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Another Creative Dryspot Made Morely Mine Or Just That Needy Invites February 2005 To Reinvent Itself Asks A Bother To Forward It At Once Plagued Or The Same Crap, Resmelt
I can't believe it either - unless it pays, of course. Some die. Others may hafta live. Only the pu-pu platter has it all stupid and sidelined just in case no one cares ever to you. Selace dimni.
"her tits! her ass! sold, baby"

Depeche Mode "Get The Balance Right (Combination Mix)" MP3 (10.5 Megs) from the "Remixes 81...04" LP (2004). Another you need fear. Neilsy and Madonna mixed this out for fear of "having it made mine (or then being stuck with it - we own the tracks)." Just enjoy this to me Daniel Miller is Neilsy some mostly then Madonna. Some.

A Month Not There 01/30/05 1358
A "month" as it turns out is for a "mouth not there" - that is, not saying before we enter. They gave you twenty-five (25) days to know Christmas is coming, and as such no more to April Fools than the one day it takes to notice one (1). Now see that. You get half a month exactly for Valentine's Day fourteen (14) of the usual twenty-eight (28), and more than twenty five or so (+25) to announce the giving of thanks. I had exactly one (1) party that sucked the rafters and that was without notice given propers. Now note that - all others given expletives for the manager coming up and all. Keep it to change and loose. Only Halloween got a whole month to treasure and unabated with no news of other. A winner still, mention not but see often enough before times had, before the month of.

Q: Did You Have A Swimming Pool At Your House Growing Up? 01/29/05 2001
Much to my delight, my father installed an above-ground pool (white with blue rasters or columns) the largest anyone could see having when I was in second or third grade. The pool had sand underneath the liner and a deckchair on the side for sitting and watching once climbed. The pool eventually fell into disrepair (the liner ripped from cold) having had more than one electric filter with pH shock treatments and no cover on during the winter a green-algae mess just outside the upper kitchen window my parents now at divorced. Although neighbors with similar pools demonstrated care beyond our years and with ours, I eventually dismantled and discarded the pool and its metals and we filled in the resulting sanded circle with topsoil by dumptruck. In ours neighborhood, you were king for having installed an in-ground pool from Anthony Pools an army subsidiary with steamshovel afoot. Rule us then about five grand (~$5,000) to start it all up at then. So see. An aluminum garden shed? Check. Central air? Check. Patio with sliding glass as add-on? Check. Riding mower? Check (a "Dynamark" with a Briggs & Stratton engine as from Moore's garden and home center by Eveready Battery in Hightstown, New Jersey off of Route 130 - full seat, all red, headlights, eight [8] horsepower - into the trash one day it no longer mowed a kid can't keep the dreams alive...buy at one thousand [$1,000] from Sears now they have it same - we did). Station wagon? Check (Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser 1975 silver paneled, blue interior as new only - Oldsmobile is France+England). The things kids look for. Wall-to-wall carpetings? Check. Dishwasher? Check. Cable? Check. P.S. Neilsy's father installed his own in-ground pool three (3) doors down on Hendrickson Way with lampposts and never got tired of getting shocked. To keep snakes out from under the liner (they hide there in the winter if can), you need to pour electrolytes too like glass beads that fit in the nose of. Anthony does this apparently with ground sand. That gets rid of shocks, too, by stopping light from traveling away it refracts instead. God over adds a single (1) cup of white (or wine) vinegar before each swim to deaden shocks by electrical imbalance and daylight seen. Add each time. Someone says the folks at HTH (yes, they make somnia chlorine or coated ancillary wax chlorine for pools) guarantee no shocks - we take them back to the table to see better. Someone else adds "filter your pool all year long and as soon as frost breaks - it helps all. Build a lifting weather shack around it the filter and its coldened water [probably with hook and sinker, something that takes it and turns it on its side]." So there. We recommend this too with no cover present. "Don't use a cover (unless you have leaves really a pruning problem) - it helps them do against you too."

Twilight The Only Love I Know 01/29/05 1908
Another finally and to see....another plea to stop hurting each other Pete Shelley "Twilight" MP3 (2.9 Megs) from the "XL1" LP (1983) what also features "Telephone Operator" as played on Philly's WMMR. The "Homosapien" LP came out in 1981. I had it on Arista this one never properly released I have a promo copy in storage, so-to-speak. "XL.1" is our moon "ex-librese one" meaning an "ex-librese" we cannot enter as "leaves us standing in abeyance or not able to do [it didn't say no....thus a 'capricern' we can enter as 'having no home' a threat to be]" - we have several they'd say and only one that counted to us. Of course I like 'libris' too - so what?

That Annual Trife 01/29/05 1745
Did my annual taxes Federal again the other day - I'm getting sixty-eight ($68.00) dollars back on a total annual gross of four hundred twenty-five ninety-nine ($425.99) for Calendar 2004. Who worked for who yet? I get my thirty-five oh five ($35.05) as paid-in back plus yours some at thirty-three dollars ($33.00) EITC (earned income tax credit) now pay up whatever it is. You say I'll be paid back by April 15. See ya then. For the record, I filed my Federal return for free at Online Taxes. Good luck trying to see the downloaded file on your screen, however. More: No, all earnings taken from the current grocery store I made it. I wasn't eligible for unemployment I needed another one thousand ($1,000) in earnings to continue on - and then what's left? Claiming a mental illness you couldn't get into my head with facts? No thanks, no one tried - a persecution (a heavy-handedness of, all seven [7] Damien knives each of a continent-seas and then at me really there are nine [9] "megido" Chinese Mandarin or "heads of the serpent" say "meg-ghee-oh" the Hydra nine [9] St. Lucia candles get it? "Mr. Saggs?...Mr. Saggs?!?") takes place here. You can claim that one for yourself while we wait for mine's yours to kick in to your face. "I take pic-tures - photographic pic-tures." Then this from Neil "You don't get anywhere playing records, Doug." You are retarded, still. This, along the way yet. No one pays us a premium to be completely unhappy that's for damned sure. And use what little you had to speak of. Play the records anyway. Be still. Update: My Federal check to be mailed on February 18. Not even a month will to done. Will receive this here too: Received from USPS 02/21/05 now checked in safely thanks.

Colored Carnations Like We Did In High School 01/29/04 1708
Make colored carnations for holidays - Valentines (red), St. Patrick's Day (green), Thanksgiving (brown)! Just boil water first (to chase away zinc oxide a prohibitive of choice) let to cool, put in food coloring of your choice and let the ivory or white variation soak up the color through stem or root to make change. A beauty to try, sell per. Chicken delight has flayed cucumbers broiled in the bottom of your oven cooking. More: Mind over says add a cup (1) of flour to one (1) gallon water to spectacular the results. A color added is not strength. Add and leave - you'll see. Experiment - the flour adds heat and thus no pus later.

