On To November 2005 - We Ship This Out Now

Happy Halloween! and we mean it....

Words of the day: If "prosperous", makes others know you are here and selling briskly theirs to them. If setting prefix "neo-" aside as not born to us but here, prefix "naturo-" as in wordspeak "naturonovelis" means "not our opinion, but expressed here" and some. "Naturo" means "not ours [and again you should have known this some]". For e-mail and some other.

I loved looking at SkyMall's catalog again yesterday...see my message board on the first page for more great ideas seen.

The Cars "Moving In Stereo" Moving In Stereo from their eponymously-titled debut LP (1978). Used to love listening to this psychohalcymodia while riding and amusements at Lucky Leo's pier on the New Jersey shore - they're big on The Cars there like they're big on Rolling Stones.

Joni Mitchell "Amelia" Amelia-  from the "Hijera" (French for "blown acast" or made small once again - a downput of hers) LP (1976). I used to have an art teacher in elementary school that was a bit too pretty and bit too proud for the place (a couple of them, in-fact, through my school years) always playing Carole King's "Tapestry" and more notably, the stuff of Joni Mitchell. None of it stuck, but I thought about buying this album and one song in-particular often enough in stores. She, Joni, just couldn't budget the budge,  but so what? You pay for name, style, and more importantly, the album art or cooler sight seen in your collection of. Now see that. Being real and mean meant more than Joni Mitchell had, but not really she's so cool. Oh, I got burned bad on having Boz Scaggs' "Down Two Then Left" LP besides that Columbia House and all but how could I know?

you're all batwing...

'Tis It Mischief Night So Soon? Windows Soaped, Eggs Pelted, Your Pumpkin Smashed, The House Burnt Right Up 10/30/05 0657
Went to the one dollar ($1.00) haunted house at West Hollywood Park's auditorium last night (really a long gymnasium with a brilliant actor's stage - an enter from the side parking lot) and boy! that was fun for a few minutes nice people too (the 4H Club plus The Groundlings of Melrose Avenue did this and made seven point five grand [$7,500] each over two [2] nights). I got really scared in there twice a styrofoam and tempera-coat graveyard on the stage the actors all in wandering pockets were great and they even had some bigger snakes on a table in a cage with their trainor. Thanks to all especially the Michael Myers character from "Halloween" who blew air in back of me by running up from behind with a chainsaw blower, and the hairy black ape on all fours wearing a skull mask. Best? The black man in costume who scared us bad upon entry by running out at us from a side door. Nice enough for a buck done to you. Fuck you the same.

How little Halloween here but plus extras met....or to see this commercial (Windows Media File, 784 K)

semi-sensational you'll wear...

The Dandy Warhols "(You Were) The Last High" The Last High from "Welcome To The Monkey House" LP 2003.

Puddle Of Mudd "Blurry" Blurryfrom the "Come Clean" LP (2002) like we met proper and all.

Last Night's Dream This Morning  10/29/05 0900
I was with my best version Chris Ondy in my dream last night and he just disappeared from an after-show crowd again...some theater troupe a burlesque performing in the rear of the place special and reserved co-opted him and then my other friend Dizzy came for me (in the night before this, I rummaged around and cleaned the yard of a haunted-type house in the space of an hour-and-a-half before anti-time or without us around investigators set in to look for paranormals activity theirselves). I'll cut your limbs off with the skybelt "Veldt" for this type of trickery to me as blows in black as cancer. Know that, Chris. "Well, I'm leaving." Leaving for Zaire, only, to live the highlife with the fanciest powder blacks as their royal with The Prince of Black Velvet Brian Mohl father and son. Eats shapp both or to make me cry as high niggers lightened to the very day of it but eyes see. Omi god! I sense another sweatback striving to save the day for them...but from me? Each one the same...I live with their strained-off ghosts in Heaven as they take the very next opportunity to dive right out to murder after murder of them as soon as anyone gets a bit of another attention. No, you go stark and pale first. A merer woman says to me like someone queen "We don't want you with anyone..." (whistles for Veldt or a bit snake in the car drawer).

Take the Coors asshole test...

beware of friends misguiding you
the red 'x' marks dionys its head in-full
it eats people and makes everything fake here
it is a mind best-described as, shape-shifts at my will, stays never

that tired old banana republic coat
me this past tuesday night just off of sunset boulevard in beverly hills
just got my kodak photo disc back from pavilions today so you see it all raw, easy

The Last To Next Loaf Of Bread 10/28/05 1248
Was walking up San Vicente one day about two (2) months ago, and this polite older guy had a t-shirt on about saving the breadmaker-for-home Bridgford. This great bread product all of three (3) loaves from the grocer's freezer section - makes great doughnuts (if mixed first by hand-paw with granuled sugar and fried deep), pizza dough (I guess here - mine not so great yet), and just plain ol' loaves of bread (the last mention is best - a great piping-hot loaf to see just made one here so good to me). Anyway, I'm told a semi flatbed truck end-to-end at Universal (and as rented from Mexico) makes these froze loaves for a living, but has to start up with real cash from time-to-time (they each invest theirs there to each other so some cash grows no matter what). You get to see it here no matter what a fan of it, I. Just let the frozen loaves open up and rise on a plastic-covered plate in the fridge over a day made, and then bake yourself with perhaps "Pam" the non-stick coating covering the sheet below - no problem or then pre-frying in a pan of margarine-butter. I put cooking oil like Crisco on the outside of the crust at baking it too for brown/brown. "That stuff will make you sick." No - it starts healings, only. They are expensive to you. Each pack here about four dollars (~$4.00) and the white loaf is suitable for homemade sandwiches always just sliced as fresh. "For restaurants." For who buys fastest at fast then. Neilsy says "Machines don't pay people - I've invested there, I've tried. Every six (6) months, six hundred dollars ($600) in for nine hundred ($900) back in one day - why bother it?"

the very right hand of god incarnate but wounded simply you see - vicious little cut trimming trees out back
the top screws on this cabinet handle each are form eyes and round-down back and recede when talk is through like a simply dead-now puppet

The last "Ellen" I watched? Cameron Diaz ! (seven million two $7,200,000) with 'boyfriend' Justin Timberlake (six million three $6,300,000) as dancing gingerbread man. Love the show, tune in when as I can....I'm located for it special in the head, I believe. Latest find: The building of highest (abomination) coaster Kingda Ka (aka 'Kingdom Come') at Great Adventure in the snow on National Geographic --- parts seen, cool. Hope they feature seasonal savings there too.

Still A Fashion To Statements Made 10/28/05 1042
Thought you'd like to see the knit skull cap I wear daily if 'round the room (mine is black and grey inside-out switchable, the black inner-inside also features the name "Nike" sewn in gray above the swazil). Gets all from Nike.com - I got mine from the "Sports" or "Fitness Connection" workout shop Los Angeles Sporting Club just below 8592 Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood earlier this year or so about last they still have lots (not to mention excelo Diesel trimfit boxers - the bone is very here I'm an underwear-type person like Imelda Marcos is of shoes, and her singing...but over, see FreshPair for serious inquiry of mine made you) and for $18.00 in all great colors I looked for ya last night. More expensive if not online so? No. Just like a Jew I do and in fabulous colors see, but some do not have the head for it and so see celery to lower the bone in it.

theses are my first choices

You put Cora Parks backseat in the rotunda and I'll make her rise there before thee...I can't get rain, money, or Dr. Brian Mohl to come, but I'll see you there. Goodbye to Dr. Benjamin Ansell at UCLA - you'll check my ass for cracks next time, huh. On meth to me: "It'll kill you one day." So seem.

Pink "Don't Let Me Get Me" Don't Let Me Get Me from the "M!ssundaztood" LP (2001)..."so irritating..."

New Order "Round And Round" Round and Round from the "Technique" LP hadda have this in 1989 or so...also "Love Less" and "Mr. Disco" of mine to. New Order have songs that are too big for their album content. Spend time with them, anyway is the message here. Another song? I like "Crystal"...

Soon! California Initiatives, State Measures Repudiated (Or Asked To Leave Here Soon...)
In your yard, you are down on "75" and "76"? You hate the music of Elton John, you want your own voices heard. No.

All as ignorant stuff:
73: Waiting Period, Terminating Pregnancies - no, you call parents right away no matter what for under 18 - vote "no"
74: Public School Teacher Waits On Permanent Status - no, don't waste our time no one is 'permanent' anyway - vote "no" at any time
75: Public Employee Union Dues Restrict Political - no, fuck you - answer the dollar made and sent out - vote never, "no"
76: State Spending And School Funding Limits - no, collect all you can from all sources and then spend lavishly on your education, worry not of drops off "in ten (10) years time" - a junker vote "no"
77: Redistricting, Amends Tooth Decay Panel - vote "no" as meaningless - no new dollars in or out
78: Drugs, Discounts To Students And Welfare - vote "no" - you get into trouble buying our drugs and we don't want to help - a junker votes "no"
79: Drugs, Manufacturer Buck Backs - vote "no" on this - the same stuff to low or indigent people that means never pay - pay for your own sad times with work - never "no"
80: Electric Service Providers Regulate To No Shut Off Ever - vote "yes" - never take people's money in good times to do this - vote "yes" ever - get out of this business if you can, state honor only
81: For Private Owners In Absent - never vote against people ever or we see you - reject as on ballot, or see you shine down - is about car regulating speeds, 'can we continue?' vote "off"

Indigent care? Yuck - somebody donates for me privately, only. I don't care if I starve in you.

that's his heart broken in red

NEW! Depeche Mode "Precious" Precious from the new "Playing The Angel" LP (2005) - a good stuff see the video here too. This song is about a favorite store in Oxford Valley Mall in Langhorne, PA that sells sauerbrauten and sausages in German setting as previously by Nabisco who did this - some of it broken, some it token. "You take the two and manage it please" it says. They owned it briefly they said with Madonna and at-hand. Message is "done probably, can handle...maybe [it's] ours, doug".

The Assailant Versus The Accused 10/27/05 1844
Words for the day: The "assailant" is unknown to me and asks us 'who did this?' for they do not know theirselves. Breaking and entering while someone unawares at home is this. Then 'assails' is to ask you without knowing you are there for sure or ill at reason of. The "accused" is one who knows you, but says nothing of it to others. Keeps their breath still while you fumble around in their own home yourself. They hide waiting for you to get in, that is.

The Cure "Lullaby" Lullaby from 1989's "Disintegration" LP and now as from their greatest hits comp. Adds "Just Like Heaven"....a fave of mine. Robert Smith is Jascon Nixon, President Nixon's only son - lived in Whittier, CA most of his life too. Strings? The London Philharmonic in Philly obliged "I've been dead (in bed) now for three (3) years and waiting softly for you to join us, Moon."

