Bump Hips In The Rear With November 2010 But Only In The Bathroom
But um...or sit and light matches.

November sees it soon...did you know it costs $800 to vomit in church? Get this: Michael Jackson's son "Perez" (exchange for "Paris", then) was on the bus this on Halloween with a group of persons other some girl. We were returning from our "bass kits" to get dressed and go out some later just me then. They the others were dressed like "Dead Presidents" (black and white skulls) we took a group picture and why am I left to be so thankful for this happy bitch? Because you let me do it all myself? I ran out to the road and said hi to Perez (the name means "please don't") later on while I in makeup and he thought "faggot"...oh, well. Better than being with me so cute. He had a music school mid-term the next day hrrmmph! Don't get mad.

On a gay t-shirt: "I'm the one with the pussy, so I make the rules." Huh? You're the one who takes exception, so you give it a call. Why so nervous? Someone took the reins from you.

What is "the force" from "Star Wars"? I'd say "the fourth" or "the forthcoming" or next one. The "evil emperor" says it is what burns us inside and out. "What governs us to death."

we got this after-the-fact at 50% off...has a black tissue-paper fan on the bottom for tabletop...and thanks it said
the white cat's name is "peritz" says "pretts" like in "pretzel"

Tooth loss, hearing loss and decay and presentable it said:

my family (and not just what's leftovers from your own prokiev) at dinner recently - irritatingly, they seem to be saying something to me looking and saying 'thanks, no'
a woman's way is to have me spit in a known good...she sells having less to me, but i am no bargain to have shopped her

this picture of my brother scott is typical of people who can't read (um, is not well read) - always a threat to be present in letters: one can't pay, the other doesn't see that half the misery is in words cum avoidable
daffy duck (black with orange bill) is in here i'll show you later where i see - you are not that smart, i am still (or, 'i see it if you do?')
don't bother talking to me i died learning with you
p.s. someone said the abortion doctor who got his face shot off like daffy duck in his car was interfering with blacks-whites and their combo babies 'oh'
who knows - i'm so smart and at first i thought 'kill that for the horror presented' all scared of it probably it's not even real...they loved the simpson condo too with loretta lynn dying and all
this stays it with a thought, yes, a today for tomorrow-type thing
if his face wasn't shattered that bothers me too - i picture a complete loss of tooth in the rear of head
is our work really done ? when little blacks girls don't hang in a bag on my back door where i sit outside in my underwear? the happiest moments of my life are there...shot up in my ass while sleeping leaves me owing you for drugs still

i didn't see this on the computer screen as ready in but icon - it was in the full picture on my little bulletin board, so no help to see it
what does it mean? nothing to me just shows you how it is for me
'cept it's not real - or is it? it is.
crapheads, little wins to big nothings - you are this, reduced for sale now

[piss break: why would a computer give you tax break? it wouldn't, and simply at that] + [neil says he threw a running (push) lawn mower on his mother one day from the roof of his house - a ridicule to me as i think of using that method often and in plans and playing here...maybe they thought of it too, but he says 'sheered her good' on shoulder]
spontaneous use as the grass so high? i hate losers (an outrage of a person, a neverland of it) winning-having anything at all
we don't get anywhere cherishing hairy assholes to a faith, why would you get to lie in a grave so easily? signed the highest nigger 'montenegro'
not your ass, not just yet (or 'who knows more, who cares more?' by poem chris reeve)
'play with the garbage left you all you want' + 'i was made to do [this], can't you see that?' + 'make them sort it out, you'd come running'

Halloween was fine this year...strangely, it all came and went home too. Russian ghosts report the hit (numbers as shoaled) were twice taken as lovingly lone as the Ozarks or Indiana 'too many girls stupid...' I don't reach over the ripe to know the pits your newspaper threatens of zzzz now.

