so much to say
so little time
so much behind and what's more out on the run

black friday is this month
will it not matter again?
it shouldn't not matter much
we'll keep you involved

tuesday before thawbird wednesday november 20: it's $5 tuesday at amc theaters ! plus contra-roseanne (as in preferred term 'contra-christ') later on tonight someone has a change of heart get the $5 popcorn and soda combo instead...had mcdonald's $6 big mac special (a mcrib?) the fries are regular but quite ample the apple pie extra awaits me - extra nice today still no shakes...finished shopping nearly at trader joe's needed a pound of their butter for $3 - great buy...more later...never lonely, alone....

i haven't been asked not to yet
they had open recruitment in october

saturday, november 17 have a seat - got some laundry done with my usual bushel of bleach for no burner, but before then was subjected to rude amounts of 'two and half men' and guest emilio estevez who croaked on their terrace smoking a cigar (all john hughes alumnus - in fact, charlie sheen was discovered flatly in 'ferris bueller' with sum of thanks to ramon)...that sequed into a lovely conversation with the mother there who disclosed that the young child is genius mr. roper or sherwood schwartz and she is grand dame suzanne somers his daughter - i need to know her better mouth full of grapes and which is funny because she is involved with 'phantasm' and was at their premiere in a wheelchair device of sorts on stage...more later...in another episode, jon cryer breaks huge glass panes in a door twice with a kayak - to be so carefree....

up two dollars down two cents: i took my spectrum cable remote back to the store for refusing me a glide up and down channels with the channel button (is firmly no speed queen anyway) - same thing again but note the battery corrected it once - they wanna be definitive in paying folks and the rapid ease makes it hard to say...communist behavior plus blacklisting at-hand we all hafta agree on something or else? netflix started restricting screens to one at a time thwarting our sharing of notes plus, but it's still lovely at price...we'll hold there...i don't need alot of choice no fires on the beach once thought most optimal for it....

i finally got one answer correct while the others scrubbed on the recently shaved-down 'jeopardy' - q: who said men are just fuckin' apes and are just shitting theirselves in diapers too? write-in charles darwin - one girl is all 'who is darwin' no first name as duh? quadruped means crawling on all fours but sideways and but a tail...i tell people they are trees and used to be spirits in them only...a good guess...ribbed and veined ripped in vain like a leaf floating downstream...use a faster clock and aperture. q: did you put him in hell? a: 'no'....

q: who makes pot or cannabis and is their patron saint? a: apes - period. not gorillas, apes. no males. sure, like dolphins make blue-chip titanium. boom!

last night's showing of 'crimes of grindelwald' has the name 'douglas moon' flatly on a skull suggesting clairvoyance or hamlet 'why you-me?' thank you so much! how 'bout some pay?

cute free meal at north hollywood spa
thanksgiving day - cute

wednesday, november 14: watching another witch movie on netflix 'devil's bride' watch with us if can in-between movies at amc i can't think of one thing i wanna see right now but i pretty much liked everything so far (see below - if you can't shit on others at facebook and be welcome)...bought a simple potato masher $8 at target today for next week...zzz...fires stinking up the air and if video is the first lie god made after seeing or speaking for yourself...had lunch at mcd's today a cheeseburger, fries, and orange fanta around $4 despite their customer appreciation fluke (southern florida another beggar at-large? i don't believe they even serve hamburgers anymore while two blacks run the whole ship and at night - thank you) and amid leftover mini snickers and milky way bars and nestle chocolate chip cookies i sleep...it only looks like shit.

despite 7-eleven, the whole uber-delivery culture seems like a fuckin' doom...maybe you're sick or can't get out your car....

fmamj: for mother another mother jaded?

monday, veteran's day november 12: ten (10) months on this day for dear old mom - question of the day or q: 'who called 911?' a: 'it wasn't me.' and as a firm matter of record...hi mom am i homeless now? 'a: the husband, probably'...they used to chirp up folks across the street croaking - so see - as long i don't hafta know much, right? 'thank you.'

what am i waiting for? the same comb in 'suspiria' ads
i'll be right back, it says always
the clock at amazon

thom yorke 'suspirium' from the stylish movie of nearly the same name
i love this stuff, but can't be overheard playing it and singing along
like i wear pajama bottoms to sleep - no unseen of eyes for me right now
even in my own home

this is the walls thinking
about our body
what they mean
toward our starvation
with only the clothes that
we stand up in
adjust the ground
on which we stand
is the darkness
ours to tape?
bathed in lightness
bathed in heat
all is well
as long as we keep spinning
hear it out
dancing on the wall
when it all sounds of laughter
we do
all forgiven
always an endless inchworm
when i arrive
will you come and find me?
or in a crowd
be one of them?
wore the wrong sign
back inside her
no tomorrows
at peace


split into two parts - the woman at academy or me: no one is ever really here but i've got lots of company and 'we' suggest having and doing together but it's just me in the pot here risking all | switch to a wool-type manufacturing of sorts | what does the future hold for us governing so tightly? too wet, too cold. dig a ditch to solve a highwater the mind scrambles endlessly alone and on its own | never to complain about noises nearby and above are we really together in this? one voice asks me, in and of the walls | we keep forgiving ourselves each bit along the way to nothing we know here | am i wrong to be this as aloud? am i wrong? still? when you're dead we'll know more then.

