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Probably One Of My Last Posts On Subject For 2003 Or Sherlock Done Down French 12/31/03 1020
As you may well know, I live with someone who is mental with what we call "adverse challenge" (not seeing it for benefit as direct, but off on the side of issue to play and pander or complain further). That is, they seek to put other people away with filths of head (having to be bothered by) rather than be seated with them at mutual table of discuss and pleasure with (know this disorder twice by me? not ever). Simply made to you, this person lives to be right against all but will cease endeavor upon being an objectively challenged such as say a bother of IQ testing to solve the deed once and forever with but you say and see else with (no acost or loss in reals, actually). This latest foib led us to Apple Computer once again and their "Sherlock" feature made for but that easy translation of one language to another and at a snap, mind you (a real do-down for it). The site's "Translation" mode glories the mind that thinks only of the French-case "la bouche" (say "la-boose" in and of French-case) to mean the "Georgianne-Englishe" ("American", of) "mouth". In French-speak we have say 'no'. That is "targle" (speak "tar-lay" as for a "mouth with teeth", feminine clause [no bite]), we say "orble" (speak "orr-lull" for "speaks and says cleanly", a hypermouth no closure, with the no bite of feminine clause still), we say "hormle" (speak "homm-ull" for "open with teeth gnashing" a masculine and with that at bite). These are correct translation to "mouth [of]" in French. "La bouche" or "the flame [of you]" thrown first, is your face mostly but by too near of "peccadire" (said "peccah-deer", add another "e" on the end of spell and perhaps pronounce to cite a woman's viscount or manner at) the true of it "a face". The near-term (never said, really, in language or read) "la bouche" speaks to your wicked tongue, to your halt of manner, to your ease of eat. To your parts thrown out to first by you in sorrow and harm to do me up your way. A flame to burn us back. A "bouche" then is simply a "harsh way" and maybe counts to have your face known by it. "Oh, Terry wins again." My meal here so small and I, in it. Remember the thought and what it may mean to be me; always here, always near to you. A fault of.

you hear yourselves clap

Moses On Tight 12/31/03 1216
Hi Michael "Fear Me" I see Coldplay have another good cut out called "Moses" now playing at the MTV Studios ("Coldplay Live 2003" CD-DVD). I listened up and liked it enough (good guitar, Robin "all down fret"). The story of to a young man? No. Of a woman and a man done down each time he rises to suit her. No man rises in faith to see me ever - only ever to see that and I help it kill and then see it killed. A fool's way. A Jew. No one comes into this world to please women. They come here to please me and never that. Never. Please me again or see "Moses" (the type of music, I mean of here) done right down the dez. Right down the dez (the dairy-aire). I like the music - keep the words soft and stroked. We play here - not to petition, but to reveal. Reveal more of you and less of that feeling (as all of you - we play to this). I am you. We are one. You are one with me. Sing that. Keep notions of light and smooth to a denial of. Why to bother it? It is for us always and to only. Good enough that. I love to you all, but some not of. Michael (the vocalist on tape) replies: "My mother and I have been through enormous hardships together. You know of her too [as a teacher to you in elementary school, 2nd grade] - thanks, she loves you too. Breaking away, I know we are friends, but Moses was the last person that showed up and had something to say of women. You put them down, but I feel your heart. You won't live for them - I either - but I make room for their needs. See that too. All of these words so showy - I hate you for it. Beg off too." My reply then: I deferred here to make something to say from the above - I am stock of feelings for you and others and that is simply flaw for world wise and our very difference it to I. We take of daily and rude. I keep feeling sense all in check of with a bit of hint expressed, but what I treasure most of you is a talent to make me happy without words and a kind of heart that elevates all to a place where I keep giving of myself to see more of yours given back to it. See your mother then. See me too. Thanks to both? I die to you again. And I quote Christ to John D. Rockefeller "We are not proud of ourselves. We are proud of each other." Still. Now, turn the key and be normal of it. All of that plume and I say. Straggled: "When my mother is here, you are nobody." I feel sorry for a man in weakened state that turns around after all of mine spent and all of mine borrowed to thank the one thing that never moved out from underneath from. A beggard (one who asks of it and never has takes for self) does this. Your mother should have been more like to my mother a prudent - not too helpful always in bargaining a glory or left to die, but unusually able of self and not burdening to me a sense gift held in sincerest appreciation, not mask sex. My worst fear is being the bother and now the burden of you to it. Be a man, finally, take die, and bury that one day with. The world gave you both a better out to do of. The world gave of both to you. Now, stuff it prompt and bury it in with me too. "The world cared of it."

Note of: Oh, yes and like a Sheryl Crow live, I accused Coldplay of "having no foundry (nothing new)" or reason to see you live (you're no Boy George after all, Philly 1985) even though your music both is wildly successful with me. I stand corrected here and maybe on both. Your playing and set are pretty exciting at the Hollywood Bowl - so there. Live - not my biggest thing. Has to be an event structure kinda. Perhaps an act like Marilyn Hanson - Hole.

Never A Leaving For You To Say 12/31/03 0839
I made a lovely "scowlendar" (calendar - here already? nah!) for the Moon site I need helping keeping it all out front you need peek too. I miss much of it some days often else. My work is unusually perfect you need note that also. A quality to in breed.

It Only Seemed Like Worlds Away 12/30/03 2011
I just watched Madonna's "Papa Don't Preach" video promo on VH-1 (from "True Blue" again with all respects and never taken out of context) and a flood of memories came rushing in - this after seeing Erasure's Vince Clarke and gayest-ever Andy Bell faked for all need. I remember sitting there in my grandmother's house in Hamilton Square, New Jersey (little, white, and right in front of Collex Auto Body on Kuser Road full-on trucks razing by I slept in the corner-front bedroom as each one noted it) and sitting there watching that jewel on entry MTV thinking "worlds away". After all, no one I care to note of goes to New Jersey or so you may to think (we celebrights never honor bad people - we love to you though and "how did you do that?") The video was actually shot with Madonna's real father (you know him as actor Danny Aiello with army by tattoo) in tow and also Bernie Taupin's son Gregor as the boy she loves pregnant. Great stuff, but I get reads in the mind if cautions about "how tawdry" from Elton John himself involved with it and now as deceased (1983) and of the song having been demo'd in 1981 and then re-recorded later in 1985 (video then 1986). I laugh. I loved the video then as striking for and of her and the house used in filming indoors-outdoors and as it turns out and funnily enough was on Stuyvesant Avenue in West Trenton - a harlem of placant (not to be used yet) Italians (and friends, friends everywhere just like Dionne friends of friends can be lovers that's what friends are for everywhere friends heh heh now a bit nervous). In fact, my father owned house number 1705 for ten (10) or so years and actually lived there with my things about a bedroom held. See it. I told mind and Madonna that man (her father) looked like "is that a trick woman in a wig?" so bad but I was wrong to say that. Now off. My site here - a virtual Pandora's box of entry gains and inclement (not having this here - stormy to chase away) weather for. Inclement - that's it. 

yin yang yin

The Deepest Darkest Secrets Of Yin Versus Yang 12/30/03 1807
Yin and yang - really small and dark (say "yeen" and "huh-wong") make for the day. Yin was small and dark always creeping up on yang made to be me I guess as God and unknown (yes, both dark as white and off-white, you made one black). Yin the small always appeared after a while being spinning around yang and making bigger each node until both same of and then yang disappearing to most small but as needed all together in one. A beautiful story of conquest we killed what made this model first named "Hovel" a Chinaman and then his family too so compulsive the need to explain and do down (oops - me?) I love a tale of two (2) marmed spheres one (1) black (dark - the unknown of, a lacking to) one (1) white (light - a knowledge of, this but harmed) rolling around each other effortlessly seeming two halves of one as in nature's insect always loving always having as off and on heavenly attracted to one of other each as inexplicably over countrysides of realm and finally no, not ever for you. Never that. I am the one True God so says it. You, less of that always the one seem to disppearing regardless of color and hue. Ever that of. A family shown to be. Prompt as? Mactopia again. Note: I visited The Bodhi Tree bookstore-parafaft on Melrose Avenue today a walk to of then two (2) hospitaled cups of peppermint tea by Celestial Seasonings (pee-less - I ask of witness J.) of course and with a bit of sanguine noted I love that place by suggest of me earlier seeing having great mousepads with Hindi themes and thus Egypt I bare thee to be. My brand of tarot deck (as now also in storage sold)? The Rider Tarot of. New. Never used. Always a glamour "The World", "The Lovers" - a "Death" card dealt crisways (but without guilt). I only ever employ to read the major "carnats" (field of layers) - they seem of sense to real power a gay man. The "I Chi" simply: No one is ever me, ever, and neither the two shall meet. In Chinese "chia teu" (say "shoy-tay" for "over me" in Mandarin Chinese). That means "only a surface view". A clarity: Yang is smaller and thus described as "darkly lit" - even less knowable to then being small of. A gift to you, mostly.

not wanted as yet

Another Word Used 12/30/03 1656
Today's word is "harlot" I hear. I eschew all names for sex people (how egracious), but hear anew yet. A "harlot", like you say of me, is famous for showing you all the pieces in full detail, but not of how they fit. The name is French for "partially broken, and being afoul of [or hateful about things]". Mama wasn't gay or nasty, she was a "harlot", a happy housemaker too - just chock full of badder ideas. A harlot is blamed for leaving the individual pieces about after having you rejected promptly for lacking her sense of style. So there. Have that too.

12/30/03 1537
I can't work as this being here you suckasses, but I try and I may. No one is gonna accept that with being half-Jewish to getting harmed by it. I would bother it no brett (a destiny rules this, not you), but you are not my purities afoot are you? Cherish to an open mind, then close. Smart people know - one "off" word and I pray to you but that is on every day we know of together.

A Tale Of Two Banks And Know Your Price Of Never A Beg Maybe To Undo 12/30/03 1456
The end of the year is traditionally a time of looking back, but never mind that - we have something to hear about, a Christ. In preface, my father prides himself strangely enough on not getting embarrassed, my maiden mother the end-opposite side of the spectrum - she cares deeply how you see it. I think to failing others only and being more to a burden in thanks to you - pulling that part of the rope circled leading us to more of inward and taking too much of more viewed and being one of what to I call one of "god's children" - always requiring more than enough of your share of understanding from others. Pause here. With that, I write checks on an account in New Jersey mine (Yardville National Bank "YNB" Account #754-544-5) and ask my father (who has robbed me of such in the past routinely) to humbly to fill the bill before arrives at such. Bank of America - my bank here in California - loves an occasional errant bank note from me at five dollars ($5.00) per and gives one hundred dollars cash at most on the dit for any such deposit at ATM. We love this together. Got it? The good and all? I never stiff people, but I ask my dad who has sufficient money in the bank (God tells me how much maybe you later getting old hating wanting all here, near, dear, - I only to fear) as quite retired (never say "fixed income", say "fixed of income" or to "vampyre"- a vanity done in flames, a rowdy and of such begging, a near-corpse and hondvilles the near-living as such and just as unpredictable). My account at YNB is a result of his latent "friendship" with an older lady - you know - an army-type who sees things his way when I err on the side of dime or say too little about too much his way. A jerk, rounded off by cents. A bank manager and all of my checks at once received in and of account (checked-in under the auspices of a "personal guarantee" from the man but as uncited to me, maybe monthly you stopped in and cleaned them up - retards have this a fee is waiting) but after sainted and said (oh, you've been used for nothing I can see so callously again "all is your money being used, not of mine laboured for this here" - big brown's talk of) all now to Shakespeare and "come come" to your senses but of mine crashing back here like jerks on wheel. I told the man (by e-mail "oldtmrmarines@aol.com" if writing in to correspond you, call him "Chuck" or "Tinsey" as in "tiny" but by slur a country folk compare name "Midge" also in 'the family' firm and hear a murderous mama's boy always in there too deep "Oh, Mama! Where are you, Mama?!?" they'll kill you over it looking for her to be pleased not ever it's a mad, mad, mad, mad world just like that and I don't have long distance of my own yet thanks to not but we burden the point isn't having to ask, having to know of that mite ignorance but all around bad enough for a man like me who is wildly successful over most of you, almost forty (40), and verging on deification? Is that you doing the likes of this? Not, but answer to this lowly enough somehow you're here eating it anyway and a Jew sees it. I can't believe from where in humbled I come from and then having to speak of this and with whom.) pleading by e-mail ever only "You have one hundred seventy-eight dollars ($178.00) in negatives there in that account, why not fill 'er up I'll write more of these please in need?" No answer to partially done but in your sweets time what no bother here. That is two (2) checks modest ($100.00, $50.00 - their $28.00 fee for having) you throw in the rest I do more but no more ever than four hundred (400) smacks total - see that for large enuff in Moondom (oh, your wife is dying of taint-fruit again? right in here?) If last year someone said the man gave me one thousand dollars ($1,000.00) I'd cry of foul for it my mother and instantly so lavish of her but. Anyway, YNB were forced to choke on one thrown right back up their asses I see from Bank Of America Federal-level for accepting it but once have you, but they shoulda eaten every one of the ones they accepted by me "the maker" for him or flat to reject and back to me I grovel. Instead, much left to the smell of success and then, and only just then, all hacked by chronic smokers to back here by jerks and but only one NSF fee paid by me - thirty two dollars ($32.00) on the mit - but there shoulda been none I'm immaculate about books and see-hear you there Tommy fucking around the damages they could've done me together! I'd hafta leave four (4) of you down at night snuggle up, little pigs at shrink. Now, any of my father's contribution but late always and unresponded at one hundred sixty dollars ($160.00) supposedly left to fees and then more (I owe a few more to the army accounts I see about sixty some) and the account closed I called in there (someone deciding "no - we won't re-open the account" - I decide things too, Bitch one of them is no more to you no matter how ChekSystems says it back up to your ass in New Jersey, then of course, back to more of me and who I am getting things done to you and father at home). Your notice - I get mail at my mother's to keep foundry (a sense of having here) about - not truth. The truth gets me your truth and I beg off from that. I don't want you here nor to your truth. You wise the fuck up to other esthers (flagues or harms) I attack thee only more of a good thing see it then hear about it too. It ain't over this yet a read. Ask: To clear me down. Next: Part II at B of A and problems at home you fags in San Francisco need to eat me for this.

