office depot-max has three different dell screens right now: $99, $129, $159...monitors only...the last one lcd all dell great with used mac mini - we love used mac mini with opt drives built-in
the note is for 'drug-whore' (his turd) terry jackson who needs a new screen for his mac mini but suppresses ads across the boards
self-contained computing units - towers not laptops - are here too screens all in one box all is in the screen somewhere
virtually no apple hardware - see best buy

to be updated very soon when inspiration strikes - no new tales to tell

exactly 214 days trapped here in florida against my will?!? and no - absolutely no pay yet since 2003 no chocolate just health threats...


get ready to run! it's 11/06 and our laptop is fresh back from the shop (thank you again, paul batchie, golden rule computing stormville, ny - excellent work always reasonably priced we met on ebay several problems ago won't touch mac~) and my iphone 6 is now powered by consumer cellular - (772) 342-0638 is the new number getting rid of (424) 326-6261 page soon all is not well but better i'd say...dM

leave for november 2017 soon...catch up with my facebook first~

soft cell's marc almond helps me remember...'my hand over my heart'


hApPy HaLlowEeN 2017...use my "" page to keep in touch while our laptop is out for service getting that stopzilla shit scrubbed off...

10/23: please - the very next batch of bald niggers to refuse me service flat-out hoping to sell like lazy fucks is 'palm beach mac service' 1558 palm beach lakes suite #4 exit 71 on 95 south we traveled in vain again - these are official apple appointment niggers that refused my ipad 2 on appointment was at 10:40 am (561) 429-8617 the repair senselessly simple a ribbon wire but fat is hungry and lazy - these are fat white niggers ostensibly taking care of older apple machines they display non-existent heretofore these days...putting rubbers in your food i put raw shit up your nose for the asking now get out...everybody wants to just sell at their prices these days good luck black niggers...

you get one thing fuckin' right and cheap at that stamping up recycled aluminum plates and you wanna lay around in my place jerkin' off all day - good luck so confused...lazy fucks...these fall under preserving culture osso buco whatever...hole in one lazy not to mention the imported irresponsible black bitch who lifted the thing you shouldn't touch ever...

cocteau twins 'amelia' with razors and organ

billy joel 'moving out' another big one, ethnic

some of my yearbook at classmates - see if it works itself open
don't be shy - stuff's missing for sure thank god! most is there however i defer to folks i don't remember at all...anna nicole smith? joanne lentoski...rachael ray? stephanie yakelewicz...stevie wonder? lenny kravitz? jason taylor...etc....richard? kevin simacek...jennifer aniston? teacher sue sexton 'social studies'...denise devitis? denise (alot of black somehow - finally got my counting crowes song, theirs 'mr. jones')...see it...robert kafes? patrick wilson...mark fox? jon heder...remember stardom is being free to be yourself somehow...did we miss ya? nancy kulp jane hathaway? bonnie lehman...others, others...bandleader ted fish? ryan be proud~ jumbled letters? i call it 'fracas' like mexicans fighting each other we used too much? mia: devo and the b-52's pen and ink indexes and of course joe jackson! pretenders quoted much...

last few movies i saw: 'wonder woman', 'pirates of the carribean - dead men', 'absolutely fabulous the movie' watch all afforded...signed doug moon, class of '82

10/22 spent the day reaffirming the tempered glass pieces in our dining room table; two glass v's made with golden brackets and a single top the v's come loose but were on my foot one night the top heavy and scary just once me calling out - may god strike these down properly one is nice in measured tones has gotten to be a real pain in the ass here...someone said new york city - 'more like piscataway, nj...'

'halloween is grinch night' - everyone here watched charlie brown on tv last night 10/20 like every year 8:00 pm an art classic with shapeshifting holes
i named paula and frieda in plaid to keep all names clear - can't believe charlie brown with so many holes thought it was pigpen
lucy looked great as witch shroeder was jack the ripper?
sister sally~ nearly bald it seems
open your hearts here
i fear i'll be water but fur is why the grinch comes near
grade as just new: a+ is about birds the things that you do...just outside of sante fe...cute-touching grinch is an angel

lyric bug in most songs like a band-aid dipped in jello no thanks: 'run right home'

'nobody wants you...' - dM and neither do i the horse's mouth and ribbed asshole the both an apple a day...

word for the day: 'engender' make fluid in the head; make us think of it...

no one smart to hook up touch screen in ipad yet though it is only provided for shit heads in the repair lot - nothing sincerely special 'one piece something something' stamped up - the apple store quick to take leave...your fails to blow away stopzilla in my face a forgotten junk in my way - never use we'll kill this soon interlaces only in your face always the password owner a naked fool here with tits out...summering indoors yuck stylish korean war vet shot two niggers up in brooklyn here we are...pulled his snakes out by the fuckin' veins today see it cum...down throat...up the veritable stretch ass...may we suggest jameil's brings to me texas supermarket with your bags only...go to hell you're going're here

yet another word 'inherently' we expect you have it, but you don't - see 'inadvertently' without causing intention, no bother...

alot of birds everywhere today as if to imply this was their home

i feed 'em candy corn

alot of horming with that or brush farts - from bees alot of honey stirred in, simply

their replacement for halloween is dum dum lollipops a big bag $5/160 lollipops

back to the dawning board: i couldn't make sense outta this new gazebo and in rare time
is quite dangerous to laymen, in-fact...see toybox-toolbox syndrome or having to play with it anyway

white rabbit strikes again at walmart - the head cover is seriously protective

the 21st already panics me 'bread and butter' - carol channing

great griddle at walmart - we always used electric for pancakes
a blender for juice from concentrate

sand hill cranes stick by while you approach 'fierce' fearless
strangely one doesn't have a foot - we always marvel peg legs in the sand like abraham no feet but not by injury a german
'jews have feet for swimming'
what is the latest cabbage patch? the mnuchin like grandma p all thinking of you eyes spread wide emotionless but pleasant
an elf? a troll
fyi, these are roadrunners by the way...the only kind that are

10/20 attendant weight is now 220 pounds on the dot (source: publix door scale) - nothing over 200 pounds ever thank you....

