Close, Enough To February 2004

"so much pamprin I could die of it"

What Are You So Sorry About? 01/31/04 1425
I get some really stupid stuff in this life, but one of the things I was asked to believe now is that my father's cousin Danny Moon is signer John Denver (now deceased, of course - 1999). I believe that of course so bow-tie hateful and wealthy loving horses and living in Boston mostly, but where's the joke? Oh, sure we had the "Windsong" LP on the RCA label (known to me for all that papered cardboard - "Changesonebowie" had paperboard finally) the song "Calypso" and all for hearing god-knows-what (I suggest his duet with Olivia Newton-John "Fly Away" I still like it - I remember I saw them on tv supposedly at the Red Rock in Colorado a resort there in Vail and Danny says they actually did it in Philadelphia years earlier and asked not to be seen too much) but any ridicule on my part is going to be met with fiercer product like "Rocky Mountain High" trust me I heard it in a store here months ago after saying him and it will still kill yours dead an Elton John composition (both meaner than stilts and friends forever - yuck - like two tits on a mineshaft). So rest here and we'll get more. I channeled Danny last night (the last time we were together I can remember was my cousin Cindy's wedding in about 1986 - us laughing at things both mean) and he was coming undone over me, my stature, and chemistry questions. "I don't have time for your remedials" I said after anger. A long road. Yes, I even know the person of "Annie" his wife (never real) here in LA. A good friend. More later, but two (2) things I asked about: In the song "I'm Sorry" from "Windsong" he goes "I'm sorry for the way things are in China [me too] (but more than anything else | I'm sorry for myself)" and I said "Why is that?" He told me he hated what they did to them there (a bombing) and said he was an "indochine" (a person of English and Chinese descent - ?). That and apparently Greenpeace was a hell of alot of fun out there on the open seas - get it? Gay god. What else? Good story related to my father: One day around Christmas my father entered my grandmother's home and asks about a new microwave state-of-the-art just sitting there (no one has these yet in 1983 with rotiles - I saw my first radio microwave and dangerous as shit as installed in early 1978 at a guy's house who worked for RCA labs in Hightstown, New Jersey - cooked a hot dog fast magical). My father said to his brother "If you have money like that, give it to me first rather than buying her stuff." Danny ate there alot early on it seems, but no one believed his claims of having played for audiences. Oh, well. Danny Moon owned Sears & Roebuck for three (3) years outright (1983-86) - forty million ($40,000,000) does it. "It's about the inside - not the outside of the store. All leased and rented for a time." Danny Moon lived with Harry ("Cats In The Cradle") Chapin in Boston only ever (people in my family - like my grandmother - thought Harry was rich - Danny is the only rich and only ever there). He liked Denver for being Jews and gays nowhere to be found by you. Back to Boston, and by suggestion of my aunt Jeannie, I stopped in there at Beacon Street for a brief visit on my way to Vermont then Niagara Falls, November 1986. A bit wealthy, and nice enough. Danny's money is in escrow with the government pending a review of his death in ten (10) years from. I tell my father in ruse after he asks what business it is of mine "You are owned by gays outright and I am comfortable with that." He sours on.

Today's Word Up 01/30/04 2018
We used to tell people in West Hollywood gay memnars (ports of review) that they were too "attitudinal" (having no class or bounty about things) and we meant it but now faded from view. What is "attitude" ("long view back" in French circle) we ask? Like the word "altitude" (up and down seen to be), we imply a height or view seen but no more. We tell. We tell others what they saw in us only - not the other way around. The attitude conveyed is what you see - all bask and glow of self. Have your way about things. Where I see you. "You're going to have 'class wreckers' if you keep doing this. We have class wreckers in France." These things are provided for better thoughts, not for better friends. That's nearly hopeless to say.

You're All Worried You Have My Gift 01/30/04 1855
Newfound Ellen reports having received a record LP of mine (Gary Numan "Dance") and getting all worried my shit dumped her way. Not exactly from my vault. With CD's around and fragrant, I let go of alot of records over the years and bought some others back. Always to Aron's Records in Hollywood. My records have my signature stamped in the sleeve opening and are stamp-dated of purchase next to. So - no bother for Gary. Other than that, expect voices outside your window at night and extraterrestrial query. I hate non-corporate or ancillary (not left here) theft more than you do.

Pasta Vousel 01/30/04 1637
What is "pasta vousel" (say "vas-ool" in France for "one day here, then next day gone" as in bread or too hard)? A pasta that needs to be cooked. Period. Fresh does not need cooking - an obvious. You can put it right on a salad as compote (no fruit - only grasses and grains - French also). Pasta has eggs in it as noodle. Semolina ("somewhat dry" in Italian) does not. A semolina should never be made for babies. It is wheat and germ compressed as heated with oils - no eggs. The oils keep the pasta dry always. Not good to eat. No release of food value easy. Eat pasta. Better for you. What brought this up? I had a can of Chef Boyardee beefaroni for lunch (now a dollar a can at local) but the macaroni noodles larger and the flavor off. See why. I hafta look at cans better damn you. With fats-free and all I hate having to pay so much attention to labels you already know. Next time well (got another can of ravioli right though).    

Body Mount 01/30/04 1627
"You're a jerk-off, Boy." Have another wad of it salined out. Did you see the shop in Hollywood right on Sunset Boulevard called "Pop Killer" (a play on Body Count-Ice T's "Cop Killer")? End that to me. The place used to be Weird Al Yankovics's (Justin Stoller's) "TOI" ("Thai On Ice") a late-night Thai palace on Sunset (I love Thai). Anyway, get some class. A great lover of cops, you.

Back To A Woman's Question Of Sex
01/30/04 1144
Oh, here we go again - I have women here in-force with their dumb men asking me questions about sex and then telling me I'm not good enough. I usually wait to see what's about before I ask any questions like that (no, no), but chances are if you are guy that I know and talk about here (Sean) sex is no problem ever. You know who you are. Just ask to know, but wait until with - have no reason to doubt you would. I'm nice about things and all, but I hate talk in advance and I also hate feeding the bears about (no honeybee, I hear holding a handful of your own shit in the tent makes them go right away). Am I attractive? Who cares? Tell me what I want to hear - not about my breasts being unsavory to you. I am easy, but not really interested in obligating beforehand or woman hate and talk. Have that. If someone mentions you in talk, see your name here with pre-approval soon enough. Again, I've had sex, like it, and just ask. "No." P.S. I stink I hear. I feel more than you do (no this isn't a link up): I am blessed with the ability to take anyone I please dead or alive and use them for the purposes of self gratification. Not what you do playing tennis with yourself, but beyond your wildest cope. Each interest met with interest and beautiful stories about you and with havings. The more I give, the more I get and it is gross to witness. The dead do this, but in limited way (maybe their mother sees - give to get). Sean your are beautiful to me only we are together often enough. My other friends? Great kissers - who knew they were so gifted above. Pet peeve? Getting trapped in hate between two (2) brothers fighting it out it happens. Have that. I cry. Have that to you all. Crying? "Intimacy is about being in the same room at the same time. That is adult. That is mature thinking." Some woman said that first. I use it well. Just one more bit: I also ask ghosts (full-on masks) who come here when I "consecrate" myself (soup it - the vapors) to share what they have with me when they enter and we talk about stuff. They are shy, cute, and fun - maybe used to live here. We may have to work on this together by adjusting their form backwards (I issue vapors to them from my fingertips unlimited ever to build). I like people. They like me. I like people. I told you the best one was in our tub full-on dressed only in white boxers. Have that. No, I cannot feel them, they witness us and we witness them. They may take from us bits (no mention), but if I take object (say a flower or handgift - no dicks no) I have to pretend to palp or feel. It is a part of them and returns to such when I let go. Fun though.   

Pot Shot Or Rubbermaid
01/29/04 1829
At what cost repayment? My father's mind disgusts me fully by leaping out in polident fashion every time I need an infirmity challenged (need help? I've been waiting in oceans of time to drown with and in this). This is your military somewhat disquised - full of horned rejects stabbing the meat to see what's at steak if and then A-1. Today I get some military code I can easily forget that he was given to suggest noted valor - I unsuggest it is more of a guide to owner-ord or else you need learn what it meant (I taught it over once - that was enough for you too). A woman helps enter this nicely - see your part (knowing means shaving only). Ridicule as to present my favorite quote-insight? "Look what the niggers did" as gazing through holes in Trenton's grapevine (you took all the fruit heard or so you say you see more to need). Sure it's true and living great in white abatements (can't have all that greatness just eating us up here). Have one of them Greenwood mansions and at cost to black with margins over your failure to become the new Detroit (all them *banks*) not newly noted or just valued to this yet. Scurry on then and get some new flourish on up from Virginia (the "tacp" house of sane judgments still - "taking and collecting please" France). Donnelly Homes now is risen and making you come back for more we see of you yet. A new injection of wealth firmly placed here rouses us and we see you military guys up the ladder surely enough but not to torture kids into bondage. We have them with us too. I handle that part with firmer "RESTRINCTS". Send it back later then off. This is exactly what you wouldn't pay for a college now here anyway damn it all over the niggers again. If words could kill, these wouldn't be the right ones either - they have them. Your maker is helping you to much. Today I suggested one of your new neighbors sit on your face and shit in your mouth. Maybe you say. I wrote 'em a check. "Wait 'til we ask." Wait 'til we die, then you too. You too. "Who the hell are you - a military person?" Your God hears this and smiles. Now you. Mine: Wait to die.   

Another Deep Dark Secret From The Mind That Thought To Freeze Each Of A Screaming Breast As Heard From But Hardly In Mind's Time
01/29/04 1237
I love my breast comments - playing a faggot and all. It's never real until you stop to consider yours as my own truth. One day, the wine less sour. In ensuing conversations with woman (a comment merely - "tube tops for your ass - sure" ? what is that ? not mine - my offerings seek to take the good, not replace it). My descent into madness this day revealed Ellen DeGeneres as this young girl who was family "Moon" and who died falling from a tractor getting sliced up by a roto-tiller in rear. A bad accident I definitely remember in the Trenton paper, but we knew this person not that I could tell. A "cousin" I supposed to think, I went around in fifth grade (1974-75) showing people in school the clipped article being just that special for the day. A real weirdo, I got embarrassed of this later by a teacher's response - have a parent in guide to such glory unheard. I don't find adults particularly flattering in their harshness of it treated (each left to talk at need to the likes of children - a tooth in it), but it's really just in me and now just that cheap spoken here. Nevermind her just yet - she lived after-on, you are probably repaid daily for that oouo with my harshness towards any guide to it being weird-needy yourself. Yes I hate what I did, but left it off in favor of anything having better to be at that age known and saving the grace both or here it is. Over dealt and said (you still threaten the flows here with excess comment - see it), my memory is as precious as yours may get if citing my real hurts just doesn't pay as well. Leave it to birth. Anyway, this listening of doesn't pay well because we both move to insert self readily. I cite my face being slammed into the pavement when I was five (5) years old simply by getting my pant leg caught in a bike chain with no guard while riding in back as someone else pedaled (has you here too, it made needed nose job at eighteen years - now parent this). She cites merely having a slice of her face taken off at the side as she bled to death my cousin Gregory (well known to me - driver) simply crying bad at seeing it happen and to him. None other said. Both accounts plus virtual traumas unwelcome. Okay then. Her name then? Morgan. Have a day in it then leave. Prove you're God then you're there. "That's who they are - dead people." Oh, God - no one has it any at all but the living victims who are sure they are here and never bothered - I have to recount this shit for the uninformed who tax us daily with thoughts of usually I just pay up and leave the thinking to me my memory of the event stilled a breast of token. As for my own injuries, never have a nurse as a mother. They've seen it all already on people who are more attractive to a thought their threat to of caring for (to this day, I attest my hair and fingernails cut with bandage scissors while I wait), and their idea of trauma wouldn't be handled by the very first HMO they could open on their own account (when two become one the doctor nurse: never actually having to treat anything we both won't acknowledge personally in pain and bother - you first then). Ellen adds "I got you too. Die then." I'm only sorry for people who think anything like either of this or getting thrown through a glass door or being dragged half-hundreds of feet under a moving car has to a happen to anyone just days away from a welcomed but heroin death. Finally, see a jackass for what it is, where it lives. See you eating with it right in home that fork. Everyone moves too slow and is thankly stupid once dined on you're actually dying out of the world and yes they are there with you wondering if this is covered by your plan, a "group" benefit with no limit to hospitalizations unseen or not just unasked for.