Part II: In Your Ass - If There Is No Mexico You'll Need Be Figuring It All Simply With Dirty Doug 12/31/03 0723
Let's face it - banks today are full of people I can't stand - low wages, no culprit ever all schiavones ("no blame me" I'll fuck your ass later roadside off on it somewhere livin' was free enough see these rates to do viscounts for queer), and then no fees for hassle checking we barter on account. I love Bank of America personally (about as real as your immune system - all in place, all in its place barely a form each for functions cited as then such) like I love Capital One - their service fees are best stated to exorbitant (needing claim), but their traunt (needing more claim of, perhaps a search warrant) quality in and of this service quells me to it (not here though). At each month, banks, riding right over the grim pasture just too slightly above over a grass like hording of dung beetles on a hot shine balloon each thinking the others mind the company of its intrusion not nor at if a loss is just suffered to need (sure - okay, have it then). So greedy each biting at bag (climping at "fashion" Barbie's eyelid won't help it end sifting layers each new a hope) trying vainly to stop over each parlamount of tempt then out over an abeyant (not here for you - missed) ocean a seventh sea recollection. At least you can taste the lathered string going down in it salt-cured by tate (leaving home). When I took all of my money out of my account at B of A (Account #00999-60407 opened in 1995) it was because I suspected further intrusion on behalf of the above and what says it nicer than leaving cash not to you? About twenty-eight dollars fifty-two cents ($28.52) after all heard I left in it with no further biff-bells to me. An unforgiving recurring monthly charge of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) by the Franchise Tax Board, California (a state pimping) for sumptuous reviews of form dates 1997 and 1998 left me making payments each month or suspect of the loss I've already made to be suffered and somehow they've noted of upwards of three (3) payments done in a row now. Let's fest your audits too - bill me again to be with me also then (my troubles stem from annuities taken and Federal or State differences in reporting - period - a sham to make buck - the interest charged of for this isn't worth the doing of it right - sell all to be). Subtract out that mismembered (I forget about it to seem better done at you) and exactly two dollars sixty-three cents ($2.63) finally to pay for those Columbia House DVD's and you have, buy my calculations, only eighty-nine cents ($0.89) to bargain your play. Forgetting I had that tax bill in there, I charged two dollars twelve cents ($2.12) more on bank approval at the supermarket. I had only sixty bucks ($60.00) on me in cash and had to split my order to ATM for the excess charged and now your bells go off over exactly one dollar twenty-three cents ($1.23) and I get raped again for thirty-two dollars ($32.00) for that insignificant breach or cordor (maybe yours used against me). These banks have been told time and time again that allowing me to charge over limit or the balance kept at sight is your compu-error never seen at credit levels or ever in your favor, ever (usually at breach or reject - a woman's credit-style of "no bargains ever for this" - I'd just kick back a few slimline powder packs of lim-neutro Flayvor-Aeg to cashier and have my overall grocery bill reduced not embarrassed for you at all sometimes I opt to leave off a luxury perishable for this unhaving-type meant for me you bus tables for me still but at home). You call up the bank twice now over this approval scheme and some eco-literal tells me how he can't help me change this and now two (2) levels up-down-over refuse me warrant - another pig from below-abroad and only then I'm God cursing at it and out-loud over wires we seem to hear both at once. "Oh, see the approval drops [in two days aftersaid - sure jerk] and then you slip your dick in before we charge your account. That is an encumbrance (a laying of funds outward) very legally done to proper, and finally no, not ever, fuck you. Was there a mother credit of that charge to fool? No and you then cease of to educate me and never of your fool. Your mother is still knocking on the glass at our electric meter (a "portel" she says) trying to get us to save "mesas" of water and gas we forcibly flushed by sanit down over your candle-lit copper tins and well under your cesar chips well under months ago. Aldico corn only grows north and south with leaves around for the worms but I'll be damned if don't have a fresh pump on the left and cobbs of yellow gilding but firmly neutered on the right. Of all the husks we will burn! Now to see it all come off, down, out profit-wise. You sheep! Your reward tumbles out after a treacherous month of holding that a peach cobbler within a hope of having to see so nold even the pit way out front of baskets lifted already urinated and then turned black with having it still be there. No win have someone blow cheese powder in your face for feel and then having it again. You're there now, I'll come home with. Momma so loves you too. After shit, a merit deposit of two dollars ($2.00) sees my end done while I whittle the rest off. I've eaten at your behest before, Senor. Have it with me. The end. Jews have you so wired at balls coiled you have to peel paperclips off of your sturgeon nipples each time the doorbell rings.                     

no john carpenter film failed me ever

A Piece of The Rock Costs Ya 12/30/03 1204
Oh, sure - I asked God to bring me the "true cross" a piece and I'm told that it is here in-part and as two (2) rovlo (bent wick) chairs from Crate & Barrel about fourteen (14) pieces around. Sure that's it. Like the table between, they are not mine. Supposedly this table signed the first treaty of Versailles in 1856 (states "no one has the right to hurt me as God or death to you and then yours" - signed by Louis XI, initiated by Louis IIX or VIII he died and then others died). Try your luck, spin that wheel to bitch. Of us, all marbles, havings, and then lightshine. I told Jamie Lee last night (only to real as embarrassed mostly) we are best decribed as though made of lots of tiny magnets (even the drips) with shearings of limbs (her intelliquery) brought about by force on subject or at pressure so small each piece to of. Not entirely true, but mostly of this. The "Prince Of Darkness" by your father of you? My mother and I seriously liked that one with Alice Cooper the homeless and all we saw it at Universal Studios way back when. Apparently, Christ (me, only a ghost of) left his right (r) hand to people back in 1936 now the University of Cincinnati has it or something and then you wrote on it hoping it would grow into a green-lighted vial no just me here liquigreen but with envies kinda. Why magnets? All substance must connect as substance only ever in zone. Light extends as spikes hits plates of dark tenderly as all that is allowed near. The contact of two is broken by pre-plan or smallest together part and then pulsing off with radial hits (electrons around and around). Your focus is awful just seen. A push near means a spike pushed in and sent back out larger, meaner and that in-turn sends most out. A trick of the unseen. A "c" curve only and backing away of at pulse. Who knows? I know. You think you know. The test? Underwater. Nothing electrical works this underwater.

A Private Note To Jamie Lee 12/30/03 1138
Of your latest triumph, I'm dying inside you had Mr. Novak 5th grade too. Got that all still compiling top-rated. Psst: Renee Richards taught me math - one of the special ones yes. A name chosen by always the sweeter of.

bubble done 

A Little Bidge Will Do You Brain Expanding Morphisms
12/30/03 1115
Poppers - that little brown vial of delight wrapped yellow most noticeably you wish me to speak on here goes VCR and head cleaner: "Poppers" or "amyl nitrate" are really "amyl oxidate" (at strength) or mostly "amyl hydrate" for being mostly ethyl alcohol and water. Poppers in and of theirselves are not dangerous, but alcohol introduced into the bloodstream introvaguously (through the stomach wall - all vapors are this, but very fast there by linings) gets to the brain and starts releasing its growing potential. A hard head (too much pack) may result (a temporary blinding may to ensues with growth pressures), but eventually I release to you. A livened nervous system (heartbeat, raging forth) never killed anyone in and of theirselves, but watch out for growths on skin due to tars within mingling with alcohols and then just being plain ugly. No bother other than warts too if messing with composite attracts or what's been placed already ("carposis" or Karposi's a shit freak is never real - that is unhealing only due to a starvation). I have do poppers occasionally and often to the point of having armed commandos on the roof and can't believe the payback for the bother (! - another to quality a burst-wet). Never to sale, but watch that stuff it is innocent but mildly plaguing. God says okay. "What I hate makes you die or then sick." Burns your upper lip. Fact: Poppers do not rot teeth but hardly the help. Cocaine - a white-trash food sometimes a New Jersey state bird - only merely does. Drink soda it only helps gum do its job a freshening of sorts.    

A Character Disorder And A Neurosis Framed You 12/30/03 1014
In this life of mine only, I like to think that everything ever said to me with point had a truth in it and was delivered cold for my surest keeping. Nearly of true. With that, I framed a "character disorder" (thinking of "everything is [to] your fault") and a "neurosis" (thinking of failure and being left behind - "everything is [to] my fault"). Let's clear it all up with that beginning there are three (3) "disorders" (not havings) here: A "character order" (the word "character" means "not wanting to be with [this, a self]" and "order" is used to describe and to be for "everything has its place" - a fault as they problems to unsights come and go at will) says "no one is at fault - things just happened that way". No - we are always at fault with not preparing, not needing to know, and not seeing enough. We are lazy and working too hard to have it all. Stay less, be less there. Simply, distracted. Remedy? Pay attention to all you have to know or give some of it up. A "neurale" (say "nuhr-uhl" for "not keeping about [a switch to say 'yes' to bother]") - the missing link in the middle - never sees anything for fear of having it. Says "we don't need to be bothered with that right now". A clear danger to you. You needed to be bothered as you noticed afoot. Sneak around this and do better. A "neurale" is made by not having anything to be happy about around and afoot. Simply, they just don't care anymore. Remedy? Joy to life again. Get help with drugs. Conversely, a "neurotic" never has anything to worry about. They say "never to bother - we are here" but mean it and hate your way with working it out and them not having to do anything. They are guilty of lust (feelings of joy about people) and having less to know of it only. Simply, a guilt feeling and only. Remedy? Get out and do with others. Get something done for you and others at twice speed. There - now you see you about. We are all of these each at times. We use them against you. Feelings on and about. Mere feelings of. Leave behind at will and we follow with others barking. I acquit thee (remove your cause to be alarmed - eventually that is). Insider insight like this has a price, Baby. Now you pay to me. Never just presenting problems backwards, but solutions in-hand also. "Surely of this you realize that because I describe something to you does not mean it is me also. I am but failproof with you." - Freud 

Another To Dumb One From The Vine That Thinks To Seed
12/30/03 0956
"Why do you quote the Neil you hear [in your head]?" Because Neil is like every retard and quite too near. He is the voice of a generative disorder (something a malady you acquire over time by behaviors). Next sporled "Nobody hurts you - you hurt yourself. [My mother said this to me.]" No. People are a hand to every hurting (God quoted on that one). And with a world that never changes downward (that is until me), you see what remains - all. Help people to hurting less. Quote that again. You, the naysayer, are the one constant in my hurt. Say it again. Be sure. You make it easier on all that I am. By the way, lovely update at Naked Highway. I love visiting your brand (I mean that).

To Lose Only That Sounds Like Much Of Net Gain And Now To Get Busy In The Secular Non-Denominational World 12/30/03 0926
While I'm labeling my hyberoled (made a many) losses to people who offer cashlessness with advice or to standby, Neil offers "What profit a man plus to lose his soul." Queer, I struggle to keep this of real cash value to real people who live like this and I have all of the ghosts and soul mayhem in the underworld (one of world, one of failed vision to). Maybe to you (shot in your sleep last night? happened to me so now you)? Anyway, the phrase is "What makes a man lose his soul [most]? A profit of such to tear?" Good enough for you. That means "What do you expect to gain at my expense? One of my tears?" Don't kick people when they are down - it's a soul loser (they souls are real, but we don't want that with us eternally - a big loser among smarter than high school types, the cool kids). A soul is a lightning rod me while we live god forbid it - strikes you for better. To others a guide to better, a help. No one who hurts people gets one - we won't have it. A soul may attack you too. Let's go one step further the last saying you did made by protestant ministers, really - not that bad - I have one thanks the baddest one. Now a trite about people and who they are. To me, I think of people being delicate bodhi (say "bah-hee" in Hindi for "all me [you see]") trees but with two (2) exceptions: we don't have people with us, we don't have people in us - nada ("not yet" in Spanish), no go (nothing done). The "inner" self builds us and outward with up and down activity no feelings on things - a brutal exchange of fight for force. A hard keeping together of self made to with the energies of other afoot. When not brutally discussing the remnants of self (what's left) up and down with nature and their reciprocals, a lighter pre-self emerges (one that people can take). If the fight internal is golden shafts aglow, the self after is decorated with little bells and tinges left among a light tree like Christmas but better on top more beauty in there and upwards my vision. What you were able to keep about your self light and airy perhaps a gentle tap with carved wood (no, still not yours ever) on a gilded bell to winsomeness (I took both of them back one day, you know). Your little bells get shafted downward or oppressed by too much fighting and needing to have. Let the self decorate gently and you see? You see what? Otherwise, a self of hardened branches allowed to be once and again smeared down in favor of others not. In favor of communism or something. My tree. Oh, sure people decorate with you never. You decide what of they you keep around. Not really, they help much. Truth. Not for me?   

