Apple iTunes
Apple iTunes
because this is business - that's and women-owned, but somehow a business
the rich-enough spending theirs as smallened sum made in their own little sex shop, perhaps as aged
we keep business schools on the side knowing how-why, leaves guessing for you unless more demanded by more

who knows what you like, "the dollar" - that's why you keep your cards close to the chest yet maybe less
'free' says something to me - it may actually have cost lots maybe you can't afford it at all
who knows? by curve again? we'll see about that right here...
there are plenty of women lying with men who study just why - and you'll keep that too
'what if a tit turned black - would he have the nerve to leave over scar, no longer appealing to me?' is not my question
okay, i watch for the facts like you do too
it just doesn't matter, huh - i don't believe you can know anyway and say that to actually avoid me having-knowing
if again

A Rachael Of Crafts If At Link Then Soon To Be In Review....December 2006 "You Gave Your Gift" Plus Plus Annual Belean "Scab Partee Favours To-Fro: Sends That Littlest Gift - Noise Maker Sorm Furlabb"
We put in the farrigay stuff to amuse you and grasp tube along the way - the links updated for freshness date or quality seal xxl cape japson.
The kids won't get any of it until you approve in sinese verange or the skins look to as well as the shirts are dotted. Eat college croups at Wendy's then square burgar at lips.

Bigod 20 "The Bog" Bigod 20 - Gothika: A Gothic And Industrial Mix For Your Lost Soul - The Bog and as now from "Gothika: A Gothic And Industrial Mix For Your Lost Soul" LP (2006). Most orovalz used to hear this cloombing on local fezz MARS 103.1 and as old ladies would call up over this - an ominous-sounding scem - 'cause someone was threatening to take them " down there | i'll take yoooo ! " in rare english tones and of course with "no flapping of wings" banding of hinds. Is Front 242 making more than is necessary to see and with Toni Halliday producing no credit though for no pay just interest..."I don't work with them as not real -just tapes and as unseen." Then is us, kinda - we see singer is Patrick Codenys...if "co-dentists" then "danish" as kinda dumb not seen right by you. Whatever! By the way, still waiting for Front 242 "Tragedy (For You)" (on the "Tyranny For You" LP) on iTunes and further of front catalog if and about that black widow-type machine coming over the black bulb universe that sucks out your blood and leaves you half dead among screams and errors. It's called a "genera" and FYI. A rape and murder as laugh - all sits until you make better of it. You do that senseless acts of beauty indeed if at random. Unkindness lives us somehow we may. People fight my ideas and theirs too you know. Praise it until real enough: a woman there with you, her son.

this because i know people are interested in it some mainly other males like me offend only
mcdonald's is honored some but hates contact and mayhems or acts against us
we or me loved the logo here for being cute only
you don't have the right to eat at mcdonald's you know - any less stated gets less
eat me
p.s. i think of neil (neilsy) as being the real ronald mcdonald - tell a friend, i will too
they put makeup on him when he was dead on the that a dark black halo around face
...and yeah, i just hit you - so what?

That's enough winsome female beauty so ironic to tale have why build a better bolt to the preen head -  seize the moment back from tribute, per review - now seeks it very less mundo barge let: GayDonald's (Neil says the main page delivers more and is direct, but uses too much traffic quote while sparing excess nudities to you some - right - but see us come to be you: all class, no stink up front - someone says 'why say?' to be you, but known as you - someone that is smart...) proforma site seeking your retribune while I refit noise to your kids and you be happy you have that. I thought about a gay-type McDonald's (no Stevie Nicks cradling Mick Fleetwood's hair ? error to beseem she keeps them black balls at the banger too demonstrating harm's witless enduring with timple knocks back at you through it barely a simm - lect: "two black taps - that's it for por vous, nigger-rich nouveau at a will of your own blowing steps...harring it up then..." if is then, auds firmly a hotted-be "hrrmph!" if heat will be twisting to you and too) that muchly profits any gayness or half-to-be-guide to life with Lucy and other zany filth blamps hatching rock dalteurs afoot (all of your shit, made to order you get right back adding zone and freight for banding aloof). A whole hamburgerland of titbrains and bumbling booblerhans eating their way across a fur doily in a handtruck. Blacks give black scholarships penny by penny at coupon slip - who better to pay for their studies of time and tide again than someone who knows where it's all showing at once a filthy lucre sucreted each at a once and then oft. The very Halls of methlolyptus if to honor with me so with a patent firmness of leg. All kidding aside, where are glory blacks (um, antebellum mocks "before ash" spratz summerbunned) in porno shafts? Too much good given back to too much shaft up and down just to be beside the single dift button? We say why act like you did anything well by featuring your storlid mace of hembled stand-alones mith - they'll be back in an act of swift. I need a rude twist to white-out, a victimization of generous proportion to undo that feminine a theme dumpable, someone unpleasant, half-mad, half-truth mixed with half-lies enter big black dick as your only tool to hack at truth - anything saying that they met world potente easily enough welcoming the simple sun it burned so bad to me borf bat to bund. It's your money - send good after the bad it pays nothing says no one cared ever - why get fucked over an ace cubed. You light up and see it some if barely could go - they knew who I was and welcomed it too like cherades ain't just eating they stiff a joint. Know it only so well, then off it went bat-blind and selling skin-wigs to waiters asked and by a derf. In this place England met courds and burned alive old vs. so cold someone bit in too deep a salty tuna tip poked out your syringe eye while soaking a complex weave of savringes in "cold-tap faunt" they said "lightens them loads" sure another pot of laundry made it mood now it should sense gender, a soames having set. Why would anyone have that just in near? Like a tundra of finger moisteners - just can't get enough out for the simple presses right in - too dart. Enjoy the rare while it's not to, for it came and but to again have thee. If smell halves a taste well, it should never be hear.

A glory at thread! Women offer their comments by it and if a vagina - very too clue starts with a movie many adds some not too soon:

Mary Bartholomew, Mother Of God: "i eat that never - is dirty and like me...a disease made my son by king's errors...i eat nothing, nothing eats to me...a baskerville [hounds others feeling too], really, take none [to me]."
Cora Parks: "i have no firm opinion of that - eats at my table too if it eats at all...a homer, really [as asks no advice - seeks it also a shame, really, to be seen as is not our firm best]."
Lizzie Borden: "i have no effort to relay on that one - i need no advice and seek none father said 'eats at its own hole of head' as burden always i killed her too."
Marianne Williamson, spiritual remick: "i have no opinion about pussy or on my own - we use the word to describe males mostly i am that and leaving this lifebody alone for having been read of too soon - a misery to me yet is this and having it mine and having it spoken to Him...a loser of talk, yours at home."
Barbra Streisand: "have that at your own risk, i eat at mine first - it has manners, class, and one or two fortune cookies reading mine back to me soon enough - have none of it once or twice at home...a beast of it made."
Mary Todd Of Lincoln Fame: "no one eats at my table having had this - i seek that not - for dogs and their ways around sound measure a tool to be destroyed once twice and at home a beast of burden only, eat it some only."
The Queen Of England, not for formal address:  "the 'pusswand' eats at your table too and needs no advance - see that coming soon with dogs [women] and day dogs [ladies] running [to it and to be seen] -- we eat some too."
Margaret Thatcher: "the penis is no envy yet - i've seen yours on film leaving mine: it is sallow only and needing me again - a bet i'm sure."
Bette Davis: "they never made it good, they never made it isn't anything at all - a dullard in-place...shape it, tease it, let it pays no one, really, so have it too."
Anne Baxter, consort: "if anyone made that, it isn't to be proud - it is to be many of proud...have many, have proud." (is anne harrington, promised glory made it not died jayne mansfield poor and stupid is joan collins too...)
My Own Mother: "has opinions about itself too - won't ask to see, won't make changes necessary - a flame for nothing it has...always a bitch to be bitched at only...mine stunk always is known to my sons as stink only - they have it right off the bat that way - a queer is king always saying and doing the right things twice to get seen from under muck...a bitch is here daily asking them to die first, please, and they will soon enough for this reading to be here."
Madonna: "i don't think of a pussy being special, it is sold as not such - i make mine daily, it is rude and callow or not sad ever - a real jerk that shrinks and grows at me too soon and too little noted, not a friend to me ever then."
Toni Halliday et al: "has risk associated with buying its pleasures - a risk and a ball with it makes men stupid by buying into programs that hate us too - wilts at the flame, it is narcissus and asking us to not know something...a bitch in token made seem, a jerk too to young and bold everywhere...i hate as soon as they lay as not gorgeous or proud of me...drugs skimp further to, take with walls no one need see it come or go for that matter...a rude twist to me seeking fortune it has none to see you but takes often and to others waiting to cure healing and helping once and for all."
Gloria Leonard porn navar or guyville city: "never speak about that to me - take it or bring it in...i take it and bring it down to me and then you see."
Marilyn P. as same some: "never ask me about that - just make it mine again...mine is what science has and uses with me...i take care of it or you do too...take care of me, then use me too."


