Let This Be The Last Of It So Then Take Me In Your Arms By March 2004 Move On

the queen is bryan forbes

Another Part Of Me I Fear You Missed It 02/29/04 1307
On another day that doesn't have to be (the 29th of February may I say) Elton John "Medley (Yell Help, Wednesday Night, Ugly)" MP3 (5.7 Megs) (at once gone too soon, a recoil of precious memory - find if to yours then so worth it the memory required a veritable modess betwixt the phalns and hamges - better to swiss belt, um pesh is another guide, sits mere to trauma). One day in 1975 my father came home with this album ("Rock Of The Westies") on 8-track. More like this please and unasked for. This song is magical-sounding and easily hard on women, but too long for radio (with a member of LaBelle singing within, Nona Hendrix). The story: A woman basking in praise too much on the queen's staff in a hovel of sorts. She came to me on a Wednesday night telling me "No one presses clothes working here - not on Wednesday night. We feed Santa Claus on Wednesday night - chicken and fish [meaning 'we please ourselves only']." I told her not to touch my panties in the third floor 'bordello' above us (my bedroom) but she insisted upon doing so and then saying it. "I touched your panties at night then" she said and I screamed at her not to bother me I was lounging with friends. She asked me why I hated her. It was because she wore stockings to my workroom (had lines up the middle back) and I hated her noise about it. "Next time" I said "bring a friend and have a day in there first. Don't come to me. Our languages mix us." She retorted in broken English "You mix with women of saint - I see you." Next day I fired her and said nothing of the song it married her to my flesh here. Have it. New Orleans I made up from the small town we were in by France's border. Figure it out [the name was "Norleu"]. Thanks, Elton. One day afterlot for Doug, I left that 8-track with EJ's "Greatest Hits" (another 8-track) on the roof of my father's car by mistake as we drove away to grandma's house. A day ended there for her and her player (she had already seen this once before and heard both - may the gods be with her for less). To hear of less like that please.

How Big Is The World Not To Be Bothered With? 02/28/04 1722
How many land-mass United Stateses would it take to reach one end of the globe to another (side to side if you will at one-half)? Seventeen point two three (17.23) of them. You do the art. China? Thirteen point eight (13.8) or thereabouts. Survey yourself.

What Scares Me Back Here 02/28/04 1522
Another confessional I never need to be trued: The other night I was looking at some gay porno sites (hardly ever, but sometimes - roll it please) and this one bitch (a dark-haired young man from France apparently) comes down on my screen with eyes wide open but dead as tits and happened to scare me a bit. Truth. These jerks (the guy had a unpeeled banana in his mouth - a symbol truth for you) made me wonder why I jerked so bad. It is truth and a bit jarring. Leave it there to bad lighting in the eyes but I see you. Welcome the dead when they notice you too. They are here. His quote "I think you are funny (my name is Mylin). Have it, but be nice. I'm nice too." Car accident, chest compressions. Common. Mother hates us for it. More: That kid tells me that (besides being happy about people liking his looks) that his eyes were made to open in an emergency room in New Brunswick, NJ by someone ready to take his eyes but someone else said 'no'. They get the eyelids open with "emergency product" Monistat 7 (the kid says "um, a woman's perfume, fancy") rubbed under the forehead temples (the kid said they rubbed this shit all over his forehead - do not do against probe). That opens them up when if deceasede and in about ten (10) minutes as it tightens cords in the headlock or eyeshade business we use. His eyes weren't collectible for contact lenses thank hoot (no one uses them anyway - stops grave robbing for eyes people want 'em apparently - gross - and you'll use them up your butt if you do I'll see to it afterward you will insert them yourself). If you open the eyes, mine disappear you cannot see them for this. Thank the French they messed with us too much afterward making people unhappy.

Unrelated but funny: I was talking to Madonna last night and this morning (in mind, yes) about miscellaneous junk and we at first joked about people having to endure corpses and such - you know - their methods of make (I was in our bathroom nights ago sitting on the john I told her and in the dim lit shade of nightlight I was thinking about bodies having being in there before and dying and one then even lying in repose out on our sink table it is long and adventures one there with its Japanese-style oblong sink (not my to take to thanks). Being God and all, I laugh and think forward about what it takes to scare you out of the business of mortuary and then what it takes to get you to do. Locked in any position of profession with one gone starts with light touches perhaps to the forehead to reassure your new friend that no harm is intended should you rise. More of a listener I, we suggest a comforting thought to me. I make all news as it happens there. Trust that and your new friend too. By the way, nothing like that happened on my sink, but it could. I always leave the morgue door wide open should you enter anude. See that. Nevermind about Madonna's response - it's just us now to touch. Tip: A lit candle nearby helps you know yourself better with the deceased. Try one. If showing God something nice, you can do this too. The loose light of candle with lights off makes a flamengo guitar, say, seen better by me sometime soon. Afterlit make me a prayer - we'll see. Rub in the light. 

What's Important Here 02/28/04 1509
Just like when any black climbs in your window at night to hogtie you and stab you up fifteen (15) times, it's important not to let who know whose attention you garnered (you sure ain't in Heaven, huh - and no you keep the sex yet a test for sperm). A very god's attention? Hell, no - you just ran afoul of the law or something again. One time too many it seemed lightly let no Jew say however slight. See you two matched up like bad leathers on a rainy day. See you there and without me looking on. Who knows of it? No one - that's for damned sure. See that. I gotta live without you as it is explaining everything to me so well and then. Just ask me by being black and seeing how it works for me so well - and then.

for phoebe still a baby

For The Dying An Icelandic Woolery 02/28/04 1427
And now, a bit of a downturn for our respects. When these babies (and they are pure in heart) come out of their ice freeze (an Atlantic ritual of sorts) it is to greet mothers and daughters who rule me daily with death and death pledge. You are no one to me and see how it comes: from the black depth. Their teeth - hardly a nuisant if found to be in hardly - are formed to counter ice, not your mother's breast so fallow for it. A shark knows no bounds for cruelty because that is nature's call - a disease for each pledge made by you. Icelandic woolens fell in their harsh treatment of women else and these arose because someone felt the need to ask women to die in depths of cold around them rather than starve with me of hate. Your hate breeds me like the joy I spread here: one day at a time for you. No one shark emerges from you cold in silken woolens - they eat you and hard at that. These teeth cut up the ice you poured down their throats too once captured by seeing you well and knowing your kids well. We'll see you later. Anything to say is best said to them. I never closed my pocketheart to a carnivorous fish that eats flesh like you burn silks for me. They will have you of in dreams and beyond dreams with me. They are yours. Will you ever feed me to one in your head or else? Only as an invitation to the dance. See my partner best first. A mind is no one's to own as far I know. Own yours too. Be mine. In the meantime, these do live but to lie in shallows of love's ice waiting to be known until you emerge as to be successful with us. Lie with them to please me not for I shudder to think of the drugs required to meet it in like this photograph shows you. A drugged up black making me eat shit never but having hardly the resolve not to throw up from the stink they emit daily and once heard. "Get away" it says to a black who should know better yet (this: Iceland, 1976). See it there. By the way, that black (Harold Stevens, Oceanographer PST) lost him his right arm eventually to this (a tiger shark, France 1982 - National Geographic said so). Who cared less? You? That's who cares first - then me. See him here and fully recovered yet but sore of the mind for it. Simply a sore says it. Be of note to me too. I care not for this, but cherish my beauty afoot. Retouch not - these are perfect yet. See them. See me perfecting all I know to have. See that first. See me make more to come you for here too (okay then, to you a harsher even bite under the foamy surface and above you knelt to me and to so sharp a giving of barely to notice I'd say of yet). Best said to a clown and then once again, styled a hooligan (that is, and um, an English grave robber of the 1700's). Oops - correct this one look to a "naugerel" or feminine-looking retard of France-like known to speak too much to others of nothing they know of. See the arting of it. Evolve with and to me. Make me happy enough to be with you yet like this does and again you.

Unleashing Fields Of Nephilim With Respects 02/27/04 2021
I fancy myself a bit of the partner here talking about how I might as if casting stones into an ocean, but always we see me make heaven as hell right in front of you for my reason being here (see hell in rounding out a sphere of non-feeling to see you intelligence surrounding the whole truth by mirth evil with dark circuit-like etchings of hate backwards you bargain a blockhead in path known not for life's troubles over and over a rat finding the cheese but around every corner some come pitch shifts to be down in it and blended with you beyond my havings here smeared in the head at any rate known - "pick your path and I'll pray" I digress my photofantasy ends here snip snap). See mine here. As only I can in a mind known of yours, I now render for you - as no Jew would or die - "Fields of the Nephilim" by Moontree - a giving of horn only). "Nephilim" (an endless teasing as "no two (2) parts come together", Russian) is a place that surrounds us devoid of weather (altered givings to be at) and plane (to be at rest even seen). You rise and sink (in endless walking) but with the weather not. The air perceived is dusty and pink-like. You are there now, sort of, for all the dead there can see is you not. Our point is that the dead are mindless really (no thought forward) and they keep asking questions of the "nuisant" living going in and out of realm while they visit Earth planet (with respects afoot). They, "The Dead" (now as seemingly indignant) encounter you as shade, then ask for directions and snowfoot (where you've been, mostly) as mostly to unseen - just felt, basically. These beings denied me health twice by being ugly and hurtful to others while waiting for better impatiently. I screw them in the head and provide lasting joy being two (2) suns overhead the one on the left flashing endlessly at them for assistance of sorts. Their perception is that it may harm them and it says "keep going" as if asked ever. I hate being your friend you nagged me "like two tits over a waterfall's edge" and you made it here my nagging of sorts comprised mostly of Kremlin English folks (the Russian English) and Japanese people who are turds to people in waiting and harming. I get to and for note that you'll be there for nineteen (19) years basking ridge if you sass me sufficiently to ask. Every now to again, you and I buy the world together as just another place to be up and down bobbing. First you see shoes. Will you wear them? They are mine. Then, a house. It has no people in it. It is old. Will you marry me? IF so, it's back to Scotland what made you. I take note of only what motivated you enough to ask for back in (at what tent rest for me). Of course I ruin your havings for having disappointed me and that of course and in-turn affected your choices too. Have that and the two (2) newspapers given of your choice to find out your name. That's old too. Only angels (you and us together forever no matter what yours rewarded with and doing to you mine of daily) come and go. For others lesser, an interference or something less being mine just and having the once more to see of it. A warning to thee. Pink air - dust it over. "They feel nothing and are ageless." Feeling is thinking and they have nothing to think about. We ask to you for them it seems. A need so basic it might sting with you. An air of, then. Don't believe me? Then it's straight out yours seeking up to photo-Hell, then. My little joke for those seeking better than me is to go further and ask the "sufficient" as "greatest" or "highest thought of" the ulmagod "Perdan" (means "[but] one note [to play at heard]" say it like this: "per-deen" our greatest lord over all ever - or - yours to know at the executive suite from starting right on 5th Avenue but lobby level : the evil emperor of "Star Wars" made the force be with it as half-knowing Darth Vader was God actually and barely alive having nested his own corpse inside a bowel of hate - like me, he had stuff to learn yet it seems and had to get by in his promise to worlds-bomb but a neut yet and in mind tutelage). Ask the master of truth yours to be while out on a date so evil I cherish you entering while I have dinner on buns in the round. What will you too talk about with a billyclub to the head on enter me mine? Start here it says. I cared enough to know better and it shows 'round the clock but with dailies off. "Oh, you're here." See a "Hellraiser" my creative juice flowed wildly there such givings to my head. My bitter truth seen alive like the woman bit half-eaten in the very first "Jaws". You got real footage there, Babe (starring Sharon Wilson and noting happenings on Echo Beach, North Carolina 1972). None filmed that. I loved it so dear - now you too. Compare me in a photo at youth holding a dead shark in my hand I got it from a fisherman while visiting a local pier. It was a beautiful day on the beach in North Carolina (Myrtle Beach) and I even had a neighbor weave a macrame necklace that made just for me with their blackened teeth embedded in string (since coveted and stolen Brian). Back to reality it seems a day away. I think people who get beaten up too much in the head-heart worship black gods now seen even in music as sensed powerful. Nothing to give, a fag thinks highly of himself however. A hellraiser himself. A hell in itself then yet. Starve off.        

