Move It Out To March 2009 So Soften The Edges

this our little walking tour today march 10

March Too Soon! Until then Mr. Rootbeer comes a callin'...boys, birthdays, is personal, meets Little Me sitting on-top of the barrel in-between legs.

'the new adventures of huckleberry finn' have banjoes...

T-shirts at Nat'l Lampoon called "Jerkass" we like it plus petty deciphers:

'paddle faster' - don't be there unless you hate being touched as banjolettas go or then olive (see, then seek smashing pumpkins 'to sheila' mp3 (4.2 megs) or them movie 'deliverance')
'drink like a champ' - do what it takes at a bank to get money for today
'party shirt' - about a billy 'barty' or midget as 'little me' and be irritating...the party's on, a midget in leather doing splits...slant invites
'stop wars' - kill rebels dead
'warriors'- small kills meets bigger fish
'suck for a buck' - a punch in the butt ain't cheap either
'i gave my word to stop at third' - not to be the glory of homeruns but with you...for kyle + olivia's reveal not yet said
'dick in a box' - isn't this enough? so the last thing you'll see
'state champion' - tell me i won
sacred heart color grid - sixteen depths, jpeg honors me from afar
'colege' - you pieced it together a collage as no 4-y matric - we can tell
'i'll bet you $300' - why borrowing pays little
'scientology' - thanks for coming to see nothing in advance of reading
'best male-female' - to onlookers who are bested by those not so speaking
'we will destroy you' - wee willies striking out at the knob
'beaver fever' - be there, feed her...the bears
'those were the droids' - that's them you seek, go back and see for yourself but again them
'tune in tokyo' - don't listen here too much to our friends outside...not really for you
'baseball glovelet' - yup, me too either side once at you ask
'we did it' - implies a kkk-style lift to the duck sauce (no hanks)
'dirty sanchez' - girls love anti-gay strip violence in mexico, and so do we
shot at the heart - we'll hear about your feelings when it's over
'drive shaft' - we'll shit in you, french girl madeline's nun and appendix surgery
'game over' - bush left us to be rich five dollar signs not zeros
black velvet - likes latins, black velvet art (body bag? worst ever by you)

p.s. 'real bodies' - makes reference to 'sex? have we been to the morgue together?' a little joke of mine implying that you need to be there at that depth for - a come-on for two friends i took to the hospital morgue for a look see...others to be at that stupid too

"Fucking thing won't even tell you the date with the mouse activating the time of day." - dM somewhat apologizing to my Mac?

"I don't want him to get paid. I didn't get paid." - Neil (apparently, just about everyone you know but with fake balls that hang on black suture and wrap around mine and nicely enough) about waiting on Federal'd stay in the grave waiting for my money, you fucking bald Bitch...keep the favors to a minimum and I won't hafta thank you for dying in a blaze of rubber bullets (second call - Neil actually gets dug right up his dejected voice so appealing to me...)

Our own expectations to date still being imagineered by internet, fashion:
2008 - $2650, was $848 = $1802 (no fee, to then paper mailed 02/12/09, 02/21/09 corrected form printed and sent as noticed with: 1040X)
2007 - $2531, was $794 = $1737 ($50 OLT to then paper mailed 02/21/09)
2006 - $2493, was $736 = $1757 ($50 OLT to then paper mailed 02/27/09)

The correct form may not stop intelligent duly process for an amended 1040 noted? Why know with paper processing estimates of 3-8 weeks, 8-12 weeks - whatever you kind revised upon note, touch upon touch like someone's personal checkbook - and with nothing to be issued in my name, of course. A famous black woman (probably Natalie Cole) tells me "You write me a check, I'll write you one [at the same time]." All I note is that the printed forms remain untouched by me, but have bits missing in revise or then print to paper only (the computer has it all pressed in as called up - example? the dependent's name on second's there online). Mind over says "to stop copycats." What to do? We didn't, but that's assuming their own systems are directly connected as OLT is firmly the IRS and has all online. If not correct, we have delays issued in advance that are not formal. Give to the gift of not knowing, not having to know? Of not being so gifted prior to this tax year ("OTH"? never so, I'd say it for three years straight and as on the "QT"). I never became a CPA (although tested in twice at that level you'd say 84, 86 - nothing good comes from not knowing? nothing great does says summa cum laude "they taught US, you Bitch") because I didn't work with public accountancy (or then personal taxes). It matters only (my problems are yours only - forms and preying upon locked-up files and not being so forthcoming with my truly good until known to me as good seem too much, but also see how not doing might pays). My work advice or learning was never formally given we share to see some made of it, but made it possible to no one else ever. See ya later 2005...

