upscale rca headphones at banner's length

we enter steed at november 7: be here now

refer to december 2017 at this point....

mom delivered me old-fashioned quaker oatmeal today with cream and sugar dispensers that have been in my family since i can remember
on-top of the kitchen cabinets or on-top of the refrigerator admiral brown glaze finish side-by-side you could padlock it sometimes i did...
the teapot not shown but the sugar lost its lid to simple breakage a long time ago...
still use? i love being proper it keeps people out but not me...

the very proper george c. scott, trish van devere version of 'beauty and the beast' compare...

noisy blowers-furnace? crack the oven door at two hundred degrees gas-electric until no longer ambient...fires are best left outside...they consume air wildly and leave you cold and wet too...

heaven doesn't know christmas? pet shop boys 'my girl'

norm's food is superlative

note on 11/28: despite everything, i never get anything but regular calls and mail as expected - that means never ever no i get scared easy too...i rationalize it two steps further down the lane: i don't need anything really...i go nowhere and have no expectation placed upon me just us here...lame? moonflowers pen and ink of asian indian (scandinavian for savon drug stores etc.) design found mostly where? on schoolkid bookcovers a perfect symbol of me what it took...brown paper bags don't give pause like these...

good examples, not great

watch 'a christmas story' online for free starring peter billingsley...great film, nice people...i had to get this one in never did...kid wants a bb gun a pump bb gun...from santa...although this kid fancies himself a defender of his family, a friend of mine got the same vicious bb gun one year and it wasn't long before his mother took it away - we were houses down the street pecking at blackbirds on a roofline one day (never a good shot but scare) but a pump rifle? dangerous...'bb my black bird' we never seek to kill just scare...meanwhile robins eggs are most beautiful and useful: they make nice nests, have beautiful eggs with yolks that are aqua marine in color about half the size of chickens eggs and they hatch easily enough and fall often eating worms total open mouth - all giving there...what - the leg lamp? from a bowling alley closing down...when it gets broken inadvertently (no guide no guess) they bury it in the backyard not a secret or jerk in this film - all straight arrows...

fyi, macy's in nyc is an eleven story shopping behemoth with wooden manned elevators front and back and floor-to-floor escalators going up and down constantly at midfloor among retail departments...the top two floors are reserved for cafeteria food and santa's village a floor each unless changed - we take cabs everywhere no driving too hostile...

the hollywood christmas parade went off on sunday evening 11/26 - join us filming west to east usually - vine is east (the capitol records building lies north of hollywood boulevard)
hollywood boulevard is one city block north of sunset boulevard - our girl day and night - the parade here is starting at what looks like ivar (hollywood spa, studio lots like el capitan's, masons) that big is cahuenga (a road side-by-side with the 101 freeway to studio city universal city access roads and ultimately is ventura boulevard canyon roads crossing like laurel canyon jerry's deli the original) and then vine that tall building you see on right
no one views the kodak theater and thus highland and the subway entrance they're being heavily worked on again - the chinese theater is out of view here on left upper way far away
although very exciting, our very first thought sunday night after dark are people walking to the parade yet up labrea no announce no posters - we forget like returning video tapes
p.s. kid with the blow horn you honor me so much here stuck in florida - my dad got me a big blue one at trenton's thanksgiving day parade one year - the parade featured 'dr. shock' our local horror guy on tv
you just form the lips to spit in it - it worked great for years yours is beautiful! curved at end?
great touch: the deloreans making their way

curve 'nothing without me'

lyric bug:

i am me and that ain't so bad
i know who i am and i always have
let me hold me, show me the way
you'll only get lost if you listen to what they say

nothing without me, no one of interest
nothing without me, don't forget

you are you and who is that?
now you lie as a statement of fact
always a victim, never a crime
now you cry 'is my life really mine?'

nothing without you, no one of an interest
nothing without you, don't forget
la la la la la la la
la la la la la la la
la la la la la la la la
nothing without me, no one of interest
nothing without you
don't forget

the 'superblaster' ep (1993) never released though quite worthy; change your itunes storefront to the 'uk' to buy this comp from england's offering less 'in disguise' they took exception to it...

