seasons greetings to: richard desandre, fran+rose, john collins, white rose, st. francis mc, aunt jeannie, dad and joanne, sean...toni..., glenn (the plumber), six flags great adventure, gregory moon...and his mother, stephen hague (we mean it)...madonna sure and everyone else who bothers to look and see if it's 2011 (year of the quince-totem or vas deferens and as glans meatus) we predict you'll welcome the past anyway like fresh-that-day cannolis being wormed by santa's salivors...approve our any changes to make it out to 'orders for pickup' and not just yet, while you was out we had that folded up like a wrinkled shirt in a pin box - all big buttons

If You Disagree, Don't Do It Here - In January 2011, We Note No Place To Express Your Misgivings And Yet Further I Still (Then: No You, Just Me)
We deny you your cake then...let them eat in as friends. As each other to one and the same.

it's the space between us that makes us what? 'mange'? - if they knew everything i'd still hafta gluck 'milk is really from corn' + 'frankly, no sat scores over 1000 is real?' + 'no real personal bankruptcy i just lied again' + 'no degree gets discover card to signal cyam but it phelps'...what do you know, who will klaboom? red plus blue equals each but a hue

and to seem ' you've been here before | it's in your mind | to think of you again | it's used as time | to think and think again | but as before | to live and live as a friend | if you've been down this road | give it a go | you'll get to try but for one more | and if and then be for this one more and again | is just to be and for a bend | a life moved to be as forward | or one more for the road and if it's more | be forward | take up the room and be used again | for something that wasn't to be | or is as then used | and if then and again when | it's time to be as old for and again ' - no value to me yet used one more time ' leave the gun alone | you'll be as barefoot then and just as can afford '

i'm supposed to note that painting a room begins with painting the 'scratch' or corners of the walls ceiling and then ceiling with same or your voice over vel...the idea is layers toward you last...joins sheet rock with tape down then paint...tar paper heads up the roof side.

no friends in banking but see how u save: always do the right thing asap never lets scum detect a bargain in gift not stated or a forced blowjob in south america - they'll be back

barry manilow stopped by...was a cow...was it something i said? never mix with stations in life a brooklyn jew is not who i am just ask kiss
we think geoff mckeown (sp?) wrote 'mandy' - is a hard little reality set in song from guilt and having an unusual bevy of choices
i prefer 'could this be magic?' a real showstopper - he was magnificent on tv about how he stole this bit from chopin - very funny shit
i know he's me and he's cute as younger with - old people get treated so bad but youth thanks it again not to bother
i know people who were younged they have it better but talent is unforgiving of it as tract homes hate a meal served too close to the bathroom
barry manilow was gordon sumner but he 'couldn't keep doing it' - barry sands or then 'take my breath away' asks singer junior technocoated phelps
scottish royalty is every to how...the flames and ribbisques have been hamed we live for love they for having been aged slowly over charcoal and in a flance way the 'gutterbug' is not 'foodfly', no, sez me 'cups' 'yecch!' 'uh, uh-huh' the rheumy casa d'nova backsit and forthwith (for this, nothing) 'that will never be' label: should get it out of here fast there is no 'right' to 'now', a nonsense and with each of it halves parking sclames'

'...half-passed the monkey asked accordion to his balls!'

this face cancels your credit cards while you shop - some people are a bit much to the ol' flowbee
time the avenger...'she might really hurt you one day'...more likely she'll get her ass kicked and shoved down a hole for offering one fast advice
the kickbacks are hard on even 'the hardest heart'
let's go chop down a favorite tree and plant grass in see-through or around garbage cans

even if contact lenses weren't the reason, the glasses need to be more honest...nothing was as nice as the palm trees not yet seen

mistopheles (missed opportunities?) in a local schoolyard on holloway
very real-looking to me if two pegs equal one and another, or one more
angels don't have hands but you see how the design fades arms into the wings theirselves - more likely to send of an accurate aulder

Romance? To tell people you don't care about anything? Okay. To me, is to wander (waltz then) across the line between life and death and in the arms (harms?) of another. Careless? To have it so good, its value said. God over (the past plus its limits of work not yet mine...what doesn't heal on command gets wrapped to gift what another can't find) told me early on he doesn't want me "living in a grave." A sepulchre is all I really wanted...sure, you come and go like Annabel Lee.