Neil's mother says in my head that I have a "mothering" from someone, my own mother as I wasn't good enough for any seem and as baby needed someone on my side to fight and that is me summed up. No (my mother is ugly competitive only against us being fault - her breasts exposed to me translated into moles she loved at second grade...we point hers out still like gays do up to better looks...psst - she was the most pretty mother to me and we meant it). People want you to be who they are, not leaving them behind like I left Neil's politely one day with an outside promotion (thank them? be happy with sought and help to that - never understand hate or the winner's circle opening up silently to their thoughts of grandeur = never exchange hurts to see no value with both seeing, keep your guard up divide divide). That's okay, but I noticed with the breadth of time given my thoughts by my parents and in my backyard being industrious that I was alone alot for picking through people and also that your opinion won't matter much if I just go next door and get another one the ol' AYDS test-diagnosis two outta three. Rent from a bankruptcy but never in advance if your husband is "too fat" but I can't stop coming for him if mentioned and at-point. Your husband by the way is "alpha male" (like "alpha romeo" the car - you don't know why per se by just looking at, but there are lots of people who love them - you'd hafta know why yourself see "alka" for "always upset" as opposed to "beta" or then "bethesda" you're working on lengths-widths with them and both risking jail terms too as you "bait" them in) - that is driven to answer needbags just outside of view as soon as your answer is firmed up. He can take care of another godless beauty waiting for nothing (hates god as a thought makes it too real on paper per speech, is too humble for human kind if a greater promise is to be held) just as soon as you declare potency above it all perhaps just another dick curled up in your ass? Another single parent with kids, I'd say. Some latino descent?

White teeth in the news now just as yellow? FLOSS! FLOSS! Johnson & Johnson's waxed mint green and no colors in toothpastes or then temporary and with solace of burns being revised. Colgate only if basis needed. We need white-out that is thin and non-bleaching too. Thin no scales coming off. We need a rubbery skin coat for a day or more to wash off thinly. Just temporary fixes while fixing. Nothing seem. Bitches love flaws on yourself while freckle elves dance and sing for us instead no sex seen with too many beauties about.

We see all-time bottom drift AOL (this for new users only - a phone line and new computer seeking online environment with no experience to touch) is now poisoning Netscape browser with their dialects (incidentally, the name woulda made you alot of money on the stock market still with no business concern or dividends at all the fool - your love of the name-logo only paid in as such meeting their love of the name-logo - stay sharp it's logo onward to be still look at their "balance sheets, debt ratios" and all). They don't want writing on the "Composer" module for HTML and all to save monies that should be quoted a month in advance as maximum expense for you too, but private interest prevails in a no-man's land anyway while women seek justices that will never be as long as you live in England (even blacks won't do the "rightest thing" when I'm involved - we'll seek value at-once). Just mark-downs on all cheap dresses to no knives noted to be placed up in inner thighs yet - and so what? Netscape hasn't been topped yet as we look to Safari (sleek of fonts, but seem editing for nonesuch of queens who remain unheard without me saying how-why) and Explorer (any reason to avoid Netscape-targeting programming in advance and against huge takes of videofile norms) what-then-else to meet minor needs that Netscape has agreed to fail or then to never see your shit lit. Netscape isn't going anywhere - trust that - and provides all at-will. You didn't defeat it or provide an answer to a question it won't answer yet. Huh? Your service provider fails operating systems and in time (iTunes fails on Apple? you you you) against new units that are expensive and look monied. I'll get the same cell phone I smashed at AT&T for $15 and pay by phone cards while I spend the tip I just gave the waiter at the grocery store.

a telephone pole on cynthia street honors me - used to have a toy soldier on it

new building on hancock replaces ice house

same be...

'the fireplace is oracle' may not evidence anything but a face appears in high-res and moves out on command

This on March 3: Our friends over at 99 Only stores have venus fly traps in little terrariums for just that - $0.99. They are underdeveloped, but have the key to it all and mind you - find on the back 'to do' cart near mops. Got some Colgate toothpaste there and went to Target again too for Wet Ones at but $2.14 and Vaseline (for making renowned of penis lips, startin' fires, crackin' 'bacteriostatic' too...won't make more of 'em, won't reduce 'em neither if to ask your ass) at $1.07 in the travel section.

