Apple iTunes Apple iTunes 
Apple iTunes Apple iTunes
a little color that's all for disney's hercules with thanks! now only $15 per view'b
by the way, actor james woods (see 'casino' with 'bobby' and sharon) is walt disney reborn to us - his son walt ii is actor steve buscemi (see 'fargo')
roy disney is actually neil moon...died 1951 on drugs in his studio to be with doug who 'dies always trying' they'd say
ignore this but the first line is good enough for you...we note the passing of jim pevarnik (ne pivarnik) one year ago tomorrow....and so? oh the sentiments afrom!
we still hate his daughter 'karinne' ('no one's friend' she says - we want her son mark only) in that...again...dear laura where are you now?

Our Chain Of Desire Is Formed As With You As In February 2007
Let's see how this fares with no direct links from the front of page...'songs sell twice as much if you have it there for free' it said.

See The B-52's rare at-home tape of "Give Me Back My Man" at "YouTube" - this from the 1980 LP "Wild Planet"...never before will you have see. Lyric some " walking out of Korvette's | package in her hands | motions to all the seabirds | throws divinity on the sands " + " head's in a whirlpool | spinning 'round and 'round | if she don't get her man back | she's gonna drown " - if you're like me, you're gonna be really entranced and not be able to figure out the official-type lyrics... 

Thanks again, Google Earth! And remember, even the White House from aerial wouldn't be good enough for you.

The Last Day Of January ! Is In 2007 01/31/07 0727
In our little complex here, we have a community center that alarmed me psychically when I toured days ago - is used as a funeral parlor from time to time the spirits of unrest 'get out!'...very, pool table, leisure outfits, fireplace but stocks in gold everywhere (the roofing here is very morgun or pull down shades the Jewish Spock). They have a weekly cocktail party though BYOB (um, "beware your own bladder") and snack to gift, and that helps take the edge off of strangers about and needless to stay. I went with my mother and husband, and though chop full of oldsters (no smarts in the head to ask of anyone), I enjoyed myself leisurely with a bit of wine we brought (I washed out a glass from their pee house, twice) and franks to and left shortly thereafter to avoid scorn (youth reminds of youth where even mine may lessens you). I'm sure I met the actor who is Edward Herrmann ("The Lost Boys" the vampire movie best shot) but my mind says "Bob Newhart" too. Do you think that's true? When I got home I-we talked about how editing is every single funny if Julia Duffy talentless (I'll bet), and how the last show on CBS just restaged problem scripts from before days and already as bought. Anyway, we wait for successes, other word. See the way. No, when I meet people I am no one (but Geri's oldest son from LA - rumour has it we gave Neil, our real firstborn, away..."I'm not tall" - 'cause you smoked cigarettes like Chris did + you are stupid that never grows up big) and so are they talking to me but curses everywhere I met Chris Ondy's dead aunt too...from "Sopranos" sure.

I'm using a Dell Dimension 2350 (512MB, 1.95GHz) and it is firmly refreshing...nice machine and after that Compaq (what is that - HP? a jail?) at my mother's with Norton hassling it about at startup...maybe they're twice as cheap I dunno. I did well recommending Dell to you.

Julia Duffy the example with Tom Post:

TP: "What are you doing [up here, as in my part of the house]?"
JD: "Cooking [for me]...something to eat."
TP: "Well, that's nice. Did you make me anything?"
JD: "No, I don't like you - why would I cook for that?" to pause
JD: [as wistful] "And if you [take a few minutes to] think about it [next time]..."

That's my humour too...but edited down from nothing that funny, but conversation. You get great results changing place in the conversation too. Mixing up flares us. "Truth is our enthusiasm [and] that's all" she says to me.

Can you believe that NBC the network gets moved to be a Fox on Channel 11 as now with cable? That's rude, but hardly real they say with airwaves. We start from Channel 2 with newscasts and move up the box without reason to be - so there.    

Today is Tuesday, January 30, 2007 - on Friday we have two (2) weeks left then home to you. Count to the way in, then Terry (from the French "Montgomery" if say "mont-gum-ter-ree" the angel-being and name meaning 'friend in foul' class is here) comes here by March. All ways known to be and of you too should be. No class (teaching) is here FYI to be me.

Josie "Johnny Are You Queer?" Cotton was-is Joan Jett? Maybe. Anne Hathaway is Julie Andrews when her daughter doesn't sub in? She must be old as keep by now (if bricks lain are like trying to get tooth from a gator). Her son is Patrick Dempsey? Adds, Mark does nails on "Grey's Anatomy" because he was blind then. Gwen Stefani (steps on you) is Princess Grace my great aunt Gratia Patricia (that means "Princess [of] Grace", Dummy, in Spanish-French...Monte Carlo, sure) and all? Stars are people known as stars to...celebrities have their picture taken because they interest people that way. A star gets paid only - a celebrity does not get paid. I am neither - I am God and burdened with you both ways as here and unknowing of you either way. I will not know you ever - not as that. You bring me truth, only. We have that too for you. Jane Seymour is the queen?

Here's Josie's link we like her simply being  Josie Cotton - Convertible Music - Johnny, Are You Queer?          

Went to the art faire at Jensen Beach yesterday 01/28/07 and ate lunch at Mulligan's Beach House...nice enough we ate patio-poolside (chicken caesar wrap, colas...what did they - other else - eat? ask to them bisques and all...I hear that bisques or soup are made on a grill kinda and furthered in a cup or bowl - I like that fresh of note). Some of the street art was pretty damned good pop-wise (a soul waiting for a ride home is colorful as a boy in aqua-marines and purple on canvas...), but I swear someone is gonna get tapped on the head by a flying tent one day although weighed down with elastic straps and footlong PVC pipes full of sandy full of wind chimes with hand-blown glass balls and pewter as 'around the world in eighty days the children's cancer balloon' threatened to be with us all...Terry's mother is now Dorothy Johnson (also is known to us as "Chandler" as in pavilion) of Johnson & Johnson fame we ciphered her lately enough. "All lies" she would say.

Can you believe the Dreamgirls sang my name last night on the SAG (Screen Actors Guild) awards and so loud? Yup - right after Eddie Murphy accepted his award (he's still got it but young, kinda...then onward Julie Andrews the idea of seeing "Victor Victoria" on iTunes still warms me). My mother was beside herself with grief and anger and nearly left...good going but big fright (like tomorrow would be different for, we just went to Target after all a new Mr. Coffee (Model: VB13 12-cup with water purifier capability over TF13 ? if to be more useful "in Valenzuela [that name means 'still working on it']" and as purchased with other stuff found here). Thanks we'll see to that soon...that show stuff is rowdy with intercut. 

In keeping our too themes...can we mention Gwyneth Paltrow here and at this juncture? WHY? BECAUSE SHE ASKED ME TO. QUOTE: "NOTHING TO SAY JUST BORED." THAT'S HER JUST NOW 01/29/07 1527 SHE'S IN SHREVEPORT, INDIANA TALKING IN REVERSE WE'D SAY. FILMING? "NO - I'M IN SHREVEPORT WITH MY MOTHER SHOPPING AT-LARGE - BYE." And yes, I get a 'notice' or vague feeling of heighten in my groin/penis (a pre-boner) when people think of me sexually. Largely is new I ignore it all I wouldn't just know - see bald. 

touch base with sky mall and their poison oak tree mask...ours exclusively it seems
mind says this is pewter and should be burned in a fire for a flaming of devil's face kind of effect
your 'barely melts' but i liked seeing the tree, mostly
bark will cover the face if you skin covering behind the mask and cover with art or green tape for three (3) years and wet often
also burn into tree from behind mask by drilling a hole for the nose and burning wood inside it the mask for one (1) hour blanded

From the "Didn't we cover this?" file:  People think "psychosis" is very "Strawberry Fields" and " nothing is real ", but we don't have time for that kind of stuff here. As in any mental illnesses, somebody like me is suffering nearby and for real. If a "psychopath" keeps drawing you to things you hate knowing of and repeatedly, "psychosis" (meaning "very and above me [always while talking at]") is their friend - always acting like people aren't real or capable of thinking for theirselves and most write you off as hysterically mean. So, keeps ignoring you as complaint in the field of life. Thinks for you, only is like someone who orders for you both at dinner when they're not even paying. A real freak. What is "schizophrenia" then further? Keeps thinking ahead of others - others they can't keep up with the conversation as had. Not split personalities per se, but asking and giving ahead of thoughts always. Manic is this...highs highs, lows lows...all push, all me, all the time. These are real to you in the face as - a real fucking fright. Schizophrenia (what means "never ungiving, never quiet") is marked too - it has no end to me. On and on it goes - so scary too.   

ours was not so long in the tendril, of course
but more of the blue was in the tip, pinched

Our One Beach Report 01/28/07 0831
Went to Jensen Beach yesterday over a bridge - they have a little art faire going on nearby, of course - around noon (the actual place is called "Waveland Beach") and is very secure and private-ish the beachline looks like "Miami Vice" with high-rises sparse but along the water blue-green with foam. At the entrance no crowds they warn of "man-o-wars" in the water and along the beach there are blue rubbers everywhere, but that wound up being the creature they warn of - they look just like used rubbers semi-inflated as in the sun and with sperm but as melted with swirly tentacles (at home I made a doorstop 9" x 3.5" with unused cowboy fabric as featured a swatch (experience Microsoft's whole of Vista here with the menu)  by me July 2005 and tons of rubbers still wrapped in their gels - a near of blessing for the dead when I get free lube from the AYDS mobile "Planned Parenthood" 1997). These are really 'baby' jellyfish and are blown ashore by boats racing back and forth I was told by mind over. They kept asking me to put them back in the water and I did using cracked seashells some mostly as fearing stings, then the seagulls came in tandem and I fed them some hoagie bits, meat as we talked - young boys flying around. They are very very friendly and I enjoyed them much, but my mother thought they'd crap in her sandwich ("we can't control that" they say) and I asked not to bother it much as a pabte of white shit fell nearby once. I made a huge cloud disappear from the sky ("the cirrus-type cloud icy-wispy, a fluffy cumulus cloud, alto-cumulus the very thunderhead...what other? we had them all...stratus as long and nothing on them...") what looks like a dome to me and then we played with big waves some and also made fake race boats and two huge demon-angels fighting race across the horizon right to left and downward. It was a full day had by all. Today, maybe the faire itself...

