Egyptian Notes by Doug Moon

description      activate (how to do)          "meaning if"                                      deride or how this happens in mind        

caterwaul        coil from top, wiggles        "held over"                                       no one came for this, but move it soon

french           wiggles jagged                "leave this to be change nothing"                 water on edge, nothing wins here

(no name)        two (2) wiggles jagged        "nothing moves from here or violence"             water on edge but twice, a killer wave to you
                 one under the other

bird, left       bird drawn off to left        "take from here and leave, no staying             has nothing for you or everhow, we made it here          
                 everhow                        unless violence pursues you - then leave"        you should leave

bird, right      bird drawn off to right       "take and leave now, no wait, no word"            has nothing for you keep going

saint            backward "s" shape            "make little of your need"                        take nothing from us, give first or then leave
                 with rounded head

margell          four (4) dots                 "stay here to identify yourself to masses"        we will be there soon enough to take you in - be ready
                 place random, a braille

asp              backward "s" shape            "open all night should you favor us"              we like sexual, we like you - favor us
                 black snake upright

asp lying        snake figure but crawling     "leave the nightlights on, we'll need you"        bring good here, not flurry
                 to left                                                                         you may leave all on tables for others to bring us
                                                                                                 to guarantee your favor - be able to prove it

arch             "t" figure heading left       "makes no home here, sandy rock area              stay as long as you will - safe enough
                 as unbalanced                  is known for safety"

two hearts       two (2) "arrows" down         "no one need claim us, we belong to each          do nothing for us, we need nothing of you
                 one a fox, the other a blade   other, a failsafe not"                           more than a marriage, a keepsake among people

asp on water     snake figure but crawling     "you are in danger here resting even to"          do not stop, do not ask to stop - we bleed people
                 to left on water underneath
                 zig-zags two (2)

(no name)        coil from top, clean          "do not touch a warning to you"                   leave to alone - we see you do this to us
                 no wiggles                                                                      do not touch us to ever

egyptian left    egyptian dancer at left       "will help you to do                              able bodies only - no words, no ask
                 a "grabber"                    will not help you to live [as sick]              "living" is talking to others
                                                no words by you, be ready to dance"              your living me is off bounds here

egyptian right   egyptian dancer at right      "will help to you to live as better for           will mend your ways - ask to know
                 a "taker" as gentle to you     ask for needs"

two hearts       two (2) triangles on sword    "makes no one special here, a brothel             a home for wayward types, eats the day          
downing but      maybe as two (2) arrows        asks for nothing, be nothing to it"              people who need less than you devoted
upward heads     or facts or figures                                                             makes no friends here
                 routined straight up                                                            please leave unless gilded

high triangle    triangle as gloria            "will not speak to you, has all it needs"         never ask for, see nothing
                                                                                                 a guild or body of people frenched or heard already
                                                                                                 married to God for forth havings, no astute needed

see the sun      an upside down triangle       "makes its day over a bridge, needs more          see us for needing the day         
                 one (1) dot over it            than it has - do not beg lightly here            welcome chiesters or beggars too
                 no bred to nothing more        welcomes the saint left behind or having to be   a beggar's paradise to some
                                                if only to see if the exchange matters
                                                lives for another day - to jews"

two asps         two (2) snakes crawling       "no one pleases us, please leave                  asks you to leave for bother of                  
                 to right                       we are dirty we won't get along"                 no one you would like to know
                 one under the other                                                             a saint's bother to it
                 no faces

frendas          an eye slit to left           "not usually by God or a man made this"           expect less than God in others - we are here too
or "ra"          or the eye opens to left                                                        see that - also, a male to be, a symbol of male
                 as if the eyelid dropped

(no more to yet)

just like you're doing it, huh