Finally, Skip This The Underwear Fits - Now See That For December 2005

Yes, against warning of the sales clerk on the phone I got the batwing underwear (really a gray) in medium and can barely pull it over my ass (will save for a more sundry time as leanor in the spit - plus all underwear grows big in time). The fabric stretches after washing and will be fine - I was warned but resisted as the same size as my earlier Calvin purchase. Worse come to worse yet, a Christmas present for in another ziploc they send perhaps with news of my own shop you while I order another pair up. No, I don't return shit a little more than twenty-five bucks ($25.00) all-told. P.S. Levi's are great these days with low-slung ass lines at the belt and bag bottoms - now that's a sale see Macy's yet. Sure, I watched bits and pieces of the parade but should have devoted more. We talked of garbage bags from all year long a present to being spray-painted in China, 'Rita Coolidge' and all, sure.

Alan Hale Jr. To Queen Anne Cordials 11/29/05 1528
You know, sometimes the day too long, the wind too short - and but at-hand Queen Anne cherries in cordials (um, extending a hand of welcome to see, even if not seen to be true by you - "courtly"? sees no bother with you being with, or then "candace" is brief and exchanging with to leave as soon as possible). With Queen Anne, you get one (1) dozen (12) chocolate-covered cherries per carton (I like dark chocolate versus milk chocolate) for about one fifty ($1.50) the box and most famously at Sav On still. I walk to get them often enough. Sometimes a little something soothing to the calm is all you may need to the day handed you.

Jermaine Jackson & Devo "Let Me Tickle Your Fancy" Let Me Tickle Your Fancy the title song from his LP of the same name (1982). I have it here on cassette tape, but now see on his greatest hits comp as seen. "Don't let the honey drip too far from the tree that made this yours" in Swahil is it..."doco homot ol e ol et chechpt ciner cinert"...blah-d blah at bridge.

Denis & Denyse LePage "Babe We're Gonna Love Tonight" Babe We're Gonna Love Tonight - this is Lime of Montreal actually these two, but doing another version out. I love their French Quebec name - LePage. You may remember the original mix of this song is featured in Mariah Carey's little film "Glitter". I had Lime's greatest hits on vinyl as snapped right up after hearing in the clubs - also le deux "Angel Eyes"..." ooh ah energize | break on through to the other side "...ABBA is this? Diana Ross and Berry Gordy doing embarrassing stuff for them the one voice 'little me' trying to get some for the under self. It's your day, Little Me.

sure, there's a new apple store going in at beverly center where the gap was (and now? we need that you know) but see less
never you can't just put one in sherman oaks galleria - the most famous mall ever for (san fernando) valley girls and the such
this at the intersect of the 405 northbound (what it paid for gradually) and the 101 ventura-hollywood north south
this place needs to babysit nearby kids with no difficulties and keep kitsch and babysame (little buys) around for them - no dildos
the affluent of apple must then bargain hard to be here; this mall is like oxford valley mall on route #1 in langhorne, pa of sesame place fame - carefully preserved for a no-one with cheapest rents ever
paramount owns this; keep it healthy, happy with drives soon - you'll love it too
other gallerias noted by me and by name? glendale, ca - philadelphia, pa (support history) - houston, tx...all very nice, darling and they connote something to some
there are-were six (6) in-total here add somewhat but no back off yet - tampa, fl - des moines, ia...i haven't been to these extra two (2) links but just guesses of mine yet
someone said new york? no - new york city has no malls and no supermarkets anywhere...nothing from the street level only, mall of train stations only - not the same no

Five Star "Let Me Be The One" Let Me Be The One so good to me from "Five Star: Greatest Hits" LP (1989) lead singer worked at Ralph's too Allentown alumnus - ignore that Densie DiNovi. Me: "People will buy the shit outta that [alternately predicting four hundred thousand 400,000 copies today]." Then hears from Neil "You don't make money like that." Quips with her as the english Angela: "Not enough to be bothered with you."

Last Night's Dream I Awoke 11/28/05 0751
In last night's premise, someone made me look through a box of broken sugarglass (like a glass, but grainy and powders easily snapping in two) and other shit for meth crystals. Hey, I tried - this one green-glass horse - pretty thick, four (4) inches high - from a chess game I seriously considered for its worth. It's either that within these dreams or sucking up lines of crushed kitty litter a belly full of glass powders makes me wonder it all down, out, off.

Leftover turkey plus! We made a big ol' turkey pot pie last night in a footlong clear-glass Pyrex pan that was so good. Sure - two (2) cans of Campbell's cream of mushroom soup, another one (1) can of their cream of celery soup, frozen peas and perhaps carrots or fresh, mushrooms, onion, etc. This the token: On-top, Pepperidge Farm turnover crusts as puff pastry sheets from the freezer section just lain there so puffy and flaky the design and yes all was so good. "Bake until the puff pastry is all golden brown" he said? We also made turkey rice soup with white rice, celery, whole stewed tomatoes, carrots, onion all cut up. Nice with you soon.

No One Wants Me Still 11/27/05 1821
When I'm bored, I spend my time applying for checking accounts online. Today it was Washington Mutual and Wells Fargo both conveniently declining my offer by machine. Bank Of America wrote me recently and said they'd take two hundred ($200) or so off my 'outstanding' owing of five hundred ($500) plus (I wrote 'em a bilbo 'do it anyway' or two earlier, they refused my mother's check to satisfy at branch local - fuck you - queers [won't ask for they want as so scared and may get it, hates women by wearing their clothes], blacks [wakes up wundrin' about you], Jews [their mother suffered for beauty's sake, now you too], women [sees no bother with you dying] you name it havin' their say again and by my name), but I say 'no' still since they deny I had even one cent deposited by any else since this website began and you had my account numbers and forward. They all lie this way. Keep the change, Bitches - we'll see ya later and later yet. I know I'm no one special in this a woman's world when no matter what comes my way, she and her queer hens see it first to know for me. See ya soon in the coup d'villa - I'll be laying my eggs across the board still. Nobody cares this stuff is hilariously stupid, but I get so mad seeing these people around and still yet. Nobody's innocent to me.

Please, Bitch - we don't need you, but next time I'm gonna open lots of checking accounts everywhere you see just in-case one frumps it up.

A paper degree is a bachelor's graduate not bachelor's degree or then bachelorette - women never get this, either. A man is a bachelor for a job. They women get graduate of arts only - not a bachelor check this unless under this under it. "It's gonna be worthless with you in it." You are going to get your ass kicked at home every night by your 'man' who won't work or with or for you even though he killed your ass over coals on written tests officially disqualifying your thought fully. As it is now, the least likely to be there by invite or without calling first supports the family. Isn't that enough to kill yourself and your operations first? Think locally, act globally and as per usual someone else is handling you sure it looks good to me.

Do you disagree with me still? Why would you? For what sense of it? Any nigger has a checking account and refuses you service if you speak of them harshly. See it here anyway a woman's tool as she throws it all away for you.

Where's all of my money, Bitch? In you? Maybe today US Bank - bankruptcy and other filthings of me taught me to ask everyone anew. Citibank? Just like them, I love playing office.

late in elementary school we had what was called 'ipa' or 'introduction to practical arts'
we walked up to the high school building and learned 'home economics' or cooking, sewing, and metal shop
we baked cookies and cakes carefully from scratch and with reason in the huge kitchens room that also sported laundry facility with multiple walk-on kitchens and seating tables for posh serving
multiple in-line kitchens? yes - stoves, ovens, sinks, counter space about nine (9) of them?
what i loved was flour and sugar - thinking sugar mostly - kept in big rubber garbage cans with lids on - i love this type opulence everywhere i see it
we sewed up ('faberge' or cloth lean) octopuses in a room full of fold-up tabletop sewing machines; these octopuses like you see being sold in tower records now with the one eye and tooth
- hence the stitch learned off

and i learned how metals are bent and formed on huge lathes (bends) rolls (curves) and presses (seams) - i can't remember what i made though
i learned alot i still use today...not well though

Sisters Of Mercy "Temple Of Love (1992)" Temple of Love (1992) with Ofra Haza - have this from their "A Slight Case Of Overbombing - Greatest Hits, Vol. 1" LP 1993. Also "Dominion / Mother Russia" is awesome with others like "This Corrosion" a Jim Steinman (Meatloaf-type) song and with "Vision Thing" and with adds big one "More". These people are huge ghostly sounds, Boy.

"Never bring me tomorrow's news for today." - dM
Yeah, save it for to be then, or I'll just wait to hear it and for myself.
A loser alerts me to a wait, then fines yourself in a sterile white box lit of it seventy-five feet (75') down with others lurking about you samed.
We don't want you waiting. We don't want you to wait with us. Split out.

Human League "Together In Electric Dreams" Together In Electric Dreams from their newly made "The Very Best Of The Human League" LP (2005). Just heard this by video version in Tower Video and is very uplifting to me - you know, they close a teen-type movie with it never knowing where it leads. Others see Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis' "Human" with Janet/Cherrelle quality hooks, "Mirror Man" and "(Keep Feeling) Fascination".

The B-52's "Girl From Impanema Goes To Greenland" Girl from Ipanema Goes to Greenland from 1987's "Bouncing Off The Satellites" LP. I was in my father's spare bedroom on Stuyvesant when I flipped the record over to the back cover and found out guitarist Ricky Wilson died - so creepy these bitches. So what - we brought him back he's real cute too. He touched me on the back in the bathhouse recently and I nearly died of friendly foe. Trust that to me. He was with some ugly bitch that kept fighting me through a wall...I wanted to meet him better only. Another song you? Both "Legal Tender" and "She Breaks For Rainbows" with "Summer Of Love"...queers eat the rest "Juicy Jungle" and all.

Reverse No Tandems You Know Why Is It A Wuss? 11/26/05 1743
Was trimming branches outside with my favorite Fiskars black-handle scissors-fingerclips and my green Playtex rubber gloves on and got some of the above dripping liquisfore in my left eye like Jesus lost one, like I been burnt but real bad (yes, Vaginia - I made all the wind you see just last night since going to bed on an empty stomach I drove heat from space into the world all at belt level - now see it again...and weighing it all out, what I want costs less to do and have do). My eye has all the white part (the 'demmas' or 'demonstrated mucous' "sclera" - say "sah-lera" you first pull down your daily wear contact lense over this to remove or perhaps then once again implant or they say) raised up like a creepy contact lense with nothing over the blue-black dot but with ringly white halo. All of simp made to me rushes in to take credit for the foreboding of injury. See ya in the later parts perhaps anew or scabbed, ulcerous. The tree type? My favorite ghost the greek 'fig' (I ain't never seen no fruit, though), an eternal indoor per fright. I asked the inhabitant tree faeries about clipping their branches too soon or too close and why me? Only because you need everything perfect, Dear, and risk details. We wear glasses 'til then so shall see. Recommends? Cold water, ice, and at a doctor if persists two (2) days or more and for antihistamines. See ya then the liver does this liverfats creepy as if to say 'get out, get off it more.' Finally, wear goggles.

What is "reverse tandem" then? To ask people 'what happened [to me]?' although it is all there and you know why. A sociological problem known with males seeking comforts from mothering types and always solving others' crimes it is laziness too both. Too tired perhaps is it and not here you don't. Next you'll be crying-blubbering on the floor as allowed to be then (you see no one oppressive out of the corner of your eye), ripping your clothes down, and pulling your bellyknots out with hooks and maidenform. More 11/27/05: Reverse tandems is also much like 'tandem parking' or one car parked behind the other in the driveway and no move out for the first car. You switch the cars or what came first in your mind and try then to figure out what happened when you have that information up front already or 'LIFO' - last in, first out the outcome. Asking people to help you know reverses this kindly to you but why. If you're like me perhaps, your life is full of idiots and I help take bargains with problem people (um, you wouldn't stay if you could leave soundly) whenever I can to avoid being what they are - non-attentive and disinterested in your part always. I show interest in the lightest fare offered a deepened "oh, really?" to virtual nonsense to avoid being the type of person who comes to take but doesn't extend or then is strident overly ungiving in an atmosphere of gain straight to. I live in a hell with people too, and just do what I can to give my attention of but with nothing that resolves me. I have to maintain me another bargain it seems and my good nature in this too, so don't be so hard on yourself with words deeds. You feed 'em what they eat - is it whining to them that satisfies a surly dominant factor? Yes then to me.

