E Sex Burp Algin And Halve The Fred! She's Got 'A Picture Of His Freckles' And So Extends The Welcome Prigging Our Past...One Day You'll Take It Right Up The Ass You Ask One Of These Bitches Next Time Then You Roll It Out

gorillaz 'doncamatic' as poised from the new emi site replacing 'the-raft'
let's say chrissie hynde is involved here too being stingy add experiment laurie anderson a bit 'o superman'

some lyric eat drink first: don't rub up next to my shit - it's still mine

down lowly
make up for the time you've wasted
come slowly
and claim back the boy you left behind

close the white book
unplug the brain from the game
'cause it's time to wipe out
to the stars
get on the fame

the song is not the same when we're
all played out, played out, all played out
they said the memories
all play out, fade out, all played out
tell me did you feel that?

don't slow down
even if it's only to escape
just down, low down
before somebody steals your place man

close the white book
unplug the brain from the game
'cause it's time to wipe out
to the stars
get on the fame
and the conversation's over

we're all played out, played out, all played out
(talk to me, talk to me, talk to me, talk to me)
you see the memories
all fade out, fade out, all played out
(talk to me, talk to me, talk to me, talk to me)
tell me did you feel that?


down lowly
make up for the time you wasted
come slowly
claim back the boy you left behind and
close the white book
unplug the brain from the game
it's time to wipe out to the bar get on the fame

the song is not the same when we're
all played out, played out, all played out
(talk to me, talk to me, talk to me, talk to me)
you see the memories
all play out, fade out, all played out
(talk to me, talk to me, talk to me, talk to me)

the song is not the same when we're
all played out, played out, all auto tuned
(talk to me, talk to me, talk to me, talk to me)
the song is not the same when we're
all played out, played out, played out, played out
(talk to me, talk to me, talk to me, talk to me)
tell me did you feel that?


'blake' shares his talents with us...with me...here's another frame
thanx alot for being like doug sometimes pretty

this is the pre-frontal red building from santa monica and san vicente
a bit big -- we work on it together a little you, a little me at night with slides in...it's taking too long like everything else
by the way, project angel food's divine design is $25 per entrance and is being held at robinsons may on wilshire (9900 wilshire blvd.)
project angel food are lezzies feeding faggots with ayds at home and old women with a starving top-down plus lupus (lets u pretend unless seen)
as with any humble of care-giving and goodwill, there are never enough sufferers for people who prey upon opportunity when it stripes
it's the pill...what happens last is the answer and the question to me - don't be so quidditch we (another household of affording-having sense) just paid $35 a pop for two (2) glamour creams prescribed for a problem person with grunk on the elbows and with cassio - the wool carpets again?
no more words...the same efficacies who sell christmas and god to me as sub-level and at a surface-service to me
i don't kill things that are precious (appreciated none-the-thought before seen to be having, that ol' glass knob with the least glanviddich of shellacs) to live yet a fluffy-white garden goose
benihanas meat looks like they made it (to beloved) i like japan trying analyzing-trying if nature is too nutrient-laced - $50 gift cards get $10 promotional cards with purchase right now - no drinks with promos 'just what we make here' (mo' money)
a $39 chicken and bib special for two (2) now sharing a plate....maybe me?
i love sitting with others unless rude to be like full-frontal nudes a passersby at disneyland not waiting in line...la sem beggar, enc' prepone! depend yourself
i know blacks stationed nearby 'won't admit how good i have it' at dinner a roundish double-date of you...i had to check your bags they hope someone religious (fights natural or 'while you sleep' impulses) comes still...bring a stick or branch for the ride down and out to northern whitewater and flan nopez

five star (and michael jackson) do 'let me be the one'
you fucked up - can't we just admit that perhaps in your own time and let me try for once and so then you'll just be

Steph of Monaco sings this dive with help from Michael Jackson 1986: Dave Armstrong & Redroche "Love Has Gone"...redroche is 'murder' backwards...ho hum

On Halloween while I was dressed up, someone walked by Starbucks with a big ol' snake and I just had to run and catch up with that to see if it was real and touch. It was real - small head and a line of black AYDS ribbons on the hide like I'd draw you one. I personally thanked it for coming. Cute.

