How the other half lived...

The great chinese lanterns I got at Gelson's for like three bucks ($3.00) roommate won't let me put tea candles in them once fears fire...I do it anyway spilled wax at everyhow.

A splurb is there at the door ridiculing faith, is having faith. "We are real" it may to says forth.
I now have a four-dollar ($4.00) throbbing skull with springing eyes and natty hair activating at hand-clap but is hanging on the mailbox for at-night too.
All from Sav-On with treats made us and secured tightly on lower metal hook in multiple places with small black cable ties a fright seen.

The ol' bamboo curtain at right from Bed Bath & Beyond is a great sexual ghoul snakes of dirt and a ghost of mind.
We've saved up enough candy bar wrappers for the free Hershey t-shirt offer and to date. And, as then ordered? His will be York Peppermint Pattie, mine, a Reese's.
Three fifty ($3.50) shipping and handling only and twenty-five (25) wrappers sent. We get three (3) candies for a buck ($1.00) at Pavilion's, usually.
Now see that...I keep some questions afoot and prove it to you real.
And also know that my pumpkin lights burnt out after two (2) years' time. Rather than fix, I bought another cheap set of headhuggers (purple tombstones RIP, foul) at Aah's they intermixed nicely.

Notice the decor and feel and sound with wires strung orange and black light some...simply artless.
At right, see my makeshift cardboard and plastic-sheet manifest an outdoor-type gaslight burner coming, or then disposable waste basket with sheaths.

That orange globe above entry - now affixed with paper fruit bat - still beckons us even during daylight savings times.
The gate on right and God over says "only blood rusts in metal" - and to trust that the house number painted to glow in the dark now somehow later.