maybe no one in the middle
one of fourteen others named may want the job - just ask no one who knows

i can't bear to think of another year of this or thanksgiving but let's dive right in starting with november 2018

dougmoon.com's official jack o'lantern for 2018!
happy halloween!

mischief night...halloween...all souls day...stay connected to the truth or what you had to agree to 'yes, i agree with them now'

'apple - god bless them - will not smart-logic any search. caution: this may be my way after all.' - dM case in point? the hyphened sing-sing is worth looking up

'you know you're richly attired when you get the font from fleetwood mac 'rumours' to happen on the screen. galligopo.'

'in a 'hellboy' movie there is an angel i call 'raphael' with eyes like a pheasant all over the spread in back. the hindi name is 'porachel' - is that right?' he/she can't believe his/her eyes!

do something once more for yourself
i think i'm still noted as being here despite claims of never having been
they don't want to talk about things with others?
the first thing usually is 'know who that really is?'
next is some showbiz agreement a criminology or analogy
rules change 'cause you showed up
i voted commission junction number one as agreed
that helps ensure my path to and fro
who did you ask?

sunday, october 28 just before halloween on wednesday or my dad's 82nd birthday on all souls day: baked some bread, did some laundry - was thinking about things to and fro...still here being lovely about things? i watched a movie last night at the laemmle 5 and was fucking appalled by this group of people so unknown to each other but very welcoming (the gym?) - i coulda puked shaking my hand like i was with them all pretty types...whose fault? mine i guess i schedule and sit next to others in a big block to bother them somehow with proximity issues? wanna work through it? simple - maybe you have no choice. these bitches clapped at the end i was non-plussed dealing with real issues - who to blame for this fiendish undercover flique? the girl who burped and died knowing heroin tricks? this theater allows and serves full-on food with drinks i used to call people 'gourms' for that - another reconciliation with me.

the rams won now the dodgers are set to win? when the president gets done talking about lame pitchers online in bold. like the olympics, china must win...or keep some.

what does 'full-on' mean to me? throwing the switch like electricity at frankenstein's house, and, incidentally no holding back the tears!

new feature! all the tunes i ever bought on itunes but as also featured on youtube - a growing list:
depeche mode 'nothing's impossible'
macy gray 'i try'
elton john 'harmony'
elton john 'this train don't stop there anymore'
audioslave 'like a stone'
fleetwood mac 'fireflies'
linkin park 'in the end'
lisa shaw 'cherry'
kd lang 'if i were you'
elton john 'dirty little girl'
beck 'soldier jane'
bryan ferry 'don't stop the dance'
hall and oates 'some things are better left unsaid'
massive attack 'teardrop'
nirvana 'something in the way'
no doubt 'hella good'
nu shooz 'driftin'
michael jackson 'jam'
vonda shepard 'by 7:30'
robin guthrie 'sparkle'
stone temple pilots 'wonderful'
soft cell 'sex dwarf'
sing-sing 'i do' (substitute 'mister kadali' i bought it elsewhere ? and lost it)
smashing pumpkins 'rhinocerous'
siobhan fahey 'bad blood (alan moulder remix)'
sheryl crow 'lifetimes'
shakespear's sister 'singles party'
marilyn manson 'coma white'
pretenders 'birds of paradise'
madonna 'love profusion' (the video, really)

that's all....