The Grocery Store 01/29/05 1323
Got the day off unexpectedly today - let's fill in some blanks.  A store brand is for what we call being "chPte" or "come here please, take everything" - for the person who knows what they want and need it cheap enough to. Oh, you won't be getting the best, but we saw you bring too many things to the table that we didn't want to see there yours and mine then. Match up the name ("potato chips, barbeque, rippled, etc.") with our cheap store brand, bring duty ever as fine then. Oh, sure - the potato chips from a leading competitor or market aren't right as simply Lays with milk in the oil, but you'll have made us happy enough anyway. You don't get the best no matter what you didn't pay for that neither. From recent experience never to ask I was being cheap too much held for too little I was willing to part. The store brand competes openly with our love for the best - the one thing good enough to be everywhere as Kraft marshmallows see it. Long after your fancy for the consumer and producing have passed, Kraft will still be there making it your way. We honor that commitment unless of course it doesn't matter to you both sides now. P.S. Nobody pays you to do - do it yourself and fail as miserably as they cited you. Oh, someone asked me about dog food too - 'why not enough brand labels?' Because we don't want things that people don't want often and enough and at price. We shift bother to bargain and hold you accountable for knowing what's missed - just name it. Most of us couldn't and I marvel at having saned named by you first. Ask me to see if missing we'll have that to you too. Everything isn't available to people there. I missed the specialty bakery window for what seemed weeks having walked by time and time again. You figure it your way. Now - cupcakes to me with buttercream (1/2 cup butter, 1/2 cup granulated sugar, 2 tablespoons cake flour or like "Downs" - no flavors, just cream in butter, color to taste) frosting, specialty breads. The whole store previously seen as nothing special, now to take your time. "Never go shopping for what you want. Ask others to name what you want."

Additional Paperwork To See It All Said Indelibly My Point Why Erase This Fool It Said Nothing Just Ask Me Again 01/26/05
Here's more - a friend never trusts another friend to know better (please, Bitch - again, my interests afoot mean my effort made to quell me - a feeding upon it ever whatever you see I will dine well at your home): Rose (Raynor, of rolltop doors fame), the wife mentioned casually below to spare her the thought of being needed in it so silly reports that she is France having troubles getting back here in the U.S.A for electing France against us upon return. Her choice. Come home anyway I'd say - we host plenty of that to no bother raise the flag seek better then opt off - we didn't get to be who we are honoring stuff we hated we simply left for better upon hearing your demand of it made to me. Better off comes easy enough you always have but one odd day to die of hunger anyway see it. Meanwhile, I'm lapsing here: "If you do anything, do it behind my back." Somehow I'm blessed in this. I don't believe in asking you anything and they don't believe making me know. It never hurts. The blessing? I'm never afforded such as an honor to interfere with anyone like a marriage estates. Simply it does not happen to be to my knowledge I respect a choice first (good cipher says it both). In the meantime, you've seen me and my work - I'm a tricky dick and I wouldn't be bothered at all (ask my friends to ask yours - no bother). Yours? Tell me now. Later...what I meant after you speak it some.

A New Custom Wig For Those Angry Red Snaps Tapped Into Your Scalp 01/24/05 1513
Since regular e-mail fails me routinely all charity removed but everything I hate cared for to my door like I ever read it at all. I made rules too and they throw your shit out but looks like I had something of it (if the message contains "noomguod" or "to taste of my pussoir" zap! a rule comes in to do you down - no pussies, no viagra your breasts no, no - finally, no). I write here to make myself known see it: Fran Ermi....last time we checked, you threw me out for being um, whatever. Your house should have burned down after I fucked your wife, but no I changed my mind - so silly all of it your wife is a dipshit and I scarce believe her antics at me but okay we'll play so silly that bitch go to hell I put sperm in your food too. Anyway, lots of deaths in the family (we still care, kinda) and maybe the wife died, you? Hmmmm. Seems a bit much. Let's revise no death back there ever lasts long enough for me to see myself, so you'll be there living and wondering what then? Who cares - I'm in the life business and that bitch of yours must live in me with you both cancers, cervical (one day, my pussy just turned black and died - just like that). Wonder no more. Hope all is well, but if I were to be honest, you are here with me here in mind all the time and the wife too (died....yup....she's good enough, by the way - always was) and I'm still your friend. I don't write or call because I hate people acting out on me still and nothing's really different here (I have everyone like you in mind and sexually of course yes, your brother Tim actually asked me to visit a while ago with someone else - know I would go, but I didn't have what was needed to be fun - get it? you would been fucked over that you work at a supermarket in Philly as manager, but Doug never declines he nips it in the bud - if not you, just you then, in you). These junky messages are just to let you know that no one here is fickle or careless with it, but I am still mean and no I'm never embarrassed about me and my revelations. I'll just kick your ass for that stuff. After lovemaking of course you are lovely inside of me. Her too. The fantasies pop like bubbles thank fuck but what if I stayed with you just a bit longer? It would simply be real like it is anyway. Really nice - thanks again (Chris my other lover is whining though - is that right for the world? it is). P.S. If I haven't done so already, I'll dump your wife off naked in the back yard just like I did to Madonna and Liz Fraser a couple of dogs shit out on their patio it stunk so bad that day. One wore a towel on the way in "Arby's Fish And Chips" x-gross, varl the other cried again (boo-hoo, boo-hoo hoo hoo). If they'd only shut the fuck up, I'd stop helping them so good. Now they're back with their little coterie of waxeled faggots and I'm feeling somewhat playful again let's talk it all over so as never to be the cure. Hi, Fran. XO - pffft, up yours Rose hi to kids, "Jade" "Aja" whatever that girl is okki do-mo metsa san. Sushi is for heart patients, old women living with you -"what? she likes it like that - ask her later on she's out back picking out bits of seaweed - too much glare she thinks it's just another garbage bag if I cooked one up you'd have to look twice no way to taste or smell" I never eat that shit and ask why God did you down so bad.....so bad to it like haymes in French, like milk in your ambler p-tot, a camphor-like spanch of smale under aglat or by canpf). "People hate you." To have not, I seem less.              

So To Signal The Offensive 01/23/05 1321
If wishing to offend, see me with arms stretched overhead both palms flattened on end per upwards (as if holding a globe, but very cocky). The shoulders pop up, down with shown to slowly and you know you're being different if so the neighbors can't see which witch let me entertain you mostly to it a fool. Shoot those arms outward again opening closing at a slight while thrusting both a hip and you'll see the ripening of something naughty, speaks it dead in the shadows of it so free then to be and mostly adds with. As if and finally so too free begins of right in it. "Nuburs" say "nub-rus" Latin or then Greek "no time to speak" a horror may awaits thee and to me. Usually, I mock modern dance 'round the boorm with string-like junky prosaics (in roony skunkers your fattened amptights withhold and moisten paure), now I cause the informed so to seek and at this astray find feel find feel feels it again. Soon, this great screen saver that gets ghost-type machining just about good for a clue. I'm all about ghosts these days Little Miss Paranormal, surge phenomenon, extra-hallato missensory atrium, meanwhile deprivation - sure. Add in: The different parts of the clinical, for-show pussy, add this key: You need a septum that fills with blood, squirts back some with pressure. Sir Vicks though the notion obscene but still cleaned the external genitalia (pos, vons, ans) - take a tip. Sponge Bob is a vaginal sponge I hear. That pink thing is no starfish, neither. "Where's the penis?" Ever fuck in the water? No one else does - you simply encounter blobs and blobs of greased filth and then fertilization occurred, apparently while you were unconscious, being picked over thoroughly ott. Here's the screen saver I mentioned called "fluid" - good enough for you learning about ghosts and all under my tutelage, under my direction. Psst.....ghosts are real thank to you again, firmly no.