No, 'up one hole and down another' is about relationships and not to seek guide in them. Someone claims you for a self then and keeps you low, then you're wiggling out and about, then once again sighted and down in it but unseen. Why labors it?

Break it off right here.

The difference exercising makes? A hole awaits its perfect fit, but a round ball too small sits in there keeping the right out. Alcohol within plus heat equals eject. A drink, perhaps a smoke, and a small walk says it to leave fat and else may spring in and forth so it locks you out and first. Carrots, else, helps it - see blacks again to stay.

"O Lord, let me be the difference between neat and clean." - dM

Got Me A 'Chocolatey' Advent Calendar At Trader Joe's 11/26/05 1001
Sure, got me one of them advent calendars from TJ's on-sight but a day later - and for about ninety-nine cents ($0.99) only at the each so nice to me. Each day-window-door numbered one (1) through twenty-four (24) reveals chocolate inside. I peeked inside window-day one (1) and it the chocolatey treat is round and the size of a quarter as nested in clear plastic backing no press. Perhaps each day then a little round of holiday-made snuff for the ol' wazoo. An "achoo!", burns, then runs to the toilet - now you know it's a goodly good with advancing peristalsis (um, the rhythmic muscly contractions that force foodstuffs through the alimentary or then digestive canal). Get yours now before the day. Originally noting twenty-four (24) days but in-total, I thought to myself humbly "oh, you start opening the windows on the sixth of December [or then St. Nicholas Day]". No, no. Never know. Ours awaits us is on the wall above the computer, right near the door entry to kitchen and at height. Each child present also has each to honor me a blemish sought - a hard black number stamped right on their face to cheek - a pleasure to yet seen. Note it the calendar is also nearly 3-D I've seen it meself while singing as Elton John (I defer to it, yet honor the master of thought by wearing glasses when performing well enough to tape yet another 'here and there' left eye croning out then). 

Oscar Wilde Corrects Me 11/25/05 1642
From the Fab! of December 2, we correct Oscar Wilde online as here then mine abridged:

"There are only two kinds of people who are really fascinating: people who know everything, and people who know absolutely nothing." No.
"There are always two types of people who fascinate me: those who know me, and those who wish they did."

"There are only two types of people that fascinate me - the ones who keep refusing to die for me but never do any else [as being born and as dying then too - two types of 'round and 'round]."

"Whenever people agree with me I always feel I must be wrong." No.
"Whenever people agree with me, I always feel they are wrong somehow with me."

"Whenever people agree with me, I know someone is being wronged."

"One should absorb the colour of life, but one should never remember its details. Details are always vulgar." No.
"One should never colour their life such with it details. Details ignore my vulgar laugh and steady rooms around me. No one sees details - I do."

"One should never have to think too much in life. Having to think about it all is not living, it is leaving."

"When the gods wish to punish us, they answer our prayers." No.
"When the gods rise and to wish punish us they answered our prayers."

"When God is to be punished by us, He answers our prayers."

"Only dull people are brilliant at breakfast." No.
"May a dullard visit me at breakfast so I may know his ruse at answer [and] prayer."

"Even a dull person is more brilliant at breakfast. Each save for a fresh mind."

"Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else's opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation." No.
"Most people eat their lives as opinions of others. Their thoughts are of others, their needs are of mine made. Theirs is having to mine made them having. Quote them then - they are you are made me."

"Everyone has the right to mature. We take things off the table served and place them back once carefully ourselves."

"One's real life is often the life that one does not lead." No.
"One of a realened life is made to live real with others as real. My real life is made to be real only if you are real to it. Be real then so you'd be fact."

"One's real life is the one past run from."

"It is absurd to divide people into good and bad. People are either charming or tedious." No.
"It is absurd we think of being charming to that tedious one made us know. Tedium is made a bargain at such rates they'd know you more then. Be charming or tedious to me I'll see you for fact gold as is."

"Good and bad are both that to be."

"Experience is the name we give our mistakes." No.
"Experience me through my mistakes you are one of this having me."

"Experience asks no questions, if provides it a name."

"The truth is rarely pure and never simple." No.
"The truth is, I'd rarely pour and it's very simple. No one has me that close yet."

"The truth is what we all see. To trust is to see for yourself."

To faggots everywhere who tandem my rhymes backwards to me.

Just loved this mylar blimp advertised at Bed Bath & Beyond
You get it filled up at a local balloon or flower shop...apparently has weights on it to keep it low, scary moving.
May a living will if at night.
Note: Party America sells disposable helium tanks (and in white about the size of outdoor gas grill tanks) for about thirty-five dollars ($35.00) - check on this bargain in-person if to see better.

i hadda check the ears line, nostrils and just to be sure - mine are like that, yes, a finger on it never in
is this jfk too? yes, no?

To otherwise note: Frontiers Magazine of November 22 had a picture on Page 13 (contents) of me as actor-swimmer Tab Hunter dancing with Natalie Wood in 1956 at the Wisconsin Country Club in Hollywood and thus is labled "101" as just learning. I left that body on a beach in 1962 to become else one day. His quote is to her nab "You live as I live - but not like that [do I live] though."

Smashing Pumpkins "Rhinocerous" Rhinocerous from the "Gish" LP (1989). Explore this record's textures over all including song "Crush" that pop and fizz of process guitar and I admire. I liked it a little. Then them at large.

HAPPY BLACK FRIDAY! and hello to sister father brothers others shoulda called yesterday but no.
Just for today it seems a wanton comsumption: Madonna's "Hung Up" Promo Video (MPG, 55.1 Megs) if it's over - the link goes to LimeWire now
Don't kid around take it today - we mean it.

Note: If you want your boombox to flash, just solder a colored LED (light emitting diode - many colors) as from Radio Shack to the two wires in back of the speaker itself without disrupting the current or circuit otherwise. Polarity matters - switch the sides of the diode if fails to work. A little drilling, and electricity will never matter is fun too. Any speaker will do - put on a hard wire in front of the speaker cone only, volume adjusts for all for all sound and volume back out.

as promised - add no more than six (6) hours a tampon
mix no piss with fluids inside you
see nothing enter the upper-entry uterus - ever
tampons in the bottom are ruined by penises - shake both out fast
piss? from the word 'pistol' shoots straight i don't like pee-pee or clinic-types to talk

color all as reindeer for the holidays and honor the intelligence of my design
the olive oil says 'is it important enough to you?' plus 'what's that smell?'
feeding half a large 'yellow delicious' or pink apple to a goat to enlarge your dick - sure

Madonna "Jump" Jump a brilliant headgam (makes you feel like you're a part of it all...) from her new "Confessions On A Dance Floor" LP (2005) - great stuff!

Happy Thanksgiving I'm Gonna Write Under Madonna That's Such A Good Link Up 11/24/05 0745
Chris Lowe of Pet Shop Boys told me he made that song up - good stuff like you're someone about it. Got up and got our bird stuffed proper and bagged in the oven and we're ready to go about noon or so maybe less then actual ETA (estimated time of arrival) 11:30 (12:15) the Reynolds oven bag said less time but I don't truss it we'll see no pop up thermometers this year neither - made too fast to go fast. More later some creepy movie on tv last night with a living girl doll with long brown hair and of spanish descent standing around touching the furniture like back from the grave...hafta see that one later somehow. It's seemingly called "Dolly Dearest" (1992) and was actually refilmed in parts just weeks ago. I turned it off when that woman goes 'who's there?' but wouldn't go see (the creep girl doll is seen in reverse in a mirror). I don't need another weak, or dependent bullshit in my life right now. Back to sleep. Waking and sleeping is me these days. I'd rather die than endure these mine.

If You're Making Sweet Potatoes-Yams From Scratch Tomorrow Know You Can't Bake Them Well 11/23/05 0711
A sweet potato is made by blacks - they take plantains and soak them in carrot water what absorbs as root and makes them orange inside. The plantain is horrid as a twisting, pointed potato because it isn't grown in the ground - it is grown in water and greasy sheds of within and below. You boil these as a potato and add sugars on top after and mashing too. Ours in the can are boiled - thats all - then candied. I must have them at my dinner each a traditional fare with no extras it seems (except a tube of [Sausage Recipes and Product information from] Jimmy Dean sausage ground up and uncooked in my Pepperidge Farm no-cube stuffing mix our bird frozen just over fourteen (14) pounds (14.21 lbs) for two (2) people, then leftovers. The bird is a frozen Butterball from Pavilions we got for nine ($9.00) bucks after spending twenty-five ($25.00) there (we had to put the fresh one - a Zacky Farms turkey - right back because an idiot lives here with me). Anyway, I need turkey sandwiches on rye bread with mayo - not a fifteen (15) minute dinner of no certain talk. We had a spiral-cut ham already this past weekend from same and I'm saving the bone in the freezer section here for pea soup coming up later. I'm making pumpkin pies with already crusts (superb at taste while homemade-type caring present "your heat or mine?") from the freezer and a nutroll (see our December 2003 presentation) today I think but I'm not allowed to party "until after dinner" yeah we'll see about that a homosexual's only wish.

More on 11/23/05 2146: The pumpkin pies (2) and nutroll are both perfect to me. They turned out great, thanks. The score? Faggots, low-lifes preserving unwanteds against thee: 10,  Me: 0, but pills, pipe. You'll pay in heresies (taking and not having really).

What I need to have at my dinner:

Crescent Rolls, with real butter
Corn, canned or the frozen only - no cobs
Mashed Potatoes, with gravy
Yams, with marshmallows melted on-top and burned a bit (I toast 'em regular size on the grill outside every time using bamboo skewers a little treat)
Turkey, with gravy on-top
Stuffing, with sausage and celery in there
Cranberry Sauce
Pumpkin Pie, with reddi-wip or then cool-whip

Add no extras - nothing by you, you eat the drumsticks.
More on 11/25/05 0747: Everything was lovely, thanks, though I burned the top of the crescent rolls in the toastor oven and forgot the cranberry sauce in the fridge no partying to yet fucks. Had my turkey sandwich later on too while avoiding all manner of extra and plague though made. A beautiful day we had and we even had a lit jesus candle "sagrado corazon" ('say your prayers nightly' in Spanish) on the table for solemn too add a priestly glass of sauvignon blanc to with - the jesus looks like me too how. My mother called from Florida is having a great time there at the home-dwelling marinas and all. That life is really nice - I'll get there one day too. You'll pay me one day to shut up.

Tom Jones "With These Hands" With These Hands - I got this tune from the "Edward Scissorhands" soundtrack a big success there, but this to see from his "Reloaded - Greatest Hits" comp LP (2003).

Shakira "Don't Bother" Don't Bother - heard this on that holiday cartoon "South Park Thanksgiving" after they the kids sung my name - thanks! Still waiting to do my voiceovers for them.

Factoid of 11/22/05: The biggest hail I've ever seen in life? At UCLA one day mid in the early nineties - as big as mothballs maybe slightly bigger, never golf balls - and everywhere. Fact. Ever a tornado? One day in New Jersey when I was young and during the summer - it was at Mercer Airport in West Trenton, apparently. All we got was sonic stillness and the yellowest air I've ever seen. No much else, but death stillness then wind and summerstorm I guess, but all was silent and dead like driving through Kansas in July it was just like that living up to it and all. I'd still hand you one - be sure of that. Rainbows? Two (2) solid ones for sure - one when I was little in Allentown in the fields across from our house toward the shore and after heavy rain, and then one in Glendale here rock-solid when I worked at Warner Bros in 2001. Came right down in a parking garage - no shit greens and all. About fourteen (14) of those in the world every ten (10) years is all I give. How many tornadoes in that period? Nine hundred (900) or so every ten (10) years all in the south usually or else you. Hurricanes (multiple tornadoes hidden but softened too as no air)? About forty (40) a year to stop tornadoes from hitting west by your acts. I stage eight hundred (800) thunderstorms (lightning with wind) a year including earthquakes and rivalries or storms heading west that collapse on colonies elsewhere. So see.

Enya (I'm a steady fan of) has her new album out on October 18th already and each a Tuesday. It's called "Amarantine" Amarantine (album version) and I really like the title cut so far - play for it now. What is an "amarantine"? A death star that hangs in the sky seeking love with its heat over but no light. Honors Poland what makes them come somehow ("we pray for it [and for ours alone]." A gift to me. Per Enya in the head, "an 'amarantine' is a person who takes care of you whether you like or not." Right now, I'm sensitive about that - with all of excess touching me for it too. "No, a god..." she says. Sure, sure. See someone's little house is in her red cloak.

