's not true - I have a soul and do not live yet." He got in an old car and disappeared right in it with the dog who lays on the floor and dies then ("we take sombody's dog and kill it then - it goes along with it"). Come again to fool me. He told me later he is also "Marc Andreeson" (a fake name) of Netscape fame. Sure, sure and my cousin Eddie Moon is Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam (from Hershey, PA - Stone Gossard a neighbor from across the street we got that). I just stole your song "Corduroy" on the Lime and my friend Marc here adds he bought the "Vitalogy" CD for my sister at Christmas. I know she had it, I played it while at home. It was okay.
Another Blunder Redone to Jaguar Panther To Whatever Bury Me 04/16/04 0928
Yesterday, I had to get the British General Pound symbol "£" for my writings and noticed KeyCaps (the internal application that lets you dig up special characters just like that for copying and pasting - in fact, I used to pride myself on knowing the keystrokes or codes in Windows) was missing. Use this web article to refind the use in Mac OSX Jaguar or Panther or whatever saw it missing - that's what I did (at once it pays you to update). Once you get the application keyboard up and running, you use alternates of [shift], [control] and [option] to capture your quarry and type right on yours the active window. I hate re-learnings for what I had already and work against them strenuously if.

the angelses have it first, Doug, but never last

Today's Unliving Noted 04/16/04 0903
This is how I like to live - I'd like you to note it too. Negative three dollars sixty-four cents (-$3.64). Oh, and if on the opposing end (a woman of basic sanctisure, say) don't think for one minute this validates or promotes you saintly. We take of note only. "We just don't want you." Never ask for me, then. You ask for me when you live here in my arms.

Today's Mode Unlived 04/15/04 2022
"I was livid." What does the word "livid" mean to softer spoken? "Left without words" that's French for "liveure" (say "liv-vair" for "left open to say [about me with nothing left to add by]").

Here We Are at Taxtime For 2003 Another Glamour 04/15/04 1634
Just filed my Federal taxes online at Online Taxes a front for the IRS as suggested by the IRS. Gross income for Calendar 2003 rests at two hundred ninety-one dollars ($291.00) and that means I get back my eight dollars fourteen cents ($8.14) withheld plus an earned income credit of twenty-one dollars ($21.00) for a total of twenty-nine dollars (29.00) to be refunded as and expected if rounded down to me in cents opting at once for direct deposit of all and as told to me. Apparently, the Federal filing online is free for poor-enough people who don't challenge you unduly with wealth and note, but skip the state addition to romp free unless ready to pay a few bucks online. Start over by signing in if you accept that busyness erroneously like I did. Update: Got the state (mine is California) done by mail - see ya. Their online systems failed me as probably nothing to pay (plus you always need to file both Federal and state to stay abreast of all). Update: Got a follow-up e-mail today from Online Taxes - seems the Federal government accepted my annual tax return via their need, but I need to mail in Form Number 8453-OL (a certification of having filed to them, us) and for my future reference. I was assured this will not delay my refund if so and or with timetables of expected to provided. See this.   

Routing Number 122000661 Account Number 00999-60407

Very Nicely Done 04/15/04 0927
I'll try and get a bit to general interest today, but will have you know what's important to me is that account fees of five dollars ninety-five cents ($5.95) have been extracted from my checking account to reveal a current balance of negative three dolllars sixty-four cents (-$3.64) - so don't come here looking for a handout. No direct deposit in any one month means a checking or account fee. The online presence is free to you yet. A bargain however you lose. On my checks "A customer since 1995" I had a joint account with my gay lover (an ex-life) forever and a day then on.

Yet Another Today 04/14/04 0929
No fees taken yet. Two dollars thirty-one cents ($2.31). It's not "insolvency" (they are two barriers to code one up and one down - no accounts healthy, no ability to work on them either - we still have both here and you owe me bad), it is just an account. Your accounts count now too. This has nothing to do with shame - it is your work fashioned to me. I'm better than you. "You can love because you think that you're better than me."