note to the hair suit

Getting Older Means A New Battery Of Product I Eschew 01/21/05 1149
Last week I purchased my first bottle of Nair erroneous hair remover from Pavilions (a discontinued 3-in-1 mixture for $2.99 as pictured white but with blue cap as "depilates, exfoliates, moisturizes" and no less with sunflowers and green teas within) to help me keep my ass and back baby-smooth (the ass tends to feel dry only with not so much hair, but smidgens of such). Even being God Incarnate, you gotta look out for the self and the presentation of such just like with a whitening toothpaste or cakes of it soap by need. I don't have alot of problems with hair on the back either, but what I have near or on the spine and as such disgusts me as I would be disgusted with you and your old-age. My roommate (my unsocial deprived ex) now an asshole and unwilling to help pluck (a bitter soil us with no chance of chance left to chance - I usually ask someone I don't care about to assist with the removals of any of any such note - another doctor perhaps). The hairs themselves are coarse and bent with heat and press application of seating-laying and I simply cannot submit to any review be it cursory or confined with any such allows making me less to it and then you. Plus you feel them back there wanding it in the breeze all sweaty or after laying - fly to New York on that by way of Tennessee. Never having colored my hair (my just having used "Sun-In"), I've diffused the light of others for similar or less. To my roommate, a coarsen hair bent following your food you are that ugly a person to me - as ugly as the women I figure in the after-life who cannot take a single hair home, but are free to relocate it from scalp to spine should the errant spare them the rule. Now, so soft the butt of it and your joke. Does it work? Sure enough maybe in a day tops as weakened it's all gone - I put it on all over my back with a back brush and washed it off with a wettened washcloth then showered ever careful not to de-weed my asscrack. Let the roommate eat shit so jealous-acting all the time. "He really hates people." My response: "Thank God (!) you can jerk-off, or you'd have to ask someone for that too." - Doug Moon

macho macho man

Fatherly Advice 01/20/05
Chris Ondy's father is also Randy (um, the 'cowboy') of Village People. "I play him only." They never speak of it, the kids. Note also, youngest brother Marc Ondy sings Linkin Park. I liked one song by them, but haven't named it yet.

The Language Of Dr. Denton's 01/20/05 1544
Don't forget as night settles in to coldest shift February that Dr. Denton's - fleece underwear all over your body with booties sewn and maybe a feminine sash zipper up the front - keeps you warmest inside of it. J.C.Penney had them in the 80's that's where mine came from when in high school a gift from a female friend I asked for them. They were beautiful royal blue (blue with two whites not three) with booties and all not in one piece but all together with a red, white, and blue sash I left off. See me a queer knows.

Think Of A New Motif 01/20/05 1337
While walking home last night, I noticed a parking meter with spent balloons tied on it and now as lying on the sidewalk a few different colors and thought to myself "what great art" looking on. This apparently is known as the movement "motif" for "most of taken in from" - as all who were participating are in their homes now simply safe and sound and not on the street or in a dance hall. Simply spent of as seen, does that really mean "the party's over"? Not exactly, but if then "one day to happen again". "Motif" an acronym, actually, and so there it is balloons and all. 

Look What I Got Sends You Running 01/19/04 1527
My roommate just hooked these two babies up to our computer and they are so weird (actually, he took them off for a bit now - some problem overnight because it was left on - the space heater?) They are really weird cordless devices (the mouse has a red light shining underneath and no wire at all - the keyboard is just there, kinda) both priced now at fifty-nine dollars ($59.00) at the Apple Store. I was gonna be an affiliate for the Apple Store through LinkShare and sell their stuff as I like it all, but was politely declined or something naught over content no application, no fee. No one cares, really. In the meantime, have fun with this stuff I know you don't really look at anything new either and wait for somebody to bring it to you. More on 01/20/05: All that's required is something like one of those USB plugs for memory in the back of the computer ours called "Keyspan". Also uses something called "Bluetooth technology" what is merely a translator that comes with the operating system in most cases. See. Also note that a restart or full reboot cures most ills with memory locking up over heat and heat issues. See again. 

Everything Half-Assed Yet Thanks For Being Here Too Much 01/18/05 1404
Soon delayed by you: Decodes "viagra" - an old woman's dream - firm of breasts only as made from corn in goats; "cialis" - never made for men, eats away at fat layers in women's underarm's usually - a frog's hind muscle ground up; "levitra" - made to encounter less stress in men - actually is pig's feet made useful with flowers in sauce a calming effect seen not useful drink less alcohol with; "xanax" - pig's feet again, calms by making less heat available to your ass and opening hole - eats too much plus gets fucked vapors need rise (note: gay of friends take 'xanax' after using meth for days just to sleep after staying up raw they say "for coming down" what may have palps or felt in a heartbeat with heat - use and eat peaches as gamma globulin making to coat axes and remove and then pleasure wildly with no side effects to ever and to sleep well...another dangerous mind of useless remotes in suggest to me, I never mix junk with more junk who knows what that is? I look to you to survive us then - now a rowdy gays who don't want to fart at the copier with others present, only - "the ozone filter" again? who knew?); "vicodin" - a corn too, helps older or unusual women have usual menstrual cycle however not helpful to drinkers, may use to be strayed in the head an exciter; "vioxx" - pig's feet making women stray in the head, an exciter to them - 'olestra' making the rounds again to your feet fattening at it; "ultram" - feeds your imagination of being sexy, useful - from hogs for older women a failure uniquely no one is with you imagining anything like this play calm be happy; "soma" - makes you unhappy by regulating piss at home, you don't get up so much during the night lay off the eggs fish if; "darvocet" (mind you these are mentioned in e-mails to me I pay first class if I like the name and sound or see too much of it) - makes men leaner in the groin as too fat for women up in the ass usually - for fags looking to appease them if I were a woman why would I let anyone fuck my ass? I would know more then I guess see a fag for what it is - understood; "valium" - changes for this afoot, now a codeine boiled bananas squash for pain useful still. Maybe more later here's some: "tramadol" - expands the vagina to make room for you if not becoming a friend, made from hog's feet and affects the vulva or rounded entry by direct application in a cream; "ambien" - makes you feel sexy when you are definitely not so otherwise cocaine would work, is cocaine and made sharper to the image; "lipitor" - makes the room of the vagina or the cervix hotter and more pleasurable, a cream from hog's feet and made to be with you opening all and having it moist; "paxil" is heroin defined as by me and makes no one happy enough yet, to shift moods away from heated and unhappy yet a failure mostly you sleep it off; "celebrex" makes a penis hard with enough blood to rupture the spleen nearby, it is hardened cherry pits with bakings involved and will also make you hairy beyond belief at your back and feet a failure too; "viagra" above is also a corn stimulant in goats for the penis. You knew that but is not as nice a methamphetamine - trust that. A goat knows that too when you siphon and play with its shit. For the record, methamphetamine an ephedra or plant being used was never legal, but is shared widely as ephedra and soothing compounds by doctor. We recommend it highly yet. One more on 01/27/05: "diazepam" is a liquid supplement to viagra that makes a woman's 'vulva' (the round entry again) knowing and effused - it bites back. The liquid supplement two  (2) teaspoons her trying to get in on it again is no one's friend made out of a deer's shin bone and taken rudely in the forest an indian did it first with others present. A woman is like the black warrior ghost (a Shunte from Minnesota...Lenape blacks) in my backyard the other night examining the entrails of a living prisoner (suspended upright but forward) while dressed in little native garb and sheened hair cropped. Ever the calm with a stride pulled it said to me "Oh, it says here you ate something green [a pastel of...]" while pulling sweetly to a death. Never know. I gotta buy little red lollipops for the gang outside and inside now (done - we test three, now add seven more - to soon forward fourteen altogether). For children they meet. They can deliver that Dums.