art bonus:

quite compelling 'the birds they do fly'

it's 8:55
there's no one left alive
i am on my own
or so i dream

in an endless search
i came across no one
no animal cry
but the bird's they do fly

forgotten what occurred
lost all i heard
i haven't got a home
or so it seems
i haven't got a home
or so it seems

in an endless stream
i came across no one
no animal cry
but the birds they do fly


more about 'curly sue' the movie: grey's maid can either make either $800 a week cash what is $500 after taxes for $750 or $18/hour per my experience or stay the night once in the maids quarters and get $500 a week less taxes what is substantially night buys the whole, no?

it's cyber or cipher monday 11/27 made me spend the night in one of two electronic junkbags she got for ease in reclining at sear' legs don't like pressure in back (the feet like a bit of tile underneath) but then there's the overall sensation of drowning what comes from folding the windpipe any and perhaps shitting yourself unexpectedly after folding the belly to rise they're all 'the traverese colon' in my head to afford one breathless minute catching up then walk...terry stayed over as company night before last giving the parents a break he's enjoyed somewhat then splits in the morning i sat up in a chair peacefully enough...split a sandwich from subway i paid...steak and cheese...those chairs - illuminated with sci-fi do and undo stuff green and blue logos - are suspiciously marked with buttons around the drink holders for drinks i guess mine stayed out on tv dinner tables...anyway no bothers much...just demands to show me planned poisons help but gathering any moxie on the seams of your chairs to lift torso from halved belly or aired-out diaphram a guaranteed shit no matter what...diaper that down keep infections off and away simply...potential infection...diazepam?

usually credited to jail ? this is the style of afghan i love and seek to hold - count the lines and see the light
choose your colors, but no one does anything without an adversity clause i guess these were chrocheted by grandma p herself and the price opens up at $250 for me, timewise, but i don't knit
p.s. acrylic wool can be nicest right outta the dryer trust that...

the end seam for courtesy's sake
no, not too 70's looking

q: anyway, my feet and toes are pink again after so many so many's - good thing...

big idea, great gift - fobd

another helpful tool at sear's is the versatile heat gun - excellent for removing old paint layers from indispensible wood and joints $29.99
although old paint bubbles up and off wood in a short amount of time for scraping, may leave light topical burns but you repaint simply - wear a mask ad if
did my father's kitchen cabinets on stuyvesant avenue (near trenton psychiatric) way back when - green paint bubbled right off mostly my father had the gun at-first

told to go fuck myself in a handwritten letter over my ruined ipad2, i thought well 'nigger'
these are wanted dead or alive as rare size 10.5 - talk to me
in the meantime, i wrote adidas myself - help! i only had one pair ever these refueled brand interest singularly...

general food scare and warning: clear food gel made of goats feathers and reeds is 'diazepam' used to thicken up women who are threatened with skills - we hate this shit as diabolical get rid of it fast we have our treatment coming due it won't always be the last thought...cancer number three is nervous or up throw medications a toilets...

isaac mizrahi christmas stuff at ebay - i had to replace a piece a while sold 'em...

watch john hughes' 'curly sue' online for free - all about big-time beggars living on the soil for free - great movie

remember for any computer, you get full sound outta the headphone jack with three pieces including subwoofer - otherwise don't bother
separate plug-in counts - this at walmart today 11/24

black friday quotes aside:

'we have friends everywhere...' - jc penney

'there's no one like you.' - macy's


'people always need to get into trouble - they are fanciful beings.' - dM

' be seen doing.' - dM

brand new $600+ mac mini for $358 or hp horizontal tower $127 dirt cheap at 'til 6pm
seriously, behome a late 2009 mac mini at ebay - what? $100 snatches the intel beauty
two screens at once, doug? read/write opti drive?