song key (the song's meaning to me):
tomorrow might be a better day - all could turnaround and/or be gone
telling you to go to hell hurts me bad somehow - i'm sorry i said those things
why can't we just get along - a one-sided gift of no great import
you don't want me around and i've been made to feel too sorry for myself at times
no matter what happens i'll be here waiting - i don't know what to do so i do nothing and i'm good at it too
it took a lot of struggle to be with me here as performer - never honor those who couldn't stick it out
in the end there's nothing for you to know, but you're not honest with your final presentation either
the girls will be here don't wake up to them just now - free yourself with its gift
if i were so young and pretty and sold dumb, i could do anything- i know that now
you're a bad influence and i told you to stop trying me patience - she on the other hand is a good sport for the humour at hand - it's easy to share the good times
we don't care what you gave to the whole movement, i'm missing something i can't ask you why it matters
something bad happen? keep the place moving until it happens to be here with us again
sometimes, you can be understood too well - like me, maybe you're just tired
never confess your sins to no apparent tears - it'll come back to haunt you soon enough and you can't afford it yourself
i decided to lock myself abroad and beneath and suffer at your behest - my lack of greatness means i can't even think of you at all back to the drawing board (plus firmly douches away a pothead's beatles song)
it'll do you alot of good to stop asking me if it's all okay - by the way, no woman should ever stop by first
when i'm done being punched around and so intense, i can rejoin people and life - like a pretty radio song out on a beach you ebbing away
i made my own happiness somehow as underprivileged - if i'm doing something wrong do you know what it is? help you and me get outta the way when it comes it's too big
if you're not here by 7:30 in the evening i'll forgive you my rules for the road - i can't care more than you do
no vocal line, but one is there to dig out as melody 'be you yourself, sure'...'be you...be free'
a great song that wraps up the whole 'it is about you' movement - you are everything to me too
you don't know what you're doing as woman inclined but we sell it all past you as a dwarven or incipient knowledge - sex to you all
never one to get too wrapped up in personal nonsense, you help me identify and carry home a firm good for rough days outlying
another 'if jesus was here i'd love him back' like you understand a rhino's horn is just formed of hair - it's the lions you need fear
we see you doing what you do and you can plan for a rough ride around your bed - will you know about me falling down then?
we could just sit and understand each other too - never embrace simple pleasures with me here as pile of ash with you learning still
about a woman who wants to exclude outsiders unless they're looking for someone new too - you're not new you want to be unknown as meeting anew
can't you see the doom in writing things down to no favor? great sacrifices portrayed as steps along the way to just being here with nobody you know
a close friend up and died right here - remember i'm real and real hurt just growing up please forgive me in your wrath of tears
makes a clean lolita out of someone special for the upward movement - no offenses just breeze and air

these are my vapid (or no meaning) meanings as i understand it - songs are about music it plays well with great words

terry in florida sends us this brilliant who's who and update from disney's beloved 'hocus pocus' (1993) - amc is showing the film from today through halloween october 31st (that's next wednesday per vous)
carefully note the first boy seen hiding around the bank is a youthed bette midler and the male pogrom or hero is george burns to us
no talk with thanks to kathy najimy and the original fallon on 'dynasty' and 'poseidon adventure' too pamela sue martin
terry's amc is port st. lucie 14, i think...yes

thursday, october 25: happy birthday dizzy wherever you are - spectrum business writes they'll give you wi-fi internet for your patrons for just $44.99 a month bundles for just one year! i have it at home already with cable...our usual pumpkin patch and petting zoo mr. bones ignored any sunset boulevard locations after the doheny site was egregiously built on - they're in culver city now down roberston it said...

monday, october 22 - another day of boring recollect - terry's parents back in florida safely without additional note - sam's club (mostly bare of free samples - reportedly had caramel apple slices), total wine, coffee makers (personal use, heavy duty for any guesting, parties) from bed bath & beyond near the old estate - my mom (seeming age about the same) visited me in a dream last night the words not so clear maybe her mother thrown to be outside here - i hate that bitch - zzzzz - my mother had a purple knit top on and i hugged her on sight - someone guide said some boy imitating her - they would just assist with delivery of a message kinda...whatever - seemed real enough...richard scott? we meet like this when she doesn't talk to me for a while too...right, richard? the things i hafta look at, hear golden girls singing 'over there' - was that for going to war abroad? for bob hope? back to work.

side note: my official weight today 184.6 (the driver's license says 185 even-steven)

terry sends this link from florida - says 155 miles per hour this tunnel

updated bitch key though it offends you:
1) has to be asked to do;
2) makes food, eats some;
3) bites you.

somewhat new - french clarities:
tartuffe - punch and judy stuff, pillow fights
voltaire - aka moliere or witty french sayings surmising theirselves

"jolly rancher - the candy that teaches you not to bite." - dM

feel free to gaze at the newly restored october 2017 page at dougmoon.com - plenty of value!

before these, there was bmg music service
apple itunes
columbia house
value web...all these declining me reward to date
let's not be a bag of woes, however...no difference from one year ago today