JACK (FORMERLY AND NOW AGAIN 'THE ZONE') Jack or The Zone is in Hollywood at 1037 N. Sycamore Ave. and is still crackin' I see a blue light we check on frequently to not...((this updated quietly and again on 05/23/09...I walked over there last night but was a firm dollar short of their $22 entry $10 membership, $12 admission, so no beg in - see specials often and now back to prior perform...)) voting is on city council today - remember to that (MOON VOTED AT THE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL FOR DURAN). BTW, a "duran" as in singing group "Duran Duran" is a dead end. Duran duran means a dead end even for the dead. A place where no one goes inside of place that no one goes to. One of them eco-bubbles in Utah. Incidentally, I bought Palmolive's eco-friendly dishwasher detergent at a discount at Ralphs ($4.00 for a full-size and a bitty fight at the register for that price to come in late - this the last day for turkey meat) and it was awful - I couldn't get that shit outta my dishwasher and it leaves white stuff on the silver. Better to overkill a fish with phosphates or plant life (Jews think they get better stuff here - no way).

Mom reports she has an interested buyer (this on 03/02/09) in her NJ house and that she "hates condo living" (people go in there behind your back and all). I liked both-all alot, but she found a new house on the river in Stuart, Florida where the train tracks, art fairs, and food is and that it has a screened-in pool and all. Good enough. The old Sarah Tucker Inn of Cool-Whip fame is there in Stuart next to the trains and I quote their matriarch Sarah Redmond "You can't stay, but you can come back." I made brownies today in the red silicone quiche-like cup holder that I got at a yard sale and the result is very "poppy". I like it from the oven. Coming soon: blood-red cupcakes with cream cheese frosting all from the can. Meatloaf.

here's 'war of the worlds' again with a bit of homoceleun (spanish-type life) underneath - it fades i hear

From the nothing but leeches file: We wrote a check on 08/31/08 for $180 that bounced once simply with fee that was reciprocated with cash somehow, and the same someone just redeposited it simply for $180 out of account. Note then to all a full six-month staving against you for such sent. That's what the bank says. Get on it.

Jennie O's Turkey Store thanked us yesterday with a two-for-one sale at Ralph's and yesterday hurry over. Buy one pack at $4.99, get one free for the finest ground beef there is ('til 03/03/09). Five-dollar chicken breast packs too. What? Five (4) breasts in each pack...four (4) breasts cut up are worth $25 to me, less subsidy.

'mannequin' with andrew mccarthy, kim cattral and obama (um, jackie gleason) as security then
lisa welchel was 'family affair' too as 'sissy' if mrs. garrett was in 'troop beverly hills'
the big dance number is by alisha 'do u dream about me'...recommend 'all night passion'

my preview for 'search for the great sharks' great white and 1963 some most heaven's boat and all 'h-a'
originally just 'mako' or sea dog - i'm in the film at crow's nest, kinda, one shot others too neil's mother is the woman at rage over being...chris sits
these (four of folks) get dots on in 'em to say tired, busy now for 'graith white'...tuna head their favorite of nettles is chicken of the sea
brian is in the

The Three Greatest Beauties Of The World Doug Moon
the ones who don't think they're good enough;
the ones who don't think I'm good enough;
the ones who don't think of us at all.

We do lyrics here to present the best possible musings at the best possible price (for you). I argue meaning (what you get from it) and method (the words used) to the fullest extents, but the intent is 1) to be as the person who 'wrote' and sings it 2) to quell any thoughts of being inadequately prepared for the task. I hate understanding myself better, but quite frankly the elegance I seek to convey isn't words, but a singing of the material that isn't challenged by reveal (you've always known). If you get better, use it. I will. "I hate people making me stupid with them." - dM...gun be ready, earpiece my talent

pretenders 'room full of mirrors' mp3 (4.2 megs) (hendrix) from 1986's the pretenders 'get close'
let's make love our final choice (from 'tradition of love'...lets love rule)
you ain't going nowhere 'til the box breaks me
'til you're good enough to see about me

i used to live in a room full of mirrors
all i could see was me
well i took my spirit
and i crashed my mirrors
now the whole world is there for me to see
i've got a whole world that's there for me to see
now i'm searching for my love to be
hey -

yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

broken glass was falling in my brain
cut and screamed and crying in my head
broken glass was falling in my brain
it used up all of my dreams and cut me in my bed
it used up all of my dreams and cut me in my bed
i said making love is strange in my bed
hey -

yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

yeah yeah yeah
yeah yeah yeah
always stumble
always fall
can't find the door
see only sunshine
all through the day
yeah yeah yeah yeah
yeah yeah
hey -

love come shine over the mountain
love come shine over the sea
love will shine on my baby
then i'll know exactly who's for me
then i'll know exactly who's for me
until that time i still got alot of groovy time [alts 'overtime' maybe you buy a house for me instead]

hey hey hey hey....

i get a bright light shining over on my face when i kiss someone special - you? a hominy or value to me

Check out the devil's handmaid here at Pomp & Posey - about a block away on Palm. Very cute Jesus and Mary stuff. Alternately, they say this place Vietri supplies them to us (if the name means 'hard on the ear' as being promoted too much as by mouth). Eating lemons whole is how you get rid of stink and stolb from drugs (women). Sure - one a week just peel and eat like shrimp.