Someone Thought It Was All Over Yet Sinced I 01/18/05 0329
Watched a wee bit of the Golden Globe last night the night before last (what do you see? how about it? how about you?) to see Jamie Foxx win for "best black acting in a blackened or darker-type black role" another black crying so weird just like me a hidden slur or bad times sharing it but you all liked it as half shown clapping most seen are positively dead like iron lamps at a shoot-out but shine on you finned my nerve (the people at Heinz make this - not France, no never no). Those type black films insult me with shit behaviors and racial crap but you think like I do someone's money eating the last Big Mac at the only McDonald's that ever closed up shop (there are exactly three [3] all-time losers in total - again that one in Westwood at UCLA a doomsayer says it again and well, Norway and France near meaningless no - butchered at their own shops exactly, greed, taking too little home to greed, greed, then being able to say things like "Madonna, no - I hate that bitch" like you know her just like that a no-one does it this way). You can't fuck it up but someone like you will spread their legs too close to a landfill and bags of sand in Norway will shift slightly under the breaking tides as north atlantic flounder eats a mountain of alaskan shrimp and the beef industry cries of it foul the wrappers cost more than the ketchup is soured by grapes and the french have fried too little of our beans the balkans stand alone against a vox of hair nets waiting to blend race ethnix with noured advances too little send too much save keep it all back down shaman down. At the end of the choas stream (never real but said so - a truth to be unseen never) you are still that hot anvils cooled to a faded class-black and I can't stand Talcum X ("say catsup, didn't we kill that lazy summertime blues kinda off magnet is his trance? a racial motherfucker in my home's town having some here buy it send back to me that black died again huh...shoot that again with white seed see it come down once then ask how it knew - joke bag of tricks I had that one I know I did hers down the sioux hole smelled with me too so upitty that nigger stank with me so black an indian franc ran home to bark at the hens hopping at around town...") Never ask me. All that genius now here on my little site (that song - "don't come back" was for me Doug Moon I'm still here still with you all niggers - see it come get my thanks? boom! boom! boom! let's go back to your room Sheraton, France the Beverly Hilton why? Robinson's May?....I'll be sleeping it all off). What else this past? I love People Magazine's little special edition in softbound "Best And Worst 2004" (find it yourself a whole page of my lover Orlando Bloom meatcutter to the star) - it's kindly like the good old days - the eighties of truth in stardom - I enjoyed looking at that yesterday (someone handed it to me to be put back on the racks - left at the cash desk again $10.99 or so) but desperate for notes positive, up. See it. I loved the military show on tv yesterday (National Geographic - how many sagging brown breasts with worms crawling out of the ducts paid for this in macu and green leaves rolled?) the "Air Force" working it all out - the disciplines involved I simply love that stuff. You know, the ins and outs and all. What else scatalogical ("roaming free" no it's not "about poop stuff")? Okay, that was really the Citadel (they get mad if not mentioned here) they shave their legs and make less of theirselves all dead boys being beauties never go there with trouble in mind you whore me I had to feed them hi you are me favored less so (why am I working? stupid people make it theirs - all mine, all me, a plagiar - at best a gift to be seen of....I hear you may be made to pay up to $1,800 in real shifts for the privilege of not having and not seeing - are you me and never care like this? be my fool - I love me and me havings, I love me, my ways - you'll mend me again). More later streamings thoughts off - no here it is: My erstwhile friend Jason Taylor (Allentown High School, visited me here personally in 1987 stayed with, got mad about all the gay about, was the registrar at Mercer County Community College I hear, then Rider College, now died three weeks ago? is Diana Ross' son by Berry Gordy adopted elsewhere to be and is Madonna popmeister Stephen Bray's younger brother - on and on) is all that remains of Malcolm X my to fool. Was shot dead once at Buckingham Palace for stealing meats from the queen's respiage "I knew how to get in we were all starving" in 1966). A fool only, but friend too our time had come see prominence rise you. Jason hated blacks thinks he's white really say nothing of it yet. Took my place at Rutger's I had better grades I know I did.               

Sorry So Quiet 01/14/05 1433
I haven't been thinking about you too much going back to work today and all but before a stop at Target West Hollywood to spend one hundred fifty dollars ($150.00) cumulative in gift cards received this year on each a single dog equals fifty dollars ($50.00) or so seemed - we had three (3) dogs. Doin' a freestyle in the aisles, I still had to pay thirty-five dollars ninety-nine cents ($35.99) in extra b's. Okay, we'll absorb but the bus ride back so bad on the hands taking next up and sure enough a ganglia a nerves pinched or sumpin'. Total today: One hundred eighty-five ninety-nine ($185.99). So to be paid. More on 01/16/05 I have nothing to say, really:  Someone goes "What did you get at Target [a new rubber douche bag with gloves inside]?" Cherish the abuse some or all:

