It Ain't Over Yet Madonna - Link Up To December 2004

they told me madonna is my mother her mind taken long ago she can't remember nothing that's true and treats me bad she never did neilsy painted this he said i like it

News You Should Use 11/30/04 1714
Just ordered Madonna's "Remixed And Revisited" EP ("Nothing Fails (Nevins Mix)" MP3 (5.3 Megs) ...."nothing fails | no more fears | nothing fails | you wiped away my tears" - so pretty that + "Love Profusion (Headcleanr Rock Mix)" - both added subtracted and great that way) from BMG Marketing Concepts (the link above leads you there in mine). Sure - and all for five ninety-nine ($5.99) I've been waiting and with shipping and handling added in (is the cost from their home only), it's all only again nine fifty ($9.50) per membership made. See how it works the plusses all over where's my money? The other remix cover? I simply like it - it's by Neilsy. "MLVC" is "mods laval virveth calvo" for "most of us are just kidding about this" in Spanish. Literal "make me dinner - we'll wake up later together". Junk or the Roman "955" (M=1,000, L=50, V=5, C=100 with reductions preceding larger quantities) done quite wrong - move the "C' between the "M" and the "L" to represent "the initial pressing" quantity no. The "P" is a fallen pride as "prevate" or lacking skill. Teach less. Also, a mod-lang is acceptable here - you saw it somewhere and care not what it means it looks brilliant (um, "we'll do better next time" it says Neil by Mom). Use that please and stay warm. Tell us when you're lying. Otherwise, to risk of make-meaning. The lower left-hand "c" is part of "cevarn" (say "kay-vern" to a cedille-looking thing "ç") or mean "stay small[er than the sun stays]" - stay outta sight. You're not welcome here yet it says on letters, deeds of trust.

Different Ways Of Talking It Over Sees It Back To You 11/30/04 1233
Four (4) times four (4) equal four (4) more. What's the answer? Twelve (12). How so? Nevermind. The "sinese" (say "sin-ice"), the "marguelle" (say "marr-gail"), the "altonen" (say the "al-ton-nin"), and finally the "cetsa" (say "saip-sah"). These are all questions we ask when people have company over and can't say what they need to to others right away. They hem and haw (hold heavily and hate having from the German "heamus" say "aim-us" or "keeping without doubt" and "hawsus" say "haw-sase" or "making one's life miserable by oneself"). The "sinese" asks people to ignore the fact that you don't wan't in. "Can we do this elsewhere?" it says asking you not to ask again or ever again, kinda. Not here. Can we break this off now please kinda? Asks not to be around here only when doing. Is not you. Get it? We're special to each other only. The "marguelle" goes one step further as "not you, no." Blows the wind to you and through others out and away. The marguelle asks you not to ask again. No, not you. Considered rude, improper. Jail time in France - you told people 'never'. Never use to me you'll die. The "altonen" screams for you to back off. It yells in front of other people and makes you embarrassed to be this or hear it. Ours back at you. As yelling "Why are you doing this to me?!?" is deeply embarrassing to note because we hate it and hate you using it against others. Is not discreet will punish this we will. Finally, the "cetsa" (again say "saip-sah") means more than you can say backwards (more than  you can take back by discussion). The cetsa another question of these asks yes says "Many times before we've dealt with this...." and issues threat without having saying. Oh, a hanging drawn making you do the math itself and by inflect desires (making you guess your way or as I say, letting your own mind poison you with what you know or then similarly think I know). Four (4) plus four (4) times this still equals eight (8) to me. Let's cap it for now, but my English is clear. For linguists out there, four (4) of anything as on a linear shelf is quantity four (4) as incidence or just what you find there a duration or length of really everything is lengths. Four (4) times this quantity or length - or four (4) shelves of these lengths bitten in-total - is sixteen (16) lengths. Thus, count 'em the language first, or make them know it first then a length. A full hour on the clock timed. A table of it as eaten. Columns or number of cited on any given lateral times rows or incidences seen. Columns 'times' rows is your table set then - your table or stamp (logo or sight) of it then. Your concept driven.   

Madonna "Like A Virgin" Transcribed Back At It A Multilingual Sextet 11/28/04 1126
the original lyric: "like a virgin | touched for the very first time | like a virgin  | ooh, ooh | like a virgin | feels so good inside"
mandarin chinese: "el ituch | ele ccupid mondey | el ituch | ah, ah | el ituched | recio dand tretuv"
spanish-american "ici puda | lala ceminole capta captu | no, no | ecaudor honcas porda porda"
chinese port: "menengue chilot detmunitch suvid suvide | chevadet megau megaut | mingone"
spanish-mexico: "tutche daobu hondu" (as repeat to fade - say nothing to them all virgins we feel it)
spanish-hacienda: "menche da da | devutituvd cha-chae cha-chae cha-chae"
russian-english: "mercdutd ecda ecda [a call for help - no bliss, no peace]" they don't want a version of this - so, no
we do it anyway: "havinge leotiod recuditudic | ecrdeioi varuss varuss mesta destau"

Q: Soda? A: Kool-Aid. And For Extra Credit, Q: Breast? A: Thigh. 11/26/04 2113
Did you know that there is no such thing as a 'cow brain' (sweetbreads)? No? What were you eating? Cows have no such thing in their skulls a butcher may sell a lamb's brain but one-fifth (1/5) the size. My grandmother (Pivarnik) boiled *someone's* brain when I was little and made me a taste. Yuck. The dead fear that little but some. Help them detach spiritually (the mind that is) and in the field of ruin by adding water to any corpse right on top. Cool, warm. Over them and in any condition. Be merciful - water adds them flight and helps them leave it soon. Just here in hellbound an asswipe? A single (1) teaspoon of cocaine (not pure - use yours) mixed with an equal amount of vaseline or mayonnaise does the trick. The gel is necessary and for three (3) hours but no clue so strong and so silent. Topical anesthetics aren't easy to mass, you know. Makes it two times (2x) stronger than Lanacane too my recommend for a burn - even with the extra lanas in there. Now to know.

toni and dean eat breakfast here and laugh at it fat and fattier

Free Curve A Religion 11/26/04 1105
Curve have another brand-new! unreleased song up at their site called "Weekend" MP3 (4.9 Megs). As now I leave to download....have it. MMMMM
As encore present: Curve "Habit" MP3 (3.8 Megs) from the "Coming Up Roses" CD Single 1 - and it did chart after all.

As But Under Curve 11/26/04 1507
Still pursuing that '131' score at Tickle's classic IQ test? I still hear of tits twisting in the wind over it. One of hard questions I'll help educate you. Back in November 2003, I made casual mention of "Venn diagrams" and how best to you now? Venn diagrams - most notably and lastly from college statistics 101 - help you separate likes and dislikes in a group-type setting. So, if "parges" are like "mengeas", and "mengeis" are mostly like "kaplets", what then are "havolets"? All of them. A question to now: If all a's are b's, and some c's are a's, are all b's a's? Draw two (2) circles overlapping "AUB" said "a union b" to represent all (samples) you speak of and at once, and label as you go along. The "intersect" or upside-down "U" is used to describe some of them matching up from A and B as the part overlapping in their middle. Have them then labled. The answer? Yes. Still mostly a matter of technique and good thoughts forward, don't etch your mind (backwards and forwards at the same time) in this. Just do it then. P.S. In my example, the first circle is labled by me a's and b's, with b's under the a's label as same. The second circle is simply labled "c's". Draw your own conclusions - mine were harder to know. My father says in the head "I make a list of three (3) names under a's...." Get that? P.P.S My grandmother Moon used to call my grandfather simply "Venn" as for "Moon" somehow she is southern twang'd. No, God says it was for "vendier" that is French for "selling everything to everyone smoothly, a master vendor". They all lie again and to how. Now see that. No, Olivia Newton-John was Ferris Bueller's mother, not Cindy Sherman (see the Lawrence brothers' auto show for that).

Another Wit 11/26/04 1019
From above: Having the last word usually means writing it down. If lacking to pen and here, I usually whine to feed it the shapp it so craves.

Another Error To Air An Egregious Error 11/26/04 0858
"We don't really want to be bothered with you." Remember to foul, institution made me great to you. Like an upper-black in the U.S. Army, you will be bothered with that. My new  navy-blue baseball hat from Bloomie's says "DIESEL" by the way (in/out: "that is a girl's hat" - no, that has a wide brim like checkers - this is all t-rex as a shadow lurking, a hunting bill) - not "Fossil" however a small error. Mind over says "it's the same thing." To quote Mochee "no, no".... What is "egregious" anyway? The French say "made to be seen and as such not being with it; then not actually as felt to be". Another jerk pronouncing of self to. "You're not coming around [to see us anymore for this - you wouldn't wait]." You are dying to me then. A wait? I never knew of any less bother to get rid of and with you. "He writes in codes to people because he doesn't have what it takes to say what he is saying." You see it, don't you? I distance myself from you and the thought of being it with you a standard out front a bother. Pride is a color with and I appeal to it nothing higher. Have the courage to bring it all up, or then be what you may be: obliging, and very to ignoring of it. I'm here, but bother with the point I made you. Instead of pride, may I suggest luxuries? More and stupid videos.

Added Vaseline 11/25/04 1137
Hasps sticking on those popped Vaseline safes? Apply generous amounts of fumey rubber cement on the metal a ledge and will cure open within days it said. When it's over, it's over.

See How Far 11/25/04 1347
Finally getting around to watching "Peter Pan" for the first time and today on DVD now as rented by me (hijinks at VideO WEst a week later the ol' nighttime drop box). Make sure you see the new Harry Potter I recommend that heavily as out now on same and to. More: "PP", and as it turns out, is a forty-thousand dollar ($40,000 +/-) home movie - so bad! We have beautiful Sean Nettles (sans uber producer Alan Moulder - Curve, Shakespeare's Sister, Depeche Mode, et um) playing Hook (however, very affecting - you sold me sex with your shirt taken off in a children's movie - sir thanks alot), Toni Halliday as Tinkerbell (this is their 'honeymoon' mind you - Toni and Alan that is), Lucy Belle (erstwhile daughter of Liz Fraser aka Saint Elegius - of helping and cares, England) is Wendy, Jeremy (adopted son of Robin Guthrie, Rutger Hauer made him with model Helena Christiansen) is Peter (very cute, somewhat dirty), you have a younger Harry Potter in there as Daniel Radcliffe and odded and assorted. A softer side of Timothy Dalton. That one woman from "Absolutely Fabulous" so hashed here I had to sit and think about who she was for a while as blending in real bad. Hmmm. One day, you'll be sued kinda and again for these "Blair Witch"-style (Liz Fraser made that debacle happen too with a brilliant promo clip starring herself - loving queers does this to you fade fast die young even a god pulls over for a boy's coq au vin - cite no quest A+ is your grade pride F) momentos to the public (all too shiny a promo made for the within leaving it so trashy no make-up - scenes like a bad M. Escher). No - someone was trying me to get that done. Sean is very affecting though and died well as God young love (this character was not made to die, really, and as I said during "they better not kill him" i.e., they were really fighting over who would take the girl out of there 'you first!') Love another bitch. "Peter Pan" made eight grand ($8,000) to-date they said. "They" had to pay for nine point six million dollars ($9.6 M) in distribution (making film happen and getting it out there). Soon maybe more. We estimate seven million dollars ($7,000,000 +/-) to tops when through.

tit for tat merely a male model

All But Faded 11/25/04 1130
Some little bastard did this now my birthmark faded - your Judas, actually (real name "Homo"...say "hom-ahl" - "Judas" say "joo-dos" was his very last name - and to-date "a gay is its own worst enemy" - quote Doug Moon that one tee hee), with a brunt (crudely fashioned) copper knife and while I slept (I told him wearily, and in my code, to go away "at once"). Did me two inches (2") in near heart (simply this the opening of cans once had once....touch not). Thanks again. I didn't laugh at him when he sneezed (a custom then - to jerk one off as 'maybe die'). He was hauled off (again) by Romans for fighting with me and came back later for this one stab. Somebody I let in again - a lover, kinda. Still dead since 12 B.C. - I went all the way back after that. God over says "you had him stabbed twice" (bit of a murderer, I, and then...let no one say it). P.S. I lived almost two (2) days after that incident his mother "Em" said like "emily" crying by my side as I bled much to little. I bled like "pigs died [inside me]." No, a doctor with makes port wine stains with electrocution and device. Like similar my simple brushstroke faded, but positively known, threine, and mostly it's gross. Use eggs on white for that. Re-declare with my drain cleaner a red devil.