My peace sign is to be taken as the Tigres (um, 'ty-griss' or the propered 'nigriss') and Euphrates (say 'yoo-freight-eez' or 'fake tits' more at 'fat gut') rivers of Mesopotamia (say 'my top came off' as then 'my toughest customer' or 'ooh, loud') fame. One is for garbage, but is machine tubed of tin like a farmer's bridge over a creek. An important lesson. The metal tube is lain in the water and covered with dirt as bridge and no flow is exacted then. Your tube is buried to flow then.

pam russo and 'it works for me' i bought it...is english angie and five star
then get regina a madonna song passed on 'baby love' we had 'em both and to dating others > 1987
i saw regina perform live in 1985 at the grammy's - yup, the westin bonaventure in the fantasia lounge 4 tracks and one girl dressed like boy george
a careful review reveals john cougar's mellencamp or 'cherry bomb' we played it last night 11/29
a cherry bomb is rare-type firecracker - a deep red smoke issuing from little ball with a hard wick
not to be confused with equal pleasure the 'm-80' or near variant - a smallish tube of dynamite topped with a hard wax and with a handsome green wick that explodes under water even when lit
tres l'careful: a 'ladyfinger' (the smallest firecracker en fleur) shoved in a tiny beach frog's mouth exploded up my arm when i thought it a dud and reached in....now as then moles? lephaerd one, then be two ('web too, berclombe oned' as be it and as so suched is yet and alone...one nation under god inscrutable...sensing loss its savidges)

what giving may start up at moca's gift shop (cover artist credit: mark ryden)

aah's has this air-blown pop-out santa for sale - for the holidays, for snow

a snell john lennon 'imagine' pamph features these tees and hooded mouvilles at hard rock cafe
don't be confused - the song ignores us, our drugs, our homes - stay focused 'it's all in the eye, only' and i don't see it for you yet
'i'll never let you prove this to others' + 'you get into trouble showing about god what he didn't do for us'
stay smart...be you
p.s. talk to the likes of 'taylor swift' if all to hope sounds like a hog farmer for president hillary clinton (pork roll and bacon - yum! but an old woman? thank england)

i doodled at earlier request - so no have see
key: 'draw...'
1) a dick (and then balls);
2) someone's ass;
3) a person 'having sex';
4) the french symbol for 'sex';
5) your made-up symbol for 'peace';
6) a female breast (or as upper female mannequin no right hand the wobbly pig always agrees);
7) something that symbols 'a fart' (as a black eye and thus be bewilderment);
8) something that symbols 'a bomb' (stink doesn't kill to the opposing party);
9) something that symbols 'a phone' (skull with bone lying across top to dial fleck at teeth, jawbone the doorknocker);
10) international symbol of a woman's genitalia as warning or 'do not enter';
11) something that symbols a 'woman's genitalia' or (nazi) pussy;
12) a fart as in comic books (a 'poot');
13) a bomb (as for a jew, a 'hello' or studio bomb) and if 'lovemaking begins with gift and then a single touch for indicating warmth...' - dM

if anything, you see the stairs inside - photos are prohibited

I have a stencil photograph of Elton John's "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" LP cover atop stairs at Pacific Design Center's MOCA gallery. It studies the colors from chroma form (or blas color - the mixes up) and is new right now. Very technical.

from the la times today friday 11/26 warhol 1986 or so (he died in 1989)
remember when black friday was just a regional retail joke? now 'cyber monday' is real for having no feelings for no pay...see cipher tuesday never knows of the 1940's their surgeries at night...the new 'cryojunkets' are as amaze...recruits the only qualified replacement at rehire or them requisite therms
and if death is religion's biggest failure, we come back too and have quite naturally stayed the course of reason...nothing i can't seem for myself
new jersey doesn't tax clothes because they sell alot and it the revenue forms in people's incomes with markups (100% markup is twice the cost)
someone who buys black friday sale items for their mother and who keeps the change says everything is priced regularly no tags - a real bitch
they mother and son had to research the regular cost of items in stores and on the internet
sometimes, the black friday items were twice the cost and that was to be scathingly reviewed

Thanksgiving 2010 - 'what's its true meaning?' while I pee'd standing up today. Is it thanking the above with another jewel-encrusted chalice of give and take? For what little you have hoping to lose that (a list of people not to kill)? For the big ball of water I scoop up just north of Niagara and drop on you from above? For:

- the company I have unwittingly each year that I can't stand hearing;
- the $50 my mother sent in a greeting card of which $20 is certained for dinner;
- another stick of butter or pumpkin pie still out there at large;
- the drunken lames of the vodka person I live with at $10 a bottle;
- the lube that sits out there while we use cooking oil on our dicks;
- the creepy 'chrysanthemum' cotillions my female cousins are having over their sex bodies and as for being broke?