Watch the Noma "Ornamotion" commercial from Heaven they like us too. I got the name for it off the green light set in the window display at Lemon Tree while walking over to a bank this morning - lucky for us now knowing more of yours. Just popped around and in for it again and saw that (I memorized the name to me as "Animotion" a group you should still seek for their song "Obsession" - click below). Go back to the page I gave you at Sear's, however, they have them the green motors now (well, they did - wait 'til later) and at comparable rate-look (see below).


God And Poverty Go Hand-In-Hand Around The World 11/21/05 0705
No, think of them holding hands on the left but of the globe within and then the others meeting too on upward right. If "poor are at the door" and poverty is broken clay pots lying around otherwise noting "pottery" nothing to eat, what is "underprivileged" and "underclassed"? Underprivileged needs to be reached out to for driving our standards of living down. Has done well with us with and nothing or less afoot, and strives to keep it that way at that class or renounce (saying of staying) of being. Should be unacceptable to us and us rendered free of it. Blacks are underprivilege alone. We help to them and do better together - so see. Underclass has no peer (others like them around) and asks others not to be with them. Thinks they are dirty and unwelcome so stays in. I am neither don't even ask. Sanvenduskies or French women are this when old staying in and never bothering anyone then for their lack of attrition or not leaving open to others their goods and services still taken. They stay out of the way. Reach for them not, yet see back with underprivilege, or live their life with them one day. Get 'em a computer. Thus, underprivilege taxes us twice with doubt about us. See then underclass asks to be alone and with us too. Wife says when. Husband says will or will not.

Someone says to me "you're the 'rubber right' - doesn't have to ask for anything." Not as long as I can get it that way. Not as long as you can drop little hints - both coming and going, both sitting and staring. A spinster had of it and asking me of it again. What did you have to complain about today?

Celine Dion "Another Year Has Gone By" Another Year Has Gone By from her "These Are Special Times" LP (1998). Bryan Adams produced this...I liked it ever. You cherish that gift ("a closeness with gift" my aunt says). You're secretly hoping he didn't fuck things up again. You're hoping you don't have to take it back on the 26th.

Last Night's Dream Or I Awoke This Morning From It 11/21/05 1252
I was lying around and tweaking in my mother's Allentown, New Jersey house 41 Probasco Drive rear bedroom upstairs and was lured out by my brother Chris to make some more of something happen with me. Something more happy for me in mind but is not clear to me. I left there to go just past a place called Robbinsville on Route #33 and my brother starting jerking me off with other people we met in parade or crisis all coming this way and simply doing things I hated being bothered with and I decided to leave there to go back home and be happier again anyway. At end there and me disappointed, he was lying in a wire shopping basket as drink or drugged took place and being pushed around by another-others to my immediate annoyance all lame but asking of it too. I walked towards Allentown with great people-opposition yet and seemed to get as far as the 195 overpass, then some blacks picked me up in a car somehow but friendly no duress for the duration of the walk it seemed. Three (3) of them in the car as from a Europe place or something I'd hate being bothered to, two (2) in the front seat a black driving and one (1) in back with me. Someone mentions having to pay for a place else too, but loosely. The signs for 195 east-west - what I would look for, recognize - gave way to wrong turns and me freaking out because I just ask this black motherfucker in a white way to stop and maybe take the tip from me, but he had his own way about things and a rubbery mocking-type face of fattened lips that kept poo-pooing my opinion of getting further and further away from getting back to mine, my own. Each sign seemed to be what I was looking for "195" and then nothing in number shown that I knew when getting up close. I woke up from just this sloppy-type sobbing of a dope on my right arm leaning on the window ledge in rear passenger of the car. Note this: Not like me ever - ask friends. At risk of offending you, you'll stop that fucking car or bus as soon it makes a wrong turn noticed by me - or shoot to the head you'll miss more. You just wake up from this hype of crap and it ends and just like that they do too.

Interpret this: Your death is this sign and soon as blacks are taken into custody to fight me and my wares. This is how you'll die in the head when dying. Now see that - "no one to love you" we call it. These are death struggles always to you - see that.

Other interpret: Madonna says there are no real stars in the universe - each other country ours as silly and unknowing as to be. Trust that to me. Again, the biggest stars to her? Japan she says - "so crazy about nothing I do or know." They call 'em something I can't remember "for reading about you first and in front of you" then they ask questions to humour you as I do. With pictures of myself comes the term "asymptot" as "sees nothing that people would hate, but with you." To me, "asymptot" agrees they don't know what you see in it, and I'm a big believer in just noting the worst of it to keep it off my sight. So see. The morgue comment just to discount-position what that really is...a bit of clothing for you.

picture me on the morgue table-tub no less
i cut off greater work to mercy you a guinea
otherwise or, a very lavender of me to you
given at this and to shrink penis

Marilyn Manson "Long Hard Road Out Of Hell" Long Hard Road Out of Hell from his "Lest We Forget" LP comp (2004). Originally from the "Spawn" original soundtrack (1997) as biographing with Sneaker Pimps. The movie "Spawn" of course is the work of actor-model student Jason Priestley but not in name and with eyeglasses on ("Todd McFarlane" is his father's real name in school and earlier). Get the video of this some day of course for a good laugh there.

finally - boots are coming back in...these women's slipper types from the lemon tree
"you may have to walk out in the snow" no - but see they have my flashing rings too
started looking at skechers ringlet boots in black for me again
and why not? i used to wear zodiac-brand boots and jeans for dancing out at clubs
see melrose avenue for those i guess maybe not...i liked seeing zappos for here instead

This link goes midway to "The Nutcracker Suite V. Arab Dance" (Dance Of Arabs) The Nutcracker Suite: V. Arab Dance my favorite part, but collect all of it in time yet. Finally, this is a big deal as my personal version of "The Nutracker Suite" by Eugene Ormandy And The Philadelphia Orchestra - the one I listened to growing up nick for nick on the label "Somerset" (I actually have the original vinyl pressing here as stolen from my mother's house but it is someone else's name as reported here previously they couldn't get release - hey, I'm the only one who cares anyway). This labled slipped-in on the "Prokofiev: Peter And The Wolf" LP (1992 sure still bungling some). Enjoy the best is it here?

Mind over says that doctors and nurses in surgery buy this stuff from iTunes and then toss it after listening together over heart beating. I thought about professionals buying songs for office playlists and also retail or staffing clerks seeking the worst of it heard to ridicule people below as from overhead spought. Whatever your tastes, others follow else and all the time and I cherish that. I'm careful here not extrude (make thoughts for you) or ask too much of your thoughts for it. Top three (3) buys: Offices of lawyers, then doctors offices for playtime only, then child-like preschools living and learning together with rhythm sticks, hands overhead, and poses playing. Never see this as shopping malls are made as these are canned by government operatives above. Least is home use where all is bought by above again. So see you dive right in. So see. Lime? People who can't pay need to have too. You decide nothing.

Nirvana "About A Girl" About a Girl my very favorite from the prettiest MTV "Unplugged" set ever and corresponding LP (1994). "It's about my wife - she's alway talking about girls and I need a better friend than that." Here here. Come come. Also do it for "The Man Who Sold The World" is who? Dean Moon?

A Provoleta 11/20/05 0633
Tried making provoleta from that Rival crockpot recipe I gave you earlier (at June 2005) with the dry white wine and all (we used a sauvignon blanc for that dry) but for the first time on Friday - excellent with a quality-crust bread cut in squares and dipped on bamboo skewers, but that's not what I wanted - homemade provoleta (I guess provolone cheese fried in a small iron skillet of sorts olive oil with bits of red onion and diced tomatoes on top - we asked about and got that but seems is more). My first try frying provolone was a failure, so that recipe would have been my next answer. That's okay, I had provoleta at Tango Grill on Santa Monica Boulevard here in West Hollywood the night before (Gaucho Grill on Sunset has it too as similar same) it was fabulous again. Anyway, bought a pound of quality provolone cheese from a butcher stand at the Farmers Market on Third and Fairfax yesterday and we'll try again frying cheese in our tiny-little Calphalon skillet. Loved walking through Party America in the back too at The Grove - hi Michael Sena (say "sen-ya" for the 'delicate flower' he is and my only son with John Ondy Jr. and a waif now). More 11/21/05: Favorite idea sited: At Party America, they have these huge cardboard scenes you unfold from pack with faces cut out for yours to insert and photograph - a great party idea. Also, think about giving party favors this year - a pack of plastic cars or trucks I'd say from experience to honor me the thought. We're playing this year, but we're being austere (frank and admitting) about it. Party favors and carrot balls in the mini Cuisinart yet. Did we decorate a month to (as Christmas is this Thursday only for some who won't see more after)? Yeah, I got lights strung up outside already and to explain - the usual multi-color glow bulbs - until need remove or move. One or the other we'd stay you'd say. Best town for a seasonal Thanksgiving that I've seen? Minneapolis, easy.

The tip I left from dinner out? Total bill (just drinks, soups, and that appetizer - they serve great bread and chorize at the table what is chopped bitters in oil that stuffs you right up) was twenty-one twenty ($21.20) and our tip I calculated fiercely again at three eighteen ($3.18). Fucked up the adding though for the total - off twenty cents ($0.20) at making it twenty-four eighteen ($24.18). Oh well, they'll catch it the error mine.

Update! Um, simply cook the provolone thickly-sliced doubly-placed in olive oil - that's it well enough (use "Pam" non-stick spray coating first - a godsend for not sticking ever we have it here). Very nice, but is provolone fried, God over says. All I wanted was this with red onions, a roma tomato diced maybe.

got this recent one of from my mother when i was home -  a big printout somewhat overblown at legal-size
terry took it down from the fridge so now you all see it too

bryan is so cute to me
bryan is also known as biblical mohammed...a violator of purpose for christ by me and chris ondy in thought
i left cyndi lauper in the rear for simply appearing behind in screenshot - i have something about x-ing people out anyway i like the goodwill inside me
'less it's one of your ugly-minded friends with a humanity-moving mandate to be there and as neilsy says 'i don't want you'

I couldn't get Madonna's new video from iTunes - no sale - but I got it anyway from LimeWire (I couldn't pay again) at about fifty-five (55) megs (a bit much at send, you can get it there too). I like it alot, and to see my loser friend Bryan Baptiste is the lead dancer in the china ring. I'm so proud I said "who's that? he's cute..." only to find out it's my lover Bryan. Come back to me soon.

The Verve "Bittersweet Symphony" Bittersweet Symphony from the "Urban Hymns" LP (1997).

who could it be? you and me?
just days ago i sat and stood
one i took downward just standing is just as bad as that one frame in madonna's latest video
we argue that that is me in her makeup dancing for you - it's that bad
i argue for people who have magic about them anyway, but i don't argue for pictures they hate you seeing
i'm sure both of us can get over it all - we both had that boy dancing, you know
i did

Cherrelle "Saturday Love" Saturday Love just a starter for her new greatest hits compilation (2005). We love Cherrelle she's so mean. "Don't go showing you nude." What I have is just pieces - a wing.

i know who you are always reaching for mine and from the great beyond
nails done
this the briarpatch arm i made from sticks and paint to go with my condion
thought we got a picture of that, non

Moody Blues "Tuesday Afternoon" Tuesday Afternoon (Forever Afternoon) a spiritual-type beauty I did and from their latest anthology (1998). On Tuesday afternoon and after a weekend of lovemaking with you perhaps me, I'm just beggining to see that I'm on my way and with you. It doesn't matter to me what you feel, I'm God, and I'm chasing the clouds away for you in the head and body the head mostly you were perfect to me. Never allowed to feel much, you loved me and get words for it - and I loved you some too. I still do this to this day in a round-up of balancing the pegs for lackluster in your head toward me and each other. No matter what you saw, no matter what you feel, you're gonna love it all again. And me too.

I wanted Breakfast Club "Right On Track" and Aaliyah's "More Than A Woman" - settle for these and listen to Angie Stone's record with us. She worked with me at Ralph's - nice girl, but they hate her hairstyle....yes, she is called "Angie" there at the cash registers. We both hate white people, but you'd never know it from us the way she treats you on the way out with water and hapless old age.