the lucky woman

That Lucky Woman 11/25/04 1007
Watching the Macy's Day Parade (saluting "M", exc elephants as the three wise men)! In commercials, who is that woman - the wife - on "Everybody Loves Raymond" (good enough show) so special? Formerly Elizabeth Peña the bomb expert from "Rush Hour" and housemate from "I Married Dora" a failed sitcom I watched being taped instead of Dolly Parton's "Dolly" as having been bumped. A lackluster Christina Applegate's first show. Peña died of breast cancer in 1992. "Rush Hour" filmed in 1990 (hers) and 1993, respectively. See. P.S. Everyone on "Raymond" has died at least once - now see that. As getting back to....

saw a box in the garbage last year at same time

Happy Thansgiving Arff! Arff! Arff! 11/25/04 0803
Someone said that Omaha Steaks turkey ain't but cooked - we'll see it yet (why would I order a Butterball from abroad?) 'Til remember the coffee pot full of oil....bark! bark! bark! Made split-pea soup yesterday with the finers of that ham. A nutroll to be made today a slap daddy. If, see recipe in December 2003 or so. Yes, to see us be Rage tonight for Bryan guest dj'ing. More to yet @ 1557: I know women hate faggots taking their place in the home (at nearly under the table) but this mail-turkey - cooked right in a bag provided as out of another bag frozen-to-kept no rinse - is simply the nicest thing known to me. I just carved it up gourmet-style and yet too a taste. No, "gourms" are make other people cook for them. Exquisitely cooked and so juicy. Why pay more ours ten pounds (10 lbs) plus ham? That nutroll - cracked, but healed up right-nice too. See ya later. Give thanks, and take little of it today. More on 11/26/04: I was at Rage last night for an hour-and-a-half or so (9:30-11:00) just standing around by myself with my thumb up my ass polluting the environment so-to-speak a wish thee well, said 'hi' to Bryan who came down the stairs briefly (his name cute to me as announced on-screen), and then left to come to this - a 'bw', a basic woman. Rage is still great with the same ol' staff and but newer looks stairs up to it....but I'll be back. I'm very getting tired of the same in sourgum of my friend here who plans it out but winds up and does not participate, not ten cents in my wallet to my own, and having a general misery in it for friend and foul alike. Fuck you - I spent all day cooking for this: a wad of crapped-in fat and that attitude (like a baby shit I picked out for myself, sure - a bowl of slice bananas and milk in bed says it and you slurp I wash that bowl last with your glasses but as not on my dishes - what's next, Babyfat? cinnamon rice?) I can't even get simple grooming tasks from this used-up monkey sure someone you don't care about gets it first and sees you behind the scenes (if naired heads bowed, the memory Flint and Flo a jealousy rages you). Every and each time I fail thee I come home to know of you better. "They'll ban you." I have a plainer and answer for that. "We don't care - he has to get out of this." You are going to motherfucking hell just as sure and as opposed to knowing you are already there. May ghosts to visit upon thee a threat. No one defeats me out in the open. Stay if closeted. Meanwhile, Dizzy was very enjoyable company yesterday for dinner during his lunchbreak. See off. What keeps you alive most? Not wanting to be bothered with it a known death nearby and to mention it to me a standstill, I, trying to live with it here and still then. We are still together you and you then and you then must see it to me. Then, and to top it all off, commercials on tv about fifteen dollars (~$15.00) feeding twenty (20) or so more pigs your childish ante-bowl of bananas in milk. I'd rather die under a skin lamp. In a manger as fed to these pigs. As a hollow to it. Eat me a liverspots soup. This another to shit: "We hate your guts." Oh, it's 'the poor' again missing me a meal. You are not me then, but as becoming to this soon. If you only had thirty more cents (+ $0.30) you could eat well. Ten times (10x) that and I could have a drink on you but tip (saying "no, I don't drink or at home to be with this....") Incidentally, we calculated my cumulative tips left at Rage prior to last night and from me the ghosts there while I sat they are mostly army-types who joy to me but lift little to my way: Thirteen hundred seventy dollars ($1,370). Face that - I was never to you still lecturing to my whisp. If only you hadn't paid Columbia House Video Library twenty-five fifty ($25.50) for each of forty-three (43) tapes "Lost In Space". If only you knew to have it better than simply as saying to me. Cinnamon rice for baby? A scoop of cooked white rice chilled, cold milk, a tablespoon of sugar, cinnamon sprinkled on top all in a bowl of. Baby Doug just loved it as his mom made it before dashing off in her red Ford Mustang leaving me for dead at the CYO camp in Yardville, NJ (catholic youth organization no shortage of monacles terrorists). Sure, she lost that car eventually. More about that food: The stuffing - avant garde (as if you made to your own liking only). The stringbean casseroles with Durkee onions on top a white sauce - exquisitely performed. Sweet potatoes? Yes, Ya'am - nice stavings there nothing unsweet or unpleasant. All goodness and the caramel cheesecake with it on top - mordant (makes it a lasting memory any way you live or without). By request it's here I made my own turkey gravy from drippings. 

morethan that itch there are brown freckles

Something Extra Thank God 11/24/04 XXXX
God told me I was taking too much of the fat from the home brew, so here goes. Itching at night? Seeing brown "freckles" near the hair shaft and perhaps as eating dead pieces of skin? Present the crabs. I got crabs, like, the first time I ever had sex and then a few after. Like they was in you waiting to see it. Don't fuck around - at the first sign, buy Rid at the pharmacy and kill the fuckers dead comb out nits fine tooth. Never a bother. The shampoo is a clear, yellow, scummy liquid supposedly from "chrysanthemums" (a lemon's oil, really) and if should fails use Lemon Joy it works well too. Just sit in the tub with it on you all over hair and as naked and then rinse the problem out and right down the drain. One treatment and then use it well. Remember, lice comes from opossums and is used to bite them when walking on wires so they stay alert with babies (um, see titses and then for the milk). People make them to you. Fuck 'em I hate STD's (strategically timed displacements, displeasures, distributions thus labled um, "sexually transmitted diseases") made mention. "Remember, I've never seen an anal wart and I've been with hundreds of people." - Doug Moon and P.S. Get out of the tub. Keep your ass clean.

Check, Check Twice 11/24/04 1235
By the way, UPS just delivered two (2) styrofoam dog caskets (now in ours basement resting comfortably) from Omaha Steaks to my door full of all that promised me before curses set in (remember Chris' spine last year - no at Easter - so tasty?) So, no one pulled the order in haste we thought. Now, all comes hard-frozen to tips but as already prepared (no turkey takes three [3] hours "tops" to cook "oven ready" - just to heat up from frozen - now remember that and up to at least six [6] hours per bird to cook). Thank again and feel free to stop by we'll be in the morgue preparing a dish from it. What?!? I was at the laundromat near Pavilions freshening it up that last batch of colors and then getting wall anchors from Koontz Hardware (Terry decided to issue hand cream from a bottle this morning while sits on the shelf over the toilet - retards amay). We have a washer here in the gloomy basement part, but the hot water is all but choked-off getting into the machine no kinks I checked for less. A few hot buckets later and we may see more but no dryer the vents abare (correction 11/30/04: for the water heater and now attached to its vent back on top) that old Kenmore washer sits alone but grinds nicely to rugs and such occasional drying in the after-living room front where all heat issues without smell (prior bloods? just a baby had next door once - no big deal see sperm in our towels 'round and 'round as in two true evils impregnating each other down throught it the sewer). Pay cents to me then. Remind, West Hollywood-Santa Monica Boulevard is Disney-run and is Main Street U.S.A and for gays from top to bottom. Now see that when decored for the holiday. We are here.

Only Yesterday When I Was Sad And I Was Lonely 11/24/04 0942
No matter how many times I see, I run to the tv for Richard and Karen Carpenter duking it out in their little documentary about their career (last night here in LA on KCOP). Secrets abound and I can't say yet, but what's funnier than that bitch playing drums for real in the backlots of A&M only, or Elton John and I marveling at how she pulls a song down from Heaven much like "Only Yesterday" was pulled down he wrote that you know and won't say. "Superstar"? Asking Christ "the second show" to forgive "Jesus Christ Superstar" (as Andrew Lloyd Webber the queen of would have it...sportster) no one cared less the music so perfect there. Richard - the meanest perfectionist ever - is the brother of Waddy Watchel, really, and I told you who that is ("the wig stays" + when Karen died "like two jacks to be spit on an ovened range.") No relations to each other, but you see how. Harold and Maude (Agnes)? Singing coaches in Downey they were made brutal by them still. Enjoy them for the holidays and I still recommend Downey, CA for a look around prior to Christmas with lights and all and their apartment buildings "We've Only Just Begun" and "Close To You". Karen is related to me by blood and would rather die than spend two minutes with me or my mother. Now lives in Tulsa (say "tah-loo-sah"), Oklahoma with kids again at nineteen (19) years old. "You gave us Curve - they're superstars. They can't play live - we think that's key." Nevertheless, it's what's on tape that matters, Hon. That's enduring quality against what goes directly into the air (thanks for that bit on overdubs [transparent layering of sound voices] by the way - we loved it the expose - great). But how many shows do you have to play in Vegas to know better? I think about the joys of playing and then die of it (having to be there equals working at it). Richard: "First I don't play [live], then I don't have to come at all." Toni "If we played live, we'd be working at it. Play better to sound and stage." Fine, fine. Finally, Toni is not Kathy Moon of Gropp's lake. Actress Laurie Metcalf of "Roseanne" is.

The Perfect Personal Pizza 11/23/04 1918
Never forget that the snack stand at Target serves the most perfect Pizza Hut pizza for individuals, for persons. So smart of the size and bite so greasy so good. We - God over and I - were just arguing over spaghetti-pizza sauces and what's best. Again, when I have no money clue and all I can afford, Ragu rules me in both with traditional flavors and with meat. I believe we were cured of that ill not knowing to have long ago and Ragu attests to that simply and beautifully. God says "Hunts" and we bought a can of their traditional best spaghetti sauce today (we've tried this before and like its price to count). "When money smarts you, both [of us] will do. Hunt's has my heart though." Leave it at that. From known to all known. Don't laugh - on the east coast with Ellio's pizza and all the finest ever (do Stouffer's here - though not even the same will burn your fucking tongue off with olive oils).

i sit and watch them i swear it

Another Blue Light Special 11/23/04 1900
Like little Anne Franks, I was lying around here today wondering if Pet Shop Boys ever made me a Christmas song. Have hear. In the meantime, stop by their site and see "Performance" a new DVD slated and from 1991. It features something I'd sorely miss called Pet Shop Boys "This Must Be The Place I Waited Years To Leave" MP3 (6.3 Megs) from the "Behavior" LP all crosses and saints. Just a bit wip and " i'm listening to the words i thought i'd never hear again | a litany of saints and other ordinary men...." Of all artists, I sit and watch them (see "Television") - I swear it. Get that little movie out? And please, children - hear the new Pete Burns And Pet Shop Boys "Jack And Jill Party" MP3 (7.4 Megs) out now on Tamla records (Pete, of course, is the lead singer of Dead Or Alive and sounding great here). The film short? Catholic boys found something scary about the woods outside they bound together to pass graves on the way in. The graves beckon them 'are you sure?' and 'are you here to take the last of it then?' No - we were scared and told to pursue our dreams past this and with Christ in mind. "We do this for us then."

a blue light special

Natural Gas, Sure 11/23/04 1129
Where does natural gas come from on the stove, heater and all? From local gas stations. They draw off vapors from the tanks of gasoline, pepper 'em up, and skim the top for what is odorless and such. Blue burning? A salt known as talc does this. "We haven't pumped anything and our tank is now half-full." So? Keep it coming we pay for delivery from local mining shacks. Gas used to burn as red then it tempered to us with earthquakes and such and is now blue and stable with. Oh, sure - natural 'gases' rising in the rocky underground fog still hissing to be released it is almost a liquid and very cold to the touch.

