Other things I managed to hold in success by LimeWire (previously or a bit misdirect at
Download.com) that I didn't give you (not all great, but mostly of):

We know your purple pussy is in a mad twist over my mentions, but see no gift I'm embarrassed by you so some having fun. If you didn't make my list, it's because you and your music acts are no one to all-powerful God - see that. If here, just a kindness to myself an asshole proves it some to you then you are left to aggravate me more. Fade out. Really, a superior verbing from one who lived it well. If I like you - and we are never friends to my need as I surround myself with magical tymes - you are truly great know that. I would never position myself for the ridicule of being presented as such ("you made a new song.......oh, you 'composed' it the song - insured your hands too but just the left one for now? gilded? oh I see") You win me - you win this. P.S. Do I run contrary to your personal mini-mission? Eat my shit, a milmer. Some I actually paid a production rests here all made to please me no one cares about music selling a record how sad looking morming in the dust while someone decides off that's hard to know. Now back to glamouring myself at your expense thank me one day, spinpig.

"everything was made to be with me, but we have whole new generations out there lacking and seeming to be...." the latest sidewalk talk has a man and woman running towards something left and dragging a child behind with a unplugged mike - you interpret.

Toni Halliday says "You are not proper [good enough to be in my home] - I wish you were more proper about things we'd help." fuck it off yourself. another quote "we are not here to turn up the volume on talents - you are here to do it yourself." that's about people who could do well if only to be let in to do so against us (me and you). Toni's mother "Eden" observes "fame pays for fame [participation on paper] - not money."

"We hate people writing off stuff..." so? this is what music made me happen still I reach past you...making songs people suck, they know they suck, why interest you further? deep respects for those who do it well I don't for a reason you're there and someone less fortunate has to make you feel good and you suck. I don't live to pleasure you and furthermore no one cares your art d'ejat down the drain in five (5) years mostly dumped at first songs a song. You don't have a right to make music you know now I have to feel good plus too. No. The best you get is a Doug Moon mention that's pretty sad is this never for you? Remember, I give my good to what's good. You can explain it to the others I don't care if please will too die. I feel like a black retard with a boombox hearing aid all eyes wince away chock-full of your non-person exploits as it is drawing down more of the life back to me.

