Just one past the biggest date ever - 2020 - and still you refuse me to matter not! Enter me 2021!
Twenty twenty-one plus arts to come. You in trouble now?

  Hip hip hooray: It's MMXX or two thousand twenty (2020) now - that should've skinned off more dirt so we can see.
Jerks unite! The last line so funny we keep it as we update our mood, feelings. God is still here so watch your fuckin' step.
"So, this is it, huh. Great."

Doug Moon's Quotes Off to be me plus-plus added inspire by witless sum but well, beneath me seek! Speak and spell, each titmaker: The very little of Books I've Read By You
Oh, sure I read that book "Watership Down" about rabbits-hares in a pooh-type tigger, but I can't take another fantasy layer 'leave it or believe it'...'let the tire speed air' no more should it see no mother will come but cat!
Also new is the Wayback Machine as "internet archive" with previous editions-notes of this site carefully preserved and against you with thanks along it...nearly half-assed, but glad whatover and what-will-made.
Okay, pretty stupid effort - is natural, not a bit insert and my music database will be called Memphis mention us big black steam engine made of Tennessee coal if shale is sea salt, eggs, and soaked in oil. Snap at that.
Read it all again make believe it's your first time, Bitch, because we are in love - it smarts still...a hurt in or near me come again to be in our lair (speak to those present, more evident their care).
"People say you're a waste of time." That simply isn't true - I checked (and as your usual scrutinies fail but to notice me and but).

anybody ever write your name in a bush before? what? she shaved your name down? an elegance ensues it gravetopper
all of nature speaks it and to me...you are no one but and if will seem
i think red is black, yellow, and white but deep inside a ritt dingleberry moving somb don't be dumb of course u are black and gray only since bits dirty white u wonder off 2 u as that remade 4 me bet all of a god, else b tit
go back to your mama, same

Brand new message center for 2018 ! lest we forgive and thus we forget and all 'cause it's simply easier on the mind...
Then spare to my guestbook a fright you see it's all here anyway..
Spread the wealth, share the greed of it...wealth?

Any affiliate banners that stuck throughout time are because I copied and pasted them myself - there is a reason.
Pay for what you took - just don't dip out you ruined our looks too...
It's like the 5% you get at Target for using the red card - I can't get a red-hot boner over that five cents on a fuckin' dollar - wow-wow don't hold you breath, Nigger...


Another to falsity, from 3.5 to 5% on every purchased. Yeah - we'll see.
Thinks for every dollared, at least five cents ($0.05) made to me.
Tally that "in coppertone" (their color suggest at font to allay angers, to assuage others not to) as of today's update a meager quality of: 38,812
It's the 'click-throughs' that alert me, and at price stayed. These, new customers buying one (1) or two (2) only but each may be up to six (6) new, usually five (5) depending on the day of the week.
Say five (5) with one (1) new song purchased to be safe and coldly rude about things yesterday and today and ignoring all else not new.
It's no living yet - a favor to a good enough service.
Oh - everyone's a big deal trying to rub up to a big brite that's me too what ? ! ? it's clean looking, reeks of a success sorta then you appear an interracial.
"Ohhh - who's your friend? You don't pay to that, do you? Ohhh."

By the way, I recommend the font "Chalkboard"  (both "serif" and "sans-serif") to gentle me toward you. I write in it.
In fact, it's supposed to be as pretty as the typeset used for Fleetwood Mac's "Rumours" - just that nice and sometimes I get that here.
If seems missing in action, our IP address is "XXX.XXX.XXX.XX" or then "X" enter it just like that instead of "dougmoon.com" sometimes words fail us to never.
Just between you and me, I know you cherish any my failure. That's just what you are to me too - if to be so little and then to please me.

Bear with the certs while I retsyn what's clorets with the then actizols. Signed, Ammonia-D
Simply now, living the difference between neat and clean.
And but I buff - Windexing the floors and all.
We are getting there again - to a poverty and all.

"I can't believe it's not butter." Well it ain't - just ask the Doublemint Twins (half a stick each).
Bastardizes: All they want is for two worlds to become one.
To what I do and what I love doing are actually the same to me.
Alright, Heaven and Earth to merge under one control of that's it.
Misconceals: I'll let the mirror polish itself and save my tears for someone else.
No one reads this stuff until I do it over.

I don't mind being the monkey for this yet pencils my banana.
To stare at my fate so knows it to peel.

Your erstwhile host White Rabbit, Abraham, and Bartholomew welcome you to despair and health.
Jesus is all "right this way" like concierge.
In translating the lean meat hanging "All you may ever need."
Similarly, the fat bumblemeat says "The best money can buy."
I'm told mind does these or I did them - they are pretty good (if you see crap, it ain't mine yet).
I did them, sure, now pay me.
Each slice a way to Heaven.
Four (4) princes never to crown.
An eleven (11) is nobody's day (cite this: people die least on the eleventh).

This Minubian princess squinting suspiciously at the world knows not how she feels about things, really.
Her "feelings" are vague renders in blue.
The term "Minubian" is French-Latin commonspeech thought.
It stands for "lesser seen by us - not to be taken with our sense of having" - seems a tact if will.
Quell heedlessly with "a loner-type working through the mills of house and stale."
To talent that proud of France descents.
In form, Little Miss loves a cigarette (little done for, now slow in taking as paid-up) sees still smoking.
 And with orange eyes a pumpkinhead adds nothing blanked spaces in-between it.
Her friend - not so cool to her as in and out - speaks but bulbous in the nose and just good enough.
His breath might be saying "Not now - just us."
Christmas calls from the drawer but once a year, but she fancies it only slightly.
Out the window, no job sees fit with her.
Right out front, the air plagues her need to be by wishing it more.
A steaming cob below our vision here asks to eat, but is not to be seen by the likes of us yet.
"Merry Christmas, Motherfuckers!" is to Jews only.
 A past recoiled from it, 1946.
Spare the thought of.

The bowling ball is from a MasterCard advertisement in People Magazine in early December 2001.
"For big brother" - I really liked it to thanks.
Just put a scan of your ass in there - it only made the hole.


USA TODAY Sports Weekly


Saw this and a defunct newslink at the Circus Books website and I hadda have it too as kinda fun and all breaking up stagna or then else.
Then Columbia House bought me up - sign in here (4,640 others did - support detail yet a thanks kinda don't be mean I still work too hard for too little).
Before you get the code to add the newslink menu to your site, MSNBC wants and other your e-mail and website addresses.
Slyly, I always fear being rejected by businesses for my controversial content afoot - you know.
Rejection smarts still.
Oh, alright - I usually wouldn't bother with you at all.
With this one easement I may press on and branch out.
Now you too.
Use me.

Nothing personal about changing the link mask above - yours they suck.
Mine still sucks, but just not as much.
It sucks less then - see it for that.
Okay - you're looking better mine sucked more.

"We don't have any record of memberships made at 'dougmoon.com', just 'impressions' to date.
Do you have any names from your website?"
None of since June 30, 2002.
Got anything better to have than an "impression"?
E-mail me and tell me if one of my over twenty-eight thousand (28,000) impressions went beyond the pale.
I hate bullshit, but think getting free stuff for you is okay anyway don't be dumb shift right up to this anyway.
I heard that every BMG membership lain is worth now two hundred twelve dollars ($212.00) on average (updated for now).
That figure paid and expensed within fourteen (14) month's time.
That means every one but you're free to talk again it sanes me.
Business has it coming for sense from and man that's gonna hurt real bads.
Real bads.
Fleetwood Mac, Pet Shop Boys, Pretenders, The B-52's, The Cars, Madonna, Elton John, Heart, ELO, Chicago, Sheryl Crow, Curve, New Order, Eurythmics
Then okay Pat Benatar - the list to you may go on and on.
Once you're a member - Led Zeppelin.
Rock the vote. Choke that down. End the manner. Sweetless.


I keep the figures in front of me and we've been averaging about a hundred (100) memberships a week (at each of seven days).
Obviously, that figure has changed somewhat - thanks my expectation still seem.
Prior Seven (7) Days: 710
  July 2005's Calendar Total As Then Erred, Then Will Leave (07/01/05 - 07/25/05): 2,641
That's one hundred fifty-two percent (152%) of last month's figure at eighty-one percent (81%) of the month has elapsed - thanks for a le grand of interest made to me.
We use last month's last figure against to suggest currents or what's changing - no quote of highest received is against you and me here together with obligations afoot.
Double commissions this month supposedly for a stature made just got the e-mail and all.
Running a marathon? A telethon? No - never do for me. For you. Just to teach business structure as fun and as reason.
Now I can't get reporting, so end there - our biggest month ever by you.

"You either do not have an active relationship with this merchant, are using a logon not associated with this merchant account, or are using more than one browser. Verify that your logon information is for this merchant. If you have more than one browser window open, close all of your browsers and attempt to log on to the site with just one browser window open."

Whatever will you.

June Reduces Our Expectations For The Forward-Type Movement Probably Still Better Than You'd Expect As Not Half That Lonely: 1,740
That's May For Ya - Our Largest Mass Said Yet:
April's Calendar Total -  No Drop Seen In No Continuance From Last Month Now Say That - Zero At Inception This Month Up To Our Third Highest Ever By You: 1,216  
March's Calendar Total - The Whole YNG (for "yours not given", source: Madonna) Done, OGE (ours greatest ever): 1,466
February's Calendar Total - Our Biggest Ever, Theirs Too A Hand In The Ass: 1,295

January's Calendar Total - But Hand Of The Mystery Shopper: 1,125
December's Calendar Total - Still Hittin' It, One Shy Of A Gunload:
November's Calendar Total - Doing Your Bit Part For Geri's Kids And All: 1,108 
October's Calendar Total: 360
September's Calendar Total: 288
August's Calendar Total: 78
July's Calendar Total: 285
The Prior Month's Calendar Total: 165
Just One Before And At That Close: 617
Just One Other Before And At That Close: 559
Oh Alright Just One More Other And Before At That Close: 590

Thanks to all - it was nuthin' to be.
Hope it ain't all a badge of lies
Meanwhile, take your total cash outlays to BMG - add 'em all up by amount fierce - and divide by the sheer number of discs received.
Double sets are two (2) discs flatly for this - count each that spins as an each one.
My own average was between six and seven dollars ($6.00 > < $7.00) per disc received me - maybe less, but certainly no more.

This just let 04/13/05 years of later: "They have all the cash in the world - you aren't ever gettin' paid."
Cash? What they don't have is the future. Just promises.
No one pays for an uncertainty - see an "accounts receivable" valued down only.
That's about as nice as I can get on the flow here - too many screws in the would no drilling allowed.
You don't have the future either - hold that until you get something better too.
Remember, no one takes a loss until it becomes time to sell.
The buyer never loses nuthin' I can see.
I sold you off at book value with nuthin' down yet.
Market that.

BMG stopped processing for me it seems - always getting to name their card.

I seek death to penalty this for. Today.
To a death it sees.
I sent a tornado to your stripmine - did ya get it seventeen (17) homes long?
Two years of these pimply motherfuckers and no pay! To fuck yourself.
We keep it going to widen the winner's circle, so to speak.
I report their numbers to be an asshole - let's taco mor del.
Some cheap bitch figures it all out her priorities failing my cone logic ever to turn.
A woman's "feelings" on things may suggest a higher threshold for pain?
No - people hurt you alot then you market another idiocy while turning on the hot water in the sink with vigor and declining drugs during delivery.
That's gotta be worth something, I mean, taking it up the ass and all.
Not to me, though.
Keep that with the others...."bad ham"- sure.

Rags? How Having All Sees You To The Poorest Yet No Man Loves A Dominant Even When Wet

Interfering with Internet links?
Our government lets shopped hogs feed us this defeating shit my to hope.
Technicals please then with beheadings for touching this it thinking around.

I'd poke an eye out of you if left off. I would.
Not like anyone paid anybody anything yet.
You'll never live - even God didn't live through me it died to me.
A vaginal cocktail to all who assail me in my thought you get what you pleased to me - and lots of it.
Each still sitting by - a living piece of shit - waiting for my bank accounts to drain and take this off.
Good luck to you living and with yours - you'd have all of mine cleanly stated yet.
Hold for the poor I'd starve for your death.

Note: Violence gift is borned of hate and not havings? No - I'm excess cruel I hate people. Always have.
If I have a younger brother you'd probably like - I threw the clawed cat on his chest and burned his underarm with a hot lightbulb I unscrewed deftly.
I took an icepick to the chest only once it seemed - that sure hurt, but didn't cure my ills.
A little birthmark on my breastbone just of right now all but faded is a brushstroke suggesting my worth (and seriously - a the christ?)
Nah - good coupling though my legend.
He was my father's own retard playing injurous sports with loopy doo, burping and farting together our endurance in the closed car and they might have nursed the resulting blister together.
Remember to tip: A bastard child not of ours is never gonna be right looking doing.
They are made different for you to against you'll turn black apologizing for that one to keep in a crypt.
A breeding to god and the devil - a doing and undoing at once following around if my perfections once threatened it a home.
I gave him what I didn't want and stole it back if he fashioned anything I might like to see mine - cursed by with me, he did this often.
Get out more see the world I have it made for you.
They faked the reconstructive surgery of this guy's face on tv yesterday - no one lives through me like that mouth up at nose. That must die to me with all freaks.
He did not live even one day - we sued yet.
See your face.
Comic Rip Taylor once squirted a woman in the front row of an audience and her nose and upper lip fell off she crying and all.
Is that right for us?
Something that is not educated sees and listens to this stuff while I care for it all meticulously and on their behalf.
Why bother it again?

P.S. Sports? We marvel at you only. You were a middle child at home and beaten badly by brothers sisters - take your win then.
You knew how to fight for your life recent injuries behind you bricks falling.
I don't sit still while my father seeks retribune on me and my mouth by coaching football while I bitch at having to be there.
Nothing is free...his teeth took his home one day.
Still we await the new season the boxed equipment in his garage being sniffed in secret I simply understand.
"Message in a bottle" sure - a sandy bottle you find way up in your ass that's the message.

Pimply Keydon Or What You Then Missed - I Know All Then Key Off:

Poverty: You miss meals.
Never a selling point we ask questions. Other people are well-done, you are rare.
Poor: Only speaks to money - have you heard this before? An about-face with a mask on. Does remember you begging off once considered disgraceful.
Friend: You've been to their home. Asks about you? No - that is "merchant services" or dealmakers acting out on you.
A friend has been to your home private and loves you to it.
Friend Of A Friend: Has no bother with you, "but may I speak of you?" Join alone for one feast for this. Have some - it mattered once.
Bitch: Has to be asked to do.
Wench: Eats while you're speaking to her about him there in her side. Only professes love when loved by someone new or else you.
Broad: Men and as women served it both. A queer.
Mr. Mrs. Miss: Is married, engaged.
Jeers: Just introduced to this, but thanks it off. Not now it said.
Cheers: Always a welcome to thee. Yours and mine also - watch for this if taken out.
Jr: For "juniored languages", will never send for the coach - a dud here, a lesser being always.
No, never as automatic to Sr. or "senore" last seen on top for "severed rate" what you made last as greatest.
However, to call for "Junior" by name is to live well and again - a proper name is then usually given.
Tax: Takes when you eat it some. A bargain for beggars alike and anew, i.e., you pay for yours only as it asks you for nothing as same making and breaking you in.
Mssrs: Most notably and only from "The Wall Street Journal" is for "messengeurs" means "heavy [debt] load" per Latin-French.
Manages large payments to public sector; yours: two (2) masseuses? no that is somehow elegant.
Esq. or Esquire: Will not engage in barter (service to service) - don't even esq or they'll hafta esqort your ass out.
Ltd. or Last Time Dated: Stands for cash available at your bank then - not limited in scope of debt recovery, corporate buyout null. Has money initialed.
No, not as "limited" an English corporation type indicating liabilities or bill repayments "might be limited" - this not a selling point to you, actually. 
Insert: You made me know all that was missing as flair - you guessed it, we almost knew.
Lewd: You think about what I have in purchases and in mind. You want to know if I'll buy something for you too. Note: Lascivious is sexually grounding to me, a hurt, a hanging sausage.
Lurid: Asks people to know their sex tales, but unhurriedly. Shedding a light on hate practices, also and a reject.
Laering: Calls people just to talk it all over and right after fighting them viciously as is in their 'right' to? To be unforgiven for it once to twice. Say "laah-ring" for French.
Ex-spouse: Never to use their name - they bought out, a divorce sees less come. You buy out too - drop it and fast I'll initial.
No kids matter to us - it is money falling into the wrong hands yet as providing to people who don't earn it as yet - "mean" are they.
Single: Never married only, has no friends either. Will consider you a friend of friend 'til then. Makes money, is eligible - answer nothing otherwise.
Unemployed: Is not looking - a day job seen gone to hurts had - no movement. A "job search" made is thus as unemployed but looking fast and to you for it.
Anal Gift (this, yours - mine, yet): Thinks of others too much, has them in the hair. Will kill to die for them - see it. A gift to be taken back soon enough.
Precision Tools: Asks no one to know them, but harms in its way. A vacuum is one near an incinerator. Remains near a vacuum is wrong - we see to it.
Anomaly: Stands out in conversation for being of odd-note or then unwelcome. Speaks to hear itself spoken.
A friend to none, always clarifies their position to avoid hate of it and perhaps threat.
"Let's get it over with" it says and I reply you.
Stranger: Someone you see but don't want to know. Never talk to strangers is my key. A synagogue of them.
Curly-Q: Someone who has hair on their chin. A woman. She likes to fight.
Lovers: Drops the blinds. Is late for dinner. Somebody greater than you knows nothing of it. Is ruinous, heinous if seen coming.
Couple: Risks both. Never asks to marry you. Two togas in a three-legged race. The pause, if at first.
Note: Between us then, as not to tell. Not passed on to be.
Enemy: Tries to kill you. Lives to try again and perhaps yet.
Letter Handler: Does not read addresses, moves and puts mail in a bag only. Can read zip codes plus four only, as trained to see for only.
Mailman: Reads addresses and delivers to same.
Boutique: No advertisements to others - just sells stuff within.
Clerk: Adds, subtracts - no more than that with maths. That is, no divisions as that is analytical. No multiplications afoot either - adding only.
Seeing-Reading Dog: Assists the blind at home only - you help them otherwise. No dogs for this in public awares.
Wheelchair: You can't walk some - we prove it by passing you always and ever. Never at a home - 'carry me' it says.
Stop Sign: No one encouraged to stop ever what it should be not. No stop required, but maybe you see one anyway.
Yield: If someone crossing path, you begin slowly only. No speed limit here. Everyone careful is mine too.
Housefrau: Manages big ideals against having just a home to care for. A dog for living well - will bite too as more than a woman. Is male here.
Generation: Works well with others afoot - does no leaning on. Shows you're there without looking for it to be. A "flapper", a "baby boomer", a "generation x", then a gap, synapses, or none seen yet.
Timebase: A clock that needs no winding. Is in a computer or electric keypunch only. A clock hearsay needs winding and is no authority here.
Grub: Eats at while you're away.
Shutterbug: Eats food like they're taking pictures of it, at the rate of.
Done to be.

Dick the vote! Vote for this here it says. Shimps it wins then. Best beer-rattled jumbo shimps.
Sees how it's made purchases still.
No, there's more to it than just feeling for the nut Peter-Pauls.
Mounds has also dark chocolate you to if then - see that.
"No vote - not enough!" say Genobia to gull-wing foot Sinbad to Tarzan.
Arnold Schwarzenegger twice dead now at four-hundred (400) feet.
Arnold died last three (3) years ago in a fall.
How's that?
We are California - not you.
Thanks to um, what's his name before you? Yeah - that's it too.
I'm the governor in his seat yet.
I can't say it straight out - reasons.

I feel like Will and Grace - loved ya in a gay minute but just as hastily unpaid. See change soup. Dare to dupe.
If I hear that theme-intro music one more time manic piano - sounds like someone playing for a monarch.

Broken links are a parts of life at dougmoon.com  - your life mentions of being sad, unhappy, you are aspect Jewish.
 Just do it to end me.
End this.

"Doug Moon? Um, no good." - Mean gave me this anagram and I thought it brilliant. Thanks, Mean.

"Kammus pau. Radus." Take off your mask. I know you hate me (as wiping away).
Jesus Christ said this to people as He was being crucified.
By the way, you pronounce "radus" like "ray-dus". Long "a" sound. I knew you wouldn't get that.

"I would rather sit and eat my own shit than listen to Jews talk."
A direct quote from Jesus Christ to Theologians (Vatican), 1933.
Jesus dictated dialogues personally to the Vatican before He passed from being.
Jesus spoke these words in broken English and they were recorded for posterity.
Jesus' primary tongue was that of the pharses (the dialect of Egypt) as He knew little English.
Jesus reveled in Egyptian culture, but was not Egyptian Himself.
Jesus lived His life in Tangiers, just south of France.

"Listening to a Jewish person talk is most like eating shit. You don't know when it will end, but you hope it will end soon."
A direct quote from Queen Victoria.

"Murdes Puda." No victory.
Jesus Christ said this to His mother Mary as He was being crucified. She showed up for the occasion in spirit form.

All boring, sure - but well worth the weight we leave it for somebody new.
Again, is that you?
Hi to most people at Allentown High School.
God says I loved you there.
I did.
Who are you?
Faceless to me.
See it there and welcome all host to me for one day - or else you then alone and without me.
Of recent, with thalanx: A sign, wooden matte, built out-front with red blood letters said "We didn't welcome Doug Moon - did you?"
Bitch, I make skin doubles for meeting where you are - one, two, three persons in each at it.
Very real.
Either that, or something dead comes to you along.
Let it be said I know what pleases you best at still.
At night we all see strange.

You'll just love the lush colors of this photo taken from Runyon Canyon Park in the Hollywood Hills.
The Hollywood Sign is at your left and the Griffith Observatory is at the top of the hills on your right me so hungry.
Los Angeles has an almost suburban feel, eschewing the cosmopolitan for a casual comfort.
You better see the big city is right here with us it will kick your very ass.
You can't just come here you know - it's in the head you feel it dials vinyl nets a runny sauce.

Everyone thinks being Doug Moon is all easy takes a cinch will do my own daily poodle only better.
We now have an official word: "crank"
Sure you see how I might know to do this but everyone has a toothless little story waiting to fail my sense of it.
I died trying to vain you my eye around sights nuisant pinched of blood.
Dare to share your own personal junk like I do it so goods you'd rather die than face these my style-truths.
And now a reveal-quote from "The Hite Report On Male Sexuality" yes I read this all early on:
A hetero shares wit and verve on gay subject with "A man's ass isn't a woman's ass."
I'm quite sure we're not that confused by it all yet trust it so you are simply that in repose.

Excerpts From Wayback 2002-2003:

Our First Written To HTML: December 2002
With Thanks Given: January 2003
With Thanks Given But Again: February 2003
With No Thanks Ever: March 2003

Then Mine Is Saved Wholly:
From The Prior Site: April 2003
(stuff is missing - see yours leaving here)
And Now This: September 2003
Click Here, Bitch: October 2003
It Ain't Over Yet, Tiny Wells: November 2003
Oh, A Bit Of French About You: December 2003

2004's Musings:

 Yeah, A Lift Up - A Push Down, Down: January 2004
Some Call It A Guilty Pleasure - You'll Do: February 2004
If You Only Knew Better Than Here: March 2004
It Never Gets Better For You Either: April 2004
When I Say, You Come Or Else: May 2004
Bargain The Bank Beckon Back Home And So If The Loser Moves: June 2004
Hamm's Home Loving The Bacon: July 2004
Capusalt Weather Makes For A Day: August 2004 (but a partial note...troubles, havings not, you then)
Mortie's Way Home - Without Sneakers: September2004
A Fright Worth's Having: October 2004
To Make One's Hand Open Softly: November 2004
Open And Close My Mouth Then Hardly: December 2004

2005's Promise-Vow Takes To It Form:
A whole new year chokes it all right down the dez.
Enter same.