Mental Notes 11/22/04 1938
As a person who corrects abberance (an intent to hurt with joys afoot) right on the spot, I can't afford to take hints at and spell all right out. I just called my friend Dizzy to borrow some lunch money until the 1st (the rent comes due right?) and also to lecture the casual use about e-mail and what people might see. My roommate criticized me again over returning an e-mail to many users also addressed with "" obviously spelling out for foray, but I am looking to network so-to-speak and thus rid myself of the plight stated unsavory company and all. Dizzy writes "I'm back [from having a computer outage]!" as a question to beget this, and I see how it all relates backwards to my question from all - back from where? - from here? Right. If you ever knew me, you are welcome we focus on this both there and here - you endured us and so what are welcome. We are no one to the state, yet come take your claim our house haunted goodly (and 'hi' to little Tommy Lasorda - yes, the Tommy Lasorda who died six [6] years ago of cancer - now of tmc's presentation or whatever the hell that was last night a little sick kid moves into an old abandoned funeral home with his mother and some other little kid starts mopping there is dried lamb's blood on the floor to ward off evil spirits that stuff dries almost clear but reconstitutes per meaning and Abraham's ghost - at once to dispel keeping the bread in the mortuary fridge - yuck - see me drink no piss that makes pneumonia with cold we'll adopt you we have no fridge and thus no bread stored). Anyway, in e-mails use "to:" for the name of the person you wrote, use "cc:" to "cross copy" others right out front they see each other, and "bcc:" for "blind cross copy" to make each of other see a note but not with each other seeing as such. Mostly we want to impress each other and that is me too also to impeach you badly. Have a day with it and no arguing with me should you hear. We aren't paid for that. See us poor enough to ask as always being right. It came hard. I hear Dizzy has to buy a bike for giving up Eek-A-Mouse (his car license plate seems to say).....truth off?

It's A Finer Tuna In The Water If To Poke My Tit 11/22/04 1309
Neilsy tells people today that his father decscribes him as "delacore" - the part you would have if only people would go away and stop talking about it. I like it for us and now the lesson in French matron - a woman says this stuff to other women. Albacore (say "al-bah-corr") as in tuna is what everyone has and is thus good enough for you too. you would have to go catch your own if you wanted to see better and of in it. "Delacore" (say "del-ah-corr") is what you have if only others would turn their backs - a room in Trenton's Roman Hall a banquet lounge (was still beautiful to me when my mother left St. Francis in 1986 - no she wasn't fired or anything people love to jerk you off with a month's wait an unknown to see your loyalties shine off). Is something special and you don't want them reaching for it all the time as seen to be better now. They would settle for less easily you would say. The last is "mellacor" (say "mel-ah-corr" to mean "special to me though you see"). You wish people would have this also but they won't imbibe it. This is so special others will never know. A turd any way you slice it.
i love the ashley twins

What's Important And Why 11/21/04 2012
While I'm bitching at my mother and dying of my roommate's lack of taste in culture and fare, it's important that you know what my consciousness is devoted to by my choice and what then I may consider acceptable choice for myself and perhaps a young girl out there again perhaps thinking about hitting me. As gay, I never thought it was right that young girls be dumped in a world like this to fend for theirselves, but as long as they're like these two - what I call the "Ashley Twins" - you'll never have to be the butt of that joke made you. So whether it's the gentle tones of the music Bananarama or the Olsen Twins Mary-Kate and Ashley in their latest film "New York Minute", I find the company that I keep, want to share, and with whom. I had to fight to watch this film and had my interest drawn off more than midway by lecture and then sleep, but keep my choices in mind. Still firmly I thought I'd miss it. God bless you I'd do. P.S. The disgusting Eugene Levy - an archetype one supposes - is in this film most notably as the father of the girls initially and then that usual in makeup. See him fill your life just a bit too much with that unsavory flavor to yet. And I quote: "The more you see me here, the less you may have to be with me." See less all around is me. Sufficient trailer site at Warner Bros. Plus fare: Neil goes "Is this what it means - being in charge?" because my brother Scott plays the limousine driver and you and your father are in this film featured prominently? I know it all, but it isn't worth the due. You're all left to figure it out and thus eat from that plate all so sure of it a burgeoned happy over nothing I can see stand the test of time. Yeah - being in charge is firstly of my mouth's mind and never having to note one never so noted. Have that no one cared less.

Gone With The Wind Our Sequel
11/21/04 1349
In case you missed it at Tara (really "Hogsgate" in South France), Mary Sue or Mary-Kate Ellen ("Scarlett" was not her name ever - use it though for red dresses all the time she wore) commits suicide (pills in the field - twelve hours writhing - we saw it all) at the end of her reign no foe of mine. Just pissed off that anyone would cite "God" as their witness with such travesty afoot. Her hogs and her horses fed to each other as waiting to die. This brought on by England what insisted to know her flesh and her ways first, then feed upon it. All related to the civil war by a black who adapted such for fancy way. More later. "Tara died with me - it all died with me and I went first. My humble to it." "Tara" is for "well run [in the countryside]". More 11/25/04: Turnips? Merely rutabaga - she ate 'em, sure, but there no such thing as a "beet" no matter what they say. Beets? Pure selenium (two steps larger than moss has a hydrogen complex for the food in it explodes in your dining face) itself a stomach handler. Cold potato sliced funny with rings and placed in wine vinegar or cherry juice with vinegar - that's all. P.S. Elton John made a "Tara" here in West Hollywood and it is studied and the same mostly now refurbished and for guest cleanly. Western Federal Bank closed and by me too.

The Tale Of Biondi's 11/20/04 2029
In Middlesex, New Jersey near Bound Brook (caves, caves) lurks a greenhouse company known as "Biondi's" for "beyond your sense of it seen here" - Neil's father did this up. My grandparent's house at 9 Orchard Lane (summer rental usually but then illness set in) abuts this in the backyard. The only thing in the backyard I cared about was a huge raspberry bush all brown sticks green leaves. I sat in this yearly eating the fuck out of it, but this enterprise was there humming in the background too and threatening me oddly as I might take too much theirs-ours. We owned Biondi's me and my grandfather it said, but all held quiet as each comes and takes each day without selling and now the state holds all well enough. If I own something and you remain quiet, it is because you needed the money and we leave you alone - for now. One of Neil's names - and funnily enough - is "Matt Biondi". The greenhouse stopped him from using such after a while, but feel free to call "Matt" (he was this at his wedding in 1978 crying at a gift his mother still down, down all cheesers to me young cute silent him fingers long and slender with rings on like that of a child murderer, of a corpse, in a powder-blue tuxedo) any time he died in 1979 they said of a car crash and that is never true, but true enough for you. Oh, and the usual poop play in the bucket trick to get people to stop making us so true about it all if threatened. We'll widen if necessary. P.S. Nothing there changes much, but my mother may have her say now. The bomb...coming soon but here now 11/21/04: My mother asked someone while working at the desk not borrow too much plant food from the baskets available or "send us both sailing" - her words. My mother is always a big official when it comes to making herself known, but I ask others to play along with me here while I vent it. Along comes a black put-up by Neilsy who is there as "Matt" - they are advesaries like 'why don't you button your shoe?' : 'why don't you button your lip?' + 'because you are talking of me' - both lacking but crybabies here. The black secured my mother's favorite word "goolegong" (a person who just wants to lick everything for fortunes their way) and a smaller bomb was placed in Neil's car - a brand-new black Barracuda sensing trouble everwhere it goes - to convince her she wasn't wanted as he defended her so. Real too - a soda can filled with gas on the heater core (the can is injected softly with diabetic needles and strapped on with rubberbands and tape 'round the vent a plague. So Geri went packing over real troubles in the herd no matter what her father left to pay the insurance claim off. Always asking that others review with her we hate that too. Trying to get people fired all the time doesn't work so good no more. Who did the bomb? A black fired by both did at night there they slept to guard the place and while he Neil toileted himself initials GN. More: The soda can? Shop-Rite ginger ale in green decor (I love Shop-Rite cream soda myself in brown adages). Their cans were tin what holds heat in and through it with tight spaces (see Dole pineapple chunks - I eat often). When the bomb went off all clanging inside for two (2) miles or so at top speed, the hood of the engine lifted in the middle in a few minutes and the glass of the windshield cracked not shattered on Interstate 92. The heater in any car is just the water inside the engine delivering the sparks to you through a glass with holes in it - a bit verbal the hose adds trauma with burning and such. They hadda pull over. Neil the driver said he had heat sparks all over his face too from the vents and they laughed not. No, Neil it wasn't A&P (Albertson and Proctor, Penn Fruit) soda - they don't have their own brand of soda as the promise there is on produce and baked goods. Shop-Rite is about cans and goods made in advance. Our Shop-Rite where Geri Moon shops? On the Pennington Circle itself. I myself like Marazzo's Thriftway on West Trenton myself.
The Smila 11/20/04 1958
On Christ's back something Jewish called the "smila" painted in calf's blood Roman that says when you lift and wash barely not to work too hard "he eats everything he sees" - he ate up. The "smila" - it sounds like it's lacking in cultures because it is - is one up arrow and then another just next door facing down "^v" is good enough a check off and away. We use these symbols today to say the same things and that you prefer they died. So what. If I hear you saying, and I've been hearing for a long time, you're going to end up where all go this way. I promise you that. I have a rich circle of dead friends that still can't stop fighting me each time I refresh to review the words for each and other so kill them to all. Never think I limit to your views of holocaust and one having. I think of nothing but a day unfettered by your breath and mine mixing. Obviously, you haven't done well and have been promised a heaven so failing you here. Have heaven then - I never accept it for exchange. I'll take that right here, thanks. By the way and as said over and over you'll forgive, Chris is who you see when you look at Christ. We have no truth to us that stays we are consciousness that strays - he is the next runner up and we use him in long stresses. My father goes "You are so fucking stupid." There is nothing glamourous about an aged homosexual - ascribed pansexual - competing with his son so viciously for nothing I might have. Take another seat. Is this how all unwinds to mental illness? Not as long as I have my withered ass to sell to liquid-asset seeking vampires standing by my bed in the dark. Remember the vampyre - a vanity done in flames walking the night in seeking of young blood they'll suck. I tell Chris - a pre-destined heroin sheik of hair sheened and flakes - one more word about the father and I'll spill labels.

All This Writing And Without Pictures Just To Remind You That I'm Not Limited By Your Imagination 11/20/04 1927
"He should be put in jail." Consider your invitation extended backwards. "The way you type, you shouldn't type at all." I left typing class with Chris Ondy at the advice of one Lonay Hill.  Her pre-test thanked us both to study less together - off to study hall and being accused by some teacher of hitting some tomboy girl we both knew our girlfriend Theresa Pillik. Me embarrassed again, but then again, I had to do janitor service after school for having my finger in the hole of an upholstered chair there after someone invited me by making it happen. These people in my dreams yet. Allentown to be thanked eternally though for easily exchanging a night of detention missed for one next day of in-house suspension. For never questioning absences too much. We could have taken it up the ass, right? Anyway, I wasn't shooting to be someone's secretary, and I get the job done well-enough for myself. Added "That's why you had a hard time getting into college." What my college accepted was what they got in numbers - a poor student, but good enough to go. A homebody with no disciplines cited, I hate being away from home a heaven too much and having my time outside prescribed. I never did homework and had to answer for it often somehow doing well-enough. I'll add too that I took lots of hard sciences to get out from under just being there with you doing theirs for. So see why I have problems with people - I can't stand their saying against my whims (add a boy - you're not there for that but I was) and need to be left alone in it. Always there having to me again. Please - the sooner we part, the sooner you set in. Nine Inch Nails just remixed? All mine and against you a God that once, twice, three times said that I wouldn't matter to you. What the fuck is this? A "terrible lie" - everything once freed of bangor was great thanks. Now Chris is here to help know how you failed me. Nine inch nails were the ones under Christ's armpits after he died. They go right through the "speculam" or "underarm" upwards and hit the wood screaming. They are made of copper and decorate the Liberty Bell somehow. The name isn't important as the album what deteriorates a non-guest of me into hate for no more than possibly two (2) albums the first my pride of. Called "Pretty Hate Machine" it was staged against me but hears great to this day I listen and laugh "why are you doing this to me | am i not not living up to what I'm supposed to be?" At this juncture, another unwanted (never a Chris Ondy) enters this room and asks me to stop talking to myself in loudest terms. Why don't you go back to Hell and then possibly I can have that house-room somewhere in this world where no one can enter and without your fucking permissions of review involved. I hate your kids America. I hate them.    