i would never believe it: the iphone6 actually has a sim (loosely, 'says it's me') card buried within access on right side a hole lower slot and chamber...i had much experience with tracfone and net10 the both no bother, but this unlikely...they say use a bent-out paperclip to open but i'm a push pin type - stab at the unseen straight in and wobble open to reveal its filths a tray no one gets wrong...there is no key for the paperclip method...

let's recap apple computer and its fortunes:
although there at the commodore beginning junior high school year 1980-81, distributed access, handicap etc., was largely ignored through 1989's newton studio device;
in the short interim (and yes they had makeshift retail shops westwood boulevard was one at ucla) apple exploded on the scene in 1997 with university t-1 connections and a roundabout of educational loans 'we don't lend money';
ten years later (seek the e-mac on ebay for some history and lesson in) they're still going strong with little or no advancement? you wait to catch up adds no one saw distributed access or the home computer market coming (all phones really, universal access says you have it nearby even if you can't pay - second world? actors actresses doing the home grown thing and leaving off cable and phones etc.)...the market comes down, you go in (thank the untapped god 'wi-fi')...itunes is fully up and running within the next year (i cite internal system development as 2005-2008 purely as one official american affiliate working through the website - no media untouched at that point rounding out with the beatles finally) and then ten more years distributing their wares like iphones to the general streetwalking public (introduced in june 2007, my iphone6 delivered me in april 2015 $544 being amortized over 24 months - done)...not there yet keep going...
support detail: ''
p.s. a separate phone line and local number in my high school bedroom was $30 a month flat we had atlantic bell burgundy hand-held trimline lit up at answer now you walk the street at-will

update: had my turkey and rye today some pumpkin and mincemeat (rum raisin) pie for the first time ever and off we went satisfied with this years' menu present - you got three (3) days to get pumpkin pie in as required mostly some or it's the penalty for loose types - we guard our culture and stance only...

11/24 called my father via my iphone6 yesterday - said he was dining at stepdaughter amy's instead of daughter leslie's that's good...inquiring minds wanna new ford explorer for him the second oldest brother has one already - he's going to leslie's - and a bit of cash promised me by mail soon enough wait see (personal check for $100 rec'd 11/27 by mail - we got the wells fargo mobile app to deposit by phone...done)...that's kind i have nothing official by commission still...and we're off...(772) 342-0638 is me doug moon @ 658-7877 is him @ 11/24/ only...

andy kaufman? jim belushi - give it a rest...the judd hirsch (dean, 'animal house') school teaches us you had your days...plenty of them

susan dey makes it pay - so real
god exiled her in australia in 1989 'for being political'

quickly: new barbra concert-documentary (from las vegas replete with her famous 'barbra' typeset first seen on 'the broadway album') at netflix - showy with dogs on a plane...p.s. barbra sings pet shop boys' original composition 'losing my mind' written for the amazing liza minnelli lp (1989) in this set...any news?

ever-elusive word for growling under one's breath while exerting: 'distemper'...use freely...

ever define 'sku' for yourself? as accountant i made 'sales greater than or equal to used' remember that...individual serial #'s will compromise federal standards assuming 'cost of goods sold' is all not on the shelf at book value...or what paid when no speculation...'book value' what you paid to bring it in, 'market value' what paid to let it go...

11/23 around 1500: mom put on a beautiful traditional spread today and let me eat alone on the side in the kitchen...small court few curses no kids just husband's brother...lovely day xo

thank mcdonald's: live broadcast of the macy's thanksgiving day parade 2017 starting at 9:00 am

