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'two things' (i don't like you, i don't want to like you - that's one)...'not again' (said to the self but audibly as a feeling exploited: 'outrage', 'hearsay')...'shit bag' (if you insist on being with, will dine so too privately)...'we'll know' (together we'll see to and be, if) 'great beauty' (no love are very pleasing to the naked eye and we were meant to have it reason me)...'be asked' (deliver to you post-not) ...'no you' (tell as if speaking to me on a note of senseful interest)...'note choice' (is seldom to be yours, caveat pre-emptor)...'crime wave' (will see many more like this but too late) 'to beaver' (leave it)...'orange tang' (even better than the real thing)...'cap that' (a genie wishes for itself and so balks at the bottle)...'barrow back' (return all off'd capes to sender, unless unknown)...'despite all' (you're still doing that) one or more? 'silver fish' (not so good, not so given)...'full utility' (leaves nothing to know, you see it ends)...'all days' (a life lessoned as once offered to be)...'feed you' (i order for me, you eat off my plate passed to the trash) ...'burst wet' (win for no asking!)
'art attic' (versions of self outdated ever to untrue), 'think tank' (top heavy with doings-havings is not then pretty on the inside or), 'third person' (cries when others speak of them as hurt-alone with you re-cunting it all), 'beat that' (disinterest taking the mike from already been shamed), 'two guys' (what it takes to discern you as are others besamed), 'random note' (love, me from you but without any love to be sought and as just between us but before), 'skinso stroft' (vow treasury of hidden secrets that no one will know even when told by you once more and vend again), 'biggest boned' (business upgrade from 'big boned'), 'ever yours' (no competition, nor are these quits), 'fork spoon' (just how bad you are to just as bad then no complaint but seem mill), 'tits divinyl' (your heaven, as never truly real like ours sends you to be just this and without us), 'ass wipe' (no thinkings required, it is hardly thought of but some still say), 'enters since' (what changes just bits too late to be changed with just bits off), 'savage loss' (what's noted immediately as missing, still, others yet will miss the point and be samed as altogether saned and thought to be noting this the loss), 'crying shames' (a couple being re-introduced to their forbears in action - no one advises anyone new or nearly known as to be sell is to lose another great buy among things no one wants listed until asked for specifically by no name don't mention it again or i'll die in my peace hacked-owned)...and finally 'mother dung' (the unhappiest things made by 'to: good, and to be true'...for every mother, one, and then none, or noneother)...'cue bald' (still waiting to be called first, all remake to one-half meaning and relay by foods grouped and at once hath or to be once then cubed)...'pubic loch' (an unintentional spitcurl of the lower buttock that suggests a better to blame if you and rather or cart snaps off to the storehouse for pinching down salts and the hardly scant omniberries of sea poems and the lore keepsakes forming in most of our horrigible fance neuro-loudons)...'hate smith' 'euro logical' 'spina bifida' 'anu-cheung' 'carpal tandal' 'thankly touch' 'shrin scampi'

new yet! actor-ventruss sheryl crow says she 'never eats pussy' - not without our chipperel barrel sauce and a couple tight fins 'round the becks (upper arms, rear). 'i hate being left alone for that.' you're never truly alone snapping at that like a bag of seedless grapes at a challenge match - no one sent them, they just pulled at one and all came right in just after that.

ERIN GO BRACH! THE ANNUAL 'DANSE NAKED FOR FOOD' SCROTUM HAS BEEN ITCHED-SCRATCHED ' fast actin' tinaction ' rotten cabbage spray...ssst....'fds' for dat smell! finally, do something! find da source! and i get to the teeth...old money...back to tori and newcomer angelina jolie who also makes a beautiful man - is that real?...needs a new trumpet...whatever...humour is not intended...'i've been arrested by you | take me in | i've been captured by you | doug moon'...geodesic is a dome...the couple make me feel like i don't have a place in the world...'italian not jewish' long as it hits something you can't get under for a lift out...thaddeus...lucifer...from the above only you have no class as seen maybe I do some.

New page soon "March 2008", sure...the women-pigs who talk to me all night long are still, how shall we say? Not the talent half of the car's horn. And still, you fear having them with you that's natural I'll talk the shit out of them first each so abrasively stupid. Thinking together stinks...pu ! dinner's ready...p.s. blacks - don't get scared, don't get mad - or else be that. And to thank you, Nigger. I protect your records and social standing at the dumper and on the street at night.  No matter how tightly pressed, they don't die in there - too many cans and cracks in the smell-for drains.

Erykah "[Marquis d']Sade" Badu with her new haveabout "Honey" (visit our video seption below) from the "New Amerykah Pt. 1 (4th World War)" Erykah Badu - New Amerykah, Pt. 1 (4th World War) - Honey LP (2008). You so sweet.

Our very firsteen of 'culinary' or half-given (not to be taken too seriously...) podcast? Cocteau Twins
mmmender - Cocteau Twins Podcast - 2007 ( - Cocteau Twins Podcast - 2007 ( live plus-b-plus a rummaging and plus suggests new alto and bass (singer to be samed and as a reguitar of - noise no noise). Very cumenth, lost of stuff murde....evant suchling the mender. All free caps you'll hear why snound + viscount. Band members be odd: "Don't put this up - we value payment right now." We value low low prices such to be as unpaid if as unpaid or not even accrued to earnings as such and as not such said nor for or from our interior. May to enjoy these lesser values agin. Slave a dollar behome.