------------------------------------end it to me be fresh for it

State Of Independence - Donna Summer (from Donna's Geffen debut self-titled - see Boy George Omartian not here though, Vangelis - also must note Chrissie Hynde's version with Moodswings - a better bite perhaps not I love both + "Heaven Knows" + "MacArthur Park" + "Sunset People" + "I Feel Love" + "Dim All The Lights" !!! adds in "Our Love" never to miss a rave)
Come Undone - Duran Duran (featuring "Tessa Niles" that is Kate Bush from the eponymous "wedding" album + "Ordinary World" + "Save A Prayer")
Headhunter - Front 242 (see "Front By Front" LP + "Welcome To Paradise" with Jim Laudry laughing on tv a southern minister "hey poor! hey poor! hey poor! you don't hafta to be poor anymore! jesus is here! jesus is here!")
Tragedy (For You) - Front 242 (see "Tyranny (For You)" LP)
Who's That Girl - Madonna ( + "The Look Of Love" from the same soundtrack)
Lead The Way - Mariah Carey (from "Glitter" adds "Dreamlover" + "Butterfly" so pretty to me fly away and all)
Homosapien - Pete Shelley (from the "Homosapien" LP on Arista - get also "I Don't Know What It Is" from the same rocqueport - I did + "Witness The Change" + "Qu'est Ce Que, C'est Que Ca" or "just as you said...this then" a French, in gay)
Telephone Operator - Pete Shelley (use version "Homosapien" to download - but not on the "Homosapien" LP as such, it was on "XL1" but never mastered to CD - also hear "Twilight" from that)
Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd (beautiful and from "The Wall")
The Beautiful Ones - Prince (from "Purple Rain" + "Baby I'm A Star" + "Computer Blue" + "U Got The Look" + "Raspberry Beret" + "Kiss" + "Sign O' The Times" + "I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man" + "Little Red Corvette")
It's My Life - No Doubt (new and used, clearly + "Simple Kind Of Life" + "Happy Now?" + "Don't Speak" + "Everything In Time (Los Angeles)" the first song Gwen recorded back from the dump of being - sir thanks alot + "Hella Good" loved it to this one once heard proper)
Kashmir - Led Zeppelin (from "Physical Graffiti" all of that paperboard and wax for one song apologizes "Trampled Under Foot" + "Carouselambra" + "In The Evening")
Metal - Gary Numan (an elegant from "Pleasure Principle")
Let Me Be The One - Five Star (you still got it I love this from "Luxury of Life")
Woman In Chains (So Free Her Then) - Tears for Fears (I love that one line sung by Orleta "trades herself as skin and bones | sells the only thing she loans hoo-hoo!")
53 Miles West Of Venus - The B-52's (I love dancing to this a dirty back road - see from "Wild Planet").
Get Down Tonight - K.C. & The Sunshine Band (the hottest ever you).
Please Don't Go - K.C. & The Sunshine Band (roilin' a style "babe, I want you so.....I want you to go - please don't know, don't know").
More More More - Andrea True (really, the queen of England at vocal by and with Elton John, A&M's Herb Alpert at Bach trumpet, + "Penny Lane").
In Private - Dusty Springfield (with Pet Shop Boys to do Lancaster, PA  - from the "Reputation" LP get the title song + "Daydreaming" + "Nothing Has Been Proved')
Taking It All Too Hard - Genesis (simply beautiful from the self-titled album of the same name I remembered it so well + "Abacab" + "Lurker" an art trip fucked with no mix with "Dodo" just "Lurker" a queen's favorite, bawdy + "Turn It On Again" + "Misunderstanding" + "Mama" + "Follow You, Follow Me" + "In Too Deep" + "Me And Sarah Jane" a song made for the queen, but as spelled back to your hometown - "how did you do?, what did you see..." I love it - Sarah Jane the first wife now and then dead dead, but singing along too....)
Listen - Tears For Fears (like "Avalanche" by New Order, a mosaic or pieces of thought - simply beautiful rubs my soul)
Protection -  Massive Attack (featuring Tracey Thorn EBTG - solid rock of feeling electro-piano wavering out with the rain and all album of same name)
Boy Blue -  Cyndi Lauper (that new album takes me back - thanks - this from "True Colors" I love the video sort + "Goonies 'R' Good Enough" + "I Drove All Night" + "All Through The Night" + "True Colors")
Avalanche - New Order (this suggested above and taken by me in absence I paid for all of this stuff at least once BMG has "Retro" you know members only this ain't on it and in exchange for The Other Two "Selfish" and then MARS 103.1 staple "Tasty Fish" I don't hafta answer anyone see if "Republic" + "Ruined In A Day" + "Crystal" + "Touched By The Hand Of God" + "Round And Round" + "Regret").
Wonderful - Adam Ant
Feel Like Makin' Love - Roberta Flack ( + "The Closer I Get To You" + "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" I used to play this on piano....not well + "Where Is The Love?")
Xanadu - Electric Light Orchestra (with Olivia Newton-John - I love anything with her as "angelis" - a higher vocal - in it).
All Over The World - Electric Light Orchestra
Trouble - Lindsay Buckingham (incidentally good joke on this beauty for all days - all Lindsey vocals are actually Christine McVie with Mac playing soft or too hard - I love that + "Holiday Road" + "You Do Or You Don't").
Snowball - Devo (I never tire of this marvel beauty + "Cold War" + "Be Stiff" from the live record I had that purchased at the time too so opulent).
The Super Thing - Devo (high-tech languages to illsuit - I must you "Going Under" also my favorite song on "New Traditionalists").
New Toy - Lene Lovich (from the "Flex" LP)
Hopelessly Devoted To You - Olivia Newton-John ( + "Twist Of Fate" + "Heart Attack" + "Carried Away" the requisite Bee Gees-Alby Galuten tune + "Please Mr. Please")
Sweet Harmony - Beloved (from the "Conscience" LP)
Across The Universe - The Beatles (from "Let It Be" - I like the extras here and want Garbage to cover this in time, Ringo died prompt-off a ruler here of 1973 after cease-recording the likes of "Photograph", "It Don't Come Easy" as hint-canned near Puck's office still thinks of his mother naught but often enough stays right down Elton John made those songs too you see and demanded of him released hard learning you know nothing we see it + "Dear Prudence")
Everything I Need - Men At Work (one of their best heard with "Overkill")
Sara - Fleetwood Mac (the uncut version thanks to you please - what sold "Tusk" best + "Think About Me" + "Landslide" it's old but i love it still + "Warm Ways" + "Over My Head" + "Sugar Daddy" + "Songbird" very hurtful/beautiful and played live in an auditorium at UC Berkeley - from the "Rumours" LP + "Gold Dust Woman" + "The Chain")
Speed Racer - Devo (from the "Oh, No! It's Devo" LP something featuring the voices of Mel Blanc)
Freedom Of Choice - Devo (from the "Freedom Of Choice" LP)
Jerkin' Back 'n' Forth - Devo (from the "New Traditionalists" LP get me "Going Under")
Dirty Back Road - The B-52's (from the "Wild Planet" LP)
Planet Telex - Radiohead (has my name in it - from "The Bends" LP)
Spin Spin Sugar (Armand's Dark Garage) - Sneaker Pimps (I'm [with] everyone I feel [too] used) get what I say (remixed from the "Becoming X" LP - hear the original too a wail)
Post-Modern Sleaze - Sneaker Pimps *dropped but get what I say (this on the "Becoming X" LP)
Sweet Pain - Kiss (from the "Destroyer" LP get "I Stole Your Love" from "Love Gun" too + "Strutter" I only felt live - get recorded version please + "Hard Luck Woman" from "Alive II" my mother loves this and made me play it often - I like it too....)
John, I'm Only Dancing - David Bowie  (from the "Changesonebowie" LP - all of that great ridiculing siamese to bear + "Young Americans" + "Diamond Dogs" + "Loving The Alien" + "Blue Jean" + "Criminal World" + "It's No Game" + "Fashion" + "China Girl" + "Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)" + "Golden Years" + "Rebel Rebel" + "Space Oddity" + "Suffragette City")
Nothing Fails (Nevins) - Madonna ( + "Amazing" + "Take A Bow" + "Secret Garden" + "Secret" - hated this at first, love it now by suggest - maybe you too + "Justify My Love" + "Deeper And Deeper" a big win)
Expresso Love - Dire Straits (from "Making Movies" who cares + "So Far Away" just have this last one so evil good to me on 08/24/04)
You Make Me Feel Brand New - Stylistics (Wes just loved it, Doug approves - I hear that's just Glen Campbell and wife Natalie - I thought they was blacks)
Don't Stop The Dance - Bryan Ferry (I missed the whole Roxy Music thing - you, to yours then some - but another song played in Crate & Barrel struck me about "nothing too serious"...is Toni Halliday's uncle and actor Gabriel Byrne)
A Girl In Trouble (Is A Temporary Thing) - Romeo Void (+ "Never Say Never")
Airbag - Radiohead ("in a fast german car | i'm amazed that I survived (potent that) | an airbag saved my life" | my wondered child decapitated well enough + "Optimistic" + "Knives Out" + "There There")
Don't Make A Fool Of Yourself -  Stacey Q (I hadda have it in 1987 - your thought so left to desire).
Nathan Jones - Bananarama (from "Wow!" - love-get "Once In A Lifetime" too - " and there's no way of knowing | that the love you're looking for | won't come too easily | but maybe you're too blind to see" - no not the words dipshit you're the song)
In The Name Of Love - Naked Eyes
Nice Girls - Eye To Eye
Say You Really Want Me - Kim Wilde (we ridicule by being the video at walk hot sass black short in pearls....a shirtless skinnard shot sky high and still yet do this + "You Came" + "Kids In America")
Across The Border - ELO (a masterpiece from "Out Of The Blue")
Ave Maria - Carpenters (no frills - I like it this way....who is the original ever-enduring jew? who thought to be in this a black? who made you know, finally?)
IOU - Freeze (really a failed K.C & The Sunshine Band - Madonna and I are going to rebuild the Granada days in teleform as made by Warner Bros. in cooperation with Trenton, NJ - next up SOS "Fire In The Sky", the original Expose "Point Of No Return" )
Only Words - Deborah "Debbie" Gibson  (they was only words - well, up until someone pulled a gun they was - I still love this song but need it "talented" by Jellybean)
Rose Garden - Lynn Anderson (I only loved one country song ever this is the one - someone said hoyt axton wrote it who is that? my father's parents are pure country died of it both the biggest country star ever loretta lynn same girl who sings this "no credit really i didn't write it yet" is in our family been to her house but gripes wouldn't admit it - mean at each one noted dead kids - see "The Queens Of Country" commercial at Time-Life this woman was, among others, Donna Fargo, Jeanne Pruett, Jeannie C. Riley, Connie Smith, and Lynn Anderson - have them all! And to quote Tammy Wynette "an Asian mongerel" about Tammy and her shield of faith "We had no idea of who she was. So many shades it was more of a depression of the hard south - but out west. So many faces, but none to rue on. Rue that.")
Wild Horses - The Sundays (from "Blind" this is all you get for your love - no one needed note an earlier version, harriet wheeler died 1999 cancer hi + "When I'm Thinking About You")
Magic - Olivia Newton-John (still awesome me - did you make anything better than this one yet? no + "Tied Up" + "Landslide" ..."somehow i'm thrilled by all he says | high on his campaign promises | i don't wanna come down | i don't wanna come down" + "Soul Kiss")
Could It Be Magic - Barry Manilow ( + "Weekend In New England" + "This One's For You")
Stoned - Dido (! from "Life For Rent" - remix pleased + "Thank You")
You Could Have Been With Me - Sheena Easton (this a reminded of - hurts so bad)
Where Does My Heart Beat Now - Celine Dion (got a bit hurt by this one too, Dou(g))
Take Me Away - Christina Vidal (really Britney Spears from the "Freaky Friday" soundtrack okay I really liked it)
Moses - Coldplay (from "Coldplay Live 2003" a "who am I?" to masses of said so and to harming me)
Selfish - The Other Two (The whole album is up here now to thanks - recommend "Tasty Fish" too....wounding)
All For Leyna - Billy Joel (manic - like me + "Anthony's Song (Movin' Out)" + "Scenes From An Italian Restaurant" I like east coast-sounding horns and stuff)
Jet - Wings (Paul died and is going to Heaven for a while + "Helen Wheels" + "Getting Closer" + "Junior's Farm" + "Let 'Em In" + "Band On The Run" + "With A Little Luck" + "Coming Up" a solo nut, no Linda)
At Last I Am Free - Elizabeth Fraser (she's still got it - nine years later)
Lusty - Lamb (really not Bjork, but close - used to be called "Gorecki" still is by me, and "Lusty" was something else)
Heart Of Glass - Blondie (their best song ever like "Dancing Queen" is ABBA's best song + "The Hardest Part"....many to others)
Gangster - Electronic (a real beauty for you, the entire album worked me well - great stuff + "Disappointed" + "Patience Of A Saint" both with Pet Shop Boys + "Tighten Up" + "Getting Away With It" also with PSB + "Get The Message" + "Try All You Want" )
Wicked Little Town (Hedwig Version) - Hedwig And The Angry Inch (so purty I could die from it in the movie you made money good piano Christine McVie vocals Brenda from HBO's "Six Feet Under" Scotty Destebus brother Robert some)
Be Mine Tonight - Promise Circle (Devo made, I loved dancing to this at The Palace, Hollywood 1989 gay parties vocals Sue Ellen from "Dallas", Roger Hargreaves).
Dream Into Action - Howard Jones (oldest son of Elton John known as Gabriel he was also Thomas Dolby - this song a favorite unshadowed + "Like To Get To Know You Well" + "What Is Love?" + "Pearl In The Shell" + "New Song" + "You Know I Love You...Don't You?" + "No One Is To Blame" the Hugh Padgham version what is Phil Collins and George Harrison producing)
Sex (I'm A...) - Berlin (the male vocal Elton John - says he "a 'pralo' [or "praleton" in French for "male scarer"] - tells you who you are over the trees" - you know - at a party and from a distance, the trees being those who do not matter to us and in-between)
The Metro - Berlin (about going to school in France - a real scare always)
Masquerade - Berlin (all three a lasting value + "No More Words")
Me! I Disconnect From You - Gary Numan (add "Replicas" the title song + "Down In The Park" + "Are Friends Electric?" + "Praying To The Alien" + "I Dream Of Wires" + "This Wreckage" + "Telekon" + "I Die You Die" + "Please Push No More" + "The Joy Circuit" + "The Machman")
I Want Tomorrow - Enya (plaintive beauty from album number one "The Celts" now repackaged for faith - we had it way back when hot off the press thank you - see "Aldebaran" an "aldebaran" is star of thirdest magnitude and is French then - means "more than you can see [from up front]")
The Longships - Enya (deeply spiritual, a hurt in me - a tear too...from "Watermark" get that song and hear it too see "gobo dia" say "go-doh day" Swahil for "god, our love" add "Cursum Perficio" an accursed person of God being chased out to sea in a coffin "take this please" in Othello + "Evacuee" + "Memory Of Trees" + "Afer Ventus" + "China Roses" + "Only Time")
All My Life - Aaron Neville & Linda Ronstadt (written by Diane Warren really Stevie Nicks "out of register" + "Don't Know Much")
Put The Blame On Me - Eurythmics (the finest hour here again - "Savage" LP + "Heaven" - get "Who's That Girl?" from "Touch" + "Love Is A Stranger")
Rocky Mountain High - John Denver ( + "I'm Sorry" for the way things are in China me too hoo hoo hoo "but more than anything else | i'm sorry for myself" so purty to me
Fly Away -  John Denver (with Olivia Newton-John - from the "Windsong" LP)
I Want To Wake Up - Pet Shop Boys (a greatness and no Stephen Hague didn't form this he made it great he made all happen forgive it - can we record it cheaper here? "It Couldn't Happen Here" is paean of sorts to not having enough to do this of with money being short - it happened anyway get that song too + "King's Cross" another rave by me + "I Wouldn't Normally Do This Kind Of Thing" + "So Hard")
Glide - Stone Temple Pilots (like "Wonderful" on "Shangri La Dee Da" make me write that, this song is the only one worth hearing from "No. 4" + "Sex Type Thing" + "Creep" + "Crackerman" + "Vasoline" + "Interstate Love Song" the album "Purple" we loved + "Still Remains" + "Lounge Fly" + "Silver Gun Superman" + "Big Empty" + "Unglued" + "Army Ants" + "Big Bang Baby")
Invincible (The Legend Of Billie Jean) - Pat Benatar (my roommate asked for this - written by Charlie Downs, 1976 - Billie Jean was in a car accident in Texas and had a wooden leg as a result - that didn't stop anyone from trying to have her zeal a Jewish movie type thing - Madonna's money again a movie sometimes can't say all it needs to... + "Ooh Ooh Song" my name repeated endlessly you)
Clean - Depeche Mode (a major satisfier with substantial radio from somewhere in the past - the dead calling from the "Violator" LP + "World In My Eyes" + "Never Let Me Down" + "Master And Servant" + "Enjoy The Silence" + "Personal Jesus")
Shake The Disease - Depeche Mode (one of the first ones they got right see Flood - enough people and black anthems already + "Behind The Wheel" + "Pleasure Little Treasure" )
Talk Of The Town - Pretenders (from "Pretenders II" most likely ever loyal I loved the "Extended Play" version slightly more-less - a "talk of the town" thinks of changing their place in this world with sex items and French talk - somebody special to us - see also "Birds Of Paradise" + "The Adultress" + "Day After Day" + "Waste Not Want Not" + "I Hurt You" + "Porcelain" + "Cuban Slide" + "Show Me" + "Room Full Of Mirrors" + "When I Change My Life" + "Never Do That" + "I'll Stand By You" + "Lovers Of Today" + "The English Roses" no stems cut in a bowl - someone died, you failed them to be there - see us always congratulating a sour note, + "Bad Boys Get Spanked"...Pete Farndon is-was Ray Davies...now see that + "Jealous Dogs" nothing dispensable, really + "Pack It Up")
The Needle And The Damage Done (a Neil Young song) - Pretenders (love the Honeyman-Scott guitar from this 1982 bootleg, but honey, please, there is a song here - good enough....Neil Young asked her, Chrissie, to do and she said "no" but did this live anyway for us every junkie is like a cupcake made in a bundt pan you have yours to eat and by you have none to your grace if to be. Pick it up and eat it. All the children in God's kingdom bleed - real bad too.)
Loveland - The B-52's (from the "Mesopotamia" EP - the whole first side a halcyon or a head-heaven for me a senior in high school - the other side to note only)
Blue - LaTour (excellent from "Basic Instinct" I worked hard to know this, also noted is + "Cold" - "it may an exciting place | something something a familiar face | but I don't want anything if it's cold" + "Allen's Got A New Hi-Fi" + "People Are Still Having Sex")
Rave The Rhythm - Channel X (also as noted from "Basic Instinct" a deep, wet groove)
Bad Blood - Neil Sedaka with Elton John ("If I were old, fat, and drug addled, would I make this with Elton John? I would." - Elton John, bring no mirrors)
Chemical Comedown - Toni Halliday (what I was willing to accept in humble exchange for "Love Attraction" of the "Hearts And Handshakes" LP)
There Goes My Baby - Donna Summer (hates me today has a twisted ankle "in Italy" from the Swiss Alps - spending book money no doubt your son is Lomax of Graveyard fame that is a late-night club off of Santa Monica Boulevard that was for tweakers a dear friend, really)
Blue Kiss - Jane Wiedlin (no comment you hear it another Stephen Hague add in "Rush Hour" + "Cool Places" with Sparks the "Mael" brothers)
Too Young - Phoenix (a reanimated "J" is for Jules Shear; quite little this good; from the movie "Lost In Translation" and "Shallow Hal" - I already have my copy of "Scarborough Fair/Canticle" thanks - a "canticle" is prayer-thanks for what we have already - a humble prayer made of seen or "parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme").
Theme From Basic Instinct - Jerry Goldsmith (an evil died here - this thing is made of God evil it's that goodly a velvet creme - see "Some Enchanted Evening" made backwards or without clause, Chopin)
I'm Not Gonna Let - Colonel Abrams  (from the Granada days, Madonna + "Trapped")
Helen's Face - Scylla (see the look on Helen's face as we stamp it out with a cord of hot metal - actually Curve and the from the "Showgirls" soundtrack - about the face-fall of discotequist Helena of Beverly Hills - a bitch to have you know her - who fell first? say it then)
Have Mercy - 'Til Tuesday (I'd die if you cried that's just what you are + "Coming Up Close" + "What About Love?")
On Sunday - 'Til Tuesday (tell God that stuff - I'm leaving the priesthood and becoming a foster child to lords of hanover binge sin + "'J' Is For 'Jules'" someday we'll be happy again + "Long Gone Buddy" + "(Believed You Were) Lucky" adds from the "Everything's Different Now" LP).
Lover's Day - 'Til Tuesday (a religion among threads, you save them for later I play them here still who has it better then? sees the now)
Baby Doll - Devo (sounds like a retard made it - I like that + "Secret Agent Man" an awesome cover of from the "Duty Now For The Future" LP)
Jurisdiction Of Luv - Devo (someone has this up and around now with the Lime 09/29/04 - still a great, quintessential Devo from the "Shout" LP - tip: still do a search on corrected word "love")
Angel - Fleetwood Mac (from "Tusk" and barely noticed a hit)
#9 Dream - John Lennon (re-recorded the vocals only from a 1961 session with the other Beatles and George Martin the "Magical Mystery Tour" sessions - Elton John assisted with this in 1971 they were friends "John wanted to be pop again - not rock as played - to play with tapes instead" a "magical interference" he would say of John's work - he would not reward the other Beatles for slighting him - the Japanese "hor kawa" say "hor a cow-wah" means "how did I do?" to you but really we have "horchum ate mechiwa" for "pass the butter [the greater of rewards as I did this - not you]" the last one is real to you....by the way, Brian Mahoney of The Mahoney Brothers was John playing to loving fans and back from the dead - we loved you there John being John and using your real last name - you were the shit I saw nineteen (19) times with various...I really believe that ultimate in insult besides being murdered is having some geeky fan play you to adoring audiences on stage actually making you have better in it + "Valotte" the word means "[having] changed enough [for you]" in France) + "Too Late For Goodbyes" there is no Julian yet Cynthia is the sister only just John singing more great stuff...)
State Of The Heart - Rick Springfield  (good pedalbox - you stop pedaling in melancholy to a grind halt - nice enough, Elton John again Debbie Harry owned this for years I hear still)
Going Under - Devo (seek the best version from the "New Traditionalists" LP)
Torture - The Jacksons (I heard this on VH-1 recently and liked the "Isley" or higher vocals - a great song sung by Marlon - Jermaine's twin - and Michael then)
Strange Pursuit - Devo (my favorite song from the "Duty Now For The Future" LP available first you know having been spent up to you by an appearance on Saturday Night Live the first being unavailable yet - see also "Smart Patrol/Mr. D.N.A" I love that too)
Telephone - Diana Ross (still a killer from "Swept Away" + "Love Hangover" the absolute if you must be this + you know "Muscles" and "Pieces Of Ice" ain't bad try again)
Long, Long Way From Home - Foreigner (what? you were expecting "Hungry Heart"?  you redid this I hear chorus at the end - no + "Double Vision" + "Dirty White Boy" these are but rock vocals solid and made + "I Don't Want To Live Without You" + "Urgent").
(I Wanna Give You) Devotion - Nomad (still copping on this one too - Justin Timberlake heard within the male vocal rap)
I Could Get Used To This - 'Til Tuesday (from the "Voices Carry" LP - a luxuriorfor + "David Denies" + "Looking Over My Shoulder")
Dancing In My Sleep - Secret Ties (from the Granada days in Hamilton, New Jersey so dumb I couldn't buy this anywhere I tried to frame it for myself - got stuck with a Roy Ayers record instead of still have it - a disease, vengeance is mine....pre-Debbie Gibson lead vocal...a plaque in honor of Ayers' steal reads "if only they needed new Debby (sic) - the right way next time")
Cruiser - The Cars (got this as a senior in high school as on the "Shake It Up" LP - I liked it alot all force-pro - I wanted to hear "Nightspots" from "Candy-O" too - "Maybe Baby" too "be my be my be my maybe baby be my be my-y-y + "The Dangerous Type" + "You Are The Girl" + "Tonight She Comes" + "Let's Go" + "Since I Held You" + "Candy-O" + "Running To You" + "Touch And Go" + "Panorama" + "Since You're Gone" + "Let The Good Times Roll")
Erotic City - Prince (a must know - from the other side of "Let's Get Crazy" I have it "Partyman" + "Girls And Boys")
Fire In The Sky - SOS (another from the Granada days and finally thanks - just Sister Sledge and a new keyboardist Michael Cummings - no producer - a "Deodato" - not a performer, not a producer ever, this is the label only at Warner Bros. means in Italian "makes mistakes here, but sees the point" - no credit given at all here)
Too Late For Love - Def Leppard (someone asks of me my favorite by them - this is fashioned of evil + "Bringin' On The Heartbreak")
Make It Real - The Jets (these people shoulda stayed off film - they seemed a bit more sophisticated then Haro-Disney struck them down the girl sings like an adult person I snapped up their initial twelve inches fast "Curiosity" the private number one something else "Crush On You")
Vow - Garbage  (did you delete this my anthem  - see it again "like Jesus Christ coming back from the dead" - of course, I said that was okay to use being him in the flesh and all you may use an upper proper "h" to honor me with a small cash donation to any useful source of it "we didn't get paid for our last stock of but eight million" + "trying to make our money back yet"..I'm still working it as offended by surly releases see Robin Guthrie + "#1 Crush" from "Romeo And Juliet" + "Stupid Girl" + "Only Happy When It Rains" + "Special" from what should have been "Garbage 2.0" no "version" Shirley's back soon with all and done - see also "Breaking Up The Girl" !!! I like it enough)
This Woman's Work - Kate Bush (another "making a deal with God type thing" - a beauty see also "Running Up That Hill")
Lifeforms (Path 4) - Future Sound Of London (aptly features Liz Fraser - more than junk here + "Papua New Guinea" Toni Halliday vocals here and from the "Cool World" soundtrack an excel)
Thinking About You - Whitney Houston (the dance remix still amazing - with Kenny Ortdon - nevermind the album cut - just her name and all in bold on Lime)
For Those About To Rock - AC/DC (still pretty mean I love this intro down fret I'm there and have checked to make sure someone could play it live listening and all not bad if recorded already - get also "Shake A Leg" from "Back In Black" I did - I bought that Columbia House and then actually purchased outright the re-issue of "Dirty Deeds" great cover of Montmarte a flash-in-the-pan earlier ? loved "Problem Child" "what i want i take | what i don't i break | and i don't want you" + "Squealer" - all early Bon Scott (say "bon scoate" for "great day" in Wales language) worthy enough hi to Dennis Murphy who loved it all and made me know it.....note...no such group really...Billy Squier sung it all to tapes of guitar we made people perform live...one other vocalist unmentioned you'll figure it all out maybe Davey Johnstone mostly Neil untrained but taped on guitar ...."we wanted to be heavy rock".....fags......Davey Johnstone "they made us play it to know it...we dropped"...now Danny Moon (John Denver et al) "i wouldn't do any of it [as paying for it] ...lies...they went to hell with lies")
Stoned Love - The Supremes (Cindy Birdsong is just Diana Ross singing "now fat and bored of it" she says "you hated me then anyway - too much Peggy Lee there I have money though and no one takes anything away from me - diabetes? sure - it changed my register for the likes of Elton John done ten years earlier and still correcting at all he knows of it" I still like "Some Day We'll Be Together"...."yes we will - yes we will" + "oh, yeah, oh yeah" - we'll see you then + "You Keep Me Hanging On" is my favorite)
Clones (We're All) - Alice Cooper (from the "Flush The Fashion" LP we used it alot a clone is a closet homosexual  - the Latin "kronos" for "boned" tells you as a clock may, 'klonos" for "skinned" asks you to say it to me first - onward, I first unloaded Smashing Pumpkins' version on myself for free see Mellon Collie awful I reject this gliss and again there is a song here do it right please get the original  + "Only Women Bleed" + "How You Gonna See Me Now" - both dicked with but get early on them - beauties I believe in)
Jumbo - Underworld (+ "Push Upstairs" + "Cups" + "Trim" thanks again for that beautiful cover "Dark & Long")
To Sheila - Smashing Pumpkins (they anchored an album on this + "Disarm")
You've Got Another Thing Comin' - Judas Priest (my little brother had this album mustard yellow originally noted "Triumph" now see "Screaming For Vengeance" when Elton John died - he took it away - Ted Nugent plays guitars and sings some I love the group name implies you stole us anyway somehow)
Linger - Cranberries (another part of what made 1993 + "Ode To My Family")
Love Truth and Honesty - Bananarama (I have this uplifting on 12-inch, see also "I Can't Help It" from "Wow!" a rave to me)
All Night Passion (Club Mix) - Alisha (from the Granada days, the only Madonna wannabe to seriously challenge the throne - is actually Celine Dion with husband-dj Rick also Mark "Tarbox" same guy I also got "Baby Talk" on 12-inch data stream)
The Bog - BiGod 20  (us again as Front 242 might say  - also get "Never Stop!" by 242 as heard on MARS 103.1 in 1992)
Sweet City Woman - Stampeders (never a joke - see Hudson brother Bill go it alone here "rich Philadelphia kids" per Elton who did this with them - I'm looking for intense banjos right now see it come)
Rock On - David Essex (also "David Pearl" and chanteuse Cliff Richard + "Suddenly" with Olivia Newton-John from "Xanadu")
Missing Link (Screaming Bird Remix Nine Inch Nails) - Curve (someone took an 'okay' song and made it hot with what sounds like spinnings within - have this open to play from "Blackerthreetracker 2")
Say It Say It -  E.G. Daily  (yet another Stephen Bray production both sought and bought 12-inch - E.G. was Pee-Wee Herman's girlfriend in his first movie simply trying to know his bike)
Baby Love  - Regina  (an early Liz Fraser dressed as Boy George  - great song still and of Madonna quality I sought and bought 12-inch - Stephen Bray used horribly again - I saw this performed live at Fantasia in the Westin Bonaventure LA Grammy's 1985 tape on wheel and on the dancefloor - "a high stature to me then - four (4) songs")  
The Belle Of St. Mark - Sheila E (a "belle of st mark" is a woman with a dick - he was that, really - still is, kinda + "Glamorous Life" + "A Love Bizarre" I hadda have that one romance 1600 an all)
It Must Have Been Love - Roxette (really Olivia Newton-John singing for Neil and our love Justin Chambers an accomplished keyboardist and then Napoleon himself rebacked)
Falling Free - Curve (not the remixes thalanx + "Arms Out")
Point Of Know Return - Kansas (but we slip them in quietly they are dark, dark, bought, and bought and as I had "Leftoverture" + "Carry On My Wayward Son" and + "Dust In The Wind" as featured in LP plus the live double record still try and thus be this still good to me as me - note: all three sung by Brad Delp vocalist of supergroup Boston after then dying of heroin OD two days after "Don't Look Back" - actually recorded in 1972 - was released make sense? know less...the guy from "mr. mister" sang live and posed only...sorry 'bout that inconsisitency as keyed)
Love Is - Vanessa Williams and Brian McKnight (Neilsy plays keyboards on this and sings none + "Save The Best For Last")
C'Mon And Get My Love - Cathy Dennis (with D-Mob + "That's The Way Of The World" + "Just Another Dream")
Wildflower - The Cult ( + "She Sells Sanctuary" + "Love Removal Machine" - okay, okay I had this in mind too)
Emotion -  Samantha Sang (really songstress Toni Tennille with Bee Gees - their aunt?)
Let Me Tickle Your Fancy - Jermaine Jackson (done to with Devo - I have this on tape from eBay)
Pray - MC Hammer
Corduroy - Pearl Jam (my cousin Eddie wants this one noted too "Jeremy" + "Even Flow")