More to believe in:
I "channeled" the path and the past while ignoring household duties and threatening to kill my family members flat and here's what I got. In Imlaystown, New Jersey lies beyond a place called "Cream Ridge" a dairy kinda place with farms and such (the newspaper claimed "Ewing, [New Jersey]", I think to know - they lived there). Rue's - the people for whom "Rue's Road" are named - had a farm and Ellen (then "Morgan Stanley" - actor, daughter of Burt adoption only - real father Cole Prentiss actor, granddaughter of Rue's by daughter Ellen - called herself "Paula Prentiss") was riding on the tractor's fender with my cousin Gregory. They were uh, close (Greg is like Neil's twin and fags for each other - Ellen: "Gregory is a god."), and she went along for the ride while he worked the soil age nineteen (19). The tractor went under and near a tree, she hit a branch avoiding bees there ever only, fell backwards and "took off her ear" reportedly up from the mouth all scraped off to the back of the skull. No hit and run. Waited and died after three (3) minutes. Fourteen (14) years old. Died that day bled to death at the table in the kitchen of the house. All others upset and dying too. No one got it. Kinda running a homeless shelter for off-hand types at that place. Rude. Rue's very nice, very bothered by a lacking of. Here with. Ellen says she remembers Mrs. Rue (my third grade teacher) being "jubilant" when she entered the home. No. This is what she said: "Thank God - you finally hurt yourself." No more. By the way, I believe 'they' cut off your head trying to hide it all (my father helped Gregory do this four [4] days later - always a courage act for the dead only). No authorities bothered prosecuting a family incident. No foul play. No more unless you. Rue's - better than us about things. I loved them to die like this.

More to know:
Have I been to Cream Ridge and Rue's Road? I have. We kids were hosted there (a beautiful farmhouse, a dairy barn across the road, bees chasing - get rid of wood piles oh they grow them) at least once there for lunch (a picnic, a barbeque). All nice for me. Mrs. Rue (no one gets to know teachers like this personally as frowned upon in stature, but I did - something special to us I think add Lion's Club in) started me off collecting glass bottles - you know pharmaceuticals of brown green.....clear how small we go was important here to little. I liked displaying them in my wickor shame. What does that mean? Nothing bad needed to happen to these people who were burdened unduly by that one day. Thanks. Hi to grandson David Jr. I remember you yes (in my sister's wedding party as memories still being selected).

I used to reject the picture-in-picture feature             
I'm Quite Sure A Woman Was Given Breasts To Blacken Her To A Man's Image Now Resculpt See It Coming Around The Corner An Announce
01/28/04 1323
I'll add that Jessica Simpson of "Newlyweds" is male having you here (who sings? a black woman named Tracy Nelson - not of Ozzy fame). Have that. She acts disinterested because that is our fool to you. Have that.

Clarifying Michael Jackson Coming Unwigged  01/28/04 1315
No. The funniest thing about Michael Jackson is when he gets indignant with people coming undone with them. I die of laughter that shit is so fucking funny he will outlive you always. Don't go ruining that for me.

not the original cover

The Glory Of Christmas Emerges From The Crystal Cathedral To Meet The Glory Of Easter
01/28/04 1036
My finest moment yet savored is the one where you find out that (butt) of course I made it to the pre-arranged, now olglfanged Ellen DeGeneres taping at NBC yesterday marked "Ellen" and made myself a home among the stars. Oh, the trip out to Burbank by local bus was a bit lonely (no one enthuses at me to suggested this ever and I go it alone to be sure of my choices as withheld to unheard) and not quite favored to me a plus-this, but the inevitable hug from the homeless "we all need a little [less] love sometimes" wasn't that bad after all consumed never to remain that my passing and NBC moved miles up path by God drawn if only to ease the discussion we usually have with the above about "leaving me to eat your shit" while polishing up some nonsense about what others endure to you while I continually work for better than what anyone is willing to part with and plan your escape backwards always my own B.D. Hyman (they only want the truth of remove it yourself smaller to junior sizes goes nothing by you yet no one got out alive I've seen 'em walking too). Now, alot of thoughts let's get it all in for the 'says less of it and actually to you' and 'ultimately not no' - both big bargains at-stake. The pre-audience gathered outside was pretty serious about things being there on-time and all - and rather grim like a black meets up with the pilgrims at Thanksgiving "Hey y'all! I've got the milk for the mashed potatoes...." maybe you've heard of me yet now acting off down out sure I see you what is my feeling? Add in a heapin' helpin' of mott riley and now it's back to basics and why anyone does what they do in front of you (holding hands at the Emmys, having that say it here) it is because our love ever the cheap yet and unliving thanks it not to bother notice. I graduate a good snuff only (do we have the talent-art in-hand to unmand you we do) and focus not on making you better like people suggest I do in my mind you ride around within success too much in this world your beautiful staffers know and verily few rubbs right off like I do we are already here to be with it thanks off. Ellen was real good right from the start, so lets just move on past your accessory contributions that make me feel bad sometimes and why can't I be you? This was the nicest handling of common talent I've had to studio date thanks again and now about the show: Within criticisms I had to pay attention to that monologue and the first strip of toothpaste I thought by me gets lain not on the bristles but right in the sink. Isn't that funny? Mind tells that ultrasonic stuff will chime your teeth away in microbins of use -  that is about four (4) thousand wandlins (brushes by). (The miracle of truth to me is the angle brush by Colgate I get from Crest now - I feel so powerful and levering behind that one made right once and then left to be with you.) Take time to dance is fun and fitting in isn't hard at all (oddly enough sponsored by the makers of Vagisil - another "see my livin' it" quality nuisant done for your view an unseeming paycheck just lying around sure "I don't need to smell for it I can see it's right here") and now I'm wondering about guest Burt Reynolds (my father's uncle Clifford Moon - my mother had that nude of him from Cosmo but clipped from a newspaper and kept in her cookbook as given by a neighbor Josephine Umbro "see? people get famous" - is that mine? did you really watch that porno movie he did and pay attention? does he cut it still? he does - formidable never to wonder about who won the Loni thing 1999 OK! Back to, we are like a family of rude cripples (have I been dead?) And now another song that sounds like "Doug-Moon Doug-Moon Doug-Moon Doug-Moon" the bathhouse beat no one hears that either. Not a review, but lends end to this I read your cue cards and suggest better off to you from me why rest it you fail never to amuse me do it yours I crim. Would I? How? Talent-mart. Doug no. No Doug. Just say it to me. End the wonder. I made God show there with you yesterday all over all over and maybe you'll see me right anyway (nothing but fun I hate being wondered about I like being known to you we are magliss). Final drips: That black guy interviewed - just as interesting as me get this - is "Flavor Flav" remade young and dumb to it God took his gold teeth back. That fucker was also "Wild Bill" (I don't follow the music - NWA? Public Enemy? you "can't truss it" but I know personalities - Elton John says "a brilliant rock musician") famous to me for having an eye shot out of his head by some woman the garing eye socket is on an album cover I liked it (and in reality after all of that crying for days too makes one dead bitch twice on have a jawshide for that one - all of Geto Boys). See it here. To less. In closing: "If I had to rise on the third day to do that shit I would simply kill myself. Have that with me." Thank off.              

Childlike Ensues
01/25/04 1953
"Do you kill people?" We rephrase and engender to say it like this: "I hold people up to life [and so truth and kill them deader than tits]." I rid the world of filth but that is not my truth I make you happy only ("dem titses is for babies needed the milk"). Fuck 'em. If it's ever between you and me, I'll drop both down the hanky. Trust that no one cares specks (spiggs?) of spend. One more duly: I tell people that death is false now with life being just life ("there is only life, in it a fool"). Get it? A different sense after curtain, but you only live in that veil - or else nothing. A pack mouth. Life - I could make it myself with sticks, a wad of glue, and a rubberband (fat, short). I could make your life, anyway (with bits of improvement, it seems). You knew it was cheap. Have an end. "What? You want balls added on? Earthly pleasures are free to you if seen once again. Done arguing this? This hurts you more than it hurts me - and at no extra charge." Stop hidden fees once then and forever if. Have say.      

More Attitude 01/25/04 1816
Do better with the raunch we present here - a passing thought only. I have my whole life wasted to be better about things - you are there. Why do I write? Because I live in one room being oddly creative as rejected (or then your word describe) listening to music a hopeful one all. I'd say hell but it ain't that bad or good enough and then a tolerance reached and relief somewhat. Your words given to gift a hurt always. No gift of mine brought but I give (your bared ass to a pot of flames). Can you believe it? Mexico annexed: Florida, Alabama, Texas, Oregon, Washington too then I hear (excise or tax-heavy populations we're fooled). One day says south of the border all your ticket in, please. Technofeats abound you. "If you die...." I will kill you all and leave it to dump. Of course you die bite tooth....but maybe I'm no one. Probably not why would anyone bother it here? This? No. If it's like everything else, a firm thought diminished over time worth not. To wit: Just turn around one day and do it to you unexpectedly or have no thought. Happy's enough for me. God. Remember only that. I have you to done I ruin in it. "You do the wrong things." I do what I want and correct not a thought paid less. Pay me to care or pay to much amiss. Win-win both down the drain to meet ladies with odd cash amounts at the fifth prizes door exit then fight vicious tigers a bunch of them to keep your total winnings or get clued right in. Who is this who knows if to your own ass is you? "Why is you write this stuff?" For fun. I do things better than you and we wait for your ridiculousness use. I can answer any everything on-the-spot and just because you write it off doesn't mean I can't wander up by shat. We know your game ("Lazy T" a vertigo says it back shined as and all the while beat the cluck). I am left to become an absurd. I'm interesting though my life a series of little charms or just plain havin' it. Havin' it too so sweet. A bit heaven now you enter seemingly a gas odor. Fun facts: Sometimes I cut up food to hurt God. He squeals on queue - people think I whine like that. Never. Our game is to have an act followed by a send or response. Is it dumb? Dumb enough. Sometimes I pee in the toilet and God is the water I blend it with another part beyond levers 2000 then flush all to sanish. As in the skull sunburst and peeblind "I'm seeing spots on my red and then yellows....some nearly brown or burnt sienna. All urinalagous, sure." Must have piss in your head another bucket of hotsplash under and this time it's indoors. Ebbs to slowly you then, a wundrin' fool clips a cancer under bra on the left lung tops off the liverbrow too. Never be afraid to hurt forget help. Every truth met with lies my own bits of truth. Lying is easy enough, to convince of the lie, yet truth. "I had to fantasize just to survive." Or dry right up in rehab "Nancy Reagan Climmal" Ottawa. Back suppressors again coating the anal-v prosper? "Calls the truth." "No dying here. Foreigners wait on the side. Shoot them up. I died twice - and you? Betty Ford croaked helping people to better. She got better instead." Betty Ford wasn't real. That is his mother and she owned you twice by drying up Cherrios and Pampkin Layersmeld. "Have AIDS then - a pot of luck to you both." The AYDS? That wasn't real neither. You had the crems, fool. "Take die. Eat my soup." Go where people go or be that living on feelings and scrap metals in the tooth. "A ham with whiskers says don't bother me I'm letting off steam. Eat some then ask for it. Ask for it to be taken off the menu that is." Serves yourself and a ballmaid or two. "Die right off - be the very bucket of hope you called for twice and got aroused by. Sex lamers! They take a seat and stand right up to be counted for it - balls and all you heard."               

