stop right here
you've done your part
as i have done mine
i've done yours too
now admit that
let me admit it...again

gubers-goobers still wanna know what black friday means > > > excerpt: more sales today as late as 12/18!
even in december!
this is serious
the big buys don't last forever
take a look still, have something in mind
that's a winning stroke
the coup d'grace, the death blow
say 'koo-deh-grah' that's french, you know

new page for 2019 soon enough so bitter the chill...dj hit that button

ex post vaco thursday, january 3 - calm and quiet

at $250, here's the modern equivalent of ideal's crazy car from the 1970's at amazon
sure, get your dirty ol' newspaper depend(s) on and off you go!
power wheels wild thing it's called in green and pink too - green with envy, pleased as punch

happy new year 2019 on monday january 1! you made it...was watching dick clark's 'new years rockin' eve' and found it strangely good in the rain and all - what a carnival! good hosting, good acts - ah, who needs ya? franks? thanks. got the tree down and disposed of along with my poinsettia and that ain't so bad.

sunday, december 30...countdown to leaving 2018....

thursday, december 27...nothing special a day at home during these dangerous and treacherous times for the heart and hand...eating baked goods....


tuesday, december 25: merry christmas to onlookers - watched the vatican's stuff at st. peter's last night liked the decor and all the four cornerstones of the church bound and gagged like trees from dr. seuss...you got it coming! today's the day for fights and misunderstandings galore bless your house...to thank you....

oh, who cares.

for michael fans, theatrical release 'this is it' is playing at netflix if you like his stuff - i saw the film and loved it...meanwhile his and elizabeth taylor's crypt appear in the naughty hollywood cemetery films i provide online i couldn't believe the opulence o.p.u.l.e.n.c.e. and i hafta laugh about her being dead i still didn't get that! his tomb is ultra religious...both mausoleum sites...v.i.p.

i loved this ad, doug
hollywood spa

merry guisewite! (yes, as in cathy)

friday, december 21 the winter solstice: target got ripped off bad today when i bought the undercarriage casters - $10 each bar - for under my tv and storage stand with box inserts - the elegance! i hadda look and look and look...one surmises the ikea version i bought off a neighbor with black cloth drawers not so nice i'm luvin' this cheapie plus easy install new height for tv....terry's box of baked goods arrived today very generous those folks now i can enjoy all i've come to expect less bother and being harshly woken in my sleep! movies to see include 'aquaman' we guess and mary poppins among others nothing driving me nuts yet but sunset amc 5 is calling me soon.....

we speak to many, many others in my head - including ellen we've been doing time - so consider yourselves spoken for but without any guarantees for delivery we're here in a giving sense....

our lovely tree this year with flash unfortunately - not a stitch remains
have a drink, then

thursday, december 20 the stockings were hung by the chimney with care: ross finally came through with fluffy chair cushions for my ass and few more snow caps from dickies...as tj maxx gets touted for expensive weavings throughout....

excellent episode of 'king of queens' is like family to me - all the same references, jerky people
look for j-lo's new movie this friday 'second act' with our girl leah rimini
these hometown types go the distance with me
some will be on facebook, too

tuesday, december 18 another $5 tuesday at amc (highly recommended is 'the favourite' mrs. morley): went to apple store to rethink my iphone 6 and they gave me a new one for $30 (until the end of the year?) that's awful sweet of them me targeting the battery itself refusing to green belt any electrical charge...sadness, relief...p.s. it looks like all you hafta do is move the sim card from one phone to another - that's what we did in the store as i was really concerned about a messy procedure my carrier consumer cellular...and by the way it worked great!

the famed medusa lamp still at-large - as long as you tout them, you may have one...overstock.com

a bit of scenery from 'the favourite' - very funny - re upping the land tax 'they'll be angry when the french are sodomizing their wives and planting their fields with garlic'
emma stone

sunday, december 16 a great day: bristol farms has hot pork sausages for just $5.99 a pound right now...not to mention excellent hot dogs thumann's...just keeping an eye on elegance...the tree is up with the hardest part the ornament motors running well...not much to squire today...a walk up and down fairfax near canter's in the evening reveals alot of youth input and skate shops like they went mad but my favorite five and dime is still there at beverly...what's up? boutique madness everywhere...so crazy, kids everywhere....

funny talk, esquire or without asking:
a place to place
comes to go
a breast and a mouth to feed
ergo to wit
work hog - work all day

a bit potent this song from the 'spider man: into the spider-verse' opening - 'sunflower' by post malone and swae lee
the kid wearing headphones singing along
bitch made me cry

we update the life thursday, december 13: decided to go to krispy kreme a day or so later to modest our doughnut order - two dozen? one will do. they are good about things...i gotta get a tree soon too but not too soon...rent a car...tonight we'll see holiday favorite 'the favourite' about queen mary proper...not much else...feeling burdened a bit....

american airlines mentioned omaha steaks - keep both in good favour...mom used to send us omaha steaks care packages alot....

writer's block: our dougmoon.com message board still intact at voy....

santasm? next up: a pash (beauty pageant sash) for the devil
always a stick, never an arm~

there's no excusing it - tough and tender

more force majure later....welcome gnome.

stay attached to my facebook for current events and cheap comment - you gotta sign up to sign right in http://www.facebook.com/doug.moon.92

we here just resubscribed to the los angeles times e-newspaper for a full-on copy of the print version less scattered inserts - amazingly good with eight weeks for free see the offer online

one big boner for nothing better yet still sounds great - tumblr.com don't make me puke! nobody cared when youtube died either...now you're here...people are so cute and giving now what? memory lanes starring sour grapes again?

