Ignore That Last Bit - I Can't Even Read This Stuff Sometimes Like Someone Else Wrote It No, Not Me Another Fib Mental - However, I Wrote Much Of January 2005 Seems That At First
People lie for each another cover their asses but I have integrity you seek it. We just don't want to be bothered 'is it true is it not untrue?' just accept it's possible take it at face value people are so unusual I swear one day I'll be that talking shit all the time die. I hear things, you hear the very same things I tell you but in strictest confidence of course we both think it's all pretty much shit or we had better before this or a better understanding for per the need to know basis. Right? Right. I wish 'em well enough. To talk like that so free and of me here it all seems so dumb. Who am I to know it better? We'll use it some to our advantage with certain of languages afoot.

What? 12/31/04 1932
I don't buy it. She never visits Aunt Jeannie. Hold tight to that Barbra Streisand thing probably true but I had to give Barbra up in that and we loved her the biggest star ever (celebrities like fucking me over because I brag about knowing them blah blah - can you believe it? My fantasies are sexual and involve no stars as chatting and rude thus only unsexy all that talk I died beside my penis both envied your falsehoods. See it my way - nothing done in front of people, hushed tones for and per usual, game playing, Pamprin, facial appliques and wouldn't it just be easier to agree that I err'd when I said there are no stars in New Jersey? Sure, dinner in the 'burg every now and when....we ate at 'Diamonds' and all 'aren't you Joanne Pflug [who the hell is that? Pat Sajak's sister? a millicent, I, many years we knew this, see the "Parade" insert with goony sleace 'letters to the editor' in the Sunday Times of yore - these people think of Vanna and remember a time before she revealed all the letters as it's in her powership to do one at a time then as per each] Sarah's havla sister?' "Finally, no. I'm Tawnii DeTaele...your mind sends it flask." A body talc, actually. Die that bock off. "Why is it that people don't honor you as a star?" A star makes people happy - that is their gig. I never do anything like that but I coulda showed up devil in sparks playing the fiddle like a motherfucker I suppose doing you down like Mozart. I scare people they hate me and I hate being monkeyed in it see my pictures with not a care extended no no. Finally, this is not 'stars' stuff all fucking and being a smartass I don't pleasure people like that. People hate stars and I play it like their friend - fuck you - never will you have that a star I am the greatest glory ever - bigger than marge tits no star has it this. God is like the AYDS - a big health-money deal insidious no cures warts in your ass hate is everywhere they fear no star lives well by me yet maybe some do I doubt that a star-ve works too hard dying trying give-artist plagues nuts too your fans both of them died years before you sang it out by heart. Still shaving down a herd of pussies at Rahway, but your new song speaks of king-size Reeses all to yourself a Volvo sedan a french chef making bou'br'ours (otherwise 'hot tods' - milk and butter heated with alcohol 10:2) in the kinf'd kafne (kitchen, a sink + toilet, you keep out back on a patio perhaps in a lowered booth).   

From: Geraldine Moon <GMOON@NJHA.com>
To: noomguod@hotmail.com
Subject: Happy New Year
Date: Thu, 30 Dec 2004 14:24:32 - 0500

Thank you for calling Christmas Eve. We were at Midnight Mass. I called on Christmas but you were working. Hope you had a good weekend. I saw Danny Moon at Aunt Jeanie's on Monday. He looks good and is still in Boston with a time share in Miami. We are going out to a casual restaurant down the shore with Patty and Larry, Nancy and Jim, the old group and then joining other friends to toast the New Year in at their home. Will have some neighbors in on Sun afternoon. and then its back to bah humbug! I will be very involved next week with continuing to work with our hospitals to get medical and financial relief to the Tsunami disaster areas. It is the most horrific of disasters and I think the worst is yet to come. Happy New Year to you and Terry. Hope it is a good one for you both.  Love Mom.

Speaking In French Is Only Half Said Then 12/31/04 1216
Not much to say....raining here loads our basement once again flooding the hot water expected to be off sometime. I'm going to work soon until the early evening and care off lower to clouds so cold. Have it 'til then.

No I Don't Feel Bad Clean That Up 12/29/04 1009
Do I feel real bad like you fantasize with your crooked finger about working in a grocery store at the very base of it? Never. I serve a legitimacy there by helping people get their stuff at the closest to my own consumptions and at rate. People cry delivering all of that stuff to you for simply wanding a cash and I like participating as no one but in secret and as the time flies I threatened you silently. I personally shop like hogs, buy everything I want, and insist upon double bags they break while walking home your shit all over the sidewalk. This stuff doesn't bother me at all and I learn and I learn a business aspect. People think you hafta eat shit like this for seemingly getting rich soon (sure) or then learning to take from others with care (we'll probably see no change) but your fantasies need be quelled people still command my respect usually as I assist. If I took a drastic reduction in pay and stature by this it wouldn't be clear to me yet this is good to me ever walking to and fro not having to think much just doing and each day although some tend worship a rule to train you to them. Being in a propered office setting as your assistant or resident clerk would hurt me and I refuse you to that ever. Think about where it's all going: nowhere. At the very most, a minimum of pay and harsher respects assured those qualifying for unemployment once again that almost half your pay is withheld and soon taken they know your tricks. Some say a meal for each hour, but that's lush. I say you plan on having less of the butt eaten by you and ask not to be served so much face in it. I'd test off. We're here yet. "Oh, you know computers...." Don't be a fool - that stuff is not easily acquired no matter what and is paid for lavishly by demand because people say that stuff to me and other people so negative to it and can't deliver what you do, so what (?) you take their lowly job while training it all off. Nobody allows you time to get to know anything on-the-job and those who get up and running amaze and cause cherish with blazing speeds and top deliveries of talent to. Start small do something it pays and pays - don't just look at me I'm someone special with crimes against me. Don't be so easy to dismiss logically - take a class or a course and make yourself better for the mix only you know the truth about you nobody takes that away your mind your exposures your doing to. The tricks you may play on people come in time. I highly recommend Excel (spreadsheets - one number changes someone said and then they all change automatically in response and for you) and Word (word processing - typing things up with formatting or different type styles only - no matter what then add "mail merge" the funniest thing ever - you have a list of names and addresses and you have a single letter a typed-up sheet missing the same information in all the right places the two add together and print for each person named to lather them as someone getting attention from you very personally "Dear Mr. Saggs...Your little letter dated 01/12/02....[maybe adds in] the kids Emily and Susan" if database "UNPAID SOLD" names some you gotta be smart I'm smart enough) for people who need upward movement only doing only what's asked for and by how someone needed better than that usually don't throw that advice out play with these things at home settle for nothing until you get what you want in your work seeking. Everything is meaningful - remember that and for printing. This stuff moves with you as not specific to a company too a sure loser of. Then, you let other people sit and think about what the differences are between you and what they do. See you at the market we hate fools in our direction only. "You didn't do that well [on computer tests for the applications mentioned]." That quote from a lifetime loser at it telling people who they are always in the hope it's true if somehow while they wait thanks again. I blow those tests off in five (5) minutes with some error your tests not logical (many ways to do the same with keystrokes the mouse, menu picks and stuff no one wants to be bothered with this really it's hard on them making value tests - I challenge you though put money down) and must seeking of it ruled and rigid for losers trying at it big dumb answers with hate involved I do you well anyway. I never seek to achieve perfect for anything, really - not against the likes of you so easy to know. That's assholes who don't breathe for fear of you. The tests exclude liars nicely we see the difference and soon. Make my score happen, then you talk of me. Who does that well anyway? Someone with a little class (class = a "classic" or not to be improved a standard among - is that you?) probably who competes with others not we fear you I hate women-types who seek my pay and stature if only bagging while running me and others over getting to it never listen never see. People like people I don't want them around really hurting me and others all the time. I don't want them, really. I don't I have to listen to you I hate that some little person a noisebag. Of course I hear all of your complaints by you in my head a radio of it and think nothing. I hear you. "We think you are fucking mean." You live thinking the contents of your mind need not be clear to me and others while you do us. We know you and wait for a moment that's clearly sane to it. In turn, I dump all here challenged by you and in reverse. No bother but no pay neither. My friend Chris says "trades" (building stuff). Yeah, but that's hard testing for too. They will murder you and you still drop closed switches into a lit fusebox.     
Open All Night 12/28/04 1920
If you ever have problems with your browser and just for being here reading free and clear, clear your "cache" (your browser's and shared participles memory saved of visits, places to be) and first. As in the "Netscape" menu and under "Preferences",  select "Advanced" and underneath then "Cache" then "Clear Cache" to dump all you see and fucking it. You're awfully sorry you asked to be, but someone you petted allowed me a seeping "error" you probably helped or wrote. Back to, these slavings to be avoided are in-part promised to me by promising to fight your wars and abroad as this shining on freely. I can be who I choose free and all as long as I fight with you when called by trouble if as strikes. Let's keep calling back and forth to make sure no woman or sound enters the plea I registered for the draft and that was enough for me my father being a real advance jerk-off on that one he could use to pilfer me down like you. I go and run for bullets I'd honor it no plea. Seek pleasures, be kind to our neighbors who fight with us daily too these bitches and then henched (how can I make you know mine too? easy enough just try it out like usual your mother's shoes). You owe their sons for something as promised the women did nothing really and seek it out. All's not well so far a woman sits on her ass complaining of my dick up someone's ass and late nights out like a care came to hear it complain. May fuck her dead I was mostly delivered as promised you see that a utopia of sorts holding it inside this I do my part while you guide a tv on it to stay above your calls out. Make a beautiful and a boy you get one maybe. Maybe just wait a bit. A proud woman in Los Angeles (the tip of having it all, we can't make do with what you seem with special people around and all where's the party? of all places the city of lost angels as you seek army protected maybe you see it taxes are never yours thanks for nothing our partner in crimes too and this is against you housing derelicts in your part of it stated until we want them from you) is no one's welcomb hom. Of all the world we had to be this and with it we nature to sounds. Make it real you are no equal to this yet. Come see me to be this yet. Know why you live. "When you get ugly you have to leave." Ugly? We fear ugly is not in our code. Ugly is yours staying away again. Come see me. "We speak up for ourselves." No one is interested in that clarity on demand by you parents who made and fed a kid daily? And now just to know of you and your feedings upon it them settled for so less? Never see this to me. You need to charm people the rest of us will never understand you I asked and got you again. Some confess - this will do for now. Don't tell me any more your truth. No more truth by you. "You are less."  I was left to my thoughts unless higher of it I pursued. To choose and to not have to think of is mine. You gotta get to give. Now I got you. Any takers before I get you this a gift? Plus: If I see you on tv making points at I will kill you I hate heaven's children and shoot at that so confused why I can't be quieted like that a comb and fork at once. Because I hate you I fought hard not to be that and murdered off I guess. Why ask me? I might know. You tried to get me to die in your studio lot challenge here I am the master of all you to fool and beg it to stay normed. I beg you not to clear to me as others have die. Let me abscond you. Let it pay you a privilege only.

