We now conclude our September presentation...the dregs to await us October 2005...don't worry...I never get tired of my own self-interests and being dumb with you until I know why I don't bother it at all. The songs stuff makes me feel bad inside said too many times now...oh fuck it someone new sees it someone else living better at plus being else someone not me. Maybe something slipped by...be sharp if you can't know for yourself at once said. Don't be dumb.

Romeo Void "A Girl In Trouble (Is A Temporary Thing)" Girl in Trouble (Is a Temporary Thing) from the "Warm In Your Coat" LP (1992). Says it to itself..." she takes cares of business | and keeps on moving " a brilliant song. Adds "Never Say Never" and the phrased song " i might like you better if we slept together | never | never say never ".

Tom Tom Club "Wordy Rappinghood" Wordy Rappinghood from their self-title LP (1981)...this woman is Toni's mother Gabriele a singer and apparently so manic about words, their meanings. "She's a pussycat" she her mother says and anyway my meaning below. Also "Genius Of Love" do too, then onward from "Love Wave" MP3 (7.9 Megs), "Suboceana". I've heard it all now my mention also fear "Sunshine And Ecstasy". Feel my heartbeat....

Words Words Smells Like Turds 09/29/05 1852
Words up and coming: "sinister" (you ask others to stand by while you create, note others for being noted - asks 'expect what next of me?' French...sits, listens)..."emeriti" (a female of long-term business standing - 'almost merited here' it says - never male)..."alumnus" (a male of long-term has-been and is as standing - never retires from, no females ever - a gay sex of). What if "conundrum"? Two (2) persons giving and taking asking different of each other at once and as no friendship...one wants sex, the other wants business or firmings. A queer is made here acting out on. All by request of. Mine -  Doug's at once? "Sinister" is always planning against others. "Emeriti" is like alumnus, but worked there not schooled there as such. "Alumnus" was schooled at and still associates with freely beyond any graduation from. "Conundrum" is going 'round and 'round with someone over submits to and contingencies 'if you do this, then this loss occurs' type shit - will not accept your answers, a dog given to chasing its own tails.


Just painted the clear glass globes on our outside porch lights with orange tempera paints (the Crayola paints from Target). Simply luminous...will at once wash, flake off. "It [the paint] won't come off - you'll see." Bitch - the glass jars each may cost all of two bucks ($2) max'd. Now see that we are holiday peoples.

Morrissey "Everyday Is Like Sunday" Everyday Is Like Sunday from the "Bona Drag" LP (1990)...like the individual Beatles...is better off done alone?
I wanted "How Soon Is Now?" by The Smiths "Hatful Of Hollow" EP and all...pretty much the only thing I can stand by them.

Staind "It's Been Awhile" It's Been Awhile from the "Break The Cycle" LP (2001)...shoulda been first howsay. I'm singing along a babyfat...me or Sean howsit.

for they know not what they do - do you see that yet?
Presenting My Signature Replacement For The Holy Cross The Peace Sign A Multicultural Plane Crashing At Once Surrounded By Turds 09/29/05 0536
Put that (indeed the old logo from Newark International Airport EWR...now "Liberty" some of junk) on the newest of altar...it'll do 'how you did it' to me and all. Just got back in here yesterday night at exactly about nine ten (9:10) p.m. right on-time and where are you? and now we can continue our seances. Trip news, fully September 23-28, can be found - with other lacings, of course - on our message board. Shop often at the very interesting Sky Mall - I got the catalog flying and they speak of no service from thou. Check 'em out. Tip: Cab to West Hollywood from LAX? About thirty bucks ($30.00) with two fifty ($2.50) surcharge at start for making him do it. Cheap for that fast fling. My fare came to twenty-seven dollars ($27.00) exactly to my door with that and all fare stated electronically on-screen, and I gave the guy thirty bucks with a three dollar ($3.00) tip included for angry rides only. He's all "the fare is thirty bucks" and I'm all "what?" I threw him - as maybe me my mind unwary - another buck ($1.00) at the trunk to go to hell with my easings still in-place another fifty cents (50¢) for the city plus that original charge adds back in unseen. The fare is always on-screen, but this Asian so crazy to me now go home eats to your tip.