Kid Gracious Kid Your Eyes Are Blue But You Won't Cry I Know Angry Tears Are Too Dear You Won't Let Them Go 12/29/03 1750
You know, I just watched Pretenders ("The Pretenders"? I never buy that get close) sing "Kid" from the first album on VH-1 Classic. Love the song but I can barely stand people being up there without cares afoot so razmatazz with Chrissie faked once again - near that. Get close! Anyway, we cleared up a few. James Honeyman-Scott and Pete Farndon died not of heroin each but of a plane crash in Garborough, Scotland one day (01/12/80 - piloted by Scott) and that was that they both came back not to play God's orders kinda. Now I'm supposed to believe that not one (1) but two (2) fakes on VH-1 were Chrissie and Martin Chambers. Oh, God - that Chrissie her eyes a bit winsome on the edges speaking right up. A Martin (now deceased of? not I hear both to speak) is easy enough to fake but not here - get real old hag. VH-1 is notorious for this shit. 

itunes you fail me yet a disease a disarm

Oh, iTunes Welcomes AOL Members Now As I Welcome Alanis Morissette's Playlist 12/29/03 1042
As you know, I'm a bit of an Alanis fan (favorite song: "Are You Still Mad" from "Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie" - her last good album with Madonna and also a cry in the night for better stars "to meet"). Her song list at Apple's iTunes makes me feel like we have a bit of 'a winner' on our hands - someone trying to be. Oh, it starts out with boyfriend Rufus Wainwright and "Poses" (all respects in place, of course) but she admits skivving or steering all around in faith to see a love or hanger - something she knew of but no one else saw. I coulda helped with that song, but as Rufus clarifies in mind "We don't have songs for an unsigned state." Truth enough. But all of that political stuff for a girl (be that a political girl - "Mad World" Tears For Fears a mere wonder of I bought that at first and lubbed it "Pale Shelter", "Change", "Watch Me Bleed") who's done better - why not be that very of stars first? You know it - to be all of glam, to be that. Unlike Sheryl Crow and Michael Stipe, I cannot endorse thee yet. Some say of the stars listing "not really us." Be that so as it may - but you said it was and there you are. It's all you. Oh, "They don't have what I hear at home." I understand that, but most of you do it to me anyway. Do it again if you can. Be better. My own list at Doug Moon's Rectory essentially tells people what I would take if I could take virtually anything for free of handling. See that. They're still calculating the overall listening price for streaming it all at once - but who wants that? No one. I just wanted to hear again. A quote: "We please people already. You try to please us as you may." That is of Jewish talk. A font for us? "Lucida Handwriting". A "lucida" (say "loo-seed-ah") guards a grave in Spain. A bit of a jerk, really.

bigger badder hopeful a bit sadder

I Used To Lubb Mad Magazine It Was My Humour And Still Is
12/29/03 0815
I wasn't really that happy with the Mad Magazine link below (all links must provide eternal joi! here), so now an irregular update (click on cover). This guy provides any and all Mad covers up to present just like Time Magazine's feature (one of my favorites and as experienced, bought shown #180 January 1976). Very fucking nice of you, Pig (the Army does it all, really). Given the below scene (and with no link to Carl's), how appropos.

this photo worthy of god

Deepak Questions Of The Deep 12/28/03 2208
Two (2) mordal (having no bearing - you eat this anyway) questions of the deep answered: A little fish called a "gmusk" (say it just like that - "gah-musk" French for "small feeder") follows sharks along and for what reason? To clean the "gills" or gill-like structures called "abecoles" (say "abb-elle-ezz" for French "calls short or no name needed - [an opening] but nothing yours, a false bell"). Food gets in there - those slits to flow and balance only (no shark respirates ever - no organs thanks) and the little fish clean out what gets stuck. Part of your captivity wonder to off. What about big brown horseshoe crabs? Yuck! Led to your shores by severed penises and of "handmades" (e.g., leathered pussies - tubes of but cut out). No shrimp eats that stuff and the sting of a horseshoe crab reminds you to mind corpses and their wastes of, or to see us here. Only a horseshoe crab eats pensises severed by corpse - try one to know. Their sting of tail? That of mouth (a bare tooth, not of tail pointy) and of the jellyfish as also that lured by fecal wastes at of only. See one shine when one has what one borrows to be. A sting - and now you know better. Be better about stings and feel less of them. Four (4) months in-deep when one is lured to be with you a crab that size. P.S. A shrimp will not eat anything that had pee in it - it ruins their meat-day. Fact. All else goes right up the hatcher to be dined on one of. I eat of it so pure it shines me to be.    

cheapest gays can't resist anyway

A Little Talk With Dido Who Was Jewel
12/28/03 1937
Yeah, so I talked to Dido (Cathy) last night about her beautiful song and we caught up, kinda. Turns out her father was Carl Karcher (name changed of) of Carl's Jr. fame sloppy burgers and all. I told her I eat there and love the barbeque chicken sandwiches (breast, lettuce, tomato, barbeque sauce, whole wheat bun) for being too nice for the dollar. She said he Carl returns his thanks to people (like alot of California's patrons to be - all goodwill in prices and of supermarket food) in the bun with those sandwiches made of and using store-bought breasts - no runs (black veins - maybe one day of underfed) in there. I thanked that. "He really makes a difference [with people] and others do not." Agreed some - you are strong-willed. I am God and see all you do not. Now, we reach for fag talk. I said to her "Faggots ask me not to eat there (Carl is said to hate gays, activists), but I only ever go where the food is." She replies "Yeah, they made him [Carl - a Catholic only ever] sick on pills and somewhat and dancing more than twice. My mother hated him too." Go with the food, girls and boys. Leave the hating to me and then you. Eat up. (Click on the happiest foodstar in ever darkness to see it all of better done - see old gobbler Hef e-minch a few stinky links at the Lay's-Z-Boy mansion). Slight fact: Who are Russell Stover candies? Hershey Foods Corp. better done to you an elegant (i.e., beeswax in cocoa butter, then Bounce dryer sheets with left of). I love those little candies for old ladies around Valentine's Day they try and hide 'em but I find. Russell Stover is in my heart - kinda those big ol' nougat eggs around Easter like a big, fat Three Musketeers. Of today? Any dark chocolate assortment with crispies nuts coconut caramels if to must. My mother of once taught me about the savory pleasures of special darks and I adhere with vainglories assorted (with having been made happy already - a no pursuit of).

You're Not A Guest Yet Just Admit It 12/28/03 1823
I just added a lovely guestbook to my front page until you bitches make me delete it for filthings forward. Have a say. Be that to me I'm bored yet.
The only song The Vines ever did for me was called "Outtathaway!"

so small yet so shimps

You Saw It Hear First
12/28/03 XXXX
I love this little guy (click for desktop application you save of), but feel arting of better 'round the corner.

all zeroes and ones

Finally You 12/28/03 1440
So I'm today visiting the exotical birds (my honeys - a "honey" is someone to love) on Santa Monica Boulevard, dropping into Sav-On for illicit Mexican candies and then a ninety-nine cent ($0.99) Slurpee at 7-Eleven (dingbats on the cups honor me). Lo! and behold (and then finally) the "grapermelon" flavor from Wrigley's has arrived. One sip and I knew nothing of it. See also Crystal Light orange-pineapple flavor (I sighted that first in-fact - Crystal Light ain't that bad). Oh, the joy! I hear folks in Connecticut demanded and received better of Wrigley's - a red, seasonal flavor more like the Juicy-Fruit (a musk melon deprived). See it soon. A sure thing is at LaCienega and Holloway here in LA. Other outings per Fran: The green part of a pineapple is used to color hair off - that is, to make it light. They are milked (pressed) for this. Hairspray is also a beet sugar made not sticky with wheat flours and resins from trees (mostly a pine tree and colored with alcohols). In fact, a "loreail" (say "lohr-ay-yale" then properly sniff out "Loreal") is a pineapple in France. P.S. Don't miss the "Kitchen" section at Amazon - a search on "grapermelon" revealed it to me. Funnier foodstuffs? Who knew? Not I.

ugliest logo ever you

Just Between The Whiskey Marquee And Me 12/28/03 1153
"Four (4) more days!" Yeah - let's get the first three (3) chilled going first. The oceans? Hard or soft on the coldened heart at first? Hard only. Very hard. "Queer Eye From The Straight Guy" (admittedly I didn't care for the title, but that song and so entertaining yet you) not a one of you straight. Someone dying of my streppil code? Beware - I'm watching so stylish your flique and all of that touchin'. Now as cured. Your Christmas show faked beautifully most from October 15 or so. I longed to be there. I had to staff it for you in mind (put it down so I didn't long for you too much - the elevator and all - "no one lives that well yet - do they?")

Balls Balls And More Balls Balls Keeping Balls 12/28/03 1005
Hi to Fran - you were talking in me as I slept. Yes, yes to all I know your father "Chuckie" now (get my code?) and then of Rose too (apparently she died we live that ever - truth or dare? she can only come as far Burlington - not Atlantic City). No bother yet next time you throw me out of your home I'll mean it. Coming along? Happy holidays to all but not here - stay away yet. [Break] If your legs have been itching for scratching it is because heat breaks open food energy in your veins and the pressure forces outward while drawing in more of heat. Stay cool inside and wear nothing but lanolin (a rubber from bananas and squash) what fights heat and heat draw. We are all spheres and the spheres hold bigger spheres in. That's all in a wind. Keep loose, keep heavy going (do work). In the meantime, I'm lovin' Dido's "Stoned" remix ("dido" is French - "what you said goes on and on with you [watch your words, be kind]" - a warning). That shit is so good I heard it out once and lubbed it. Also to be missed, "they sanged songs of live and love" them queens of country (watch and listen the commercial - all mostly Loretta in Real medias better yet get some little balls 'round here). 

mug shot

Testifies My Ass
12/27/03 1618
Oh sure - I've seen Phil Collins' album "Testify" in stores - between the two of them Genesis and such, we get great beauty in life. While shopping at Pavilions (a supermarket I fail daily) I heard a song of his that was greatly up with the Robin Guthrie quote "He wants us to take tapes and brush them up all the time." Maybe so and to this I vowed to research even if remixed. Two (2) songs I liked on "Testify" are "Swing Low" and "This Love This Heart" MP3 (5.6 Megs) (with Sean/Alan "Moulder" on guitars and voice - hi, boy!) If Genesis are "Taking It All Too Hard", I make songs come running to me for it these days none so good. I really like Phil Collins' stuff the last I bought of "Another Day In Paradise" a bit preachy though.  

hit me!

From The "Too Good To Be True" Department 12/27/03 1254
The folks at the link above cut me a deal: You join Columbia House DVD Club (take five [5] DVDs: "The Thing", "Jackass: The Movie", "Carrie", "Clash Of The Titans", and "Apocalypse Now" - order more later over two [2] years - only a bargain ever to you however to things you MAY need) and get a fifty dollar ($50.00) gift card from Target (see below or prior). We just opened a brand new Target (but not yet for you) at Santa Monica and LaBrea like I told you of ages ago it is here now. Let's see if card come for snacks and such. The DVD deal is now sealed and set with my shipment done. They paid shipping to me, I paid under three dollars ($2.63) with credit card for something else (handling). I'll report back on getting it all together you try your hand too. The Internet ain't too good about things, you know - those gift cards might send you a' buckin'. Update: Got my five (5) DVD's today. Now you see like God sees I eat the good food and only.

The Difference For You Is At-Hand 12/27/03 1106
On my the bottom of my front page I have a photolink for Entertainment 2004 - the coupon book that will save you titloads over a country mile. Tower Video has the 2004 Los Angeles edition for thirty-five dollars ($35.00) at-hand, but you can get yours area'd cheaper for thirty ($30.00) by send - see the site link. I like "Entertainment" for getting me to try your restaurant (for a fee - your dinner won) and for the tons of fast food and movie "jerkies" (tear-out coupons - seems like no one wants 'em at sight but what to do ask it never) provided within. You will save about seven hundred dollars (~700.00) all-told we think with normal and evascid (not thoroughed) use. Buy one - times is a' gettin' tough for you won too.

ergonomix at work

Is Being "Harry Pottereded" When It's Your Party But All Else Get The Gifts? I'm Told That's Called "All Eyes On Me"
12/27/03 1046
When it comes to doing the dishes, I just love the Quickie dish brush. They don't cost much (good thing 'cause I tend to break 'em in anger routinely) but the ergonomics of handle and quality of brush stroke enable me to get the job done with every any satisfactions afoot. A real Sanderella story in the making. Hi to Mars (D)oug. We know you loved my cooking.

The First One To Arrive At Any Peter Brady's Birthday Party 12/26/03 2103
Oh, don't try and rule me out now. Been watching Clive Barker's "Lord Of Illusions"  with every Desmond "Nix" trying to get to God on their own. To have it all theirs. See what happens. In truth, one face, a mortarbelt (used to make those pretty cement balls on top of a fencestrike), and you left to wonder why it all worked out deep in the sand. In the dirt. "Answer me dirt." Oh, you gotta heat it up too? Who knew? At Whiskey A Go-Go marquee: You want three (3) days at forty (40) degrees everyalt. You got it, plus one. Hi to David (twin towers) and some. Yes I hear you and mother. Happy holidays. Keep it coming. Update: All of the movies at the IMDb formally link to original trailers (see side menus). Watch 'em - they are unusually fun....a gift.