Try this one first: "Ella Megalast Burls Forever (Live - 1996)"    3:44    mmmender    5/3/07    [ADDED: May 03/07] Recorded during a live performance in Milan, Italy at The Rolling Stone venue.  This is a very rare live performance which is not often circulated.  Liz sounds fantastic singing this particular track.  Look forward to future tracks from    Free

Omigod...Tori-Candy Spelling was also ol' one-eyed Candy Weiss get that up more later "People"...while I house-date the likes of Lew Wasserman made young again (this, Tony Blair, late of Universal...a real treat). Others of great beauty may permit no one is here really (so say you). But now, what they really did with Oscar by my choice simply thank "People" again:

Tatum O'Neal "I don't do anything with it. It still reminds me I'm great."
Jane Fonda "I don't do anything with my Oscars (there are two). These I keep them on a shelf to remind me you like me alot. It matters."
Anthony Hopkins "I don't put them in my ass, but others do. Try it - it works."
Orson Welles "My mother made me burn it one day for being false. I did not, she did. So there - 1932."
Jessica Lange "My mother works twice a day making hair patterns for people. 'So what?' she says - I say nothing more."
Robert DeNiro "I don't make movies - they do. I throw mine around, but I like having it alot. I deserved it - a real beauty to me. P.S. Die."
Ingrid Bergman "I hate Oscar for being cheap - it cheated me out of clothes. I can't wear anything there for being cheap to me. Die all."
Jack Nicholson "I hate that motherfucker for being in my range one night. I died for you - thanks again."
Vanessa Redgrave "For the birds - they make it out of cheap metal I learned by myself, and it sucks anyway - all fame, no fortune."
Woody Allen "I made Oscar make me a day with it by false - no writing here. Woody Allen is great and you see me too. Be there for it."
John Gielgud "One made me gasp by moving around one day as famous and sighted. Thank Lee."
Jodie Foster "One day they make 'em black like I like them. Black is famous for having me there."

What should Oscar be one day? Harsh light, with colder Everest-brand fusion perhaps a hasking burn to mit at but beflask...rig up a mild shock the ol' office pen recording homer sex at the holy grave. Everything old and cherish sucks as poor times (no one cares because they cannot keep anything and do not have anything, really - they suck cocks like a motherfucker, though - cherish those memories and on average how you feel at a glance up it to and all is so wistful...) ringing in the new 'techincally false' be-year. I destroy artifact in favor of none or none seen at all - photos only and maths one knowing to reproduce finely and to again hear at bitter and unapproving lengths, lengths left just off. People should stop celebrating crap (like crabs on leister - you hop off). That means you choose to loose (a Burger King loses McDonald's eating 'The Whaler' make me care). Oscar? Whatever when people don't win over others great too. Fuck them all...a witch run-off into the woods like Oscar will make you choose among favorites again one day...all shouldn't suck down tender mercies.

Famous people are cocksuckers to the stars. Be that out front for me...nothing takes that much of it made. Be truth to ugly. Grace be, you fuckin' I tell blacks with dimples "I ain't a producer with Delta Dental - I got cleaned out-front for a hundred bucks ten years ago. Thank your cock in me." - Sidney Sheldon in honor of mean-ass Jews everywhere...I'll kick your ass for this, you humble to me beggars

Mayo clinic called today along with the usual dying off of credit beggars at the throne of God...wants to know about Terry's god-given childhood cancers...someone probably another 'concerned black' pays him to check his ass regularly and I so eat my own shit with the proceeds...take it back to that I'll get you alone one fine day and all on you be egg.

Just found three (3) humbling pictures of my mother when she was young - colorized - while looking for a boy I had at a party once (Mike Jensen - damned ugly photo, but him...I nearly cry at the placements of her during breaks I'll just die to live every-any bitch like living it off matters legs so hairy and nice the founder of Papi underwear is he. These all tie horribly to Minnesota funks and their hate of me Pillsbury clowns and them Grands bisquits so good to me remember when you were just niggers like me and no one would eat your shit ever but the U.S. Army representing smelly blacks with sweat and smelly blacks? What is more important than me? Not you beyet...I fucked your wife firstly, and then enc-tombed her to you all sets off said yet you. Said you.

Reese Witherspoon says "No one does this shit well -- he does apparently and says my movie sucks. A quote please." Forgive Disney for their "Legally Blonde" entertainments I say - like stuff about starting new jobs and their 'change of venue' (unfamiliar surroundings with new demands levied but at), going to law school or college is expersis hairy to me. I don't need to live that in what I call "real time" with some dumb-ish girl asking ersatz professors for a break on tests and with same individual study at the library. Nightmares stay awake your wealth by having it an editor, no "Prada". P.S. Mom's "Working Girl" is now dumb-ish too...Tess is the boss' daughter. No fair! No fun.

Tatum O'Neal: "No one is that. We know each other now and you are horrible, but good at spelling. What do you see?" Clever use of interrogative - see Curve "Left Of Mother" or just left behind. You are never around and have left such items such as "Bad News Bears" one or two...what gave? Great sex? Celebrity lifestyle...then revise "Paper Moon" to Albert Finney "Shoot The Moon" and see that die with propers but said. Tatum, now Denyse Shmidt in Knoxville, Tennessee, says she gave her Oscar (and "Grammy" she says) away at a sale of their house and possessions in Rattsport, England, circa 1986...but years later. "Still seems we hurt" she says. Ask people for your money back - ten million, abouts. Your mother Denise Ford cash vows you to us. Pay later as if you can.

Marlee Matlin doing her hair, almost like as if in flames says "I can see." Just kidding. Nothing to say - died 1912 or so. Backdated for no certain of strengths a real flapper to that one small epoch in a frenchfinger bubblejet (won't write unless written to properly...can be considered as 'doing well' unless someone says this personally or to you both or as this too).