Facts: I arrove at LAX at about eight ten (8:10) p.m. yes, on the ground and as on-schedule and though we took off a half-hour late of, their lies kept us in the air unmercifully. I was in my home and undressed you at exactly one (1) hour later. To truth. Hi to "Michael Jackson's assistant" aka "Jeremy Piven" with that hat on...this the guy from "Rush Hour 2" who gets called 'Sweetness' in my script he was on my flight all run-on's hi hi. Is Kelly David's (a co-worker of mine at UCLA Medical Center) father remade, reborned Paul Davids. His about the airport logo above "it's all very cheunge [say chi-young]...'young and old' [as a gay person might sing it to you 'all in sync with the times']." Adds plus: My mother's husband Eddie - his mother is now known as Greta Garbo to me. That explains the McDonald's on Route #33, kinda. "I want you to leave me alone" is her quote on planes but she's cute people want her to know her. I nearly cry when people surround me...at that Italian-American festival I came close needs drugs.

Got my just-in-case replacement blades from Pumpkin Masters still waiting for our cordless phone Battery, Bob. Hello?

Hey, Poor! Hey, Poor! You don't hafta be poor anymore! Jesus is here! Jesus is here! Welcome to paradise...Front 242: The MTA runs a bus called the "220" from Pacific Design Center to LAX every hour. Just one token paid in advance (at Pavilions we buy ours...UCLA but offering us another a discount stance soon by card use at a quarter-semester but the each) as one ten ($1.10) or one twenty five ($1.25) just on for all the way there I took it...an hour ride about through Marina Del Rey lovely and such. Nice...then a (free) courtesy shuttle to all airlines from close by. I hadda go around the airport loop twice...missed mine stop after commenting about American Eagle being "separate from the actual airline and how stupid as such." See how fast it all changes for me? I couldn't take it back home last night seeing as the bus leaves the airport area at 7:30 pm. Good enough and cheap too. More: What is a "mindanao" (say "min-din-ay-oh-hoh")? Is Spanish for "working, but not staying with [you]" - they used to hire day workers here on this street in the france or boating of it where people migrated to. That's all.

the polaris seen but on my trip too...on a truck, a semi..."a person with wings upwards" god said

That's all for now folks...see ya later...it's "have a day" not "seize the day"...not here.

Ace Of Base "All That She Wants" All That She Wants from the album called "The Sign" LP (1993). You could get killed making women look this good at song...with metaphor, at search. They are victims too. Of God - says "get off your ass, get someone done to you..."

Steve Winwood "Valerie" Valerie the best only one from "Talking Back To The Night" LP (1982). Also use badly from that LP "Big Girls Walk Away" and "Still In The Game"...."Night Train" from 1980's "Arc Of A Diver" LP. Yes, I paid folks for this record too hot off the smesch.

Alison Moyet "Love Resurrection" Love Resurrection from the "Alf" LP (1984). Was over Alison's house one day past with my mother's husband and a few others around one Thanksgiving Day. She has a grand bedroom exit overlooking the living room and horses out back. Has the strangest little girl too...dancing around with a peanut-shaped head and beady eyes. God said she was a "burgoyne" (someone who eats the dead) when I asked what he did to her so strange. By the way, my friend Brady was on the cover of GQ...hi Brady...we love you still. Congrats. That little girl - ours?

Judas Priest "You've Got Another Thing Comin'" You've Got Another Thing Comin' from the "Screaming For Vengeance" LP  (1982).