How was I dressed? Old Navy swimtrunks blue, white stripes and with mocha flip-flops as previously featured, white Hanes t-shirt yes on and off this chest hair, gray Gap hooded sweatshirt, blue Nike baseball hat, fabulous cheap sunglasses I got last year in New Hope, PA ("those are for women..." gold rimmed, green lenses - so perfect to me). 

"Like a turkey kills its feathers." - dM hearing along about murdering people psychically you see change for real as no longer here?

"Like having a mail-order coffee maker at your desk - just for me." - dM to a friend on being gay these days - we don't need much more than that, thanks   

As promised, our first ecclesiastical (.WAV file, less than one meg)...more to better same. I'm tired yet. These are two old men - both one effeminate - and of colonial England but there around the Delaware river in New Jersey. I started doing them in New Jersey and have had raucous amounts of laughter with - we'll warm up to this later (one night I hurt my head lying in bed drawing them in endlessly and laughing so much with others listening). They live in and around a famous boathouse - one of many visitors (perhaps your clothes on a rack underneath bed) there in my colonial setting. The quiet one is rotted in the tooth with alcohols and being slight, the other a proudent professor of faith and English verse said (I'll do this better as later). We'll explore these same themes later...I hate just doing them aloud and at-will (as prompted by a verse if someone else will starts it - some is markedly visual too with offsets and waits) because it seems of greatness and lost forever I do none myself. It just flows through it barrels of hearty-ass laughs. In your dreams then all of them. Some say priests - clearly is not. People who don't want each other, only (they would choose other both if could - sometimes a woman is in there) but whom want to remain humane to one another or one then. We laugh at each other, really, and amuse ourselves this way. "Who's smarter then?" it says. The name means "every day is better than yours" - a smartass rules us it said. Better clippings-flowers of it, only.

Cat Power "Willie" Cat Power - The Greatest - Willie  a repeat from the 2006 LP "The Greatest" what had its cover changed losing the golden gloves as usually two (2) front teeth removed...

Also get to the Fergie "Fergalicious" Fergalicious  video...very funny and very well done. Take a look it's worth it as from the LP "The Dutchess" (2006).

Loved Rosie on "The View" today (01/26/07) destroying cakes with green spray (too tips later - their site has all of their show in clips under the video heading I watched most of them I can't believe they asked Rosie about her vagina again re "Vagina Monologues" she hates talking about that doesn't she? whose friend are you anyway? We love her being very surface like people i.e., no in-depths for at-once superior views she wants to impeach Bush - all face values as given by the press...great to be catching up...hi Justin-Mark - real cute...others Tina Fey is Penelope Spheeris we talk from time to time her real father lives in our neighborhood, too...that other one is the one who plays Joan Rivers "you cancers" she says to us...and you got the right girl for playing the comedy Kathy Griffin she's deservedly big now - the other you know is to be yours alone at home as still working on it...we're going to the beach today 01/27 one day later editing in and at noon thanks and with hoagies mine is roast beef)...Diana Ross on Martha Stewart I had to turn it off she stayed to talk too sensitive to me (although a standing ovation and unnoticeably she). Her new record is cute...voice (she should do a little record with Pet Shop Boys a la "Montreal" like Liza did to raubuos success - this is nearly that hum). Out and about today nothing special....had lunch at a place called Conchy Joe's (breaded and fried alligator bits and rolled puffs of conch or sea snail that eats glass in the ocean - says Haiti 'every now and again a bit crunchy' - yuck blecch avoid both if real...I had a caesar salad and a cheeseburger the fries excellent President Ford owns this)...then Zzzzz.

Here's a classic Pet Shop Boys video for you to have over with me > > >  Love Comes Quickly   

- use an airbrush gun and compressor (the gun and tip determine strengths sprayed from compressor - never cans unless mixing own see williams-sonoma for this)
- inside bottles attached nothing but cool melted butter and color 2:1
- use stencils of wax paper only on dryer icing...flour as necessary then if - we say 'no, not necessary'
- use printings of vegetable oil inks on wax paper to envelope in freezer and then place softly to melt above and on
- not recommended is bubble jet or ink jet yet
- colors must be 'moded' later or sprayed with pam to stop runnings...

...yeah, the color was red and changed so what?

Queen "I'm In Love With My Car" Queen - A Night at the Opera - I'm In Love With My Car  from the "Night At The Opera" LP (1975)...I had the record then and missed this one great completely as heard now. The album cover is super classy and some of the best music ever made heard is here with vox guitar and cylinders.

Blur "Song 2" Blur - Blur - Song 2   from the "Blur" LP (1997) for Damon Albarn who is also the 'lead singer' of newcomer AFI - they performed this on New Year's rockin' eve or near that MTV. Thanks again....and I quote " it's not my prah-blum " and " woo-hoo! " The new stuff you keep here. Who's being wheeled in? Chrissie Hynde - she died one night but returned - heroin gig, 1987. 

Men At Work "Everything I Need" Men At Work - Men At Work: Super Hits - Everything I Need as currently from the "Men At Work: Super Hits" LP (2000) - originally from 1985's "Two Hearts" LP (I think about two people no one wants and who want different things...) We love this shit plus "Overkill" and I quote " ghosts appear and fade away " - great lyric. Movie to suggest? "Rat Race"...very funny I saw in theater and now our totals to new at 26,873. 

'Til Tuesday "(Believed You Were) Lucky"...and paid endorsement thanks again PETA. Life could be fucking great (now edit to seem). Or, the Willy Wonka welcome song buns burning! Some watch something new from you too every day..."no, I won't." 

What If You Didn't 01/26/07 0656
We-I made these up in the car down dicussing 'type-A' personalities self-glory again (having my coffee, half & half mit or amid sugar) - feel free to digress (make your own):

Type A - decides "i like this" + "i hate this" no audience no other said;
Type B - agrees to be with you "yeah, that seems right" + "sure, i guess" always defends to the above in statement; 
Type C - sees to note, questions the self-others out-loud to know better or more "i don't understand why" + "why you?";  
Type D - disagrees "that's not right [of you]" + "you'll learn better [about how this goes and soon enough]"; 
Type E - everly, goes with all as having been ostracized (pushed away) once or twice too many "that's okay" + "nice going...";

Case R - reaches, revises others constantly in an effort to make all wrong, update you again and again "it's not what you might think" + "even if so"...a sad clown.    

Welcome If You Don't 01/25/07 1600
We're here in Port St. Lucie (um, "a place for Lucifer"), Florida broadcasting live if will. Read all too travel notes here at my message board and we'll be back live and as sooner than that said. Black woman on-board: "With bald on top, I just can't win." 

Yahoo! Avatars

Our Very Top-Ten Fast-Food Joints 01/22/07 0925
1-McDonald's...Jack In The Box (it's like that - that good, but it's mine)
2-Burger King
3-Taco Bell
4-KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken)
5-Carl's Jr. (per Hardees it said)
Then, in no particular order some I have eat at these and somewhat often am favorable: Baja Fresh, El Pollo Loco, Pizza Hut (The Bri - otherwise known as the actor in "Titanic" Billy Zane and as in costume, please, he's beautiful only - says this isn't fast food - he's only always right but I hate that statement to me with Pizza Hut Express and Target concessions around - it just ain't right, and further quotes he "if you think it's fast, it is"...oh...hi Mochee), In-N-Out Burger, Fatburger, Subway (kinda you fed me well always as before poor, and I guess Wendy's where I never stop but lately have and is well okay), Del Taco, Domino's, sure. As for numbers the numbers up, you ascend by giving up the top rows. Never and will I Coke then Pepsi too. Remember: Fast food isn't law - love is. Leave less. Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robbins getting together is near blessed really. However, California complains they wanna dump their oils of every day...running water at Dairy Queen too? Latecomer is appreciated too: Chipotle #1


Closed to new answers: Pizza Hut Express besides no seating has no ownership or right to seat you. Only owners can seat you with insurances afoot being available to that only (a secondary claim is also to be here - no one can sue no one who owns, but appreciates itself ever).  A jail owns Pizza Hut Express and opts out of serving the public this way. Pay jails - they pay us handsomely with low prices and great figures of service more importantly you.   

"Getting hurt on the job is like getting fucked in the grave - and no one should know. And basically, it's an outrage should never have happen." - dM with one thought too many and for a paycheck

Google is the search engine that digs deep in pages here too...try that on for local deep searches eveywhere else too. The search command doesn't work well here, it seems - so you may want to forgive the intrusion by Google on your formula bars as such.

Someone says "What is a 'predicate'?" to try and fool us back from my "nuncative adverb nominates (or as "nuncative verb abject" or "saying as doing" is a man, one is a woman - the man spoke first here...a bigger topic onward) or "-ing" endings to describe a verb anyway. No. A predicate describes in a sentence only as "-ing" and is falsely attributed . A"predicate" is dependent only on a subject or nouns - nothing special "The dog was running." Poor excuse here. "Was running" and as predicate, describes the verb as an adverb would too and mostly - in a way useless or not stated, describes you running as currently and normally it says, and "nuncative" is like to "truncate" or lop off a part. Two (2) arrives, then one (1) is removed off to "truncate" - only one arrives to no further mention or treatment to "nuncate" or be "nuncative" - nothing to remove from thought is further there. Expect no more thought or to be "nominate" then for this thought forward as having all required to participate and at all. So there. Predicate is then contextual or dependent - the other adverb-nominate or then stand-alone.

