Ride On Time: Ballyhoo ! To April 2009 Where Stink Meets Sweat

Word "money" to me is for "moment" or "momentarily" (monetarily) - in a moment you have an exchange that's relatively clear. Otherwise, "monit" is "the most said for the least done" like Monistat 7 keeping open the eyes of the dead. What about 'shenanigans'? I say 'a change of clothes' or 'she nagging each glance'? Changing clothes to appear more proper or at least a beggar (beginner) improves you to appear as better, worthy. Movie: I enjoyed the 1990 flick "Coupe de Ville" alot. See that...about three brothers bringing a baby-blue car back home to their parents - strange and endearing. Military types, the sixties, kinda. Action.

Caution said the cat: Use LimeWire version 4.18.8 as tracker version '5' is not approved by me and yet.

another childhood friend is this series (philly channel 17) - the kids would love mt. olympus 'hercules' major villain 'daedalus' and all...there are at least two (2) episodes what are great here!

Revisit "The New Adventures Of Huck Finn" Banana Splits and all. Named after my favorite character...Tom Sawyer? The dark-haired (alto or questioning feminine) one with bow hat is me and mine...the girl? I swear they changed the names.

jodie foster 'the little girl who lives down the lane'(1976)
you get to your jelly jars, bitch - that was a real stinking scary corpse to me in the theater that one red fingernail is fangoria stuff!
remember, jodie is a 'cheeser' - a hero for kids who talks to adults like they're stupid
courtney cox collecting foodstuffs with hubby is sharon tate she says - get that
p.s. an early chic (the two men, basically) make the music for 'lane' - sure, 1975

"Owning means most specifically you 'owe'. That's what we enforce - owing." - dM who doesn't owe much

Terry back today 03/31 around noon...thanks for nothing.

my favorite comic book to date, bar none
vertigo 'sebastian o'
about an english dandy in victorian age who despises poor people and who ridicules himself as christ

for one day, we present horror-sci fi 'tentacles' (1977) at
i saw this in the theater a la 'jaws' - it doesn't disappoint
was gonna feature 'air force one', but it ain't the movie - it's a documentary and after all
back to 'tentacles', it features obi-wan john gielgud (huston), shelley winters, and strangely bo 'dynasty' hopkins who is also president bill clinton
hopkins died in 1982 strangely enough and then bill came back as bill
i loved the strangelings of ms. claudia blaisdell me myself
henry fonda is and will always be peter sellers at the bookstand below us
more and only fifteen (15) hours left: solana beach was in texas originally as filmed near gulf stream state galveston
sure - they changed the look in the film and renamed griffith beach to solana in california, 1976
the blow holes at the beach in movie 'fool's gold' tell you when there are too many boats on the water and nearby
sure - they shoot high (water and all) when too full of ships and flooding us - see san salvador

What? You didn't get your Endust sweeper back when?

these available at
alpha gear for gents literally $60 in lime green or then at lumens.com
also try bloomsbury store internationally what
you use the antenna to tune in with screwing action
they have inflatable moose heads too for the wall
books about nyc artist keith haring only...andy warhol 'giant size' a gift
the real amy sedaris (the name is california's old name 'cedar ridge' or beauty without doing meaning if state motto is 'eureka' or 'oregon' then
um, chloe-nicolette the weird kinda blonde girl on hbo's 'big love')
she or her gave a talk-type speech at book soup last evening 03/29
assured of a crowd, i left promptly under code 'the help' she worked the register prior to we spoke
saw richard ('adrian' the dark guy from 'entourage') filming on melrose - we brushed up against barely...he is real, kinda

this is the 'free' tarot card i got at the
bodhi tree on melrose - it means 'extra pieces or beggars with you only'
true, true (the french-italian on-top means 'sent to deny you [every a grace]' - picked out of a basket by the door and by no choice

pet shop boys and a blurry kinda 'love etc.'
in the afterlife, i tell folks you take to yourself in a quasi (seemingly so) of sorts and stuff a weiner right back into being who you are here!
no one special...our message was 'you don't need any of that [to live well here in hollywood]' - now back it out

The Brady Bunch's real last name? Bradley. Partridge's? Parker. There's gonna be voluntary blackout from 8:30-9:30 here in LA - and you? Later on Saturday 03/28/09: I did my part for LA for one full hour lights off many did not (about 14% here). We like electrosurge a pleasurebeing. Make Macy Gray the one and only Whitney Houston too...again workmate Denise Dale does the singing only. Houston's steaks is hers with her mother too.