Kim Wilde "You Came" You Came from "The Singles Collection 1981-1993" LP (1993)...we love the English girl Kim Wilde and from Alabama. Sure, "Kids In America" Kids In America is there for the taking too from something called "Daltry Calhoun". Again and MIA, "Say You Really Want Me" find elsewhere.

as me and 'the bri' - that little round head helping me think it all over

How It All Works 10/26/05 1911
Was talking about Princess Di and a Stevie Nicks concert in her backyard some in Beverly Hills for fifty thou ($50,000) - "so good, we went to tip her." Sure enough, fifteen (15) songs and then scuttlebut with Di's mother who's died before on pills after revealing the way her meals are served without ask. That led to God over telling me about what I figured were "upper tiers" of behaviours - you know royals may come and go. He said people used to go down, sort of, and then come back in their own time after lying around they'd get to fix theirselves, but people - and certain after gougings - would make beds of flame and still they'd lie. Like Di's mother - no choice - and with no proper burial but to return 'needle in the eye' and all. "I kill you here, and I kill you again there when I see you - me and my friends meanwhile laugh" it said to me as me. Sure, you move away a but, but we meet again. The human family was meant to grow, "but each time you get whiter and more valiant" and then I may consecrate you to me or take your body and give you away in it else. So see that - darker gets to keep theirs, mostly. A "sacristy" (gives myself first)  means I keep from hurting you in my head - a burden either way no one has this reality but one person, maybe you. Got a great skull mask (an but an ape - some say the original Mike Myers mask and is yes the comic actor who shot his sister Julie Newmar yes of "Batman" fame in the spine and wore this mask the very first time he did it...they're 'friends' now "I hated your rule of me"...all at age twelve [12] he did this at first, then again later - the film is of an ape's mask shaved down so...the mask has eyes behind as here what follow you around the room and pose off...) up at Hippocampus on Sunset, but I've also been trying to sew up a condion (see it as Casper's uncles or Oogie Boogie in "Nightmare Before Christmas" - the hooded jumpsuit of retards fame) yet from old white sheets...

Just watched another installment of "Halloween" and loved Jamie Lee Curtis dying of a knife in the back plus fall. The masked character so brilliant finally holding his face while hung upside-down and silent "please don't hurt me" a neraibe ("a person claiming it first, although they spent theirs", French dialect and softly speaks of region Nairobi who kill people often enough to say it this way) - she saw truth again and again but still....hers: "he has a life that's extinguished in me" trying to get off the hook...oh, sure - it's easy now to just die off after being allowed to grow old as that a witch of it, a lava lady with cobras everywhere and in the street now....

Tips: Skinhead wig-cover with heavier rope from the hardware store in cornrows glued or wired on back toward base. Our latest pumpkin has no eyes, but the base sawed off as a grumbly mouth and head lifted by three bamboo skewers driven in-between. Thinking it all over now mad with misplaced popper-crown as cut on top...plastic or paper tablecloths feel just like fabric at the supermarket make great one-time use clothes like DEVO-wear - all of it sewn-up paper and for no dollars. See Sensations Tableware for an example of having some.

Update For Niggers And All Of Their Black Friends 10/26/05 1459
What happens when you miscolor on themes and mess with the likes of me? I throw you out of the country - period. Plan on that. Meanwhile, I was planning on staying here in this house until April 2005, but my roommate now informs me - ominous but glee "bad news" crap - that we have been moved up to December 1 pre-ax'ing of you despite our promises made. Never to go. I will cut you limb-from-limb over this and extradite your ass to something we hate seeing of. We only want the heater fixed (again - after you see to it parts removed with tappings in and having paid for new construction for some old fat black else now that Madonna burials and money have dried up with Liz Fraser's gross belly and freckled tits after shootings - I'll put naked pictures of you up next an irregular vulva even), and though you see to it that I don't work anywhere though applied or that I get paid nothing extra-curricular to date, you should still have your heads removed carefully be me and mine one day. Attest to that yet I'm here though similar threat. Fancier niggers everywhere in fashion cars while I walk it. Walk free to it, Nigger-in-town. Do something else but me before France starts regurgitating its youth to you, Nigger. Another fact had: I got Tiger Wood working in the back here...getting to know my roommate while stuccos my yard.

Talking Heads "Burning Down The House" Burning Down the House , simply.

The B-52's "Mesopotamia" Mesopotamia the exciting title track from the 1982-issued EP. We were mad when this came out just six (6) songs after 1980's "Wild Planet" was such a thorough goodie...
obscures: " i'll meet you by the third pyramid "  +  " we'll meet | in mesopotamia | ah ah-ah "

Last Night's Dream This Morning 10/26/05 0948
Was watching an 'impostor' Marilyn Manson (kinda tall, maybe a Mexican-type) perform on a makeshift stage in some neighborhood (leafy yet, trees around and dark) and a brown pickup truck backed over the whole affair at once crushing people at the right. I watched incredulously as it happened across the street-level stage from left, but said to them "this isn't funny anymore..." as people were getting seriously hurt underneath under the junky brown flatbed as up against a wall. What to think?

Out For A Walk 10/26/05 0906
Me and the roommate went for a chilly nighttime walk in Beverly Hills last night up Sunset Boulevard (the main major strip if and or) if only to see that house owned by Nabisco corporate what decorates lavishly each year. Took some pictures there of me and him some to finish up my camera roll and dropped them all off for developing and as such. We'll see. In the meantime, each regaled house speaks to me at the curb telling me why how and no one is there, really. Greystone and its annual urchin romp has been calling to me to visit maybe one day soon too. Meanwhile, West Hollywood is staging a kiddie fair in the Plummer (West Hollywood) Park there this upcoming weekend I think to know for you. Boy George is supposedly headlining ours the major fete Monday night. Anything people don't want to be bothered with is a fete. Meanwhile, Chipotle at Beverly Center will give you a free burrito (theirs are worthwhile, big) if you dress up in tin foil for the guest (ostensibly like a burrito of theirs). Do it.

More on 10/27/05: There's also gonna be a "haunted house" staged in the West Hollywood Park auditorium on Friday and Saturday from six (6:00) to nine (9:00) pm each day, ages five (5) and up. The admission is gonna be one dollar ($1.00) per person, they say. Just walked around Beverly Center, had some sample hot apple cider two (2) little cups with spices at Williams-Sonoma. Ho hum. Maybe later I'll have dinner at Trader Joe's - last time it was beef brisket and potatoes in a little cup I feel guilty and buy all often. Always they offer a little drink of tea, lemonade, or ciders then too. Last it was "(Te)java" unsweetened tea - very nice.

It's dress-up time! Tin foil, indeed.

The B-52's "Lava" Lavafrom their first LP "The B-52's" (1979). Others? Have "52 Girls". Do also "Whammy Kiss" Whammy Kiss from 1983's "Whammy!" LP also featuring songs "Queen Of Las Vegas" and "Legal Tender". Incidentally, "Queen Of Las Vegas" the first outtake from the "Mesopotamia" EP (1982) is also great on the "Nude On The Moon" comp of 2002 - not avaliable at the iTunes yet.

While Walking 'Round Town 10/25/05 1618
While I was walking the boardwalk at Seaside Heights last month in New Jersey, I asked mind over what the best stuff was to use when making counterfeit money. It said "green Charmin [toilet paper - the worst to feel of, thus see Scott white - Charmin is a plastic for keeping dog shit]." It said "three (3) pieces pressed together" and bleached to a copier color. Now I know. You add egg whites to get it to bind with an iron pressed.

Lamps - three (3) styles of draught:

Underneath - walking
At sidetable - for viewing tv and laughter activities, games
Overhead - reading as only

No lights for sleeping, the tv flashing up your ass draws heat to and fro.

Madonna "Hung Up" MP3 (3.0 Megs) the radio edit from her new LP and all called "Confessions On A Dance Floor" as if all Moon's make music. The flute-like sound is from a western probably as from tapes made already "Shoot Out In San Diego" hers made from stock tapes - a shoot-out happening I guess - but is the Swiss teaching indians to call for help by playing swahil or two (2) tones sounding like one playing (takes two [2] players to do regularly). The Swiss - who were always such sneaky - would descend from Canada parts until caught by ours and murdered for it. So, the confession is "no longer here to say for theirselves" so to speak and for them. Party on anyway - or else you too. P.S. They have this single already at iTunes - I just can't link to it. Get it and paid for anyway under "Today's Top Songs" if at right.

Latest "Attacks" 10/25/05 1159
Happy Birthday Dizzy! Latest ghost attacks on me - someone was holding my arms off in my bed last night as I lay on my back, and someone else held a vibrator on my right hip bone while I slept on the air mattress in the living room the night before. Both causing me to awaken...I sleep alot these days cold and damp. Richard "fat legs" DeSandre does these with others. So that's who you are - Kevin Shields, Levt...and others in makeup another family member.

Bobby "Boris" Pickett (and the Crypt-Kickers) "The Monster Mash" Monster Mash this is Elvis and featuring Rosemary Clooney in the background she owns all of this stuff really. Rosemary comments "This has been reworked, but gives back half-way through." Then says to us "Enjoy it again please. It was hard enough work for me." A great I'd say to my paternal grandmother's younger sister. My mother calls her "inciteful" saying to her my mother when she enters the room "Yeah - you got anything for me? I can't stay then." Seeks apology for words had, then works for her at St. Francis one day in Medical Records, sort of ("Quality Control" they call it). All of Danny Moon's (John Denver's) money goes there, apparently, for saving his mother's life one day a leg blown off by bombs or something. Seeks off, out.

Rosemary Clooney (and Mellomen) "Mambo Italiano" Mambo Italiano This is in response to singer Frank Sinatra calling to her to get busy with him again after fighting with - he was failing after he blew her apart with words deeds. "Woman, I need to sound like a star [again]. This ain't no star, Bitch. Get it over with." Rosemary fancies herself the biggest Italian in the world. Maybe she is. The word "mambo" means "a big mother of this kind" to her, of Italians. The "fish au baccarlad" - French-Italian slang for "fish from the backyard" or back lot then as caught.

Paid In A Day - The Paychecks Of Bigger Stars To Date And By Their Request 10/24/05 2102
Of all checks received, these request you know more (and in constant dollars):

