Apple iTunes Apple iTunes Apple iTunes Apple iTunesApple iTunes
1) that line moving under top red on the big button says you're being recorded - trust that
1) homo you don't
1) patriotic are expatriate elsewhere...but must come back one day or on two days them
2) we love shrek stuff - good humours only every fairy tale character stars in it with a hilariously mean john lithgow and now the new christmas special 'shrek the halls' is here!
3) i've been checking out medicinal marjiuana everywhere a neon pot sign hangs in the window we have two here: on sunset and santa monica like banks they are see pacific support svcs
3) the snake is supposed to be an anaconda, but i think orange and black like a burnt pumpkin or skin with scales...this is mine with aids ribbons, black mask and eyes, zig-zag with line down middle colored in but to whom?
4) loved 'six feet under' and make sure you get radiohead's song 'lucky' staged beautifully within - the show is full of gays and other assholes (the ones who run away after staking their claim if god so blessed the world!)
4) also has the rock n' roll lifestyle as being laid, laid to rest with all hopes and gee, i hope a government-type examination of the facts before you cite them by yourself...don't be so precious here people can amaze
5) didn't see this yet, loved the original idea and treatments - hope you didn't fuck it up with yogi berra too much ? someone says the personality s/b carol burnett doing queen ? more junk...martin luther king? dogg, tongue out
5) what - i can't say and i can't sell? shove it all back up your word gets here i take your money and cut up your shit to toss like a bucket of shit and piss - 'if those were boogers you'd wipe them right off' quote me
p.s. if i were legless and dying like a pussy in a warfield of blood loss, i still wouldn't appreciate the view - even if you sucked my cock...i just ate cum for the first time in years the other night...wouldn't want anyone to get that wrong as much - i honor my own thoughts only always first the rest is yours to feel good about even if you suck my mine the world wasn't made on that my crap like you ate everything else i hate, nigger - you can't pay again? zzzz 'you can't pay' the spanish fly of prides awaken everywhere...i'm off to pay my electric bill by foot the others will wait late rent bounced checks you're all so fucking classy for the very thought no one is special to you i'll thank myself again and again i have to serve you better - all told nothing offered for no change, no old flat pussy on my rear god vs. same

Move This Out Midway To November II
Fucking banners don't work.....

kate bush 'running up that hill'
people fuck this up too - i'm mad, but i'm not that mad
you got to hold the shit and i get bored, distracted
pet shop boys made this...and with

Kate Bush - Hounds of Love - Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)

it doesn't hurt me
do you want to feel
how it feels?
do you want to know
know that it doesn't hurt me?
do you want to hear about the deal we're making?
it's you
it's you and me -

and if only could
i'd make a deal with god
and i'd get him to swallow places
you'd be running up that road
be running up that hill
be running up that building


say if only could...

you don't want to hurt me (yeah yeah - yo)
but see how deep the bullet lies
on the way
i'm tearing you asunder
there is thunder in our hearts

is there so much heat
for the ones who love us?
tell me we both matter - don't we?

it's you
it's you and me
it's you and me
you won't be unhappy -

c'mon baby
c'mon darlin'
let me steal this moment from you now
c'mon angel
c'mon c'mon darlin'
let's exchange the experience

and if only could
i'd make a deal with god
and i'd get him to swallow places
be running up that road
be running up that hill
with no problem 

this is owed to sam kinison from 'back to school'
you see nothing lives on...he is william penn and is this funny about history

Enya "Trains And Winter Rains" Enya - And Winter Came - Trains and Winter Rains like you're in Lawrenceville, New Jersey in the 60's and 70's perhaps working in New York City, Camden then? Enya is really for "Kenya" that african-type world sound and this album is shamelessly sampled from before, but has resonated with me if misses the point by bits and bits more. This, where we fit in just underneath as bits basso and singing along. By the way, rain here is like in Kenya or east Africa - just like snow so exciting. Maybe us...Enya is Celine Dion and is French - now get that. People think more like Russian, like 'Yogi Berra' one helluva guy with dot on his face, but you see is really more a 'saline' or flaxen hair sheik on heroin. People back east are particularly classy about their names - my family in particular who make this shit up and is that rude - Yogi - like you eat yogurt with a dot on your face. Never bring it up again.