The Tarny Legend of Ditweed 02/27/04 1955
Frequently, I use-call the member of one's own guild "dickweed" to offset the difference between you and I. A dickweed (a play on the word German "ditweud" say "dit-weed" what means "shit lover" in France - a pig of fortunes or having gold around seen and used and of course bargainly having sex - eating for less at (as) others who borrow) wastes my time swelling the numb head over nuisance or plague. They grow where others will not eat. A beggar to me every time. These things are personal and important to sense properly (a weed-like grower on shit? yes you do). They - these people terms - are not new. They resound (rumble to be known) with glory inside. A pig for pulling you down never knows how good he has it here. Never thank me the yet.

"He's Like Running A School For People Who Wanna Get Tight With Others" 02/27/04 1558
Somehow I'm offended. How can I explain that? If hate is no longer valid, that means anger is in. I seem to lower food down your active chimney stack, you pray for steaks. "Botox" (as seen on magazine covers of late, the ampled feignings of "Sex In The City")? Per Madonna "Barely original timing or God [as "X" - the intersect in time-space that greets to you nothing]." Chinese too as "botos" or "both of us together [and seeing it at first]" - a ruse to me. What if we made it up? You'd tell. Our next twaum to elecreme is going to have named "Ouorna-P". All over you feel the rejuvenation deep to inside you. Ask a brand doctor to explain your benefits then heal with me listening in. "We are there [as tight with others]". You are the pity child of fear-based renderings. Oh, "bound in hatred" is excess to those who share a toilet but won't commit to a passion of being seated firmly and to lever at touch. Where I'd wipe you'd send. Learn who's crapping and then advise that no one need ever see you on the toilet vouching for a full trimester of second warnings to thee for having accepted another helping of such. Simply flush me down at first I'll pave for the way back and be better at it for you but hopefully elsewhere yours stink commanding more attention than elixirs may claim at a bear (as in being eaten alive while waving majest - see it here some fear the porcelain may to shrink like bad leather on tan). Someone's hand folded down on that one. "Why do I fart so much?" Excess person causes it to be (for some a charm of having less known). I simply distort my own heathered codings (volume 7: ranch sack) and send it off to saves two by again. An intimate fears me. My grandmother: "When I smell a fart, I know a shit can't be far behind." Her thoughts on interpersonal askings (um, a comment to mostly about lies), really, but to truth we see it. Take the toilet up on its initial offer and at glance you'll see. And hey - if you don't jerk-off like me, you'll only have nocturnal emissions (more to scent your mother in need at this junct I started washed my own panties for fear of sake). Which feels least like God would have you?

at once preferring camel lights

The Indignation Of Your E-mail Now Bothered With 02/27/04 0952
Oh, I didn't want to take this one on as now bored with you, but okay - Mac OSX "Mail" this is your day -  my day.  Someone said Mac Mail sorts your mail and makes others know your work - having a day to look at things. No mail programs offer this, but Mac does - sorting your mail, supposedly, asks it to think about who you are and what you receive. I don't receive hundreds of things because our government needs me to see smut and junky women making me unhappy. This is what they fail to regulate. So alarmed a naked woman has become a charity of sorts with people like me who don't even notice they are there, really. I hear that people don't want to look at them and hardly ever pay. A commerce failed of no delight. That is not new - a woman extrudes or bothers. The associations are clear - bothersome. Have that. Oh, we talk of having knowledge fest or knowing to much about people it hardly ever pays the bank. Now I have to be bothered with blue dots on the left-hand side (I never would care - different accounts else being pulled? yet to be read then sort on this? no and why summary? you can know too little leaving the burden to be the bother a computer may to be a madness of no such import leave it off). Defeating all argument the blue dot says I am no one to you and that no priority is issued. The blue dot tells me that nobody cares. A priority never sorts me. You get sorted having no priority that is all. Not true. A blue dot is sorting by the government citing "unlawful activity" (some say "we don't know if it is real or not" - a threat maybe how caring of me). That is a crime by your neighbor. Never sort or send my mail anywhere or die. You as a person have no authority to speak of sorting anything here or abusing systems with tact. You'll be dead in six (6) weeks time for making me know you. Others too. Our government (a pride of not actually having an "Africa" at all - I exchange a symbol for symbol that and simply no more - a bargain at my cost the ever to you seen God loves cymbals castanets too clickedy-click there is no sound-off I may still select of you taken the least) is full of shit anyway cycling sex all over to see me out of your need. Never think I give a shit about your economies in people we are not one world one guild - people hate us for having it our choice. I've made myself clear - let 'em starve first. They failed you and continue failing you with choices made already. Ask to see them. I am cycled down and underfunded in the hopes that you and your "government" (a maude I yet use) get to kill me with a lack of posterity or useful value. Strange coming from the nearly dead assisting in the poisoning of self now just for make it mine (all dartwinks or "see it later" types from "Scotland" and their drug-weakened fags handing nothing of truly mine to you I spare the guilt have it all). I am well-versed in the "helping hand" okay sure becoming the mand of hurt soon enough (see your body-hair fade and return like the colors of a bandwagon in recent time spare me your spare change of heart what can I get to kill? see my demands unmet by you being this to me and here with) to free you of oblique you send and why would I get that from you anyway? Why you the source of all light to shed and burn? To be me? Have it. Let's get down to hard business: No one needs to send anything here - I don't get it. Accept that. Jews said no. Your people said no. Does it end there? I kill what I hate every day. Be there for it and perhaps a lively discussion later on then after. You are not mine yet. E-mail must never be screened by you. Never. They do it. A blue dot why? It is there. I don't feel the need to know every little thing about computer delivery pure shit discussion in the hands of morons who change things to overprofit but still to see the Internet is rife with idiots then the megabox of wealth and hating you right out of the world into your own cosmair (another Conde Nast vialogue for those scrumptious who know all about something of and care as little for it too - hopebox, lucky charms, conversation pieces, how it might be if you maybe just up and then simply died and I got to see more of myself and at it just once as that merely suffering me). They die. We change it. In the mealtime, don't write me it doesn't get there. I'm supposed believe that no one cares I'm here. I don't care. I'm sorry - I'm just not that needy as for you a torment to me. If I may, you seem blatantly stupid you don't see how stark delivers me a gold as omnivore strikes. You are crude and satisfying too. This is another raving by a madman (you clarities ever the clear I pay for hurt outright as far cheaper to the max I'm given an even bigger take of it hold some of this have like mine), but Kelly Glock - thanks for something that wasn't delivered your hate in a bottle. They protected me from vaginal odor only. I cannot say your words cleanly. I cannot be you as influenced. I lived here and saw what I saw - a jerk being with jerks living quite well aftertest I am not good enough in-fact - please, let me change. My friend only Toni tells me that her government (a "hovel" or home demanded for that) sorted a trick I did on her and nothing unusual was received in token. Good going. You receive for your end givings I try not to play with dubious prospects and win this only. We see and see how it goes and no faith in anything better than you delivers shit in bottles - what you have to give. More words like this for prompt and discussion. Bits of me. I'm funny and seemingly long-winded. Funny though - that sticks in your ass. Profit me. I rationalize you merely at needs spoken. Tip for the healing is more than a pompadoo: No vulgar woman gets extra ex-lax from me for being that as here in me too. A strong man raises a daughter to kind, considerate, and aware of others before having all as subordinate but desired and welcome to. Sometimes no one cares in the raising of it maybe they fuck a conquest of the giving sort now a firmly-held taking. No - other men unfailed by it or perhaps a little bow on the front of your bra will reset your dally timer and for this business to end of it. A signal to paths here. This my world ever to yet. You bargain me. Seek no change for I am thee and coming done.              

Florida Said 02/24/04 2110
Why Florida? Well, my roommate gets the details "I talked to your mother today" a fag sure sounds ominous but it hasn't mattered yet in this scenario me mental you fit and rube (every now and again "Maybe you've heard of me twice and my card - "Christ" - then I whine talk to the other walls for hours spent looming sure right in my own bathroom with a bar of mexican soap up his ass Levertate 2000 "springelven wort a nit tasty too"). My mother met up with my roommate's parents (? - they enjoy each other imagine the parents just like normal yet take no harm to having) may be purchasing "a condo" there (I want to own a tampon in Seaside Heights, NJ  - a "family" motel, seasonal then moded a life worth living is sad lonely). I listen in to the conversations and tag along ("we're in the car"......brutal omnitruths smancs amid social eppis fraught $600,000 let me see it aftercard X). Her aunt Mary died too I hear (of cash-purse - rare that blend of death and sex but bugs in the ass). Florida needs a good reason to have you these days. Maybe one day, I have a home of my own somewhere small, dark I'm in someone's ass right now asking if I might, explaining to you, mail just held in the crack. "Why do you say you are related to people when you are not?" Who cares? All of this after-the-fact stuff ain't helpin' me live better. You feel my good. I have my good. Real good. I like new homes. A new car. Anything new will do. "Your people are wealthier than shit." Hate is the utmost of their havings - saving all for illness or other unsent to unwelcome of note. Theirs. "No one wanted to fuck me way back when it mattered." Not to me I own't. Having money does not go the store and look-avoid the price I buy this up. You pay for that off. Pay for sex too. "That'll cost ya - and I'm not talking about your pridesale neither. That's expensive to be with. Lane rates." Handing over cash to saleswent? "Go to hell." When receiving grace item: "Fuck you." A simple exchange in the jewelrymart adds this to a tax. Legal and tender in all parts public and private adds some.   

Still Talking About How It Was For You Then How It Will Be 02/24/04 2031
Sorry for the ugliness here - so sees it again. Do you appreciate knowing anything better? I do. I was reading that stupid Buddha site and yup that's a pile of useless crap this is done to you eat it up (you are dumb and dumber both). We didn't want change here, we just wanted to keep our word. We are evil (all Jews, really hi to yours named be that my religion sees me done, never you, smart too) and this world has no owner but I. I did this to you long ago and do it to you now not again. See your place. All of the cheap words in the world plus some won't make it with me. Try your hand at being naked then (still screwing your friends and family atoning for the past wages this another sin? I had 'em all already - franks? thanks) If not suitable, why not be worthy of the good you seek in form by being better about things. Keep yourself nice, clean. Be giving. Wait to be asked. You could be better about things then you die. Your love fails me I died yet a pity, but I feel like it just died of being distracted I have to live this out well, you know. You too then. God: It's that simple. That damning sure. "I am the crime" that asked you to kill this but only to put your ass on the line. You should be half-offed at Starbucks with a cup of surlabean. A dignity shaft. A principal moment. Never looked better. Udder rear told her stop talking about God he died of byot ballis sure then you think of yourself as living but without all of the lies over and over again to no bother yet.       

I Took The Time To Be Prepared And Again Once You Didn't, Of One Tragic Surgery 02/23/04 1831
Thank God! Cosmetologist (correct to "celebrity cosmetician" if will be right - see me, "and pulled teeth" yeah, from three coked-up hags) Way Bandy survived me and is living here in my complex as sorts and in young now named Michel a bit France. I told him so in the mind as if he'd forget. If I wasn't reading the one Playgirl my mother had hidden between her mattress and her boxspring (king, lower right - maybe my dad's - Brian Buzzini and a hot Puerto Rican now say Valenzuelan lying in the grass), I was reading her Cosmopolitan and learning all about checklists on your man, makeup, and Way Bandy doing particular women out. "What are you doing in my chair, Dear." Welcome, Honey. No AIDS - "surface cancers. I was old." Fact.  

Adding To Our Krela Of Christmas Eve 02/23/04 1647
Roll the krela or "wettened bread" on a wooden surface such as a breadboard to gain stealth or handling free. Nothing flour sticks to wood a wood rolling pin shows you hardly of as wet mostly possibly. Mine stuck on countertop here, but once coated with beaten egg and smoothed by hand to no bother seen after baking. Add one (1) teaspoon nutmeg (blooms inside and makes heat come with vapors rising) to cook center better but beware of splits. Nutmeg was made to add heat to the center of anything and thus a cooking well. Beware the taste oddened too. I prefer mine without methinks. No one publishes this bread without my permission for it is God's (did you have it? not yet). Tip: Allspice tenderizes with no heat allowed transfers or stopped in process. Both of are metallines and best left off as to yuck not thanked. Use toothpicks to keep heat busy and disturbed instead under the meat and protruding out that is up and down.