Welcome Harry Potter - A Time To Fuck 11/18/05 1036
Welcome to the new "Goblet Of Fire" installment just out now today - we'll get here soon enough with my multi-layers of soodio cash. Yeah, that is Brian Green (Steve Howell) usually a producer, but more importantly, this guy pictured uses his mother's eye because she needed his "help to see things better." OK! The actors all tell me this new installment is "really fine-cool - you'll see nothing ahead of time as per usual and our faux englishness not withstanding you [helping you any] yet." I go to see this shit no bother else maybe at IMAX too as always something I like to do-see, but is overdrawn occasionally. Your monstors should be clear and black only so bad to me.

in truest god fashion, i've been making a new world for people who don't like me
still a bit of work in process, but you can see it's coming along nicely
what? this is how i made the first one - all anger and chickenwire
bit of paper mache...i thought other colors under the brown would make it look more boulder-like
had it on the porch next to the pumpkins on halloween night another false step
seems a bit of brown hate stirs my pot
the mold for? a hard basketball sat for the wiring of, then clips it around bents

New Photos! But Another Nigger Strikes 11/18/05 1928
Just got my next batch of photos - the hills of Greystone Manor, my beautiful hairy legs and feet, my briarwood forest arm of the dead, updates, etc. only to find some nigger at central processing (Debra Massin - a fat, black woman) pre-empted our expose by putting the wrong Kodak disc in my envelope intentionally to show friends "nothing I could see." Thank God, Bitch - see how it all works with you. Live a day, you black bitch. We can always scan the photos all accurately made to me (some fail me yet the intent penis - no studio made this) but I hate this shit with unmercy. You'll see how I'm worth this later. What's on the disc before "roll #102172" (mine is supposedly #102173)? Elephants and shit I hate looking at on African plain - your smelly junk you bitch with your food hanging from dead trees.

Always the same shit - something lazy + ugly (they are twins) bothering an ex.

P.S. Your people just paid me (um, the other legal one here, actually) thirty-three hundred smacks ($3,300) plus next month's rent my deposit returned to move outta here by January 14 (thanks West Hollywood you rent-control pigs - you know it just ain't right three [3] to four [4] months rent - if tearing buildings down and all you'll see). We'll see you later....we're friends for now, bitch, that check cleared and all. It's gonna be a holy Christmas this year. What take it back? I'll hafta add another two (2) months for same move plus same cash it's law here you can't wait to glamour it for more. The ghosts? Will all go with to ensure me it seemed then the whole road here opens up to aquarium types. How was this affair going to end anyway - with this place scaring me again as empty but years later? No, kedem. How much rent? One thousand one hundred ($1,100) per month haunted bad trying to kill me again nothing but friends and great ghost sex all the tyme - nobody for the last six (6) years though while demon lovers shat on the floor and embalmed their friends' heads. Thanks again you and your.

If there's such a thing as a born loser, you woulda been twins. Yes, Matthew McConaughey you rate the cover of People of course you do to me. A little late, but intuitive enough. Thank me later.

What? We let people decide what they like out in the open - it's not like me to say them, but offer some. Feature it at your site with hope and luck as intertwined as mine is sent along yours. Another fuck makes mine seem fucked.

i wanted you to see this very ebeneezer door knocker that has a solid metal plate in the rear and inside that opens up in a swing to right at hasp
you place little tea candles on opposite sides of a long screw inside that hold both plates together at base through the door and all if needed be
someone said to me "remove the screw" also at top to adhere to, but i won't risk heating the lionhead hammer outside with a lit candle in the middle thus
no need to fear burning up - the metal keeps all nice within woods, plasters as if even a toaster oven under the cabinet
the metals? shaved-down iron ore and-or for cash exchange "pennies [placed inside]" they said

see also my little candle story at the message board - and another photo quite worthy of ansel adams i think

the (2) two lions meet at the middle and down - one is a charlatan one is the real thing
no one can tell the difference it says both survive your scrutiny
one is the real thing and makes the other real too
we only see and know one it says the knocker
a prayer for hopeful and the scared

this ain't them i made this shit up in adobe - but close you get the idea no beauty to fade

Hofert's '10' Light Set 11/18/05 1614
Yesterday, I went over to Koontz Hardware and bought these Christmas lights that look like they were made for me by some company called "Hofert's" in Georgia or something. Sure - a big clear bulb on a regular-size indoor-outdoor green Christmas string - just like for larger glow bulbs outside. In the round, clear bulb are pills like Tylenol caplets (now just codeine, thanks - I use 'em to-date to sleep well) arranged harshly in green, blue, orange, red, and white that glow like regular filaments on a flashing mini-light string. Hard to place, but certainly nice and used often to color photographs called 'polar lights'. I hung them in my bedroom off the ceiling in the right corner bed-made to glow a nice light while watching tv, etc. I needed a little holiday early to beat the blue. The 'dead' say this has two (2) letters for them each bulb looks like it says blankly 'pp' and that means 'love to you' they said. Shop early I snag everything nice and snap it right up. These? Twenty bucks ($20.00) to honor me a Moon - a real weirdo. Along with a requested brown flasher-plug (in-between wall socket and product cord) for my plastic porch santa under four bucks (< $4.00) (somebody scentless demanded it, a tradition of sorts I guess a whore's night off flashing you on-duty out back), I also got me a little "c" battery-operated mini-string from Sav-On today too - about three bucks ($3.00) for the kitchen no cords then and no small feat.

i have another brick-building shot of this, but whole and rage see street views...all of more coming soon...
i love this store has everything odd + interesting inside

Boston "More Than A Feeling" More Than a Feeling from their debut LP (1976). This one handed to me in the morning up and I agree merely fast - this stuff goes with early Heart we love it all. Also get "Foreplay/Long Time" - a must vision to me.

Visitors "Sky High" Sky High from the "This Time The Good Guy's Gonna Win" LP (1991). Oh, it wasn't too long ago that I was sitting around with a photostat of The Brady Bunch's oldest childmaker Barry Williams and some girl on tv just luvin' their review of classic 70's tunes within the prowess of Time-Life. Oh, sure - more than a commercial, these bitches pick up all the good stuff that fell through the cracks and simply then did their job well. One song I loved rehearing-reminding of was Jigsaw's "Sky High" - I love that song (a woman-man singing and must like a drag queen, sounds like Robert "Sad Eyes" John, is Elton John) and that other sad song about that girl "Shannon" by someone named "Henry Gross" no. Check it out - like Barry, I loved watching and listening along too turning to face with each smug made me. Further tip: At Time-Life, sample sounds by holding down the [Option] key before the link is hit - save to disk and listen from there by opening the file in Windows Media Player. I did that in Safari (my other white meat for fails) and simply it works. Another great song then: Raspberries "Go All The Way" by Partridge Family-Queen the mother singing. Probably adds "Magic" by Pilot too.

another remindor-coup from cnn -  "medium" a 3-d epsiode featuring rod serling's rebirth to story and tell monday, november 21 at 10/9c
got my 3-d glasses - two (2) pair for us - on the street yesterday in front of rage on santa monica boulevard the usual ghost-face of patricia arquette on the side
we'll see it here (and having already had gay porno in the theater all 3-d men and dildos waving in your face you move to the side...where? the laemmle sunset 5, 1996 or so)
wanna make 3-d better? one full bottom half of the green should be red...try it later as this is good enough you can see it all on this very screen - great stuff!

Was gonna put up "She's So Cold" from 1980's "Emotional Rescue" LP, but instead see The Rolling Stones "Gimme Shelter" Gimme Shelter from their "Hot Rocks 1964-1971" LP (1972) - a plethora of greatness good and will honor us both. I have this double LP from my parent nears at birth (signed in upper front corner right "Tinsey & Geri" in my mother's ballpoint pen) and had to buy the CD on "London" right when it came out. Later traded it in though I never do that now the Moon Library notwithstanding (um, "not understanding yet") it. Also "Sympathy For The Devil" my theme "Paint It Black"..."Brown Sugar"!!

The songs I love on that (no order but some):
Sympathy For The Devil
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
As Tears Go By
Get Off Of My Cloud
Mother's Little Helper
19th Nervous Breakdown
Paint It Black
Under My Thumb !
Ruby Tuesday
Jumpin' Jack Flash
Street Fighting Man
Honky Tonk Women !
Gimme Shelter more now.

Heavenly: We got both Mick Jagger and Brian Jones - brothers only - back in a day from drugs and all in 1970. My neighbors George and Michael Umbro, respectively. Welcome, jerks. When young, I couldn't stop thinking how George Umbro and his lips and bulging eyes matched up to this album cover. Nobody got red-madder than these two and in a clip. Loud. Hi y'all. Soon - I'll detail George's record collection (all on eight-track) to you. I borrowed some often - he hated me as younger. Their sister Diane (Von Furstenburg) married "Bob" or director Ken Russell while with us.

Purple heart type-stuff is in purple here, yes  - the stuff you die over hearing again so note that quietly and to yourself: George had lots of black-light posters and played guitar. Wore ripped-up jeans, suede, indian-type beads accessories. Michael played drums and loud in their playroom often (I countered often with piano through the window...we played for no one, I wasn't allowed to touch much there, their house immaculate always). These kids wanted for nothing ever, and were fiercely competitive in their havings against me we had it all together (a two-door garage yielded much in paints and hardware over there - brand new heavies all the time, fixer-uppers stuff often yielded great items - simply evil people with air compressors, drill presses, sanding bars and wirebrush spinwheels, sprayed speckle paints, etc.) George went into the army early on and was conditioned well by it, Michael, a long-time friend in-and-out lost touch with us when I went college in 1982 and then subsequently moved out (no one spoke of gay, but all my friends are comely for sure and are very fucking nasty people to talk to without knowing them - note these two grew huge pot trees in the backyard for their parents' consent). I've met both since and they have new studio-type names now...I know everything though we discuss nothing to it.

George's records as for Mick's knowings - get this and each of artist lots of their albums (with huge omissions just inserted now):

Led Zeppelin
Jethro Tull
Pink Floyd
ZZ Top
Mott The Hoople
Grand Funk Railroad
Doobie Brothers
Steely Dan
Deep Purple
Black Sabbath
Alice Cooper
Ian Dury
Janis Ian (this is his mother 'Josephine', her career cut short finally - "no more singing to me" she said to him "you did this to me")

On the side some, vinyl: Beatles

A good laugh and hearty sing is Tori Amos "Blood Roses" Blood Roses from "Boys For Pele" (1996). Apparently, she had to earn the right to sing this stuff her mother's comment to her in the coffin as too expensive in roses lain and her now as born to the street. "Wait 'til the chickens get a taste of your meat" all the dead here as for pecking you to death she threats. Her mother's southernly sex taunts onsue "I think you're a queer! I think you're a queer!" you eat this up too GOD KNOWS ! I've waited for this day in you as so thirsting and satisfying too. Have some of this "elizabethan" fest then. "Bring yours back to me one day" it also says you finely.

Tori says alternately seek "1000 Oceans" 1,000 Oceans issuing from the triumph of the "To Venus And Back" LP (1999). I said 'no' having heard that to death already you seek it alone. I performed "Blood Roses" vividly and with her last night and have that feel in me yet the ol' cockle.

You Wave To People When They Say 'Hi' Only And First To Limit Your Talk Out In Open And Reforce Speak 11/16/05 1033
So, when you have fifty (50.0) credits you are more than welcome to say you have your "associates degree" or completion level of study as long as it's completely true. No matter what. Down to and including forty (40.0) credits - a barely passable - but it is true and only says God over. Conversely, nobody else made it - say nothing but "some college" it said. Your "bachelors degree" comes at eighty (80.0) credits only - no less don't say it, or make it less true to you I'll see to it. Your bachelors says more than associated, can tell others now as helpfully engaged and mostly. A "graduate" pursues all out and is not ours as still judged and harmed at once by no say that matters here. To teaches people some - we need work now. Credits mean no bargains by grades period - I won't have it as God, and who cared less? You, by letting lesser speak here. Nobody has grades that matter yet - see mine still to no error yet. At once vindicating and damning of you - period. Do I ramble on? Spell bad? No - who cares. Use me better. Pay for me yet.