the later models are french designed morph that

Corniche Convertible 12/28/04 1840
Was talking in mind today about Rolls Royce (working again and all - what little pay spirals me) and my favorite model the "Corniche" (say "corn-eesh") convertible (simply a perfect car - no plastic ever, but all wood veneers and full-grain leathers as sewn all made to be by hand entirely....runs on air conversion if need be since production 1983 trust that). The queen comes in to the conversation and says you say the name with a "v" instead of a "c" as for "vorniche". I found that interesting for friends and all, but mind over says you say the name without the "o" truly - thus say "seen-eetch" to be true. I loved that one. The name means "but one is missing" as you knew all well in French. They are finicky, really. A rare ethusiast, I use to think about the price of one being more than people's houses at about one hundred forty grand ($140,000) or so I in the showroom in NYC sitting for pleasure. I get one hundred ninety thousand ($190,000) now I want a brand-new one ever. On one day you died I got the car for plus a little place in LaJolla the coast never a cityscape. P.S. The pictures of this car as old makes me think things. I remember what I saw on the street not long ago as parked - black, perfectly sized....simply beautiful. Now maybe you too.

Change Of Heart 12/28/04 1747
Don't use the checking account below anymore -  the bank "force closed" it with a balance of like negative five hundred dollars (~-500.00) and they wouldn't let me deposit anything towards it today. You know I got fucked there too with not one extra dollar noted or placed by anyone else to date. Is that real to you too? We'll just open something new somewhere soon and you'll see that here too. Thoughts: I hate Bank Of America existing like I hate any bank that makes me you - snottiest "franchise" motherfuckers there's no franchise call your own branch after you sat. Western Federal? Eat that for taking my car after fifteen (15) days default with a snotty answer to a loan not even mine curse thee we paid it right off they stole the car. You and yours paid again and again I'll never stop. I hate motherfuckers making me just to be like you and work it out with their money - not mine. Not mine. Your administrative directors will know of me first. Your records your days I hate people sending me a bill in this. I hate them. I HATE THEM! "They do it to you because they fucking hate you." You will die, and they will die. What more is there to discuss in this? Nothing - let it to be what it is. Let it to be I'd clip your face off. Never think 1) that this is mine ever - all by yours as positioned I answer to nothing for it 2) that I will ever bargain myself to be what you seek - not with additionals added in about the back and. I'm clever and speak not about you. Just tips for future we spend you becoming this don't bother it. "Your 'handlers'...." Whatever's arroganting up there is one stupid fuck while eat my shit I piss in you both they don't have enough razors for after I clip off your nuts and tongue what's left - please see that I keep it to simple...happy/unhappy never superceded by a better thought forward or having to you too a fright is to a war of the worlds - you'll pay inside of payings plus pay. Wait see. Maybe I'm no one but I made it rain by lowering the clouds at least twice plus I fuck with your every word phrase worded. Hate is my empty bulb. No, it will never be me I turn on a dime. In wet response, do what you will. Just do it. I do. I don't lay around thinking it over that's for sure. I ask to be buttressed in my feelings what never matter anyway I'm entitled to my every mistake of rabid attack I hate fucking people rants so fool. "They went and did this to him because they don't want him." No one asked anyone what they wanted that's for damned sure who the fuck are you? Answer now answer me dirt. When you insert self I get to take it and then you can discuss the peckings among what's left of it and already said. I keep what I do to you down, out...off the lawn. Someone else's house has your pile of shit stinking up the yard. Why should I endure it to be so warn? No more from you I've spoken some now the potentials I to amiss. (No, my mother sent cash some in the box....I blessed her to it.)

Keep reading fool: Our basement now flooded with water from rain I supposedly caused (will lay down later and do more messes), I went to Wells Fargo and have been denied an account by Chek Systems. Too bad then. I never pay Chek Systems for their services I hate trackings of people. Went back to Bank Of America someone else to speak to and they still hand me a number to call on a card seeking. No. We'll just have to address in other means I was without checking for years on another bank and I never need that. One day later on I paid up. Always about deposits that are no good or available when shouldn't be. What to do? In the meantime, I plague you for this believe yours leave to mine. Go blind with it. No matter what - too far now ever. I'll just have to go the ol' credit union I guess.

That Sunami 12/28/04 0958
A brigader ship (troller) hit a submarine parked the two exploded Isle of Capri thirty-nine thousand (39,000). France, Germany bound for hell.