Britney Spears - four million ($4,000,000)
Neil Geraldo - seven hundred thousand ($700,000)
Ellen Degeneres - nine hundred thousand ($900,000)...note: yes, make butter on the show by churn and with saltines like in kindergarten we did - "is health itself", annato color is a bit of rum, only
Pat Benatar - seven million ($7,000,000)
Madonna - nine hundred thousand ($900,000) plus one million ($1,000,000) a gift from to (is a produced group or act, not principal)
Rosie O'Donnell - four million ($4,000,000) "Rosie O'Donnell has substance beyond substance"
Liz Fraser - seven hundred thousand ($700,000) plus six million ($6,000,000) in parting gifts to for performing raw and steed
Robin Guthrie - seven hundred thousand ($700,000) plus two million ($2,000,000) added tax in or fail
John Denver - nine hundred fifty thousand ($950,000) the rest is corporate or charity-based he steals much to home - add another sixty million ($60,000,000) easy from friends abroad helping
Boy George - six million ($6,000,000)
Tom Cruise - nine hundred thousand ($900,000)
Faye Dunaway - six million ($6,000,000)
ABBA - one hundred thousand ($100,000) a year each as active - as corporate-types not taking for theirselves
Toni Halliday - four million ($4,000,000) - each one a gift from "the mother above" six million ($6,000,000)
Dean Garcia - four million two thousand ($4,002,000) - ditto above
Bette Midler - nine hundred thousand (900,000) plus tips totaling eight hundred thousand ($800,000)
Barbra Streisand - eighteen million (18,000,000) plus another forty million ($40,000,000) in taxes given her a national icon, really
Roseanne - seven million ($7,000,000) with no fees for pay, in other words, no gifts to her
Max Factor (my dentist) - nineteen million ($19,000,000) no gifts "you want me? i'm expensive" he says
Celine Dion - three million ($3,000,000) plus four million ($4,000,000) in affairs, she'd say
Stevie Nicks - eighteen million ($18,000,000) flat
Christine McVie - nineteen million ($19,000,000) plus fees "that makes sense - she told me what to do when I got there" Stevie says
Elton John (while alive only) - nine million ($9,000,000); as impostor? twelve million ($12,000,000), is that, easy
Gene Simmons, leader of group "Kiss" - one hundred million ($100,000,000) -  Paul Stanley, singer, paid even less than one hundred thousand ($100,000) a year - Gene says "a jerk-off, a suede"
Cindy Wilson, leader of The B-52's - nine million ($9,000,000) flat
Ricky Wilson, erstwhile leader of The B-52's - twelve million ($12,000,000) he bought "Chris Craft" boats, he says - was looking for that at the shore before the bridge, you have it some covered but I saw it
Al Pacino - ten million ($10,000,000)
Robert Redford - ninety million ($90,000,000) with fees added not - another twelve million ($12,000,000) there
Jim Carrey - twelve million ($12,000,000) no fees added
Robert DeNiro - forty-five million ($45,000,000) with no fees added some more
Sharon Stone - twelve million ($12,000,000)
Prince - forty-five million ($45,000,000)
Michael Jackson - the act: ninety million ($90,000,000), the man: twelve million ($12,000,000), the manage: eight million ($8,000,000) - the rest to record company woes he bails them out only, no extras
Rufus Wainwright - ten million ($10,000,000) why? people love his singing - so feminine, yet male
Kathy Bates - twelve million ($12,000,000)
Diane Keaton - ten million ($10,000,000)
Jill Clayburgh - ten million ($10,000,000) is now my sister's daughter and in-tow, died in a sledding accident in France one night, 1979
Rupert Everett - ten grand ($10,000)
Olivia Newton-John - eighteen million ($18,000,000) plus fees of nine million ($9,000,000) - fees are paid for consulting and in the way of music or dance only
David Letterman - twelve million ($12,000,000) no fees "they pay him because he's a quaker and decides well"
Johnny Carson - eighteen million ($18,000,000) flat - his friend Ed McMahon nine million ($9,000,000) "that's true - I had to steer that bitch around troubles - he is mean"
Joan Rivers - twelve million ($12,000,000) flat for all seen
Jay Leno  - nine million ($9,000,000) flat
Merv Griffin - twenty million ($20,000,000) plus fees of six million ($6,000,000) "he is a genius"
Mike Douglas - twelve million  ($12,000,000) - no, he's still alive in France they'd say
Tori Amos - nine million ($9,000,000)
John Lennon - twelve million ($12,000,000) "he will not make music - uses outtakes from him only"
George Harrison - nineteen million ($19,000,000) plus fees of six million ($6,000,000) assorted of
Paul McCartney - forty-six million ($46,000,000)
Ringo Starr - nineteen million ($19,000,000)
Mary Tyler-Moore - nineteen million ($19,000,000) without Grant Tinker - add in four million ($4,000,000) with him
OJ Simpson - twelve million ($12,000,000)
Phil Collins -  twelve million ($12,000,000) plus ninety million ($90,000,000) in fees..."I had to get on stage for credibility's sake" he says
Barry Manilow - fourteen point seven billion ($14,700,000,000) 'tis truth..."I own McDonald's outright - to trust that" a demon, really - loves playing in front of others
Bobe Hope - twenty billion ($20,000,000) for jokes? no carnivals, etc. telling jokes too..."risks all"...is Walter Lang "Woody Woodpecker" I guess
Goldie Hawn - twelve million ($12,000,000)
Harrison Ford - twelve million ($12,000,000)
Carrie Fisher - eighteen million ($18,000,000)
Debbie Reynolds - ninety million ($90,000,000)
Oprah - thirty million ($30,000,000) plus fees of nine million ($9,000,000)...jail has most of the least figure - murdered her mother too
Martha Stewart - sixty million ($60,000,000) flat
Katie Couric - nine million ($9,000,000)
Paul Simon - twenty-six million ($26,000,000) says being "old is fifty-three (53)"...Art Garfunkel - nine million ($9,000,000) died 1978 came back not
Chastity Bono as Melissa Etheridge - nine million ($9,000,000)
Cher - thirty-seven million ($37,000,000) plus fees of seven million plus ($7,000,000 +)
Diana Ross - ninety-seven million ($97,000,000) plus no fees - no caretakers, thanks...dies on drugs never, keeps coming back top it
Paul Lynde - twenty million ($20,000,000) plus fees never
Elvis Presley - ninety million ($90,000,000) plus fees never "I was really rich, but really sad"
Aimee Mann - forty thousand ($40,000) more than one million ($1,000,000) gifted by her father "to live well" he says
Demi Moore - nine hundred thousand ($900,000)
Rob Lowe - twenty million ($20,000,000) plus tags of a million ($1,000,000) from people living through him seeing him do well anyway
Matthew McConaughey - forty million ($40,000,000) very bankable face "is loved by many" they'd say, from France...ever since that first "Interview style" as Daisy Duke ...friend Jill Stryker is his sister
Jack Nicholson - ninety million ($90,000,000)
Warren Beatty - four million ($4,000,000)...not for all of that fuckin'
Carly Simon - forty million ($40,000,000)
Carole King - ninety million ($90,000,000) - no shit, ever the flame for it
Frank Sinatra - one hundred million ($100,000,000) to be sure - adds a million two ($1,200,000) for being nice elsewhere to Dean Martin who was forever penniless but richer than all here
Jodie Foster - eighteen million ($18,000,000) plus tabs or caring of seven million ($7,000,000) and for taking care of minor celebs
Courtney Love - fourteen million ($14,000,000) plus no fees
Kurt Cobain - nineteen million ($19,000,000) plus fourteen million ($14,000,000) in fees made some
Loretta Lynn - twenty million  ($20,000,000)  plus sixteen million ($16,000,000) from Danny Moon's John Denver, Inc.
k.d. Lang - twelve million ($12,000,000) flat
William Shatner - eighteen million ($18,000,000)
Chrissie Hynde - nineteen million ($19,000,000) plus three hundred thousand ($300,000) in fees "helping people get to be who you are"
Mick Jagger - fourteen million ($14,000,000) plus three million ($3,000,000) in fees
Tina Turner - nine million ($9,000,000) plus two hundred thousand ($200,000) in fees
Sheryl Crow - nine million two ($9,200,000)
Don Henley - fourteen million ($14,000,000) no fees, works with no one, a 'mentor' or teacher only
Rick James - ninety million ($90,000,000) flat, no reserves..."a party hat"
Stevie Wonder - forty-five million ($45,000,000), no reserves..."I'm the richest man, ever - trust this to me"
Rich Little - four thousand ($4,000) is in the US Army with France, and is trapped for murdering his wife (someone asked)
Margaret Cho - twelve million ($12,000,000) plus no fees a bitch now dead of me
Connie Chung - fourteen million ($14,000,000) plus nineteen million ($19,000,000) in fees a big success any way you slice it and her only sister above
Sylvester - fourteen million ($14,000,000) flat no fees
Glenn Close - forty million ($40,000,000) a Kennedy too...Martha, is John F's sister
Sinead O'Connor - nine million ($9,000,000) tops, flat
Macaulay Culkin - fourteen million ($14,000,000) plus fees of two million ($2,000,000)
Tom Jones - ninety million ($90,000,000)
Mark Mothersbaugh - forty million ($40,000,000) plus fees of six million ($6,000,000)
Jerry Casale - ninety million ($90,000,000) plus no fees
Tommy Lee Jones - four hundred thousand ($400,000) is in jail always
Freddy Fender - four hundred fifty thousand ($450,000)

By request you know who you are:
Keith Strickland - nine million ($9,000,000)
Kate Pierson - ten million ($10,000,000) "she had blacks come..." + "I would pay her never - she is dumb and lazy" + "he is my friend, only - plays well enough, but had to be cajoled" - both-all Ricky Wilson
Lindsey Buckingham - forty-three million ($43,000,000) plus fees add six million ($6,000,000)
John McVie - nine million ($9,000,000)
Mick Fleetwood - eighteen million ($18,000,000) "his money" says Stevie Nicks
Dean Martin (unrelated to task) seventeen billion ($17,000,000) of Texaco wealth "I made alot of money, but what was I gonna do with it? Buy you?"...is J. Paul Getty, period.

Note: Corporate leader types make a hundred grand ($100,000) each a year and with limits to...I myself was halfway to three-quarters there. One hundred twelve thousand ($112,000) flat, these days.
Note again: These are not net worth figure, these are what's paid out for doing for you and again. No deals cut here - they are expensive people to have around.

Lumping these together but stretch out each on a fabulous day - will art of later (I know you live better...so see...hi to the Bri and Mochee I guess):

Styx "Sing For The Day" Sing for the Day from the "Pieces Of Eight" LP (1978) a pipe-flute marvel.

Londonbeat "Thinking About You" I've Been Thinking About You from the "In The Blood" LP (1991 and on MCA no less). The first song made by Roland "Fine Young Cannibals" Gift on his return here to A&M his home studio.

Haddaway "What Is Love?" What Is Love from the "Haddaway" LP (1993).

Sparks with Jane Wiedlin "Cool Places" Cool Places (Sparks and Jane Wiedlin) - as still waiting for Jane's indie hits "Blue Kiss" and "Rush Hour" we call that a coup. This from Sparks' 1983 indie comp "In Outer Space".

Devo "Speed Racer" Speed Racer from the "Oh, No! It's Devo" LP (1982) we liked "Explosions" alot too.

this year's winner from Yahoo! Images searching on 'pumpkins'
you could also try 'jack-o-lantern', sure
this was from 'pumpkins' and did not win instantly
thanks jennie grove from washington, illinois from three (3) years ago each year submitted by film only

The Crystal Method "Comin' Back" Comin' Back from the "Vegas" LP (1997). May also add "Busy Child"...Courtney Love is singing and producing number one trip like I do.

Motels "Shame" Shamefrom their "essential collection" and "All Four One" LP (1982) get "Only The Lonely" if you must le do.

Ongoing Through The Day Made Here - Ming's Mistake Meeting With Me On One Day Earlier 10/21/05 1033
I got the full pictureload on meeting with "empress" Ming and God made to it and will describe in parts here filled later: Is meeting me - a demon ghost-man, well-dressed for present, sometimes wearing a mask that flashes in and out vaguely to cover emotions, tears, fired-up eyes of halted flame - two chairs facing side-by-side. In the audience of sorts - severely Chinese attendants with black cap hats on traditional and they are wizard-looking, women some. Two (2) people Ming has jailed on the right facing her - for evidence of safe-keeping, old, rubbery-looking - cared for, but not kept so-to-speak...