Let Move On 12/26/03 1253
Not one card excepting my mother's. "They tell people 'That isn't their problem.'" I sincerely intend to make it your problem. I usually hate your guts anyway.

jeremy rain forth

For The Price Of A Holiday Film 12/25/03 1331
Oh, the rain today is so beautiful. Afterwhat, the film "Peter Pan" by bus. Update: I'm pissed - the 6:30 PM viewing at Century City Mall (no, I'm not calling it "Westerfield") SOLD OUT. Bitches made me take the bus all the way there for that. Other films? No thanks. Not with my money. Rented Disney's remake of "Freaky Friday" on DVD instead. Could you imagine being a teenager and waking up with breasts like Paarla-Roma Newton-John ("Sordid Lives" - the corpse? Stella Stevens and was to real, thank you how ill-fitting once to were)? Fun film, and a bit hard on the trailing mind. Right here: Not bad - I like the little original song "Take Me Away" (Christina Vidal - a false one, but as named on the soundtrack - really a Britney Spears vocal and as faked on camera I Limed it successfully - not bad at all) supposedly written by Madonna and Toni "Curve" Halliday - "how of rose" - and all guitars played by Neil (trying to guess out Romantics) last Sepetmber they met all and got paid forty grand ($40,000) to it (not either trailer or video - new, bold, sass - at House Of Blues they did it). The preview I saw featured Mark Harmon's older brother Kat and the girl who plays Britney Spearseses (D)oug as lead - what gives?  Madame Wu and others in the film and good enough for laughs that boy was cute too we talked about it you're on my list now. Fun fact from the film: The club atop a building is the St. James or The Argyle here in West Hollywood (the name changed). Mark Harmon is afraid this film one day ruins his career. Better lay off the likes of Johnny Depp - he'll do a 'class of' on ya. You're only eighty (78) years young.

The Talk Of Music-Type People 12/24/03 1845
Huh? "Merry Christmas" - there. Now move on. I was talking to Madonna days ago while sharing music talk all I've sifted for you (what if I could Lime any open file to you I want? see my rectory of faith tit tit) and she mentioned something called "Motion" by "Divine". I can't find that one - maybe you? I noticed the girls who are music group "Sirens" (in "Ghost World" of a punchy song called "Gonna Have Fun" (have a sample here) - where is it? only bitches keep this - soon, no soundtrack or release to, no use in film - a drag to us) on tv show one sitting there pissed off something about girls on vacation or something one Rory a bitch at one cute as Alyce. One left. Get back to work or something. Also, the band in "Freaky Friday" were kinda cool I watched a bit in Tower Video but objected strongly to a bitch just pulling a plug like that. Bad feeling.

Notes for Lime:
When the application is invoked, you are asked "Upgrade to Pro?" You respond "later" as still in your semi-finals ("do I like this? will it work for me?") Hit the radio (dot) button for "Audio" and enter in a "title" and an "artist" name. Hit the "search" button (liven by selecting "File" from the menu and then "Connect" if needed to repeatedly) and get your list of downloads. Highlight one selection aftersearch and hit "download" to watch it load and come. Some take longer than others and feel free to "kill" a slow download in process. Keep it clean. The iTunes application will open for playing afterload but you must select to play (dragging off if to reuse as). Guilt? Some say an artist owes us much after using top brands ours and making us eat them at such - perhaps even going on to rule us. Fuck them someone paid. A guilty pleasure.     

As We Enter The Day Of Our Eve
12/24/03 1752
I stepped out today to go the store and what made me happy was the rain (!) and the light crowds at the supermarket (strikes notwithstanding - merry fuck! only "until 7", then sanctioned at 7-Eleven). Very festive. A few home touches in the terms of cooking and not, and all will be well it's only "one day" after all. Now, confusion arises regarding "nutrolls" I bake them only in the absence of my mother they are yellow egg bread (sweet) with a vanilla walnut paste swirling inside. Very intoxicating sugar marm (many may harms). How to? Loosely, make bread dough. Three (3) cups of white flour (e.g., Gold Medal), one (1) teaspoon of salt, one (1) cup of sugar (all of the dry) then adding one (1) prepared package of active dry yeast per (yeast plus warm water, maybe a pinch of sugar helps you breed). With regard to warm weathers and the sensitive yeast (a high respect) join with two (2) eggs (I keep mine warm first - a cold egg is harsh to me start early), one (1) tablespoon of cooking oil, and one (1) cup of milk in a bowl (breast of warm thanks). Mix together all and knead vigorously, keeping the dough light adding flour until no longer sticky. Keep adding flour to knead. After all this, let the dough rise once in a bowl covered with loose cloth - some say six (6) hours I abuse and no drafts. About after an hour of mine, I mash all down to knead a bit and then flatten out like a pie crust with a firm rolling pin dusted of course with the ol' Gold Medal. Inside and all over, I spread a paste made in a saucepan of about two (2) cups crushed walnuts, one-quarter (1/4) cup of sugar, one (1) teaspoon of vanilla, and one-half (1/2) cup of milk. Heat all of that up once on the stove while stirring and then let to cool slightly. Spread around on the flattened dough and then roll the dough up crescent-style folding the ends under slightly when finished. Place the entire dough of wrap on a cookie sheet and baste the outer bread with beaten whole egg for brown and shine. Bake at three hundred fifty (350) degrees for one (1) hour watching. I make this of memory and it may crack open during baking, but maybe you know better and get it perfect for you. The one I received yesterday from my mother is now devoured done so eat well with. Eat well. German, never Jewish. A "krela" says it. We call it "nutroll". Update: Just made another pan of macaroni and cheese (see below) with lighter milk of fat and let's just admit it's perfect.       

Enter Gaybox At Own Will Leave At Your Surest Risk 12/23/03 1118
Let's face it once again - some of you are at once special to me. I send no cards to be here and ask no mercy of. You live here inside of me I squeat (seem to know). Some even less know you can come and be here with me. I am here. Ever the mercy to me, I post my address and phone number at Hotmail and AOL (white pages each both) to enquire you and possibly ridicule you. I do not live with people. They come to take me home. My address is cited there as 915 N. Wetherly Drive #4, West Hollywood, California 90069-UNDC. Phone is (310) 273-1082 - it's all safe from me to you. I do not risk anything you and I decide both an arrangement that sees me up to you. Ours is. Yours is never is. All siphoned and ridicules back to you if not else said. We are God, not God to you. God. Bear that off. Incidentally, all is provided current as a person who publishes their shit to you in seeking and then to shit at Network Solutions "Who Is" - Most A Slap Date just ask to know I simply enter your fame and get this by results. Never doubt your passion for true. To all I love but wish the talk would die. My quote: "Fifteen (15) minutes to catch up with mostly what of and then you have to sex."

The Worst Ever By Never To You
12/23/03 2146
In my hazes of dit.mind, of all by certain collapse (a mere consecration of ultimate self, eat ghost), I drift into wandering chasms of speaking and hearing with you others to me a flower of you and they punching and pulling. I love to you all at each a one of. This our separate ways deviates and snaps back harshly a woman purchased by me with loose talk of at and sneering to you bargains her way into singular perspective by way of a man with seemingly pleasingly previously now you are there an audience at tuned at begged not. You abandon me to abuse and once noted to turned right off. You are odd in naked prose ought, at casual clearance one to suggest a fire sale, not all pretty enough but meat-timed, and cast between us like flakes of burning paper having at once been snatched back from obscurity - the you that thought so and the one who thought of it ever not to say. We are both dependent and providing to all sought of it then off. When my mind captures ridicule from "crandle 6, hastened" about my smooks (cancel your debts now - I shop at leisure in your first family home, we in fact wedded you off then weaned you of speckles - I rule you out and have PR sign you down mobalds to yours in those breasts they announce you to a flaw at enter, then only if mist another earth-first we are all ET nigger we know you can read no one wants that said by you ever to then - accept, embrace, renig). Anyway, this hideous woman on cable tv entertained my aghast with light prim-dancing I nearly died of it then lived to bear. You simply died in the head of the ages a toot. Hoo hoo! Q: Why am I gay? A: Someone said they weren't. Fact day.    

It Only Seems That Way Jagged An Odd Note My Certain Interests Cited
12/23/03 2049
I hear your confusion and celebrate with tact but I live. Storied? Remember, we never abuse others with ridicule - it hasn't ascended me of upwards to you yet. What if we could take at will like that odd toothpick doing its part to keep that hour-long subway sandwich under a minute kept? What would we see? There are limits to love  - I learned about it all some in college economics "marginal use" ("marginal utility" meant you used it - utility was used only - a tool used in and for already - "use" is future use noted of, a possibility to) or something less legitimizing to being rewarded on-the-spot for having been asked for and delivered to your sane briefly but and barely noticed. Pay the man, Clarice. Enjoy the shop at will. We see how more and more may please you each at less and lesser still that is junk having to think what is what's to most displeasing than that? Having to slow down and enjoy a meal - yuck ask why not to weigh it out simply. Being pleased is never having to know any of this. I ate well. The good and the bad: My mother sent me five hundred approvals (purchases: "I'm simply taking this seemingly to pleased at note, thank you no", a bill: "go to hell", "thank off" and perhaps gratituity to live you will "who becomes and wins to this most?" chamere: "talent that") and see bones at once to flesh near sip of spring's first writ. Add in baked goods (nutroll, cookies), a horvel of pork roll (yum), candies and other feast of sight and we are set to enjoy ourselves happy enough. You asked. Meanwhile, idiots ask me not to do, not to be, and why don't you just offer up yourselves at light while I curse the darkness I'd rather you both fell spinning hideously around each other until mere depth of suggests sky to send you mothe back up the past least asked for to most of it so noted. I'd wait to see. I'd ask. Hi to cousin David near MTV - you are beautiful now, Cunt. Bless me. Others....we'll see. I know how to give a gift, you bitches. The worst ones little charm of boxes hidden deeply inside of ours by boxes - you don't know jack shit and give it well. See the tag "to and from they are one else: fucked your ass ever to ask, love dutt". An insult lurks around every corner as you, each to a descent of light touches the linen and curse of having been noted to such. Say less by having me some, be theirs to see it opened the right way with you seeming at the helm until such as perhaps said, until gift. Until having been given to such.       

Holy Trinities! Time's Person Of The Year Is This Soldiers By Bruce Weber "Shooter! Boy Peg! Psst!" Vardouce. Parlamor. Batchis. Chindriole. Cavrol.
12/XX/03 XXXX
No one noddable this year for Time's Poipen Of The Year (a skink in dignity's wake plebb forthout canchis) no one did anything huh - some a soldier. Honoring the simple stuff again "took a hyde rubber bullet in his left chuckled mored of ass - withstood haneling enjizzment leurys a fob". Good work you cute poipens all iron-clad and preparedtitit for any shime! For any what waysed. I thought for sure it was gonna be pickerels of Sodom Hussein - he's only been dead since 1996 (heart valve - popped off, from a pig - Princeton did it, I helped out took a tit due to a rusty ol' mole - lead pipe to the breast doing plumbing one of them ballpark eurinals on a bully stick "bewicked miss" by Veuhlmvur-Sanit a pioneer in trivangil propradils and poly-prapped ovnagynicidals, snoints, oziosmertz, libberings, and personal note droits each havatna sisp-powdered with samsiril and perspiris of hovalnaugt - tolp taunt mesmy noib! shri mahatma gange! done right down by dirty ol' hags leaving champs (demis) in the crissways cobbler each pull at granch cup burls a smoldering skinner, router-shaved maislies, sulfen rorts at bitter pitch....the greasie gibbols of a waxlen child feds dricks gnaws of leopard milk.)
Be That 12/21/03 1048
I know, I know - people love the word "nigger" and ensuing niggertalk. I get baited bad here in my stance (trying to alienate people - how far could you go without missing me bad?) so I just do it and get it over with (plus you know it's true). It isn't my heart, but white people love it like it's something for them and I can't have that either. A black is nuisance, a nightmare. A natural predator for Jews (never taking anything back says "I create" - me too). Be that I'll God. That's not an apology. Blacks know better.  

Do You Know Who I Am? Oh Yeah Thank That
12/21/03 1009
So I'm on the bus chatting with my friend Chris catching up and all and this black guy in the next seat up goes off on me for talking at his ear (my friend Terry is always bitching about me talking to myself fluently in public - I do it for you and think nothing of it or that along why don't you shut the fuck up? only a lexicon retard knows for sure I shoot point and pull the triggers). That is a problem black, an ashy-black niger woodeseses - now you know. Another stinky black being far too hostile in public for any white person's need we are gentle, kindly no? All of those black retards in the sinworld swatting at rainbows and you to treat me like this. Anyway, other blacks around lit up and diffused it fast but I can tell you that isn't a winner and see me unhappy with you too (your head my toilet). I whispered kinda as an ass "Christ [now what to that ass?]" just as unfortunate as being that (no plot ever - we read along) and now you hafta fear and then run from what's comes. So have that. I hate aggressive people you'll excuse me again oh nevermind I'll die to you a vast waste of nobile. Onward from that crap a food of the gods. Christmas? Do what you do - nothing special here yet and that means family and friends. I'm not really into being a self denial and make the best of it with you classy people know what to do with you only you find all out later. Way I look at it, I had about four (4) rock-solid Christmases prior to that paid the bill or someone did (we already topped last year's hot cocoa - but let's see how dumb together oo! it burns! it burns! god is my fourth candle wishing to saint I'd blow right out). What I will not accept is mending fences or feeling good about the way you were treated all year long. And then this little gift - I'm gonna put it right in the trash when I get home. Last year - I hesitated a bit (countess? masseurs? mailman? in the trunk wrapped thinking of someone like you). This is what happens when you delete my shit - more of the same we heard lem cackle a bird to.                   