     $3.94 Pillsbury Breakfast Scramblers (2)      yes no we have sausage ones looks like vomit I like bacon and egg so see
       2.69 Stouffers French Bread Pizza           pepperoni, rips up the roof of your mouth
      10.69 Stouffers Lasagne Party Size           an opulence, people cook shit for months in their home kitchen and then print boxes up to sell to your unwit - let 'em earn enough to bisquit, bake-off        
    5.98 Red Baron Individual Pizzas (2)          pepperoni, if you're not right about things you won't eat this well ever - too good for a hot dog eats a fish around the lips
        3.59 O Celo Sponges                             if someone cleans the tea basket with the 3M, you'll know nothing
        1.37 Nestea                                       an immediate drink, roommate
        1.00 MP Pasta Sauce (market pantry)       one of them private labels, after all that we simply choose you
        1.03 Snapple                                      my salivorr a lemon tea, sweetened - never diet, never fat free, never left in its "own juices" I'll tap my own sugar with a hammer
       2.89 Febreze Spray                              strong enough for a man, made for a woman - clasps odor-causing nerves with pollens, gases seeks its own justice in time belts a fugue
       2.79 Gladware Containers, Lids                soup and salad - whatever I hate tomato stains and throw away after using a few times - nice, nice microwaving and all will poison you never oxygen only
       7.99 Premium Briefs                             more plabb, a panhandler - prospecting panties the hills have eyes
       2.19 25W Red Lightbulb                         red = second home of the ayds, blue = nikko homo - now real, responsible: red is for a prostitute of sorts at home, ready for you; blue is homo for no pay
       5.00 Softsoap Refill Bonus Dispenser          with staph infections all around, off it wanders hypnotic aloe rainforest        
       4.24 Kellogg's Special K (2)                    
       3.29 Kraft Parmesan Cheese                   I don't know - is the Romano cheese (made with wine not just milk sour) mix better? simply at yes
       6.48 Altoids Peppermint Gum (2)
       8.89 Fruit Of The Loom 5 Pack Crew Tees
       7.99 Vileda (a mop)                                      
       1.72 Colgate 51 (a toothbrush - use Yahoo!)
       5.22 Gillette Gel
       2.59 Glad Gallon
       2.44 Ziploc Snap 'n Seal Cups, Lids           perfect for pudding, lids help prevent pourskin
       1.29 9 Ft. Extension Cord
       4.69 OptiOne
       5.00 Hanes 7 Pair Brief 38                      shit don't look bad - what my mother will buy
       8.99 Closet Light
     14.99 Brite Stik                                    this bitch I live with might wake up at light, sound.....just a little something to see better in the moratorium, kitchen at night with no sounds of you
       1.99 Sterilite                                     the refuse fee for the trash can
       5.58 Hanes Pr Brief                              pu! skunkin'
       5.99 Premium Brief Large                       frankly naut, munoz (to lick at but small) colon   
       2.19 Wheatables
     13.00 Lever 2000 12 Bars Package (2)          hard to get as two for, neutralizes other soaps in the water - now twenty four bars under the sink so to eat me - is cornflakes mashed, basically
       3.00 CoffeeMate (2)                              simply bad for you I know it, but I like it as back-up to my usual half-and-half and that counts
       4.99 Nestea Mix                                  an elegant never have enough
       3.99 Kitchen Wastebucket                      a basket too small delays me in my day with thinking too much, we use liners please
       5.99 Doormat                                      being what we actually are needs dismay - a little sign of convention, having some like you playing along - nothing real extended ever in kind
                                                             brown with dragonflies, honeybees, ladybugs says "welcome" it
     10.30 Tax Your Partner In Crimes Against Thee Mere Takings Not Yours Ever
$185.99 Yours Made               

With A Black In Your Mouth As Oldened Aged 01/14/05 1428
Three (3) words with no stops in-between (an ongoing): "Lord have be." + "Lord make shine." + "Who made with." + "House gone sun." + "Give good's night." + "World come down." More of later.

put some ice in the bowl first

Another Boring Update 01/12/05 1605
Was just watching "Ellen" again after centuries (David Rue living with and writing songs - you are our son fool an Albanian), after dreaming of school and being subject to their examinations again (never again! simply wake up!) Uma Thurman my fan was on as somebody else and Ellen called this person in Wisconsin (Texas, really her friend studying) to wish them a happy Super Bowl. Both going down the toilet you and I to get satisthanks, we hope you drown in cold and tits. I have today and tomorrow off (see my schedule posted in guestbook weekly as if that was all) but can't stop the rice dreams from happening. I had to go buy a plunger today we left our old one back there in the old place someone else left the toilet clogged. Now I have beautiful new Quickie plunger beige and white with holding cup for about six dollars (~$6.00). Meanwhile, Chris Ondy's mother was in my store last night with her half-and-half buying greeting cards and buzzing around me now she knows better without speaking it our son is David Rue, Chris. We love David Rue only.

Life After Jodie 01/11/05 1534
The day after I wrote about Jodie, I'm walking in the door to all writhings trying to get in on the inside all around the screams of your babies almost to making me cry if you heard it my signature as deafening so and just ahead someone in a long trench coat from and of a Rick Springfield video 1980's - just that cast back. Jesus ran away. I run from everyone, really, chance encounters off. No offense, but I get who and how right there even if not noteworthy and you see nothing I'd care to hear. Stay alert. By the way, no mention means having to reach then explain. Having to know it hurts me like you too. I see. In the meantime, no plagues.

Word To The Wise You're Not Getting It 01/11/05 1211
Don't be afraid of my ghost stories - I feel a clarity is needed. Yes, very real and the movies have them done somewhat well, but none act to scare me out of my wits with sights what is so easily made (maybe it's me keeping it most down, plus I accept a try more than you). We are 'friends' (never a 'friend') usually favor for favor unlinked (last week it was three [3] slices of Home Pride (France made in Minnesota, no link on loaf) whole wheat they needed something about plasmas we spoke near the garbage cans on the side of the darkened house - not my brand loaf ever I said not now, but I bought them some at the store anyway then and left it outside on the way in - the added "honey" is no bother right? who's gonna eat the rest?), but even with the most onery ones fighting me - just people from here really, but with some very ugly experiences to self - I suggest not becoming sweethearts in effort to preserve what I see and hear. I think it privilege only - never let people say it's not yours too. They protest me sure I hate them for it (the hours we keep, the noise during the day, the things us made to eat, the lackluster of our sexbeings - very go to hell) , but they need to think about things too and pass it on. I hate protest of me but see its use somehow. The scariest thing of ghost I ever saw to me was nothing on "You Asked For It" just mist not even a deco on a stairway or something - when I was little. Get over it. They are fully fleshed when seen by us and make no mistake nothing is too unruly here. This a funhouse of it they protest it some I welcome. Us cleared out, I give you one (1) night, tops two (2) before assault (made to fear for your safety). They of course now would wait until night three (3)? Probably no - they're like God, just for the says of it they'll be there night one, to Titanic the Shirley Temple. They tell me they wouldn't hurt a "lamisol" only - someone who prays daily. An opinion I think to say that's mean to them hurt me. They took all the leaves off of a tree out back to protest me again (I looked up at it one day like a surveying black - right past you and of concerned blacks) but I see that tree opening and closing at night somewhat like a vagina at root and making faces at. I see it. Shafts opening from the ground, people walking around in their underwear, whole rooms of persons living inside the foliages and brush showering and living quarters. Real? To see within is to know mine of privilege they love teasing me they know what I'm like. Labyrinthines you'd say but I accuse of unfaithful acts all hugging me at night. Freaks the rain brings them to me. See more to the rain, corrections to it.       