The Snakes Of Mind Wrapping Right 'Round Mades More Than A Bite To The Face Could If Will Hold 11/19/04 2012
I can't tell you how soon you'll get there, but I've had to bite more than few pimpfling faces talking to burden no. bother yes with shitbag, check for hidden this very past skid (I bite incess chiik with pointed razor sharps, screw in the tiny effect on the ends of metals-it teeth, and wait for whifen radiants of pain to issue mores of it wires outward past per thresholds 1,2 and 7 missing and scream the whistle! to's there. You, dawn - the oil feathers brutally cleaned yet shine most of this hardly missing. A little of the beeswax too never hurts sting a joy, but the job dishes made it and tough. Wash all you want - fuckers will die anyway I see to it. That one 'moment of realization' as made of this and for but? It's called the "gillibrect" (say "gill-brekt" - German 'photograph code' or 'see this') by God for "gains noted". Take your time, I never have any other answer for straightline spills no matter how great and will send a few more up there if you thought to charge me for any a cleanup. Get it straight - I pleasure myself to seem with the same dishes served by me over and over and tire of fasting friends while the restaurant fails to pay me for the service of sending some home to it (I could be more giving I've got it but only for you it seems fantasies some end - ask your, "charitin"?) While writing, a female noisebag in the head suggests that "he has to ordain each of these [sufferings] with hate [she-smells sounds of by worms roiling]" but see only an attempt not to bore - literally me - in a re-read of this crap when I seek a reason to happy with any of it ever perhaps even as die. A woman is framed by these voices not - always cheap in the mix per contribute and exercising her duty wastes from a remote gardage of skinned cabbage in surrounds her shit full of radio. Never ask me what stinks more - you or the one cooking it has got to know me better. In just this: "I hate you for telling your mother to die." Quote anyone but me. I do this for people out there - my personal code of showing all as given to be and as given to flare right off to no answers to no question made. To interpret this shit is to ask for a life of it. We call this sample an "outrage" from way back when, but play around with "words words smells like turds" (a manic mother doing the wordyrappinghood) until the next house in the distance simply is burns down and issues loops rings smoke signals to another county tribe listening off for a lack of anything better to smell as outlying and burnt. Isadora wasn't the first bra-burner I made, you know. I made a few others light right up with sounds of laughing and hard-handedness. Next, smokeless. You saw them and bought them right off the rack you made me first.         

Dear Pork Pie Plate, 11/19/04 1537
You, naturally fatuous a fat ^v woman writing a thank-you note (at licks pencil tip but thought) to whomever it all made me this is so great. A big find that just can't wait to get right to it.

To Lawful Ordering At It 11/19/04 1436
You know I wouldn't bother. You would. Still, I hesitate be you. A woman named "Debbie Wilno" who actually started off as Toni Halliday sequeing into giving a realer name for herself (a dumber trick to it?) talked to me today and about being dead for three (3) years and how this might be tied to having helped my mother achieve savings against me in lawful order and getting to riches logically - a flow home (women abound versus homosexuals, their sons, and past relations of them gone sour yet yielded - nothing out of the ordinary, but how you figure is hardly sexual and yearning). I think nothing bad about people seeing me win such said against them, but leave to suggest and note that I killed fourteen (14) or so people involved with this act of seeing her home while she waits to hear of nothing more made of from me. Sad the thought, but see all well for those who ask and receive within private and yet bound. Think of me less. Know what you hold. Is this ours? I never stoop to the level of chasing my dreams backwards into thoughts that I might add. Seeps understanding. Adds this: The dead? Never cry...take less, be less of them they are no one to you really but you see [I know your hurt as well mine, but see no tragedy of theirs spoken as yours - always too cheap]. In time, no one stands for one another, we keep them our little way no wiping and in our way we see ourselves being challenged daily for any of it to be as said [as you will, I have very little substance to myself and I like all of the nice things too - you'd like it all for yourself but never trust I'd have it for you]. A mother's tears effluent dried by thought that single tear too hard to shed as seen by and said once again or may be too many [mother? tears? thinking it over? that's not crying to convince me I'm sure of that I only ever see a cheap production by my pordid that means is fattened with health, blood in the face mother every time I die in the furthest shadows a pimple with AIDS never need worry her the angels and Cocteau Twins blend me a death less broken to issue me pure). I know you - selfishly feeding on it and me still yet no one breathes in me my pain personal and yet guarded by your least of knowing [if you knew how little my nose job hurt you'd have yours broken again - keep it down I may have to be issued a profit for it again]. Your pain is the Chicago production [no one cried] - Atlanta let it flow in Chicago closing that night [someone left laughing - they stand up for it anyway - a rare treat to see bad done]. All left home [biggest showing yet for that said better no angst]. A practice to killing its tear [save me from having to feel, please - let me say it as held....if you loved me I'd say it to you like that in bed while trying my best not appear as though this first tear isn't being shed for the right reason now faded by a better thought for myself drugs alcohol too]. I never die and have to ask every time if you really died I don't believe it but cried with you yesterday a bit too but a drug then kill.   

From Doug To Mom Now Seeking Strength I Bother It - I Know You Love These...But Thumbnails Of Larger Scrutinies Unwanted By Nude 11/19/04 1435

Still today you reflect one stupid bitch to a world awaiting a "savior" in year 2000.
People living and dying to a song you can't sing - yet a professed Catholic to a "God" best left off.
Got a replacement for me?
Who cares? You are dumb and no match for me yet - see "FTE" equal "full-time equivalent" teach less.
Shove this up your ass and your request is denied.
We see you barking badly at all that money me and from you.
See more about you and opposition to your being every day you wait.
See me smile in your fucking face.
See how you figure in the overall I hear nothing funnier than speeches by you made to the public.
Sit down shut up thank nothing yet.
Doug (a God if to someone like you)

P.S. Your father owned Biondis and kept you stupid for me. Blacks? A bomb?
P.P.S. Two hundred dollars ($200)? That will pay for the Saturday through Thursday evening drug trip I just had. Friday now and just in time for another with the remain of one thousand plus left.     

>From: Geraldine Moon" <>
>To: <>
>Subject: Your website
>Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2004 08:12:53 -0500
>I suggest you remove the confidential and private information regarding me, your father and Leslie from the Sept. Oct. and Nov sections of your website.  Also the inappropriate pictures you have posted and the bizzare statements you make are eventually going to get you into trouble with some law enforcement agency.  There are more than Doug Moon fans that monitor your website, you have to be careful. Use your creative talents more constructively.
>Geraldine Moon
>Sr. Vice President, Hospital Operations
>New Jersey Hospital Association
>760 Alexander Road
>Princeton, NJ 08543

From Doug - the append of ">" added to my originals copied is for "someone greater than you" added to me only or something less. I leave it if someone asks how. I never bother with the childish works of opinion in smarmalades best thought kept to the self as proposed to no one that thought it wasn't best left off. Thanks you lift.

Just kidding about the drug(s), if you only know what I mean.

This Just Crapped In 11/18/04 0922
My Aunt Jeannie is now reported to be Barbra Streisand a possible landfill to another hole drilled. Keeps the old greasy folmstead to greet-out pammed detractors while dining is blintz wyst in Princeton prime. So funny to consider in hant maur faxhinde I thought I'd save to the sez. Stars are just like us - plain ol' folks Sam Walton pea pied, but the money bags are wrapped individually by thin wafer and casts salt out the back of the biggles-it baker. I'd have to stretch beat pulverhair over a pole to match the seats sold from the arts to cheap theater, but never have I eaten less of the crumb that the heat begave to the heart that betrayed it so and to first if.     

Fixes It Bitches 11/18/04 0921
Truth is what we all see. To trust is to see for yourself. All the wid blown up the crid, then slam domn.

You Try And Make Unhappy By Hating It Yourself That Works For Me
Don't make fun of Great Adventure people - they were fucking demons. I checked back later - all well-done still. My people all moved up and did well thanks. What is that place? A gifting to me only and it was private forever. Never think you have a right to Jewish Heaven (poor old bitches standing in the livored sun in starched sasks selling Icees to cammed monkeys while crying because you asked for one and had the money too what? another straw? mystery solved: me and friend put pee in a grape sipper one day - tart...I laughed so hard they had security there at the cart as someone mighta drank it I couldn't stop laughing hysterically some cow sipping rhine what my friend was cute and his mother told him to do it said me I was told they have watchers looking out for piss freaks urintab but no one saw us chill it down in the ice back some - threw a tampon out of the ferris wheel too - red lip smacker looks gross enough to a crowd below - that's what you get for being mean to me in security that night over free ring toss - should I mention it on my job application - ever accused of a crime? well, kinda but I lied to you and again you faded out miserably and clued a gay sucker) it fades shortly mined. People don't have what it takes to defeat my guest and you can't keep thinking about why it loses money each year and still runs. Because I want the public trained on you. You deposit money daily and helps you steal. Never think it your right to steal. It was sincere pleasure and we all enjoyed farther than prying eyes will show. Two dances, one clause, and all wax. You died in me I made it anyway. Who cares? When the times comes you will see-learn nothing again. If mine. Til die. Not only are you not good enough to see it, you don't think anything of it. That's just me a path of slofting lies left breathing to me alone. When I hate it, it dies. If left to living no one cared it off your way. Cruel? Bitch, we tone you up to it and soon. Sip piss. One night I got drunk with same person we took of our clothes and ran over to the neighbor's car and peed all over it a Dodge begs it lustre. The next day - more laughter and hysterics they're sitting on the hood enjoying the hot shilvery smeltd of kimspinks in bats-tiki wiss smiss smilents little pinch-bells saves tinkletyme. Get this - his mother still insists her sleeping bags smell. We shared one all hot and sweaty like two little gay pigs I handled the arrangements in a tent out back and all went well. Another triumph 1978 to suckers everywhere. Sure, I get burned having it great, but then again, it's only me getting what I want forever 'til die. Manipulate everything lives this well dies hard though after your prayer slims to fades. Be me a great yet. P.S. - You know who you are you died that's enough for me. Your mother proud we love her.

get the balance right

Just Playing - God Is A DJ 11/14/04 1022
The most ignorant Bryan Baptiste will be guest dj'ing at Rage on Thursday, Thanksgiving October 25 his birthday or something the 26th really. Bryan was a guy rudely named "Augie" in New Jersey and of our family of and is also the bastard son in this life of Chris Ondy and a black woman named Carol Smith (John having taken care of "Catnip" and just before me). I worked with Carol at Six Flags Great Adventure on the Round-Up the lead or supervisor she I her assistant she drove me to work often coming all the way from New Egypt a real pothead thanks again I still hate your friend I hear she died. Incidentally, pot makes varicoceles in men I had one operated on March 1987 New Jersey healed beautifully no to seen thanks to know (they never cut the bag or - five inches [5"] a slice above the nuttle but under our shavened fur no stitches outside ever to see). They made this baby of with harms in mind a money deal type-thing. It ruins my life, but the kid is cute and has the traditional Ondy bodysaint-attitude "all us here" and would kill to be loved by Chris too an Ondy then. No such luck. It hardens us then. This now: I barely managed to steal this from iTunes an "exclusive" yet not on no album finally a real good one from ever to not none Depeche Mode "Photographic (Rex The Dog Faithful Remix)" MP3 (4.2 Megs). Get it - "t-rex" the "dog" and all? The whole "dM" thing? Sorry the iTunes, but this isn't perfect my stealing - they'll buy yours for that ninety-nine cents ($0.99) later I'm worried rob the wires it got in-between you and my will.