records so good

The Theme This Year Is Madonna And Child 12/19/03 1141
Admit it - you don't have holiday records like these I honor each year. A gift Simon & Garfunkel "Star Carol" MP3 (1.6 Megs) (now missing you - a holiday feature to you only) you've seen it before here listen again it is a favorite of mine still originally sassed from Grant's "A Very Merry Christmas" with Patti Page and all. On the pictured sleeve, you are not going to find Bing Crosby's "The Secret Of Christmas" anywhere - to trust that. More as append: Patti Page sings an offensive song called "Santo Natale" that I love hearing. Saint Natalie (France) was killed by Christ for making too many errors in his name (i.e., asking people for money - a non saint now). Good song though. Also Theodore Bikel and the Pennywhistlers do "Sweetest Dreams Be Thine". Bikel is rumoured to be the Unabomber from Penn State University. A chemist and singer type. Good stuff - add in Johnny Mathis "O Holy Night" (a big favorite here - my only "Holy Night") and Ray Conniff and the Ray Conniff Singers "The Little Drummer Boy" (I have that on CD with me here at once from BMG) and you're off and running.  

blinding you down the track

Another Reminder Not To Bother 12/19/03 1045
Don't make fun of my Tasha Tudor suggestion below - living with my mother wasn't easy for a Christmas child. I got into Christmas big-time and I wasn't allowed to decorate until my mother cleaned the whole house for the holiday. She'd get pissed off when she came home from work and found stuff around - you know decorations and all. I had to compensate for my losses with a little Christmas altar in my bedroom a tree with twinkle lights and a tooting angel on top that kept me happy enough. That's my life story having to work around people and their attitudes I hate. That soon developed into a train set I kept on a picnic table in my bedroom. One big piece of particle board covered with grass paper, the absolutely beautiful Silver Streak train set by Tyco (see pictured - bit of a wreck) replete with rear trellis I installed up and around the back of the set (an oval, basically, but indenting out front into), and a handmade Christmas village in Tudor style (brown sweeps on magnate or raised white - all log looking) with town clock a la Big Ben. Add lighted grecian (with window frames) gas poles (they were green and white plastic with little electric bulbs inside) and a delivering Santa sleigh hanging around from ceiling. It was truly sad the clock tower made from a box of Bounce fabric softener. It did the trick. In the meantime, we have beautiful ceramics that are very classy. A single sleigh of gesso with golden glitter inlaid on the sides that holds holly branches and is pulled by a slight reindeer of no such cord with little ruby-red eyes. Beautiful. Classy. Madonna and child and Joseph with discs on their heads all humble and surrounded by a pinecone wreath. I plan to inherit all, but miss seeing this year. Meanwhile, our Nutcracker Suite will be bestowed by Eugene Ormandy very soon. Note that.

Remember The Guy Who Translated Both Karen Carpenter's Ave Maria And The Whoville Song 12/18/03 2025
I was just talking to Jami Gertz ("Winona Ryder is my sister, you know..." - no, not actually did I - both fine actresses Moore's, huh? got it moved to Gertston, Texas from Allentown, NJ - your talent exceeds this) and watching "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas" on the Warner Bros. Network. That recolor job was awful all of them pinks in there - hope you did better than I did with the dials and all trying to get away from it all (the Grinch is green, no?) We surmised that she and Roseanne didn't get credit for "Cat In The Hat" for being Jewish. Close, but awful again. Fun facts: The Grinch collecting gifts ridicules Jimmy Stewart who funded the cartoon project with sleeves or hatred - he is "Frank Capra" after all. When the Grinch dumps candies, Jimmy Stewart is being ridiculed for giving Kim Novak candy while on the set of "Rear Window" and eating most to some. When the Grinch unravels film he is Jimmy in the Ice Capades and is taking film from well-wishers like he and Andy (not Mickey) Rooney did after skating badly or some - both squabble unrelentlessly (without even a pause). He dumps ice in Santa's gift bag for taking other people's drinks and making them iceless as in the Ice Capades again "no drinking" he'd say and then unscrews lightbulbs for being a "watcher" in the rear window itself. Always taking what's left. Not the funniest stuff, but taking the last crumb is him also too I hear of. A Mr. Christmas for the ages we'd say. Now get my color back. Update: I went to the Apple QuickTime site last night trying to get a frame of the mother in "Cat In The Hat" doing that diagram in the air with gloves on (see it to be just like and "it behooves us" from "Square Pegs" - "behooves" means "shows us how [it may to be]"). QuickTime lets you pause and advance slowly forward and backward using the left and right arrows on your keyboard, but I couldn't just rip a frame (and then having saved the whole HTML page to my desktop I just got the first frame "click here to play" without the movie). So be it.      

It's Like I Told My Mother "Don't Leave It To Me" 12/18/03 1311
You know, our generation is ill-prepared for alot of life's consequences when it comes to family deaths and all. I mean with army homes and gentry (doing at call) we have been robbed unduly (without concern) trying to get there. With this, I like to cite this crematorium I found out about on Old Scotch Road in Ewing, New Jersey off of Parkway Avenue that'll do the trick (apparently - rub up that little red star). My uncle Joe (Oravsky) and recently deceased got processed down there (his mind says "do not disturb" after all life had to offer) and I like the idea of my friends or I having a lunch at Stewart's Root Beer just across the road - the only indoor, year-round Stewart's I know of (we used to dine there at lunch while working in the accounting office at Trenton Psychiatric Hospital - see Samzie's of uniforms too for security purposes). Sure - but far bred from malice I like a good idea for easy life. I leave the specifics to your own detail. I told my mother in jest "If you want all that [a nice box and all], don't leave it to me." That reminds me of a dream I had of her when I was a child. She was in an open white coffin on the right side of the church facing the altar - just lying there waiting to die of something regular (production values?) I didn't know what to think. If cremating, know that the spirit stands with you outside of the oven and watches all burn right up too - whether you are there or not. Four (4) hours. You hafta stay with your body until destroyed or buried enough. My friends report seeing a hazy cloud kinda just on the outside of the heater. That's nearly the one.

Scarfed It Right Up 12/18/03 0937
By the way, I made a Pyrex dish (measurements slightly off but 13 x 9 x 2) of that e-z macaroni the day I told you about it and we scarfed it all right up as so good. I used a quart of whole milk I purchased separately from same and that was just a tad bit much as dried up white on top (I have a white-milk thing), but a lesser fatting of would be perfect. Use lesser milks I'd recommend. But all in all, quite nice again. One day soon - another pot roast. P.S. The nutrition here is seven (7) times the bargain because we said so.

Nancy Reagan Just Dropped By Only An Electrical Outlet For Some Two Eyes A Smile 12/17/03 1957
I was just talking to Nancy Reagan (now deceased) as having been on the news for days ("assassin" John Hinckley being released from prison). Authorities tell me that the man being shown is John "Teppeworf" - a security guard who breached service at the Reagan home in Malibu in 1986 and allowed Hinckley (real last name "Hinkle") to enter the home with son Michael (now as played by someone else). Michael is Ronald Reagan's dead son who perished of AIDS-related cancer in 1983. The Reagan's hated AIDS and Michael and made both come and go (well done to Nancy - "We weren't gonna have that with us again.") Hinkle died in a nasty gun battle with the Reagan's over Michael's internment and love for grass. What grass? The Reagan's "took our home" and made their way there after such and said. Michael's grave is there. Hinkle wouldn't be allowed in ever said the mother if such were said. It was said (per Nancy, "I didn't want him [Hinkle] around at all - a gay kook-off." Nancy says her own son Michael was in and out of shelters and I as too would go off to some dark corner and die alone, we laughed, kinda - she was afraid I guess). Hinkle shot Ronald Reagan in the gut in 1986 and left only to be shot to death at home in San Francisco one day later by Federal authorities. Hinkle (first name "Michael" also - now "Tom" who worked with me recently and still may if I may see) left to be at home and was shot in the head while sleeping. He delivers this to me also daily trying to get in. I shot ya first you think. Maybe. Anyway, the younger Ron cried and cried and also died of vigilantes over this issue. Hinkle's family are famous Nestle people. So, see more of truth and have a bargain here. I'm real and so is Tom. When I meet his friend he will also be known to me as my son in action. Allow by card name you're famous too as dancer Nureyev (not famous enough, though - dance less I see). No more to you yet. Update: James Brady? A family friend used by Nancy after being injured in a fall from a motorcycle down an entrenchment (all in Fordham, Alabama - 1976). Brady was paid to be used in restaging the accident he had and was paid for his time in bills and laving. The whole act was to get copycats and by-suggest to die down when the public was finally told of the illnesses had - so no to bother. Brady recuperated slowly but is largely not real to people. See him soon. Today, a day like any other to be better known of. Another day to be had softly, slowly. Update: All's well again today - I never wax my face you see.


<unit> 2^40 = 1,099,511,627,776 bytes = 1024 gigabytes or roughly 10^12 bytes.

Just Not So Just Yet 12/16/03 1451
If you read my Math Tingle of any doubt, you see that I argue the facts over terrabytes - just one big one up from gigabytes. Oh, the answers of joy! Take a look. In first feeding, know that a block of memory is what decides us. With keyings within, know that memory is just how much a machine can rail or push out in increment (units). That decides everything here. A "kilo" or one thousand twenty-four (1,024) is a range of "kork" or distance forth. It goes up and down and then one over. A hanger or bent wire. Each kork conveys one prang or unit of misery to decide out (the smallest we could notice forth). A prang is four (4) bytes in a row with differences noted. See the within to know more. All are squelch or light reduced in that range. A squelch is relayed and the distances measured in bright are our limits to you per second, per mile. The range is two hundred fifty-six (256) each way, up and down. See. So a block of memory is just what one service is willing to transmit this way, not to retain - that's cheap enough. All too confusing no more. More: The whole thing with "terrabytes" technology is that we didn't want people shoving whole books of acrimen (bad waste - an intended harm) up people's asses and then pulling them back down. A harmful entreat to resources. A waste in the name of goodwill. More yet: A "block" of memory is simply a pinlength - how much you can stick in a computer's processor at any one time to fire it up. Once saved, it is zero's (0) and one's (1) - but not during send what is only light transmission 'on' and 'off' to varying degrees, however a phone line or cable only works one way 'on' and 'off'. Wavelengths (the pin) don't leave the computer ever.

Just Stick It In My Side First 12/16/03 1113
Yesterday I'm preparing a light feast at my leisure (a usual daily note of) and the wordform "fornicate" (a French vowel or said quickly to no bother meaning "have some here no") was brought to passage. To fornicate is to make someone do at work or struggle, not just to fuck, as if colonially speaking. A woman who makes men eat food for sex is fornicating (he returns her call with body arts). A man who asks women to make sex happen for them at work is fornicating. Fornicating, or stabbing at the side to get to do, is illegal. Do less of it. Soon, warts galore for this. A wart was made to see less of you in this. A person being made to do is not happy in it and you get the result as such. Now there it is. Your world of so ugly to me in this.
banana palms ate me
Just A Word For The Wise 12/15/03 1852
If eating from the manger, make sense of this. He didn't. The tool used to convey this to you is Mactopia now hidden from view. If editing, find the image under "Design Gallery Live" while browsing clip art under "Religion". We see you too. In the meantime, have a great laugh - I loved it. And plus: That little bit about "hidden from view" was dictated to me - I didn't check the link for "mactopia.com" but it refracts (appears in the browser web address bar) as "http://www.microsoft.com/mac/" - that is not satisfactory progress against call. What if not?  Mind says that no one has the right to defer hearing about a bad address by rerouting it. You hafta pay people to make the site work as such (to call on the correct or limited address - the one that makes sense to hearing). That is false advertising changing the title - I asked for one (one heading up) and got another (one being down). A falsity. Pay people to make the address work correctly as such stated, or need take it down. Forty (40) days max. You are buying too much and destroying titles (e.g., I hate CDNOW moving address to Amazon - the service is far less of, you are not CDNOW a false). Alternatively, we will kill you for this. End quote.

Just Say It To Me Once Restated 12/15/03 1323
I hear some bitch (slighted as unnamed to me and having been made that to useless plight) say "Let him write what he wants....he will only die for it."  Once again, I tell you every niggle to let you know in my "loving" way that nothing survives my scrutiny of fact by fact and no one is going to care when I pull all of your teeth off while scrimping blades in prepare to take your head but slowly to wonder on the kitchen floor. One woman says from great beyonds something I can't recall talking about the son who did it to her still wandering about in absent faith old and ailing. Why would anyone think for one minute that they rose above my station in life to be this for the masses so unprepared for naught and dying like that so uninspired and misunderstood if should once commoned. It's quite uninspiring to you but I still don't have anything better to look at yet and the wolves that kill you dead for fear of having it don't know why I hated so much but to hear their cries you breed them. You are less than known to me, but I assure you of having tried to erase all doubt on most days that speak to me with fleshened tongue. Never fear death like I assign thee. A living prevents it. On one day least likely and best loved, my blade. A breast of heart fallen and forgotten forever by me. We laugh, we sing, we wipe our asses with pulps you once ate of to stay around. I am here. You died of it being. Your life speaks to you in finalities no one living can erase. You died. Be here with me happy and proud or die to make it happen for me all over again so happy or dumb and unconcerned for your latest hand-plight. You died - there you said it best. Now be done with my thought on you. I change nothing for fear of having to ruined time and tide my elegant of. I fear my own review to self only I asked you to shoot me. Yours calls to me so hear first of this less I have thee. You are no one. You are no one. You are no one. You are no one. You are no one. You are no one. You are no one.