I Dream Of White Rice Some A Wild Long Brown 01/10/05 1555
Newly acquired the "rice dream": that thing that will destroy you is your needed daily done. Something you need to survive (food) makes you sick and gives you the rice dream of sleeping and waking for hours and being unhealthy always. Will thus take turns maiming us know better for it do as you're told so. "Precumbrian" not "precambrian" the spelling means nothing to us. Latins, and French, made us not know them and we made them sleep and sleep for hours until noon when they would wake to starve. All sleeping and talking. We held them down with rest, they made us nothing new. So, we called them "precumbrian" ("before you talk to us and sleep" a Latin prose) - taking and sleeping until able to do it better. See how we shine you down. More: The prefix "pre-" means "just before [a] disaster" only - something bad happens next up.  You would use "ad-" otherwise for "in advance of". For examples, "prelude" is "something that happened before you died of it only". "Prenuptial" makes you mad over arrangements made as an "annuptial" is devoid of love and having love ([just that] insane, crazy for). The "prenuptial" makes you mad then as opposed to later then. Over that, "adversarial" is "of someone you met in advance of liking them". Related, an "enemy" tries to kill you only and in that way, is self-declared, pronounced. Back to, an "advance" sees you in ahead of walking together. All "ad-'s" like sleeping and waking.

I Know She's Waiting For This With Bated Breath Hi That's About It - Tortillas Another Manger 01/08/05 1846
Fresh back from work (1-6, or $33.75 gross - less it's portion of the $108.00 just billed me by 'the union' who threatened to fire me in mere words how - I'll read about that better later and get the facts so put off so imaginary yet as a Christmas paid straight time - we'll get there together in Santa's sleigh of sleekened runners landing on coils, coals like those electronic shopping carts hitting the out-of-bounds and locking up), I ran into Jodie Foster today in the aisles needing my help to divine "tortillas" fine and "you're Jodie Foster - right?" yup, she had glasses on it takes two looks to be sure I'm sure of that (yesterday it was 'porno star' sometime friend Patrick yesterday...yes I know you - you ask me for stuff all the time in mind no guess thus you came back...die, your work is superb only - I know this for you no more back to Jodie she'll hate this blending too - now I get a 'heated side mirror' from the outer and above - what's that? I had to ask). I don't talk much to anyone and not there anyway the Jodie encounter burns me you'll be practicing-repeating these episodes in theft long after it's over because special people get paid in this by this -  a repeat of and over is to let you know of someone special and their cares is to be nervous. Furthermore and my mind repelled "like bleats" in my need I'm now getting fucks to you, we revise our new "you wouldn't know anyone special out on the street they need to be studio'd to be recognizable" no now just that simple - ask and to see. They get studio'd (made elaborate and shining) to be hidden only thanks thanks we now have our own money no need to see - take it all off. Summary: You'd want to know this junk, right? Keep the fame or having people say with it. You'd want this experience, right? Right. "Who are you to her [Jodie Foster]?" I don't know - you'd have to ask her yourself. Otherwise, I'd retreat and take notes from her mind and publish them here a warning to it. "She doesn't believe you can." A specialist of sorts of in such said (what you'd believe - that's not sure yet) we'll be here aching in it having violating every node of it. "Ask about how many staves [puts off] you've had [prior to engaging a self of need and heretofore or what may be]." Usually unformed beneath the feet - why bother it? That's the way it way it was with Dee - still is I never bring it up at crest though they lie too much I'd care too the rebuke so form-practiced and then I'd have to hurt them in some way maybe even better in the off and yonder for that misgiving a scent forward issued. I know I'm always right add in the queen of Somalia working with us she is the founder of a major disease (starts with a "d", a sometime fever) soaking raisins and oatmeal in gasoline "petrol" for hours while her guests wait her off. Her name is that disease she is that golden and nearly as rich personally as the queen of England (I get "eight billion"...maybe you too, the queen at england? "nine billion" but earlier was cited much more). I can't say it it mattered too much the gas a royal use.    

Maybe I Throw Your Ass Out Of The House Maybe You Wake Up One Of Many In The Same Tic Tac Or Slimline Lawn Cage 01/07/05 2047
There was a shitload of extra ghost beings here in the house and yard last night - some kind of religious observance one who rules examines their cages soon. So many of them and in full regaele, these beings were rude, out-of-towner types and I was about to shit past port over the hostile nature of their voices warning of and to me saying nothing my head could pick up it was turned down too low for these messsages no one cared anyway some black woman's bespecled face on the side of refrigerator or wall I told her - among others - to "get the fuck out" before something spits at them these things are just right there in your face all of that whipcracking as trying to get it through I heard nothing well enough. They were moving all of this personal-type shit around too they "had to move" they said as we bargained to sane each other "I'm lonely". So many though in full-view something was up and tonight more fighting may to ensue. This stuff is very real folks, not just your made-up stuff. All of it made real. More thought (01/08/05): These bitches were more like the public thinks about ghosts - they were just dead people wearing their usual comfortable clothes. No grand here, really all over the place as flying, floating, coming up my steps and through the doorway whether I'm there or not just standing right outside I make faces at them to tease and in the dark peeping out of my little window in the back they up against the glass outside hiding in the foliages maybe a group setting in the round - looking for shit nothing in particular seen by me and seen sitting there half humana, half a plantlife halfed back to you as hoping not to say. They come in here to play with me without the plant parts we are all the same of set, and they wear clothes to ward off being naked for you. Although I ask them to and often, it is still embarrassing to them as naked as having to be what they were usually unless costumed for different. I'd like to see more of their beauty of course, but many are just what they were and shy of it it is hard on them still some wreak of the havoc of having been. I cure that working with them and gifting them to ward it and back then off with a messing of and with mind. More like me and us, less of that and them - just not so clued in, but still ravenous to visits with the great beyond that has alot to offer us visually and so (see curtains towels hanging on windows as you may demand not to know morph with bodies faces entering the room and as altars presenting me both and you are finally there - I demand a star treatment you get it here freaks beware it they seek guide by asking and I say let it come be with have some though my comment to them as rave are stupid-sounding I say to them coming in " d a m n  y o u  a r e  t h i s  i s  a w e s o m e  b i t c h ! ") The happiness sought so. OK, I turned it on so they could see each other and begged it off kinda. What? I forgot about that. Now they know. More for me to see too. Their clothes - the last worn as healthy same. Now see that. A demon? Seen as covered with cloths mummy-like and running in the air toward you and in a diving almost. Very crue [torn away from our reality]. Very toshit [say "toe-sheet" for "done to be without you in notice, they please themselves taking and leaving"].

bet she's not your girlfriend

"Three People Died You Have To Know About" She Said To Someone Like Me Too Hide Her Number 01/07/05 1107
I don't need to know about any deaths, apparently - I assume you'll be there and in-time, somehow. The quote from she to fool meant the revelations below "killed" people with their past reviles another Sylvester in the rock 'i am too here!' I never get things the right way and mark it all down unless to ask by send nobody was at Lady Di's funeral too. Nobody does the right thing (as on the mirror phone: "yeah, is this you? ok you'll do it - your mother just died at 10:10 we've been waiting for the doctor to call the mall outlet for his new heidskins...neuro-trauma anyway just days lives then hours more...now we can know - no they never treat both breasts at once - see the exam one wing each outlet used out at Squibb you see now and then again" my grandfather? is that all? the babysitter fake crying it out to us slow and useless yet you get a 'bronze' left). Brought buy: Pet Shop Boys "Do I Have To?" MP3 (6.0 Megs) + Pet Shop Boys "Miserablism" MP3 (5.8 Megs) um, "is, is | and isn't isn't"...er, something like that related religionisms untied. I worked really hard to get both on original vinyl issues.