Just back from Target West Hollywood - they got gabardine (like checkerboard made of thin lines - very classy me) suits my absolute favorite and real cheap. Oddly, they had two brown gab jackets at 44L for $25.00 and the vest found elsewhere there was $40. Good luck with the pants, but you'll see other colors in stock and about I tried the jacket on. Honors me always. See removable black sofas (um, a 'futon') that fold, bolt to the floor and have pull-up arm rests - not bad for the back of your yard's van but for a wood floor really. Kitchen booths maybe. Then Eureka vacuum as mentioned in my film is $75 now with a slightly higher Hoover whirlwind if money is no object, but the Eureka we have the 'WhirlWind Lite' is tops here with getting up the fur and waste or then UV rays of HEPA human enviro protection act prouds (or then be AYDS). Like magic and just $100 at Sears was ours...'Carolyn's Fingers' is for 'carowinds' (caramel winds) or delicious meats cooking out of pipestacks. We have higher scentings no matter what adds if taking too much from above it. Cocteau Twins. Abraham's fingers ('fingers of Abraham' or 'brahms' and how you say 'Tchaikovsky' in Russian?) or then 'Carolyn's fingers' is just a baby goat that died like baby chicks die for making anchovies with their wings, and it the goat hand when gelatined in right on-top looks like it's ready to peel the page back on a new stack of lunchmeat but as slightly human and not yet ever cloved. This slight humour honors him. He hates babies dying in the cute (acute or pinpoint) of the animal world and will hurt you bad for it. This says for a greater thought of you. So there.

Name: "Dominick" means "don't mention it [or I'll kill ya]." My French name in class was "Dominique" - they say "a person who hates people for living with you."

Sayings: "She's walking like a backseat [batsi]" to mean she's rushing ahead to be first at it looking. "Well ain't that a chocolate chip cookie!" No - "Well ain't that a chop [carafe, usually at one pint] and a chip of cookie" like you had to give blood or a piece of your body listening to a dull ham just to get something to eat (or then to get money as being at work). From Fox's "In Living Color" the "Funky Finger" skits...

sure - and all under four bucks (<$4 or then >$3)
this is actual size, yes, and well worth it me -- many sizes, designs near register downstairs on sunset (hanging near entry wall) or online retail here at

i picked one to see of me - like yesterday at the bristol farms sausage counter me 'we forgive you terry' they said
thanks to you to brian from poquito mas and their business or work fanfare - check it out party of 15-20 $139 with no clamshell effort or devoid he got at discount i hear
brian (tom) in the picture is all three apparently and sends thanks of through terry...i see little touched
i threw his apple off the balcony yesterday to thank him for something myself
i don't see brian ever but he stays here often - i picked the picture (now missing) for the boy as just cute and being like doug somewhat? for being what doug likes mostly (brian has no earlobes, light brown eyes, and a high ass that wiggles for me - his dad too?)
more: the girl is important too as friend i thought 'lacy stevenson' with fake nose still on they say...the metafables or change drugs add weight, loss
'no sink cares what you drink' if adds i don't always care to understand my perfections making me know stuff

More notes from it: Revise Chi Chi LaRue's up a full notch for cheap poppers ($6.95 yellow vial said "RUSH" no-parent and as sealed - and as mother's birthday is coming) and a nice shop overall and after all. Stop in before now and 2:1 DVD's at current. Make sure you look at the gallery section here - Chi Chi had an opening party where she appeared for pictures and she was beautiful for it all - a real star act. I tell people she makes women feel like someone's there for them on the scene as her work namesake is very good, but like Divine kinda. That's not real though as we don't ask you anything or leave you out (we pay us somehow if tb and leprosy was made for wayward gays alone - order in). She doesn't say that but offers "We don't know anything for you." Aah's the Halloween store has every great thing for mardi gras (more grass to eat with debt - as Jews say) and more importantly fake tattoos that last a few days with water application (and then stockings of them for one of arm if color is ranged). I've been looking since Florida and their 99 cents store had 'em (the finest clip arts, if will). Finally, Big Mamas & Papas pizza on Santa Monica east of LaCienega is good like east coast and since Pizza Hut Express clapped right up with Famima! (see alt locations if will). Note: Big Mama's makes 36" pies (a spinning yardstick) and boxed for $40 (imagine a slice that's 18" long!) One other: Our mother of sorrows Home Depot has gallon pots of California poppies right now for $3.97 they say - we'll see about that.