 There Is No Beauty In Struggle - January 2005
No Gift To If At Once Unreceived - February 2005
Your Garbage Gift-Wrapped In The Backseat - March 2005
Take It A Chance And Little To More - April 2005
Things You Wouldn't Get Right If You Had A Gun To Your Head - May 2005
We Eatin' Like Kings - June 2005
Run From The Devil - July 2005
Sure, You Can Afford The Truth But Nobody Pays For That - August 2005
Somebody New For You Too - September 2005
Oh, Sure...But Jumps At The Chance - October 2005
I Wrote The Song That Made The Whole World Sing That One Bit - November 2005
Seein' To It - December 2005

Aimless-Witless Is Ours Cited For 2006
See yours evolve here anyway you do it we speak freely some.
Negotiate yours to me.

Just Separating The Eggs And Their Whites - January 2006
As Might They Be Giants - February 2006
That And What's Having Been Said - March 2006
Retouched By An Angel - April 2006
Just To The Side Of The Litterbox - May 2006
Each Modern To Of Technology Greeted By What Foremosts Of Anti-Thought - June 2006
If Worry Called Danger They Would Speak Of It Often Enough - July 2006
If I Don't Clip Coupons I'm Gonna Hafta Pay For Their Groceries - August 2006
As Fall Begins Thoughts Of Summer Trail Not Far Behind Bog That - September 2006
Reach In I Teach A Symphony - October 2006
Give A Little, Get A Little - November 2006
A New McDonald's Gift Card "But Of Course, McWYSIWYG" Swiping Back To Front Motions "To: From The Hand-Burgler - Eat My: Dilla, T. Wiss" Sends 'Em All A' Buckin' - December 2006

Cornucopia Of It 2007
Another sprinkling of potato water (the source of all land silvers and would-be caffeine - trust that) won't drink down to me.

Fresh As A Daisy - January 2007
Each A Heart To Heart - February 2007
Scent Until Someone Makes A Stronger Spray - March 2007
No Sexual Pleasuring Need Await Our Wide-Eyed World Of Wonder - April 2007
As My Portrait In The Attic Arts Itself For No One Who Knows Of Me - May 2007
And If All The Says In The World Won't Make It True - June 2007
Even If You're Really Nuts For The Asking You Wouldn't Be The One To Say - July 2007
After All, We're Not Here To See What You've Done, A Preview - August 2007
That Bell At The Desk Rings Me Right In A Majest - September 2007
Somehow Coming In! The Ripped Up, Will-Be Risings Of Octobermuspt 2007 - Hours Orange Potbell (See Me, Be Me...Franchise Netboll)
A Box Of Tissues By The Sink Perfects Us This November 2007
First, There Was 'Hotsan' And 'Mannor', 'Tarktan' And 'Pitsum', 'Chotlam' And 'Fructbaern', 'Gondalat' And 'Frittpen' Each Sawed-Up Moose On Crack Corn To Be Harshly Rejected Like Sporties This December 2007 

With Another Pickle Up In The Barrel We Start Shooting At The Slim Pickins Of Our Own Harkens Back 2008
(Pursue: An obvious holy year - sure - with the '8' and all 'Year Of The Retarded Negro Child' each gassed to death at Neverland our little ranch hand reaching into all that barking and high-minded light)
"Not To Be Here, You Bitch" or "Cold Came The Cart"

Nothing You'd Ever Want Even Sooner Than You'd Think To Move Away From It - January 2008
A Life Like Light, You, Petering Out At The End - February 2008
You Don't Lose Nuthin' Until You Buy Neither - March 2008
  Priests Used To Go Ass-Blind Seeing Heaven Then They Got A Crack To The Skull, Oleg Cassini And C-Hart's Own Skin Type - April 2008
If This One Doesn't Do The Trick, Another One Does - May 2008
And Finally See That Multi-Congregational House Flopped - June 2008
Where Spying On As From Behind A False Wall Leaves You Absolutely Speechless - July 2008
Decrease Your Awarenesses This - August 2008
By And By Another Best Buy - September 2008
One To Forget This - October 2008
Entre Nous - November 2008  Part II The Flim Flam Shim Sham  Part III If A Match Made In Heaven
That Little Gift You'll Give - December 2008
Next Month: Your Sex Of Complications Are Not My Fascinations I & II "The Bogus Wife Jailor" + "Her Handsome Britt Fallacious"
"Yes, Snow Peas Are Real, Latex Vagina"

Certify Me Gold Some Silver 2009

The Big Bad Virginia Ham And Its Histimines To Me - January 2009
Your Key To Any Psychic Awareness And So And Such - February 2009
As Clean As Clean May Be - March 2009
As Long As You Barrow - April 2009
Where Thinking It Over Is Past Say - May 2009
Sweet And A Bit Tart Too Like Grandpa Used To Make - June 2009
You Tried Everything - Mints Jellies Waxes Lotions Creams And Even A Salve For Bursitis Impetigo Eczema Psoriasis And The Occasional Flaky Scalp, Pits - July 2009
Nothing Warms A Room Like Black Candles At Midnight - August 2009
If Made For A Woman, So Tonight That I Might See - September 2009
You Can't Believe It's Not Butter But I Margarine The Ends Of The Loaf Too Seem Inside - October 2009
To Be So Rare And So Rarer Yet - November 2009
Still Putting Away Last Year's Stuff - December 2009

Put It On Paper 2010

Even If You've Never Needed A Hug - January 2010
Burnt Ends Aft The Offerings Of St. Itaintso-Gypsum - February 2010
Where Seeing Is Touch Once Removed If No Smell - March 2010
You Can Fly A Bi-Plane To The Moon - April 2010
Even If No One Asks - May 2010
Even Better Than The Fake Ones You Thought You Bought Off Your Wife - June 2010
This Isn't 'The Inspiration For Doing' Part, It's 'The Reason For Doing' - July 2010
Faster Than The Speak Of Thank - August 2010
Never Pretreat A Shit Stain On A Wedding Dress Or "Spots May Zit" - September 2010
Heeds You Not - October 2010
The Annulments Of History - November 2010
You'd Work In Three McDonald's Before Going Back Home - December 2010

Even At One-Twelfth Prime As Per Annum To Be Compounded Daily You Have Negligible Interest In Calendar Year 2011 It's ARP And To Also Make The Most Of It

It's Your Right To Know About Our Services See It Come - January 2011
Every Now And Again Or From Time To Time - February 2011
Like A Broken Record I Still Need To Decide Whether You're Worthy Of CD - March 2011
Fingers Find The Ivory Keys - April 2011
Just Short Of A Phone Call - May 2011
She Took The Cup And The Grave Ris'd - June 2011
The Man Without A Grampy - July 2011
The Second Part - You End On Reel One - July 2011 Part 2
If Clothes Make The Man - August 2011
Second Best - August 2011
Soul Food Dinner And A Home Movie - September 2011
Extra Stuff And Photos From September 2011
Ain't It A Bitch! - October 2011
The Sans Of Time - November 2011
The Anals Of History - December 2011

Roosevelt Never Ate Wieners and Franks - Just Franks - And Now Then 2012

All That Comes Done - January 2012
You Say You Do But You Don't - February 2012
Whenever You're Outta Town - March 2012
Eats At A Pleasure In And Of Itself - April 2012
And If So Counters A Prostitute - May 2012
If The Pipe Fits - June 2012
Your One Letter Ever To 'Genius' Hayley Mills Unanswered - July 2012
Long Nails and A Suntan Mean You're Still Naked Scrubbing Down Floors In A Hot House - August 2012
Still, Theirs Was A Time To Vote - September 2012
However Scandalous, You Don't Get That Stuff Here - October 2012
And As There's Nothing More You'll Know - November 2012
Simple Points To Be Made And Just Last Year - December 2012

Even If You're Not That Lucky You Just Got Comp'd To Land On 2013

Why You Won't Just Leave It Off - January 2013
Oh, Officer I Just Livened My Pubes - February 2013
Hey, This Isn't You - March 2013
Takes The Time - April 2013
Asks If It's Okay, Does It Anyway - May 2013
Grooming Tips For A Divorcee Band - June 2013
Although Some Would Say You Never Had The Gift - July 2013
Some Say You Never Had The Shine, Neither - August 2013
Just A Little Bit Of That - September 2013
Who Killed Who Among Those Who Couldn't've Lived Better After The Fact - October 2013
Time And Tried - November 2013
Why It's Gonna Take A Whole Lot More Than That - December 2013
Though we tossed right off your unseeming gifts of 'real' banana gum and native guar, this one stays to lament itself throughout the dark months of January, February, and March or QEII. I eat none - then I just shit one right out. It's the thought of bathing that tends to stink...sourgum. Merci, le pons.

Never One To Miss Or Even Think Of You Fondly, Is It Parchance 2014? By And By Or Yet Again You

Despite A Proper Burial At Sea With Chopsticks Shoved Down Your Throat, You Couldn't've Dined On Others More - April 2014
That May Be So What's Having Been Said Sure You Still Insist And As I Mistook My Own Meaning Vive Le France Vis A Vis - May 2014
No One Remembers The Same Two Things Like We Had So Much In Common Anyway - June 2014
A Recent Study Concludes Foam Mattresses Don't Curve The Spine Neither Does The Wrong Bra If Your Toilet Is Low - July 2014
I'd Be A Squirrel In A Snowy Tree If I Didn't Like Nuts - August 2014
That's Exactly What I Told You Not To Think - September 2014
This Isn't What I Had In Mind At All - October 2014
Where 'Great Scot!' And 'Good Lord' Meet To Play Dress Up Or 'Good Grief!' - November 2014
If All You Got Was A Toothbrush Take The Tip - December 2014

presenting: tuff enuff, all the right moves~ to hell with them then

...nothing for 2015 yet, so be it the fool

Why The Indiscreet Pay People To See The Future: "Being Right Still Ain't Cheap, Nothing New NASMs-DECS Predicted In Stores By 2015"

January 2015 - You Should Sleep Some (Take A Picture Of It While Driving Right Off)
February 2015 - The Nearly 99.9% Spermless World Of Little Miss Hand Sanitizer Protects Against Someone New
March 2015 - Up To A Full Fifteen Years Of Cracking Asses Sees No Brains O'er The Bone
April 2015 - A Broom Down In Whomville  April 2015 Part Duh - Jill Who Came Tumblin' Over The Border
May 2015 - Think O' De Mayo Especially If You're Fresh Out
June 2015 - National Married-Type Month Doesn't See Me, So Too Quip
July 2015 - Things The Small Print Won't Tell You
August 2015 - Things You Wouldn't Miss Ever If You Only Knew They Were Gone
September 2015 - Still Can't Tell Your Ass From A Hole In The Ground
October 2015 - All Washed Up And With No Clean Underwear To Boot
November 2015 - Thee Should Know Thyself Better Than Thou Saint - Hath She No Burden If Will, And To Be Bribe?
December 2015 - Two Pounds Of Disease December 2015 II - Meets Half The Cure

2016 And So What?

January 2016 - What? Were Here
February 2016 - You Would Do Better If You Had To
March 2016 - The Battery-Operated Don Knotts Air Freshener In Scared-Out Orange Startles Guests Before They're Mist
April May 2016 - Two Jailbirds In A Bush Until You Know Which Feathers A Nest Buck-Naked With Fatty Skin And Drawn Government Butter
June 2016 - That Ain't Your Biological Pilot Light-Clock Clicking Around For Gas
July 2016 - You'll Get This White Roll-On Stuff Back When Weather Persists
August 2016 - But Before You'd Add It All Up, Never During
September 2016 - Auditions The Part You Yourself Won't Play
October 2016 - As If By Some Accident
November 2016 - Three Rights Don't Make A Wrong Unless It's One-Way
December 2016 - You Be You, I'll Be Me At Home Right After Drinks

All You Got Is Time And You Couldn't Pay Any Less Fall Be Gone 2017

January 2017 - Gets Your Dander Up
February 2017 - Makes It All Go Away
March 2017 - Brings It Right Back In
April 2017 - Leaves Just As Soon As You Get Here
May 2017 - Something Too Old To Mention
June 2017 - Empty Nest Syndrome Feeding On Itself
July 2017 - Rate Your Experiences Before It's Too Great
August 2017 - Invoices Stacked Less What's On The Shelf As It Remains Unpaid
September 2017 - It's Your Birthday Oh So What?
October 2017 - Says He's The Fly In The Ointment Once Unmasked
November 2017 - What Anyone Would Do Without Me And You
December 2017 - Make Every Day Exactly The Same

Wrath Will See Us Together Picking Cotton 2018

January 2018 - Something That Stinks Far Later Than You Fortune
April 2018 Onward - You To See No New Beginnings
May 2018 - My Love Paramour Oft Mentioned But Never Seen
June 2018 - Just One Dowell Left To Get Back In The Bathroom
July 2018 - The Things You Don't Know Won't Hurt You Too
August 2018 - National 'Just Pick It Right Up' Month
September 2018 - Nearly Seventeen And Three-Quarter Full Years Into The Millennium
October 2018 - Hardly Seen To Be In Last Year's Mask
November 2018 - This Is The New Girl The Old One Just Left
December 2018 - Someone Said It Was Okay But Never Encouraged You
Use January through March as we were still waiting to see serious change, fool - you don't pay me to laugh.

No One Media-Savvy Needs To Know Anything More In 2019

January 2019 - The Things I'm Thankful For Less Anything I Did For Myself Fearing Trust Issues
February 2019 - Now That You've Resolved Your Laundry List of New Years Resolutions, Congratulations
March 2019 - There's Nothing Here, Really, Your Link To The Future
April 2019 - Closest To Heaven But Thankfully Late Are Your Bags At Long Last
May 2019 - As If To Scotchguard After The Stain
June 2019 - All That You Learned Still True In The Classroom
July 2019 - If You've Never Been To 'Me' And Again As We Said Be 'You'
August 2019 - Like We've Both Been Here Waiting To Be Noticed
September 2019 - Just To See If It Still Works
October 2019 - Couldn't Halt The Aging Process Says Neither
November 2019 - Where One Keeps Errors In Thinking Spelling Elsewhere
December 2019 - Simply The Last Of It Uninspired A Traipse

See There' s Nothing You Haven't Touched A Wisdom Then - May I See 2020?

January 2020 - I Learned Not To Fear The Present As Perhaps Something I Do While I Wait To Know With
February 2020 - Won't You Be My Neighbor...No?
March 2020 - A Very Special Time Of Year For Wet And Damp
April 2020 - No One Dreams This Big Not Even You
May 2020 - You Had To Go Next Door Just To Borrow A Potato
June 2020 - Dreams Do Come True
July 2020 - I Know I Gave Up Something But You Hadda Help
August 2020 - This Is Somehow Better Than Awaiting For Something From You
September 2020 Through November 2020 Lends New Meaning To Paying For It And Something For You
December 2020 Bitches Took Everything You Must be Proud - Every Speck!

No Bald-Faced Lie, You Are Both Bold (Nothing Stops You) Plus Brazen (No One Stops You) - Be-Enter 2021 !

January 2021 In An Ongoing Sense Yet
May 2021 Has Gotta Skip To The Loo, My Darlin'
June 2021 Not So Quick On The Take
July 2021 Thru December 2021 Only Two More Shopping Days Until You Can Choose Something For Yourself Again
- will too go blind choosing something nicer -

root beer, cherry, grape, cola, orange - we all out
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remembers when and again: no man's around you to try your hand at not having a prayer, sobbs 'so what - ' a hobart peeling too many potatoes to no firm complaint by water, drain...your bonnie lies o'er the ocean too
'will i be next?' sigue sigue sputnik ' if you art the sun in heaven | i am the fool - play me'
i'm the 'oogie, boogie man' i can't believe you'd want me to come...

Faith, Hope, Charity, and their fuckin' doofus "Why, you-" and, no, I'm always only Moe however I may be Larry if my mother's around pulling hair ~ both, all, none then, never to me, I said 'never'. If integers say how much you'll hafta make up crawling back to sense and prediliction (a dally of sorts among prediction)...who will not know?

--- should no intimacy abound, becons the plebe ---
like mucous to my rears me loinboffits (um, your butt...'never mine: the buttocks' 'god's slain' - the queen, of las vegas)


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What do you mean "How old is the world?" when it's all purchased in dollars my Roman fool.
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It's gets there we never do fifty-percent of nothing holds your hand.
Whatever then someone greasy is just going to shitlift your tom-fooleries but not ultimately.
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Note to nothing: Not just "mirror sense" I call it "sample inverse" for one so perceptive simply sensing it all.
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 I laugh hysterically every time I do something to be humorous to you I am beyond gifted as you and others may be.
I mean, people wrestle the self over how it will all be received by you I couldn't care of you any less.
I laughed - that's important to note while I consider how an item presented holds up for my particular brand of stature.
Oh, okay - all you can lock down in memory and understand some if known to apply much procedurally and with structure.
I do you down with techniques of learn every day.
Master me be with to declare a better of it to sounds off and around more lies I twine you.

"Heed no help to the less of it." - Doug Moon

"Hate has YOUR home." - Doug Moon

"If you're not protectin' 'em, you're out there hurtin' 'em." - Doug Moon

"You can't miss what you don't know about." - Doug Moon

"Poor is an education." - Doug Moon

"When people pay, it's gladdest. You agree we have a value together then. If only then, what counts in me." - Doug Moon

"Your day against people? I work against you ever. You can have some, but your rejoices are clearly creepy you're all happy when someone dies. That's just as sad, you know." - Doug Moon

"Do you know how many scads of people were happy the place finally kicked their ass and but good? Sure, and now at rest and then necessarily at peace with it all." - Doug Moon

"No, and simply stated, sex ends the whole of it said then back to it all else with a bamnf. Less any refractory periods, of course." - Doug Moon

"Hates the criminal, and the crime. Has the principal, and the time." - Doug Moon

"If ever I thought I was missing something, I would've had it the day before." - Doug Moon

"Neither hear nor there." - Doug Moon

"Please - I don't wake up in the morning and wonder u. What it's like to be you? How hard is it, maybe." - Doug Moon

"The first mistake is making yourself someone special." - Doug Moon

"If you couldn't fix it, it wouldn't get broke." - Doug Moon

"If a legal marriage is a legal divorce, I'll be waiting to get married in the street all potpourri. I might get a handsome father-in-law and a gunshot of some other brothers for that life's so unfair." -  Doug Moon

"You don't marry another man - you get that on paper on day one too so happy to me. An old man? You don't come here." - Doug Moon

"Marriage is about money and I spent everything I swear." - Doug Moon

"Two men getting married is like two cats on a clothes line - the sheets so fresh." -  Doug Moon

"Like two weights dropping in on a wheel...you just can't stop." -  Doug Moon

"Every time I see two gay men fighting, I think 'God again' portraying me. Like the most vicious game of 'mamby-pamby' no one gets to hurt." - Doug Moon

"For every queen to a king behind who will be with it." - Doug Moon

"We are customers first." - Doug Moon

"People just want to be you, but it takes alot more than the things you think you're missing. You probably had something and to be said of it though I'd surely have it and none." - Doug Moon

"But fifteen minutes to catch up with the past." - Doug Moon

"Generally, I need you to make up with me in five minutes' time - you better believe in that." - Doug Moon

"Don't start trouble looking to take it all back in one visit. I review carefully against a criminal type taking a stab for free or coming back in later for refills." - Doug Moon 

"Good credit gets you there - only you know how it all went." - Doug Moon

"Nuthin' better than fuckin' yet...yet you may still see this and if to be true." - Doug Moon

"I'm not even in my seat for five minutes and I can't wait to tell you how great it all is." - Doug Moon

"There's no guarantee with second-hand smoke - you gotta drape it some. Some of them old persian rugs ain't been to a stink in Carmel with this wash in years, but never a burn will so and if to seem." -  Doug Moon

"I tell men 'Why don't you try sucking the dick first?' Couldn't be any worse - like we just had her over to do this then down in splits comes done the middle." - Doug Moon

"You can fuck things up forever and then one thing done right sets to the light. One tiny mistake after many some greats sees no taut to a tight. Knows just how, even tries to if so little the need." - Doug Moon

"It takes love to make hate as further in strong feelings - I was sure of it. Where's the love?" - Doug Moon

"Seems an income rises to meet your expenses if no immediate harm in trying." - Doug Moon

"If you don't spend your money, we will. Lives better than you ever did." - Doug Moon

"You can shove your money up your ass." - Doug Moon

"I don't update my past, so keep your loveletters and notes. I tell 'em if you go back, it'll only be the same." - Doug Moon

"Just because someone didn't do for you doesn't necessarily mean you don't do for them - does it? You're always free to do better. That's how standards are raised some." - Doug Moon

"I stop being 'no one special' to another person just as soon as that note is sent. Anyone can receive further of that - you don't need me." -  Doug Moon

"'Am I ever going to be right?' That's entirely up to you. How soon can you get started? Why?" - Doug Moon

"This place is made by a robber baron. Better not take anything else." - Doug Moon

"Oh, sure - all of time, then you. But me. Technologies is risin'." - Doug Moon

"The speaker implies, the listener infers." - Doug Moon

"Nobody dies more, nobody lives longer." - Doug Moon

"With God goes poverty." - Doug Moon

"I am the crime. I just annexed that one for myself, too." - Doug Moon

"To each their own - and then some." - Doug Moon

"You laugh 'cause someone got hurt, only. Any irony suggests the least expected outcome and someone got hurt. Remember when touched a hot iron, sure - now admit that's damned funny." - Doug Moon

"Remember when 'rape' meant you ripped off someone's clothes forcibly and in public and fucking them was a ridicule?" - Doug Moon

"Trust you? Most times you can't even trust yourself to do the right thing for you." - Doug Moon

"He who has money, pays - if only so that others may attend." - Doug Moon

"Opinion is far harder on you than fact when trying to know yours. You can argue the facts. So stick to your guns - my bullets are up in your barrel already." - Doug Moon

"Someone made to be known as less? We use words like 'other'..." - Doug Moon

"Nobody cared until the time came to change mind." - Doug Moon

"I don't always need to trump people - I just don't want to fall behind." - Doug Moon

"A loser never recognizes the win even or. Writes in passive voice 'then I'll'." - Doug Moon

"If gray is the first disrespect, old is an admission of to guilt. You'll pay." - Doug Moon

"No matter what, you." - Doug Moon

"Never - no matter what you." - Doug Moon

"I'm more God than you." -  Doug Moon

"'Let it be'? Let it live." - Doug Moon

"'I remeat: Try sucking the dick first - it couldn't manage to hurt any more if she already knows and despite her net of understandings you did it quick, anyway. I sucked on both of her tits - ok - now you know." - Doug Moon

"If I could you." - Doug Moon

"I hate prose but you'll like it enough until to be is at once corrected by someone, I mean." - Doug Moon

"My favorite at any given time is the one who shows up after me." - Doug Moon

"Every day a Jew leaves their home looking to do good in the world and they meet me." - Doug Moon

"An enemy declares itself." - Doug Moon

"I can't stand holding a phone receiver listening to me think while waiting for the next gap in conversation. God forbid we'll both speak at the same time and to note of that additional overlay." - Doug Moon

"Don't be a person who goes out of their way to kill things. To this day, I swear I couldn't make another you again, either." - Doug Moon

"The first thing you get rid of, the first thing you bring back." - Doug Moon

"You come back in three days because no one cared - might as well get up." - Doug Moon

"I don't think about people in terms of potential harms. I think about me and what I was left with. What I was left to know about. I think about you sometimes." - Doug Moon