Say "AA" for associates as "alca mater [or associates]" - almost came with us it says.
Say "BS" for bachelors as "sempis mater scencies" as "still waits with us [as to know better]" - came and left soon enough.
Graduate? "GD" for graduate degree as "geris detier" or "greater day [to be had by all known to me]" - mention no other here it says back to us.
Others? Who cares. Mention it all anyway - we help less to less of it.

Me? I have my bachelors degree (thus "BS") in Business Administration-Finance clearly, if you. See it again, but only then see.
Please, Bitch - sell it to yourself better - and as I do.

"You Have 99 Cents Left"
11/16/05 1741
So, I went to the 99¢ Only store last night and among other things picked up a coupla of their phone cards - ninety-nine cents ($0.99) for ninety-nine (99) national-across minutes. Their cards you take to the register are paper and I, confused, learned how it all works. After all is rung up, there will be a twelve-digit PIN for each card purchased under a horde of mexi-spanish made too close in hyphen on the bottom of your guest receipt like an oddball phone number. You call a standard 1-800 number issue-made on the paper card and get your local access number for their systems based upon where calling from and write both keys given on the back yourself and makes it easy for transfer over notes, over wires then once bought. I tested both cards and they count down by alerting cents left on your budget how funny each now at ninety-nine (99) cents remaining and I can dial then now a bit disconcerting as no worth. Very fast and affirmative response on all dialed though. Very nice or go to AT&T then - the same made you "we need losses" apparently.

Try it out, I'll sport you one here to no cost at me:

Local access find here: 1-800-839-1743
PIN: 562-192-947-080

Don't abuse the fact day.
Mind your minutes at cents.

Spurred On By CNN Again - The Real Graduation Statistic 11/16/05 1550
The real magic is at-hand. Within, they say about half (~.5) graduate college as entered to four (4) years full-time. Here goes with the all known.
Since at 1986 figures (when I should have graduated college in Spring after four [4] years full-time):

Percent who complete high school in America and as entered, and includes all GED figures as valid yet: 82%
Percent who go to college as admitted to a four-year school only (matriculates or enters boundly): 22%
Percent who immediately decay and drop out: 2%
Percent who master at forty (40) credits an AA (administrates colliage or friendships learned this way no grades admitted here): 13%
Percent who master at eighty (80) credits a BC (bachelorette colliege or fast friendships by now no grades again): 53%
Percent who master trades and union at one hundred plus (100+) credits a BS (bachelorette sciences sees others for who they are, no BA exists - sees previous, no grade unshielded here*): 32%
Sub-level to here: Percent who go on from this to graduate fully and pursue higher not ours or shared of: 15%

*Nobody looks good doing or having these now - see it frowned upon, but I provide you falsely anyway.
People who go to college are better and simply that - they don't fear you, for one, and since for not having to translate that to you by asking of you every day 'who am I over you?' are better at it with and plus they are smarter if can do, but without you, and have real good to share. We use the word at-best, and at-worst, 'resourceful' - has seen it before. Knows some.

Yum - people who can't do acceptably well and thus resent you for it otherwise - eeeuuu. Well, we'll all just suck dicks. You shoulda seen this instant black friend of mine the other night - all mad because he had to ride in a car and touch someone woman's tit on the run to no thanks but angry at it. Yours made. Learn to read, start with street signs, then license plates.

Again, am I trying to lift mine? No - yours again to accuse of. Already knows you quite well, sees their-your place in it with each other as seeing about yours, has a real good to give back to some. Then if, tests well against, knows it all mostly already. An education at base is real against your papers of. If not with you, again, is not with you - neither here or then there. In the stores, polls still against you and yours buying it from we. C'mon a friend is better made but chancy.

Me? Solidly left at 90.0 then a bust of it.

Alanis Morissette "Uninvited" Uninvited from her new collection and as originally from the "City Of Angels" soundtrack (1998) hadda have it now bonus to it here. Make sure you get to hear and have "Thank You" too. To quote her "Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum." She Alanis continues on with me about her live stuff being great too (um, MTV's "Unplugged" sessions with her vocaling) and I might agree though the studios here are so importantly done with money and mayhems (other artists bagging theirs off to be with her) afoot. These days, I'm all about Tori Amos' stuff done live and singing with her firstly, personally - great noises and must linear in path for us (no overdubs making me decide what to sing of). A triumph are these. So see. To alt all this? Tori's "Cornflake Girl" from the "Under The Pink" LP (1994).

Cornflake Girl

Bananarama "Take Me To Your Heart" Take Me to Your Heart a loving favorite from the "Ultra Violet" LP (1996 - on "CURB" Records and that long ago?) Also check out "You've Really Got Something" I like that too a powerhouse major. We had "Take Me To Your Heart" featured at the last site and now see it again so good.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Brian! I feel so guilty from Saturday. I hope it gets better for you and us. I heard you woke up with your real teeth. Okay - we'll go with that for you. This must be so odd like when I opened that card in the hospital in May 1974 (admitted early May 11 - Mother's Day - with pneumonia somebody peed in my drink one week there) and your name was biggest in the middle of list (I kept that forever, but threw away all one day here or in Califronia so silly sitting there reading of ghosts). How why? After all that rough treatment, an irony plagues me too. Now God sits there in eternity paid for with my grandmother's typewritten letters from home reminding me of trusts placed.

Recommends just for next week (based upon fine dining experiences, not survey):
Honeybaked Ham - Quarter Ham (usually up to five pounds) @ $30.00 per
Omaha Steaks - Basted Turkey (at ten pounds includes bag to bake in just over three (3) hours! - a fabulous bird we did this last year) @ $44.00 per
At this time, I'm going try and secure the services of both made mine.

New Jersey Seeks New Slogan 11/15/05 1105
Apparently, and again at CNN, New Jersey is seeking a new slogan (theirs to now: "the garden state" you grow shit and sell none). Yours at suggest, but apparently too friendly: "how ya doin'?"
My offering as "there are no stars in New Jersey" alts to "never a star" - no one goes to New Jersey for that type of treatment. 
Other alse says "you're gay (gayest)"..."keep yours"..."not here you don't"..."are you that sure?"..."how 'bout you?"..."this yet"..."stills me"..."craps in a corner"..."how'd you do that?"..."not even funny".
For bottom of license plate, in rear, others yet: "always at fault"..."no court can come"..."may license in two states" for Texas.
My favorite is Missouri still as learned fresh from a table of blacks at jury duty (talking about somebody's dick size being in the news): "[I'm from Missouri - you've got to] show me".
How about Saint Anthony's alma mater "you..."

No, a slogan (said today) and a motto (made once and said) are the same, really - the slogan updates the motto for current time. "New Jersey and you" means "all of this and still you beg not to." Not partners - 'New Jersey with you' is partners. All of mine fit somehow as "all against me in this" so in-fact we think alike only.

Last Night's Outing 11/15/05 0751
Went to Taco Bell at Beverly and just east of LaCienega last night for dinner - had combo meal #3 there: three (3) beef tacos with all the worx, hard shell, large plastic-cup cola (damn! threw away my cup by accident - no soda tastes better than Dr. Pepper in these rice-made cups - remember that and save yours too for washing-having) and with a cup of their beans they often taste like they're made with tea. Rob Lowe was talking to me in the head while happening. Are we friends? We are now. Then it was on to Old Navy 'round the corner and I swear you couldn't spend a thousand bucks in there and carry it all out it's so cheap and nice. We bought a rubber jacket in silver and orange for thirty four fifty ($34.50), some five-dollar ($5.00) knit boxer underwear in white their brand for just three forty-nine ($3.49) (I have a fetish or lead-in, I suppose), three (3) or so plush skull caps in fleece - black and gray, two (2) pair of flip-flops for forty-seven cents ($0.47) each - mine in a brown mocha, his my roommate's in black (the lime green seems feminine and I'd recoil later in women's sizes though considered). What else? Got me a pair of long blue but white-striped swim trunks too for sixteen fifty ($16.50) for around the household no shirt but belly. The girl there is all "Hey, those are for boys..." the skull caps but in a large extra-large (L-XL) head - my size. The boy skull caps are gentler-looking in band around the noodle, so I took two (2) fleece caps for ten dollars ($10.00) and him one of the adult 'one-size fits all' with wider headband at the same price and we'll see what's what in look and feel.

Madonna "Don't Tell Me" Don't Tell Me and a death lading strikes you from this music the end. From the "Music" LP (2000). I hadda buy this album twice her new one out today though ask this and to see the song "Music" itself. I watched the promo video for the new single "Hung Up" today at the CNN site (the interviewer is Neil and cute like me too even though I told him no more pictures of you now - three [3] years ago this made it) and boy! that's good dancing from all seen especially the asians seen (all faked in studio, of course). But know this - Madonna would reek over her ass poking out of that spandex bodysuit-waver. Now see my gift. She does that stuff at first glance with the song only and is being filmed secretly against her will - ostensibly to show other dancers what she's been thinking of. She would fuckin' die of that, but enjoy others there they did a great job for her. Get the video at iTunes only by accessing her new album deluxe at the bottom within - is not in the video section yet. Great stuff I'll buy it myself later on. Also see "Oh Father" another favorite video of mine. Keeps the videos paid for, and sees better come here for us.

Madonna "Beautiful Stranger (William Orbit Radio Edit)" Beautiful Stranger (William Orbit Radio Edit Version) another big one from the second "Austin Powerses" soundtrack but made better a single now. From "GHV2" LP (2001). Also try "Secret" I love that one out now too.

Another Open Discussion 11/14/05 1401
Is "vainglory" excessive or ostentatious pride, especially in one's achievements as per the dictionary? Not hardly. You don't want anyone doing a "vainglory" to you, but you do it to yourself is it - a grooming only. Combing your hair is a vainglory if "vain" simply asked not to be seen with you. So is brushing your teeth, speaking one's mind also without interruption, so say. So, vainglory asked not to be touched, please (a 'glory' shines all else away from you with rays). See the new Christmas lights this year - each one at the bulb instead a small green motorbox that turns the each ornament 'round and 'round slowly making spirals up and down even more beautiful to behest. Seen where? In the window at Lemon Tree Bungalow West Hollywood (leave gay rainbow trees an artificial in store windows, please mind over says?) An alternate take is at Sear's and is pictured nicely above but is currently labled 'out of stock'. What is an "economic superpower" per China becoming in the next ten (10) years (never wait more)? Makes loans. A "manufacturing superpower" makes cars (and mostly bombs) they are this already with us only two (2) yet. Adds Russia sometimes (they call themselves "the Greek republic" because they fuck alot now). Said "achoy elub" you go "ay-choy ell-ya" for "HALA" or "has anyone less allowed".

INXS "Need You Tonight" Need You Tonight from the "Kick" LP (1987) a great one we all had it. Also do "Suicide Blonde" from the follow up LP "X".

C'est Chic "I Want Your Love" I Want Your Love from their debut LP of the same name (1978) - a big winner with me. Get "Good Times" by them too.

KC & The Sunshine Band help me cover up a multitude of racial-type woes with "Get Down Tonight" Get Down Tonight their hottest song ever by you from their "KC & The Sunshine Band & More" LP (1975).

Courtesy Calls Afoot 11/14/05 0721
When best to place a call? To shake hands? To meet the press? A phone call comes in, and you are at home or at the store - neither can wait, so you answer it there. A phone call is never to be answered at home or at the store if you can mind it. We hate e-mail and phone intrusion and work against you fastidiously if you can avoid it, but do not. You avoided me to this - remember that. Nerves all the way. Mail should wait a while, and so should any calls at the door for this. A shake of hands requires a silken scarf to be worn to curse the day. You wear a scarf now to ensure that no one asks who you are - they know already as no one they can have for certain. Men wear kerchiefs in their pockets to stad (require your attention) and stolic them (drink them out with flavour, colours). If you can't avoid each other, you should be on a beach sunbathing. No one should ever run to say 'hi' to anyone these days or suffer my retribute of not having. We here were rejected in-form and that means no blacks are welcome if right away, or they should perish to me theirselves or then stay alive. Blacks told me once, twice, three times that I have no home and they should theirs. Not here they'd say, but over there they will. See ya soon. Pray to see me off. "You expect people to pay for this." I expect you to do the right thing or for you like I always do without question unless you. I would never think of looking at people for the purposes of having my say to them, I would never think about getting involved in your business or banking like I had a choice. I would never think about telling people I don't know what to do or what to say should they meet me out one day. I wouldn't dream of your being that your own to my horror ever. You have simply lost your minds in this and I never did. See the difference - soon. You lost your mind being slapped down so many times you don't think it hurts anymore and do it all often enough to see it happen to you (I call this being "nigger slapped" from being out at the bars - however, change nothing - the other disease? "pride" we all have this to some degree). Remember, nothing not asked for is welcome here or there - but thank you very much for having, then saying to it and right to its face and we all see. We listen,  but actually change nothing of ourselves to it. Again remember, poor people (as a self spoken to again) speak to money, and of sex. It is their key to the door - their currency. It is how they empower those who won't ask for what they want directly for fear of being known as this, but again, against our visual cues and not to. "Visual cues aren't everything." Nothing helps you avoid hurt more (as opposed to 'harm' what is only in the head but too helping changing your path to once, twice, three times feelings can't be explained well if not just against thinking yours).