If further, to be "nominal" is to be not worthy of mention - i.e. (um, that is), a nominal amount to be requested of is fee or small payment. A "modicum" is a modest sum or not be missed as just noting this - not the same thing, ever. Modesty (or having the self thought about with others if not here) prevents you from mentioning the modicum of amount, or to fear reprisal or a reversing strike against you for having said. Modicum says we suggest it is fair enough or then "nominate" enough said by interest. Nominal says we wouldn't think it large of you to pay. Pay again if will. What? Avuncular? No mention is made and is introduced haphazardly - e.g., "Sue is okay and all, but what about her ?" who is her is avuncular. A reject from stasis or standing still with - you'd hafta act to make that better sense. Sometimes you will encounter this in our meanderings - people don't give a shit you'll think a little so what. Language and grammar and further typing are for Puerto Ricans or for pointillists (nothing but small facts next to one another - no grades or smoothed in-betweens...or, jagged moves from one thought to another - a pain in the ass to be mastering at us...a very lichtenstein) - people who carry yours away, people who hafta get it right and are thus humourless. Fact: To sue is to pursue's wealths or interests aside...perhaps in a court.  

"A thing of beauty is to be renouned. A person, a place." - dM as challenged sufficiently by "Parade" magazine of Sunday, January 21 (um, Page 12) 

Take a look at Weird Al's new video "White & Nerdy" '   (um, he says is "white and dirty like faggots - they're smart"...dirty white boys black and white don't mix with geeks "am I this?" with cards out showing you...) on iTunes - looks good enough...from the "Straight Outta Lynwood" edit (2006). Trust this - it's funny. Me and my friends used to make formal lyrics to every popular song like or not - all slurs written out for your review too (true). This stuff by Justin Stoller is very talented, I think. As for mayo, why not delight to some fresh iceberg lettuce on any light toast with mayo only as cut into small squares? Watercress. P.S. Yes, the legend goes I met Weird Al at the 1985 Grammy's in the lobby of the Shrine Auditorium as red-carpet (and was in February) and he is real. He was dead too we brought him back and TOI (Thai On Ice) on Sunset Boulevard too. Lynwood is a street off of Hamilton Avenue in Trenton, New Jersey "a rough neighborhood" and Dillione's (see previous) live there...was Neil's roommate once or twice...says they "he is a derelict who rapes cats [with sticks]" or they would say. Huh?  

Omi god - just saw Miramax's "The Queen" all about when Diana died by Stephen Frears & Company...this your opportunity to see everyone for real except Lady da Dee, of course (but appears in a newscast as not her but reporting and dressed down but with dark hair - and I quote "Same old shit - we're here and no one cares.") So real and how fitting at AMC's Hamilton 14 . Remember, England is America's true royalty succeeded from the union of your poor-person vote (wants unmentionable things for theirselves yet - we've had ours here, thank you I have no dreams to achieve - trust in that). Bangladesh to your India. Belgium to your France. Japan to your China. Portugal to your Spain. Luxembourg to your own Germany, I guess. Extras providing to me. Not bad, but arouses all the same feelings a real her for real...the Dodi of pictures fame is there with one eye half closed...the real guy is real cute see nothing more. Alternate slide show at YouTube and note my favorite quote to the queen? "You're in America - we fought wars to get rid of that stuff." Yes...more like the civil war type - a line drawn among us. Best fit? Who would pay when all fell to knees and no one would work or would work them? Not them England anymore as New Jersey and Connecticut are all that was at stake as England proper if here. The rest a commonwealth and that means no marriage is protected or vowed by us. Simple then. New Jersey and Connecticut are both commonwealths right now for years they may add. Men aren't working well, they say, and they fight at home alot. Is no one to know better (to see if you cheated people remain), our courts say.

Oh, the queen and I marveled over each speech given shortly to death, how Diana fits in here with overly zeal, and how Elton John's "Candle In The Wind" and as only from "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" LP 1973 was unmercifully butchered at the seance seem (the queen says her body before flea dipping looked like a "brown rod" all shrunken it was ghastly and smelled bad). "Was it [a good song]?" she asked me.  I told her "I love it and sing it often always"...has three (3) meanings...ridicules Christ being womanly and also notes a star born late asking of her Marilyn Monroe now my cousin Cindy, and further some woman in 4AD's offices being mourned as not known to us - all shit to you anyway just listen...they made it interesting in sonics why ask and as Diana adds "I like the music, but I don't want to talk about it or make it personal with you." All that focus off  'nuff said stop ridiculing to us. P.S. Tony Blair is real in here - yes - and he's pretty cute, if elfin - the relationships described again are almost sexual to me in tone as so close and so far away. Beware. We honored the family with viewing this and to note. Tony Blair is not only of ubergroup Genesis-Disney, but is also her fifth son (she only had boys and there are six [6] full-grown ones - another is noted to be in Yes' "Owner Of Lonely Heart" video "Michael"). She makes him Tony go through the motions as if being taped alive? No - I get a higher thought of being true to self - of clarifying one's mind before speaking to another or being heard to speak. Like me. So see more. 

"Breeding is what happens when you are well-fed and captive only - to now see that. Makes a litter of same to try and get out, away from as underneath a common ruse. A stealth made me." - dM   

Tears For Fears "Break It Down Again" Tears for Fears - Elemental - Break It Down Again  from 1993's "Elemental" LP both still in tow actually, no actor present then. I bought this then, yes. Also do me with song "Laid So Low (Tears Roll Down)" for newer and as a refresh here.

"A car that shows up and takes you away without paying (a radio star)." - Queen Elizabeth about group name 'Fleetwood Mac'

"No one you will know...a big deal." - furthers on about the biggest rocker ever, 'Elton John'

"Somebody grows up, somebody dies." - hers on group name 'Tears For Fears'

"Eats at the center of hearts everywhere - makes you want to do also." - then offers it 'Led Zeppelin'

"Makes you know nothing good - wishes you were dead for hearing them play. A corpse, a spirit having flown." - finally made 'Pink Floyd'

"A bigger great [of knowing how to do - real musicians made to know more of theirselves here with me]." - on 'The Bee Gees' and continues "A 'gibb' gives more whether they want to - or not." My favorite song by them yet? One big one is "Nights On Broadway"..."You Should Be Dancing"..."Tragedy" then I love that. 

Michael Jackson? Not yet will you. X

what did you do!?! 

Number One and Number Two Killers Per Person And Per Car 01/19/07 1600
Guess what car killed more in America than any other make-model? The Pontiac Trans-Am for splitting in two and also for hydroplaning (the tail stops bobbing with fins - the GT model is number three of killers in-fact - and gets forced down too hard on one time too many with heat baubules under the tires and then spins). Number two wreck afford my death? The Ford Escort Premier. Number four is the Chevrolet Caprice Classic (we had 1978) Someone asked me to bring back the Chevy Nova and I agreed I would one day - we all like seeing it among users made clean number twenty six it was we stop at ten killer. Number five? BMW classic wheel - the number one killer in Europe period. Like the gun, it's not really the driver - it's the car - what gets removed to prevent death at speeds made to you. That's all for now. Total Firebird deaths (we have that one too)? Only seventeen (17) nationally. The Trans Am has a gas pedal that pushes its damned self, and hard too and with great winds they say. Seventeen thousand thirty-three (17,033) 1971 year model through 1978 when it changes into plain old clothes again. So see. "A car comes with its killer, I'd say" credit to God over me.

Hydroplaning (really "hydraplaning" as water dried then)? Stop the car to simply back up over a wet surface, then proceed. The backing up gets rid of the heat that makes this on tires. Every six (6) days or so, maybe.


Happy Birthday, Zachary -- is eighteen (18) now.

Got crowns in the rear molar or caps with biting-too-hard problems as fits? Use Sensodyne all-international dentifrice - it gets rid of the heats you place by driving in and nicely enough until all expand or add milk ("dainty-pu"..or then say "dehane pyoo-pyoo") to everything you drink - yuck. These days, you can repair your own little set of teeth at local pharmacies everywhere with certain glues and plastics it's all there somewhat how.

Remember "The Lord's Lover" at King-King back in June? Here's their preview-trailer on tape at YouTube - Jason's there at the end with his bags out...Toni too...and John Ondy Jr. blond and alone before that. If you wanted, the SpongeBob Christmas DVD...onward as then a sample at provide sale. A "spongebob" has freckles with blue eyes and is sore about it, but is cute in hearsay land. And so...and some of the finest market out there. Better than wondering why people live as always superior in every way. "You don't have the right to take your clothes off" it said. "It's a privilege to me - drive on." - dM

May I offer Irene Cara's "You Were Made For Me" and on "YouTube" from 1983's "What A Feelin'" LP - nobody is this, but I love the song here on "Solid Gold" supposedly.  I know you took a luscious electronic cakewalk of syncopies by Georgio Moroder off that cassette tape too - beware of ghost. By the way, Andy Gibb just became Michael Jackson one day back and forth for a while, it is said.