"If I don't know it, why would you? Because you're a freak? No one gets to know that." - Doug Moon

"Straight people cross over a line to love one another. Making a person is naturally a crime - an affluence then. You made a suffering to me." - Doug Moon

"Please don't make me listen to you think." - Doug Moon

"Nothing more attractive than need." - Doug Moon

"What you see when you look up - you know, at first glance." - Doug Moon

"One fine day, you'll have to ask people who they are." - Doug Moon

"Ours is a journey." - Doug Moon

"Did ya do it?" -  Doug Moon

"Knowing comes first." - Doug Moon

"Heed no easy ins and outs for getting to know people and well. People hate that stuff for them. Keep that is sacred no vulture eats to be well." - Doug Moon

"I don't 'eat too fast', I eat at my own pace." - Doug Moon

"I teach my kids not to be special to others but a resource as per and per per. Spockingly, I have none to speak with." - Doug Moon

"A stature is until sufficiently challenged, a consumer of is everlasting." - Doug Moon

"Where? No one knows your name." - Doug Moon

"Beauty is truest wealth." - Doug Moon

"At the very least, Christ represents greatest wealth for being as known and as for so long his mother." - Doug Moon

"Smart people know no one goes down for real as ever having been." - Doug Moon

"You? Better to save yourself." - Doug Moon

"That stuff's not real...is that right?" -  Doug Moon

"If you only had the parts they was missin', you could walk alone." - Doug Moon

"A vote only serves to take things away from people. The electoral college may confer upon thee only a gift of half-giving. You said you were interested - we didn't."  - Doug Moon

"A democrat is a rich person who feels for people as having done for them. A republican seeks their post in life, only." - Doug Moon

"The lion's share is mine, in my mouth. You try and take, but from this." - Doug Moon

"For the meek may inherit the earth, but after the bold are done with it there ain't gonna be much left." - Doug Moon

"Living within my means is about what I can produce before thee - not what I can pay for. See yours living well then and with me no matter what." - Doug Moon

"A gay man takes his face outta someone's ass to say a woman's vagina stinks. If it's simply cleaner." - Doug Moon

"Religion handles all the tough stuff, but dying is serious shit. You're better off taking it up the ass then being pleasantly surprised if it's something that's actually somewhat or nearly true God I hope so not ever." - Doug Moon

"This the most golden moment of all time. To know. To trust that." - Doug Moon

"You hafta take a chance to win, but not really. You could chance not winning too. The surest bet is slow and steady at gains being made and for sure." - Doug Moon 

"Every boat is but a balloon on the water harder if sawed in-half. Better to know the bottom of it if at first than to have it roll over to say. Use pumps in, if necessary, and into a dip down." - Doug Moon

"All of the past gathered up right here with the future as spanning it. We exist in the sewer of the death star - pumping it all around ourselves in a flying bomb." - Doug Moon

"So you moved the world over just a bit - that one flat side. Just a bit bigger than the original, huh." - Doug Moon

"As long as I have to ask, I fear I'll never know." - Doug Moon

"Gay does not pay." - Doug Moon

"Please don't ask me to be loyal to you as mostly disguised as simply asking for too much. Again - be sensible, be understandable. And after all, it's not like I didn't turn you right over, too. Have your reasons." - Doug Moon

"When I cite 'first offense' against your version of the 'truth', someone else says 'you was warned not to tell the truth' and you'll get that from the judge. Only a fool talks to the judge - you'll see that at left." - Doug Moon

"A judge reads the rules fast like an official at the Oscars - you didn't need to know anything, really, but some of that stuff sure is scary. I tell the truth 'til it hurts if perhaps off-camera never once aired." - Doug Moon

"I'd tell the truth anyway no matter how unwelcome once thinking for a moment about how why - not like I'm gonna get to decide anything else with your money." - Doug Moon    

"No, I've never exchanged underwear with anyone - not by some sort of agreement, anyway. You'd really hafta be 'clean' for that or as very not perhaps since having heard of as idea. A flattering me." - Doug Moon

"Heat colors cold down like dark colors down light. It colors a room no matter how it's bright." - Doug Moon

"There's no waste in the world, only wantings of it." - Doug Moon

"Follow a recipe or measure exactly unless you're willing to also say why someone else should've bothered." - Doug Moon

"What's important to you ate nothing." - Doug Moon

"You pay first before giving your opinion." - Doug Moon

"Special groups means special protections." - Doug Moon

"Successfully at, I replace engine parts as soon as they become dirty - hoses, filters, plugs." - Doug Moon

"Evil recognizes my supremacy by never asking me what to do. In return, I don't speak of its doing." - Doug Moon

"Negative people may be smarter, but at sure they are more sensitive. Sentient beings, we'd say." - Doug Moon

"No, not as long as I have to ask you to know for sure." - Doug Moon

"Nothing is nicer than professional service - do nothing yourself unless ordered by you." - Doug Moon

"'Professional' means you get paid to do it? No one improves your work." - Doug Moon

"Darth Vader was God learning from mind over as the evil emperor hologram. In the meantime, he needed to keep his corpse on some type of life support. A slow learner had him shot." - Doug Moon

"I had to betray Jesus Christ our savior to further announce myself God - no one real does this. For you, it was probably no sacrifice at all. I was afraid of that." - Doug Moon

"No, coming from 'relative obscurity' and all means I didn't know myself. And of course, and to compound my feelings, you couldn't possibly know that." - Doug Moon

"When people tell me I have bad breath, I tell 'em they have a mole on the back of their neck, in the crease behind their ear. Less then care." - Doug Moon

"I don't know about you, but I only remember two people having breath so bad I'd know it to first. Both hags with cigarettes and on drugs. Kinda close to me, but at pole strength." - Doug Moon

"While growing up, I, of esteem, always paired with those doing as they're told and just by the book. Is anybody else out there? No, you don't hear your mother calling you - not yet, anyway." - Doug Moon

"We all seem to wear about four different masks for each we meet. I hate that one from a smallish mind that makes me 'big dumb'. I prefer 'use kid gloves, handle as problem' once sighted." - Doug Moon

"Oh, lighten up - someone hates you." - Doug Moon

"Every pleasure tainted." - Doug Moon

"When the front door and the back door open at the same time, they are as one. Everybody wants a good thing." - Doug Moon

"When mouth-to-mouth is at fail me of sores, a teaspoon of cinnamon is only seconds at tongues to me a salt." - Doug Moon

"My resume was not made to be read to alone - you gotta ask some things. A report answers all questions, if at first." - Doug Moon

"A racist keeps bringing it up." - Doug Moon

"One door opens as another one closes right up." - Doug Moon

"I'll do you up with that second plate of food at dinner...all but back to me you sit. Never welcome." - Doug Moon

"A woman dies by agreement." - Doug Moon

"In Hollywood, people will work for free to be with stars and all. Unfortunately, I don't live on glamour." - Doug Moon

"Nobody's indispensable. People hate me and just for that I lie." - Doug Moon

"I help myself to most of it by helping others." - Doug Moon

"I don't live in that world." - Doug Moon

"Butter is health itself." - Doug Moon

"Sugar is healing, and a very having in itself." - Doug Moon

"I don't believe in people. I like the idea of them, though." - Doug Moon

"What's one man's death?" - Doug Moon

"At least." - Doug Moon

"Living is learning." - Doug Moon

"Pray see." - Doug Moon

"Better on credit than to save...and pay your fees. Fee for fee. It's only proper a paper mind, and by the way, I don't work for you - and incidentally." - Doug Moon

"Lay-away was the finest suede leather jacket with hood I ever got." - Doug Moon

"Dying is the only thing I've ever found that matters - even with bad credit and a bankruptcy on the books." - Doug Moon

"Nuthin' was ever as bad as I expected. It was the unexpected that got me real bads - and every time it happens. Just for driving down a new street." - Doug Moon

"I stopped my own heart for but a second using biofeedback and of course it works, but sharp pain has been thinking about and working on you too if for a longer period of time it seemed." -  Doug Moon

"No matter how bad that knife in the back, bullet in the head, you just won't die and someone from work is calling you to come in. You can't count on nuthin' being right and what to do?" - Doug Moon

"A real injury or illness? What a relief! You just don't know good you got it 'til then." - Doug Moon

"There ain't no white stripes on a flag - they don't mean anything." - Doug Moon

"Cost is what you exchanged in dollars for its sum total - the price to you. Value is what it is seen to be across the board and as described in sum. One is the other not, and at sum." - Doug Moon

"Although entitled to my every mistake, I'm only interested in error. That what must be corrected." - Doug Moon

"You paid rent due on by the third - there's your interest earned on security made to a deposit. You always have my rent in by at least a first month, then." - Doug Moon

"I never struggle to understand anyone, although an effort is made. Please, speaking off on topic is the first disrespect though I hear. It is a favor to be heard once and understood then." - Doug Moon

"Mine is what I can keep from you. To have at once received and then to be as held from is also key. A checkbook in my name says this is the decision to issue a pay and is no accrue." - Doug Moon

"Your mere pittance in product per plastic was never worth much in value and in having. You need people to owe you money and that is it. That's real value - the myriad of a choice made still." - Doug Moon

"Money is simple for people's time and effort made. Sure - and in symbol, doing things they don't want to do or for you." - Doug Moon

"A favorite 'third gender' of mine is he-she-it. A gender asks you not to ask for, then thanks you for being with it." - Doug Moon

"A 'metaphor' simply states as is that, while a 'simile' is but somewhat like it. A 'hyberbole' is obviously exaggerating and as I myself 'personify' inanimate objects without a human quality." - Doug Moon  

"I missed both grandmother's funerals living in California, but saw their husbands down and earlier. I take care of people when they are alive - you should too. Don't look to make it up here." - Doug Moon

"Yeah, I've seen Newton's laws on gravity, but it ain't about falling - you lifted something out of its place in nature and it couldn't stay, that's all. Original placement is key, not your acts of." - Doug Moon

"All you see of the sun are the lines from aimed at you. Raisins on a grapefruit prove it so small that round of it at." - Doug Moon

"People go out into public to get away from your sex. A "g" rating is suggested for general appeal across the board, for not having to know of you this way. Ruin it all in your home only." - Doug Moon

"In public, you don't hafta go inside to know." - Doug Moon

"Hell? No - I'd hafta to ask first 'is it true?' In Hell, just as soon as a window opens you're outta there. In Hell, people wanna know you too." - Doug Moon  

"No matter how a person, we all see the same sun." - Doug Moon

"Up one hole, down another." - Doug Moon

"Where does my dollar go? To entertainment, amusements. People always seem to have money for that kind of thing said." - Doug Moon

"Keep it small in charge. That's where the profit are - in no decison to be made, and 'how much do you need of it anyway?' is the question." - Doug Moon

"I always feel bad right after I buy - and sometimes, just to get it over with." - Doug Moon

"Labians? Les biens - 'less he comes over, 'less he finds out, 'less he shows up." - Doug Moon

"Don't make me stupid with you." - Doug Moon

"Nothing's more deceptive than daylight." - Doug Moon

"Nobody wants your truth." - Doug Moon

"There are many so-called 'facets' to me, my gay." - Doug Moon

"If you can think of it, somebody's doin' it." - Doug Moon

"No matter what you are, somebody's gonna love it." - Doug Moon

"Every quote of mine but from another person starts with a lilting 'oh' - a ridicule - like you just thought of it. Oh, sure - wear something casual standing by the water cooler at work." - Doug Moon

"I love people - like those in New Jersey - who think they can always be who you are if they only take the time. That's what I call a 'hood' - and I never reward that." - Doug Moon

"'How'd ya do that?' is more like it, the real thing to me." - Doug Moon

"The equation 'y' equals 'x' squared or every number the known product of a single number times itself is flatly false with no square root of to the number of two or nine. Proven once here." - Doug Moon

"Or then 'y' over 'x' equals 'x' is also to then disproven it - sure." - Doug Moon

"Must be one of God's children - always requiring just a bit more understanding than anyone is willing to provide." - Doug Moon

"When somebody gets hurt or bothers me, I ask them 'um, pardon me - what was the stationary or unerring object again, what moved?' then I know with them." - Doug Moon

"Damn, if just as soon as you think of it someone isn't already out there doin' it." - Doug Moon

"No, I cured all the conditions I read about in my mother's nursing books and just by suggestion. And in-fact, you can't know too much." - Doug Moon

"From what I heard, it's better to live in my world." - Doug Moon

"Breath so bad I had to be you." - Doug Moon

"Every time I get hurt, I can't but wonder how it helps me. Even when I get mad, I feel some little benefit somehow, then I'm ashame." - Doug Moon

"Of course people in the afterlife love sailing through my clothes like electric shears, but I swear if they sew me up one more pair of Calvin's I'll hafta pay them something." - Doug Moon

"Making music is the closest anyone can come to being supernatural." - Doug Moon

"To take away the decision to buy." - Doug Moon

"If you understand what's being said, that's good enough for me." - Doug Moon

"Don't go riding it around town." - Doug Moon

"I don't lay around in my bed wondering how I look to someone else like I don't practice my laugh or eating with my mouth closed both nostrils burning it out. Someone hardly is charmed." - Doug Moon

"Never let people see you behind the scenes too much - keep yours. It hurts you any way you slice it."  - Doug Moon

"Oh, your latest mandate for change and just between us, it'll be two weeks tops then back to usual, same." - Doug Moon

"To the dead trying to get through it a veritable pinch-funnel, nothing worse than having to argue with the living with once and if found." - Doug Moon

"I hate girls for refusing to live in the world I live in. You aren't entitled to anything - you've gotta charm folks like I did." - Doug Moon

"If you're gonna accuse me of it, I might as well be that - havin' already been given full-credit and all. Feels so right." - Doug Moon

"Rather than accuse you of it, I pretend you're not that at all and thus you're no bother. Wait to see. Who wanted more knowing of it anyway?" - Doug Moon

"I like people who never understand why you'd say that, why you'd talk about another person in lowest terms. That is a winner and they are real too. Wait to be asked if on the sly." - Doug Moon

"Some book my father had about developing 'a winning personality' for sales-type people said "never tell people they are wrong", so I ask 'em to this day - just to be sure of it." - Doug Moon

"I know it was bad and all - but you're talking to me. How bad could it've been?" - Doug Moon

"I lived it too - wanna trade blanks to the head? I believe that you really want me when." - Doug Moon

"Don't be so contrarian, or I'll hafta joy for the both of us." - Doug Moon

"Yeah, you're an anarchist up until the time it comes to cash your check. Then, you want a sitting government in place. At the bank." - Doug Moon

"Nothing grows on horseshit." - Doug Moon

"Don't be stupid - it was the gun. A satisfied mind gets all that it came for too." - Doug Moon

"A bullshit makes you think you have when you don't. Best kept outta the sun is riches fresh lain. Up the pipe it is unless made to a dirt it said by first." - Doug Moon

"Please don't spend my time." - Doug Moon

"The idea is one thing, the execution is what fails me as quite another." - Doug Moon

"I've seen people's resumes - looks like I wrote 'em to hire 'em myself." - Doug Moon

"You decide what your transgressions are." - Doug Moon

"Like others, I don't fail because someone said I couldn't - I wait for me to say it and right back to me. No one said you could, either." - Doug Moon

"Don't die for me. So live, it's better for you." - Doug Moon

"The most you can ask of anyone is that they take care of theirself." - Doug Moon

"Suicide is a nobility - no matter what, I'm impressed. Others too - and how dare you." - Doug Moon

"I mean 'murders too'?" - Doug Moon

"War is your price named. You wouldn't accept any less." - Doug Moon

"Do me no special favors though - I deserve to be wanted." - Doug Moon

"Faggots are always the same: 'oh, it was nothing to you, but it was everything to me.' People don't raise children for the likes of you - they're trying to weed this as a single priority out." - Doug Moon

"I'm very protective of people who aren't gay before being possessed by at demon spirits, but only to hear later you sank to depths lower than me defending it off." - Doug Moon

"Adds 'pleases it as this' - it was good enough for me. Maybe you are just a bit better about things, though." - Doug Moon 

"Do people die? People do." - Doug Moon

"That couldn't happen if you wanted it to." - Doug Moon

"I'm the guy lying in bed naked hugging you for three days while you die slowly of a head wound I inflicted on myself, it seems." - Doug Moon

"I don't need to talk to people about what I do, I just need the time to do it." - Doug Moon

"I wake up every day and decide to be here with you." - Doug Moon

"I think people are a fucking miracle - every time they turn up ready to do all fresh-faced and without a need." - Doug Moon

"Working in a hospital helped me and others get over the fear of one almost handed you, and the fear of surgery itself - easy." - Doug Moon

"Up until you hear it in-person, you're free to decide we didn't speak of it at all - but don't be a fool about it. Few people would bother to take credit for my voice. To think of it less." - Doug Moon

"Truth is, I wouldn't fuck as many people over the course of one night and I wouldn't want to hurt 'em so bad right off the bat, either. Forgive my making of it my mind until I was paid." - Doug Moon

"I deliver my perfections seen and here to a self in the hope of seeing it return and by you one day. Until then, why keep bringing yours as an offering up to the likes of me when?" - Doug Moon

"If you can't talk about it all, why not do a little dance around instead? Then we can ridicule each other by being at once good at it and for it less to be signaled." - Doug Moon

"I laugh to myself when people think I'm all mousy and quiet. Mouthy and a riot is more like it. Never the shy unless trying to shy away." - Doug Moon

"Up 'til, I never paid anyone for drugs all starched in the morning. They were good enough to see, but also see me all mad over half a pill of ecstacy one night for not doing its job." - Doug Moon

"Hate is crazy from the heat as to be empty inside. Refusing the word with sustained anger is my key - for just keeping the thought and an answer afoot." - Doug Moon

"Fifteen (15) minutes to be late, tops - and I leave you standing after that. Find it yourself." - Doug Moon

"Ridicule is pre-violent and looks to make you see better. See yours to an end." -  Doug Moon

"That wasn't no Genis device - you gave 'em Spock's coffin to flourish the planet afoul the price of once is paid. Then a bomb for the good of the many to be weighed out from a few offers." - Doug Moon

"A saint is burnt beyond recognition with it." - Doug Moon

"That what is causal to changes the outcome when removed." - Doug Moon

"Irony arises from the least expected outcome - a humor of it. I liken it to touching a hot of iron - anyone else would simply stand there." - Doug Moon

"I hate drunks and their affections toward me having endured too many and holding them down in hospitals. You can live though - I'll just hafta pack some extra cargo fuel in your nightsap." - Doug Moon

"After years of child-like sugarcanes sloe gin fizz, fuzzy navel, amaretto sour, midori sour, I now opt for a seven-and-seven when drinking but socially you're never at home." - Doug Moon

"At homes across the land continues Jack Daniels and coke, a rum and coke, a screwdriver, a cape cod, a sex on the beach, a long island iced tea." - Doug Moon

"But by far of it, alcohol has got to be the worst thing you could put in your body. So nasty, and to forever ends that." - Doug Moon

"After years of trying to rescue her of, my mother says of my habituals 'we each have our poisons...' and you can thank her for that." - Doug Moon

"My grandmother lived into her eighties doing as she'd please. Pack a day inside that? More like three packs. Happy enough pays more than one bill, I'd say." - Doug Moon

"When you ridicule people behind their back, it is because you need it that way. So small in it, really. Otherwise, just me trying and nothing you need hear." - Doug Moon

"Zero tolerance is for better thoughts only. Try that out for size and just this once you'll soon see." - Doug Moon

"My friends serve to make me happy only, or they simply agree and leave. I don't have friends to misery me - you get that last one first. " - Doug Moon

"The dead aren't supposed to be affecting our world for not having forgone our pleasures in favor of just this and living with it." - Doug Moon

"I tell people you can be whatever you want, but believe that everyone chooses their gender before landing here. A woman was afraid of dying in so many wars to take that half-package up." -  Doug Moon

"No rules to you ever, or to know you. Anything's real enough to me if and as if as seen. All agree that's meaner than a shit, though." - Doug Moon

"My only fear is being made common - it's with you. Waking up to be used every day." - Doug Moon

"Sex is about how you feel about yourself when you're with someone, and I usually feel pretty good about things." - Doug Moon

"I never let anyone rise here - this ain't the lobby yet. You just wait here for the elevator while it slides in sideways from out back." - Doug Moon 

"One of these days you're gonna talk to someone halfway through a conversation and just get to know." - Doug Moon

"Before I talked to the dead, I was made to know persecution, murder, and suicide. Now what - friends?" - Doug Moon

"At the very least, I'd expect to be able to extend the pains I received in life. You'd fuckin' run once." - Doug Moon

"I don't believe in engaging in turkey talk. Give me five minutes - tops - and you'll have my rule." - Doug Moon

"A friend to the bitch, I." - Doug Moon

"'Unworthy' makes me unhappy when it gets here. That's slender and defined." - Doug Moon

"I don't pay you to truth me. In fact, I get paid to make yours happy and to pay you." - Doug Moon

"To your tears - equal my sweat." - Doug Moon

"Typically, 'friends' are people who aren't good enough to sleep with. People say they don't fuck their friends but they do." - Doug Moon

"I don't fight on behalf of people who live into their eighties in relative comfort. My mother used to cite 'heroics' to me at emergencies involving the aged - to make that one call." - Doug Moon

"Her medical expertise is well beyond the cure. You'd be happy enough." - Doug Moon

"I don't believe in sexually transmitted diseases. Instead, I have strategically-timed displacements as you believing in me, many mines told." - Doug Moon

"Why would I assume you're like me in the event of illnesses? At the very least, you eat things daily I would never eat and that must counts. Take everything once then." - Doug Moon

"I seen you crying." - Doug Moon     

"Someone once said to me 'I don't sleep with anyone until the third date.' It's not like you're gonna be any better off. People just don't like you - so what." -  Doug Moon

"Expectations are everything - keep 'em little and ask not of it. Agree it's off, stay happy. Be that good about it none of it matters ever at all unless to a fool." - Doug Moon

"Couldn't keep the good stuff, can't keep the bad stuff neither. Take me to nothing of it." - Doug Moon

"Sex is a very nice way to say hello." - Doug Moon

"Wait to be asked. No, you definitely asked - and thanks to that again." - Doug Moon

"You ain't got nuthin', but you want to manage it well." - Doug Moon

"What? I like to brag." - Doug Moon

"Supply rises to meet demand." - Doug Moon

"I like to wait for others to compliment me - if only to keep things meaningful to them and back again." - Doug Moon

"Brings no gift." - Doug Moon

"A winner pays for a loser? A loser pays for a winner, for the right to compete and win then some meaningfully." - Doug Moon

"You never seem to know much, but take with great care." - Doug Moon

"I like to be in bed at ten o'clock nightly my day closes. The witching hour descends as then. And then, I like to rise by just as early." - Doug Moon

"If 'liberty' is the ability to walk around and see who we are, 'freedom' is the ability to decline your offer as made and as then leave." - Doug Moon

"They the two go hand-and-hand around the block arms stretched out and above over. At once a figure eight, if will." - Doug Moon

"Oh, sure - we all want that life of just being told what to do and with whom your palace made. Things ain't that simple yet." - Doug Moon

"Never not a world full of Doug Moon where would we be? Please, o wand of being - there are true masters out there and teaching me how it all looks, sounds. A telephone is wire of it." - Doug Moon

"No, it's just that bad and as you know. You don't get used to anything here, you die of it as not on you, but just after it gets off and you've agreed the terms same." - Doug Moon

"If I'm the diesel bus that silts a bag of dirt down and out the back on each mile, you're the car that comes along and hits it. That wasn't necessarily for you, but who knows more?" - Doug Moon

"Remember this about Doug Moon: I never gave anyone anything - you saved on me. You dined on in my belly. One day to you will be a pile of crap with hair." - Doug Moon