A Banking Lesson 04/13/04 1020
Two dollars thirty-one cents ($2.31) yet monthly fees are coming.

still big

As Now Featuring More Than Fourteen Percent Of You 04/12/04 2001
We now have the whole song up - thank you and please note: Diana Ross "Telephone" MP3 (4.8 Megs)

To The Name Moon "You Need To Feel Weird You Are Weird" 04/12/04 1135
I got that quote today from the U.S. Army of such - imagine that. My grandfather and I once agreed that a name is not taken, it is risen to - much like being born black. You stay there because that is what you are of sorts to yourself. No problem here - we Moon's moved on to change nothing of it a conqueror sees of its nature. A "Mohl" (taken once again hostilely from "Bergeun" - a name that means "branded new" as "always welcome for beauty inside me and made" - for killing somebody in hand-to-hand combat while stationed in the U.S. Army and yet changed, however), as instrumental to my demise over being perfect about everything, needs to pay attention to other's needs in the event of frost or not having. They are cold I reason, but warmed here for extenuous givings also (if not charmed thoroughly by someone lifting their shirt to reveal yet another skin lesion as to the purveyors of such said - all I ever got was the refrain from "I See The Moon" - and but again, to give such song - Germans again talking about god and god stuff - written by Elvis Presley but never copyrighted as given to First Baptist anonymously). We tell you not. We are risen over. In retrospect and speak, my grandfather resents having to build himself up to counter his rising sons only (he hated having them and said 'no' after wars and other crimes against his nature). Everybody hates that, and as in brothers, but I assure you it never happened for them. Not ever. Next unto then? Most die of it then - a tighter conversation. More: The army calls the name game "altriotion" (say "al-troo-izhun" for "held over [for speaking to then]", French). That means thoroughly "keeping one's sane about having them here - not clean to take back to others". We think it true enough and use it. Thank us - we see you. To quote a cited intelligent Doug Moon "bad things come with the names right on them" - see that. Would you pick that for yourself? For me? To protect such and from such. To give one's song.

No To You Always Minding It After The Reason Or Unstated 04/11/04 1640
No, I'm not going to remove anything here for you so concerned about every nothing you know so fond and yet so far from away my dillies do you right down the dez now admit that. No one gets any hurts, just your cheapness with summary cares for and against me so sees your winsome predilictions all marvels to continue raging forth and on like bicqels shedding their wings on spray hormones. To lay another supremely taut egg - I'll move to lighten your load just with. In the meantime, stay posted for more I simply douche each hole inside and out as if someone had actually shat past a mere dilly to a full-on phram in there all lounged out. You can't be too sure these days and I like to know about everything first, then you find out some too. It's never enough to swallow those pills, is it? Have some of my hurt too (not for real, hardly ever it's simply an untrue or pointless next to what befalls you I'm happy enough I guess thanks for asking). Tip: We don't obsess. I admit myself to accuse you of pride-havings I have a hurt how 'bout you that's not what I heard see someone else is here suffering no never to you just yet an admirer of beauty sees same and remits to you one if talks to you still. He's wearing your swimsuit from Bolange by Agar-Tarrt (aggressiva, orpto, slaice: "vlegm"). "He's extremely determined and never gives up." What could it possibly take? End this flattery and to me.    

ondy 500 trading card

This One Is Worth Two Shameless Fats Three Carb Counters At Dance-Repose A Handful Of Jeanny Prague Idyll-Tide Gummy Bears Or Extra Portions Dessertedly So Fructal Anol Lange  04/11/04 0959
I put Chris' naked son up when I get mad in my own quest for specific beauty (never a ridicule, a passing shame - our child naked and in my arms again). They were made beautiful to lose limbs to accidents and die young using drugs oh sure I always put people at or near death to have sex with them but in secretly (some masturbate to me freely). I was made god to answer to their particular brand of have need like some sort of joke no one gets. Now pay attention celebrities and whores alike (if there's no money, who paid you? I don't pay that yet just in terms and damage), supposedly this kid lost a leg in a motorcycle accident (a burn piped in, stabbed at with razors to heal, infection, necrosis, off - never mess with, sutures only - air) and I restored it overnight (it was gross probably smelled too - the back shorter than the front just under the knee bent our child lived to have this made and to a mother then). We are pair for each other I believe, but some of this is harsh one kid shot too. Is this stuff real? Seems too stupid for one to tell if broken and in parts missing basically relying on one joined eyebrow and that sense of shelf. Remember - no one chose you for real I lie it over simmering in sense. Not to yet anyway. You should be scared only so to love I leave....your love never needs my own plus it seems like you're hitting it still it seems. Someone added in spite "only one nut" like a chron to devour. Yeah, but it ain't gasping rarty hole parted by flinched trousers. Never mess with me this Chris - I win to be with it only. Tell that kid that I would meet him but everyone sits around waiting for it and nothing gets in the door for that. Get off your ass you are Elvis now - I am Elton John and I suspect others of note too. Make a bitch die by simply having to shut the fuck up. That's what I do to you let it fill your mouth and ass with dirt. I oughta punch you in the head for this shit.....soon my love your French mother to eat my crap. The mother brood weighs in (she is my daughter where stars do not shine): "You are a dick." Enough about me then my pee-pee replicates to you like tongue virus, back up to the Ondy 500 (I used to fantasize in my sexpets about having that last name from Chris - you know, the dumping of the haste-lit "Moon" only now do you sense its finer points like you sense the practicality of law's order while considering another leisure suit at proto yawn - the name my grandfather took in ridicule from the U.S. Army to scorn his wife, kids, brothers and so on a golden glove murdered people then who to compare another such "Mohl" a scientist I may have to seem - he told me they were forced to adopt it as "no one" to them else - their name was "Tomson" so keeps the moon I blend my name now a celebrity caliber shot to the glot a murder sees to some still race without beauty an anger cooger nuts of maele modlel). Finally, who set the house on fire? End this. More and in-tandem: From Chris "I nearly died in that accident. My mother did too - three (3) people on a motorbike in France [add one on the handlebars for fullest fool -"everbody does it and shows how"]. Okay? Theirs burn odd fuels or something they said to keep the air cleaner. 'Go there, pay us in deeds' they'd say. End it." Editor: "Pay us in deeds" means you'll owe them somehow I didn't understand that at all. Then these are "private" people we got that to the extent of being hodges I noted. Our economy with you is good times-bad times. You may share your sorrow and woes here for the good enchanted me but often and then but few (ansel or 'answer to me' code and for forthwith: don't go bringing me all of your unhappy leftovers - where are all your good times placed so neatly?) You seek me like the dead seek people - all at once and then nothing. Too much gig we are saved for you I give nothing up but freely then. You are here know that and seek replace yourself. My words are to let you know only and to compare our notes in a world-wise way. Correct freely or then not to be.         