What I'm using these days and easily enough for Windows: PageBreeze HTML Editor a better version of the previously used monit (named to be here but not seen now a mistake barely links to pictures right except local you might type your own...or actually now from the menu "Form", then "Insert Image Field" and you must name the picture so what also be safe and add both height and width from the picture's properties as I do sometimes it matters...also to forget the MS Internet Explorer preview to save dimes I defend us previewing here - not good enough with blanks left out as anyway with details unafore or not lacking here) , CaptureXT Screen Capture and its viciously smart grabs from any with top-left button, and FTP Commander Pro wickedly fast. So there - the others expired me you. See ya in Florida...

Double "The Captain Of Her Heart" Double - Blue - The Captain of Her Heart from the "Blue" LP (1985)...sounds like the sequel to "Brandy" by Looking Glass...heard it on the radio today and we just lubbed it Al Stewart-type clarinet and all year of the cat but criminal Boz Scaggs is here. Like marimbas at a local house party - very ridiculing I love that - "the captain of her heart" and all.

Stephen Bishop "It Might Be You (from 'Tootsie')" 'Stephen  a favorite of mine now and from 1982. From the "K-tel Presents..." LP (2006). Is Elton John's real voice. Soon, Tear For Fears...a mention hard.

Other greatness: Roxette "It Must Have Been Love" Roxette - A Collection of Roxette Hits! Their 20 Greatest Songs! - It Must Have Been Love   and finally to you, Bitch. Roxette are Neil Ondy and Olivia-Newton-John singing along tapes...speaking of Ondy's we see Holden Snyder is back on tv my dreams do come true you...'cept his parents are all over there too.

now see link from here
not available 2u - 'an alert please' it says

Movies: "The Golden Child" The Golden Child  with Eddie Murphy - a pure hilarity - and "Romy and Michele's High School Reunion" Romy and Michele's High School Reunion another bowl of laughs if painful examination of the self made you - great Lisa Kudrow and Mira Sorvino too. These are all the original theatrical releases made new - it matters. DVD just gets it in your hands with at least ten (10) minutes missing the each made. Trust that. "It's just stand-stills clipped out." No - it started as that, then became more with artists and sensitivities - they won't sign again, it said (says them "we don't have to do anything for them, and it matters.") See then iTunes makes their own from renting no disc...see new arrival "Lady Jane" is there too - affects me to this day that someone would be so fervid (um, "furthering") of self (as recommended to me by Sherry Lansing's son Todd Fraser - hi, jerk). A castle Catholic and her boyfriend  beheaded naturally any-which-way over Protestants she hates hearing of with. "Is that me?" it says "to fight the castle, the best of knowing parts?" They was out in the woods fucking, apparently, and he had both done over her pleurosies. Get it anyway - the movie, that is. Each though I hate at it like that I swine maybe. There are no real choices, maybe really, a HELL of it made me. The killer whale with a vengeance movie "Orca"? Oh, sure then on we loved all of the "Superman" movies and "The Legacy" too Katharine Ross was the old man dying she tricks people into coming to her again for a kill. Others yet? I saw "Orca" alot I lubbed it. Killer whales bite other hefty [nar]whales in two to feed fish after dining for years on plankton or plant growth as troughs fed in the mouth, basically - not one to spare. They attack sharks never whatever they say and die often messing with them then feeding sharks theirselves. Antarctica, mostly, where no food is found often enough for fish who make air happen with other things too. "That's awful they bite each other open." Please, turdfeelor - that is not human content to fold though they scream under the waves you hear nothing of it or in-time to help may.

"Lady Jane" the link  > > Lady Jane

More Drug Talks On Request 01/17/07 1117
Someone provided more fancy-type drug names on my message board and contact with the divine has been made, if so to speak you: "flexeril" (say "flez-ah-rill") - a cheap, sunny new name for heroin wrapped in bread, so to speak - another cheaply made mix of heroin or morphine and what's left of sugar beaten down...a junkbox for hate mongers...avoid this feeling with...for vaginal woes again, nervousness...heroin is from apples again now...we destroyed poppies again; "hydrocodone" (say "hylah-cah-dohn") from pigs feet we did this already as "xanax" (say "zan-yah") is no champ here; "levitra" (say "level") we did too - no champ here; "lorazepam" (say "lah-rah") - a meat-made entity muscle formula that makes vaginas softer with cremes - is no friend as fed to goats...a junk made of more junk to be avoid; "alprazolam" (say "aprah"...spelling is dumb period s/b "azl" only as "azt", really, with no softener or tummy upset to bargain you) - heroin again in the formula made for Nazis in the 1700's...all appleseed bisks or marbles of meats made surely brown like rabbit is meated with no meat inside just junky kinda and helping to keep us quiet that way; "ambien" (say "ambol") we did here already still see it the link ; "amoxicillin" (say "amoxy") is just peanuts crushed and made soft for digestion and fights off plurals of bacteria or what you call "fungus" - a virus or bacteria bomb made inactive (with fishes what fights both in digestion but plants some too) but streaming out one way to you - dump it unless doctor said to...combats all at once with oils all over everything, but surely good enough to kill a person too; "ativan" (say "adall") - a pearl made soft with butter that clogs the heart daily and stops pumping up into the head from pounding on such - junk made soft junk - use less caffeine is it or drink milk too...fights bubbles of it as surely is hard on you caffeine is from potatoes fighting frozen and hands off heat and cold like a mother does to you; "carisprodol" (say "caris") - a heart medicine made of younger frosts in carrot fighting cold...eats away at the linings of lungs and makes you new again somehow - a winner to me I made it good; "celexa" (say "sell-less-to-me") - makes your heart stop once a night, but flexes your muscles open and makes gaps in them for levity's sake and air happens to fill with blood and you feel renew - from goat livers...okay I guess; "diazepam" (say "diazo") and maybe as a repeat somewhat is goat livers acting on corn - yes, we did this too somehow - junk, but okay for emptying arteries full of muck - the goat liver eats away at plaque what? Use normally, okay. That's all, to bitch. Quote, quote. P.S. And again, AZT isn't harmful, ever - but why take shit in the head? You were asked not to bother ultimately by reasons made. Made tasks here: "If you're gonna die, you're gonna die - but we don't help people die" is Jewish. I do - but it's all so unreliable to me with you. "There's just not enough people in the worls (sic)."

Exclusively yours: Hear the tape of this seance (.WAV less than one meg) like riding in the car on cassette Steven King "Hallo English" and all as told to me by actress Linda Hunt..."a bit bumpy to me is not yours to say. Revise this again." P.S. I ask the queen's own mind about any every word in the english lexicon... if anyone knew she did I tap right in to that always all the time.      

A "schooner" sails by and waves at you. Couldn't enjoy theirselves alone, they had to alert you too. "Shoot first" they said.

Just saw that movie "Primeval" with my brother Scott Moon at the Langhorne, PA United Artists - now Regal Entertainments no one was there but us, basically - is a giant alligator movie that needs explaining as far as black spirits go ("life isn't that great" they say as demons to me who know too much of it already had and are shunned of life elsewhere - they reportedly - and as aggregating each spirit known to them as this non-gator, really, until seen picking through men and women each - each of see a black round with a white round in it and they take one white each of it as altogether face and chest muscles on someone - and once again is not yours to say - I will - then all backs off nicely after catch of say, woman, "eating France alive" they say with her "talks at me..." they keep some people there as spirits, some are there talking to you in face planes, still others yet die falsely with chops to the head as failures still talking - a real rob roy or counseling here...hutus, tutus - yeah yeah). The lead male - white - is verily kinetic, to say the least - a very sexy Tommy Carpenter who has to be toned down or sought some more some, and then bits of Sean overlord (Robin Guthrie) with blood and nuts when all too fail + Toni some when beyond is the grave here. We know no one would go see this shit it if they knew what it was - basically a tele-2-crap - very visual - but is okay enough film. PPS + J/O to me. Very confusing shit again with people, places changing often. See Apple QuickTime for the best preview of no gator.

"Primeval" (say "pry-mah-vuhl" for "no window") knocks before you know about it. Medieval (say "med-ee-val" for "makes note of you to me first [talks about you], then calls") sends note first...knocks twice then. Then there's "edouval" (say "ed-oh-vuhl" for "eats itself" or own thoughts made center) - eats ovals as no talk from you ever or is "trance" then with own pursuits in head. No, "primordial" (say "pri-mor-dee-uhl") we add as bumping you aside harshly to see what you see - a hot brand is that, a fire - asks no questions when it gets there, just burns you out. A caveman is this.   

Blimps: Three (3) fan blades turned aside each with exact placement same, on a rod in back turning slowly at three (3) rpms a foot (1) wide each, plastics. Steering up-front with upwards? A cup - little side first for steering - that turns slowly, as slowly as back. Reverses cup for upward movement-flow. A fan made of four (4) cups grabbing at air first is this too - not as well, though, I hear. Hang more later...

Yeah, I watched the Foreign Press Awards last night (December 3, Montreal) and they had an ersatz Sharon Stone and an English-sounding Scott "Joel Grey" Balyer on there (Leo Sayer, Grape Nuts as staring too...all problem persons) and then it was off...I'm gonna kill that bitch with his mouth distant family somehow. "That's why you can't keep him." What are you nuts? You'd marry each one...instead: "up one hole and down another"...too many pasts to know and meet. So live with AYDS...(((click!))) a hand reaches out from under the tv and turns it back on, you clip the cord it comes back on anyway the whole box shaking beforehand as if reinstituting itself. No more to me. New Jersey bothered to the grave over us a brief castle permit. 

Rhymes With Orange today (01/15/07) is funny with "Mom's Home Cooking" in a street window (customer: "Where's Mom?" chef: "Home cooking.") answers in me here. Our friend "Dizzy" (aka Paul "Ben Gazzari" Diaz an impresario of Sunset Boulevard clubs - Van Halen knows him) made up the comic strip's name from Witchie-Poo's song " oranges [to] poranges | nothing rhymes with oranges! " Leaving for Florida next Tuesday early am 23rd instead. Hours upon hours driving to you in a new vehicle of sorts said....stay with our message board too for interesting half-note and half-intellect.