saw this precious viewmaster ornament in cvs as hallmark but made by fisher-price
they have a miniature pacman machine if that's truly yours galaga - it ain't mine they'd have to have 'xenon' the moaning pinball machine as ingenue
whatever - the plastic wheel within works and has x-mas basics like a velvet stool next to a fireplace...about $15 per person per piece (there are two, but one is the camera with reel, the other is a hanging box of two reels)
tiny tim? 'no, that is somehow elegant' as waits for santa - not a beggar -- you don't hafta have anything for that...even a furnace blows out
by the way, picked up a silk flower wreath in harvest tones for thanksgiving at 90% off $13 - that means only $1.30 and if to welcome strangers
terry told me to take it down immediately, i tell him to do it if you're that much of an asshole but not yet has he

yes, $1.30 plus tax...all boxed on a rack near register for the very taking-having

According to Alexa as our own of date 11/14/08, '' (virtually worthless, me) "has a traffic ranking of 2,052,649" - that'll do, I guess. Our traffic ranking is primarily summarized be me as a traffic ranking of '2' (as in a simple count 1, 2, 3...10 and onward as grouping or percentile thusk) and I am to understand there is no number one '1' unless you ask, of course. I can see 100,000 corporate-type sites with your cash in mind being more daily code to you so flourish it. And your mind should speak to me yet?

'they make gay culture everywhere and feed each other death' is what one dyke says...abrasively of
gays simply do not like each other and muchly for hamper like the jewish mafia of hollywood i am sid sheinberg - just ask - neil is jules stein, marc ondy is lew wasserman
please, rob lowe is real and so is justin bateman - i've been in the same room with them each some twice
they were just as expected, also...intimidating as each one would each same person though
he's the one i met out one night at rage too (violation: stardom or gayness - never photograph as the two)
...said he was out with rob lowe and they had to sneak around green polo shirt, nice looking kid
out of my league

New! We honored Veteran's Day today 11/11/08 and briefly at the Santa Monica-Holloway service. "Breakfast At Tiffany's" and "Big Top Pee-Wee" are both off the hook - both looked good to me as seen on HBO, Cinemax. Pee-Wee roared until his egg salad picnic with girlfriend Winnie. Tiffany's has great rain and face. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has free stuff from five o'clock to eight o'clock this evening? We're coming and to "kick off the holiday season" sure. I bought my extra 16MB of AGP memory for our G4 coming soon $18...eBay.

Apple iTunes
saw beyonce's 'new' video in millions of milkshakes yesterday when i bought a soft vanilla cone
sure, just like dairy queen's - and only $2
the video is an army studio - in a black room with nets boys looking at her filmed separately
finding black artist stuff is hard on me even as god - all that stupid talk to wade through

"Big Top Pee-Wee" Big Top Pee-Wee teaches you things about farms and stuff

"Breakfast At Tiffany's" Breakfast At Tiffany's is like 'milk and kisses' from your one true mother - I don't understand you at all, but I suffer with you and care as best I can

More: I had a mocha peppermint crushed ice coffee drink full size as usual with whipped cream it was lovely though they called me "Tamara" (for 'overly giving') twice. He had one too something else from the holiday menu. Thank you -$3.50 the both.

"Real? What's in your way, what you can't just dismiss." - if adds dM "That's not real..."

the whistler is back at bed bath & beyond
we got ours...the wire coil is for on-top of electric ranges, medium heat only
these clean easily enough with white vinegar...a childhood friend was burned bad by a similar corning pot that broke
the band busted around the neck
then again, they had a picnic table in their kitchen (if i used ours in my room for my train set yet on particleboard, fake grass) and their downstairs toilet was pulled out of the floor
...underwear stuffed in holes throughout the walls...can't believe it would sell, but sell it did
that kid also rolled out the back of his parents' vw bus pulling out and away from a stop sign and cut his leg deep with a huge glass mayo jar
go figure...sure beats being poisoned with rust flakes in the bottom of a sprayed pot?