Jewel "Foolish Games" Foolish Games from the "Pieces Of You" LP (1995). Madonna's piano playing - a whirling mystic to me.

the bigger balls individually wrap
just finished the last jaw bustor of a great big bag from bristol farms - they were made of exquisite stuff, yes

Radioscopes Explained 09/22/05 1128
Ghosts here and others maybe cite the use of radioscopes when detailing transactions against me - "what are they? how do they work?" are the questions they seek and know not of. Radioscopes are heat-drawing alloys used in France and abroad that sense your presence when near, Dear. Never to project, these alloys, or metal covers on flambe, make use of three (3) times the heat draw of a candle or breath you make to have someone on film their way: without suspicions or their knowing of. Never think heat doesn't project - it doesn't - and only light will, but not with heat around like that. An x-ray draws heat too, but not like a radioscope that draws heat and light at once. Here is the key: Defrost a room first and chill it a little. Then add in light heat spray with a candle or log on fire - as then photograph all at will. Ghosts cannot be seen by film ever unless I do it for you (we've seen that here and lightly enough - they always have blonde hair too and significantly), but they know radioscopes keep others from making too many mistakes with them at-hand. They use them too for sight mostly for they cannot see our reality drawing in their own light to see. They cannot see well in a chilled room, but seek it slow to sleep there - beware of this. That's what makes you so drowsy in. Radioscopes are not made by the government - we make them, but some are in use in-town. We use them to identify folks and see who they are for real. Most are makeup and foul-play these days - so beware. More later of. My friend Chris says "You have alot of white socks in your head - we see them." That is gamma globulin (a liver fat) waiting to strike you out - for others none. Is made by peaches and hurts you none. Around the eyes? "In the back - underneath your eyes" he says. "Whatever you are - that's not real." For me? As I can't rely on this being mine or useable? "It comes and goes - you are not yours. Know that." It gets used and put back, I'm told. I'm real enough but wouldn't go jumping off a bridge just yet. "Some woman comes and takes it out all the time." My mother - she poisons people with it if her spirit wants too - "for hurting us." He continues "I don't know what it is, but she says 'you're going to die, but you'll be with us anyway' over and over." Her mind in the spirit world is locked to 1943 when she was born (she descends in-part and then in-form - has no real birth here - 1941 is not her real date - falsely understood "I was made three [3] years old..."). She kills us for this. For us being here. Chris' brother John says of me "he's a 'hindio' [as 'hurts other people, asks them not to hurt him']...but kills them wildly - for pay, like. I'd do it too." People who strike at this are an outrage to me (something you should have never gotten being here and faithless, really, in it - an very unlearned bad faith even), but I thank them for dying right off for it. Is this God's world, God's hate? God is a jerk-off and you know him little. C'mon - He is God - not you, but bigger, badder, but and far better done than seen. A bigger joke, maybe? Get real...the world...is real. I want to love, but "I cannot love you and keep you too." More from less of it heard: "You don't belong here - you're like Superman." Yeah - that's it a bigger fish in a little pond a great god-level joke. That's who we are-were - old fucks who had it all zillions of times weighing out the options God another person hates them again. A ton of lard ensues unfair for you but showering forth. So what? My family (ours and ours) - is chock-full of old fucks - and rules to you again and again but I don't like them either. Makes up new stories for theirselves to deliver me from this. "They are divine." They are cranked in the head, unfree at it. Unfree ever.

Madonna "I'll Remember" I'll Remember...me too. From her compilation called "Something To Remember" LP (1995). Good stuff...when I sing along you know I am her the very madonna.

every other to be noted leaves some on the shelf -  see nothing good for you
i used to travel with dramamine for motion sickness coupled with heat...and now this brings no sickness?
oh, brother...the only thing worse than having cash to spend is having what you make on-hand wthout almighty dollars borne to legitimacy's sake...so to keep yours then
oh, yeah if water makes a bit of the mick it is immersion liquidas...a vial is saint only read no other...perhaps a little linseed...to fuck yourself...why would i have you when jails aren't full enough of it?

We'll put a little something in here to break it all up...our last full day together IN TORMENT & IDIOT HELL for a while yet. We'll talk about radioscopes later.

Whitney Houston "All The Man That I Need" All the Man That I Need as originally from the "I'm Your Baby Tonight" LP (1991). My ex-friend Timothy 'found' this cassette single on the bus I still have it here. Bought the CD too - we all had it so glamour to her. Now to find out she is Timothy's sister Cherise...her father is Franklin Towers a bassist of sorts in France.