Let The Day Begin Here 12/15/03 1201
I'm pulling my fur out trying to show you this brilliant cartoon someone did "Jesus was a nigger" (the engoldened symbol hanging around his neck as squatting indicates "yours forever" - worthy and brilliant of us - may I suggest "forever yours" as rejected to you by God over?) To see later - asking my roommate for any detail in excess (the image was found by me on our bulletin board) but just days after a nipple wax (?) may to burden the thought unduly. Later. No, I never alter the individual hairs I prayed would return me and to manhood I would seem of you so Chris and John (it was real only - be scared of that first). Shifting gears, today's offering in the line of missing in action and greatest hits comps (Cantbelles, may the "sister city" of Cantcelles - shalt fuck you both) we offer Stacey Q "Don't Make A Fool Of Yourself" MP3 (3.8 Megs). I had to run right out and buy this when it came out in 1987 on "Hard Machine" and loved it just as much as Nocera "Let's Go" MP3 (4.5 Megs). Nocera is the Russian woman but as truth for unnamed showcased on tv as just flaunt singer who robbed a bank and died trying. True enough, but that bitch was hard on Madonna "and Neil too" being perfect pop pretty much ready to go and quite demanding I hear of their stage and fright (once held both up with a small gun - see that black mughat she wears on the cover of her records so skinny - seems she told you her ways right up front and claims "We are lovers - not fighters.") Have a day with that. No more! Add once Kim Wilde's "Say You Really Want Me" to begin again and hold all money talk you diseased me (you made me do it). Oh, don't go digging up Stacey Q or any other plant - we have you to do no more enjoy at will. And oh! (mostly used, a false juncture only) thanks Stacey Q (Quirele) for the little show at gayest Rage (West Hollywood) (highest elite of my gay bar - that wordname so queer tempest - add to others I hated but now use "[he is so] hot", "lover" maybe one more) way back when. I was there and loved it sound plus vision (suffer, you are paid by me sometimes). We close now. (Oh, alright I shaved my chest in 1993 when Heaven came to be with me then orgasing on each the prowl, boyish, smoking cigarettes at sounds no one hears yet, and then you - so glammed to be. All came crashing down to be with this here a person who thinks to wax their nipples to be seeming like greasy pork tips. It's over and now I, your God, to kill any pledge against with Jesus' tongue. Don't make a fool of yourself or see the serious side of things come clean. Honor from the grave.)      

Every Now And Again A Giving Sense A Little Something Back Now You Feel Real Good Huh 12/13/03 1746
I was looking for something pretty to add to my mental Heaven "Amusement Park" by Faye Wong (some China) once I gave it to you and now I seek it that's only right (a must hear). The only woman who challenges Liz Fraser using her materials of course and trying to understand how why? No reason remember, Faye (and Alice), we butchered the fuck out of you until she did well. Now so pretty feel the quality. Anyway (once if standard to you a noose) I found something else she did with Robin called Meu Tingh "A Drink For Us" (aka "Pepsi Song") MP3 (4.3 Megs) wonder what that's about - something you might want to know. Pepsi? This thing is catchy and in my head a China getting tap-smart now all come down (a higher humour) or something you'd say but edited out at once by me. There was no decision to make I liked it enough Neil plays guitars. That's why you're there you know - you said you could do it and we expect something noteworthy. If you can't be good, be a star. I swear to God something important died in you and I feel ashamed of it all the dots on your Twister sex mat are the same color thigh-mayan (as-reaped cundere, slight to off-malicent, congra-hued, deifim axials, priss-sangle and once to ord, nomal pritherol, bichaland titcolor, certive x, hiem palpal) but you fluff to each spin newly red. Nobody wins staging false encounters it meant nothing to you your sperm in a drinking glass that's okay - no lips. It happens to me every time - should I take my soda with along me a salsamla ("nothing for me thanks I'll just nibble on something small" secretly eating boogers each magical a world set down a hindermind) sitting next to and paying? I get up and you suck on my straw. I'll will eat your ass before I offer to drink with another possessing together each phlegm negates me trapped in a hideous cancel-thought needlessly unwinding paper toilet seat covers for sanitary purposes sure over days I can sit on your piss after all I've done for this I can't think no more someone's put their swill in my single serving size I'm once again dying. Just when you felt bad about being so nasty about things in your head - "I did suck on that after all" if reasoned to some. Just once only and it was so bad I nearly died of the aggrol's sheng. It was so bad I died in a mirror being each one of them that said that a mere yeast to rancor portaits in still-fruit an essay seeps as by which gums a sinful Heaven forever being unborn as saintly to horsehampers bult-smetched by bone-bearing bad breath another dirty egg in your cobb saldavor a bad crouton laced with anusol. My last Slurpee had Cepacol in it from cleaning the machines. It could have been worse as long as people use Blisterine a toilet motors uphill bolting at each step begrieving rows and rows of white corn with hopings and cobbs of calico. How dumb is that? I like yellow corn only for no other reason and count out the cobbs while you accept this for me. One day - no more yellow and then I take white corn down the drain to meet Lavoris and a host of junky old-tyme toothpastes that laid down on the job after ridding you of false teeth and the itty bitty ones barely alive you used up decorating leather goods of indigenous peoples their bitter struggles nipped out in hard times each bit a senseless act right up the back. You feel each snag whip to burn each grubby pit lives to snap back at the wind each time howled as if bared a symbol than for brisk ham.....toothless. They call him "Walks With The Wind" unless his mother's there holding her breath and slapping at her throat. Ate her langs again hanging down inside like straps of liquor licked it all too soft it all slips deep inside better use them hot sticks to tame in each snap a virtual tooth come right up the back. One day - all toes flashing on top each yellowed a nail sly by tongue a vulgar row of hypnist bath beans at a smoking loose meat "Calgon tastes ours furs" and so to careful, and to these each cracks de-each and de-claw. So luxuriorear! Eat to seem of. Butt this. You the fish feather in the wind, a faint milds scinces this foot odor, a toe, a drink for us. Update: See the within. My keyboard locks up letters from God-power and when I'm done stabbing the poor bitch to death with long hipneedles it'll only be just like that ever said. You live simply because I couldn't make you die first.                                                 

Will The Real Behave Please Stand Up
12/12/03 1151
Of course big celebrity types know who I am. You're the fool but I hear you in the dark with those words being said so dumb. A celebrity was made a major asshole by the real world and it's people (not what I have of) and they can't tell you much I wouldn't say anyway. Leave it to beaver of course you're only that. I delivered the big bucks, you spend little of it to me. All of the fakery, all of the foolsnote - your family - and then Doug Moon. No. You learn to this soon enough or to you right down the dez.

Too Good To Be True If You're Pale And Unseemly An Echo A Wraith
12/12/03 1052
Some forming newship questions my experience "You didn't handle the dead!" What? You withered corpsefucker I'd close the lid on your ass just as you started feeling around the sac. I'd hafta bake your big bird while you cool your mock against the featherglass and peck out the oven light. Now you're hot and it's too dark to see the racks if burned back your wing. Anyway, I found out that the guy who had his eyes open was a friend's father who died (the official word is: end this, fuck yourself, or "eat just this may to you eat fuck" snez hot prong). Sometimes I think about being in that fridge with others a black individual drawers make you lonely while you wait it out not so bad oh the stories they had to me! A Christ made this in a teepee! And flats? How dare! No matter what you've done, I've been there learning about you - better experiences too makes me magical you tend to eat shit. Maybe Pat Benatar today at Amoeba, not likely Toyses For Tatseses collecting for Santa and all Dinty Moore easy Bake Oven with handle mits and plenty of brown jimmies sure we left it unwrapped why ruin the surprise again old toaster oven within awaits you? Isn't it nice how grocery stores carry those little cake mixes for kids? After I made my sister's two little crab cakes with fancy icing that was it no more - took forever though heating with that sorberly eyebulb like an old alchy needed it bad just a taste a hooked on deluxe. Still burns ya quick enough for little fingers around the pot. On to the taffy maker....that tube-top matches with my scarf not bad barbie's beauty center measure twice once cut shaved too powder to mate with haste. You poor bitch - reading the news again everything is so dumb to you and that's just the way you like it really? Yup. Twice that. I told ya. Doublebreasteses or to the cummberbunds - not both to wear or maybe a Halges scrarf. All fur. Fur is in. Once, someone flooded our home on Christmas day with a toilet next door. Heh, heh, we open our shit like Jews just the night before (I lie and tell people we are Jews and celebrate the next day not - it's all over and then they left us this - who to thought? not in the barn - not here - something new yet old). Too bad - I swear I already threw that stuff out oh got one for yourself too? A whole world made to decoy alerts you to this ever end. Your veil - so thin to the air.            

Finally A Reach 12/10/03 2047
Christina Aquilera your new song "Beautiful" we paid the iTunes for a copy. And, I'm baking macaroni right now by orders of.

Ode To John Waters
12/10/03 2044
So sorry to John Waters for missing your ride at Book Soup - no intended here. Maybe next time. I know you waited it out with me in the head. No one has me anyway, truly. Read on.

Dopamine A Water Molecule Keeps Excess Heat Out Of A Mind's Bend Not Only Serves But Savors You
12/10/03 2030
I was just talking to Sharon Stone - a favorite - about her new movie "Cold Creek Manor" and how a movie cannot afford her or understand her beginnings needing to stay clear of hirsute or unpaid. This movie, she said, is about a young man looking to take back all unsaid in a pitch from a new family or as a christ figure laid within. A real shocker she says. "One movie we made was 'The Cat In The Hat' - see that" she now saids. We talked of Neilsy and his appeal and I proved him another vlad (bad man, ancient) or Slovakian man (we are Slovaks...Russian, Scottish, et al) with riper tits bearing - the roar of the jungle well through your seventies. People just obey them obediently for approvals and or mother's love. Once, we both were proud Algonquins with noses broken at fray (both repaired 1983 - his at Mercer apparently, mine at St. Francis). Have a nice day. Him and his brother always a couple of local Polaks to me younger. Coupla eaters.

and she so little of

You Still Got It Boy George
12/10/03 1603
Bit of a name dropper (scenting the bait or drawing you in before I kill you my truth), Boy George just had me play "Dangerous Man" on cassette the very first cut from "Waking Up With The House On Fire". I have a bit of his client here on tape and proved us both wrong. A Memorex from then keeps on ticking it. That's where "he could word it out like a dangerous man" comes from - something his mother 'Clara' used to say to him. "That sounds like something or the words of a dangerous man. Hope you cared to back it all up on one'd every day." Update: Boy George's headgear is called a "calaphan" (say "kala-fahn") from the West Indies three (3) islands north of India on the plains or eastern side. It is one (1) piece sewn from bottom and owned by the queen at once.

Stick To The Road
12/10/03 1510
You know me - I love any easy of bite. And with that, I crow about women's cookbooks from church groups and such that astound me with good eats. I never cook anything serious without recipe at hand and you shouldn't neither (less an ingredient or two no, never to that I send you). With that, I submit "Easiest Ever Macaroni And Cheese" by Eleanor Paige Sjoberg from Langdon, Minnesota. Terry's family gave us this church cookbook and one day I made to my extreme delight.

3 Tbsp. butter                     1/2 tsp. black pepper
2 c. raw elbow macaroni            2 c. shredded cheese (cheddar,
1 1/2 tsp. salt                      Monterey Jack or American or
1 qt. milk                           combination)

      Melt butter in a 12 x 8 x 2 inch baking dish or pan in the oven.
Add the macaroni, salt and pepper and stir to coat the macaroni
with butter. Cover with cheese, don't stir and pour the milk over
all. Bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour. Or bake for 45 minutes, cover
with pre-cooked sausage, franks, ham slices or meatballs and return
to oven for 15 minutes more. Watch out for over-baking or it will
dry out. Nice in an au-gratin pan to serve.

The above from "A Book Of Favorite Recipes" compiled by The Women's Fellowship First Congregational Church, U.C.C. (United Church Of [Saintly] Christ - a Vatican undercover but with no pope here - okay, but no cigar welcome nothing, stay at home) of Grand Marais. Minnesota 1974 (copyright 1968). P.S. Say "Grand Marais" as "granmaray" all one word for "large hill that opens up a valley" or simply "great opening". Grand Portage (um, the "big cheese") above "great door [to the west]". A trapper's trade. Update: Never cite my hate of fractions here - the recipe is copied word for word. Fractions may measure but not decide us. A temporal or end thought. A value maybe.

Dorothy! Dorothena! My gowns! My balls!

The Things You Needed To Know About The Wizard Of Oz I Was Bored Kinda 12/10/03 1309
Setting aside "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" (you will never improve that sequence with its periwinkles and sound so say I - the title was actually "Somewhere Over A Rainbow"), we ask others to bother with us. The Wicked Witch Of The East was jealous of The Wicked Witch Of The West and left her to die of gulch or not having. She had much in store for you. The eastern witch long dead of house and children, the West sprung out lively and known to it. "Margaret Hamilton" was actually a man in drag. Playing the part was Harry Ganst (say "Gant" also to be Marilyn Manson yet, died of cancer of the lung 1952). The Tin Man is Judy's father Marc Bennon - a known drag queen in Harlem. The whole affair filmed at the Pantages Theater in Harlem and once in Hackensack at The LeRoue (the midget scenes). "The Wizard of Oz" was made by France here and no, the Pantages here in Hollywood was built in 1956 long after such was done. A remembered name.  


I Know Sharon Tate Is Making Me Watch This With Narration But It's Damned Good 12/09/03 1355
Alright, I walked by the real house and now this "The Fearless Vampire Killers". It is very good this little art film and shows you much about Swiss life. The face of Panchkin Lameru (see credits odd)! I can't believe this stuff and kind of Christmasy. The old vamp soured his hills with boiled stockings of the dead (the loose gum poured everywhere keeps God and his spirits moving along from here) and lives on corpses with one who appeared and will dig them up. His clothes of the dead as sewn by Spaniards (no one wears that coat to a party) are tended to by his only lover a manchau or guard. Oh, I'll eat that last lesion off of you as loving has cured us. What a ruse! See this. See it.