10/20 traveled to the apple store forest hills (10300 forest hills boulevard in a proper mall with dillard's no less) south on 95 (exit lake worth before del ray the closer 'pga' store still closed...) pu! genius bar why bother crapheads~ wouldn't address my ipad at all fuck 'em plenty of appointments for crapheads~

had my delgado or 'daily number' today 10/20 at breakfast: white or sourdough toast, egg omelet, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, avocado, mayonnaise...all wrapped up and sliced in half...

just told at&t to shove their phone up their ass again for violating our $50 a month agreement 08/19-09/19, 09/19-10/19 shutting off service to fund their weekend niggers with my cash....everything up in smoke - meanwhile the irs got a w-4 anyway to shove it higher austin, texas you fucking breaching're gonna go to hell i don't pay women to fuckin' live ever dirtbags...that's your prize so left behind a nigger! i don't want fuckin' terry jackson at the helm of any dollar that's mine a woman? i can't go to fort lauderdale over a fuckin' wife like that as we dump it off the whole spiritual mix - fuck her - nobody chooses that or you; we're here don't forget it pigs you serve no one but my shit

our government in tandem with jails (ostensibly acting alone taking chances), is supposed to be getting the best possible value for the least cost a gentle milkbag every day no talk instead these niggers act like they did something great - feel the wall heat up they're coming - 'kill [burn them to death as is] them all on sight' is my prescription we rule by exception only we'll kill it and you we promise...not only do we not have most astute they are fucking learning nothing useful...figure out what machines can't do get them to do it or else...nigger women shit i don't fuck that ever always assuming theirselves 'cause they're mental and urine trouble...i want to know who i am fuck them...

fyi, i have the fuckin' job - you breached trying me 'i won't pay you' my every move is to get them the embarrassment they deserve...niggers

another walmart exclusive: coke machine with fifty-cent cans right inside the front door at right vending - fifty-cent vanilla cokes chilled cans! lowe's has rope or heavy string to tie down purchases right inside their door at rightmost - free for the taking...

been fiddling with a cvs fun e sun' four-pole gazebo all green excepting side covers, lightweight white poles with a pool-cover woven fabric never been used...most are heavier with metal accordions in the helmet part pictures at resolution yet terry's making chicken curry tonight carrots potatoes but peas - tomorrow we'll see brought him his ciabatta bread from target brand applegate very special shit just $2.99 walmart has none it seems....

beautiful set

before self-induced haircut thank ross beautiful kits right now wahl $19.99-$25.99 new and conair $9.99
mom mighta balked over the liquid cash spent
target has the very same wahl kit brand new for $20 remember white electric groomer, multicolored blades very beautiful in black carrying case - awesome cut - act now
see $3 tropicana regular karaffes - i like the blend here

joe jackson honored plainly in our high school yearbook never said why
this hit ever elusive...someone said cute paul carrack again...bei yum

smooth noodle maps to break you: in the dark after having seen; no people no pets just up and down 's'-like structures of no distance or afford - you go nuts no one is there...hardly to comfort...choice the #1 fraud in america this day...america? of the stars, the star field chesapeake? been there aka massapequa, ny the real plymouth rock...up pepperidge farm cookie? montauk - too big sharp a chip...mayber not i just had sausalito cookies the town just above golden gate bridge a slight left at bridge's end muir woods soon enough...giant drive-through redwoods and beach!

i just got a hdmi-to-dvi adapter for one of the hdmi outputs to the soundless but coordinating dell monitor $17
where does sound go for the dvi plug - usually a computer has an earphone jack - our current dilemma
the apple tv gets the sound hdmi for now...sumultany netflix from iphone? one screen per $8.99 just paid up this month no dvd's by mail
xfinity cable service versus apple tv - not good bedfellows people steal much leave you blind

presenting the movie that made me hide my eyes in the theater - jamesway mall, hightsown, nj where devo's 'freedom of choice' lp was born to me 1980 - from the same vein 'grizzly' 1976 a rip roaring time!
no big deal ' it's just the girl | it's just the girl | girl u want ' your mind helped to be made up don't get leaded an accessory only de riguer in some parts
also nestled in this mall was a seriously astute chem shop - you couldn't just walk in and buy liquid-type shit in gallon containers - you need to know someone - no pools - benzene (flaming) rings, girl (anti-oxidant too) they now say 'lawndoctors' yeah yeah yeah...thank englishtown bmw shop's richard makkay for the focals writing tiny works in ballpoint pen to be rejected by my eighth grade teachers flatly - see you at 'dress barn'...the one about animals from the mall 'ladybug' near sear's, mcdonald's...quakerbridge no ersatz just glory boxes...near pse&g that's why...