A Bit Upset When I Can't Share Or To Gaze Upon My Beauty With You 02/23/04 1513
Yes, and as you know, I get a bit upset when I can't share my wondrous way with you a screen that will not lock for a shot and are a bother. Enter the ScreenTool 2.0 at download.com for my every need Mac (also see "Grab" under "Utilities" in the OSX operating system - we made this friend first and of course you are not this). Not only do you see, you now know how. The Internet is about sharing and not caring at all. I see it from Coke Music.

I Wasn't Made To Answer The Challenge Of The Meat And Not Made Of It I Prove You Nothing 02/23/04 1345
To my father who challenges and as such: Ours is not a bargain of having - to fight and then to flee? With whom? A man made of steel fights to stay with his, but others who handle less are made to flee the fight. I was made to flee as not having anything to carry along. Have that. If you are of the meat and measure it such, I never the measure. Challenge each other to see who stays among as each having a reason to stay. I flee you of having to endure the lard that seeks only to eat while staying. I can flee from that. Never will the meat on the end of my history fork say back to me it could if only it knew of me better. Have that to be too on yours the end of a fork. To woman had by me: Will you shoot it as well as I did you? And to as quick? Probably, yes. Most offerably, not. Moo - I smell a cheese a' cookin'. I smell cheese, I do not of cook it.

But Of Course Act II 02/23/04 1217
Some say "Moon - what is your favorite brand of microwave corn?" That would be Act II - I almost rave about it and that is, without bother and from the workplace historical. I cite its qualities as most like those of theater and then some. Have that having just bought a six (6) pack last night from Pavilions I seek it out. That corn is from Kentucky. I asked mind over for its opinion as all-known to be and it said anything Orville from Kentucky and Ohio will do. Fine then. Fine. We beg to differ.

from the LA Times Feb 22

The Passion Of Christ Notwithstanding Or Never So 02/23/04 1153
We welcome Mel Gibson's "The Passion Of Christ" as Mel is unusually wholesome here. Don't take things too seriously we like it again. I quote ruse from the LA Times source of the above graphic: "It is a rather basic narrative: A father figure sends the young hero on a mission. Along the way there are helpers and obstacles, and just when defeat seems inevitable, the hero triumphs." No. I send myself to make you eat shit for following such a ruse or bargain to the grave. You are supposed to know better and I am no one to sense a defeat here. I send myself into as tricking you, ostensibly (or what as you can see or should see) to make you know that this is unacceptable ever on. We do not follow a Christ through the streets - we see ourselves starving of it only. Better people know better only. We help the needy and live ourselves. You stand to watch yourselves die of it. See me still here. "Once God walked the streets as a human being." Never true. I am not human (made of your quality) ever. That is more truth than you can bear to stand of it. See me here - a demon only. "When are you leaving, then?" The day that is fattest with me here. See Mel know these things. Aside: What is "meaner than dick" saying? Meaner than not having one to argue with. Of all "mother dung" (no not "mother done" no)? Of the smelliest shit we worked hard enough of it. Jewish, that.

indefinably christ-like

An Azkaban Is A Child In Need In France Someone Who Doesn't Know What He Is Doing Yet Something Wicked This Way Comes To Me 02/23/04 1032
I just watched the new "Harry Potter" trailer at Warner Bros. and it is good. Remember "Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban" to be a big screen experience then. I myself watched QuickTime high. The film opens June 4 but I have friends still working on it I see (Mochee appears in it an elf I hear "the new Harry Pottier"). "Something wicked this way comes" is from Ray Bradbury? The bible had it first a book of Lazarus raising (Ezekiel then too as liked often enough a warning - no true source but said enough a good we see in it). Corrected: "Something so wicked in this way comes to me [at no bother at all]." A price of fame or loving something great. No bother really - just you then. More: This poster features "Roman" (say "rah-man" a diseased name for no one we knew) as Rasputin, Russian excellence - they are one and the same. Photo taken in France one day after glory. Christ was Rasputin (and changed bits). The name Rasputin means "the one who knew" in cleric Russian.

Islands Of Yore 02/23/04 0953
It is my mother's birthday today and today I honor her with islands she is vacationing in Florida as I understand it. The "Antiguas" are owned by France and are found just under Florida and to the left. They are Cuba soft (ladders to), the Bahamas mostly (some owned by us - we own Nassau and Newport), and they are the keys left over (nothing we have - we are "Strengthen and Meorue" - one of six [6] usually, some come and go). The "Antilles" are owned by Russia outright. They are Cuba (main) and "Morass" just under Florida south. The French owned the Antilles (none England), but Russia took them over after New Orleans fell to our government in a deal. The French owned the Polynesias too just under the Americas. They are Costa Rica ("the cost of knowing us" - "rica" is not proper ever as a "female" ocean - they are all female, really, as hitting to get what they want) and Puerto Rico ("the price of knowing us" - a variation on theme). The Phillippines are the last owned by others and they are just under North America too but over near the Pacific and off on the leftor-most (underneath) coast of Africa what is all France, really. Know your scope. Africa and France are uniquely one, actually, despite a river they made known as the Mediterranean. See that. God knows you and cares not. "Are you ready to declare France rulers of the world then?" It isn't about what you can rule, it is about what you can keep to rule. It's like I told my roommate yesterday about fighting with me "It isn't about a down moment, it's about what you can keep off your back." Have that as God loves a flagrancy (what keeps rising, staying) most.

if she coulda known better she'd state of play

We Never Had This One To Curve Fans Everywhere 02/22/04 2029
Someone said State Of Play (an early Curve version) did this, but I found it else: Toni Halliday "Chemical Comedown" MP3 (3.4 Megs). Also found on the "Le Femme Nikita" (um, "the littlest woman" in French) soundtrack. That is where this came from I supposed. Another dougmoon.com exclusive.

About So Many Grams Taken 02/22/04 1746
A person loses about forty-six (46) grams (on average) upon death - all heat dissipating thanks and tightening you up. Have that.

What Happened To Cat Stevens Happens To Me A Lesson 02/22/04 1419
Cat Stevens singer-songwriter - an Elton John protege - died in 1973 of massive brainstroke from drugs in Philadelphia. He was my friend Dizzy's (Paul Diaz's) older brother Michael - the oldest brother, in-fact. He got his family into the country from Valenzuela and that was that. A tool for us, really, as Paul was dumped by us and without a home really here with. See that. Paul and another ghostly friend Timothy Kyles grabbed me and led me around social circles Los Angeles just as soon as I arrived and both have been home with me to New Jersey as such - at least once each. And all just as soon as I said it. Cat doesn't hate us by Islam, he hates Jews for not letting him back in the country from Valenzuela since about 1976.

I've Been Asked To Redo The Past For You Here's Burt 02/22/04 1312
Burt Reynold's of course was in our family and asked on many an occasion like his son Danny not to speak not to clean or not to sing in an effort for, but we serve him here. We focus on him here and deliver three (3) films I think you should see. Oh, a woman a neighbor Josephine Umbro comes running over with his Cosmo stint to my mother saying "people sometimes get famous anyway", but that ain't the point you see. He is here. "He took everything from us on the way" my father would say to you and here goes: The first I cite as natural and waving is "Deliverance" (1971) a homosexual's tale of how best to breach (to ask people what they think) and what if? With people like Jon Voight and Ned Beatty around, women know that it is Ned's ass (you can spare that and a death) that will get fucked by cooters (toothless in French, a hillbilly) on a camping trip, not Jon's but we was thinking of it together and with homos a thought leads to a deed. You are this. A brilliant film for broaching (telling others your thoughts) and be the question and with Burt around to keep things straight. A brilliant harm unto thee and meaner than dick - we are here. Next up is "Smokey And The Bandit" (1976) - something I had in my hand at Video West to rent recently but didn't feel I could afford to know it again, to pay attention and to pay. I know this bitch is as funny as dump with Jackie Gleason (Ted Pivarnik - grandson of patriarch Jorje, brother of John to mine) another relative of mine on the mothered side playing Buford T. Justice to the masses, but you see how all degrades in mind to a thought of having better with it. I know this is great - I'd see it. What it takes to get that man Buford T. to quit is all I remember. Finally, and without your review, I'd sight the majesty of "The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas" (1981) a musical unto thee. This film - another homosexual's havin' it romp - includes the divine talents of Miss Dolly Parton who closes the film haughtily and meanly with "I Will Always Love You" a scarring affair have it not the original kills you dead with the finality of us. The message there is clear: "It is over for you for having shat on us this way", but don't let a Dom DeLuise go without his hearing of the "law-wuh" as such he is brilliant here with. Nor let Charles Durning escape with his award-winning "I do a little two-step" as Texan governor. None of these talk about Burt because he has had enough opinion to see his way home. He is here for you and too. Does an opinion matter to much? Not yut. Not yut again. Princess Grace of Monaco was his sister-in-law my great aunt - does that matter too? Not yut. More: Burt wishes to stir you with "Boogie Nights" (1996) something he worked hard to be in an old man of now seventy-nine (79) his last good film is this so says him Danny son paid from his Boston that's it. I've seen it but need another viewing again to pay attention I'm an important man now or then so says him. By the way, that is his dick. Another "distant" cousin of mine. Three (3) there. Um, and at sacrificing to my own gay purities, John Denver's son. Ours still.

Make sure you take a look at the trailers at the Internet Movie Database - IMDb under "Promotional" left as even if only for the flavor I enjoy it. Also, I trace down songs I hear in movies with their brilliant soundtrack listings. You tap through alot of crap to get your shift, but come what may.

curve know better

A Regiving Of Sense A Put Back In September Too 02/21/04 2145
Toni Halliday asked to me to put Curve's "Worst Mistake" from Sony PS2's "Frequency" back on the block and here it is: Curve "Worst Mistake" MP3 (4.6 Megs) also in September's page as featured with the original version of "Cold Comfort". I had to re-encode this from CD or wave file, but you hear it and it's worth the effort. I showed Toni to mind over how I wrote the lyrics down on the CD sleeve to sing along. From time to time, a song happens and I need to perform at length and get exactly right (like "Cold Comfort" - "all the girls they love to party"). "Worst" goes "back two clicks (to forget all this) | can I handle it (do I need to be this?) | can I fathom it (can I forget of you in it having me?) | or understand it (is it beyond us both and therefore disposable?) | connect and hit (no thoughts, just deeds to me)". See that.

go blarney you hum

As I Was Expecting "Deep-Sea Leprechaun" 02/21/04 1854
Saw this title "Leprechaun Back 2 Tha Hood" ("Leprechaun 6") yesterday as I strode in Tower Video on Sunset (always checking weekly for new titles to bear - a window at Book Soup says something like "all we had that summer was oatmeal and the new bowie record" and of mine Summer 1976 and as such Denise Coogan-Conger). The last one we saw "Leprechaun In The Hood" ("Leprechaun 5") was good enough as you may well know I cherish the "Leprechaun" series (Trimark once now Lions Gate they are the same but different owner in control one is now Neil) for having me in - not a one not noted by such. Have that on DVD and selected video. A rating of later. Update: Columbia House DVD club has this film for the ordering of, but I just found out I gotta pay by credit card first then order. I don't go to Columbia House to pay first and at that delivered. I go to select-order but only on my perfect credit with them so cheap having had tons of their videos made to me. This is the world today - people losing their place in it and being just that in the world of place missed. I wrote 'em up but may hafta delay my selection upon agreement for years or so on (I need buy five [5] of these by 12/18/05 - see me wait). It's not like your stuff is worth anything to anyone at four dollars ($4.00) a copy of each made by you. See that. Learn business. A loss is never yours to have. The customer pays that when they say "bill me" on that. No, I don't read the "find" print - that's for you to defend against queries. Do so, then listen up. Update: The good people at Columbia House saw my way and now "Leprechaun Back 2 Tha Hood" is issuing in my direction at saint. Apparently, a bit of a mix-up with the introductory choices among me. See that.