As After The Fact They Should Have Fought Better 12/27/04 1122
Today's camphor: "You are nobody special Doug Moon." Thank fuck - I'd have to know what's better than me and have it made to order too (that is, you had to do so much for it and be there another unknown and thus endure and thought to myself then as I blessed not). Then, (it's all) just (to) you no. So and to update, no greeting cards (save the one from AT&T Cingular - fuck off), no gifts, no e-mails, no nuthin' but money from Mom (five hundred dollars $500.00 thanks again - we're doing well, thanks again - thanks). I worked Christmas Day long and hard to be with people no (that is the gift taken home) I was just there and things are fine if sees nothing special - right? Good (for you and as you) - and how about you [insert yours to be drained off here]? Again, thanks for everything done we see well of you still (a better faith-having) and I got paid in another stark encounter (oh, nothing everything's great) how much more or sure can one be? To those who resist I still couldn't count the change and wait for better nudes. "That's right - we don't like people who kill Christ [I, my being, kills him in a manner I say - many lies like this you defend a saint of yourself Christ would kill you by poking your eyes out and then searing them once at twice - maybe you live he'd die then in you then you die a battle of axes]." Know you are going to Hell. Know me - never an effort seen to you, never a quit either. Just know nothing matters to me when you see it your opinion is to me. "Criminally insane" asks others to hurt people for them. I hear about stuff and think 'how sad' then I eat a little something. "They hate girls." No - pathetic, weak. We like 'em alot, but we will not listen to the particular pieces of shit you made with expectation and entitlement. May both die. No one cares and neither do other "girls" we shit that back out and put some in you. Eat your self shit make God have it in his a heavenly hole. To fuck a very of last pig. "Mental." Simply lives better, then leaves it to no mention of you. It goes on and on e-cranch and you, sadly, will finally one day just die on it no one came after sixty years your mouth packed full of cat hair and dirt. More leard for 12/28/04: Good friend (I never qualify friends i.e., my best friend so needy is it true Chris Ondy? - they all usually suck I pay to you anyway) Peggy Blaze (lobbs at Universal - she hated me too if at first to learn better, proves) reports that she sent me a Christmas card (thanks again - dead? we call only as needed and then) but that the post office "sets them aside" she heard this and now all to me in the morning in the head then questions questions and I grate (remember, nothing too technical to be taken in the air 'our vision is not real' type-stuff - we save that for all hearing and here when I write). A danger cited is me then again by no one special at all - you live this, see it. This quote from someone there - Peggy inquired she is fucking mean about this stuff always like me but has Jewish leanings and a woman's sense of misplace (something's wrong again): "We don't let convicts earn degrees either." That's how they sell this stuff to a lowly black working at USPS or Peggy sounded good to me too if at first. Never be this - a convict will spend your day earning it and with you I think all wrong all wrong. See that. That the whole shim here - leaving shit for little people with a horrible sense of not having and vengeance to decide it all out an underside always keep that down. I stop myself briefly and remind who I am and how little it hates me. As for the mail, have a bullet in your head from a college-graduate level to masters in but one day learned perhaps again pass fail. Add: A masters degree? To teach, only. "That's hate." Yeah, I basically hate (an empty circle of and around, but full of intent to you - a Venn diagram hate is real anger AUB) anything that acts against me be it openly or in stealth I hate. I'd wish you to die wait is that messy? - already got you penciled in for one of no note. You think it to yourself like that, like delivered - always so good to you in reflect so cruel. Chris says "Don't mention my name no more...my mother gets mad." Tell her go to hell Chris is not going to be overtly gay with me - we are not like that I do not allow it. Vow. You the mother do not know me that well yet to bark, but I heard you had your open tit in my mouth when I was little playing with me. That counts. Sorry 'bout that.  

I'd Rather Die Than Touch Of It Once Call For It Caring Again 12/25/04 0949
So I'm in the restroom at work becoming X again as usual the usual smilts (I'm going in today, yes no) and I'm talking to ghosts, my very mind, about the diaper changing station bolted to the wall. I offered "a faggot's idea" so as to not know of you ever thanks before a plague sets down (here? pray for that at home too...you're in love, I hate that sounds like). Mind says 'no' - they're for people copping out on drugs. A space station of sorts that rejects radial heat (what actually does you down) with stuffin's inside it, you lay the early-deceased as so on their belly over the lowered shelf of the unit and pray smell. Bet that works too often too, but how would find out - you know - the tip to do and all? I know - I know. What to do? I still say tell no one. Let me die. "No - not you." A little mack of salt under the tongue while down still kills it their breath so bad.

Bitch Please You Owe Me What Do You Mean I Gave You The AYDS And Other Things That Were Basically Real To You Too? Still Giving Off Your Scent Mostly I Smell It  12/25/04 0447
Why am I up late? To tell you about my childhood Christmases again - each one obscenely perfect yes except for that Grant's orange ten-speed bike I half-mentioned by mistake (go right to Schwinn then please....still learning about, will have the best later once having identified to me). No matter how ludicrous the request list I drafted for each of child from the holflings of the Sear's toy catalog (each and every, then) the elves had it there in that silvery sheen halcyon that appeared each year in that time. They were truly unforgiving. Every stupid thing I got and some I peeked at early to be sure of no error. Insane. The one thing I didn't get was that Charlie McCarthy ventriloquist doll oh alright I wasn't sure I wanted it anyway. For what? I get nervous having too many things to use pay attention to not really. Just curious after all. No, not rich - take it off (my Dad's all "all I got was a toothbrush" - shoulda used it too that little rubber thorn right on the end for picking the last bit at the gums - next year, a floss maybe and some of them red pills will show you how if plaque some say thrush still simply angle waxes from cork children's cereal rotting teeth something). Just suffer to me. Take something of it (one day, a foundation of mine - "so what - just take it they'll never know - sure just do it yeah fuck them....that stupid bitch" - all on a t-shirt - now on back "you win again....is that right for the world? no one person ever mattered but I hafta believe in you going down too (can't fight back no matter what!)" - fake nipples scorbed with moles ironed on the front but underneath my message-header about a dried-up rainforest I'd like you buy for ovamilk and nest cheeses while China stamp-stirs nighttime Pampers into your favorite cold cereal then an ad for Amex green and how it is still classier than Discovery Card as the waiter goes "but of course" and "oh, I see" as the distinction is rising over grey poupon the waiter is at Hooter's and you think cash-only is more impressive if that's you too).        

Leaving No Doubt Right By The Cookies And Milk 12/24/04 2008
Merry Christmas, Fool. Hope it all turns out nice for you I'm happy enough yesterday today. Happy enough. You, having to be, having see. Bless that. I'll just lie around naked in the chapel thinking about things no one cares about me still. Hrrrmph. Bought a three-dollar ($3.00) Santa hat at work to wear at work today (end the mystery - "a Jew"?) Actually, the hat honors Islam and I adore it a blackness to nour scent. A sex maker's hat.....um, and to so seek, "merriment" (nothing crabbed, cruel from us to again be this thanks). Okay (as relenting) - a person of gay descents, the piquant. All of that tinkle box musical noise in the store made me dei inside incidentally it colors you to me we are all fools somehow. I'm gonna do something about them one day like I got the King Family, Yanni, and them there loising at Mannheim Steamroller. You'll see me. I'm gonna get Enya type-stuff too. I get you to turn that down with all that gay-friendly tv and morgue detectives. See ya soon. P.S. I sent no cards this year expect nothing I still like you too. Unworthy a gift barks and makes mine big I said. Chow down. I find it hard to believe no one sent greeting you'd simply believe. Thanks.....anyway you said it just nothing new or noted. Believe in that. Gift: I tell people we are Jews really and celebrate Christmas not in some sort of abstain. We hate the afterhath of Christmas Day and no not true. We had blue lights on the tree ever and a blue skirt it's easy to fashion the lie, but we simply have no depth at all and know not why we do anything we are made to conform, die. Christmas Eve is prettier for lights and we open gifts then in an impatient-type summoned greed. Lackluster, my mother wishes you did better for her always I hate her shit tasting my money and wait for her to know better by me done well. Drunk, drugged, a person of plagues I can't stand the thought of Midnight Mass fighting hordes of hohme and I pray to die. "Can't I just stay here and you, guilt bearer, finally, go it quite frankly alone but with God as such?" Never nice. Let God eat it up rasters again I'm not good about things ever picking choosing failing me again. I should go to Hell, really, but I'm God so to thank for less I'd have be. You do it then. Have that. Eat my God, then to see me. A bigger God has it for me sent it's fevering stills in you perhaps and is simply better and to then so we see it all just coming done like new hoses in shout. Pray it off I understand you completely. Help me hurt something soon - that's all I'd ask. I didn't hafta care about nuthin' - never forget skindome. Leaving, the only tinkle music that ever made me happy overhears - from "Suspiria" - " lah lah lah lah lah lah lah! lah lah lah lah lah lah lah! (then to a repeat, it ends some) " Freaks.  

Seek Clarity Or So Then Be Known To It 12/21/04 1708
I put up things like my mother's e-mails to get you 'round the table. We get to know each other anyway, you could say, and much is left to their own words. I am the jerk, the errant, the problem. You, sideswiped. In between bouts of self-hate, I enjoy it some and glory on. Life is good. What is a star? A major effort made by alot of people. Beautiful people hurt people bad, and we keep that noise down by being selective and dutiful. No one walks alone. We keep it down. We protect the good sense. A star is forever if pleases to be.        