'grizzly' the whole movie online

' walking in la | walking in la - ay | only a nobody walks in la ' - missing persons remember one year ago today the strife surrounding blacks and the imperial highway - seriously elevated on pylons has a sidewalk beneath enter at corner bus parking culver city to walk one block in humble penitence to lacienega the federal courthouse to ask their forgiveness be it substance abuse or unemployment woes...the nation on the upswing needs women to act as clerks not be deciding factors in their non-existent war against hate - fuck 'em simply junkbags in body (seen for what it is its smells) and soul (a costume perhaps of many not seen - needed as logo?) though under direction they are tolerable i hate their talk - fuckin' gross niggers don't hand yourself to less i'll kill ya by lettin' go...fuckin' gross...that's your mother~ ' when the rain wash-es you clean, you'll know ' - by way of popular 1977 song 'dreams' stevie nicks ' dreams unwind, love's a state of mind ' - 'rhiannon' 1976 summertime hit duking it out with 'more more more' by andrea true connection nobody cared...p.s. i was never found down and around we smoke rice papers only to avoid smokeless or nuisant society maybe you get flicked at - the first gig was radio aimed at shoppers who are noisy nuisant it dries the air with heat energy pulls and sun - the second is driving heat from the sun we have our hydroshpere destroyed by solar winds rockets - waiting to get your pecker addressed all women junk though they labor they are stupid and unkind like niggers better off dead...they don't live or seize opportunity i do....they are frozen with propriety's sake...i need my money not your thoughts on me....we'll get you out of are gross when stripped naked naturally enough all you hide not your best side others mesmer me i don't talk much...junkbag with hate...makes pee on cue a fuckin' pig having-touching me oyvay! a pig with loins showing spread turkey...florida makes natural victims for showbiz types via 'the army' how could that not be appealing to losers in society with no sense of cadence 'we're not special' they say admitting it for me as cloisonne or cloaked reasons - these are real niggers, folks - angels sure i dream of a place where you are aggregated tirelessly with what made you afghanistan a school of it i haven't been free since 1969-1970 kindergarten full of lying niggers and their copes....

be senseful: smother burgers in yellow mustard, not ketchup - to live that well (see 'two broke girls' for the appropriate filth in costumes well-washed with other chromas - 'gonna read you for filth?' wearing old newspapers in the form of depends undergarments...'c'mere i need to see yesterday's horoscope...')

is 'kamienski' the name just a touch of makeup for the dead? 'come in'-ski in polish of hackensack, new jersey? 'pivarnik' equals 'pavlik'...public

i went with white this time the lens just $11.99 on ebay but glass picking like crazy
the kit still doesn't relay touch screen it works somewhat while i fiddle - thanks all these screens very makin (specific independent parts ordered and put together cheaply) in retrospect

as severed previously, sewed a new zipper in my fontana distribution hooded sweat found in the street after a white/black fight (demure; replace zipper at just $3 for any size-length at walmart)
they did an exemplary job with cocteau twins~ proud
those consumer issues are like apple operating systems worth sizeable money then
step off the hooded sweat tight and bothersome in reveal
fontana, btw, is a fountainbleau say it right 'for dinners out'

for halloween~ the month halfway done at 10/16/17 we are

k-12 homeroom teachers (alternate, as available):
golden (havens)
hughes (orenstein - is karen carpenter?)
keosian (levendusky)
rue (n/a...mary runner bailey 'barely' building?)
huff (pappas - a neil person music teacher looks like gary numan's drummer cedric sharpley, dale johnson finds us a home)
novak (orenstein)
persiani (batsch, hiltenbrand)
gessman (macneil, shields)
macreynolds (fusik, dinicola)
vandeusen, d?

weinstein, harvey plus miramax? too many goods to cite martha stewart for ignoring me we made her meatloaf just days ago with anti-piss governing leeks...we think weinstein is the cute 'probish' guy in the byron patterson-dan moon (um, faizon love-jason bateman) tahitian vacation debacle 'couples retreat' (2009) with vince vaughn (nearly-illegal the interfering with the taking of, simply - see as attack on 'serendipity' no door prize as overseen - and with yanni giving back rubs in the morning)'s too short not to feel bad for taking cuts at full freedom's gait...adhering to principle not having to pay...

worked on our dell monitor today too it completely apart well-made this artice $150 value easy found a gum-like glue inside no merit...this week sees my ipad 2 coming undone so 'easy does it' por nous...

this may have been two screens overheating? no one knows - the work drippy, haphazard
i like a cup of coffee with cream and sugar me myself~ 'bah bloops!'
who died of trying it more?
the mcdonald's coffee woman with soybean flair~

gardeners cleaned our hat today 10/14 - more next weekend
happy birthday chris ondy! national 'we love you' day?

my sand box was blue and orange like michael jackson's silky smooth coleco coffin a few years ago
why is that so familiar? the sandbox was also lined with tin sheeting - kept heat on either side without engaging it
like heater vents, engaging heat energy is what makes it hot to the touch - little holes entertaining its properties for a while
metals job is to block heat from one side or the other
this sandbox at toys-r-us i think steven's furniture is connected the original store no bullshit that means trump
i thought a sofa on the curb in la was ours (via desandre's family) alas no bed inside

promo viewing saturday 8:21 am est: 'phantasm v: ravager is on tv right now - syfy - from last year - channel 45 xfinity florida

proudest repair elmer's pro-bond glue: the silver coin needle threaders with sewing kits this glue fixes them best - not cheap or expensive, just hard to keep~

great costumes at walmart these days this head cover is probably $20 all serious
hi rollins

all i got for starters 'angels have no hands...'