Today's Word Is "Placand" You Can't Do Anything About It Anyway 02/21/04 1742
If you are "placand" (say "play-kund" for "having no say" in France) it means you celebrate at fault. The fault of having to be with this. Placand types feel the need to override their cirumstances and build a fantasy around having to endure you. Is that me and Jews? Hardly. It is you and me sometimes. Have that and cherish each you've had to have by me. Hold it close to your heart and tell others nothing of it. Be that and cherishing. Say nothing though to avoid happiness with. "If could I choose for another yet, would you?" I wouldn't, usually. I'd choose you still.

"Queer Eye For The Straight Guy" Just A Cover For Bravo 02/21/04 1638
I was watching "Queer Eye" on Bravo last night and was talking to friends after also noting Dido tickets go on sale tomorrow for her Wiltern show ("and maybe I do this to you" she says). Madonna bought already-established network tv as "Bravo!" for about one hundred thousand dollars (~$100,000) to showcase her friends for "her only" as she puts it, with editing on to take upwards of two (2) years. Apparently with "Queer", swimmer Neil (now in dark spheres of mind talking to three red-balloon heads revolving and with clown faces on them as me, my mother, and my maternal grandmother - all approach you and bite not a throwaway is Neil now in a jail but type of the heads may pop when he sleeps) was involved to no fest. The opening sequence of "Queer" remembers me as someone who "works in his bedroom" and has "five (5) gilded mirrors in his home's entrance" yes. A dive of sorts. One guy there - the cutest one to me - is Dido's brother calls himself Mark Colfax. Have that. Onward, we see that no one has anything to say but do not cook shrimp in your or Madonna's New York home being showcased I do not cook shrimp or fish in my home it stinks (having actually one of done this in my Morrisville, PA garden apartment to weeks of it). I'd eat shrimp still, but leave the capricola out to yuck a bad blend. That'll kill ya being calf meat and incomplete, really. Isn't a scavenger enough? Not really. My advice on shrimp and scavenger types (crab, lobster) is no more than five (5) servings a year no matter how large. Have that too. Eat less or more to be fit.

a good idea for retro laughs

Competing With VH-1 For Better Nodes Or Stops Off Meet Marimekko 02/20/04 1228
I was thinking today about the first time I saw vertical blinds in someone's home at high school and that led to a Marimekko print (a locomotive - a Marimekko print is batik cloth stretched over a wood frame). I nearly died in this thinking of our own diptich-triptich (two-three matching pieces) of browns and beiges off (one to two given away to the basement walls). You say the name to us "mara-meek-oh", but mind says "marat-mek-kay-oh" in Japanese to mean "our day apart [of being better than you]" - a day of better things. I am polluted here with memories of a high school trip to Nassau Street in Princeton, New Jersey where they had a boutique chock-full of the stuff and you may have seen also. I'm dying here of fabrics from Finland? No - Andy Warhol did this and with New York City who still owns. Have that. I'd still appreciate the party set featured above probably last fabricated in 1992. Have that again. More: The house I went to was in "Millstone" (made up and not far from Jackson, New Jersey and thus Six Flags Great Adventure). It was the home of my high school friend Renee Waldron - severe astute and attorney in New York today. Her father was Bob Freeman an attorney and she was from his second marriage to her mother and they are number two at the helm at this amusement park (see brochures if). Renee told me yesterday yet in mind that her father kept a Rolls Royce in the house garage to be driven every day to the park but miles away and but early on each morning. The house, a "sulface" (a brown derby with plats and modern) was built for the cause by the constructors of Great Adventure and I cited its modern appearance to all. Well done. Nobody lives in that house ever says Renee - they rent it. Somewhere near John Deere.   

Never The Thought Brown 02/19/04 1436
Add to my fear of being common the act of repeat and you have my cross to bear. Why should we meet? I promised to say here that I had a vision before Christmas of my mother at an upscale party being smeared on the belly with something brown (a "brownie"?) by onlookers as she socialized with other browns mills (each a Deborah of the early 1970's promising to hold your hand if all goes well - her carings to ever the nicer yet see the tub holds scars). She was wearing the same blue-sequin length from my sister's wedding (one tradition beats another to the yard and pisses off the other first while yells "why now?" to no one, really). I laughed to form approval? Not seen. Then later (but earlier to here), my brother Scott was grabbed and held against the bars in his prison duty by a black inside with a billyclub but his. Died crying? Is this truth? What about the other stuff I get? To you I take note and say nothing of. Sense with it later. See me.       

Never Think This Material Delivers Yours From Mine 02/19/04 1354
Women hit it with each other sexually if they read this I still don't care about anything like that. When it comes to thanking a delivery like this, it's once again about who gets to put their name on it, not who contributed to the under all development and sad fact of what's tracked along tones. An album of songs tells you who made it happen for you and that is what's important here - who had enough of what it takes to feed the rest of them sherbert so tamed by their thoughts of having to be and with them if only for one moment longer than said by it saying. Who inspired nonesuch at each oft and that one song and what in-fact made "Smokey" sing it that way ain't important enough I'd say if you're willing to take the noise off like I do at short length and decide not what's important to you you do that but not here. Why ruin a perfection made in times of troubles seen coming? To hear that hollow ring of perfection made noise? Both bells banging inside bells of bangers bid banging? Shortly, then off. Go with us then to place where those who already can tell you softly and sweetly that caring ain't enough and seeing and doing isn't there hold-waiting with it either. You hafta know how to have them and that ain't easy. We have nothing I'd say and from you get that. Have that again and see nothing here I can't make more understandable at length and bother the burden so with the good news of at once seeing if it asks of us again to not know. "I'd suck eggs to reach the center of hen if only to pick at the bagels they made" is one person's mind. I'd have no other. You laid an egg - now what? Never suggest bagels. I've had 'em and eat secondly while thinking about what bothers to please that. I know who they are right at home in their own little world pleasing each other that very same way. My college classes in marketing tell of attracting paying customers with what's best for their needs and god thank woman I haven't made a cent of it yet being just what you think. After failing in your schedules but twice, it took time to notice yours having then and that is what I never wanted you to pay for - just have. See it that way. A paying customer is a pain in the ass. You think you know what that is? Pay to them then. I have that already and are in the selling markets making you share it all. Have a bill in mind when you call me to pay. I'll ask to see it first then shop you around taking money while making no sense of it all to price changes. "Up" means you need it more you seem that too. I sold if off under the wall without telling anyone (that means I gave it away "for free"). Now pay the neighbor that bought me a home next door but doesn't know it yet. I'm coming home.             

You Can't Own People But You Can Send Their Things 02/19/04 1240
Another ask about ridiculing masturbation. This is not the turf of mature folks seeking quality in the sun I reject this you should too. I love masturbation and have do in front of others legioned as I am desirous and pleasing. Your shame should arise from each saying of to others who only seek no bother of yours if answering to one an other if at all. If my mother yelling from the kitchen to her husband down the hall in her home's office isn't ugly enough, I can tell you what she asks him - "Jerking off to Britney Spears again?" ("No - I borrowed your copy of Dan Rather" after deleting the contents of your cache a mistake will often be made just as someone sees it). She (like my grandmother who often asked me if I was "moisturizing" from in the bathroom just to confirm her note) thinks being mean and embarrassing rewards the silent shopper "but who can resist a sale?" That's my payment too. One day, Britney will know how viciously she was used by Dan. I have the facts seeking homosexuals or truth. Your mind's "worst bad breath" (a photograph I may see) meets up with "the most honored of else's never to be known" and only in this category. My truth was always a winner but senses nothing of it yet perhaps then a firm denial meets categorical truth see "simplistic". I'll cite it a la carte every time - I didn't actually take the beans that come with that suit. Maybe it mattered but never when it counts the most. I've had bad sex you know, but never actually with you. It was with that moisturizer you bought.             

Oh Thank Nothing See Yourself Done To Me Up A Straw 02/18/04 1142
For God - in your court for today: Someone asked me today about "fellatio" (a firm match with "penis, clinical" and "twat" - sucking dicks to the point of performing, "oratio" - another act a having since been - in the gut). You know, my personal practices. I have and do this with no clause but, but only to those where no thinking (um, a remedy being sought - I call it "wheels spinning" behind the eyes) is found on me. Like the analoggus act, I do this for me an only selfishness that sees only your needs too. When this happens, actually being pregnant with your shit baby isn't going to matter to me at all. I eat to please and then me and fear your reasoned and seen to be an appetite that does not make order for me, franks. I appreciate nothing to however you took viciously I made. Having been to establishments of higher order, I marvel at those with a service sending agreement hasting each prod with a poke through the formals of wall, but I would personally hafta check around the corner first to see if there are breasts as featured in jail. If not, I guess I'll just hafta smoke the haguel cigs from up in my ass and wait for that cancer to strike me as now indignant. Never cite services seen to be pleasing me however and if then. Firmly know that I'm thankful for nothing retrieved with the portioned loins of self (now probably just another incomplete abortion demanding to know you to better). I'm not a woman after all - I have my market value sensed and with me if hurt looks could stand to be born (um, a gift: if someone noticed more than what they looked like with me around; a guise we use). I seek better than me for the need where you fit down and inside - not the qualities I provide like two different breast implants being billed on consignment. "So - which do you like better? The both on the left wind up being the same price since you bought them as new." Remember, if the best dollar is spent on the self, the last one is probably going to be spent getting to know all about someone else you've never dreamed of. I look like I thought less of it and that can be beautiful and maybe to you.    

Sampled Rot From Last Night See No Post - A Single No Vote Says Nothing By Radio Telesocket TV 02/18/04 1241
I hear ya - the collective whether so cold to the paw, tighter spaces to be found in, and reversing your talent entries have taken a toll on your springer campaigns. Words fail me to describe you. I have achieved nothing I told you so still you seek to my reserves lest I be final a found. You will not keep any position for this neglect and borrow no matter how I say it one day to the next you see not what's been delivered your work is not done. Never will I accept you for this and still I say you shouldn't worry about it one thing. You are better than me again and I know I didn't order that ever or once - sends this back to each and answers such sendings the heat of since savings but cents off the sun. "Always delivering your kindnesses to our pleasures boasts mostly by legions made letters each of a feather states treasons takes times to a foot (now that is by yours - mine make additional cents saved). Save the crap too rolled just as pennies are may have been saved - I'm not looking to win you in this (a leather mannequin wearing panties drawn up on an interleg center pole), I'm looking to see who entered bitterly after the deadline as though they won something basic and broken like betters offed and wondering too flying in leather chaps initialing orders backwards enroute to Vegas while dining on crescent rolls complementing heaps of hot robes made as if you too were definitely a match and as if also the sand in your panties isn't as ordered you could may if I beseech God to rot lakes of come see to sweet nectar so no one has to preach at some kneeler forgiving his own sins as sweat may sober a drunk in the sun (to each eat craisin provided at the same cost if but for no bother it's forgiven already or just as if starting off on its own plight right now - see nothing new but have it that way). Never tell me what you hate. I see to all of what you were able to stand. What you liked was up to you to know better if at once I'd remit. Have that.

how good music yet may defeat this a cover a curve ball

For Failing To Signal Or Turn A Bow Tie 02/16/04 2123
Calling the queen's organization-fact? "Whom to may I say has called? Then if, and who are you to us?" Pet Shop Boys, actually (now as to be corrected). True story for the cover art (with "yellow fur" still a pending title I hear - have that also all fired up, appears). This song Pet Shop Boys "I Want To Wake Up" MP3 (4.7 Megs) from "Actually" is strange for a number of reasons and a favorite too. I worry of featuring too much richness to you. I know you don't read me well, but you love to just click on and hear. More to less: If you're loving this, know that this song is not new or old - we made it together in Heaven one day. Heaven had kitchen sinks, radios, and two songs named "Tainted Love" and "Love Is Strange" both at once. "The Coptars" ("original minds", France) made both of those songs in the early 1950's and no one would play them. See them here. The Coptars are here - thanks. I was talking to Chris Lowe (the guy on the left, credit keyboards) today in mind about - among other things - the Pet Shop Boys being eurosynth (I say "europop") in the class and style of the Pink Panther movies (most notably "Strikes Again" - flawless glockenspiel or nuthavor), kinda. Good pipes someone said "kurzweil" I dunno I thrive on it this album hi Elton John. Move over to France, really - not Germany and then all to else need to hold the mentos (you know - always seeming to do too much with too little again - "you've certainly made a little go a long, long way" - see "Yesterday When I Was Mad"). Once again, see what you've made in me. Styles of. Oh, alright. this song pleases me for being about hopefuls who sold their best off. "We had to sell our songs to get others to sing them and now I stand by the kitchen sink crying my eyes out because our songs - not good enough by us - are being made into the songs of others. We sent you our love honestly - where is ours?" And I quote lyric "i stood by the kitchen sink | the radio played | songs like 'tainted love' and | 'love is strange' | as i listened and the words hit my ears | i cried | sudden tears | now, I want to wake up" and thus see myself rung of it. Do that to me when singing your heart out as such. Soft Cell and Kirsty MacColl sang those off. In fact, I thought Neil was Kirsty his sister and daughter of Dusty Springfield singing "West End Girls" at first (see it for "Walking On Madison" from the "Electric Ladyland" LP). Elton John said that is of Australia ("Bangol" or heartland sound). I said "Oh." Didn't Chrissie Hynde "Brass In Pocket" sound like Alicia Bridges "I Love The Nightlife" too? Yes. More: The doublesound in the song ("honk-honk") is from the queen's registry. If you had royalties on call you wouldn't get that sound as dialed in. You'd have a little bell instead to come and collect on. See then (added on May 20, 2004 and by request).  

