"Did you get the same as yours? You need two...maybe three need to get it right up."

Your croup letter to Santa - an uppercase "Y" (and with lots of extra ending s's everywhere anyone is named or noted beside of or fact) has been sent to urban blacks for kindness in review.

"You won't get to hear yours, neither."

"She said something."

"Even if you do, I don't."

"Why would I work any harder for the same day's pay?"

"Better to start early than see it off sooner."

"You can unwrap yours now - I got mine home."

"Cheese and crackers again? I need more to see this come undone with shields and a baron."

"When that angel came with a little gift, she said 'don't be so cheap next time' and he left."

"Them animals was so hungry, she had to eat one to get them to lie."

"The star shone so bright, no one came to see. They left to know it all in reverse...'egg-timer is off, but wins again' it said with no yolks but fly."

"We was here, where was you?"

"You choose only the right gift and someone backs it out over the highway I just loaned her."

"Half that for you two."

"If that's him, then you should both leave."

"Take another look - we had that long before now and had it to be rebuilt. See some soon."

"Jesus didn't come, so they wait for the right guy. Next time, wait for the right guy at home."

"You don't hang holly, you belt it at the lip."

"AIDS still came - you knelt too. Now getting it all backed up is viral too."

"You can't get a card for under three dollars, and then this came in from Christmas '92 - still "The Johnston's" can't be taken off that one master list played with gas-x and foam."

"Even if the neigbor's groundfloor toilet adjoining overflowed on Christmas morning, it wouldn't hurt you to act surprised. We aren't you having ours just yet, you shaked and some fell out."

"Don't thank me - I made it."

"I don't 'give' you gifts - I take a few things, and then give you the part I don't need. You'll send it back with an explanation sometime in the next foyer or so I saved it once."

"All them bags - you'd think I'd have it rip."

"She didn't get it this year - I took it home when she fell out with her husband and begged for him to stay. I couldn't bear that one glance off table so quick to see all and found somewhat of it too."

"Another wheel left it and as just that...to be lonely again and hafta take on that heart flanking it home."