don't blame the tax man

To All Who Great Here 01/24/04 1710
Just got back from the 99¢ Only Stores - about all I could see for days (stocking up yet again on "weather"), and I wanted to remind you to stop in at Kozyndan Gallery for a yet good peek. This guy is greatness and I love the stuff I saw while sniffing around today. Simply Dean. Simply brilliant.

check it out first
What Makes A Fluorescent Color Shine 01/24/04 1245
Someone said to me "Moon - how do you make a fluorescent color?" The above article is repeating patterns of thinnest of red, yellow, and black - four hundred (400) pixels wide digitally shrunk to seventy five (75) pixels now wide (click on to enlarge). Digital color cannot be mixed together - it must be rationed or spread about - say, with beads that sort. A glass almost - feel it come and halfway dry in the pen or bottle. Fluorescent yellow would be green, yellow, and red in that pattern well-distributed. Purple? Sure - blue, red, green. Try that. And that is all I see. Blue you've seen? That is what we call purple a passion of. One for each diode or primary hue I see and that is all you need forth. More: People go "Oh, we learned that in art school - it is a 'mechanical' color." No - a "digital" or "offset" color as must alternate between two (2) or more colorwands in static pose. Mechanical requires a spinning to do or know. See that. Now then "You are a triumph." I know you feel about me now.

From Harry Potter To You 01/24/04 1038
I'm so happy - today I got a box of Popsicle brand Carnaval de Frutas (um, "carnival of fruit" - a carnival? as a meatlover pursues it home - no rules, no you to bear - just me!) milken ice treats on sale now two (2) for five dollars ($5.00) a steal yet (Pavilions West Hollywood - get a club card so a local can save big over LA prices - apply online). Exotic lime ("limon"), strawberry ("fresa"), and coconut ("coco") yet and in that order. I love the coconut one a pure delight of. By the way, a "strawberry" in Spanish-Mexican is a "fruct" (say "frookt" in Spanish). "Fresa" means simply "freshly made". "Limon" has a "d" on the end of it for sensitive phrasing (be "limond"). "Coco" is fine with me here, but could be "coca" another sensitive. They - Mexicans - hate strawberries, supposedly and barf over the thought. I'm not big on strawberries, either, unless naturally presented. The have alcohol in them to a large extent - a bad milk mix. A lid of Philadelphia brand cream cheese (I'm eating it plain now on a bagel) flavored with such made me sick to my stomach that way so gross! Usually, a spread pleases one.

From Poor To Poorer Yet 01/24/04 0928
What is the difference between being "rich" and being "wealthy"? Rich has all it sees to have. Wealthy made it happen that way. Rich never wants. Wealthy never has to give anything back to it. It takes off and does. Rich does to you not.

of course you didn't have this too as mine only yet

To Tell A Lie And Push Terri Down, Down 01/23/04 2204
To be proud, Doug Moon's "Show And Tell" is now back in action with new feature by kingmakers Mattel - master toymaker to the God-child. I was simply waiting for inspiration to strike me once to again. See this and weep usual (are we the same?) See Doug Moon's "Take-A-Tip" somewhat updated now too.

Fear The Loss Of Terri Nunn Not 01/23/04 1953
A quote "We don't really cherish the node of you." The way I get things, she "Terri" means. Alive and kicking in Madagascar (a tropical island over continent Africa) with fully mind and about being twenty-seven (27) in age but not white yet. "She is meaner than dick about people like you." Unfortunately, we understand each other in talk and in the says. Says less. "You are meaner than drop dick." Huilt (German linguist for "end you [to me]"). Robin says a real "novosay" - means always tells people and harshly "Not now." OK! Liz tells people "Will have you for dinner. You are that." Toni tells people "Eats my dinner and leaves me to clean up. A star, really." Dean says "not now" to also. Dean's wife Debbie says "All is up." That means "We are done here - let's leave." The whole court says you when I'm home.

Not Just A Clit After All
01/23/04 1736
Someone sent me picture of a woman's vadge with the skin peeled back and lo! and behold there is the head of a man's dick in there all bally and shiny within pisser. I thought just a little bead to play on. Color me absurd. That is more than I wanted to see up there having never had one myself. In mind, I've added all manner of part up to and including no-all, but have isolated the one problem I seek avoid to the mind, really. My boys could wear it all to no bother of. A wedding's tale.

just as cool as Santa Monica Boulevard is

Never Touch The Spike 01/23/04 1550
You know, I was appalled one day walking home on Santa Monica Boulevard - they touched Spike (a rousing after-hours bar with great music a la industrial kinda, playing pool, and collegiate-type guys - no leather no go straight to Silverlake yours - Spike is now again at 7746 Santa Monica Boulevard, West Hollywood) and for a remodel (inside lightly, surfacal) or then renovation (pillars) - neither for this transformation a store bought only (cleaning really, and the same remade). "The Parlour Club" 7702 indeed. No one needed to touch Spike I love Spike. Now I see it is re-open and not chasing people out on Fridays and Saturdays until 8 a.m. See that. I love late-night seedy bars to myself. Stinky links to related: Jersey Shore's Dragapalooza and then Visit West Hollywood. I don't know anyone anymore being God Incarnate the ever-present dit.mind and all. "Free youth to visit!"

Another Layer Of Deceit 01/23/04 1353
At long last - a good program for scrubbing filth out of cosmo (not rated or used consistently) text. I usually use MS Excel to bat and borth, but this ain't bad, Baby. We call it TextSOAP for Mac who are notorious for extras in and among.

we need people

I Never Seek To Avoid Unless In Shock Over You 01/23/04 1306
Bobby Trendy (real name Nicholas - I use the names that people know only here) I passed you last night in West Hollywood while walking and on the way home from a Philly cheesesteak. Never fear me. Say 'hello' next time. Your friend - they are cute.

no one has to live with this ever to you

In Order Of Vow A History Lesson In The Making 01/23/04 1302
From time to time I visit my old friend "Raven Mack" at Confederate Mack a highly illustrated website for fact (that is, it really speaks to people). My initial 'hello again' blossomed into a pop history quiz ("The Greatest History Exam Ever Taken" - a godbait) on their message board "The Board That Time Forgot" and you should capture the notes also to bear forth. All rule. In message: My mother furthers in mind "What is the significance of coin [say versus else]?" A coin is a government's way of saying "this has value now, no matter how badly beaten out of it". A partial even. A dollar is a coin as both are minted and one says over the other not. A partial even. This all ceases "intrinsic" (held within as such and therefore maybe not seen to be) or weighted value to in favor of "esoteric" (we agree this, sought as such). A seeming fraud, but not at all in exchange for. That's why they hadda fight over such. The best value to measure any substance, by the way, and in defeating and in support of intrinsic value? Concurrent (maximal) value or the ability to hold against other substance in-place. Weight down upon to then hold its place or and as an electrical current through this as such seen breeding filth - either way. Help out - be less [giving] always here. Don't let anything in, I'd say. "That is the most defining argument against God, I'd say. God loves the symbolic to be." No. God's loves flagrancy (having, holding, knowing yet above you) - keeping your place no matter what. The symbolic guide us to this, merely. The symbolic kill you with not having only and enough of it. What stops you from having to give is everything to me. Surround yourself with it. Treat other people to it. "Have that [in the face of stronger wills]."

Don't Think I Moved To Hurt Mama 01/23/04 1107
Don't get me wrong - I loved my grandmother - my father's mother Catherine - as much as anyone in our family loves (all "independent" types - wiley that way). She died to you doing what she loved doing (smoking, talking to others at coffee) at eighty-three (83) years old a few years back. Oh, I'd talk to her on the phone often my friend always and she lived without transportation (she never learned to drive and no buses came close enough) now then in a garden apartment (good enough for anyone in New Jersey, I'd say) since my grandfather Clement (now a young guy named Todd Turner) died earlier and the house she had in front of Collex moved out from under her (HUD - "Housing and Urban Development" - a youth class or bargaining to have youth around). Oh, the heart medications and swollen ankles for someone who smoked and smoked anyway but she did well enough up until then an "enlarged heart" said maybe less to her. Her stroke at the coffee table hers after years of refusing to let anyone cook for her (a scratch maven) left her calling to me from the great beyond another sense of having. Oh, I set her free from the darkness that holds us once there (again "Douglas - I'm scared") but as having to better - not as being a shut-in still ultimately going downhill and never the more dependent on others who came and went at will and to need. Have less of it now you sound bad eighty (80) is old enough to say to a plus. Today, she is in France enjoying the flowers at Tuilleri - a young blackened woman of France. White is for people who pay me better. She holds a grudge yet and is learning to live with others black no penalty unless of course to you. Sure, I let the other vipers - her sons and daughters - go through the motions with her body both waiting and pulling the plug and all and if only yet to avoid their says and having them here with me. Oh, it's a beautiful world yet! All they their kids could remember of a woman like her is that she didn't give her grandkids - so many of them yet - gifts at Christmas. Whaddaya mean? Once I got five dollars ($5.00)! Enough then and more of. She cooked like the devil for me, though, and often. We lived together once before here and I helped with that too to bargain for me I hadda save and all with three (3) jobs to boot. To you I offer tales of having made Jiffy cupcakes - chocolate - with shit in them to a ruse for my mother another mouth to feed. Oh. my mother retaliated by putting intimately small glass beads in your food and made you half bald. Apparently, you'll never get them out of your scalp now illegal to hold ("pohosphiril" - to have bald around, drink soda it heals it fast otherwise to suffer). So there. I remember growing up as my mother and grandmother didn't see each other for years on-end having fought over something we couldn't quite decipher. Once and again a memory of being helped to better by each (they remember, that is, of having fun with each other). Even I took note after following the mother's words said to a queue. If repeated to me I at once offer "Oh, you listen to the words of babes, to children speaking of their mother's tongue." To hands off I'd say. To doing better. To just doing it better.  