cocteau twins 'a kissed out red floatboat' from 1988's 'blue bell knoll' lp
is fatten lower ? lip from kissing too much now unhappy as protruding - a bad person to me
not so much their 'love song' as billed, but an ecstasy of it - he stopped by, say it right to me (the hard parts here more as later if...pu!)

i'm sad [of it] again
i'd save it if i loved you less or else [i'd die]
any this love
could be and be with me

i saw him walking around
he saw of me in time and again

falling again -
oh and darling -
he really doesn't care (what you think)
he's [often as] an animal
he's an off-bred [kind]

thanks to the above - this is fucking evil

Who is the person who died as President John F. Kennedy? Me? No - Richard Simmons the athletic-exercise guru. That's who was shot "twice in the head" he says. What does 'smart' mean? Has been hurt - it made you 'smart' or then hurt. What is 'mean'? Remembers too well and on an average can say why not or why you will. Mean.

i love pineapples (um, for 'fertility') on finished pine bedposts, fountains - this $480 at anawalt add-a-wall on robertson

the ol' lions club shop on robertson here in west hollywood - for the trees
lions are catholic (a light in me, a cathode), feed people, and run christmas dates only

there's a club on robertson in weho that uses this old apple logo as name
rosie o'donnell says 'where you go to get paid' when happen
no one answered

the only tree i ever chopped down personally and with a metal hatchet is there too across the creek on leftish - a big one that just leaned then on (care here)
the rest just preservations (keeping looks by excising bushes) and conservations (making care or keeping one as stable during)
someone asked - get to a picture hope it's still there
the main tree is at the northeast corner of allen and main - there
i used google earth to get around alot last night
mouse wheel zooms in/out, mouse movement and clicks directs view as pulling sheets in
i looked at my mother's house in titusville too on creek rim - there's a white "h" in the backyard (a bed of white rocks with two round ornate bushes on either side)

Yeah, I got the Columbine boys and the Jenny Jones boys both on tape...nice enough.

Wanna make a soap-stone statue by pour? Equal parts salt (no iodine, just pure like Morton's) and whole-fat milk. Let dry up finally and sculp and pour more at-will. Add pours after drying. Inspiration? Statues on LaCienega today while walking to Norm's diner to get lunch (bacon cheeseburger, fries) and their annual pocket calendar at the register (I noticed mine 1998 was expired when walking today although I had breakfast there alone on Sunday too (I ordered the "Sunrise" as opposed to my usual the "Bigger Breakfast" with ham slice...bacon, and sausages too - rule: with no weasels afoot I challenge the day with visits thus). Tip today was $1.71 for $11.34 of meal at cost...a green sweater I liked at the Calvin store was $88 at 30% off or then $61.60 we figured in our head ($30 off one hundred but this was $88, so we add back twelve bucks worth or then $0.30 on the dollar or $3.60). They have it online at that price exactly.

not much done yet at pavilions on santa monica - this taken today 02/18

come rain or come shine - this the monorail supposedly at the west entrance

this the east entrance where the laundromat used to be - see ya soon we hope to not!

by the way, this exhibition was about six months too long i'd say without milk and staging - this the laundromat building remade

features a whole array of usb ports in the back - 'byodkm' (bring your own display keyboard mouse - dumb)
the model used in the store was the $800 version - not necessary to say, we'd say
the unit wasn't hot to the touch, either - great performance

Spent alot of time in the Apple Store Beverly Center today (02/18/09) looking at their $600 Mac mini - performs well, Boy. My latest thing is finishing every sentence like I'm rheumy (warm, moist in the lung - almost a cough) - "I just can't stop (um, ah-hah)." Great laughs along the way all self-satisfied...not to be confused with 'hotchkiss' the hot penny what is challenged immediately on reproach (or then just as learning of) with its "well-hah"...

andrew mccarthy knew what to do in 'mannequin' and with kim cattral (see thee and free online and starring president-elect obama as security) - these moved from lacienega to our neighborhood just west of it at san vicente

over me? the store is called 'sharp image' a misnomer and sells used stuff to a grave like the brilliant maroon of one velvet suit above
clothing the self? a double-breasted suit is for a funeral, only
a suit vest is for any festive and must be worn - otherwise be work
open jacket is casual otherwise
a tie goes with pants same colors
socks go with shoes alone and many - all layerings must match up!
a shirt and a sport jacket go together same colors and alone
pants, tie go with eye color - e.g., blue is for blue
no shoe for no clothes, excepting military looks to guard feet and clothiers too from stink
no ties with shoes ever - just slip-ons or be casual then
a tuxedo is for weddings only, unless mades to know
a cummerbund is for cash insert on-top and collecting one's balls in a hurry
reminds a paunch? not to be mine yet
no clothes means beauty and alone no favor needed - no guard either be sure
no dressing of the dead alone ever - need two of usually

the knowing tits of 'national lampoon' not again available to me
no, johnny whittaker was chris ondy's father
and if 'cabot' is my dark-circle angel of death eight of them and as exponentially made

remember what i hate sells too - in heaven we compete like this 'who knows more, who cares more'
the flag hanging blows east on demand and i swear these lower into the ground when challenged - like three locking parts issuing up as one on chain
all insults get me to know

