Even Though You Seek Me February 2009

this is pretty good...hi to the drummer that opened for curve (hi neilsy...engines of aggression - good stuff! then came korn)
according to sources, these are israelis - so what?
israel = 'is real' to me...and you?
the clown's name is 'berghoven' (mine 'bereghoven') or 'burnt oven' (burg or neighborhood oven is hot with pressures being just you to old friends, neighbors)
or then theirs as 'back home in your neck of the woods starving us down'
so seem...if the drummer is chris ondy, boy! you're hot - see ya soon again
the singer is ol' stacy keach we believe or then shannon...forgive extras soon
symbols me: the staircase is at the 'palace' in hollywood where played
the boots are granny from beverly hills-texaco asking us not to be

this will do for now...shy, uncooperative, afraid?
"what? i don't see anything..." eggsactly u r that just another fool

scissor sisters 'filthy gorgeous'
now we can know you

madonna finally covers 'nothing fails' live - a heartbreaker (a 'stanza') from 2003's 'remixed & revisited' ep
mtv's carson hosts the shot live

"You don't pay people when people don't get paid." - dM overhearing a black "midnight" attorney last night in PA, Cela Thompson for Angie Stone

Tunnel Atlantic previews simply scared here...nothing makes me happy, but this does yet apocalypse 2012 is project open by me.

"Knowing is spending too - the pen thief." - dM or then 'Christ' maybe

"There's nobody down there - nobody. You're not going." - dM quotes his Christ's mother about carnivals she supposedly made herself as showcasing freaks "Geek Love" (gay love...a gala)

"Somebody special [an actor, singer] asks 'who's who here?', so we tell them. They enforce it with guns if you get it wrong again." - dM quoting someone replying to my question about how anyone gets to be a religion or anyone here anyway

Bad Deal Central, Lower Back Pain At Once Criss-Crossing Through To The Elbow In A Pile Of Naph-Electric Trans-Fat (You Won't Shit Your Pants En Route - All Welsh And Scrimmaged Stabs At The Heart Bag For Rare Bits)

Another excellent track from the Cocteau Twins podcast at Apple iTunes - they made this great (who sings? we sampled Neil's Tennant's voice on the phone when he was upset over money June 12, 1992 - his 'mother' died) 
Heaven or Las Vegas (Cover Version)    5:36    4/15/07    APRIL 15/07 - Cover version of track Heaven or Las Vegas by an unknown artist.  Track was submitted for inclusion in the Half-Gifts (Tribute to Cocteau Twins) CD, but was not selected.

' singing on my favorite street | i want your love all over, all over, all over me | life's in heaven or las vegas ' you could loose it all ? make your bets in life then take your share (c. hynde), essex-p 'rogaids' hatbuckler

my favorite street is franklin avenue then in hollywood itself - so central its great beauty and at the foothills!
i lived in the orange building for fourteen (14) years...apartments 514 (roommates from 1988), 319 (alone, circa 1992), 320 (alone, circa 1993), 308 (for with boyfriend then alone circa 1994-2002 or so...)
plus, the pet shop boys' studio 'sarm west' is atop franklin towers (the 'entourage' condo, sure - the original 'sarm' is lancaster, pa 'our first job' it says -- see the 'heart' video)

get that...

it ain't worth much - but brief narrative from january 23
adds 1 gigabyte chip i got with a raincheck from cvs $9.99
this was 2 minutes at 100 megs about...twenty mins then?
the little candle holders on the table feature one that is lopsided on center peg and is just like a gear
if a cog or rounded tooth gear but fuller i think and as rotating, the lopsided gear or cog shows a transmission kinda only turning an axle or level wheel-gear sometimes while spinning around - no?
will a hollow motor axle turn a gear faster if rounded inside? less work distribution though...double up
anyway, a rainy day i made...love the show 'big love' on hbo by the way
martha plimpton (and weirdo model kathy mcnemeny...marilyn manson plus sneaker pimps 'long hard road out of hell') is heather locklear, btw
yup...see the long, brown braided horn is spanish here
sure - when proposing to woman as 'saint' looking anywhere else, it says 'maybe not me, but one other [as next to or close by then]'
marilyn is a corpse or god's 'first person' that supposedly challenges women when it comes to being sexy and having 'the look' if so to speak
and if their halsted idea of beauty is bald black man from the ivory coast
this also our christ cursing god for simply aging with no such powers yet made as perhaps a red-foreheaded clairvoyant (no additions to marilyn makeup)
sure - i'd sell my soul for anything but being with you a cruel master of all it made and it seems...
'i'm married' (mary) and at oh so young it furthers...how will i live this to be at all?
the 'lesbians' are funny too one with a fake lion's mane - always exchanging same value at price as cheap and forgotten by me too
a white rose or flower says 'is either one of us' to you - a forgotten person here
p.s. the siamese twins are ashley of 'harry potter' fame very young just a baby...and see that's anita bryant in the last installment of 'phoenix'