i made this candle holder from items at koontz hardware because we have alot of excess tapers and i wanna burn
i bought a real one of plain glass (a weighty round hub) for $3.99, but wanted to try this too - a big success
sure - yom kippur and all - a finger bowl from the kitchen set area and a heavy washer with enough room in the center for any stick placed
the washer itself does not touch the bottom, but rings it up the sides
glued in with elmer's on balance and a bit of hot wax dripped on the bottom too - showy - and all under two bucks about (<$2)
place garland or droppings in afterward - sure

fierce? see nothing in your way
pierce? one accuses you of not knowing...remember dan moon 'pearce' vision center became 'pearle' and out at sear's
did you know actor vince vaughn is the real norman bates? yup - he told me 'mom' was around alot but in pieces sometimes making herself over in arizona proper way back when the height of it about 1946
actor chevy chase is also steven tyler of aerosmith playing old again davey jones...someone else does him now
i just talked to 'kyle' up at the jacuzzzi the other night he gave me a boner standing there the way they taught him legs spread out

here we honor allentown high (allentown, new jersey 08501) but this entrance is newer with second floor and all...honors god
this faces west, thank you, first corridor - the roof hadda come off when we prevalence was there
we hear chris white my college roommate runs the show now...hi chris

Thinking about a mail-order turkey this year? Omaha Steaks still has the great turkey they sold me one year I loved it so bad, cooks in an oven bag fast...10 lbs now on sale for $49.95. Trust one if gourmet. Also, try Honeybaked Ham too if that's your prescence mine too if bringing one. A quarter ham is $44.00...all prepared, all year long.

"Jingle All The Way" Jingle All the Way with Arnold Schwarzenegger our favorite holiday movie running...we enjoyed "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation" [not yet] again too...for spirit. As for snow, I used to use an aluminum extension ladder extended and propped up on one end to haul backwards on rope a red plastic toboggan with side grips and to release down and further down a snow hill and across a frozen creek. I also used to whip my little  brother Chris (eight years younger) around in the toboggan in a circle real fast from its harness and then let go to fly backwards in the snow - the kid was fearless but in the front yard. Like "The Good Son", I didn't mean to hurt anyone ever and get hurt, but I was dulled by you and your own interests and maybe needed better guide. At the very least, a big brother to the very faunt of hate of itself - your experiences in life becoming mine to talk to. You can let go of me and men at-large when the chips are down, but people will hack you up soon enough for not having to make a choice but somehow getting it all to be your way a beautiful best man in wedding full of flock it stands out like a sore thumb. You trying to fill a void with you alone and how. Other note: Saucers down the side of a highway overpass is fun too - use new plywoods and 2x4's to create  hills of fun nearby no matter how little enjoyed by others you got to yours and to ruin textiles as well should. The house map at very bottom is provided to show I had the very good all my way and for years (the blocks are like in the center of the earth housing falsely of those who died and are drugs being drawn to at a health and are unacceptable to me unless you could quote AYDS and that's funny for people who have 'monkey shines' only and don't need to touch at all a vengeance plus exits snotty folks from being secret persons with all the good you can't see with laughing inside), but more importantly for young kids of esteem and mock to make anew as clubhouses and arthouses full of hateful handfuls of spite and their junky thoughts go with. You can appreciate and mock it well but as perhaps cardboard and design. I always do, and note regular garden apartments back east of brick and built-in hamper were made to be perfect only (as if ceiling fans) I had one or two the smallish-ist of places house the greatest of comfort crimes but no closet space? I thank people only when they hand it all over my way. You only wish you knew my side of things and no one ever appreciates stuff they had the right way (as to stay with and be with ahelden).

i've seen the bags you dream up at no cost to here - order from chipotle

Thinking ahead the stores played along: The Ronettes "Sleigh Ride" The Ronettes - A Christmas Gift for You from Phil Spector - Sleigh Ride from "A Christmas Gift For You From Phil Spector" LP (1963). Amelia Earhart (is too Lindbergh) became Edgar Winter...true. New York City lights their tree on December 3 to avoid me? One year - 1986 - me and mom nearly got crushed with waves of excitement everywhere. I leave for Los Angeles to return on December 2 - we'll be up there though.