More at us honors it soon a little list made me...a penis? that's very insert, the only or other pee-pee that's French but only the tip, the cowpers glans but um meatbuls, the fimble of bimp meatmusks hapt (simms "join us"). Hooked by wayming fisher? Pull the hook out with the hole exiting of the small wound last yes the 'o' part. Never clip at metal it burns to be in.

P.S. Mine own: People seek it out-loud like time ran out on rude twists and canned horns. You die of a pleasure, mine is to be seen as sorrow such as it is to be seen. I died dying, but not so well to but seem. Is to be killed with what lay to be seem then and still will so seem and of a bare and to seem [lift the horn here - be heard as squire knelt not to be taken afore]. The penis mine is made comparably ugly in parts-by-stance but is removed to be as the whole if such is to be taken to it whole...covers much else seen but not afforded to be as such is madely seen fat and to be withformed by it first - a helmet to cover it secrets tossed off, a direct line to precision and counts it alone, an aching beauty of no such felt as if in rolled the door. Just enough to prevent quick sale, measured with fit in a quibble by ass, not a universe expanding and with it be asses. Firmly textual as fetish leads to hugs, kisses, extras if none to be said. A pig for pleasing in selfish little ways to be at that place at that time taken. No improvement to force spectrum should it be light nor as slight shone...foreskin option is tank two on windshield a blade takes it to rest cover your dessert to prevent sculpture to nature no audible wit. Shame sparks it as to be shrine. Enfold to as only one of what's only so and just to be near. Mess with no sex, no message was left to so harden is clear.  Quotes: "It ain't the dick [rests in it ink outside if by and at-touch, a 'cock' is up in you as similarly seen if each is to be probe] - it's what it's attached to." Love seeing you tackle too more - simply I love this sly showcase, then fade when two just become one a pity should demask not curtain it off. "No verbose logging, pair it off as mint bubble - each is his own rule met."

Everything is very nice...I believe (before if receive) it still. Trust that back to me so should bleed. "Kiss it that black ass."                             

she, gran-ma-ma, was thankful ever...
i hated this like 'star trek'
saved by the movies so sour annamame
splourge! it's your money and baggits from home
spock on bus: "touch off" or i'll vulvanize your clit with bit facts
desilu (displays every single improper learning u) again...'ol' sourfoot : two left shoes' - it just ain't right!

"Give Thanks" 11/28/06 1418
Was watching Charlie Brown last night (then "All About Eve" filmed in 1943 and done then too my grandmother, unfortunately, is-was Bette Davis too...Ethel Merman, Carolyn Jones of "The Addams Family", etc. - they have costume credits go to Edith Head the same person) and God over said to me about the pilgrims "Give thanks with everyone present." Why? He wants you to give thanks publicly after so much killing and dying about all year long. November is the heaviest month for deaths and we exit this giving thanks we are still here. He doesn't want 'em for Christmas and beyond he says. Thirteen (13) pilgrims died out of twenty three (23) and like Abraham with his ship doors for sneaking out below and in front with his, I'm just trying to get to mine rolling along coast "from Novia Scotia only" they said to each other leaving England entirely there but coming to us, 1742. Give thanks then. I did, I guess, and now my gums don't bleed so much. It's in there.

It's like your stardom - a who's who among faggots. That's kinda impressive to me, lonely.

Quotes: "After a while, I wasn't allowed to be that and you're not going to be that either." - We'll leave it that (Grandma about being Bette...they made her cry, die). "It's over" and simply an elegant way of it had.
Another: "We notice we're not celebrating Christmas - we're Jews" -- the husband replies "We're not Jews yet." She gets asked and then furthers "What is a Jew?" and says "A jew has no money." Answer: A jew shot its load coming back from the dead. Christ gives you one return and then to see only now. All of them? Plus the ones you don't know about. Christ manages barely one...thinks it's his. I dump you off in Mexico as that...see?

Be kind to Jews - they actually hafta give a shit. I don't care if you die...maybe you'll be just like me thinking it's real and all but lacking somehow a word of it off.

Neon Vote! If anyone knew anything at all...who'd get to pull down the most toilet tissue from Scott rolls fording shit from for and orning it above? Yes, to dupe down as if only were you - no passing gas von-verr:

Who's in charge?  [  ] blacks  [   ] jews  [   ] both bark up at it ! natural predators each [   ] all white devils*, kinfolk [   ] randy 'like china gowns' taborelli "she mades her own - now it shows us" [  ] the hands up fake

*folks who insist upon ruining black prides ("masturbates on our graves" versus "giving all we had available and to") - not just innocuous, a baby of sorts making trouble real - ours is never that real, like your graves, real cheap...maybe not think again...nothing there i can't undertsand with you unless you dare to speak off on subject some.     

Words For the Day 11/27/06 0509
What is an "entropy"? A fat person dying with no shape to hold a blob of it sheared down. Looks like a fish hanging with no discernable details but eyes a shark-like creature. Help them to have shape again. What about an "endtripe"? A person from the grave risen to make you unhappy - looks like it too. A black is this. "Looking over my shoulder" may mean a flashlight in the butt - now see that. "Hot to the touch" a flame in the ass.

"She'll never eat town in this place again." - Robert Altman revealing his true quote to Priscilla Prentiss, then Julia Roberts (Phillips) and continues "She ate somebody's ass right in front of me."

"'You'll never eat lunch in this town again'? Whaddaya mean? I gave her a dollar...around dinnertime though." - dM

Was peeking at someone in their freshly lit grave yesterday while doing laundry in the evening - like pounding on the inside of a glass box loosely (even nicer I'd suppose and it said) "she just can't believe it..."  neither can I. Anyway, we - the above and I - joked about getting free and seeing but a cupcake in the store (Pavilions to me) and knowing you're back among friends and the flurry begins again. If one thing's true, it's all good we reminisced about a human mind made us. We live on our pictures of life made us, and after all we guessed, but living in the dark can get hard, strange. Apparently, and for truest effect, it can take up to six (6) years to burn through those memories made so fondly with light looking on to only poke through dialing and hold no more as so fast all yours yet. Who knew yet?

Conjure One "Face The Music (Kascade Club Mix Edit Featuring Tiff Lacey)" Conjure One - Face the Music - EP - Face the Music (2006) is Cass Elliot of The Mamas And The Papas singing with Toni Halliday producing (my roommate plays this stuff until I notice for you here - see Poe and Sinead O'Connor do other album work abound). Cass, Burt Reynold's oldest daughter with Carole King being another younger half-sisters doesn't want her name used at least while Liz Fraser thinks about it all and gets back to her the name not provided by is "big" she says. Yes, yes. Cass also sings all late-day Heart with Bernie Taupin she buys and performs with the girls change face "What About Love".