If you're gonna watch movies, do the "Halloween" set 1-5 plus none - you can't go wrong. I watched '4' and '5' again lately 'return' and 'revenge' and both were dully fascinating, really. The Michael Myers stuff is as real as charm - memorable and harming that way. A friends of friends...with no friends to speak of.

i carved my eight-dollar pumpkin in the bathroom yesterday 10/30
it wanted me to bathe with it a veritable snake pit, but i just bathed it with dr. bronner's its simple almond of blessings
it grew bigger too puffin' up and like a perfect christmas tree i had is entity
the difference between neat and clean, i just do what i'm asked to do

'this corrosion' sisters of mercy licking up rust for my own blood as bought
'you'll be, be, be, and be, and be right now' then onward 'dominion'
p.s. is skin legend '45 grave' + 'lucretia' (say 'lah-vein-ya' if you want to and to be as deveining a shrimp i later would eat) dies with you sunken in - greases the way like a courtney love-type - all helpin' and with too a hurt
'give me the ring'
more on 11/05/10 and by andrew eldritch the star (um, steven tyler plus curve and singer): say lucretia as 'lo-cay-sha' or 'wherever you want' she shits on people wanting to know who she is 'i gave all, you should too'
setting aside all akaido or what's simply not interesting: blecch! desire is wanting to know, gratification is getting to know...someone else
we think more about the grave and markels little shines in the dark matter or tomatoes - a gift of sight in what's obscure or not readily seem
okay then - i always use 'excretia' in response to this name, fact day

sisters of mercy 'this corrosion'
from 1987 the 'floodland' lp

(be be be and be
and be right now)

give me the ring
kiss my soul
give me something that i missed

(give me the ring)
a hand to hold
[for a] while and what it seems

(give me the ring)
kill the king
when love is troubadour [alts: 'through the door']
and the wheel turn 'round

(give me the ring)
bring me the dreamchild
and do you hear me call?

(give me the ring)
on my mark and on the level
a still on the floor

(give me the ring)
i sing (!) of [my] dreams child
and do you hear at all?


hey now, hey now now
sing this corrosion to me
hey now, hey now now
sing this corrosion to me
hey now, hey now now
sing this corrosion to me
hey now, hey now now

(maybe is more later ho hum)

Solemns and dark ghost nights are a welcome alternative to lone be it fest. Keep it to be special. I have it for real though, and you know people who have it all their way - can't do enough for ya (someone sucked your dick in the morning, thanks for nothing and remember too might I eat). Sparts rain was beautiful the last few early morns and for walking about sound...faggots will not be rained out if anyhow should be.

Even worse than a surprise party is a whoop-tee-do the night before. You? The natural father to be born November 1.

happy 'vandaling' the truest sense of it 'halloween' or 'how's it hanging?'
evangeline they took everything and remade me yet and upon invite ('bring to me' + 'pleased to meet me')
if all is to be in the eye some, i get to keep of my hates however if and is willful
the pumpkin's name is 'pankin' and for all days

a work in process yet 'mr. drool' holds you down for it

BVD (for that 'flat in the pant' look) is back on the block...that cellblock gray is ever elusive, my pet.

"There are no supermarkets in New York City the financial capital of the world and where the day begins." - dM you don't use my money to jack up prices

Meanwhile, target savings at Pavilions (I just got my mother's pittance plus some 'no' then plain card):

'Refreshe' store-brand sodas $0.99 two-liter bottles
Cherry Coke two-liter $1.25
Lay's big bag potato chips $2.50 each
Von's OJ half-gallon already mixed no pulp $2.00
Oroweat Oatnut $2.99 a loaf (that's $1.50 off)
Del Monte fruit naturals citrus and other fresh fruit cups $1.00 each
Green fingerlake grapes $1.99 pound real nice
A whole bag or block of Alpine Lace swiss cheese is about $63.00...other brands? Like rubber they are. Simply bananas I put 'em back wrapped special but having after sample. Like rubber they are.

From The "You Had AIDS" department: Value Your Website -- Mine Was Worth $0
Terry the roommate tried to butt in real fast here like it mattered throwing glasses around and saying this is the reason why he doesn't have anything to eat. This is how that goes...

in gay culture, a fake is not only the best you can get - it's simply better than having the truth
truth is, no one cares...someone showed me this stuff and i balked right away (no one made that stuff yet...is an eavesdropping of sorts...'no one real has ever been to the sun, neither' you run from there)

No money seem? Block caller ID: USA: Dial *67 before you dial the number. If you have Caller ID blocked permanently, dial *82 to unblock for a given call. Magic Jack and Safari won't let you transfer credit card numbers, you know. Like the face of an ATM knows what you dial in, you got to roto that. Just part of the overall quip.