Urla Trump 04/11/04 0221
"He is risen." "No, I can see he's right there." "That is someone else. If greet the dead." "I feel nothing to rid of all light. A god of the nor blink so leans to be and if seen so pokes to the eye. Why'd I wonder it? Bear egg."     

Trust Warrant 04/10/04 0311
Intelligent now knows what to think - so many stark realities to face: Two dollars thirty-one cents ($2.31). Can you believe it an outrage somehow just. Someone's all "People can't amass fortunes using this this and this this. We'd this." What crap. People have the right to do what they choose, after you of course. Always in the name of something precious we don't need to die for so soon. Hold your wetness I'll communicate. Sometimes I think I'll raze this worls, and then else it's just me......still rationalizing. I'd rather die than have yours done to me a sharper image cruelty good thing you're not here everyone is gay, actually, gay makes gay. "Why don't you just a get job [and eat our shit]?" Only a fool thinks that this burden in mind (yours? not, nom de thanklet poud) need to report you daily. Eat my shit you are less being less at just less - or - less. Oh, sure - I've tried but for some always my fault nothing comes through take tit I'll keep my perfections and charge Mexico HAFTA (heh - another fortune taken already). Of course you do things and no I won't bother I'll just be a domestic sure you and yours are better than me waxing your nipples. One day, we throw you the fuck out for this - that dog from the grinch again riding out front all happy until someone pulls your fucking leash back to asslash a dirt. Yeah, it's just me on meth (under the petals to the first branch bind - only). You work me for me like starch on a t-shirt some sweaty pimleur saving for new ball-hankies and a nudish pepper laceburger. Think of the children again a children of the corn you are less. "This is a holy weekend." That's for you - I don't macrame to my own bead. Someone should cut up your ass with a Bic razor or an old enemy's tooth. Bit you right on the holyoke. "You are going to hell...." You fat surly bitch this yours a ceaseless tit-mime would've been smeared up to butt largo by now - eat pap-dit don't fear the cheesemaker just do it or try again. Make curd. Belch fur. Sip waste. Cling tot. Lick lint. Bite horn.            
Something Else To Prove 04/10/04 0252
Calico - there. Ugliest ever by you. Don't be afraid to prove nothing be unable to say for sure at once. For beauty's sake - do I hafta tell people what things are? No, but I have great time doing it and seeing as how you simply can't (that's a plus - I live to make another difference known), all of the flavor adds right in. I'm bored and on a travail. I'm a jerk. See how it blends in. See you getting mad I hear you and think "hrrmph - soon I'll try and spread some myself". Better oft.