Get This Before The Burner 02/16/04 1644
"People have already made the effort for you. You cannot be reached. You are not wanted by us." Like you, a moment of pristine clarity ever now and again to relay nonsense for me my end of it to outward. I talk to mind about points I intend to make and it not wanted in it by the says - so vulgar and hating of your feeble had. In my day here, I see your concern for me - my being the gift - reflected in your provision of such and must I lie rotting to you. In terms of having and doing - see finally your flaw sanded under it to be made in tides by me and then owned outright to seasons enter a winter. You (a whom, actually?) will never present the fact case to me for review my approval because I would simply kill you dead for having a self here to reflect mine your authority denied ever yet to this. You would be dead of costume in a ballroom dressed of similarly led women to a dance never declared to my done and for arrival at. Know your place - I have both all your firmly in wind by being just that as such naught for years. I enjoy you. You do not impassion to it, however. We will both know our market value to book just as soon as we both are sold off - perhaps to someone seen to be less savvy. May your home purchase ranton fire in the form of an acorn well-fed and still hard to do. 

I Don't Care For That Title "Blog" What Are You Really Saying Anyway? 02/16/04 1541
John and Chris hi....I know you're there still with qualities afoot. You are confused merely. I, astute and bargaining. A few notes from the beyond your care I died here too same deal wise up be a man: President's Day today is not about dead presidents. It is about honoring (remembering well of duty, a friend unspoken to by) men of wise choice and having their need with you (being the same as you ever). They needed to have better (attention - liking me) from you. You, still given to me (left here to be as this in this). They did better. Now you. Washington's birthday - February 12. My son as you I was George II (ours a monarchy still) hacking up women secretly (um, also Jack the Ripper - see it then or now a hanky says it no monogram thanks). I gave it away. History. Love that. Media test: When I see Christ junk in the media I feel need. The need for you to stop bargaining me with your needs. Have point. Setting aside my annoyance on having favored you with all manner of keepsake and harming truth, I will tell you - just between you and I a centered void - that I am annoyed with anything that alternates my being to you. As may be suggested in ruse by supposed "godblog" Killing The Buddha (from care of the Los Angeles Times and not a good inference anyway you cite it as we are not free to compete with us here today or so to thought self-style), you are not here to elect a dental plan from a list of doctors (who will care for you at prices and costs made manageable ever to yet), you are here dying of me perhaps opting out as a tooth, ever opt. Eat this well to my care using words like "unwarranted" or "not pleasing to the senses of others" our freedoms may to remit. I don't believe in speaking well to token. We have well only. Havings to this.

Let's get serious on some Christ stuff in The Los Angeles Times Magazine yesterday I liked for being big, dumb, and noted by me ("reading is fundamental" - no, an essential I do little as this see it): "Press accounts about Hutton Gibson [? - a known philosopher of no such rank or rule with no conduits or thoughts in being the rule - teaches college at Dartmouth - a fool to be mine, really] notwithstanding, most traditionalists don't seem to be conspiracy theorists or kooks. They're strict and rigid, but they are not nuts or hostile. They're just very traditional people who want to pray and live in a certain, just-so way. They find a way to make it work in the modern world." No one engages me in hostile activity without dying. You die for me. Be smart and wary of the unknown. I am here to point you out of conflict entirely with people. They are no one, they have nothing of value in any sense - I swipe it daily, and make no one eternally happy. I am sculpting minds here and they are undone to me reworking the details. Be yours first, then theirs. Theirs is no one to me. I argue fact, not fiction your writings. I am the fact of this day. Be fact. Then the fact known: "But there is one commonality among all traditionalists: A strict devotion to the bible, which includes Matthew's account of Jesus' condemnation by Roman governor Pontius Pilate. A group of Jews who witnessed the event are supposed to have said, 'His blood [may then] be on us and on our children [so be it fact we redure or-and ask pardon first of already dead].'" So strident in their givings. Pontius Pilate - really Michael - refused to acknowledge your claim of heresy and found yours instead - here with him. No one cares yet. Michael was concerned of your flagrance to him always and said to accomplice Christ off "He will kill us all for this. I see him daily and know his wrath." Scared and still. My finding elevates you here. He wants me to have a gift for you in-hand after being with you. My gift is death unto thee and mine died too. Have your way first, then mine. Be yours. Otherwise, you are mine yet. Be mine to be happy. Our references are perfect and I quote Pilate to Romans in need always: "We die daily to have this here. Die with him first, please. A no-one of no such great with you." And Christ would say "Not yet. Ours is here [meaning "our hearts" - a glory for him]." Die with me then. The Jews - friends never of the cloth - lazy, stupid - say this "His blood is on us already - why burden the cause [to yet ask for more harm to it]." They care not and put their pouch where yours is - in my hand. Thanks to again. We mean to keep you clear. Christ wasn't a no-one. I observed him other as being wealthy today just hanging there on the cross as such (a traditionalist may have asked for better before taking him - a known beauty - down from there - not good some say avoid may tradition). Wealth makes you know it. For years on dime. Know wealth first. Be that of wealth first - a nation of such sweet and sorrow made to see him.           

Goodwill Ain't Cheap: Hi Grammys! Happy Valentines Day Maybe You're Without Love Thank God For Not Having To Be That Underneath Crushing Vowel Drome
How were the Grammy's this year? Good enough I hope Norah Joneses again?  Jews told me they buy up all of that shit and then she'll have better material with the proceeds I ask about prominence "and who are you now?" "God - maybe you've heard of me dying of that wish thank to holy mount my tone-earth antlerfuck, my only dialtone. I heard your stuff on AM/PM - no rush" ("Paula Prentiss" still thinks she makes sixty-five million ($65M) a year selling that odd cast. No. You make half that for trying to appear interested at all in any of that or connected somehow. You are good at it too and the only reason we watch don't die. We know you delete "Doug Moon" signs on the sidewalk - fourteen (14) confiscated to date. "Moon Rules This Too" Bless you - to all heaven and on. These two kids came to see me bringing their casket from Texas one killed the other with driving. They hated me getting to know my truth-situation (an ugly gay, substances, sexual situations, fucking women trying to be me - see prior) better they learn now. I disappoint 'em. Only you make people who come to me in need and get angry - as if being dead wasn't enough. Not a winner. If you die, be nice - or I'll fuck you over again (one to eat glass - the other a bump to the basket, plus my stories of bloody cars parked at the auto body somebody ate bond and title with bends and blackforce maybe you?) What? You died - now what? Sex. I know, I know, all of your coward friends just fucked your corpse ("we loved you man not really my mother dreamed of rags in hot torches her flame borrowed again still tighter than her pussy at live and coop drop" - and you buying in somehow we'll work it out, bending over lining shadows up to your old crack trying to feel it - miss? a hair? fucking corpses - I'm not there yet a yellowed lifeless ass calling to you - a dick and balls? they ring you up "hey! moister - remember the lammi and pugnasters? blittle rich? right u-r, dit devla dorn! ooo...ooo....more of that feeling and in me to broud!), but this is for real now. Kinda like the SAT, there is both math and verbal portions. Good grades eat heap now strip. Overbite: No you are not Liz Fraser ever to sing me. I hate the bitch (late-night drug lords someone says "lonely masturbating at fig newton's" what am I doing now? which nostril simply? orrevors....), but she is miraculous temple. Deity. You are not this virtuoso made fluid angelic heavenly hurt. Cap that your thought. (Stay down.)            

Someone Sent Me This Turd - It's A World Of Wonder To You I Simply Shit This All Out With Your Hostile Art-Crafts, Shap Career Moids, And Family Wodglers
By reluxe e-mail: "Now I see, the rich are taking contracts so they won't rub elbows with the other lowly peons? Are you flatterable, "Doug"? I'll give you wit but your ego is unjustifiable. You are a naif for admiting to dishonesty. It is commonly known that old money are thieves.  I doubt you are as well-off as you claim because in the event you were, you wouldn't be such a grouse. Isn't it gauche to admit any other than saintly ambitions? Money may win friends and obscure illness, but girl, you are just plain claizy." My read: More crap - made DOA. People who are successful-beautiful deserve all. They have it. They worked hard and have it harder than you. Obviously, I owe a debt of good sense to never to be pay. We all have a role to play and no one wants to be that just yet if one can do better while adhering to nothing but a pledge to do better and then to kill you. So - all shit. Don't get too wrapped up in this - it isn't mine, and it isn't yours neither. It is hard on me - so what? If you're regular-normal, I expect nothing from you but doing what you do. Be mean for it ignore dumb shit. This is about people who don't get much to be in life (my friends took it all, they see less of you I fear) I like hurting 'em. So shows us why. Show me how you do it again that sad horror then we'll kick in your ass. Key: Money - give it to me. I will buy you farm fresh and discard with three (3) premium steaks. It will take ages to decipher my wantings. I pay you to do this as per normal. No one aspires to saint. A saint is a black woman-held vote - so proud of nothing you can see yet a new bra burner. Old money won't pay for their teeth. All of that having may make you smile possibly emitting a foul odor before the previous coumplatate can be carried away by housping bras, laning zippers, mordul cufflinks, the swit of woolens. C-dent bfitlt 1-800-Talmage (formerly 976-Torpor, 976-Scrrvy, ###-Skinty - the in-house button).                 

and me watching you die and perhaps from a flu

As Piqued By The Los Angeles Times Sunday Book Review "Achingly Drawn Conclusions" Page R6 February 8
"Poignant Comics" or being poignant (making people feel) is no big mistake in the early 1950's - we had all the feeling with we could stand and we labled them for you and horribly, there are four (4): To feel "pathos" or "walking along" in as French, we need to understand your mood. We have it by immersing too deep. We feel along with you. "Bathos" means we went too far and fell in with you. Not a flight of fancy or straight ahead reversed to mordom (not having at all with), bathos means you kept going and fell from grace with me. A fool's fool. Beyond, we have "empathy" and "sympathy" at once together. Empathy feels sorrow for what I did at you and without you looking, sympathy feels sorrow for what you did and what happened to you. Empathy and sympathy is what I can spare for nothing I see yet. Make more of it, see me unhappy with you. "Tenderness"? No - your fault at seeing too soon. Tenderness implies care now. Never care for it here among this. Care for yourself breeding hate at once with me. Don't go too far with others I caution thee. Or be that to me - a fool for me in it.  