P: Why are you here?
J: To see all that you are...
P: We are not accustomed to seeing all that we are displayed here - please leave us before you see more...
J: You will die softly here speaking softly.
J: You will die to me, in-fact...
P: Please, my servants are here - not yours...
J: You servants serve me - see them as eyes flash agold...
P: Yours are not mine - assure yourself...
J: Your eyes bleed in me seeing you admit that...admit you are here with me.
P: (Gasp - sees him flare)
J: Are you not willing to me yet? Over three (3) days you will submit to me my rule? You will be ruled.
P: (she cries here)
J: Do you like the sound of me hissing at you yet?
P: Please - I am yours never but theirs. Can't you...
J: You are all of ours dying with us yet. Can you not speak of it so soon to me...[breaks off harshly]...
P: Arrest him for faith bargains and murder this slut of me! THIS HYPHEN OF ME!
J: [to audience of nineteen people] You are all disarmed and die for checking this [at once nine [9] stand and leave - I murder them outside with guns afore...]
P: Please - I'm being murdered again before you and waiting on me - when will this end?!?
J: When you stop inviting me to sit with you. I am all murders you see...
P: You invited your self to me - I await better from you only!
J: (Pause to reflect..that hurt me twice I'd say it again to her anyway).
P: (Died of nineteen [19] snake bites still..I gave her one [1] more after death - my reserve I'd say. Then, I brought her back again for it....again and again they bit in all day "wolves untrained for it.")
more later...if you see none, you know why - my greetings to phone soon
oh, please - the fangs of a snake are but the claws of a cat in a cotton but mouth...oh, sure - there are toxins in exchange for no arms to see you out ("it was their fur anyway - smells like timber, like wood") ...socrates-pfeiffer-givenchy-perfect (my seal point siamese cat) used to bite and claw me often my hurt exchanged at once for filths abroad a skin on the lip made

...eventually a china box over her head spins with tassels red...little arch doors sliding open carefully to the above on each side...heavy brown snakes - fat chinese snakes like dogs (wolves, actually) with fangs unseen lower to her and bite the fuck out of her face while she remains undone in-place the others having bowed out already to this point. After, her eyes bloodshot, nearly closed, and still attended with black-and-blue face dying and commenting off. We don't want this thing coming and going too soon, or pit for pat (to have done hate only to erase a hate once having is no hate, and no bargain either). Over "three (3) days" but now as fading in and out "she'd come" she said. We waited with her...sleeping, speaking while I never tire or rest of it the others cautioned, cared for, but in their native tongues spoken in the head I use mine. This meeting no call of to God - a port-of-call in some Europe place maybe other - 1940's. Business types, the wrong guest made to her once, twice, three times now a mad-cow viper is she. Finger bowls with vaginal juices to the hand extends, mine dipped but not touching the water of reveals the ask of to see before talk (her mind reveals to me a little girl seeking guest plainly to me...a cover of it made to me, sort of). A viper under the tongue of forefinger suggests her else as to ask then...we fill in later.    

Bonus! Best body part injured to end task made:
The U.S. Army  - cut off a finger
Blacks - poke out an eye
Morticians - injure the superior vena cava (the belly above navel) with spike
French National Guard - they take a finger
Hindi - pokes an eye out
Woman - pulls hair
Boy - breaks hand
Schoolchild - bites you
more later...     

Two More Cards Dealt A Throne 10/20/05 1457
Two more add words to go with "psychopath" the one who delivers you to unwanted thoughts continuously and by mention: A "sociopath" makes people become what they are continuously against their needs or perceptions of. Reviles their individual weighing out and thus answers to their ways negatively. A born jerk. Instead, see "nihilist" or then "nhalest" (say "na-hale-est" French if "smells of nearby", a dog knowing of some) - the one who makes people go away and stays to see them gone. Announces their king and removes their thoughts of other made. Yours still trying too hard. A woman usually.

Dials It For Free Too 10/20/05 1436
Yes, the 99¢ Only Stores had a phone card at the cash register featuring ninety-nine (99) minutes for ninety-nine cents (99¢) - isn't that too cheap, domestically speaking? Apparently not too true. The boob that powers roto design-thought for women and nudes against my lack of income here does not have long distance (or call-waiting...now that's cheap) on our pennysaver by throne, and calling around stills my mind with having to pull together too many datas for one thought forward. But then again, having my own home meant calling me first to see if you could come, not yelling at me to get a job while you earn your share of it right back to you and upwards of.


Ode To Ralph's Fresh Fare 10/20/05 1151
The below graphic material - the vaginal (vocodor) mask was indeed inspired by me my discussion of Ralph's Fresh Fare on Beverly yesterday and their outdoor logo what features the so-called mask and if just in-time for Halloween and its social decline of affair. These suggest a purity without women being in-charge to gays. Keep that free of talk about "pagan" celebrations frequently heard and days off for 'the dead' but working and theirsuch so to dope we do not recognize that stuff, but see things in holiday decor being made for year 'round use that do not excite me like it do back east if closes the chest up and down yearly a keepsake of merriment made. It is theirs. Other cultures try hard and understand us? No - ours, yearly blacks whatever designing for slenders seen again almost deadly in my chest feels unholy (see Popcorn Factory - they halt sales it seems for women not celebrating me but seeming it - let them say it this way their option sure I'll ask if need to and if Christmas is only in my home I have it all as still see you later who?) China makes everything gay and perfect to your order, but repeat much? I don't have this in me yet...no bother but unhappy thoughts as now change nothing to me. Back to Ralph's, alot of people there all darker types but sturdy in-place some beyond pretty well-met even - hate white people (although you serve old scraggly white its pinched water in cambos like no other while hoping for elder husband your term soon expires for murdering you mother in Honduras - twenty more ugly-faced "francs" and you'll have six more body washes than me in jail again, but today you will serve no white people that fast we'll just wait anyway thanks again) and there few to see, but I do not seem to care. See that rise not jailbirds, but no bother to keep you down and not thinking of it in a beautiful place for Kimba the white lion who issues you not but says your mexican-style penal system and intimidation schemes to white males on meth matter not be there anyway a beautiful union of it. Your drug tests are beautiful only - they say 'no we checked at first - thanks again oral be' but what for me you use. What else? I hope to see more of these anyway they are really nice stores after all Ralph's needs that their stores are too homey but says it somehow better to that market country time 'you were here too - just look' it says if failing my sense of it again. All brown people is fun I write like you schez mite and all, but white need to be screened out with others who think too much of theirselves to be bothered with the likes me. When we're done collecting Margaret Cho's paychecks for being unruly, fat, and stupid - but for pay and in front audiences for that (and still reeling from Electric Company's cancellation of her - a wacko industrial world village of creepy Amsterdam-type gays then New Zoo Revue having closed down dumb too it all fade) you can see her choke to death on jail terms for murdering her mother on pills one day...is God's chinese diaper pervert "Ming" - keep that dead and working on it so weirdo asian that slanty-eyed bitch). Too much hard pussy on boats in Nigeria and France, I guess. Hi everyone brown anyway - I don't visit places that hurt me much. I hate talking to people they are judging and stupid only - why have that near by choice?

But back to the mask.      

the shape allows for navel, clitoris unshield - is not exactly correct here but sure is smelly - i draw only freehand on the screen that sucks
the queen reminisces and thinks it was due to alaskan kingfish now ruted out
we suggest baking soda and baking yeast a rinse your make-up

'canga mosase' (con-ga motay) catches the odor
'ect mimnis' (it mim-neet) even if you are farthing

Sneaker Pimps "Spin Spin Sugar (Armand's Dark Garage)" Spin Spin Sugar (Armand Van Helden Mix)  inspired by the track-title on the "Becoming X" LP (1996). It asks me to start the energy-weaving wands surrounding the universe to sweeten the raw of it by deal..." i'm everyone | i feel used " you should have such problems and no those are not gay fantasies you witch. You feel it - something about God-type stuff you can't do anything like it but you wouldn't anyway your life is not magical at all. I simply understand. Yes, it's real and beautiful but wait to see. All elegant, but I'm here now and I need things perfect only ever and this ain't my stuff yet unicorns and nutsy mental outpatients caring for my interests. What are they talking about? So silly now will should be this die. "Why do you make energy way out there?" Everything is counted coded and making shit here disturbs my counts. I do it anyway, but see contributes to an illogic I hate having knowing. I'm bored, stupid, mean, half-serious, error-prone, and hot-headed. I like the idea of having capacities and leaving them unused too. It's my way to keep in no use no matter why else but for kimsakes this isn't my work yet  with alot of crap I'd never have. "You don't care about proving you're God." Don't be stupid - it's done forever already you. This stuff is sad - everyone and everything is nice and I beat the fuck the fuck out it and just for talking to you. Erase this the map.

I bought this on 12-inch vinyl first, then the CD with mixes forth came out no need. It's important to know that cash exchanged hands on this one bad no matter what. I foresaw this. As for "Queer As Folk", the darkest days beset you here. We don't fuck like that - do we? We don't - but close. Armand Van Helden is Neil who plays along with Chris Lowe of Pet Shop Boys' money. "He has to play along with my money. We know we have a hit, but he won't produce it himself ['the good news is this, it seems, with public trust at-hand' he says]. His mother holds his money, so seem." Adds Chris to Neil "We don't have to produce [pay for cut] everything [you could executive it]." Neils mother, a known relic "religious artifact" thought it overproduced - the public decided it over years as important enough. "We don't care" she says "that lost money." That lost your money for being late. No earnings is no lost to you. Late is never done with.

"You talk too fucking much." Bitch, if I say to be perfect, it is perfect because I said it. I don't want to write at all but must document this shit carefully for myself so leaves no room for interpret by the likes of you. That wastes my time like no one butt paid. Many talks up in your ass to annoy you for too...you see I'm claw-prampt smart. "You don't make energy." I make family-size cans of  razz farts cutting up silkly confetti in your bellyhop and your piss stings like a switz to the eye.

'spin spin sugar' is quite different on this, but well worthy a hear...pms is nearly right in its dictions
this is a heater core's electronic grid from a racecar in france
means nothing, powers a fan in there
fat here is less transduction or heat made to it
no electricity is affected, steps nothing down must have place to go

Something special adds too it forges someone new: You like that crap? Make with meanings it gladdens enfold. Another by Sneaker Pimps "Post Modern Sleaze" MP3 (3.1 Megs) a shouldn't be miss again a post modern has no need of you says thank you, no I'll have mine all over again (match with economists who spread the disease by sending wok's flume what's storm to be sick). What if CD's powered speakers directly like a spinning circuit board of sides both etched, with volume made on outpost or past that? Two wires issue final is made to speakers at how many discernable volumes? Bad ideas bring forth same, less of it made taken straight to the back. Junking, ask thought. Each song a linear of crosses deviating up down left right once the standard deviation is eliminated from center told with "|-|--|--|" something like that.

like to fly?

A Bus Load Of It To Teach Me Nothing  10/16/05 1223
Did you know you can ship packages on Greyhound and with people riding it? I didn't - and yeah - say San Francisco to Hollywood in one same day or then less and cheap too but with at bargain basement service. You pay them at a desk at a local mercer station dropping shit off, and they carry your papers-box-linens your choice is mine on their very van lines to and fro (usually, I a FedEx person - I hate cheap stuff or service can't count on nuthin' right unless them do and as by dials). I liked that - yet another way around haute society and their plagues of self-being every day is Sunday inspecting you for core. By the way, their seven-day pass "GrateAmerica" (aka "FareAmerica" - see restrictions for you and yours and your error ways) is about two hundred fifty dollars (~$250.00) less senior and student-type discounts. There's your cross-country answer to falling gas prices and all I saw it a chart posted in the station of late and just after that a woman there announced by horm that all homeless sleaving should rise off the pavement outside and a black man pissed on the other side of a window next to my seat and in full-view his wretched dick was huge too the torrent made wash. I live blacks for that even though it almost leaves a taste in my mouth as so close to me - and do they know - now another hundred fuckin' years free. I'd take the bus from here back to Texas maybe one day I love road trips and that's the high life in them lesiure seats staired up to the restroom in back. See ya at the bank. P.S. The stations also have coin-operated Internet stations too just like at Perfect Beat in West Hollywood - you slide a single buck in the slot provided and take right over the world for ten (10) minutes of Windows-quality use. It ain't the best, but make a sign-in and double then password and get going as paid in and set for. These days of e-mailed cash statements and bills on account and you need to be able to access your e-mail statements of account if no real phone bill is available as required of. Rule: Is bad for you - get paper or seek to be printing out everywhere illicit and expecting I have no hair left running around skiving you...note no one will scan for you either as too hard to learn you, each a Baby Lemique.