Pizza Hut keeps e-mailing me about ordering online. The closest to West Hollywood (no fast-food pleasure, and basically a pet cemetery) is for pick-up only and that is at Sunset and Cherokee (just east of Highland at 7-Eleven [note: only cash no debit for money orders], the Hollywood post office street, sees USPS). Now note that and do better as ours closed (Quizno's closed and re-opened same space and why too not). I'll get my personal size Pizza Hut pizza with pepperoni and deep-dish crust red-ready at Target first. Big Mama's just east of LaCienega on Santa Monica was closed for emergency last week (someone cut theirself bad years ago and they honor it still) I hadda go to Domino's on LaCienega just around the corner. Not bad (and how it's gonna hurt), but it wasn't Big Mama's medium plain pie for $9.99 plus so.

Meanwhile, I'm rigging my PayPal account to direct deposit to the Green Dot card yes and it works (as a "online bill pay" transaction per them)...you need at-least $250 for their $10 remark in only (a bonus for paychecks and similar dime). No bother...$1 minimum transfer for PayPal transfer back in to account. Check it out.

A fine camel hair topcoat ain't cheap, you know...Jos. A. Bank

Another indoor tee-pee for kids and kitchen sets too: The Land Of Nod

Lava featurette:

Outing at UCLA via TMZ three mile zone and-or "the most said": Space Cowboy  
'for the love of cock!'

Test your DSL speed at InternetFrog.com mine is fine or better.


word for the day: 'prokiev' (if say 'prote-kee-ef') asks you not to look when they're less than shy (naked or less)
mine: proto [no questions, just does] key - gets you in everything
the ol' skeleton key, the boner

i showed madonna a clip back when 'like a virgin' was done - she says is 'egrarian' meaning 'it couldn't stop itself - bigger than a person'

for the record means 'can't stop to help - has somewhere to be and when' and also putting together myself is 'eating alot of grass' you would avoid if seen to be coming, is made to do it in one place too like 'agrarian' growing and but gathering

you gotta hear madonna 'i love new york' adds 'she doesn't really like you for that' george bush's dick?
you do the talking this speaks for me and against me too...that kid ('transamerica') was a marvel
in another great zone 'let it will be' (um, 'then it will be') she thanks everyone who helped (i was wondering about women again, but she looks great)
here's the opener too - 'future lovers' doesn't ring a bell, but is virtue - she's going to her own beheading at soon enough everything turns away from you
my mother is hugging a guy with a guitar just below - he joins her for playing all bets off
i was fluffing up my costume from last year (the disney-type ghost) - i was holding up and considering the wig and it's as nice as her hair, trust that the lilt and all

in lieu of makeup basically a crystal (different colors) eight around the eyes: clear mask? elton john eyeglasses (in white)?
the costume is made by in character and is smally available at aah's for $150 (in a justice, i took the discount with a $25 ucla pull-over hooded sweatshirt against the cost and some other crumb for $30 total)

it's almost like she's here on a pole...and then nothing sent

Francis Ford Coppola = Martin Sheen, and Francis Ford Coppola the sons are actors "like me"

Gilligan's Island: Natalie Schaefer = Britney Spears

the dolls are fine, thanks

Went to the two (2) pumpkin patches here last evening 10/18 (hi Chris 10/14) to survey (although we got ours on 10/01/10 at Pavilions for $8.00 a real beauty shown, and I wanted to also make a small glow-in-the-dark one). There's one on Sunset near Hustler Hollywood and the one on Doheny from last year Mr. Bones. Mr. Bones was closed at night and maybe for rain (it just started again raining right now at noon), but the Sunset one - lovingly decorated with little mask pirate boats and a pinewood casket kit - has a ghost named "Changa" that no one can see...maybe in the great pumpkin? We passed Neil's mother on the way in no talk but smiles. Last night and as I slept this big snake that would not wake me crawled down my body and left with its wet tail in the lefthand corner of my mouth. Thanks again...then I got up to pee. Don't cause trouble here...this by Universal (city, then state the other one) and they are notorious for having real ghost shit about. More: Mr. Bones has a cute petting zoo in back this year with goats, chickens, ducks, etc. I checked it out just now...$4 in 'tickets' to feed the animals it said.