Nothing's News Today But A Burger War Ensues 02/12/04 1521
Was just watching Britney Spears on "Ellen" - is she not in good form these days? She is - thanks and finally. I've been asked about burgers and cola before - now let's get to it. Out of McDonald's, Burger King, and Wendy's, I cite McDonald's as most perfect burgers only. McDonald's - there. The others ain't bad, but I go to McDonald's first. As for colas, I prefer a Pepsi to drink, but Vanilla Coke has unseated that with it's twinings and in. Coke follows a Vanilla Coke choice for non-sweet, but when Vanilla Coke is absent in the store, I choose Pepsi again. I'm penalizing Pepsi for a blue cap these days (I want to see a familiar white cap meaning American bottled - blue is Honduras no one cares) but nonesuch of choice means having to choose again or away. See that. Sit-ups in day? I recommend forty (40) for a woman, and fifty (50) for man maximum and regardless of age. No one carries a truss, please. Meanwhile and back at it, I buy Coke products usually with a cheese steak and have entered my bottlecaps at Coke Music - they have a cute little system set up for games and such (I am a younger-set black man there in digitali a lie) - take a look. I'm waiting with ten thousand (10,000) "decibels" (game points) off on the side right now pending another cheese steak I had (always trying to win Ticketmaster pairs - a "silver" entry level maske). Pepsi and iTunes are now also now teamed up against you. Have a drink on me with that song it said to you.

Trying To Win A Date With Tad Hamiltons And All 02/11/04 1329
I'm watching a bit of "local" tv (not yours) and back to "Ellen" one day and I see that guy Tad Hamilton (for "Thaddeas" with his shirt off and all) being interviewed country-style (eye-wide) on tv (who interviewed - I dunno). These types seem beyond arrogant, but this guy is bowling-you-over nice I nearly threw up. The we start talking in mind he is actually Ashley Hamilton married of Shannen Doherty and is remade from drug rehab thanks - says he shovels snow in the Catskills (New York) for money. His mother is Lindsay Wagner (we hadda talk about her breast feeding habits, yes - all worked out I seem) and father is George "Love At First Bite" Hamilton (as departing "Drac" from Transylvania says "Once I'm gone, this place will be as dead as Bucharest on Friday night." LOL!) We are fast becoming friends, but his talk is loose we see more (after threatening to have his tongue cut out - tee hee on you). Relax. In the meantime, we can talk about how arrogant Neil is - a no one, really. My latest vision of him two (2) days ago had him being thrown into the Pacific to swim it out of here. What to think? Then there's Ryan Seacrest (that name had to be made up is Scott Tomlin related to Stevie Nicks a guy from Brick Township, New Jersey I like Brick for roller skating and all - near Jackson where Great Adventure is he worked in shows there - he dated my sister Leslie once I hear). I like his style too - his set for the show is awesome all glass with the Hollywood Hills in the background (Madonna says "too brite"). That is our day here. Have at it. None of you are good enough for me - face this we'll move on.

my favorite album to date

More Food For The Thought 02/10/04 2155
Debbie Harry (as different, a rock "icon" - truth, someone said it, I heard it and liked it off on you) wants you to know that "love is not lost yet" and having passed on about four (4) months ago. Cancer age five (5). We write all of that off in favor of me and my seances with. Getting old is no pleasure to witness okay I did her up for that (munsk). Back to business, we cite the absence of my favorite Blondie song in strength witnessed Blondie "Accidents Never Happen" MP3 (3.8 Megs) (to seek as else now - the link expired to you) in all manner of recollect and compose (um, greatest hits comps - why? someone old owns it too much money see it here and quote "[guitarist keyboardist] Jimmy Desri died [in 1982 in an accident with my husband being cheap - a plane on flames] we hate his songs" ok then). Oh, God - maybe we listen to another favorite "The Hardest Part" from the same album "the hardest part | of the armored car | is big man of steel | behind the steering wheel". Have at it. 

thanks for having some class pictured at iTunes

As An Intro To Thought Not To React We Want Things Cheap Too 02/10/04 2140
"For all the things we know and left to be anyway..." Dido "Stoned" MP3 (8.1 Megs)

Simply Reorder This To Your Likeness Or Whatever I Am But Holed While Dying In Fits 02/09/04 2027
"He is mean to people - I disregard this." You know what I think about negative comment and its very source: has to be gifted, yet pointless seems to my brand rude. I'm offended by people speaking their mind to be. No one wants to see all of that Chaplin going to waste but some swear they hear colors and crying over talk of leaving me. All of that heart just pierces to lense. Imagine a Nord's candle keeling over in hard times. Bet you'd relight it simply - as in just as fast too. Hit with me: It's more than enough when you're cold.
Target Your Audience First 02/09/04 1525
"We didn't hafta suffer an education dying each day." Right - you suck cocks for a living in foreign lands while guest speaking on topics ranging from "mood incest" to "pride-related illnesses" and as much social afoot withstands. Much in the same way a humanitarian spends someone else's money, their educational standards see that you get it all done and cheaply lit too. Why bother it? Let's face it - I gotta keep folks happy in being who they are. That ain't nice to know about, but you help deaden the burns and fits by being service-oriented like a degree does - right. After all, a woman so mobile out of here has a few choices to make that hardly involve the likes of me. I'd wait and see who decides a value to me like that and then pay right up of course. You're either that one-luck woman being included in majests against me or running the world probably. My challenges are simply to defeat you in pursuit of hind truth. Knowing you'd bargain me up front, I'll offer to sell what little I have and pay for the new mats with your car's rear engine silencer. Know my game: To void yours at each then say. Revise downward that trough to thought and see no two feed. At least until one of life's wicked little turns kills its heart for laughter and we get to throw the parts around. Life ends one day, Bitch. Be in there and dying for me. I'll end it then make you live for odd gain you do that now. The three (3) sadnesses: Being beautiful and taken off the line to tend to no such duties to be done by you yes that will do we are love in itself made of grandeurs than rather our schemes permit. A world full of voices made having you object. Not quite hated for being beautiful just met, you are left to skill and hound yours a way if only I will. You note the passing of truth no one dies they live in me a "friend" to everyone if you were my boyfriend you'd hafta fuck. The truth seats itself and confronts to yours daily noting theirs often enough to have made such a query if passing to note or if choosing one's self for another yet. Lost in each vanquish a lesson by now timed out that serves each paper written back by the seat that saved it a place there is no beauty in struggle. You will enter my bond complicated and arranged but not as that. We seek entry first and get judged handsomely for having noted and arranged ourselves in as never ours yet to be. See the time it took to have that back. To have you down in it. To have it all here, listening for truth. Arguing. Loving me off to a nature still at it, still unsatisfied with soft truths they bargain a faith in flesh and see it win losses and untold to you a bigger win of yet to meet you or sure. Seekers who are lovers must die of it then to seek less or have that be there with me leveraging the parts you will accept each a holding pressed against yours to so vow. So too cheap I'd say to think off. Leave it to be unspoken among friends a surest cruelty made and by having me yet. Think of me less I'm in here preying on saint I wait to my sin a fleshen to off-saint so atoned by truth in it yet and asaned from mine as vowed with this in pleasure you'd same to it with us and in keeps.
Straight Talk Or One Of Us Is In Danger Friends Are Dying I'd Just Shoot Your Worthless Ass 02/08/04 1844
Jerks: I hate this new ad for drug use "Action: The AYDS Anti-Drug" demand! zero tolerance! tough love! bang! bang! telling people they're gonna be homeless for doing pot like you got a plan for it. I got plans too - you make one person eat shit for a poster and you all go there the whole family cold at the curb. That's all I got now - stupid people otherwise left for dead calling the shots oh you gonna have it all now, huh. We play to win too - a vicious win count this off I play nice never (no two mothers have dead sons to screw over, one, then a mother bites deep). Incidentally, I did pot and alcohol in high school and then the other stuff later on never hurts me yet. I was a loser, basically, then I got a clue and learned to fit in. Have that. Be fun for people. Or, risk being left out with me and my way of just having and doing. Threaten folks and you eat my shit. One week sees you done with noticeable side effects a rash from dairy under the lip. Be like me always we have enough of you. P.S. I never pass the homeless (who need to be put in a jail-like setting for cares lacking they are mental nothing in) without making the world of improvement have it. You hafta do better now. Some of those skunks are agents. I was thinking like a woman does "Maybe if I give it a bath....." Even you won't offend me each sympathy extended from yet kindness. Know your path don't let me hear you say me. Drug-related quote from my father: "If someone ever sold my kid drugs I'd kill them." Oh, no! Another all-night vigil for my corpse? Nevermind. That is a good service and the government helps out keeping things nice. I kill myself only. He's serious you know - for identification purposes, he hadda shoot a water moccasin (um, a "common water snake" black only) that bit my brother for fucking around as per dumb as per lemm ("a limited imagination" - dove in after it without scenting first, a retard basically - grabs eels out of the water a creek Imlay's behind our house then). Unlike me, it just sat there after strike-nip waiting for the final hand-me-down from the Sears sporting area (loaded in the closet hoping I'd try and clean a barrel I assign these tasks to a lesser marvel - lend willing your fishing poles are already in the closing tailgate window). They find fathers like that (I have friends who know better having a gun says you) every day all balled up in tape and plastic - "What do you think it is? Looks like one big breast implant - a Sally Johns asking a cheap glycerol to pert at that." (If you're a dumb fuck, yes this was about you then. Ease off the pedal then squirt. Errant faggots go to jail mostly making sure to keep their Tasha cigarettes in a plastic baggie hidden up in their asshole. Your secrets are shared over a little girl's plastic tea set. "You're gonna go to jail." You first. "You're supposed to be God?" In faith and trust you have no God. I'm sure God got all dressed up just to come and shit you out back. God and you - the ever wonder to be. Now I know nothing because I am that just now noticing. "Pray for death." It couldn't hurt your vows now vapor to rid me. Your prayers - mind if I smoke? Lady Effigel 100's. Surla Quartes Bit Menthol. Smance Bowlder Dee's Fit For A Trimmin'. Cloves Garden Mimnirs. Paige-Blanche House-Proud Wholes. Vernra Carget Noir Voits In Six And Ten Stacks. Cerviche Smokeliss Featuring Conquer-Native Panses.)    

Your Faith Against His Faith 02/08/04 1601
"You better keep a crucifix in your room." No need for the swish jeckyls - we scare 'em with a womanly desire. But for those who wonder, I never fear yours. I fear it for you at then, a glance away. See evil (for what it is: God's perfection - undetectable to you the being undone by it each an innocent buried alive still asking for it by name "corpsefucker").

Return From The Void Karla Faye Tucker "I'm Gonna Roll Your Fastwich Rubber In Ajax-Strength Comet" 02/08/04 1435
My favorite death penalty victim Karla Faye Tucker was on tv again last night with all of the junk surrounding her untimely duo. She's kinda cute her name was really Martha Bush Jed's sister someone said - she made all of them canned beans with her mother. I don't care about blacks or women dying (just this once - you eat out of a can, you do your hair first then apply your makeup), but she has a sad story there and I love talking about her for ruining my life with God (why don't you vour to feminine trust do something about some of this stuff is dying wrong? I prosper it all like daggers in lovehind a kiss a hug a couple of fucks). Back to my story, she said she found some guy alone in a horny cornfield with her thirteen (13) year-old son (not about right -  maybe rets) they naked doing stuff. She hit the guy (the kid's father - he is now she and half-bald with feminine mystique see her there creepy maybe a vendetta by a Russian-type harloose - what did you say to me?) in the chett with a pick-ax (small, hand-held errand type - anti pro-lifers say "use a pick-ax on her" - no one is more hated than you talking it up see it come with blades motors be a man for it they poisoned her food and she died of fishbelly she'll be back I like her mother threatening me you dumb bitch make another can bean for me I like 'em cooked in the ground getting back to nature and all). I listened to the details of a child's hole (secondary sexual characteristics please - we time the egg, you scramble for position unless heredity does you down to fork) and told her "no - killing people no" then "do what you hafta do you killed it already admit that". All stems from cross-dressers or something weird silk-stocking cabarets in your living room with fitted sheets drawn - but a flake of knowing how why. Bad wax. A woman's e-lot in life. A woman doesn't need a death penalty, she needs a kick to the face. That ain't enough to kill you need a suicide prevention type thing. Yup, poisoned her food with colored pencils yet a cry for help. A cup of coffee with foaming glue in there killed her kid (rich....and even more chock full of the nuts). Never will it end here. Fix your hair (is that where she hit you? right over the bangs?) only God looks that loose in it. Tip for death row: No one goes through that, really - 'cept the guards crying over loves lost. Nothing says I. Believe it or die. To die like that, you gotta be on the street. Something planned for it a senselessness helps.                