5th is the other side of the green not labled our favorite street in nyc
times square port authority 42nd street
tavern on the green? central park west as soon as you turn the corner their limo entry seem

book of love 'modigliani (lost in your eyes)'
like picasso, it took me forever to know who shares eyes like big almonds among overlapping heads female sirens
someone was in my home selling copies, but they knew it not - compelling

nbc your channel coverage at was exceptional to me with chat and a few signed-in comments rapidfire here and there made the day great the parade was supercool...later on the word 'nigger' making the rounds held me spirits high bill blass...xo

fist rounding up in the air the night before thanksgiving: it's pouring again

have a happy thanksgiving this 2017! the three of us bolted to the tv at 8 o'clock to take in the peanuts (charlie brown) special last night on cbs...we argued its length prior to: half an hour only...grace...i just laid down for the long, cold winter too mom to the rescue~

get bliss blue bar soap abundantly ebay - makes good sense in and out

who are you? who would you like better?
the epson needs a new packet of vegetable ink so stay tuned - allows nothing interim
the epson now fed, the printout proves out beautifully - get it to the kids now

cbs' 'scrooge' with albert finney

safe non-toxic play-doh - inspiring you

from about 1983 or so: one great gift idea for the mother came from jc penney...we all loved it
a beige store model for the countertop only heated up meals and made latecomers happy as it sat revered near as on-top the built-in dishwasher and under the wall-mount phone
one great choice -- this countertop unit now on sale about $150

another great gift 1985 or so was an emerson phono cassette with am/fm - about $80 from 'silo' a big electronics-durable goods retailer
this one from a current sear's ad drops the cassettes in favor of cd's but is attractively priced at $88.39
you decide - cassettes are great for the car but this might be more to an older person's liking with phono and all am/fm it's quite rare
p.s. it has cassette anyway (insert cassettes on the right side facing) and bluetooth to boot!
often it was our intention to stuff our first-rate admiral stereo as walnut credenza with a countertop unit as so - the ceramics and belts within mostly beyond mending - i removed their speaker boxes prior to what behind any curtains
lesson: grandma's half-held hardly used version survived a basement flood from on shale hill - see mere guadalupes of water said me so well play it again sammy~ the red hindi dot center bottom cabinet slightly dulled afterward...

mr. belvedere aka 'sitting pretty' this guy is too much!

observation: ol' taylor swift just shits them out there, doesn't she? all quality~

ed asner graces us once again with 1977's 'the gathering' a son he rejects is about the table
newly out on dvd~

just a smadge of mary poppins where all trouble begins...
lettin' them do their own magic tricks
'the root of all evil? expectations' - dM they're strange enough
p.s. grandma p took me to this a matinee early on - loved it
related: my first movie ever in trenton, nj to see 'rumpelstiltskin' the very wide-eyed emotionless live-action mnuchin (troll)

olivia newton-john 'a christmas romance' or a down-home ozarks-type holiday in roanoke, va...lots of charm here;

followed by 'a mom for christmas'
amazon sells this by disney studios brand-new for about $35 and you know what that means - no cheats, no cuts
original onj tunes too...

*xmas warning to you: the star has infinite patience for these women you see - like in 'xanadu', onj is not her own to give anymore three (3) tickets to hawaii later - you and her would be pecking it out among flames for bothering me with it - all selfish crap and a liar too...doug sheehan a cop in some show but handsome enough,,,better you to watch lou grant put mary tyler-moore and her jailbird afghan to sleep in one classy episode then see this crybaby shit unfold time after time - watch your step...the other movie exemplary of others they have debts, woes...ingrained with family...signed dM
p.s. go straight to hell and thanks to you mr. chauffeur for coming to the rescue one night

the beauty we preserve in you anyway

pharrell williams 'happy' dancing around in la
voice be known

green dot update: with a $20 cash minimum and a low $1 cash fee for adding cash up to $75 exclusively at dollar tree the finest $1 shop here, you may need to use another atm card to get an extra dollar in your hand or go prepared to pay - you pay a $1 fee to get cash back there buy a candy bar or something i hate being thwarted by nonsense pay attention is quite fair still and i paid my fees again...i paid...they're unruly and shiftless a service...remind...meanwhile we are all getting along great~

black friday advance at california electronics emporium: $277 hp touchscreen promo code is '11.24.17'...expect all the extras...