'you can't keep sending out smoke signals from up in the hills, but you might run outta wood.' - dM knows you're there

god thank tumblr.com

my ongoing thanksgiving checklist:
[x] whole turkey (about $10-$11 these days at target - mine for alone is 13 lbs. but i love turkey sandwiches!)
[x] stuffing mix [x] celery [x] onion [x] broth
[x] mashed potatoes
[x] yams [x] mini marshmallows
[x] whole kernel corn
[x] cranberry sauce
[x] dinner rolls
[x] oven bags for pyrex glass pan
[x] pumpkin pie [x] cool whip, only
see how we do it....

saw a great tattoo out and about - an ekg kinda on the back of arm
i love anything crucible or thorn, dragons, etc.

last year's page in november still shines in me - take another look

adobe photoshop sketch is a good ipad or iphone app for drawing on your screen - no pencil? use a finger

'i voted for no significant change - trust that.' - dM for the straight and narrow we ride

'the truth changes up to the very last minute.' - dM you'll see that one day

teasers: [x] feinstein [ ] cox [x] yee...i just found out my ex-roommate is a democrat - who knew? you think you know people....

tracking (or stalking?) the endust sweeper at amazon - i don't keep carpets for too much dirt value...just hardwood or whatever and swiffers...clean.

the bunny character is being developed too well it is said - he dies a faceless extortion don't feel too much
henry, richard, bunny, camilla, charles - no pun intended
anyone else? a party of five and brief apology to the parents of the deceased at his wake
bunny's name - unbeknownst to me - was 'edmund' - he meets you as little girl hiding in the country club in an old tweed jacket and slaps you on the back announcing you 'old horse'
supposedly the snotty one in the argyle sweater....

to cement our futures
'beauty is beneath me - like i made it.' - dM

monday, november 5 - made a field trip to del taco (say 'delta? go') at santa monica and highland - is no more - get two (2) free tacos with their app but go elsewhere - passed by public storage what billed me about $150 more in july for my storage closet through last december it seems but has not turned up anything yet from their fire or whatever - is this how you get people's stuff? playing dumb? your government at work...i've lived without everything i own since then, but it's getting threadbare while your shitty wishes come true...we're not indigent, you owe me money and lots of it - see social security 148-56-9407 (it's on every job application and why not?)

oh, woe is me. i hate that song.

everything here is going to 'out of the closet' (a local charity box) should i depart...inspiration? a beautiful beveled, mirrored-glass bedstand they had for $100...what did you die or is too high? donate their stuff. who ya gonna call - fat and hungry again?

saturday, november 3 - we're here now go to hell~

omi god, i'm bursting with excitement over queen's movie at 8 pm nearly booked i hadda pay too thirteen blackguard (you let your friends in at night) bucks...i wanted to see 'rocky horror' finally i never watched entirely or ever but they relegated it to latin markets at amc - go figure! 'the man who fell to earth' was great (bowie)....

more features soon, my pet....

our facebook page for every day mulchings: facebook.com/doug.moon.92

the itty bitty titty machine hardly at work but steaming its options and envelopes closed...open sesame!

movies we've seen this month continued on:
'bohemian rhapsody' (i thoroughly enjoyed this romp through queen's career, but then again i know it well from fanzines in the '70's - all so real, we won't look back again - well done*)
'can you ever forgive me?' (movies are supposed to be an escapism primarily - this burdened a bit, but the story was good to me - not so much faking** letters, helping others enjoy more)
'suspiria' (dakota johnson polishes up another film for a striking release of great art - do you need to know the original? maybe not but it helps a bit people take everything you love and own in a bid to rid yourself of them let love rule)
'wildlife' (i'd call this 'the great northwestern' a train ride but it's in montana - one becomes a firefighter, one becomes a photographer orange jones style, and last but not least a homemaker of sorts - all separate but equal)
'mid 90's' (you can't know everything - i firmly eschew it - you should take good care of a little angel person - what? until they fuck? a rude but engrossing little film light on the venice junk but ok a bit rowdy***)
'overlord' (a small band of soldiers meet up after an air crash to obliterate a radio-jamming tower atop a church - satisfying plot they meet up with a young woman and get busy from her french home)
'borders' (never would i see this oddball of human suffering relayed to me, but it was clearly good - we'll leave it at that - whose side are you on anyway? mine)
'the girl in the spider's web' (in and around auschwitz and cern - saturn as energy loop but see gamma nowhere in this universe - we have this girl taking it up the ass as avenging angel in a remote european setting, of course - sony, good enough, very cartoon or easy to understand)
'crimes of gridelwald' (this is loosely spun from harry potter's camp, but keep your eyes on the reluctance of a matured eddie redmayne the true star - i really liked this film's creatures, the windowboxes or dome being, and generally the actors - left me rooting for all)
'instant family' (firmly teaches you not to, but you know that the commitment lies in not being too sorry you did - who's the problem? the older people who hafta shield others - they lose their minds easily...a jail stuff no matter what)
'boy erased' (so much god stuff means you've met - and you were told to say nothing - i always say you're gay when you've got something to share...pray the same way...don't tell me you're gay we'll know)
*i won a copy of 'queen live killers' on the boardwalk - two wins - and to have 'killer queen' an impossible feat - they wouldn't play 'rhapsody' live, but left the stage while the opera part raged on - he returned to sing the last bit 'nothing really matters' - the man dreamed he killed someone but he woke up and all was gone a warning to thee as a no one really)
**remember a counterfeit is yours to claim and believe while in your possession only - see fdr's 'the buck stops here' for guide
***the language was simply funny in and among, but other people laughed alot in the rear and i simply didn't fuckin' get it - like they made it the film ? ? ?

netflix stuff i like:
narcos (s)
the endless (m)
devil's bride! (m)

nothing to date bmg music service, columbia house, apple itunes, value web too
what's the latest excuse?
i hear apple itunes is at&t's bill to pay
i worked hard for years already and i don't live on glamour

reprise and by remand (no touching or taking): radiohead 'burn the witch' from the latest album 'a moon shaped pool'
hyphen? the best song is 'the numbers' kinda led zep

read from bottom up (this message for me) - yoke back through october 2018...while we're the gladdest we'd pray