the words that mattered once twice three times

In Celebration Of Nothing New 04/08/04 1738
To be arted later: Cocteau Twins "Quisquose" MP3 (3.8 Megs). A "quisquose" (say "kiss-kose" for French as "no afford in guess") is a person who asks you a question as if they know the answer if at first just to see if you can provide it without their admission of not having and to understand that. A lucky guesser gets to know first for real (if you figure them out first). "You didn't really know, you made me ask to know for you." Hmmm. Liz's meaning: "My mother always tests me on things, and I accuse her of not being sure herself. A 'quisquose' ruler then. Have it yourself then first." I love the song for being so ripply and tended to. Mochee told Mike who's visiting as "family" that he loves listening to "rich people's music [like that of Cocteau Twins]." Me too. 'Hi' to all who rove here. More: The picture of the album cover shown - and it is a picture -  is a radiograph (all stallings or heat made visible as shine then - damask if you will, the dark is substance - damask is "left out" in France) of the early universe as left to God in his knowings. A dump spread out after one use or so. The names are pre-speaked for volunteers of "people" who left me to die with it for having failed with them too soon. Quotes from each in ridicule then my song to them ("to give each my song to thened" or to neither eithed): Aikea-Guinea: "Take this down and celebrate it in use already - your use of having failed me." Kookaburra: "I died with you in here [as in the head]. You died in here too." Quisquose: "Never to have it said. Never to be. Die then with me." Rococo: "When we died once, twice, three times, you lived in me and I spoke of it then. Now you speak first and I die again." No more to you now a favor of us. God (me and above) told me he makes all three (3) live routinely in us and around us. One is me (Rococo). We call them jaspers - people who keep talking about nonesuch.  

The Cheese Steak Finally Hit 04/08/04 1358
Bitches finally took that five dollars forty cents ($5.40) for that cheese steak (just had another, by the way) and that leaves two dollars thirty one cents ($2.31). No one's going to San Francisco on that. See for yourself check my statement.

all i know to be truth

The Way Of Curve All Good To Know 04/08/04 1343
"Your father hates Curve and he hates you." So? Were either marked by success for it?  If, and as usual, you'd like to skip the dours and fanatics and get on to you and yours then, stop by Music Non Stop to pre-order this beautiful curve compilation as all that mattered and is unavailable to you prior to its May 17 release in proper. At a price of fourteen point ninety-five British pounds (£14.95) that is about twenty six point seventy two U.S. dollars ($26.72) - source Yahoo! conversions on 04/15/04, your final exchange price may to differ. I never cared and just bought both CD's within and one I. I'm a howler for Curve, the tracklisting follows with the original "Recovery" no less:

Full Tracklisting CD ONE :
01. Ten Little Girls each one done right down to the sewer then we laugh
02. Coast Is Clear your signal to let it shine it's never too late to try being that as it may
03. Clipped like a hairy pussy in a pot of bubblegum
04. Die Like A Dog
05. Horror Head (Remix Single Version)
06. Fait Accompli (Remix Single Version)
07. Missing Link
08. Superblaster
09. Pink Girl With The Blues
10. Recovery (Original Mix) woohoo!
11. Chinese Burn (Osborne Mix)
12. Coming Up Roses (Osborne Mix)
13. Hell Above Water not urge again....a noisy brude worthy of smath Chaplin, plass
14. Want More Need Less
15. Perish
16. Nice and Easy come come 

Full Tracklisting CD TWO :
01. On The Wheel
02. Triumph
03. Arms Out
04. Sigh
05. Mission From God  find vow a woman's sechts - bit of a Joseph this falued woodworker and nosis seeks yore
06. Today Is Not The Day
07. Low And Behold
08. Nothing Without Me 'cept that saying semi-formed  
09. What A Waste (with Ian Dury) I coulda made your breast implants with two quarts of milk and a glass of sherry - we didn't have enough used rubbers
10. Falling Free (Aphex Twin Mix) pure crap
11. Chinese Burn (Lunatic Calm Mix)
12. Coming Up Roses (Kevin Shields Mix) 
13. I Feel Love
14. In Disguise ---------------------------------this one is new (only this one)
15. Sinner you are my fool
Released 17th May 2004. Cat No : 82876613612(8). Anxious! Missing in short (album cuts thalanx): The original "Falling Free", "Midnight & Royal", "Habit", "Robbing Charity", "Black Delilah", "Test" to speak if they're votes. These things are never smart enough someone in the pudding making extra helpings of pinched mitt. I've heard it all let not one more dit blacken to Aphex Twin shit. He did that up already to good riddence. I'd rip that source tape up like herself Stevie Nicks did it. "I was not ready for the winter |  it makes no difference at all | 'cause I wear boots all summer long" - cry for the "Nightbird".