With Thanks To Us Too 12/21/04 0044
Thanks to Hewlett Packard for their lunar landscape postcard on site. We made it together Neil and I.

The Mooveil 12/20/04 1447
I was talking in mind to someone I consider attractive and then the blatant view of a shopping basket came into view in lifeview and the two (2) together felt unattractive, unstable to me - much like you may feel about me - seeing how I do in the world not so sexy anymore but I digress. I had to cover the feeling up with assurances to myself and other like they could read my mind a useless plague to me and then get the fuck out of the said of it. What is this associative digress in mind also noticed most favorably by me when thinking of a U-Haul cannister in the rear of your car what also may damage said by model make year? Mind over says it's the "mooveil" say "moo-veel" -  that is French for "moves you on [past this]" into further thoughts perhaps. The object brought into mind again seems French (a U-Haul? blacks, and the French "leaving is never a plus, never sexy") and mind says we ridicule people this way. The French are noted for always segueing into sex and sex talk so we stop them temporarily and honor the thought past you. Is knowing this then working against mind as such and asking for more powers to be in it? "Not really" it says, "I want you to do better. Talk it out with others if may." Yeah,  and laugh harder. Doug's mere point: The mind is junky used - don't run so fast, so hard from you and yours and be nice to people in it. We don't think much about them or in it of. And then again, some of us get to decide what we release of it and into this world we say we see.

All Languages All Day 12/20/04 1404
I told roommate Terry again that I was someone special yesterday or so and to write words from any language on cue cards (with their answer-definition on the back) and I will decipher them on the spot. The idea was get them from someone special at work like the one he offered from teachings in Swahil from someone "annil" (say "ahn-eel") what means "see you soon" ("hello" is "anter" say "ahn-err"). Then I got home yesterday and he had "Entr'acte" written down from "It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" their intermission card. That means "some of you will understand while some of you won't [why as we continue here]" as in French. Yeah - the film really, really is long in degrees pardon I said.

see it for sinbad too

As Bad As A Drug Habit Trying to Relive It All 12/19/04 0907
Went to Tower Video last night to try and rent "Jingle All The Way" (see a little QuickTime clip at E! Online if very Three Stooges it was written for this - note all most preview-trailer systems are bankrupts these days that's too bad) again starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, comic "Sinbad" (son of Shirley "What's Happening!" Hemphill), and that guy from tv's "Talk Radio" Phil Hartman who really stars. Very funny. That name - Phil Hartman - I can never remember it (real name is Russell Stout from Trenton, N.J. - this is the guy who got shot in the head by his wife while in bed in Liz Fraser's Encino house - he his mind haunts her still even though she ripped up the floors, walls...back now though and by me at nineteen [19] years roughly). Give it a try. Last night was twice in a week now that I made the staff at Tower Video help me look for the movie because it was simply stolen by some black woman for her husband mind over says and still shows available in their system. Fix that please. I still owe Video West thirty bucks ($30.00) on my membership for two (2) DVD's kept out for about a week on rental and you know no one cuts Doug Moon a break (Tower did though - thanks). Anyway, I hate siphoning things out of a tube or local - they get too important to you or something and then to a letdown it sees. Keep it light, infrequent. See the movie anyway and then toss it. My movie list resurfaces here soon. In the meantime, may I suggest "Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol"? I have that here on VHS. Trivia: Total take on this movie with Sinbad? Forty million ($40,000,000) flat and expensed. To Elton John. "I make the money here, and pay for losers there. Never rest." Per Dan Moon an investor with return of thirty-six grand ($36,000) back from fifteen thousand dollars ($15,000) and with no ties from me I saw it on a plane traveling home to N.J. - "We take the money and run from this one. Violent. Humorless." Dan is old school - of "Stonewall" gays. Too serious all the time a half-black. More on 12/20/04: Tower had a copy of "Jingle All The Way" for me today DVD so I sit and watch this before work. And now, still see my rating of MMMMM a great time had by all. This film is directed in-part and mostly by Neilsy (Brian Levant) - his first effort - and explains the violence. The child in the film (Nicholas, son of comic Robin Williams and girlfriend-producer Marcia Grimes) mentions me as "loser", kind of. Thanks. Rita "wife of Tom Hanks" Wilson, by the way and very affecting, is just our Olivia Newton-John in makeup. We love her still. See the film. More 12/28/04: Someone overheard calls and asks E! not to support my site with the little clip. Who cares if you are a turd as I try to make people happy with no mention. You labor against me in specific so what if it all dies with you? What if I'm a big hit and the movie lasts? So what to all? Rule: "Little time taken, little money spent." You owe me nothing still.

Maybe It's Just Me 12/18/04 1944
When I got into work today, I bagged the groceries of these two old ladies croaming about the Christmas holidays one sighing to another herself "Who was born?" as querying in fake gesture like no one came for them at all dignities flared. "Our kids are going to be so confused." I'm thinking to myself "Is this like, real, or for me and my benefit?" ("Hello! It's me - I'm here!" like Sylvester of magic pebble fame in the proverbial rock with his parents dining on top). Guess again your pantie shields. Never to bargain - now trust that. Now trust that. "Doug Christ bagged my groceries again" sure a wet meet and greet for the holiday and all. Last week, some Jewish woman had me all the way upstairs in her le grand apartment with shopping cart. We walked there together. The "French" carts lock right up electronically if you try and remove them from the parking lot. Luckily, I had the remote device on hand to free us for further use ease.

Noting Of And To Yours A Vision Of Clarities 12/18/04 1018

From: Geraldine Moon <GMOON@NJHA.com>
Sent: Thursday, December 16, 2004 11:54 AM
To: "Doug Moon" <noomguod@hotmail.com>
Subject: RE: Thank You As Prim

That is wonderful that you are working, that is the best news I could hear.  I
plan to send you nutroll, cookies and pork roll on Monday, I have to bake over
the weekend because I had the grandchildren all week since Leslie was on her
honeymoon.  I will overnight it along with some Christmas cash. The wedding was
very nice. I felt bad that you weren't there, but it was out of my hands, as are
so many things these days. Is Terry going to Florida for Christmas?

-----Original Message-----
From: Doug Moon [mailto:noomguod@hotmail.com]
Sent: Thursday, December 16, 2004 2:34 PM
To: Geraldine Moon
Subject: Thank You As Prim

Thank you for the coat, decorations, and food items. And Leslie's marriage?
I just started working at a local major supermarket for little money, but
like the atmosphere and mindlessness of it for the holidays. Some change

Quote My Friend 12/18/04 0943
"You are a psychopath." No one has me yet. You must be to a guess.

in and out

The Three Of You Simply Ruining My Credit With You 12/18/04 0905
No, things couldn't be worse yet - you'll see. In some gay weekly ("In" Magazine Los Angeles) they have a black-and-white picture of the "national debt clock" looking somewhat like a bomb detonating in lucrid digits (made with lines - can't afford to be too bright a LCD yet to be named as blinding rich suffer here). It goes "OUR NATIONAL DEBT: $7,533,282,361,867....YOUR FAMILY SHARE $70,353" then goes on to certify itself "THE NATIONAL DEBT CLOCK" underneath as if you might know. The national "debt" (a debt borrows mind you) hovers around seven trillion or so (~$7,000,000,000,000) give or take (+/-) but less (-) usually. We owe ourselves this mostly as old folks and people you'd likely stimulate toward death and having not. Take some sometime. As for your "family share" (a family to them is mother, daughter, sister, brother yet to three [3] up or so - the father works for us directly here and does not pay off debt - he is paid in-full and rations or takes all home his taxes are his on-the-road as "it takes alot to make a man happy") that would be far less. The amount each non-person (otherwise you) would have to pay is three grand ($3,000) each and gets it done nicely in two (2) year's time. Like paying off a house that does not cost you anything per year against paying out (ins and outs equal pay or not pay to spend each and every year to 'why bother?' and to do the math inside a year) the government doesn't need to be paid off either. The national debt - or 'personal loan', really - circles around each other and has no true meaning like the dollar holds no true meaning. Why buckle up "against France" if they are already here spending us in time and effort (food/sex)? Never true. Loans to us - yours - include T-bills (treasury bills, not available to the public - banks only or then simply owns one), savings bonds (both named are investments in paper maturing with us - proceeds both are used in China and Indonesia, primarily, to buy up goods - we sell them here at high profits to us and again - we also build housing for us and abroad and cheat at skities with high rents), commerce entities (corporate loans to our government and functions - they pay people back in dividends and structures to spend further on us as we build, make for them), and luxury items (speedboats we build for around and France are made by the government with loans and we profit as one too - also Apple Computer, Nestle foods, etc.)  Now see that to rise. Pay nothing yet. A fag knows. Further key: Seventeen million (17,000,000) taxpayers annually make one billion ($1,000,000,000) in revenue. How? By product and tax rates to us.