To Steal Yet OK Some I Took Ever To Yet "To Hear, Not To Know" - That Is Yours:
Those Shoes - Eagles ( + "Take It To The Limit")
Cursed Female  - Porno For Pyros (+ "Pets" + "Thick Of It All")
Find Your Way Back - Jefferson Starship (+ "Jane" + "Stranger" + "With Your Love" + "Miracles" + "White Rabbit" feeds your head adjust on own + "Somebody To Love")
Missing - EBTG (Everything But The Girl) (+ "Apron Strings" + "Wrong" + "Driving")
Send Her My Love - Journey ( + "Only The Young" from "Vision Quest" now die of it twice my purpose?)
Shitlist - L7 (from "Natural Born Killers" - a great romp with)
Turn Me Loose - Loverboy (+ "When It's Over" + "Take Me To The Top")
Naked Eye - Luscious Jackson (jerks)
I'm A Slave 4 U - Britney Spears
Waiting For The Day - George Michael (hardly over "Praying For Time"...."A Different Corner" Wham! "I'm Your Man")
Cry For Help - Rick Astley (all serious a Pet Shop Boys debacle)
If There Were Love (Would That Be Enough)? - Liza Minnelli (Pet Shop Boys again - a beauty and no you'd need sugar too a brain enhancer + "I Want You Now")
Windows - Missing Persons (heard this on my first commercial flight 1983 Continental to Houston - a bit heaven in the air this)
Hurts So Bad - Linda Ronstadt (I bought and loved the "Mad Love" record - still cool the yelling in this is hot "How Do I Make You" + "Skylark" of Nelson Riddle fame + "Different Drum")
Cowboys - Portishead (only the live one from PYNC a travesty from 911 "today will be their damnedest day" so famous to me)
In The Mood - Robert Plant (+ "Big Log" - please a destiny meeting for these how...my friend found a LP tape on the bus, you stole mine - homemade only to you then buta quality about me suggests at more to you - and right from my Jeep it didn't lock a softtop reasoned this surely an intended poison of it p.s. I squeezed a skin fritter on that leftover pizza in the backseat....still, my passenger window cut by fool trying to get right in)
Astrud - Basia ( + "Cruising For Bruising")
The End Of The World - Pet Shop Boys (+ "This Must Be The Place I Waited Years To Leave" + "The Theatre" + "Dreaming Of The Queen" + "Yesterday When I Was Mad" + "Love Comes Quickly" sung with emotions as "gavrols" say "gave-rolls" or gaps open possibly with words missing - a !!! + "DJ Culture"...." dance with me | let's pretend | living a satellite fantasy | waiting for night to end | dj culture! " - just beautiful...from "Disco 2" now a must-have: "Can You Forgive Her? (Rollo Dub)" "dance to disco"+ "Liberation (E Smoove 12)" "liberate, liberate" + then "So Hard")
Nothing Compares 2 U - Sinead O'Connor (+ "Three Babies" a humble to beauty + "Mandinka" + "Put Your Hands On Me")
Drive - REM ( + "Losing My Religion" + "Radio-Free Europe")
All The Man That I Need - Whitney Houston
Just Another Day - Jon Secada
See The Lights  - Simple Minds (+ "Alive And Kicking" + "Promised You A Miracle")
Summer Breeze - Seals & Crofts
Baby I'm-A Want You - Bread (have this again a beauty + "If" + "Everything I Own" + "Guitar Man")
Dark 'n' Lovely - Stevie Wonder (+ "Superstition" + "Living For City" "and you best believe | she hardly makes a penny" - blacks + "Higher Ground" + "My Cherie Amour")
Simon Simon  - Dale Bozzio (of Missing Persons, a song made by Prince - I know this is good too)
give it up to me no windows format neither
Love Attraction - Toni Halliday (finally got my unpaying hands on this again by the Lime 09/29/04....seem file extension ".ogg" - what the hell is that? but it plays....heavenly! whatever that format was - "olympic governance controlled" per "granted" not, used in the olympics once or twice, England does it to it  - it was converted instantly to ".mp3" and thus as iTunes would by Audion - do my additional links cost people more with "something to do [for others yet]"? no, and not reasonably as most attributable cost comes with something to add - not yours yet - add in, then get us paid p.s. it costs us more to search and seek at interests yet)
Death's Door - Depeche Mode (from "Until The End Of The World" a soundtrack)
Love Her Madly - The Doors (+ "Riders On The Storm")
On A Plain - Nirvana (this song "About A Girl" he hates - the finest debut ever discounted by "Bleach" - I'm sorry enough + "Something In The Way" - yeah + "Dive" in me + i think i'm "Dumb" + "Rape Me" + "The Man Who Sold The World" turns out it wasn't worth nuthin' + "Lithium" + "Drain You" + "Lounge Act")
I Was Born On Christmas Day - Saint Etienne ( + "Avenue" an true-evil song, see also "Marble Lions" at the gates of Eden, "He's On The Phone" (!) + "Mario's Cafe" + "Join Our Club" + "Only Love Can Break Your Heart" + "Nothing Can Stop Us" + "Boy Is Crying (Remix)" + "Heart Failed In The Back Of A Taxi" + "Lose That Girl")
Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me - U2 ( + "Two Hearts Beat As One" + "Numb" + "New Year's Day" + "Even Better Than The Real Thing" + "I Will Follow" + "Beautiful Day")
Over My Head - A Flock Of Seagulls  ("I'm over my head....." I loved this at Great Adventure the best ever heard....+ "Man Made" + "Wishing" + "Space Age Love Song" + "Nightmares" + "The More You Live The More You Love" + "Magic" + "The Story Of A Young Heart" + "Modern Love Is Automatic" "....in old japan | where | young love's forbidden | you've got to keep it hidden" + "You Can Run" + "Standing In The Doorway" + "Telecommunication")
The Flame - Cheap Trick  (spurred on by "Surrender" on tv from the "Budokan" LP + "Dream Police")
Unfinished Sympathy - Massive Attack ( + "What Your Soul Sings" with Sinead who died viciously in 1997 of car related injuries, France - one day will be hers)
I'll Remember - Madonna (from "With Honors" + "Drowned World-Substitute For Love" + "Beautiful Stranger" + "Ray Of Light" + "Don't Tell Me" + "Deeper And Deeper" + "Oh Father" + "Music")
I Won't Hold You Back - Toto (simply a killer + "99" another big winner with me)
Don't Look Back - Boston (still a killer - adds in "Long Time" and worth that intro + "More Than A Feeling" they didn't have much, but it's great stuff - still fucks me)
Barricuda - Heart (you are no one to talk to Ann and Nancy Wilson + "Magic Man" + "Straight On" + "Dog And Butterfly" + "Crazy On You")
Roundabout - Yes (if only to hear John Ondy sing - "Owner Of A Lonely Heart" + "Hold Your Head Up" by "Argent" - really a Yes hybrid less singer Chris Squire who died in Argentina 1973 and was never heard from again...I think to say....neighbor Bobby Lowe is Steve Howe, died 1974)
Stay - Shakespeare's Sister (Alan Moulder, producer, as moded or "simply stated [as spoken for already)" - a "spinster(e)" in French "sees less and thus stares at it"
Cities In Dust - Siouxsie And The Banshees  (awesome Stephen Hague stuff - also "Kiss Them For Me")
Son Of A Gun - Dead Or Alive (just one for now too thick a silver bullet is a drag queen pulling out your earring on you in anger - ever tried it in your ear before? + "My Heart Goes Bang" from "Youthquake")
Catch Me I'm Falling - Pretty Poison
Sad Eyes - Robert John  (a very sad friend likes this, we saw it too -  really Nancy, Liz's mum  - she was in Human League "Mirror Man" + "Fascination", and Thompson Twins too as Alannah Currie see "Doctor! Doctor!" and "Lay Your Hands On Me" and "Lies")
Hit So Hard - Hole (add in "Violet" + "Credit In The Straight World" + "Awful" + "Malibu" and from Courtney solo "I'll Do Anything" a "moonsling" we like this song + "Uncool" perhaps just funding a better record here)
Tomorrow's Started (Live @ Hammersmith Odeon) - Talk Talk (from their "Natural History" add in "I Believe In You" + "Talk Talk" + "Life's What You Make It" + "Such A Shame")
Goodbye Seventies - Yaz  (add in "Situation" + "Don't Go")
Sin - Nine Inch Nails (spell it yourself I curse thee with talent for this + "Terrible Lie" + "Something I Can Never Have"......I'm with you on these a Catholic sensed + "Physical (You're So)" a hidden track on the "Broken" EP I found this anyway and loved it a T Rex song)
Happy Ever After - Julia Fordham (a whole career based on one song - this is it Liz's mum again - just shy of Jimmy Somerville's "Elegy" heard as but two fags on a beach Will Rodgerses won't you be my neighbor the AYDS and all hit that perfect beach, boy....god will kill you for having music against me + Cummunards "Disenchanted' I loved and bought all both Communards + "TMTLTBMG" or "there's more to love than boy meets girl" + "Tomorrow" + "Heavens Above"...my friend "Thelma Houston" from "Don't Leave Me This Way" - aka Denise from work also Macy Gray and is DeBarge - sang as the native girl on "Happy Ever After" at First Baptist is Universal Studios-affiliated and helps on these things with taught and lesson)
Are We Ourselves? - The Fixx (still great get also "Saved By Zero" + "Sign Of Fire" + "Stand Or Fall")
One Of The Living - Tina Turner (from Mad Max "Thunderdome" + "I Might Have Been Queen" + "Typical Male" tell me lawyer what to do think i'm fallin' in love with you defend me from the way i feel + "Steamy Windows" + "Nutbush City Limits" sounds urgent get from "Simply The Best" + "Let's Stay Together" is good to me too)
All That She Wants - Ace Of Base (killer I still love this)
Are You Still Mad? - Alanis Morissette (get "You Learn" + "Uninvited" + "Thank You" a must and an "Unsent" + the new "Everything")
Reaction - Rebbie Jackson (not bad stuff - this one died in a plane crash in the Bahamas 1983 driving it just like Aaliyah did "More Than A Woman" as now in France both + "Centipede" I took that)
Rikki Don't Lose That Number - Steely Dan (I had this 45 I love it still + "Do It Again" + "FM" + "Josie" maybe "Peg" too these guys are rude and perfect-sounding - "aja" for "asia" I still use that name for ridiculing people 'fishes to swim with poles')
Deep Sleep - Devo (someone asked for another as only Devo do it - add "Explosions" both produced by Queen-maker RTB + "That's Good")
All This Time - Tiffany (someone challenged me - of course I have Tiffany song in mind and I bought because of it - now on Curve's label "Hip-O")
Sing For The Day - Styx (their finest hour to date not on greatest hits - I had "Pieces Of Eight" as known from Dennis Murphy and had to have myself + "Blue Collar Man" + "Renegade" great album cover is Elton John's mother Sheila twisting and turning in wrath and greed....the eight (8) of is for "eight times a day we eat something" p.s. Sheila is also the caseworker in "Mrs. Doubtfire" we love her frowning face and then "Paradise Theater" you want a song from? "Too Much Time On My Hands" + see morely "Lights" a held-over piper from "Pieces Of Eight" usually on "Cornerstone" + "Babe" no, no)
Haunt Me - Sade ( + "Paradise" the album ranked with me "Stronger Than Pride" was just looking at this and remembering it in Tower Records)
Rush Rush - Paula Abdul (see also "Blowing Kisses In The Wind" - just do this she has majored us + "Way That You Love Me")
Take A Picture - Filter ( + "Hey Man Nice Shot" breeds my hate)
Everytime You Touch Me - Moby (all vocals by Shirley Manson + "Feeling So Real" + "God Moving Over The Face Of The Waters" ok. + "Into The Blue" his - and her - mother is chanteuse Judy Collins and sings it here I like it kinda anyway + "Porcelain" + "South Side" with Gwen Stefani)
Straight Ahead - Tube & Berger (they say Chrissie Hynde is in here - she made it alone it is nearly junk, but I have it anyway - thanks)
That's The Way I Always Heard It Should Be - Carly Simon (I always love "You're So Vain" with Mick Jagger in the 'round and then I just heard "Nobody Does It Better" on James Bond so good and rude enough...then I think to Shirley Bassey's "Moonraker" and quite frankly both are that good....I'll simply then "Live And Let Die" by elegesius or frankly forming then Wings)
Quisquose - Cocteau Twins (if made to be with me:  + "How To Bring A Blush To The Snow" a witchcraft + "Sea, Swallow Me" + "She Will Destroy You" (as by "The Moon And The Melodies" - a gifting yet group title) +  "Oomingmak" +  "Feet-Like Fins" +  "Ooze Out And Away Onehow" (also at "Moon Melody" as if mocking to my piano all open chords as taught in arrangements by The New York Times an orange book I steal off - they are not, however and in-fact, "arpeggios" or notes grouped and then fondly of in eighteenths only - that is fastly done and wanting not - more at a "staccato" or pointed downward fast and in feel with an easy upright release - but yes, I studied with Howard Kasschau for four (4) years or so - know that and from the opening stymies of "Round We Go" I died in this surely a knowing deficit or just enough to have you do it over and over but elven wrong - to wit, you shouldn't be able to touch a live piano until mastered of rhythm sticks and timing stance ignored - I had them the sticks in college, a back to my roots with a lovely black woman of same then playing to my own of compositions and to the class as then known for ardor or easy hearing - a synthesis you and I then, and still, like the two (2) metal hoops of "Superman II" and Seiko watches rolling around on each other but up from the floor only you were warned not from the ceiling down - how to? two metal hoops fastened together on one end and opened up to form vertical 'v' as from the side - rotate polar or centered plate or then upper lower circle as fastened to the bottom of it - looks like a fake in "Superman" make yours better like Seiko did it was classy and called an "infinity rhyme" like two (2) circles spinning around each other and in tandem a gyroscope type thing - plus have bigger graphic equalizers on each the walls rising with strongs of each beat and as up to colors you mode or maded) + "Whales Tales" + "Sigh's Smell Of Farewell" + "Mizake The Mizan".....others yet + "Pepper-tree" another wiccan humour + "Aikea-Guinea" say "eye-chee ginnay" in French for "taken by surprise" - only use ever "The Pink Opaque" mix by my recommendation as only then worthy of the "Blue Bell Knoll" LP studied - let nothing heard supercede it as only the best ever issued - the rest of prior to seems cheap, lacking on EP bad masters speeding yet - let it breath to you Cocteau Twins are angelses made mad - to never forget that - 4AD sells "Pink Opaque" brand-new and nicely done - see my front page below to use of or simply exchange in better knowings - "does everything have to be about you?" no + "The High Monkey-Monk" available for free at cocteautwins.com).
By 7:30 - Vonda Shepard
Sign Your Name - Terence Trent D'Arby ( + "Wishing Well")
Stages - ZZ Top  (+ "Velcro Fly")
Gimme Shelter - Rolling Stones  ( + "Ruby Tuesday" + "Little T&A" + "She's So Cold" + "Brown Sugar" + "Sympathy For The Devil" + "Paint It Black" + "Angie" + "It's Only Rock And Roll" + "Under My Thumb")
Worlds Away - The Go-Go's (+ "Head Over Heels" +  "This Town" +  "He's So Strange" -  Belinda and drummer are daughters of singer Connie Francis their mastermind - apparently, "she's gotta sing"- that's her in "The Craft" a movie actually being her as that all livin' for that one chance to be it still)
Big Calm - Morcheeba (vocals by Tupac + "The Sea" + "Part Of The Process")
That Smiling Face -  Camouflage  ( + "The Great Commandment" + "Winner Takes Nothing")
Why - Bronski Beat
I Like You - Phyllis Nelson
Whenever You Need Somebody - O'chi Brown
Erase/Rewind - The Cardigans ( + "My Favourite Game")
Knowing Me Knowing You - ABBA  ( + "I Have A Dream", + "The Visitors", + "Super Trouper", + "Name Of The Game", + "Summer Night City" + "Dancing Queen" a miracle + "Winner Takes It All"  I had the two-record set in 1985 and was impressed by all some of this and in the snow of it - ABBA are really Puerto Rican their name was really "abajole" for "kissing time" our time alone ELton John faked them for people Swedes indeed "we don't go there ever - not a one" + "SOS" another miracle)
I Touch Roses - Book Of Love (the voices of real angelses in here I cried - a "Melodica" was never real to you - ask about + "Boy"...and I play with my toys I'm not a bum bump ba da dum ba da dum dum + "Modigliani" + "You Make Me Feel So Good" + "Pretty Boys And Pretty Girls")
Don Juan ("Domino Dancing" EP) - Pet Shop Boys ( + "I Get Excited (You Get Excited Too)", + "Miserablism", + "Bet She's Not Your Girlfriend", + "Do I Have To?", + "Paninaro" + "The Samurai In Autumn" + "Only The Wind")
Get Out Of This House - Shawn Colvin
Coming Out Of Hiding - Pamela Stanley (this is Denise "DeBarge" Dale also - "I made four hundred thousand dollars from this music in 1986" I too bought the 12-inch an also from the Granada days me and Chris)
Primitive Heart - Cocteau Twins ( + "Smile" + "Flock Of Soul" + "Alice" from the "Stealing Beauty" soundtrack + "Round" + "An Elan")
Don't Stop The Music - Yarbrough & Peoples ( + "I Wouldn't Lie")
So In Love With You (Full Intention Mix) - Duke (done in "skotches" or "short kicks of the heel" drum limited and really, a return by that of country queen Sylvester)
All Things (Just Keep Getting Better) - Widelife  (the theme From "Queer Eye For The Straight Guy" honor me again)
Long Hard Road Out Of Hell - Marilyn Manson + Sneaker Pimps ( + "Coma White")
The New Pollution - Beck (ample out some of that new LP - pretty stuff - just saw Beck at a bus stop here and while bussing myself from a block up - he was wearing a fish hat like I do it and was just playing out at the Whiskey I hear we talked briefly - cute + "The Golden Age" + "Guess I'm Doin' Fine" new album stuff I crave)
Cornflake Girl - Tori Amos ( + "1000 Oceans" into the pink and all milk-monkey + "Blood Roses" now adds "these weren't cheap enough but for the casket at Peppler's and all I said nothing back - I'm here you're there she's been here too but not as nicely done thalanx used too" + "Mrs. Jesus" why? a sunny north pole + "Sweet Sangria" have it some + "Another Girl's Paradise" what do I know?)
Anything But Down - Sheryl Crow ( + "Safe And Sound", + "Home", + "My Favorite Mistake", + "If It Makes You Happy", + "A Change Would Do You Good", + "Every Day Is A Winding Road", + "Soak Up The Sun")
If I Were You - k.d. Lang  ( + "Theme From Valley Of The Dolls" + "Wash Me Clean" + "World Of Love")
Into The West - Annie Lennox (from "Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King")
Hung Up - Curve ( + "Want More Need Less" + "Gift" + "Perish" + "Forgotten Sanity" + "The Colour Hurts" + "Lillies Dying" + "Wish You Dead" + "Die Like A Dog" + "Galaxy" + "Sweetest Pie" + "Left Of Mother" + "Cuckoo" + "Crystal" + "All Of One" + "Unreadable Communication" + "Beyond Reach" + "Fly With The High" + "Perish" + "Chainmail" + "Storm" + "Fait Accompli" done to you for first and known - no bother by you and/or done to an irreversible but for now.... + "No Escape From Heaven" + "Think & Act" + "Already Yours" + "Doppelganger" + "Horror Head" + "Nowhere" + "Test")
Is Your Love Strong Enough? - Bananarama ( + "Preacher Man" + "Take Me To Your Heart" +  "You've Really Got Something")
Jam - Michael Jackson ( + "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough" + "You Are Not Alone")
Then Came You - Dionne Warwick with The Spinners (and Elton John - get her solo "Deja Vu" at very least she is a great artist and very hard to come by these days + "Theme From Valley Of The Dolls")
Primitive Painters - Felt (features Liz Fraser beautifully done - "oh, you should see my trail of disgrace")
Song To The Siren - This Mortal Coil  (a 4AD hybrid and Liz Fraser vocals + "Another Day" + "The Last Ray" a Guthrie instrumental worth it in guitar and the bother)
Happy - Surface (really Devo with son of - the actor Seth Green singing - I love this, a gift to mothersent - the black guys pictured are Dave Koz's band in the fore)
The Day I Tried To Live - Soundgarden ( + "Fell On Black Days" + "Black Hole Sun")
You Were Made For Me - Irene Cara (there's more to life than being in "Fame" - I used to tan myself in the backyard 1984 listening to her to hawaiian-looking album on tape - special -  something sounded like Cocteau Twins' "Watchlar" a Georgio Moroder-style syncope - maybe this)
Trouble - Nia Peeples
Goodbye Is Forever - Arcadia (a killer by them no "Election Day" as Duran Duran lost John Taylor to drugs but back too soon - met the guy who painted the cover as interesting enough at the Mother Lode's Sunday beer bust he painted it in his style "Montrose" one the back of his leather jacket...Jon Desma is his name I got that too - hear my song said)
House Of Love - RuPaul (simply too swank + "Supernatural" + "Supermodel")
Mad World - Tears For Fears ( + "Pale Shelter" + "Watch Me Bleed" + "Change")
Foolish Games - Jewel (a real wildheart with Madonna at piano no Greg Howes ever Neil she did it all on tape "what? I took three years of piano" - a beautiful song here that extra year mattered to not)
Nightbird - Stevie Nicks ( + "Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You"....well, I have + more to you to know "Ooh My Love" + "Ghosts" + "Long Way To Go" + "Two Kinds Of Love" + "If I Were You" + "Beauty And the Beast" + "If Anyone Falls" + "Rooms On Fire" + "Some Become Strangers")
You Got Lucky - Tom Petty ( + "Mary Jane's Last Dance" + "Don't Come Around Here No More")
With These Hands - Tom Jones  (from "Edward Scissorhands" - a great + "It's Not Unusual")
Blue Savannah - Erasure ( + "Waiting For Sex" + "Breath Of Life" + "Chorus" + "Am I Right?")
Tears Run Rings - Marc Almond ( + "Hand Over My Heart")
Sex Dwarf - Soft Cell (make sure of originals only here - re-recorded most + "What" + "Memoribilia" + "Loving You Hating Me" + "Torch")
Teardrop - Massive Attack (starring Liz Fraser with no overdubs or transparent overlays of sound - just a linear beauty + "Black Milk" + "Gang Four" hers both + "Angel" love the male vocals here Horace Andy LOL! just Neilsy, really)
Wicked Game - Chris Isaak (don't never talk about Chris Isaak + "Blue Hotel" + "Can't Do A Thing (To Stop Me)"...more to you maybe later correcting the self in time over the time)
Big Fun - Inner City ( + "Ain't Nobody Better")
What I Like  - Anthony And The Camp (a real mind bender  - not just a joke)
I Won't Last A Day Without You - Carpenters  (+ "Calling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft" the SETI or "search for extra-terrestrial intelligence" theme song but really good I think + "Close To You" + "Superstar" + "For All We Know" + "Rainy Days And Mondays" + "This Masquerade" + "Hurting Each Other" + "There's A Kind Of Hush" + "Only Yesterday" + "Touch Me When We're Dancing" + "Please Mr. Postman" + "We've Only Just Begun" to live white lace and promises a kiss for luck and we're on our way....)
Shame - Motels (this woman "Martha Davis" - Toni Halliday's mother again or "Melanie" - is class "A" and we had 'em from Columbia House + "Suddenly Last Summer" + "Only The Lonely")
Tour De France - Kraftwerk (crapped on now thoroughly with remakes - get the original no chuffing at first a radio edit + "The Telephone Call" + "Pocket Calculator" + "Numbers" + "Computer World")
Comin' Back - The Crystal Method  (featuring Courtney Love + "Busy Child")
Sex As A Weapon - Pat Benatar (+ "Bel Age" + "Fire And Ice")
Justified And Ancient - KLF (featuring Tammy Wynette + "3AM Eternal")
This Love - Craig Armstrong  (featuring Elizabeth Fraser again - a well-taken)
Poundcake - Van Halen  (the song that decided Sammy could but still I hear David Lee Roth only if that is him only + "Runnin' With The Devil" + "Jamie's Crying"  some others to note you back perhaps - heard these in the car in New Jersey PA and still sounded hraumy to me)
Fragile - Cherrelle ( + "I Didn't Mean To Turn You On")
Suboceana - Tom Tom Club  ( + "Love Wave" most had from Out Magazine's first gay cd a winner here + "Genius Of Love" + "Wordy Rappinghood")
This Is My Night - Chaka Khan
Something Good - Utah Saints (the sound sampled is Kate Bush from "Hounds Of Love" + "What Can You Do For Me?")
