you wait right here
i'll be right back
and if an ex marks the spot

do something for yourself
i've gotta watch my budget still~
halfway up the ladder
pulling the cloth-covered chain in the window frame
it's back to school
resist the ream of paper there
i'll vote commission junction number one as agreed

you can get your yucks on facebook, but there only one dougmoon.com in october 2018 - we'll still cu there~

eventbrite writes 'we're still on for sunday at the egyptian'...yes, yes

thursday, september 27: loved 'the witch' moving on we get to 'fear and loathing in las vegas' not at all bad...our film recommendations are important to us too....

tuesday, september 25: my next 'netflix' film? 'the witch' and incidentally by studio a24 looks real good and while we do 'narcos' (in germany or buenos aires then)...'the conjuring'? didn't make the cut - not yet...ran down to pavilions to save $2 on a dr. pepper 12-pack - bitch was $7 but still a fairly good price smart & final's price everyday i might add - i got cherry dr. pepper to console myself...you gotta haul all drink up the hill, however then perhaps top the flame with it....

'fahrenheit' loved that film: your statistics are fucked up - percentage of people who shoot or don't have a gun? you gotta know the territory inside and out and to support your own leanings. nra? the army. thank god!

disney el capitan theater's schedule for revival films is:
'coco' 09/27 thru 10/07 (people loved the beauty here - god was the slender skeleton ripped out he couldn't stay with you)
'hocus pocus' 10/11 thru 10/21 (my personal choice as set in salem, ma and with witches that never come outta character that is they never talk to you but are overheard - good film)
'nightmare before christmas in 4d' 10/22 thru 10/31 (assume 4-d as fake rat tails around your ankles - promo stuff - but still - they'll do it all again?)

el capitan and the egyptian are both around mcdonald's at highland and hollywood - the egyptian just past it heading east the other just before
the mcdonald's intersection is crossways and took my breath more than once with panic attacks - a diaphram exchange - tip: push a cart

another friend in the public transportation business metro tap to go - you can get cards at pavilions or ask your driver
p.s. the tap card is a personal dream of mine, but our bus tokens are quite frankly the most beautiful things ever printed up a bronze with a silver center - you could just use cash, no?
that's not the point...tokens are no longer for sale as of may 15...they are still good until 11/29/19 so pretty find your way

friday, september 21: terry got his birthday card in the mail today via rebound...all is well

here we honor the imdb video comp on 'white boy rick' the cast members less jennifer jason leigh
p.s. the song you hear is 'i feel love' by donna summer originally on casablanca records

tuesday, september 18: terry's birthday envelope got forwarded up to minnesota imagine that - maybe he'll get his hands on it this week his father will resend...gonna try and see 'predator' tonight and i did i mention the sheer beauty of '.pdf' formatting for a resume? more later. start by putting a file in your icloud or msn cloud system 'one drive'...no high marks there they touch them over music...um, no good....

yahoo updated their site today - goto 'manage' and 'file manager' from left column...hotmail updated too

they're gonna show the phantasm-produced 'bubba ho-tep' at the egyptian theater on september 30 3:00-5:00 - admission is free but you gotta register in advance...i'm going i love that movie see eventbrite

i don't want people betraying the beauty of this film with too much talk...there's an egyptian ghost on the prowl around arlington, texas
elvis keeps two beautiful ranchers for convalescing and mortuary needs - one is padlocked with diamond windows for no need
the green bugs are no joke and are out in full-force right now - shiny green and like little birds in flight
supposedly they give birds a futile worm and that's the end of that

a recent specimen on a walk - there many these days
the hobbled roach no threat ever just alot of fanfare~

this is from a new family-type movie - george harrison 'what is life'
cute - and who knew?
movie? see mark wahlberg's racy 'instant family'

a note from sunday, september 16 exactly one month from august 16 - why bother it? quicktime is good for el la crap videos or maybe it's the computer - things are better now with repeated use i guess...refamiliarizing...try it you can have too much too...my video scan reveals my handwritten birth-time to be 1420 or 2:20 p.m. - i'll remember now the weight was 6 pounds, seven and one-half ounces as prompted by 'white boy rick' - who cares? i like the slender black man dancing in the preview - thank you! along lines we see the excellent logo for 'npr' a person non-grata to me but a good look too - 'ncr' the cash register giant? whatever. terry's cheap card still out there...so say him...by the way - simple math is still a great joy...7.5/16 ounces...just do it it's nice anyway...the result is '.46875'...useful?

for mom - whatever you are
any thoughts?

wednesday, september 12: this is eight (8) full months since florida now...terry should be getting his birthday card with $25 target visa today...i don't give lavish gifts yet...he needs food, gas...for the record he was always generous with me....

more: i mailed this gift on saturday, september 8 at the post office on san vicente myself and still no receipt by the other on thursday, september 13...everything is at your leisure, always - ain't it? take your fuckin' time...two first-class stamps later...bitch has them photograph every knit before delivery, too - why would i want that?

my previous assumptions from california were:
two (2) days to/from florida
three (3) days to/from the east coast, new jersey - upstate minnesota too
thank jous

our very first note is on friday, september 7.