today's milestone 'thank fuck': charles 'adbury' manson 11/20/17 rip

need some help with the cooking-food? keep omaha steaks in mind i love them...rate your experiences afterward...all delivered in white shrinkwrapped styrofoam cases at your door by ups...p.s. see their new crock pot packages great gumbos and sausage leans $20 the each white and slaws...chilis...think bristol farms...

pick one: book of love 'you make me (feel so good)'

the pineapple festival made me puke (i love pineapple btw a fertility god the world over, enjoyed a whole can of dole chunks yesterday in their own juice...thankful) - another nothing affair in jensen beach-stuart whatever
it exceeded my expectations but i am truly debilitated yet...
nice enough the rides $10 twelve tickets none greater than four tix
no guarantees for food and else but okay it was 'free' today hi to our waiter last time
still captured here among the dying...funnel cakes yes all manner of serve candy apples cotton candy

just started vitamins since 1998 or so (a liver therapy with peaches recommended instead) - these gummy and nature made $6.58 winn dixie zaphyr gun get ready to have your hair pulled out
who's the fool? no more toilet stuff, actually, just water retentions to soak the phones - enter walmart with diurex
everything here positioned a stockroom only - even worse than not admitting you can't afford shit - even target mail order stockroom
embraces criminals it has a price...

vitamin a - no reason to take you like it that's enough (a carrot, sharp refract in the stomach once or twice);
vitamin c - opens your eyes - easier than closing;
vitamin d - no piss before wanted;
vitamin e - no vomiting;
niacin - dulls the blade;
vitamin b6 - opens the heart;
folic acid - like iron won't clog;
vitamin b12 - makes urination stop on a dime;
biotin - nothing at all, wage earner (w/b egg whites);
pantothenic acid - dulls all other acids to a cutie pie of them as one;
iodine - sweat maker, cleanser
zinc - eye opener
sodium - teeth washer

nu shooz passing the test handily with 'point of no return' - an atlantic release 'poolside'
debby reynolds is the name here for valerie day - i hadda have this crap great look
next up: driftin' from 'told u so'

one great 'pirates of the caribbean' movie: 'dead men tell no tales'

the company store featuring 95% firm feather/down is brutal to move i use it anyhow...ignore the french cut they're being chaste...

at 72" or two (2) yard sticks long, this bitch is heavy and good rear support
despite a whole host of comfort woes, this rested me beautifully in rear and curled around front - trust that
related: bugs from pets? relieved solvently in one laundering after another i hate bugs!

the biggest bird for the opulent table? twenty-eight pounds, bar none - see safeway et al
enter zip code for home delivery and then you can browse by aisle and section by price - nobody has that feature

clean your pc or laptop unequivocally each time: cc cleaner by piriform

recent notes: michael jackson's daughter paris jackson cites her greatest brush with stardom as alice cooper she was in awe she says...goes on to be moved by audio tape 'sgt. pepper' by the beatles at-first or down the road with the collections of 'lion king'? huh? 'no bringing to me' she adds...then see katy perry and gwen stefani cover 'stand and deliver' two drums as baroque...'your money or your life'...katharine jackson left to be astride raising three of kids all over again and quite seriously in need of solitude...good luck to all...

me? first awe inspiring record is the disneyland label 'snow white' soundtrack the high-pitched singing very personal...the 'three little pigs' lp? later suggested by a friend at 'two guys' department rocks by the rolling stones placed and given is our slovak culture in a bowl, simply...on london of the first cd's purchased still at rare cost hadda hear this digital versus analog or hot-wire listening as the silence of recording right up front $30 a disc, simply as published...'i see the red door and i want it painted black'...who made me buy into cd's at all while hating vinyl's half-life of pops and clicks even for the rich? pet shop boys right up front still with the 'actually' lp the player them their produce - seriously - 1987-1988 glendale, california and the single kenwood player addition to macy's phono rack mount...the purchase on credit at an audiophile store...$200 easy...