The original pilgrims were thankful the Lenape indians let them rest ashore and didn't attack them with crosses they would burn them on. What side was I on?

Please - this is all still lavish, but I hesitate to put a price on it all as yet. You know Los Angeles doesn't know your name and is full of jerky pronunciate to boot...

Thanks, Nigger. Dinner is at five don't ask again.

More 11/25/10: The dinner was great - that bag 'round the turkey produced one as nice as any from gourmet. Good deal...saw bits of the Macy's parade - that hauranging homeless version of "Imagine" on piano stunk. "Imagine" - blecch...loved it as a child though. Stink.

a few weirdo ideas that inspired me...the inflatable greenhouse at orchard supply
is a great outdoor shower as used and people think 'elegant' perhaps with wheels on the bottom and drains that way with a bit lift

the vacuuming backpack for outer limits and other nuts (dayglo) - see home site

at pep boys electric scooters

More 'vegan' delight from my table ('don't die for me' it said):

1 box medium pasta shells, cooked
1 can stewed whole tomatoes (14.5 oz...and if a can of soda is 12 oz.)
1/4 cup or 1/2 quarter stick of butter
mash the tomatoes in pot with potato masher, add shells and butter over heat
cook to your further liking it's simple and I love it

when all is to be quiet on the homefront, i make a burger in the microwave while applying ketchup and mustard to top of bun en bun la plate
press burger meat to desired thickness into the bottom of the cup (these ziploc), return lid, and put in microwave for two (2) minutes on high
i sprinkle lawry's seasoned salt on-top of mine then place lid
just open and lift out with fork...i love these now and around sound mites
then you insert the 'party like it's on tape' to be played out a top window or its follow-up 'the bathhouse being' - you must pray to a bodyshame for a real attendance > $40

"More problems than the lourve." - dM, say 'lorv' a northern reservoir or then apron full of water in France

Exit sandora...open haus. Two percent (2%) is more than just a little fat left to as thicken, or 'we couldn't get it all' if there's bound to be some seem in our speculative (mine: looking as in wider area, theirs: looking before being asked to) sense. It is none for you too, or then none again? This will say when and how much too for every weekend you spend and for easily halving it. Two-percent (2%) is fine for avoiding messages in absolutes then. Anything else says you wanted it there and don't need much talk about it (like juice drinks, I just need some flavor, not a mistaken identity with fortune 500 leanings - I know a juice, but seek no help with a nectar). I don't need anything, but reflect my choices oddly enough (you see no difference after sought) and if above adds sums (I like ulterior messaging or a reality 'fasce' - looking at things and purposefully when no one is around...steers the cord).

That new burlito place e.i.e. 'fast dancer' must be the source of the post-badooner stink at the bus stop across the street - just like a storming mexi-fish beef-cauldrath tandra at 'sweet lou's - the walter 'pee' pritikin place after that'...pance people love bonding on the bus over cost-versus-weight stink I met no one citing my own brauhavan breath as one such said as just as near handicap waste bangler 'after ate' usrda dinner skimps with vegan mike slipes pluck-to without having a mention (very tisk and flac-free but asleep at the wheel 'for more than it glands' said it once then byslept).

make up for it all here...i tell people i traded the day out to make it stink less

sobriet red panels are finally clasping up to the fountain-bleu (mine: below fountain, theirs: boxed in by buildings made me sad) bottom of south side...looks like i did it to be all by meself...next up on the slips-list is the 'putnam building' in rear - light yellow, rectangule, turning from fixed base as it rises one full litre or there-and-abouts...sees shit ribe, plus and 'a million lies around everything true' (um, chrissie hynde)