Emma Thompson (thank GOD for smallish of sums in wics 'Wary Potter'): "No one does this well, but he does - I guess. Take it home to New Jersey every now and again - they miss you too so small in charge as they seem to be these days. We were hit hard by you. Eat my shit too." Not having as being good enough for the rancho-sexmart puerto ricans who floor me with hair on their legs, I learned never to eat poop but the one I wanted never mine flushes both (and no one ever and possibly fed me shit I didn't then want of or then again). As new barely a beggar to California and nearly crying by month 1.5 plus somb, I don't want to be known as the reason California is not the richest state until I have their money in-hand and under each tapeworm by its very topic. You are liars and thieves, but I would never work at the three (3) McDonald's I once threatened either of you be at or go home. Like I say privately, I can have anything I want until it comes time to bring someone back to the grave for me. Die as we but planned so no sooner we have to as only see. Only harlots use me to cite any displaced aggression by cops.

Whoopi Goldberg no friend but seen to be as just well: "None take that cat seriously because he is dumb with the use of 'nigger' as a word. Take that home to New Jersey, you old fucking fool." You are that very nigger you black bitch, but only when in costume and not just as playing (never punch a Beverly Hills mother "Fatal Beauty" - we had propriety and it can't be black and play with turd sausages on the floor in the kitchen as you follow us home too much and I wouldn't even be here with any other black Jesus suited). Otherwise, I see just you a black scab of germanic descent and their tears sheeting oft (never say, never show it to one either as I lecture Whitney Houston about how to keep from blazing any hardly whites out of their basin duvale hotel rooms before coitus international eversus and esteem). In New Jersey they mean it though (as said to esteem), and I'm made of better stuff a racial patsy received for my perceived of any hates though I sucked one black dick only OJ's son who sucked on Neil when he died and killed around the social villa too after dying on the road of cocaine and having someone's ass over for the flight inward. We both died at once with you looking on but never ask anyone about anything it was all fine they'd say if so could you also be. Keep tuned no hole so purple inside and out about this no peri-anal. Blacks as scourge number bosis are never around when you heed to them ("we say when" as "I reject the likes of me through you as same but just similarly saying" but I don't see the need too often a big ol' black dick? For the young ones and oh! your pretty things. Thanks it to die plus one more name typed in diet pills any Rogaine shour women poured out down the very same official and should now also just drain.            

erykah badu and her the new video 'honey' you so sweet
'you don't sell me - i don't pay you'...either one of us
you are still doing that and trying to
you so sweet

Playing rich and not meeting her obligations again...fucking bitches.

"You are a pompous ass - don't call here again until you clean that shit up you old bitch. Fucking crazy - take another three years bitch.
We'll see it come true.

> From:
> To:
> Subject: Re: Happy Belated Birthday
> Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2008 10:31:11 -0500
> Your website posts about killing me have disturbed me and the family.
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Doug Moon" <>
> To: "Geri Moon" <>
> Sent: Wednesday, February 27, 2008 7:22 PM
> Subject: Happy Belated Birthday
> I remembered it was your birthday two days late - hope you enjoyed yourself.
> The plane ticket we canceled is not refundable, but leaves me a $269 credit
> through the year it was $369 or so.
> Doug"

Two cardboard cut-outs - lifesize - that scared me recently in Aah's card stores like they were real kinda (note: consciousness is attached to all of them): Hillary Clinton, and then Zach Efron in that order. One, nearly the president now and the other doing well with us at Disney shops (looks like the president's wife some - very winsome, pixie-like in the eyes). P.S. You are beautiful Eminem thanks to "8 Mile" and your showing on VH-1. So free now thank Neil. Your mother is Kim Basinger (is that the Georgia town she bought? Detroit?) and you live (love) like that...we see you now. You may see less of this later.

The B-52's new single (and as including our own Cindy Wilson as now seen on "Reba" or then "Roberta", I guess) "Funplex" The B-52&#39;s - Funplex - Single - Funplex from the upcoming album of the same good a vicious vinegan harmonizing and all...if that Man-Woman telestar label.

<--------to put your penis between us------clitoris forshurus---------------------->

fear matacong ! m. pee'shallahayan's 'givhra ebshroud of tourpnin'

i got the idea for this present 'swallow back capistrano' and i just couldn't top dick as margaret chon!
she has my art with this new tour (actually on film) so i thought i'd just butt right in...'that ol' snappy pussy' (her dates here March 21, 22...a film only, she's in jail still)
i like to think better thoughts for us both, but my hate symphony rages on like an old wig cholped in a frozen grave
that should do it...for other guys everywhere who share all with me...ain't it purty? (it's not for you, you hateful tit-licking pantie freaks...delouse)
it looks like a disease? it took forever to get that much with noise bags in my head hating me
no bother yet...that curled lip is mad mad mad like a gentle with god's unholy dick
people say you should never see...'you' shouldn't just you...send nothing to me or see me expose to you more
p.s. kids - never let people have anything like this...they worship all dicks but it's hardly a living
i get by...'hey! that ain't margaret cho...' it's little debbie and her snack cakes baked with real eggland's best ub-kayce sperm (sweitz clavrojainus, sond-melphids, adurolbs-in-nance) 

dusty springfield 'arrested by you'
like a 'traveler in a spa' there's something 'heavy in my heart'
thank you doug moon
below, terry is also 'the' christian dior