"Do I Have To?" - About asking Christ to forgive your sin of leaving him for the stable of Jews that make us stars. "Jews tell you that no one makes them special at all, yet they do this front and runner." They cared not to, also. You don't get them right. "Can we count on you too?" is there and also damnation without pride. You be theirs and then mine will kill you dead. Be mine fighting theirs I'd say it. Yours too. This song said to me nothing of until days ago I loved it as nothing I'd need but musically I'm demanded of and frighten away from rejecting Christ? No way as before us both - why would I be that important to say of? This? Them? Personally, I was damned here enough as this, with them, and was looking for better as no vow - they wouldn't have it either for saying it or then as to be seen saying. Thanks for nothing said really, or to hold you close. What's the question? 'Who are you?' will do for me and for any Jew. We'll see maybe nothing to, from you. This song originally on one twelve inch 12" I can't mention white the Manhattan label "Always On My Mind". No help here. "West End Girls" probably no. "Heart"? No. "Domino Dancing"? No.

"Miserablism" - Thanks for letting me be with you. "Who cares?" as not theirs ours. This about us loving no one at all. Off that - me: I had to have this song, but you could have kept its significance to me see none. I had to run the world down getting it after hearing it on the radio and begging the dial to hear it played. New for now old by D.C. Moon: "Love and sex are the currency of poor people (nothing left after expenses)." That's not the point - rich people couldn't care less what you do they are rich. Everything is beauty and light touches to be a temple of it, a purity of not touching nor filths seen. I'm still working of course....a sophist or "philosophy" seen being. Decrease your wants. Seem better at it. Stop living in the relative (D.C. Moon). Your junk "Seclusion" by Shawn Benson now seen to be as junk here my promise ended by it I heard you trying this demo it sounded good, but sad too. More, same day: A friend retoils "The song is about people who hate. They hate this, they hate that. No one knows them because of it and your chances of knowing each other are slimmed too." Credit some book about them and in their own words describing the origin of each song. Chris Lowe states to me "revel on - we care not and write little to nothing, one book - literally - and that's it [the title of the book is called "Literally", I have the one a coffee table called "Annually"]. Nothing about this song we bought it [from Patsy Kensit - the name "Kensit" is sly-wall for "Kensington" Palace - who wrote it simply based upon another song "The Art Of Dying" by Lou Reed ? - Chris adds "[for] the flow, only"]. You know me, I live for Patsy Kensit-Pet Shop Boys stories the "Sloanies" slovenly-type Sloan Avenue, Trenton, NJ the war memorial and all ("she died on drugs" - this is not real yet adds Doug "I had to get away from 'them' - left in the sewer"). Now, and yes we correct. Patsy, who also starred in "Lethal Weapon II" says and of it about the song "no one needs to be with me - I am a 'miserablist' someone who needs you not. 'Life is but a dream' says it. I can know you, I can know scotch [whiskey]. What is, is. What isn't, isn't. I don't sit there answering questions unless spoken to. A question is an answer most times. Question me not." She goes on "love made me sick. You helped cure me with this - let's stop a movement in time [by making a song - they did]." If only to take wing as having so eaten. This song originally on the "Was It Worth It" twelve inch 12" (with two dolls on the cover? no - that's "Was It Worth It?") and all I would never buy that song as single ever but their b-sides are so good.    

Of Mere Note Or No Sooner Mentioned Then Met 01/05/05 1700
You know, when you work in a Beverly Hills-area supermarket and are somewhat attached to the divine, you get notice of having been seen and sainted as seen. I work with a woman that was "Dee" of "give me a quarter" fame an unexpected, unwanted big star at (see People Magazine once 'cashmere' it) on "What's Happening!" I now know - she died once in a plane crash, Brazil (smoke inhalation, crying, I heard it briefly today, nineteen years old not very nice a big plane down). Another girl of Asian descent was on the kids show "Electric Company" and still sounds that perky lecturing us others - apparently and I get the adjustment to 'lower markets' was difficult for her ("we thought ourselves stars...it's hard for us to be working again" they filmed in Stockholm and then Vancouver Elton John did this one too "we work for you" he said to them "you make money" - a big Mister Rogers fan of kindly, I remember I turned that shit right off for being noisy plus dancing all the time a pure multilang turnoff - we were first-served our generation of all wartime movies off + "Sesame Street" for us only see that....Mister Rogers took me away I fantasized about having that trolley ever on they tried to bring plastic toys from the "Land of Make-Believe" about I was all for it mailman Mr. McFeely brought one a day the cost too much something that tree though was there by Kenner). Sly And The Family Stone registered today a sister and of singing with alot of tragedy kinda he died young enough 5th Avenue and too early to see having his music reworked by else (the army again), and then Carmen Miranda of Chiquita banana fame - you know, all the fruit on the head who I thought deceased of - came in today I helped her out bagging. People bring their own old bags in so dirty I hate recycling reuse of this stuff get new pay for it although China who makes bags downtown at docks stamping your name and demanding quality counts reports having human remains in there - all hair, teeth rots, other stuff we fail you again. I fight you to reuse daily them old cloth greentrees bags keep them too while I argue you do nothing to help the environment I pollute with you too our plastics rot into the air every day they are simply oxygenates as all air pressed together with heat but help us breathe too. Cost? Three cents (3¢) for paper stamped, two cents (2¢) for plastic ask for more of me. Meanwhile, I get questions about spices, nuts and other stuff and wing it with mind intact. Someone wanted fresh "thyme" - we had none that day, but mind over says that's just "rosemary" picked young with no spikes get it dry only. The next day, and of course, the fresh stuff "thyme" appears it looks different than rosemary but is that simply young and rounded on the ends okay. It tastes different, apparently who knew? Some of that dried stuff is oak leaves ground up, I found out. Someone asked about chestnuts (were these roasted? yes - now brown, they are green made and tell you so) I got three hundred fifty degrees (350˚) for forty-five (45) minutes on the spot to enjoy heated and told so. I know nothing myself now see that. So see I get to know, no speaking may be necessary of and at though. Yesterday, I winged it on a "french press" using coffees not ground up enough for such. Apparently, and new to us both, you gotta heat the little tin inside to make coffee - soak it in hot water first to attain truer taste. Who knew Kraft marshmallows could be considered kosher? Apparently so I said so too.