Last Night's Dream - A Continuing Threat-Sentence 12/18/04 0849
The year is 1976, and there are two (2) pianos on stage. One, a black one, in the rear is being played by Elton John in costume (what is not clear), the other out front - color missing - by somebody lesser. A band mostly dressed in green heavy coats with belts and such in the middle of the two and as dancing some. The stadium rising and with lights on during has people walking out continuously although no threat during "Bennie And The Jets" and maybe "Island Girl" before that too (I studied his Elton's key-playing during "Jets" to no further notice or bother). There are green fronds of houseplants everywhere in seats taken and the message is not 'untaken' there are people as in them and as behind (unclear). I am seated way up the stage on left if facing. Someone now says "Wembley" - not clear to me in the dream. It is early in the year - that is clear - and the performer Elton came up next to ours seated - more toward the stage but as high up - and tried for small talk with someone who could not converse lightly - someone trying to get away about a "drink"? Sad enough and the lesson learned not to be.

very pet shop boys

Back From Far-See, A Christmas Question Answered 12/15/04 1322
And so they asked tip-wise, "did Pet Shop Boys ever do a Christmas song?" Pet Shop Boys "It Doesn't Often Snow At Christmas" MP3 (3.1 Megs) MMMMM. So, I'm in this grocery store backlot and there are these oversize Christmas cookies all frosted and mind over goes - "blacks...they have [some sort of] special flour in the [cookie] mix made with the ground-up teeth of dead people...they pull them from corpses...." Apparently, the government tests for them (actually most boiled out of a jawbone questioned then sent) and asserts the flours. And to me then? To happy holidays. More? The song is ace to me. Pet Shop Boys recorded it in 1993 for fans only and released to their fan club in 1995 with the "Very" LP outed. Elton John's organisation wouldn't pay for the reorganization of his song to them (he wrote it in 1976 for a Wembley soccer match...they played it there and by him - find that, "Pooter"). They, Pet Shop Boys, paid instead with royals and royals of it. Pray see. Pay to me.

Under The Song Framed So Gilded So Well 12/15/04 1556
You know, I'm at the laundromat here last week and tried to get pennies made into a quarter and they said 'no' they woudln't take them these Mexican ladies from Honduras that barely can speak. Today, they wouldn't take nickels and dimes and make quarters I shouted out before going to the grocery store same lot she pointed to make cents change. These bitches break the law - all pennies and named such are legal tender only for all debts be it public and private now trying to shame me. "We don't get paid for that?" This is where business school comes in and you must leave. Figure out what it takes to meet your demand made sense or get the fuck out. Count pennies - all of them. The bank does. They have to and so do you. You make our money worthless and to Hondurans who refuse us and here and in that language. Be bothered next time lazy fucks. When I work for what I work for now, you're gonna get off your fucking ass too.

Now squirms: Dee "Twisted Sister" Snider is the teacher in his videos - not real. Robert Downey Jr. comments on his self as in glasses as both on VH-1 - see his look scarred ever since "Weird Science". Not bad in "Less Than Zero" the elevator at the Four Seasons seen yesterday on tv Bravo! but a bit. Now's the time for both sent. See Neil in make-up as sister of "Alyson" all to the tooth big head. Know that SNL comic Will Ferrell was Cha-Ka on Sid & Marty Krofft's "Land Of The Lost". You'd love to watch tv with me maybe sometime.

Mere Gases Escaping 12/14/04 1400
"He hates personal empowerment [like, in women and with their vaginas]." You are the fool's fool - one does the yardwork, the other says how it looks both ways. If anyone cared or you mattered at all to a life and in the way, you'd be ground up for humpmeat and stuffed in the back of an ass wagon to beat hind. You are that because no cared of it less. One day, on any or just another day, you the bad joke and take it to tips. A fur meat is such then dinner.

Madonna in makeup having to and dispatching white witch and not only lords of the ring chris lee having too   

Remember To Me This And Be Mine Evil 12/14/04 1350
Never forget to me and oh! of white wand. Always some idiot seemingly empowered by your prattled 'good' yet seem drawn over practical realities and may to afoot. We challenge, fight this our only offer samed to, and as too with our, so and finally dispatch the black furring with all might drained down over you one question recite - a shaft of wretch in crudeform linens. Once dead, I'll resuscitate it simply as stupid as were for the next task called to mask it in for friendly unbroken. Trash you again. No one gets lit up over a person entombed by shit's dump no matter how crooked the wand. Raise me the demon haunt I'll kingdom you flesh so it be sent. The most meaningful tights so smallen but knowing one day you'll be forced to explain and I'll camera the lights to each one you knew it by. All at once it will whooosh! you'd say no room for you yet moves past.      

More Answers To Questions You'd Wanna Ask 12/13/04 1258
Circle, outline what gets through now questions to answer then this: You want to freeze a human body solid to cap? Salines in the body prevent this they as don't freeze well - removes mostly by pubes other hair warrants (nothing is extra or founded and we mean it - trust that, E.T.)  Put Vaseline (as Kleenex to tissue) on the back of arms and front of legs to remove resident heats kept by. Chills simply in half to a third better. Bad breath made by spirit gums? I hate the unseen making me stink too, but then again a justice prevails you too. Thank everyone first, then say away. Thanks again, Bitch, but see no need your hair so fuller than mine but sent me times over taken. Who'd have thought you? Comb back the problem by placing a nickel in the ear for five (5) minutes works one (1) day like most of my tricks to a) big dumb doing b) unkind c) unconcerned d) by incident and you. A leather camphor for tampons is what we take home against 'is this what I want to think about a gain and a gain?' If only I could enter the cryptums of mind and change our sex and make it for the bother. Without being reminded to, that is. No matter what - you try and remember your name every day while I speak and spell this for you read my mind. By the way, stink is just a pattern floating - ruin it simply no spraying gets so confused looking to know. Meanwhile, I have magic pennies changing the sex of unwilling to counterstink and or making people be bothered with you and my God or then both. No two alike. Take simply, touch to sweeten.       

Never To Trust You Died 12/13/04 1147
Just got the new Madonna CD from BMG today lick titty split and more food from the Omaha Steaks people -  lobster tails, beef tips (um, beef tenderloin steaks you say "filet mignon"), potato boats (stuffed baked potatoes), other stuff (stir-fry vegetables, "shrimp del rey" shrimp stuffed with crabmeat, a "Carnegie Deli" cheesecake....) you'd enjoy except for the fact that I got it. Even though I don't like getting stuff with my name on it and from my mother another toothcake made especially for me but you'd like it just as much as yours had I not served it as mine first or then back to you since last. A homily, a humbling of sorts (I still buy Altoids to accept and denote you....my mind shows black women in the Sudan mashing and spitting in bowls to moisten - ho ho! you aren't that black to me yet and thanks you). I like getting foodstuffs unexpectedly like that - do you? Sometimes it's better to ask the person offering to and bothering you if they'd like some of the dish you prepared or if they had a good day in hell's gnosis like you actually cringed. Get it over with a fast lane to caring and sharing then script the heartworming to yourself. A dumb motherfucker works against every merciful, and I offer it at non-honest per box for each carton of naked or else nude (seeks else, ask of you to end how - if this equals nozzle then maybe again or eventually you, a small lie). So, how was your day? I spent alot of mine listening to a bewart olf'd of women (that dumb motherfucker at x-price, cast-wrapped for last trash legend hazzle a bio-turd) whacked out on baked beans and cialis flick around scabs to get at tuna boogers while melding herself into a peerless kinnle-vulcan under a bustling carriage-leather fumehood. The lies I weave in a welcome can't make up for the hate I feel toward remote-part speakings, attempts woman idiot but never will help some see. One day you'll sit on your own face to taste my skin-hamper of cancers as they unwind a cash fever of tampons into what salts a living sea with enough velamints to counter a third barge of horned dog shit ass-mixed with pugged rice and harsher liquids stilled of 'lube-leather' Dawn. I can't offer you anything more you're just too smart and see my ways and oh "little things...."