Our very next feature: Sometimes people don't appreciate a gift until they get home (e.g., "The Croscill Dream-Maker") - we help this only if a 'croscill' pulls your hair out one strand at a time. Until then, what we suggest as giving gift for girls and boys at parties of dress and hat-wearing only:

super-crazy straws that loop to a drink
quality coloring books and crayons too
sharpeners no color at all
construction paper
magic mitt tennis balls and velcro to play catch softly
baby books to explaining the world to them or blank books for writings homilies or questions about the world they're in
whistles of any kind
watercolors and pages to color if

magnetic or suction for hanging basketball hoops and playing ball
dot-to-dot playing books for pens, pencils - no coloring books so dainty as yet
play scissors or geo scissors what cut loops in sides or hammers then with screws in
chalkboards with erasers and chalk too - no colors, for girls
magic markers and pens special only - maybe hanging from neck with ropes
play-doh or clay and molds to
puzzles, pieces of puzzle some missing as good luck and tracing for too
heart shapes, colors on everything mine 'til 9th grade
two (2) tickets to a movie as harder to ask or receive them
horns (blow horns - all capitas or caps of missing no can of horns, please: at sport shops loud enough)
mild cap guns like cowboys with the reddish paper rolls inside - we like a trade of feature (scaring lightly) for folly (the real deal amiss)

pinwheels every any color
cheaper radio sets from radio shack 
or then toys r us
imitation-pipe cleaner baby chicks everywhere to honor births again
slide puzzles - no rubiks ever what treat an asshole to dinner undone
little cameras - no developing needed
star candy - twirl pops and lacings from france
hats, hats, hats - no crowns ever from you...paupers, really
we resend blowing bubbles here - and adds of course their pans and screens or rings with

...add nothing to me this is serious stuff or else you
then, we want hand-written invitations to all in formal invitation cards - no mimeos as says 'not important enough' or is all-welcome then - i've used all-welcome to great success...will you?
not for kids - too importrant not to fail parents friendly always, always...have somebody else do it for you too, if necessary, i disagree only 

Enjoy, Gaffot. We recommend Party City everywhere you can sit. Also photobooths of cardboard standups of 'me and you' at home. I want no prayers or groups at parties, but blessings in makeshift only - i.e, paper mache look-a-likes of you and yours and handy-dandy items like pens with your names imprinted all at once - "The Grosvenors" is an example. "The Beltway" as neighborhood is one too. Who is Neil to me? My friend only. Never ask him to hurt me with you - he won't ever, but takes notes for me. Thanks again, Bitch.

this is the gift basket i got from the queen via my sister over the holidays - 'the conniseur' from 'wine country gift'
yeah, about $50 and a helluva lot nicer than you think with godiva chocolates and all...i gave the tuna salmon to my mom
superb stuff - thanks...i have it on the oaken tv table in my room like a hotel each serving to me
come! come! with so many eats to be mine alone....
and finally, i know what the cheese 'camembert' is like - nothing you can know for a cheese made of butter, almost
that's what the name means: sends you 'round and 'round it searching yourself for recognition of a flavour that just comes and goes mildly
tracey ullman taught me about a small wheel of camembert for a child invited to her son max's birthday party - and supposedly with all 'culminating in a crescendo of enjoyment!'
i like a wheel of cheddar, sharp still and myself....and with wines too...don't knock the spray cans either - they can be quite exquisite with assorted crackers in a basket of your very own making me

Santana & Santana Featuring Michelle Branch "The Game Of Love" Santana & Santana Featuring Michelle Branch - Shaman - The Game of Love   as from the "Shaman" LP (2002) -  I liked it alot for many happy moments to be upwards. Sounds just like Teena Marie to me....that is my nephew Zachary's mother - thanks. She does not sing this professionally, but it is her anyway and that sucks here. Zachary may join us in Florida by my mother's flight of hand....a picture soon to be enough.

zachary (both devil 'grisabella' and mexico's 'sancho') and my mom early last summer...then little skylark and her brother ricky my sister's kids thank god ! they went back to their home
the little girl and boy - poor little rich kids of hers - wanna know who i'm talking to all the time 'the spirits' a case for child services...i'll call big sister's right away
the little girl is jackie ondy (chris' sister) in remorse, and like her, does not "drink soda"
i do though...the girl's lavender scrubs come from centra-state medical center (freehold, nj) gift shop my mother said...she gave a speech there
buy 'em online somewhere or make your own - simply stencil the white logo on with iron or paints - or go see...the betty crocker picture cookbook is right here
people go crazy over that shit...i stole real ones and had 'em forever and i quote me 'if you can't truss security, who can you truss?'
blacks add: 'if you can't trust me, you should trust yourself' + offers 'punching up those tits' as plastic surgeries go to her as numb

We had brunch (10am-1pm) at KatManDu on Trenton's waterfront today Sunday 01/14/'s like Haiti inside I love that - nice spread too all haunted bad though a balled-at-end tablecloth along the DJ booth window suggests another of death be. Thanks...hi Emilee Rose (from "Jesus Is Magic") so strange at the front desk and actress Elizabeth McGovern (ne Kristen Walsh) was there today too we said 'hi' as family to family all. Rosie O'Donnell is showing her real, mild self now on tv for a localtime radio station at her own behest - see she is normal and fits in nicely still like me. She complained about meeting NBC executives in the commissary at Rockefeller Center (north?) - one being Donald Trump. Her hates her sitting around thinking with her friends all the time and "not buying in"..."we're old and bargained - now see that." She goes back to him "Who are you - Doug Moon's only friend?" Leave it at that be there so boring I die thanks again. By the way, our cat is the real "Morris" - he admits it too and was the queen's cat forever ("a homosexual's hat" she says). Now you can believe that. There is no replacement for ["Socrates", "Givenchy", "Pfeiffer", or...] "Perfect" again our sealpoint siamese (who was her own "Darjeeling" up 'til 1972 - we got him in 1974), but Morris (now "Ari"..."Aristotle" I guess, my mother lapsing back again a wild duck from a local trap was that already to us and died then) and I get along okay we talk it all over every day. Biggest moment? When the queen "kicked him" in 1975. "She hated her life then and tried to kill me." Something about Elton John more junk...Morris has "chandelier" legs (like two s's in the back mostly) and that's noteworthy and made with rubberbands if at first....watching movies on iTunes? Charge a buck to each person sitting by or after hours - some do already with wide screens and all. More to come. 

INRI (of the highest realm, only) by Jesus, Mary, Abraham, and then Doug wept (as long as I could remember, the INRI symbol is a crowning of sorts with gold abare - see that first as Romans only note the fact of day - the date, maybe):

"Even though I suffer, I suffer with you."
"I suffered because you suffer too."
"If you suffered, it is because I suffered [in being] you."
"What it might look like when it finally happens to me" or  then "even though you suffer, you."

You alone couldn't possibly know such the sweet of suffering me. Get the ~FACS~ (for anyone causing strife, flee any common sentiment, forget again come see...frankly, anyone could see...faggots always crisply snap...first angry, cries, silence).

Like A Nipple Eats At The Breast Pocket 01/13/07 1935
It's my brother Scott's 40th birthday today and as per usual nothing said. Stopped over yesterday to collect the miscellany and there it is: being here does not matter and tensions do run high after ten (10) days and still. Think of it not. If that wasn't enough, drove over to Philly for a moment so my brother Chris could audition for a cook's job chef whatever at one of the new casinos given the green light on the Harbourton freeway (even after the windshield on his 1986 BMW was smashed 'by heat' again I guess as it were Toni's first glamour car now resting here in our hands and still a million bucks too). China is here at Oscar Mayer with candal notes on the building in heiroglyphs "be clean every day and be satisfied with yourself here...we don't need to be here and neither do you - so there" - so have that. The auditions us both were at McFadden's - a lowly hang of Sean's and Merriwethers ? mine in the parking lot laughing to myself and about riding corvair or side hutch I hate being passenger and haven't driven boat in years. What else? Bottles of Canada Dry both black cherry wishniak (um, an ersatz yet) and now vanilla cream with dinner of tacos....been trying to get that song "Little Birdie" Woodstock or whatever "Old Man Joe" from "Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" I loved that stuff back then. Until just now, we hear Nirvana do "Come As You Are" jacked up in the car to cover my sound and we drive and sing like The Berenstains (usually, a family of titmakers lost in love with Air Supply...)  P.S. We hate you too.


Ellis Marsalis "Little Birdie" Ellis Marsalis - Joe Cool's Blues - Little Birdie  from the "Joe Cool's Blues" album (1995). We hadda host that here...great horns dragging Stevie Wonder of Steely Dan sings some most (also note Peanuts dance song "Peppermint Patty" is here broadly -- is yards better as Vince Guaraldi's "Christmas Is Coming"). The best foil balloons over the holidays and at Pavilions ? Snoopy laying on his back on the roof of his doghouse with Chistmas lights all over it (at only 30" high), and a big ol' green champagne bottle floating as flat. Cool: 26,016.

A bit of police talk is ours today:

Again, "illicit" is not to make one speak but casually on topic (um, "elicit"), but to suggest harming is yours [as to use] again. Being tactile (harming in the throat as unable to say why yet) against officers, one might say. "Contraband" can't be carried in for fear of you speaking on it on topic and your way with so. Contraband is like saying "against radio" or saying how and why to those who wouldn't know to speak or create adverse in needs met to such. Drugs are this to friends of friends, but how you cheat us it says too. Not harming to you as such, but makes others know outside of their knowing or is unhappy to us spoken abreath of money coming in.