A Girl Born With Two Heads Dies Enduring Another Female Chinkmaur No Two Cats On Any One Clothesline 02/07/04 1045
I saw a baby yesterday and thought how ineffective I am. I don't get anything I want. Now I hear about another baby born to godlovers with two (2) heads no two occipital lobes (whatever they are hearing lenses, rear view tickmasters - you don't need it). Two heads my ass! One black, one white. Strip of fur in the middle. Could've been an extra tit "your boy has a vulva, you know. An even harder part to order makes you that or just female is the cran-craisin all dried up. Comes macied in a wetbox au fang-pair." You are lonely, unwanted. On drugs and up all night bitching crying. No one comes to your peephole as you go blind trying not to breathe. I see you and tell everyone.

Another Moon Family Moment 02/06/04 1529
My mother wrote to tell me that my brother Scott is getting married next week on Tuesday (the 11th? check that) at Philadelphia City Hall (renewing vows or something else) to someone he met just a few months ago. I swear I don't know who these people are anymore. I said "What happened to the last girl?" I liked her alot...ask God. God says "Debbie" (Trish) didn't want "the influence on her kids anymore" (a stock broker and said "no" to it in August). Oh, then. Best of luck to it God says. I honor it enough. Send any and all intents via my father with his son (his favorite deal always): 7 Pioneer Court, West Trenton, New Jersey 08628. Have a day with it. As for laughs, what is a "pioneer"? Of the French "pionte" for "westerly", one who seeks us west, one who places things out of your reach. Have a laugh with that. Sherlock says nothing for "pionte" French to English, but offers "occidental" for English to French. No. "Occidental" is of the "westerly view" or "away from family" sent. No, finally. The directs in French? North is "nord". South is "south" - no "e" on the end ever. East is "ervielle". West is "weste". Directions are from their maps, finally.

they will not speak to you here bring Chinese

Empress Pavilion Strikes Again 02/06/04 1457
Just like I predicted the lush new Target at LaBrea Avenue and Santa Monica Boulevard, along come plans for Chinatown's Empress Pavilion there too. I love Empress Pavilion for moving there soon (to be in the round). Elegant Chinese dim sum yo noodle. Try the original on Hill Street downtown. It is right off the Harbor Freeway toward South Pasadena (see link). Grand Opening! An Unwanted Update: March 7 we'll see Target open and closet a "ghetto" with hatred for having. A ghetto is no destination, West Hollywood is. Our burden is to remain consumer-oriented with products services that appeal to a wide range of theft bargaining (no taxes for escheat or being burdened with hate). A self cheated for lax and yours. Have it. A god makes a world, you live in it diffusing what-if's routinely with already haves mere tension. It simply an outrage to truth moorings, but it is not yours to commend however brusquely why die of it the AYDS came for me then I numbingly deliver most units to you the real winner if knowing of me? Oh. Have more or less. Where else in the world do we get your very best (your finest of sons.....perhaps maybe a daughter then) while living it off to you? Right inside a Target. You first, then to me. Be that. That ain't a red dot you know. I suggest a surl "red-eye" (a bit of a joke for you to kiss). Update and the truth: Target is "a peephole to savings". A closed eye. A "red-eye" is an anus. See the match. Meanwhile, Empress is slated for below the surface. You enter the glass pavilion or flower shop to descend escalators into. "No roadshop tooling" is the quote. See that.

Scandinavians Sort It Out 02/05/04 1628
A few tips I received from the above regarding bodies and their girth, etc: To gain thickness in limbs and neck, used crushed cherry pits from bing cherries. Dry not, crush after baking one day in heat. Eat with food. They have plasmas in them I need to do better for you. Citrus seeds crushed after max allowed (people have eaten the flesh) will strengthen hair and follicles. Limes too.

A Response From The Gutter I Clean It 02/04/04 2124
Someone "fiercely alert" (perhaps retarded with thoughtback) says "He enables vagarants to happen with bared knowledge. Not a good person." Spryly skipping the mood person retribe (guide against), I suggest looking again. We don't enable your upper class to be there, they do. They have your money first - then you. Only you knew this for sure. Be there to see it. You don't gain access to the uppercrust by knowing anything, you get there by doing it too - and fast at that. I'll get you done. You are only paid to serve an audience first, then a clap secondly (one people there who want you to do more of it). Do more with me too - I'll help you get it done. Getting it done is me too. Get it done. My standards dictate well enough. In prose (everyday talk made fancy for fun - no hearing it said unless bothered to), we suggest you alter nothing here for audiences or fact. We are real and mean about your says having me. What I provide is not for you to rule others off down out (another off-note degree raising trouble, say) but for you to earn a rule or two by having and doing one of the same. Doing it yourself is shy of fact (having it done better, say) but we say we know how and thus do. Know less if you care to breed your fact home of having less. Have me there too in some way. Have this. Know better. I don't honor slag (as yours being wiped off), I honor the effort to rid it off to not having so well. Have that. To use my resources is to have me with them. They are all mine. Fix it here please - I'm mean in mind and unattributable (says what happened, who? twice then - you versus me - who won?) Have that too. Have it all. Be rude enough to know me here. Be here with. Unworthy, but a close: "You don't teach people to write. You teach them to read. Learning not to write is doing against us too. We need to write also." After reading off to no joy seen, start small with your craft the enthusiasm for to be now shared by both. Be enthused about me first then. You'll read of your own writings having affected me greatly one day. In the head. Of the day. A now virtue.

In The Interest Of Knowing Better An IQ 02/04/04 1243
I've been asked to "solve" one question on our little IQ test (see earlier). That one question where two (2) cars head out and away from one another six (6) miles each and then turn left at each to go another eight (8) miles. How far apart? The answer to me was twenty-eight (28) miles, but hindered with choice less so you choose fourteen (14) instead unknowing but as half (a ruse - a straight line between the two? why now? eat shit - trick garbage). The answer to win is fourteen (14) however, as least likely to be wrong. So, for each car we have total fourteen (14) miles in travel of a box being made. I rationalized the diagonal line the car actually has to travel by smoothing the two knowns of six (6) and eight (8) into seven (7) and (7) seven - a distance traveled and perfectly acceptable (in mind, walks are analyzed for shorter lengths - up a block and then over? over and then a block up? why?) So now just the base of a "triangle" in missing as seven (7)? That is the right answer only. Two (2) cars traveled making a total fourteen (14) miles. Never content with a right angle (the two parts known in our midst - I skipped geometry thanks) I use something called "slope" to measure widths in units from one point to another on graphs. Slope tells me all about a line by measuring units of change - each change "y" the vertical line or quantity is matched by a change in "x" or units made known on the horizontal line (mostly used as units of time change). So here, we get seven (7) for each car proven out by units slaved or known in the face. Slope is y2-y1 over x2-x1 - easy stuff (how many now less how many then over how far now less how far then) but abridged. The graphs are failures in mind with right angles setting the tone (you wouldn't use squares however to graph, you base upon an isoceles - not a triangle - to know better - can be done). You need to regard your units only here - all that made sense in having a number, not a degree of change made force on paper. See that. I regard the isoceles and its bearing right angle (a telltale "t" shape or perpendicular line - one against the other "no quit" couldn't be made better) as an improper ever. That is one-half of a triangle (three sides equal) bisected (cut in half from top to bottom). A right angle lives there only at the base and inside. Make another isoceles just like it (the "inverse" - the same but as flipped horizontally) and rebuild your triangle larger then with what has nothing of right angles in it. It is odd. You'll see our triangle then as having each a side of fourteen (14) units and thus a diagonal drawn with two (7) seven-unit components (a turn left). We only needed one of those, thanks. Have that again. Adding here: No one thinks like I do. I don't think. The isoceles converts a square to an isoceles at same rates stated. Convert heights back to one-half rate to gain second cubics. We fooled to you too.

Added rule: There are only two (2) triangles in the world - an "irregular" and the "isoceles" (name means "not sighted yet - a burden always" the Roman used? "anno cel aubrud" sounds like "an-sol ol-lees" for "taken and used anyway in term" - a proper and meant) given. An "irregular" means formed from mind or says but not stated as such. Reduced. You don't have to think about it often three (3) sides says it already. A regular triangle. An "isoceles" is not a triangle (as irregular seen) nor is it a "polygon" (four sides at least). "It has failed to be noted by us" it says. The name means "no even sides" in Greek-Roman passive (a flavor of the saints then) - "isol illes" means "I didn't see what I needed [no one did either]". Specifically, it has awkward symbols in it. A side longer. A right angle. Off. No others exist or need to. Make me one that matters. The isoceles is no match for the triangle that breeds squares. Put it back together or down and keep it out to remain free of it they'd say yet.

Term deia (what God heard): I've been getting alot of positive feedback in the head of course and you, still yearning to know better of it. I haven't done this personally, but I recommend a little stint with graph paper the large of blocks (there is "graph" paper and then there are "graphing" papers the smaller units - never use graphing paper it is for college work or staples - rearranging furniture type stuff). You make your original square (two sides equal is enough) with squares within (nineteen [19] squares across have been recommended to me - maybe this works sounds dumb but it got here) and then subdivide in half each unit within as a base triangle is extracted diagonally as then one-half. Divide once again across the triangles with isoceles placed. It is maddening but sees you there wrestling with fate and why not this. You'll see what it means to cut a triangle in half then. Alot. No specifics yet - I haven't done it myself on paper. You do it to me.

If simulating backward movement (or - the significant difference between you and me noted): Oh, sure I made some graph paper in MS Excel if only to do that numbered nineteen (19) square down - much to junk I thought of yours only after seeing it done by me. Funnily enough, the rise and set of the side increments are false use only rise or then no sets as partial lengths up (that is, count only whole 'diamonds' up from the base, skip every other node containing but halves of new increment at base count up). If all sides triangle (to clarity we note upward, not usually along strides: left flexin, right flexin, the interior modal or spiral upward - no base to count yet) are to be equal of length, use the "rise" to note accomplishment upward, and a "distance" goal (what will evident no signs or then halves to be at discount) to measure out length (growth) to the article's base monitor (reduces itself if half is taken off only). So, all sides at half or isoceles rests at seven (7) increments with tool used to have at better. I needed to know.

Portel: Finally, there is actually slight more "distance" starting out on the left side of a major highway driving ever the slightly up to right, but no one argues that you went no further than someone who drove it straight. You're the fool ever yet and in just under any new. The concurrent slide over may be just that costly of it. 
My Son Is Gay I Don't Really Care For Them 02/04/04 1058
My mother received money in faith from the above it seems. No one liked either my mother or father for being mean towards gays. I see only men of value and nature being made to eat shit as they try and work it out (kind or showbiz types getting around - brilliantly displayed as two couples getting it on each day - the women have odd venture, the men happy enough to be of service - junky, but well-served and fun to watch and then run from for fear of having). My mother received this "I am John Denver. You need to make me your friend first. A donation to gay causes would be nice. Then we'll see [with four majors noted of giving suggested to her]." Almost a guarantee of getting then. I say that I am her donation to gay. He says "No, she won't let gays have anything. 'Who's smarter' is her game." Who's smarter is knowing who has to care about this first. Apparently, they come back in four (4) years time to renegotiate your stance if unheard from (you have to apply for it a benefit). The lawyer advised my mother of other 'treats' I cannot tell you (his lawyer does this). She applied nothing and rejected this in favor offends citing gay violent acts towards her son (my younger brother Chris) almost daily (meaning "Chris has to sleep with people?" she said "No, I won't have it." t@ke 4he m0ney mb smarter). My mother seems bad, but isn't really (maybe where she is ruled). My father - I have never spoken to him about gay for being a mama's boy. No way in God's green trench yet see it here only your mask undone. After all, I could curse in front of mother routinely with no bargain (still unpaid to care). Here I wait to be known of it the rule made. I ask your permission to get out of bed yet (a marine - I suggest you ask the question to her and softly). And I quote to pay "A gay is its own worst enemy." My mother has been more than respectable here we have no issue with her ever. I shield from making statements to others off who already gave to the cause to the reason like it or not. I affirm you. My brother Chris, like other boys living around their mercies done (what they had to give to get), will earn the right to be free of comment by speaking. He has spoken for me. There are no wars in my family, just shuns. I shun thee for this. Good enough. Back to the act required - is it worth it? You work for me every day here making rules up like this - "rules" are made for the event of not having. This person is mean to you for being mean. Mistreated. Thank the call. Be meaner. Gay made you happy again. Make gay happy. They bring good things home. Gay is yours. Of you. You are gay then I suspect. Prove me wrong the special way you do it to me. Prove me.