I Sit On Acid - Lords Of Acid (still a finer made with the female orgasm showcased at prompt - someone also says "Pussy" no)
Legal Tender - The B-52's ( + "Whammy Kiss" + "Channel Z" + "Girl From Impanema Goes To Greenland" + "Summer Of Love" + "Queen Of Las Vegas" album versions first and pleased, then "Give Me Back My Man" + "Private Idaho" the number one ditty for me on "Wild Planet" had me in a headlock forever - see nothing too used here)
Times Like These - Foo Fighters! ( + "Learn To Fly" + "Everlong" + "Big Me")
Can't Get You Off My Mind - Lenny Kravitz ("bitch can't even take a compliment without writing a song" that's Neil who works with him on these + "Again" + "Are You Gonna Go My Way" + "Fly Away")
Long Long Way To Go - Phil Collins (a sad little 'me' song that makes you think and twice of it - I lived this at least once with Sting inside me + "Another Day In Paradise")
Night Train - Steve Winwood ( + "Valerie" for actress Valerie Perrine, Valerie Bertinelli's mother kinda it's really her who died on heroin here but returned one day to say and have again - the original only please from "Talking Back To The Night" + "Big Girls Walk Away" + "Still In The Game" some nineteen years later free from jail in New Jersey)
Dance Wit' Me - Rick James ( + "Cold Blooded" + "17" - I see he's got the ol' crackpipe fired up for a little show at Universal - do as I say)
Tom Sawyer - Rush ( + "Limelight" + "Red Barchetta" a small, red, hand-rolled cigarette in France used to signal off men by women now go away I'm full + "The Spirit Of Radio")
You're My Best Friend - Queen  (why day at the races night at the opera? Freddy's adopting dad is George Gershwin or Harpo Marx both...third grade after his parent's accident + "These Are The Days Of Our Lives" a dying breath well-spoken  + "Get Down Make Love" mine then "Sheer Heart Attack" both from the "News Of The World" LP)
Give A Little Bit - Supertramp  ( + "Take The Long Way Home" + "Breakfast In America" the song do it)
Seekers Who Are Lovers - Cocteau Twins ("Jesus died in a valentine | he and I kissing paste" + "Serpentskirt" + "Eperdu" to be lost in someone who hates you back then + "Violaine" "he taught and taught and taught and taught and lost to me what's bought he lost all he lost all he sought he was bought he was bought" + "Cherry-Coloured Funk" + "Know Who You Are At Every Age" + "Oil Of Angels" + "Summerhead" + "Mud And Dark" + "Summerblink" + "Ice-Pulse" + "Three-Swept" + "Blue Bell Knoll" + "A Kissed-Out Red Floatboat" + "Suckling The Mender" + "Spooning Good Singing Gum" + "Treasure Hiding")
Love At First Sight - Kylie Minogue
What Kind Of Fool - Barbra Streisand (from this, the whole "Guilty" album really* a plus + "Songbird", + "Where Is It Written?" + "Will Someone Ever Look At Me That Way" + "All I Ask Of You" + "I Have Dreamed | We Kiss In A Shadow | Something Wonderful" + "If I Loved You" words wouldn't come in an easy way.....all things I did while you were found out why add numbers to a game you win? + "Make No Mistake (He's Mine)" + "Clear Sailing" the requisite Bee Gees-Alby Galuten tune + "Emotion" with Pointer Sisters + "You Don't Bring Me Flowers" with Neil Diamonds + "Wet" + *"Guilty" + "Promises" + "Woman In Love" + "Love Inside")
Dance With Me - Alphaville ( + "Big In Japan")
Heart And Soul - T'Pau ( "more than an ocean | keeps us apart | i feel the tearing in half of my heart" + "a walk on the water | is all that i need | but miracles are not happening")
Think Of Laura - Cristopher Cross ( + "Sailing" I just love that Laura song - still an ass-kicker - we did her down that Laura with spicy-style chex-mix in her tofu...erlo bitch croaked in the water at San Diego no tragedy there bitched lived and died with me on her mind I shrunk it back to size think of Laura again and again we did her that bitch we did her right up now the dead sing so pretty for her I could die with her on my mind her father wrote the song got him done down too for this alone I see it all yet you may see....)
Amadeus type stuff?  A departure: "Serenade For Winds K.361: 3rd Movement" + "Symphony #40 In G Minor" + "Masonic Funeral Music K.477" + "Theme Elvira Madigan" + all "Requiem" or "a request to know us [as in death]" + "Stabat Mater: Quando Corpus Morietur And Amen" or "stand and deliver us, everyday has a mother in it [to care for you]: question for you - to sing along? and thanks again"
Come Back -  J. Geils Band ( + "Love Stinks" had this album in high school pre-"Freeze Frame" and it was good enough for you then - Chicago people - Chris Ondy loved J. Geils and saw Gary Numan live against me at the Town & Country near Philly in 1986 - he did one show ever + "She's Got Claws" from Gary Numan "Dance")
The World I Know - Collective Soul ( + "December")
Name - Goo Goo Dolls (Neil sings this a Madonna song - "[if you make bad music] I won't tell 'em your name" a goo goo doll is a doll for a baby that women make you sew on the face)
Big Time - Peter Gabriel ( + "In Your Eyes" + "Shock The Monkey" + "Games Without Frontiers" the phrase is "jze mei quel erzhang" said "zha mah coo-day-zhan" means "only if you think you should [ask me first before you do]" or "don't do anything on your own - have people help you" in Mandarin Chinese about people asking you to do too much for them - a war of it + "Don't Give Up" with Kate Bush)
The Wild Life - Bananarama ( + "Robert DeNiro's Waiting" + "Cruel Summer" do it again + "Rough Justice" + "Really Saying Something" + "Hot Line to Heaven")
Love Twist - Culture Club ( + "Heaven's Children" + "Mistake No. 3" + "Dangerous Man" + "Love Is Love" + "Move Away" + "I'm Afraid Of Me" + "God Thanked U Not To A Woman" - not mine again)
Fade Into You - Mazzy Star (Madonna sings here really and Neil plays guitar piano)
Sacrifice - Elton John (the real one does it "I don't want people having it - it was a song for my mother all in piano she has it that way" + "she had me make it for money, too, in 1980")
Her Sassy Kiss - Thrill Kill Kult, My Life With The
Breathe - Prodigy ( + "Firestarter")
Sweetness And Light - Lush ( + "Nothing Natural" + "Deluxe" + "For Love" + "I've Been Here Before" + "Untogether" + "Lit Up" + "Monochrome" (I love this on a rainy day here in the car) + "Scarlet" Robin Guthrie's version + "I Have The Moon" + "Last Night" + "Ladykillers")
Feels Like Summer - Sing Sing  (is Lush)
Love My Way -  Psychedelic Furs
Don't Wanna Lose You - Gloria Estefan
Gone - N Sync (Liz "Frasier" taught him to sing and she hates it)
Rock Your Body - Justin Timberlake
More Than A Woman - Aaliyah
Con Te Partiro - Andrea Bocelli ("[to my love] we never parted")
Lonely Nights (Angel Face) - Captain & Tennille ( + "Muskrat Love" + "Way I Want To Touch You")
Million Miles Away - Plimsouls (hear Clash's singer Joe Strummer sing here)
How To Be A Millionaire - ABC  ( + "Be Near Me")
Every Time I Think Of You - The Babys
Eternal Flame - The Bangles
Eight Miles High - The Byrds
Lullaby - The Cure
One Of Our Submarines - Thomas Dolby (a big hat for me from the "She Blinded Me With Science" EP + "Hyperactive")
Aqualung - Jethro Tull
Magical Mystery Tour - Beatles ( + "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" + "All You Need Is Love" + "I Am The Walrus" + "Tomorrow Never Knows" + "Norwegian Wood" with an aggressive guitarmong + "Penny Lane" + "Hello Goodbye" +  "Glass Onion" + "Paperback Writer")
Favourite Shirts (Boy Meets Girl) - Haircut 100 (gays alter this to be "boy meets boy" as the original made with Elton John is Culture Club's Roy Hay - I like it that way but changed for sale - made for New Orleans the city of "they have a raunchy little sexfest")
Tenderness - General Public
Twlilight Zone - Golden Earring
Love Is (Thicker Than Water) - Andy Gibb ( + "(Our Love) Don't Throw It All Away")
Angel Eyes - Lime ( + "Babe We're Gonna Love Tonite" both Berry Gordy singing about Diana Ross' marriage to a "white man motherfucker")
Hurts to Be In Love - Gino Vanelli (really an Elton John vocal)
All In The Game - Carmel (really O'chi Brown singing - Virgin actually had one new copy of the "She's Having A Baby" soundtrack + "Desire" by Gene Loves Jezebel)
Walking Down Madison - Kirsty MacColl (a gift to solve me in the form of an import cd at Virgin + good music played overhead "Up Up And Away" thanks plus "Cosmonaut" you honor me)
French Kissin' In The USA - Debbie Harry ( + "Rush Rush" + "I Want That Man")
My Kind Of Lover - Billy Squier ( + "Everybody Wants You" + "In The Dark" + "Emotions In Motion")
Wrapped Around Your Finger - The Police ( + "De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da" is all I want to say to you + "Message In A Bottle" + "Can't Stand Losing You" + "Synchronicity II")
We Love You - Orchestral Manoeuvers In The Dark ( + "Dreaming" + "So In Love" + "Forever Live and Die" + "Secret")
Generations Of Love - Boy George (the original les only - Boy says of this "mukesh" or now made small - contract disputes with no pay, this was once an evil now "Spanish and with hair")
You Me And He (.....or "You Me He And She") - Mtume ( + "Juicy Fruit" - the name "mtume" said "em-tomb" means "upright flower [no crabgrass]" in Swahil)
One Night In Heaven - M People ( + "Moving On Up" - the "m" is for "modern" and perhaps "missy" - we had this, we liked it alot - Shirley "Alicia Bridges" Bassey on all vocals)
(You Are My) All And All - Joyce Sims (recently thought that was "all in all" - it's not like I don't have the 12-inch on Sleeping Bag's label along with "Jump Back" by Dhar Braxton)
Out In The Street - Bruce Springsteen  (so good to me with big drums and singing "oh-oh oh-oh oh" + "Tunnel Of Love")
Don't You Want My Love - Nicole (you needed to know this from the Granada days in Hamilton Township, New Jersey 1986-87)
She's Leaving Home  - Bee Gees (a le must from the movie "Sgt. Pepper"  + "Here Comes The Sun" - Sandy Farina,  + "Fixing A Hole" - George Burns,  + "A Day In The Life" - Bee Gees,  + "Because" - Alice Cooper,  + "Good Morning, Good Morning" - Bee Gees,  + "Got To Get You Into My Life" - Earth Wind & Fire...quite possibly the finest pop moment here, + "Come Together" - Aerosmith a begrudge to me is it that great?)
Black Moon - Killing Joke (a big master drove this home - a "black moon" makes you see the light by drawing you in anyhow to an ugly sight yours made - no, not black soot delivered by the California daytime that is your exhaust - see whole bags of blackened dirt drop down and out the back of your diesel buses though lyric: "black moon bad sleep another side of me | black moon bad dreams another side of me")
Donkey Rhubarb - Aphex Twin (see the video a real weirdo + "Come To Daddy" see that one too - a video artist primarily with sounds visiting from abroad)
Sober - Tool (again, see the video - Neil and his father - the father sings this I loved it for impacts a Moon bitching - to honor Harry Moon a father yet of aka Johnny Cash...no miniatures...styrofoam masks and full sizes reduced all - "see the meat flow to you by pipe and steam" see the video Neil is literally all players inside "we make music - that's all" - Neil says "we didn't sell much, but it made me alot of money")
Honky Cat - Elton John ( + "Daniel" + "Rocket Man" + "Bennie And The Jets" + "Crocodile Rock" + "Levon" + "Street Kids" + "Someone Saved My Life Tonight" (!) + "Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy" + "Tiny Dancer")
Who Loves You - Four Seasons
Walk On The Ocean - Toad The Wet Sprocket (Neil with Rob "Matchbox 20" Thomas singing - their name? to "turn on a heel at ugly people" or to "turn the wet sprocket" and move around - girl scouts or something wicked to taught this - a walk on the ocean to figure it all perhaps "like I do when I'm feeling down..." - Neil)
How Soon Is Now? The Smiths
Stir It Up - Patti LaBelle ( + "On My Own" with Michael McDonald)
In Disguise - Curve (religion, something beautiful....a comment about everything? this is nice for me + now - maybe one day you pay)
Valley Girl - Frank Zappa with "Moon Unit" Zappa  (the most perfect of Valspeak ever, save Tracy Nelson)
So To Speak - DJ Accucrack (featuring Toni Halliday of Curve as Devo...psst: Mark's Mothersbaugh's real last name is "Murphy" - "Russell" Murphy)
Budded On Earth To Bloom In Heaven - Freaky Chakra  (featuring Toni Halliday of Curve)
Original - Leftfield (featuring Toni Halliday of Curve)
How Can I Fall? - Breathe  ( + "Hands To Heaven" + this is John Denver singing and me I hear - which to you? recorded naked with candles like Stevie Nicks...that's the height of indulgent, both make me cry at the beauty it)
Shattered Dreams - Johnny Hates Jazz
Straight Back - Fleetwood Mac ( + "That's Alright" - "i'm through waiting for you | train sings the same kinda blues")
For Your Own Good - Pet Shop Boys ("for your own good...call me tonight" they opened the "Nightlife" tour with this threat - a bathhouse song if ever there was one they play this always I've heard it meself - but all on tape - two heads revolving back and forth up on a screen - great song...."Montage" the DVD reminded me + "You Choose" + "New York City Boy" + "A Red Letter Day" we featured as beautiful in concert but must now mention again....thanks for all you know we never cut you off in speaking, we simply rescind you + "Where The Streets Have No Name" to succeed U2 anyway + "West End Girls" their initial triumph I have the 12-inch)
Get Up! (Before The Night Is Over) - Technotronic or Rolling Stone Bill Wyman and daughter Denise "they had the money" ( +  "Move This"  + "Pump Up The Jam" others used..."aggressiva" plays it fast as already known to get it off the turntable - a remind it's there, merely)
Waiting Game - Swing Out Sister
Do You Wanna Funk? - Sylvester
(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone - The Monkees
Stumblin' In - Suzi Quattro (or then "Whenever I Call You Friend" from Stevie Nicks to Kenny Loggins - mean nothing to me, art this please)
Supernova - Liz Phair (+ "Extraordinary")
I Believe In A Thing Called Love - The Darkness (Neil being a queer again, but interesting my love)
Move Your Feet - Junior Senior (Denise again as records on weekends - we like this)
Walking Away - Information Society ( + "Lay All Your Love On Me" see ABBA first-second, then Erasure who both covered this material girl + "What's On Your Mind (Pure Energy)" + "Tomorrow")
French Bitch - Pussy Tourette (buts to a nip of goodwill shiny and style, no lemon to scint that lime, preys on quality time eats under and around teeth, matches no belt buckle, keeps it in guessing makes it harder to know your pain, a houseword pangealord, newly royge so's full plus per and that argues vaginal diamler)
Baby Talks Dirty - The Knack (but the little girls understand....what it feels like for a girl having her ass noodled with a long pinch-haired phipp - Neil's father singing all here a Moon - the first album cover: retouches of the father to Neil Tommy Moon, Tommy Boy is his label ps - "Bruce Gary" is French for "bruct garet" or "brace showing" [as in mouth - a molar clip, had his teeth punched out one day it seems], Doug me younger [Fieger - "seems like" in French), Neil in wig and eyebrows, Gregory Moon our cousin from camp taken and all from photographs and mixed in for alot of cash twelve grand Capitol paid, the videos badly faked and in time we see) 
Do You Want Me - Salt N Pepa ("do you really want me baby | let me know | 'cause if you really like me | i suggest you tell me so | got no time for silly games | that ain't even why i came | 'cause i may be | the kind of guy you like" a big song with us at Rage...shall we remember? + fooling you by AIDS songs: "The AYDS Died Of A Nasty Bite" + "A Pimple Thans A Pack Of Wolves" + "She Passed A Pump Back To That Gas")
I Could Never Be Your Woman - White Town (no man loves a dominant - to trust that xo xo o o - is also "Taco" for "cheez-wiz" type-music - of "Putting On The Ritz" fame, is actually really Pet Shop Boy Chris Lowe and nobody else....just fucking around "for sense [of things - new, no one knows]" - see no more he hates losing money then also add "One Night In Bangkok" by Murray Head or then "M" for "mood [of mine]" only...never ask for my junk to be unspoken then hi Chris)
My Precious - Lifehouse (Kurt Cobain wrote it, you may have to note it)
Someday - Glass Tiger ("someday, you'll be shedding a tear...to cry over me" - but not just yet it seems - Neil's father sings this, his lover is in the video)
Back In The Saddle - Aerosmith (from "Rocks" and Columbia House who also made me know the "Draw The Line" LP that was the end of this + "Jaded" + "Dream On" + "Walk This Way")
Hippy Chick - Soho (bring no hair higher than mine, see the sun once in while - or else)
Trouble - Coldplay (I heard this yesterday while casually dining and alone at the West Hollywood Koo Koo Roo (caesar wrap, soda...$6.80)...I was deeply moved again - don't get too remote from what loves thee  + "Everything's Not Lost" + "Don't Panic" + "Yellow" + "Clocks" + "The Scientist"...you needed know again + "God Put A Smile On Your Face" mixed to it a menace)
I'll Be Loving You - New Kids On The Block (to each one a song)
Come Home With Me Baby - Dead Or Alive  ( + "I'll Save You All My Kisses" + "Something In My House" + "Brand New Lover")
Burning Up - Alpinestars  (on "Chill Out 05", I heard this in Tower Records today 06/26/04 and loved it to so play - yes, I asked of it at the counter)
Dominion/Mother Russia - Sisters Of Mercy  ( + "Temple Of Love '92" with guest Ofra Haza, + "More" + "This Corrosion" + "Vision Thing"......"Doctor Jeep" OK! Singer Andrew Eldritch is the one and only Davey Johnstone of Elton John Band singing as "ghoul, graveside" I love his characterizations...those other-type "gleanings" I hear in the head - a bit odd and laughable)
Pressure - Sunscreem ("release me"....Princess Fergie does this to be good enough)
Got To Give It Up - Marvin Gaye  (Diana Ross' brother singing the blues about her money - see the father of my friend Timothy Kyles "a known reject" speak this)
Baby Can I Hold You - Tracy Chapman (one for the blacks)
My Way - Limp Bizkit (someone named Robin Guthrie made this extra good producing - you may hafta hear it better)
Tuesday Afternoon - Moody Blues (my favorite song by them ever - Neil's father a Moon does this in Philly as Justin Hayward - "I did alot for this, but couldn't get it going" did all tv too with a wig on + "Nights In White Satin" I used to play this on piano the highest notes ever and in-tandem a faustian (as "taken by souls, hardly heard") delight as recorded + "The Voice" I love this song and had the album "Long Distance Voyager" as push-accepted from RCA Music Service only - the only record my parents selved to me was "Every Good Boy Deserves Favour" a no to thanks)
Everyday Is Like Sunday - Morrissey (my father's uncle Kinny Moon who died in Vietnam - no fan of gay wannabe doom and gloom my percept the smiths hardly but I loved this)
Bitter Sweet Symphony - The Verve
Hollywood Nights - Bob Seger (died of a heart attack here in L.A. lived to tell about it + "Her Strut")
Crazy - Seal ( + "Kiss From A Rose" an ugly woman is the "rose" + "Future Love Paradise" + "Prayer For The Dying" + "Don't Cry")
I Got You - Split Enz (never bought it but I owe it a mention a malign)
Wannabe - Spice Girls (see the movie "Spice World" and at the end for excellent staging of this song in video form as them just dancing around and singing each of parts in a local upstart of their cafe  + "Stop" plus I love these girls, really...catchy + "Too Much"..they weren't young girls you know as all in their fifties now - more like "Old Spice"...thanks for caring, girls - you were excellent at the Chinese Theater right when the movie opened I was there enjoying you too but shook no one's hand)
This Is The Right Time - Lisa Stansfield ( + "You Can't Deny It" baby we drive each other crazy you can't deny it baby)
Life During Wartime - Talking Heads ("Once In A Lifetime" I'm coming up short here...+ "Burning Down The House")
I Could Fall In Love - Selena
100% Pure Love - Crystal Waters ( + "Makin' Happy")
Most Of All - Jody Watley ( + "Everything" + "Still A Thrill")
Love Me Tomorrow - Chicago ( + "Feelin' Stronger Everyday" + "Wishing You Were Here" + "Baby What A Big Surprise" + "If You Leave Me Now")
Don't Dream It's Over - Crowded House ( + "Something So Strong")
Early In The Morning - Gap Band ( + "You Dropped A Bomb On Me")
K.I.S.S.I.N.G. - Siedah Garrett (really - I bought it 12-inches up in me)
You Sexy Thing - Hot Chocolate  ("i believe in miracles | where ya from | you sexy thing | you sexy thing you")
Miss You - The Flirts
If You Should Ever Be Lonely - Val Young (Granada....again)
Without You - Harry Nilsson ( + "All By Myself" - Eric Carmen)
Hot In City - Billy Idol
The Devil You Know - Jesus Jones (bought the CD single and played in my topdown Jeep at full knots - a real power mong + "Right Here Right Now")
Suicide Blonde - INXS ( + "Need You Tonight" possibly more I like much)
Like The Weather - 10,000 Maniacs
Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth) - George Harrison (to the fourth beatle)
Somebody Save Me - Cinderella (Elton John doing AC/DC's underfunded rejects as queen of it all, I notice melody only)
Signals And Alibis - Curve ( + "Star" + "Sinner" - all the evil to God fits)
The Promise (Dolphin Song) - Olivia Newton-John (wrote it from in herself much like Barbra wrote "Evergreen" - from the "Physical" LP skip the redress and further mixes; a dolphin exists to punish the fur trade of tuna halibut mashing or capturing at will they break nets; a porpoise is not real however..a porpoise or "push away" in Spanish is about a school of fish turned inside out for your pleasure - a task at remaking a sound, a sight, a noise to you - waves of water and then one fish out of many they are all in there in waves to you..waves inside of silver and gold)
Ballad Of Poncho Villa -  Vince Guaraldi ( + "Alma-Ville" + "Cast Your Fate To The Wind" Dean Moon did these an uncle dead of it yet - see iTunes if missing and/or most unsold)
Time Passages - Al Stewart ( + "Year Of The Cat" really John Lennon working with Elton John alone in a cabin out north....Poughkeepsie, NY)
The Groove Line - Heatwave (a lab to horn genius Rod Temperton of Salsoul who decided to keep and issue anyway under own a white man's pledge having worked too hard on it for Jacksons who couldn't pay for it then)
The Sun Always Shines On TV - A-ha
Everyone Is Someone In LA - Felix Da Housecat (a showbiz triumph, really - heard this in Virgin Megastore today 07/16 after combo meal #2 at McDonald's with orange drink)
Anniversary - The Cure (new, and is originally good)
My Sacrifice - Creed (my favorite - why bother after that? is Eddie Vedder singing else - the name "Vedder" comes from our aunt Jeannie's (um, Wanda Jean) home street in Trenton, NJ: Vetterlein - she paid for him to record much of this)