Note: I hear you out there latent homosexual (conventionally, has feelings for but does not act upon them...mind over says "speaks [of], but does not listen to speakings [of]" the difference being no acting upon - ever - to be expected of here) - it's no secret that you are pathetic, weak - looking to furnish your topaz with unseemly acts of valor against faggots like me and in defense of women assisting with your losing hair and if everyone you'd want. Be a man, Queer (a pantsuits type in soft lapels, fears disapproval, having to risk tell at ask) - they want me sexually but I defer to straight men who can stand in for the conversation but a minute longer than it takes to succumb to the stink and ensuant bother while they work on being me as god to you. In exchange, they look better standing naked at the sink while you borrow all money from me to pay for that kind of marriage in-kind and of faith. It's must be love, Bitch - keep saying it that way and we'll continue to fuck your children together and as equals per pay per view. A man cares about the whole world of it and well. A woman just wants to climb the corporate ladder to only curl right up next to some man and sample fucking. You can do that in the lobby while she explores your jealous reaction to her nascent lesbianisms if the receptionist doesn't send her raging, recalculating by being a bit pretty and thus fashioned to conscious being. See it with me somehow.

Back to the meat on 12/28/04: I ate that stuff my Christmas dinner upon receipt basically all was good after working it hard but plainly served. One item of note, however: I scraped all the meat out of the thawed lobster tails sent and made a stir-fry with what ventings they sent as such. It was perfect, Darling. I liked it alot and we even fought over any food remaining finally it was that good I wanted more. I usually don't order a lobster tail as not a favorite ever but may I then. Shrimp, crab. Crab.
More To It 12/10/04 2010
Just finished half a Trader Joe's chicken pot pie with my roommate (price at $3.29  - so chunky, one-half is all you may need also). Last week as I shopped, I noticed not a one in the freezer section and the girl serving dinner at weights (samples) said they pulled them all up for one reason or another. I joked after consult with the above that someone in North Hollywood was serving them for dinner in their sideways restaurant (no baking by them) and TJ's was trying to trip them up likewise. It was simply her involved too. These pot pies are just that good, however, even as microrave. The potato inside is a bit hard, but well worth and flavorful. So meaty the foul - check them out the turkey variety too. Nothing gets by me. Tonight I sampled a hardwheat cracker with salami and just a bit of rump cheese with a sparkling apple cider. The goat cheese pizza with black olives (mine always picked off thanks, no) is a goodness too. To mere thoughts of it. Cherry juice fruit floes (popsicles) too a favorite.

From The Message Board I Cover To You Too 12/10/04 1854
Mochee telepathed me at Target West Hollywood last night as I was eating my personal pizza (pepperoni - shared but one slice with other) from Pizza Hut Express. Mochee said he was working 'upstairs', but I had to get new pants for my little job (Merona, black....a little over thirteen dollars [>$13.00....$13.98] so, two pair!) and hop then over the 99¢ Only Store. My mother sent me my winter coat today (my long camel hair drawn in the back, J.C. Penney les Stafford) and one of my favorite X-mas decorations like she died (see Tommy from "Eight Is Enough" that book he found from Diana Hyland who died "dear tommy punch jaw left") - that reindeer with sleigh, white gesso on ceramic, a leg broken but now glued and okay. Nothing gets by unused from USPS UPS - now see. More: My mother's all "why'd you have say that [about the decoration breaking]?" Various truth problems may lead to having no "couth" or "care for other people in any way" - that's French and a true double negative - study it (the form is the appositive). I glued the thing back together with Elmer's 'schoolhouse' glue and now you'd be hard-pressed to tell me how it broke. Trust that. These people - I couldn't buy them anything precious from Pottery Barn (e.g., the teapot made out of vegetables with a carrot for a handle, that plum pitcher) without someone dropping it on the floor. Trust that too.
you're on your own here

The Gift You Don't Give 12/09/04 0922
"You are here to suffer for us." A patron says that. I am here to help you alleviate and understand yours suffering - not to propose mine. I don't suffer for anyone and would try you over it. My life simply does not speak to this. In the meantime, I'm going to work close-by and in walking distance for some important positive forward and don't mind the social outlet at all I'll do my best (someone says it's all still a 'polly holliday' - yes, I can see that too). Just know no one has done anything for me yet. Is that what you wanted? Me too. Remember, you have serious problems in this. You do - trust that. Everyone sits around around hoping I'd call to ask. Not unless against my will - you know - your way. Don't wait too long and I'd only return all to fits anyway. "We're trying to help you glory it." You? A pure crap. I don't need your help considering you refuse all that I offer to date in some sad attempt to context it all. Stay down. Stay out. Be that there - not here. Madonna says "that's what I'd say too [if she could and how], but you're a vagabond ["not working" - right - 'but' I add 'is sure staying' - right? hobo the homeward bound]". That's you and yours still trying to, still having me kinda but another snake, another sewerbite away. Sad clowns everywhere no one wants to watch the "performance" for more than it takes to leave you. Did you know that "sewer" comes from the French "seaward"? There ya go, Madonna my mother's friend. "You don't type well, but you'll get it done, huh." Bitch, I couldn't come up with the lyrics to Curve's song "Habit" yesterday because we "don't rob people's castles" it said. I'll kill you over that and ostensibly (means "even though you argue") because I don't "do the song" (we mimic and propose ourselves instead). Here's some to prove me " there's too much | to think about | so far to go | she'll need that | twist when she gets to the crossroads | 'cause there's too much | to learn about | in so little time | she'll deal that | card when she gets to see the stars shine | (boy will they shine) | she'll be a habit for the rest of life | and just to have you i will be a slave | she'll be a habit for the rest of life | and just to have you i will be a slave | it's so hard | it's so good | 'cause life don't plan | but it's too soon | to know how the story ended..." More later and as if. I know you liked that yesterday it was simply an artistry that led us to wrong. Of course, I wrote this song about being out with "Tina Louise" - aka "Chrissy" - she'll be a habit for the rest of life. Know it no matter how short to be I sing. And I repeat Curve "Habit" MP3 (3.8 Megs) from the "Coming Up Roses" CD Single 1 (now as corrected - those are phones dialing in France and then slowed down Curve are famous for white noise - they are a plague, really).

Minus Five Hundred Fourteen Dollars Still 12/08/04 XXXX
Glad I'm getting a little job soon my account balance still reigns at above - thanks to all. Today, I was taking a nap and someone held my hand as if through a wall - for minutes it seemed (claim Neil, but see who lives on unaffected) as my hand jutted off the bed (earlier than that today and in my ear, male "the dead don't want you here" - fuck off and die again but twice). That was fun. In this morning's dream (but realer than yours), I was in a hospital setting - working - and was asked to accept skinless and headless blacks walking around tables and in a circle. Jarred slightly but functioning near, the one without a head and leading seemed to have no true capital (head) but was getting along with ghost machining walking on two (2) stumps seen at the ankle and then seeing all perfectly. I noticed surmised they were blacks (all in hospital gowns) because one's outstretched wrist was about to be opened up with a hack saw (burn victims indeed). God says you can live up to six (6) hours without skin, possibly more with petroleum jelly all over and may heal. Blacks did this often I'd say. Twelve (12) years ago and a morgond (ghost figure) leading the way. P.S. I'd still kill you all and to the underworld. May to you cancer still. Liz - a troll - our word in West Hollywood for an aging male homosexual - thinks to me and just now "Well, you're getting into trouble then." Stupid bitch - don't you get enough shit to eat in this life? Neil goes "She does it in friendship..." I'm surrounded by haunts and moaners with nothing of it to eat. Note I try to kill everything I hear adverse by switching its flip - at least for three (3) hours or so wake up on the floor blanched while of course preserving this house and of course.

just in case someone asks 'yes'

"I Got Put To Death Too Often Being Dumb For You So News Changed" 12/06/04 2028
Did you see that guy on "Larry King Live" last night - no arms or legs but very fucking handsome? You'd fuck him too? I love that plate served up so beguiling (calling to a friend) but still a torture I'm sure nothing congenital looks like that human done trains in Brazil, France, other fuck-ups, electrocutions, stammers (bones crushed - like his a farming accident not said well a 'bailer' again woke up new with it - Larry King's son himself Martin....Martin King). Very nice looking (stares at the tv like it's talking to me = rude), but bitten to the death (all those childhood stories with stumps and teenage life are pure crap - live as the dead live - near home). We'll see it to you soon enough within six (6) weeks a dream a hairdryer like motion out. Stay clean, near. Nothing fails you yet. A quote "I've been here for three hundred fifty-four years [like this]. A friend fallen." St. Patrick (a Hollywood playboy-type working for flat-out cunts just moving on from it dying again - see a snake or too read it and read well) again? I hate her. But back to, (I use the veldt?) King supposedly lived in this house here once with Neil some. More 12/07/04: "We like respects." Me too. Here's the transcript from the show as Kyle Maynard ("a friend who died"). See it too.