End This 01/23/04 0946
And all specifically to Neil's lover my father, too. You both. Only my father's son has to live like a nigger lives ever at the while condoning this filth. A human nature to be avoided here. I am surrounded by you. "You're going to do this to me? I'll have you taken down." My father's quote in the head still a mama's boy in favor of winningest attitude (at all cost). Mama died - I pulled the plug on her before you did I know other things about us too. My father thinks the U.S. Marines will routine me for him. Let's see that happen. To me all. You are old now - what sells best here?

Today's Quote 01/23/04 0940
"Don't beat the shit out of me I'm just not that smart about things." I am not a fool for revising my time. You tried here and that counts with me. If no challenge by me, then allowed to rest. I rest you never to it. Stay off. Stay home. Or have me here. Have me. "He is meaner than dick." I mean to suit you fully. To shut you down. To end this say. To say not. Every time it rears its ugly head I follow you into abyss (not having). I follow you home.

Extended Version 01/23/04 0913
Are you that magistrate (the one who decides things for us - Neil, you)? Are you doing it like I should (ever the care)? Look at yourself, finally. That was not made with care. That was made with not caring. Look at me. Did anyone care? Do I do better overall? Sure I do. Caring counts. I cared at very least. I cared. Did you? For all listening, a "burgar" is what we call people who got too aggressive with the note of others being. You lost the bridge in your nose, the teeth are gone, the face slight (without mark) and sallow (without color). Maybe a lazy eye from too many hits to be corrected with thought, sure. The belly hurts from diverticulitis (rerouting of the groin to the belly hurts so bad, pair with collitis or having same done in and of women) or then being punched in the abdomen into making pockets of food and much. God made you, sure - but be prettier on whole's average and less weighty to speak of it here. Little people are aggressive and suffer much to this. Be of a young - I have never been aged ever to my knowledge. I have been to it not. That of age is not graced by us. Be better in current term to say better to current's term. Our average. Do you beat me? Do you? I am nearly forty (40) years old living in paradise (maybe chilled to the bone, but paradise nonetheless - all movers and shakers on up reel this) and would leave it alone still on the downswing you and quite needy to it ("yeah, but they're going out with 'pride' so" - maybe that, but pride has never been worth much to it - just ask a rowdy black about pride's havings). Get a job! How conformist of me being this. Let's see how long I can avoid you at that is more like it. Everybody wants to put their mouth on this, but I leave sullen and you then shortly die to me. Write your name on a piece of paper for all to see and then publish it (put it out there) - we'll walk there alone and without care. I don't support any of you in this for life - nothing uglier to me than a struggle here. I torture thee. I ignore your lies in favor of your eyes here seeing it. I ignore thee outright to be. Jail this - kill it. Then you to win ring ring! Then to die. Other than that - you live as that, and in me. That is a win for me too. A big one. A big win.

Do You Hear What I Hear 01/22/04 2030
Never forget me my expired driver's license is still up for grabs at eBay. Can you believe that no one in the world bid yet on this great holy card to be blessed by me personally? It's been a few auctions now with no bids - a running joke unheard. I believe that eBay has their bids skimmed off with false reporting of higher bids and such in Schenectady, New York. I believe that and will fix your wagon personally for it programming detail. Neil says "It isn't even that serious - 'they' simply said 'no'." Aren't you dead yet? "They" who? Your martyr? Then I get "His father's honor is at stake." Oh, brother! He gets honor from a group oppression like this. That would be right to you, a loser only (check for teeth first, then a bad belly). Without undue focus to hinder opponent, you both would lose to it bad, huh. Lose then. Then further, "We don't listen to your rations." Right. I honor myself with them words to never having listened either - then to see all bought up and above anyway. Know your bullet to you. Know you. "No one wants it [your old license]." Never let one voice hear for a union of saint unfeeling. Never honor it so fallowe (without sounding right even or). I'd know I'd nip,  personally speaking again, good friend to good friend. (Note to contrarian: A country is one voice only as such - not individuals speaking).

only the two on left are real Mike And Ali Score we love Becky Thorson! only the singer is real Toni's sister see the dimensions to know in order of mention

Back Together Kinda On VH-1 01/22/04 1338
Please note: A Flock Of Seagulls (a perennial favorite here) will be reuniting (and also with the likes of others like Romeo Void sooner or later) on VH-1 Saturday, January 24 at 5 PST 4 Central Mountain. See that. These were filmed a while ago (to fights inward "Oh, so-and-so 'in the band' has cancer but can't sell you yet....") but I saw bits of Berlin and liked it enough but busy here. Favorite songs by them to steal and have a Terri Nunn? See "The Metro", "Masquerade", "Sex (I'm A...)" all from the first EP I have them all down. More and others.

this is god's form to you in Egyptian 

My Egyptian Notes Egroing Finally
01/22/04 1149
I took these notes down from mind over quite a long ago, but provide them now as written. See my egyptian notes as I write them to you. Addeds that do not belong: The "ank" (or your spelling "ankh") means "great wealth never expanding away, has for you". Egyptian, but ruined to sense. The pot pouring is not Egyptian, but Aquarian (Romans throughout Greece) and means "keeps talking to get from you - a sign of not having and needing for you to give". The lambda sign - a hawk in landing or "l" shape means "not what you expect to see, something new for you yet - regard with care though [a self has you here]". Can also be for gay, but not usually favored though. Not by me anyway. A warning to beware of frost in arms [for women seeking at least and at most]. They say "men of trades" but no. The illustration is of "The Staff of Rodu" (say "rodu" as "rodd"). Abraham used the staff to conjure spirits and nodes of feeling for people. It real today in custody of people elsewhere on Earth. The Tranicaans (Germans of lower descent) have it made of wood and frail. It works not. I am the mind that made it so to him - a friend a lover too. The fox suggests having more than you to know. See the rest here as such and said.

"We Felt Nothing Of It" 01/21/04 2123
Happy to Birthday, Levendusky - I heard ya now at forty-two (42) years. Singing for your mother again. See ya soon. P.S. Never speak of me leaving California or have to go yourself. Sours. My event calendar is to 'out' people in the familial sense only. For Neilsy - and where I might be personally appearing your God to.

Another To Mention To Back Home 01/20/04 1325
Oh, another return I saw on tv in a hostile little movie was Cary Elwes another cousin of ours who died in New Jersey in a car accident (Princeton Junction, 1982) before filming anything and was brought back here in California to act, kinda (favorite films of mine: "Lady Jane", "Bram Stoker's Dracula". His real name is Craig Moon, younger brother of the austere Danny Moon (aka John Denver - yup) of Boston's Beacon Street (together they are one as artistern "Claude Duschamp" then "Marcel Duchamp" a literary agent's suggest to Elton - theirs all - Elton John influenced again - we kids trashed alot of yours and my mother's art prompt left around - see that first). Welcome back we know you now. My friend Val(frid - an "entertainment" lawyer, male) always thinks he Cary is tops and I ask myself why? usually but OK!

Uh-Uh To Your Health (Um, The Black Version) 01/20/04 1134
That stuff is by the Army - um, "Blacks need to see theirselves in action." Well, there ya go with the Haley's M.O. and all. Anyway, someone sent me this site selling cigarettes called "" and they offer national brands at cut-throat prices like under a dollar fifty (<$1.50) a pack bought box (by carton). Not bad. Here in Los Angeles you'll pay almost five dollars (~5.00) for a single pack of Marlboro Lights my favorite brand. No, I don't smoke unless I'm properly outta my gourd, but every now and again I like culture of smoke (another yellowed tobacco saint in the making). To your health I see don't bother it. Best thing for the smoker-type in you concerned? Orange juice - a saline (more than salt water, it is heated and bonded and does not evaporate - it leaves somehow over years with Oxygen and heat playing around) breaks up tars (incomplete plant growth, life-collecting dark energies). Grapefruit juice too. Do it.

Just A Bit Of Ultimate Reality 01/20/04 1041
In my line of work, we talk of "ultimate reality" alot - you know, what God sees of us without colors (seeing for us - a thought) or heightening (making little go far). I asked mind over "What do I see when I look at people at full-force no bother? (And Christ objects here in mind for being "scary" to Him) they look like clams in a heat bed. All rising vapors and hot talk not seen ("hot talk" is heard, but not seen moving with it - a clam's mind in action). I'm sure you have that upstairs somehow like I do (um, "innate" or "not borrowed back, not taken with colors, no one told you what to see, you see it"). You know, you "see" the talk kind of, but nothing is moving. Enough of that. I told people based upon my own studies in mind that they look like E.T. to else - only what they needed to be to get a head around and all extended from necessary functions, kinda - you know - peeing and all and to smile it all away no thanks to yet. No it seems. Must be a human thing to see you that way. I tried for you asking the hard questions so astute ("seems to see what's necessary") sometimes.

Another "Nobody Knows Me" One For The Blacks 01/19/04 1836
Always citing ignorance as your mainstay, and as my mother would say here is "one for the blacks" (for trading Lincoln's birthday ever to be wrong as July 10, 1852 get that - the "other" white meet and also Jim Brown, by the way, a shot heard 'round by no one I know to speak of, a ruse - killed by a black we shot back a long story may follow we have it all ours). Fine, fine. A black, a one dimension - fine. Two tits and a purse again. Martin Luther? Not a bad person but the quote is his young and living soon enough. Did we kill him? No - he didn't live. A black is unwelcome to white in any nature as not theirs they have enough to bother with. You bother them bad. He bothered them. Your nature is Jewish - one of refusing to do and having no sense for it - you know, even if talked to, ignorant (seeing yours again - "not here" you say to borne of suffering being borne again you're suffering it). Be us. Do us first, then you. Then you. "Now you've won - I understand." No win here - no bother either. Be us. Once again, I hate passive restraint and stance. I kill it. You live that, you die as a nation. We hate it. See me. See you dying. See me again. See black here and ever fruitful. My final slap in the face an embrace, a fatherly embrace. You won that too. Have it to no matter. Have that. Advice: Honor nothing you know. Think to less of it. Be less of it. Have a day in it my way as heard and felt. Demand sex. MLK had sex with white women always as preferred to. He helped you to that. A gay too, but a black gay - mental with queenery and their women hating it untrained yet as providing usually to homefront not cared for (or mine "not careful"). My point? None. MLK? Famous for being dead only. Was dead already the very day you met him on tv (died of a headwound 1962 - fact, mother did it to him at home dead). A government activist only on tape and breeding it to me bad. No you. Soon enough. In tears yours for other reasons who told? No one. Know me. Not you - me. We undo you.

You Wish You Had Less Of My Clarity 01/19/04 1435
People ridicule me kinda when I talk to people like Michael Jackson here like they read, like they know. Do people kill more innocent creatures than you could care to know or then to simply again kill as the best option out for one who bothered in it? "People do."  First, a few beliefs (like you, my beliefs or tenets - another speak to false beliefs - are important - you know what I believe is to be known of the fact and what is truth? what is love? your very answer - have that to me in a small coffee shop somewhere the only God ever you-me in downtrodden, lacking a lustre you seem to vastly superior of self - a ruinous ruse of scenting I don't hurt you to care not hardly ever I admire my treasures only looking to know, no angels among us thanks work or die then both seeing is having I have none of it but see much waiting to know of me your answer please a gay). I watched the Michael Jackson thing on tv (I decide what is important to me - you seem to know, another canon waiting to tell) and loved the intimate and candor - the length done. I watched with sound off though and didn't really see much to note other than having it all again and curious painted of an off-looking Michael as white divinity swaddled and surrounded by faces of children they all could have been better executed (your word, an idea good leads to an execution, off - a delivery). The legs were miraculously beautiful though (a divine) and looking down I say "knock-kneed" but know what to think. A similar Target ad on Sunset Boulevard featured my body cleaned up and shorn by you, but I never seek to engage in a ridicule of posing self as other thanks again. My perfection seen of others and me is more of a loose and known. A comfort. Now, with the sound off, I have to ask mind over "What is it to me?" A friendly hi. Thanks. Will do better for you soon. I am here and bothered to be. Not much going on. More later and in my style too. Thanks. You have no one to know either we here.   