the top two (2) are the sheets we got at target and fyi
sure - an off blue 'aqua' and a dark rattan 'brown'
i ruined 'em the blue with clearasil brand concealer, i think

pet shop boys 'rent' from the 'actually' lp (1987)
i'd like you to see their accompanying film 'it couldn't happen here' and one day

'it couldn't happen here' from 1987
oh you were injured bad defending our freedoms as still talking but then again how free?
two wins: getting it together, getting it to past you
aids? no - no gay issues with success spoken to be, but of course we're hopeful for all on the way up and as against you

remember how clear it seemed
in six-inch heels
quoting magazines

go all the way
you knew you could
so far
so good

someone asked
who do you think you are?
who pays your bills?
how come you came this far?

shrugged them off
and locked the door
so good
this far

it almost seems impossible
we've drunk
too much
and broke up everyone

i may be wrong
i thought we said
it couldn't happen here

i don't expect
to talk in terms of sense
our dignity
an inch of innocence

it contradicts
your battle scars
still healed
so far...

now it almost seems
we've laughed
too loud
and drove off everyone

i may be wrong
but i thought we said
it couldn't happen here

now it almost seems
we've found
ourselves back
where we
started from

i may be wrong
i thought we said
it couldn't happen here

pet shop boys 'hit music' had nice parts i forgot about too - from the 'actually' album, 1987
'pet shop boys, actually' - you were thinking of someone else?
sure, 'i've been working all day | to pay the bills i have to pay'
indulge me a bit, dance with me - my song is being played on the radio once and again but maybe it all ends here
the radio hails from the moca gift shop i'm sure - the dial am/fm print in red/black numbers is a bit confusing the tuning arrow what does not get to touched as designed is of odd note somehow
hammacher-schlemmer maybe?
alpha gear for gents has most similar equipment at 8625 melrose avenue, los angeles, ca 90069
also, and finally, tivoli audio has these memories, kinda

here it is feature length: 'less than zero' at hulu
andrew is comic bob hope or then bob newhart as clay or claiborn

btw, ol' robert downey jr is tr knight on 'grey's anatomy' - don't feel bad for him
i have an episode on disc a bomb went off after belly extraction - good stuff
sure an emmy nomination disc - second season episodes #25 and #26 'it's the end of the world' + '(as we know it)' both said and as respectively
to be and watch 'grey's anatomy' online use link here

this is the song called 'twelve parts' from the movie 'less than zero'...thomas newman, haunting
is the difference between living and dying? eye of the moment i'd say
and add elton john's 'funeral for a friend' slowed down lots
don't lend people our grace

the title to me says 'even if someone gave to you, you'd still have nothing'
or then as a car going 0-50 in no time at all, you should say more - it took alot to keep you together
keep it to yourself any 'third-person' tripe (eating pig guts whole and dripping) as overhearing

Thank you to the House Of Blues Sunset Strip for hosting us last night (01/14/09)...who knew how pretty and varied inside! All was sweet. In my head people go "no one cares if you were there"...if you did care, all went well for me. Use most lefterly door front, go to the back and enter patios and tv room back to front right like a big "u"...I sang Foreigner's "Blue Morning, Blue Day" as we ate some privately and as from album #2 "Double Vision"...was talking to Aerosmith's Steven Tyler much of the night in the head he lives with us but his time is short and brutal (this a home of his he says - "the only one" he adds). Blacks I centered like this stuff too I hear, but you're not allowed to sit in the tv room and talk to couples too much they say. We sat with Sylvia Plath (author, "The Bell Jar" about abortions in the 60's-70's I guess, the 'bell jar' being the womb undisturbed...) for a while...

"St. Elmo's Fire" Starring Rob Lowe at Hulu...they won't let me embed yet and as many drop some...