curve 'today is not the day' a early track like last the last one
lyric study later 'their summer's gone'
the featured comp is at itunes uk easily enough

if the winter was warm
the centre would be made of you
silhouetted by the blue of the moon
we could change the world

the simplest place is the safest by far
only in these moments we are
it's whispers that shiver
death who deliver
the best news of all
the best news of all

it's the smallest taste when
you close your eyes
reminds me of your paradise
we could change

the whispers that shiver
death who deliver
the best news of all
their summer's gone

learn how to not take
today is not the day
today is not the day
learn how to
bend the truth
today is not the day
today is not the day
learn how not to thrill
to keep yourself alive

to have them thank you with a bit of grace

quite frankly, my dear:

nothing to date bmg music service, columbia house, apple itunes, value web too
what's the latest excuse?
i hear apple itunes is at&t's bill to pay
i worked hard for years already and i don't live on glamour
maybe you do

movies we've seen in the theater this publish month - for the unfortunate of market, itunes will have them soon enough:
'green book' (a great 60's-era roadtrip movie featuring the best of the nyc mob, the rear conservatory of carnegie hall, the sped-up southland, and a beatified eddie murphy with his 'coming to america' shtick bits of ben vereen - great film)
'once upon a deadpool' (i dreaded the notion this was 'deadpool 2' - it happens to be we've seen it - but this film while roughly rated down to pg-13 eased me around for a bit of editing is not better*)
'the favourite' (i waited it out for this private and privileged film about queen mary** - needless to say it takes alot of understanding to mess with the queen she was great while others nearly or quite nearly perished of her - great stuff)
'spider man: into the spider-verse' (what closed the deal here was the funny christmas cabbage patch on this sony-columbia film - you get to be a slob hurting people too much in these after-death modes this film helps redeem our demon friend with blacks afoot)
'vox lux' (vox is an important term vocals by you no singing with or by others - this film was engrossing because the woman could do no wrong except in her head privately i followed her lead - good enough looking to learn)
'aquaman' (is better than you'd be able to sum up - lots of funny jokes, good acting - the audience liked it alot, we'll mention is not a christmas release but is alot like the very strange 'flash gordon' good enough will not speak for itself much)
'marwen' (the dolls and art was good a veritable junkyard as babytalk and court-ordered neighbor, but i looked for a moment of lucidity from the lead he did 'nothing wrong' but chains others up in schmaltz and talk - they'll kill you - get that a shrine to mary with snakes)
'vice' (thought i was gonna be entertained with a good ol' boy network of insiders - this film was filthy and mean with innuendo and loud bombs - bitch says he was hiding in the pentagon when the hammer fell one in the air, one in the pentagon with bombs so loud you'd requit feds would have that on tape to convince insiders they were there)
'mary queen of scots' (i hadda see this to keep my sights pure, but it is nothing but a conversation to reaffirm my right to be free of anything surrounding my previous views with text - ok film no great - thank you)
'second act' (not quite as shitty as bess in 'working girl' still dumb - you either have the good or you don't - this film tries to polish your silver outward but if all you wanted was to be free buy a product and let others sink - it's cheaper)
'mary poppins returns' (who would have the nerve to sequel this 1964 film? nevermind - they did a good job and it's no foolery - all the charm and grace is intact here and all i can say is thank you should make you forget the past a tall order)
*killing may make things robust for a blood-thirsty revenge - we can't all be criminals, can we?
**not to be confused with holmes and watson's queen victoria

from a local studio - nearby says 'two mazilians for $89'...
hairless european crotch?
cat mausoleum?


we continue with 'narcos' - is holding of the attention
'into the wild' (take your time with this one a cute nut in and out of society with vague leanings - cute wolfboy living like a monkey in the woods no drugs shown just nuts)
'bad santa 2' watch it again
'roma' still watching this cinema verite, film noir...nevermind, we're done now...what's the big deal? some nice sights, but the same old message: an ugly reception lets me kill at-will
'relatable' ellen degeneres good enough with questions center appended her side-stepping issues - dresses like i do a bit hot in the day...fleetwood mac played the forum this week, related
upcoming is bird house or whatever ('bird box' is here - started watching the camera loves that polish girl - a psychological thrill nearly nothing to see marvin gaye the devil now with i understood nothing they end up at an enclosed blind person's center very weird a bomb?)
...a new odd and viciously gross 'hellraiser' - they the cenobites or marked man angels want to 'know' you so they don't stop by again they'd say - carry on - ok we watched it all
adds in 'the ballad of buster scruggs' - good stuff all the way through
'the hateful eight' - another bounty-hunter western (see the civil war era) with bodies froze on the stagecoach roof...real good in many ways, but violent and blood-bathed too - long, long
'her' - much awaited this film but mind over said put that away for now - we wanna see how close they come to the truth - starts off with canada bitches in a computer office writing love letters for you-xiu...is small in its ambition so far - a woman on the phone seeing and responding while he looks nutty - the voice is like rachael ray and is small potatoes so far

read from bottom up (this message for me) - you sucking your tongue nonplussed while seeking november 2018...ante it up

a hobart service call releases fond memories of working side-by-side with their potato peeling drum - pumice lining and a single toggle switch like a waring blender
high-incidence spray chems in the power-scrubbing trainlink dishwasher
nothing removes egg well - trust that our one true residue on plates, forks