"No two truths shall meet it." - dM quoting the above to mean "no two truths make any sense, you made them" - check the facts ("the time of it" it says)

On my daily 'jurisdiction' (as opposed to daily 'constitution' with someone else attending you - as 'mental') today (02/17/09), I noticed a gray casket in St. Victor's (on Holloway in West Hollywood - I stop in and to curse you often) the doors flung open. Not entering, but how pretty on accordion cart and all in vestibule or lobby with white flowers on top. Stuff's not cheap you know - I get the name 'John Hopkins' but saw-heard as some old woman on approach...real.

Sunday, February 16 Pep Boys says $279.97 each for their Baja Motorsports Doodle Bug Minibike...forever safe me...remember to chain guards always.

design for gravesite: two (2) paper dolls in 's' formation holding hands and as entering weather
free at last ! and to be me alone
yeah - you were actually two (2) people now split into and thus you know neither well or really
it says there was no one in the middle with you, whom?
very auschwitz, very poland i'd say (too smart for the saving of)

another goodie! pet shop boys 'do i have to?' mp3 (6.0 megs)
this, originally the b/w of the 'domino dancing' ep (1988)?
some say the 'always on my mind' ep and by elvis - why would i have that? no
is like you're on the phone asking someone not to blow you off after involvements
'do what you have to do to be with me here' it says and for me
you'll only get to this on 1995's 'alternative' comp anyway where all b-sides are exerned (made to be known)
still seeking 'miracles' and as by jefferson starship (official psb link here)

i don't care what you said
and i mean it
i don't care what you shed
'cause i've seen it
who's to judge if you're wrong
this is a bad time
just as long as you break
his heart and not mine

tell them you're a liar
tell them i'm a saint
say it's much too early
or just too late
tell them that you're weak
begging to be strong
say you're very sorry but
you were wrong

do i have to?
don't say -
do i need to
love you?

it's a fatal mistake
and you know it
that you're dying to make
you'll pay for it
it's already too late
go on -
admit it

tell them it's a problem
tell them it's too hard
say you found your best friend
in scotland yard
swear that there'll be murder
tell them that i'm ill
say you know it's blackmail
but then i'll kill -

do i have to?
don't say -
do i need to
love you?

i have heard
what you said about me -
i have heard [alts 'hurt']
but do i have to believe [alts 'bleed']?

to neil some - of course you should anyway you're here

The best stuff for replacing lost fillings and of all I've tried to date: Cherry Refilit - about $5.00 at CVS and such. Good stuff, about two (2) weeks and then down and out. Nothing flame to be here. Sodium seltzer mixtures like Orangina remove this flatly - to be avoided when. Also, orange juice (like Trader Joe's) not 'pumiced' or made with apple juices (um, 'pectin', thereof). Nothing that fresh.

The folks at OLT did our taxes this year - online. Nothing much said for me, of course...not yet anyway. P.S. Filing a Federal return is completely free no check - have your W-2(s) ready to go. If adds state filing and as automatically chosen within, there will be a nominal (not worthy of mention) fee ($7.95 I think). More stuff later when as safe to say...I didn't file a Federal return for myself since 2005 (for what?), so we went back including this year to grant Terry "head-of-household" status (but see no child) and return about $2,000 a year or just under that to our 'coffers' (as mostly dead, but see the Feds finally make this shit up to me somehow and yet see the money Terry's or who paid all in). Sure - file as "other" in relation to and these we revise back 2008, 2007, and 2006. We'll leave 2005 off as filed fhen by me alone from Ralph's and as courtesy clerk. So. You hafta pay $50 a year for all revisions not made on OLT returns and you can go back up to three (3) years (never not for initial filings or those due the same year and by October 15 or penalty). And so? Keep safe. The first return at $848 came back in one (1) week direct deposit then to revise us...$2,650 new.