No, we are not contraband here - you had to come to me. Contraband comes to you a broadcast in your face always suggesting you could know better if you were only smarter, cleaner, better adjusted, or homosexual leaning. So see. Contra means "against and withholding too" by the way. A real problem person is that, to fool.

Someone says "What is an 'aristocrat'?" Someone who chooses to read books and possibly for a living...wrestles with permanent (or suffering) thoughts daily. Traditionally, a lawyer or doctor only - and by convention or practice is all here said.

"I am God - I didn't say I was gonna be." - dM as moving through me

We're using Mozilla Firefox 2.0 now as an alternate browser and I really like never impressed me at home but here. Sorry to electronics giant Coby USA of portable tv fame - we left batteries in a new micro tv unit (the same one shown, but for a year or so maybe more...) and they are what leaked on me as the unit appeared new still with cables-adaptors in the poly bag still yet as fresh out of closet nearby and placed on a desk (thought someone else ran out to buy one so cheap) - isn't that clever? Your beeswax cup leaked in too I know it the antenna now stolen with screws for a slightly used CD player lacking one nearby (a song on cassette and from the car made me do it and with flourish: Enya "I Want Tomorrow"...and I quote " waiting here  | there is blue in the sky "...) All others complement (yes, "praise" with some augment) your way with it...for eighteen bucks ($18.00) it's worth a try. Note: You can also get the tv's and other stuff electronic and bigger but real cheap at C.H. Martin at 1320 Parkway Avenue and Old Scotch Road, Ewing, the end of the shopping center where Murphy's used to be...lots of wire shopping baskets on wheels too a big dollar mart full of great stuff and electronics for sale with lesser sale Dollar General close by too. P.S. Marrazzo's is on Parkway too - did I fuck that up? Parkside is Trenton State's entry from Federal City and Olden Avenues. So see.

Slam Date 01/11/07 1530
What is the "soft parade" as in The Doors record or maybe seeing others play too? Letting both good and bad apply for the job so that others may see and join in. The devil in me says 'yeah - if just so beautiful sees ugly with their clothes off and thinks eveyone is doing it live.' Or 'so outer space sees blacks living well and thinks everyone is happy here and they come into my cosmair (or outer limits hell - can't get out now).' So, in truth we have a gentle nature towards others that avoids picking through and we satisfy ourselves privately if with what we seek. I tend to talk to ugly often enough though from on tv - 'what's up?!?' and we agree I can't hate anyone here. Again, what is ugly? Pieces missing, mostly. Lazy is their companion and probably has the require of spare parts...won't fend it off at all. Together we see two as one becomes one.

links you can't just get...i looked hard enough 4u
get it at the joan jett link on the right side bottom
do it for u2 

Joan Jett And The Blackhearts "Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah)" Joan Jett - Bad Reputation - Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah)   from the "Bad Reputation" LP (1980 on "Ariola" [ne "areola" - the ring of pigment surrounding the nipple] Records - what a dipshit). The best female hard rockin' here heard, Boy. Elton John is still mad he didn't collect this from you then...reportedly lost all his hair over it. "I don't make music for slaggarts [as just does]" he said. Whatever.

Extra polars! Me imitating grandmaster Randy Alexander CEO of Ticketmaster talking at Joan Jett 1983, then to Elton John 1976. Maybe bits off the English-sounding parts...

More now on 01/13/07 ! Journey 1992 then Foreigner 1996 and we wrap this thread up right here. Better than you thought, huh. Chris Ondy is official AYDS spokesperson Rupert Everett and we say no-go to that hurt there. Madonna wouldn't have that with her looking good. Again, Randy is actually also Michael (Mussolini) Musto...and hearing that name "Michael" said is always soothing to me over any PA system. One more thing - Neil is also hired as "Neal Schon" or then "Neil shunned" with rubber wig on - so keep that hurt in mind too. Again, all tapes are linearally recorded - one line - and are just me and in time. I know I amaze you the FBI studies breaths taken and knows better I enjoy them much myself no script, just off the top of my head evil done. I can do anyone, anytime - trust in that.

Even more to Michael on 01/15/07: Carole King (best song: "Been To Canaan") asking me as him to play at Spectrum alone 1982 (see Fender and their neon sign at Spencer Gifts the neon signs have an electrical transformer on them at plug and if there are no words to see, hang from the wall or as then overhead lying on bed see "biohazard" - and yes, I bought an american standard stratocaster and two amps meself one on one - I buy all mine at Guitar Center for price and strat - a 40th anniversary emerald green with white plate and maple fret...I turned 30 then a gift to me - was $500 easy in 1994 on sale from $750 list - the amps were champion 110's so see)...then Neil and "Barbra Streisand" (Pat Benatar) together for one show 1979. Spencer also features official candy-necklace panties and bras - gross. 

Sheryl Crow "Safe and Sound" Sheryl Crow - C'Mon C'Mon - Safe and Sound   from the "C'Mon C'Mon" LP (2002)...also to know well is "Soak Up The Sun"...we love her stuff even today. 

Corbin Bleu "Push It To The Limit" Corbin Bleu - Jump In - Push It to the Limit   I loved this video from Disney High a few times now this kid is working hard, Boy, dancin' and all. Toni helped write the song and we marvel and suggest how to and how said to it for you. From the "Jump In" LP (2007). Okay.

Gonna try and make a new Tickle test maybe for words we need always: "milieu", "microcosm", "ersatz", "ennui", "insidious", "precipitate", "incipient", "nascent", "asymptote", "scintillate", "myopic", "lacrymal", "enquiry", "ecumenical", "verisimilitudes", "paragon", "masticate", "dysphagia", "fractals",  "ephemeral", "paradigm", "pneumothorax", "epistaxis", "simplistic", "endomorph", "duplex", "magna cum laude", "proletariat", "disenfranchised", "polemic", "travesty", "armament", "asymbole", others...and maybe too soon. Went to their stairmaster Exam Professor one test, one teacher for free - they wouldn't let me in, they wouldn't let ol' Rudolph (um, the French "Dominique") play. Great idea ! though - little online tests you make and all up to professional grade for students. What if I offered to pay the slobs a single to buck ? at nine dollars $9.00 up-forma one tier? So busy-body no drums...

a particular environment as immersed in.
your own little world (x: but made in me or in my mind)
is an inferior substitute (x: made of wax)
a quality or state of boredom (x: never knowing why...why ennui? why would i bother?)
enters silently, is harmful (x: never takes any for self, just harms yours)
brings it about (x: makes you know why, when)
just coming into view, demands note (x: just opening in your face always - never asking)
just coming into being (x: just noting itself to you - telling you what to do and when when i'm here - nasty)
no one else can know for sure how you feel (x: asks you nothing - knows everything already and says nothing of it to you or else)
you excite, but as in me only.
short-sighted (x: looks for the easy answer all the time - short in views, lengths...won't stretch for it)
induces tears [as in a speech] (x: makes me sad only - forget it to me only)
you ask another to check for you.
talks to the dead, one-way only.
the things we know about with each other already and refuse to exchange.
the highest example as most thought of.
to chew on as with rear teeth only (to bite hard on the lip, really - a harm of kissing too french then)
difficulty in swallowing.
symbol numbers that cannot be expressed quantitatively (i.e., a negative number, a half-a-second you need both clap-on and clap-off for discretes, noting a whole once, otherwise is a rythym + only in context).
existing but for a day, short-lived then (x: makes me sad, but sorrowful too - like i might die soon for it - drugs do this to us with lengthy visit)
the best example of given you.
a collapsed lung (x: a heated lung...will collapse, maybe...a gun firing and heavy breathing at, too...maybe a tree chopped down - inflate by drinking water some often)
a nosebleed (x: a bleed between the legs - is given here already...this is convention versus us learning of new too)
broken beyond the ability to know for one's self - not for sure anyway as hand-made codes and secret ways go (x: cheaply made, to trick one out of suit or to follow me here)
a overly fat person (x: someone who eats nothing, but is fat anyway - as in simply made this way, a propensity toward fat not self-made)
communicated both ways - both have an in and out transmit.
[to graduate] with great distinction (x: although is all made here).
likes everything just the way it is thanks although you suffer a government rule (x: counts against people every hate people).
you don't think a personal gain in wealth will matter in your life as smote or bargained off already - a black is this, has to be paid to live and well.
argues others in the self made already - has one point of view only (is anemic in life experiences as young and dumb or old and cloistered, forces their limited views on you if as knowing better).
a telling used to be made against you (to tell someone some kind fear of you have in a near-time confidence, they become the reality of it as seeking it some for you and too...crosses over lines stated or drawn).
a taking of weapons against no threat made - arming yourself against no thought pointed but a possible reach 'armistice' as willful reduction like suicide-type made anyway against other participates.
we exchange characters for, but neither match in trade - a dollar is this usually (if 'symbol-rich' means all talk no codes match either for trades, or, nothing for nothing with too many thoughts passing us by). 

words i like to carry and say, failed me.
remember we don't give tests to fail people - we like to know about ourselves (yes the top 'a' is incomplete - mercy me too) and laughing aloud too...people love kicking my ass with what's learned (mounting my ass in the board-game 'risk' never paid me anyone) ? i like a first-timer winning anyway and being just that lucky - have day, have a say if 'prowess' is one of my words...
the greatest fears arise from not being able to read, to know for, read..not being able to crack a good inner-joke with someone else not you but nearby

p.s. yeah - you could clap steadily in ticks fast in less than a second each sure - but that doesn't tell anyone's like light shining...all one stream of to need darks or hands off clap held to note a send out a real communication not just status unchanged how long can keep that up anyway ? - see how you know too...wheels spinning theorize more of that than in one second, but must be divided slowly and surely on slower-moving tapes of - now see that...wheels also do tables well and nothing need be divided in three equal parts, just three (3) equadistances or points on - for show, for need. for show again.