'basic instinct' uncut and at - thank the folks at paramount one day
this, completely uncut - eversaw - still, we believe that itunes shows you bits more and in striking color (great intro to colleague, though, if never seen...i'm watching)
songs: 'rave the rhythm' by channel x; 'blue' by latour...suggest to 'bells' by channel x if no itunes other 'bug in the coffee' ep (2007)

Basic Instinct the movie in itself -- jeanne tripplehorn (toni collette, dark princess, annie l.) did all, but is accused often enough and is scared; a basic instinct is to survive, hide the self only...dawn wells is the old woman 'hazel'

Channel X - Bug In the Coffee EP - Bells 'bells' by channel x, an alternate that sounds like 'supernatural'

LaTour - LaTour - Blue 'blue' by latour

We had a chili bake-off here yesterday (11/08/08) - he made his from scratch for higher meals and I made mine from mix both with ground turkey meat. For mine, I called my mother for her recipe and she said she just uses McCormick-brand original strength chili mix and I doubled the kidney beans to a larger can and also tossed in some diced tomatoes all Hunt's quality at about fourteen point five (14.5) ounces a can. Follow the recipe otherwise two (2) cans of tomato sauce I love kidney beans served over white rice all was well be like me. I also got some Jiffy cornbread mix to add boot (note the mix is 79¢ each but you need stacks for crown - don't blame on the mix a third cup milk, one egg each...I recommend pouring five [5] muffins tops per pack of mix for great of rounded height at a cute and also using cake tin liners for cupcakes - even Pam couldn't keep a non-stick cupcake pan from taking some).

"Far be it from me..." another one of those sayings people mess up...change to "far be it for me [as to have to reach for or grab onto]"...

People visiting Las Vegas toss their wedding rings into a center fountain collector for melting down into one piece - is in the news. They hate hate binding them together and get two (2) nights free ($0) no matter what after appraisal-showing each other. The Cosmopolitan ? has this.

this gorilla glue was ace for broken along woodworks...nothing escapes its grip
a bit expensive, but is like mud daubers made it expands out beige opaque like caulk when dries

Curve "Midnight & Royal" (MP3, 5.5 Megs) from 1998's "Coming Up Roses" CD1...a haunting of words, an eye of the moment (halliday-garcia):

cloud bring mist
thunder and rain
the days flowed by
but none the same
blue is baby
midnight and royal
the curtain comes down
but it still doesn't fall

i made my disease
it runs in my family
from generation to generation
it's all around me
from the moment i wake
it controls my mood
from generation to generation
we've all been the fool

tell me something
i don't know
to keep me high
when i feel low
show me something
that you truly owned
keep me warm 'cause i feel cold
keep me warm 'cause i feel cold
keep me warm 'cause i feel cold

keep me high 'cause i feel low
keep me high 'cause i feel low
keep me high 'cause i feel low
i made my disease
it runs in my family

i made my disease

[princess diana's death was announced at midnight by the british royal service and news...]

not theirs, but close enough for here
many of them to a little cellophane bag $29 or $39 have or
our favorite nut...and is almonds, that is

Beverly Center was alight last night 11/08/08 with shoppers galore as we walked about me and Terry...thanks to the Godiva chocolatier for free truffles as samples and as Apple was very cooperative as we decided to get a new $600 box one day (the nano colors were great too...$149). Then we stopped at Williams-Sonoma Home and that was pretty cool too the Williams-Sonoma kitchen shop no longer in Beverly Center but Beverly Hills stand-alone. Two things I loved at Williams Home (and beside the giant framed mirror of square behind the counter)? Cheaply, rather large brown pineapple candles as centerpiece the Williams logo as fruit, if will; a bag of silver-plated walnuts like pewter for around candles, bases - or just a bowl of. Very nice - price on own. 