lovely, whomever she is...someone behind us wasn't so lucky sitting all alone...cigarettes make you look busy as self-conscious...looks just like ol' marge schott 'niggers ain't all bad - though some of them are' + 'eat burp'
these pictures at the standard blue-light veocholovaches earlier in the month across from the 'no hustlers' sign at saddlebag ranch...enter room through cafeteria as but nestled inside
who do you arrest? anything pointe gross + lawmakers eccoute (you, he and she) + we are the party for money as your win...whatever you want we got it...including federal-level operatives that keep supreme our givings
no one wants your kids ('you never put your cock in that' i tell 'em who they are) - remember that and we'll patrol with the dead who still dream of starring in a hollywood production how dumb! you go to jail anyway

almost too good to be used? doug, me, waiting for my chicken fried rice at chin-chin with a marlboro light...and my vangogh 'irises' umbrella - then that's terry with earmuffs on from i look like eminem? i use him
the person inside said 'not so proud after all...look at these [two outside not good]' yeah but we do lots of recreational drugs* and eat everything we want no one here fucks much anyway...we could be you, anywhere else
better than eating your farts and hearing your hopes-dreams 'we are bad people' but i hate being ugly to changes everything you can't get rid of just yet, and it makes you hop just like any poor motherfucker
'your mother never had anything 'til she ate an old white woman's pussy' + 'i had to come' + 'your men can't wait to fem for some white man [like me...coming anytime soon?] + 'just do it, or i'll do it to you and then eat her'
*all weird and stink is drugs - know thy crazy but you weigh it all out careful-like and see nothing yet friends of friends no you, no you again, no you ever me...nothing from you...or heroin, all day all night u die
she didn't die here - she died at home all balled up in the that your shit? just one bad lay...and you're married to it 4-ever like fiber-tipped herpes burning tight around your asshole...use a cigar this time 

i just got these new panties instead of kyle underwear (all the fun you can have with you and yours here with but absent) - $30 so nice from the "B" boutique here in west hollywood
i need to diet or something i guess - nude stuff is gross looking because someone fucks them up (am i that? seriously? is it really me? really? are you sure?)
to me, the dots may suggest sperm...and you? 'because i hate women'  +  'because i love guys...i love them' nothing here is for my family unless they like it and shut up...shut that up
being attractive to others - without luring in all the nuts i don't want ever - is everything to me...know that at one came over our house, ever - they ran right out...know just why
better than fuckin' weirdos calling up 'hey, what's new? i'm at the mall...' still sucking dicks in public places...probably been locked up too...not for that, of course why bring it up? you do that - i won' to that
what? bitch i spy on you only - women have hot scenes, you are not that good at making me don't pick my men, girlene, plus i seen what you do behind and with closed circuit cameras that lens burn right up

the 'real' crystal cathedral at the northwest corner of santa monica and fairfax...

our hand-sewn christmas wreath from this christmas past...

for the women (in your makeshift or tribal unit)...these from american apparel and they look alright usually...i support upstart anything against secret place
just try and get something done...bitches everywhere...but easily duped down...prayer, then fasting...see the junk added on my abdomen - why can't i get good hurtful stuff?
because you really get mad...take it all (up the god made himself over jews...sand, sunshine, and showbusiness) 'you are gross'...a top percentile to me eating you, you'd spark and leap out to be it flame
'love people' though i probably won't...loved you (dying right off, no one unhappy bitch) one comes, but we talk about you alot...'be it clue'...'how do you know you're not ugly?' you don't know how good you are...fine
i threw up over sharing a cheese sandwich and white milk (kindergarten)...people are gross! don't mention me again...liz fraser reveals that someone eating her pussy left huge white shards on her coarsen beard - go to jail
fact: i never do anything for anyone - trust that...maybe you gag looking at me i don't care about that...get your end right only, i have it for weighed out just for you so heavy you die down of massive compu-stink, ccup

it would nice if someone called without lonely bored
without mentioning me again to you

New! "The Partridge Family" Season 1 The Partridge Family - The Partridge Family, Season 1 - always a good look.

honor me figure eight with radio on-top
the ol' abortion doctor meets daffy duck's beak out in back

What does African nation "Uganda" really stand for? It says "we'll take you and use for all you have"...

A Short Ill-Placed Dream From Nights Ago Another To Be Morgue
02/20/08 2129
Someone with their legs sawed off just below the buttocks was laying face down as placed in someone's home in a room off to the side. No one would pick up and the ensuing onward without me (shrink-grow, seems alight, no notice to all days on end no heaven-hell then). I reason some medical setting with extra-curricular studies going on (is measuring liver stance on a live amputee having been just enough and debrided again at the end of the legs keep dying off...asians and the like study stuff like this), or someone leaving parts of their body after having other parts provided taken and as returned by contract date (most is left made of seeds or whatever as I agree to hard work for it all the head not apparent to me in shadows). Mochee made this to someone for safekeeping of hard-earned parts? Whatever. I take brief in this dismal morgue shot to consider my own response - is an assorting of stink in garbage meat from the supermarket but as now ruined and not at all interesting but local fright. No one will come for these greetings, but I wrap and tape that shit up in bands for the garbage or dump nearby (adds again: one should always have a grave on-site I'd add a hellhole with hidden ropes). Meanwhile, the thing that I hate thinking is the reside in that shit and I kill for it and both you together for fiending me with it. No one needs that crap around at best a yellow undergrilled chicken part, but if I see you, but better have comedy afoot. Both die bad of it no see. On the other hand taken but off, 'the children' (child-like blacks and others stupid but agreeable asking of me) play you out. Nothing is real (not ever this and that are not usually too active...great to beauty in me unfolds ever with and without me) these days...after a burned-up carmend death, you mop up and put down some grass real fast without delays for obsessing to me or vampires aburned godless this way. Clean that crap up, and throw the rest in the garbage pending further need all press water and black turds not presented for the parting of purposes (proof? choke a bone off with string near a short delay starves the blood route inside and it collapses nicely enough you I simply love garottes twisting force that closes down string on a vicious stick you yourself turn and from China house). Is this not valuable at all. Is to be like by you. Your man does this stuff, and you get relief from spirit when no one is there bothering me with it. "There is no comforting a [crying] corpse" with foodstars in their veins - ever try?