Bridge Over Troubled Water - Simon & Garfunkel (you are no one to this + "Scarborough Fair" - "parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme" + "are you going | to scarborough fair?" i'll see you there - Scarborough was in the hills above Reading, Pennsylvania now full of Germans and then moved to Washington Crossing, PA in 1856. Right under the famed Bowman's Tower there the stoned tower that overlooks a lake and treaty signed - the fair flourished until 1922 when someone hit the tower of revolutionary time-fame with a truck and damaged it badly. See and perhaps climb the tower today just north of the river's crossing there at Washington Park [I did this once in my youth - I went all the way up the stairs for a look....climbed the Statue Of Liberty to the crown only as the arm to torch was damaged and went up the Washington Monument too - I'm big on it to this stuff]. They sold whiskey, rye, and a half-dozen other assorts to no one special. The rye soup - described aptly as "parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme" - was a favored of the queen when she wept for joys unseen and she wrote about it all here.....and there then. A smaller affair - a ridicule perhaps - happens in NYC at Washington Square park every year it seemed until then. It seemed then off...more - Paul Simon is also our teacher in elementary and high school Warren Guessman we examined poetry-song "I Am A Rock" for "metaphor" in grammar class with him - hi doll - is also photographer Ken Haak "Summer Souvenirs" I have a copy with schoolmate Vince Schenkel in there can't see John Ondy...the nicest girl in high school Denise Devitis is her father too hi hi).
Shaking Paper - Cat Power (a Kurt Cobain wrote with mother Mary Lou Lord singing)
Perfect Day Elise - P.J. Harvey (I only heard this once at a listening station in Virgin Megastore, but  I know I liked it - "to bring you my love" - sure...an "eliseum" thus Elise murders the world for not having her loved you help her work it off too for same losses)
Don't Let Me Get Me - Pink (a retrial - we had it up + "God Is A DJ")
Love Resurrection - Alison Moyet (a le must do)
Don't Tell Me You Love Me - Night Ranger ( + "Sister Christian"? - we liked it)
Join In The Chant - Nitzer Ebb (thanks Spike, a gay bar on Santa Monica Boulevard in Hollywood that plays this to me introducing the likes of NIN, Front 242, all German-type machinesmiths raping you mindlessly inner-outer like black widow descends a prelude to intimate gay sex - now spot a dancer there just a boy so cute and at a distance the pool table missing off + "Lightning Man" Nitzer Ebb is Neil alone and dumb too...means "nights with no end" in German a love song, really not yours)
O Superman (for Massenet) - Laurie Anderson (a real weirdo who made me add the name for Steve "Massenet" her husband dead 1982 lung cancer....the sound in the song is a wire hula hoop with a hole long like a test tube allowing a blow dryer to emit through a hand-held trumpet - a comical sight at any science fair with little or no air)
Flash Light - Parliament Funkadelic (as black kids respond to Kiss)
Human Behavior - Bjork ( + "Big Time Sensuality" + the new "Oceania" love this the song and the video as interesting enough - at iTunes see it yes and the video for free enough)
Burnin' For You - Blue Oyster Cult (is the Moody Blues)
Cannonball - Breeders
The Chemicals Between Us - Bush ( + "Everything Zen" + "Glycerine" + "Machinehead")
E.S.P. - Deee-Lite (one of it kicked back + "Runaway" "why don't we | why don't we")
Say My Name - Destiny's Child ( + Bee Gee's "Emotion" a big coup, damn you to sing it)
Seasons Change - Expose ( + "Point Of No Return" original take + "Let Me Be The One"!)
Been Caught Stealing - Jane's Addiction (Perry Farrell's vocals slay me with artings of, words done...sounds like a kid singing when unknown....Neil Geraldo sings all Perry stuff and his father is Perry in makeup only...a fake done to art you of - a queer - they don't ever do live they are faked evenly and open)
Pull Up To The Bumper - Grace Jones ( + "Slave To The Rhythm" + "I'm Not Perfect (But I'm Perfect For You)")
No More 'I Love You's' - Annie Lennox ( + "Why")
Got A Hold On Me - Christine McVie (nevermind, play it + "Love Will Show Us How" - I saw this solo concert at Great Adventure not bad and all)
N.W.O - Ministry (I too better explain - the "Cool World" soundtrack not the movie someone died + "Real Cool World" - David Bowie + "Play With Me" - Thompson Twins + "Sex On Wheelz [Glamour Dyke Mix]" - Thrill Kill Kult, My Life With The....no, the other song listed here is just that special)
Freeway Of Love - Aretha Franklin
Johnny Come Home - Fine Young Cannibals (major music here "Roland Gift" love that name + "Suspicious Minds" love Elvis' original too + "I'm Not The Man I Used To Be"....."She Drives Me Crazy" + "Good Thing" if you must know it I paid you to)
Going Under - Evanescence (watch these vocals soar to you onehow, housemates these days, Dean Garcia's new expatriate wife "Mareta" sings well enough yet I love it)
Money (That's What I Want) - Flying Lizards (Neil and Pat Benatar...I suspected John and Yoko here a dry Asian wit)
Worship Me - Simon Raymonde (featuring a Liz Fraser bridge + "Muscle & Want" a Robin Guthrie made up to guitar - both arguably a management deal; one needs to prove his stake in it, the others make their mark known - now see that)
Superman - Five For Fighting (I hate this as just heard and its connotations now, but I once bought it and enjoyed it enough - sung by Justin Timberlake and friend)
Legs - Art Of Noise (the Granada days + "Peter Gunn" + anything really they are mean here)
One Step Beyond - Madness
What I Like About You  - Romantics (big shots opening for The Cars at the Spectrum in Autumn 1979 the "Panorama" tour and I of nosebleed section + "Talking In Your Sleep" + "One In A Million")
Insomniac - Green Day (we like Green Day enough this song taken from them for no pay)
Blurry - Puddle Of Mudd (best described as honey Sean singing)
Sunset Grill - Don Henley  (+ "Boys Of Summer" all but improper to exclude)
Life's Been Good To Me So Far - Joe Walsh (really, it's Nigel Olssen of Elton John Band singing and playing)
See Me Feel Me/Listening To You - The Who (as from the movie "Tommy" + "Baba O'Riley" is Pete Townsend's dad "Baba" or "the bad boy [done in again as by an older Jewish woman]")
Send Me An Angel - Real Life  (I love this song sounds like Paul Young yes....see Pet Shop Boys too...people are just luvin' it all I hear in the head)
Car Wash - Rose Royce (before black purity there was Nancy Dennis and her stories to me at work about Rose Royce being from her high school and as such many people involved a band - no just her my friend from UCLA singing to her mother once died she became us - recorded in New Jersey she was Phyllis Hyman now old tapes bark back...Richard Pryor I have the others coming soon and here - if you believe that, you also believe Sheldon Chun an executive writer at Fox who got fired for making a quip at Edie Wasserman head of Universal at a dinner the news said - a "scowl" she said - what? Sheldon, an "Asian" Chinese man who corrected me of white's "oriental" within days of meeting, is a Chicago person of Jewish descent deeply involved in all manner of consumer import and at cost - a fine date who cooked me and others dinner and often at home...a pleasure who ridicules my gay with me, one of Janet Jackson's backup dancers while back at school...a private joke...don't laugh, Sheldon eventually moved to Hawaii with four hundred thousand dollars ($400,000) in scripp cash from this + Edie is my mother's aunt)
Solitaire - Laura Branigan (is Sherri Pilates of dance hall fame - supposedly this song is "French" like "Seasons In The Sun" mention must never play excor forever you - I loved this in 1984 still a hit with me - see Carpenters a version at song title too "how dare you use that for this!" + "Self Control"...."Gloria" must die a running joke with "Gloria 2004" + "Self Control 2004" out on the racks now with the likes of T'Pau's "China In Your Hands 2004" - what are these? tax writeoffs paying people? I had the album that song sucks and so does "Gloria"...that name! "Gloria"....no + "Ti Amo")
Jack And Jill Party - Pete Burns with Pet Shop Boys (not bad stuff ok it's great - a "jack and jill party" is one where no one has sex "they don't see each other" as England speaking, brand new saw it today at Perfect Beat on CD...okay faggot "jack" off penis butter and "jilly" all over childsome)
Dare You To Move - Switchfoot (Rufus Wainwright! Heard something great by him before Halloween overhead singing in Aah's....will get back to you...."i ate it all" - 11/30/04 here it is...thanks to Richard Marx and his celebrity sound list at iTunes...um, I'll be "Right Here Waiting".....
Angry Johnny - Poe (heard this song sung live with cigarettes one day at the radio KROQ Burbank Studio City a local frat-rock like WMMR in Philly and marveled to it  + "Haunted" maybe)
Somethin' Stupid -  Frank Sinatra with Nancy Sinatra (a bitch to know so good as written by Elvis' father - you'd think it would be on the 'duets' album but they were fakes + "These Boots Are Made For Walkin'" by Nancy alone)
If I Can't Have You - Yvonne Elliman (from "Saturday Night Fever" I love this song....is Turner Turner singing - know that - is Yvonne Craig of "Batman" Pow! Zilch! too...no, not Batwoman - Batgirl)
Solitary Man - Neil Diamonds ( + "Play Me" + "Shilo" - a hardcore fan I am is Neil's father again my great uncle fucking you for flavor - nobody real "Angus" plays him on stage "turn on your fartlight")
Harden My Heart - Quarterflash ( + "Find Another Fool" + "Take Me To Heart" Debbie Bender remember me? your sister Michelle is this from Robbinsville, NJ no mercy)
Goodbye To You - Scandal (Suzi Quattro is singing)
I Touch Myself - Divinyls (I simply understand...Toni's mother again)
Get Up (Everybody) - Byron Stingily (Sylvester...I've seen him a gay star bigger than Madonna perhaps more seriously astute being very demure these days in Pavilions a witchhunt...still cocoa-colored with long sewn-in blond hair...drawn-on eyebrows...very polite, slender in a dress..a bit sour in the coat?)
Fall Behind Me - The Donna's (now worthy - see the video on iTunes - recommended by me - God say all-girl bands 'sinful' we agree so good p.s. only God is 'sinful' as having promoted it sin to you, you are 'sinman' or producing sin - I'm told Stephanie Yakelewicz say "yah-kah-lev-itch" a schoolmate is singing this hi)
We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off - Jermaine Stewart (of Shalamar "Dancing In The Sheets"...others yet "The Second Time Around" ...with singer Jody Watley "everybody knows that" no...hate each other brother-sister...no, the legend goes I met Jermaine at Rage one night....)
Get The Balance Right (Combination Mix) - Depeche Mode Remixes ( + "Useless (The Kruder + Dorfmeister Session)" + "Photographic (Rex The Dog Faithful Mix)" an iTunes exclusive - I love this 'new' shit)
Another Night - Real McCoy (just another jerk-off for my mother and her husband - they loved this title to death when they got married in the backyard....dancing on the deck to it at night under the floodlights a nightmare still....when was this out fresh? I was all coked-up and fragrant - "the men just love it" - Eddie's mother about cookless or oven lasagne)
Major Tom (Coming Home) - Peter Schilling  (Baby Sean again....it goes "earth below us | drifting | falling")
London Calling - The Clash (adds more - we didn't forget ya + "Train In Vain" (or then "stand by me...or not at all")
What's that one?  - "tour de france" or "calling france" - kids in america? - junior vasquez? - stays as still researching - "calling france" by asymptot and junior vasquez still reading it when i got that "asymptote" named should I ask to know this too - another joke? as perhaps only you heard it ("asymptote" you'll remember, is "just yours - not ours as experienced")? remember the smartest of us know a line crossed with untruth and folly....and maybe, yes - you didn't hear it as well then hate ridicule then me for hating it you are English with milktoats, with piano legs
I Will Always Love You - Dolly Parton (the original, please....from the movie "The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas" - so mean to be at the end)
Brandy - Looking Glass (I hate old stuff too but like the "my love, my life, and my lady is the sea....and just that smelly"
I'd Die Without You - P.M. Dawn (from "Boomerang" - well, probably...check back often)
(I've Been) Thinking About You - Londonbeat (Roland Gift of Fine Young Cannibals - dead yet, his best song ever to you, me)
I've Been In Love Before - Cutting Crew
Cherry Bomb - John Cougar Mellencamp
What Is Love? - Haddaway
It's Been Awhile - Staind (seem soundalike "Walk Into The Sun" by Dirty Vegas vocals by Eric "Mochee" Connelly hi to the Bri then + "Outside" remind babyfat)
Carnival - Natalie Merchant
Faith - Breathe Hill (is Liz Fraser meets Jessica Simpson)
Superstar - Luther Vandross ( + "Give Me The Reason" - is really Marlon Jackson brother of Michael and Janet playing around - I like his world so silly now deceased will be back)
The Best Things In Life Are Free - Luther Vandross and Janet Jackson (was from the "Mo' Money" soundtrack the song seem replaced with Bell Biv Devoe or sumpin')
Pump It Up - Elvis Costello (the U.S. Army band played this for us in our high school auditorium and I hadda know it)
Come Back To Me - Janet Jackson ( + "Lonely"...just what you may to missed thanks + "Pleasure Principle" remix only + "Rhythm Nation")
Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah) - Joan Jett (this positively unforgiving and a singular choice made then Suzi Quattro is singing on tape - great live show Glassboro, New Jersey January 1983....REM opened as not there yet - oh, wait - it was the Hooters instead now hittin' it - I worked for the student government and loved talking about booking acts and their "prices" we had meetings in the student center and voted on who to know better from a list of being read like maybe Howard Jones was available to promoters - those who sell tickets - to book for fourteen grand [$14,000] or so their guarantee figure for simply showing up - great fun, very interesting to me p.s. Devo at your bar mitzvah is real if you can pay this - they'll talk "for hours" they'd say....they think it "magical times" for kids I like the feeling and the flow too yet + "Bad Reputation" more or less: Elton John said "it isn't really true about Howard - he would consider the request made" - I say 'no' - he played Rider College their gym at the height of kingdom but pre-Hugh Padgham feel the cushions and all and is simply enough then said p.p.s Joan became Wendy of Wendy and Lisa Prince fame the revolution and all....thought she could make more money as this....she didn't really, I guess...apparently, she punches people too...Stacy Moon is her real name by no guess)
Everything I've Got In My Pocket - Minnie Driver (this stuff is Stephanie Yakelewicz too also just recently on MTV's Real World [Philadelphia] with my cousin Mark Oravsky - hi pigs that is Jeannie's son....Minnie fits in somehow saw a live clip on The-Raft.com (you are idiots too with that name dot com) of her and loved it but missed the name it was the same. See iTunes for this concept video. Minnie is related to us her mother was Minnie "Loving You" Ripperton and with Neil's father, I went to her first wedding in Ohio as a child. She is Miss America 1976 and was beautiful in a Brazil way like Carmen Miranda was her grandmother and with fatter lips - wish I had my photo album with me - but has died inside being Neil's friend first....Neil is mine so is Chris Ondy she married in 1983 briefly for travel. The song was written by Liz Fraser for The Sundays in reality her sister Melanie who died recently. They did record this masterpiece, but she "keeps it inside....I hate that bitch.")
Theme From Harry's Game - Clannad
The Crying Game - Boy George (with Pet Shop Boys from the movie of the same name....as recommended)
Twin Peaks Theme - Angelo Badalamenti (as Ennio Morricone...."Laura Palmer's Theme"...choked to death by her husband Steve you well)
So Alive - Love And Rockets ( + "No New Tale To Tell" + "Haunted While The Minutes Drag" it's from the "She's Having A Baby" soundtrack I love the title....Neil's father sings all here much like Moody Blues updated with wasper flutes and all, and Neil plays instruments)
Cuts You Up - Peter Murphy (lead singer of Bauhaus "Bela Lugosi's Dead" is Neil's dad only)
Hourglass - Squeeze (good vocal here...)
Everybody Have Fun Tonight - Wang Chung (what? I like this and wouldn't let you turn it off - the name means "up yours" in French "veung" for 'fuck you' and then "Ch. Ang." Charles Angler a business associate of Elton John's this is not worth knowing but now answered...never leave it off - Beatle George Harrison sings)
We Are Family - Sister Sledge ( + "He's The Greatest Dancer" too remove!!!!!!)
Pass The Dutchie - Musical Youth (the dutchie is the good food, the stuff you pay for - the left-hand side is not used to wipe your ass...Michael Jackson did this with daughters, friends)
Pop Muzik - M (my sister had this 45, we enjoyed the shit out of it)
Video Killed The Radio Star - Buggles (a big star - is really The Beatles, George Harrison sings made in 1976)
Purple Haze - Jimi Hendrix (got bit by the Jimi remaze back in '93 - loved it this)
Slide Over - Ready For The World (all of that Jherri Curl dripping like an oily black bandcock on oats and silver, them sweat-pimple orgasms too Ralph Tresvant did this he is white and ugly racism is the by-product of colored folks in fact it targets whites who send you personal items from your suitcase when changing to clothes en route from hastings 'this must be yours' fruit halvings made with donor organs lemons limes + "Digital Display" + "Oh Sheila")
Alright Now - Free
Endless Love - Lionel Richie, Diana Ross ( + "Missing You" p.s. Norah Jones is Diana Ross for at real - 'splains why there are so many copies of her record in the stores waiting for kind response)
Right On Track - Breakfast Club (hi Dan Gilroy)
It's Gonna Take A Lotta Love - Nicolette Larson (it's gonna take alot of plant tars and junta-strength neurotoxins 'bit by the lonesome dove' turned squint black and exploded like two fats mashing instant potatoes to minsk a carb diet....is Todd Fraser's mother Sherri Lansing-Boggs Sigmund recorded in 1973 as Nicolette...a big winner with me from 1976...supergroup Chicago backs this up)
Danny's Song - Anne Murray (and in the morning when I rise | your wiccan breath brings a tear of smoyd to my eyes, a hurling blamped zodiac of v-belts and kimmed fins, kinda + "Snowbird" now on tv singing it to)
Gambler - Madonna  (I liked this song from "Vision Quest" the most awful film ever - junky - the song was great in concert a showstopper + "Spotlight" you too can dance + "Vogue" + "Sooner Or Later" you know, I tell her "Girl - you cannot sing" whaddaya think?)
Crystal Blue Persuasion - Tommy James And The Shondells (really Elvis and as my friend Chris...he and his father using Jamaican sounds from vacations - "crystal blue" is the ocean "tells you to stay still" - "Crimson And Clover" for Christmastime only...others - "shon dal" is French for "those who don't ask to be in it, but are somehow anyway"..."stolens, used some too" samples of, a favorite of Doug's anyway I'd cite - Elvis!)
Holding Back The Years - Simply Red (+ "If You Don't Know Me By Now")
Tokyo By Night (Asian Delight) - Modern Talking (now 'Gina T'...The Plastics? no not hardly they never paid yet ha-ha you win and win again - not really see the name a ridicule dives in France so do you saving one - a fuel merely for greater acts elsewhere don't bother making one we didn't care and neither do you save nothing make all pay nothing you win again ha-ha save nothing of it a ruse the title says it all and then back to me)
Toy Soldiers - Martika (really Liz Fraser, still I love this a beauty...from "Lost Boys"?)
Somewhere I Belong - Linkin Park (or then "Numb" - we can do better and will but get you heard as - someone says "who are you to decide this?" Honey, please - these are my recommends - who do you talk to get an approve? people - they scare me still I wonder why they die)
Take A Chance - Waterfront Home (where this was recorded by Bobby O. as Neil Tennant sometime in 1982 - Bobby O. stuff I compile but it is approved by New York City as someone who "does not make people buy records - we have that too already" it would seem not only clubgoing but also to study and note of; three (3) girls sweating it out in front of a synclavier like me seen at Joan Rivers Carlos & Charlies? an 'electrolysis' is the going note for the girl's being hairy or something)
Dirty Cash (Money Talks) - The Adventures Of Stevie V
Sleeps With Butterflies - Tori Amos (new...I like it so pretty by you)
He's So Shy - Pointer Sisters  (I like their soundz + "I'm So Excited" + "Jump (For My Love)" + "Slow Hand")
Wild, Wild West - The Escape Club (the video - banned for God hates them "they made life")
Get Right Back Where We Started From - Maxine Nightingale (really Toni Tennille....Neilsy and I dug this up today "shit and pimples" her name for him "chip a tooth" you scare me when falling)
It Might Be You (from "Tootsie" - please - someone just told me about being with Dustin Hoffman and all but on the other end now dying of it - remember when you used to press the pause? neverthelee)  - Stephen Bishop (no more insider talk but Elton John did this himself - get it? so nice and gentle to me)
It's My Life - Bon Jovi (okay, we owed him something I loved...)
Ain't No Way To Treat A Lady - Helen Reddy (still someone fresh...)
Fascinated - Company B (is Toni Halliday of Curve singing and producing plus Denise Dale mostly now sells glass dicks to gays...the 'B' is for 'bols' or 'bolsfronde' hair on the balls - "my dad forced to shave them in the army - gunpowder there would make you sick..." her father says "men  - I love them" then they other adds "why do you love doing this?")
It Works For Me  - Pam Russo ("if you give true love..." - a big deal this song last name "Russo" that's funny - Natalie Russo paid for it, it seemed)
Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades - Timbuk 3 (Pat Benatar with Neil Geraldo)
You Used To Hold Me - Ralphi Rosario featuring Xavier Gold (I love House and seedy after-hours - but who are they so wicked at it? it makes fun of old people "save your gold" and all)
Action - Saint Etienne (thanks from the heavies....the album title here "finisterre" means in dialect "someone finally said it [as to and for me]" - form "the last word on this made sense", French + "Shower Scene" + "How We Used To Live")
Like A Fire - Matthew Moon (just heard this on iTunes 05/28/05 looking for Cocteau Twins' "Moon And The Melodies" LP - good enough, again this is Stephen Dorff - a minor relate our cousin)
Like a Fire this song is really called "I Thought U Should Know Me" written by Prince for his mother, actually - he catelouges Universal and France not to allow others to use an alphabet symbol in song title and merchant (the way it's sold or then in decoration) unless he wrote it and he did, and then we bought it from his son, age twelve (12) - he hates that...that's Neilsy on all the covers here, by the way, and with heavy makeup on only - Matt "Stephen" thinks "he's so beautiful to me and then gets this all done" - Neil agrees "I have a better look"...and no balls (Ricky Schroeder told me)
Keep On Movin' - Soul II Soul ( + "Back to Life" all sung by Shara Massive Attack "Unfinished Sympathy" Nelson or Esther "Florida the maid from Maude, Good Times" Rolle's daughter as reincarnated or something -  a high political black, Gregory Hines' son, says from beyond the grave "thanks to black people everywhere for making this record - none are here...a black-free record ensues with you about eating on it.")
Take Me Home Tonight - Eddie Money (that's Ian MacDonald of Foreigner with Ronnie Spector, Prince's very mother all Hershey folks what is Campbell Foods, England - Phil Spector her older brother by the way that seaward pig is just Joey Ramone - he died and we rehad him funny as shit them nice guy - some of their stuff soon until then "Rock and Roll High School" the film does them up - a great little flique with plenty of stage...the real Ric is Iggy Pop have that I sing The Cars).