Disney's "Hercules" - c'mon you know it's that good !  Hercules 
The word "lugubrious" (spell it actually "legubrious") means "not actively involved with questions asked [just asking to seem smart, really - goobs]."
Introducing for Spring 2007...$299..."if it's on iTunes, it's on here too."

Note we've been using RhinoSoft's FTP Voyager program (for FTP uploads - files with no graphics or pictures within) here with virtually no flaw...kindly ascents for you.

we rented this today 01/10/07 - my mother and sister actually - for two (2) weeks ($2,400 at the each of - blecch star lives lose your home again) june 30 through july the top of the season
you would bust that number up among hard others normally - they'll simply split it like whores under a bridge: a week each
right next to the realty ward, runs up to the beach and boardwark near jenkinson's - the place (right facing we toured - the other occupied is ours) is doubly swank inside
the saleswoman notes you can shower on the toilet for handicap "you can just spray 'em - there's a drain in the floor" - bei yum
every bathroom mine has that mandatory...the drain in the floor, i mean..mother hates stairs now, but isn't old just working out too much it would seem...a punch in the harming tit equals cancer, you know
ondy's were here once or twice or us we have your girl - swank! point pleasant, manasquan , matawan - all as "french"...whatever!
swank means "overly appealing"...mostly then "you should see it"...mine: has more than you would know to have as mostly in a dark of you
oops! matawan is up near long branch and aberdeen where i saw the b-52's play way back when...
ate lunch with mom at jack baker's wharfside there in point pleasant...a 'wharf' is for 'war fiend' block off a part of a bay to keep others from detailing their boats until when - a landlocked mercy, you'd say
i had a crab cake appetizer and a chicken caesar salad both great with a delicious bowl of complimentary cole slaw with breads, oyster-clam juice puffs beforehand delicious all ! if bits chilly of  
ocean avenue runs from manasquan (however, the above says you say 'manasquan' as 'matawan' whatever) south to bay head (garp, martha's vineyard-type houses on the beach), lavallette (army compound rents), seaside heights (the height of seaside kingdom - note: regis is the original lucky leo with kelly ripa who is kathie lee actually), and island beach state park (natural preserve of horseflies and their meats) 
one road, one vision and from new york city $$$ 'it ain't right!' someone lives well, so someone lives well-enough only  
p.s. i studied the full-page map you get at the realty and confirmed all of my own findings again + i have driven the place 'point pleasant' they say upwards from here

"You are no one is this world until you've had an abdominal surgery. Fear, fear against us. Throw yourself down." - dM

Like the country-look of  brown (turkey) eggs anyway? Soak in hotter tea for a minute...then display for warm preparation maybe the next day. By the way, if you put an egg cracked in a green soda bottle carefully it will hatch fast -within days they Keep it warm, sunny - not in the sun. They've been coating eggs with wax to discourage our growths here....why you? Thanks to whomever that was on YouTube   (a "Nobody's Watching" - that's the one the real Leonardo DiCaprio and friend Scott someone to be else). Chicks eat worms theirselves, but warm gravies (surprisingly, turkey - chicken - nothing greater to seek, seem Tori Amos unless man) too from the can will help and also grains chopped up and watered cracked corn mostly and grasses then. No mother needed Cap'n Crunch wet too.

That MP3 player will take an iTunes MP4 file (um, an ".M4P") on its drive, but it will not register on-screen or play it. You can open up the "F:/"  drive by name and move it onto another desktop though for playing in an iPod or iTunes then with regular sign-ons. Any file then. Note: I moved one on, but have not retrieved one yet...across computers only and saved to disks. Update 01/26/07 : It works fine ! New Jersey to Florida computer. Apparently I have four (4) out of a possible five (5) computers enabled for tunes played by my iTunes account. Can you delete one as a defunct of reference? No? That's okay for now.  

this just in...the flowers are in tampa, florida he won a contest for them - he's in upland, ca really
they dated the death october 10, 2006...was married jewish a fine man to us...we met twice as this old
he hosted us on our  way to disneyland and has the heads of many of god's furring creatures in his home mounted - changed my mind some plus plus
doesn't need me yet he says of it...his jewish wife commands the territorial u.s. alone, it is said
juliet prowse...oh, that was cyd charisse in the car with her guts squeezed out of her ass moaning me
this guy started huge medical made baxter-travenol  too - now is mexico made
if you're mochee, you are also president nixon and your grandson...whatever...and you are hitler too how gem to count you some calories and as for real. Meanwhile, I can't get anyone in California to answer me like I've been deposed. Any takers? You're only up in the air for now...maybe you too.

The Clash "Train In Vain" The Clash - London Calling - Train In Vain   from 1979's "London Calling" LP this song unmade " stand by me | or not at all "... if also notes....

The Plimsouls "A Million Miles Away" The Plimsouls - Everywhere at Once - A Million Miles Away  same singer is here too. Number to new is 25,842...

What does it mean to "scare the bejesus" out of someone (see John Candy in "Planes, Trains, And Automobiles" for quote)? I take someone to see something and we both get scared good anyway like I never saw it - ever. I, as purveyor, didn't know how bad it could be! "So see" it says. If to be Jesus, showing folks around it all.

"Behellion" is where hell is born. Dirty laundry if "stinks like behellion" is the saying we use opening cans if and. Like rotten eggs hatching in it as lowest, darkest - on fire now with you there. There's no flames in Behellion, just soft and dark...credits us Shakespeare. In your 'behelve' of you or holdings from.

Home Depot has great sportswear in the form of canvas jackets (some with hood) now on a rack (and bear glue  - a near substitute is Gorilla Glue, I guess - for exterior woods - the hardest ever to you remove, break free - rips off the veneer first with what dries looking like mud dauber work almost pencils thick). "Smith" brand or something but a bit stylish in camel, black, and brown I guess. Saw over the holidays about $50 at the each hard so if the look. Like a pickup truck drives you to be mad.

"Hissing" on tape? A listening of sorts (for bumps or scratches) with a live wire or circuit lit (much like you would hear a conch-seashell up to your ear as hair moves and the breathing is nearby). Undo some with wheels about inside that lower and raise. Wheels hear it first, Bose. If making tapes Maxell or Memorex, you should record a low-grade audible of less than two (2) decibels 'dB' to your tape before selling - it helps get theirs down too with less erased off of once to twice. The recorder only issues electrodes to heighten hiss to squeal, and does not sustain itself in hiss. Use it once you'll see then wheels off of it for no bother at all.

Oils for cooking? Using chickens? Canola (or cheese oil from mostly hazelnuts what are acorns - no sunflower oils no such thing just milks in the oil mixed if) only. Fish? Peanut oils or Crisco only - no olive oil here as sticky and plaque-forming. Use olive oil regular or "virgin" no impurities on meats - burgers, fries too are better here. All potatoes, and actually with no stick. Extra-virgin is for live salads or crustasea (breads hard). All poultry is canola, thanks. Peanut is Crisco period. Shrimp is best to be oiled and served with fish oils otherwise known as Crisco hard as white for dieters - comes from the heart of the salmon only and we've had it for years thanks. People use fish oils in many a food to halt intakes and demands of restaurant nature, and also help cokeheads with "betas" (shrinks offset metals like aluminum with heat, stops them from writing with you, reduces shakes) and "omegas" (shrinks and traps metals within for oxygen's use, blocks nothing in the meantime, but helps around with balls). Heart damage is metals almost always ever you. Peaches please.  More: Eggs? Crisco - is not meat, but suit - something else. Tastes of fish is wet is Crisco I use butter. Cheese frying? Again, use canola.

What is canola? Peaches, mostly, burned at the hut (or crushed and mashed forever with skins on). Never confuse with real peaches what have water still - these didn't make the oven too well as heated first then soda'd and returned to some water made of them with more heat yet. Not for beginners - beware of laxatives here without straining you die of it first and before broiling you dank to death water you can't remove easily. We make safe - you don't.     

The word "sex"? Most notably for "stays here" as an 'x' marks the spot for others to obey and stay out of the way as not desired with. Others can be in the room for any other activity but this - define sex as any activity thus excluding. Solve that, know little of it. "They had SEX, and for sure it is this."

Muffled but dirty: We remit you a few minutes of mind talk (.WAV file) with Neil and other you. Better machines will get better of at it - as all is in the head anyway. My mother exits me here.  

me with elmo and mickey mouse then missing, me kinda embarrassed to ask, no one my mother would join me, each citing kids instead - nyc saturday at the rockefeller center tree service
every single picture we took with this shitty hp digi-equipment these holidays has me looking quite dead and moon-face with ratios and other behellion
however, you can see todd everly is right here though with a black as elmo who ran from me as rejecting with his head off and 'dang!' but moonface you shall not see
they won't stand by this eight-year old equipment making this shit that's out on the market out fast this is not me - period
one or two pix at the dinner table with my glamorous sister has a hamburger glued to the side of my face - no one will defend your beauty in as now lain in cubes, either
be clean, be outward looking - show no one as you dead-looking...only niggers get "the truth" per them
don't hate me because I'm beautiful...I had everyone I ever wanted that
p.s. i signed my name in the metal notepad slights in the metropolitan museum gift shop nearby - silver brush case, in the back of many a penmanship a single pen holds it shut seek aids ribbon on-top
they have them mexican picture cubes  - gloriaz  - i taught you how to make too with stylish museum stuff on them - about eight bucks $8 thanks but i want huge kid-size plushes with buildings formed
p.s. again: the zipper jacket is from old navy from much ago - real cheap; the collar shirt a brotherly gift from kohl's...why? the jacket is gray nylon-ish, but looks like a rubber - i like that style of too
all stolen by me when and if when.  

this isn't the pen and pad i signed...
but it's just like this - the pen barring certain entry before removal of pen
so seem - a mirror

Was watching "Carousel" last night on cable tv Jane Fonda, Shirley Jones at-a-glance (and Sal Mineo as a white man - a damned good-looking one too) - did you know that that red-hair cop who showed his ass David Caruso is the real Danny Partridge? Yup - the other his "son" with Shirley Jones by adoption (a half-brother) but looks good enough he said? Fell asleep too late though as watched some.