"make no mistake - moviegoers want and like jamie lee, not michael myers he don't care. she - like others - locks him out at night." - dM

this great song 'heal me' honors the career of lady gaga - more than clothes, they took alot of mystique from her in the film
also placed on my facebook page - it's that good to me
somebody wins - i'll be sure to tell you when i do
p.s. we've been trying to place the heavy guitar-laden open-air style of the male's music - is not bluegrass but more like bto or charlie daniels? someone says dokken?
fyi, fleetwood mac is california rock and similar open-air venues - what is stevie nicks with the top hat? the girl assisting a magician, i'd guess - be back later

saturday, october 20th - errands to run - to help me keep track of the days...terry's parents back in florida yesterday doing ok...two (2) rooms two (2) tvs and both deafening...cu later

last day for 'hocus pocus' at el capitan is tomorrow the 21st - $14 adult admit, $13 banana splits next door add if...btw, the 'coco' guitar ostensibly for kids with real strings and beautifully boxed by disney - is at its lowest discount (40% off list) right now...at the ghirardelli choco shop next door...free chocolate samples for those who bathe....

view all roseanne good at abc.go.com - they really fired the bitch and took her id, and killed her off - no worries she is in every inch of that house breathing it to life plus you know the living: so little to say for you...let's face it - she is your boss and very frowning of behaviors, still...see it come...jimmy kimmel's back? more: i made her explain a few things - lives up north central somewhere and had to work here it's too expensive at abc just hanging out - like her character winning the lottery, lived well for years but had to back out as recouping the old home then rented out what seen on tv...no too much privation here....

tip: mary steenbergen is her roseanne's real-life sister i hear (great job, heavy issues - maybe she didn't remember having the pills hidden - nwo by script) supposedly gloria swanson their mother -- the man she made babies with? martin mull...what else that little boy is all that's left of mark, becky's husband - who birthed that?

thursday, october 18th: yeah, i add the 'th' on the date cause i'm the riddler plus i like it 'th th th' - stopped by chipotle on sunset today to support their als (arterial lateral sclerosis) drive 33% of proceeds donated while i loved a chicken burrito their meat could be less wet defending a steak add if (i get a warmed flauta, white rice with lemon grass, black and pinto beans, grilled chicken, sour cream, mild salsa, cheese, and lettuce no avocado as expensive and a drink about $10)...gonna sit through 'a star is born' again today with a pass for fucking it up yesterday (the bath scene left black no sight but sound still - a projector bulb they said) - the beginning is special with her as gay rag performing 'la vie en rose' (um, 'au revoir' plus see grace jones)...it was touching when he removed an eyebrow with her to reveal joan jett...she is compelling as shit and they enjoy each other immensely as artists only...in one skit edited he fails to show up at a birthday of hers at home and says he was way too tired and she would understand simply - no big deal thus the cakeworks...milsap songs used plus black ghost cowboy alot 'badlands'...one more thing is he is with his father, she is with hers they the men fight over his farm and his grave missing 'washed away'...lots to know....what else?

tuesday, october 16th national bosses day - what'd'ya get me another snowjob? blow it out. i was just looking at laurie (strobe, strauss) in the first 'halloween' to be reminding myself why she was so beloved to the audience and he didn't muff her up - more like a generra (black widow-type - sucks you dry leaves you for dead for obstructing life somehow) he couldn't bothered with her just yet...she was pleasant then and he just isn't wanted anywhere at all...her text is being cleaned in previews still...the first film's sequel nearly a first picking up right where the previous film left off...what is the first sequel ever made? 'return to witch mountain' not 'jaws 2' i propose to others....

btw (by the way), here's another useful key:
imho - in my humble opinion
nwo - no way out
nm - not meaningful, nomen or no mention
cya - cover your ass
bnb - be no better

monday, october 15th - on the way to a screening of ryan gosling's 'first man' at amc looks great and that spider woman wife of his is coming along nicely in previews what crap
weren't you at ralph's yesterday? my new boyfriend is in 'overlord' - 'what is this?' bait for the flight over 'if he's going, so can i'

heavy flow days document us at "http://www.facebook.com/doug.moon.92" - stay tuned for more filth

as usual, a firm place to be avoided: the new dougmoon.com message board - like a faint smile, try to keep it lite