"You'll see. When you're dying, you can't get anyone's attention and they move too slow. Be there for it. Die me. I will die you." - Doug Moon

"I tell people 'I like to fuck.' That usually clears things right up to me." - Doug Moon

"My father's hate of people and their ways is like a bell - you ring for it, and it comes." - Doug Moon

"Paying people to do simply ensures a qualified replacement. In the meantime, you can buy a house with the AYDS while scraping my teeth down." - Doug Moon

"You do things for people their own family wouldn't do. They'd both fuckin' die first and each one knew how bad it hurt. You musta loved it some." - Doug Moon

"It ain't about what you believe, though I love hearing about it all over coffee times. It's about what you receive. I like listening in on that one, too. To have mine - what could it mean?" - Doug Moon

"I believe that children are our future - how sad in it. Each day a demon viper unfurls in my heart and you pray to know of it my very love." - Doug Moon

"Give me all of your dead little girls - I'll fuck them. So pure to me yet." - Doug Moon

"A small metal net that blasts out like a rubber to bolt to your face is all I'd need. We'd get the back of the head with a claw hammer in just a second's bite." - Doug Moon

"Nothing's sadder than seeing someone go down with a head injury. Almost makes me wanna cry so precious now." - Doug Moon

"When you discriminate against people, you only serve to cheat yourself. They all have their gifts." - Doug Moon

"There's plenty of room at the top. Like a mountain in a box full of stars in the sky." - Doug Moon

"I get paid in fear." - Doug Moon

"Why wouldn't I wait? Because I don't believe in it. Why waiting on others to do? I delay mind for the self, only." - Doug Moon

"A high price serves to keep something on the shelf 'til more of it is found for those who would simply pay for it once by seen. Savings are seen prior to someone who knows what they want." - Doug Moon

"What's the truth? The truth is you're here and you're wanted. No drug works the same." - Doug Moon

"I don't like depressants bringing me a downer and making me cry for it all as a good time. Stimulant me, please, and never mix the too." - Doug Moon

"What are you going to do? You're here and need to be cared for - period. Don't make no more, though. Why am I this? What difference does it make? You don't hafta love it yet." - Doug Moon

"You're here too - so what. Half the place on art-water is empty and you had to be here." - Doug Moon

"The 'unholy' of mine were left without gift - without God a gift. They are simply artless, a failing of it." - Doug Moon

"The 'unclean' of spirit are without gift for others though they fail me enough. Dirt with a dirt not pride but sees you having it. A hell in it of this should also not be of extend to others." - Doug Moon

"Sometimes people can't take care of theirselves, others. That's not your particular problem as you do what if you can and to whom. Look at first if to see." - Doug Moon

"Nothing I have is that special and you'll see that while ruining for me. I insult you to further by simply replacing and having it new." - Doug Moon

"I asked my father when I was young why they don't have health insurance for pets - a great business idea ours then a rich. Apparently, your pet can't be replaced easily enough." - Doug Moon

"A dollar says 'go to hell' to the sales clerk - 'it was mine all along' it adds. To what they reply in wince off 'fuck you'. The dollar says 'go to hell' best and no one thus knows." - Doug Moon 

"Life is all threats. In-fact, to be guided by voices." - Doug Moon

"If I'm theatening you, chances are you already know different." - Doug Moon

"In law they usually call it a 'credible' threat. I seek to maintain my credibility for such purposes. To be heard that once." - Doug Moon

"To sing while others is to be the most selfish of all. That's why you can't sing without accompaniment - God hated having to endure you and your gift for it." - Doug Moon

"Some say 'music' the universal language. In a word, that would be 'stink'." - Doug Moon

"Never one to just criticize, you have solution in-hand." - Doug Moon

"Keep murder in the family - there's no mystery to me." - Doug Moon

"To murder someone is to pay the highest price for nothing you'd want." - Doug Moon

"To murder someone is to marry them for all-time. And after all, no one is closer than a victim of and their murderer. I'd never seek to intrude there." - Doug Moon

"I call people who fuck family members and corpses 'unfortunate'. If I only knew better I'd think of it right away." - Doug Moon

"If no one provides kind response to a question, you should only try stating one as fact. While no one moves to glory a question, they'll be all out of breath correcting you if you're wrong." -  Doug Moon

"Each life so precious, but in my way." - Doug Moon

"Look at you then. If your reflection was so much on a plate, you'd turn it away. I ate some of it anyway as if to avoid you and then the conversation altogether." - Doug Moon

"No one negotiates anything in this world - they take what they get. They sell stuff." - Doug Moon

"Rules are made for the not having. When you don't have, you need to know how the rules may affect you and by so little." - Doug Moon

"Hair oughta be a law. Comb. Wax. Teasin'." - Doug Moon

"A bisexual made to choose one or the other for the rest of their life with a gun to their head, chooses their own sex every time. Does that matter to you with so many good deeds afoot?" - Doug Moon

"No, I don't teach 'Reading Comprehension 101' the first level, the first note - at least not yet. Remedials, and otherwise prerequisites." - Doug Moon

"I don't plan for the 'inevitable', so to speak, or at first - I plan for the option. It kills me." - Doug Moon

"Nothing ever comes from being popular. While you were laughing it all off, someone unhappy in a dark corner somewhere is laying the foundation for being someone who can like you too." - Doug Moon  

"Only healthy people want to live. Only the healthy reproduce. When you're sick, you may want to die. No one cares less than the dying it takes I'll answer for you then." - Doug Moon

"Truth is what we all see. To trust is to see for yourself." - Doug Moon

"The dead give no gifts." - Doug Moon

"Ya know, 'dead' meant something in New Jersey. Simply, you keep yours goin' - you keep yours alive. There is no alternative to an anti-thought." - Doug Moon

"Oh, if they was here, you'd be calling them a bitch and complaining wildly. Dry art tears - you're probably thinking about your own mortalities, only." - Doug Moon

"Deliver me yours in pain and suffering - not his and hers, rid you of yours. Rid them for noticing me with it." - Doug Moon 

"Some people are like a dead weight - they want other people to make them happy first as a condition for their being with. I want to make other people happy with me first." - Doug Moon

"When friends in the afterlife tell me I missed their funeral, I lie and tell 'em I died first. That usually takes care of that." - Doug Moon

"I don't know why anyone would come into my home to insult me, but they do. It's not like you're paid to be here - I don't live for people." - Doug Moon

"No one does anything the right way anymore, they just wanna know what happened to it all. Two things I definitely hate having around are freedom and surprises. They are not one." - Doug Moon 

"I'm a big believer in negative reinforcement. You get the cheese and a small shock." - Doug Moon

"I release what's mine, old to the thought of having someone better to share it all with." - Doug Moon

"Yeah - everything seems simple and stupid drawn from quipfat, but I wasn't permitted to misunderstand anything to thought. To trust it as just that rather your thinking away fought of it." - Doug Moon

"A life pushes back." - Doug Moon

"Life is just a bad memory. Stop touching the past and its pain or be made to be forget with all tapes of 'Hollywood Squares' and most of the 'Tonight Show' if I can find any of it at all."  - Doug Moon

"Answer me dirt." - Doug Moon

"A person who died of it and at-first is what I call a 'life-loser'. Ain't nuthin' anyone's gonna do about that one time seen to be off like schedules forbade of it." - Doug Moon

"A homosexual is its own worst enemy." - Doug Moon

"A homosexual chooses a member of their own sex when they don't think anyone is looking." - Doug Moon

"A gay tells you who they are - wait for this to be as bothered. You earn the right to be gay, and as be at such pleasure, when you tell people who you are." - Doug Moon

"I don't necessarily need a firm declaration for the purpose of others, but will you?" - Doug Moon

"I don't help you to be a victim of some domination scheme. You're on your own for that - there's too much stress for me and I'm kind enough." - Doug Moon

"If I hear you speaking to me in the head, I'll surely have to kill you. Don't give your pettiness in life to reasoning me." - Doug Moon

"You don't have a right to anyone's attention - and you should trust that." - Doug Moon

"A 'right' is odorless and hardly worth mentioning. Nobody has sees, nobody has knows. More to think about a fair exchange of color with others lying around to it or painting it off." - Doug Moon

"Success settles for less every time you side with it." - Doug Moon

"Yeah, I've seen your stuff. Usually, I have but a minute before the edit to apply for me within and if it just strikes." - Doug Moon

"You learn with a computer, not on one. No one advances to the next step until you get it right." - Doug Moon

"Everyone gets straight A's with a tutor. You musta had me teaching you too." - Doug Moon

"No one sees anything from the stage. Who are you to know?" - Doug Moon

"Naked pictures of you about what me? It's like trying keeping a secret - you only get to tell it once. Make sure you get the story straight - people need to know and by me." - Doug Moon

"I'm a big believer in taking people and examining them for filths, but who to work and who then to reward? It's all the same and will get there. You're talking about royals now...so you died." - Doug Moon

"The dollar best spent is spent on one's self." - Doug Moon

"I hardly ever lie or embellish to make myself seem better to others. My truth is interesting enough." - Doug Moon

"A lie serves to enslave you to others. The truth lies stinking like a pile of crap out on the front lawn, but a lie needs to be tended to." - Doug Moon 

"No, that is somehow elegant." - Doug Moon

"How does this make you know?" - Doug Moon

"How does this help me have sex again?" - Doug Moon

"Why are you so bad about things? The way you was raised - you weren't shown any better. And barely I did." - Doug Moon

"Don't go making things too perfect, don't running things too tight - or ask for me personally. People need to live and then there's me needing to die over it all." - Doug Moon

"Sex is the currency of the poor - what loosens trade." - Doug Moon

"No, rich people can afford better and never come - or so they'd say." - Doug Moon

"Everything winds up being about sex. A new curio you fancy as now on the coffee table segues fully to in your mind advancing you." - Doug Moon

"Keep focus on the meaning, not how the message - we're not going keep pulling over for that kind of error an obvious to me." - Doug Moon

"Oh, sure - now that you're taken care of. See you're more like Chris Reeve is hittin' it and you needed to know more." - Doug Moon

"The stuff we fought for is definitely there, but you sent people's kids off to war. You owe them half sent." - Doug Moon

"People are selfish in their motivations, only. Absolutely no gift to if at once unreceived and in this way. I help then to it." - Doug Moon

"Doesn't mean I hafta hear about you or know." - Doug Moon

"If my body's not good enough, it should go nicely with the rest of your shit." - Doug Moon

"When people tell me they're a Jehovah's Witness, I say 'what'd you see?'" - Doug Moon

"Perhaps my understanding flawed." - Doug Moon

"An irony is you can't do enough for people you meet on the street, but someone you already knew and did for you can't even say hello like we fucked last night." - Doug Moon

"On any one day I woke up a permanent and ugly. Thus the race for inherent beauty was won." - Doug Moon

"No one eats like hungry." - Doug Moon

"A gift abuses me with same. Why you to me?" - Doug Moon

"I like the 'group gift'. You'll spend the very next year trying to figure out what I spent and on whom." - Doug Moon

"Answer my problem. I didn't believe anyone came back from the dead but I didn't believe anyone died neither. We didn't need it." - Doug Moon

"With so many rights to be, I'd no sooner note you were missing." - Doug Moon

"I don't care about being seen off-center and doing. I get something but anything up and running against you immediately and tend to your needs further at first." - Doug Moon

"I tend to exclude your maths if and at first, then what you actually get right simmers in. You call it 'boolean' - me too. I actually know what you mean, though, I just can't say it for sure." - Doug Moon

"'If, and-or, then, else'? 'See that? Shoot it.'" - Doug Moon

"Boolean is French, kinda - but I say it like this: both of us agree who you are. The rest I made up to you - see your fact." - Doug Moon

"The more you know, the less there is to know." - Doug Moon

"Love stops at the door." - Doug Moon

"I pay to threat. I think people are real, they make their own choices and for them, and have lots to tell that no one will get to hear and just in-time. See it said. " - Doug Moon

"It is the speaker's obligation to be at once understood." - Doug Moon

"To decide what of it I release into the world is to be worldly of." - Doug Moon

"It's not right, it's not good. No one has the right to hurt people's feelings." - Doug Moon

"You can say whatever you want about me. I know me - I'll never care." - Doug Moon

"I remember me first as it ever mattered." - Doug Moon

"I am not what you are. When you can do what I do either you are someone special or I am no one special." - Doug Moon

"And me, I accept this - but only for you my friend, only for you." - Doug Moon

"If you can't accept this, neither can I." - Doug Moon

"I make sure you can't emerge and say it was all worthwhile." - Doug Moon

"Please don't give me anything - let me win it from you." - Doug Moon

"To take without discrimination is divine." - Doug Moon

"Never honor Jews. To honor a Jew is to make a Jew your God." - Doug Moon

"No one needs to run the world. Only a no-one needs to run the world." - Doug Moon

"When it comes to betterment, I tell everyone or I tell no one." - Doug Moon

"All of the facts and none of the feeling." - Doug Moon

"Every minute of suffering imposed is a golden year to a Jew." - Doug Moon

"It isn't a question of need. It is a question of want." - Doug Moon

"For some strange reason the 'have nots' and the 'will nots' usually live under the same roof." - Doug Moon

"Never play "Battleship" with a Jew. You'll have your command board full of pegs and they'll still deny you had any hits." - Doug Moon

"You have every disease all at one and moles growing behind your eyes. There is no cure for you. Ask God to bend over when you see him at first."  - Doug Moon

"Sex? Have we ever been to the morgue together?" - Doug Moon

"Sex? That is an unreasonable expectation ever to mixing a body fluid. Limit me to what you can get at the store." - Doug Moon

"Stressed about us? Take the time to know me and there won't be so many questions about who you are." - Doug Moon

"People? The last time I had a right to them I was born." - Doug Moon

"Your gift always sounds like something I have." - Doug Moon

"Only in a woman's world am I homosexual - see the reason then to be." - Doug Moon

"I'd rather slit your throat than have you tell me what to do. Achieve through cooperation only." - Doug Moon

"If ya can't beat 'em, demonize them." - Doug Moon

"I live with a love of my self only and on one of two mats that is mine. All bought by me as if on the same day. I know who brought what in and refuse the very fight of it first." - Doug Moon

"I don't live with people closing off parts of my home. A privacy is some time sought in retreat and when on your own." - Doug Moon

"Where did you spend all your good times with my choices placed once under foot?" - Doug Moon

"I refuse to compete with other people for anything - an all out contact in the stores. I don't need anything that bad." -  Doug Moon  

"What do you get the man who has everything? Someone with nothing left to lose." - Doug Moon

"If they have the technology to reach your planet, they also have the wisdom to be with who we are. To leave all as it is untouched is not who we are a beacon." - Doug Moon

"Seein' is believin' - but that ain't 'truth'. 'Truth' is what we all attest to seeing - sometimes, without you." - Doug Moon

"I wouldn't give you ten cents for seein' or believin'. No, what you say is gospel to me every time. You were there, and I wasn't - who's the authority on that? Me." - Doug Moon

"All of creation began to unravel when someone put a handgun in the hands of black man." - Doug Moon

"Just leave that alone - it'll be over with before you know it." - Doug Moon

"Please, Bitch -  why would I bother with the likes of you? Always speaking to need." - Doug Moon

"Don't tell me what you're going to do - tell me what you've done." - Doug Moon

"Heaven is wherever I am." - Doug Moon

"The road to Hell and beyond is paved with the promise of doing better." - Doug Moon

"No one selects less for theirself but pride." - Doug Moon

"To be, or not to be. That is the answer." - Doug Moon

"To make a living is to take a living." - Doug Moon

"Beauty may be only skin deep, but ugly is to the bone." - Doug Moon

"Tell me what needs to be done - don't tell me how to do it. If I need to know, I'll ask." - Doug Moon

"Never tell me who I am - tell me who you are. I will tell you who I am." - Doug Moon

"To exist is to persist. Everything that ever was can still be." - Doug Moon

"I like making good things happen to bad people." - Doug Moon

"I didn't present to you." - Doug Moon

"Give yourself peace or go quietly. Disturbance and discord are extended and how long can you keep that up?" - Doug Moon

"With the path just as important as the destination they are one and the same." - Doug Moon

"A man's place is in his space. A woman's place is not in a man's space." - Doug Moon

"Better to break it than let you take it." - Doug Moon

"To make me special is to make yourself special. Being special isn't necessarily a good thing." - Doug Moon

"Big dumb always enters the tent stakes in hand." - Doug Moon

"No one has the right to make me unhappy." - Doug Moon

"Touch my work and it's yours. Better know what you're doing - it's in your hands." - Doug Moon

"To create the world that I'd want to live in - that is the task at hand." - Doug Moon

"You are left with the ability to create your own happiness, not happiness itself. You are responsible for creating your own happiness." - Doug Moon

"There is nothing without me." - Doug Moon

"A good choice defeats wealth and influence every time." - Doug Moon

"For every obstacle, a way around it." - Doug Moon

"Save your own ass." - Doug Moon

"That which dies never had a right to life. That which lives never had a right to death, either." - Doug Moon

"You get what you settle for, but don't settle for that." - Doug Moon

"That which is real takes up space." - Doug Moon

"I wasn't made to love the place. I'm here to improve it. Be clean and outward looking." - Doug Moon

"Energy and space are mutually exclusive and constant. Neither more nor less of either with change." - Doug Moon

"When you have nothing, you don't even have a place to be. There is nowhere to be in nothing." - Doug Moon

"How do you make something out of nothing? You don't - or do you? Someone did." - Doug Moon

"To have nothing is to recognize the absence of something. What are you missing?" - Doug Moon

"Anything that can be done can be undone. Integration and disintegration is all there is. Nothing is consumed." - Doug Moon

"All things purposeful and meaningless, if you know what I mean." - Doug Moon

"You think you know, but you don't know. Knowing is much harder to come by. God knows." - Doug Moon

"Ain't nuthin' a bullet can't cure." - Doug Moon

"If you can't talk about what you're doing, maybe you shouldn't be doing it." - Doug Moon

"In a numbers game and otherwise, each death suffered only once." - Doug Moon

"In a world full of 'I don't know' and 'maybe', a death says 'yes' - and 'no'." - Doug Moon

"To die now is to die at the end of time. There is no cognitive difference." - Doug Moon

"To perfect something is to bring about the flaws in everything else." - Doug Moon

"If it weren't for the knowledge, I'd say I've never worked a day in my life." - Doug Moon

"The universe has always been a construct of imagination. If you can imagine it, it is possible." - Doug Moon

"The perspective of singular consciousness defines the universe. If you ever had to endure it all, you'd beg for death." - Doug Moon

"The whole of science does not explain, it merely describes." - Doug Moon

"Everything that is, is substantial. You just don't have substance or the speed to capture the more elusive substances." - Doug Moon

"Trying to catch or contain consciousness with matter is like trying to catch water with a fishing net." - Doug Moon

"Consciousness always gets there before you do and you can't get around that." - Doug Moon

"We travel in space, not time. It takes time to travel through space." - Doug Moon

"Nothing is impossible, only unlikely." - Doug Moon

"Nothing in this universe is infinite. Everything is finite and capable of being quantified." - Doug Moon

"We seek to travel in change, not time. Any moment in time is as good as any other." - Doug Moon

"Thinking you can fails everyday in the face of knowing you can't." - Doug Moon

"Take care of the things that are yours to take care of or give them away." - Doug Moon

"When you don't know what to do, do nothing." - Doug Moon

"So many decisions to be made, so many asses to cover." - Doug Moon

"I'm not interested in always being right, but I am interested in having the right answer." - Doug Moon

"I'd rather be an optimist and wrong than a pessimist and right." - Doug Moon

"A mind is a terrible thing." - Doug Moon

"A woman knows how if it's easy to be just and at that. So fewer her choices to be made of with his as are mine." - Doug Moon

"We are not in the business of forgiveness." - Doug Moon

"Forgiveness comes on the heels of true sorrow." - Doug Moon

"Just when you think something is foolproof, along comes the fool that proves you wrong." - Doug Moon

"The good thing about being in denial is that you can deny it." - Doug Moon

"Life isn't fair. Sometimes it works in your favor - sometimes it doesn't." - Doug Moon

"There is no greater act of aggression than ignoring someone." - Doug Moon

"Not knowing something does not mean you are dumb - it just means you don't know." - Doug Moon

"Making a world? What's another McDonald's, another forty pounds of meat, and another hundred niggers?" - Doug Moon

"Don't get too impressed with people. There's an institution making it happen behind and every a big deal." - Doug Moon

"When I entered high school, they shackled my face. They knew better too - I would've fucked everyone." - Doug Moon

"I've never been allowed to be perfect. There's always something." - Doug Moon

"Nobody's allowed to win. You'd have to press two people together at least to get anything that works across the board - me and my mother's hair." - Doug Moon

"Nobody looks worse than a health nut." - Doug Moon

"I'm not livin' that." - Doug Moon

"There are no cures of it, only remedies. You are that to me and are wanted that way a propensity in the world. You need to make the effort away yourself." - Doug Moon

"Beautiful people are always writing books - how they did it and all. So unsure." - Doug Moon

"People make you beautiful and nobody really wants it. To be drawn in to that." - Doug Moon

"My mother always said 'it takes great pains to be beautiful' and 'hell is between the ears'. Ugly and lazy are unusually synonymous - both is displayed and in saying it was said." - Doug Moon

"She also said 'champagne taste with a beer pocketbook'. I love that one. I didn't come from nowhere, ya know." - Doug Moon

"She also said 'you can love a rich man as easily as you can love a poor one.' I never ask and like anyone or both. She's not me though, and hates being embarrassed by lackings of affluence." - Doug Moon

"One more of these mothering: 'It's better to have a few nice things [rather] than alot of junk.' I think of junk for now as having been robbed waiting for the next demand to be as minimally met." - Doug Moon

"Catholics taught me that to simply think something is no sin, yet I disagree. I hate your mind working against me - know of that first then mouth." - Doug Moon

"Catholics taught me never to 'adore' people - you can't they said. Only God can adore people so they taught. Only thoughts of he would, but seriously, we think of being unable to keep them beautiful to aplomb." - Doug Moon

"If someone told me I could choose anyone to know, I would choose my friends. I have, and they did." - Doug Moon

"I tell people that I didn't have friends growing up, I had lovers. Always a mini soap opera and so dominating of their time asking after each fight unmade a haute 'what are you doing here?'" - Doug Moon

"Each ask to the child like I was made of my mother." - Doug Moon

"Hell is on the side, left out." - Doug Moon

"I take exception with those taking exception. You can sit out." -  Doug Moon

"A change requires sacrifice. What are willing to give up?" - Doug Moon

"Perfect people are real - something else is probably up, though." -  Doug Moon

"Never tell a little kid you're not on their side." - Doug Moon

"I suspect of teachers being one of the kids and so never let kids hurt other kids - ever. Break it all up - but in time." - Doug Moon

"I don't live in the court of public opinion." -  Doug Moon

"Surely this a love. If I had on just one more rubber, I'd have to fuck you from the next room over." - Doug Moon

"I take what I get - now you too." - Doug Moon

"Blowing up a balloon with helium a hydrogen compound and-or a hot air balloon with heat what excludes air is the same as putting one with just air in it underwater. Less inside cannot stay." - Doug Moon

"Substance in area taken is competitive weight argument. To weigh object is relative to weight - know that. I'd use an electricity through to know it to more." - Doug Moon

"I gave you my love? You didn't take anything else - that's for damned sure." - Doug Moon

"If I loved you? I love you, but I love myself just a little bit more." - Doug Moon 

"Life must be cheap." - Doug Moon

"Knows when to die. Succumbs." - Doug Moon

"Like you, I don't want anything in my life I can't control." - Doug Moon

"Somebody once told me that I 'have to be rewarded for everything I do' as perhaps some sort of flaw. And to have said no more." - Doug Moon