I was on the beach in North Carolina (Wilmington, Pebble Beach) when we heard Cass choked on a ham sandwich we loved that one twist though is real. She said it was "so mean to me" and took forever no drugs just drink and bad at that (yes, we sprayed for piss smells still lingering at the voting booth to all's laughter and amusement - now a tradition making merry someone went and bought a can after blames pass - we thought it was Edie Wasserman if at first faggots have their way once or twice with old women then the handicapped stations are blamed then see ghosts only do it all welcome, all welcome). Thanks for letting it be true deliver none here.

"Cooking my dinner with pubic lice in your eyebrows? There's no escape from heaven." - dM

Curve "No Escape From Heaven" Curve - Pubic Fruit - No Escape from Heaven from 1992's "Pubic Fruit" LP - all of their previous EP's (and there are three [3] - if this from 1991's "Blindfold" EP the first one) combined in one album. "We hated this" says her the singer "for providing too much to too little." I loved it and would shoot you for removing it from the sense home. The "pubic fruit" at name is a wiccan strawberry, I guess, watered in sunlight with sugar on it too.

Since Shipping USPS Ended Mine With Radio Scans 11/26/06 1412
Thank GOHD! Koontz Hardware West Hollywood (with all manor of Christmas light again including my bubble moon bulbs with glowing everlasting gobbstopper within) still features cassette players locally maybe Target I dunno - I have cassettes still that I resist morphing to any format other, and besides no CD's of mine in the car or with family friends else. Also visit Panasonic- this one real cheap (Model RX-D29 - $79.95 before any additional no handle for portable carrying though? stress to me as missing here, if and has one) has four (4) anal speakers and a remote control...plays MP3 (the binary data file saved to CD as file, not a "wave" file or light peters what is CD format burned in as phasing) I guess whatever.

Somebody asked what when I thought of and when asked:

Neanderthal: "of northern territories", eats ice my hunter-gatherer, but is not very classy as running in and out of hidings-caves and as from woolly beasts;
Cro-Magnon: "paintings in caves"...thick ledge over eyes, France only
Pre-Cambrian: "before fire", as utilized by man with spark-making

Not necessarily right, but so. Illiad? Centrally located, ventures out to exotic locations in loops; a flower of it around and around ever petals. The "never-ending journey" if so to speak. Polaris? Sees both sides all in one take - an abuse of life made to know too much as in its own death. See no care to you. Hate constellations? Is the Earth's light at night reflected back at you since of 1912. Orion's belt of three (3) stars? Rome, Luxembourg, and Paris in the middle. From the moon. Hunter-gatherer "Orion" is my favorite by the way - and the only one I see "Big Dipper"!

Real used:
Eats no fur anymore, is cold always. Norwegian only as from Alaska is joined then [where "cavemen" actually exist - noneother, does not speak either, uses tools crudely as all do];
2) Eats winter sleeves or no fresh meat or dairy; will not work a fire ever, knows what it is [finds heat of the world and shouts it out, will not move it to you, you move to them to be with];
3) Knows fire, knows how it works. The name mocks fire - came before you were here [will not talk to you, will not have you - cliques having before you know of them, or, kept high up to discourage landing with].

Um, see no other here as in cavemen. None, really - all are brisk in nature.

"Thanks For The Lie - If There's Anything There, It Would've Done Better Than This..."
11/25/06 XXXX
Audit by song Nine Inch Nails "Terrible Lie" - no longer at iTunes for fabulous sales against you too. The quote is mine in support of the upside-down Christmas tree turning odd as radio and perhaps hanging from your ceiling what with balls - definitely for or pro-me thanking people for their carefree responses against me in holiday or then a gay of jerk-off celebrating loose life but with much of change spent. Both? Thanks to me for seeing better. You'll eat shit for ignoring Thanksgiving and then half-as celebrating or deflecting Christmas erroneously (spares: no good fortune to send - one year we had no gifts exchanged as overspent but ludicrously decorated as one year no Halloween due to weather sent - that Christmas saw me eat undisclosed shit (the price of not discriminating of much eaten fast, a homily to others) at a gay party too...or was it a dirty ass? not maybe too mine...write your name here to be good at it first: x____________ ) and expect no gift for that year to be around. We hate shapple, seeing the self - your own little way with dinner made offshoot. Get traditional fast, come with Doug's mind. Females defer to preparing as and having us soon. Anyone who protests me gets their first day held in court soon enough. No upside-down tree need bother us - our response is correct: Christmas is here, but with some shame it says back to me I never get things right for your "Jesus"-type talk will get you shapped too - keep him out long, another trite advocate for you eating shit here in this relative paradise of ours pre-sent, circa 1993? No. Bother me not - we live well anyway, and at your behest. Notes me and my family, I'm sure - we would not celebrate Christmas further had no one come past margin. Anyone could do better than that - with thanks off. We keep this in mind so holy yet but real to you somehow. More: Why no expensive gifts in the Catholic religion centers but plasticy and article (as with growing up - "better than something paid for yours with goose or company stamp on it 'by it fleet enema' most a junky letdown rice bowls?") We don't want to burden our people here with the promise of meeting rich plus sex - that's not how we do it lies with 'lo and behold'. Just plain ol' folks - but poor in burlap? I ask Mary to this day - did you hafta bother a person who is there year-round with no further fanfare to see but you coming and going with your drop-in business and druggy stuff (a heroin-type 'gazelle' or meth gauze on a scratch held?) Trying to reason hate again, I guess - why would this be? Foreigners ignoring our rules of reaching again (no one pays for legimately at 7-Eleven they say if just walk by it casually, a donor heart...huh)? She or else may have retaliates with dying roadside covering baby and just perishing at wheel cleft and right a hard tear yet. "She was hurting the kid, too..." but doesn't know to speak-how...takes no more as too you. Relate no more of my pains personal of or I'll cry all balled up for have-heat listening in this morning I just went with it - did it pay as well as it looked I love being hurt such sweet suffering that boyish face with blackened eye coming through the dirt again after rocks morph away slowly still hoping to be welcome, "allowed" to see? The teardrop explodes here...I think.

"We wouldn't have you there [at "shamily" Christmas] - you are a Jew." Supposedly my mother's response to this post-war claim of dropping off saint - adds plane ticket this year plus meet her threat of "no more Christmases" given years earlier for fighting her often here. We skipped two or three years together over this shit and with nothing sent to me by anyone over rejecting my head talk. All fucking niggers stop right here pleased to meet me. So you seek propriety yet meets white. We had that and failed miserably with each greet we die but pleased. Propriety is from too much said harshly to our hearts and after all - given. "We are the poor" it said pre-achievements. Thanks again we're here and no longer naked but soon more too gift.

Thanksgivin' was great here, by the way my mothers' check in card for plus $100 notwithstanding - the dead participated as in my home growing up "watching me masturbate" they said ("and ever since that very first time..." and still) "no problem thanks for coming!" our house warm enough, I guess as others ran right out the smell of cat piss behind the couch and my mother's hend-held mood maker (a too-near process) failing me mine. My head listed a horse's dick, a rat's ass squared, and the littled hearts of children in the bags removed from my price turkey - we cooked and ate all simply around seven p.m. anyway, no greater afford necessary the oven bag worked well sans the dick nor resting in my brown gravy. Then we returned to our but-grace rejected at the inn and a roadside perish robbed you of our savior what's again. It's so funny someone getting clipped on the sidewalk by a car from behind after arriving at LAX that same day, but I killed them again anyway. Should I laugh at something should I happen to me? Signed our X who also tosses live sharks on the sidewalk for a quick heart attack by you - even in my room yesterday got a bit scared again of a clear balloon nearby just made. Enough yes.