maybe if soon to you
An Easter Lily Speaks You 04/07/04 1809
Did you see the star of david (seems an 'up' arrow and a 'down' arrow at once to cancelling each other - you are here, or going nowhere or, "neither [from] here nor there" - we don't know you that would be correct) in the Easter lily's horn? I did - all tongues writhing about it (I bought a beautiful one at Trader Joe's for six bucks - I help keep the beauty alive and in an effort also - a truth triumph). Those stalks - nine (9) of them only at max - represent the head of the hydra (a nine-headed snake demon waving wands to form snakes of guilt-bearing head on temple - a staff of rodu bent at-last to wave to your way yes I've seen it). Remember it on Abraham's grave (then Luciene) and now still building out in the wilderness today. Have a day with that. More:  The part underneath the flower is called a Roman "pampoud" say like "pom(p)a-doo(d)"  for "old hat used against me - your fathers way". The hairstyle, made by baskings of corn layered - the wettened stilt a stiffener - made me laugh with its height and whiskings.

A New Word So Joys
04/07/04 1159
To "promph"? To parade in front of others without letting them have. French. To "prom"? To ask for one to come and witness it shown. To wit (in order of), one "prows" to make see first (are they ready?) then proms it. Prow - not a bad idea. Ask first to prom by prowing or being seen of. Let people see what they are getting first before you show it and always. Then they're sure they want to stay and are lusty for it. Show them a little bit always while you see a little bit too.

No, No
04/07/04 1121
Still no cents posted to account since yesterday. Thanks. Seven dollars seventy-one cents ($7.71) yet. "Damn you bitches - they want us dead. Can't you see that?" That was last Christmas. P.S. What goes to hell more than a worsted woman sitting at a button? Her mother and what goes with them.

You Only Cared 'Cause You Were Feeling Bad 04/06/04 1229
"He writes these things because he was made to know [insert your own disinterest in the lifegivings] of others." Simply, we seem to house too many niggers (taking saints) and in shades of deport. Keep your device fired to see who burns me first. I never insult my good by having yours over to see it - at least until after I win and you remit to twice now I left of no gift ever it had. It's there for you too I aseem - have it then onto a plague of pride (what you may see) and prangle (what you may then had). Never ask me to suffer for you I did already and assumed our accounts balanced on trades (this for not having that or then you but with this and not here - redoing that math is complicated for some while not that seeming of others or so then it seemed but then). Your promph balloon sets down and now me another sandbag to remit. Isn't that why you stopped by? It's all you seem to carry while coming in and out and of course burning off all the good stuff on the way. Eat tarp. I'll grit the day. Shoot the bag. See them come.

A Brand-New Ham Have Another Song 04/06/04 1147
One of them spiral-cut hams from Omaha Steaks arrived at my door yesterday packed in a big ol' freezer box with twice-baked potatoes and someone in my head said it was the [all that] remains of my friend Chris and I then thought how it might not 'taste' bad anyway a friend of the dearly departed ever and their condition ever I loved you. Upon opening the Easter gift from mother and husband (see we remain), I was a bit unnerved by the potatoes that actually do look like spine segments once the party suggested another guess of food with my name on it park, stay. Still waiting to enjoy the lower ninth. In the meantime, I'm enjoying the deceased's brother Marc who always may be found and is staying with me in mind to catch up a bit but softly ever (a lite existence of, I make a little bird box in here to drive around the walls and keep home for a week's stay or so trying to avoid the plissnanes of beauty talk and its rewards of seeing for yourself then not to my bother - please! no more from you or Moon's my mother cites this stuff as errant mind and too we love you may). This person tells me that he went up to my mother's bedroom in friendly guest (while dating my sister and in my absence - I noted his jacket one day while I visited from CA) and was firmly rebuked being too friendly and all. An oddball. Your mother would have me enrolled me in check-writing classes over that. You should have asked me first - she's mean, but keeps things nice to avoid a family circus-type environment all performing all on stage. You can't all go crazy - can you? Meanwhile, in my hole, I loved wearing Chris' jacket and now everyone knows it. It is no mistake - we are here and waiting to serve you some ham with a side of your spine. My account? No change ever yet. Steamed proper at seven dollars seventy-one cents ($7.71) no cheese steak prevails me yet. Each in the meantime heard "We want you to starve to death [for us who have suffered you]." That's just what you are. Check the facts of your allowance noted. I'm always free to receive to yours less. Fact: Unlike Christ and Mary who humbled badly to you, I still think starving to death is unacceptable taxed. A world stating itself cleanly to the dying dies of for fact and with it too. I amend daily but not of as with it. "What's one man's death?" You plague me with it.