Sometimes I think I don't know how this place works and you're needed by me somehow. Not to the point of me suffering, I did. Learn often enough not to while we wrestle with the fates of it.

this is entrance to greystone manor or park - the coach house is this
yeah, it is the playboy mansion with the very end of doheny northwest you see this and with patrol on-duty
some dumb garden show kept us out this day a week or two ago on saturday before halloween and until november 16 you too
stevie nicks knows something of it

This just in! Neilsy's Naked Highway album "Novocaine Smile" (if having to endure you) at the iTunes. Can you fathom it? My suggest? "Driving At Night" Driving At Night

No Quadruplets Are Never Real 11/13/05 1630
Just for the record and as watching tv today, nothing more than triplets is ever real. A placenta has the ability to hold three (3) immaculata (or breathing-respirating) babies only with cervical layers (the vagina coming soon and this month!) Any others just implanted and with false ringing in the ears of the others and surely doomed to fail. You can't cut the placenta at all prior to birth and any extras are just added in then. No animal gives birth to more than three (3) anything to honor our trinity of equals and so has it, and even the lowly pig passes on only three (3) at once then. That is dog, that is cat, that is opossum. Even birds can only hatch two (2) hatchlings every six (6) weeks if theirselves. Our world would be too crowded. Who cares? You should stop caring altogether - I'll manage it all. P.S. Only six (6) humans can come in any given lifetime by woman - the rest is not yours but we honor a thought of only and mix and match at times (with thanks to Fran's mom who collected about ten [10] kids plus some and advises us here then).

Key if: A 'birth' (is a "youthing"), a 'twin birth' ("twins"), a 'triple' (no "triplets" - is hair coated with wax only in three [3] strands), a 'quad' (no "quadruplets" again is hair done funny), a 'quint' only (no "quintuplets" - hair again - hair is a "tuple" or 'tawny' or heat-made 'walch' or grip of it). No other words, really. No more than three (3) or describe as dead then. These are to propered you in speech only. When coming in here from out of the country, you lie to get all you just keep inside of us, we think.

UCLA bound by x's - four (4) of them in-fact. We are not USC bound by inner city and commerce woes although they excite being near the Shrine Auditorium and arenas.
A luxury of then you agree me.

A) Veteran's Cemetery on Veteran Avenue if facing the largemed federal building and if there.
B) The very of Wilshire Corridor - high buildings, luxury living only with door service everywhere.
Your 5th Avenue strikes here but even this is boring?

And Now A Bit About Gevalia Again 11/13/05 0805
You know, at the beginning of the month we got billed for our first shipment of Gevalia coffee and that was harsh - five seventy-five ($5.75) an eight-ounce (8 oz.) box of coffee and they did it to advantage a bank's fees (an invoice dated 10/21/05 charged to us on 10/28/05 and at the end of the month no less, we don't keep a balance either - there's your tip to watch out niggas). I hate that shit banks spying on you and all, but they do what they want to do anyway all the time to make sense to someone I hate. See trouble here. Anyway, the box, and while harsh in charge for four (4) at-a-time plus shipping of five thirty-five ($5.35), still goes up against a twelve-ounce (12 oz.) can nicely and I'd stay with it if can could. The coffee is far richer and provides better cups at per measure ounce of. I put it in the Yuban can at opening the froze pack while using and note it better always at same or lesser price. Total shipment less charge bounced? Thirty-two thirty-five ($32.35). Don't let banks make you miserable with their office playing and games - send cash to me. "We hafta make money." Not here - and I'd beware of all taken by me. X

sorry 'bout this - see your work included again
if you like this, see coldplay's "trouble" promo video

at iTunes, but of course - unmercifully good stuff
very jesus-looking

Elton John "Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy" Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy from the album of the same title, 1975. Of course "Someone Saved My Life Tonight" is the big one from this LP, but listen to the title track. It is us we seek again and again. I sing along to all vintage Elton and people know it's me all along, but cannot bring theirselves to say. Omi god! If you heard my live tracks you'd joy, then die to it a madness. I insist you know me better. I tell people you gotta learn how to sing, not just carry along. Singing means you take the lead and the ends of, you focus - and not too strongly I keep the volume down. I've been looking at my teeth in the mirror my whole of childhood like it's faked a Moon did this and learned it all at computer stand. The hits, only. Maybe something new, smaller yet but brash. I do "All The Young Girls Love Alice" live, you know.

no, this is very 'harvest', not 'halloween'
 - almost amidst, or then steaming with vapor pleasures
perhaps a sanguine or blood-leather taste

Hooters Checks Out 11/12/05 1630
Finally went to Hooters on Hollywood Boulevard for lunch today - nice place, nice people all the girls wear pantyhose to sheer know that it's chilly in there. Calculated my tip at the table again against a bill of thirty-eight sixty-seven ($38.67) and that came to five eighty ($5.80) at fifteen percent (15%) about. I messed up the last two (2) tips with excess chat in my flace, but this one hung true my methods not withstanding. A great place for hanging and watching tv if upstairs, they cook all right on the floor in back and we had: Him - a cheesesteak after vegetable soup, and me a bacon cheeseburger with baked-bean side if we split curly fries and a slice of carmel-dripped cheesecake. All great with his beer and my cola soda. Nice - check it out. Although from "Florida", seems like a friendly kinda winter-weather place in from northern region like Minnesota where I first saw this route upstairs in Mall Of America. Cheers then.

Hrrmph! You think Madonna's (c/o "") bad - I wish people could see me in free zone. You'd simply shudder not that I pride myself on being mean or anything - you'd open that door.

Curve "Unreadable Communication" Unreadable Communication from the fabulous "Cuckoo" LP (1993). Suggests to "All Of One" a beauty to it too - you've all been so nice here. People hate Curve (a voice of compassion by God) 'cause they can't be who they are - angels. Even Neil hates them. Keep it in mind. In this, I love the bit about inviting someone special to you, only, to your mother's house (the only one to ever really care for her a child and in that way) and listen on to old records you already know all the words to - so needing of it still - but wary is you yet here. She's talking about being ripped apart in the heart by you only and thus driven crazy by that act none need be witness of to it. It is here if we only die apart. Tip: A friend is to the home only, a lover is to be your mother and meets her there. You don't introduce people to your mother all hopeful. Not here it says.

Toni objects, so newest album: "Want More Need Less" Want More Need Less then seek "Fly With The High" and others notable from the "Gift" LP (2001). Note Toni was the stewardess-accomplice in "Flightplan" she was pretty cool too (please also note she is the dead husband's mother born again in this savior of ship). Chris Ondy's mother a stewardess then also - the old one who was blonde. No, never favour family efforts. Go with the high. My lover Glen Mason (Saint Anthony Pouglesi) too? Cut out for filths or lying backwards about whereabouts "I do costumes and from jail."

Cocteau Twins "Watchlar" Watchlar this one originally on the "Iceblink Luck" CD single (1990) with the gorgeous "Mizake The Mizan" reassuring fans of the "Blue Bell Knoll" LP before having sinking into the new LP - a change of heart somewhat about babies and all a lullaby not a curse yet. From this new comp seen, add in others like "Pink Orange Red" - I opposed it all at issue for nothing new seen but bought it myself anyway it arrived with a little 'smudge' on it per her and I have it here yet. Shortly more they'd say and by request of to not say.

Recently Tower Records published a list of top "shoegazer" LP's - for being so nice to Curve and Cocteau Twins - my tastes then - here goes:
Slowdive "Souvlaki"...start with this, then try:
The Jesus And Mary Chain "Psychocandy"
Curve "Doppelganger" <seem "wish you dead", "lillies dying">
Cocteau Twins "Heaven Or Las Vegas"
My Bloody Valentine "Isn't Anything"
Low "I Could Live In Hope"
Mojave 3 "Ask Me Tomorrow"...when expanding your collection plus:
Stars "Set Yourself On Fire"
The American Analog Set "From Our Living Room To Yours"
Autolux "Future Perfect"
Ride "Going Blank Again"

...most all available at iTunes I checked 'em out. Have the artists at each of least and all from a sale selected to end 09/05/05.

even creepier than the courtship of eddie's father
the golden gate bridge in san francisco so creepy a grave
search on 'golden gate san francisco, ca' follow the waterline north
also i recommend castro at market, up divisadero from 14th, pacific heights then

Not Just So Yet Creepbox Yet All The Actors So Good 11/11/05 1953
Just got back from seeing "Flightplan" over at Loew's Beverly Center Cineplex (the 4:35 PM matinee showing all of four [4] rows about with indeed wheelchair access in the middle down in front, room for popcorn, hose douches and all) and yes, contrary to popular belief, she gets her girl back from the dead husband after fighting both for money woes over. A great film with Jodie's brother Barry playing her protector-dead husband just barely acknowledging himself in the coffin bestride her. Trying to get her a better deal some of flame for all had her, their girl lifeless yet in the nosecone waiting to be "blown up" just earlier an inflatable yet. So see - gross! and the plane thing very morgeun and still too soon after my trip on opening day September 23. For her Jodie: The name "ELGIN" (France only and as is proven to be for flights around) is for those who get alarmed and pay nothing of it - is from the queen. "AMALDOVAR" is a giving sense and is nature, and another "AMESVASCULE" is makes others unwary only with strange looks. "ELGIN" is for "elderly giving only - nothing extreme". No, *EDLIN is DOS (Microsoft's disk operating system) for "edit line". That's all.

C'mon franks - the missing little girl looks just like the father - proof positive it's unmistakeable no room for your breathe - plus his coffin held the switchblade or unknown to him bombs in cloth. Did we like it? Yes, very much...but see us living her hell in real time and with her - that does suck. I had to go to the fuckin' bathroom to wake up from that mid-air nightmare just a bit. Even the captain coulda cried she making him live hours inside of a minute of what should have been a glide across the sky. Each convincing each other in tandems of brute - a horror to us. If it wasn't for the supposed nature of a child murder, I'd be all "I don't care about your daughter dying anymore than you." Simply an evil premise to be God himself dying of it surrounded by all of those euro-freaks. A payment for leaving us.

I wanted to see "Corpse Bride" last night before it ran out of there, but no one would go. Once again trapped by the disinteresting. Oh, well - I want a movie to be over as soon it begins anyway the banks note it so happy you bought a ticket or two.

no, this is certainly the actual size - maybe bigger

More From The Home Front Stories Told 11/11/05 1521
Of course when I was home in New Jersey, the deer and the antelope sang me. I was visited by a pair of bushy white-tailed deer (I bought them some cracked corn at West Trenton Hardware Supply on Upper Ferry Road and left a big pile on the back lawn for that appearance) the wild turkeys came over (I funningly chased them off with running toward) and even a praying mantis stopped by for a bit. Everybody gets nervous picking those up but me - we enjoy each other for a while those alien-type green eyes and then free to roam again. So eerie those bugs and now mine fulfilled. More on 11/12/05: Where was the praying mantis? On top of a bush on the side of the front door a sunny fall day - it flew to another bush immediately on first attempt, but I got him to hold for a minute anyway and everyone present gasped when I grabbed him thinking it would sting me. It didn't, and can with effort, but never does. These days, I insist on interacting with my nature whether it be driving the puppies in the Beverly Center pet shop crazy licking the glass, or then lifting the spirits of the exotic birds at Omar's. Every other day a little fun with them all. These are my pets. P.S. Cracked corn is about two dollars fifty cents ($2.50) a bag of it hard and pelting to chickens too. The deer (they talk to me in the head) wanted "instant oatmeal" by Quaker (one assumes "maple" flavour), but I didn't get to it and with opposition to franks (all go to hell if here). A favorite food theirs, and they can store it long they said.