I Have A Peter Pans Thing Too Except I'm Seriously Singles Minded And Quite Hateful You Hear Of Wendy Flying 01/18/04 1804
Gay Peter Panses stirred up all of this trouble - it was God that fucked that boy simply in a private boudiay offshore. Me - I love the smart ones and their taunts, you get our love made evil by this deed everywhere. I'll surely do it again in most private afternote a mere scent to linger of (they called him "the Kernel" twice or more). Back to gay sense, Michael Jackson is beautiful 'for a black' again ("it's a labor shame she's so crimes fat - got a pretty face"). You are my poison to it again and again. Who spins more of the gold to him? I do. Good going to a mother you hate. It's the living that sees you down to it.....peterless.   

Never Do I Enter A Room Wishing I Was More Like You Bitter Fat Unwanted Nuisant Really Dumb Too Check The Facts Eat More Shit Eat My Shit 01/18/04 1639
Sure, I hear ya at my learning center - commenting, trying to be more like it says you are, basically a turd. Let's review for my concern. You are probably no one to speak to this. I was you, I have plenty of it, and see no need for further understand. I'm looking to a better thought already done thanks, considerate company, and finally, a thought to having less of you with (not here, not you) and more of what I like with no bother from. You, the voiced and refused to out back, have no place in this because you don't have the capacity to hold the conversation and I do not endure your remedial effort - you do this as poorly as you think to note of others but you are really that. No one wastes my time - I look it over cheaply lit. You are unhappy and bothersome as borne of common and rising each demand for - not a primary need of mine yet. Children of a lesser God, sure - a dry fuck for me. You have always been a bit selfish (beats needy every time), but I accept that in exchange for relieving myself every now and again of you and to from you at skunk. More luckless than a resident couple of siphon purity, even less appealing than a person picking and choosing over your sight, your mind offers a glimpse into havings I'd rather you had in giving's mere to sense. All you got was time to know better as shown rudely at each plause. A charity points you the way all find lovelight. That having crapped me out, I'm reminded to talk less, and seek little of it. You are beyond royal in your pride and sense holding (you were both - hardly ever - ask me to fuck your ass again but in front of people you value to me not), but I still try and see my way without having to incur your sullen to off-hand remark, your poor "sportsmanship" shared out or then to have a fervid lack of class at any rate sent (I had to be happy for your dumb every shit - "have that all to you", but this is important stuff - you die here but a pim pimple on all asses made at just that much, and mist). I never think about who I am. I know that part having chilled your bone within bones a challenge to no matter how ignoble ("having no bearing or fruit" - big wins every day maybe at you) so rises to greet each day failed by you hovering within. Just another bout of weather, a shitty disposition, I prayer light for the dying of dark, and the cruelish note that I might have gotten something wrong to you oft miss, that I might just fuck you over anyway. I might have a laugh with you at the helm of help's helping yourself you are my chaliced God in a way a true fuck-up to the mindless ruse of governing your own rickety wooden ass down into the darkest crevice of mother dung an egg arts to laying if once to winged that so to flies. A lemming to fool. Never arouse my puffed-up hate - I'm trying not to react while keeping my true nature (dog meets your dog skipping your intro velvet silents orr pliers each a snip to the balls) afoot. Who's fooling who? It's a sadness - you and all. You. Bonus story from the asswell's: All of these ghosts were coming in the room and they were gentle and beautiful I cried inside having to hurt these ever then I got over it firmly drugness and hurt 'em again for that feeling state. Trying to make me feel good. All cashes to that. Total value in cash and prizes prior to our systemics of ridicule: $0. Even more than you had to have a coin makes it in the ass yours move.              

Words Made Saleable Or To Sell Without Guide My Deal Yours Too 01/17/04 1541
Every day made just that different to you odd voices off: Some words people see then erroneously let us clarify a few then and now (all hearspeak, a Jew does this and good enough me you): "gavrolcine" - makes little people happy, little is no one to know; "gavrolscince" - smells pretty enough - stinks in bed, however; "memnrs" - (say "mem-nerrs") takes little of spoken, a retard to some; "gabrasinth" - wears colored clothing, eats small but lots of it today and yesterday, old; "moile" (say "moy-low") - takes readily, eats much, dead at fifty (50) years for this, "gavro" - makes little people happy and large people - no in-between here, a jerk to have around chooses no one ultimately; "gommel" - has no fear, eats shit, lives like a pig in stores of ill-repute, "canchis" - thinks the world was made to please their home, a fact pig, studies the home of head, really; "divenning" - helps about but makes no one happy, a fool of trades, a yardworker to some, a space unit to mothers everyhow; "cambrol" - eats flesh with vigor, a hapless fool for meat and meat way, a savage; "regiss" - eats happiness in others, a prague or homeless having alone lonely swords always; "cambrus" - takes and delivers all said, a compliment to some, a burden to most we say of; "gavrolsinthe" - makes the day theirs always, a god fool type person, a prayer dying of a god waiting. More teachery later. God to thank of a Jew this to and of this to you yet. Treats (none of these work in syntax or "the math of meaning" as having yours within, but well done to have-hearing I love beautiful sounds all some none here): "combalone" - means "no shorts on, bad legs"; "googanmur" - means "eats with mouth open, a ranch handler, a "styvol" or "eats with mouth open to be perfectly rude a fart done here to be excluded rudely as such"; "zerchil" - means "keeps money of no value to show, a paycheck lying"; "setch" means "eats over others, takes much for little, no one wants to eat with this because it is a fool to and with us" an order to "kill this please", really; "merkul" means "sees light where there are none, a hope person dying"; "melomie" means "a large woman having fits", a prague or "loose tongue having no show or benefit to them - a rout"; "zerchel" say "zer-kul" means "hates people sees no end to their madness of self here and heard"; "hiemmon" means "sings better than most but can't sing off note or without practice, a ruse, a melomie"; "radczynsky" means "eats apples to ward off spirits, dead now, a health nut finally found to be in mere possibly enjoying the better of it"; "ooling" means "dripping with love, false usually seen"; "klimm" means "eats your food, orders none"; "pearlrond" means "wears jewelry, has good choices nearly averted"; "egronn" means "helps people know complex, a jerk to us"; "harmonstince" means "does only for pay, a jerk to us"; "glaphur" means "wears other people's clothes [as slips into everything plus wears well], a jerk"; "diveuling" means "caps people off, ruins their fun, a harbor, keeps people funny and interesting to each other no stir". Nearly artless, now mine: "lastice" - always making cheap vows with and in front of others to show and feel off, to prove it to some; "brigamne" - sets people up for a q: and a: if only to have the right answer as before you do, its own winning-prize to lose to mere lackings of interest; "semplis" - does to others as long you borrow it, a group-type action made fleshen and thus ever nicer to see down out off once there and seen to be yours after scream off (mostly a military-bred ass will to shoot meet kindred here); "choendere" - always reducing the acts of others to token or coin merely, a flame for, you learn of it too backwards then for pennies on the dollar; "facelau" - tells people they are ugly enough, has truth to spread in it, an endless restatement at self but unheard, a seeming stairway to heaven; "jerrol" - takes up everything too soon, a key maker with plastics, turn lightly to choice once no fit of it seen, never by you, not for this now; "parletot" - speaks to be heard of as thus made speaking, talks to children as foreign may be to adult, never to be a question so practiced at hand your jury heard thinking you can knowing the time to strike at half past fool see me rise you; "e cranch" - issuing talk maybe at others perhaps mostly at this by computer without pause-refract, having all be yours only and too this, a hard read, a nervous stay, forever to yours; "magliss" - senses a "magical" nature of the pound self, has none to art it of, a coffin; "velgma vlorvealvis" - always drawing attention to the wrong detail, makes you know of nothing to select yourself, a fish tamer with sauces levering you back in; "soapnuts" - eats things that make you sick to your stomach hates proven off, ignores "homer" or insistent truth, knows why it has to hurt so bad until you offer me some will once ask. New and unused: "errols" - thinks they know you, may have once. Trust that.              

amusement park our day together

Our Day Together 01/15/04 1834
Sample Robin's greatness here on the fourth track of "Faye Wong" at Amazon. We call the song "Amusement Park" as rythmically perfect as anything Cocteau Twins have done, but the title "Yu Li Zhang" (theirs encrypted "Yu Le Zhang" - now wrong only but provided for key and search me) means "our day together [at play]" in Cantonese - a lower level noise to us the royalty of. Someone once said "Entertainment Ground" but I died inside with that and you. For your remembrance and royalty of. Mild update to hear you done: Faye Wong "Yu Le Zhang" (or "Amusement Park") MP3 (3.1 Megs) 

I'm Making A Krela Right Now 01/15/04 1818
Went to Trader Joe's and all for walnuts (a real buy - got me some goat-cheese pizza too - hadda sample a few slices in the store when buying - you know  - me so hungry) and now I'm making the nutroll or "krela" we talked about on Christmas Eve (see that). Toni wanted me to just slap-daddy the whole thing (no respects afoot, just mix all cold and ready no rising neither) and I did just that and then added a little more oil but too sticky I seemed people have been questioning the quantities used no they are are fine mine from memory and Godsuch. You're supposed to make this only at Christmas and Easter - you know, a God thing really. Two (2) cups of crushed nuts only does this well.

A Note For Lime Users 01/15/04 1816
You can listen to your ongoing downloads by highlighting them and pressing [Launch] to play over speakers but only what you have on hand. At three percent (3%) make sure you have the right stuff coming or dump it flat.