The Hand That Feeds - Nine Inch Nails (great stuff from the new "With Teeth" LP - one good vocal hot with guitar just like the old stuff eat it up - their logo as positioned are the flamebeds in a crematorium as prescribed by God-like and under the legs neck to do your dirty-work after a death. Nine-inch "nales" or French flames lighting are used or nothing seen well (alternates mine: the length of a nail required to hang a man on the cross or fail, a require dick size in my ass - to me, both lack of a required thickness and discounts then the flames barter you that high just that thick). By the way, those El Pollo Loco commercials where the guy sings "el poy-oh loh-mo" ridicule same with a high candle flame a Spanish curse asking you to go to hell to burn your dead but sad enough the sutures run on to someone's pockled face who wouldn't play by the rules and wouldn't burn well too bad had to sew that one back up that's too bad holes in her face, head in a wool stocking, actually, that'll get ya together like one of them French sock-monkeys with buttons for eyes "oh oh").
One Word - Kelly Osbourne (bitch died surfing last year, but we promote her anyway - messing with Moontalk never pays - her vocal faked by Macaulay Culkin so what your young one died so what...damn shame that bitch had to talk to Madonna every day like lezzies - why she hates me - mine will be back, she won't however we'll fake her forever while her dad sings nothing I like to no one I care about fucking dogs in smingtime - now see that - to me from Neil my only lover here "you're a retard..." is Neil gay? he's a fucking hero to you compared to me - I switch knits over you eat my swamp buttered...note: the boy her twin with mental problems plays her in this video - cool enough she had diets he didn't we like him too)
Say Somethin' - Mariah Carey (got this in Tower today featuring and with Snoop Doggy - now called TAGG ? thanks again not thing or then "naTHING"...by the way the esteemed of all Carl Sagan of the world, of the stars is the black man the martial artist of the chinese food shop in "Rush Hour"..."no, Michael Jackson's assistant sucks dix - not mine though" a quote - thanks it less great song!)
No Excuses - Alice In Chains (adds + "Heaven Beside You" - I'm sure a host of others these bitches rock)
More Love -  Kim Carnes  (should be in the summer section, but better at it)
Peace Train - Cat Stevens (no, your shit still ain't gonna be here - adds "Wild World")
End Over End - Foo Fighters ( + "Resolve" we get it too)
Running With The Night - Lionel Richie (we think Lionel had it early on, bought all his stuff anyway you slice it..."Penny Lover" accept this it's over)
The Love Parade - Dream Academy ( + "Life In A Northern Town"...an apology of sorts we didn't have this one is Howard Jones on hiatus + "The Edge Of Forever" + "Moving On" featuring the greatness of Basia is the queen The Dream Academy for the whole catalog we know you went right down the drain can't get to everything can we? sorry, nice enough...thank iTunes others mention + "Indian Summer" + "Hampstead Girl" of lesser note, but beguiling me)
They Don't Know ("about us"...and neither do you) - Tracey Ullman (you still hear it because it's really good...Robin Guthrie's herald bells within...my mother sings it really)
Whoopsie Daisy (Disco Mix) - Terri Walker (is Olivia Newton-John this roxxit)
'Til There Was You - Rachel Starr (heard this today 07/02/05 in a boutique - a queer, almost, never knows)
Gone Away - The Offspring (all sung by Jason Priestley who also sang all Judybats early on - recommend "Our Story" - "loved you like gangbusters " but then you did what you did...Neilsy on guitars $40K)
Love Is The Drug - Roxy Music
I'm Leaving It All Up To You - Donny and Marie Osmond
Move In My Direction - Bananarama (recorded last year at home - get it busy)
Utopia - Stereo Star (Jane Wiedlin of The Go-Go's with awesome new Stephen Hague stuff...thanks alot, Bitch)
Everybody Everybody -  Black Box (the whole album project was good enough - + "Strike It Up" + "Ride On Time")
Diary (Hani Club Mix) - Alicia Keys
So Good - Rachel Stevens
"Bittersweet Melody" (MP3, 7.3 Megs) - Guadino And Ultra Nate (no one has gets this right...the "Temptation Mix" with-by Neil and as by Massive Attack again...new "Basic Instinct 2: Risk Addiction")
"Dancin'" (MP3, 4 Megs) (JJ Flores & Steve Smooth Remix) - Aaron Smith ft. Luvli (leave it 'til ya need it...hi Missy Elliot no beggar)
Move Any Mountain ('91) - The Shamen
Still looking for that hard-ass house song called "supernatural" or something like it so perfect - they mixed it in and off it's so mean.
Who's Knocking (Ferry Corsten Remix) - Fb featuring Edun (heard this today 09/18/05 as overhead in Perfect Beat - Mochee says 'if Lady Di died in a morgue' she always says to herself 'die in a morgue' to mean 'have a nice day' to herself then you...in mistreat, I then scanned down her translate "don't make me kill you")
The Name Game - Shirley Ellis (I play this every time I eat at Johnny Rockets)
The Last High - The Dandy Warhols
Need To Feel Loved - Reflekt featuring Delline Bass (good groove - Madonna again with Lawrence Prat or Mark LaTour again)
Everyday Is Like Sunday - Pretenders (and from their new-upcoming box set called "Pirate Radio" - one day a whole CD of her covers some shitty...get from Lime)
Seclusion - Shawn Benson (show me the way...is Sylvester again and in drag)