a light moment at koontz this past coin - is the difference from last year what simple
weeks ago i hubbled demanding a refund for two (2) new three-prong plugs and hadda shit back the years...actually a two-pack from cvs...thank you again for the extra bucks you are nice still...and again

Trader Joe's gave us a free full-size wreath for the door with shopping (first at shaw was $9.99, then $4.99 downwind it's hard to give your gift with liscares afoot). On the way out. Along with $100 from the mother came baked goods, $100 from Trader Joe's a gift card, and $200 for Macy's for a "dutch oven" a gift card. Both from Terry's parents we are not together no. Nothing more no cards no mention and why bring it up. Update: $50 Target gift card from sister Leslie and family...coupla silk hams for the bub skillet, ass-snacks, berna, and no sals or prytech. The trim balance went to another cammus-klein beggar for smallish rarts to demark the ectuchere with a few effils before mose. At once, a rich skein of acrylic yarn in our herman linte natrarisorm and olnat pouchris vis our si viras an homex ('can't serve' fighting as should food warns an abalone adaje with a vourlein is it tisk still by the etc une one plate - tisk then be one).

hedwig and the angry inch do 'wicked little town' of bethlehem
from the movie - i was just thinking with a 'frydaddy' playing on tv
sure, a few strings pulled that the dead hear and as are perfect
i think back about the closest i've come to playing great stuff for's in a commercial
related: pussy tourette 'french bitch'

here barbra helps (ted turner, yes) exit his own interview of life (was finally dead already at fifty-six is now sixty-nine)
barbra (my aunt - bas shaalana) was slated among other things for an interview of sorts here on her new book 'my passion for design' we discussed weeks ago at book soup (has signed copies for $500) while i was perusing
i can't believe she lied to me at the time and is in 'fockers' again with deniro what crap that guy is problem #1 with jews just doing stuff against the sur name (the tide in and out, is a narc)
anyway, the book is cute and we talked about the big tv screen she has in it with glass box window behind that allows silent practice and performing by actors...quote 'no noise means no fun'
she insists a larger screen makes for better attention and viewing on anything - okay then
more: the window we speak of may have suffered a future edition edit - books are strange (is the same room where flowers are kept in buckets)
'don't tell people i'm you're aunt - i work for people and they don't agree i'm her'
well, the last time i was over (three x-mases ago) there was a santa vinyl tablecloth with stitching and padding underneath - one of my faves for the home - and a uniden cordless phone model 'exs950' like ours hanging over the table in the patio very army or government-looking...
...i brought a group of spirits (unseen unnamed but talking) and they were simply delighted although she was not in costume, i'd say
one spirit now complains 'she is mean and goes to priests for protection'
i also avail myself of catholic blessings, still, but never had to as no-one to people or then catholic
'he is no one yet' to what they add 'we don't think anyone is anyone [we can't kill] anyway'
doug adds the priests are to be seen as 'request' only - best said, 'we give a day [like this] to get one [like this]' will be joined to be as with romalan one day the religion of the dead or truest power
anyway, the fresh flowers 'what take forever to bloom but stay well' we spoke of as whim and the book is full of extras the interior like a mall for ushering 'flome' in and out
is really in princeton, nj and is staged 'well enough' in malibu heights just over san francisco
'we can't keep people out of our hair - they are really dangerous people too'
don't be dumb - the signatures are verified personally each by fax so don't worry - she signed every one somehow she says but $500 is cheap to a big barbra fan like me 'flow' to her one day
they at book soup have sold fifteen (15) reality-signed copies so far she adds
see no $ as the only hurt i ever note or then a lack of priorities i seem to see
no change is best sent and is priority sill (you look for yourself) - see it here
p.s. her last tour and book (i guess) made over $6 million 'very sound' and 'have that'

i just learned the speaker button in the center is not for finding the handset under pillow, but is for the speakerphone - who knew?
the little 'page' button on lower right is for that particular squeal
other than that, i use the rca vises 'vices' headphone set for being on hold as hands free...speaker phones are not true duplex as and bother me easily
true duplex has one wire (circuit) for send or voice and one for hearing (receive) and the delay in circuit-to-air is some bothersome
speak slowly and push buttons slowly too - they are not easy here

a new housemaid video in the rain at philly steak depot a few days ago...
see the world left above sunspark pinched in a black prong to be spin
jews skylive in the neon star of david off over right a white frigid snow cap to keep theirs a brisk mate with falskrieg
a place to keep all of those places is no thing to just be and then share
exit stage left...'life is reason light is clue' + 'all i need is what you've got' ]]]]

Hari Nesmith 2010 -- lobe and remoulge! A hessis is velour this spillade undo me! "From jung to jung, to take the top, top pong!"