Billy Squier "Everybody Wants You" Everybody Wants You from the "Emotions In Motion" LP (1982). Lots of good stuff from him on that - is also AC/DC's Bon Scott in voice and deed if deceased in tone. Also get title song "In The Dark".

Rick Springfield "State Of The Heart" State of the Heart from the "Tao" LP (1985)...i've done everything for you - you've done nuthin' for me. A "Tao" is mandarin chinese for "a towering person [in prestige, wares - what they can provide you]". The 'tao of love' wouldn't be right as understood to mean "temple"...'the tao is of love' would be right. Now see that. "We asked a chinese woman - we love china, but see their faults now - disinterested in me altogether" he says a flame of it yet.

Billy Idol "Hot In The City" Hot In the City from the self-title LP (1982)...I like other stuff too...this guy is a riot...lives in the past...says "it's better for me."

Everything But The Girl's "Wrong" Wrong from their "Walking Wounded" LP (1996)..."Missing" Missing from "Amplified Heart" LP (1995) " and i miss you | like the deserts miss the rain "....

That was then, this is now:

Neilsy asked me for to feature some classical - I like Mozart nobody cares:

Molto Allegro from Symphony No. 40 In G Minor, K. 550  Molto Allegro from Symphony No. 40 In G Minor, K. 550
         Album: Everybody's Mozart
          Artist: Academy of St. Martin in the Fields & Sir Neville Marriner

Piano Concerto No. 21 "Elvira Madigan", Andante Piano Concerto No. 21 "Elvira Madigan", Andante
         Album: Mozart Greatest Hits
          Artist: Various Artists & Newton Wayland

Mazzy Star "Fade Into You" Fade Into You from the "So Tonight That I Might See" LP (1993)...Cowboy Junkies with ace production.

Concrete Blonde "Joey" Joey from the "Bloodletting" LP (1990)...god is a bullet. Joey is Grace Slick singing as are all of them.

spearmint or 'spare mint' is peppermint but lightly used and with butter afoot some
"why would your mother have peppermint?" someone gave it to her by mistake - me, trying it out
our mint julep: one (1) teaspoon mint chive (the above sauce)‚ one (1) round lemon squeezed, two (2) tablespoons sugar, and a bucket [one (1) gallon] of orange juice primed or boiled to a saucy mix (a toothpick stays in somewhat)...add water after glass is cooled of it halfway...no ice. eat it on sherbert if must...white or pine sherbert

Blond Versus Blonde
09/20/05 0603
The term "blond" is for male only. "Blonde" is connote female and a slogan of such as "do blondes make more money in sheep's clothing?" Use "blond" to describe a male perfect only and be that too. I made rain seem today pushing heats around - a bolt of lightning across the distant sky last night while walking and then early this morning too rises me. I asked mind then how to make lightning strike - I hafta dig 'a cave' in the air lying outward and then punch a strike downward in it, it said. That was Christ's method-day. I just will 'em with my mind somehow easier and nastier more correct for me. Hearing rain and in warning come, I closed the cellar door minutes ago. I just leave it open for traffic down and air under me...some peg rising up through my bed. A holiday strikes to me yet.

rentboy@aol.com or hotmail.com - do you need to see more here again? we don't appreciate your business again...i hate your shit. neil eats my cock only...we don't care about a blessed month at universal either. eat cocks bitches. i have a jealous nigger bitch running my world-stage day.

Christopher Cross "Think Of Laura" Think of Laura from the "Another Page" LP (1983) - and most notably gets "Sailing" Sailing from his self-styled debut of the same year. Great stuff is me.

Argent "Hold Your Head Up" Hold Your Head Up from the "Argent Anthology" (1976) simply is ubergroup Yes and with my patient John Ondy singing a big one. By the way, an anthology is supposed to be stuff not heard yet, but is willing to play if you'll listen again - just once more. Pays everyone involved too as no playing is required to yet.

Yes "Owner Of A Lonely Heart" Owner of a Lonely Heart from the "90125" LP (1984) "90215" is the zip code of a bank that funded the account that pays for this - Sanwa Bank. That's all.