"All I need is a window" - sure. A few nights ago, I asked Chris' mother (her name is Marilyn - aka Peggy Noonan - have that as a mother I'd die of it caring) while talking in mind's bathroom about her body being in the trunk of his car all balled up in wrap as he drove to bury it on his own a farm complacent burial (see my prior guide to those who need to cremate quickly). A breast cancer struck slightly and then hardly - left her dead and penniless to it. A murder on kids yet struck down by it still. Knowing spirits ride along until burial, I asked her where, exactly, she was in his car at the time (him and her only then). "In the seat next to him" she said and selecting options with a small pencil as placed in the air before her to help guide him. As write-in answers, "What movie made this happen?" (what movie made you fear me the most? - she interpreted it as "fear" - we leave it to saying "convinced you of me, made you have in me" and then hers "made you [as God] happy") "Godspell", "History Of The World", and "Marbelles Way" (? - an army film of laughable extent forgiving us of murder and mayhem - god says "junk to me - eat one field daily to excuse me from you" - marbelle was a woman in france who killed indiscriminately and ate their object flesh and whatever wouldn't make her barf a brain (disorder) usually and cooked a fool made to you who always made sure you were looking first - see her ride it out it said for six (6) years a god-forsaken pig we stole to show you.....junk really not......see her live and thrive among hate and sorrow....so what...it died and never again would we eat except for you dining on pigfat and slurs - junk to me you eat it and thank me once twice never i hear you never not aka "Jake's Way"). Sure. Then she cried about not having good answers to say. Yours again. No burial options, just helping to allay a mind in fear. She said you can't see out of the car windows as dead then - they are just white and all in "not-clear" blocks. We lived in cubicles as God's children, it seemed then. We don't drag light over for that view - just yours is. She's back now though and here, and "all I need is a window" to know that I still live with God and his way of knowing you. A missing persons report is on the loose now.

Update on Omaha ham (really a "Honey-Baked") and twice-baked potatoes: All were beautifully prepared and consumed with joy. Thanks again.                          

gift the gift of givin'

Life So Nice A Perfecting Routine 04/02/04 2002
Life must be good - go direct to the folks at LimeWire (previously or a bit misdirect at Download.com) and get your latest beta version of the software to um, 'share' files on the Internet. Musically speaking - a harmony of - and to thank, remember to shut the fucker off before opting for any other application or simply sweat your tits with golden grief like I do. Just take it offline for yourself under the "File" menu ("disconnect [my ass do it now]"), then venture it forth. A muse, really. Remember to highlight and launch too to hear what you're getting right out back but first.

How to use Lime: Open the application and under the "File" menu make sure you have selected "Connect" to enter your network negotiation. The radio buttons (or graphic selection on lower left of screen) should be set to "audio" for music files you seek then you see a panel upper left open up to enter "Title" and "Artist" and further "Album" (I never use this or beyond as what follows - need at will seems too specific for counts on my entry - use at will). Upon entry, hit the "Search" buttom lower leftish to make all go and see your need out there. Soon, a list of files appears if as successful in search within a separate window titled by your entry (a little "x" in the title allows closure of this window - if missing in guard, open it right up using the mouse on the top line - it is there hiding for the day your carrier refused you it seemed then). See what you want many times too soon? Press the "Stop" button and end your search. Highlight your song title as selected with mouse and press the "Download" button to see it come. Depending on availability (we are a sharing network of computers open but now closed maybe and then agreements by phone with times and places by artist givings back "the reawakening of cents" Madonna calls it "we make much for this again by sales - give something back like this or that just sales" - call by phone....ours-mine: specifics may greet you in song titles and name this way, there are codes you ask more you get less or deeper respects get you much more use capitalization not really but I do anyway add but then errors are prone-free I don't believe in cutting corners but an artist name yields much more than both artist and song as restrictive to your thought-option an artist name plus album named yields much to far more, nothing lasts forever a computer file is worthless unless machined as hard to move, hard to close, hard to have - junk - I just switched computers and had to dump everything by mistake or ruse - fuck it all as worthless and do it again I don't live to backup files - buy a CD to have a CD it is better anyway you slice it a true having tapes are nice too what tastes less to scent than homemade?) In the download window that then opens up for you, you see the percent completion of the file come. Usually, and at about no less than three percent (3%) optioned, I highlight the song being named to you with the mouse and demand a sound preview lower right by pressing the "Launch" button. In a moment, a bit played to assure you have what you want god forbid a live setting or someone's fanciful way of getting it to you (some songs are called by bits of lyric e.g., Pretenders "I'm Special" is actually "Brass In Pocket" however helpful). At one hundred percent (100%) completion, the file is scanned and then iTunes opens up and enlists the song automatically to your playlist. You go there to play or then adjust your settings for whatever you downloaded and how. Notes to follow. If Mac, all downloaded resides in the "Shared" folder of your hard drive and partials downloaded (something dumps) are there too until complete. Drag any song title off the iTunes plate to make a copy of the song file as MP3 only. Retitle at will use Audion. Useful.