Answer: Mochee (now vascillating between young and older vet perhaps at being remorsed in it by others a body has mind with it too not transferred ever about 1/5 a graphic number...each of us has a nigger too I hear for dark ways around town stealing your money back, etc.) placed with for safekeeping, lets them study it inside before taking it on for self with "clicks of the head." Delivered to Universal today in a flower shop bag - Neil accepts it for him one day to another a big scare. Is this "Elegius" or "as you leave us"? Whatever - steps to enlightenment or "all that's possible versing with all that's known to be". Your rising to be with me at needs accepted. You will hang there in process for bothers to me...never to seem.   

no time for me as still pursuing their selfish hand-held be mine and with me

just found this picture of a newly and nearly restored john ondy (left, the very voice of rock group 'yes') and my college roommate james 'jamie' tobin now on 'reba'
both with neil productions (tobin is with the culkin-martha stewart clan and dated while there young cyndi lauper)...know who you cater to once in a day (more incredulous at photo link under snap)
thanks, john (my mother's father john and lovely voice here to me others seriously immature uncaring or then maybe loving if somehow...deceased as formally january 1974)

Humf photos soon a world site with everyone pincz-naked (volf!) but pleasing to you somehow - my own the penis trick is maddening me. Abort? Retry...the screams heard last time! Hate-hurt is success! 0-9 Int'l phone sys will be 'Granwich' (say "grannich") save that maybe spell as other 'Sandwich'...'Tournajal-Aeg' (say "turn-aval alel") our own hespirian...wip. "You are shit - this is just a bit shitty." 'Castle Rock' is junk...'Yongonam' (say "yong-gohn-am") ...'Amherst'. Along lines I used to say "Even nature had to hard wire itself." Sure - and then there's synching....women know how you keep it all going without money, without me. 

"We think you're boring." - guests, retarded...get yours over to the right guy a ghost or voice I don't do this for you ever...and I wouldn't bother you over that sex shit you talk day a real orgasm...only fake

"Pray to the plan." - dM, who merely assists women with their logic (what was and to be what? no) and deportment (how carries oneself, why she seemingly knows nothing)

"Eat shit." - dM with another update and still fuckin' freaks while I relax and enjoy me only nothing is good enough yet...I'd snuff that but have my filters to be sure of everything

Why mad? Every day this bitch my grandmother or Elizabeth Fraser as voice cheap (women and their faggots, God dying) bother me over her detainment (having failed contingencies I'll probably fuck her again while I masturbate endlessly to you against hecklers but see open window - to look at that and speak of one near me). She talks at me endlessly and inserting when I talk probably as some sort of devil or other cheap shit one million niggers from Brazil to make her special is my foundation. I could ignore all but hate women and their bullshit so shit-fits, knives, everything I can think of to not kill but rid essence of no equal. This girl has been killed many times (see you?) and I might kill her again while the family urges compliance but lets me off to eat shit. Each one is their own yet. So...know nothing, be nothing. I'll patch you in soon.

1) Leave people alone don't make any more junk with them;
2) Do not follow our home sound here - 'tis junk for idiots, plainly;
3) Good is not given here...I have mine only and seek some. Have yours with me. Have theirs while we wait.

A fatal snakebite (titmax cancer of sole and in support) isn't the nicest thing it takes time to earn I'd say. Still unknown to me...why you? Fuck them? We are here hurting you. We are. WE FREE LIESL TODAY 02/19/08 !

Dusty Springfield "In Private" Dusty Springfield - Reputation & Rarities - In Private and "Reputation" from the Pet Shop Boys-produced album of that very same name a recent reform, + reissue (1997). Thanks again..."Nothing Has Been Proved" a must see-hear and adding "Arrested By You". More: Daughter Lisa is now Lisa Germano or then Lisa Gerrard of 4AD artist "Dead Can Dance".

A Flock Of Seagulls! "Man Made" A Flock of Seagulls - A Flock of Seagulls - Man Made my favorite song by them...and finally...from 1982's self-titled debut LP. Loved it. Update wallisford as groped number thee: 36,537.

man made
machines make
music for the man
now machines make music
while the man makes plans
second generation
a generation lost
while the man prepares
for the holocaust

man made machines
to control the day
now machines control
while the man obeys
second generation
a generation lost
while machines prepare
for the holocaust

(about people having problems, cleaning them up, and forgetting what they were by living and enjoying only - a warning to you by me alone) 


"Nothing to risk, nothing to gain." - another cleaned up volume

Words you can't argue:

"preakness" - not be touched as someone who falls apart easily enough no bargain - a fake-type person working too hard to be with you as sent...alts to "preaked" - made angry because of too and touching sent;
"chauvolcode" (my and first attempt to spell: quavalcode) - counts pennies as not their own, but to owning up not attractive to need or sighting need, a woman's way to be here;
"chalvoate" a recap - rides horses in to their death as acting too fast and carrying too much - a rage to us.