'you won't live...' - dM mark my words itunes you won't be selling jack shit here you've collected our back catalog not worth a fuckin' shit anyway you been given enough time to weasel out twice lock the banks...p.s. we hate your looks hope you shit yourself to death i won't let you have anything you'll starve we hate your fuckin' guts the army should be gassed to death... god go fuck your own own asshole nigger you blind fuckin' nigger...nigger bitch

the cardigans 'for what it's worth' the director's cut - rollins still welcome after all looking snappy with others
supposedly it's national 'i love you' day per collier mariano on 10/14 and to ruin your active contacts by being too needy, scary
i need to be more active on 'i love money' day and live for pure bastards who rise above anyway
veddy nice website: take a l@@k...

where did you go - terry i 'dated' to peach tea snapple back in 1993
fyi, snapple tea is $5 at publix right now in flavors six bottles to chill

this is a great alternative kept in the garage? wipe down keep clean someone else's?
bella rocket blender - persistence wins as a christmas train set bit it...see amazon too
pulling my fabrics~

stuck with a bag of whole coffee beans and no check? a blender like oster on 'grind' does well enough! trust that - starbucks said 'no thank vous' to nigger but the grounds swirl and replace like liquid the blades apt...ever had the personal grinder? we had braun like gull wings inside we have that...the ninja? target still sells much along the way - be cautious every little gadget rejected now or care more the beans like kidney beans not real ever but grind nice....past expiration they are? i love beans. fyi, oster brand gets high marks here, always. trust it. growing up we used a waring blender (now reduced to a single toggle switch for bartenders - you try making buttons known to others these days all 'catch 22' reasoning) to make store brand orange juice from concentrate every sunday - or just eat with spoon outta the can after mowing the lawn with a push mower - more special the diagonal of cut...hats off to tropicana what i seek across the board to this day a blend of sorts - the standard we live up to....

fucking niggers~

'1-1-1-1 1-1-1' commercial - sounds like weird al yankovic - we met at the grammy's february 1985 (1983 songs 'cuts like a knife', 'summer of '69'' sucking each others' dick in houston, texas?) you know hobknobbing with the likes of bryan mister? 'kyrie eleison' [literally: 'you can't come, i'm coming'] cause abode is bad and you won't matter....' big boss there? gary owens from 'laugh-in'...

she's on our minds lately - with paul pivarnik?

noah's ark interior more than you know
always a prayer 'and a shoe buckle'

exciting movie from 1976 (see current themes 'big foot' and 'grizzly' too i thought itt israel film studio):

flood year 810 ad - 'to clean' he says 'too many bloods'

you don't know what you got and it's gone
fixed your frigidaire washer-dryer combo with white krylon on-top - know that
one cup of shitty coffee is all it takes and you're outta there...

don't get funny that name 'we are legion'
alot of stars serving us

had their bacon western cheeseburger...smallish? perfect really
hollywood number 2? there is only one 'i'm the devil'

no snatching here
goetz's creme center dusted caramels worth protecting - homemade?
like play-doh's fun factory all bananas and schlitz beer

love this closet-pantry door with all my heart
at lowe's right inside the door
reminds me of jasper john's-duchamp art at philadelphia art museum - an eyehole reveals someone's clit barnside
you can have that at home now!

just playing scoutmaster 'til then
no girls unless you want to go too
naked swimming and camping - what do you know about that? shitting in a brown garbage bag that's your family

one thing i hated not having access to is 'nutone' self-contained fan units in the bathroom section of home depot now they are there in full regalia - get busy they can cost upwards of $100 but make life so grand with little filters etc. being soundproof and all (the adjudged have to bear unusual burdens like noisy fans, etc.) - new constructions and renovations have 'em at same rents - resize and refit at will...insiders hem and haw knowing fully the nutone units and requisite shell generate electricity like all motors reversing polarity every two seconds entering field for the next guy down the line many tricks for potential abuses seen being left on etc. also ceiling fans were cheap here too online i took the cheapest models in and have been very happy with their apparent apothecary style many times over some swag style installs with chains the last few months i've ascertained and replaced the water spout with pull-up water redirector rids moss and calcium deposits a minor miracle by stratagem too one copper tube outlet then this, single water flow knob was too hard to turn, and $25 shower head by waterpik a $10 savings over usual price new and moen items a white sauna seat within $30 modest no parsons tables for a fat, a handle for on/off - cushy toilet seat shaped appropriately gastric stains guide seat positions only i'd say desperate + stupid onlookers...

disney's ichabod crane & mr. toad

rankin bass family classics 'jack o'lantern'

still - fraud department with bmg, columbia house, value web, and itunes...others
get a grip america i don't hafta meet your requirements twice
you are principally niggers - get paying
rather than talk about bankruptcy, want to lose compensatory damages your stuff is basically consumer shit anyway
i'd starve you to death two tits make for a great hobo
english niggers riding my sales commissions around for years with shitty computer talk
you gonna be outta a job~ wait see
remember where all theft rests - with accusation thanks again black niggers

if you wait long enough you too will know: found the very source of sage-like (powdered black skin almost...a woman? ) fart-stink in our kitchen - cooking reddish steak and pill red an added powder these bitches need to be ultra clean with what i consider to be real meat a mud pie if anything goes here with freezing alot up vaseline and desitin....clean, be clean of it...hated among purest stink: vinegar wings, axle grease...don't bother i don't eat shit i hate once go broke sucking a piss daily...we hate your looks too

soivaela: eats after others have eaten

leather band with snaps around a single breast or flab meat? a 'mallerd'

strawberry fields: nothing is real, fool - not after you go the fuck away~ as trickle down economists of the nancy reagan 'alcon' age you pay me to see pay you don't help jerry mathers hit it big they love nothing and have nothing yet, fool...where would i be with no prospects of a mall job? a priest a monestary good enough - six flags with neil was lavish and quite fashionable and i note thie letter i received about dicking my student papers 'without setting any precedent...; you can stay free of your parents tyranny she cites her days with us as the best of her life...still my mother my father never gets abused here we get all as his kids - tinsey's kids...

just found out i can fix my ipad 2 blankly with a superb kit from ebay $11.99 with tools provided on a peel-back screen and free shipping, then $11.99 tomorrow...apparently princeton's wi-fi donor ethan hawke in hospital garb was getting mad....wi-fi has a point you shouldn't be looking on scab - do you? boring venture i'm here...