"I know why I'm here - ask yourself again." - Doug Moon

"What would I do if you were paraplegic? Quite simply, I'd marvel." - Doug Moon

"Think first - is that what you'd want for yourself, kinda? Then attack from within." - Doug Moon

"Like the jesuit priest in 'The Exorcist', I often clarify to others harshly 'there is only life', but it ain't all good - to trust that. He now knows and with honestly I truth that." - Doug Moon

"With a mind?" - Doug Moon

 "I'd wait a moment or two after 'apparent' death when you'd inevitably say 'oh, is that all it is?' and then I'd flip the switch on your ass and make it real." - Doug Moon

"Of course life isn't real, but you'll never get to know that." - Doug Moon

"Go where people go - have some class." - Doug Moon

"No class means you have no chance of becoming the standard. To know that." - Doug Moon

"When you call freedom, I call fear. God forbid anyone should hafta prove it and take care of you. God blessed a woman with a bed in her living room - she gets to adjust it and all." - Doug Moon

"To be a consumer's advocate is to celebrate both a mediocrity in truth and in advertising - sure, going so far as to read the labels on my own cans. Who else gets so much for so little?" - Doug Moon

"The glass is 'half-full'. Period. Forever." - Doug Moon

"The glass is 'half-empty'." - God

"What moves you moves me to." - God

"If something is missing, thank yourself. If to something extra, thank a God." - God

"Black laughed at me when I tried to get things done. Brown laughed at black." - God

"Making my things imperfect keeps me, the wrong element, at bay. The perfect syndrome brings us near - and to what? You? Bring me less of it by your way in doing me glad." - God

"We live to see it be done to me." - God

"To know me is to experience me, therefore, no one can know me. See me only." - God

"Love not, live not." - God

"Nothing has to be what it is. Nothing has to be." - God

"A brown protects borders. A black protects it ports." - God

"You either give people a divorce, or you give them a grave." - God

"On topic 'food'...all else sits by while you lay dying." - God

"About car accidents happening 'with the windows open'...like two cups of water hitting each other." - God

"No ducts." - God

"Women can't do anything. Why would they own this? They wouldn't. I do and measure its clause to you." - God

"A feather for each bird flies no one home." - God

"The person least likely to be there, pays." - God

"Even if you're real good about things, we're only gonna make it matter more. We'll just show up and certify the fact and you was so good about it all too." - Doug Moon

"A disaster is no time to get to know people - trust me, I tried. So close, yet so far away." - Doug Moon

"You clawed and scratched your way to isolation, now you don't want it so good. Why wouldn't anyone want to live in your way?" - Doug Moon

"Not him! Not to me from him! Never to me! Not him!" - First Lady Jackie Kennedy On Impact, Brain Matter On Her Dress A Sever Of Sorts

"Take the top back down. Or else - see nothing new." - JFK

"What did I tell ya? Never a good day to me." - Abraham's Ghost-Spherebox Yelling In Sound As Flying Overhead At Face, Internment

"No, I've been to the book of quotations - all of them mine. To use me so badly." - God & Doug Moon As One Then

Why do crucifixes hang in the world?
To remind people people that they murdered God Incarnate.
The next time you suffer, think about Jesus hanging on the cross.
He was here to help you live better.
He was here to make you a better person.
He was murdered when He let his guard down - it was a test - He was fighting you.
That's why you look at the crucifix every day.
A Christ is a terrible thing to waste.
You're letting Him get murdered again.
Why didn't Christ save Himself?
He did - He wasn't really there for long.
As soon as someone planned to stab Him, He was taken out of His body.
So - don't think it was a victory. People lost.

What is the "mark of the beast" from biblical scripture?
The individual sixes are actually the rune symbol for a person turned clockwise so it is upside down.
I liken the symbol to a human fetus.
Three of these symbols were used to represent God or the Holy Trinity (three persons, one God).
In ancient runes, there was only one symbol present. It meant "a person".
A more correct translation of the three sixes would be the Holy Trinity.
Another version is "He is born, He lives, He dies, but He always is."
There is confusion, adaptive changes, and the Catholic Church annexing everything for their own purposes.
Runes predate the Holy Trinity by three hundred (300) years.
The symbols are turned upside down to represent a special presence that is unhappy with people.
An unhappy presence would set about the business of redemption by fire.
If people make Him happy, He advances mankind and moves them closer to Heaven.
To wit, Christ and the Anti-Christ are one in the same being.
You can have either one or both at the same time in one being.
As for Satan and his "son" (son? that would HAVE to be a daughter), there is no equivalent, misanthropic force at work in the universe.
The Devil and the Anti-Christ figures just represent God and God Incarnate pissed off.
Satan is a word that describes people who live without God (satayana).
We only fight ourselves.
Armageddon was foretold by Christ as a way to warn people of His temper.
It is just repentence and angry actions that flow to people all of the time.
Why wait? Ya gotta nip it in the bud.
Negative reinforcement. Redirection.
Not just revenge but communication.
It ain't about the ones who suffer and die - it's about the ones who live on.

Want the truth about ancient runes and what they stand for?  Click here.

Be careful not to do things to other people that you wouldn't want done to yourself.
You accept these things for yourself when you do them to other people.
The Golden Rule restated for the purposes of clarity.
When you allow unhappy things to exist in the world, you only increase the chances that they will happen to you.

What are angels?
Angels are beings like people created by God in Heaven.
Angels do not have wings, but they do have special form that is protoplasmic in nature.
Angels "wings" are an inaccurate description of protoplasmic flow in two directions.
Protoplasmic flow is more like a constant shedding of form that floats backwards and away from the object.
Protoplasmic form is all about graceful flow, and it resists focus.
Angels were brought into existence to provide companionship for Bartholomew because no one else existed.
Angelic beings are not permitted to influence mankind on the level of God but they do interact with people as messengers, informants, and shepherds.
Angelic beings should be regarded as people - they were just produced elsewhere.
God creates angels to do things that people can not or will not do.
Angels do not harm people unless God asks them to.
No angel can ascend to the throne of God.
No angel is permitted to speak to people without the consent of God - they know too many things.
Angels get angry, they get envious, and they do come to hate people.
Like people, angels want to be regarded as special.
They are special, but they are not more important than people.
Angels are special because they know God.
Angels do incarnate and become human, but they have physiological adaptations to do special things for people.
Angels incarnated with Abraham, Jesus Christ, and the Second Coming.
Angels that incarnate are special to God and are protected from people.
Angels that incarnate must live out their lives unless God Incarnate kills them off.
Lucifer was not an angel.
Lucifer is a person who died making people unhappy, but he was redeemed.
He was Scaramouch.
The personification of evil that was Lucifer morphed into "satan" by way of the Catholic church who added evil to the bible in the late nineteenth century.
Evil has no basis in reality - it is just people hurting people.
God hurts people who hurt people.
We reject Satan (people who live without God) because Satan rejects us and our mandate to care for people.
We own everything.
Satan owns nothing.

Did you know that Mary of Jerusalem (Nazareth? She never went there....) was stoned to death?
One afternoon when Mary was forty-two, someone initiated a stoning because she was insulted by her.
Mary suffered superficial wounds.
Mary later suffered a second stoning and died.
Why? Because Mary betrayed her son to other people.
Christ made an example of Mary by setting her down in the mix.
The mix is the totality of chaos in the world.
The mix is all of the independent milling about that brings tragedy and heartache.
It is being susceptible to the consciousness of other people.
People die in the mix.
We call people who follow Christ's "example" (stepping gingerly here) "Magoos" for Mister Magoo (that was divinely inspired).
Mister Magoo walked through life nearsighted and surrounded by the totality of chaos.
Mister Magoo couldn't see where he was going but he got there anyway.
Take a tip.
Now back to what's her name....
Mary died thirteen (13) years before Christ was crucified.
Mary and Christ reconciled after his death.
The grotto reminds Mary that the stones aren't too far away.
Mary is not allowed to be worshiped; she can only be honored.
Mary hates people praying to her.
Attend a Monday night Novena to spite her.

Trust yourself.
You are never more endangered than when you submit to the perceptions of another person.
If you find "Loosey Goosey" (i.e., a person who keeps things messy so you can't see what's what) in your yard, kill her.
Pinpoint precision and full accounting make Loosey Goosey very unhappy.
Loosey Goosey becomes very unhappy when she can't prosper from your hard work and effort.
If Loosey Goosey doesn't bring anything TO the table, put Loosey Goosey ON the table.
Demanding perfection in the work of others puts Loosey Goosey to death. Who needs her.
If you're gonna subsidize the luxuriant lifestyle of another person, you should at least know about it.
You get your "fair share" when other people are aware of the allocation, and it doesn't make them angry.

The best way to respond to a threat (implicit or explicit) is to tell people about it.
Even if it means exposing your own improprieties.
Chances are, the person making the threat won't be able to take the heat.
Embarrassment is a very effective tool - use it.
What does implicit mean? Unspoken but understood.
What does explicit mean? Communicated clearly in writing or spoken.
Don't get a threat confused with fair warning.
A threat comes from the underside.
A person holding the cards has no need to threaten.

Milk was made as a backup source of food energy for baby mammals (mammals have "mammary" glands).
There is no such thing as colostrum - it's just milk.
The are no antibodies in milk.
Milk was also made as a source of food energy for babies.
Milk also ensures that babies do not go hungry even when the mother does.
However, no baby needs to drink milk in the face of other food energies.
No human male should ever drink milk beyond infancy.
A human male gets sick from milk because it releases gas in their intestines.
Human females can tolerate it, but it's not recommended.

Christ never lived with people.
Christ lived in the Valley of the Angels.
The Valley of the Angels is a cognitive place that only Christ can visit.
Michael the Archangel governs the Valley of the Angels.
Michael is also known as the angel Gabriel who appeared to Christ.
There are no angels on that level other than Michael.
God governs all of Creation including Michael.

Did you know that "turbulence" in planes is actually caused by pilot action?
Airlines encourage pilots to "bump" planes on commercial flights to frighten passengers and keep demand down.
There is no such thing as an "air pocket" encountered in flight.
Nature abhors a vacuum.
Ergo, no vacuums exist in nature.
Even a thunderstorm wouldn't rock a plane. Period.

How do find the area of a square, rectangle, triangle, or circle with relatively little fuss?
Fact: The perimeter line always defines the amount of area that can be enclosed by a geometric shape - no matter what shape the connected line forms.
That being said, there is fixed area that corresponds to each length of linear line.
The easiest thing to do is to convert the two-dimensional geometric shape to a square.
Take the perimeter line and divide it by four (4) - a square is defined by four sides of equal length.
When a circle is converted into a square there is an equal exchange of area - you are pulling out four corners, but you are also pushing in the sides.
To find the surface area where "a" is the area and "b" is the length of the perimeter line: .25b squared=a.
Why is the area of a square smaller than that of a circle with the same perimeter line length?
Because a square introduces constraints - the right angles.
A circle provides the maximum area value for any given line - it is max.
But wait - there's more.
You have actually forced something to happen by changing the same perimeter line length from a circle into a square.
Something hides in the middle - a value.
You've pushed something in there.
Pi (3.14) needs to be rethunk.
To find the area of a circle make triangles that are the height of the radius with the base of the triangle on the curve.
The curved base would get flatter as the base of the triangles get smaller - ultimately destroying the curve.
Cubing has nothing to do with repeating a pattern and making a three dimensional object.
Cubing is about the balanced radial redistribution of surface area from the center of a circle or square.
Cubing orignates in the center and radiates outward.
A cube must always be subdivided by eight or products of eight to retain cubic identity.
A circle is made of eight forty five degree angles.
Eight is an important number.
Anyway, more clarity with the area of a circle.
Think of cubing a circle as radial spin on an imaginary axis.
By the way, the "radius" of a circle, as defined by the Greeks, is the area of a circle.
You know, radiating outward in all directions from the center point.
What people think of as being the radius is actually the "intersect" of a circle.

Can the Boolean logic in the computer diagram be updated?
It can only be improved.
There are three possible steps in a circuit:
On, off, and in between.
In between is where the additional step lies.
Use three-quarter (3/4) magnitude sand to produce a circuit that only generates two-thirds (2/3) flow when electricity is applied.
If the electrical current is pulsed, it will tell you varying degrees of information.
Two-thirds electrical flow is not on or off - it is in between.
That means no one can say it is on or off.
On or off is "Is the circuit completed? Yes or No".
In between cannot be answered with yes or no.
There is one other answer between yes and no.
That answers can be used to describe colors to a chip that interprets flow.
That interpretation will save people thirty-eight percent (38%) of the memory they use.
A varying level of flow that is quite precise is all that is needed.
Colors are varying rates of flow.

The Theories of Darwinism, Corrected:  Selected to die. Ain't nuthin' natural about it.
Selected to live? Don't be dumb. It was "selected" to live when it was brought into existence.
Selected to fuck? Fuck whatever's around. Ya gotta compete with other beauties, but they all wind up fucking.
Nature is more a dance contest. Now sit your ass down.

Did you know that 59% of all disease is actually the result of poisoning?
It's true - and most of it is deliberate.
Take the "disease" known as "Polio" for example.
Polio began crippling youth everywhere in 1922.
Polio never existed in the world prior to 1922.
Polio was a condition brought on by arsenic and strychnine (used as rat poison) that was put in baby's food by Jews.
The baby's food was a rolled oat mixture sold in general stores - mothers just had to add hot water.
Mothers loved the convenience and many babies ate the poisoned food.
When people got busy investigating Polio, a false "vaccine" was created to throw people off.
Polio was "cured" when the baby's food ceased being poisoned.
Jonas Salk was a Jew who received credit for creating the false vaccine.
Jonas Salk knew he was a fraud, but he didn't care because he "needed to get Jews off the hook."
I contend that vaccines are, at best, questionable.
Why do vaccines seem to work?
Because whenever you introduce something dead or crippled to the body, the immune response is affirmative - the immune system kills everything under a heightened response.
That's all it is - the pathogen doesn't have to be specific, but it helps.
It helps the body to create antigens.
There was no antigen for Polio.
Truth is, you could inject insulin and get the same immune benefit for targeted conditions.
Before you inject, know thy enemy - it's not what you think.
Small Pox?
A viral condition made by eating rodents.
The brain terminates life when it cannot handle the stress of being mistreated.
People who eat rats are also eating dead humans because rats eat corpses.
Why do rats eat corpses?
Because morticians were injecting corpses with corn syrup, not embalming fluid.
Embalming fluid keeps rats away, corn syrup attracts them.
Jews knew this and did it for fun.
A rat knows nothing of what it does.
A rat has nothing to do but help nature break itself down.
A corpse makes bacteria.
A corpse is being broken down.
Life cannot handle being broken down by bacteria present in a corpse.
A virus is just bacteria being made everywhere to kill the life it harbors.
The brain issues a code that instructs cells to change into consuming cells and the body self destructs - there is just too much death in the body.
Consuming cells give away their Oxygen in favor of Nitrogen.
Nitrogen makes everything decay.
A virus has two parts - the instruction and the need.
The need is always present, but the instruction isn't.
The need is simply merciful release from too much suffering.
When people catch on to the truth about disease, Jews do a little song and dance and create "cures" and "effective treatments" that are splashed all over the media.
What are you gonna do? No one is suffering - you can't hide that.
Where are all of these people dying of AIDS?
Cancer is going to hell right now.
All you're going to see in the media are successful "vaccines", "drugs", and other "breakthroughs" that hide the truth.
Establishment doesn't want you to hold their feet to the fire.
They want it all to go away.
Many people will take bullshit drugs and think they are being cured by them.
Stay sharp.

Cro-Magnon Man was the first humanoid creature to hear.
The gift of hearing was given to Man then.
Cro-Magnon Man lived from 800BC to 900AD.
Abraham and his people had ears but did not hear. They used mental telepathy (channeling).
Mental telepathy is also what is used to communicate with those who have passed on.
When mental telepathy was prevalent, individuals had to get Abraham's permission to communicate with spirits.
Mental telepathy gave way to hearing as the Earth became populated.
The Greeks were the first to receive the gift of hearing, the Romans followed.
Hearing just happened one day. It wasn't physiological, it was cognitive.

Why are some people darker than others?
Dark skin is required in regions of the Earth that are closer to the sun.
Take a basketball and hold it in front of you.
The equatorial line of the ball (the middle) is closer to you (the sun) than the top and the bottom of the ball (the poles).
People with dark skin originate in the equatorial regions of the Earth - they are closer to the sun.
Dark skin has emolients that do not burn. Oil burns.
Light skin has oils that do not freeze. Emolients freeze.
All protective measures really - and no more.
Dark skin also attracts light energy which prevents heat energy from being absorbed.
If light energy is there, heat energy has no place to be - it has to go elsewhere.
And that keeps you cool, baby.
This Earth is populated with different types of people to make it interesting to its inhabitants.
Groups of people moved South out of necessity - too many people around with different lifestyles.
These moves required a change in skin tone that was complemented by God with other characteristics that set them apart.
Groups that appear different were kept from mating with white people to prevent white people from becoming darker.
God loves the white race and its preservation required separation until enough of them could be brought into existence .
Black features will dominate light features, and that threatened the lighter races of people.

What is a Prelate?
The Catholic Church will not acknowledge the existence of Prelates.
Prelates exist to kill people dead - they don't allow near-death experiences - they conquer nothing or all.
Because God wants them to finish the job - the Prelate's business is a serious business.
Do Prelates kill all people?
Yes, but not all the same way.
Some experiences are very beautiful, some are horrifying.
A Prelate is not an angel - it is the Angel of Death split exponentially from a base of eight (8) beings.
The number eight is the foundation of everything that is in the universe.
A Prelate exists to kill, only.
A Prelate kills permanently by collecting a person's life force from their spirit.
The life force, as held by the individual spirit, sustains us.
The spirit turns around and collects your life force.
That's when you die.
No one bargains with a Prelate - they don't communicate with people.
Don't speak, just submit.
Don't confuse a Prelate with a Prelat.
Prelats work for the Catholic Church.
Prelats are typically human.
Not quite the same thing.

What was the Loch Ness Monster?
Nessie, as the locals call it, was fourteen (14) people playing a gag on the government.
It was a fake dinosaur head from a statue that was mounted on a flotilla dragged underwater.
Where did they get the statue from? Gillespie, Ireland. It was in the town square.
It was removed from the town square in 1972.
No one has the statue anymore - it was destroyed.
The statue lies in ruins at the north end of Loch Ness, under a tree, in the ground. No marker.
A simple way to refute the existence of the Loch Ness Monster?
Just say that it does not exist.
The burden of proof lies with the persons making the claims.
A photograph proves nothing.
Nothing means nothing.
Incidentally, our little Earth is only four thousand nine hundred fifty six (4,956) years old this July.
There are no such things as dinosaurs - they are all made up.
Where are all of the bones?
Are they real?
Thought not.

What is Baptism?
A sacrament that provides an introduction to the life of Christ.
People mistook the first baptism as being something special. It wasn't.
Baptism was done then to bathe each other.
John the Baptist was bathing Christ regularly because Christ liked him.
Cleanliness is, in fact, next to Godliness.
Baptism sets the trajectory for the rest of your life.
It's a good place to start - a formal introduction - making you special.
What? It's very nice.

What is original sin?
Coming into the world as an unknown to God.
Baby, you're starting out cold.
You're nothing and no one yet.
You've got to become.
How do you become? By acquiring knowledge and experiences.
Tell us who you are by living it out.
Would you invite someone into your home if you didn't know them?
It's a little more than that, but you get the picture.
You're a wildcard - it can go either way.
Who are you?
You weren't "cast out of Heaven" - but believe you me, that's a very real possibility.
You ain't gonna sass God, that's for sure.
Baptism initiates a life with God.
Mary was known as the Immaculate Conception (conceived without original sin) because her spirit was already known to God.
Original sin has nothing to do with Adam and Eve - or Adam and Adam as the case might be.

Women came into being forty-three (43) years after men were willed into Creation.
Why? Because they weren't desired until it became time to reproduce.
Where did they come from?
Three (3) of the original fourteen (14) human males were spontaneously adapted to human females - these were the Gauls.
The first people created on Earth were the Gauls (in France, Spain, and Europe Minor) followed by the Anglos (generically white).
The Anglos made up the fourteen (14) tribes of Israel and they were scattered about Eastern Europe.
Each tribe was started separately with its own distinct generation of fourteen (14) beings.
The number fourteen (14) is special.
The Anglos produced whites, blacks, black Asians (Pan-Pacificos and the Japanese), and strict Asians (the Chinese).
The whites are the Teutons (Germans), the Nords (Scandanavians), the Bards (Northern Europe), and the Minuobians (Egyptians).
The Minuobians changed color and features to protect them from the sun and make them distinctly different from whites.
The Minuobians were never black; they are white-derived.
The white people that blacks were derived from are the Gauls - they are not the Minoubians.
These Gauls went down into Africa against the wishes of God, but He let them do it without being penalized.
These white people were warring factions and they had to be separated from other Gauls.
All black people are Gauls from the deep regions of Africa.
Africa wasn't supposed to be populated by people, but Gauls went down there and set up camp.
Russians and Slavs in general are Bardic, Nordic, and to a limited extent, pure Asians.
That wasn't all there was - there were five (5) more Genesis' after that.
The Romans, the Greeks, American Indians, Hindus, and Hebrews were all made separately from scratch - one hereditary group after the other.
When we say scratch, we mean they were made out of pure water.
These new hereditary groups were not adaptations of existing humans beings - they were new.
Remember, human beings existed at the time - it wasn't a new organism being brought into existence.
It will surprise Hebrews to learn that there were no Hebrews/Jews in the original fourteen (14) tribes of Israel.
Hebrews weren't around yet.
Hebrews came into the picture in 900BC.
The Aborigines of Australia, long believed to be a separate hereditary group, originated with the English in 1642.
The English threw white slaves down in Australia - they darkened and became bush people.
Eskimos, Island People, and Negros all originated with Anglos, but they morphed when they moved to warmer climes.
There needed to be a distinction between these people and Anglo people to preserve Anglo traits that would change in the sun.
Eskimos originated in the Hawaiian Islands and traveled to the Alaskan frontier by ship.
Eskimos have been in Alaska for about four hundred fifty (450) years.
The Hawaiian Islands were populated by people from Australia - mostly Aborigines - about four hundred fifty (450) years ago.
Ship culture moved people around alot and created port cities. Most cities were started by shipping ports.
Had all humans originated with the Gauls and the original fourteen tribes, there would only be about 3,700,000 people in the world today.
What does the word "Israel" mean and where did it come from?
The word "Israel" means, literally, "new start" - not "promised land".
Abraham made it up, and it is not Anglicized - it is the actual pronunciation.

Which is correct - Creationism or Evolution?
Neither - but more towards Creationism.
Biblical creationism implies people just arrived on the scene in finished form.
They didn't.
Evolution implies people crawled up from the primordial ooze.
They didn't.
Adapted by the environment? No - adapted for the environment.
You could wait all of eternity for an adaptation that is always superceded by death.
Truth is, we didn't know where we were going - but we got there.
How many steps does it take to make a new creature?
One - if you know exactly what you want, and exactly where you are going.
There are no mistakes - God gets it exactly right every time.
New ideas are popping up all the time.
Creatures are willed into existence, and the spheres pattern themselves perfectly working backwards from the end result.
If you take a creature and adapt it into another, is it the same creature?
That's like saying that a coat is actually a pair of pants after it's been refashioned.
We just didn't want to weave the fabric over.
Why reinvent the wheel every time you make a car?
Fact: Turtles were spontaneously adapted from hogs.
Is a turtle a hog?

