Doug Moon's

 - or - Mattel Worship (as continued on)

Presenting Mattel's Vertibird!
Too cool for you of course I had one early on.

The whole package represented (mine was a yellow-white base with a red copter - one supposes the 1975 fire edition).

what I had


This bitch flew for real 'round and 'round it goes at speed selected-enforced with cable straightened.

The finer detail mine once fire-engine red. To know such as stealth watch those blades now rubber-capped but quite vicious to hand.

The base unit and innerspring a great engineering feat to turn blade as bent once to again at copterheld.

The significant control. One step off, and away you go down, down. Tension holds all in place as I recall.

See that. Be with. Mattel's Vertibird: Another wonder of toymaker excellence. With great of thanks to.
Kinda makes up for the Cox flying saucer that cheap bitch.
Thanks to movie "John Carpenter's The Thing" for inspiration off and on (Mike - I saw your dad "Dunning" at autopsy - no).
Apparently, it was nothing for teen-age hero Kurt "Snake Plissken" Russell to fly one for real.
Nothing at all so trained this.

x x x

Another great toy was Mattel's "Zorr" which is funny 'cause always remember it being called "Thor" - made it hard to find and I look and look.
With thanks to eBay, we submit to your new name I guess but reluctantly since the name went on for lesser toys.
This is the toy I had in purest essence - what is this Mexico's version "Zorr"?




You missed our excellent "V-rroom" feature the faux bike engine by Mattel replete with key and artificial sound - now see that.

pivot golf harder to know of lucy likes this one too

Next feature maybe not: Milton Bradley's "Pivot Pool", "Pivot Golf"
I thought "Ideal" made "Pivot Golf" - we'll maybe yet see this righted as simply wrong.
I personally had "Pivot Golf" - a triumph to you not good used though as the stoleanger rots the bottom of the game with swinging the club.
We enjoyed it dead that little metal golf ball alotted.
Otherwise, "Play bowl just like Lucy does it to you."
Yeah - another finer to screw-up with others simply played off.

Presenting II: Mattel's Shogun Warriors!
Yes, I had one - why?

Mine was called "Mazinga" (name made up in Chinese - means "nothing done" in French "magenz" say "mah-zhens" then say "mah-zhen-ga" something more than nothing if then).
The toymaker had nothing done for this on time "Mazinga" being number one the boss of it all me there were three (3): "Mazinga", "Dragun", and "Ota" but never made last.
I got him, Mazinga, the one I wanted first for Christmas circa 1975 as bartered. As requested.

Incidentally, "Ota" say "oh-wah" didn't fight at all his name means "to be reconsidered at all [if in death]" in French a loser-type no fighting after it all but known.
Ota was all off-white and released flowers from each the side blue hyperbat wings jutting up with "butterfly" slides down in pink for pegs of flowers.
Something like that or said to a reddish top-hat assembles from the back too - the brim pushes down the back first then the top hangs over as what hits first.
Sounds beautiful if I may to speak but not here in war and fancy do it anyway.

Mazinga fired three (3) rockets heartily from his left fingertips on the right.
The other hand held a small red sword (not pictured well - see tips inverted on the side of each upper leg).
The rockets reminded me of Johnny Sokko's flying robot who gave all in the name of humanity to become a lasting vestige in the sky mine as very Christ-like to me.
Now see that the rockets may store on shoulders or sides of the lower leg.
Wheels on the bottom of feet allow for quick deployment of all rocket stocks at once seen to be.

If slyly, a getaway rocketship looms in the crown of (just in-case a martyr to be called).
Can't skate away from everything, can you?
The yellow "yzarms" say "zmarms" electrocute you and melt zenith or metal fast for grabbing on and then off.
They are made of painted rubbering and twisted accordingly I theorized to myself.
Incidentally, the name "shogun" means as it sounds "little inside - not big really" - a robot acting on your behalf does this.

Close-up of the actual fit.
Once loaded by simple press-push-apply, one presses the red buttons on top of this hand to launch factor and at.

Sample the victim.
My younger brother Scott's vermin "Dragun" to be then undone.
Kenner made Shoguns first, but destroyed the molds for a lack of fancy to them.
They went broke trying to us a Christ toy by Jews?
That is what it means to be undone to it by a god or less.

Oh, alright - there was one more victim in the family.
My brother Chris eight (8) years younger had this entry Godzilla (God's in it).
I guess they were all related, but seemed after-the-fact somewhat.

no, no

This one is called "Raydeen" (god of sun)?
Yup - Japan only with real metals and all.
A reject for no "force forth" with kids - real metals.
Even Kenner said 'no' at first then this for Japan.
Kenner manufactures all plastic ships and toys for the U.S. in Montreal and Savundasky, North Carolina.
Out of business now....see Mattel again.
Um, by the way - all are real and being rejected here on Earth for making trouble too much.
Raydeen (say his name like "radiating" somewhat) refused his toymaker's inquiry.
He didn't want to play catch (when they signaled, "he wouldn't come" he says - "they blew us up").

Thanks again to Mattel for seeing me and in it. Thanks.