insider message to the gassy fart pigs who take surneys on behalf of 1-800-contacts we love your service but you promised me $20 for my drug dealer via an amazon card 'no right answers' and you reneged a fucking ugly old woman lives like that liz 'bonehead' fraser dry fuck...we don't work and you take my sales pay in the name of freckles and smelly vaginal discharge a jail sentence of it you care for me in the hospital as betsey johnson i'd hafta sew your reject of sheets to enjoy pattern at ross drug addict whore i'd kick your ass firmly....

neil is my erstwhile optometrist as martin hyman (anyone will do? he cares more plus jews run his shop upward...old fishes) i just go with terry's optix supply he is always the same prescription and optix is my current king i have many pairs but bought acuvue's av model along the way neil steals from time to time like anyone wonders 'why not?' where's the next pair coming from? no service will oblige me the tint but terry does now he's unemployed worthless after 24 years i guess what are you all younger generation enthusiasts enjoying time off now with that old wicked mind and updated body? not with me around pantages (single mocking snapshots of smiles-frowns around your head) of emotion take over....take a tip here no one agrees all aspoken you can't win here overlook me it's best said...bless you and our father who 'arts in heaven' take it literally an uninterrupted art life of having and doing 'no pain so great' - signed dM where's my shit?!? two eyes two ears discounting-inspiring a jail sentence awaits you is cheap and pays society freely be sane we get ours you keep your magical shit tricks bag for guests out and about felix.

big on netflix right now: kevin bacon 'death sentence' loved it - wannabees dumped out early marc ondy dumped with 'is it really me' types the wife like rita wilson a triumph in the brad pitt house one of the first shia lebeouf films not until indiana jones then?
'tommy boy' remember rob lowe is bo derek*
'nightmare before christmas' super-thoughtful animation
'charlie and the chocolate factory' new willy wonka
'alice through the looking glass'
'bad santa 1 + 2' - two is highly recommended for serveille or duty-service code types seeing it work
'inglorious bastards' - how it all goes, goes wrong with nazi 'not speaking to me' types
'gangs of new york' great christmas day film scorsese is liam neeson for a while, daniel day lewis is powerful
'the iron giant' loving, forthright tale about unwanted guests eating scap metal
'fantasia' the original and fantasia 2000' - drove kids cray in thought featured on 'wonderful world of disney' alot
'miss congenialty' featuring america's sweetheart sandra bullock and first cousin michelle pivarnik with cocoa and flame baton
'absolutely fabulous the movie'
'addam's family' the original and best? hardly - as we shop addam's family christmas' ('from me?' as morticia receiving a gift) some serious text here - review fester's plate nobody did these better

*dinner from outside is char-broil lava rocks electric hibachi, barbeque chicken, potato salad, fresh spinach salad with bacon bits and hard-boiled egg, etc. maybe corn on the cob from hot sugar water...

exercise: what would the 4th store or consumer anchor be? 'bloomingdales' is good - is that macy's federated? hardly~
the mall model is based upon quakerbridge mall, lawrence, nj
the bloomie's idea comes from beverly center
viable mall extremes include mervyn's in glendale but nothing macy's next line:
we love broadway still, may co., bullock's california and texas, bamberger's new jersey and pennsylvania etc,
apple store? fly by night is gap, really
others extreme include hahne's, lord & taylor, dillard's?

monday, october 9 christopher columbus day my roman catholic confirmation name is 'christopher' btw 1977 chosen for resonance, is my little brother's name i knew no saints as of yet i like revered females however big reputations 'agnes' is a big one the biggest to god - snow queen? we took eddie to pineaaple jacks in stuart last evening the sun still up coming and going and i got a caesar salad with cheese held on the side for the last time's bounty of milk-cheese it was granuled but largely the same - and so what i had two big chunks of real parmesan from a sealed publix wedge during the day - perfect (terry went out in the morning with us for eggs the man here feeling bad for his birthday as having to pay? shit flows down - if i had my money i'd pay for all he terry bitched 'cause someone pulled up bumper to bumper on his car after alerting me of it...all freaks i need company however 'perlmutter' (winning further under breath a pantages of characters-emotions maybe) is unforgiving sometimes and a narc? narcotics agent as cosmetics counter, women) i ordered turkey club after that with bacon lettuce tomato replacing the bread with 'italian' i guess (was sourdough to me the finest toasted) but mom dropped my take-home portion scheduled for about 10:00 in the middle of the street exactly one-half carefully preserved...the math was 56 death row portions upon succeed and i know they wanted it bad...richard...excepting fries and coke, was reminiscent of ucla faculty center's roast turkey meats two a day by chefs, but hey this wasn't that nice! for the record you need be an a&ps level 2 position (analyst or above) to eat there (on your own or have a membership) i was level 4 or senior since age 26...loved their credit card lunch plans 'no paying 'til you get paid or laid' it's only proper all the best tools, no one quivers at your feet plus social contacts in a sierra club setting just like lake arrowhead an elton john 'a' frame at home with piano a major contributor dan moon...'le croix, darling'...the crying...from below...

note: both donny and marie osmond are in 'bad santa 2' - she is rhe security person dating tito jackson in arrested development stage it ruins his face and rages him from jail...she needs a chrysler 300? to have hers in the shop is all 'for wheels and safety' she says - he is the alternate salvation army santa outside in the snow who gets punched in the belly i guess - the film is a beauty however - love chicago, kathy bates...the blonde one is supposed to be marc ondy (lew wasserman) open minded always i met him over at this guy's bad santa's house one night being aggressive upstairs others around i love meeting west hollywood on harper or westbourne...val (tom, adam west) lived on harper next to sloan's a bar on melrose avenue...the richest condo ever...had a bidet...