Monit 11/17/10: The Beatles are finally available at iTunes - I coulda sold them too. Check my rectory page for recommendations of them...Crate & Barrel has those three potluck bakers now in X-mas red for $30. More: Why the Beatles? Well shit, I'm happy enough for anyone offering $30K as advance payment less taxes within days just get it here, Nigger. Source: Neil in my head as others female scramble the payment into place in some clearing house that lines up loose sources as they post daily...downtown. Keeps getting set aside. Other than and not including that, the Beatles are the very last holdout on finer rock music catalogs and have some sort of swan song in mind. I think about goodwill and without me showing me the check for further and ongoing deposits long after they fold up my ass and my teeth are gone. Other than that, I'll be handing out AYDS la douche (dela da toiche like Pete Burns crouching and looking both ways first like a Russian) - if you hafta live in the ocean it's because you like the shit and piss of others so much you don't die. One day, a fake MP3 player on someone's desk sets you off a note but for the better like a real one poisons you with nervous syndrome.

the newly renovated taco bell at beverly and lacienega, thereabouts, and heading east
not open yet

Stopped at McDonald's today 11/15 to sample McRib - the whole meal comes to $5.15 with tax included and that price was nice. I like McRib because it is shaped like it has bones, and but the onions are noticeably large like the half rib on Fred Flintsone's car - but is not bad overall. Try one. The teeth? There are places to avoid, is all I'd say.

stages of tax: a car on our street got the treatment one local night at work
after noting one 'hairy pussy', i'd say 'don't cheat us'
'take my advice | take the next flight | and grow your fucks | grow your fucks at home' - elton john 'grow some funk of your own' then do 'street kids' from the same album
we'll do it to ya while meeting the most minimal of standards - trust that

the height of lazy reaches its zenith (see 'zebrath' or height of telling one from another): a turkey cake made at pavilions and is from this am 11/15 - is twenty-one cupcakes underneath $22
i had my frozen $5 bird at the counter all picked out and had to put it back at fourteen point some pounds - you hadda buy $25 worth of groceries to use your card yet
update: i went back to the store and although they want it all in the same receipt for reimbursement, i got my bird of up to sixteen pounds with yesterday's $35 receipt...lucky loo
butterball - any over sixteen lbs - is $10 with card purchased
ours is still shot up with plenty of grease the way i like it and remember omaha steaks is excellent stuff too
i use reynolds oven bags religiously and in a pyrex pan

today monday 11/15 was 'friends and family' only for 'another five minutes' they said to me a moniker of it
bank of america nearby had my safe deposit box button-holed so this made up for it
i swear jennifer aniston and aston kutcher were here eating already - do i know you?
i got a free gourmet burrito usually $5.85: white rice with lemon grass, pintos frijoles, chicken, mild salsa or chopped tomatoes and vinegar, sour cream, cheese, lettuce, some guacamole maybe now $1 to pay? just a small tip
more: we went back around 7pm on tuesday and they said they 'sent no emails' - so, beggars
to the above - you give a free burrito per-per-and per and people buy the rest so picky and the goodwill stinks in (a burrito so what? friends and family ate ours by phone)
note: chipotle will give you a free burrito, taco plate, whatever with a $25 gift card purchased within this month - offered by e-mail on 11/30


To aswartz@chipotle.com
From: Doug Moon (noomguod@hotmail.com)
Sent: Wed 11/17/10 12:53 PM
To: aswartz@chipotle.com
Our understanding - and correct me if I'm wrong - is that we were going to be given some free food. They did this the day before at the restaurant they said and I dropped by too and saw crowds and as only to scope the new location for the next day. My friend talked to the register on the date specified, November 16, and they said they sent no e-mails. Leave my name on the list - I got my free burrito. The friend got really mad over the walk with me, that's all.
Doug Moon

From: aswartz@chipotle.com
To: noomguod@hotmail.com
CC: aswartz@chipotle.com; awarren@chipotle.com; bbaskin@chipotle.com;
jstupp@chipotle.com; lfredrickson@chipotle.com; PatKelly@chipotle.com;
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2010 13:30:59 -0700
Subject: Reply from Chipotle


Thanks for taking the time to write to us. Are you asking to be removed from our e-mail mailing list? If so, I'd be happy to take care of that for you; however, I just want to be sure I understand correctly. In addition, would you mind telling me what happened when you arrived at the restaurant? Did something happen? If so, we would love to be able to address any issues we may have with our team.