Other gift ideas include the rope hammock stand at Bed Bath & Beyond and the Candyland tooth bucket from Neiman Marcus et al (locally speaking, Live Nation on Sunset has 'em too @ $125)...just tell 'em Doug sent ya. Adds in the Hammocks site.

madonna remembers 'who's that girl' and with pamela sue martin attending (neil too, angels' john forsythe yet as pink panther's kato and briefly)
academy awards are scheduled for february 22 the eve of, something else major on february 24 mardi gras and mother's birthday is 23
'murray the tiger' is for 'the lady and the tiger' - 'marry the tiger' it said when choosing one of two doors beforehand or open both and run

As predicted by a black girl on the bus yesterday looking for The Pleasure Chest, (and I quote: "That's a nice shirt..." to a girl wearing a pink tee with a red heart blazened on the front)it's raining hard today (Monday February 16 aga President's Day) in the Los Angeles basin. Sure, I made my mother's chili yesterday by McCormick spice (see our very feature November 2008 and remind of recent that Turkey Store turkey meat tacos are still most fragrant and a great instant cure for the blues...and use the two-pack of Lawry's taco seasoning mix and always here, iceberg lettuce, cheddar cheese, fresh tomato, genuine Ortega products add) as Terry made beef stock (big beef, cabbage, cooked barley and what is then oatmeal really I guess, etc.) soup. Hadda to go to Ralph's in Hollywood and on LaBrea for these items if melon popsicles and choice made and with ambrosia too (see February 2008). Usually, I hafta chain clouds overhead with plasma lines and lower them to get this kind of widow to drop. Will go out for a walk soon. No mercies this weekend...people know we have no money now (only the cheapest fuckers come a'calling, it seems and see Marc Ondy who is in the 'Pink Panther' film with broad black glasses and who is also grandfather Ondrashek...we see to you anyway and off again).

marc as 'eagle eye', sure

My mother failed to send Valentine's greetings down the sewer pipe this year - a failure again, but things are in the works. Usually, so punctual with it all (she's still cursing me linking her up with Terry's parents and in Florida I guess all loose talk made sense with me). We bought a Russell Stover practice heart for $5 - the cheapest there is - to eat and so honor that day (with about six individual candies inside - all great though) and that's that. Having troubles? To me, it's important to tell one (1) other person, another conscient if will.

psst - bought this mug at newark airport in new jersey back at thanksgiving
newark is new york city but on the other side of the lincoln tunnel - we are suburban new york city and simply we say

By the way, we're using a Dell Computer now (the "Precision 340") with Intel Pentium 4 CPU, 200GHz, 512 RAM. Microsoft Windows XP Professional operating system. Quite frankly, what runs like the Mac G4 what sits by, but plays iTunes previews and imports better. I wouldn't bother much as I import and extract others here. Just saw Kathy 'Adrienne' Griffin in "Troop Beverly Hills" I can't believe it and as older (she died one for us?)...neighborhood person Susan Donoher stars as Shelley Long? OK!

here's 'revenge of the pink panther' (in lieu of my all-time favorite 'the pink panther strikes again') from hulu
madonna and rosie's 'a league of their own' (never before seen but much like 'fried green tomatoes') and 'tentacles' and the shark-fest feature all get honorable mentions there....

Your key to the 'Pink Panther' movies and in reverse chron:
"Son Of The Pink Panther" (1993) - and with Roberto Begnini...I beg off;
"Trail Of The Pink Panther" (1992) - the last of archived footage with star Peter Sellers (he now works the newstand on Hancock here at night - hi hi);
"Curse Of The Pink Panther" (1983) - David Niven and Robert Wagner star in this one...probably a no-go;
"Revenge of The Pink Panther" (1978) - as good as any with Sellers and Herbert Lom (aka Blake Edwards);
"The Pink Panther Strikes Again" (1976) - to me the best one and with starring Sellers and Lom;
"Return Of The Pink Panther" (1975) - these probably still working on any laughs yet...Elton John made the previous ones and at a laugh;
"The Pink Panther" (1963) - most humourless and as origin with stars Niven and Wagner.

dan moon's father burt reynolds (ne michael tomlin) was also james webb the 'dragnet' guy hence gary's last name

Gary Numan "M.E." MP3 (10.2 Megs) from 1979's "The Pleasure Principle" LP...the tag "M.E." is for "modern entropy" - you know more than anyone and die of it too an 'entropy' being unknown when seen. A heavy ball in a sheet-like bag? See Gary's truth at Wikipedia...I hate Wikipedia.


and me
i eat dust
we're all so run down
i'd call it my death
but i'd only fade away
and i hate to fade alone
now there's only me

we were so sure
we were so wrong
now it's over
but there's no one left to see
and there's no one left to die
there's only me

there's only me

why should i care?
why should i try?
oh, no
oh, no
i turned off the pain
like i turned off you all
now there's only me

to me, this the only song that ever challenged audio-analog to cd conversion with its spinnings

Our friend 'Robert' here talks about looting in high school...they ask you as student how much you have on-hand and they take it from you. The amount shouldn't be the least said or that is you (he had $1,400 he says). Later on they invest and borrow "and eat out" he says - more later...and as a matter of student government.