See my application list for howsits - they'll hafta scramble this method too (this possibly retarded, I get things done only and never specialize in precious monmers 'yours', mine: WireTap records the song as it's reveal-playing to me saves something a 'file' (AIFF plus numbered tits....they cripped it here keep having on), you open Jasmine and decrum an edit screen then save yours as a 'file'. This file then exports to AIFF mine appended ".aif". You alert Audion and encode to your pleasure an MP3 (why would anyone go down to MP3 from MP4? because we hate MP4 it seems nicer we hate it over ninety-nine cents a unrelated deposit-heir - make music, make money - make no more music, make more of the money anyway stop making sense). I live for it remember not everyone has a computer not everyone can pay not everyone is happy enough to say so they may have been hurt by swiping life. I never ask. Tip: One day, stop yourself from making the world "perfect" - it's been perfect forever. Your concerns interests bother me to dumb it back down your way another type of de-evolution is just losing shit to botherco. Everyone so open-faced in trilogy - just fuck 'em like the money blind. When these cheap bastards cut me off, I make new a sign-in name (who paid you? not me - yours should cost forty dollars tops once you did a copy - I still can't pay a computer invents scams using tortures. Meet "Friendship", my to fool. Undo me so many times with your new crums. I wrote everything once and right forever. Now you format that endlessly to it a bargain for me - keeping you busy ain't a sin, but it's close to me. If I had a world full of Doug Moon (all niggers each day), you'd still be sitting there eating my next blaad-booger as panck (puts them somewhere) frost (notary ops). "Apple is good to you." Yeah, but remember the day when no one would use this Japan-hoid for being retarded no off button with smiley faces? Never would I care if you died three more times in my garage so ugly ever like gay rainbows in the samzi office. Only salt-and-pepper Jews used them too - no one else would bother arcaning it why lotus bit commodore's ass? Now you are here with me being ruined by Japanese stuff again. Call a blond Jew to find out why I own Apple like blacks own a McDonald's - they eat in front and in the back because they still owe-on it plus Dell (starry big brite, so hardly big dumb) wouldn't give me loan - ward a smart penny. We are not racists, we speak as if being listened to. My friends need to know better than you. I never mention "Niggerville" Pearl and Sansom Streets ever (hey - you got that new development for whozits he me and she calm down). Too rolicky for just a kid's joke. See.         

Yesterday's Sign In The Window 11/14/04 0929
So, I'm walking around in our backyard elysian field bothering the otherworldly tenants up a huge tree and cleaning up some from loose construction I agreed to tell them all to who I am again that embarrassing word me. Yup - an untrue and I put a little sign in a rear window before I went out, but the roommate sees all and objects strenuously an idiot, really, nobody sees. The sign in black lettering on a folded 8 1/2 x 11 stationary sheet with three (3) ideals on it:

b. 08/16/64
this 03/98 33 1/2
36 in 2000

To wit, I was made perfect then. And you? What? Bald? The roommate revealed yesterday that this lease here expires in one (1) year from July past and then the house is being pulled down. Seems a tad special this house (e.g., the misleur bedroom features human skin from backs, asses pressed into decorative wall foils - I put my flattened right palm on all of them a truer violation as always clammy) - we'll see they'll follow you home to night. I myself threaten idle to rip it the house out from the basement if coerced into leaving. See cranes about lifting pipes I pooped on previously. "Why can't we all just get along?" Because I said no. Note: Christ died at 33 1/2 - I to "finish his field".

This Is Dirty - Do Not Read If 11/13/04 2001
This morning's QuickTime in the head (very vivid film short): It's like we were filming "Taps" (assumed yet) an actor standing there in full regaele and then a view across water or mud. Someone naked - a male - ran to a riverbank with his back to me and then humped an ass rising out of the muck from seemingly nowhere. Headless to seem, really. Four (4) or so of them all together most being passed on. Really weird and of the dead. Not quite a hell, but really odd.  

Signaling A More Contrite Atmosphere - Perhaps In The Store 'Round The Corner Made 11/13/04 1935
Just downloaded Madonna's "Beautiful Stranger" ringtone up to my Nokia handphone number 3595 from her own website at two dollars ($2.00) each as may to be billed to my own monthly statement as unusual and to fancy (otherwise: had the roommate's debit-credit card absolved by the drunk of it and ready to shoot blisters my way). Now every time you forgive the call " ba da-da da-da da-da dum - beautiful stranger" something like that. If loading one in, follow the instructions to a save. On mine I had to go to "Settings" then "Tone Settings" then to "Ringing Tone" then to "Open Gallery" as saved then "Tones" then select "Beautiful Stranger" with musical notes on the title what I saved (to test, simply leave on highlight, a call thenafter). That's how. Then I noticed at least nineteen (19) others saved in their gallery already as given to free. So what.

The Tale Of Three Candles 11/13/04 1705
Remember how I told you that a lit candle near a window frame feeds the glass light pumped and thus no heat to escape? True today. Three (3) candles lit in one place fund a whole room with heat. Forget the physics of it - we meet your need then. Our house has an oil-based heater in the front room in the floor one crude vent only from pan. In the back I am naked as cold perhaps see a door there. Try the candles now they work well but as three (3) do. No, I have a little plug-in heater from the basement I cleaned of a little cranking it too, but noisy so. Noisy goose down with baffling.

as i get you get

Update To Ruse Maybe You Heard 11/13/04 1038
Remember how I told you to repay suffering now listen up: At the very moment I wrote last night's dump here, a window flew up open and brushed an antique glass jar on a shelf just below (no belly of mine a grandmother's old jar of 'hand' cream) to the floor now full of crappy seashells and glass shards (a placement never my error). Some spirit objecting while I sit to chat? Guess? A trip to a NYC building awaits you with meat tied on. Anyway, a mild gay fight (all cats scratching while you wait, perhaps the police called in advance) breaks out with my roommate who, like you, writes me off entirely as I wait in the halls of accept. "Get out!" meets to Rod Steiger and my DSL strangely does not work anymore after his walk down the beach, so to speak. Remember, five (5) years to be in early detentions rising with the sun for this all a whip on the back. Anyway, you may have heard that we switched downward from Adelphia cable high speed internet to SBC Yahoo! DSL internet upon moving a block away (I'd use a plain ol' phone line if had to, but not really). The red light of "DSL" flashing on the modem did we pay (I don't pay bills here)? did they get me down again (conspiracies now abloom)? No, the bitch just changed the hookup to "phone" (this for voice only) on the requisite splitter from the usual "DSL" slot and now you may watch for that too. Reward this a suffering. I thought in my head maybe he'd do that but said "nah" and decided not to even check - so dumb! never him, no - then of course he 'forgot' what he did until this morning the shit I live with. Check next time after assuring a dial tone with a regular phone. Anyway, the voices in my head - one a guy named Brant (aka and the real Charles Manson and also an angel named "Markud" say "mer-kah") a technical friend probably dead yet needing something though I did play with him frequently in the head shortly after meeting him at his place his chest hair is really nice answered the door shirtless someone else was there hiding and I sprung someone from jail on request - say 'no' the Yahoo! system is down. Something about Tustin where they are and rain and not making it yet to outlying areas after some sort of electrical shortage 'we can't pay either' + 'you took our drugs down' (yes, I do this....three baggies in twenty minutes and you still a wantin' just enough to make you angry like all in a pipe your tummy hurts for having it too maybe a permanent off for you see this personal and cry yourself to sleep but one tear clinging boo hoo)....can you believe the lies to me yet so I don't get mad? Lying to me is grandeur. Our bill now due the twenty-seventh (27th) by postmark. See it. But then maybe all twirls around my simple anger and its destinies down you a blackest cancer by wave in on your lymph nodes rising up the arm yet another voice in. I don't trust nuthin' changing cords indeed. This just in: "The U.S. government is embarrassed by you." - Tony Feld. And I, separating that one stink of a voice out like the yolk from neighboring whites ask "Who the fuck are you and why would I care?" Have that to yourself a curse if known to be. A pride-related illness. To Brant: You will reincorporeal (add flesh) tomorrow in your backyard if truly down with minds off - the way God intended you to be my friend and sex to me soon. God Incarnate - know this to be and minds off. Getting another friend kinda out of jail I say I put him there too for being what he is - a rude. More: Cable is strong and ten point two times (10.2x) faster than a DSL but when distance and time are tiny it hardly mattered. Figure yours out. DSL is tricks of the mind, usually, but is fine enough for me. Get cable wires if can pay - a high-voltage writing dream at twice the cost usually. Get that one package I gave up VH-1 Classics with. The woman above has menstrual difficulties, I'm told. See the within.

Sorry For The Highest Seas 11/12/04 1947
Getting a few new storm? I fear you may. When I get into a rut, into a bad mood if you will, I lay down close my eyes and roll the Earth's atmosphere - "a button, really" toward the rising suns breaking all envisioned snaps to make all weather crap on top of all weather. Usually us in a balloon of safekeeping below. You may see this of the last few days as it takes a few to notice me. I wasn't put here to wait for your call. Answer to mine now. I couldn't imagine being on the high seas when some of the shift pitches (your turn, your crap) but I haven't heard it matters yet. Oh, then other things shutting off warming volcanoes to no merit and making general miseries happen to you too. You to eat this soon. If I'm not kept busy, I'm a typical busy child. Busy busy. A whip through the universe if it. To the face. Enjoy Hawaii's south-pacific weather chilled deep down California. To be X. To pull a zodiac's chain up the throat. Oh, don't worry - our spaceship "cradle" of rooms corridors is supposed to wind down to the universe floor. Good luck with that as Venus is being held off to the side for now....see Spring. "We'll behead him." I'll pull your fattened off for the thought of me to it alone (remember my law to you - no beheadings by the likes of you ever). Just a little clip in the back says it to me like a jelly melon peel.

The Proud Second-Class Owner Of Mini Cooper 11/12/04 1639
In the radiohead I'm hearing about the Mini Cooper the "Special Edition" that was delivered me from the folks at ValueWeb (credit the usual...) shortly after me getting to 916 Hilldale back in September - sure - a "second place" winner for a contest I never entered so? A silver-ish (think along my lines - a gold-type, silver-ish, then perhaps bronze a copperplate of sorts) toy car at 1:18 scale I plan to give to Toys For Tots at the local Starbucks I don't play with this stuff and I thought I'd make some little black or Mexican child happy but after of course checking inside the box roundly and under the car unit itself for trick messages announcing my pre-paid visit to a local dealership to sign for what amounts to one model or another a crime in its seat. Now I hear the real "first place" car - um, 1:1 in black jet - was rejected after nine (9) weeks by the "real" winner and theirself or something industry. Any seekers yet? They motor the car to you on flatbed, they drop off the keys, you sign and go. I'll be waiting as next runner-up. More 11/25/04: The toy car now given to that Starbucks seem.