Oh, Sure - More Stories To Tell Then Nothing Known 12/06/04 1849
I tell you every story I hear in the head - some wait for buttering up, so to speak. My grandfather used to drive a white van around recording women singing if privately,  and then discreetly while they waned to him in romance woes. The police once stopped him and asked him not to do for deserting others and making them feel like we have enemies among us. I agree to certain always picking and choosing our 'best left' while seemingly asked to stay, but that's no help. Saying 'never do or have' to people leads to another story told by my washer in the basement. My mind (much like the evil emperor of "Star Wars" fame - all but a hologram not really) asks me over and over again in tutelage-speak "how best to get rid of a human body?" as I motion forth with idea and plague for it all over the world begging. Well, it seems the washer consults with others lately (I suggested the dryer to flakes often, drain opener poured in your sears a tub powered by a car battery plus one volt on lowered rack). Who am I? Your friend while the damage is done. Neil and father (simply known to me as "Moons" as if by any other name) had an argument or delay with what remained of C&C Music Factory. Both Clivilles[e] and James - or whatever the mate - met their fate one day in a speak-easy bar in northeastern Nebraska - 'two for one' threats no bother. People love traveling with Neilsy and to work things out money delays stuff + fights + bother. Two bumps to the button later as delivered by the father who dies often enough, and we have our protagonists sawing up fingers with reciprocating saws at wrapped in plastic but duct tape and then a severed head at the eyes going through two cycles done yonder (ammonia apparently makes the difference in colorfastness tee hee - a fucking nightmare of eyes seen never by me but see "teeth....hair" remain but in the drum after spin cycle). Yours? This stuff is apparently bothersome, but know fights get awfully ugly to us you. What? Now hear of someone was crying badly sweetly at this handling and being told "see? this is what happens sometimes" by Neil? Hurting people delivers this NWO (no way out) and then you go and make matters worse by educating dead people who, like blacks, have nothing better to do than sit around washing the clothes go by but being comforted by the thought of having been so rudely done and then so well and to by you. The C&C people now as paid in-full kinda went on to a best seller album-wise. Why not wait for better heard? See it for better they're back now and hassle no one. Thanks again. Thank a Moon - there it is. Moons again thinking about you. The washer works well thanks for asking. A Kenmore (as if by artist "Kenny Morrland" aka Cathy Reice, President Nixon's daughter Susan).

i taped mine from the VCR have it in storage this one a gaboon      

Once There Was Only Tidy Cat 12/05/04 2116
Madonna's been up to her tricks again - I saw "Tidy Cat" is now "Tidy Cats" like there are two of them shitting in one discreet (she was blamed in-name at market to me - a "big bag" she says - oh - then she was told of "change everything at least twice" thus to see better of it and again - never trust anyone like that rules are dumb "what's happening here and specifically?" is truth....think ask then ploy or play around it pays richly then "someone bought it it makes it mine again somehow" all yours if your not careful what's an extra bag around? truth it? truth). Times is tough having to share a clump of grampy sholb only to find simms casped of an intruder the lightest detect sombs to caution my snake ever indignant laying some bird's eggs like the mother mourned it a gun. A snake laying eggs? No that is somehow elegant. Turtles lay 'em - I've busted some of those eggs up after a snapping turtle hid 'em but a snake? No. Try burying a mouse trap in kitty litter for laughs. I was gonna scare those Vegas cats shitless with fur de [la]lance (for the French "finds it way [in yours a home]" - made for tigers and if lions don't eat them first - tiger bites youngsters for being hungry Abraham made them fierce and protective nonetheless a bite then a shoal dying ember or care not from you but wander off and then a guard sort of - see the snake featured in ABC's 'Wide' World Of Discovery: "Realm Of The Serpent" see also Amazon to sale - news on this one is scarce as not local but fierce) them snakes popped right out of the delicates washer when I opened it for them. Ever hear a bleached-out gay tiger scream? Now that's funny on film so sue me. P.S. Liz Fraser said she kept these snakes - a France thing - a poison to guests and in their minds. A "small one" kept but (more like "three feet" and vicious to the touch, I'd say) bit her arm one day and wouldn't come off ("it just closed its eyes" as coiled around her arm and simply wouldn't off - they "know" as then with you "know" they are going to die and do that to resist the plague of you they are not living-real ever but automatons or robots sensing at your price to be paid by you I make 'em to order and literally run from if bite colors by wavelength you blue or red switches thrown by you in lit areas only thanks). They drove her to the hospital, sawed the head of the snake off "with pliers" and she died momentarily of complications for it a heart attack but not quite to the oro-fridge my call for death the ol' needle in the eye. Remember, snakes guard territories and kill everything dead for being there while you rest. Like a scorpion, just a pile of cat turds near a fruiting of some sort that lives you but another day then surprise! Nothing's free here - not even leaves as intended they change to match fall colors if you. More madness and the tidy cat from 12/07/04: Liz tells me that no one needs this story, "but yes they had that thing here and it bit me hard. Neil and I lived together with Madonna in an artist commune in France central [editor's note: this is Zimbabwe, Zaire actually in Africa continent, thank you - no - 'the army' does this with them and gets them there to said at the water cooler it's casual, cool side of mention] and they bit my hand with that once, twice, three times to make us unwary or something funny. They are retards - end me here." She had that thing bite her and stay and it left briefly to return to her heroin visits with them. Neil bit the snake in two at the neck because it was crying her - him drugged up too ("I had to get shots for that - three of them...." Pat Benatar, also there at the time, threatened them over it and said "he was laughing at the idea of getting bit and got bit himself one day and cried over it real bad - a sucker, a loser really - a joke to know is he" [editor's note: see "jackass" but loveable, you always then in danger] - my brother Scott is-was this too always reaching for things in the water behind Neil's old house in Allentown two doors down - a deadly fright to me they put colored bands in there and threw me in "he kinda fell in" to my father). Anyway, the body missing now the snake not identified by the ropes of design on the bottom. They guessed when they had it - a baby, really, nine (9) weeks old. Fur de lance is spelled this way and said this way - not a local, not seen by you to discourage your input of that particular snake. It is a dog to people - they hate it. It keeps France - its only locale, period - free from tigers what eat kids whole. A greater function of lesser people is said. Anyway, they tried soaking the head off her wrist with salts in water for two (2) days and also tried burning it twice to no avail (she cried at any attempt and begged off on authorities getting involved what would "shoot you first"). She was no one but a music-person pest then (1986) and paid dearly for being so stupid. The hospital came to her and butchered her getting it off her skin three (3) days later as paid for by Madonna in private it the head wrapped in gauze and tin foil to disguise it "for dinner". Have a day with that. She died temporarily 'the dead' decide you that. Three (3) hours as "declared". Die that - "needle in the eye and everything." Personally, I fucked with a gardner snake on top of someone's jungle gym but one door down when I was an early teen. I had that early-age bitch painted blue to see it while in the grass scurrying from additional torments I'd do it down finally one day. That bitch bit me on the hand at earliest caution of may and that was my fright to end all be less for it. If not ground up for farmer's soil as writhing and nitrogen-rich or bitten to bird-hawk (both to most this way), these motherfuckers grow on to become the much-feared water moccasin of "common watersnake" fame (these hidden to hide you). Slender, black, and quite ugly and so left for my brothers to know of it better. End this to me. Be careful then.