(Merry Christmas 2010 or so far. Lo' and behold (look and behold, sight and see, lock and load)! A persistent beggar is doing well enough this bucket of washwater never mine thrown and at any is that all from you? Can we continue to begin destroying your continuing efforts at any rate and eat as normally and out of cans for a while while combing the past with earthmovers and strings downward? "From young person to young person both with disposable philosophies only to take all that is making-ruining us from us*, just throw the body up there."

*Two older ladies (Barbara Boxer today, sure) standing on either side of a roll of toilet paper pulled down on the floor they are miniature "I know where he keeps it all, I just can't get there.")

Don't you tell me about other people here and their sacrifices. What - they could bend spoons with their mind? You're an uneducated freak asking me anything.)

Just a few days ago in a vision (one assumes while sleeping but it gets real and blends to be of living-dead), the last boy I had visit me (the body is shared by a son and another from night to night while a real counterpart is their mother sitting in their home...only real...they talk junk and ignore you to get around being fluid "they died for real to get here") came in my living room and shot me in the chest with a handgun and I went down on the kitchen floor no great pain and said in all sincerity "Thank you [ending this nothing to me]." Too guide in all and as in a dream, but okay in response like any drugged up half-monster and while I get to be remote and demand only while they're being ground up and murdered anywhere else - you see it neither I don't live for cumulative efforts just you and me and no talk to others or see it again and pain, and of course, is yours to guide outward as I replace people only like a bus full of people on the street on any day for being late a wait too long (comes from a side street), and they use one or another of how many remaining stinks they wrap around theirself from kits. I learn upward from pieces left and me my memory here to keep me loveable (I would copy and disguise me anyway). I battle ours and dumbly, they get nothing here but human response what pays me handsomely in shopping and so seem (that's all great, but is not a full-time and you better be good at it the threat is having too much assumed by you and appointments and-or others more sturdy and less of acting upon what seen). Even stars I know and who may be unacceptable to me in term or length are thanked for but a word and acknowledgment they are not theirs to say and chain up nicely in my backyard. A fool speaks to crowds as fooled -- see Michael Jackson a genius say nothing is hated right now for too much talk between us "your mother taught you at heights to be god-fearing" and no matter how is a gem - any silly homosexual who is genuinely trying of my patience can form off-hand remarks about God and religion and is no guide but perhaps to comfort a soul or alone being with me no end (I ask people to remember the seeming question at-hand and as worldly seeking - who are you? what do you think? I'm no athiest or ill-bred of revise thinking and saying among new friends who simply agree of a gift, but want to know more about can eat anyone's shit for all I care I told you and others to honor me or feed me some later without my knowing and as asked to..."will I get sick?" + "be sure you yourself"). I am no poor saint (satan, satyr - the Saturday there or day off your own father as false friend or fellow to no such) to religious or hatebag freaks who seek better than what I allow their standing and knowing some (a dollar rushes workers in and out for another day of work or prison exchange of clothes so no see no better in one month my mother says of rent as I remoulve-remold thee maybe no she just sold her NJ home by the way). My sons (says to me I'm in there) are flagged above as dealing with a missing moon-ish being no matter how shine but see both yet. Like my any hero Saddam Hussein (and before speaking you another bag-dad), I kill them for trying even once no matter how shine. Plus, the Shah relates he removes hands surgically these days, and chops at a stump only. Hrrmph. Allah "our love." P.S. A newspaper is best held as a bother. Is largely for people who hold assets (uncertain of holdings day to day). You have none shopping with little money and also are best left behind with no need to see video or print that is at-best nothing you'd see of where you are (boys, they come to me and are a good bet you better be that good when I see and I should be like a handsome big brother to you). People go abroad knowing too much for too little held. Don't be the flight attendant to death's door. God waits to see who's in the reception area and doesn't see you at first...a list of who won't pay and with phone numbers? He wouldn't blame you for a swat in the head from a golf club, but loves niggers out on the green if not actually miniature golf.