my first lp purchase ever? elton john 'goodbye yellow brick road' on the black mca label with rainbow just $11-12 at korvettes...a summertime candy apple of the dreaming state them worlds away, is still the biggest record ever printed with three sides of fold-out, my father slapped the bitch shut in the car for song 'jamaica jerkoff' and its wasn't there had my own room downstairs full-size sagging guest bed, testors glue models of warplanes hanging from strings, pre-divorce...i got seriously sick in a bunkbed head under a westerly window after grandpa died month or two...little league on the team too early pulling strings 'tigers' green hats...hate people who suck i sucked nine years old...

fave target barbados: presenting ss nimitz...came to see me one night while i jacuzzi'd in the hollywood hills...travels in space
another asking of it led to a huge plane with men lying about its fuselage - it presents to me when requested when can
the hills cup and move for me in the basin sense and at will adding height and might
bomb your own? we don't hate people, we have them...their efforts

watch 'jingle all the way' arnold schwarzenegger rita wilson...i was choked up all over again so good the black versus white marriage et al...brutal...arnold as bobby kennedy

one that slipped through the cracks we're reminded of: 'perfection' by milton bradley? lakeside - very stylish
get the pegs in or a panel flies up and spits the playskool-like mailbox pieces in your face - adjust the time to compete
circa 1974-75 - thank sear's wishbook overall for toys see 2017 edition

another great movie: 'drive' starring ryan gosling help you enjoy: an angel who drives movieland pick-up heists in los angeles at night, comes back to help his mother 'kristen scott' who comes back through jail no permit - she has to get pregnant to get out of jail and trouble ensues...the angel's father like other fathers thinks you're nuts and they kill handily her father does...

to dM 'you are a woman - which one?' we've been here before - blanche lou grant ed asner's wife...

next up the laughable 'couples retreat' starring vince vaughn (adds our byron patterson...) and interchangeably jason bateman (fyi, rob lowe)...this movie completely redeemed nice-ass people edie mcclurg as young? that blonde is coming into vogue now seriously kristen bell...heather graham from jack the ripper and maybe dark shadows as angelique she is too brutal in that...hi michael - Movies, Music, Electronic Games & more

tracey thorn 'joy' from the movie 'all is bright' below
so many goods here

to russia with love: trump buys twelve million pounds of beef from russia (azbakistan-pakistan - they kill well) each year using sear's as collateral; hillary clinton his mother spends fifty million in meat using her own money via bank of america - all meat for texas i'd say - 'they hafta get it up' she says 'we won't kill it for you'...california won't eat anybody's junk and sells it back fastest they learned in the 60's with glove meat or people's hands taking too much...california won't kill. you won't live...fur meat yuck...sheepskin double yuck...

'ever hear people talking about their bellies? fucking gross' - dM don't try and make me who you are i am romanoff a saliba or cleft chin

depeche mode 'fragile tension'

11/16 the palms and their fronds clipped beautifully this day perfect to me now lots of rain still 'you don't look good' die...i wake up every day to news in my head of payment from niggers apple, bmg spare none...take your time niggers we wouldn't want anything for anyone else ever...niggers...richard's gonna drop by with something? who the fuck is that? something dead? i pray you die...with others in my way only...pray irrevocable death only...this place is a fucking dump drink sewage...this is a dump for criminals good luck nigger trump~ maybe the skybound nimitz will blow you an asswide with its black heart...

madonna 'what it feels like for a girl'
to choke one's own chicken? thought the old woman was ruth westheimer - we hired her in college 1982-1986 to come speak one night in a large auditorium and answer questions - great experience hiring these stars glassboro state college (gloucester county), nj

camouflage 'motif sky' like the tape ran out and you're still here doing what you want

a movie that needs the little of help to your door 'wonder woman' great film

11/15 happy birthday marc ondy one day later: the la times e newspaper edition had a great article today about street vendors and brick and mortar types those who support-oppose citing 'no place to stay at night' but more importantly we wanna keep these fields open for self-starter types who may or may not be viable in the person-to-person area of street retail...we love them and the refusal to block people in to someone's overall threat 'do as i say or else'...turnaway behavior a go-to-hell world is very much mine...very informative...more later....