More Dreams Of Mine 12/09/03 1329
I had some dreams of going in tunnels and then emerging in a medical school setting with corpses around. That is linked to Hammer I believe. Then, I'm trying to get cash out of an ATM machine with a picture of a corpse or the real thing boxed in glass right next to as head lying out. What junk - the guy's name is Carl and he wants a return trip - no. I tried to stay away from the head by using the buttons quickly. Personally, I've moved corpses - your family I hope - and it means nothing but odd stink to me. May God and my parents die of it.

ooo - so much money you paid better than you got times two mine is emerald green you see less

My First Christmas Card
12/08/03 1432
This just received from Public Storage (6840 Santa Monica Blvd.) on November 21 - I wait to have cash before opening bills: The space was sold for $775.00 which is less than the account balance of $2,586.00. You sold my shit? My space is blocked from sale pending court order (maybe you lost the paperwork too - I took a copy to my expensive lawyer now all my burden not). I got the paperwork for court but no response from the court itself - sue me I'm unemployed. Do you like how everything works here? I haven't had my belongings in two (2) plus years. How long do you expect to live having something of mine? I protect that with deadly force. Keep until I pay. Otherwise, I haven't had it two (2) years time. Take it all. Update: Yup, some guy called named "Tony Grafton" and it's true - all my stuff was sold for no money. If you think for one minute that I'd let that happen, you are just as dead as I am. Let the killing of this begin. Hey, got any spare bullets? What's for sale?  A beautiful Fender Stratocaster 40th Anniversary edition American Standard in emerald and maple ($750 retail), two (2) Fender Champion 110's (about $170 each retail) for stereo effect with pedals (three of them all Boss digital delay reverb $175, metal zone $90, chorus $100). Oh, I have a Roland 88-key weighted-suspension keyboard RD-300s $2,000. My Whirpool Princess Series refrigerator $500-$700 replacement value. My beautiful queen-size futon with green velour cover ($179.00) probably about $500 all told (ask Futon City). My Sealy Posturepedic  mattress and box "Intermezzo" or night walk $450. This is just all up front in there. My Apple Computer system (6800/150 128 RAM column, 17" screen with speakers, scanner, printers one colorjet one laser, and elsemore) is in there and quite alot of maxi else my Kenwood rack stereo system - did you get all that? What about my entire collection of "Lost In Space" videocassettes from Columbia House Video Library - all episodes mine plus trailers - well over $1,000 paid to you for that forty-three (43) beautifully packaged VHS cassettes with two (2) episodes each x $25.50 the mailing price of each one (total: $1,096.50). Two (2) pieces of furniture I love one either side of my bed: A lovely pine two-drawer from IKEA I put it together myself and coated with polyurethane (~$130.00). Nice. From Wickes, a serious nightstand in cherrywood with little knobbed pull tray. The top is beautiful all shined cherrywood the rest matte black with three (3) drawers. Oh and then a beautiful birch tabletop I varnished that too it's from IKEA also. Four (4) screw-in legs of rounded gray-painted metal (probably just under $200.00 - who pays?) Beautiful. We'll detail more else of how I got robbed for $775.00. My stuff is always new.     

we bought these in France special

Oh, You Know The Story
12/08/03 1343
Let's clear a few things up. Elton's not happy with his review here and I will provide notes from him by wyndham hill (as the come) on certain date. Click on his picture above to know better as you do or think not you know. My notes on Madonna's first album (a dance review say me) has brought claims of the second one issued being "in the can" as I struggled to know her first work. Not so say me. You had to work hard as Madonna's record to earn a "Bungle Jungle" or Bernard Edwards (see Nile Rodgers in there as too) recording. Seven (7) months after "Madonna" was released you factioned and bargained for all new as came. All of that money chasing so few known of it was us saying 'yes we will' to you. Oh, the tears Elton saw come down to it! That leads us to Carole King and her own wyndham hill. Carole, from Illinois, wouldn't sing for people after a while but keeps playing her way once every now. She made songs with Linda Creed (a like of mine) and had her way there. Linda is best known to me for writing "You Make Me Feel Brand New" with others I think the Stylistics recorded (my orange New York Times piano book has that in there too from the 1970's plus much that is Elton's hardbound). My little love friend Wes (Marilyn) just loved that one song - he told me then.

Yet Another Rude Awakening
12/08/03 0853
I awoke this morning from a dream of Shannen Doherty. We were in an office setting and I needed to code a piece of paper for her (paying a bill or making a purchase) and after telling her I was a "big fan" (all about sex, of course) I had to ask nearly every other resentment in the office how to code. She left after a while as I struggled (what's less appealing than a struggle?) Reminds me of the time I got steamrolled by some woman to take Charlie Sheen's chart in the emergency room at Santa Monica Hospital (I made up for it else - and later had to ask Lindsay Wagner - of Spain, formerly - "Were you really breast-feeding a five year-old in the back room?" she said 'no' - a jerk who tells?) I watched "The Italian Job" last night and talked to Michael Carpenter and Seth Green briefly during shooting. Michael details his stays with Neil, and Seth was telling me about living below the Hammer museum in Westwood. They put their homes in the film (Madonna again) and they are reshadowed. The film will not be reviewed here - a woman's revenge of - but good shots of LA mostly. Update: Michael Carpenter now tells me he's the infamous Tommy Carpenter (and I know that's as true as Mrs. Runner letting you ring the school bell - a high privilege bit of a mystery still). Tommy was a good-natured punk from elementary school who left us in about third grade Mrs. Rue was about it with him ("ganging up on me"). Of course I remember you living in Lakeview and getting into trouble alot. If Jodie Foster could do it from us, then so could you. New Jersey breeds all that swims here.

stately yet reassured

May I Present My Birth Cover Of August 21, 1964
12/07/03 1357
Whew! Could've been about Sally Fields. Update: "Oh, you couldn't even honor the guy's face." I feed upon that type person routinely. Old, not so winsome - a woman's scent of things their last bargain. Old and ugly sees me down, off, under and now you. Honestly and first up, that is no one to me and my mind. Make it easier to know why.

With Thanks To Discovery Channel For Nothing New
12/07/03 1324
Re our view of Rockefeller Center at the holidays (I usually go) a quote from: In 1942, Christ visited Rockefeller Center and asked John D. Rockefeller to sit with him briefly for a discussion on the building. From John "If you live long enough, will you tell us who we are?" Christ responded "We are just the people who came into being before any of the others. We are not pleased with ourselves. We are pleased with each other."

Madonna's Quote To The News Yesterday Via Franca-Italian Newswork
12/06/03 2143
"No one is going to topple me. I topple you. Topple Moon and see him fall one day on you."
Editor's Note: To "topple" is to remove [it] from existence. Another end-quote (no source seen): "Thank Moon once a day for nothing new."

Let's Settle This Bit For The Facts 12/06/03 1851
Someone asks God-Moon "Why did [you] make the jackzipper on each penis or what's known as the 'precupice' ("candy lover" in French - bit of a sweet tooth)?" God made that for men so the mother could extract it once birthed and eat it to prove her love to both her and me. A child received in love is made special - you eat first. I tell others the "unloved" look is primitive, but that I may still find the room in my heart always. Ask of each one. A mother should know that God's cares are reflected in you no matter how slight. Cut and tingle with (and thanks - I'll make dinner for two.)

one walk to the library after another this one the only other like, thank you

On Women Making Men Happen
12/06/03 1519
Oh, for Jesut Chrissakes I got "A woman just made me into a man again by telling me not to worry about it." Oh - all the way? I swear to finer linens that that is what women are for - whatever boosts just that little into a pile of firmament I too can see from behind that dress. Meanwhile, my express sympathies for losing your nut(s) that is no one's wish, but you are probably a known jackass riding bikes to slam bars, skating around up and down so prince, injecting salines and up your ass, and other known nonsense and that fails you. Metal composites - we talked about this. Add heroin injections. An undescended testicle (one lobe missing) is heroin at work too. You play hard. Kiss the sky for those fake ones both hanging gingerly on a little rack and note no one femmes unless decided to (we see you and help you too - I gag on some of this - I mean, why would a woman ever decide to be a man?) Keep your scent down in any mercy. I like traditionals and gender and ask to laugh or to beauty merely. Beauty me. And hey - sex isn't everything (no balls, no sex Eichuch (sic - say "yike-ick" - a "eunuch" say "yune-ick" is a woman with no tits - if removing gingerly or with spice or langor no problem, use blade from within ports heading side, not from under). Transgenders use removed testicles in their pussies and within walls to stimulate orgasms not that bad - not great either, half. Thank the stars merely. Wish one. Or wait for one of HBO's womaned angels with E.T.'s fingernut to get you going. Me: A friend of mine and I once sent another kid a ransom note for his undescended testicle as a joke (he told people often). "[Name withheld, perhaps provided later], we have your other ball....send cash" all in block letters from Mad Magazine. I was mean then too. One mother came running over with an earnest proclamation I wrote against her son who was no longer our playmate. Sometimes you gotta put an agreement not to participate in writing. We resolved comfortably. All seen before high school. More reading materials my upgrades: Mad Magazine (local newstand, candy, gum), National Lampoon (subscriptions most onward - nice intro for gays from straight), GQ (as "getting queer"), Robb Report (as seen by college -  a bit pricey), Forbes (help getting to some of the stuff in Robb Report - an Alex P. Keaton), Details (simply "queer" but LA or mascula dominant). Rolling Stone! Interview. Time Magazine. US News. You all suck now. We'll be back. Update: Why those two (2) covers of Time? The two (2) biggest blasts to the head I've ever been to. Circulation histories number seven (7) and nine (9), ever, and respectively. Gerald Ford was number one (1) in 1976, but not mine (a music-type person). Rosie O'Donnell - a fan of both - was the number nineteen (19) cover overall in 1998 and having all known to her show.       

No More Land Mines Greets And Meets With An Excess Of Facial Piercings 12/06/03 1433
Better watch out - I'm enjoying tv again and just watched HBO's "Zone" a few days ago to hear two (2) little presentations I loved (the white circle and orb suggest more to me I should know perhaps in the background). A particularly nice black guy (Milton Johnson - a staffer) gets up with my tonings muted and thanks life by citing all he loves of it. That's me too before sending you anything I could provide in the name of greater seen. I liked everything too no complaints no sniff ever seen (uh....can you believe it? all this [for not noted as much]?) Keep the chin up, Fool. I have to be the bastard that met up with things I could usually just walk away from (thanks to that) and that leads to various and sundry whatever whatever they was only words. I'll do it. Meanwhile, have a life. I'd thank it humbly and ask for one more your way. Now this. Who to kill? A world of wishes. Oh, and HBO has them angels again with women they are offensive to me women healing men with magical powerses that sucks on average. An angel in action is verboten here on out. I put them into the sky to work for me. not to see you home. From 1912, exactly fourteen (14) to fifteen (15) people have had "interactions" you should note and all in Asia and Pan-Pacifica. They pray. An angel greets what I will not know personally by you. A fool in trouble - but nice enough. Meets the ones that kill first. Four (4) new ones come tomorrow and stay for us. "You're a drunk." Note: I am not yours personally speaking. Buy less for me. Angels? Do better for yourself (and I see them almost daily - take fin). I still wouldn't jump off a bridge hope healing - have that.       

God Hates People Earning His Respect 12/05/03 2241
Oh, I stitch and rewrite this shit to please my staring of self only - can't wait to shoot it at the world to laugh with me I nearly died of it "vang balboa" I never do anything that good you neither (your old Vega in France is here) so I demonstrate my ever nimble to touch-up not to resonate your value in seeing error (oh, brother! how cheap are the stills?) Laughing at that is like citing certain ugly to face: unwelcome at beauty and truly seeking better of else noted. Always running breathless to correct the question you'd ignore - that's me (also see "using that word in front of people just bristling with knowing more" - huh? what does that mean? oh - [truly impressed - no other way to make all of that smaller, they say they've heard it said - never a better thanks to us but in front of again - we'll be you - Madonna to Norman Mailer: "assuage" to talk less oh, I've been reading the dead sea scrolls (hey - the rabbi bothered with you others would have to be paid well) me too just "names" of people not to be killed as poached by Abraham - no thanks my jury selective sometimes it's better not to associate with the old CEO we get rid of his people soon after he leaves his warmest regard for their safety spent well enough - or so I say. I am harmed by humbled petition every day to the point of living without names they are intent to protect from me and I ask to pardon your search. The good that gave asks you to see less of ourselves we only push the pins in to ridicule the obvious answer when you won't entertain us with song or perhaps a small snack, individually-wrapped, local-grocer bought. So barren of gift, I'd buy you a vowel. The scrolls - a leaf letter (no bread in there - still cheap enough without the crust a Banquet potpie knows you're only gonna turn it over on your plate and want to dig right in noting extras) and all in descriptives "seeks taller only" - a short person - to look right there! Maybe a natural wonder to me inside of my arms and loved completely, but no a dying ember will ignite my passion for having you back again and that starts right here you'll die sooner like I make up simple inverse phrase clause and ridicule the thought of (making much of anteriors or what's left to hold you over - I laugh loud enough you'd say it first I better). All of this stuff sits on the rim while I change tires for those who couldn't afford them yet hoping something better comes along. "I feel like I'm baking pies for the Fords at night" someone once said to better-off without one. One day it's nothing more than a tissue they'd say if it weren't selling the next part of the pipe as cleanly enough it would said. "Eeu! Keep that going - " - a good thing rung twice more than you had it taught to me. The flavor I'd say sold it most. I tasted some of it first you then.