I Re-Registered To Vote Again Today And As Christ 11/12/04 1427
Who's fooling who? Stay stately or else old people will come to know you as less. My Vote Counts! as seen on the top message board earlier. What could it hurt a non-person who doesn't get tax forms or voter reviews the acid test?

you know, it wouldn't hurt to brush up

You Know Catholicism Never Said I Was Fallible Or With Fault -  I Was Foolproof Until You 11/12/04 1101
Read up - I was never here more. Read up - we hand deliver these to you to understand us better. Question away to no one who cares ever like you. An excerpt "Christ died for your sins of not having him with you fully. 'Where were you?' it said to me. It said to me again - you, with and how." Read up. "In understanding those beliefs": I like these titles of "Understanding Jesus The God-Man" [you were born to live and die - I live you] : "The Human Nature Of Jesus" [you were made to be with me but not as me] + "The Divine Nature Of Jesus" [you cannot see me in my glory I am here with you again - you see less than me] + "The Obedient Son Of God" [I obey my Lord God and above - that is me only but of knowledge and simply rueful or hateful of me for being worked so hard all things coming to rest weighing it out and all crying so of it]. Then see "gnosticism" [say "noh-stee-tee-zum" in Latin for "guided to the above, but not made as such" - then "you were made to know me not as God" - a false belief], "docetism" [say "doh-stee-tee-zum" in Latin Ancient for "you were made for me - maybe not .you though." - "we were meant to know one another not" - another false belief], "arianism" [only white need apply - we are all here and listening it said - "only perfect people, please" - falsely attributed by you as you], "monophystism" [only yours can know - ours cannot know - "you eat first, then we see how it all comes together for us as leftovers" - quote ascetism or false attributes again as God wondering about you] explained to not. These movements did us down before, we retread in it. Read up.

ours yours ours to

Thanks From Above Any Cash Forthwith (From Having This Heard - Is Anything For Me)? 11/11/04 2041
From: 	 Geraldine Moon 
Sent: Thursday, November 11, 2004 7:31 AM
To: Doug Moon <address removed for your fancy>
Subject: Thanksgiving Dinner

Omaha Steaks will be delivering you a Thanksgiving Dinner sometime before 11/24.
You will have a 10 lb whole turkey and a 2 lb ham with mashed sweet potatoes,
stuffing and green bean cassorole and a pecan apple carmel cheesecake.  You can
see it on the [see the details orient theirselves] website. I had it delivered to 916 Hilldale
Ave. West Hollywood, Ca. 90069.  Their # is 1-800-960-8400 if you have to check
out delivery.  I will be in Florida through Thanksgiving and hope to see Terry's

Geraldine Moon
Sr. Vice President, Hospital Operations
New Jersey Hospital Association
760 Alexander Road
Princeton, NJ 08543
As If No One Ever Knew Me 11/11/04 2024
Made that turkey meatloaf tonight to a complete success and by rule it checks out again. All the same made it happen to me. Remember too, celery forces fat weight right off to youth and slender (fat equals brown fat solubed by alcohols as under the skin in the layers then adds milk no powder included - celery gets in and says 'get it off' it goes right off specific release to youth to youth). Peaches clear out all you know and the next day shines on no palps! no burns! too great. Remember to eat both regularly although now and being added to food. Celery says off with fat like that. Peaches say out with that and oxygen release of. Get both here. I use both they work perfectly well when bothered with.

i'm a big fan of tupperware and their cups

Seventeen (17) Ways To Make Used Seem New In Cooking
11/11/04 1827
Never make fish with as meat without horseradish what tempers "mocrinium oxide" (a magenta-colored substance from magnesium and salt used this way and heated) in fish. Brown sugar always needs a teaspoon of cinnamon to make itself seem less than sugary. Add "resonate" (liquid salt or butter with salt - butter cures or hardens on the outside) whenever cooking salmon with fish of other. The salt cures the salmon of its need to seem better over others and reduces its ride over self (the lines in it smoothed). Raw eggs? Never without vinegar to substitute for fresh air but a teaspoon with. Carrot juice? Needs two (2) teaspoons of orange or grapefruit juice too or is slimy as shit. Two (2) crumbs or postules of salt for each egg eaten too or is fishy and slimy. Salt cures slimy and fishy at once but small amounts to. Cranberries need egg to rise above other fruits. A bit of raw egg and then yes salt cures this too. A hen's egg cures all manner of slimy forth. Is Tina Ivans Poison Ivy Rorshach of The Cramps (and with a digitalis hearing aid?) Yes. Never cook eggs on heat - always use a butter in sauce and in a double broiler (on water heated) for smooth and luxurious. Soap in eggs makes us unhappy when it hardens on pots and tastes bad too. Add salt to eggs never before heating on ice. Use table salt only, never an iodine mix what flavors badly. Eggs need be chilled never - use butter and eggs out of the refrigerator (we do on the butter we leave it out in a container - learned that in Minnesota use Tupperware). Only half-an-hour at a time should you chill eggs before eating. Half (1/2 - a concept only) a teaspoon of cooking oil on any time you boil water for eggs or other stuff. Vegetable oil kills bacteria in the water by being hotter and makes cocoa livelier too. An egg in the septic system is better than butter any time by killing all useless grass and spools of yardage or greenery (a spirit walking leaves moss - did you know that?) Salt and pepper should never be exchanged for one another. Salt is for eggs raw and meat raw only. Pepper is for both as dried and ready to eat. More or less with use is the rule. Seem more later.

still ugly enough to behold it

Do It If You Want To I Didn't
11/10/04 1131
You know, nothing about Shrek 2 defends if I'd wanna watch, but the roommate brought it home two (2) nights ago and I enjoyed it anyway finishing last night. Computer cartoons with dots on their faces still rankle me as truth hiding in it, but I see alot of good humour if all made half-rate and slightly less than engaging in idea plus fart jokes what never please me enough about raglans. What a feast for the eyes sent sailing. I urge a watch anyway as incredibly weird the girl is engaging the rest ugly enough again a truth hiding in it. Neil sings some songs in here a Universal project nearly dumped for being ugly still (Shrek is still ugly once brought to life as human - still ugly to know an "ogree" eats the dead rather than know you...a black? what is it being said here?), but I harken back further to the records of my childhood from Two Guys a department store in Bordentown, NJ. Sure - the big bad wolf, the three little pigs, the gingerbread man, the sky falling on Chicken Little all singing to my dancing. Elton John paid-made these to counter Disney movie and moneymaking I hear with English-type tunes (e.g., the muffin man on "drury" lane). Good stuff, but in the movie it is the fairy godmother that reigns as being particularly ugly again with her son with dots on his face another realism shot-made - her enterprise interesting nonetheless and beautifully depicted as a dot over her lip left (what is that? pay actors for that again). See the same theme - a mother gone crazy with lust and theft - in "Sinbad And The Eye Of The Tiger" already to done. That's who they are anyway waiting to spring nohelden. But see it for a laugh "it is lively" says Eddie Murphy playing the donkey again. Chia Shrek! just ugly enough. Perfect substitute learned in Boy Scouts: A coffee can of any desired size filled with soil. You plant grass seed as on top to grow as hair. Paint a face on the outer can or use construction paper to cover. A wilderness.

Incidentally Speaking
11/09/04 1605
Put Madonna and Liz Fraser down in the backyard of their Park LaBrea penthouse - one naked, one in a towel almost days ago. I was gonna make 'em both black for fortunes seen, but see it soon come soon enough. Neil is being a morfinde now comes and goes as hurt too many times works for me.

marcus iron loves being damon reece too he paid for it

To Damon Reece
11/09/04 1221
Dear Damon Reece of Spiritualized and most notably else, I just connected with your lives work - beautiful. Keep doing, keep having. Prior to portrait, shop Falcon Studios simply the finest pollute to yours youth. One title seen "Tight Guys" on DVD (Blue Jay Productions - 'the dead' bring me these and I view friends in action - they keep me company in this way I have a bunch to review as good enough for me). A "Mustang" artist (as opposed to Falcon or "asked to do" by Navy officers then as such) pays one hundred grand ($100,000) to do their own with and for the U.S. Army who makes this stuff so good (they spraypaint your body with color and then clean each hair only and usually). They want the money up-front and usually too. "Jocks" (um, "jacques" or "men found [to be with us]") is for French guys working here only.

no website prevails me is like vaseline brand

See The Turkey Meatloaf Bend 11/09/04 1014
Every now and again, a homestyle recipe to replace old and their ways. Buy a single-plus (1+) pound of Jennie-O Turkey Store ground turkey (an excellent meat value - no "extra lean" all-white meat ever as too squeaky, too lite) and add in one (1) egg and one (1) cup of Italian-style bread crumbs (Progresso, Contadina - make more of if you want to yours). Mix all well and shape into loaf just at placing in the bottom of a to-be-covered pot for the oven (add a little cooking oil underneath you say). On top, smear one (1) small can of tomato paste (I use Hunts) all over thickly to cover. Add in peeled carrots and potatoes to your liking all around inside the pot and then sprinkle dried parsley flakes (we use McCormick) on the loaf mostly and then on the vegetables for show. I recommend no onions and no soup mixes but leaving plain for the bother and taste. Bake covered (don't be a fool - covered cooks all uniquely) for one (1) hour at three hundred fifty degrees (350˚). After that, the paste on top makes an excellent cover for the meat and vegetables and you eat right up. More: Never forget the childhood pleasures of "hash beef" - a large can of Campbell's or VanCamps pork and beans stirred into browned ground beef (use the turkey store now to substitute for ground chuck a butt piece on cow female only you have to ask for that usually - I haven't tried, but is seems cleaner yet but use chuck we had ours freshly ground at local town butchers in Allentown little). Add in some brown sugar if may (not much...some - a cup? way too much to me!) and serve up hot. We loved it.

Check Yourself 11/08/04 1006
Get this - I put a check in someone's account at Citibank on late Friday, October 29 to present for cash on Monday, November 1 (payday, a direct deposit) and they at our bank - Bank of America a local cheat daily - said they got the check that day like somebody carried it over there personally and bounced it for a lack of funds. I called today - some "new law" against float enacted October 28 they defend with some sort of check imaging junk (you know you are illegal a check is an i.o.u. old people again living in us hate for the lack of not having us - here we are seeking defense until you do your jobs Jews). You are going to die following people around like this making our money worthless. Money? Worthless to you - print up more against losses youth makes it work. Print it up. Our one true currency in life is the attractiveness of our people (no - prostitution? you've gone too far about you again). Color me ugly these days. By the way, I call up and get what I want - or else you earn that to your fee. I didn't get around you and your thought today so trouble you may see. I'm gonna hafta deposit some things from that account in New Jersey again. P.S. See Russia - there are no old people around I hear. They did 'em all up for this type thing "and stealing from us all the time." I hate old skanks telling me to die with them. Their median (average - mean, mode, media from statistics 101 - the "median" is the average yet and so is the "mean", the "mode" what gets you there in samples is the greatest number represented in sample more than any of others, and the "media" is the mid-point if stretched from top to bottom - should be around the average) age? Thirteen (13) for boys and girls. Ours? Twenty-six (26). P.P.S. If you live to be that old, it means nothing. Say nothing or be poisoned and that way. A bit more a faceless quote: "They're ready to die - they just won't tell you. We say 'go take a walk and we'll shoot you' and they do it anyway so we shoot them down as mental in the head. You can't know them anymore, so we do it to them. Let 'em explain it all to their God who dies here daily with it."

More: When things get bad in Russia (all continents connected this way - consider to be one), the students and teachers there are told to get out and find their happiness "shining in the pocket of someone old." A farmer in town tells of no longer growing food because someone ate thirty dollars ($30.00) worth of cabbage from him at night and well his needs were taken care of with savings around and then floorings done for him earlier in the year. "We got everything we wanted then." Then, no calls from you so no favors either. Shot in the head in three (3) days time. The tractors that pull wheat in are held by banks until someone old meets their steed. Meanwhile, we all starve. You'd be shot too the tractors taken. In America watch out for three (3) things: telling God to go to hell, telling me to go to hell, and your own mother that sits there daily eating bon-bons while you sweat around her needs of filthy tampons and associated clothings. Get her done outside daily or get rid of her association with you. They murdered us all here with women's fancy. I'd shoot. Living in a commune meant something - like needs and hates against people. Do that soon. My own mother needs to eat my shit too.

More yet: Old people and armies. An army is formed by all of the old people with money and class situations. Be careful not to fight your brothers and sisters no one cares for you like your age and botherclass (those who came up with you). We recommend never fighting with each other over food and clothes and never asking each other to die for one another - send anyone else if can. Injunct: "You're gonna get popped in the head for writing to your lovers in front of us. Our lovers are all already dead." Back to, an army is dependent upon hate (no thought from fear of having-losing) and being suited up with money and class (old people doing it the dressing up to) and how could this be fighting for you and its leftovers? Be aware that we cannot buy ours yet with fancy blackened machines all lasers seeking and strong-looking clothing accents and they shouldn't fight us too strenuously or then risk to suck old dicks way too far into Hell for lasers to see you out to at once fresh and lighter colors. Leave it off - to say less. As one with experience you'll trust me - to jump at the chance to be with old after I remake them in my image to again. The mind a bit cranky of it old, but paid for in so-to-speaks. Wait up for the others. Oh, it starts small....rejecting mind-altering substances to address the fighting of inhibitions burnt right in, and then personal contacts steered off. Oh, we see where it's all going yet.