Another fifth day without fun, money: What did Doug Moon collect when he was younger? Apothecaries or little glass bottles blue, green, clear - that were used for dispensing powders pills etc. Mrs. Rue helped alot (I left 'em in a paper grocery bag in our attic in Allentown...still there?)

The official "Phantasm" site anyone? Watched "Sex In The City" the movie on HBO finally last night - what a hardhat! It might help those girls if they got those warts cut off their chins. Nice holiday thoughts though...good film.

bette davis 'all about eve' 1/13
a dougmoon.com favorite - get on it now!
p.s. eve is sandra bernhardt or then mrs. pavlik ('27 dresses' is her)
bette davis is my grandmother johanna, also eve arden is there with cousin marilyn monroe (cindy oravsky)

get to 'mildred pierce' too...remember, joan is sharon ann white of st. francis medical center trenton, nj fame...the daughter became sister agnes marie the top person then
the men are my grandfathers, mostly

i like 'the women' too - norma shearer is meryl streep - and simply

Note that "ISLA" (my studio quote "is lat all you gonna have?") restaurant on Sunset as diabetic or 'islet of langerhans' pancreas cells to me. Somewhat you need know not - see link so sure.

"People have the right to hurt you, you know." - dM while flying out last November and about planes, bombs, etc.

Reproach? "...but that ain't good living." - dM who never had to be bothered really unless you wanted to sacrifice all true wealths possible, lays...wear nothing to

"Do you know how many Harry Potter (with parents as backstabbers, traitors, absent...left back around home with secret powers at wand) fucks with judo lessons and black tits there are that want to kick someone's ass to prove that little? Me neither. Pay for dinner quickly and me first." - dM and if all you knew you learned from me or 'this isn't hell, this is how i like it kinda' sez me

what bent over in a jackboard to be tossed: a used crame from jesteryear...synth mom, doug, new beau, and terry jac in old scotland franks
just for the view and cape...lambertville, pa inn sept '95? the gift gibbon
the poiblant dressmaker terry bej beheft to acl-maxi, florida this am to be with the kingcrab and certainly stars for one cherish week
no to speak, but to be spoken for...bare it again to lose one as if just you found

Watch OLT returns for amended - sure enough, the 2007 paperwork was returned to us by the IRS for no dependent name printed out. Get it right. The paperwork is complex anyway...update on 03/29/09: nuthin' yet.

Drop in on Hulu and watch "Single White Female" with me. Jennifer Jason Leigh (I'm in her court, very natural) battles the neurosis that is Steven Weber in make-up as Bridget Fonda (Neil's father alts as nearby slob) and the merry-go-round here is fascinating. Jennifer is all that is left of Quinn Cummings child star (she is a cousin, kinda, Burt Reynolds and all...Stearles). She is also reportedly Geena Davis. Open file (this, Wednesday March 25): So we see Jennifer Jason Leigh isn't actually the crazy psycho-bitch we deemed, but a visitor from another dimension (the stairs of an old opera house, actually - they used to chain you there to die of trying, then pay) that tries to help the redhead - a french-type clown - along lines, or the guy she blows (here, to be as a poisonous compliment only - keep your tongue), under. At the end, she is her dead sister, but anyone that comes back - like Madonna for her son who sells out in "Who's That Girl" - these folks are a bit hard on the commitment when you get there. Like someone who moved away and got strange (instead it's you?) So, they are all bad caps here and you yourself poke out with a demonry - you look like an angel on the floor though if 'evil muss die' or then they as other have nightmares and go on and on wishing you'd die of prayers. Thanks again, you poor bitch. BTW, those two (the male is Tom Petty-Bob Dylan) were cunts negotiating her contract for computer systems - already all arranged for them kinda and just talking for no one who'll hear. They had it coming, sort of.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day March 17! Got a bit of money from checking not so - paid my electric bill of March 16 at the check cashing place on Sunset, visited the new Trader Joe's over at the old Virgin Megastore complex on Sunset (nice enough, clean) and got a Shamrock shake (regular-small) just $1.99 at McDonald's near there with their $1 double cheeseburger called the "Double" on the value menu (no extra cheese slice, just two burger patties). Talked to Saint Patrick (Patrick Hanley) in my head leaving Trader Joe's on my way to McDonald's and he said he was in jail in north Toledo for three (3) days only - probably being held to be known as factual to others. We talked a bit about how he 'helps' take care of me with others I like and that I don't just throw him away after such. They all come and go. The mind over will tend to his needs and any further. Happy Day. Saint Patrick 'drove' snakes away from shrines of Mary roadside when I plagued their prayers with bites and such by vespers and their hidden talents. Credit window: Lemon Tree Bungalow on Santa Monica Boulevard around the corner...see vespers (small landing snakes from the sky), ghosts. Was an open-air mortuary until 1963. True.