You can also rent online at BitTorrent (this "Leprechaun In The 'Hood")...$2.99 and "Narrow Margin" (Carolco...not just a name, 'carols' for us as seen) as below. "No, you don't hafta do anything but make sense for yourself and what's sent (better environments perhaps academics and their reasonings thrill you like they thrill me you can know things together and add some with, a la Siskel & have to see these first though, somehow new different less me)." I oppose what's new daily (inviolating me...seen here by participating only, and without) in favor of what's not yet seen (to leave it and that added and verily subtracted sum but out) so work yourself out of that leather bag. You fully considered shot your face load, empty that out backwards. You have no story to tell me as paying for, but please do when the forms arrive to history yourselves backwards as seen to be present. The rest of us left us to be stare. Fuck them  - I get mocked by a motherfucking retard (turns inward by choice somehow everytime they hear what they don't like hearing: a fucking fool - that is mail returned one day as unstamped - living unrestrained by a mothering of some sort) in my own home made of yours within mine again living you less each day rising to work at each other off each one I play (thank my own mothering for ending that trade to sale or flights betoken no ask you cunt me off here each day honest enough by God who suffer me to you as I pinch out rear teeth with pliers as yet unseen by sheer nerve that car). You continue to pay and work that off I can't keep threatening five years in prison to get up every morning to a person whose mind is stapled up to giving away their things to the poor and even as it is. Yeah, one day while you're at work bits of favorite clothes (less what you handed over cheerily over bad fits in my own mind that ol' captain's bed "that's not yours - that's why") in the reddened poor box across town as "I simply replace and insult you to further." Who looked better at no contest plained? "No one ever stepped over me to get to that - you can trust it again." Talk undoes the hurt once seem.

More about: Ellen Goolagong (Evelyn is her twin sister, same hair) - a chinese prisoner of faith just died again Thursday. Thanks to her. Rosemary Smith at UCLA...has died previously in a plane crash at Montgomery, Alabama 1972. Talk show host Ellen Degeneres is based upon her character (that is a philosopher on women as author Evelyn Jung) in the press. All seem. Thanks again.

Then before:

Canceling down my trip for now...and all should agree. In the meantime, made some ambrosia salad as originally from St. Francis Medical Center, kinda, or derivate Kraft's Jet-Puffed "Five-Cup Fruit Salad" - we exchange walnuts for pineapple you see women don't want fedge or's a man's plate. You should avoid corn syrups at-large while I simply eat.

Mix together:

8 oz. cup of sour cream (yes, sour cream)
1 cup of shredded sweetened baker's coconut
1 cup plus of mini marshmallows
11 oz. can of mandarin oranges drained mostly
1 cup of walnut pieces your same

you can add some halved maraschino cherries if you please others and bewell...we didn't this time a favor to

Vonda Shepard "By 7:30" Vonda Shepard - By 7:30 - By 7:30 from her "Baby Don't You Break Heart My Slow" LP of the same name (1999)...Terry and I just stopped and talked to her on the street the other day while she walked her dog on Santa Monica Boulevard and I appreciate her kindliness to us again.

i loved the new icee treats from pavilions/safeway...about $3 a major box of fourteen (14) treats
these in cherry, blue raspberry, and sour granny apple made my day
and furthermore, no older jewish woman has to stand in the sun crying sweetly while you serve
six flags, sure...the paper tubes they issue from are odd as turning seals only but they do well

this issued february 26, 2008 is now at amazon...we get what we want, only
bob newhart is bob hope by the way living on...and like suzanne pleshette (um, polaroid's mariette hartley) had a death ot two since that last show
then this...kinda if grandson clay is in-fact don knotts and then 'mr. chicken'
welcome back
joanna the wife is spraying and washing as dusting maybe flowers and stephanie comes in
stephanie says "i just did that" and recoils at the thought with her
stephanie adds "you don't need to do it again..."

Michael Jackson struck at it twice while glam-golden and in 1984:

"State Of Shock" Michael Jackson - Michael Jackson: The Ultimate Collection - State of Shock with Mick Jagger as now from "The Ultimate Collection" also seeking "Billie Jean" of "Invincible" fame who got fucked without her fake left leg on. "That's not mine" said his mother to me adding "yours do that." Then the wife of the male assailant twenty-four years old adds "she is not my lover [I made kids]." No court was called. The dance floor in the street "teaches you how to walk if you imagine - no leg will turn." Others mine only "Jam"..."You Are Not Alone" but I am. I'm lonely from you or from being a woman she would adds. The singing, Girl - for the singing it's so goodly good.

OMIGOD ! ! ! NEW STUFF THAT THRILLS ME A BOX SET EXTRA ! ! ! Tracks: 6) "P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)" or 'please yourself then [bitch]' 7) "Cheater (Demo)" and 8) "Dangerous (Early Version)" - these tracks are KILLER, Bitch. Check 'em out...all so good to me. You'll hate missing these, I think. Don't be afraid of the moon then no more about you.

Rockwell "Somebody's Watching Me" Rockwell - 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Motown &#39;80s, Vol. 1 - Somebody&#39;s Watching Me as Michael sings and Randy Jackson is he Rockwell the black space robot (still on Hollywood Boulevard occasionally...he calls him "Dancor" like "monstor" or "stories tall" in key word). We love Michael's voice here too now on a 20th Century edition. Michael's glove? Disney right hand man kinda, just Disney then with glitter. They make 'em to look like early cartoon characters - fat, all white - for regular-type folks now. The black mouse ears sent us into orbit when we got them at the "Disney On Ice" show in Philly, 1971. Still a no bows to be most properly a bra.