dumb sayings continued or then 'knowing means something':
no holds barred
fields agree
purpose at hand
hands of mouth (hands 'em out)

here's a preamble (um, without asking) look at the roseanne spinoff 'the conner's' - what - did she croak?
in absentia fully - someone moved in
roseanne will be back (she's playing dan it seems, somewhere)
if anything, the scandal lent a little feeling for the valerie jarrett character

notes: i love and use corn holders against criticisms - is most like the scary white-knob tb test in grade school a terrorist act to kids still
what else? rather thans giving at christmas - figure that out what they really want
possibly very classy: no mention, just being away for now - jackie can cover it

nothing yet on october 12 - not just yet

massive attack breeds 'dissolved girl' to us
thanks for the crappy freeze-frame

our theme song this month a strange ode to witchie poo and h.r. pufnstuf - whatever, freak
'poo' means you fell asleep on the job, usually
another poopie

galapagos: before there was mayor mccheese there was h.r. pufnstuff (puff the magic dragon? p.u. supposedly comic genius charles nelson reilly is inside huhl-huhl a bit brusque)
hamburglar when no one is around see mister ed lose a camera
a whore is a whore but of course and a louse...crablouse (credit the sheer genius of lords of acid for that one)

national 'bosses day' catch 22: i tuned into abc specifically to get word on ersatz roseanne reboot 'the conner's' today and that's gonna happen on tuesday, october 16 at 8pm so we'll stay quietly tuned for that one - abc is doing the old 23 skidoo in its ads but at least it's there...in the meantime my only friend is tv land at channel 121 - talk about family values! some bitch is all 'they're gonna need new jobs' after three (3) airings in response to roseanne saying she saved over a hundred cast and crew jobs - don't bet the farm, just bet

movies i've seen this month and their particular brand of poisons - thank you amc a-list (never just lonely, alone):
'bad times at el royale' (isn't that a big mac in france? a big thank you to the little girl with knives* - you did the right thing for us...you brought your beauty to this? time to scrap it out)
'first man' (the rough equivalent of 'if you go, you're staying' and 'i don't eat what they eat'-type resolutions getting a man on the moon - very accurate i'd say but damn i'll be right here when you get back**)
'a star is born' (when i grade a movie it means would i see it again? i hafta ease into this again because of light projector error and others with too - it's good enough - the soundtrack is miserably extensive at itunes***)
'halloween' (avoiding any remakes, i love michael myers coming around - jamie lee should write him a thank you note for this one he nearly killed the bitch through a door while she burned her whole house to the ground waiting****)
'venom' (i loved talking to this angel and largely ignored the whole political struggle - i don't need to know much all went well as seemed - is mollusk in nature and can be like pancreatic cancer gone mad? i dunno the guy he inhabits is liked alot)
'hocus pocus' at el capitan (it was hard to feel bad at this great movie revival and on its last day showing - one of the principals filmed blessed us all and hinted at a part ii - i loved it twice now)
'glass jaw' (what a ride apparently glass jaws are real the teeth nice but easily inserted - i hadda keep me feelings to myself - all because you hit people? someone died in the ring no one mentioned that? all my children)
'beautiful boy' (i thought 'not again' another drag about some boy you like - this was actually beautifully filmed and interesting but scary too i'll read the book for any extras - p.s. hate films in our neck of the woods too $$)
*you can learn all your lessons just walking to and from school every day - take a tip
**the film is viciously converted from videotape to the screen - kills the eye with light and dust 'aveoli' available to you for black panel - it killed me, personally - 'areola' for the flight path
***note joan jett's home record label is 'areola' the ring of pigment around the nipple - suggest 45 rpm?
****he comes every two years to avenge himself for one day plus and you're always there in his house and grave - who should go? you waste his time alot - judith's grave stares at all shockingly the beat goes on)

peter gabriel 'digging in the dirt' from a rainy night at a starbuck's - good groove
i absolutely love this song and learned to sing it well
new to me~

tiffany foxx 'war zone' i'm gonna kick yo' ass for this - trust that
skip this if you wanna live well...but it is real good and authoritative in voice
in a whole array of mayhem, this track stuck right out - you try and find it after one listen
p.s. this is on itunes - covers my ass

read from bottom up (this message for me) - exit quickly to september 2018...i lost a day there somewhere