If "pako" is "small" in clothes, then: "macac" (say it my way "masay") is "medium" as "MC", "large" is "valub" (say "value" as in a value lost in fabrics) abbreviated "VD", and "XL" ours as "extra-large" is then "harnes" (say "harr-nez") to be abbreviated "HZ" see that too. 

remember, a cheaper carpet sweeper makes good sense with snacking, its crumbs, and variant noise
no noisy vacuums spells damned good sense and these do a great job and cheap
i used one at ralph's market around the produce section at indoor-outdoor levels - an endust promo model is brown
just get this one and for now...or search ebay they have 'buy it now' for $20 unlimited
that's not a window for dirt on-top (two panels open on the bottom either side where dirt and dust brushes up and rests) - it's for ice packs to cool the bristles and increase its distractions to other-else 

01/06/07 Siobhan Fahey "Bad Blood (Alan Moulder Remix)"...if Siobhan is famous as in Bananarama...and we love any Alan Moulder stuff as Curve-produced...Siobhan's father is Neil Sedaka** 
01/06/07 Nirvana "Something In The Way"...a gentle delicate about God** and I meant for you to get "Rape Me" too as "I'm on the only one" who will say to me here
01/06/07 Smashing Pumpkins "Rhinocerous"...a big one to me - keep the name sound, keep it around the same sound...from the unheralded "Gish" record
01/06/07 Shakespear's Sister "Singles Party"...a bit glossy for here is Curve and produced it wrong for them is here too...makes fun of asking for these as parties is no competition to me either

The free one I got for filling out a brief survey - Vonda Shepard's "By 7:30" - is the only one not available still yet. Take that down date, you.
**This takes the "Bad Blood" 'duet' kinda with Elton John back home to its real name...a good song yet and with samples, marimbas not easy to get as a machine really taking time too.   
**I killed the Beatles after making that one song and then they sprung forth with this same of song too...picking from my roof here and stupid-enough thoughts about every life I'd save once or twice me.
 "I killed them because you're no good."

"You know hate - it don't come from the winner's circle." - dM

"You don't get to heaven talkin' to hell." - dM

"Whaddaya mean? I'm one of the initial four hundred thousand you was countin' on up-front. You needed to pay me better." - dM about record sales to small of affair you.

"In hell, you can't leave. In heaven, you think to leave." - dM

the box says "made in the phillippines" - just the box was though, not them
they love making boxes, it said
i was also thinking they love sewing up clothes for little people...
the blue hair connotes being old women, really, and loving life too much now as younger seem 

We want to credit Curve's (yes the gym too - any name like that and Wilson sporting goods too - my mother goes to Curve's in West Trenton for "strengthening bones" she says no weight loss really and some then) Toni Halliday with the great art of Gay Donald's mocking site (that red pee-pee) and the faces on "Thing 1" and "Thing 2" (my Jesus and Abraham as trinity...some say Mary and Jesus - not mine as they are equals somehow)  in "The Cat In The Hat" - very cute and artful. "They're english kids and we draw them to mock their way always smiling and regretful too. Have that over once at-least and leave it at that." are you?

Remember, "behaviors" are things we see in others only, and with that regret as in mind. A "behavior" is noted for no follow as me then.

Local dung: My dad came over Friday and after we went to the new McDonald's (Big Mac ! combo #1 with self-serve a tasty to me) on the Brunswick [Avenue] Circle (where the "Shop-N-Bag"...whatever... grocery store was - supposedly opened by some woman who won big across the street at the lottery commission the old Gaudio's -- also great chinese food nearby the name escape me but see it down...Lucky Palace get me more shrimp with broccoli and oyster sauce had some already but elsewhere with reddish sauce not yet mine, but okay says one-all "they hurt God too much") he took me to Modell's on Route #130 a sports-type place to get me the same jacket he had on for twenty bucks ($20) - a reversible Wilson sport fleece navy or dark blue with two bitchin' white stripes down the sleeve and a hood too - a real fuckin' bargain at any cost (I love Wilson stuff - so classy - my red swim trunks from Ross I cling to yet though exasperated with waist control).  Anyway, it has no sizes within but on hanger they think to say. In the computer it says "SM/CH" and the wanton salesgirl is all "that stands for 'small' in Spanish" they said to say. I said "no, that's for "checo" or "check it again" with small being "pako" (see "Pocheco" or the other one "pacheco" a woman involved - "pass" in California means "check to be sure before asking it to be there" between the 5 intrastate and the 101 coast northbound to San Francisco - and maybe not fog hazards).  Mine is "XL" I know it is, but will not wash it ever you the Hardee's (char-broil fact, fatter french fries, root beer, etc.) missing from Middlesex, NJ and called me "Texas weiner" as trying all, having none. Went to the grandparent's graves and set the place alight with recorded messaging in the ground. A statue of me with open arms up looks like it's pointing at the stars level - pretty cool - then Bennigan's for lunch last week on Route #1 Princeton we get around.  

Wham! "A Different Corner" Wham! - Music from the Edge of Heaven - A Different Corner   from their "Music From The Edge Of Heaven" LP (1986) if "I'm Your Man" - my favorite Wham! song - is now remix matz.

At the movies Friday, they played the "new Grease" auditions for Broadway (that is with the Robert Stigwood music only - no Sha Sha Na thanks it) although my father complains about a full half hour of previews, I love them now (if one preview nearly asks me to choose between a sexy girl like Aimee Mann's kickbody and her geeky brother with no firmness of legs dancing around in a red cape - will have neither I have love). Meanwhile - looks like a hoot! I always sing Olivia Newton-John's "Hopelessly Devoted To You" for its white purities and even dazzled the audience in the car yesterday with "Xanadu" all prepped to go in the backseat (my dad got "Daniel" by Elton John he was amazed too but wouldn't admit this either). Know the words only ever - ours to mess up lately is " crocodile rockin' was something shocking "...we fuck that up, always. I was gonna tell you about Mentos (I love fruit-flavor Mentos "they're for bad breath" with Skittles too "for impotence" relax) exploding in Diet Coke from YouTube you sort that out a Jobes in root beer actually exploded with lies afoot then a baby chick in a bottle made it all seem wrong. Whatever - I proof everything myself  been drinking Sloe Gin fizzes again too (7-Up with sloe gin and ice a cherry - we go back for holiday). Other than we note that Agnes Moorehead became playright Joan Plowright. So there.

Olivia Newton-John "Hopelessly Devoted To You" Olivia Newton-John - Grease - Hopelessly Devoted to You  from the "Grease" soundtrack and originally of 1978. She still looks great and sounds good in concert trust that even though died once to twice. Bless that the ol' sandbag. People auditioning all have to or want to sing "You're The One That I Want" and I remember a teacher in elementary school stopping our class solemnly to explain the lyric proper to us kids so hard to get as so fast running by. Whatever - I loved that presient of knowing and all coming right in to clear it all up to me if so important to get it right then.  

More more do you like it?

Our NYC May Enfold You 01/06/07 2245
Went to NewYork City today around 11:00 am and walked around Rockefeller Center, had lunch at their little expensive cafe rink-side Rock Center Cafe (chicken caesar, yummy colas...Rosie said $40 a person about, but our bill was eighty-nine dollars $89 for three 3 loosely - plus we twenty $20 tipped it...buns, breadsticks, the view of, every good given here nice clean ++ you can fondue in hot chocolate with strawberries, brownies, etc., with someone special after nine p.m. for only $20 it it cold no waits w/o a view...) while others ice skated nearby on what was not a cold day at all but raunchy heated weather. We see one tower rising in the distance on approach with an "I-95" [really the '5' in California a geeky hello to me thanks] note on it as 'hi we're leaving soon and again' says a builder while now the rise is disguised, but anyone who bought a picture has the plans already done to me (we have it hanging here black mat all gold shining in the sun with mosques, etc). Oh, we played with the gold statue there (Prometheus? no, no - Atlantis on the sea of it if will change) at Rockefeller rink while dining - me, my mother, and Eddie otherwise known as St. John of Lefarses - and you'll see the band of gold moves slowly now around its figure - you'll love that along with other surges of form. I was humbled at St. Patrick's cathedral when the blacks working there made me take my hat off "in church" (why I don't go - and why all blacks? that used to still us on pulpit) and poisoned one of the holy water bowls on the way out right after honoring attendees a bit. We laughed, we cried and we went home too. Looks great all thanks. We parked on the street near 6th Avenue and paid by credit card real cheap eight bucks ($8.00) four (4) hours that's great stuff - hear it.

Oh, the bowl is haunted with protoplasms only and I freed St. Jude since 1976 or so and then others see. Who?
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Unwelcome In January 2007, You Remiss To December Arthouse Workings Where You'll Stalter And Fall
C'mon now - you know you would if you wanted to. New and for 2007 - an ongoing sample list of people I would have sent a Christmas card to had I sent cards: Fran
Ermi ("no exotic birds...")...others soon...Rose. John, Sharon.    


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