Fluke: Edible Arrangements - check it out ideas, dispose. I'd love to get one...just bought me the last two (2) boxes of melon pops at Ralphs. What? No watermelon?

Watch Eurythmics "Heaven" from 1987's "Savage" LP and at YouTube. Reminds me deeply of arriving in Los Angeles in 1987 and as seeking such (this one of my first records + accompanying video sets here). It says 'heaven' sure, but reminds about being freelance or just doing your own thing and how lonely it can get waiting for noise to happen me. In all, it states the alcohols of winter plainly - still florid and still promising as shit. Glendale. The beach calls in February or so...still calls me back to a very gay heyday and we work behind it all. P.S. The video is about stars in or then doing 'colecs' or collecting visits abroad here in the US. Sure, sushi and mimosas (champagne and orange juice - and usually only at a Sunday brunch) as beforehand. Against all advice and with requisite facial mole she adds "the sushi suggests me..."

this was it, basically
in west hollywood, you visit house parties from 10 pm to 12 midnight only
then, the bars from midnight 'til closing at 2 am - these, rules about town
but back to, we went to studio 54 in 1985 when miami sound machine had 'conga' out fresh
palladium (nyc), a much bigger hive, was in 1986 with pet shop boys 'west end girls' and phyllis nelson 'i like you' both fresh out

President Nixon was Ed Sullivan, yes. His studio became Studio 54 (decor: stainless metal utility racks with plastic glass on top for drinks, oval dance floor sunk six inches 6" and with wood-court flooring, celebrity lounge area cordoned with brass-capped red velvet rope) in NYC. President Bush Jr. was "suicide-murderer" Ted Bundy too. Sure, after his father died "I died in my heart too from money loses and as such." Sandusky, Ohio..."nineteen (19) women soldiers (with guns)" he says. Furthers Bush "We made that famous - you don't celebrate a murderer here."

give me the sleeveless one jacket yet october 4? november 4?
kids stand up and clap in school when target's colors arrive new

E: Order inquiry from Amazon customer [1345228:1342057]‏ From: Doug Moon ( Sent: Sun 12/07/08 12:53 PM To: You're a real bullshit over this jacket - I got two vendors denying me service. How are you gonna get by this? > From: > To: > Subject: RE: Order inquiry from Amazon customer [1345228:1342057] > Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2008 12:20:36 -0500 > > Dear Doug, > > Thank you for your recent inquiry. According to UPS tracking this package was delivered on 11/05/08 at the following address: > > Doug Moon > 930 PALM AVE APT 146 > WEST HOLLYWOOD, California, 90069-4039 > > If you have not yet received this order, please check around your house and with your neighbors. If the package does not turn up, please let me know so that I can further assist you. > > Sincerely, > > Michael > ===================== > > > > > > > > >> -----Original Message----- >> From: "Amazon Communication Center" >> Received: 11/15/2008 7:32 PM >> To: "" >> Subject: RE: Order inquiry from Amazon customer >> >> Hello from >> >> The buyer of the following order has sent you a message. Please respond to the individual directly by replying to this e-mail. For your reference, the buyer's e-mail address is >> >> Order ID: 102-3175432-8537066 >> * 1 of Men's Members Only Reversible Colorblock Nylon Warm-Up Jacket >> >> Important Notice: Only ship to the address shown in your seller account. Do not honor buyer requests to ship orders to any address other than the one provided by Do not accept any payment method other than Amazon Payments. Payment for the sale may be withheld if these guidelines are not followed. >> >> -------------- Begin message --------------------- >> >> This was never delivered here as expected - says October 4 - no way this is the 14th now. Please remit jacket only. >> >> -------------- End message ------------------------ >> >> Notice: may retain copies of all forwarded e-mails, and takes no responsibility and assumes no liability for the content of any messages forwarded to you. >> >> will never e-mail you and ask you to disclose or verify your password, credit card, or banking account number. If you receive a suspicious e-mail with a link to update your account information, do not click on the link--instead report the e-mail to for investigation. Go to to find out more. >> >> >> >> [ Virus Scanned ] >> >> >> > > [ Virus Scanned ] >

What is that - on the 'QT'? Quote taken? Dumb. 'Q-Tip' as just inserted but smally in ear? 'Queued tape' as not being recorded?  I had one more made by me...cued triangle of a game of 8-ball (pool set, billiards)?

Normally, You Wouldn't Ask To See This Again? I Wouldn't Even Ask To Show You January 2009 Is That Good?




















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