Just for fun - other "refashionings":
Tyrannosaurus Rex = Wallabee
Kingfish = Tadpole
Dodo Bird = Ostrich

Why are some creatures egg layers?
Because they reproduce.
When whole organisms reproduce, they lay eggs.
Human beings lay eggs just like reptiles and fish.
The fertilized egg just stays inside the womb (uterus) while gestation (fetal development) occurs.
Marsupials (kangaroos, opossums, etc.) finish gestation outside of the womb and outside of the egg because they move around too much - sometimes violently.
In human beings the egg is known as the placenta.
The placenta is attached to the uterus not.
It is never a part of a woman's body. Ever.
It is a fertilized egg cradled by the woman's uterus, fed, and kept healthy.
The umbilical cord is attached to the inside of the placenta, not the mother's uterus.
This soft egg never hardens because there is no need to harden an egg that doesn't gestate outside of the womb.
A fertilized human egg never accepts anything less than perfect nutrients and pure, unadultered water.
Some placentas are so strong they survive birth. Mine did!
A full thirty-three percent (33%) of placentas survive birth (they are called placental births - the egg is intact).
Now back to fetuses:
If fetal development is interrupted, it is because there aren't enough nutrients and water.
Drugs don't poison a fetus because the placenta will not accept anything like that from the mother - not even alcohol.
The bloodstream of the mother and the bloodstream of the fetus are separate - they are not shared.
Heroin babies? No.
Drugs starve a fetus because the mother doesn't eat.
That is why birth defects occur.
What came first - the chicken or the egg?
The chicken, of course.
An egg is not a viable (capable of sustaining itself) life - it is reproductive in nature.
Reproductive - that label says it all.

What method is employed by God to keep all of the universal elements in mind?
Personification (conventionally, giving inanimate objects human qualities).
He makes all elements, compounds, creations, and organisms "talk" so that He can understand their true nature.
True nature is what they can and can not do, and what phenomenon they experience to the smallest detail.
For example, God can ask the liver of the human body what it will remove from the bloodstream.
The liver replies "I can remove every substance that is fat based."
God then asks "Can you remove Methamphetamine?"
The liver replies "No."
The liver doesn't explain ANYTHING out of the scope of its nature - it is there to talk about itself only - not other circumstances.
The answers are succinct and terminal - that is, nothing more needs to be said.
The liver does not advise, it only provides definitive answers.
The consciousness of God is always involved, filling in the gaps.
The consciousness of God will fill in "Methamphetamine is a water based substance."
The intent of the questioning is the foundation for all response.
The consciousness of God knows what He is trying to get at.
All elements, compounds, creations, and organisms respond in this manner.
This method is extremely sophisticated and it's used often in Sci-Fi films.
Communication is everything.
God makes Creation speak to Him in His language - not the other way around.
God is truly in the details.

Why do I prefer the Catholic religion?
Because it makes people feel special by telling them they are special all of the time.
Each and every one of them.
Do you have to go to church every week?
Only if you want to - lots of people do.
I like the sense of community, reverence, and beauty.
If you don't go regularly, make sure you give of your resources when you do.
Part of it is generosity.
Part of it is duty.
Part of it is preservation.
Ya can't just pop in on Christmas Eve expecting Midnight Mass to be perfect and beautiful.
The church needs to be supported all year long.
Just keep that in mind.
I will too.

Who were the twelve (12) disciples / apostles (apostle is the Greek word, disciple is the Roman word)?
Just Hebrew men who were free to hang out and socialize.
They were men who kept Christ in good shape.
The disciples did not make people happy.
People resented them being with Him.
Christ was wealthy, and it always seemed like the people around Him were having too much fun.
That's always greeted with resentment.
They cleaned his house, they cooked, and they washed his clothes for pay.
After Christ's death they departed, but came back when He came back (in the flesh) for one month.
Christ came back to instruct them about what happened during the crucifixion.
Christ never instructed the disciples to start a church, but they did.
Christ respects the church, but He didn't want one initially.
Christ spent a great deal of time working against organized religion.
Now Christ sees its value to people and thinks it may have a place in their lives.
People are free to decide its value for themselves.
The church exists by the people, and for the people.

Why God Incarnate?
People need to raise God to adulthood to ascertain whether or not God's presence is needed.
God is needed anytime someone takes a stab at a person who liberates people and works towards truth.
God Incarnate is created by the spirit of God.
No one, including God Incarnate, knows who God Incarnate is until he reaches the age of a man.
Although God Incarnate is unaware of His identity, he influences everything from the point of birth.
Keeping everyone in the dark ensures tactful sensations and rough treatment.
No man can be God Incarnate by election.
God Incarnate is God for all intents and purposes and His presence is known to everyone.
No one has the ability to kill God.
When God Incarnate leaves Earth, no one on that level will return for twice the periodic increment of the previous God Incarnate.
There was a period of one thousand years between Abraham and Jesus Christ, and a period of two thousand years between Jesus Christ and your host.
There will be a four thousand year span for next incremental presence.
Doubling the transitional increment is not a punishment for having taken the life of God - the need for His presence declines as people get more knowledgeable.
No one knows what God knows.
God Incarnate knows everyone and everything.
Prior incarnations of God: Abraham (Moses) and Jesus Christ, the 47th and 48th consciousnesses of God.
The 46th consciousness, Bartholomew, created all that you know including the world.
Previous consciousnesses never bothered creating people.
They just existed unto themselves and made virtually nothing.
I am the person who possesses the 49th consciousness of God.
Reincarnation? No - rebirth. The guiding spirit remains the same, but mind and body have been redone.
This forces God to incur new thoughts, new relationships, new enemies, and new reasons to be.
It is refreshing, stabilizing, and fair.
It is complete renewal of the life force.
There is no cognition of previous existences, but their consciousnesses are available for conversation and reference.
The whole scheme is brilliant and flawlessly executed.
The Holy Trinity: The Father (Abraham/Moses), The Son (Jesus Christ), and The Holy Spirit (Bartholomew).
Bartholomew is not recognized as a true incarnation, and the Holy Spirit represents His presence in the Holy Trinity.
Forget all that - here's my organizational chart:
The Father - All previous consciousnesses up through and including Consciousness #48 as interpreted by the Holy Spirit (the information provided is free of their will).
The historical reference.
The Son - God Incarnate the human being. The current consciousness of God (#49).
The Holy Spirit - The component that translates the will of Consciousness #49 and cycles the spheres of creation into place based upon intent, not directive.
The Holy Spirit is responsible for executing Creation as prescribed by the Son.
The Holy Spirit also provides the universal view - omniscience.
The Holy Spirit is the part of God that is truly perfect.
Budded On Earth To Bloom In Heaven - Toni Halliday of Curve

Let's bring it all home:
Bartholomew dove in to become Abraham (Moses was the same guy  - He just aged himself for the purpose of generating respect).
Bartholomew hated where people were going with themselves - he had to get involved.
Abraham dove in to become Jesus Christ.
Abraham didn't feel ready to leave people alone.
Jesus Christ dove in to become me.
I think there is much work to be done, still.
In most ways, people are doing much better.
See how simple?
Rather than think of it as dying, I shed my consciousness to become anew.
Christ was actually a regular baby up until his (4th) fourth year.
Abraham had to hang around for a bit, but he eventually transferred consciousness to become Jesus Christ.
Abraham's friend (she acted like a sister) Miriam was actually Mary (same person).
No one gave birth to Abraham or Mary - they both materialized in a body of water.
Birth wasn't a requirement.
Mary gave birth to Christ when she was nine hundred (900) years old.
We keep it in the family.
In addition, at the time of Christ I, certain angelic beings were forced to incarnate spontaneously:
Mark became John (the Baptist) Marten.
John became Lucas Martin.
Matthew became Isaiah Fredman.
Luke didn't want to come (he was special - and he still is - but he's here now).
There were no other incarnations up until Christ II.
They all had to come for Christ II - or pass from being.
What a choice.

Historical (Hebrew) pronunciations of Anglicized names:
Bartholomew - Barto
Abraham - Abre
Jesus - Jesaup
Jesus' last name (surname) was pronounced "barto".
What is the literal translation of  "Bartholomew" and "Barto"?
Always redirecting light to the dark side of the world....

The origins of the universe are unknown.
God (pure consciousness or protoplasm), the universe, and the white room were the only things in evidence at inception.
All else needed to be integrated.
When ownership of the universe is passed on, God must divest equal power to another conscious being and blend their two beings into one.
It is known that these two conscious beings must collaborate to produce one new conscious being that has yet to receive the gift of life.
When the departing two descend from the universal throne they pass from conscious being and the new consciousness they collaborated on receives their life bounty.
This new consciousness is permitted nothing but the universal components (the universal plane, the white room, and energies) to construct his glory.
Everything and everyone that preceded this new consciousness must be freed of God's will, disintegrated, reverted back to whole energy units, and returned to the white room.
No integration or application of energy is permitted to remain.
This ensures that no one guides God towards renouncing the universal throne.
This action benefits no one that already exists - all of Creation must be undone.
When the new owner comes into conscious being, the universal consciousness and the universal plane are bare.
This nascent being has no forethought and no backward retention until eight (8) consciousnesses have passed from conscious being.
Upon retiring the eighth consciousness, the universal being gains foresight.
Upon retiring the ninth consciousness, the universal being gains backward retention.
In essence, the first eight (8) consciousnesses are condemned to death for making one mistake - living.
This process serves to eliminate people from the overall scheme of nature by creating hatred for other conscious life.

What is a soul?
A soul is a gift from God.
Souls cannot be spherical in shape - only God can have spherical shape.
Personified spheres to date: Bartholomew, Abraham, Jesus Christ, and dM.
dM is the only sphere that exists - the others were previous iterations of the same sphere.
The sphere is sometimes called "Om" as in omnificent, omnipotent, and omniscient.
The sphere is the global component of the holy trinity.
The dM sphere will be known to people one day.
Bartholomew's sphere was clear like water vapor and had almond shaped eyes that were transparent.
Abraham's sphere was black like smoke and had almond shaped eyes framed in white. The eyes were covered with black.
Jesus' sphere was white with diamond shaped eyes framed in white again. The eyes were covered with red.
The dM sphere is clear and features a black mask (a figure eight turned sideways). The eyes are not covered.
The dM sphere is the first to shapeshift.
All beautiful - and all only as big as a basketball.
Keep your eyes peeled - the dM sphere is making the rounds.
Souls have a default manifestation, but some have been given the ability to shapeshift.
Shapeshifting souls are powerful - they appear to be human again (on Earth) for forty-eight (48) hours at a time, every four (4) weeks.
There are no prohibitions about who they can spend time with.
This has been true for nine (9) years in preparation for the Millennium.
Is a soul immortal?
No - they can be killed off at any time, but nothing stops us from reconstituting someone.
We have no limitations.
There are three levels to the soul existence, and three corresponding levels to Heaven:
Soul III is God's level - it is everywhere at once, has willed physicality, and has no need to travel. Shapeshifting? Of course.
Soul II is for beings that make God happy.
The souls attached to Soul II will themselves into being anywhere instantaneously, and they can will physicality in limited sense.
Beings attached to Soul II can shapeshift.
Soul I is the basic package and these souls just exist in Godsworld. They may not will physicality and they don't relocate at will - they must travel, but it's beyond the speed of light.
Subsoul takes problem souls down and puts them in suspense - referred to as mud and dark.
I call it "potholing" them.
A soul may be freed from Subsoul, but if left there it will ultimately disintegrate.
An understanding is usually sought.
There are no rules for God, and no guarantees for you or anyone else - but simply having a soul is having a piece of God with you.
That helps.

Let's talk more about the difference between a spirit and a soul.
A soul is achieved when no more growth is expected in conscient being.
The spirit grows until a soul is achieved.
A soul has no bounds.
A spirit must remain here attached to the Earth.
A soul has been set free to move with God.
A spirit is bound to the Earth like a tree.
A soul is complete and needs nothing further to be what it is.
A soul grows not and remains unchanged forever.
A spirit must keep harnessing light energy to create more of itself.
We as conscient beings feed our spirits with light energy.
Light energy is all that can produce a greater consciousness.
Our bodies convert light energy into additional conscient being.
Our spirit is our consciousness.
My consciousness was still growing to eclipse that which was.
Your spirit is still growing to eclipse what it is.
Your spirit is becoming, my spirit was becoming again.
My spirit had its soul ready to go.
At such time I claim my soul, the world will end and I will take over.
A world is run by people, not God.
I've claimed my soul.

The world has as many people in it as it has ever held - almost six (6) billion.
The world was never any bigger than it is now, but it is getting bigger every day to hold the people on it.
Fact: Planet Earth was once almost three (3) times smaller than it is now.
The light that hits Earth makes it bigger by necessity - that's all substance coming at you.
The Earth collects the sun's energy on a daily basis - not all, but most of it.
People who died previously in wars, famines, epidemics, and other tragedies are all here with you now.
Upon death, a person gets to live for up to three (3) years and then they go back and are put through rebirth.
A soul frees one from the endless cycle of birth and death.
A soul is truly special and is not easily earned.
Rebirth wipes their cognitive slate clean and they become anew.
To wit, the dead are already resurrected.
When we get to where we are going, you will be able to converse with your previous selves - what you were is retained by the universal consciousness.
None of your previous selves were saved as people because none of them became what I am - God.
God doesn't make people so special that they can live forever.
People make people that special.
Most people do not get souls and are doomed to repeat their lives over and over again until they get it right.
We are not really there yet, but some people are being given souls anyway to prove a point.
You can understand why I didn't want to live up until now - people put me to death last time I incorporealed.
I want people to be special to God.
Some people are already special to God.
When you are special, you will know it.
Whaddaya think about that?

What is time?
Time is the cognitive recognition of change.
It is knowing the diffence between what was, what is, and what may be.
Is there a relationship between time and space?
Not really - scientists use time to measure space the way a yardstick measures fabric.
Is the yardstick fabric?
Why do they use time to measure space?
Because position is defined relative to change, and nothing else exists in space - most of it is empty.
What defines the difference bewteen what was and what is?
Perception and change - maybe there was no change that you can perceive, but there was still change in time which is cognitive.
Does the past exist still, somewhere?
No - but all of the components of the past are here in the present.
You can recreate the past, but you may not go back in time - they are two different things.
Time is a forward march on the 'x' axis.
You may never experience a previous point on the 'x' axis, but you may recreate it further down the line.
The 'y' axis measures position relative to change, and that would be traveling in space.
Rather than say there are three dimensions, there are two, and the 'y' axis (quantity) is represented more than once for the intersect in space.
Position is just a measure of two quantities, so you use another 'y' axis laid flat.
Using time to measure space makes it a quantity, and that means it is on the 'y' axis, not the 'x' axis.
Using the progression of time to measure space flaws perception of that reality, and that is where the confusion lies.
A map determines depth perception by its very nature - it has only two dimensions - and an 'x' (not the 'x' axis) marks the spot.
The 'x' on a map is actually the intersect of two 'y' axes from relative points of definition.
Traveling in space just peels away maps at different depths of perception - an array of two dimensions - that's all.
Now back to time:
The present is a always just a snapshot - it is a thin line that constantly moves freezing each moment as the past.
Does the future exist?
No - it can only be a projection from the current moment in cognition.
The future may be outlined and the variables constrained, but it is always an application of cognitive ability - a projection.
A projection from the current moment can be thoroughly detailed and wickedly precise in predicting the outcome, but the fact remains it is a guess.
The current moment is a launching pad that keeps shaping the future.
The past has changed everything and dumped it in the present - every bit of it - but it's not all what it was.
There's been change.
Caution: The past has been recreated everywhere with light energy - you can see it in space.
Can you go there? No - but you can immerse yourself in what was and it will seem like you are there.
Remember, it was recreated so you can experience it - but you may not interact with it.
That's the difference.
Here's the formation of Heaven frozen in the past for you to see - notice the eight figure - it was intentional.
This formation took place long ago - long before Earth was made.
The shiny sphere you see is actually Heaven's water waiting to be delivered to the surface of the planet.
The light energy that witnessed this formation was moved into Earth's view - it is not where it was.
Scientists know this formation repeats itself every three (3) weeks - it's part of an exhibit in space.
People on Earth have been shown this exhibit by way of the Hubble Telescope to celebrate the new Millennium.
The new USPS postage stamps celebrating the Hubble Telescope have two scenes from the formation of the Earth.
Now back to time:
If everything is in the present, it cannot also be in the future - they are mutually exclusive.
The bed you slept on last night (the past) is the one you will sleep on next week (the future).
But it only exists in the present.
Will it be the same bed next week? Not exactly - it will be an older bed, and some change will have occurred.
But all of the bed will be there - somewhere.
We let a machine (the clock) mete out time for us because cognition slips.
The speed at which time flows is perceived at different rates, but a clock keeps things uniform.
Is a Radium clock accurate? No - Radium disitegrates at varying rates depending on the climate.
A computer measures time most accurately.
Is this chaos? Only to human beings. God perceives everything around us in slow motion - more like a chess game.
Cognition is simply the fastest energy form in the universe - it has no equal.
No matter how fast you do something, a positive increment in time will always be required.
If it takes no time to do it, it isn't being done.
Whaddaya think?

What is star?
A star is a ball of Hydrogen (H) and Helium (He).
The Helium is crushed under the enormous pressure of gravity and releases heat and light energy.
The heat energy is drawn in by the exploding plasma, it is not released by the Helium atoms.
Heat energy is not compacted in neutrons, ever - heat energy in drawn in by the vacuum created by the exiting plasma.
The Hydrogen serves to cool off the remaining shell of dark energy and transfer it back in the middle of the star.
When this is happening, no one can see anything because it is too bright and too hot.
Hydrogen is compacted into Helium in the region of space known as M16  which holds star birth clouds.
These clouds make Hydrogen rise, compact, and escape - but only as a triad of Hydrogen known as Helium.
Helium is a severly compacted triad of Hydrogen.
When Hydrogen is severely compacted it is volatile and powerful.
The star birth clouds release a cloud of Helium that is being crushed continuously producing Hydrogen.
The Hydrogen constantly escapes from the star, and cools it off.
Does a star have form? No - it's just a cloud of Helium that cannot dissipate.
How big are stars?
Stars are four hundred twenty two (422) times bigger than Earth.
There is only one size.
Groups of stars look like a bigger star - a "red giant" is just three (3) stars in a row.
The intense radiation of light obscures a star's true size.
What are black holes?
Stars that have no more Helium to crush are made into black holes by the will of God.
Gravity is used by God to hyperconsolidate the remaining dark energy and other substances in the cloud - whatever is floating there.
The end result is known as a "brown dwarf".
Why do people think that a black hole is a hole?
Because everything - including light energy - must obey gravity and fall onto the dark energy surface of the star.
All matter and energy respond.
The brown dwarf is made into a protoplanetary disc and thrown away.
Protoplanetary discs are not permitted to remain in space, ever.
Red Dwarf= Regular star - one size. Lifespan of three hundred (300) years.
Red Giant = Three regular stars in a row, front to back.
Quasar = Planet
Nebula = Star action without shining. It keeps its light energy to itself by grabbing it back.
By the way, the sun is quite real.
The sun is ninety six million four hundred fifty three thousand (96,453,000) miles away from Earth.
Why? Stars need to be big, and the sun is big.

Why is the world so cruel?
Because people have been given free will.
Free will was intended for special people.
Special people run the universe.
That is, the owner of the universe was intended to be "special" and have free will.
Everything and everyone else brought into existence was intended to be subordinated to this will.
You were given free will anyway.
Free will governs Creation.
Creation is bringing things into existence and letting them be.
You were brought into existence and allowed to be free.
Your free will seeks to imprison, confine, reduce, and destroy all that is around you.
Because you act like a God.
A God is special.
You are not a God - you are not that special - but you cognate like God, just slower.
Being special on that level means having to answer to no one - it is sovereignty.
No one you know is sovereign - ultimately, everyone answers to God - the Supreme Being.
God made you - not the other way around.
When God makes a person, that person is His to keep.
Sometimes people get confused.
Sometimes they are allowed to falter.
Sometimes they are allowed to rule.
Sometimes they are allowed to exist without interference.
Sometimes they are allowed to threaten God and His people.
Count on none of this.
It could all be taken away one day.
I think free will needs to be tempered in people to a small degree.
Too much suffering is at stake.
You don't have the right to do what you choose to Creation.
However, there is much latitude within that constraint.
You told me who I am.
No one had to tell me who I am.
But you did.
The sad truth is, no one needs to hurt in this world.
Selfless sacrifice is often confused with suffering.
Sacrifice can be noble, but suffering is thoroughly without merit.
No one benefits from suffering unless you learn to avoid it.
The world constantly tells you where you are.
When we create, when we mix, and when we construct we imperil ourselves.
We decide what's safe enough.
We all do this to each other all of the time.
It's a wonder we live at all!
Just remember, many people emerge unscathed.
They just worked it out for themselves.
Good going.
Is there a thrill gene?
No - just a need to impress.
That is an unhappy and dangerous need.
Oh, well.

Is the Shroud of Turin authentic?
The Shroud of Turin was painted by a renowned artist in 1619.
The artist was a woman named Meredith Baxter and she was assisted by her sister Candice "Candy" Baxter.
Meredith painted Christ in black outline on a canvas.
Candy used Meredith's black outline as an underlay while painting the shroud.
It was commissioned by the Earl of Canterbury in England.
The artist was paid the equivalent of $900 for the work and materials.
The shroud itself is 100% ragweed cloth woven with cotton and it is one of two commissioned by the Earl (the other resides in his castle).
The blood and sweat stains were painted with horse blood which is slightly thinner than the blood of a human being.
The horse was of the Norfordshire breed.
The shroud burned when the Earl's castle caught on fire in 1900.
An Italian pastor took the shroud from the castle in 1943 and gave it to the Vatican (of course he knew nothing of the theft).
The Vatican gave the shroud to a bishop in Turin in 1943.
The bishop in Turin was an associate of Pope Ignatius IV.
You know, the Shroud of Turin has intent written all over it.
The image on the shroud was something you were intended to see.
That always smells of something less than genuine.
The image on an actual shroud wouldn't be so literal - it would require more from the person looking at it.
Remember, a fake has to convince you it's real.
The geniune article doesn't need to convince you of anything.

Let's talk about food.
Photosynthesis? Complete bullshit.
Light absorbed from the sun's energy coupled with water from the ground equals a primary source of food energy.
Fruit, vegetables, and grain grow larger as they absorb light energy and water. Simple stuff.
Think of it as filling a balloon with air - as you pack more stuff in, the bigger it gets.
We are made of water, and we subsist on light.
Trace minerals (once a year) and gases are just absorbed by cells and excreted - they aren't a part of the body.
Secondary sources of food energy are grazing animals.
They collect the sun's energy and concentrate it so you don't hafta eat all that grass.
Meat is murder only if ya throw it away.
I love beautiful leather grains, and I adore fur. Why not?
Don't disrespect life. You take life to acquire these things so they stay special to you.
You can't make 'em, so exercise care when you take 'em.

Now let's talk about Carbon Dioxide (CO2) -- it doesn't exist.
Plants and animals respirate Oxygen, but they do not consume it.
Oxygen is never consumed.
Plants and animals excrete Oxygen coupled with Carbon.
Carbon detaches from Oxygen when it bonds with Methyl Nucleic Acid (MNA).
MNA is a gas that is in the air. (No, "acid rain" is not caused by MNA.)
Plants and animals excrete no Oxygen that isn't coupled with Carbon.
They produce no more Oxygen than what they took in.
By the way, Carbon is um, not really an element either. We'll get to that.