For people who eat: I hate breakfast fare at fast-food restaurants that open up early as unfriendly to taste. More than an egg, I need potato, peppers - perhaps onion. Subway fed me a steak and egg type sandwich on my choice of bread and you need to know I couldn't taste the egg at all, but it had the same quality as the lunch and the dinner menus and are reasonably priced. The eggs are pre-made in plastic baggies like a tortilla all flat to be heated up in the microwave, but it wasn't bad. "We" think it was good enough. To be avoided at breakfast we think to say: wet tomato.

Bed cups: If you're heavy like us, go to the hardware store and get a length of wood dowel to saw and put underneath at-length. Bring the cup to the hardware store like I did. The dowel should fit under the cup and go right to the floor precisely then no breaks. See?

watch 'damien: omen ii' at hulu
the four faces of the anti-christ: the first is just eyes floating, the second is all hair, the third has a halo, and the fourth is a hawk or bird with beak as meanly preyful
to end quote: 'for such and some, the apostles of christ are winsome and forlorn | we are not to be' - mark to lambs [um, theologians] 13:12
advance through 'omen iii: final conflict' at hulu
david duchovny who plays the kid says 'go to hell - i died well and young' drugs rock n' roll lifestyle i'd say 'demons' he adds
todd fraser (an ex of mine yet) plays vince 'sam' neil in the third part of the trilogy...'in holland' he says he only played sam in two movies 'red october' is the other

Did you know model Paulina died in the Stephanie Grimaldi crash that took Princess Grace's life? Yup - died in the backseat choking on Stephanie's blood from her foot. She couldn't believe it upside down on Route #1 in Pennsylvania (1983). Is Chrissie Hynde these days the song "Drive" by The Cars (for the devil car in the James Brolin film*) has Paulina ribbing in it the video. Princess Grace is again singer Glen Stefani and Steph is also Chrissie Hynde playing her sometimes. Nobody else. Well, she's the girl on "Friends" too.

*The car (full movie here for now) has no one in it - it shows you in the original film by opening the driver-side door. When it blows up by a desperate bombing at the end, a huge burst of flame has a full-on devil in it. You see it rise. The first Cars album - each one features a femme fatale on the brink of having paints - has its concept portraiture inside noting a vampire rim line known as a 'scaevula' down the hood like a horseshoe crab does eating severed penises tossed out and around the pool. More on 10/27/10: Best parts of "The Car": The whole first scene where the car pushes bicyclers over a ridge is hysterically mean and one isn't even noticed dead 'til later, but a little after that the car won't enter a cemetery full of kids at a rodeo practice, and rams the entrance before leaving in a huff. The car also appears in James Brolin's garage all polished and shined while he notices not foraging for a tool. I love the whole 'aren't-we-friends-after-all' thing. John Carpenter directed this you can tell - a pre-"Halloween" Jamie Lee is here too. Says she wasn't paid. He said she got $20K for a $10K invest event. James Brolin is naturally chosen here, has a faggot underscoring too and if "a homosexual is its own worst enemy." - dM

'very happy-go-lucky' he says michael jackson 'don't stop 'til you get enough' from 'off the wall' (but released august 10, 1979)
i like the dancing-posing even as early on - mostly from christmas 1986 our parties

my mother sent pictures at the beginning of this month...

robin guthrie of cocteau twins 'sparkle'

Bought Robin Guthrie's song "Sparkle" from iTunes the album "Carousel" (2009). To me, is the opportunity to sample a Cocteau Twins song and make its vocals. This one is like "Sinn Fein" (to mask us "Fein" is a gentle baby's name "fenn" in German-type - the child can't help itself 'you're not to blame') and other some (my Grandmother called "Moon" her husband "Venn" too in a little lie). A privilege that will suffer it only...and a whirligig ensues. In reality, no one writes letters to teletype ("there's no mocking us").