New! The Disney 'mouse' ears are what Christ was mocked with on the cross or figment of Him dying and as to be rat. The ears - green and red, the red 'privalige' or cap or cloth made of wool - rounded and suggesting infidelity or hearing roundly or too much spoken as to be - were made crudely with leaves by 'haysayers' - popular only, fields or nephilim gentle killing with sauce wrestling with their own curses daily off only off - just as nearby for everyone there as to inform us all play and no further bother to ease any-or guilt dying is the same only ever a shame to us as not being able to care (why you hurt? how you may avoid to be hurt). I, local or 'sandra' or 'among the dunes' or soothsayer looked at him as ugly and dying of bed breath as usual (I was not ordained yet to be his because I was never his or in his sphere of logic...I hated our child made of me and a loser I hated leaving again and again for disturbing news against me always a hatebag usually too familiar 'you can't do anything without hurting people I care for...'  - yeah, by dying together of blackest harm to thee made one and then I get your little list of who not be shorn so close and I act on you the best method helping hymn is killing them softly yourself with his song before I may care "devil may care"- I hated him for it Abraham vicious gay bitch my lover only and I got ugly too always and fast and killed him often too settling with Neil my diviner of presence always a charm beloved seem, but since seem all always turn-coat often enough back around we go happily enough as I winner forget why I hated them maybe they know I welcome you briskly all...winner takes it all with "you can love 'cause you think that you're better than me" just be you you will take your place as made to be that only a lesser but oh! so happee me blades whirl in my head over you gears pinch and soften the thought turned on me can of spring-out but silly snakes does this sell me back to you but over some). Make me less as a bitch I'd solve you right out or just have that then. The ears are or were "habolom" or range fir. Rockwell is Michael Jackson the actor dying his last breath. That is the last job that child actor had for Neil who fired him one day for asking too many dumb questions of him - never hired back. Thank you Neil. Neil says of his NAACP (not ours acting is this only, "not aggressive actually, contacted popuole") kinship all liars previously per of per and per my training and halvole or knowing of you code plus salvoe region of bearings "He wouldn't pay to be on the record or with me..." so retaliates him "He has warts" he was heard to say pre-Amway or then AYDS thoko. He could sell a blaad bag of them broiling sabbs in his ass - trust that. An anti-statement to just saying? A nigger?!? But seriously you flanagans, I make my own ends or glamours meet us here a place for us...lies upon lies. Touch upon touch. Watch the video somewhere soon.

These were major hits on the radio and everywhere...we don't buy records to mercy people with sales. We are all need and we want play them on-demand as we have greater needs with them. Remember that.  

music revisited some...tap tap, tap-tap
2/4 time:   clap clap clap-clap..................................................................................................'this isn't to be played too fast' it says 'we'll get there'
2/8 time:   clap clap clap-clap-clap...........................................................................................'this isn't to be played too slow - grows on you in time and pulls it up'
2/15 time:    clap de-clap de-clap-clap-clap................................................................................'this one isn't any good a mathmaker - will make you leave a clergy of sorts'
3/10 time:   clap clap de-clap de-clap........................................................................................'this isn't fun, but sounds like fun...a bother, really'
4/8 time:   clap mark clap mark................................................................................................'this one says gets a beat everywhere wrong - you get it right somehow as artful'
4/16 time:   clap clap, clap clap................................................................................................'this one carts away photographers or hearing well - bolts the door as shut'
5/10 time:    clap de-clap, de clap, de clap (if brighter in feel: clap de-clap de-clap de-clap).............'pushes back against rage - is mine to haunt you, really, against yourself - a push away to work over yours'

1) rhythm is margins, or when not to play;
2) no sixteenth note is greater than playing - there is no feel in playing just one stops for less;
3) an eighteenth is the least played - one full tenth of any feeling cycle with ten notes in any octave (all white keys only - black keys are steps out)...the eighteenth is the end of your day a fast exit a sharp feel out a trick.

Not fractions (with 'numerator' is how many beats per measure, 'denominator' is what note gets a full beat...just crap, really, and I would guess), pieces of pay for feeling really. If and dimes are little, a beat is a quarter or then its feeling for pay. There is no timing in the standard key signature or fraction thereof it says, just much 'pomp' really. The timing is laid out in measures. So seek.

"Please, you don't hafta suffer my family and were done down by me in the exchange. Do better for yourself...I would. I keep the paying parts actively mine until them." - dM

got my new combs - a whole set - delivered beautifully to my door in just mere days
success reeks of it...see link for additional bother my model what i call 'the minsk' is '284 series b' or then target issues
william daniels of 'st. elsewhere' is also the voice of kitt on 'scrubs'...kyle hartshorn's (a goon, a road rage) older brother bruce is also there
wayne won't be mentioned yet here...the humour there is hard on people very 'see and say' all the time that's all...tourettes, that peculiar knack for restating the obvious
call with money sex until money until you can buy dinner
you were warned

"The terminology 'viable life' - what is that an abortion? You're a newborn baby and can't help yourself to life? No - you're a woman and you can't change a tire on your car." - dM
if assisting himself to many an other with a dumb smile doesn't help smaller people who are constantly vying for position against franks big and tall shop

"A woman dies by agreement." Yeah - gives you her last bit of food, her last dollar, the last of whatever and just to keep her word. A man will kill you for that little and his right hook made him famous by in my mouth.

If you don't have God (and you will anyway because we make you ape it all voices in one direction towards accountable goods and services anyway the flag an idea a city block through added city blocks to any large water surface you are no one we proved it over and over you are no one we see it but some more is seen a nice ass on a young male is forever to be and yet...rare, now get a gun), you have this hostile rock floating 'round and 'round where we agree not to kill each other just to live with old age and cancers. I liked that can know dying and well at that no one returns from a rough bout with unholy cancer. I liked it alot, it paid for everything twice over less you combative and old tales of more than misery. At worst, a new generation that needs to breed understanding once over kill them all to me we love people who were beaten bad and just to be me and are smarter we made the place of pencil-tipped businesses dying down with you. Are you sure we don't have it all and now this? Perfections swirling around a blob of pure shit in the middle. "All else sits by while you lay dying..."?  You did so well you can think it all over without having to know me more...kedem. Having yours say? Fuck that.