"Sweetness, it's not about us yet...you make people happy first, then you do what you want to do with their 'thank you' notes in-hand." - dM
'Thank-you notes' are people's dollars before you may spend them.

"Oh my god, Doug - the wisdoms forth." - Neilsy
You are a queer (wears women's clothes to embarrass them, maybe have someone) and somewhat is like a hopeless romantic trying to make people happy with off-humours. You need love, I see it.

ABC "How To Be A Millionaire" How to Be a Millionaire from the "How To Be A Zillionaire" LP (1985)...I love ABC their great stuff " i've seen the future | hmph | i can't afford it and " adds "Be Near Me" right now.

Kylie Minoque - Karen Carpenter's only daughter - and "Love At First Sight" Love at First Sight a great radioscope song wavering in and out and from the "Fever" LP (2002).

Peter Gabriel "Big Time" Big Time from 1986's "So" LP and also featuring "In Your Eyes" with fave lyric part " days pass | and this emptiness fills my heart " plus also, nevermind "Shock The Monkey" and "Games Without Frontiers" both me.

Pumpkin Massa 10/15/05 2021
Pumpkins were so damned cheap this year at Pavilions - yup, for medium weight at a very nice size, four (4) for twelve dollars ($12.00), or then three dollars ($3.00) each - we got three (3) of them. Of gluttony, a fat-head family out there on the porch saving exactly one (1) nicest for the day a jack o' lantern until then forbidden. My carving and just a lantern yet (he-she gets the other as our deal made but as artists not with...no...collaborates never, but listens to and then sharply) with the aforementioned electric sous, is that of islam (symbol black...'you have no day' the sun rises of slight, rolls over the land no breathing, then up slightly to a taper and then the moon...stake of claim seen, then a release to the air of slight and off) or "candel" blowing in the wind 'and if only to die' it may say. Jews are always the blue, *blowing* if insouciant (or then "extending to you without a care", if breasts) into to the light 'reaching for what is not theirs' they'd say ('not you, not now of slight bearing, but in time yours too a claim made as then - then on to islam 'oh, not you noted as here, not again' ours as seen lying around you how you can not be with us as yet then else). Yours? And remember, a high price serves to keep otherwise once-taken on the shelf and until higher paying - a suck-ass job either way.

This section is called now noted while walking the streets and "black as hyde":

"Vengeance is mine?" Should be "Vengeance should never be mined [made in advance]." - Abraham
 Wait for it to come your way, we'd say if privately.

Ignorant bliss: "Greed kills people. Avarice watches them die." - dM
Greed steps on, over people to get to great wealths. Avarice makes people something other than what you are as you keep to from them.

Keep yours: "People being a bit too nasty about things while out and about just taking of theirselves? Nevermind, I never bother that fuckin' miracle." - dM
I don't care what as long as I don't hafta do it for and so many of you.

Is thinking on it still: "To die is to be left without a need" - and is yet among the orbs
Apparently, your needs in life exceeded you. To need no more, but to be there for it anyway.

Soon, your courtesies of waving, talking, on the cell phone, writing mail, courtesy calls "can i help you?" abstained.

You know, that was a real hardship abstaining me yesterday - we have places to go together, after all Becky our spell abroken:

Spice Girls "Stop" Stopfrom their "Spice World" LP (1997) - I love this along with their "Wannabe" and as staged in this movie at the end.

Alice In Chains "Heaven Beside You" Heaven Beside You from their self-titled LP debut (1995)...I know I loved something by them all knocked-up singing along with in the car..." like the coldest winter chill | heaven beside you | hell within " then get "No Excuses" their big one ever from the "Jar Of Flies" LP (1994). Ronnie Van Zant from Lynyrd Skynyrd - that name - revived it with me.

Chicago "Love Me Tomorrow" Love Me Tomorrow (Single Remastered Version)  as now from "The Very Best Of Chicago - Only The Beginning" LP (2004)...adds heartily "Wishing You Were Here", "Baby, What A Big Surprise", and "Feeling Stronger Every Day".

Laura Branigan "Solitaire" Solitare as originally from her "Branigan 2" LP (1983) if not to hear "Ti Amo" but first here (I hadda have "Solitaire" though as just another 'bad hand' to you too). Also, do "Self Control" again I like that too....good stuff anyway you slice it.

You know, iTunes keeps tallies of how many times you play a song in that application and from your own library of kept. It just notes up one (1) notch with each song finish (though not necessarily all of it has played however - try that and to know) and you can sort by this by clicking on that title bar. I think or am quite sure people spy on me with all I recommend (and although I play favorite songs in browsers much and from the cache probably, with no certain note taken). If they know, you can know now too and for sure what's what with me and mine quite consuming of it:

Artist, Song Title, Number Of Plays Per My iTunes And Sort Thus
Curve "Weekend" 22  (I tell Toni not to give so much of this stuff away - makes it look needy-sad to never-ending demand of a glory from me - keep it up forever) Curve "In Disguise"
No Doubt "Hella Good" 16
Tori Amos "Sleeps With Butterflies" 16
Tori Amos "The Power Of Orange Knickers" 15
Mariah Carey "Say Somethin'"  14
Saint Etienne "Shower Scene" 11
Devo "Jurisdiction Of Love" 10
Switchfoot "Dare You To Move" 10 (dare you to Moon)
Wolfsheim "Once In A Lifetime" 10 (Rob Lowe - so odd, his voice compelling in and under this the water a seagrave)
Gary Numan "M.E." 9 (as ties with all below per their alpha-sort...out of hundreds mentioned and kept in my very select library, mind you - all of these since last year late August per me maybe not)

Heart "Barracuda" 9
Neil Young "The Needle And The Damage Done" 9
Sheryl Crow - "Lifetimes" 9 (though I love "Perfect Lie" way better now, a real beauty held at exactly 5 singing-along dramas...if you know what I mean to theorizing it is me and with you)
Stereo Star "Utopia (Where I Want To Be)" 9
Terri Walker "Whoopsie Daisy" 9 ("Dancin'" by Aaron Smith is hot on it at 7 hears this way - I use the browser often on that one and mentions it)

Thanks, Toni.

AS NEW! Wolfsheim "Once In A Lifetime"
Once In a Lifetime from the "Spectators" LP (2005)

a gay sings me "no, this was very mandate, tony and tia....very ti and do"
to auteurs out there, we don't remake anything unless we can do it this better
did you have a bedroom like theirs, a michake carousel within? no

Never Ask Yahoo! For The First Sequel Ever Made Any Sense 10/14/05 1036
Just before this, I asked Yahoo! for the first [movie] sequel ever made thinking it was Star Wars' "The Empire Strikes Back" (1977, then on to 1980) - perfectly sense that a demand for (someone said "Chinatown" - make it a meaning to me nobody I know saw that). Two (2) things: Spare new characters plus no new livings next door - you hadda have in the same house, basically and state the movie name again as a Roman numeral "II". You hadda pick right up where the first one ended no new. Nobody did that better than "Halloween II" (1978, then on to 1981) yet - halfway through a murder spree at a hospital still treating wounds from the first part ("too if evil hath no home" - protect that). "Jaws II" (1975, then on to December 1978 - however, no one saw this shit prior to 1976)? Too late and don't mention Herbie the love bug or die of Kurt Russells. Yours? People hate that shit another part of nothing needed but seen to be and curious. This discussion prompted by "Grease" what left no thought unstoned at that end. Thank you again for being so perfectly run! "Return From Witch Mountain" (1975, then on to April 1978) is #1 for real we think to say. Unheard of. I was there for it on-the-spot and demanding of it too a winner.

"Yeah, you'll be here - like an ass between two pillows."

Chris' Birthday Address To The Nation Or "Everybody Hates Chris" 10/14/05 0812
"Not everyone sees me, but I am here with Doug and learning to leave him alone too (fighting the world, is mad always - drug talk too, not my code)." Chris, come back to me. Nothing is more useless to me right now than a ghost unless you can go hurt people too and you certainly can. Have the day off. In the meantime, what's uglier than someone agreeing you have problems - bring any gift? Welcome back again, we take care of all on this day until it's apparent and why I would exclude you. Happy Birthday - bitch would run right outta here, but that's not the point. It's about getting what I want, it's about being attractive while still in-need, and it's about what I don't mind you having. A choice? Let's not get crazy here. Nuthin' uglier than two forty-one year olds getting together for a chat about the old days - keep it under. Hi John my other pet...I'll kick your ass too while wearing all the clothes you sewed up.

Key learned yesterday: "Everyone" is superceded by "everybody" as in sentence "everybody is here." "Everybody" is all you expected to come only, the rest is yours to say. "Everybody is all I wanted to see." - Madonna. Note all: Becky Thorson of Romeo Void was here talking to me in my head this morning after dreams of her stuff kinda and she asked me not to post new songs today to honor using her big, big song "A Girl In Trouble (Is A Temporary Thing)". I won't bother it today, but like a coupla stabs at the foam heart each of morning for at. Now see that and let video strike it dead.

Other 10/15/05 later on: Hermetically sealed (as in plastic-wrap coating) sees through to. Airtight? No, that is halically (against elements wind, air - water is no element neither fire at both is a diffuse - elements are for putting things together only; a breath to) sealed. Vasculely sealed is the other. Brown, paper. No seeing first. Of the stars for you. Vasperally sealed as in France sayings means "tampering has begun with" - and is as to be rejected as such. A vasper is a snake there crawling in silently. Insidious (growing in strange places to you seeing in)? Exactly that to yes. Toni's mother says "vasperally sealed" as "not too tight, hard on people [as for bread]." Yeah, I tend to think along the same lines - not making people work too hard to get what they need, what they came for, a spiritual sense without saying like ghosts in and out. Otherwise a severe thievery problem with among it filths, monkeys tapping on the hot sun-day roof, and your sex-food ruined to among pigs. Be sensible in your takings. Be quiet them ask your neighbor's to pardon you too. Hamdily sealed? No fingers - a french soap in scoops of to you as for 'women are dirty this way.'