the graveside videos i've placed with facebook - although highly ignorant of us - may get to a wider if pointed argument...see below and enjoy with us there...lenny bruce? marty allen? thank you! and who knew....

despite everything, we're still here waiting
it all began in 2003 - fifteen years ago
make america great again...this isn't good

tuesday, september 11 (the 9/11 anniversary date) just don't do it: i awoke today with some fool's vision of putting a baby pig in an aluminum calphalon-style pot and boiling the water until gone and the pot was left red...amazingly, the pig lived through this like the heat was just a color (and in the arms of some female then), but you know women: nothing's gonna matter much there...don't hurt stuff...one rendition was 'the pig was dead and this brings it back to life'...how 'bout you? it's always about what you have to look at and i don't need to see that ever - or the round white pupils of a ghoul at a distance in the morning...that was last week....

tip: regardless of what's befallen, intent needs to be present as we know your tricks...what a dump of personality....

quite frankly, our personal update renewed 09/10/18:

doug moon
1027 hancock avenue #5
west hollywood, california 90069

a sideways ski chalet-type security building near saint victor's church on holloway a street one below (or south of) sunset at tower records

forwarded and business mail at the ups store within 'the dylan' highrise:

7111 santa monica boulevard suite b #106
west hollywood, california 90046

(772) 342-0638 cell (number originally from the florida address)
height 6.25 feet (recently downed from 6'3")
weight 184.6 or 185 to date - it's real

terry's birthday is friday, september 14
he is still in florida, currently - not employed but volunteering once a week mondays at lawnwood memorial

no news is good news
send me no junk

amc's a-list movie deal is still cooking...amc theaters
three movies a week starting each friday just $19.95 a month with only a three (3) month commitment
or consider $5 tuesdays at the box office - we want people there with us each time
i've not seen a bad fligue yet - puff-puff

narcos' boyd holbrook takes on predator (the dead's rainforest generra) soon - tickets are selling in advance
no fights for any reserved seats, yet - not a single film sold-out
i'm like zsa zsa i can't believe it!

here's the first ten (10) minutes of the new jurassic park...i saw the film twice it's real good 'hydrasaurus' underwater
no matter what happened last time, they're right back at it off the coast of costa rica making their way in underwater a la the titanic
these are ghosts sawing their own bones - ever at risk for being left about, i'm told - and in some respect, saving the species ongoing
we'll leave it at that - 'you've got the attraction, you've got the coin power'- soft cell 'sex dwarf'
p.s. no one screams like the black kid (so i lied, jeff goldblum)
p.p.s. the old grandfather with little girl is a t-rex in hiding - so - angolans

- noteworthy music is scarce these days

- my facebook roundup is still to be found at "http://www.facebook.com/doug.moon.92"

our continuing feature on misspokens:
least of your senses
high hold the dairy, o[ver] the farmer in the dell
to what end?

movies i've seen this month:
the nun (they used to slingshot each other out of castle windows - the beginning of a great story and set - this type of roman catholic sense packs 'em back in p.s. i prefer a catapult)
searching (not bad at all - and what are you gonna do about it anyway? a film for us)
the little stranger (how a house clears down? hardly any ghostwerx, just another lizzie borden* story...elegant however...with charlotte rampling)
harry potter and the goblet of fire (time to catch up with the franchise at this revival showing - still drains me blood with people who are not interesting** - it takes all types of talk)
kin (forget the brotherly talk, this is a seriously complicated story about people who don't have much to say to adversity and the hard times experienced by others - angels afoot)
predator (this update of the species leaves me feeling real good with boyd holbrook starring - that madcap flying a spaceship like a rounded pipe organ is pay enough)
white boy rick (cute face and lips propel this boy through nightmare after nightmare - drugs and guns again? keep yours...good enough film p.s. disco? roller derby - you know the type and they get him naked enough)
house with a clock in its walls (stars the kid with glasses from 'daddy's home 2' - a film about witches and warlocks seeking their past operations...well done...adds michael jackson's 'thriller' update in 3-d at imax)
assassination nation (should the law and the lay of the land never meet, we get to see what happens when you strike out on your own either as accuser or confidante - a real social media mess left side saddle)
fahrenheit 11/9 (cleverly encapsules and covers the trump election through current day - honors everyone involved and is hilarious at points - i loved it p.s. covers all my new york memories real well great locations, roseanne)
hell fest (all systems say go - clean start and finish good film, good ending)
lizzie (i sat there thinking 'we're gonna swing for this - what can we do?' the women were a bit distinctive and i was only trying to keep previous my judgment afoot - we won mostly or else)
*the woman who plays lizzie borden (or the one who refuses our main character her hand in marriage) is exquisite here - see the red-haired man as russia's lenin or young alexi - it's all related
**makes you know too many people like a bad party

you can know everything - god forbid
the latest show sees moody doing much better however and a quick swiss by our dark professor friend
the individual talk or camera time i can't bear - i listen intently and try and figure out if a serious material burden has been lifted?
eyes flashing, the tournaments concerning a coming of age and being comely
more: i love krum too - i've met ron's family, thank you again

read from bottom up (this message for me) - no one cared about miss august 2018...see it's miss september's time now - that's gotta hurt

welcome to aggressive new facebook groups phantasm and 'oh, great' oh, Gr
by suggestion