"Please, you are rotting on the bone - put out to pasture." We hafta honor military types to avoid reason and plague within us so cheap anyway. Do you see disability and illness anywhere but in the Catholic Church?
I'd pull off a leg just to know men better on the battlefield. I would. I think I did my asshole still so tight to me I use it. "Who made this? You?"

I signed up for the draft against Russians at eighteen years old on-the-dot thrown in the fucking pot and have that paper still to prove it serious. Scared just prior, my father yelled at me too in the car. Remember the good given to blacks just ask them once.

You didn't die having no baby - someone shot you up with sperm and you're not sure you like them that's all. Choices in life made too and soon. You were supposed to adore the guy for one day dressed up and not for hate's purposes. I hate pregnancy for confirming the sperm count the mother determines color (yeah, when she lays down). What else? Keep the crap, Nigger. Expose you to me.

separated at partial birth...dem beautiful dames! foolish games and be you: [ ] so dumb! [ ] even dumber you fucking loser cunt bitch!  [  ] even you could know not to suck on this a type-a 'tricky' pretzel dick, you
another dumb cunt! fuck her you old gay bitch! fuck her ass!

This just inserted in my ass! The family (all cornerstones of having, having since) called to inform me that I can't stay with any of them (analog sex mites) and my mother "cancel your trip" adds I "need help." Cunt. Someone needs to shoot that old bitch and jail the innards I'm going anyway who said anything about you? SHOOT THEM. I'll be there, niggers you go to jail soon. Jesus cunts. We'll get back to that later they know I'm tweaking and fuck them.

I need help you fucking fantasy creep. Die. I'm going to kill you for this...we'll see you down to you. Back to playing with my dick and ruining your self-satisfied life...cunts. Get rid of that shit.

Aside: Favorite Patty Duke episode? She eats a pie-cake her mother slaved over as due for a baking contest later in the day and she then buys one from a bakery and it wins handily enough. So what...'tis true? We just want to see the good we miss. What? I ate a whole graham cracker-laden chocolate cream pie on my mother as she slept midday - too little to know any better. So good to me.  

Sheryl Crow? Mine is "Shine Over [Me] Babylon" Sheryl Crow - Detours - Shine Over Babylon or "keep shining down with the good stuff while they keep talkin'..." and Neil's "Love Is Free"...."we have that." The album cover is the blueknit door to Studio 'C' at A&M records where people pretend to record behind a wall only. So see. Use the banner this time unless Apple Safari what omits stuff by you.

Cocteau Twins "Dear Heart" Cocteau Twins - BBC Sessions - Dear Heart from their "BBC Sessions" favorite and only song taken seriously from the "Garlands" era (there is no other or better version it is the BBC that made this happen with other live outings afore, but after on some import CD's of "Garlands" as bonus tracks...not a bad record this but first, but of dark combs and is druggy). Still thinking about k.d. Lang's new stuff..."goes to the Heath Ledger Foundation" says she.

Last Night's Dream 02/07/08 1345
I was looking down an optical eye (some obscured around us) to see the lefthand view of a curbed street I lefthand with grass and a leash flowing. The leash - twisted wire coated with clear plastic - could be extended further than one statehood block plus across a street as up in the air and straight and then it turned left to latch onto something unknown as if by thought command. The latch on the end was if it was on any dog leash and it tried and succeeded I believe to latch turning left (maybe on a fence near sidewalk). Meanwhile, the sensation in my throat was as if being intubated - I had that fucking latch in my esophagus beating against my heart or just higher...hmmmm, Terry's father had surgery yesterday morning. "Not like that though..." my grandmother's glow-in-the-dark rosary may be assisting me too as placed tableside for looks on out.

Dusty Springfield...aka Mrs. June Vigliotti my next door neighbor growing up drove me and my mom to the hospital as I OD'd on baby aspirin also Paula Deen of cooking fame. Tell her we love Cadillacs now. "Remember, Pet Shop Boys never had to tour - that's unheard of." Her son is Dee-Dee, Donald, or the guy who plays singer Neil Tennant. Matthew McConaughey is son Matt I went with them while he got steroid shots for lackings in height...was a jockey, I guess...horses. "Farotd [favored] Nite" Bloomingdale, Illinois.

Remember, Alessi and the online store here on Robertson! Their furniture store "for the dead" - all plastics and next door - has extra-gross mortuary-like tables for infants-children with accordion metals underneath and on wheels! They have ceramic toadstools of gnomes - painted surface and jet black two 2' feet (rev) high - for heads to display and baskets to keep arms-legs while you rinse daily. Real...and enough. "People who are dying" then, sure.

a little 'silver streak' with 'narrow margin'...who'd have thought?
riding a debtor's prison across the country both, all
you die on the way unregistered to us a federal agent in deep trouble with me
on top of the train you are dead with electricity and hate's way with having you anyway
see me for god - not country yet
a basic instinct is to survive, we kill ugly hate evenly outward for having been bothered
you are not pretty then 'there is no beauty in struggle'

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Fat As All Get Out, You Pushed Back To January 2008 With Hillary Clinton Technically Averse But Still Won Handily Enough 87% With Them Bedroom Eyes In Soot
Now, how did Ross Perot feel? Hillary won a landslide in California, New Jersey, and New York - the only states testing her in.