at the simple intersect of sunset and laurel canyon

New ! Stephen Hague-produced Pet Shop Boys out today:
Love, Etc. (Love Inc. - you don't have to be that bald "but it hurts"). The official site has video that is structurally complex and thus worthy of them there but at the door. God-type stuff -- and to watch it. Natalie Merchant (um, Winona Ryder) donates vocals not, just words. Edward Gorey is the artist you seek...Winona does the skull for sure and aptly I might add. More: Some say is Tchaikovsky's "Nutcracker Suite" a simple trick. More like "New York City Boy" remade...fail the video.

Text: "don't have to be | a big bad hollywood star" <> "the big bad wolf at the door" - "don't have to live | a life of wondering how"

boy it's tough
getting on the world
when the sun doesn't shine
and a boy needs a girl
it's about getting out of a rut
you need luck
but you're stuck
and you don't know how

don't have to be
a big bad hollywood star
don't have to drive
a super car to get far
don't have to live
a life of power and wealth
don't have to be beautiful
but it hurts

don't have to buy
a house in beverly hills
don't have to have
you dare me paying the bills
don't have to live
a life of power and wealth
don't have to be
beautiful but it hurts

you need more than a big blank check
to be the love of art
a gulfstream jet
to fly you door to door
somewhere chic
on another shore

you need more, you need more, you need more
you need more, you need more, you need more
you need love

too much of anything
is never enough
too much of everything
is never enough

don't have to be
a big bad hollywood star
don't have to have
a super car to get far
don't have to wear
a smile much colder than ice
don't have to be
beautiful but it hurts

you need more than
a girl-hard richter [picture of a boy posing - measures quakes or stance in others] hanging on your wall
a chaffeur-driven limousine on call
to drive your wife and lover to a righthand [alts 'whiter'...where store names are script, not handsewn print..the lover is male, yours] mall
you need more, you need more, you need more
you need more
you need love

i believe
that we can achieve
the love that we need
i believe
call me naive
that love is for free

don't have to be
a big bad [as black limousine] hollywood star
don't have to drive
a super car to get far
don't have to live
a life of how to get by
don't have to be beautiful

but it hurts [when we can't be who we want to be to you]

you can live in hollywood very well without key, god is love

this was a little film, you know...ultimately the cannon doesn't fire, then boom!
'caldecott' medal winner and all - sure

Another guess-win to parade this Monday morning March 16 (they as other unknown made damned sure I didn't have any money this past weekend to suffer me to you I'm sure my mother's $150 check for the asking cashed for $15 dollars and spent on party favors one toll - not to hate or to make sure, but to alleve the person who pays and works you boring giftless shrabs...I'd kill Christ again with the push of a button rather than see you with it my sufferings all private and unpayable until now and you yours fuck you all...didn't I send you vicious snakes, wasps, physician-assisted diet plans, the shapelessness of permafrost diarrheas, gun-toting niggers who eat their kids, jail cells with no heat and every non-sex that makes you puke until your heart bleeds of fortunata, religion in tax...when the Feds get fired and those negroes seek your employment in fashion, you'll crap hair and mess with your accounts like we do to each other cash for paper, cash for paying her, see nothing more but clowns dressed like your mother living in a fucking sewer with make-up on we never apologize really and die of nothing special but wake in one morning to you a no-one who agrees never but see electric tube pliers sever your side-punctured spine at the asking anyway it's a nigger that's right they don't hurt the same picking off their skin in the everglades high on an apple's worth of heroin):

Height of the Statue of Liberty: Foundation of pedestal to torch (Bartholdi's design): 305' 1" (92.99m)...there it is - twice the Great Adventure ferris wheel at 150 feet about, four times the tree tops of about 75 feet. Do your own at caveat, you fat, bald, toothless skin-on-skin purple-dick motherfucker. Fool: I went up to the crown only in 1978 on a student trip - it has screens only recessed in the headband that let in mist and rain on that day. The arm was not available but had rope across the stairs leading further to the torch and a walk around the flame I would never go up that I think to not the initial climb up rounding pennyweight stairs was brutal the elevator only goes up the foundation a star-like configure. The heights of New York City (like that of the Empire State Building) remain unsurpassed for what they are and where (I wouldn't go up the World Trade Center - no way too high). I've been up the Washington Monument too an elevator goes up that to shooting windows only for spiking people, I'd say.