Ten (10) Restaurants In LA I Really Like Per Request
11/21/06 1705
Mark's on LaCienega West Hollywood
Marix Tex Mex on Flores West Hollywood
Gaucho Grill on Sunset, Tango Grill on Santa Monica Boulevard
Lawry's on LaCienega
Killer Shrimp, Ventura Boulevard
Hamburger Hamlet, Hollywood Boulevard and Sunset Beverly Hills locations
Chan Darae, Larchmont and Cahuenga locations (the spellings off, lunch is the same only - view at Larchmont...the Cahuenga location loves niggers too)
Miceli's, Universal City (live as opera as sung by waiters to piano) and just off of Hollywood Boulevard (signed wine casks everywhere and overhead)
Norm's on LaCienega
Cafe LaBoheme on Santa Monica
what else? lots of fast food (no menu given at table) preferred...Baja Fresh, Koo Koo Roo, McDonald's. Honorable mention(s): The Spanish Kitchen, The Old Spaghetti Factory, California Pizza Kitchen.

Three (3) titles I just borrowed from West Hollywood Public Library (on San Vicente, where is MTA flight 220 bus I ask ? if due back on the 28th): "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" (missed that last night on CBS, but learned how to play marbles from the fatsy Neil character in the following programme - a lesson in hard knocks always - and if just to keep the video from your kids over the cost $100K this show the queen declined it me), "All About Eve" with Anne Baxter (a lowly fan, all but taking over for the broadway miss and 'what are you doing here?' afterward to her - famous for Marilyn Monroe on the stairs and the "bumpy night") and "The Crying Game" with Boy George's song and all Pet Shop Boys (you concertgoers is on your own this season out - good riddance to all).

The Weight Of It All 11/21/06 1045
Over the weekend, I went to the Apple Store in Beverly Center to see the new iMac and all is great with balance and weight ! the screen so big (the jacks-outlets are in the rear of screen lower left or right facing and along very sturdy). I pulled up my little site (as I, dressed in white t-shirt and jeans, a green Nike baseball hat...and on this miserably hot fucking day) to test and was listening to Rush sing "A Ghost Of A Chance" at volumes that just got over others nearby, and this asian bitch playing security (and probably looting it from jail) comes over and asks me 'turn it down?' in unfamiliar languages like I was just you again - a familiar message from women (and rejected firmly and with her always so non-thinking) so I leave. Complain about low sales from 'us' types all you want - no one buys from that. And hey - how about paying us for what we did BMG, Columbia House, and iTunes (from you, not a cent received yet in two (2) years' time...thank God ! the website only costs twenty bucks $20 a month plus my effort when not being bothered in the head with your remorse ...and all since having risen in the morning ...inserts by bitches Cunt Fraser and Madonna who already ate the feast awaiting them I'll get that guard too like asian crap I have to shit out). Yesterday I called the electric company and the cable company to get payment extensions for us so convenient says "they [me and my roommate] won't manage theirselves." Did I become this to be you but with comment and in the head? Keep it in yours thanks to it all. To no thanks. Apple - go fuck yourselves. I talked to Liz's sister yesterday too ("Amy" now, sings with The Sundays and sang the other stuff on tape while out of commission) - no rush to get her back either. Not yet anyway. She's staying 'til I get paid, Bitch - no further comments to a stack of cash, I'd say - or lose the fuckin' place altogether.

Maybe soon - people you fucked over and in feature and play.

Robert Plant "In The Mood" Robert Plant - Nine Lives (Box Set) [Remastered] - In the Mood from his "Nine Lives" box set (2006)...still a bargain with "Big Log" and all other songs. Robert is 60's crooner Tim Buckley by the way, with song to the siren and all. Definitely hear song "Fat Lip" too also is the name of Toni's label featuring "Pink Girl" her one gig with him here - I love this Led Zep vocal happening. Is related to us, kinda.

Lene Lovich "New Toy" Lene Lovich - Lucky Number: The Best Of - New Toy from "Lucky Number: The Best Of" LP (2005).

"Not celebrating Christmas this year? Celebrating Christmas is like eating c*m - it'll call to you." - dM

"Everybody here is getting their accounts stuffed to make sure turkeys fly out right. If I had the drugs, would you have bothered me anyway?" - dM

"You shut this down, and it stays down - finally. Plus, I speak here only." - dM

"Selling your debts means you describe your personal hurts to people as all risked and decided about. You sell your company for that." - dM

"You hire a fucking lawyer. I don't hire lawyers when I don't have money like I don't give gifts. Hire it yourself - or go to jail." - dM

"People who hate me can expect a little bit more - and soon at that." - dM

"Someone says 'You don't like people - why are you here?' Why are you here is the question and what I seek to remedy." - dM

"And adds 'He doesn't want women.' He doesn't want you, either - the very reason for lackings toward." -  dM

Today's Word
11/20/06 1256
Today's word is "ebullient" - very sparkly as waiting for someone or something new to arrive. A secret person is this.

Plus note: You gotta turn heat to get it to stop pullin' on heat on the way in - just twist it some, the power source of.

Enjoyed the "100 Greatest Songs Of The 80s" on VH-1 last night 11/18/06 - coming in at Thomas Dolby "She Blinded Me With Science" perfumes and powders and such (remember my favorite "One Of Our Submarines"), Prince "Little Red Corvette" tight little body (like a "mandolin" - big wide butt, small shoulders like a contro or basso violin, name is "Mandy", a hairy-type is dog) moves too fast for my interests, Bonnie Tyler (aka Pamela Des Barres) "Total Eclipse Of The Heart"...very entertaining me. My favorite by her is "It's a heartache, nothing but a heartbreak..." but is re-recorded at iTunes only and live no. Next viewing for this is Thursday, the 23rd - Thanksgiving Day at starts at 5:00 PM - a great time to be had by all! Five or so hours though?

REO Speedwagon "Keep On Loving You" REO Speedwagon - Hi Infidelity - Keep On Loving You from 1980's "Hi Infidelity" LP Eric Carmen-Kevin Cronin and all...I still like this one too and it's in the show right around Bonnie Tyler.

...the song "Kiss Me" Sixpence None The Richer - Sixpence None the Richer - Kiss Me in "Not Another Teen Movie" (2001) is from Sixpence None The Richer (The Sundays without vocalist and after death) - now you know. In the movie, Christina "Addams Family" Ricci is the cute girl with wild eyes who kisses the old woman with strands hanging - gross! I nearly threw up her real grandmother so aged and this kiss gross. Christina lives in Montreal - where she died once with her lower lip missing for only five (5) minutes she knew and is the queen of France "Isadora" and while my grandmother is her nemesis "Isabella". You figure the rest out then.

Then, a better thought...Rod Stewart "It's A Heartache" Rod Stewart - Still the Same... Great Rock Classics of Our Time - It's a Heartache from his new "Still the Same... Great Rock Classics Of Our Time" LP (2006).

I'll be shopping for a turkey today at Pavilions - supposedly they have 'em up to sixteen (16) lbs. for five bucks ($5.00) their own brand "Manor House"....and you? Update 11/18/06 - same day: Got that exact bird "Manor House" at fifteen point two-two (15.22) pounds and frozen (in a pit of water with others looking on - notes you need thirteen [13] pounds at least to be family-oriented) for at just twenty-five dollars ($25.00) in purchase and as all-told - and there you go at the "club" price (limit two [2], you can join right there at the register if may a locals club). That simple. See you 'round the day...crescent rolls and all.

Aaron Smith "Dancin' (JJ Flores and Steve Smooth Remix Featuring Luvli)" Aaron Smith & Luvli - Dancin (Featuring Luvli) - Dancin (JJ Flores and Steve Smooth Remix) [Featuring Luvli] get yours finally at the shop (1995). A Cole Porter song rewinding backwards against my vocals. A Swahil of sorts, sounds like Missy Elliott. That hot mattress should be three (3) coils running diagonal-down for that width of circle (an inch made for each inch taken up) - that's all. So Moody to you.

Christina Aguilera "Ain't No Other Man" Christina Aguilera - Back to Basics - Ain't No Other Man as from the "Back To Basics" LP (2006) and "23" from where I steal oft somewhat if featured here on roto-banner but now stills me. "For my husband who died..." then adds "just kidding - we have others" sees one pot to pee in.