Prince 'Folgers' Nelson "Erotic City" (MP3, 9.6 Megs) the b/w of "Let's Go Crazy" (is now on his "The Hits/B-Sides" comp as pictured) the song and dance plus guide to decorating your housewarning with pint flaxes (um, those curved alcohol bottles or flasks for sharing with others smally if you like them) and murd-harness dildos...a prague czeching on mime. "I'd cry if you died. Well, probably." "Purple Rain" the song just viewed in the movie on tv adds one fat good. P.S. Prince is Hershey, PA money thanks and we love Folgers in X-mas exchange perhaps for "Rogers" their shiny meth-like coffee crystals are #1 to me despite Yuban in my cabinet now - price versus pride I have none when I lie and steal what is too much to ask but pleases an aside of it. Our official word is Prince stopped being great (see Warner Bros) when people stopped paying us his contract was wheedled no it wasn't "Lovesexy" you get that cover in as vanity before trouble stripes. I never heard anything on it anyway. Cream? Blecch, but okay. To much good in the catalog - trust that. See #1 hit on the head at a nearby lounge was "I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man" or then 'the ballad of Dorothy Parker' she wouldn't have her name on it. Adds "Raspberry Beret" smells bad as bleached out black only for you only to see his cloud suit is handpainted and these women are just so sure you're "not God enough" (not good enough) taking care of theirselves and too well.

doug spent hours this chef swensen watching superlative 'miguel 5' on overnight tbd tv with sounds being off...cute and with soft beard under the hood
never think i have too many fingers in the totch...we'll be latch on your lemon lipte

liza minnelli 'so sorry i said' from 1989's 'results' lp with pet shop boys

Raining today, Friday 12/17/ seasonal. Gene Simmons of Kiss was in Pavilions today the produce section and as we shopped for milk and half-and-half. Hi, Gene. I think we suggested "The Coneheads" movie with Ernie And Bert. I even translated their language and is real somehow.

is the wreath i decided a hand too big and strong trying to be with and bloods it
you were special i guess the blue ball is foremost finger pointing at from divine and really a failed execution of to me an ever sad look only
i am not lonely, no - you drew me in i guess like howard jones drew in aids from outer space to clap and enjoy his favorite english faggot and songs

queen 'sheer heart attack' queen are rare with their talkie sound every now and chen...funnily, 'best friend' was set aside as 'a rosy queer' and that always made me think just for having it boccle a kiss
although a previous album title, this song is on 'news of the world' only
this is fame, sad cho? to me, no one is that tandem people don't thrill to each other like that i ask to be phelps my mother can sit still no choices, no oumer voices either
freddy is in pennsylvania dying again at ninety-two and appears to be a woman in sandals...'no kaposies [karposis] this time' he wretches
i call those 'bad apple spots' throughout my childish life, pick at me own zits on each hair a gnose 'a big bird at fright' feathers down wing of big hands like a fuckin' romanian witch one piss-fudge cadgemeer then fuckle

a little housecleaning - sesame street's ernie and burt make peanut butter sandwiches, but this is not actually what first aired
in the original, they can't get the peanut butter on the inside of the bread - is the real joke together they can't figure it out
see the original voices and know its hate too (they don't think to share and as naturally)
in another favorite of memory, they fight and steal each others facial features (e.g., their noses) - very funny
we always delete and insist upon remakes it's just simply much funnier 'tis fool before flipways and although a louse...but one half-cup of sanka barks out juliet prouse...dancer, singer, international stage and screen performer with 'no moles behind the eye if i truly can see them'

Went to the newly renovated Taco Bell on Beverly (and LaCienega as pictured last month) this past weekend and had a single hard or crunchy taco from their value menu $0.89. Very, now open for business and again. When I went to college in Glassboro, New Jersey they had one nearby on a road and that is rare (used to have to go to commonwealth 'all good seen' Pennsylvania for anything too sharp 'now queers have your family home' one wonders about the one at the student lounge at UCLA - like a McDonald's closing and we lost Panda Express at Pavilions too so stupid I've been thinking about how tasty cabbage is the 'cruciferous' vegetable line). Across LaCienega and at the start of the month I've also went back to Chipotle (Beverly Center has Panda Express upstairs you don't take everything yet) and paid for another fat chicken and bean burrito like same. Their food is good and well-priced and after all. So...