pay attention! action! we love school decorations, poseable...see part&y shop between la brea and vine heading east on melrose left side they have lots of creepy growing-up type stuff for school - best symbol for christopher columbus observed monday, october 9? the cornucopia or thanksgiving horn of plenty! your body traced in chalk on road-sidewalk in nyc? just kissing~ nina (small), pinto (smaller), santa maria (biggest - all and all is an armada or arm outreaching to stop violence from fear as shattering many of our myths) (santa is female as sainted only...san niklaus perfect exception...santa monica is female a berthing - corrected no - held by pee-wee herman: a santa claus with harmonica embedded in back of doll during stand up at civic center event third place he won for that alone)....

birthday boy is '71' - remember him from 'phantasm v: ravagers' promo clip he gets killed during the lesson madonna's employ it seems
from 'hangover iii': danisboi=danielle brisboi
something like that

doug's favorite childhood book bar none....'drummer hoff' both caldecott medal winners

billy joel 'scenes from an italian restaurant' + 'all for leyna'

the mask glows in the dark in its entirety
a theme this year?

for posterity's sake from a few months back

hi john candy 'planes trains and automobiles'
griffith observatory picture in los feliz park as it stands today? from: terry and gerard rojas hi hi
we think gerard is sal mineo...sorry

the entrance...

the grounds and parking just past the greek theater..'neil diamond hot august night'...famous lp recorded there entirely after manson murders got in 'i don't mind them, but they're mean ['one smacked me on the back too - a man' richard stevens an accomplice as charged]

'round back at night - why i go

as seen from the observatory site...wonder not, there's a good snack stand in the parking lot
'pay the man, clarice' - sam gross photographing the sphinx's asshole in the sand with wife in tow

we here at again vindicate elmer's pro-bond glue with what grapes? pineapple it says - dries like glass on metal is brilliant for repairing scissors...regular elmer's for spines of books binds notepads most beautifully - paper stuff - gorilla glue original like mud dauber nests expands always to a honey biege is strength itself and will take your wood veneer first...finest wood glue dry 'c' clamped one day or less...krazy glue? never use is junk...pure junk...elmer's wood glue is ok too...

be your own play-doh girl (a parmalee or little girl with glasses on) and pee-pee polly (magic shop mustard dispenser squeezes belly over and over! explore - the black 'funky child' only disapproves with cat-eye glasses never looks staight ahead 'um, um. um'...a zagnut won't bring doll out? lightweight brown plastic bag around waist or feet as smelly...perhaps fish slippers with eyes x'd they are pigeon toe'd
amazon should have this stuff - never dries out
' the moon-dough | petting zoo '
see their website keep it light
tip: photograph your kid with play-doh glasses on while can - the barbershop my favorite see 'minions' you push play-doh minions into their unique barbershop chair with play-doh pressed inside the individuals and crank out hair with lever on chair side to cut and style the thin strings-colors that emit on-top like spaghetti - coolest toy!

current mustang cobra? my jeep was a sahara edition but quite an eight-ball black white
at publix jensen beach milking $10 flu shot gift card not me mom's reward

' from here to hallabaloo ' a favorite ozzy osbourne quote or saying about a boat on fire that promptly sinks and comes back to the waters surface repeatedly so fucked up with tar in its hull - just ask him 'hell above and below' is the quote 'chinese' - dM

i weigh officially 235 pounds today on friday, 10/06/17
never to exceed 200 pounds my general target at age/height
the most i've ever been was when the world trade center collapsed 240 pounds i was working at ge americom (supposedly the the cia, uhl) in princeton, nj (forrestal village? princeton market fair ) as a temp for 'accountants on call' (while mom still worked at nearby nj hospital association 'vp professional practice' her title twenty-three years my senior my dad is eighty until november 1) robert half $18/hour, $750 gross a week, $500 cash after taxes - although only always senior staff, i was living at home with mom on river knoll-creek rim (under the constellation 'orion' the polaris or north star in his three-star belt the real one on the eastern seaboard is huge, telling) for a while rent free just shopping...big dipper? the world its placemats of being five stops...all downward but coupling at stint demand extra time i oblige four, five months tops! thirty years in california...1987-2017 july...i could set up another tent-room and live at the mcdonald's employee-minded college that monitors mt health and guards my pisshine - well funded eucemenical though ayds threw that will-do aggression for a loop all dried up now 'not to go overboard surmising changes' these shoot upward alot no surgery i hear? no togetherness in assumption still putting cabinets plumbimg together i love it there with their quote for 'triage' (snap evakuation' by nurse) out front like a fuckin' marriott six minutes 'til seen...pain was my waiting room...get it done or i'll kill you waited the storm out it was there too acquiring me penis...and still...most helpful assuaging my feelings? the woman who ultrasounded my cock and balls an angel not to worry me none...fact...hours there...but if it had to come off everybody else risked shit half below half over me...moh's chemo surg another slice off the top of the morning? you are hell in talk...that is skin cancer metastaticized (spread towards heart etc.) why not live it right off as too poor to know?

caution: '245' is the 'lateralus' you seek for color analysis (even-steven fifty shades of gray) -- keep going, know for thyself (one's self) it's quite limited too...others have but do they know as what's going wrong when it's going wrong? note as also not yours nurture: is 600 dpi at 6 feet plane they say our reality at glance or 25 columns x 24 rows like dishes on shelves i'd say...