Elton John "Hard Luck Story" Elton John - Rock of the Westies - Hard Luck Story from 1975's "Rock Of The Westies" my favorite cover, and "Island Girl" sings " what you wantin' in de white man's world? " Elton John's eastwick nemesis came into view at the voter box with the real "David Furnish" who is Spanish somewhat and far better looking as a coupla bastards, really. And as per usual, you get the shit downstream, David Geffen's leftovers get mine. Ever been loved too much upon entering a room - by about six (6) untold newlyweds and as I bald with you? Now THAT sucks. A hard luck story is where "no two people agree" - you had truths among you. A grassy-type grave as may ill-suit. Back to, I tell people "you meet people and hook up so many glucol wires in the body-soul-but-body it's gonna hafta hurt" for the eventual undo but is unseen. Don't be so grab bag, so ill-fit but seem nothing nicer as the world stand by with shimer eggs, and little bugs. Fuck 'em again. Got something better than you just saying it to be that? P.S. New song Elton John "Sugar On the Floor" the last one featured sounds very promising yet....

Hold Yer Water, Sybil...Have A Nice Trip, Sybil...Eat Your Ovaltine, Sybil 11/16/06 1123
Been wundrin' about what novelty-makers-to-the-stars "Roman" (noneother than the Trenton Archdiocese all to charity, and verily sure and with then be oppose, Noma...says "no more" after this, no mention further - we do it anyway) have been up to for this Christmas plammer, and lo and behold an upside-down Christmas tree - replete (not one more would matter) with lights - that reminds me of the woodwind vortices found but on Lisa Gerrard's "The Mirror Pool" LP (1995, but um). I like that cover as very me leading to the ocean of black (glass) granite kinda on the bottom of space rising and falling in water-like peaks to support planets or whatever (working on my visions still...still, something reeks of it). I need everything classy or be a total fleabug raise-relief mats with homely kittens everywhere ("she's as homely as a mud fence..." you can feel it). Back to, there are many of these artificial trees at vaggagiver Sears an informal "Roman" hall the picture is linked directly but at six hundred bucks ($599.00) per, you better trim your pubes with care but the balls they do if hang so nice plenty of room for gifts, that buchwald, if "greater gift giving" at once signals you (I recommend a motorized tree stand and also with connectors for electric lights to move over conductors in the base and the room thus turns - remember that effect I use it and love it still...also silver-type trees are back in with me and with their colorizing wheelmotors "mondsconds" is French...all for selfish and as in home, never to you...not yet anyway). "Got you that new wax maker for your hand and tit - burns so bad, but peels liva spots right off the mat." An old woman never gets enough care says the anal-oral thermometer with goosecap you can almost see it decaying over a plate of sushi that one heart problem you diagnosed at home yourself still remiss or forgiving to her when. One day "her teeth went chalky" is what she says (sure, all that coke in the eighties couldn't but last you).

Today's word to learn is "chimera" "shih-mare-uh" tapping in to higher conscients staring at the suns. A chimera ("like us, but with") is mirror pools in the eyes as simply reflecting all to be seen if as golden of tears and somehow seeing more than you ever. With, and not with too. The idea is someone special is with us, do not disturb or grin - is magical, a cat really but better than that as more like people more sun in the shine of eyes. Your platen (made already but elsewhere) ridicules don't stop me from being Liz Fraser-type "if please, is disturbed...fear: a loathsome lezzie" talking to the light in my screen as our little joke inscrutable languages and we teach you how. "Chimera" - now you too may use it. For further listening, an "oracle" (leaves without [saying much]) speaks for the chimera - the chimera never speaks, but indicates with eyes and light outside how best to respond. They have other gifts should you have ask (however, God your symbol needs neither question nor the answer you as truly superior, but I want to be asked anyway - how would know and protect so versus?) Special people should never bother to talking how it asks question and monkeys you "yeah, that one gig had to split up" and I say "that wasn't me" and leave it at that somehow saying with eyes you get "johnny can't read" or symbol alone in any way theirs magical or implying of you. But seriously, the oracle is their son, usually, an Abraham thing "no two pieces without" he says. All of time made me - and we leave it at that.

Make a point of not bothering magical-types too much. You only ruin the effect for yourself so perfect to me (although who pays for it all where a failure to impress proves lot out? someone will see).

This may work...pretty some...Lisa Gerrard "The Silver Tree" Lisa Gerrard - The Silver Tree just poke through - hear some your opinion notwithstanding (not actually having favor with us). Think more kinetic, telekinesis, a point-to-point gathering. Clue: A "telemetry" sends pictures in the head, your whereabouts, what you're seeing, "how far, how long" is actual - where the sun shines in mostly too. "We all have this [as ability]" tee hee. Her quote "The silver tree is about women - never getting the gold for that is clue - is reason not to. A selfish primer is that, and me too." Adds "That's what they said anyway..." Oh. Be more "fatherly" (falsely encouraging and if at wit, with certain abandoning) towards others. Fostering growths, caring, hating the outcome(s) mostly as cause rife. Adds up the neglects, parts some. Song I'd hate you missing? "Serinity" (sic) in a spirited language what is "Golgotha" ("a having by me and alone" in Early English, as a plaintive sourness untreated, an "Ernest & Julio Gallo" if may) and is from "Hamlet" the play by Shakespeare.

Aftersaid of, there is no rule - if seeing is to truly having and then when if.  

been wundrin' about the imac - still around?
we lubbed that one-piece unit that people no doubt threw away upon gifting
know how to give your gift...and let it go
these latest imacs are about $999 from the apple store
still a bargain then...and now
p.s. i hadda make the side view myself - note skew, feel for it not
for some reason they avoid me...i can't believe all is behind screen
and note: the video eye is a powerful feature - this mocks detective eyes that have small lenses and big screens like this - for sex-type models, looks fab but bleached!

Depeche Mode's new "Best Of" comp "Volume 1" (2006) and all featuring "Shake The Disease" Depeche Mode - The Best of Depeche Mode, Vol. 1 - Shake the Disease that one "freelance" or gay talk of and then "Personal Jesus" and many an other good thing. It matters say they. Madonna was in Depeche Mode before anything and they sank bad. She rehad them early with Neil who sings some with his dad Max Factor for French make-up design and all here and then me most some. This isn't about just "shitting out AIDS" as per harsh and usual, it says you can't just say this time, so just do as you do your tongue taken up by no 'no' vote yet " it takes all of my tongue in situations like these "....'tis real and you live to dance it off.