To Dance Is To Ridicule 01/15/04 1126
Was watching "Clash Of The Titans" again last night and delighted to something called an "edwin" at a local priestess wedding. An "edwin" entertains by dancing in front of women and/or God. Very funny in its ridicule of first and known. An "edward" dances for royalty and is not ours. Something even more vague to you yet. An "edward" strives to make people happy - an "edwin" does not. A "harlequin" (French for "harles kores" meaning "laughs at, not with" and further meaning "not to be happy with you") is an "edward", a royal's touch ("we don't want you being happy with us, we don't want you knowing us" a genteel). An edwin much funner then as hiding and gaping out. Harry Hamlin's father Gustav made this film and it was shelved when older brother Gilroy died in a car crash in 1980 (the film released in 1982 after "Making Love" was out). Hamlin substitutes in much of the film for him his brother who starred in it - mostly the latter parts shot in sequence. Maggie Smith plays Hera beautifully, but Juno comes to mind. Juno for "juna" (say "joon-ah" Ancient Roman for "no one here that you may know" - marks a spot for you to try for only - only a heretic or lesser person does) leaves us angry with plight. Always a woman seeking better than the gods may see. Trouble starts and although this film could've been better (see it first) it is us - hurt, lonesome, and angry with you for not being better about things with us. A wedding details this with a curse and a way out possibly if you are nice like us too. All boondocks, really. He (Hamlin and brother as Abraham) wasn't supposed to be there at all. Jealous types yet saving Him from peril. I loved the one nymph "Echo" who wouldn't give up her owl to Zeus or God made man of it. The mechanical owl was beautiful though as chirping and I really liked the gift of it also. Heart to heart: Harry Hamlin lived again as only one son there ever. The studio dates? I know what came first. I saw both. More: A "pimpernel" makes up stories and has you wait while he tells them. Never ask for one - they run hours long of nonesuch to be bothered with. A "pimperdel" arouses you and runs right home. The gingerbread man is famous for this. A "pimpermel" - as a pimper-anything arouses - tells a woman of who she is and runs off. Arouses her fate of such to be mad and mad at. A "pimpermel" uses clay in his bosom to shape nipples for her and arouse angers such. All French-sounding to arouse once again....and then run.    

rough trade is madonna mostly

Sounds Like Something A Black Would Sing 01/14/04 1551
Finally, and from November we have Cocteau Twins' Elizabeth Fraser singing "At Last I Am Free" MP3 (6.0 Megs) (a paean or song to homosexuality once sung by Chic on the "C'est Chic" LP) from Rough Trade's "Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before" now available. I take faggots who know and visit with us here aside and with Liz's picture on the computer screen say to them "That is [our friend] so-and-so - did you know that?" no they never do and draw blanks and my roommate gets mad they are all so stupid about our individual glories together they should simply die of it. Last night in my pre-frontal dreams Liz is dead in Paraguay waiting to be found on a floor and Neilsy is being buried today in crematorium to rise again in six (6) days. She'll be back sooner it seems. Other than that, a scrap-metal fight with Mike Coldplay in the heavy rain I was choking him for something his face looked a paper bag. My mother says "no happy apple" yet. Skating on the pond in back of soon enough (at Allentown Pond too - good stuff fireside at Green Acres and all - Bri?) And all in cryptsay.  

Ellen Comes Through 01/13/04 1435
Got my tickets for "Ellen" in late January. See the map.

Yahoo! Never A Mention 01/13/04 1216
Now I don't even appear at Yahoo! because someone gets to play around. That is your truth and another is that no one cares those sites compete with me not ever. I make no money, but if you start making money here's what happens. You have to drag every fat slag along lines with you. Save yourself as I'm busy enough with the problems at hand. A mere disagreement only to you I kill that and die trying. Now also "" fucking around too. Let's see. Update: Now we have our certificate of approval for gift cards by e-mail. Sending in today let's see.

still rude after all these years i remember it being issued only and liking it i wasn't there yes the finest cover of this ever

Rainbows Red And Green 01/12/04 1620
By request for further and forth, I offer The B-52's "She Brakes For Rainbows" MP3 (4.2 Megs) (from the "Nude On The Moon" compilation on Rhino - originally from the Warner Bros. "Bouncing Off The Satellites" LP 1986 and dedicated to the memory of guitarist Ricky Wilson now here with "I remember it but don't know why" Ricky also did the cover art as Kenny Scharf) and no more to you yet. Your father made Fenway (an amusement park, lite - kiddie rides, three of them from 1952-1971 about...carousel, roller coaster, ferris wheel - and originally only popcorn they say - the most perfect kiddie coaster at King's Dominion Frenchtown with stripes at Richmond, Virginia ever I saw watch that chain belt) in Menlo Park, New Jersey? Got it. Soon enough, Dear Reader, you too will realize having been left out and I proffer you The B-52's "53 Miles West Of Venus" MP3 (4.4 Megs) (from the "Wild Planet" LP on the Warner Bros. label - green with dog paws inside ostensibly "Quiche Lorraine") where you are soon to be. Sure, in the sky. Red.

Who's who the "Wild Planet" cover done (as clockwise from top): Keith Strickland (drummer), Kate Pierson (organist, vocals), Cindy Wilson (seated - bongoes, tambourine, vocals), Ricky Wilson (kneeling - guitars, really a guy named "Miles" here), Fred Schneider (sitting - toy piano, vocals). 

An excerpt written by early-drummer guitarist Keith Strickland and taken from "The B-52's Universe" (autographed? see page 163) about the song "She Brakes For Rainbows":
"I wrote the music and Ricky and I worked on the lyrics while Cindy did the vocal melody. Ricky and I were in Sante Fe and there was this woman selling tacos on a street vendor cart with an umbrella, tassels, and wind chimes. She was very 'kumbiyah' and hippy looking and she had a sticker on her cart that said 'I brake for rainbows.'" Moon adds as for Ricky: "The reality is that the bitch was sucking them [the tacos] down and licking her fingers making us sick to our stomachs with no teeth or hair on her head. A real life-giver type." Apparently, they didn't eat there that day. The expression in the song "she knows where the rain goes" - no order of faith - is from Cindy and Ricky's mother "Madge". It's a southern quip about dirty people no soap.

About the song "53 Miles West Of Venus" as written by keyboardist-philosopher (sees and thinks, but off on topic) Kate Pierson:
"That's a chant! I think we had a more elaborate song and just pared it down to that chant. We put 53 Miles West Of Venus together in the studio, which was rare for us." "Not so" says a harder-quoting Ricky. We stole this from a German tv show we were watching on ESPN - something that had its debut in 1976 on ABC (we saw it at Warners later). That theme is from "Ice Castles" rebuilt by them [the Germans]. Kinda kinky, really. A waburn [say "way-bird" in German-French  to mean a small scale chord-builder in guitar, for the beach, for the wind]." The song initiated by Russians (vladerns - fat men), really. Amen! to Tim with all my love purchased, of course (after hearing this he argued it Russian in nature - "we have everything first" he says). I honor the delivery only. And you?

Finally, we (Cindy, Ricky, and I) talked of the beautiful rainbow I saw in Glendale, California back when I was working at Warner Bros. on Brand Avenue. "Sure", I offered "it came right down on a [street-level] parking garage" - a pot o' gold if ever there was one. I went on to say "of course they are made by God's hand - they have green in them - there is no natural green color in nature. A blend. A secondary." Have that. Green in the sky, indeed. It would have to refract and that is nearly impossible in the sky. Why? Later on.

If I were going too offer one more song from The B-52's it would be "Loveland" from Mesopotamia (1982) "love power | is the power of the hour!"  Other than, the perfect logo on the "Wild Planet" cover is excessively hard to duplicate or get right for non-artists of buttons or tees. Lord knows I tried.

A Few Notes From "Clash Of The Titans" 01/10/04 1528
I like a few of the things seen in "Clash Of The Titans" let's talk brief. As real, mostly - a gift from nothing - Abraham would select rulers daily (luckily enough, your day of note but one of three to each of his - it gets boring watching waiting or "frenched" meaning "too full") in Heaven to maim or kill for being just that. Each figurine, once lovingly detailed by life among, selected from the wall mount with care to be reflected in the days notes on a gilded table and then perhaps a touch to the head (a pinch, really) would make it die of prompt. Your price for having been that to me. Of Abraham's tale - all of it - an undersea creature is known to us as a "charin" (a "loving female" in high dialects no meaning to you) or a "charont" (a male in guild). They shot people with blobs of hate and killed them at sea for trolling too much - coming and going. Huge, with claws, and would choke you to death with your own of sperm, usually - women included. Of crushing ships - you know - the impromptu (never asked for, but having to enduring - compare "extemporaneous" - always doing without being asked for - a happy mostly maybe). A man kills a woman and vice versa and that ends goodwill toward others promptly. We hate self-sacrifice usually, if you know what I mean. We love humble and asking of. Nothing more to me. Well done - still reading it. Maggie Smith? Laurence Olivier's daughter from early on. More later of.

Revisit Yours To Truth 01/10/04 2224
Never think yet that I would sit and listen to any complaint by you of. That will not be. I listen to you daily at end and care for your sight of it not now. You are not smart really and I had to do too much here for one of such's stature. I know, it's still a frightening reality yours, but I don't want to hear anything at all from your end you better just keep that shit covered down. I have one bitch barking at hind, dark that I will clip up soon enough no one gets out of having made here. One day - you. You then. We're gonna clip you up, Bitch. Every bitch taken at dog a clip. See it come. You'll see me all of stink and the germs.   

James Bondses Enough I'd Dispatch Unwanted Trying Using The Eiles-Mimneut "Cumco" Lighter - At Offer To Light, A Dirty Old Rubber Snaps Tyte To Fameur 01/10/04 2128
I swear if you make another James Bond movie I'll die of it (love the "Moonraker" theme music though as extraordinarily nice - "Pmoog" Charles D. sung by Shirley Bassey Leslie Uggams Alicia Bridges Nona Hendrix Barbara Trent, etc.) He fucks people to get it over with I understand the octopussies and all (a condom may to enter the race to - one suspects another to sterility and of to this parloured). Pussy Galore - no. ("Who ordered the pann-pussy with the seabay Crystal Lights? Is that in here again?" If to please I'd ask to aftertit heaven on one day - orrs priestblind. I love drifting on over to MTV though lots of beauties (yeah, you) and creepy bullshit corning wares all over the place. I love it all so skunk. The coolest ever you Cindy Wilson (The B-52's) on "Room Raiders" and young and beautiful again should scare you shitless. They mix her (a big star) out with Christine Aguilera or someone else who knows so you stay missing but I saw Ricky there standing at the doorway and my work is very done, thanks too, a Jew to bitch. You've done well both - live on! Ricky accuses me of fumbling you are mean and only on one cover the first one the others are geeks (you are a geek) but never met no-one's to talk about nothing they needed to know. Avoid pestilence - you are no one too in many ways ever but not that homed to ranch. I've seen and heard it all you are mean - I enjoyed you (they have these little Jewish town meetings at Warners with little people when you are finally famous to declare yourself "just one of the gang" how dumb - this one did everyone down I would too you need to fuck off finally that's how I did it take notes and to you - you are probably mostly losers, I am a greatness you may or may not know of never speak it if as unsure...other than that you may think to say something like "are you going to lose weight" and charm everyone I know of (Neil, thinking he can, to Stevie Nicks, another town meets - you gotta love him, you say "a God", I say "a Moon" - that is from Moons only, mere polyshepherds). Die. Then it's "Cribs" and poor bitch still not doing that well but I love seeing each Laura Ashley crossed with faulty pool lights a home reveals innermost truths - I love seeing firm choices made once inside from (never mean - curious). I cherish those girls going through Carson and his little brother's room with sperm detectors some people seek metals - they unearth sperm (a girl leaves once gift to gift a girl of - another mother's corpse under the eurolys sleigh bed gums sewn up "mour"). Oh, alright I'd have my own tooth whitener on the case seeking truth by gay has used you for me I'm very proud of it a gay valend. I myself never advance such cares to others washing all to my own, flushing all of most enervils at hart-prompt, and "using the same towel" at time. No luxury begs it yet I would never have it to me. Fucking genuises - thanks not. Did I get the show names mixed up? It's because it ain't that important to me or God. See me to worship then me. See me. Update: Wallace, Carson's brother featured in, wants to be known for his name. He does not search out "sperm" he says. Well, alright. More quote "The homes shown are mostly 'real', but we digress. Be entertained. We are not paid enough to do anything at all and do better with cooperations than you do." See it. This couples with tales I get in the head about people not making any money or not doing that well against perceptions - an Army buy. Show us your pride. What sails you. I tell you everything about me for other reasons - none of them good or deserving of you. A quote from me "You'll never mistake me for anyone else." I mean that too.