More at 12/01/04: Someone in Russia reports re Grozny where Russia's royalty retired "It wasn't the lack of cabbage or not working they just said 'no' about reporting to us anything. The people in Grozny (a lower state now) are disgusting to me. They fart and want you to pull the shades instead of complaining about it." I laughed so hard upon hearing that this morning in bed me thinking about sunlight being excluded for taking too much of the stink away too soon. "For sex" is really the key, but off and a second time. "You had better fuck-off on that note. No one 'breezes' me."

Hands A Holdin' 11/08/04 0935
Chris Ondy had his right hand on my throat last night as I slept drooling (he's "learning how" - putting it all together, sort of). Just playing of course I woke up mere minutes after falling asleep. Next time, a little more intimate please it was really Candy Weiss with that one eye.

Up And Against It Or "Drift" Live  11/04/04 1708
Cocteau Twin Robin Guthrie solo at Knitting Factory Hollywood Wednesday, November 10. "The Temporary Thing" (solo). Sounds like to a sell-out crowd. "Nobody will be there - I'll be there." More (11/11/04): I did not make move to attend last night (money problems ran too deep again - once again scolding in-fact), but obviously all was not well. The stage ran empty at eleven o'clock (11:00) p.m. and no one came on - no one cared enough. Stars need to learn that we are all poor and not interested in making dues happen to you. I went to the Bel Age Hotel last night (mere "palaces inside") and did a visage in the lobby for Franklin (a stage hand) who attended me with camera and film. I agreed to do that while scouring for free gum (Altoids peppermint - will freshen anything your mouth) at Tower Video and we followed suit. Have a day. P.S. I applied for low-life jobs on paper at Aah's and Video West long before Halloween and interviewed at Aah's on 09/23/04 to no letter yet or to suit. You call. Just something to bring a little cash in the door here, and of course, we see nothing yet to me so I tell you so I blab taking that paper from me. "Do you really want to work?" I was there, and once again the manager of Aah's decided to show up later than for my 6:00 interview - at least a half hour late and then someone else is sitting in there I waited yet but got there to mostly silence. I take care of all you see. "Damn it, Doug - he just doesn't want you." So? I don't want him either for it. Have to know. My social security number? 148-56-9407

Six Ghosts Plus Names 11/04/04 1102
I promised the otherbeings here that I would provide names and stories for a few of them when I got the time and the effort together. Here goes: One is named Richard Hodge and he helped build the place in 1947. Richard can become three (3) things: a horse, a ladder to use, and a friend of the family (that is yours made - whatever pleases you a man then). None to touch - all just to see in the distance and use to fetter others (bring them about). "No comment" he says "but thanks for wielding hate at me often. We'll play again." Next up is Jane Wyman the actress and president wife. "I never died, I just moved here one day and made my way among the stars that enrich us so dearly. Spend a night here and make us happy anyway - running, fleeing, and having no sense for weeks on end. A magistrate of it all, we'd say. I am male now and call myself 'Christine' to please you. I live in the yard and have my day there with you - a tree helps keep me warm. Have day at work outside here, Doug, and see we're here hating it all too. Are you real? You are not real. You will be real soon." Hers an opinion sooned. "Hi to Willow" she adds. Then add in Kris Shempe - a tabulary or person who counts cards for the dead ("cards" are their money or chips played - a regency or something for me, maybe - "we try to impress him" a quote by Chris Ondy from him Kris). Kris who died in 1942 at a fire next door left facing says "You go to Hell. Don't print my name - or else." A male, white. We have sex maybe. "That's the end for her" it said. My friend Chris Ondy who's staying with me says of Kris "He's nice - but sounds old." He's young and founding of it. "We died along time ago, but stay like this to avoid sun and pleasure. It killed us dead once and it hurt bad. So there. Stay clean and make a mind first. I'm doing that with the help of my father, my friend here. End this soon to me. Don't speak so much. You're making noise because you are special. It killed us too." Next up Jarles Sherman. Jarles (an actor type, his name made up by him in 1936) speaks to others, but listens intently to hear their side said. "This one is mean and real and is quite capable if he lays down to make his will known to the feathers in him what rush out. Say no more to me then." Candy "Peter" Weiss is a drag queen and as you might suspect spends his time fitting in. "I repair pipes and stand alone against bother for this mess here. Do not clip our trees too much, do not bomb us with Raid again, Doug. The bugs are real and so are we. Tragic off then." Franklin Weiss his father is here also ("we lived here briefly and both died here too.") Franklin spends his time as a black (he was and is white in the mind - our count please - but does black because it "shoo's people away") out back making things and taking things down eventually too to meet your ordinances. "I meet you all in the face and you hand me things - I'm that good at it. He [Doug] will bargain me down when he gets off his ass and pleases others to the extent that I don't have to witness masturbatory practices on behalf of us at our savior then." Huh? Next.

More: I have lots of stories for you, but Chris Ondy tells me there's an upside-down gambling palace in New York City and for stature only for the welcome dead where my hair that allows the dead to fly alone fetches five (5) dollar-chips for playing and winning more (they can then buy more hair what is used to make them soar in stature and being). You can only carry one hair there to flight and you give up flight back here to play then. Take a cab. Actress Sissy Spacek's hair gets you twice that I hear. It yields a higher-priced gold because she played "Carrie" so well. Not no more. The dead always go with what they saw as on-screen as cheap or then traveled they'd say an opinion I'd wait to hear them say. Take a tip. They the ghosts advocate bomb shelters under the city too because bombs distort their minds like us do. They live through mostly, but have forewarn to get under and stay out. Thanks also to "Ghost Hunters" (Beastie Boys - yuck) on tv last night with "Taps" the movie hats being worn for us having been charged with death lodgings so late in life (too much burden to bother with at your hands as enlisting in the army, as fixed on - we'll kill you later see it). Thanks again. "Taps" honors "the dead!" plus Sean Penn as acting out in filming and thus the like for having to endure you so late in us. However, I relish the chance to channel all of those guys who live in ruins they fixed up but then died of placant bombs set off around there too (no immediate to really, but heat resonance kills us our hearts fade in it) and pleuries of cold and damp. They like their lives undisturbed now but may come here instead at any time and to see. Don't bother it they come anyway. John and Chris Ondy once descended into a subterranean place called "House-Forrs" a New York City-type place once underneath and stayed little for fear of being trapped. A bomb shelter. "They like ghosts there - we ran." Someone also said singer Bjork got fucked with made crazy for three (3) days for putting panties with my name on it only inside a headstone in England proper of a ghost that promises to kill children up to twelve (12) years old if you put theirs there inside. Please, Bitch - try another so worthful. This ghost died murdering children it seemed so I don't touch a world that pleases me so. Chris Ondy and I also discovered his sister Jackie to be Zsa Zsa Gabor his first wife to you died 1973 but returned. Played out otherwise.

"If you die, it is because you deserve to." Of my dumb father who shall remain nameless Charles Alfred a freak (birthday Nov 1 hi). I tell people "I died already, Fool." This is an animated corpse I play to them and after we part from any distance, your mind will be played with and produce it the head a cartoon-like planar of smooth and waxes my eyes open but unfurling guise to you. Of course I achieve this, but let others off the hook so to speak to have and to hold. I reveal to thee, not the other way around. I reveal me without a words spoken thee. More: When ghosts appear to me, they are all light fashioned. They have the ability to be completely perfect to the n'th detail, but have no touch. We have meat or "calebars" behind us that support touch, but are not real either, really. See. Sight and sound we ghosts use. There are tall hedges out front that have a huge ballast (um, a plate of sorts up against the side) of fresh greenery on them at night. A ghost with feet adhering against to live and move. Looks so dumb, but we see.

More ghosts from my home and surrounding - I let them to speak here but urge all to be careful not to add to my problem here of not having much nor of it made my own to speak for. You starve me to this your ideas a purposeful yet unspoken by you still up against my ideas of how all should be and I never live that neither for or at and urge you to be else as other and not here I will have you dismembered trying to take me apart for the others I will dismember you in front of all lose every way and every day you die to this never will I forgive I will forget you my hate chained to morgue tables will serve itself a meal made at your expense to yet you serve me and that itself is abroken to me now marches all onward abroken ("but you speak to us": I serve the ass of it crackers and hope for less to be said by me to me up where top is made and thus said is a gift to self taken aback by itself - eat less then I reward you to it all die to you - remember that in me there is no life only your life aspoken as backwards as ruined then - have it): "My name is Justin. I am from Fort Langerholde, Missouri. He thinks the French are dirty and unclean. We didn't have your guide and care not to it. Will you kill us all [while we lay trying you]?" I don't work with unclean spirits (will not pass it on though having many-all). One who takes in dismay and then produces dismay. I am friend to friend but lay dying in my mind. Be friend - or be else and die. The individual scent reigns to it we love you. Next: "I am Fred Barrister - mention Romy's eye next time [he is being threatened out of this yet - no plans]." Romy is Candy Weiss and just revealed to me is her disgusting feature of one eye out front on a disfigured face left to die a failed surgery. Candy, you were a freak winking falsely with device in your finger I heard you, but having been made capable of suffering we care for you and how you live now issuing hate as humour to get by. We endure with you. I would kill that dead on day one in the hopes that anything that happens between us is without thought of it. For me? Never unless decided and done to be rude to people who mess around as usual with. That rules us. I want better done for human consciousness what is dumb and frail to you and because of it. Why think? I have better to and that counts me. Thanks anyway. A freak? I cared too much and not to say. Finally, we have Mark Townsend a neighbor's friend: "Sans doubt, we think you know and speak often of having nothing. You live the life of a pig. That is simple. You defend pigs. My mother told me never to bother the dead - they speak with ill-will to everything you made for them. We don't bother you, you bother us doing what should not be done. That is rude [also notes I don't type well - and "is typical of your other works"]. Now mine: Rules or every then experience to said and you follow the same will are for not having - you borrow much all from other-else and must adhere in your step. I stop people from doing me and all is preserved at-the-ready to deliver mine for me when I get there. Benevolence so stinky to allow you to have you - comes from having it beyond your scent. Wait to the smell it may never hurt you. But to bargain me as partly yours then is to die frankly and at humble I would live you to laugh at self made self yet better to live a harmony else. Ours a bacon race to teach what you may have it to fight for. Avoid fight with me you lose more than bacon, you lose your ability to have-know or then scent it. The bacon can be regarded successfully not as all of ours used for such, but that benevolence again that hurts anyone to wait for so astute. I never asked you what you wanted, did I? Because I fear you not. Many have fallen to this may I die so. I ask you sometimes if I could, but never if I may. Live me or live me then. Live. To live that bacon stealing so rude you steal mine and I laugh. You were not my problem ever. You are yours for that decision and live as long as you may do we never had to speak yours delivered to us yet. Each one so precious I take lightly what never needed to be known time and tide washes away each anothing waiting for nothing more to be asaid. So nothing is said. People get it all right - be nice, be clean, be friendly - be assholes too. Living is about knowing where to apply it all and at brief you may avoid rule be friendly to it keep thinking. Smart lives as a demon of it a laugh as me who wonders off at it usually - it paid attention and took little to it. Be smart you use mine to say me usually only the world is so perfect to me I could live in it forever as you then....then you and yours have another go at it no thanks I've seen yours done to me once atime too many no, no I depose thee. And still you may be happy in it delivering sex that is "too good" for me to those who offer foodstuffs conveniently and at price while I lay alone on a drug I love jerking-off to the stars. Be better than me then. Be that as it may you are still a great big bargain dancing around naked over a food one precious meal I try not to notice you there making me so happy anyway with strides toward me learning how a button to a branch all so magical in its unknown to me the gingeleld cup to the gods if at once thrown away toward the selfish if use of another fantasy player you can't get the likes of at a store and keep it nice the things you endure so happy me you can't get that in front of all seeing it my mother will never have so well opens the can you prepare for no one I see having rejected it a good at once for me and like you for on behalf of hates us too and somehow that paid me to say it better to again. Smart knows me how a magical scent. "You're really asking [me] for trouble." I am and seek to kill you to be rid of this mage forever. Then you a nothing said better to it once and again. Nothing needed to say me at all you said. Do me and mine better to be better and for said. You can't deliver me for the practice efforts you speak of a dump here I glory in it. Be both I'm sorry for you your languages mix us too much I smart for it.              