Just In-Time For Holiday Gift-Giving 10/13/05 1413
When it comes time to put together the ol' nonsense - the ol' gift basket for another perhaps unseen but reclining in their way - don't mishap the ensuing quality of Kraft's Easy Cheese and crown spray. Seriously, I have another can right now and it's good stuff (if only to warn you I eat well even with a god's guide over - now see that). Also, I've been digging sun-dried tomato and basil Wheat Thins crackers since discovering such at my mother's house. But back to, how does this the can work? A plastic circle long on but pegs with holes underneath has been pumped on the outside with air while inside up-shaft is pure cheddar cheese product waiting to flow out the score on top (someone said one or two plastic baggies cramped by air in there - not yet, they'd burst open kinda - no matter what). The circle is formed by pressures toward in and will not expand into the center far enough to matter to the cheese and its flow. If this is not true, and risking can, take the tip. They had those pump-up yourself shop cans for olive oil mistings at Williams-Sonoma, so it ain't nuthin' to do but seems very glamour. You could more effectively screw out stuff from the bottom like deodorant do too. Why not? Was watching a rerun of "Cosby" on syndication (shown twice) tv yesterday and thought about why I need to hear 'real' blacks speak to me that way (and as such why I wouldn't like fakes happening, etc.) One, the father there, tells the other to call so-and-so from a long list of relatives they have and who likes to cook so the middle girl going away to school won't fret (the youngest girl "Keisha Knight-Pulliam" now noted as a boy and maybe white too - all jerks, apparently - Denise looks like a real clown even newer today shifting from caucasian to black and with a girl's susteshe around and through the scenes quickly running...she's normally Italian-sounding, kinda). Is that what you do when you're lonely and black perhaps with many relatives afoot you having given gifts to each one and this particular one a wok for cummings Christmas (just for being noted, each receives each a one)? I needed to know their blackened ways yet, they love chinese food apparently little or no meat within perhaps some purities afoot.

mix up your own dentifrice
a veritable silver bullet of 'home alone' you mixed up for yourself...a hard, shiny permanent gloss...for dat smell..."you're all amway bandy"

A Word For The New Day Made 10/13/05 1002
The interactive vagina is still on the way as promised as waiting for sufficient interest on my suit, on my part - plus you have alot of guide on the subject already. Move no mountains yet, pray to me still for guide as glory to me. Our word for today then is "chantilly" (French, "breathfully taken, and light enough to see that happen") used on me often enough by Neil & Company. "Very 'chantilly' to me..."  means does not bear witness or falls apart for having touched too soon, too merrily. In truth, "best not spoken of [or to see flame of it a pleasure broken]". Chantilly means then at best "broken wings" as a breath taken to soon afor. Best not asaid as short-lived or efenique (say "fen-eek" for "laced about merrily, uncaring" French, or then just as "hoping it's true")? No, "willful" stays against 'better' reasons not to. That then would be to "treake" in Spanish-derived or to ask of it anew and as if to be broken in it again. As long as nobody knows? That is "short-lived" itself. A "phantasm" is something crushed if spoken of as playing with dead things not, but playing with oneself or one's own mind is this. A phantasm is chased away with harsh word to. A fantasy is made of with others in mind only. Jerking-off is this or then a "fantasy" and best abruded (broken off in speech or languages when and as if heard of - just do it softly, please).

A "zodiac killer"? Takes a piece of the body with them. A "zodiac" (Italian-English "zofa dofa" say "zo-fee-ah do-fee-ah" for "don't ask, or risk knowing for yourself" or "as it goes out, it comes right back then - be sure you needed it to first")? You hafta ask what it is - not apparent to sight like stars missing it in constellations - no one sees that picture yet the 'big dipper' and all.

Others mention: "wax" - to remember silently to yourself in front of others listening off; "wane" to die right off in fear or fright, to succumb the idea but live in reality off to the side; and finally "whimsy" you ask others what they think, but in stupid ways - a jerk-off again. All proper English in derivation. One more - to "waver" is to ask others to help you to more as yet unhad. To cause them concern in overconsumptions unmet. To ask others to come over to things they haven't tried theirselves as of yet. Top-heavy again, another spendthrift. No, I verify each quality submission to you over and over and as considering from to be if my own inaccuracies and then to be sure I like it still. "Eat that again with me" is mine.

Rush "Tom Sawyer" Tom Sawyer from 1981's "Moving Pictures" LP...hadda have this, again from Sear's. Also have "Limelight" here and also "Red Barchetta" a dog roaming.

John Denver "Fly Away" Fly Away as originally from the "Windsong" LP (1975) and featuring Olivia Newton-John backing it beautifully and as now on his "Greatest Hits Volume 2" LP (1984) always artist distinction to know and have. She has one too. Also of his from "Windsong" have "I'm Sorry" and must go back to hear "Rocky Mountain High". This is Danny Moon - mention it not they are liars some.

Morcheeba "Part Of The Process" Part of the Process from the "Big Calm" LP (1999) - get to "The Sea" and the title cut  "Big Calm" featuring Tupac on birdwing - both great stuffed.

We were just talking Dan Moon and I about recording studios in the basement of Trenton High basically vacant after pre-planted bombs intended for rowdy-ass blacks there blew a white teacher's head apart in front of others and after an internal siege there. "Elton John recorded there too [as in the 1970's..."nothing good...for Thom Bell 'a healer-type' he said" that quoted of Elton "and as called 'Bell Labs'" he said]." Yeah, I myself dreamed of being in the basement of St. Francis Medical Center - in a basement pipe room I was always in no comments seen - with bloody sheets over numerous bodies and police tape down the hall blocking my exit out by elevator once seen. For the record, I don't believe in having the last word on-the-spot as noted on busses here in Spanish and I paraphrase as 'only a grave or then the dead need speak to that once heard [we get to think it over, perhaps revise ourselves a few]'. Mine said better? "Outeja ovelateie [only you need know that]." Theirs is "ougt psbecucau met...oute jeutu pspeugh". Not one to terrorize a human mind ever, I believe in poisoning your breakfast cereal while in France one day, perhaps shooting you out and about after that and just happy enough to be there. See us still. Don't be gangbusters - and for what? We know who they are your good nature tarnished some as sullied as my recommend to. Make 'em all respect a dollar heard off for better as I dei fighting someone new maybe you know them. "You're gonna die at the hands of blacks stealing five dollars." Just between you and I and both of the blacks involved, I deserved it.

Since a Madonna-nature gone mad...

all you may ever need

You know, you can buy all of Madonna's videos at the Download iTunes -- one dollar ninety-nine cents ($1.99) each and if to say. Take a look in....my favorite yet now? Of many, "Love Profusion (Headcleaner Rock Mix)"...do it too soon...see the others shine in-form (inside a note: purchase videos require the new iTunes version 6.0 and the new QuickTime 7.0.3 - have them both installed first with OSX version 10.3.9 required of it and - see the version number under the application menu its very name on the menu bar and select "About iTunes" or "About QuickTime" to know it better and for fact which one). For me, see also Michael Jackson's "Jam", Coldplay's "Yellow" (Cocteau Twin Liz Fraser in makeup walking the beach - we each seem take a turn playing in her skin - Robin/Sean is in "Fix You" for example a newer-type harlequin), and Marilyn Manson's "Coma White" all-both pleasingly there too with scale and ord (none of The B-52's as of yet, and however). Add in Nine Inch Nails and their newer stuff "The Hand That Feeds" with great guitar licks and live posings - looks great and a star is thus often remade. And what about Collective Soul's stuff as mentioned below? No I'm in nothing yet myself. Also for poorer video types, remember Madonnarama (as Dan-O-Rama) for her musical stuff remade to suit, kinda.

More 10/14/05: I purchased Michael Jackson's "Jam" as my first video now see that (just saw Jason - the very clown - walking down the street in front of Rage with some girl the night before last he yelled for me back...he looks great but obviously out-of-range now - so, a kiss a hug a couple of fucks...told me he's in a "sad mood" - now move on...the little singer Michael? see "Good Times" JJ's brother, then nothing in Texas...they even brought in the little girl Janet his real sister no his daughter and still today). It took four and one-half (4.5) minutes about this to download eight minutes six seconds (8:06) so expect a minute (1) time for each two (2) minutes sighted or there about at DSL (direct server line, a true duplex of sending and receiving at once over two [2] 'recorded' phone lines) speeds. The screen enlarges nicely with decors afoot, but gets fuzzy at half-the-screen sizes. All told, very nice enough. Get one for yourself.

a bit big beefy for me, though

Thanks be it to Colt Studios (achtung! naked, gay) for the preview DVD I got in the mail yesterday with demure catalog - here's your clip. That and an audit by the cheap-ass bastards at unemployment. Pay yourselves first, I'll just wait it off. Never would I cheat them, but suggest in writing they figure out who I am the very Christ arguing you out with no support but pennies a day now unhad. Who pays for this? Not me. Go fuck yourselves backward that tired-out minimum wage I never made so little earned. All to should die. We wanted to work only, but not as long as people out there just lying around on their asses talk to us like this - nobody accepts it to so belittle to you. Eat that....I'll get my cares for what cared for me too and without saying it. "We want our share." What? There it is right now...something for nothing again print up more cash smooth some around here....stop trying to be the woman around town so sure it matters, but to her.

this year's winner of note and deed

Meanwhile, I owe on a serious cash level:

Bank Of America  $80.00  annual safe deposit box, is quite late from 04/05...notice of forcible entry after 11/17 no additionals. Fine, fine - we'll pay this somehow.
eBay                  30.00  unsuccessful auctions, as have repeated....remember "Ben Cooper" costumes there my annual winner now just above here but by "Haley"
Fossil                 30.00  two (2) watches repaired (one needed a new watchband, the other a new battery - both items too vicious to install oneself even with their crevices-tools no cheap live here)

That's all for me right now...the rest is a keepsake to you.

Update 2005 10/12/05 1207
As you know, I planted california poppies by seed in our front yard here and to no avail yet. The seeds from the folks at Burpee are top-class, but have failed to flower in well over four (4) months now (as planted on date 05/29/05 in Zone #10 and all per our zip code entry?) There is lots of low-lying green magela and like tea leaves very sharp on short ends, but no upward projections as yet. We'll keep watering it-them daily or yours? Meanwhile, the pictures of Dionys are coming - I've taken a few of regular group posed (he was pure grandeur last week - among it, I made Johnny Sokko's robot with head and a menorah happen myself with little ideas inside me, but I had no camera yet - now two [2] of them are mine), but he had to eat a few onlookers to date so call lightly. He is meaner than I if you approach and rambles to life like old Hollywood made it to ward you off seriously. Beware of this - and is seriously mean to you clipping around. Eats people like spiders do in sacs and bulbs fighting daily - only one escaped to tell yet. "We'll burn it to death." Is protected by mind over in your thoughts now a sacrilege of mine as both given too freely, and it just comes right back anyway to avenge you yet even appearing as persons. So have that.

Cheap Trick "The Flame" The Flame from the "Lap Of Luxury" LP (1988) -- did you know that guitarist Tom Petersen is also Kiss' erstwhile drummer Peter Criss the catman? I like "Surrender" too from the "Live At Budokan" set (suspect - at the most 1978...I had this with The Cars "Candy-O" at the same time).

Supertramp "Give A Little Bit"  Give a Little Bit I had to have this song on vinyl from the "Even In The Quietest Moments" LP (1977...yes, I had it 1981 or so luvin' it...from Sear's). Also stop by their magical "Breakfast In America" LP set (1979) featuring my favorites of the title song and "Take The Long Way Home". Is dentist Dr. Ricciani in Trenton, New Jersey Neils's father and Max Factor in suit? Yes. Your bonding held up beautifuly so far - my mother paid you, right?

Did President Bush Jr. sing for Kansas the first three (3) years then on some?

Nothing to say?

Pretenders "Birds Of Paradise" Birds of Paradise from the "Pretenders II" LP (1981)...also le see "Waste Not Want Not", most all others. But back to, " once upon a time | my mind still there wanders | and i went back to their rooms | for the things i remember..." this about a woman who may have died first -- 'please don't hate me if you're here...i'm still learning to love and leave it loved.' I love that particular sentiment of those who passed us by so fast to the end of it all heard. "We were two birds of paradise..." or otherwise not knowing of where we are lain. Then on to "The English Roses" and 'where were you after all?' their guilt once placed adoor. "I'm sorry - didn't you hear of? I passed through to it first." So serene to yet. "We pretend someone is there listening." You should have been on [record label] Elektra. "We weren't that fake."