"I know who my friends are because they tried to suck my dick." - dM, not that confused, really

"When I chose for myself from anyone I could have, I wouldn't choose you." - dM but there's no stink

"No one's more dead or distant than young men in a 'relationship'...we don't ask you anything, but wish you well." - dM who are you? - I had it real good, but won't see you with it for long..like God, I'd let that die first and die of sorrow before that ...some of you I wouldn't even feed...just about when you express your opinion your haplessway wishes for hate with it -- tool: you ask, you pay if, you take that home...nigger

Fact roulette: You will be real when it comes time for me, but we never let people think it happened next door unless you're Puerto Rican (taking your stuff, robs rich) robbing people with national namesake 'fraud' we use the newspaper to document a rape, murder - whatever you pay for hoping to have some done to you...as babytalk hears...reacts...I don't involve you here...do I? I did it for sure but don't consign the living to being chased by a ship of fools...defend yourself well enough when it counts while I attack the people who seek justice of it from me...play me out...one complaint gets rehab for sure you know that I have everything until you gas up. Who? Me? Not you. Make matters worse...you hafta pay me.

sunset boulevard tour part 1...it took forever to upload!

this part 2 of our sunset boulevard tour...is shorter...part 1 is uploading now
arrears: the first hotel on right the grafton with balboa is the sunset marquis, the second is the sunset plaza...for strength

i was gonna feature orion's (carolco's) 'robocop' afterall with its telltale violence (more than we bargained for) and ultra-stupid license to kill (waiting for it all), but here's all you get!
not in my world - says neil 'he didn't put down the gun right'...we had this stuff so morgueun yet half human, half crap
the robot here is the 'f-209' for 'formula 409' won't even ask you what you are

on santa monica monica boulevard where the shoe repair ? no, the cd shop used to be

micky's coming back into action soon the dancefloor is upstairs

yes grapefruit is real this on san vicente while we look for the sea world volkswagen made to look like a killer whale

here's what the vw bug looks like - usually waits for a drive-by on san vicente

this is abandoned at the top of san vicente - in lieu of sea world

Thought 'provoking' - St. Patty's Day caps the crucifixion of Jesus Christ or then the "Ides Of March" (March 13-16 fully) and thus signals fest. Get it right. The 'ides' are huge ghosts unleashed on the tropical and unusual world here that influences our thoughts of having nothing but with you.

soon! a discussion on my favorite children's books - this, 'drummer hoff' about how many it takes to do
as good as any, but my favorite book is about a brown titmouse that makes a home in a jack o'lantern after halloween - he drags in feathers, balls right up, and the cold closes the eyes and mouth of the new home then snow! 'mouse's day out'? not sure...
others: 'the five chinese brothers' you can't burn 'em, drown 'em, chop their head off - whatever!
'sylvester and the magic pebble' he wishes he weren't around and changes into a rock until his parents have a picnic on him and *sigh* wish him back
the aforementioned 'madeline' is way too scary for kids, but okay a surgery
'gus the friendly ghost' is another story of friendly-type ghosts, this one lives in the attic and is in the slat of walls with mice making sounds
'where the wild things are' is natural choice for us, yes i read it alot when i was young...at night, the walls disappear in the bedroom of a young boy and he sets sail for where wild things are, things that go bump in the night
'frederick' is another...i starred in a play in second grade it was 'frederick' but i thought it was 'sylvester' 'til this day my clothes weren't brown enough my shirt wasn't
seuss' 'bartholomew and the oobleck' strikes me down for having the name so young so useful...all seuss is mine!
late add but sure: 'the story of ferdinand' the bull -- a big gay dummy lying around in love smelling the flowers then a bee sting rages him outward

'frederick' and 'where the wild things are'

'the five chinese brothers' and 'sylvester and the magic pebble'

'gus the friendly ghost' and 'madeline'

'bartholomew and the oobleck'

'the story of ferdinand'

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