Consider The Gap again. The name was formed by corporate strategy (God) in 1976 to honor Jimmy Carter who started it all regaining strength after his election boiled over (mine: they don't make you special ever, they just admit you beat their ass like sitting in concert loving their stuff - so what?) The Gap went on to be owned by Nestle but is not my friend for rapid gains (noting once that Doug loves success only and admits they're my friend for never closing shop and having it well you deliver me sense at price). You price yourselves too high these days to make a point for me but never closing you are government-owned no one profits here after buyouts and buyouts. No one thrives here get a job selling the stuff again to make more morning money and you pay me yet. The Gap makes reference to a "gaffe" or political statement made off and unawares. You wear jeans like Levis - their original proust - to keep it casual cool and a statement taken off isn't so bothersome to us anymore. We earned it and it still tells you what to do and why noting however that clothes make the man and Jews nearly refuse to be seen in them always tailoring older stuff for their butt or something. Be cool.

Terry's mutual fund (Muhlenkamp) closes 2008 with a balance of $9,974 (with shares at $38.60 after-tax or no buttons to pull) down from $16,756.22 at open (or $65 per share). An IRA post-tax is this and is this yours? Firmly $200 a paycheck in the hole for years like a fucking moron while I run checks...beggars. My friend here says about "retirement" that he's "not going to be eating ALPO like you" - that's real for me. His sister says to me she cashed the parents at $600k and it was legit ("I dressed him for years" she says of the sometime actor "who murders women" and died of prostate cancer promptly on pills but won't say - we have that). He, Terry, expects a cool million but does this to me now...today it was about lunch money. You pay for these fucks here, Bitch - I'm expensive. One day he is simply going to be old Beverly Sills again.

"Death Sentence" a most recent vehicle for harmon Kevin Bacon (from the hereafter I'm to be called Doug Mousse...) at that film site Watch-Movies.net and thanks for the greets. Synopsis: A family man now seeking qualitative argument with his family after shorn (if our finest movements are caring for ourselves alone and unusually), sits in a car at a 'new' gas pump while his oldest son bargains his ass away as victimage in a convenience store robbery that ends with the kid getting shot (in Salem's way I'd say - strange moves). All is not as it seems - this kid comes from god-knows-where as both kids have appeal and it turns out we have ex's here, kinda, back from lathe making points count. I have to do with less while you cite family to me and quite frankly the gifts here get extreme. Shown for the pumps to body that melt my heart with noise. Good show. Aperture. Watch closely.

Alternate link for "Death Sentence" the movie.

the last one a year ago was so good even though we're unwelcome mostly i go anyway
maybe we'll be there - be reminded i'm not you...no one to know, is mean and looks private-citizen
your challenge is to deny and make me real - i never tell you anything and get usual fast
don't ever think i live to see you and say - i play dumb just like last night when i murdered too little girls in the 930 block of palm in east brunswick, new jersey
these are not for you i've always been cruel but you are stupid to me always
my biggest challenge is not looking bad when i'm trying get laid a woman's foam is everyhow
i get in bad binds but you'll take it up the ass later
i had this shit as no one special and you just get cheaper and cheaper to me
p.s. my plane either has fake people, delivered people from renegade to heaven unknown to you, or simply died afterward some still dying?
you? protest your bad breath...these are all real but unwelcome at any rate

The year-end robs me of my own the gavel down. From soup to butts yours were delicious.

1) Hoover Dam seem on the road before Las Vegas makes gasoline (from corn, peaches mostly) - did you know that? That's why it's surrounded with black tnt and its regards. The sheen apparent on the other side. True? I liked it...precursor or prevelvets. "We want people to pay" is the quote...
2) Good movies of late: "No Country For Old Men" - strange shit and truly evil...some Jane Austen period prick ("Atonement") with the real Rupert Everett nice looking and everlast Sean Young. Good stuff. Strange more soon...this I begin with a younger woman fighting a young man open chest for possession of a painted plaster urn at an outdoor fountain in England the countryside - he breaks the handle off while she attemps gathers water from this slight lily pond. Too helpful, she, in fresh-faced govana (openess) dives in to get a piece that wisked in. He is her father, the house is huge stone with art house interiors or much ado about nothing and he knows nothing of it he just likes her. He wants to be a doctor apparently but he needs to know more about her interiors or what I call "charting" as in vagina (our thoughts demise) before advancing his cause my lectern. In the meantime, he will be called physician as studying those who run by and are not told. The man, the real Rupert Everett (yeah, we saw you at the bus stop up on Sunset with some girl - thanks), is dressing in black tuxedo a dinner suit and typing up invites or callings that he himself delivers to others. He is plagued in the huge house by a girl "se" say "c" (these may added by me) who is like an old woman and helps the governess as such get rid of people as she begs them off. Onward...and note I eventually killed "c" with a knife in her back for her troubles to me (note how I would cut hair in the back by grabbing and pulling at-with scissors for a 'hole' effect). She the Sean Young role is supposedly Richard II in makeup and Everett as me with-and Clay Callendar as who dressed like a woman to avoid scrutines. Ours? 1962? See on for no title.
3) Apple is AT&T and we regret to say we break of New Orleans to keep from being number one is not nice always ours to say. Get real. Jane Fonda was never wrong like that. Jimmy Carter was buried years ago, your are a fool still. My fool. A woman is the cheapest shit made and is still a bargain unheard. Never listen to that. A fool. You are with that only. A fucking fool.