eddie's birthday? sunday, october 8
columbus day? monday, october of my favorite names is 'columbus' a flea market in bordentown, nj off 206
those in the know go to 'columbus' on thursday morning - ocean spray sponsored?
christopher eric thomas ondy, october 14...rumoured to be the one and only elvis from christopher robbinsville, nj a 'pooh bear?' is at least that, and very dapper in las vegas...a best friend in high school hates people, never to sleep over but great guy anyway is a man, a big man we love him always but kill alot of things with our breath be spoken;
paul 'dizzy' diaz october 25...cheech & chong, billboard on sunset aka ben gazzari's others...morbid fear of the mother a gem 'never did i get anything from him i don't use' you're all bird~ aah!

rick james on 'gordy' (forgiving at once 'tamla' stevie wonder's family in goldenrod and brown school colors of sorts - school for you)
'you and i' we go together like...

stevie wonder 'that girl' from high school days - he was with us jason taylor only

don't forget to seek out godiva brand earbuds 'free' with $50 purchase
godiva are d'elegante
i love their chocolate...lindt balls too reminds the veldt 'tear your little ears off' - devo 'pink pussycat'

seek 'rhapsody in blue' on 10/05: rained all day it did, i pursued my own efforts and narrowed the list significantly mostly hadda get at&t off my collective back for two weeks more (hey i gave - 'em $25 already for a $50 fresh start on august 19) no sooner offered than taken their disaster relief plus elbow grease; finished fine film 'la la land' it's like the presidency this small paean to frank gershwin the family hour 'anything goes' as usual trying to make it will in time main song 'a kiss is just a kiss' or 'as time goes by' from the movie 'casablanca' livened by 'anything you can do' playing or its simulcast 'he does it well enough' in our my own norms a luxury winnebago condo complex...emma stone, which hasn't made many films that don't interest me 'vesuvius' real title 'the rocker' with christina applegate all that remains of dolly parton who needs her get the gold is so cool with waziel the mascara lead butt-first (school guest and phonecian david underwood indonesian beauty-first and drummer wears the make-up) i would wear none is our hero here as a smart and quiet person who almost fakes her own death to get away from - like the glamorous women in 'mulholland' drive by david lynch we don't care who did it as long as you don't piss off the resident manager with shenanigans i can't believe my good fortune anyway i complain to get more or less no change while you do your part agreeing or convalescing the dirtiest word charlie brown ever taught a youth the cool cat of his snoopy is his dead dad trust that...all are published asane...more later b+ for no such bother emma stone!

'proud marian oneward my will to sustain': thursday 10/05 is one beautiful rainy day you did it quite right today though i feel like a mild sunburn daroung my thighs some...

main guy in 'halloween iii'? dan o'herily

'we worked too hard - why don't [people] shoot that they drain us of life.' - dM what could it fuckin' be - a moratorium on federal pork? shoot it.

norm's restaurants one busy site...

links: see 99 only stores if you like to pay some labrea circus!
the above is orange county, california - disneyland downey anaheim norwalk treasure coast surrounding areas ask them

one more look-see

who was on snow white more than sleepy? dummy~

you gotta arrest fats stealing at night? see home depot

i call this front door visitor the little prince having never read the story...stp's 'glide' goes to bed without dinner or schoolwork producer michael jackson
the window flies open cloth covered chains our school has them and the 'feathers oars blades' you require too to lower upper panes or raise them male/female though
maurice sendak says you could kill him - who are you with jason priestly shitfits over tv and women?

junky (jump heap) but soon redone i'd say for letting me down again

was supposed to say 'hi' to someone online today at wallace ford? know our psychic work rests with 'the view' and then grow up or get two heads for it...before you got blammed in the laface real good and your pussy punched, do you remember the danny sullivan sterling silver and black onyx bracelet plus matching piss/shit red foxx 'radishing' eyesore ring? what? you told them off before 911 burned you up and left them on your quantas first-class seat in a fake eastern airlines cabin garaged with hissing 'sees the day' bayer pumps?!? the pipestack of rancid meat at disney cruises gets you welcomed a small fortune to bet off of indian lands - none - 'you betcha' bet $450 vacation flight included with the spider veins workshop starting with the 'knitting lip' a vein pulled out 'how?' and down home at sea petting zoo...petco don't remove the stinger just yet you left with 'ass end up' thank walmart for being fairly great recently: pizza crust by pillsbury was delicious as with sam's club goat cheese for pizza i thought for sure vinegar city it was simply suburbia - excellent - a few boxes of jiffy to be stored too...goodwill gobbled it all up fast does this make b/o with the gorton's fisherman? not without vinegar it don't! p.s. think grimace land of the dead with eight cups in hand it's real you know that head reared no you to be found...

cordless still makes me puke but i thank this all-inclusive drill bit set - a little bit of everything
i still love the look and feel of a carousel hand crank for drilling fact that - square base pointil drills for making any the holes in wood

the ramones 'pet sematary' from the movie of the same name

'while you're posing as black niggers trying to sell me the hearsays of having invested soundly in anything that didn't pay right away and as i asked, why don't you know i have a full-on business education on papers manipulated (watches you do it all, you do it all anyway and are hated for being what you are a whore or cold wind but is bothersome still) no one pays at whim but after many plane rides alone grow even more unconcerned 'i really still love you man...' was to leave you behind not to make me rich...not ever...we have all that - dM you nigger! street smarts rule us all anyway you fascinate to it with poopie fiends 'may i' no one cares to see it devolve firsthand...looks sad

'the least of it here worships retards and dominates with endless questions - one day something you never had to think about...tsk tsk, black nigger - dM nothing is real to stink like you

cocteau twins 'pandora' from 1985's 'treasure'
'for silly'....silly talk

got me umbrella stand despite naysayers - when will you learn? each perfect or as specified in advance

at most targets still - need to color the outside with markers paint you know~
the bonnage is $50 very reasonable when you consider the tent itself
a great glory maybe you bury them out back?