'one special night' james garner julie andrews

another holiday flique: 'all is bright' paul rudd paul giamatti
i love this film!

massive attack 'take it there'

presenting my favorite headphones bar none - rca lightweight about $8 at koontz or staples? seen here at walmart
i don't like a claustrophobic or anemic feel for bass - it's everywhere

from the golden archives: scott's apartment in fort lauderdale! by way of you tube...refreshed my personal uploading skills...

thanks to mary at jensen beach target 'tech' at their cell phone center helping me transfer and adjust...they have the same dial-in wait times at consumer cellular (two years in the proverbial bag provided me exit however) i get discouraged fast...i am so happy now...just twenty-five chinchillas a month we'll see how it goes...i call no one a good fit...messages are my main man...usually...

here's tyler perry's 'boo2 a madea halloween' online for free eleven days later...

for your use - rather thansgiving? thursday the 23rd

11/09 i just got back on complete speaking terms with apple itunes (no, no pay yet~) by doing a now-possible complete update-reinstall and deauthorizing all five (5) designated computers until i need 'em - that did the trick! my apple sign-in finally accepted and all purchases are there now...see it was the stop-zilla! this laptop is ram 6 gigs...900 plus gigs read/write

contrary to popular belief, the $23 ceiling fan (previously seen at home depot; flat mount with reversible blades and apothecary light fixture) lives on this time at bath and beyond has a similar tub wall handle and grip $13 we use 'em quite regularly...the suction impossible to defeat having soaped? sony cd and tape cassette boombox best described as 'armadillo'-looking with shapeless plastic exterior - $50 - sony used to be the height of manufacture now here's an odd offering - tape still considered an excellent value for the car else - a cd still too much effort in the wrong direction plus laxis or venturing wholly formed...for the

sound familiar?

no bank gives anybody anything- how did you get your hands on cash?
where is your tax return with revenue and expenses clearly stated?
apple computer, bmg music service, columbia house, value web...all ignoring their duty...all started in 2003 upward not too long ago
now folks have resorted to paying theirselves on my depot...these are not citizens i'll bet (schooled here) look at disbursements over the years and above the law~

full movie: john hughes' 'planes, trains, & automobiles' before you ride...
soundtrack music by 'book of love'
p.s. great home and hearth film for thanksgiving - made me cry of beauty at the end...i saw this film on tv one day a funny funny film
p.p.s gretchen 'saschedy' sp? from the annuls of history 'interview' magazine his wife there

we believe ed flanders of 'st. elsewhere' fame (as previously defined, 'humana' means 'we have yours') has been turning up alot lately 'grizzly' and a brief tete a tete with diane chambers on 'cheers' 1982 as a spy...go figure...he was real you know but protective of self...

another oldie but goodie john carpenter's 'prince of darkness' for my mother who saw it with us upon release on the hill at universal studios hollywood - 1987? the real church is between sunset and hollywood boulevard just past la brea i'd say...great movie moments here, catholic stuff - anglican? no episcopal or church of england...
p.s. a great great film about an angel lying in wait all very reasonable in the past unproven - great film

related: i opened the passenger-side rear door on the mercedes to find oodles of fire ants and casings in the door jamb only one morning like someone wiped food in there - richard says it was the rain that drew them in most pleasing today 11/12/17 rain rain rain...the ants got sprayed some big deal i thought maybe a mat moved lettuce?

pink floyd 'comfortably numb'
alternate take with cartoon or illiad present

little birdie from peanuts thanksgiving

adam and the ants 'stand and deliver'

alice cooper 'clones [we're all]'

bow wow wow 'i want candy'
where did this come from?

in october 2017 i was still waiting for something different than you with a mouthful of words see it for yourself don't speak it out again...we have the words

arthur brown 'fire' aka desmond elliot
watch the superior original video
in the 60's, this as intro used to play up against the doors 'light my fire'