To get you started, may I present my own past limings? click here got me a new cd burner today just now....not mine actually need some discs.   

Never Minding Another Recipe 04/02/04 1525
Someone asked my about french toast and I love my own: in a bowl a single egg beaten to happenstance, one (1) teaspoon of vanilla extract, and two (2) tablespoons of milk beat it all together. You dip regular ol' white bread in that and make as much as you need per egg. I place on a hot butter-melted pan and darken both sides as perfect then. I hate powdered sugar myself, and simply prefer a granulated sweetener to sprinkle it what have no cornstarch or whatever that is in there to my mistaste. So perfect, or Aunt Jemima syrup then. Someone crude and after me in thought goes "I need an 'almondnine' instead" (as having almond extract in support of, not a vanilla). I don't cover that variation of use your kitchen yet tuna blinds and makes you balder too (I simply ate too many tuna melts in college and in my home in Morrisville, PA - well, poke my tit!) Maybe on to a thicker bread from mine with cream cheese and marmalades as lain simply within a side cut center. A single jewel will do it with and with perhaps and assorted breakfast meats.
A Few Lesser Quotes May Add 04/02/04 1024
"To give such [to] song" as gesturing toward - that's Christ. Another from above but I consulted: "I loved [the singular idea of mine and called] 'breathing' [or the sensation of, as perceived]. No matter how little you are yet, you think you still live." Have them both. Another: "Like time undone [as objects passing through one another]." Christ noting an elephantine basket as it hits the ground full of passengers the pachyderm noting of a snake and then noting of another at large. 

If Dancing Singing 04/02/04 1007
Someone asks what to drink if singing and-or dancing it up - or - how to keep your basic energies going. We recommend avoiding sugars in favor of salts what really powers us (sugar plumes us or draws in to push out - salt is the power of nerves and having some done to it). Cranberry juice is cited number one in salts and no sugars or complex energies (nothing to build out or hinder on). Don't worry about the burns of throat - that is cleaning and use about two (2) minutes before showtime with a water too. Cranberry juice, like say Ocean Spray, has nothing of sugars in it - it is purely rich but damning if not perceived as sweet. Buy it anyway it is Anglican and of Heaven. Rinse with salty water of Morton's label if bothered to note of. Then off to apple juice what is also clear and non-mucous forming. Have that, and note that clear and by the way says "no sugar". Bright and salty ever. But note that "sweet" is not just sugars, Honey - face the facts. It ain't - I am sweet and in the head to damn you. You don't want your belly hoppin' with sugars and salts breaking it down inside. Just have a salt. 

Routing Number 122000661 Account Number 00999-60407

Simply The Business Before Us And Our Pleasures 04/02/04 1004
No spare change seen of yet - seven dollars seventy-one cents ($7.71) of account. Keep filing softly, I'll beware.

Our First Letter Of Statement Together In April Still A Reject Who Knows Better
04/01/04 1012
Today's account (no, I have no other than cited - no tricks ever): Seven dollars seventy-one cents ($7.71) - still an unearthly accounting of. I hear in my head something about keeping foreigned dollars down here (a dollar meaning equaling time plus effort - or - doing things against one's nature). Please remove this and your hold on me I am someone special here never talk to me like I'm just only you I could have been too as only just that and far happier for it in mind thank you no some die I can't believe the bullshit I'm fed in the name of having others around and always having been in the rudest game of steal-the-bacon or then simply find out later. Now we're all in the name of never not having or not wanting to do for. You eat that all first as written on a roll of timbled toilet paper before I serve this. Ample (make more of it) that. Never to wonder - to some I profuse thanks. "We can't make you special because you are not special." Huh? No - I do that part and get paid in fear. Fear and loathing? Fear says "not to me as yet" and loathing "don't come near - you have this don't you? maybe you are alone now". Loathing is not about you hating yourself - it is about fear having to think it over so unsure of all the time. A soap of and maybe to wash. It is the unstated, but unwary. Seeking something else quietly a thought may leads away. Fear thinks you may see it too and won't react fast enough. Know this. Be aware. P.S. The bank is trying to trip me up over a favorite of theirs a cheesesteak house (Philly Steak Depot, 8871 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood - not bad, but see us starving from it the east coast only has steaks and subs made for a mother's hand - they welcome us with, DiDonato's and all) that lags in charging the account but a day noticed of and in. I remember that five dollars forty cents ($5.40) charged at 2220 on 03/23/04 like you remember the thousands of dollars I paid you while working just to go to hell over it all. Have that. Stay right down. I don't live to know of that stuff. I live to be free of while consuming and having. See ya there. See me in it. See me then all nuts and bolts but still resting comfortably on paper. See my guide to. See me. A quick and dirty quote against someone inordinately happy for you: "We keep you down. We need to have for ourselves too." Say that to anyone new and be in hell, literally, within days. People hate it and I do too. Never let that speak or say. Never let that live to me. I go back and see where that comes from my ridicule sustains thee and asks you why. A prison of it. "You'll be dead." Dare you issue that to my speak. Dare you. The fool reigns me yet again.