Pat Benatar "Sex As A Weapon" Sex As a Weapon from her greatest hits LP...we were thinking of "Fire And Ice" too, but this won out here...as originally from the "Seven The Hard Way" LP (1985). Do "Le Bel Age" too another hot favorite. Anyway, freshen up with her and her new issue of same songs. Neilsy gets ten percent (10%) "no matter what" she says. Then, maybe something for me one day. One day (maybe the Stevie Nicks house up the street? "you take ownership of a city-state and blacks will kill you..." he says...yeah, that went for four grand at auction back to them - sex as a weapon...get it? someone white adds "you want lawlessness [the way you live]? there ya go.")

More of 09/20/05: The houses on this street are full of ghosts - we let them live wherever blacks and mayhem strikes. Ghosts serve to keep black populations in-check (a 'paycheck', of sorts) because it is them unwanted and unfree of us. In exchange, ghosts get to come and go and be free too for hurting what hurts us - I give them points against and for hurts. To withhold, to know what to do and to who. Ghosts are not real? They are us and you and quite real here. You either pay the city-state (the owner of the house as yet) money to live here (as perhaps property taxes are paid but to you - we keep ours somehow in exchange and spend on whatever we want as seriously owned by the dead), or you pay taxes in exchange for the same thing but with folks who live. Banks exclude certain types of folks from living with you with exchanges and we help them hurt you too for declining fine neighbors. Ghosts are real and we watch what we want to watch, but if you think you have privacy, you do. Trust that. I lost mine here, but see you using me fondly anyway you slice it. Have a day. P.P.S. To banks: Some of you close and re-open. Not with me. I take all of your assets down the drain with me and we open new ones against you with featuring ghosts and the undead. Trust to that. On our specific example here, you get to live in that house up the street for six (6) or so years at that cost and may stay thereafter, but back to bid. Do you have the cash? The climate is unsturdy, but is a holiday any way you die of it. "It goes to back to a banker - I see it" says Neil. It goes back to a brokerage house (a cash-lending institution - on-the-fly maybe). Who is that to you? Pay your average of taxes and loans in a house that costs you nothing more if untouched while there - you put your money down and get your money back soon enough without involvements (if all is to be yours). Morely, or have us here - we like sex and fights. West Hollywood has no state taxes of property (in sale) - and neither do you. Why? That's what ruins homes here in California - nine (9) counties still use that well - ten percent (10%) or more at purchase (for 'dearegents' or people who take too much from too little made - still me again).

That 10% tax? I'd just pay the fucking thing like fees in - who cares? You have it. The added-up price of - so what?
Ghosts need a place to be too, but unfree of you...adding in.

Just In Case You Been Wundrin'
09/18/05 1859
This was our household cookbook growing up - the one my mother (and I) used (when she was away at work and at evening classes): "Betty Crocker's New Picture Cook Book" about 1961 or so it said. A snap-ring binder within hardcovers, the illustration style within is called "wazil" for "wandering pens" and is French - you know - pastels painted on-top with Rapidograph-type technical pens and slimly artyoung. Things like the Eiffel Tower and glass menagerie-type stuff made of black wires perhaps like ashes remain. I love the style of to this day. The cookbook itself taught me, among other things illicit, that eggs continue to cook even when they are removed from the heat, lifted out of the skillet. Now know too. Recommend eBay for a copy of what's good to you, and remember our lesson on decorative doilies on and under plates and as on the end of a poultry's legs - tells people in advance of asking that they are welcome to take of - not just fancier fittings, there is meanings and keys. Remind, Bristol Farms has 'em - the poultry 'manders' - near the meat section I mean.