Bjork "Human Behaviour" Human Behaviour from the "Debut" LP (1993).

Finally We've Seen This 11/11/05 1043
Even though I celebrate tampering with food for those who celebrate with tampering and in other avenues, I get disgusted from here to there and mention it freely - whether it's the peach in from the underarm at a favorite supermarket, the porkroll with sage that tastes like a black woman's rubbery arm dried within, the ham lain nearby the death drip, the funky-type woman-like cheese on a pizza you make, or the hot dogs at Tail O' The Pup on San Vicente homeless or something. Filthy - and I could barely eat it. The service was kindly and but I chose the cheapest cut, but it was chicken skins in intestines boiled up for my enjoyment so bad and with Cedars-Sinai nearby making arm-claw soup with liverspots. I was there in August better to starve sure around my birthday and now I hear they're moving again - hopefully to Oscar Mayer-quality meats. Usually, I throw any bad taste right the fuck out with funky indo-chinese candies and your homemade goods - whatever - but gifts given and bountiful plenty are hard on the head. Throw it right out anyway I don't live in that world. All in the trash with bad meat from the supermarket meatballs and meat gravies and garnish need to be cooked more? Never know. Appreciate cleanliness America by buying the best, please. By the way, Pinks on LaBrea will never let you down. Notice 7 Eleven has excellent eggs cheese and sausage muffins too.

More on 11/18/05: Tail O' The Pup is moving to Westwood next to UCLA on Weyburn someone said "December" or so. Good luck with that. Meanwhile, I just ate a big spicy bird by Oscar Mayer at 7 Eleven so fine to me. Know I walk to and get their breakfast egg mcmuffins often.
Note: Here in our neck of the woods, Bristol Farms has pork roll by Case (or then Taylor) right in the tube and why bother then (and at about six or seven $6-7 bucks or so)? We love our pork roll so tasty it's with the hams in the freezer-type section there. Get a panini sandwich and the best hot pork sausage in town too -- and why not?

Olivia Newton-John "Landslide" Landslide from the "Physical" LP (1981) my favorite cut on this one big ol' Carlos Vega drums and all I couldn't get over it and still I listen today. Also see her "Carried Away" is there along with the beautiful "The Promise (The Dolphin Song)" so pretty to me. Remember, Olivia wrote this the dolphin song from deep within herself just like Barbra wrote "Evergreen".

Next, see Olivia's "Gold" LP (2005) for "Tied Up" Tied Up what was originally on her "Greatest Hits Volume 2" LP (1982) with "Heart Attack" and all. Yes, I bought both issues on vinyl and clearly this an influence of my own musical style.

See the CNN interview online with Anne Rice from November 8 our neighbor only I thought it pandering (resolving us and if to place with us) excerpt:

The move wasn't easy because "I was tortured by questions I couldn't resolve." She told Hayes: "I'll do my best on the unresolved questions." Among these are her church's ban on women priests and opposition to gay sex. She's convinced both will vanish eventually.

Me too. See Amazon to buy this if wanted I can't read books anymore but know I would like this stuff by her. We suggest the group reading - a folsom (all agree) hilarity - for such art from such reader said. Is that face on the cover me? An amalgam (pressed together but we part simply), of us all, we wanted to remember Anne's son Martin first and that is that. With joined eyebrows? Must be Chris again.

We'd like to remember your friends did Party Monster for you - check it out. I hafta settle up with Columbia House at the end of the year and they no longer carry it. Someday maybe one of us paid against your sallow of hopes for you too. Don't let anyone tell you their business - still offering to provide says it all. They know what they're doing - sure they do. They just can't take anything in their own names. Otherwise, we don't give a fuck what you do.

Apple And Netscape Redux 11/10/05 0931
If you've been using the old screen with glass and heavy, you know it's important to set the bitch down on the floor for a while and use something else - it's rarified glass of rice news collects the heat like no other (it won't melt like video screen will) and we get to watch flicker and stare. In forty (40) days' time, the wax inside comes together and here we are still looking to have with it. Started using ours for gain this past weekend after flicker and I'll tell you when it combs me again. Break the screen before giving it back and save another port from pleasuring at our expense. "You played with it long enough." New concept - we bought it, we didn't rent it. Check this. As for Netscape, we had to reload our system and/or "rebuild the desktop". That just means ask everybody to have it all again, you know, and while they figure out who you are. No Internet use, no problem seen. But no Netscape system works without that. Odds always make me angry. What are odds? Taking the ends not seen by others to make one a fortune of it. Ask us - we don't want people being able to do this to us. Six (6) dead for here soon. "We don't want people knowing what you know." So die.

So you see the combination of not having Netscape spells doom or loss for this. We want people out of their homes plus with us. Not without secure jobs you don't. You don't pay anybody but want to see them. No.

Barbra Streisand "Wet" Wet from the album "Wet" (1979) the whole of it about water and rain-type issues. It's raining today, yes, and this is beautiful for it. No, I didn't see any interviews yet.

Then, you'll also want her rendition of "All I Ask Of You" All I Ask of You from Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Phantom Of The Opera" the Robert Guillaume production, no doubt the feel. This from "Till I Loved You" LP (1988). What of features actor James Brolin on the cover holding hands on the beach if I bought it myself? To quote my aunt "It's not about me."

The Holmby Hills rumour story of Barbra: If you know anything about Barbra, she is supposed to live on Carolwood (Drive?) here in Beverly Hills in her house there north of Sunset (my roommate was all excited to have delivered sweaters there one day from a Marina Del Rey seamstress' office - they look like Freddy Kreuger's he has said previously - the marina helps them fake imports from China, if so to speak). Some say that area is the Holmby Hills section and that I get for being near UCLA but east of and around Beverly Glen both north and south of Sunset but mostly all south except for her. Who is south there then? People like The Wassermans of Universal fame, The Playboy Mansion etc. Having solved that last crime already, note Barbra's house is another army compound that serves as an office for such in studio type and no other live there. Can they afford it? Yes, but they hate California for gay and drugs everywhere. To quote Barbra " not my type of people. They hate women there. We keep our distance from that or they'll ruin you with their own plagues. Plus AIDS - yuck to you." And to note Jon Peters is her husband only my uncle Joe (noted as only lovely to us until divorces set in), and the Malibu Ranch is quakers up there living beautifully in stone huts if she should so need it (but see the first picture at link is of Carolwood itself). "I wasn't rich, I was rich in fame. Have that in Princeton [New Jersey]" she says. Malibu is Danny Moon's too - all of it bought from blacks with the mayor - nothing special. All of this is my family with Olivia Newton-John etc., but also note it is all there as projected and mean but you need an east-coast upbringing to appreciate it. Nothing did we miss - trust that. I still cite Hollywood as the biggest living bargain for mixtures with Malibu far away from the action but beach. We have it all still but not now as so close to the 1940's when no one was here or would come so unpleasant ever and starving for it. Meanwhile, note the tv on the east coast - those are tough customers, Baby.

"We got put down in California for hating (harbouring) gays" says she. I ask in quality favors "Were they not special (ugly, hateful)?" That's usually it - nothing to look at and both a pain in the ass about it. I get in response to this all-out dream of hers in speakings "You'll starve." Well then, rather than be your consort to it. Enough people standing around as it is and apparently hating us this way. I gave all of nothing - see that.

Note we still think Barbra Streisand is the biggest star ever - as evidenced by whose star is in front of the Chinese Theater - who needs to be seen in a wink. Also "Saturday Night Live" proved this to us too just by showing up larger than life Roseanne and Madonna (forgive me Roseanne; in this order - Barbra, Madonna, Roseanne - all heavyweights anyway need question be). Be gone from it. God showed me the inspiration for her - a girl sipping a malt and she can't pay [maybe this] so she makes faces at it after tasting from behind the straw. You know - pulling her lips flat and down.

Barbra wants you to remember Irving Azoff (from children's book "Irving Takes The Day Off" to do things no one would approve of at Trenton State and The War Memorial) my grandfather (um, Irwin Allen) who alone produces her with Jon Peters and the like. My dad remembers seeing him Peters slendered for the role...

1) UCLA's pink dot entry at 405 Hilgard - four (4) hills of seen in the fifth (5) district only what is Santa Monica, really.
2) Sunset Boulevard; goes to the shore, the gay beach all the way out to Will Rogers State Park.
3) Bel-Air the name means a beautiful day you see it in Spanish-French.
4) Hilgard Avenue the official street of UCLA.
5) Beverly Glen on the east of side of Holmby Hills finishes this to us.
6) The men's side of sorority (young boys and their mothers basically) and playing it off.
7) The women's side where you lived without men and do not enter - both Holmby Hills, Carolwood is seen just north of Beverly Glen.
8) Aaron Spelling's huge palace set back from a children's playground - we know it from taking detours to and from work at UCLA's entry to avoid Sunset's traffic.
9) Edie And Lew Wasserman's estate to be sunken from the road (by mention, by name).
X) Circle Drive is what runs parallel around the campus cutting through at the medical center and campus service buildings - is interior road, but looks doubled-sided.

Note to all neighbors: The campus was there first and has all reason to be there.
Thanks Google (see I'm #1 there for "Doug Moon" and that does count)...just enter a street address, city and state when first there to see yours an option for map, then click "satellite" once driven there.
"We don't care about you, we're blacks." No, blacks don't do anything technological. Period.

Didn't We Do This Already Macaulay Culkin? 11/08/05 1406
It isn't "radio" (we talk and delay to here) - I'm tired and doing chores still but write notes to myself for use now. His "I was there, but your website is unclean with filths I'd say first. Clean me with pictures of you [undressing] please [I was worried about how I looked as in shorts unmade to me]." How dare you - the costume was fabulous, only (it was "from Pariel a shop in France"...I was gonna call it an 'amelgue' - James [his half-brother] says 'hi - go to hell'..." - yeah, we saw her in Pavilions doing better). We'll see - we are not that judgmental, but look to avoid future filths. Citing any to me hurts me - do same. Only Jews catalog and display hurts like that. We don't believe anyone has real conversation about hate and clothing, but liven our talks with this stuff here to make it real and burdensome. Ghosts see all too and reflect that. Your name means "eats at McDonald's [like a little bird]" got that and first name "cooks for you just being around [a' cookin' - don't ask for much]". Now they know I like it too. We Macaulay and I both thank Ellen for her Halloween show seen by me last night on "Oh!" the replay channel - very nicely done but I panic like producer looking at it and having to make that stuff. Very funny more on Delassandro's (their stylists) later...

Q: "What is the 'sphere' and 'bowl' of celestial roundings - I thought the sphere was roundings you receive from other people [called] 'carses' and the bowl was eating and that reduces their influence by tiring you."

A: No, no adds the 'cord'. The 'cord' is God that reaches the 'sphere' or world made by God. The 'bowl' is where you live or your immediate influences as you see, a valley of life. When dead, the sphere is broken by the cord and all you see is reduced to patches and you cannot see all the world is, but some. The bowl remains.

Seen to me here: "When God doesn't pay the bill, you are with us." Like an ass among pillows (now as to be corrected).

Reflekt "Need To Feel Loved" MP3 (4.7 Megs)

Another Rags To Riches Sees My Mother Broken But By No Rule Too 11/07/05 1855

"No - when no one is guiding you to." Centers, remind.

Then buffs it out:

"Older family members teach the youngers the basics of life
and of course the basics of sexual life too. Mom and dad want
 their offsprings be fully prepared for the individual life.
 Take a full course of family sex education at our site."

Crumb...I don't give a shit about this stuff, but thanks smarter folks for having me over to see less made clear trust no one or else:

1) Insists you'd simply fuck 'em if they had more of the mirror. 2) Just so the idiot flash cards make answer come to same before seen..."we've seen it in even rarer cases over at yours" that chicken playing tic-tac-toe never loses a game picking hot light from a tear, but that bit of corn winsomed it what crap and rewarded it so. 2A) Know that "no one does that in here" - check back often after your case has opened and since cleared each class action suit settled often enough. DB Yuck - only an appointment of woman-made black urges such at topic so concerned the proper steps to not taken yet. We the Clinton's knew this too not, but seeking such counsel buy else delivers "um, no good" but we'll take it sees City West.  