Move over I forgot: The Boy George shit is excellent that is new. We feel for him again so fresh-faced. Hi to Wilsons - yes we're real Menlo Park says it (guitars? oh - skating then). "Bothered by."                    

Using People To Get My Way 01/08/04 0952
Don't be dumb "using people to get my way" ain't new. But this is God territory - what it takes to do me down I would have fucked this and you down a hole years ago there ain't nothing glamorous about your tricks I'll pick up the tab and so will you promise at that. Everything goes with me too I never thought this significant or whole you've won it before. What else? Of course I'm counterthought all the way for each tip a lie off and back up your ass but what's important is knowing I'll never change. It helps to know what I mean at first. Never let me have it. To Jesus - yeah you. Then it was me. You know I'm gay plural vica scary. "Your mother thinks you're stupid." My mother is Masters And Johnson both and neither the Kinsey scale told ("see..hogs wanna fuck my ass" goes up me like this and that, a delroy does this). A woman's pursuit of reason ends with sex I already had poor bitch be helped. God gave no gift you life of my light hope to give every man hetero you let them do that without to you. A gay is yours left as just that. God is a gay. That's what you are - left as such too. I'd beat your ass. Quite frankly, I'm every hetero person but on top very serious. You are commanded there and I do what I can to avoid being that with you. All of this crap extended right by you for you that's where it came from. Weak? We have it all without bother and it's good. "Your mother fed you p_s_y." Your mind is all that I see and run from. Sighted out front: Another say, another pull off, down. I gave the world to demons and laughed. Truly mastered: Sex was given people to destroy their hearts for one another. We didn't make people to love, we made them to leave and be bothered for a while with. Sex is feeling is of note is not to do with others then cracks and piffle. We wanted better from fear and loathing gay is not anything but mine and done like that. A ruse. You are gay only if gay. A queer. One of God's queers gay angelses sure. This stuff is deadly hate back and toward it. Be loose of. "You couldn't keep anything." Everything I ever bothered with everyone wants and bad too (you'd hafta eat their shit, mostly - I score by revealing a tryst to you but of course you to fool). If I couldn't keep, I'm sure it mattered not at all. Have sex, have a relationship, end the madness. I did and like it all better. When two become one someone must die of.               

To Toni Our Friend Again 01/07/04 1420
"All that glitters is gold" solved. The saying is "All of that glitters is our gold." That means that whatever about us that people prize is ours to use against them in gains and havings. Subnote: I downloaded Wings "Jet" yesterday to signify Paul McCartney's final passing at Cedars-Sinai in LA yesterday morning. A brain disorder brought about by an earlier-in-the morning car accident. Have that. Hi to daughter Jeannette.

Flight 909 Swissair Fielded 01/06/04 2256
Was watching some video today on VH-1 (hi Michael - you are here now) and Toni Halliday was a blond buxtress driving a car finding surprised at two girls in the back seat ("Planet P"?) Now, the Swissair crash of 1979 is being showcased on a National Geographic presentation (her father "Albert" or then real name Tony for Anthony) died in that crash as I understand it). That plane hit another - a Russian reconaissance mover - over the Bay of Gibraltar in France earlier that day and then flew home to Stockholm first before moving on to England. That plane needed water to put out an internal fire but died later over what they call "London Times" a hostile water field in England north coming in. Pieces everywhere (the engines blew up). As I understand it and the pilot told me "We put that plane back in the air to die with us rather than to have you own Swiss [with sues over a fire]." An officer says this (to and of insurance who would not pay for the fire - they pay families only). "I took cyanide when the engines exploded one, two. Further, they could have gotten off in Italy who approved one more stop for checks for us [Madrid - Italy and Spain are one now, really then]. Fourteen (14) people managed to get off at Instanbul - "another stop we made" and then nineteen hundred (1,900) died (or so). Halliday's father said "I died at home in bed one night before the crash." And then the future ended by me. Sorry to Swissair - you are apparently great, but kinda asked for this (I'm sheepish). Upnote: Chris Lowe (Pet Shop Boys) lost his father Francis in this crash too from Madrid. The father thinks to this day that he died in the airport (fell to the floor - a heart attack) and had his body carried home undisturbed. Each of survivor (including Toni's sister Kendall aka Terri Nunn of Berlin thanks to VH-1 for shadings - now deceased of lemmings or having too much - with a separate policy afoot and endorsed to her) reports being paid about four million dollars ($4,000,000,000) cash in this debacle. They take out insurances on each other, apparently. Onward from Francis they think "If we're gonna die, we're gonna be paid [somehow]." Elton John's sister Marie died in this too - they were wed. Sounds like a whole Eurorail. 

My Monthly Open Newsletter To Neilsy 01/06/04 1728
Never forget Neilsy that your real last name would be "Moon" if you didn't change it so much. Your father was my grandfather Clement T.'s youngest brother Thomas. Accused of murder, he fled south and never returned they say unless Panone knows better. Oh, he took the name "Kappus" (your grandmother's maiden name - no aunt of mine) to get rid of Moon before that, but you know the name ain't that bad but it is that one spot under the eye says it - and your grandmother said that. Maybe more later (that is two sides berthed by now). We already have one "Greg" (your real first name is "Gregg") Moon though. You'll get through this. By the way, your visit in mind the other night.....mere words. By the way, never push away others so rudely to batch.

Scratching All The Way Back To 1946 01/06/04 1536
If a pleasure ever assailed thee, now there's one more thing to kill fuckers off - iTunes now offers literary freaks the Billboard 100 all the way back to 1946 swear thee. In the application itself, look under "Charts" you'll die of prompt. I've been asked to explain my remark by Toni hi: I'm of the opinion that this type thing helps people "fill in their holes" - kinda like eBay does (or perhaps a small snack if denied by your sex). But seriously, we are all about having what we were around to re-see and re-show a conversation piece lurks within and these old timers are soon gonna have nothing left to search for and with all of meals having been delivered to yet another of no such seen no soon after, why not just agree it's all over for now? I'm soon there you see. Why would bring have that back? For yet another half-swallowed meal? For another yet-to-be-made movie on cable tv? That is never the question. You are here only to enjoy those things and to ward off any possibly of qualitative live-eating each fork tasted and thanked to alone of. See that.  

its the centerfold I loved to you the art meaning

And Now Replacing Our Coldplay Feature With Art Of 01/06/04 1310
Thanks to LA Weekly once again for the beautiful indoor-outdoor centerfold poster of storing and keeping the cat's pledge (yes I translated all known to be - a harmony - have a bowl of milk). Hail Kozyndan an artforth (and thanks to Dean Garcia of Curve - you are this). The quality saw itself hung to wall in front of me suit. Coldplay still to be noted on top.

Kozyndan translated and by request you (banners left to right with descriptions within):

1) Mave: No one has what's yours. They have theirs. Theirs they keep. (A putdown for you - not me.)
2) Yellow: Every day is a new day. Every day is yours.
3) White-Red from top:  Yes to you [always here for - a welcome]. No bargains either [nothing to be reduced in say don't ask]. Maybe you see other [what do you see first?]
4) Green: Verbage from letter seen, mother sent - not indicated, pieces missing in characters intentionally. Your mother said "Go home to your babies from [what] gay made." Replied in 1982 "Stuff it."
5) Purple: "Keys growers" in Sanskrit (missing indentities - "the one who knew" no to bother trying) kinda or what was bothered with of it. You have keys one day and then you own all within. "A woman's stance in life." Agreed. Nothing can compensate them duly for the exchange of. Mine.
6) About Face: Weezer [a music act] lost nothing after eight (8) years - a pledge to you. Add in miscellane about funerals - nothing said, really. "How'd it go?"
7) White, Red Arrow: What about these here (as indicating in rear)? Graves for sale. "What about back here? We are still here [as untaken]. Your place in time [as to be "your final resting place, place of worship"].
A note: The cats pledge us simply, beautifully. Others who scratched their way up. A vine of sorts. No one gets free.  

Each Nighttime Sharkbag Seen Replete Now To Feature Individual Leggings In Fit-Fat To Long Tall, Immedium Big To Short, Yet-Young In Mistfits Minis And Too New A Songe Pimperdel 01/04/04 1240
Sharks helping me walk on water? Road socks into a find hind? Erasing the dead edges? Reserved erection? As most Christ slept. To Coldplay finally who vaginally inspired those beautiful twin hand-notes to Guthrie by way of tower and hide? Me Noodles did just that little seeking on me own atmospheric moises why have more? What could have-be meets softer said no not really a delivery thinks downward I heard less to more sure why not eat it be hat. You didn't have as much to say I do. Pay for no class act an enemy lurks around every corner as only what is real takes up space in your life and unminds with it too. Roll over I'm at once still there eating dots. Update for Mike and our love again (do I have you? I do): "Nature" - our guarantee of first noted or said usually - and sharks then, mean to say "not operated". Sharks are funeral takers of the world first. As for no training, you may to encounter a switch (a burdened off), however mean to us.       

You Are Bound By Not Needing And Then Not Having To Know 01/04/04 1734
That last tour a gift to issue-woman's interinactive havaginit if to be ours (a woman plus an empty spot made black equals nothing bitten by take that to my tooth, a full upper to bond both basil to brine snaps at bock brack). So many changes left to the likes of sacrifice and that said whatever we're saying moulds to over fats what's her same when said to loomsever left right behind ya a gangist yogurt ghoul fragging afoul of moibled feather. Like little people (the ones who amble the re-count at first error off to said) empower each at the other's level to abrupt your layered hearts no valend truth unlaces your love and to lessons not given to near-end monodondivate phon-learning if sensed having. We cross exits and make sure you took extras of all we sent along the way. Your worst enemy after you seen serving glynnis tea at the sides of what's legal, left open, not sighted to blame. Banned together you cited no flame no burn was too mighty you singled out each at ampro slices and served them singly to substantially noted a thought so fanned by many sought serving by same. I'm quite sure our purity seals kept you guessing amidst truth and truth threat. "Nothing added or new - even less than you thought of the taste what no natcho thalanx". We're guessing the letters spell an old person's name in a rear mirror passed twice to notice bit depth. What was this about? A shapped womman who insists upon bothering me with the very same niggers we rejected in all sadless of sense the last time your pitted stance was shoved back up your hair-wrangled ass one once hanta-tight. Eat black my olive shit ever to and then tits beyond the dairy death you were quoted at first heard (surety milk fats to your s-pubicq a mother plearth of pain and gas-nolb tears - see it to smell come). I am not here to greet bolbed beings who massaged an unplugged dick and balls one scent into bag-hair and makeup quasis of banner faith and roundless retort. Both legwax bastions of not able too redoings and phase-harming a tap-hurt until it e-weds another winding version of shown-self to see things pressed up at against the bare better of it but at first lost and with little to no remorgue. See ya at the social mention pas deux aggled, its le praich euv coils within sub-steriles of "only you" silks some habbardly can-died and no one new sad at thought to bring that to breed it either. We won't go citing our good works to people unless you can stand the way we review things to a favor and not note the needs of yours devoured by filching olved riddles of roncoed rust and a sad normal a rule of rigging a tad hand game we seem you to fool both be. Have one shoved up to blast at it. I'll be around to confirm your findings may fast at fade and just as soon as I give a shit about any of it you'll fail to note my passing also stay started out.       