Pavilions has iTunes gift cards again on sale - this time buy four (4) in a pack $10 each for just $34 total (or then $6 savings) until 12/21/10. See yourself bare. Meanwhile, I asked what company pays links fast and one is Starbucks they said (we buy ourselves gift cards once a month usually $10 each for the wallet and obscure...I gave a beggar-beginner friend a card with $0.25 left on it like I keep old underwear always for the half-asking of it...meanwhile Kyle has to come and try on the last pair of "Kyle" underwear (see at eBay) in green and white my keepsake). I don't wanna get involved with shmucks another chance spells it all out for me again (now is an identity for me), but I like them for it very bonavite come and go. Like women get to the good fast.

------------------------------------key left

x - end it below this december 15...holy mary day? ok! no women enter the day they stay home usually and in france

third reich - the third right you take around a end up a bit behind, only...regain your steed! love the troops and explosions abroad onlv sound off - can't believe the elegance but the troops don't stay long and the explosions are way too plentiful - no one's that good them english grave robbers never give anything up now maybe following a woman into war (is like them leading the pack - way too vicious taking things you need still) time don't be so serious...may i suggest mitsumi instead?

a few miseries: the watercolor is ghost shaped, has dominance themes, snakes, whatever a home from home...nevermind about toxic worth...was taken in a lottery of sorts
my homemade control center (a lovecraft of mine) can't quite reflect the joy of polaroid pixie to shine on wall - i love geeky technologies and that is a dying breed of every thought made true
not in my home we skip programming muchly and leave it to be i hate other people and their opinions (no worth at me in revolve) seriously stinking at me a child's heart...mine is to be evolve of sight as sound declines you properly, purposely - don't show me you again, i take my view seriously and will join the long lines of going nowhere and is not seen by me
who are we? simply a plague or life as one has it to bear...don't compain to me all is wound around time taken not how many times and who's taking as i do
ocean currents are being speeded up along the way as patchwork all same paths - how? you know how as justin beiber who is that to me? who is that woman who died? the fattish singer poking fun at unmentionables? see what i see - nothing yet

over the miles...just cause you're you...what is a mother?

we wanted to think about sunset boulevard's latest guitar stand...hand arts on all wood placard heavy possible wind and hand threat
let me see...gibson i retrieve...santamla...others up and down
i hear they scrape the bitches down for reuse

judy garland a simple the 'trolley song' or 'campanile' french for 'i can't believe i'm here [dying this way]'
her: "is the day before christmas - no money, no friends the great depression we are in '56"
she is also the one behind her on the trolley green with pink balls "more natural is the younger" 'tis truth she says
her again: 'remember there is only one judy garland...the other stinks of alcohol always, but people love her - i don't anymore - is a ragtop' (sorry from both)
the older one is claudette and "still is" she says
meet me in st. louis, missouri from roanoke, virginia she says 'no merry there'

snickers charmed me with this commercial featuring heavyweights aretha franklin and liza minnelli...'the snuff dreams are bled of'
another one nearby has betty white and abe 'fish' vigoda playing football and getting tackled hard as boy then reveal
let me get this straight - i just eat a few more of these here (x - yours, then) and on the way get to the good (x - mine then and now)?
usually a white elephant cage tossed in the ocean reveals me any offer and another 'charon' is born to be bad
p.s. betty white is my mother or madonna then allowed to age
p.p.s. it's a 'dina' or 'adina' for 'god's wealth' or the one who gets to eat as with others or the one you talk to as chosen to represent -- not 'diva'

Celibate (you sell a bit outta need? only you see it that clearly and yet...a 'celebrant' offer your industry) this year still? See's helps you to it. Ob tampons are for the mouth so synthetic or silk looking. Like all tampons, external only (up in your nose is external or exerting within or can always know where it is). You can swallow ob - they don't open up. Oral obstetrics for menstruating.

'king of queens' the 'santa claustrophobia' episode 6.13

Favorite show: "King Of Queens" although a bit east coast in their understandings. That is Robert Hayes and Angie of "Angie" and Philadelphia fame (Donna Pescow jilted in "Saturday Night Fever" is Brenda Lentoski oldest sister of Anna Nicole Smith or Joanne and Brooke Shields or Elaine - their father is Hayes I guess plus Rudy De La others plus...Cuban, nasty...had his stomach stapled for obesity in the 70's when it wasn't an admiral in the Navy too...the grandmother is Barbra Walters...another friend is around as Bruce Vilanch with the glasses we talked...) she gets someone else to stand in to suggest her (or is her sometimes the old man is Jerry Stiller or Mr. McGuire as in McGuire Air Force Base). If Apple (the express futilities of a college educating for a fee or simple standing) finally bombs this year, look for Quasar (RCA, GE) we hate homeless people (geneably all for one, peruse) and dykes (dichotomy, this and that staring both, presume acquiesce...all sales finial 'hoping for the best without you' versus condial 'hoping for the best with you') selling me shit in my name. Go pay your bills under another name and don't make anything new I can't afford that Jewish (I am unhappy, you are still unhappy...better to steal any extras) shit - you suck me.