Per Query, 45's I Had As A Child Of Play and Choice (Adding More Of Later Perhaps):
Waterloo - ABBA (Olivia Newton-John sang for them here - all of it, Elton John on keys for the queen she wrote it with Harold Bays? Elton John - "she died during this while making I saw her body - then six weeks later she arrove at my door ready to work again - 'we did it again - us' she said....nobody called after that to us - we were special then, 1972")
Kung Fu Fighting - Carl Douglas (is keyboardist Billy Preston singing only - "no codes" or keys played yet here)
Love Is Like Oxygen - Sweet ( + "Fox On The Run")
Jazz Man - Carole King
Philadelphia Freedom - Elton John
Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds - Elton John
Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me - Elton John
Don't Go Breaking My Heart - Elton John with Kiki Dee
Don't Rock The Boat - The Hues Corporation (for um, "used")
Rikki Don't Lose That Number - Steely Dan
I Shot The Sheriff - Eric Clapton
50 Ways To Leave Your Lover - Paul Simon
Lonely Nights (Angel Face) - Captain & Tennille
Hey Deanie - Shaun Cassidy (I like this still from "Born Late" - composer? Del "Bette Davis Eyes" Shannon...I understand Madonna sang this but in tribute on tour)
Sultans Of Swing - Dire Straits
Money Honey - Bay City Rollers
Nothing From Nothing - Billy Preston
Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I'm Yours) - Peter Frampton (and of course get to + "Baby I Love Your Way" see Will To Power's version also Barbra Streisand's sister Melanie + "Show Me The Way")
Locomotion - Grand Funk Railrood (recommend "We're An American Band")
The Night Chicago Died - Paper Lace
Rock Your Baby - George McCrae (the earliest known K.C.& The Sunshine Band song written by Casey and thus sung by father Bev Bevan ELO)
Could This Be Magic? - Barry Manilow
Ebony Eyes - Bob Welch
You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet - Bachman Turner Overdrive
Love Rollercoaster - Ohio Players
Dancing Machine - Jackson 5
Another Saturday Night - Cat Stevens
Boogie Wonderland - Earth Wind & Fire
Poetry Man - Phoebe Snow (as I remember you may see...)
Top Of The World - Carpenters (or "Please Mr. Postman" I lusted after both)
Lady Marmalade - LaBelle ("voulez vouche chez" is "will you please stop" - "ar 'secor avec moi" is "when you dampen [as to be] with me" then "c'est soir" is "thanks little" no intimacy)
I've Got To Use My Imagination - Gladys Knight And The Pips (if I didn't have this, I still loved it enough - was near the Admiral console stereo with goldenrod curtains alot on this one in memory - a console prevents theft)
A Little More Love - Olivia Newton-John (also then seeing "Deeper Than The Night" - hit major John Farrar? Buck Owens of "Hee Haw" fame - yup, one of those two country demons - now see that...."Did you really buy that [single]?" - ONJ....now Doug: yup, at Woolworth's in Quakerbridge Mall)
My Life - Billy Joel
You And I - Rick James
Get Off - Foxy (we took the barrel out of this one, baby - people are still talking about my Halloween parties all them decorations I'm a formal wet bar all the way and this song having it over twice maybe three times - Rick James here his mother is Ella Fitzgerald)
Got To Be Real - Cheryl Lynn
Instant Replay - Dan Hartman
Knock On Wood - Amy Stewart
Turn The Beat Around (got to hear percussion) - Vicki Sue Robinson (we had it for sure - this girl went on to be Expose's Lewis A. Martinee her father's name) 
Shame -  Evelyn Champagne King
Big Shot - Billy Joel
Do Ya Think I'm Sexy - Rod Stewart (the biggest synth lines ever when this arrove)
Tragedy - Bee Gees + ( + "Stayin' Alive"  + "You Should Be Dancing")
Too Much Heaven - Bee Gees
I Love The Nightlife - Alicia Bridges
Murphy's Law - Cheri
Native New Yorker -  Odyssey
Shake Your Groove Thing - Peaches And Herb ( + "Reunited" I had that this too)
Le Freak - Chic (also do "I Want Your Love")
Boogie Oogie Oogie - A Taste Of Honey (that woman on  "Will And Grace" was wearing one of their blouses from CBS Studios and prompted the thought back - a slight black honeycomb with drips)
Play That Funky Music - Wild Cherry (is Bachman Turner Overdrive pre-recording contract making fun of jeans and lookers...Hot Chocolate "i believe in miracles" is Heatwave outright)
Forget Me Nots - Patrice Rushen (a cousin, really)
Bette Davis Eyes - Kim Carnes
Point Of No Return - Nu Shooz
Lovestruck - Jesse Johnson (is Prince, only, and own his own really)
Material Girl - Madonna
The Valley Road - Bruce Hornsby And The Range ( + "Mandolin Rain" a favorite from NJ early in 1987)
Ain't Nobody - Rufus And Chaka Khan (got this as a vintage Warner Bros. single for sale as new at Tower Westwood)
State Of The Heart - Rick Springfield
Private Number - The Jets (Atlantic Starr "Denyse" is their mother it seemed...hear "Always" - is inspiring "In Living Color's" Cephus and Reesie - the first has no front teeth or gold ones sees through, the second eats Reese's peanut butter cups daily its said...is Winans too Wayans and Winans are related)
Smalltown Boy - Bronski Beat
Girlfriend - Pebbles (is really only Jody Watley who doesn't sing these live only)
I Don't Want Your Love - Duran Duran (a heart with black "X" through it on the sleeve - I just remembered it)
A Groovy Kind Of Love - Phil Collins
Hazy Shade Of Winter - The Bangles
Meeting In The Ladies Room  - Klymaxx ( "i can't believe i left my condo to come to this | a "bw" | a basic woman"
Do You Wanna Get Away - Shannon  ( + "Let The Music Play" + "Give Me Tonight")