Great Visual From The Least Of It 11/13/06 0926
To poison your life, and maybe you see one sometime: God ventured to picture himself living in orb space and you see this greenish globe-ball in sodium (light outside of our realm, how the dead see) shrinking and growing slightly and sprightly on stick that's quite invisible. So, the whole god-like but hampered "superorigin" life-with-no-eyes thing and this quasi-inflatable growing at a distance in seeming nothingness sodium salty. It's called "hyperion" and hisses kinda as blowing up releasing but at world size so scary actually a full-on zeppelin of it you'd simply gasp, die. If you see, signals the end of your life and lives elsewhere as you know. The last thing anyone sees really. Was watching this video under the "Cocteau Twins" search at YouTube the song "Eperdu" I guess and someone spent alot of time doing a 3-D or layered travel from Earth through space what crap ! but quite involved. The world moved really fast like burlwhip on dustbin through space going somewhere. Is that right? Seemingly not. Something was shown to me like a black heartbeat made out of stars and plasmas (um, winds) the whole thing at once distcherub or 'do not disturb or else then to be you keyed in on'. The universe is like considering and speaking on black person's issues - best left to encounter, I'd say. I like the whole sun shining through a hole in the rear of damask though - at once a silver-rim can in the sky and the natural sun for smarts. A scent of rickety Hollywood keeps us from wasting our natural lives talking it over with scared, unhappy, else off. Beseeching us not to. The ramshackle nature suggests you yourself could do better - if only you knew how to demure. Meanwhile, I see lots of disturbing things in the plant yard altar sacrifice next door so weird they plan to film this stuff plants interviewing with certain candors or something so unhappy to me. "Not film, protect..." whatever ! just kedem. While simply gorgeous, there's no making you happy no matter what we promise that. Looks like we could do it in studio, and we did until then. And I'll be damned our rent control now raised January 1 by three hundred dollars ($300.00) and still I wait for anything, just one thing for the better of me thanks again I can't even speak with candor in my own home for fear of losing you to another floss. The rest I provide and simply. You can't imagine the bother to me, but we keep doing you for it on and on. As blessed to be. "You're dying. Why should we?" At the very least, note people who "died" (so magical to you still in it and with lovings) try and get you down too. They certainly fucking try I only help. For you, try anyway. Injustice abounds of you make sure they're worthy of having said-done to your very death I know it wasn't good and if you study any the facts-trail you'll only see how. Only the says are stupid and leering (looking for more ovall) the facts are bargain of rates but who should say - who knows, cares more? The review stinks but we pay gladly, I guess. I'll hate you simply enough, but it's hardly real you are though. They tried to get me down too - if only to leave on the side wondering why and with. Good luck you beggar of bother and after all no deserves it like me. I don't take things I don't want - do you?       

Lobster Thermador? Frozen alaskan king crab fashioned into harmonies like lobster tail but laced with butter only. Never tell people is the same as shrimp and lobster. Is shrimp lobster? Never. Crawdaddies are lobster.
Baked Alaska? A walnut-laced brownie with 'butter nut' ice cream (two 2 scoops) on it and then with licorice or chocolate-type syrup dripped. Tossed it in the oven for three (3) minutes or so at two fifty (250) degrees amped.

"Shrimp are mosquitoes" it said. Whatever (I pay dearly for that, certain anti-beauty).  

Prince And The Revolution "Girls And Boys" Prince - Parade - Under the Cherry Moon - Girls and Boys from the "Under The Cherry Moon" soundtrack LP (1986). I had this album for sure and also loved "Anotherloverholenyohead" just as much " you need another lover | like you need a hole in your head " - say that, say that. Are these links duplicates of previous efforts? Oh, well. There are so many, I couldn't be bothered making a list though I test often for changes against and still most work magically at that. You choose what you choose I remain suspicious.

from the getty museum i just loved reversed in time magazine's latest issue
a better view of it - christ painted these himself in gloverb or paints with wax and notes you of parallels
says he of this now "they always painted me in wood cuts [so i return the favor]"
he calls it "the dover - the person who dove in and never came back up"
'baldazar' is his name - a french conqueror christ painted for "retribution to me" says he of he
translates later the first line on list is simply "things to be undone at now and then always..."
it calculates against then say 'christ can't read' is heresy - they'll cut your head off for it
translate: on left in red or blood spoke "in case you already knew nothing", on right in red "every day is a new day to you" - both him of he
underneath listed are names two on the bottom and are false but one line of as in-hand and obscured
the rest says "what is to be undone, reused as else-made, reused as else-had, reused as else-wanted, and reused as not mine simply, the quake..."
in german kinda a later had on - this picture evolved from black and white no art safe ever
the clovers on lapel? teardrops everywhere - thanks it off
this guy is supposed to be my father in life dying of having to do again, he is to be the and only charlmagne
"nobody wanted this, but here we are" beheadings again and i'm dying of it (where? right here on earth after absconsion or targeting us again as blacks to him)
notes yours is seen here at painstaking cost to you, mine is not seen - yours is seen to be done, but is hardly good to you
maybe not at all they had...maybe not...we remember pain, a memory of loss
you, however, have been in pain for us...memorizing? that's where i end you speak
a memory recalled from seeing outside of you? mine
trust time and time in better off too...all pain is to be had by you too

anyway, i just liked this picture as simple done...those hands are like mine: simply artless

this is what you're left with after vicious fighting or simply being ignored then among other interests
and then hardly a priority item to me 'blacks never get anything right' (as if by law, a mandate - their half of hate ain't cheap) and for sure
christ says "this is what you made"...well then, a god-type being for further being
i don't make things i hate - and have few of it around
can't i just be me too and with my lists, reasons?
"if you have reasons, they are false" it says to me now "i made them"
no - i have why and how but for me only never you
for the future no one holds and it seems

'Til Tuesday "I Could Get Used To This" 'Til Tuesday - Voices Carry - I Could Get Used to This from their first LP "Voices Carry" and all (1985). Also "Looking Over My Shoulder" if may.

cocteau twins fruitopia commercial - in the case you saw it
the "ul." apparent is just the word-phrase "fruitopia" forming and in-fact but is now "soul."
you can visit to get the other fruitopia audio clip and other songs they did
yet unavailable for sale mostly and yet in my heart rotting of it
and while we sing some...'two fishes i loved, fourteen meals we share and nothing better to me' is one
so embarrassed...i feel habitual...i feel the truth will be about me
the truth could be about me

again, only poor people get truth and to live with
we can pay and afford better it seems the truth (a further telling by others, only) being sculpted always and to your wit
truth is, i don't know what you're talking about, a lalique ensues
tip: when people present truth for payment, give them yours your version
they asked you for it, after all...we have pictures

Depeche Mode "Never Let Me Down Again" Depeche Mode - Music for the Masses - Never Let Me Down Again from the "Music For The Masses" LP (1987). I bought the record for "Behind The Wheel" if allegory and mistaken by you. Other than that, I listen to "Clean" (from 1990's "Violator" LP - the very last song on that record) alot and perform same aloud. From the eating tour (wandering from place to place eating - like at the zoo). Never doubt me my hints - I can't argue fools they certainly are there - but no one has anything right enough for perfect sounding I make it right. Who's more magical? Who looks like they work too hard for too little? Don't I just sound easier to live with a little bit me a little bit you dying though.

Other - coming soon:  What I get in the head as graphic or picture to help me describe the substance or meaning of words - very unique stuff (unless female, hers just dawning and as brings no gift) let's let us investigate.

for word "jew" - a gold fish hook resting as if held magically on the line that ends with sharp parts as two (2) issuing, and as pointing left
....that was only one I could remember doing for now "ass-kisser" will make fresh optics later "you are that, and only as ever" - see nothing by you
these will be at random my head is full of junk now...

"fortunata" -  two bags of gold or coin (money, a good  is implied) light colored a very thin ribbon (blue) in the air over and amiss or not connected and hand(s) over a bag - the one on the right

"crimson" - an apple on left implies color "red" it moves with wand or making over to right and then up in the air to sweep along clouds or sky as left to imply gathering of this or sunlight in a backwards "c" shape, but angular

"sheepshead" -  a sheep head facing, but the eye as right facing or then left eye is as radio (small circles) to me and ends there

"rag muffin" - a baked good ? or podge or bowl more like a souffle arrives on cloth and perhaps plate not implied - a cloth is removed and taken back by server when the plate is received

"symantec" say "za-meech" - two balls, 'red' I guess, roll softly at each other then repel downward and away in an upside-down 'v' formation as opening up - they never meet

"neanderthals" - two rocks or boulders are throwing at each other but avoiding somehow going around but each - the one coming from left seems to 'see' the other and then follows by turning and to be with on its way to?

"absconsion" - starts like two (2) hands feminine testing each other and pay attention here - the one on the left is demanding of the other by waiting aside but watching as palm up, palm down, and then finally snaps for clean
(note: "absconsion" means no one sent checks for anything by you - they hafta bring all back for a look, or else are "remiss" or lacking in effort..."you don't check for anything by me" it said "lets move on and fast at that")

"teletype" - reply in words only "asks to be said slowly and surely" - no graphic will provide here...easily said enough, a reverb making sure others hear too but later on - not for me, works against us it said

"whiskers" - a right hand running along non-specific but brownish slenders, but to base of and strongly this directly - removes and places as bunch elsewhere easily enough as in planting in the ground.

the end.