Stitching My Jeans With Another's Ass Of Ramp 12/05/03 1457
I owe reader's this, sure (here's to Neilsy's way of having nothing done by it to me no fool escapes it yet): I wanted to give you the clit notes on the Neilsy junk here I love embarrassing that dumb bitch too much - call your dentist back, your new hair is ready for me to see: Neil is noted to me as the one less person who had to digi-troll my lusty scupper for saving same at the hand (he bargained me love and loss-learning at the grace to get back here I simply ramped him one day at thought and he shot back like the other half of a two-headed dilduet simply retracted at node by no greater need (shove all this down your soilstack: "thirsting for a moment and it's gone" meets the "how I wish I'd been unborn, wish I was unliving here" and writes something new in blades of grass a peace with having been less and more nored as to same you do this well go to where people go I give to a better in greatness and receive of same - you battle of sexes and see us fucking asking me never to say it that way that makes more sense in some part of you I've seen that twice now you lingo so well I'll compare it at once and ask you to say it out for me ("he could word it out like a dangerous man"), Calico: "I love a song well to dong!" Anyway, no one has to ask me for anything twice I never give gifts to people as they hate them as much as being received by it (thanks for sharing your greatest displeasure - your affluence is seen as mostly as given - why you? an intimacy questions me four to more times then you asked me to leave it at the door). I live to be better than you could seek-and-spell 'cause I hurt alot for myself always (nothing you'd too miss - I love that sorrow route kill me dead I simply love it for my mother but the burden on her gives me pause alone dark corner inside a lovely box no labels you seek it less I'd say). I love people who ask of others only to reveal the whole truth you are inadequate or something delicious I never speak to myself citing it by your tendency to see less you are ear-white, a hasted import from soothings may said (slimmed-down eurofranks cooked to pot all mentos yuck - deciding they'd say it better if left to say). Sure - each a burgundy-velvet Rolls Royce parking in your cable spot no thanks I'd rather you drive it out of Dodge to mate with yours self a secret style the Rolls "Tempura" with hot wine served on both sides of the blue bonnet all smoke and costumed rings, the longest of pilm slenders a child murderer in each vials this to poisson, vang balboa, cusps to this by fingerlakes - it is sex. Oh, I'm done praising your father a sad life of not us not here by that as it may think off. No one has it that good, you know with sex sex sex oh what's a few more bodies we moved to that by no choice given so what? I'd say. Here is your mention, Bitch, for having no class (absolutely no chance of becoming the standard you ask for me back) I struggle to know why anyone seeks to gift with soul searches that's best not brought here people hate my way with thought and deed. I give for the pure getting it's free of me still. Nothings really that bad, but you talk about having me said and what crap I accept of you and you may accept that. I wasn't left alone here without to die soon early. I have everything you are here (your balls - they are fake and hang around mine with great beauty - black suture guides them as fake, if "removed" they are really just packed within your lower breasts I'd say for surgi-freaks who ask to know more about their mother before getting down to the business of being and no one pays for that with cashed tenders you'd can't to sell - your orgasms? legendary - at once ridiculous I really have them at best to no life given a whimpers foamed not so noted by you, and then greatness beauty I'd pause for it and did the sickest bitch ever you are this). Have a day, Bitch. I wasn't raised being a reject seeking soul. I lived to beautify my life always seeking it, and hated the bother of being noted to you as less while taking most of you to it. Say it to me after you've beaten me into being hardest on you happy enough I'd chirp to and flailing at my speed of knowing how and why I rather work it all out you'll do as I say only how you helped me so graciously we loved you only how would you say it to distance me again? So meager to mend! Stop being or to so satisvow e-ford and I'll stop having you here with me. Meanwhile, to my winnings! Another jackpot I'd say. One day, I'll be against it all soft gentle not knowing and you of what said? No. Remember this? "I don't care who you are [no one talks to me like that - now eat up over days of whining and having nothing new to promote]". You are all beautiful since, but sketchy like this - underdone, to my interest. To my vow. I loved seeing you out but having you not. I loved it all done at me and not for me.                    

Another Bitch Belt Whipped At Blade Note
12/04/03 1938
That was so mean to you below thinking you had anything of minor note, but too much talk makes me a regular old Judy Collinses-type seeing both sides now and all that's not me for real barely to as an asscrack up hide. Only a jerk that raped your cangle back to bless 'em thanks everyone for being so brittle in the baldagoon Tiny Tim eats my shit pegs to thank the waste and water, not to make me new and fragrant for it your singings must end me to this. My little talks with women are like Austrian bras bolted fastidiously in the middle less bitten's bow to suggest you undue yourself now with both zipperbit breasts snapping at center back to enter vows of harmony protest each raise of arm vangled at parmis to hair. I could go on forever with that Rorshach stuff I see no clouds in my coffee just this yet in each bean of niggled mist a General Foods International moment plagued by false attribute, a sharper image reason, and your insistance on heating the grain lather of your coarse-maxened dipilatory before doing the traditional roundup of garvels on the horseshoe crab of cape melanin that subtropics each dermal verdane by geogrimes - a layer of livered lesion at each.  You button and you shave and still you protest a word with elfin makeup tricks and a porta-pantry of calming satins made to loom of gibbold belches and tip-snatchings if only to soothe a tired underwig of pinrubber back to gintight a foreign lass. Sisp-flachings of pavold-make (answer this but a silven lace before the leather lifts it up to see what punched out the panty-vent on your trolimared swamp ronchers set to attract fish with bits of princess wingworm and the remnants of an apartment rug once tested for sperm by lemon juice spongings and the halved impossibilities that lead you to what's too forget about that one last baggy of hantivagnal grease you've been saving in lanced shoes, if only now somewhere behind the toilet, in the seam of your home-sewn shower curtain, the top of your socks now removed to suggest rome ants, the smuggened crack of your ass bearing roves of no sole, and to the witless nords of this simply stated a hope chest with nothing anything happier would say to - that old thing? got the veil over the cat box no vow to oppress my this sense but wisps of ordaled odor lathened our filtranes at folvumes masked by daysavings each account over the limit so gracious of none noted to me I thank this to thought so to thought (as per soonce fuck) no etch to us in this made ever a greatness drawn down of seen to be with no one greater yet plausing if at all it sees beyond this the eworld wisping humanly impossible snap farts at twice mere cambert so pushed at it pulls. Once if it is there only always, it is previously noted - not taken aback by its seeings all once to again your favor so seen. Have a heart sure and all of that other stuff you think to sell if always to self by screw and plate nor removed it if ever worked you wonder off dumbed down to this yours no detail of you in this awaits. Make that one difference of to be seen here - not up in the clouds you saw moving around when I stood there and directed the conversation back to your liking of topic and taking that chance. You won again - where will you now go to prove it off of me? Nobody's ever proved it to me either - I just like to feel along its width and I'll measure.          

Just A Simple Misunderstanding 12/01/03 1425
Well, well - another to fool! I have a near-retard reminiscing about my college degree like it's a fatal flaw cherish each coal, and you know how it goes - more truth. I have no degree, but lie or lend if I think you like being lied to (no job ever required one - you do something else for you). I do. To have a degree for you to choke on (I'm usually good about these things truth eats truth while you wait to know better of me), I'd have to go to school another year maybe no with just about ninety (~90) credits to my credit. My major was Business Administration (Finance) and you need a 'B' average in high school to have that happen for you everyone loves the big brite of business we got that. I didn't earn a degree and I expect nothing from it but being better at much and do (thanks for having me - you were fine, truly). A college education makes you smart as shit while some cite a paper degree as just enough proof and that more to my point. No - my education vasted over the years and now you shrink at "you're no accountant, budget finance my tolls simply an ass of". I will simply fuck you with my knowledge to bare ass a bone (so fortunate to have done I command you to at once bend over!) What do you know? Heh - maybe lots I cherish that. A degree? People pork that year-round it is affluence and piddling along comfortably enough we too education and experience and you know who we do you down to get better people I'm sure of that (look at you - two shits and polish of shine - step right up how best might I introduce also a 131 must noted). We all deserve each and every. Be better, get better. A minority doctor sees no rules yet (to the ghettos a newer problem ever to you). Anyway, I fucked up alot I should have done better (I got kicked out in my eighth semester for bad grades I deserved it for simply bagging on it all, but that doesn't mean I can't try and get my way with a tissue to tale (no answer yet - I never ask - the dean talks to me all the time your keepsake a book I have it still no net present value, net another 30, -2%). Meanwhile, I have enough great in enough hard stuff to make you go right down the dez - you know - Calculus that's right a bit harder than ancient negroi-homo studiors (Calc is a prerequisite for the anals of haste logic no open book ever matters). Like others, I exist to share, not to compare in relative waste. Just in case you were often wondering, I made a fake transcript in Excel for extra-smart people who need to eat shit for the asking and then one point five credits are missing for an archery class or a parking ticket unpaid. You're smart - figure it all out my lie a bit of work (BA or BS? I ain't never seen a completed or graduated transcript - we'll leave it off so dumb) but I'm smart you see. Real smart. I know about you too and say nothing - we're friends and hate people, right? Right enough you say. Maybe one day an honorary degree no we test every candidate and objectively suited. They just want to kick you one more time, and you grab at best. I need to earn something and perhaps have a lie again. I made comfortable for you I think may destined for ivy league more stories for that. Note: My mother is your truth's moron and earned all fully too bads. That's a full-on bitch to live against and you'll find that out soon enough (she's not me, though - I'll see you there half-to-wit). Sigh....I'll never do anything right but my dad was a marine and that's hard to find out stuff they eat first. I call that open set done "cattle call". Moo. Uplift and reason: My friend Dave who graduated without me (of asswells, a work-study) died of lung cancer short after. Did all the way you wanted and someone punched him too hard in the way of letting you do. Who wins? You do if you see that for simply junk. Live better.  

ooh so smooth
I See My Anti-Gravity Technologies At Work But Finally 12/01/03 1429
I walked by the escalator on Beverly Boulevard at Beverly Center and some people from Brookstone were demonstrating the Segway people mover (pictured above). The guy I watched trying out was scared of falling forward, but I was assured that only happens if the battery runs low. It looks like lots of fun, only, without trying myself (busy, busy - to the Coinstar at nearby Ralph's I went - I love their popsicles for free, kinda - did you know that our government lets banks keep all untoward pennies deposited with them for free credit from banks onward? they don't want 'em - all you gotta do is send them back out there to have credited wealth on this maybe - to tell a friend and simply what could this mean? no one in banking exchanges pennies for dollars - period - that could be significant with clause). The woman I asked (ostensibly from Brookstone) said four thousand five hundred dollars ($4,500) without consult and delivery halted of up to and perhaps over one (1) week. In that time, you may hasten with special deliveries but they want half an hour to train riders (husband and wife, friend and of other - whoever to of household) prior to any happenings with. I see that comfort happening to be with it only. How does it work (and yes, it recharges at filthy cost)? I suggested Hydrogen leaving the bottom at electrical impulse to go up the pole and maintain an unpushable staid gait in downward trend. There are four (4) slight poles in the bottom that cause float in time, but as separate with most little chance of lifting out. Combine all at pulse in front and away you go. I suggest in the future maybe making individual wands in the head pole move out and away and then concentrating all without electricity in the fore for additional takeoff. Happy riding - we approve as the land of Jetsons awaits. You know, this mobilizes just like the Crazee Wheel of my youth. Just two (2) wheels to turn and move all around in any direction.  

From Turkeys To Hogs Not 12/01/03 1222
To avoid displeasures with turkey eggs (all of the brown ones no matter how slight), you may feed to goats at once. Goats (what provide milks to cheese always - feta, mozzarella) will eat all including shell to stay fit. Reduce grains in and of toxic turp. Brown to goats. There - it's official.

cover honors moon and terry walking around

Madonna As Said To 12/01/03 1126
With highest blessing Madonna "Nothing Fails (Nevins Mix)" MP3 (5.3 Megs) from "Remixed & Revisited" the cover honors me finally to you.

a favorite childhood read might this be

Nevermind About Where Are The Children Once Christmas Needs To Prepare For The Fest
12/01/03 0933
Just got back from a fabulous little French breakfast at Champagne our local pastisserie at Santa Monica and some other street (Hilldale). I had a croissant with scrambled eggs and bacon inside and a side of baby potatoes the red ones cut up. Nice enough in that France-like environment (a picture of the Eiffel Tower hangs nearby) with coffee (I only ever go for a house roast and then I'm pushed off by your empties to "Kuna" or some other island blend at once sensing hostility in the form of something brutish and dark - you know little people - always something to prove to no one watching - either that or try the vanilla usually sensed as too sweet even with no sugar in it to yet). About all the joy six dollars ($6.00) will buy. Anyway, I love being healthy and I, up early enough to you and thinking about doing a calendar to track the days out in front and with my errant ways at once lapsing back. To that woman Tabitha Tomy or whatever her name is (Tasha Tudor - highly recommended to my Christmas altar "Take Joy!") who does those artful Christmas books - i.e, how to chop down a proper tree, how to bake holiday stuff (I get "krepla" or Jewish nonsense, really as "crap laid" you eat that first I'll enjoy with you as bargained off or buying less of it). I loved those advent calendars opening paper windows on a house as counting the days until Santa Claus (remember each year "San Nicklaus" - "Santa" is female sainted) comes each reveals a tiny gift of sight or saving - a penny stocked perhaps. I might make one of them calendars this year (on the eleventh, double-louvres from the third floor reveal a grand mal baggy of meth, the house is must burnt down).     

This here takes you back to November 2003 I was poor then the Little Drummer Boy
Oh, my demands still unmet trying to avoid another harmony like last year's again. You fuckers better pray higher than that hears it to me. You better pray harder I hear you too you better just pray or to Christmas balls right here soon of.