Goo Goo Dolls "Name"  Namefrom the "A Boy Named Goo" LP (1995)...is Neilsy I guess.

Collective Soul "The World I Know" The World I Know and both "December" too from their 1995 debut LP.

A Man's Man
10/11/05 0726
What is a "man's man"? One who saves argument until having-being in front of others men - a jerk, really "otherwise we may get somewhat closer with resolves had between us ..." One that takes a man to control well is another. A "ladies man" is one who eats fish, only and to signal them off, and talks to women gently. See then the "man-child" will not eat fish. All English, all stupid really for not asking for what you want, but then signaling it somehow.

Heard some woman singing a brilliant sugarback on piano last night at dinner - so good it's twice now heard but unseen a lament. Soon named to you (Alicia Keys, I guess maybe not...I got Laurie Anderson then when asked mind). No, the voice sounds of black and like a old careless drunk.

While Stylin' Here In LA And Ideas For Elsewhere Heard
10/10/05 2110
Two (2) boutiques side-by-side at exactly 8350 Santa Monica Boulevard (just east of Flores Street and thus Marix Tex Mex five stars to that yet - see it 'shrimp diablo' is my mother's talks-it-about favorite there, I like the 'chicken chimichanga' "chains of us made" or fried meat-base tortilla, 'sizzling fajitas' in your face as steaming beef and chicken both, or 'chicken fried chicken' with mashers and gravy texts) that rate with us: Suite #101, a swimwear-bikini shop for males and some female called "BBG" (um, for "Born To Be Gay" - shouldn't that be "B2BG"? "you was actually laid out like eggs...a horror of it with ammonia and string-like fumes"), told me they will knock-off any pair of underwear-swimwear you have for about thirty-five dollars ($35.00) your fabric - they have some for sale too loose on a rack with more glittery stuff. Do you like anything you currently have that much? I do - I have a great pair of red swimtrunks by Wilson from Ross dress-for-less no doubt. A resident seamstress will see you in the rear of the shop keep it special, please. Next door at Suite #102 is a shop called Leozen (say "lee-ott-zeen" in Mandarin Chinese for "lays about me [as in stills, as if posing to me]") from China and all that they bear (clothes, ornates, lanterns - I just bought some beautiful ones cheaply at nearby Gelson's - orange and black with decors). Both nice to visit in chic times the Great Earth vitamin store across the street has Dr. Bronner's soaps too got my almond oil this time today with twenty percent (20%) off the sticker price thanks. Ask again and all the drugs "for hangovers too" she says. Had dinner (a cup of chicken noodle soup and a shared panini sandwich - 'twas chicken and mozzarella) at the new Famima on their little patio tonight overlooking LaCienega - lubbed it all too. Now Neilsy's son Haley ("Omri Katz" as "Max" hi Ethan) is on tv in that "Hocus Pocus" movie for Halloween...Zzzzz. I like the ones with Debbie Reynolds too who's also in our little family - a big star still. "Halloweentown" - even great for seeing decor if anything. Remember that year 'round store you had on Sunset called "Halloween", Neilsy? You made a Virgin Megastore mall there? I do...it went right under.

My Favorite Daily Eat Pattern
10/10/05 1348
Like bars on my windows, I came to appreciate plastic-handle forks, knives and spoons for the look and feel of it (and note Sur La Table will sharpen up to three [3] knives at their place all through October - we got ours done professionally and yesterday at The Grove). Although the ones pictured are used and from at eBay, Koontz Hardware (yet a major studio in disguise), and among others, sells new ones flatware piece-by-piece and they are perfect for picnics and the alike (favorite color in new? bright yellow). Mine at home in black used are called "WF 'Mardi Gras' Korea" on the back and I just like they way they are handles never hot and bespeaking to fancier stuff we just sent that Wusthof razor knife (a gift with more yet to receive) back to Chef's Catalog on the weekend via UPS self-serve a return for a new Henckels and in-fact instead and for that money. More: Le Prix is another similar-type fork at Ginkgo. I love the idea of these in "milano red" right now I saw them yesterday at Koontz myself. Adds to yellow we have both hunter green and the older black right now at our home.

Saw This Talking-Singing Deermount In Aah's On Sunset Last Night For A Hundred Bucks Clearance
10/10/05 1202
This very-stately-anyway deer head called "Buck" sings along with tape inside to country wits and you may sing through also with a wireless micrphone included, but you can also shaft in your own tunes by the "AUX" jack on the upper right side facing of the wooden mount (the speaker is over the head-neck on the fake wood plate) and see what happens all rubber to be this (is regularly electric, has a heavy black-plastic transformer on the floor). The head moves beautifully singing along and this would make a great barroom joy to behold for fans and friends alike I'd have one myself if not for the costs involved you. Mind you, no hair is apparent but whiskers are real-like jaspers of fish line and the rest is combed in streaks and painted rubber moving around you dust it very easy. Order here from Gadgets And Gizmos they seem to have them in stock and note I love the real deal too from roadkill and such you honor that, not kills yourself. Looks like a million bucks in a lodge-type setting you'll recall my great uncle has great real ones in Upland, CA. He shot 'em himself wild cats bears and all. P.S. That's Neilsy singing in the picture to off-hand guest not really there he's in disguise again. His company with Madonna enterprises makes stuff happen I guess no relation to fact.

Queen "You're My Best Friend" You're My Best Friend from 1975's "A Night At The Opera" LP - I hadda have it Summer 1977. Also seek "I'm In Love With My Car" of recent ad tv - good stuff I missed to yet and of course "Bohemian Rhapsody" now you're just catching on....also "Sheer Heart Attack" and "Get Down, Make Love" a psycho-orgasmia from 1977's "News Of The World" (it struck us dead in and about January 1978 after Christmas while skating on the local pond) with its other requisite hits (such as "We Are The Champions", "We Will Rock You" a big favorite with me) included within. The monster on the outside of that LP (yes I had and loved it) is me - all jelly within touching and tearing at once you'd rather die. Hey, I just wanted to play too...

Would you believe that Queen is just entrepreneur David Cassidy and The Partridge Family too doing racier stuff? Me too. Freddie is on stage only with guest. From otherwise Laurie "Partridge Family could have made alot of money if we weren't us - movies, stage, cleaning others up for act. Nothing beats us." Settle yourself.

The Cult "Wildflower" Wild Flower the very own song from the "Electric" LP (1987) - also "Love Removal Machine". Adds "She Sells Sanctuary" from the "Love" LP (1985). Do it - I hadda have 'em all.  The Cult's lead singer Ian Astbury is none other than Smashing Pumpkins' Billy Corgan - they are one and the same I hear. Drummer erstwhile Jimmy Chamberlain plays along "We couldn't get paid with hats on, so we try anew - us so happy then." "We're paid now" Corgan adds. D'Arcy is supposed to be Courtney Love? OK!

What If You Needed To Know Lightbulbs?
10/09/05 1645
Here's a wattage key for those who should know (seeing as how I just did a half-ass repair on our rear porch light - amends, amends): A twenty-five and below (<25) watt lightbulb goes into a refrigerator only. A forty (40) watt bulb goes in an oven only. A sixty (60) watt bulb fits any studio lamp or bedroom lamp case (on the ceiling or desk). A seventy-five (75) watt bulb goes into a hallway lamp (off of ceiling or side of wall) or outdoors on a lawn shining low only. A one hundred (100) watt bulb goes into a streetlamp or anything to be seen from the home on the street itself as this far away. This is a lamp table in a window or what blocks view from at night (lamps in the window deliver this sight, not to view interiors instead of). Moreover, a three-way bulb stops onlookers from seeing no lighting changes at night. The one hundred twenty-five (125) watt setting, while excessive, is alerting to neighbors some if needed that way (if as watts 75-100-125 at bulb). "If seems extra bright, I'd like you to come over some." Colors? Green bulbs are for the dog - is calming. Red is for the police to come or watch if no else came yet. Blue is for the neighbor to know that you are home and perhaps wary of his visit again (a male uses this, a woman s/b pink, really). Yellow scares cats away. That's it. Black? Fluorescent uses only it - posters, glow in the dark paints it. Remember, watts measure lights and-or heat use only. One thousand (1000) watts is two (2) light bulbs burning at once, and at you for one (1) day no matter what. Just at turning it on for a few minutes. How so? The watts are measures, only and really - the light output is mute. Lumens would be best said and means nothing concerning wattage. Use as hair dryers use only.

The nightlight bulb is only four (4) watts and can be looked at directly or at under the sun with no problem. I use nightlights in my home everywhere at-foot I love them coming on automatically and at dusk. Limit to fifteen (15) or so of these per circuit or switch in the fusebox. I keep these and other bulbs ranging from here to fifteen (15) watts like mirrors and gadgets in-place to harbor stares and that is all. Up to about fifteen (15) watts is safe enough here and is often noted as most recommended by whimsy and manufacturer when necessary to be. More: A "floodlight" (um, "floodlamp" has coils inside) is used to shine light under water. As opposed to a "spotlight" or ("spotlamp" - again, with coils inside), the floodlight penetrates water and goes through at max and without being in it as so. Recommend one (1) lamp for at each corner of pool or yard for floodlights and-or spotlights. No lamp should be projected underwater without gauge or harbour for electricity. See a pole out to grassy knoll do, but people hate that.

Remember, a fuse (and switch) is the thinnest part of a circuit and its wire, and burns right up when the voltage drawn past to toaster-hairdryor is too high for it ripping it up to have the saving of else wires and all in the house. Use 'em well. Alternating voltages pumping it in dials wet>=======>=======>------fuse------>=======>=======>toaster, haircomb, eyemeltidid, other shocks it and to the grid. An electrical strip has one hundred twenty (120) volts max'd all the way across and each individual plug on has it the particular limit in there for double-crossing it over and checking it if again. Well worth it - if even on phones too. A short as wires crossed is faster pussycat, kill! kill! the haircomb or other has both of wires crossed but within and more volts or push in come to see but faster as no longer stepped down or muzzled in there. Sorry this is so ugly, but makes it point conclude.

Presenting The Very Seeds Of Chocolate Or The Cocoanut 10/09/05 1017
If you ever crack open the open-holed "cocoanut" or chocolate pod full of baby snakes, you find this - the very 'ninth configuration' (a very off-center) or proof that god lived at one time or another. The cocoanut or pod itself is round like a gourd and covered with brownish paper-powder, but this inside a 'brazil nut' or then the horrendous 'nigger toe' would be greenish and then roasted open to a brownish macabre. The roasting does not destroy this seed, however. The seed is whole and unused, mostly, until you roast and eat it elsewhere. A delicious treat not. Grow in a greenhouse fabulously for eight (8) years and see your chocolate come if as white inside this.

Mariah Carey "Dreamlover" Dreamlover from the "Music Box" LP (1993) or then back to bigger favorite "Say Somethin" Say Somethin' with Snoop Dogg from "The Emancipation Of Mimi" LP (2005). Also use from that "We Belong Together"....Sheryl Crow was signing plats at Tower Records yesterday - saw it at the last minute...hope all went well. She went to a reunion party afterward and just lubbed it she says. "I met Dick Van Dyke and we fucked in the pool."