More from 01/08/05 2043: Turns out Mr. Roger's Neighborhood is a set close by no not Pittsburgh they lied and started the filming of it here in 1972. I walk by the place now going to and fro for work and for all imports it is a Jewish mausoleum of children died by them (the studio rests in back windows upstairs) and being raised as spirits here on this plane and surviving it nicely enough until age nineteen (19) when flesh may happen one night and by God himself. They talk to me when I walk by always weird always incredulous anyone would teach a ghost to read you have to draw them in with little bells and keep their attention unmercifully with stronger bolts like "lakes collapsing" I'd say by tricks and trade (none seen for you here yet). Don't come here to bother me you little bitches, I am bothered by you. "We don't have Christmas because we think it forgets us too often. 'Happy Christmas' is what we say. 'Merry' is yours." Thalanx - we'll be in touch as around and as same. Less here. For "Kristine" who wonders - by twenty-two (22) you will have aged enough as year twelve (12). Ten (10) more years of learning the world with adult-speak to children. They ruin us, really. They killed us with it, we think. Nothing here is that important you'll see as free to come and go with it and with you. Not having to gets little made, you'll step in to see it done better as that. Adults still don't have some most and question your guide to it all the way. You are free to be and with nothing you'll see. I thank lot they beat it out of me yet. I earned it too. I earned nothing done.

Off And Running 01/05/05 1000
Just recent and of note now "the gallaphor" or reason you came to be, a laugh: Mary - the mother of God's - favorite greeting-exchange to people she met once - popping a small load of food in her mouth quickly and zipping up the face with a hand gesture to the head. "Eat while you can" it would say to the off and running she chewing horridly like a hog's mind would see it. A mock I can't help but reveal I love a good show.

Trying To Recreate The Past With You Here Counting And As Me 01/04/05 0358
While I'm dying of topic interest lacking, let's talk about the "quintel" (um, "distanced traveled by" in French Dutch of Belgium) mile. There is only one (1) - you say two (2), but a 'nautical' mile doesn't count really on the waves and all so dumb - you use time clicking back to the time taken to make it home never the same why bother the distance is always the same once over and that counts, Baby LeMay (who is that?) A mile is based upon a shout to the back of the yard and was measured in feet or barstools actually to be one thousand six hundred eighty-six (1,686) feet the point of no hearing it some said (the name was "asmile" say "ays-my-uhl" in French-Gaelic, Gaelic is French to spoken by an English spoken of and they hate your pronounce you moved away "they moved on" they said - I thought that was Irish (ok they're blacks, of black arts also seem "ohio art" makers of the etch-a-sketch a french toy "turn it up, turn it up" the soaring manic nipple-play on two opposing knobs) what do I know only Enya and that's all I hate people acting out on me with language books trying to charm me and all with a flick of the tongue and yes it's just that gross you think you're Stevie Nicks you yourself are not convinced of your own powers if and will die a hand blessed to be this then but alas is not to be - 'alas' - give me the music points I so seek for that one 'alas' is "always without" you know nothing new to me yet try some it lasts and lasts - back to "asmile" means "as you [may] know for yourself [no one told you how you were there and witnessed it]" or mostly then "all you could say to me [and at length]" but say less of it by meaning to me I tire easily and remember no clue given of you burn it in me and too deep). It's good enough too. Here's a page returned to me by search engine seeking on the mile and quote it back my figure is real to you no car counts this right. Additionally there, see metric as volume or pages up to only, stacks of such. A square or cubing volume is real only and is made of 'cubits' like cubes but smaller than you can see well (a cubit rests inside of line's intersect with another line and is small enough to cover it all divide less it is squaring as such another path outward to here see less - a circle of volume was just made as working backwards by someone using the amount of the cubed volume as determined earlier - don't be dumb it was blacks again half a bottle of Windex mixed with theirs a water now another bottle and they 'made it' to sell to you now simply pay to that). I never bothered memorizing a mile in feet length the number is not intuitive or routine, but there's my answer and it sounds right to me anyway like a mother knows things about you and won't admit it even to herself you'd hafta do more to convince her also and she lives well enough without having it for you (remember, smart people know where to go to get what's needed - they don't need to memorize these things you will only forget it like CPR training no one uses they run away why bother me with it just now? why? who's asking? you can sue me for seven years and still I hear nothing by you oh every now and again the wind sounds like it but maimed a mouth full of salt). Anyway (I like taking off for far away lands in the mind), the mile had a reason and it makes sense. Survey feet mentioned? Three (3) inches - a junk to me like 'metres' (sic - another "set-up ignore compulsions") simply another format of randomed insert-type junk. Keep that stuff for over there each wit less confining to each it made with. Choke that down to sizes six through eleven a woman's foot two tiny steps and a slag to the right. A gilmer's sewing kit to mend the rubber waistbands just hasking by on your moldor underwear nary a scratch in times of per and each vasive o'dor. How to measure the unruly as if made of a part in the hair? A little wheel with harming pins on it counts it for once-off a nasty little prick then twice to be bitten as sure violet punches it back down singly at that to re-injure, the 'havers brown' plastic handle guides the pierce-wounding of it each and to an exact as in of and though at. Pay to me as I vow you nor dumb it as if to me but once again yours a hazel watering.

To wit: A car tracks fifteen hundred (1,500) miles-feet only in geotherms driving. Geotherms prevent heat wailing the sound and vision our secret.      

Prevail 01/03/05 XXXX
Soon Sela ("say-lah" does exactly as she pleases - so wide in it sends little away or in thanks a hogbrau), soon.....I'm nearly retarded from working again thinking about my retirement how will I get by again? Spent everything he made but lived for years on no down! Happy New Year, my point. See something else here to hate before it's too long......something sleek to you. Something slick. "He does nothing but ridicule women." Keep selling it cheap, Retard. One day that will die over light conversation while eating her own bad breath.


I Couldn't Shit 2004 Out Fast Enough Yet I Might Seek To Return To December At Then If I Must
It's easy to think the whole world is going to Hell when half your time is spent being just that crazy and doing things you shouldn't be doing. Keep going it's kinda funny but I get too sad sometimes I can't fucking believe this stuff is it me to cry over your vow to it so serious? Never really why would I get this lame for the coins inserted because people are simply without a clue or something and even if it were all me I can't say that I care I'm free to please myself inordinately ever that much I will do. Perfecting my routine and getting everything together is my game and nearly I get to you and yours but not just yet what do you remember about anyone you met the day before not much and we never met yet so what if that's true I get around and you see me unhappy ever always but not so unhappy I'd offer to change or pay a single dollar of it off it's a crushing debt one of us has the other knows better odds and cheats too. I win little but it pays me so big thought I'd give a little something back that's all then I think about it all again touching those memory cells and I want it to end so I simply stop doing that now you too. You suspect I live better but that means nothing to me I have standards exceeding yours but why bother it over you? See more of it. Take a little something but don't think about it too much. I have to think now no not yet I'd rather feel through it all. I know, you'd have to think it over while I escape you somehow that new idea is yours I can feel it working too hard for something I'd just hand right over but you try it anyway I simply had you agree with me that's never real and I can escape you for now that sad clown stuff doesn't work on me I hate any enduring of it thank you if please no never again to me you must end this at once by all means use force as an added ask.