So Exits The Polls 11/09/06 1054
Yes, I worked all day again at the voting center to no further remit. Everyone was nicer this time and me too oh alright I only turned a window in the wall somewhat and will see correct itself I always undo as infallible (not capable of becoming you, losing my current sex organs and status to a penny found) yes. Celebrities around from lunch the prior day 'til include: Mark Harmon (looks very young, blond) and his father, Leonard Nimoy as else name and his son who also plays Spock occasionally and who died and doesn't remember his wife registering - gives sympathy to same. Composer Anne Dudley (Portishead, Pet Shop Boys, etc.) who I'd know by sight, then also Philip Glass, Cherrelle-Brenda Richie again, model Iman, "Mama" Cass Elliot (and then yes, professional odor sniffer 'Cassie Elliott' too), Susan Sarandon "Lesley Anne Jones [or was it Downs? something something something else]" she says to another...more? A younger-looking Kathy Bates minding that I get told of all as they walk in the door and reject some to you. Why say more? If I remember...John Ondy (the voice of Yes - at least) now with black child in papoose (his and Chris' neo-natal noldage - Chris was skinny and black to ignore altogether) and stagehand playing Neil (who's in Valenzuela - really is Brazil their common zone) in a gay-type couple and all complete with a hyphened last name - yeah still cute. Boy George got shot in the head by his mother again? Better to forgive and forget "he called me a 'bitch' I have magistrate" or a way to undo...what is it with that word you are that and calling in again no dignity survives death trust it. After talking to Jon Moss and Mikey Craig briefly (of Culture Club please don't..."we need the money"...why can't you just admit you're Mr. Bean, he the love of your perfect Jewish life made sane again for all to see...that's why fade out undo) I'll forgive all anyway. Stars and me are no mix - they're so dumb buying into everything so stupid and heavy fuck 'em. Blacks have their mitts here...back to business the less opportunity of it to speak or sing. I don't ask questions I simply get to know for you if should held. People say 'no' sometimes, and I refute (to refuse, but in advance - a problem still "I refute you") that at first.

Thanks again to everyone who stopped in and out of curiosity...we have your truth again it thanks you. Now I listen to third person (so I'm elsewhere, but hearing about me a flattery no less) junk in the head for days like this one engagement will matter ever. To me it matters somehow alone being tormented by some bitch and her nigger friends (nothing for you until I see - trust in that) chipping the bottom of a front tooth talking to a fork while eating. I live this so just one more won't matter. You're not supposed to be remote of these hurts you of course cause but is inconsistent with all else said and while I surely try and kill you, but my hurts are never considered ever thanks. We know that. And when you get like this and remote, know I'll never care. Just you fighting inner-demons too? Keep it to yourself and still no change to seen by me, Nigger. This is a war and anything I give up stays the fuck gone for it a sure win. Back to you and your charities selved (still you think of me - how odd...this is no education...bits, pieces).       

"No, you don't 'sell' your debts - you sell a company. The company has debts." dM describing a marriage of sorts
and that of course will (probably - never say never unless we spoke first) not be paid for against assets (jewels, poplar coins about going to the moon, money you are owed less smarts, etc.) other things no one will ever want you can trust that barring a goodwill. Book at value paid until you sell...buys harsh reality always. You don't lose anything until you sell (won't matter again, huh), I say. No, we sold that - and long ago. Back to you.

What is a "tort" (as "taking and leaving at the same time") as in business law only? Someone in a business setting punches you only or hits you then (with some object is hitting, and for no score or lasting damage) for not having remitted. A big deal still and it works on some a blacklisting ensues (if only because unchallenged in it, easily enough afforded against not having said once - if the taking exception part is cheap and wondering of it still).   

"People really don't like what you've done lately." Contrary to popular belief, I'm just trying to get by as was if failure to greet looms yet. Fuck it - and we understand each other yet hope I die on it being you but even less welcome (the way you embrace each other over it so gross - where's it all going? not to me better know yours that well). You made me no one, no one went to the spa last night to beat off the inner mitchum a' boilin' with my cousin David nice to see again cute and very nice but is dumb about these things (David...Albertson - his mother Shirley my Aunt Shirley was "deep throat" Linda Lovelace and for no pay - can be seen in all Calvin Klein print ads of late at the bus stop [Details, November 2006 the page before Izod and the table of contents...has light brown eyes and is everywhere] David has some Puerto Rican in him is Skeet Ulrich too - very nice! still we are shocked by anyone dating coloreds...his sister is Melissa aka Linda Blair, P!nk, Scarlett Johansson, etc. their father was known in our family as "Midge" as in "midget" being small in stature his mother has a flair for the see). Break. Do I worry about being less than worthy? Not really - not to you anyway a pure doom of it, perhaps under duress somehow no. For myself, I would've liked a bit more of what you had to give, but who's gonna ask first? Ask for what? Enter the box - be drawn from it. We kid each other I might get scared you'd see. "One more complaint gets you one treatment..." Change nothing, them. What? You don't have the time to read this foul? So what harder to reference, incorporate as your own perhaps you.

if you're like most homosexuals (unwary then), you already have a wide array of penis and penis-style books on your coffee limiter-slatbs
this book adds to your overall sense of it - a pervasive feeling of loss and loss situations made clean for viewing outside of the room
that is, without suggesting to a lucy-type that just throwing it down in humours haste is muss best lain
we then honor the zoo-like (where animals are used vaguely) works of r. chast - a genius at heart who just died nine (9) months ago...chast is real, never me
the art, fool - the art...says this cover honors me somehow ? i wanted to use the pastel poster as seen about
we know of chast from the covers la weekly, mostly "r. chast" - always dirty in mocks and insinuating (says of me without saying)

Soon - different ways we laugh (sorta) at each other - six (6) of them defined by me too:

guffaw - "uh-HUH!" as in false start for a laugh
timble - "psssss..." as in that's a shame, that's pretty pathetic, after all this, I can't believe it!
cinchis - "heh-heh-heh" as in a small-time laugh or not very long amusing...not a fake..a giggle is here a little feel-good time
chuckle - "uh-huh-huh..." more than the guffaw or bit laugh, this got you pretty good for a bigger laugh, laughing along with - the biggest laugh is "chuckle" or throwing all down
wince - "sheer-raa" something stupid at once said to make you sorry you asked once - can be anything, should be "sorry if asked" in French or "sherab" say "seer-abb"
narolb - "tuh-tuh-tuh-tuh" as mocking in a retard - others include "teh-heh-heh-heh", "uh-huh-huh-huh", and "tee-hee-hee-hee" by old blacks as with no teeth.

Tip: Always take the time to show interest in others and in little their world, their half of it. A few but minutes spent here lends hours of respite or quiet peace elsewhere. Also, a laugh comes at much expense a rubber-type face and like a funeral or any other separating of the eggs and their whites, save a laugh for the truly funny, for the truly remark. Someone got hurt. People ask me all the time "What are you laughing at?" and I lie like two blacks laughing at each other while holding it outstretched "I can't believe just how black you are" for people's hopes just dying of giggles and the party begins. Theirs "Your mama is so black the street lights came on when she stepped outside." Mine "So black the whites of her eyes explode every time she step outside - just like a flash camera, but loud." Someone did that better, have it ready.

"You should leave it off." Better than sayin' it. The only "two things" greater than yourself? Blacks always find something else, something more than you. They are notorious for it, however if anyone distills chemistry, they do. 

Electric Light Orchestra "Telephone Line" Electric Light Orchestra - Strange Magic - The Best of Electric Light Orchestra - Telephone Line not just one mentioned but now as many turn to stone evil woman - if now then find across the border. This song not as linked from "A New World Record", but their new comp suggesting others too, not just at this depth so mean this song.