First time ever! "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving - A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving - A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving / Mayflower Voyagers / Play It Again, Charlie Brown - deeply rooted in satisfactions-tradition this! Its great song with horns "Little Birdie" Wynton Marsalis &amp; Ellis Marsalis - Joe Cool&#39;s Blues - Little Birdie by Wynton and Ellis Marsalis.

please - i was asked to end the madness on olivia newton-john's 'magic' (farrar) too
barely visible at the end of 'xanadu' (1980) because it was out early on
here they the lyrics are:

Olivia Newton-John - Gold: Olivia Newton-John - Magic

come take my hand
you should know me
i've always been in your mind
and though i will be kind
i'll be guarding you

but in your dreams
as you start now
there's no other road to take
you won't make a mistake
i'll be guarding you

you have to believe
we are magic
nothing can stand in our way
you have to believe we are magic
don't let your head ever stray
and if for your heart survive
destiny will arrive
i'll bring all your dreams alive
for you
i'll bring all your dreams alive
for you

from where i stand
you are homefree
the planet's alive
so rare
its promise to the air
and i'm guarding you

through every turn
i'll be near you
i'll come anytime you call
and catch you when you fall
i'll be guarding you


this a favorite with - 'the homecoming' or walton's pilot with patricia neal
too much fun! see the ed asner one too...
p.s. excellent stuff - thank you!!
buy a copy at amazon

"It's one thing to cry over not getting lunch, it's quite another to cry over not getting it at a dumpster." - dM who knows what it means to throw food away

Notables: Lorri Jean, Proposition 8's (to legally ban gay marriage across the board...) fiercest opponent and in WeHo is schoolmate Fred McIntryre's mother and opera great Beverly Hugh Grant (a highbrow since Merchant-Ivory's "Maurice" and with Denholm Elliot attending) is all that is really left of Rolling Stones' Mick check that...says he is playing an army buddy that stills him somehow (he was in the Air Force actually this past 70's George Umbro - hi hi). AC/DC's Bon Scott is also comic Bill Murray of SNL fame? Yes, yes - where ya been? More: The Cocteau Twins "Lullabies To Violaine" CD's are vellum or architect and translucent of peels - you'd get that if you had one. Translucent and A, B. The boy? Terry at about Christmas about 1996 - the only thing in California that ever moved in with me and naturally enough. Why pay more? In the end, simply asked that to be out and he tried to disconnect my phone lines but I had password protect on them. Terry is from Grand Marais and I hadda move back in with him, but we never get it wrong ever. We are friends Christian Dior and I because he hates people but is no one to live with.

DivAria - Fresh - Flower Duet from Lakmé

this view is from north to south and is lake superior in minnesota (means: made in one day - no bargaining, told what to think only)
fucking mayflower rode here too...a 'manitoba' a huge man or ghostly spirit roams here in particular 'nevermind sun's ray, so cold...'

The Lindsay shake: 1 liquid cup orange juice, 1 liquid-ish cup crushed peanuts in tandem with vanilla ice cream. From the above it said. Any McDonald's shake to me is sufficed with a touch of peppermint (so light as to be spearmint) with some food color even if as orange flavor. So suit yourself.

Enjoyed some "Georgia Rule" movie with Jane Fonda last night 11/06/08...Lindsay Lohan and an ultra-strange Felicity Huffman who wants you to see "Transamerica" Transamerica on iTunes (I didn't see this yet).

And why not? Stephen King's "Pet Sematary" Pet Sematary I live with the principals here still...I love the athletic boy treated by a doctor dies and he comes at night to see of him anyway head injury and all.

'recovery' by curve (halliday-garcia)
this button updated for 1998's 'come clean' lp
'pink girl with the blues' 1996 we seek ever raucous
sonar, underwater we seek strength

Curve - Come Clean - Recovery


the months go back
i don't think of you
the signal is frail
an imprint of what you do
so turn up the sound
and you are nowhere
i have learned this to my cost

but i maintain
in the slow lane
i maintain
in the slow lane

the sun goes black (note: you are rueful only)
still i smell of you
they say i cried
at the nearest thought of you
so let me down
to laugh at nothing
i have done this for myself

and i maintain
in the slow lane
i maintain
in the slow lane

(arachne, if i'm again after my soul...)