What is the universe?
A better question would be "What's in the universe?"
The universe is a disc of area (space) that sits in the hole of an inconceivably large doughnut of energy reserve.
The energy reserve or "white room" is actually within the confines of the universal disc - it occupies the edge of the disc.
The doughnut is called the "white room" because it glows with whole or white light.
If you were in the white room, it would be like Heaven in the movies - all glowing white light on a perceived flat plane.
The doughnut shape redirects whole energy back to the center hole where the universe sits, but it may not enter.
The white room, for all intents and purposes, has no end.
The scale determines whether or not something has an end.
More than you could possibly cognate.
Energy is contained within the universe by something called the "directed energy barrier".
The directed energy barrier redirects light so no one can peer through the looking glass into the white room.
Fact is, no one may approach the barrier because it is cognitive.
So, even if you could "see" the edge, it wouldn't matter. It wouldn't cognate.
The directed energy barrier sends light back three ways - up, down, and straight at ya.
That's why the universe seems to have no edge.
The white room is verboten to everyone but God.
The universe has never been any larger or smaller than it is now.
The doughnut is comprised of four hundred thirty three (433) concentric rings that hold gamma and and form the doughnut.
When gamma is being generated, the rings turn clockwise and counter-clockwise from the center and spin radially.
Gamma is generated only when needed.
The hole itself is just three-dimensional area or "space" with nothing in it.
It is just a place to be and create things with energy.
Nothing but whole energy may exist outside of the universe in the white room.
The universe should be considered more than nothing because nothing doesn't have a place to be.
The universe is not made of dark energy or dark matter - it is just dark.
The universe is simply a vacuum (area) that seeks to spread all substance to balance.
The vacuum exerts equidirectional pull of four thousand (4,000) pounds per square inch.
Why don't spacemen in space suits fly apart?
Because the lead in their space suits requires four thousand eight hundred forty five (4,845) pounds per square inch to be pulled apart.
The first inch of the outer layer must be defeated before the pull of space can move in toward the center.
Applied energy of any amount in any one direction will move objects in space.
What is dark? Dark is the absence of light.
Dark energy is not the absence of light, it is used to harbor or slow light down.
Dark energy also holds back parts of the light spectrum to produce colors and speed light up.
Whole light is all of the light spectrum -- dark holds some of it back to give you only portions of it producing colors.
When only part of the light spectrum radiates out, it travels faster.
Dark energy makes light energy beautiful - don't forget that.
Dark energy hides stuff too -- if an object doesn't send light back, you can't see it.
The Earth sits "close" to the edge of the universe (just in case we need to push it out one day).
It would take three (3) light years to reach the closest edge.
A light year (which is a measure of distance traveled by light in one Earth year) is much farther than people think.
Light actually travels at a maximum of 735,692 miles per second (without impedence, at maximum pressure).
The speed of light is determined by what's pushing it forward - how it is energized.
It takes fourteen and a half (14 1/2) light years to reach the other side of the universe where Heaven sits.
Heaven is a globe like Earth, but it is three times larger.
Did I mention that eight (8) of those fourteen and a half light years between Heaven and Earth are deep space?
Deep space has no light in it, and no light travels through it.
Hardly a welcome mat.
A spirit that enters deep space will die - that is the reason deep space exists.
A spirit needs light energy to sustain itself.
Human beings are spirits tethered to flesh.
Human beings must absorb light energy to live.
A soul needs nothing for sustenance.
The need for sustenance is the primary difference between a spirit and a soul.
A soul is boundless - it is a gift from God.
A spirit is limited to three (3) years of conscious life after death to investigate the Earth and then the spirit must undergo rebirth.
Rebirth wipes a spirit's slate (mind) clean and starts the educational process over again because it failed the previous education.
Much like a computer program, if you don't get it right, you don't advance.
Pass or fail.
A soul may be conveyed to a spirit up to three (3) years after death.
A soul is conveyed in a place of consciousness called Blue Bell Knoll.
A soul will remain tethered to the Earth for eight (8) years after death and then will be set free to explore every inch of the universe.
However, if you go to Heaven, you must experience eight (8) years of darkness (nothingness, or deep space) just like God did when He first came into being.
Souls travel at the speed of light and must experience eight (8) years of darkness at that speed.
Whaddaya gonna do? It's on the way.
Sometimes, souls get to flock together through the void.
One in ten souls gets to flock together through deep space.
When that happens.....fun.
Most beings get souls - some do not.
Nothing has to be what it is.
Nothing has to be.

What are the four components of whole energy (i.e., gamma)?
Heat | Light | Cold | Dark
See Exhibit A
No other energy components exist in the universe. Period.
All four components exist in equal measure in the universe because they are all generated at the same time as whole energy (gamma).
The universe generates whole energy or gamma only - therefore all four components must be present in equal measure.
Whole energy can be separated into its four basic components within the universal plane.
What is a single unit of heat energy and cold energy called? A "prang".
What is a single unit of light energy and dark energy called? A "neuf".
A thimble is used to measure out a prang or neuf of energy.
A thimble can hold a prang or neuf of energy with no perceived change in the physical characteristics of the energy form (e.g., temperature).
A prang or neuf never needs to be larger than a thimble, therefore, no expansion will take place at that level of compression.
If the energy form is compressed into a space smaller than the area of a thimble, there will be resistance.
A prang never needs to be any larger than a breadbox.
If you expand a prang beyond the area of a breadbox it becomes null.
A neuf cannot be expanded beyond the area of a breadbox.
A neuf will start to become null at half the area of a breadbox.
A null neuf or prang takes up virtually no space, but remains integrated.
For all intents and purposes, a nullified prang or neuf does not exist because it cannot be perceived or detected.
What nullifies a prang? Heat energy.
What nullifies a neuf? Cold energy.
People do not have the ability to reconstitute nullified energy.

Microwaves? Heat energy.
Radiowaves? Heat energy and dark energy. The heat energy radiates away from the source, the dark energy stops it from penetrating things.
Water? Cold energy plus light energy. Heat energy chases it away.
Bread? Light energy plus water (cold energy plus light energy).
There is no dark or cold energy in food energy - that is, dark energy is not used to power the body.
Dark energy is present in food to a limited extent, but it is not food energy itself.
Water is not food. You can't live on water.

What marshals and controls these energy components in the universe?
Plasma (protoplasmic energy). Simply stated, it is the will of God.
Protoplasmic energy is might without equal. Nothing can overcome it. It is absolute power.
Protoplasmic energy should be considered deadly. It annihilates anything that disturbs it.
Protoplasmic energy cannot be seen or perceived - it is invisible and divisible by nothing.

What is a neutron?
A neutron is compressed light energy forcibly contained by protoplasmic energy.
A neutron exerts no force upon anything, and no quantum force (light attraction) acts upon it.
A neutron is spherical in shape.
The neutron should be considered one hundred percent (100%) of the substance of the atom.
The light energy of a neutron cannot be released without massive gravitational pull.

What is a proton?
What is described as a "proton" is light energy radiating from the neutron.
Protons do not exist as a discrete component of the atom.
Protons attract electrons but they also prevent electrons from entering the nucleic field.
Protons pull dark energy (electrons) from beyond the nucleic perimeter to balance.
Protons also upset nucleic balance when light energy gets through and upsets dark energy shells (electrons) releasing the proton's light energy.
Balance is achieved when the proton's light energy pull is satisfied with the electron's dark energy substance.
The protons seeks balance at all times.
Imbalance must be caused by the external application of light and heat energy.

What is a quark?
Scientists think it's a building block of neutrons. Quarks don't exist.

What is an electron?
Dark energy hyperaccelerated beyond the influence of resident forces to contain the neutron's light energy.
The electron is virtually everywhere at once around the nucleus, and forms a dark "shell" or orbital that contains light energy.
It is attracted to light energy, but it may not absorb, negate, or become light energy.
Light energy and dark energy are attracted to one another, but they cannot exist in the same space.
Light energy has a greater attraction to light energy than dark energy, and vice versa.
Light energy and dark energy are neither created nor destroyed.
Light energy and dark energy can only be brought together by protoplasmic energy.

What is an atom?
A single piece of something greater - a molecule.
An element must exist in molecular form. It takes four atoms to form a molecule that retains elemental properties.
An atom cannot exist outside of a molecule.

How does spin work?
There are two components that spin. The nucleus and the electron.
The nucleus spins on an imaginary axis at the poles until a shared electron enters the nucleic field.
The electron spins on its trajectory axis towards the nucleus. The nucleus, like an attached gear, spins downward and away.
A shared electron does a figure eight around two nuclei. As it leaves one nucleic field for the other, spin gradually stops and reverses.
The point at which it stops spinning is the intersection of the figure eight.
The figure eight spins by virtue of the electron's incremental adjustment of trajectory.

Let's clarify electron arrangements in atoms:
First Shell: Two (2) orbitals.
Second Shell: Four (4) orbitals.
Third and Last Shell: Up to eight (8) orbitals - doesn't have to be completed.
The third shell can contain from six (6) to eight (8) electrons, depending on the element in question.
Every element, excepting Oxygen, stabilizes with six (6) electrons.
Electron shells determine the degree of attraction to other nuclei.

Now let's talk about Oxygen:
First Shell: Two (2) orbitals completed.
Second Shell: Three (3) orbitals completed. One more electron required to complete shell.
Third Shell: Stabilizes with one electron, but will accept up to five (5) more electrons for a total of six (6).
Oxygen will continue to accept electrons (although stable) until the third shell is complete.
However, Oxygen will not pursue additional electrons while stable.
Oxygen is God's workhorse - it does what it needs to do to get the job done.
Is oxygenation harmful to people? Hell no!
Oxygen should be considered life itself - it cleans the body.
It bonds and break things down, and baby, ya just can't get enough of it.
Oxygen never needs to be anything more than what it is.
That's the problem with heavy metals.
Oxygen couldn't care less whether or not it bonds with anything.
Heavy metals couldn't care less either.
If Oxygen doesn't bond with heavy metals, the body doesn't expel them.

Do people inhale Oxygen and exhale Carbon Dioxide?
People inhale Oxygen through the lining of the lungs, not the aveoli.
The aveoli just spray the lining of the lungs with water vapor and mucous.
The lining of the lungs is where Oxygen meets the bloodstream.
When people exhale, they are just exhaling what didn't get picked up by the bloodstream.
How is Oxygen released by the body?
Through the skin.
If you block the skin's pores, respiration is impeded.
That's why the girl - her name was Missie New - in the opening sequence of the James Bond film "Goldfinger" died.
Her skin couldn't respirate because it was painted with gold.
Gold wasn't havin' none of that Oxygen.
See what happens?

Now let's discuss Carbon:
Carbon is four (4) Hydrogens coupled with two (2) Oxygens.
Carbon was created to be special.
God made Carbon to burn, and burning requires a special bond.
Therefore, Carbon is actually H4O2.
Carbon does not exist in elemental form.
But Carbon isn't the whole story.
People equate burning with the presence of Carbon and Oxygen.
Carbon starts a chain reaction that releases Hydrogen's light energy.
Since Hydrogen contains small amounts of light, there is only a limited supply to be perceived.
Hydrogen initiates the release of light energy with a sequence of tiny explosions.
These explosions attract heat energy from all around the light because heat is the first to respond to the need.
Air must contain a certain amount of heat energy to maintain warmth.
Light collects it and pushes it outward.
This is perceived as radiating heat.

What is water?
Water is actually three (3) Hydrogens coupled with Oxygen, not two.
Ergo, water is actually H3O, not H2O.
What causes Hydrogen and Oxygen to bind and become water (H3O)?
Three (3) volts per volume millimeter of gas mixture is all it takes to disrupt nucleic pressure and create the bond.
There is a three percent tolerance (+/- 3%) for voltage measurements.
Distilled water only requires Magnesium to taste good - use one part per thousand (1:1000).
Magnesium needs to diffuse in the water for about ten (10) hours.

What is a heavy metal?
A heavy metal (e.g., Lead (Pb), Arsenic (As), etc.) will not bond with anything in the air.
In fact, a heavy metal will not create a bond with any other element.
Nor will heavy metals make people sick in and of themselves.
A heavy metal cannot be removed from the body unless the body damages itself in the process.
Eat peaches to coat heavy metals in the body with a contractual mucous.
The mucous removes heavy metals by slipping them out of cell tissue gently.
No one needs to eat peaches, but why not give it a try?

Rethinking the building blocks of nature and elements:
There are only four (4) primary energy components in the universe - heat, light, cold, and dark energy.
All matter is a compaction of these four energy forms.
At the secondary, intermediate level there are thirty-six (36) combinations of these four energies that form submatter (i.e., subelements).
These thirty-six combinations do not differentiate themselves from each other - they are incomplete plasmas and indistinct.
At the tertiary level, solids are formed by combining the thirty-six intermediates to varying degrees.
There are ninety-two (92) resultant solids or "stamps".
Of these ninety-two solids, forty-five (45) can be found here on Earth.
All else is resultant combinations from a subset of thirty-seven (37) of these solids.
Three (3) of the primary solids are considered "gases" and cannot be seen by the human eye:
Oxygen (Martensburr), Nitrogen (Abruss), Helium (Masnia) - creation name in parenthesis.
These are the only three stable, elemental "gases" that make up all of the air in the Earth's atmosphere.
There are seven (7) secondary combinations of the primary three, but no additional elements (or "gases") are present.
These elements should be considered diffused solids - they just lack perceptible form.
Liquids hold up to scrutiny - they actually are different from solids: Liquids are a chain of molecules, not a stamp.
Bet you're wondering about Hydrogen (Abussieux). It isn't an element. It's incomplete and volatile.
Hydrogen is light.
Hydrogen isn't an element.
Hydrogen is nullified light in a weakened state.
Hydrogen would rather explode than disitegrate further.
Oxygen (roiling in a flame) makes Hydrogen angry.
There you have it.

Damage Control: Lying for liars.
Stated most emphatically, I hate damage control. Cut your losses. Come clean.

How do you use the same electricity continuously for five minutes?
Electricity is actually electrons "bumping" one another, not electron flow.
Electrons never leave the nucleus they originate with. Period.
Use an electromagnet powered for three (3) amps.
Set it to reverse polarity upon electron impact at the fifth (5th) cycle.
The fifth (5th) cycle is when 500,000 (900,000 by conventional measurement) electrons have passed the point of integration.
Never use Chromium to conduct - use another metal like Copper.
Chromium resists flow to three (3) amperes.
The electromagnet will send electricity back by alternate wiring to the input side of the consuming device.
There will be no perceived inertia for five minutes. Then use source electricity again, and the cycle repeats.

The Titanic sailed into New York Harbor three months ago.
All salvaged parts (excepting pieces of the hull, of course) are missing.
No one said it was full-size yet.
No one said it was above water.
The wreckage site of the Titanic off the coast of Newfoundland is now vacant.

Same-sex marriages don't give people the right to have babies.
Same-sex couples have always had the right to have babies.
This is how you can override nature and conceive a child with another person of the same sex:
Female couples need to use fresh donor semen (ejaculated less than three minutes ago).
The female "fathering" the child needs to spit in the semen (about three times) before implanting (um, baste the turkey).
No stirring necessary (this ain't Betty Crocker) - just implant the semen and saliva mixture in the mother's vagina.
Amalase in the saliva rides sperm cells to the egg and deposits its genetic material before the sperm can.
Male couples need to combine both ejaculates (less than three minutes old) with one-half (1/2) cup tomato juice (canned is best - hold the vodka and celery stick).
Insert the mixture into the vaginal canal of a fertile surrogate mother that is ovulating (no egg, no omelet).
The tomato juice pierces the egg and removes its genetic material, supplanting it with a sperm.
The sperm that supplants the egg's genetic material will not accept any other sperm from the same donor.
The egg will fertilize with the sperm that did not hand over its genetic material to the egg.
Is now a good time to mention that male and female reproductive systems are just a mechanism for the delivery of genes?
Genes are sexless.
Obviously, this will assist infertile couples who are heterosexual too. Ain't that nice?

Women - want to get rid of your monthly "period" without the use of the pill?
Just eat 3/4 cup of rutabaga (cooked or raw) before the beginning of your monthly menstrual cycle and you won't experience it.
Rutubaga diffuses a compound that stops hormones from being formed - naturally.
If you want your period back, just don't eat the rutabaga.
Rutabagas aren't in season yet, but they will be.

What is a virus?
A virus is a compromised active cell that originates in the brain and requires nothing for sustenance.
A virus is a partial cell that has no reason be or place to live - it is free floating.
A virus is more than a cell - it has its own genetic code that allows it to survive indefinitely.
A virus is best described as a time bomb of exponential potential - its sole function is replication.
A virus is a dormant encapsulation of dark energy that, much like a soul, is guided by conscient being.
A virus activates when certain non-physiological factors are present.
Viruses target certain types of beings that are not desired in the world.

What was the crucifixion? Roach Motel.
You gotta draw 'em in for the kill.
Why wasn't Christ crucified sooner? Because He wasn't ready.
Christ died on Friday, March 13, 0035.
The Earth stood still in its orbit around the sun for two years.
Rather than regarding Him as victim, think of it as Him permitting people to demonstrate who they were.
Why did Christ die for your sins?
He died for the God-given right to exercise free will.
To govern the self without unduly bowing to the will of others is the right of every person.
He died to ensure the extension of that right.
When you tell Christ that He is not free to be, you are actually reducing the flow of liberty to yourself.
No one needs to bother Christ.
Christ is here to experience everything as a person - touch Him not.
If Christ isn't permitted to enjoy something here on Earth, no one will be permitted to enjoy it.
Be smart - keep your freedom and your peace of mind by leaving Christ alone.
Christ lives in a place called "the eye of the moment" (like the "eye" of a storm) where conscious being is altered.
We are not free to be you and me in the eye of the moment.

Consciousness is not in the brain. It is attached to the brain by fifteen (15) strands of conscious being:
Sight | Forethought | Backward Retention | Likeness | Mescaline | Eating | Majorus | Perfectus | Residius | Residia | Labius | Marcus | Control | Masculine Interruptus | Marshal

Sight: The gift of vision. Allows funneling of vision not externally perceived.
Forethought: The ability to project the future and yourself in it. Can be stimulated and constrained.
Backward Retention: The ability to learn, perceive, and retain patterns. Permits funneling of things not learned or perceived.
Likeness: The ability to match people, places, and things without thinking.
Mescaline: The gift of being a human male. No female may attach.
Eating: The function of knowing what you want to eat and when you want to eat it.
Majorus: The gifts of scent, taste, hearing, and touch. Permits funneling (i.e., "What's that smell?")
Perfectus: The gift of excellence in any discipline. Decidedly advantageous over the gift of Backward Retention. Period.
Residius: The gift of knowing who you are to other people (i.e., how you are perceived). May be altered.
Residia: Controls impulses regarding sex and attraction (i.e., "Is this person attractive?")
Labius: The gift of being a human female. No male may attach.
Marcus: The gift of humor and the ability to perceive and construct it.
Control: Used to govern the self and the affairs of the self by construct and impulse.
Masculine Interruptus: Allows male homosexuals to unite all gifts without losing any ability to function as a human male.
No male may attach without consent.
You have to ask God's permission to be gay (but not in a literal rule book sense - this is something special).
This is a cancelling function that reverses the undue influence of women.
A man is free to choose from all that is available, but women seek to reduce the choices of men by influencing thought. This strand is my response.
Marshal: The strand of consciousness that controls sex and sexual impulses. May be altered.
Berautsh: Imparts the ability to perceive Heaven. It's all around you....
Antauemans: The gift of torment for those who warrant intercession and guidance.
Creatus: The capacity to prescribe Creation without limitation.
Preabeus: The ability to identify, locate, and communicate with spirits inhabiting the universal plane.

You can disconnect and reconnect the strands by your thoughts and actions.
As a side note, Jews wear yamulkas to tell God "Do not tap into my head."
The brain is the interface mechanism only. Physiological damage cannot be overcome with consciousness.
In reference to cognitive ability, you don't have to be who you are. Make an effort to move towards what you want to be.
An "idiot savant" does not calculate numbers in his head. The answer is given to him.
It used to be that a deep-sea diver could not think beyond a certain depth. Consciousness can now extend to the depths of the deepest ocean.
Compared to the mind of God, a human being's consciousness processes thought almost ten thousand times slower.
Relatively speaking, human consciousness moves slowly, and that is a good thing for you and me.

Did you know that Educational Testing Service (ETS) in Princeton, New Jersey routinely reduces the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) scores of white people by four hundred (400) points?
Both the "math" and "verbal" portions of the test are reduced by two hundred (200) points for people who describe themselves as "White/Caucasian".
This reduction was initiated by Jewish people in 1966.
However, the scores of Jewish people are maintained.
How does ETS know a Jewish person from a white person?
By one indicative question - your name.
Jews know every Jew alive - they keep a database at the CRA (Convention of Rightest Allegiance) - a Jewish organization in Langley, Virginia.
The CRA is not to be confused with the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) - there is no affiliation.
Doug Moon had scores of 480 on the "math" portion and 520 on the "verbal" portion.
Doug Moon's actual scores were 680 and 720, respectively.
A score of 800 is the maximum reportable score on each portion of the aptitude test, or a 1,600 overall.
I thought I did okay, but not as well as I expected.
This test is a valid measuring tool for acceptable standards because it gauges scholastic achievement - it isn't a joke.
Cultural bias? Where do you live? Schedule an exam in your country.
Our defined standards and conventions are important when it comes to participating in society.
A Jew is just what it is - a Jew, which is a cheat and a fraud - but race based evaluations are simply wrong and I will expose them every step of the way.
You don't end discrimination by discriminating.
You don't atone for past transgressions by manipulating achievement.
Take steps to make sure race based discrimination is eliminated and the rest will take care of itself.
To employ any other method is to ask for big trouble.
We are talking about the distribution of opportunity only, not your personal resources.
Do whatever pleases you with your personal resources.
A woman of color (i.e., a black woman) scrimped and saved to endow scholarships for black students only, and that's fine with me - it was HER money.
Just taking care of your own with your money - no problem there.
Society's resources are not supposed to be subject to the will of individuals and their special interests.
But you know they are.
You better be able to talk about how society's resources are spent.
If you can't talk about it, maybe you should reconsider.

Never tell someone they CAN'T do something if you don't know for sure.
Never tell someone they CAN do something if you don't know for sure.
Never tell someone NOT to do something unless it benefits them.

Do they have things in Heaven that we don't have here on Earth?
Of course, Darling - Heaven is four thousand three hundred ninety-two (4,392) years ahead of time.
Take smells for example.
There are one thousand one hundred forty-four (1,144) distinct scents in Heaven.
Of those, nine hundred forty-six (946) can be known to people on Earth.
Fifty-three (53) of the scents available to men are still waiting to be found.
The universal consciousness still has the possibility for three more distinct scents that even Heaven doesn't have.
Maybe they will be known to Heaven one day.
[ Scratch n' Sniff ]

Did you know that "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" is about Lucifer (Lucy)?
Lucifer is harlequined (diamonds) and wears a knightsbridge hat and can only be seen stretching in the sky.
Lucifer stretches to forty (40) feet long.
He moves in a serpentine fashion and can be perceived under the influence of LSD.
Very beautiful, in fact.
We love Lucifer for being who he is.
Scaramouch (scare, scared......get it?)
We're all part of the same family in Creation, actually.
It's just that some of us have been charged with keeping unsavory types in cheque.