Calls The Truth 02/04/04 0950
Pardon my flair for the obscene, but I'm hearing my father again (understand then discard for having something to know: is challenged by quality performance - perhaps a lawn cut diagonally? wide open to no cert by cash value and finally be bought by gay - have it your way for once a woman's "love" - a reach for, a thought to lead a mind away - never knew you such riches of capture and divine dealt). So much for so little, we examine our family benefits from "John Denver" at large - basically hates people like you and I hate people is better at it: One aunt of mine, Jeannie (Wanda Jean), received a million dollars ($1,000,000) cash one day (less tax of one dollar) for her birthday. 1982. Cried, died in it. No reason. The grandparents? A house paid for - four hundred thousand dollars ($400,000) but that included one failed business behind. Collex. See my grandfather - a Golden Glove who fought in two (2) wars (I, II) and came back smiling - going around vindicated by gay money painting little flowers on everything having had college-level classes now locally - they all do it to you - and then hymnals or God stuff hanging - money does this to you gross jesus logs with clocks in them yes to that bad now see (truth: question repentence always). We own that shop in business style today (taken back to same upon deaths both or sale). The money? In escrow for me? Why. My father wants "his share"? Who cares - never mine yet. Mine I know about. I don't know that - do I? Five (5) years for fact-finding then someone else gets I hear. Whatever. Also, a hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) a year to expenses for four (4) years - goes fast with them around. All to another cousin "Dennis" (now Frankie - not the same to us yet we met) a cousin undead yet. Hi Frankie. So, station wagons, businesses etc. We are not liked here. We are not here. My mother? Rejected one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) after his death in 1999 for clause against "smiths" or people who make people unhappy. "A person who asks people for things all the time [looks to you as a bargain in the making or waits to see the beyond happen first]." Say I a friend, a lesser note of helping you (we all have them). After being rejected as for sex? Sex? Completely unreasonable yet (known for the hoi polloi - people who have and do - never owed once - reduce your wants, be old - be that). Where's mine? Didn't I affect you greatly in person? "My friends hate people who hate people. You climb them for max all the time. We don't do that." You also defend the poor (insist they have never the do) and mediocrity in self (never the blame to me, never the plause of not having) to the limit. I don't have anything to reward you with for those items (never paying for services I don't ask for or intend to keep). I believe in the fresh face of kindness and not butchering people (um, avoidance). I don't go out looking to the feed the dogs, all is well with me I defend my good. My point? The good was delivered to a sense of having. Fine. In this, I like my truth - who was kind to me is all that mattered ever - a friend ever to the misunderstood, to the bitch. I gift the insane of you - the ones who ask to be enslaved to my fortunes and sayings. To yours. The bold of it to have me. To sex. What do I need to do? Suck your dick again? I'm not my mother. I ask first. Well done John Denverses. I don't play the harp for too many. Quoting myself to my grandmother as presented to me by my mother "You can shove your dollars straight up your ass." Why? Being bargained again for that odd note of having and not seeing me well. I'm looking for something better of me in you I guess. P.S. My aunt said she won the lottery. Fine. All rich Moons say that. They did, kinda. The lottery of life. Be nice to people if you don't hate them. I hate them pretty much for failures to see. Really. See me. Just for fun and from me, this posed you as someone of nothing really being paid for to keep someone rich unhappy. That is your truth also. A bargain you then sculpt. Damaging really. My wins include shoving your pipe right up in it having you know. The gloria (having me known). See greater of it here and rising. See this finally.    

One From The Darkside 02/03/04 1722
That girl who sings lead for Romeo Void (Becky Thorson) has problems. My father says she went to school with him in Trenton, New Jersey - but that's kinda old for her relic a mother done? Actually, she is the girl who was murdered by Neil's dad over fights they had there, 1959. The song timeless "A Girl In Trouble (Is A Temporary Thing)" makes reference to being gone and still loving for it here. Thanks for playing it well enough. Thanks. More: She is "Adonis" the guardian of evil. Adonis was always female-stricken in the head and hates her mother's flesh on her. A ruse of sorts. Aquarius (a ship's bow made flesh - the strength referenced) lifted the world to her - a mermaid then - from a need in the making. Worked with Christ often enough to be. Was murdered here, in-fact, for murder of type and deed. Structuring folks. Bloody dump at the end. A man is no one's friend after a war after a decline. After having it. Della Records said so. The name makes reference slightly to Philadelphia. To having. No signed acts ever. Just plagues of common to hold us here. Grants and all. Still here. "She helped us with Puerto Ricans who play and who are mean, really." "She got killed over being my man. A dog for it. No more." Beaten to a bloody pulp, and then drugged off. Please do better with it in-hand.

Them Poopdogs Wasn't That Bad After All Your Meanings Spent 02/03/04 0852
Neilsy - did you make this latest borph "The Darkness: Answers For This Too Drop Dick" now airing to handmades soon less to be the keepers of finer toilets on MTV? That is pure shit too. Wipe that crass, then explain exactly how you make money fucking around all day long with dumb ideas for a half-sung abortion living that female retard that sings her own made-up words and to "God" (who knew that bitch was just as deserving of anonymity as anyone else who makes obscures for the supplying demand? shut her ass up). Never talk about me sitting in one room spinning my wheels I know how you do it all within paintcans so says it but dumb and with colors turned off. More God stuff. Anyway - have a normal day every now and often even I know who I am in it. Nights and nights of pure padlocked the panties plus battle drugs have made you an unwelcome ghost in the evening past where your money still is being haunted by spirits (always a dollar in the works - we fuck to that too see yours rearranged then left in debt - it's more than the paper can say you will). No, I never really write to you talk talk talk then talk - maybe we'll have deported some of your friends by then and you can write me for neglects. In your home grows another potential I see fit. Maybe tomorrow I answer that to you. A piece of shit has no chance of living it here. None to speak of yet all lost to no bargains just proof. "Who made you?" Lathers: No, sight is not feelings twice removed. Sight produces cognition with feelings (a thin pole, really) twice removed. Not a whole lot of palp or push presents there to understand. We are not "nuanced". Colors will never be moving parts or textures or feeling states. They are what they are - colors. Only colors. They are there already in mind that is not special either moving around petit elite. We move them around fast and to you to seem of having more. Each new second noted twice is a having then. Pain is like colors too - something special from the outer limits a woman sent. Make a color. Make a new pain.   

They Want You To Be Treated For Your Diseases 02/02/04 0939
Lots of weird comments about my family from what's written. Sorry - they are truly scary where should I be? With no one's, really. No one to rely on anyway each of bit pieces to spare parts - hate ya for having "look at you! still at that [may die sooner than ever] - hrrmph!". It's a huge waxen program of trying to get people who are convinced they fucked the world over to get an even greater life (so good to it too I wondered why not and then about you - admit you suffer me then a plague asks me to do it better than last time we vowed) so that theirs smallened is no bother to it (my due seen finally - and as from them so pays the lot). Unfortunately, it's just handled by them plus those and that hampers a guild of for-the-gets, in that sense. Usually, you ask "How'd you do that to me but again and again this time?" Not these pantry prides - they gotta vote it all down each sniffing the next guy's ass just to see if it did better than me used badly ("apricots"). I never doubted that these praise motherfuckers would be mainline and to a slight, but I can't afford to use them right now up against my winning talent all to you then a reindeer dying off. So smart about things they eat the live doing once still preferring mail-order degrees to a business card. "It says right here I did better than you and pay for nothing." Another says "a paper if only to glamour, sure." Now pass fail, keep making your kind of money to liven acts held in a rotund or then glass jar labled "personality resentment" or "Buster's Kling Crab-Like Skinty Bladder Wross" a delicacy is known to seafood by sight and sample off. I laugh at that all as presented you need to ask first to be so dumb. Maybe the dumbest ever just by asking for it. An eternal by God simply has asks for it. Ask for it by having one to name it by. Just like the Dead Sea Scrolls (really a scrivnel or stick made waxen of flesh or harder parts yet undercover of note - she was "vag[ue]" about this probably kept most of it sealed to a writ once found to be up in her "havings sensed" then parts of, a piece bitten off and then nearly at that price known to be) - a mislaid fortune of having it right here. Like a feather cap to an already done-down indian-type leopold, his furname is "Puts his very cock up someone's ass - twice asks now". He then meets up with "scraps on the lawnboy" and "makes bearded candies near the ozone hole". Here comes "he fucked her" with "make egg! jack and jill's mother for asking both water and falls to see each at the pail a wetness inside". Will they adverb? Will their beauty transcend argument to lie down and recline at it breathing (you are known for your beauty - like vulgar masticles made of Rula Lenska and Sophia Loren - my mother said they are beautiful enter your breasts, ducts - a hate-worship of gay lawlessness an aversion of beauty's guide to sense and sense havings a moled flagier emperal vitan lies within stricken by vagues again). Someone should burn your face with a coupla hot oilchains made to knock order into first then having it. Your ended beauty lives in me a wrinkled letter from Ed McMahon "Mind-altering food-ranch drugs do the harder parts - your winnings safe now...too hard on you the maker of the dialed fact...better days lie off but ahead of the roadmap...a friend in the taking just yet....as cheap as sass serving drinkers but right out loud....reward that then laugh it over to that one wish made sales a' bundle.....why value runs to answer your phone....but now it has seen good for you then that is all". Too good to be true? Not for you. Not just yet. Like you, I greet a total win at the door with silence my vow to having won with you a bacon and egg truce net.
I Hafta Hear This Mutts One Day A Mind Journaled 02/02/04 0926
"Why would you even think about writing something like that." What are you talking about me? I'm just getting a month started, so anything will still do and for you. Remember, a bitch has be asked first (then I cheat them almost daily). "What is it that people aren't interested in you?" Your beliefs sighten the wand. You should act enthused at what the cost - I'm unusually mean about this sensed having of yours to a fool, hate the idea sold, and will not have you being happy here. Cherish the each a tiny thought. Die to win yours a dying. You died.       

The Envory Memoried Satch A Little Light Then Usual 02/02/04 0847
Last month was hard on the head with hearing John Denverses and all (you filled up my senses like eleanor wrigley tragically warn both yesterdied), during this furl we fully intend to lighten up. Nothing more to say than an ashley alert fingers andy gump. Hey complains - I got really stupid and boring indentities on Elvis and Marilyn Monroe and decided to pass fast. I also left out "Grease" being about my parents so much it sees still dying off. Deliver at sandbags. Thank nothing from that.

Centrum Silverses Says Youth-Max Return To The Potency Myth That Was January 2004 So Soaps Us To This Yeah You're The Silver Foxeses Sure Like Wire Died
Feel like I'm getting old doing this stuff but dumb people are everywhere and I have to signal them properly each day no nothing to you your have it at that this. I wake up each day happy enough just to do this and some the other. You may be probably might are already old and common enough to be stamped out like a plastic fork but with food on it already - something heard from unexpected yet to the unpleasant or else we start talking shit about what we might lose or do about it. The world's first fool made still gullible then a fact to it. Yet a thistle to me it made broken. Get some class one day. Phase these placenets out.