I look forward to hearing from you and hope that I can be of assistance.



Alicia Swartz | Marketing Consultant
Chipotle Mexican Grill

From: Doug Moon(noomguod@hotmail.com)
Phone Number: 310.659.7511
Store Visited: Sunset Boulevard (Los Angeles, CA)
Date Visited: 11/16/2010 07:00 PM
Comment Submitted: 11/16/2010 08:48 PM
Went to your open house sent by e-mail until 10:00 pm no good afoot 'we sent no e-mail'. Please don't ask us to attend these again (me and one friend).

sign of fire: itunes offered their first coupon ever for a three-pack recently
these bitches still haven't paid up while our money is in local supermarkets being shopped (and as scrip? that's 15% scale or $10 in sale for $8.50 comp'd)
remember, i helped make a nothing system great and still i smell a whore
no internet system ever paid us: not bmg music service, not columbia house - nor the internet provider i shopped value-web
itunes has the go-go's 'god bless the go-go's' and naked highway stuff too
the beatles catalog is now complete there too - noting 'the compleat beatles' made me know of them better

'Debit' versus 'credit' (as if 'vowel' or 'I said' and vows you as is versus consonant). Debit denotes or rubber stamps downward as received (as perhaps you 'depress' a clutch on a riding lawnmower). Credit, although always an equal and further meaningless as a taught, is to 'crevice' or spirit away - your books, your way. So one stamps it in to account (math relationships are implied), one hides further down or out. Always see.

The $1.00 meal at Pavilions West Hollywood: Get a fifty-cent ($0.50) chilled can of 'Refreshe' soda (some diet) at the deli department chill box and a forty-cent ($0.40) frozen burrito 'beef and bean' plus alts at the freezer section across the aisle from ice cream. Keep up the good work. How about $1.00 for blue raspberry or cherry 'Icee' cups four (4) in a box? 'How 'bout it? What do you see?' - Curve 'Left Of Mother' and doing without it...how about it?

a smart one from the la times yesterday...sat 11/13...deaf, dumb...blind, sure, you didn't see nuthin' ...a blood bitch (a relation, on the rag...not pleased with you your blood won't help hers never stops spilling)
the hand objects say people wanna see you play, but they don't want to see you now [when you're not good at it]
jesus said 'bring the children to me, for i see them better...'
bless the beasts for there are children afoot? 'for theirs are no children'

the britt ekland-ish 'dancing with the stars' and with apt guest kylie minogue as we examine 'all the lovers' again for me
'don't be frightened | just give me a little bit more...' do it, do it now
really it's for me from someone who died - a concern for me, with videos done on the titanic

I've been trying to defragment my hard drive in this aPple...oh, sure another craphead. Used to be you couldn't live alone without Norton utilities and now what? For the record, the defragmenter lifts files individually off the disk and holds them aside while rewriting each file to new, clean blocks of similar call (system, applications, free space, no jags no splits, no excess heats drawn looking things up fast and compensating for distances in a hard read for speed). Usually, you'd be DOA without it.

from the sunset pumpkin patch...the five-finger discount (a pilfering title)
this photo from my tracfone (the first phone, now fully restored with new sim - the first successful transfer of such too)
you send pictures taken to e-mail or other similar of phone then and no bother with (a larger size is evident)
use nothing until seem

all good to thanksgiving and beyond that - disney's 'legend of sleepy hollow' and nothing politically correct
we kids watched this by projector at the public library annually in allentown
bing crosby narrates

November debuts with oral cancer...always checking the tits don't pay.

watch 'the return of michael myers halloween 4' - it's worth that
here's the link to 'halloween 5' - i watched both now

see rust-oleum now makes glow-in-the-dark paint in a can
it's boxed on the shelf you can see (here at amazon) a glow-in-the dark gym set out back

What Came First - The Viciousness Of Spider Bites Under Udder Or The Wicked Robotic Weavings Of A Harsh Reproof? October 2010 Only Needed The Butter