i like this cheap stuff from crate and craft cracker barrel --
for that special someone who's always trying too hard and never getting anything done - like you?
the price is simply that right and with free shipping and all
what i loved most - besides the fact it makes a great ashtray and crack pipe holder - is that i have a dark green one and it's not available here
send one broken from bed bath & beyond to someone old and used up - they have 'em too
get 'em both ready for their next decimal peckinpah

'I got your card - been saving up to buy these thanks, huh.' - dM these are for the dead they get 'em at home when no one is alone if no credit you try the phone still a bit busier than usual

You interfere with greatness (being sheened of it first), I let you grieve for others less openly. Giving and getting are simply undone by having extras of everything denude, swipe, and chinead or 'basking to be without it a breath' be pleased as I am as most decreed. You gonna eat that? Not after seeing some teeth are missing...I'll have the ball of milk $2.45 per scharare or 'camel's share' no first serb under the nolgass. Fat ('fact', 'semen is believing' and a small snack plus juice onan hawaiian 'luka hom buss kuka hom bus bus you') women who want Terry's job (getting the 'eye' in 'one redheimer' backwards again) so they can go congo (shits on the terrace after lymes disease takes off but on pan quote alone - no bamboo plates on onobus-peritz 'taste-trek' their well-morseled pantry liners and quiz trays for the 'mids' (midweights, meaning 'no effort made') you live on - 'bury ducan, we eat as one plorable food-finger') want to know why I bother. Because you work for no pay and back rubs trying to make me seem greedy. Someone should eat. "Greed (grieves privately, 'greek' as remote philosophy or washes hands of it as 'creed'wetried and died as personal y charged, green growing as effortless-blessed, and um, add homos uniquely validated by other odd a duress a morgue) kills people. Avarice ('averages us' flys away all nervous as 'aves') watches them die."

little circa jon benet just years earlier heading for the natural diseased breakup of the baby bells anita ward and evelyn 'brisbane' wood, the bourbella swedish frank - pu!

should be illegal to cozy up to 'own your own' heirschool loans by phone you can't own an education ever with obsolete (no cop in court) thinking huts gone mad over 'negro' studies (ernie and bert make peanut-butter sandwiches but with old ways having the answer before so humours me) and gaycorn - a little bit off by me a little bit now for just you? no - a dead skin pinched crust under the pinky toe

am i fat? we say fatigued...spell out what you won't have and i won't say a know you go with what will have you (even blacks use one of 'catharsis') - even if you are made to do better in a race against thiamine (i tried everything you are not the judge) and actifed resolves (i think she's being alot more cooperative matter what you say, she is no one to troc to) love is alive eating the facial features of 'fact-first' (a premature death no rorchancele or thrax) with 'face the facts' (not your shade of 'tuff-enuff' oggle rouge for spagots and other harsh burns of the gining and cuff of bell) for a late spot and one got more shit in (um, 'sun-in') than two-headed assjole rosy greer ('it was him then' bryant jomes) and he said 'it isn't the watch that i miss, it's the having to see it for yourself in the hospital as they do it all over again and again...' it musta been maud adamses, but if so old, trasks doud (um, then thrast a paula o'doul's wine-river liscare 'popa burp popa popa burp burp popa'..jung jung king of tok pong bordez a lung top the top top pong).

'No one does while I do.' - dM says he will but he won't both do what you do

We May Not Give Gifts This Year And Plus I Don't Want Anything From Me Anyway! When It Saggs Out The Door 'Le Muss Beatrice' Choose 'Telstar' (To: Merely Feldspar From:) November 2010
What's it worth in skin tags and floss? Pretty Penny says 'usually likes it being seen anyway', about 1/100 or then 'please you're home, fat self be eres conda' - very airy no light inside with my vagna pofflings more at a meat.

Sad Clown slends "Oh, poopy!" to guests to be most oft-herd being just tamm to blosk of partykas (sarong of the lion and what of lindphylla should eat comply at its balls if orenged). Least likely to Vangelis trads 'I love poop!' Meceu.