Why not care? Search it out: I found out about sex in fifth grade - a hilarious fellow black child held back (no more names - all still to fuck you) gave me this minor key at recess and my sexual awakening began as the world unraveled and restated itself at once. If there's anything more disturbing to a child than men and women on Mars, I haven't seen it that dominatrix crapping in the yard held over to not (even if I knew what to look for, this would live anyway...) My response "Nuh uh!" Stick with me - it works, but not well enough I simply died in the head and life began it's sure but my mother and father don't waste their time with my understandings after making up words and. Unfortunately, he got his reshaping for it made first I succumb at once to stink if you beggle it.

Care not - I'm still seeking you too. That's living well, isn't this it? Tip: No one calls the police over, ugly. That's a recruiting to them - pleases me, come again.

Still my ramblings don't hate you a wraith of understanding my problem is it women? I note nothing to you but fabulous changes at my mother's upscale apartment last month - each noted as secured by me in return. New kitchen from Lowe's similar to Bombay Company - smaller cabinets but exacting as one door become two; husband new car finally yes, wall-to-wall carpet in the guest room, facial water pump balloonba in the rear of yard (no test - you swallow it somb) your remembering of nothing noted new ever all well and unchanged thanks all so sweet to me the winner yet fifty-fifty clown. May God know you to me what is it mime. Crap loads.

"My Own Feelings Weren't So Clear, So I Lied About Having To Be Somewhere Else Again At About Ten-Four" 11/06/05 0701
Someone cracks over coffee ask made that ol' "blanc-titty franks in our hearts" mordage and says what of it. Hell, I choke back the tears refused about twice now to stage the erpex vulnerability 'sure, many of us took the free televisions too and why not to live up in your ass?' to sort out the gout how I'm feeling it shorts this right out no one does anything but for everyone and that says it will be less spoken of as yours are quotably remade I stuff extra shit in here too top make it harder on the know. Your heart is fine for linking up tribes in a youth-city complex rendered tight by tax torments, but I prefer the comment to myself shared with a view you got it all we seek same or without ya what same. I feel so bad anytime anyone gets hurt, doesn't eat, or looses their car keys-hair, I wouldn't bother talking up the central regions of thought-doubt we keep it simple trying it out and at all times we thought if should be a doubt. So, take the tip back and get ready for more shots sent up right in the ass while the tidy talk forms in the after-mass parts of the crockery loom. We never wanted to hurt anyone or even meet them out ever, and per your razzle guide, will never have send for it should it come through a looping 'round the room. Zooms reaches fits teases we waste over each other a stare and this shit just doesn't pay - all of that earner-moid spatz for no photo enlargement I see hair when leaving it there. I laughed at you crying over it all dumb each pantomime I torniquet.

Mine zoomed right out:

i have my friends
my family
i have my friends
i still have me


he found it funny they all want to piss on her...narcissus we are both ugly


i am still connected to nature


It's all basically shit but as waiting for our sharten to retort. Try "That's not what's in my heart now two slights at a nigger's silm hand" - matches talk to talk like two cam heaters raving at each other and burns barely with right up the shout.

This was the ravings of a crackary madman if to mislead or ignore it all again too until your cangil reports on get you shot in the fucking head while rasping about. See shit domes over it all.

What will you take now, Bitch? How about taking you out to a someplace that will often so lend? I'll make sure it never actually matters but to cause off in it both will defend o' cashes of at my heart.

The Problem With Fool Is 11/02/05 0726
Yes, we turned all of clocks back (rule "spring ahead, fall behind" right? 'i' after 'c') and only after I called the phone company to certify the actual noteworthy time (I don't do anything like that what is very official here or across the board without making sure I have what I need and is accurate...the computer? no, I need it in current voice and paid for). However, the last few weeks has seen my favorite browser system to ever - Netscape, verily - a mite sluggish while they pass out version eight point oh (8.0) a maximal use of to Windows-type systems only. Thank you, no - I am OSX, if only, and at home. I thought about wandering the delays due to "corporealing" (a drawing of the system in to you - all thoughts made and here pass through to ever like a salute and-if "to provide our services accurately" they'd say) for not recognizing 8.0 at-call, and I surely didn't even want to be bothered at all knowing to that because once a beta or something else ridiculous pre-test left me with just a browser and I need full-on "Communicator" (HTML at programming, messaging somewhat, plus your e-mail - a fool's pair of dice) what verily allows write-see (no, I write often but never read your stuff...) and thus may get fucked by changing too soon I think people women get cheap but won't say. Rather, I'm all outside checking for staples and thus pressure kinks in my DSL line currently detoured around and over construction and maybe with intertstate commerce woes too - Q: "Did I get fucked bad in the ass by too many upload-refreshes by Doug Moon? Do I pay for that in and of myself?" A woman is always measuring me at a faith in dollars and cans around her while I publish photos glamourizing myself to her and in her way. So, no bothers else to me or OSX is yet.

Last Night's Dream
11/01/05 0900
Happy Birthday to my father - you're doing well with me now a very murderer of children unsaint. I went out to the boulevard no less than three (3) times last night and no trick-or-treaters came up this street that I could see although I had two (2) bags of Charm's blow pops at the ready and just like a suitor you show up to a gunshot's wedding (prior to, I licked them all some so too). After watching tv and seeing the grandest mock of costumes on the news Channel 11 Fox, I went down to the boulevard as blocked off now with full-on food concessions along lines and thanked them personally as no one you'd have to know. One a little man as gold pharoah the one I liked best on tv I told "Yeah, you're so cool I just saw you on tv - are you being paid?" That's God's life - you see and you get to know them all immediately. Then after a little nap back home - I was exhausted and hot then - I dressed up in my condion all flannel white with black pointhood and skull's mask and made the rounds with a little woodland stick arm as bones and touch with fur. Nobody cared neither did I singing along with Madonna underneath - about an hour (1), then went home and changed all off to go down and see more done my way before someone made me fall down by stepping in back of me too much. My roommate was the usual drag, but went along with anyway bitching all the while and because I tried to keep bits of my hair shorn on me in a plastic hanging ID pouch from backstage Cocteaufest 2004 to alert you to all may unseen my recent haircut makes you soar away only now. We are special to you anyway honors all to the missing Fraser I love folding up pink papers and such from the payday advance office and looking official with what hanging around my neck. What else? Macaulay Culkin stood with at a bar entrance as a brilliant "suskind" and I fell asleep making up other names for that with him in my mind laughing what a jerk. You know, creme bar shorts on as spandex, with reds painted along and a hat that curls back like a big horn of Dr. Seuss red and white stripes - a queer and very tall in platform shoes. Really nice eyes though with long lashes...compelling. I asked who was Marilyn Manson who rode down the street in a brown plywood box as a terror-vision if that was who he was not certain "That's my sister" he said. Universal makes people do this and also has them interact heavily or else no bargain next year. Marilyn tried to hand others a video tape bloodied and borrowed back after mutilating self in hatred of days done. Thanks you. Blue Nike cap is this no take your own fucking pictures the end.

A few days ago, I asked sneaky blacks in the head what causes (after noting blueberries in my french toast were made to feed elephants off your property for a while...makes you can fat, and heavy moles so what live with her anyway):

blue eyes - "drugs when you are little" (that's too dumb! - they think Jews made them this with foods like poppyseed meal what is baby heroin seeds, no such thing is from graftings only)
moles - "having your hair pulled"
baldness - "a [harsh] stab to the eye"


Did you know you can get coin-operated washers and dryers at Sear's right in the basement? Yeah, I was just there and I always delight to something new, e.g., nice inflatables for the pool..."you're all The Brady Bunch" with a solution-minded pay phone on the wall ("hey - you never show those niggers being adopted by white anymore, huh...would Marcia?" - but seriously, for apartment-type owners and such then unruly houseguests, kids). Check it out Alice - a real good assortment, prices too and all real official-looking that one dark hole in front very Orwellian, very Rachael Ray (that's Stephanie Yakelewicz incognito again - hi, we'd pay a buck for that show at each viewing of...we like that heavy-set woman who giggles too but that's another story so proud of it).

More on 11/27/05 1157: That one odd "microwave" on Rachael Ray's show is actually an "autoclave" - used in a hospital central sterile supply and doctor's offices to steam metals clean and perfect instruments under heat pressure. They make drugs with them too like methyl amphetamine from pills (you hafta let it all cool after two [2] hours in hot water there for six (6) hours after that roast or it's like metal hots in your face and thus cancer if you're punched in...six [6] hours like a tampon cools off in you). The biggest round window on door shows you heat by being white in, the little one shows  you red for hot water being used. You don't set anything but the timer out front - it controls the rest but underneath and may burn you bad. Theirs is by Siemens Gammasonics you'll see. I like to see a microwave done that way soon, however - maybe with her name right on there. Yes, it's Stephanie for sure no matter how she lies her mother is comic Tracey Ullman. That other Jewish-looking girl with the wide smile is model Paulina she's so captivating looking like an Onassis she is. BTW, I know him too Aristotle - real cute. He died and came back too - nice boy.

Download iTunes
of course I'm petering out no pun intended...but i heard a great new song at Aah's again
a male singing someone said 'aqualung' with jangly-type guitar
who's that?
i'll be back...videos too

A NEW ONE FINALLY ME! Lisa Shaw "Cherry" Cherry
Gusp - the reveal at this song a mind over made is the 'cherry on top' or rise to having a woman join thee as well done over. A kindness to me never sees, but this one gentled to me after your speakings of by. No rush thanks you if it was said. It was...thanks.

Carole King "Jazzman" Jazzman is from her "Super Hits" collection with "Been To Canaan" and "Sweet Seasons" and plus will add "So Far Away" my other favorite see Dire Straits again with me too. Carole has her own story here and in-fact. I thought she was one of the members of the "King Family" of Lawrence Welk fame and here goes: "No - I just hated them for not letting me in - Tobins again" (Macaulay Culkin's mother "Mary Hartmann" - "the lapsing back is real..." per him LOL! but now with deepest respect and my college roommate James' mother we've met - again a tyrant with "up and adam" and all, but knows what she's doing anyhow is Martha Stewart's sister too). Anyway, The King Family folded with real fame for the Tighe's with tv's "Emergency" and all (her husband mostly) and that was that - no Kings, just Kingston above Princeton. Carole's name back to is "Sheryl Bennigan" and she is living in "Tuscany, PA" she says. Hi there, finally. Carole says she played Great Adventure in 1978 "hot & stink [demands "use an ampersand]" - a dream-like showcase always excellent ever I argued - but I musta missed that one. I went to see Roberta Flack and Christine McVie treated so well both dressed in brangeres - and why not her? It was too soon for 'adult contemporaries' then. We weren't there yet. Maybe Carnegie Hall yet on. She, Carole's, never really played there ever (alright every year on her birthday Aug 10 - she owns it all trust that).

Creed "My Sacrifice" My Sacrifice I've been waiting for this and the best song ever by them from the "Weathered" LP (2001). Yes, my cousin Eddie "Vedder" (for "Vetterlein" - Barbra's street) Moon sings this too. Fuck them all. Barbra's on "Ellen" when's that today? Pre-taped in front of no one buy the interview 'old' on tape 'by mask' they say and paste together liberally. My aunt is so mean to this, but they Ellen and her only met one day last month at the Princetonian Diner run by yours truly, George Clooney ("If you tell anybody I work there, I'll kill you - I hafta work there in the back.") His grandmother owns it on Route #1 in Princeton, sort of. She goes "Yeah, after thirty years of running it too" - "Frank" left it to her ("for eighty years" he said - and he continues on then "she'll be there.")

Soon - records I looked at often in the store, but would not buy, like:

Berlin "Pleasure Victim" EP
Lene Lovich "Flex" LP
The Cramps "Psychedelic Jungle" LP
Split Enz "True Colours" LP for "I Got You"

and plus Joni mentioned earlier...junk junk

Don't Leave Us So Soon This Month Is Gonna Be Great Maybe Even With Photos Of My Feet And Taken Possibly As High As My Underwear - Oh, Alright Straight To October 2005 Then
If patience is a virtue, you'll just wait.