'back to the egg' was elton john's remade - the whole thing one green one red honors me too joan made no one happy too -  she was rich though cab calloway's daughter by friend stephanie mills not the

By Request, Albums I Won At The Shore And Drove People Crazy With Playing It At Their House
12/02/04 2045
I was telling people in my head you could only get Elton John's "Friends" (I basically hate anything with that word in it) and with featuring "Lady Samantha" down at the shore (New Jersey state owns it apparently over a car crash or sumpin'  - "they do own it - they paid to have it made then took all") and I ridiculed Chris Ondy's sister for quoting that song "Friends" in her yearbook 1980 "i hope the day will be a lighter highway and all" with pictures of him about in various states of repose ("not needing to" - he is pretty yet....a balding Ondy still may star). Albums I won at the shore: Paul MCartney, Wings "Back To The Egg" (for "Getting Closer" of course arrow through me) + Queen "Live Killers" (for simply "Killer Queen" note a double record as two [2] wins - see they all concerned they'd stay on stage during the opening plagues of "Bohemian Rhapsody" - "hear it here and on tape" they'd say: sound + vision please, and no more we hate live mostly as watered down effort, shilo, gliss - yours stacked) maybe one or two others. Tried to get Joan Jett And The Blackhearts "Bad Reputation" too to no avail (yes, it was the title cut that drew me, but "Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah)" MP3 (3.4 Megs) that did me up the ass and just now). It's the little things you don't get that matter still Joan Jett and all.

As Overhead As Learned 12/02/04 1850
As seen on "Will And Grace" - "Can't a fellow make another fellow a little meal?" What is a "fellow" anyway with all things being distinct? A "false friend" as from the French "fellow" and then "fallow" English or "falling short to me". Read the small print then, Fellow. An "associate" (French for "assos" say "ace-ose" or "making more of less") simply "gathers with us to make amends" only. A student or caretaker of the sick no pay. An associate takes your place. An "affiliate" (German "affils" say "ay-feels" for "reaches beyond knowing how") or then "uses our books" to make payments happen abroad or to some others.

for stevie she suggests more work less played

Like Being In Seventh Heaven 12/02/04 1111
The number one song ever? Stevie Nicks "Edge Of Seventeen" says mind over and I think 'yes' a correct shoo-in of it. My list is not a greatest hits function per se, but what I think you shouldn't miss of those having missed. What I paid for and as excluded maybe. We all had this one it seems 1981 a gilded summer and I in my new car (Datsun 210, silver/black hatchback no) driving to this also with "Pretenders II" (um, "The Adultress" MP3 (4.5 Megs) to sample it all down the lyric now sing along). Others missed by? Elvis Presley "Jailhouse Rock" - seminal. Led Zeppelin "Whole Lotta Love". Rolling Stones "Jumpin' Jack Flash". Maybe more on appeal. What #2 and by God? Queen "Killer Queen". I'd add Elton John and Kiki (the voice of Xenon "oh, oh-oh") Dee "Don't Go Breaking My Heart". Kinks "Lola". My father goes "You're poor - don't talk to people." And wouldn't you love that. Nobody's poorer than Rolling Stone and asking if will. Than you. " father christmas | give us some money | don't mess around with those | silly toys...." Boston "More Than A Feeling" mind over says is #13 to it. I argue not. The Knack "My Sharona". The Beatles "Please Please Me" mind says is #12. Is "My Sharona" #11? Somehow it is.

More and note: Toni Tennille (of Captain & Tennille, yes no) is the voice on tape singing "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" with bits of Olivia Newton-John in background. Lori Ciani plays in the video (uniquely shot for "Wonderama" - a NYC children's show I vowed the day would never see but made this happen alone it said) and stars in the documentary seen (she is Elton John's oldest sister by another marriage of the mother's a half-sister - dead now, plane crash). The German linguis in the video shown and in bits taken: "No one is this great and we have this. If you like pinball machines, you will love this one now making headlines across Germany and bits of England [break]. This is Lucia Ciani. She makes greatness in us every day by being her and with us too. If you knew Ciani, you knew us. We make music synthesize within us, and in this regard, we make music on synthesizers, [clockwheels], computers, recorders. This is what we hear best. Never get confused by mercenary tactic. We are one here and making one is never easy to be with us." No more, and no I asked no one German or Austrian I do it on the fly and by myself no lexicon I am magical and quite right only. Challenge me first then who wins here against me anyway? You die cite divine right-of-way and make it in yours too. I was in a rush to get to work earlier only - don't be so easily disappointed with those who would fake me to it or try and understand for it. Oh, I get mad too when things aren't clearly labled or uniquely understandable - you know - your work here. I was thinking earlier I'd like to send magical protoplasmic flowerpots perhaps with paperwhites as gifts reshaping and knowing for you (a gift giving to myself, actually). I've been cheated by your outlook on things. We'll pay you later.... 

like mine but a better culture they'd say

You Have My List Agolden Now May Other Present 12/01/04 1921
It seems Rolling Stone has their own thoughts on music with a list of five hundred (500) songs "of all time" or so - saw it earlier this evening at the newsstand Book Soup (gift idea? dig their Frida Kahlo monster calendar). You have my notes already. Shop around. Compare. Get this - they think Bob Dylan is like, #1 ever with "Like A Rolling Stone" no. He owns the publication obviously (almost two-tenths and then to namesake we see). Oh well, we support culture or then cultivating for better as it were. Hoping for better soon. A very soon. Well, they have the B-52's "Rock Lobster" on there #146....OK! How many matches to date bar none? Approximately forty (40) adds theirs some.

So, You Think You're In Hell 12/01/04 1356
Think you're good at doing the math? How many people were there then seated in back of Evil Knievel on a wide shelf-seat when he jumped Snake River (Canyon, Colorado) for the very last time in 1976? In my view-vision days ago a good joke from the above, I saw about twenty (20) or so looking like pegs or just like the Fisher-Price "play family" seated and yes, just behind and excited about their trip down home ("my family that got me to go" he says of others noted and not very accurate a woman from Des Moines who writes him letters in Hell - "just do it" she says). I tell people little about Hell as flavor-aid, but know you power much of it being just that dumb and here with it in me thinking it all over. But like Heaven, I can't be bothered with what's marvels away. Evil Knievel (and "family") was dead at fifty-three (53) then.

Not Just Yet You Wait A Powers Over Mind And Body 12/01/04 1039
When will you learn? In the meantime, get Switchfoot "I Dare You To Move" from the Lime gets you heard. Rufus Wainwright is so weird like a woman, but he sings this and finally we can join as one (the song is from the "Learning To Breathe" LP theirs and the "A Walk To Remember" soundtrack that movie with Peter Coyote's kid Shane West). Keep the other culture afoot please however needs to be signed for good stuff apparently. Maybe later you see here MP3 (5.6 Megs).

routing number 122000661 account number 00999-60407

The Wind And Cold Blow You Back To November 2004 If Will If Known
Oh, enough of the small talk already I went and applied for another boxboy job at a local supermarket they wanna test me for drugs for under seven dollars (<$7.00) an hour fine and little for positive forward will do now nobody pays nobody plays they all just opt out and here I still sit losing hair and a bag of it so what everyday is like God's hell where I don't pay or play my phone disconnected shove it up your ass anyway tomorrow another check to it. Oh, I used to cut down Christmas trees myself in Allentown, New Jersey at a place called Mount's Farm probably still there Neil helped us once they own it still. Jerks to die soon. Now, go to Home Depot still having the nicest douglas firs and very cheap like me still cheap and cheating at it. More and to "beautiful stranger": I just threw your fucking cellphone all over the street at the payment center near McDonald's. A real shit-fit. They don't take checks anymore it seemed mine out-of-state and for only one hundred nine dollars fifty-nine cents ($109.59) but two (2) month's worth. You'll never see that one hundred seventy-five dollar ($175.00) fee for less than two (2) years paid or any else from me trust that not from what I work for not from what I hold. No one needs your phones like no one needs me. I'm gonna pull apart your systems AT&T Cingular too and work-out the two (2) people I talked to on the phone making no arrangements happen never will I be you what you are now face that. Pay less.

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