I'm here and still I hate things. Thanks Richard - spanish fly itself - for Karen Carey (of Lawrence NJ - Wall Street Journal is hers mostly I 'fucked' her boyfriend behind her back take that in our only fume..she like all women here are criminals and are with me...sicknesses murder they poked out eyes and shit a forgiven type...and faggot learns when I get bothered how it goes only...for you and me too) in your prince of parties video - she is not welcome ever but dated Chris my brother lately is adult and unhappy kinda and he and her broke up. Nice to see you Karen but this stuff is just like before - should I say again? Hi Rob ever. We are here. "Flight Of The Conchords" can be seen on HBO every Sunday at 10...

Amyl-Nitrous Bleph Year 2008 Quadra-Fang Wasn't That Great The Eight And All Simple Numerologies Themes Of Fanklin And Ours Of Behence Neurodisorder, Post Carpus Rheem Click Here Outrage Hearsay Scince Prophylaxis
You're the fool here always but inside delicious little untruths true barridge Seven-Up named when an average-thickness cock up in your ass seemed untrue was never a cola eye aburp you twice to relieve us both. 'There's not enough pain in the world to make me shit my pants in public like Elton John does onstage is simply not true. I want it still that's all - I want it like my mother wants Obama to be real in her pacant field of shit for dreams while I help President Hillary Clinton only and he will assist her with a firm lain insult after all factory skin is sanded off sancre to be hinde (I show him my chest hair that got claps - not tits - see Marc Ondy he does that well pumps his dick too he is mine only a faggot dies in heaven see you there dying to me like spanish lycra with the seventeen virgin silkscreens quaffing the air of your own silcid farts I keep them all in coffee cans and run them at you all at once after mad dogs I unleash rip your dumb ass to shreds with real teeth for seeking truth in my darkest hole you are a faggot dying to me only your love is my asshole validating your memory to my very shit pegs of hate and having hate form you you are a beggar only ask again). Both retard me what could it be? Hate isn't that organized and the complicit unspoken of non-losses prevail wish me a world - are you sure it wasn't something stupid after all? Something about you just being there in a quillade - may my unicef-claybol of harmonies that are basically never to have touch and just for feel like mucous never meets velour, like satin never gives off a sperm. Some say a guiltly pleasure, but for the last time that means naked pictures of you by the silently rotating heat-managed harms even in your wall-hung tv set making fake bluegoat zits on every fat ass 'you aren't so bad' if you get to see others living so cutboard and bare (how true if that's intelligence always yes no never no can I smell at your asshole first? Like the rickshaw scaffolds of ranning burns I hatched crudely with heart-boiling warts up in your ass no pvc or their handswipe of emolients were used this time actually just pinenuts and the gummed lips of the switzer 'fanned' carp (most of lower prussia, parts of indigo and franklin neshaminy scem for yourself), you had this removed but I put it back in others around you toughing, pulling night sleds of soap and hot blakelies of pant urine if the real dangler or haas-kin of bother is having to look and sometimes just to think of it a nascent (not sent, just coming into olfactory sense node or no movement or sound can you just 'seem' until pass or fail, fragment, dilettante, dismay or then detouche the actiual remain to be thrown like a third-gauge piano by riddler catapult back to harmonize with a hell of atatompe singers 'kill that now and again no tussle'). These are real but I can fix fast if need be to be need. Welcome 2009 as I cry baby 'you bitch! you fucking bitch!' and no I'm not you yet I'm serious here and never ploy people like sneaky faggots seeking love doad 'dead on arrival, dead' - we went the distance and I can't keep living the foam in you so say you mere peanuts.

You don't hafta like anything selling that as another cheaply-made smart - trust that. A fucking outrage is only true once and to be...we don't let people see anything stupid dying of it like no one cared a joke. That's yours again to keep with every other junk made you.