Sheryl's new record the "Wildflower" LP (2005)  Wildflower  I previewed it, and, true to form, it sounds pretty enough....I suggest "Perfect Lie" (very pretty...I listened in the store today 10/10/05) then "Lifetimes" (on 10/10/05: just downloaded that last one myself from iTunes...hadda have it...and we want to welcome her studio records if cannot pay just yet). Underneath, someone asks what is a "junket"? As in "press junket", a junket is when two (2) people meet and one is 'better than the other' in terms of sale and deed. One decides what to say and to whom - the lesser does this - and the other decides what is answered. The junket is being married to someone lesser for the purposes of communicating to lessers. A junket is being toured with no many names and having no many names to see. Keeps it moving for one (1) or two (2) days. Keeps all out of sight and out of trouble. Sheryl was on one yesterday and today - "had fun" she'd say this time "or I'd cut my hair off again." Neilsy says "A 'junket' is just that - a junky time with junky people." For savor.

Come to find out, Sheryl is just our long-time friend Christine of Heather Hinckel fame (hi Christine!) Christine is the prettiest lesbian we ever met, we swear it - but I can never remember her last name? Once, we gave them those two Cocteau Twins' "Four-Calendar Cafe" (1993) as a gift - they were almost offended.

Related: Eric Carmen "All By Myself" All by Myself and Harry Nilsson "Without You" Without You as covered by Mariah...and the rubber doll.

As To Be Coupled With Your New Gevalia Coffee Maker 10/08/05 1742
When in-between coffee orders with your new Gevalia coffee "kaffe" maker (they only send two [2] boxes initially - about forty-eight [48] cups altogether as per their measure) may we suggest Yuban? Extra-dark and also very rich a Columbian brew (no chocolate is seen within), this coffee brand makes me very happy and fills in nicely in-between times with the coffee club trying stuff out. Also, we suggest one (1) scoop of Yuban or else per two (2) cups of the liquid-measure to cup. That is normal for us (the recipe calls for a 1:1 ratio - a bit much we say...save a wedding from this). Just hadda get a new Black & Decker toaster oven too - about forty-five dollars ($45.00) at Target - looks like a morgue with rounded metal sheets everywhere though I think we lost under-the-cabinet mounting with this unit too. Oh, at first the old toaster took two (2) times to work at all, then the top heating element died, then the glass door wouldn't stay open...etc. Our fifth or so unit now - we wouldn't bother taking it back to the store yet although made in Honduras what is just Hawaii itself working its youth - the island of Hawaii is Honduras period. The toaster is now on timer with no door-is-open release how odd of me (we have brand loyalty problems, it seems).    

A Brand-New Smokey Joe By Weber 10/08/05 1410
Went and got us what seems like our our third "Smokey Joe" grill by the folks at Weber from Koontz Hardware at thirty-four ninety-nine ($34.99). I love this little grill what takes charcoals for keeping the backyard barbeque afoot even in tough times. Got me a hot-pink swiss army knife too but "classic" style again - they made me throw mine away at the security gate when I left for New Jersey. Fifteen ninety-nine ($15.99) and many an assorted color to be there. The have 'em all in a big drawer and for immediate sale perhaps a great gift.

From our home to yours - a nipped-up French song no words: Fb featuring Edun "Who's Knocking (Ferry Corsten Remix)" MP3 (7.5 Megs)

Depeche Mode "Pleasure Little Treasure" Pleasure, Little Treasure from the "Music For The Masses" LP (1987), also do "Behind The Wheel" and "Never Let Me Down Again", others dM.

Vanessa Williams "Save The Best For Last" Save the Best for Last my favorite from "The Comfort Zone" LP (1991) - get "Love Is" from the "90210" soundtrack too says Jason Priestley.

No, Melissa Etheridge is just Chastity Bono, thank you.

Is This The Way You Want To Die? 10/07/05 1115
While leaving New Jersey this past week, I noticed a "Hooters" airliner out on the tarmac just minutes from my own plane (they had the good sense to get me to see it and to believe it with). My favorite jest for the as-so named restaurant is 'please get your tit out of my food' but that doesn't hold up in good nature and seeming good fun. The restaurant is now serving diners on Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood and I have yet to sample, but thought you'd like the heads up, if so to speak.  

Lords Of Acid "I Sit On Acid" I Sit on Acid originally from "Lust" (1991) and from their  "Greatest T*ts" LP (2003) and of course use "Rubber Doll", "Am I Sexy" all Madonna I must increase my bust.

Deee-Lite "Runaway" Runawayfrom "Infinity Within" (1992) and then "ESP" E.S.P. from their greatest hits. "What Is Love?"...these are sung by actress Fairuza Balk, yes.

The Limerick Explained 10/05/05 1235
The 'limerick' has to be the most feared of comedy forms - almost as clearly dead when said as when heard the first time. I think of a limerick as being lightly amusing only, and causing no laughter or thus further senses no ridicule for others or the need to be providing as unusually witty or worth the visit. That's hate, sure. The limerick has two (2) lines in it and says nothing to you to get your involvement to cease within speaking, and is not the idiot questioning a dumb as stated before. The idiot asks questions, the limerick asks you to question yourself again sending you backwards into a box of hate struggles. Here is mine: "When the dove cries, it falls too." Or then "Speak and be heard, or 'til thee be heard." One another "Make mine useful, or die trying to use yours useful." This ends me here...I was thinking of Irish people who are notoriously antiseptic and hateful to wit with quips and short comings seen. We'll be back though. More too dumb on 10/14/05: On the street in Hollywood yesterday "You gotta crack eggs to make chickens." Turn it around: In the shower yesterday I rused that "parts of body - like hair on your head - can replicate or replace theirselves as long as they are there and not destroyed altogether somehow." Even the skin a liver you can't pull the eye completely out no matter what - so to take care of yours too. Another for 10/16/05 - "Lazy in the day makes my hay." As *at least* not blocking the sun in, I guess.

i think often about someone who just stands in the closet waiting to have sex
I just need an ass and legs...hairy legs
you can keep-sort the rest
why pay to more?

Will To Power "Baby I Love Your Way/Freebird" Baby, I Love Your Way/Freebird from the very "Will To Power" reissue LP (1988). You know, personally I can't stand the song "Freebird", but that's not really true (this and that song about the woman dying during childbirth - another modern-day "Sylvia's Mother" the video has a bowl of blood water flipping...jerk-offs). This song brings it back to form for me. Someone said I made this junk "Freebird" myself that's what you hear. No, I'm reborn now that's someone else. See what I hafta deal with - someone's fantasies about me? Olivia Newton-John sings here posed as Barbra Streisand's older sister earlier on.

Fuck You I Heard That Just Now And Only Reverse The Tape To From It Begin 10/04/05 1701
No, we don't do anything here to poison your life - you are just a dry fuck about things. Be adult (indignant at once when questioned within out of stated bounds; one, if addressed, brings you to another), be thankful of nothing you had but now seek and retrieve. You should lick my butt for unerring quality measured in concerned tones none of this is real goods or services just pass it on for such and simply as said. Finally, go fuck yourself. No one really cares, but some will move to do to you. Thank them with me 'a go-to-hell world' as long as you're paying me to (by being over-involved with neglects and no care to see help need of its own helpings...spoon it in deep this time, mine will be made sense as for but mine what to be said not felt for). "The helping hand is the hurting hand." That means appropriated with cares in-mind (butt, of course) now taking stuff away in angers like the dead do it to indians what seen - receives little this way a net of too. Help yourself drink in aplenty a pool you paid in it well.

Ever see that 'hellhole' stuff with weird screams a mist coming out of a grassy knoll? Apparently, people made them - a deep, deep hole with shelves, secret clawbings inside - to hide bodies of those while but other woulb be seeking it justice but after the planned fact. On an as per you needed to know basis you go down and look around it a hall of mirrors type-thing you are at once squat, oupple fat. You toss a dog down in there too I guess to make some sound. To discomfit our need, I hear back of two (2) entrances for other-but-guest and then to no call. Or you may show around your forced version with pre-plan estimates and reversals. Measure your own hate down line, maybe just a bit piece of irony (the least expected out comes with laughter) on the roof no stink lever high enough but sunning it flames. The mist? A hot breath of struggles amids rinds, pormel may rise to and sink.        

Download iTunes
"starts with a grave..."
legitimacy can be real - paying for leads to further enjoyment, truest havings
some people insist upon it if indeed before having
and while others may have too
we provide for this to know one's self better...

Bruce Springsteen "Out In The Street" Out in the Street from "The River" of LP fame (1980)...my dad bought me this for Christmas one year. Saw the concert with some girl - she just loved it Lynda Holmak.

Garbage "Vow" Vowfrom their self-styled LP (1995) of making and as havings - a BIG ONE, Dear, adds "Stupid Girl"!

The full shattage adouval continues me...what made me buy with no thoughts of you ever:

Soundgarden "The Day I Tried To Live" The Day I Tried to Live with its guitar leurings from umnar sense - "Superunknown" LP  (1994)

Andy Gibb "(Love Is) Thicker Than Water" (Love Is) Thicker Than Water c'mon this is brilliant the 'heaven angel devilses daughter' and all...see for yourself I play it often Victoria had an IUD and after all not very nice. I wasn't embarrassed for him at all he was a huge star bigger than his brothers at their height of kingdom now see that. Just like when Elton John ran and hugged Bernie Taupin on tv - okay, you're big enough to do that. A cubic zirconia from you means something to me no matter what. I've been the Bernie lots of times to severe talent ravaging me no not really I'm Elton only. Bernies are a big deal still fuck 'em those posh lavings and in front of me too. Now to flush.

Alice Cooper "(We're All) Clones" Clones (We're All) we here were just talking about "Aucoin Management" (if "au" is gold, then see a "gold coin") is being of rock group Kiss, Billy Idol - "and who else?" Alice Cooper too. Alice was big with older kids we had Kiss, but I got into "Flush The Fashion" and most notably this song a great one still eat it. Alice Cooper is great on the covers and shit, but little kids are scared of this stuff so hostile to us. One older boy reported to me a "gross me out" contest with people drinking glasses of spit and eating a shit they laid on stage. Should die after round up there all here...in the Stevie Nicks-Rod Stewart file thanks Kiss although the whole army thing a bit lain too. An army for what? You had to be rich and cool to be with Kiss...enough after Alice once now shatner'd playing it golf. See the album arts here painted return one day - photos too yuck no two (2) truths to me ever or once. Keep it real.

Note: Alice Cooper is and was Paul "We've Only Just Begun" Williams on tape - hear it for yourself. I had a vision yesterday and "Clones" is about a visit to a doctor's office a checklist from. The actor who plays Alice is Henry Thomas' father Jake Thomas...Jay Thomas is his brother. Someone there suggests "I'm Eighteen", I suggest "School's Out".

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers "Mary Jane's Last Dance" Mary Jane's Last Dance did you get this one yet? I hadda have it...defer to "Don't Come Around Here No More" a swirling taipan of halcymodias having a place to go before setting out counts again. So mean if all of that knowing to me at once and no one was waiting to see...it wouldn't stop coming. Simply precious its sitar a known value to yet. Adds to yet "You Got Lucky" from the "Long After Dark" LP (1982).

Take You Home Country Road You Got A Rocky Mountain High Going On - If Septembre 2005 Nears You Nelly A Mountain Momma
Inserts sacred mountain-type texts while you wait on it all here and said.