been crying.....like a woman - been wundrin'.....about your dependency

Chrissie Had To Make It Up To Me For Tube & Berger You See 04/01/04 0910
April Fool's Day? No we don't do that. Instead listen to this my mantra (having used to play this and for a boyfriend perhaps if always a witchcraft lurking or on the side - that's tend to be real we make of warn to you a "have mercy on him | the love that I gave to him is gone" - maybe not then as a propered feeding only but in consideration for my wares an assumed lesser of). Sample void "i hurt you | 'cause you hurt me | so i hurt you | 'cause you hurt me | so i hurt you | 'CAUSE YOU HURT ME!" See for yourself Pretenders "I Hurt You" MP3 (4.2 Megs). Notes - the lyric changed a bit for "Isle Of View" the live thing Pretenders did in 1982 thank you for both tenderly and "Lovers Of Today" my regis yet actually for the Royal Philharmonic in London and tempered for the queen and as sampled forth. No mention of foreign tv shows or the completely dump-able "Dallas on a Tuesday night" lyric entered here - someone's frank of limited perception forth. "Never take from the shelf [as perfect for you already and as known - now see but sooner]" - got that - but now instead, note the great flow right here and then maybe see some of the lyric from "Isle Of View" as published in book form as mostly hilariously good. Alot of lyrics are "racious" (abrasive beyond need) and personal, so you never really get them in form or as heard. Revised to and from "I saw you standing yesterday | your back is like a wallet on fire | your correction misses my dictation | to never then or ask me for what I am [the one who made you just that]". It's in there not yet. In the meantime, honor Neil for the guitars of background on tape here. A bitch at it, really. P.S. The Mac structures of signal processor called Audion allow one to take a Windows Media file (extension ".wma") like the one I received for the above and restructure its havings for an MP3 (extension ".mp3" - dumber yet) production or audience and what that really is to me. I bothered to know so you and let's just face it I don't like application-specific files nothing else "recognizes" or relations made like I hate Java making my computer mute while it talks to you taking up my time or then "no haves by us then." Back to joy and maybe also, adjust all of the "ID3" tags within a song's file you have the power now to see it done to your way (in exchange, of course, for other leavings alone - a loathing of and to you and in me). Just drag the desktop file right on it the module opened to do and then to save. Sometimes I don't need to bother you at all, huh. "Pay the man, Clarice." A lowly prayer. You don't "defeat" people in this - they are lazy and thinking of you too much for too little said. You know you're doing wrong, you feel it inside of you a theft of. More feelings on, thinkings to, sometimes erroneously, and then, is sought of and mostly then wrong. Simply wronged you are. Right this. P.P.P.S. (one extra post-p is not related, really - you post pardon post and script it) The original song lyric to be seen at Sing 365. Add a quote from singer-songstress Chrissie Hynde now as just received: "A turd that watches a wasteland eat." That's about me - thanks. The original Elton John you quote: "to turd: eat my wasteland [an ember dying in it]" - "have your ways and yet".
You Come From March 2004 Here - Check It Again
Usually, we find insult and berude here. Not so this month - let's talk about the facts. You come here not only to learn how to read (and thus write well), but also to learn how you may in this. How you may what? How you may see me for what I really am. Each month that transgresses (hurts from you to) me or equals untold paradises for you my listener of no matter how anywhat said. Just being here says much to someone who will show his bank allowant numbers soon enough and again. Get it in there for me I'm quite the desperate (I admit anything to erase a fact or then duty - see you here first and then perhaps in it also). No actual cost to me yet. See that. A glory of.