Thought We'd Update Today While I Wrestle With Dogs And See How It All Works 11/04/04 0944
A perfect day, Elise and to date: Not one strange visitor to my door although address repeatedly annnounced no one comes. Not one phone call. Not one deposit to my account listed below. Not one offer of employment either as guest or furrow (I'm asked repeatedly to apply with my name to local stores and interview - to no reponse at all I'll never ask). Now you know. All trying to get this out from under and without words. I'm trying to get out from under you too all day every day. Know it to be. May you be blessed from God on over it. God sucks me not one penny my parents so hopeful I'd die. Never Christmas to me we'll get through. Eat my shit. I'd quit you as soon as I could. You pay for this I'll never ask. Go to Hell. I wasn't born to be you.

death is a beginning of sorts...

Say, Weren't You That Guy In "Re-Animator" That Ate That Girl's Pussy With Your Own Severed Head? 11/03/04 1000
One of the things I forgot to bring along when I moved to California in July 1987 was my home-taped copy of "Re-Animator". Left that at my Aunt Jeannie's by mistake (it had "The Making Of The Broadway Album" on there too Barbra Streisand as featured on HBO....I keep indexes books on these labling all to know even audio tapes and at glance perhaps some lost to theft still) but bought another copy to present while here (still a major winner that brilliant opening score to HodgkinS movements like a Da Vinci - brilliant - see it Dan Moon-John Denver is lead actor Jeffrey Combs - who knew? not me - I just saw it and liked it alot). Kerry - fine job, no votes. Let Bush have the landslide to pay for his father's rude removal but earlier we kinda owed them (I hear nobody killed more than Iraqis than George Bush...a patriot of sorts, an oil strike). I can't tell you everything, but Bush senior died in office twice and had to be removed once in a wheelchair. He lost for being non-present to people and quite old in spoken. There ya go and stay away the FBI (I worry about them coming back like the pneumonia of my childhood a sudden tightness in my chest can't breathe at all - I never drink piss so no worry - it's my losing of friends to it that bother me so much to say as me). You know, you can't be president here unless you have been 'with us' so to speak - know this. Kerry has and in-fact. So has the younger one. Stay away.

More about "Re-Animator": Dan Moon - a sure enough "malcolm in the middle" a person made by a black and a white a "malcolm" in French means "both sides taken" his mother Jane was a black in our family and died on heroin in 1975 no one knows. He now says the movie is ""racist"" the poor education of stonewall gays because "no one brings back a black." Not true! What do you think they are? But seriously, God says "Nevermind - 'who made who?' isn't the question 'who made you?' is. Answer it first." Huh? As I tell my friends in heavenly scents here, reach for the best yourself that means having more for to reach for. There's always time to settle for less in it a placand (you had to have it that way and try to pass it on to me). Realize selfishness (for me?) and hate (does it anyway) for what they are, and avoid them placed to you at all it costs. Instead, embrace an honesty in choice when giving to oneself then we can begin to note how we are both cheated and how I will spring for that one the chance to be better for it all. In the meantime, problems with solutions will meet a solution made better both to yours or mine. Nobody chooses less for theirself but pride. I'd be black before that humble. To quote Grandmother Moon about Dan "His mother kept him looking like he stepped out of a bandbox." More: "I told Jeannie to look in his closet and see if he has girl clothes." I have it all on tape from under the kitchen table (her languages mixed us a southern). "Never can tell."

Bush Got Eighty-Six Percent Of The Popular Vote He Won Handily Nobody Cared Enough 11/02/04 2020
We know who won - we have their minds and looked it all over a day or two years ago. See that. Bush is related to me, huh? Well then, count me among the fittest ever. See that. Thanks to all who wrote in "L'cest Doug Moon" as president and 'president advisor' on bottom - seven thousand two hundred ninety-six ($72.96) of you wasting our time - thanks. A penny will do. Update to count: Nineteen thousand twelve hundred and two. Newer: Twenty thousand two hundred ten (20,210) in total now certified to us. Thanks - the check's in the mail (nobody's really looking on your behalf, but here it is again in statement). By the way swear to hate, I never thought once about a vote for president in my direction until yesterday. That's how plain I am about things a beauty really. I tell people if you could crack my head in two, you'd be so pleased with yourselves. Not really your own margins weighing in too heavily stay with big and dumb forever be happiest overall. Final numbers for me: Twenty-six thousand seven hundred two (26,702) and counting. Latest final: Twenty-nine thousand two hundred twelve (29,212) all counted now. See fourteen hundred (~1,400) thrown away I'd guess first but included in my number known to me as surely fact. If you voted for me, one (1) full house dead at your choice all included except me and mine thanks the giving after-the-fact. Have it now. Better to know it continues. A tie is broken in two.

Another Wellspring Of Musical Genius Has Arrived 11/02/04 1712
As if you had your thumb over the hole, this springs forth for fear of you missing it - and never to let see. Enter adrium, Bananarama "Is Your Love Strong Enough?" MP3 (7.0 Megs). This anotherlover from entersummer 1992. Of apartment 319. You get it - a thorny staple of the "Pop Life" album - because I took forever to see it come. Enjoy this with. See. The joke? Suspectedly, a person so frightened of ejaculate being noticed places their thumb (or forefinger) over the hole in the "[over] glans meatus" (um, the 'shroom on top - the ugliest part if to focus, a truer seeing of microscopic papillomas? never non to you sweat glands over folds no bumps no smooths just you and I please - from only women perhaps thanks to not knowing anything you win again but far less as I knew more) of men. No one got to wash my panties - good enough, but if I told you the very first sucret was spirited away from the privacy of 'our' mid-noon bedroom in a "I'm With Stupid" t-shirt and hidden in the sticker bushes out in the backyard, you wouldn't hesitate to thumb it yourself. Thanks to colleagues "Masters and Johnson" for the 'undercover' thumbwork - my mother's "Abnormal Psychology" book - a thick black one still recommended in by Princeton - provided the details may add um, then, "retrograde ejaculation" or "blue balls" a posited result (now, yes, as mother's all significant now in her plussings to speak now as affirmatively, some to reassuringly). Homosexuality, although added in the book it was assured - was taken off their deviancy list and that afforded me less bother on the newly-learned "Kinsey Scale" of one to ten or so. That's all it takes getting off the list and all. A "Kinsey" kills cats Germany found less affording.

Have another great from the mind of Robin Guthrie producing (not the "Greatest Hits" version ever) Bananarama "Nathan Jones" MP3 (5.9 Megs) from the "Wow! LP. This record was one of the first things I loved-played having just arrived in California 1987 and in my new topless '88 Jeep Wrangler. Soon - a story given me about Boy George and the girls playing (he sings in the song above and in-fact). Here it is more (from 11/07/04): Sarah Dallin is my friend Kent Gearhiser's older sister in real life. Kent - a good friend by any measure - is mad at me and others for not visiting him in Hawaii while he lived there to many a beckon (they are from downtown Missouri). Kent needed to go to hell and stop cheerleading for the place like I used to cheerlead for California - come if you want to stay. So disapproving of me and mine, but also very nice he is. We never fucked (feature for all the girls who hate me gay) because while I'm easy enough to please, he is among the set that insist upon fucking things up to no sync or they have 'the AYDS' secretly while perhaps telling others I have it to improve my range. Which is it? Solve your own riddle. Oh - my bad breath again? unwanted...trying to wish you dead "so uncaring, so assuming, back-stabbing, all-consuming" to no thrill by me no more talk from that. Have better I don't perfect to clause see it now. You beg others less. Travel? I'm too happy here in my morgue thanks anyway - a gay couple? Die rather than suffer with it. Bore - no I died countless to it a playboy. To some though, it's like coming to L.A. - just book a fucking flight and come to play easy. Very linear in its layout and very suburban in context. Book a flight so cheap yet so daunting the prospect of being here think off just do you are happy enough where you are I cheerlead still but California sank for rejecting me like Kent's family (I met Kent's parents once at lunch) rejected her Sarah somewhat for coming back from the dead at nineteen (19) years old drunk driving killed her. Six (6) months, I love your music anyway. "We don't like how you buried me [in clothes not mine]..." Siobhan (again, say "shi-vonne" - their real names are Mary Sue and Natelie, respectively) is Sarah's daughter born to her at eighteen (18) so made young and then died herself in a fire of sorts in Missouri at age twelve (12) - not happy stuff. Returned to England to be with grandmothers they learned more of. The other one of Bananarama is Mary London of England who died at the stake (for hangings against people - she would hang young girls - black usually - for being "stupid" asking for too much - a God player) and is also Kate Bush's sister Keren and is known to us as "Keir" of Toni Halliday fame. Huh?

The song: Boy George insists upon dressing down when meeting others for having and playing. He is no one to people they'd say, but I regard him as one of the biggest stars ever in our time and is still well-done. He had it all you never did like that he captivated us a nation but is rude and forgiving too. He is of us and for us - I know that (bigger than Michael Jackson, Elton John? simply no - keep it slightly less I have the right to say and make it true then). To be a star is to record with big names you don't necessarily know or care to know they are mine alone not yours to pass around to each other a star is forever here and I am one of the biggest to you hiding in it. Be nice to people they have much for you instead and don't provide to all-seen as on-demand sure I'll be your friend rich and connected sure of it I reward that shameless. One of the girls Siobhan, so astute, rejected him as dressed down in the office of the queen ok wearing a green beret no makeup "he is a low-life, a faggot" and he recoiled having been rebuked as someone small being put down and out on the lawn a flag to it she urging "we're not here for you." Apparently, it still hurt bad Siobhan and all being mean - you know the type well I know her. Mercifully, and in his tact (I saw all in my head before falling asleep at night - kind of, at loosely), he tells her after agreeing to leave and never to come back - sort of - that by the way he is Boy George and she, magically floored by this chance to meet a hovering great, left to cry of joy instead I'd stick by my guns why'd I do-say that again? She comes back all aflutter but still funnily enough explains that she's trying to do it for herself but softly now and "without others taking so understand me, right?" No. See it here. The song, and Boy George produced here too, has sounds in it rewarding Heaven. The opening tingles are from a bus stop in Lincolnfordshire (a home for blacks in England, Surrey). Very gentle and reminding of it. A black man speaks as muffled to hate ala Charlie Brown's teacher "wha-wha wha wha wha". What else? Are you coming back now Nathan Jones? Just now that we have something to offer you so shameless. The good of it now able to have and hold perhaps? See mine pay all. Just enjoy the song to no comment. It's to me having been away so long and to truth? No. Those footsteps in the sand? I never left - you did on one those soul-searching things walk on the ocean you were mad at something I never cared of it less. Be done with it finally I never go in the water.

Sarah? Bess Truman. Kent? Yup - you guessed it - President Harry Truman. Bess was Harry's mother in real life - not his wife. A bachelor. Mamie Eisenhower sings as Patsy Cline too. Get that - she died being scurried about and that ended him Ike too. Mamie had k.d. Lang her daughter prior to her affair with Ike. Her father is Ben Silts - someone who died on drugs. She has a brother Ike too known as Ben Caspers. Leave it. Eisenhower? Our friend Lincoln - a lawyer's attorney.       

not a cent received to date

Plain Label Link Back To Prior Month
What fur is lanced cobbles made of and is biskmeat? Rabbit. I always make sense - see? Lanced cobbles are marbles of meat when dried some lines cracks and can be reconstituted any time in a soup or cauldron of meat no sauces just flavors. Eat some. See. Six (6) years in a glass jar sealed of looks like wood. Better to die so some live.