60's Stuff Kinda
Windy - The Association ( + "Never My Love")
Up Up And Away - Fifth Dimension ( + "Aquarius")
The Look Of Love - Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66
Hey There Georgie Girl  - The Seekers (really The Association without a deal - the Ray Conniff Singers did this and they were as masterful..."Georgie" is for Georgetown D.C. prominence then)

45's My Mother Passed On She Had A Box Of Them I Wanted Few
The Monster Mash - Bobby "Boris" Pickett (really Elvis Presley and father - Rosemary Clooney sings back-up - she is excellent)
Don't Be Cruel - Elvis
Heartbreak Hotel - Elvis

A Summer Solstice Happened Here - thinking heat, sand, sun - a breeze
Dreams - Fleetwood Mac see as #1 for this ever on the beach Summer 1978 (the album "Rumours" having released to Fall 1977)
Bad Girls - Donna Summer
Baker Street - Gerry Rafferty ( + "Get It Right Next Time")
Love Will Find A Way - Pablo Cruise
Grease - Frankie Valli
I Just Want To Be Your Everything - Andy Gibb
Dream Weaver - Gary Wright (aka Steven Tyler with Elton John in the picture with makeup on or then his father greatest hit + "Love Is Alive" vocal by Dan Moon)
She's Waiting - Eric Clapton (thanks VH-1 Classic...is Fleetwood Mac's Peter Green and Waddy Watchel also)
I'm Not In Love - 10cc  (the amount of heroin needed to knock ya off tubewise George Harrison, Nick Ford, and Geoff Wakeman, Linda McCartney backing vocals, keys Paul produced to no Godley and Creme - get Pretenders' version too though unnecessary for some I bought it)
Miss Sun - Boz Scaggs (was I only person to own "Down Two Then Left"?)
Sundown - Gordon Lightfoot (is Chris Ondy's dead father now - will resurrect...I used to play that "Wreck Of The Edmund Fitzgerald" on piano "bump bada dump bump bump bump bada dump bump bump bump bada dump bada dumpa" eighteen times with coda...hmmmm)
Doctor! Doctor! - Thompson Twins (the hottest ever synth lines to you - trust it solarplex)
Nights On Broadway - Bee Gees (the summer is over, but not here...about songs we can all love together without feeling sad or blue over it personally)
Miss You - Rolling Stones (very summer car this song)
Man Made - A Flock Of Seagulls (a BIG personal win)
Too Shy - Kajagoogoo (how is that missing? it ain't - Neilsy sings this..."everything is 'goo-goo' with me, Doug - a little baby out of time" reference the "goo goo dolls" good stuff here alien themes Neil is lead singer Limahl only - the name means "is no longer this, is to be considered moving around [and in failures - not noticed yet]" in Perinese or from Peking, China a Mandarin languages)
Into The Night - Benny Mardones (just kidding! - is actually John Travolta...tell none - A&M's [Columbia's really] Jerry Moss sings some too they collaborated as "father and son" see less...is good here).

Movie Soundtracks That Bit In Bad - Real Bad (instrumentals that are cavernous, really)
Dino DeLaurentis' "King Kong"
"Starman" Karen Allen, Jeff Bridges (kink on over to "Once In A Lifetime" by Wolfsheim - they sample this here an evil step up lit with candles...was involved with correcting Bananarama from my "one in a million" title a little mistake of mine here and found this sampling around on the ol' Limebox - is Rob Lowe on vocals with Stephen Sims a keyboardist of France...the name means "as if you knew us [better]" in French alone "wais sheim" say "wool-shame"...a recording of the dead then hi)
"Less Than Zero" my favorite haunting ever
Brian DePalma's "Body Double" the little undressing song
"Basic Instinct"
"Edward Scissorhands"
more later...

christmastime at chubbette's is 'til tuesday's aimee mann
'Til Tuesday's Aimee Mann - Her Dad Is Elton John, He Started RCA Records...she is also Veruca Salt in "Willy Wonka" a prized role, Daddy.

Doug's Favorite X-mas Stuff To Hear A List Of More Than Ray Conniff Than Carpenters Than Grant's A Very Merry Christmas Albums

Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree - Cyndi Lauper (still big news - get the LP I will too pay her for it)
A Charlie Brown Christmas - Vince Guaraldi Trio  ("My Little Drum" ! + "Linus And Lucy" famous already, "Skating" ! , "Christmas Is Coming" famous already, etc.)
Merry Christmas Darling - Carpenters  (their Christmas albums shine me "Christmas Portrait" + "Ave Maria" my favorite version to date + "Sleigh Ride" singing about pumpkin pie like grubs...like Lady Di socializing, I just heard it in the laundromat today asking-beckoning and "An Old-Fashioned Christmas" with "(There's No Place Like) Home For The Holidays" + "Little Altar Boy" we hate this kinda drab it's not but for me Karen now back with us didn't sing much on the second record (she did some additional recording while dead turning up as 'tapes' - I love the death pallor of it and her missing somewhat a homily to, a jewel of saint spent) but it is worthwhile - see both albums massed on their "Christmas Collection" LP yes I bought both LP's originally said)
We Wish You A Merry Christmas - Ray Conniff And The Ray Conniff Singers (LP, "Jolly Old St. Nicholas"...."and bring little billy a drum this year | 'cause that's what he likes best" + "The Little Drummer Boy")
Snow - Cocteau Twins (EP, the aghast "Winter Wonderland" + "Frosty The Snowman")
The Nutcracker Suite by Eugene Ormandy sure - available at iTunes and at the very least
Step Into Christmas - Elton John (the tape just dropped off from Heaven at MCA - Elton hated it it said for not paying him)
Christmas Wrapping - The Waitresses
Wonderful Christmas - Paul McCartney (add Linda "simply having a wonderful christmastime" sold to WPST a local radio station and for me)
The Secret Of Christmas - Bing Crosby ("it's not the things you do-oo at christmas time | but the christmas things you doo | all | year | throo")
Winter Wonderland - Aretha Franklin ("while we groo-oove by the fire")
Star Carol - Simon & Garfunkel
O Holy Night - Johnny Mathis (I hadda fight for this and with God...a black man singing to the cradle - it's just that good "only 'cause he did it so well can he continue")
Jingle Bells - Jimmy Dean (is really Elvis with niece "Harmonie" Wells...Grants bought this you may have "We Three Kings Of Orient Are" by Jimmy Rodgers also him)
2000 Miles - Pretenders ( + "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas")
So This Is Christmas - John Lennon (and Yoko Ono figuring in prominently)
Another Year Has Gone By - Celine Dion (they say written by Bryan Adams...maybe)
Sweetest Dreams Be Thine - Theodore Bikel And The Pennywhistlers (Theodore is the Unabomber now deceased; we love his song - a "pennywhistler" seeks small change for this here done and with you)
Toyland - Perry Como (my father recorded this)
Silent Night - Julie Andrews (better yet.... get her shit from "Victor-Victoria" the movie a blast to the head)
Santo Natale - Patti Page (my paternal grandmother is singing this - we love it yet...yes, she is Patti Page or the original "Pat Metheny" her maiden name is "Metheny" as Catherine (Tomson - original married name) Moon our new army-bestowed name....2nd cousin Craig Moon now is actor "Cary Elwes" brother of Dan used "Pat Metheny" the name to play clubs and such record - all hers sang for radio yet of Moon Electric in Pittsburgh, PA that is Harry or Johnny Cash then)
I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day - Johnny Cash (trust it)
Christmas Medley - Peter Nero (a mindfuck, really - I love it from Grant's)
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town - Bruce Springsteen (and now at iTunes another east coast favorite of mine and standard like the Paul McCartney song - Randy Alexander's WPST oh! when John Lennon died, or when "Double Fantasy" came out! when Tom Petty damned the torpedoes! then made this happen or then Philly's WMMR a KROQ sister station ok just KROQ but all played it well I know what stains me)
Last Christmas - George Michael and/or Wham! the "Edge Of Heaven" LP - ' last christmas | i gave you my heart | the very next day | you gave it away '


A Few Words About Me From You To
Talk host John Henson - "first and only son of The Doors" - writes me "You like ridicule in songs. You never want to acknowledge the hurts of others." "Yes, not. Nothing lower than not containing oneself in song or deed here. We are profession and I reject Ray Stevens/Jim Stafford-like joking in song (a foul odor or then stench) or overtness in vitriol (fighting me off but away). See novel then Billy Squier - one who succeeded me only in it by waving and having it anyway (Elton John you). Everybody wants you all the people that you knew at Elaine's. Have it at home, Joel (I was there once at lunch perhaps avoiding you both - a bigger shot up the dress). As for hurt and finally, there's that garbageman-engineer again lifting me up and out of this but for a fee not bringing me around in a hostile wheelchair to make others who squal (hesitate me) perform it for me leaving angry again to my response of just having it by you. I don't pay for your hurt but here with me, you're paid to frame me mine to send both off. You were paid less, perhaps by us "magical" types my wand broken or yours then - cast no spells this way. We already have it all and sense this in you then for pay. Bye. No hard feelings yet. More: Pride versus achievement. We need achievement here, not pride. Pride - or then songs - is what people cannot take from us. We wrote it - fact. We are beautiful - then another fact. Have less pride and more perform and I'll hear of you to better. Performing for hurt is not achieving and I like that too. See it less. Engineer me. Make me wonder why, then how." - Doug Moon