Find here: "Last Train To London" Electric Light Orchestra - Strange Magic - The Best of Electric Light Orchestra - Last Train to London new-sounding yet. So good, that should be the link to (funny, this is on "Flashback" and in fact the ELO box set I have that...didn't notice this one...a box set is for fans of only, a whole wash of it missing some adds some other but you have most elsewhere, right? otherwise a verily poison of too much time taken to review home or have satisfactions again...people don't make whole albums anymore...some I guess...albums no longer rewarding to the likes of me can't won't).

If Once Again Confirming My Ways Around You 11/06/06 1751
I knew this gel bleach stuff was crap and bought it anyway a big ol' jug for two dollars ($2.00) only as then two for four another known foul, but cheap meets it again and tries anyway. No protector of five-dollar underwear over times taken off, I use only regular Clorox (the smallest one bought as my highest paid yet) as my personal guarantee of not having to wash my underwear twice or more team to see it mine again with no bubbles. Half went back over this - the "arsenic" in my t-shirts still as showing through its second run. Anyway - now paybacks with additional concerns met. There's more here than meets the eye ? but we see why conspiracies abound should never bother me anyway. Real shit meets it halfway aback and says why know more? Have a drink on me and see why it just won't matter to me again win-win. Tip: Measure detergents and bleach exactly as measured on box and see best results - I do. Oh, I just pour in "a cup" of Clorox bleach by approximate sight measure-dump and it stinks overhead, but never have I held the bag for having deviated myself or overstuffing, you'd say. Something about the water and its pressures within working best for you as mixed up together - even after six o'clock nightly I do without too much to have bear me as additional whethers some.

Detergents fix water and from becoming dead weight with fleas and other bother. They break up code with other languages not used by people - e.g., uses electricity at minor levels to code off stinks, etc. The water doesn't hold soap well after opening up, and all generally moves to the top where fresher water is and no stink is apparent as fluid and useless ever with no bonds and as a heat maker (one is and captures and collects heat - name "persians") some. Water is no friend to washing ever - has all it needs and then asks for help too with no movement - all within sinks. We use soap to lather water and remove its mildew properties of raising stink if used once and as we drink if some is used off and we will not drink - so add it up: all benefit, all clean. Water has no internal pressure by the way or as forcing things out - it is gas and we fake that if needed. Electric water seems to float upwards because of this. Newer washers use an electrostat (term as "electra-sift" or portal a hydrogen plus one electric code or spin as borrowing - for one, not many - types of electric a hummer or wire lit within wax and shell and in basin) to fake washings for up to six (6) weeks of normal care. It works to reject send-backs, but never see cleaner - "just as clean" is it made. Tip: Salt is still useful in a washer to reject mildews, but is not soap. Soap has something in it - something wilder. Always use it. It works for me, not you then.

How does bleach work? Bleach separates into two (2) parts - the "hot" part and the "cold" part. The cold part is two slats that break up dust and other germs to form heat only. Germs are heat moving around in bubbles delivering disease and dissatisfaction wherever they go. Heat moving around looks like worms in gas almost and is not to be ignored as breaking up your day in little places. It chases cold away, though, and makes satisfactions this way. The hot part is a gas (like butane) that lures in heat and makes it shine even more if certain placements or fats are present what pop it open. So, whitens by blasting with heat or disintegrating force and blasting again, but in little places that matter always.

1) Dust or particle dirt, salts, grease is from heat leaving and this is drawn in and down onto from the exchange. Heat gets out at any cost, but must have its substance covered in area by these and are all over clothes too;
2) Fats are like globule water - clear substance in discs - that is some light through, some kicked back - hampered in-place by thicknesses of. So, bright white with varying thicknesses or light trapped and is now yellow.

P.S. A little "whole" butter and in process (to be heated with it) makes bleach better, more scouring. Add none to mine if's perfectly fine.


The list of "never mentions by me, ever" (e.g., prostitution, incest, beastiality, necros...) for hurting people's feelings (they won't have whatever you want with them and so bad - easily enough said right? lives with simple strings attached ever if that good at it, and anyway...) grows yet. More from above: The feelings of hurt pay us (charge us) for passage to knowing, being more with it a demon (illicit knowledges - would not seem to be if made) to me, threatening to expose to others if and being just as surely calmed. Take the hit if so hard at first nothing could remained my advice is. That's all. Still unwelcome, mostly - is that you still as forming still and out front? Plus plus, people hate things like you would if you knew more. I still reject as same each and every as same if said sooner as simply nutsy for you and by you as simply a nut but functioning me somehow my hate a bother to you. Be you as long as you can. I will too, but decline stink readily, only. Mostly stink is here just stinking as it would say shortly a homo. Apparently, there is a difference between knowing and thinking you know perhaps as being held out. I know more and say less of it when angry. Maybe not then. I grasp for details yet and speak to all with care and caveat (but notes) only.

"You can't kill everything." Let's try anyway. I never get what I want, but I didn't really want that anyway I guess if discussed with propers and all a new name. I didn't want you asking of it ever or even me overhearing about it again by you. I'm really mean and I don't need to feel bad about people who don't regard theirselves all threats made as is for the final showdown against no one ever mattered anyway. To "force resolution" I say. I get the fuck rid of it fast and with fearing any noise at all using even cheaper-at substitutes stacked in like tires I see if need be then charges another dumb over the limit stated. I won't be able to shop leisurely if then, and perhaps destroy the world so easily you'd fucking kill yourself watching it happen. You as just me then live agreeing not to with each other to avoid a bigger dick coming in. I agree not to and fuck you anyway - it's your ass up to the neck why bother? I get all of the cancer it seems, some little it left.

To my ex-lover once if will come to be: "I'll never hurt you." See I did anyway although never challenged as with better offers my complete say having it said. Things change, I don't enforce against that to be shimble. You eat back at the ranch - you eat the horns off it first.

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I Swear, If You Touch Me One More Time I Will Weep Openly But Wake Up Refreshed As If In The Morning, Ready To Work As If You But Many Earlier October 2006
If you had to sleep with it - that is, actually know anything unpleasant for yourself at lesser cost will shall seem such a shitbag of it and still gargling turds to flush your own back up at sweet nothings some said - you'd shut the fuck up. What if you both were there enjoying me lavishly? I can't cover everything up from view - have yours ready to go to bid for same margins met. You've been paying all along why not less for this as seen to be having? Remember haute women at parties in the late and early 1940's a kind of Betty Boop, like her at first (we, upper management, did that to somehow get rid of...) - "oh, poopie-poo!" for having met their kind of person more than once we showed you how too all "even steven" (as "even him too" for no having else as bothered by it 'too much' you say...see still how that has sad appeal somehow - a sad clown but really mean at, too). Don't get cute - we suck for real. Women ain't all bad yet, but most dump you out some having had. "They stay, you go." - dM  'you both go' - fuck it throwing expensive shit at a fire - that ain't the cure yet, but gets you theirs and cheaper too. All for cheap and the difference is seen to be me, not you having me seen as you seeing with me. You go there and have theirs with them having theirs and with them having theirs, have them. Besides that and if, you're all talk for some shit you said - that will never win by me. We were fucking there already devoted to the very one being harmed by you again a union of it paid as less a tribune penny tricked out of being stupid too and still you ask us to do just that a poor people. What a dick would do for you - what a single day could do to that, but no one will let it end so. Who needs it the tributes to be sent. The pure shit of it smelt by me "why they die still but elsewhere yet...orbs trying to grow away from me keeping everything yet extending outwardly to no gain of actual substance just becoming another unseen being...not you, not yet you" something else titled but actually unused. As Hollywood flushes their cans of promise to pay. The dream shall end to be again. Not your dream. Ours dreaming of it still with your loads seemingly and having been shot. See? I'd take mine back and put it in something else anyway. Oh, it wasn't that good, actually. "If you did anything great once, you could do it a million times - you'd simply shit that out. Keeps trying anyway."