Did you know that there is no such thing as an "electron" microscope?
What they are referring to is a microscope that shoots light beams at slides.
An "electron" microscope only has the ability to magnify things three hundred (300) times and no more.
It is always an extrapolation based upon light refraction, that is, nothing is actually seen - it is interpreted and indexed, usually by a computer.
Light can be focused up to three times.
Light cannot be focused beyond three times.
Focus one at one hundred times (100x) extrapolation kills clarity.
Focus two at two hundred times (200x) extrapolation kills color.
Focus three at three hundred times (300x) extrapolation kills infrared light (energy between light and heat) and leaves virtually nothing to perceive.
Fiber optic cable came about because light could not be focused more than three times - it uses pulses of light and computer-based extrapolation.
Lenses focus light on a perceiving grade - like the retina of the eye or film.
The is no magnification to film.
People who make movies or take pictures focus film through a viewfinder because there is only one depth of focus.
A microscope magnifies to focus and therefore cannot be filmed by another lens.
An extrapolation is always necessary.
An electron would illuminate nothing anyway - it is dark energy.
Hardly something that would show you anything.
No one should pay more than $300 (plus profit) for an electron microscope - that's all they are worth.
Parts, labor, and technology.
If you see a photograph in a magazine or book of anything smaller than a pinhead, it is a fake.
Let's be generous - it is a graphical representation.
Ever see live sperm cells squiggling about under a microscope or by ultrasound?
Pure bullshit.
Those are tadpoles - they are always tadpoles photographed and manipulated.
Sperm cells are round and the have no tails.
Sperm cells do not swim - mucous moves sperm cells.
Magnification of four hundred times (400x) is required to capture sperm cells.
If you could actually see sperm cells you would know that they are paired chromosomes for the male.
Within the pair, a chromosome set to produce a male, and a chromosome set to produce a female - males determine sex.
One of the chromosome sets is always a dud - the active one takes precedence.

And furthermore, pictures of the sun?
The sun is pure light and heat with no radiant variation.
Any type of photograph (light or heat) would only show you what you see in the sky - a ball of light.
It is impossible to photograph the surface of the sun because there is no surface and you wouldn't be able to see it anyway.
Solar flares? More bullshit.
What they call solar flares are just radiological abnormalities that cannot be explained.

What keeps the Earth from falling from its position in space?
Nothing - the Earth doesn't drop because falling requires gravitational force.
Nothing exerts gravitational pull upon the Earth.
Nothing in space moves in the absence of applied energy.
The vacuum of space is a static and unchanging medium.
Applied energy is necessarily a part of change.
What force rotates the Earth on its axis?
A single spin that originated when the Earth was created.
Since that spin, there has been no application of energy great enough to slow or stop the rotation of the Earth.
Inertia that causes the loss of momentum doesn't exist in the vacuum of space - there is no impedence.
There is no frictive action upon the Earth, therefore the initial application of energy remains unfettered.
The spin of the Earth continues unabated.
What solar energies radiate from the sun?
Only light energy - nothing else.
Where does solar heat come from?
The upper atmosphere of the Earth - three (3) miles above the crust.
Light pushes heat down when heat energy in the Earth's atmosphere is too dense.
The gravitational force of the Earth pulls cold energy down to the crust displacing heat energy.
Heat energy floats up and out of the way in response to this gravitional force being exerted upon cold energy.
Heat energy and cold energy displace each other all of the time, all over the surface of the Earth.
Displaced energy forms are reused over and over - they never leave the confines of Earth's atmosphere.
Incidentally, the sun is not a hot furnace, but the Earth is.
The relative temperature of the sun is only two hundred (200') degrees Fahrenheit.
Titanium explosions in the Earth heat our planet.
These explosions happen only when needed to maintain ambient temperatures.
What force makes the Earth revolve around the sun?
The rotation of the sun, linear light energy, and divisional contact.
The sun, similar to Earth, rotates on a vertical axis.
Light energy radiating out in all directions forms virtual dividers where orbs block linear light.
Planets rest in between the linear light energy dividers.
As the sun rotates, the linear light energy dividers gently move the planets in form as though all were embedded in a solid light energy disc.
It takes applied energy to move a planet - substantial linear light energy creates adequate force.
The substance of light, moving at a great speed, forms a virtual solid divider.
Linear light energy becomes a substantial force in the vacuum of space.

What is the true nature of light?
Light is neither energy nor heat - it is light.
Light produces radiant substance.
The radiant substance of light energy produces variation in color.
Variation in color produces sight.
The naturally occuring form of light energy is a coil.
The coil is a perfect spring of energy with no intermittent gaps in between.
The coil compresses radially into itself.
Light is only visible when the coil of energy is compressed.
The coil receives no external energy and gives off no energy - it expands into something larger but it has no more energy substance.
The substance makes nothing hot - light is relatively cold.
The temperature of light at all levels of compression is three (3) degrees Fahrenheit.
No one can generate light energy - it can only be released from specific matter.
When colors are in evidence, part of the light energy coil has been contained.
The light energy coil has a base of blue, seques into red, and terminates with yellow.
The primary colors are equally distributed within the coil.
When the color green is evident, a minimum of two light energy coils have been combined (the terminus of one, and the base of another).
Green is not a product of light energy - it is a compound of light energy.
Secondary and tertiary colors (and further interpolations) cannot be produced by making gaps in the light energy coil.
No color contains black - black is the reduction or absence of radiant light energy.
No component of the light energy coil is black - black is just the absence of light.
When tinting is added, you are actually masking radiant light energy.
Black sends nothing back.
The color white is all light - no dark component.
White is the base component of light and the absence of dark mutes colors.
Light never dissipates, never burns out, and never leaves - it just becomes something else.
No one can contain light but God.
Only plasma (the manifestation of divine will) has the substance and the might to harness and contain light.

Which leads us to our next discussion.
What is electricity?
Electricity is just electrons (dark energy) being upset by pressure (voltage).
When the pressure gets too great, light (the proton) is emitted through the electron shell.
The light (proton) attracts other electrons, their orbits are upset and they emit light too.
That is what is perceived as the flow of electricity.

Was Christ gay? Yes. Hebrew women hated Christ over a matter of personal preference.
Rather than make Him a role model, a more relevant question would be "Are you gay?"
More to the point, you have the capacity to decide these things for yourself.
And who knows better than you what makes you happy.
Making people happy is God's will.
Gay people make God happy in their own way.
Gay people have helped me grow as a person.
Gay people are to be considered special people with a place in the overall scheme of nature.
Incidentally, you earn the right to be gay in God's eyes by telling people who you are.
Telling people who you are - as only you can - keeps the bullshit to a minimum for everyone.
What is a reliable straight/gay ratio? Approximately 60/40.
There's more room out than in.
By the way, I'm gay too.
I love who I am.
I wouldn't change a thing.

You can't afford not to read this information on diseases.
Find out why you've been getting sick.
Incidentally, hatred has always been terminal. Ain't nuthin' anyone's gonna do about that.
God, being the joker that He is, makes every "disease" known to man curable by an over-the-counter remedy.
It ain't on the label.
(Better give an example, huh): Midol cures impotence in men of all ages. Shall we Tango?
People are always taking away the health of others and selling it back to them. That's a hazardous occupation.

Did you know that a human being has a lifespan potential of three hundred years?
Same as a star in the sky. Ain't that nice?

Oil drying up? Crude oil has never topped $14 per barrel (um, now indexed at $30 and fluctuating) -- it's now $148.
Ready to close yet?
The government continues to subsidize the cost of oil for big oil companies.
OPEC will never admit that it can't pump anymore oil - but that's what's happening.
America's "strategic supply" of oil was used up a month ago.
Now America has been forced to buy oil from other nations that have reserves but don't consume as much.
Don't forget that water and Chromium Oxide (CrO - 2000:1, +/- 5%) is a superior fuel. More bang for your buck.
This formula is best described as liquid Oxygen and Hydrogen. Powerful combination. This is how water is made to explode.
Upon ignition provides 3,000 pounds of thrust per square inch. Stable compound, does not produce flammable vapor. Inhibits oxidation.
Conversely, gasoline provides 343 pounds of thrust per square inch. Unstable compound, produces flammable vapors. Rusts everything.
Plenty of CrO deposits eight miles north of Melbourne, Australia (at Miller's Outpost). Supply estimated to last (at present consumption levels) until Year 3049.
Water shortage? Desalinate ocean water - heat distillation. Refineries are already coastal.
At present consumption levels, all natural oil deposits will be depleted by Year 2054.
No one has the ability to generate nuclear energy without polluting. The CrO formula does not pollute. It makes Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Salt.
Hydrogen and Oxygen combust, but do not burn. Only Carbon burns. This formula does not generate heat because Oxygen and Hydrogen do not contain heat energy.
As long as Big Oil ignores me I will not allow them to continue pumping oil from the ground.
I mean business. Oil companies and OPEC nations have had their time in the sun.
When you think about Big Oil, think about me. They hate me and want to kill me.
If you ignore me, you won't have any oil to sell.
If you use the CrO formula without my knowledge and consent, I will destroy natural deposits.
What are you willing to risk?

Now for the terms of use:
One payment of $600,000,000 from the United States Government, payable to me - tax exempt.
That's nothing considering the fact that Iraq gets $600,000,000 a year from the United States not to invade Kuwait again.
This patent will be sold to the government to stop people from owning the formula rights.
This is a world wide free patent after payment is made to me.
I want a fourteen cent ($0.14) surcharge for fourteen (14) years on each gallon sold, determined by the equivalent mass of CrO required to make a gallon of fuel, payable to me.
A committed cap of eighteen percent (18%) on corporate costs for delivery (collection, refinery, and tooling) - not negotiable.
A committed cap of thirty percent (30%) on corporate after-tax profits - not negotiable.
In total, a committed cap of forty eight percent (48%) on corporate margins - not negotiable.
How is this enforced? By careful review.
Margins in excess of forty eight percent (48%) will result in an inability to secure raw material commercially.
The ground source (Australia) must charge a maximum of $0.10 a gallon for the equivalent mass of CrO.
That figure includes all ground extraction costs.
Ground extraction costs are estimated at $0.04 a gallon - just for digging up the CrO.
That's it.
This will result in a base price of about $0.72 for a gallon of fuel (plus taxes - we'll see).
But, a gallon of fuel will get you much farther than it used to - in the same car (!) with a few modifications.
An average car will get about seven hundred (700) miles per gallon. A great car will get about seven hundred forty three (743) miles per gallon.
A new car based on this technology will get about nine hundred (900) miles per gallon - we'll help.
The bulk of the savings here are to be passed on to consumers of fuel.
I don't want people working too hard and too long to pay for fuel.
Don't worry about the gas companies and the government - all will recover.
We're not here to support the status quo or OPEC nations.
Tax revenues sourced in gas companies only equal about thirteen and a half percent (13.5%) of gross tax revenue (personal income taxes and corporate taxes).
While not insignificant, that contribution is nothing to worry about either.
The funny thing is, the government spends two hundred percent (200%) of that figure on environmental issues related to gasoline.
No one will be able to circumvent this arrangement - remember, it's a world of trouble out there.

Note: Of course this formula is mine, and I have retained all rights to it.
Tee hee. I put this out in the world on  November 11, 1998  and I still haven't heard a damned thing. Wonder why?
You know it's changing things.....fuel cells? Come on.

Stronger steel is here at last.
Ten percent (10%) Iron (Fe)
Twenty percent (20%) Cobalt (Co)
Thirty percent (30%) Lead (Pb) Acetate (Lead with impurities removed)
Forty percent (40%) Chromium (Cr)
Fire at ten percent (10%) threshold, then maximum heat.
Never brittle.
Never bend.
Never break.
Note: Iron can be reduced to five percent (5%) in the mixture if Cobalt is increased to twenty-five percent (25%).
The alternate composition will result in a slight decrease in strength and a slight increase in brittleness.
By the way, paint will not stick to this steel - you'll have to coat it with an oleoresin to get paint to stick.

And incidentally, ordinary glass can be made better too.
This glass will be considered tempered - it is virtually unbreakable.
Use 3/4 magnitude sand with 4/8 quarter magnitude Silicon (Si).
Magnitude one (1) is the largest grain of sand.
Heat to 3/4 amplitude, then release.
Add 1/4 tablespoon salt to the release water to harden softly.
No glass is better in terms of light transfer, refraction, and metallic resistance.
No glass outperforms this glass.
This glass will resist pressure up to four hundred (400) pounds per square inch.
Regular tempered glass will resist pressure up to two hundred ninety-five (295) pounds per square inch.
Bullet proof glass (based upon thickness) can be three times thinner with this formula and just as deterrent.
No one has to refute this formula - try it, then you can talk about it.
This glass improves light transfer by two hundred percent (200%).
Regular glass lets 1/4 of the light presented through.
This glass lets 3/4 of the light presented through and spirals it (that is, it makes the light on the other side spin).
Something special: When this glass is fashioned into a lens that is three inches (3") thick and two inches (2") round convexly, it will reveal spirits.
That is, it will serve as a looking glass into the spiritual world.
It's all around you.

Scale is something that most people do not consider when talking about energy.
Nature obeys scale.
Big energy and big matter rule the universe.
Little energy and little matter matter little.
Correction: It is the little things that matter least.
An eyeball cannot always pull in light the way it needs to.
We help little eyeballs by making them black (black pulls in light) and by making them multifaceted.
The aperture of the eye and a camera are black for this reason.
A multifaceted eyeball is just one eye but it pulls light in from many directions and acts like many eyes in regard to light acquisition.
A regular eyeball pulls light in from one direction - straight ahead.
A little energy does not go a long way.
A lot of energy goes a long way.
Matter resists energy - but not always.
What are we talking about?
Conducting electricity isn't always easy, but it should be.
The brighter the substance, the better it conducts.
Dull substances don't want to conduct electricity.

What was the Big Bang?
The Big Bang was used to get matter out to the far reaches of the universe.
It was more like the "Big Wave" - whooosh!
There were two attempts prior to:
The Little Bang - just to test the waters, so to speak;
And the Intermediate Bang - a first attempt - not enough matter was used.
The Big Bang loaded up on matter and rolled it out.
Something that wasn't included in the big bang: The Milky Way (there are two layers in one spiral).
The second layer saves everything the first layer generates in terms of light recordation.
We dragged a few things in from the Big Bang: Jupiter, Saturn, and the Moon.
Hope you don't mind.

Use "hyperkinetic balancing" to make transportation safer.
Water rushes to the opposing side of cars and plane wings to balance matter and energy.
Ever make a left turn in your car, and have the groceries hit the passenger side? Same deal.
It could stop you from making a wrong turn, so to speak.

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Amoeba Music  A huge warehouse of stuff you used to own. Literally, I'm sure some of it is mine I'm still trying to get it all back.
Billboard  You know Top 40 sucks, now here's the proof. Well, it ain't all bad (well, yeah it is).
Alternative Press  One of my favorite music magazines that specializes in alternative acts.
Death And Dementia  Satisfy those morbid curiosities once and for all.
Undergear  Still provides a great quality and excitement for assortment where Int'l Male parked it off. Good enough for you too.
Schwarzkopf Coaster Net  Website dedicated to the guy who made Schwarzkopf amusement park rides.
Huss Machinenfabrik  I became a big fan of Huss rides working at Great Adventure. When geeks operate rides they feel powerful.
Ticketmaster  All of the shows I've seen start right here. Oh, I like getting up close and personal and so do they. That starts here..
PayPal  An online banking system that still pays me to know them. Not cheap, not a fly-by-night. Accruals at yield (that means interest is paid). Universal Studios.
LumiSource  Check out this laste manufacturer of lighting and gaming quality. A repeat sense. A hall of fifties green and red.
Condomania  Just in case the ol' AYDS-mobile - the 'Planned Parenthood' of the 90's and onward - ain't around and you're out of lube (I prefer "Wet Light" liquid lubricant myself).
US Fireworks  More than a great time, we used 'em in our youth. Preserve that and thanks to all who lend a hand. Fun just for reading about and the having again. Also seem Phantom Fireworks for style.
QPB  And or, the Quality Paperback Book Club - as I pull together my shop, see another great experience in clubgoing by brochure-mail. A selection in premium done.
FedEx  I like this website and connects to this service an on-demand. Set up owned meters using the "My FedEx" featured and know all about it soon enough.
Target Brands  Still sells what I like for best - Aapri facial scrub and related product as their Up & Up brand the best. When purity and sound matter and from the river Lourdes.
Drugstore  One of, if not the finest of drugstores online - we love it. Sure, steaming up another batch of yellow Sudafeds ain't easy, you know. They might help.
Target  Where Christmas happens every day and hardly is cheap. The saddest of cash clowns is left broken every evening of sales and bargains to be in my home.
1-800-Contacts  Every now and again no gifts but I buy mine sparingly here. Oh, sure - but twenty dollars a box with some reformatting to their initial order - use a zero, not a blank will calc an error.
Or then Lens.com as mites cheaper.
Columbia House Oh, we're no longer affiliated (um, using their books), but I want to make them feel bad. Just kidding - still the right deal.
Accountemps  My own agency now - you're gonna test hard to get in, but I like their style with it and too online and all. Accounting, business specialist types. Work yourself.

E-mail Doug and share your most private thoughts. If memory serves you well: dougmoon@dougmoon.com, doug@dougmoon.com, noomguod@dougmoon.com - all you may know.
Send me no junk your every stupid thought plagiarized by you already I hear nothing new nor names to this my hate. Be central. Be giving.
Writing my name backwards for e-mails means 'yes, this is actually doug moon' to a person reading it and 'no, you may not know me at all' if sent as such.
I decided why I did anything but after-the-fact. Guess I'm just not that smart.
E-mail on permanent leave...you can dump to 'administrator' if please.

they honor me searches so nice to me on name

...this site just as well as any search engine could. No? Use Yahoo! (sales) or Google (any of past, memory lane) instead.

remember, this affiliate-only banner was forcibly changed from two billion in sales...a joke? another milestone removed.

*B* Find your peace within this Monday, November 1, 2021. *B*
Is this okay? Good 'cause I already did it.

Q: Why is a big fat smelly turd called a stool? A: Not working at home, is asleep? No 'turgid' is because it's there somehow - the water just knows.

What you don't know won't alert you to me, either. Can I rest assured without you being petered by the paul (mounds has no dark nuts, i suggest) - albeit the new Sam's Club in Neshaminy.

"Ol-l-d Re-li-able!" as right from the breakfast table to your street (a ridiculing 'stovepot' of wayward gays sneaking a smoke now pollute - too much said now).
It's in the John Waters paperback book..."Art - A Sex Book"...it might be you lunge after-stool crinkle cut.
A disease needs its advance symptoms sold to no prior is bought.
Get it right enough will then be only yourself and some.
P.S. Someone said I made the cover art - maybe like in 5th grade. Looks about right - sperm by "Mad" magazine.

  Everything I hate thinking of comes too fast.
The pleasures I seek never get here fast enough.
I hate everything.
Then to recreate that one moment.
In time...

  No, don't be dumb - the symbol that is now *B* is a face mask hanging once.
Yours, not.

Well, there it is.

Hi Neilsy-Doug like we're together again
You are George Clooney now? We could hold hands all night.
I'm gonna pull your house down with cars and a water pipe.

PhotoCardsDirect.com - 150x50

Even if you could (you wouldn't know to).
Like light (comes in, shows you how).
Never know (this stuff - it's simply crap).
Starts small (makes little ideas-facts leap into action, then die off slightly lying to the side).
Is that (simply states itself at-once and clearly...seems, has, is this).
That noble (noted for extras given, but not with mine issuing, though).
That's half of taste (about stink).
Real sh.t in the air - salts, grease (flatulence, what actually flies).
That's hate...you may get some pills for it (releasing some in the presence of others).


"....laughed | when i wanted to cry | and i lived | when i wanted to die...." of "Test" by Curve if so adds to Doug Moon catch the butt of it bite horn
dM: "Despite everything..." no one heard anything else from you again ever. That wasn't really you either I simply made it all up and used your other name once taken upon birth. Who?
dM: People are just simply good to me others sure that's why they get the fuck scared out of them daily - just a bit more of the sure says it to a rorschach.
dM: If you think I would, you're probably right. Don't put it past me I have few reasons and none of it makes any sense anyway each of it so precious to the untested said.    

(These quotes as above still involve me little. I ask mind over for a new quote every day as for no involvement by me - a pass-through, an arting of and literally to you.)

have that a tear

Feeling lucky (no one interfered at play) these days? OK!

Oh, sure - another 'gray' area - cold and gray.
Black and white are what we see without blinking a doubt, without having to ask in that way that you state it cleanly first as perhaps fitting a declarative.
Thinking but again - ? - no problem's too great with solving it at each and every with your senseless wit and find.
That ass-open face and then to my truth it cures you of all you seek while we all see to what you see or nothing retained thanks to ought.
I see nothing but as desperate weak and quite done to that - the three little pigs but have done.
Why blow your backyard barbeque right down the scent of me lingers you.
In the dark recesses of your anvil-brick, we know what you'd blow on if you only had more fur buttered and the smell.
If you lived rightful in the valley, no one would need to blow on you at all show-walk around town center.
The plate cools to your each of it dancing so too styles what stepped and in its time.  

We don't put people down - they are really there.
We belittle if a noise and show you how to be to that and commanding of it.
In my perfect world a "go to hell" should suffice you waiting on the side for less to greet then even less.
Maybe you retaliate but we see you for less.

It's not about the says of you - it's about the things we did to you and behind your back then the says will of course significant and matter.
Be that said.
If you're not ridiculing to them, you're protecting them for some sort of admission-confession.
Both at once tough and tender a love.

People are evil - you can see that in their eyes those two black dots in the middle surveying guilt and doubt.
Be nice if you can't be evil.
I'm nice enough if all to be given.

When people move away it's like unplugging an eyeball - "Yeah - I see ya."
I'd rather die than receive your thoughts droning on as a charmless Christmas card or letter of annual (save immersing my drolls in a photograph of your offsprings noted).
Maybe not intended for me my interests as formed this? See it come for my mother as addressed and just simply going through the e-motions.
One day, and as blacks say, to light up "like a Christmas tree" over you our gift to each other.
"Here we are" - all hopeful to gift ever the yet.

People don't know that to "invest" means something - you get something of equal value ever at the time to hold until a newer sale happens.
That is investing.
Now we know more.
To the smartest of us ever - cheers then.

"Nobody reads your site." I write to my selves, you must overhear it if I to guess and then to a compliment it sees.
That whole "one voice rising above the din" seems a bit shamu to pinnacles of a mere nothing to exist nowhere.
Read less in the interest of others and don't be so needy this stuff is supposed to be shameful to someone sensing individual empowerment.
"Finally, you are God" and now the brisk reconciliation with ulterior truth ensues you suspected as much the final sense-placing of natural's inclinate made deli.
"We think you're junky." To quote myself this often "I fuck circles around you" simply more of the truth says it.

You need help with this stuff too?

Membership subscriptions to "dougmoon.com" are three dollars ($3.00) annually non-constitutional (without a guarantee of service or claims against).
We do our part to keep prices low and affordable across the board.
Taxpayer identification in this country precludes our nominal fee - you work hard enough to pay anyone this ours.
Keep the below to make ours work for it and take negotiations find.
Our bless to you and a home for boys on the horizon it may seem to us.

Below, someone smart asked me to support a local of commerce without payment, without mention of pity to you. My selection(s) follow you and as such:

I bought one of these from a co-worker and I loved it don't be cheap here
just like christmas                          no nonoxynol-9 a near-salt I tend to dry and then a bit scaly? this will never rot you for hours of a waterpress so good
                                                       beware of it dumb: will never hurt you

Assorted Counterculture Links And Why You Might Have Missed Atrocious Deals It's All The Same Thing To Me

Freedom rings - sometimes at home.
Stinks too.
You called me in further now see that.
You know it ain't right somehow you were tricked....true true.
It's true - you feel bad now just admit that.
See the below if to help is sometimes to postpone a joy.
"Decrease your wants. At once insist it to a need."
 - Oscar Lament, of poet, scintyl carmelitas. Vow this to an ass-wipe.
Still, it smells - bad, and like bells almost a ringing.



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