Not As Long As Your Finest Day Is The One When You Just Showed Up At The Door And Walked Right Past As If Taking Note And All Too Much Without Asking At First 01/04/04 1605
From the "We know you can read (heaven forbids you prove us once more than a quick lapse of knowing permits breed us exit) but it sounds different coming from you your brand author. A past tense, an off-color remark, a sense of having it mine first. That is akin to writing checks - we all see and no one knows why. All the world of votes down do us successful a check mark again says it less to best. Oh, no thanks to bother it - I never buy pennybacks until the sale runs out - someone else always has it first and likes telling the story too how the west was actually taken asunder and then won without it a blank check. Always offering worlds hindered one suspects if by perspective to a horse's ass but above the road it seems to your need long before the choice elects of double-marked knows to get there and a plan for your sense of style by one note and but further beyond is issued on demand and then at count we re-style once certified by our own desires and at once seen to be known to you once. At that's the problem with most of himple-done blacks - always writing checks to the banker to see if the book is opening and awaiting their comment. To drowning in debt and asking for more noise to mail it off I write these then off and then on. "A flame of." Pushing a pimple back in all the way to cancel-zit tropicana never made it any nicer to have and hold your juice, your bones, and pulps in. With c-god as my litmus, "But who said black is beautiful?" Cancels down one voice one word one wonders one  wanders away. Surely but made and to be Gods or this senses so a skin looks to what's better of what's having whether off to be voting or to be seen just leaving from what wanders within away from black their insistence on playing Othello to white audiences everywhere you look who expect to see a black man made of purity's sake then to have hastened by white - not celebrated for over achievement mored of half-basking in field ("twice as left - more to have in the field". He wasn't black but then again Hamlet didn't murder his father either. He was being murdered by hand of by self trying his hand at being his own father once handled by someone or no one it seemed. To suggest that he had one once noted it traveled one dreamed. "Once Made: To genius and solving one savors to these and orders of flavors our behaviors to majors and if masters made minions and maids of itself we've most to this seen."

We Too Name The Top Ten Movies Of All Time
01/02/04 0919
Gross sales figures, no rents just fees in FDS's ("federalized dollars shared" - a common unit of monetary value used twice here and then never again I still need use it and say how and when to node later): "Love Story" - ($6.8, fds) Ryan O'Neal and Barbra Streisand starring in and around as Fred Segal's movie credit to be here and as much as any used). "Jaws" ($9.6Mn) - !, "Star Wars" ($8.2Mn) - !!!!!!!!! magical to me | a major winner unto all never to see again | thank you for that, "Airport 1975" ($6.2Mn), "The Way We Were" ($4.8Mn), "Crime Story" ($6.3Mn), "Parlamount Times" ($6.3Mn) - !! really "Grease" I loved it but not now | no more by you, "The Sting" ($6.3Mn), "The Sting: France Released" ($4.6Mn) this list is movies produced by American companies and this is one, "American Graffiti" ($3.9Mn). One extra out and toward because of "The Sting" frenched: "Raiders Of The Lost Ark" ($3.9Mn) - !!!! I suspected more viewings by me | a treasure, really | wood? no. well, maybe. Over and out. Notes: Never proclaim joy - just the facts. A movie I saw in the theatres in New Jersey and Pennsylvania (mostly) are numerous. A exclamation point signifies a movie ticket purchased and enjoyed by me - not tapes ever bought of these used and destroyed in the head by me too. The moviegoing experience ruled me. We use dollars in the accrual figures to say in millions "M" and an "n" to be of minor note to me a flaw - no figures fail us. Have say. Update: Number of tickets sold not at price. Sorry. Gross? Yours alone - but we tell you how much they took in. Minds affected by you see. How God felt it alone up and above. By reel - no shorts.

What up with "FDS" (no pun deciphered)? That is for the U.S. Army getting involved with a film they theirselves produced with margined cash (not ours - yours now through banker trust or that what cannot be opened without safekeeping for treasures directed by trust - a fakery basically, use your paycheck for non-government operations we tell a tale all-told i.e., no one has anything more to say, you tell a story few experienced - a homebound no savor, a problem to leave only, a divorce thanks). Dollars valued at cost, not owner. You didn't make a success here, you took one. Maybe fifth in a lining of darts of game. Have it. Ali McGraw? Patty Hearst and never heard from again. Barbra reigns with us in ours. See it. The last two nots not from Doug. I thought I made a Barbra mistake - maybe I did. Is she in it? Doesn't look like it. A mistake, merely. A quote from Patty [Barbra dropped from the film after viewing for insolence, bragging about herself, having a day, making me unhappy - she sued and won a new film - it was better we made alot of money] "Never see this. It was mine. Troubled. A harlot's tale."

More on Patty by Patty: While "kidnapped", the government said they would come in and all by "psychic" (Patty is special to the above, it seemed) if I went and turned on a lamp in the left bedroom and to be shot at myself [to kill raiders]. I said 'no' with indignation. I was shot in the head twice while on smack by a guard I screwed for assailing me and twice again (a .22 caliber did the job nicely enough - "silver lining tended to sorting the heroin nicely too") but I sat around for days afterward with head wounds eating potstickers with the utmost grease and living it. "These fuckers knew what to do to keep me going, they'd say." And then when she robbed a bank "It was my bank. I simply went in and took funds without so much of a mention of bullet - it was mine. Secured collaterals, though. They just had to explain the loss to people. Nothing new."

Patty said she was my wife once. I believe that. I like "her type of girl" - excessively mean and deciding of others. I believe it style and all. Always "taking the good"? I'm embarrassed for your thought only. Never think I advocate marriage - I don't advocate anything. I like it all one world. And I quote her again "You have to draw lines for people [who do not understand]. We hate people too much for them [to know about]."         

this album ridicules abraham I like it anyway

Bit Of A Repeat And Triumph Of The Will
01/01/04 1828
This record is still way too special to me I just sang it again out loud a bit choked up now you an "other" too The Other Two "Selfish" MP3 (3.8 Megs). Report to this: "Make money, not friends. Friends pay less." Be a friend, though. Be that. The Other Two are Gillian Gilbert and Stephen Morris of New Order (I just got stuck with that junky "Retro" from BMG I buy everything someone has breast cancer or something okay okay Molly Ringwald reflected in the disco ball you are healed by me only).

put it right here

Back To The Basics Of Budget
01/01/04 1421
Seems I owe the 99¢ Only Stores a bit of an apology previously citing their second of nature wares so ugly on my shelves and in my cabinets (a black label for tuna? no thanks). I had a great time today with alot of first-rate at just that cheap and much to note and recommend you may get around to their bevy of savings sometime I never shop there ever now it's gonna be a big yes to. A whole maglajar (gallon) of Gulden's fancy spicy brown mustard my eternal favorite for just ninety-nine cents ($0.99) - I don't get it. I ain't never seen Del Monte-quality grapefruit slices in a can - but both red and white varieties are here - and in quantity (old women get it all those in cares - not saleable here due to salmonella occurences or nature of in older women - we screw that over by buying it when seen "yeah, if we heat up the cans more it will cost us extra money then - why play to this a provide?" lemons would help you they kill it dead four (4) tablespoons fresh juice to that can of size). Four (4) quality cans at two (2) serves, two (2) of each - we'll see. A tube of Jimmy Dean pork sausage the "hot" variety or then "sage" and for breakfasts and all at that cost my mother puts it cooked and also ground up in stuffing for a bird. We love that I got two (2) of them "hot" as frozen. "Hey" says Jimmy, "that's for poor people." Whaddaya think I am - a family of four (4)? I'm like a Jew tossing steaks, if hear anything in the head about "families" (everything speaks to me as note from above - a savor), I make sure to take one (1) or two (2) extra. We shopped at the LaBrea Circus location just past Santa Monica heading south, but you are free to follow. After full breakfasts at the Yukon Mining Company (an old train station for running along Santa Monica Boulevard with a train's rail actually still buried right under the seatbar - pugilist half-owner Joe Frazier sitting right there next to us a booth away with white sister figure), the new Target took on a look by exemplaur (having no equal) and not yet open soon see management positions - yeah, all of them - now open just dial a number I don't provide that here it's at the corner on sign. Anyway, back to ninety-nine, full-on beach balls with the store logo awaits thee along with those new Clorox flushable wipes - "Ooo - a bit harsh on the hind." What about those Clorox pre-moistened floor wipes for quick and dirty jobs? Yup - and all at price. We packed up - my roomate paid it, of course. I'm sensitive of that.

Update: The Del Monte canned grapefruit lovely ever - lovely (but to touch of the weather after). Both red and white varieties. Get that. The grapefruit stuff usually seen in jars with marachino cherry prohibitively expensive but now such joy! And for Jimmy Dean - nice enough too.

Every Day A New Nuisant
01/01/04 1348
Quickly about "foundry" I know you're just reeling in faith my words so good to it (think of "Sgt. Pepper" again - my link to truth - a "Mean" Mr. Mustard used to hear things 'around town' just like me kinda, but he would type the information on a machine board in his camper prior to and if only to see it come with you so could receive together and have that all reduced - brilliant, no? Remember whose camper though.....parked in a McDonald's lot you out on the tripe (little asked for, but of seen often) of camper terrace asking others "So whaddaya think about Heaven? People taking it and just eating up - heavenly, no? Hello? Hiya?") If you're in a music act or aspiring to, realize that in 1977 there were about ten (10) albums released a month for "real" players. Today, you don't have to do anything (Pet Shop Boys #1 of this ever - taking all, having all and now Coldplay) and there are about five hundred (500) true releases a month to the United States alone both small and tall in reciprocal nature (we all see, we all know). Actual figure of mine? Four hundred eighty six (486) on average per month and to us these days. That hurts us bad. However, you enter the world as you play, you carve your own deal ever and you may see all. Have that. Otherwise, simple - but a producer's act. So what? You get to stay and play. So what? It is glory. And I quote once again "You can't live on glamour." Me myself? Artistic and of building out a home studio kinda (was thinking about making a plywood vocal chamber as built to meet me and my standards usually), but never to the point of being a starving artist type yet here kinda anyway. Everything sounds so much better on tape - right? A new star breeded it and touching all too (you play to MIDI on digital piano and the computer tied to has all of these wondrous notes on screen - who knew I was so good at writing but now composing? You're all turning in a typesheet from Elton John's "Funeral For A Friend" to others of note and most looking like the master copyist translated it to the screen). Otherwise and in mind, many great laughs to be had and feelings made from Philly promoters and early stags from the 70's. You are fun and very mean to people my way (um, see-hear tempest Randy Alexander to Led Zeppelin in 1974 at Spectrum "Um, can you come back in a year or so said? That's you on tape, right? We needed better from them those on tape. We have lots of money for you and from good people here. Can you arrange that better for us?" Good stuff to you! Randy Alexander - a huge promoter back east and of Nestle people - is known to you on tv's E! as Michael Musto - have that).

A Link To The Very Past Maybe You Living There December 2003
Oh, we hear you a variety of insults and making new plans but rest assured I cancel down everything I hate while maintaining what is simply best for us - me and then me again, that is - the one left here and the one above it all never left to live this it keeps me sane I'm definitely crazy about you all love Doug.