kudos to wallace cadillac waiting room - the charging station infinitely useful as it rained a glory on friday
strangely, this ersatz chevrolet has not even one aux 'golden wire' jack in the car itself up and down calls for cd's, but tapes are better in most cases i love them their quality 'you can always hug your dad' says one cd for playing military style...humble pie
$5 nada in house selling down no charges means $500 in fat new tires at firestone whitewwalls like dirty socks turned inside-out and i pissed my pants too but with diaphur on no waitung room has the flask of tosskit bread piss you smell? paitch your own by them~
the fat surly nigger guide isn't getting anything either go fuck your shelves pig warts and just a tad uberweight you fat healthcare cunt
just as i thought, there are many colors to that car you go with the very first color why not a toyota then? no one chooses or negotiates burgundy - green is better for hiding the trim so well - have an accident already? short too a chevy with on-star coming into view
i told at toyota i love my friend's $10k chevy cobalt white from the honda dealer? hope you're happy too
maybe you lose some things to others but you can get in their house with it on the good ship lollipop - trust that - even a house in the hills awaits your news of sale...fraud is still any outcome you don't think of ever

one of the first few pictures taken in april or may at mulligan's in stuart their non-commital billboard just ripped up on jensen beach boulevard as vinyl bag overcoat
still hate it here as dumped off by a legless government and god-knows-what else, the beach was dangerous yesterday tallahassee both below and above the true equator
one day nuthin' but your under-uneducated company and poly-sci comment
'mother's day' that's it a great gift to then get sick huh?
still just plain ol' niggers -- you owe me a check at a bank of your choice not an obstacle course run by its debtors like you (to fool: have another drink up in your burning asshole i made money or at least you said so over and over to your yourselves sweating it known to as a loss)
now you've sold my shit at public storage again by some artifice - you are still black niggers and dying i might add white slobs so old like you hide that and your fetid breath too pop a grave open give your gift~

home depot in the month of madness or halloween displays all month long unabated...t-rex, hall of kings

our tissue box kit now in the mercedes doing time as balanced...

billy joel 'my life' and 'big shot' two more halloween party #1 pegs
the fall air is perfect for billy joel's polka-type ethnicities i can feel it in the air traveling by car in the muted afternoon and holiday sun

i have the 'opera' browser for windows-64 it tends to preclude others nicely enough google is the important one bar none - i swear hurricane magda is here...spit of the noodle house...lenovo never to be thanked as hating its price...but seriously, with minimalistic behavior choosing menu off's for one another look to opera's heavy-handed behavior to exploit google and chrome within itself while finishing off those of lesser note handily enough...there's nothing minimal about lying in wait to see the best ideas shine and then cutting throats for agreeing to us anyway...binding et al to a tabletop and zooming lives to boot...first up was using file manager locked out to make 'c:/desktop' the only outskirts filehand to review any downloaded picture material i refuse to spell that shit out in html to this very day better i refuse any-most bungling of dropped objects while in regular don't work me over being ill-fit...not so quick, nigger

just between you me (and june allyson), i made the careful transition from a few extra-padded unisex error-prone panties by store brand white to the gray, noticeably coffin material 'depends' for the goth authentic any piss and shit pariah ('problem person'), it was intimacy spurned by the naught of others that bothered the grave could ostensibly live i call it a standard issue and why not a taste of in relative youth? about $15 per thirty count folded neatly at cvs, and a bit dry to the touch, the appeal is unmistakeable for pulling them on if you're not longing for side straps what is concurrently not existent...'thank you india' - alanis

if anything, piss is used to curtail everything from speeches to answering the door, but these cup and bag fart-laden but substanceless bird shit to your any ability to cloak - most of the padded rule should address the piss what gets heavy and rock-like in the basket some runs down but you only announce a leak (your signal to soon change) in providence and broadbelt protectiveness of others not being so busy to astound you by claim...only you know anything anyway...the depends garment is noticeably thinner but feels like anything that curries bladder cancer when wettled...p.s. there is no structural bladder just a birch-like injury of electrically stimulated retentive branch broccoli the consistency i'd grow under water samed...

thomas dolby and the amazing 'she blinded me with science' plus 'one of our submarines'
btw, thomas is genius howard jones too - of elton john's sons, aimee mann's half-sister (her name is melanie, veruca salt in 'willy wonka' the apple of his eye)

review ceramic hands our own mold came due take a look-see:

almost ready for plaster of paris the hand mold i made of wax in a tight plastic bag for no spill
the tape not only holds things together it shows you where they go no waste there good hospital tape gives way to electrical sometimes
i have a bag of smallest wax pieces should they be required for completing the dried fingers within...a two liter soda bottle captured the mold's volume of wax with few penalties

the number one song from my first successful halloween party school year 1977-1978 foxy 'gett off'
needless to say the first halloween i couldn't trick or treat credibly - inspired siouxsie sioux makeup with vampire attire?
this is ritchie family period - no more harrassing calls 'you do it yourself' they add
pablo cruise if 'pablo' is 'waiting for nothing'
to me 'pablo' is 'put it here' with your thumb

the story of 'drummer hoff'

cruntch and padgham sumptuous meals from abroad - including topeka voodoo and banzai varieties,,,screetch of harrassed fetal and narcan development just gloves a spider-dome of fin with tailfeather shakings now that headhunting's begun overpopulating any area of somalia in september 2017 'what still smells?'and blacks using kerosene before having it hollar back since 1962 'so fumes the penis'...take me to my previous leader in september's afford