the sony dash: no slave to richard (richer or poorer, standard & poor)

Be finch: SONY Internet viewer most 'sleek' at BestBuy $179 francos per decca (sony? no more reliable than that)

excising the saintly: watch 'fright night' again with me - plenty of scare
synopsis: a nosy kid next door cites vampires in reverse (asks of you kindly only to reproof, reprove you and live) and has to get an old horror film person to help him for real 'friends and enemies are all the same' - curve 'chinese burn'
chris sarandon the lead is very mean and also, 'gently', from 'the other side of aspen ii' a great person to me xx roddy mcdowall too rih amanda bearse hi hi
if you died of aids, be proud only

this small segment of mutual has-been interest: computer to tv screening with no flare no you and just me the saharan

"We never steal..." - beggars from the John Hughes coip "Curly Sue" (maybe whatever and a cat never farts...you sure stink alot) + you have on your best bib and tucker, huh

"We are not to be amused." - Queen Victoria, some, and as 'grave' people (I never lighten up, but to conceal a zit)

"Don't use my computer, don't eat my food. Go for a walk, cook your own dinner." - dM quoting roommate all too often...how are the fights in your end of the store now emptying?

There's a real big Halloween emporium (temporary) at Third and LaCienega...plus you see nothing. Cheap and quite deserving near Beverly Center.

Made drums yesterday after talking to my sister over the weekend (wants me to file for disability you're so cheap with it and I say 'no, we aren't disabled' nor are we married to a thought):

her chicken wings:
fry in oil (vegetable oil)
turning brown
baking pan, oil off
garlic powder
adobo (goya makes this) x - we left this out as not readily available
celery salt x - we left this out as not priced to sell
365 degrees, 45 minutes
barbecue sauce (kc masterpiece, mild) x - we used kc regular $3.25 although jack daniels was on sale - nice enough)
25 minutes

These were real good we ate them all...I made ten to try out (I paid Pavilions less than $5 for a pack of chicken legs with their club card - about 16 pieces). More: Surprisingly, the CVS at Beverly and LaCienega has 'adobo' spice along with others at a super-saver price ninety-nine cents ($0.99)...a knock-off we'll get later. "If you like cancer gels, you'll love to the breck pack." I didn't buy for all that jazz (jasmine) I'm making more soon too a sleepbox of drawn spit. Funnily enough, the celery salt - a little one - cost just bits more now at Pavilions than the tall bottle. Only Scott toilet tissue does this more with the four-pack having more costly per roll than the individual wrapped rolls, but I got a twelve pack at Rite-Aid recently for just $6.99 with their new vitality (club) card or just $0.5825 a roll.

'space: 1999' intro...by elton john

Was talking about 70's tv show "Space: 1999" and what was basically the female Barbara Bain and she said it was about war and staying inside. "You'll be staying inside too" or they'd kill you for being there. Someone said it was "crypto" [symbol a spiral with corner lines inside and as 'the small get in, the tall stay large'] or then "cryogenic" and she said "no - the dead only teach you when they're dying." So there.

"I've been unemployed since my disability, but they said they didn't bleed to help." - dM, and just to amuse me meaning we've been there too that's why we get to stay

vintage halloween muff from beistle company or nestle then - people hated it when they saw it
the east coast is far more participative when it comes to these decorations - the old school everywhere
someone made my grandmother stop displaying them randomly - 'you're dying, don't ask them to come'

"Mary Tyler Moore is Lou Grant?"- dM, and if explains the amories of Lady MacBeth and manard boots

"So then what?" - dM, "have thee no side to which I can stow a bitch or two then me?"

Bring back soon...send yourself flowers, I was lovely touching myself today.

kiss (and other flavors) with the 'king of the night time world'
see here some paul lynde to honor the thought backwards halloween '76

In A Sense, You Have The Material Scattered About And Have No Intent To Sew Yourself Mad - So Looms September 2010 The Very Notion Of It