(spoken all to be)
turn down the sound
and you are nowhere
i have learned this
to my cost

but i maintain
in the slow lane
and i maintain
in the slow lane

so turn down the sound
'cause you are nowhere
you let me down
to laugh at nothing -

i have learned this to my cost
i have done this for (to) myself

[end this to me...for very good imagery, humble]

you are not truth...but are sad in your truth
i used to tell people if you ever hurt a member of my family you wouldn't make it to court...a boy trying to make it as a live in me...but some are truly crazy
be good to you, you don't influence me ever with your our youth, you answer to people then decline if suggest us after win

once again, 10% of our population is not gay...or feeling for you the winna rubbed underneath me for a while last night as i lie...dreams off teddy roosevelt...was in a john candy movie this weekend...military training, crew cuts...eugene levy in the second row right of locker room meeting dark hair is white...handsome...some other fucker blocks camera moving to showcase faces alot...dream off...'you're at national levels now '...please, bitch...fonda from mtv is another note we met at the same time our place 30th birthday party ours between aug 16-sep14

'a few good men' the first stab at title

do you have yours ready to go gloria swanson? 'kiss them for me if i am delayed'
putting out food for others as guest on demand these days covers you well enough as rich 'paying means something - you get to pay'
the last supper is the one you try and host this way, the one you have your way with - no matter who pays you demand certain, remove items

what crap...voted last night mccleun sure (one shop window on melrose window has mcdonald's logo arch + cane i didn't get that) no one cares i didn't listen to a word said - i didn't hear not one word all year long that's true you bore me too, but careful...raged over cnn declaring the world vote a nigger...raged you insult me but i see you are desperate and uncommunicative as usual like your god above is desperate to are no one to one...but now you live like i do...thinking and forming for no one who cares as you rise each day

all shit, sorrow for me and mine less my parents who like this crap with you but remain unchanged with seek you are embarrassed only (i'm not embarrassed i can't say)

HMO hacks (has) moles off -- tell a phone
PCP psilocybin pcb i guess...loveboat? you sat with dress pulled up and played with your pussy in the lobby (they put PCP or 'rat's nest' in corpses to make them as rats crazy for eating here - huffin' and puffin' afterward)

get ready...we're happy enough i guess

Saint Etienne "Lose That Girl" Saint Etienne - Good Humor - Lose That Girl from the "Good Humor" LP (1998)

walked out on you last saturday
under the wheels
of a crowd on main street usa
know how it feels

she said cancel everything

and like a fool
you never see what's happening
she dropped out school

get away
let her go

let her go now
in your brain

yeah you know
let her go now

i should have told you
to lose that girl
i should have told you
that's not your world

on her

turned the disco down
disco down

thought she'd look good in purple jeans

from santa fe
and she overdosed on magazines
just fade to gray

this is for you only ever, not for them - choose your wand:

Download iTunes Apple iTunes

I Went To The Doctor And Guess What He Told Me Guess What He Told Me He Said Girl You Better Try And Have Fun No Matter You Do But He's A Fool - Nothing Compares To You Looking Back In October 2008
sinead made that pretty for one lives well...'erotic city' means you decorate with erotic stuff even if you don't have music invite others this way...and see saint etienne's "places to visit" has subterranean layers with blue walls or enjoyments held in..."she said cancel everything" i'll stay for a while...

from the files - terry's mother sharon in our living room on franklin gas fireplace and all
i love trees indoors...and plan to move any bamboo-rattan smartly onto a patio

the elegance was everywhere to sharon...the cloth on the sofa is called 'ticking' and is like a mattress from wickes furniture now awol
i covered it with expensive stuff from f&s (folly and sewing) fabrics on pico after a while...biege leaves raised in relief 'oak'
the pillow covers from pottery barn along with tree-like ball candle holder rarely seem at right...
model: dorothy chandler herself

these are facing east and overlooking hollywood proper with neon at night
terry's father stuart (gregory peck for one...) is above three
everything blocked out is me but not so nice you see...
was actually looking for a picture of mike (um, jackie gleason)

people we like too but shameless promotion is here:

Apple iTunes

Apple iTunes