Individual scenes from Betty's cookbook featured (a comic book of sorts - isn't that a great idea?): one two three four five

Word For The Day 09/18/05 1821
If "electrocution" is but a push away, what is "elocution"? Steps toward. "I don't want to listen to his elocution if I can get there faster" is the example when used. Someone said Catholics are rich people. We think better-bred follows elocutions to the law and breaks nothing on the way. A gem, really. Notably here, a "pentacostal" ("every fifth day") breaks no laws, but is a Catholic regaining faith. Ordained Catholics honor sabbaths generally by theirselves, we'd say. Key: A Catholic is confirmed to Christ and does as they wish - a walk over you. A pentacostal has been baptized, but fell off along the way. No Catholic needs to follow the church after being confirmed, we'd say. We are his. Give less, be less for it. "It's not meaningful to us [as oppose all said]." We know this already. A Catholic has a soul at confirmation and is sorry for everything. We know. By the way - few rules because I said so and like a world made over a world. Meanwhile, I comb the Earth fastidiously for Christ's followers who don't honor me my way with lips buzzed - that leaves here a god's heaven forcefully. Yeah, everything dead and in stillness you worship a graven image - we got that for you too.

Key: Baptism makes you worthy of being here - original sin is arriving to me unannounced, new - a very trespass; first confession makes you worthy of receiving Christ; first communion begins your life with Christ as further receiving his body or mind's keep to you - fosters greater retentions of learned at being; confirmation and of a life with Christ - as yet a giving before receiving - gives you a soul in nominate and ends your tutelage with so. Other sacraments (gifts from God) not as spoken to here - making more of the same with others, further cleansings to be sure of as with and per such. Please, Honey - I was an honor student of the church - commemorative pin and all blue and gold arc - and defy its meaning to you yet.

Again, a soul to me is just a lightning rod for - sees better, gets better. I don't like the idea of having someone better than me as guide because they are unchallenged in a life above us. Instead, maybe bumper cars - those without souls or such by agreement maybe just getting the names right connect to a lower power grid, while my soulcar-accuser reaches a higher more power somehow. My car's pole goes upward out of all traffic, just up a bit to get on-top of it, and heads in downward to lick lightly but drink apure. Gets away faster, hits your car harder. Actually, the power exits your wheels, comes up mine. You lack feeling sometimes.  

The Face Of Fraud Lives Through This 09/18/05 1348
Read on for further of disgust (I need to cancel this fucking account anyway - not a fucking cent received to any date - note that too; go ahead - cancel it bitch and I'll cut your fucking head off soon enough):

Dear Douglas Moon,

Thank you for taking the time to write to us with your concerns. I am happy
to assist you further.

After reviewing your PayPal account under noomguod@pacbell.net  carefully,
there are no payments received for that amount or buyer, and the
transaction i.d. is invalid. This email notification that you received
asking you to update your account information was not sent by PayPal. If
you have surrendered financial or password information to a suspicious
email or website, promptly report this to the issuing institution as well
as change your password and security answers on your PayPal account. This
can be completed in the Profile section of your account.

Please forward any contact information and/or emails from this individual
to PayPal at spoof@paypal.com

At PayPal, we care about the security of your account and financial
information, therefore, we offer Security Tips that allow us to work
together to protect your account against fraud. To view PayPal's 'Security
Tips', click Security Center located at the bottom of any PayPal webpage.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us again.

Pamela Anne
PayPal Community Support
PayPal, an eBay Company

Original Message Follows:
Form Message
customer subject: Is This Real? Someone Sent Me An E-mail
customer message: Additional Information: 'ou've got cash!

 Gayle Witherspoon sent you money with PayPal.

 Gayle Witherspoon is a  Verified buyer.

Payment Details
Transaction ID:

View the details of this transaction online

Shipping Information
 Gayle Witherspoon
23 Great George St.
Westminster, London, SW1P 3AA
 United Kingdom
Address Status:
Thank you for using PayPal!
The PayPal Team

PayPal Email ID  PP4580557'

You should fuck yourselves first - or I will.

By the way - thanks for nuthin' Gayle Witherspoon.

Debbie Harry "French Kissin' (In The USA)" French Kissin' from the "Rockbird" LP (1986). I had this record and this song is hot. Also you must get to her "Rush Rush" from the "Scarface" soundtrack (1984) and "Heart Of Glass" from "Blondie" still a kicker to me from "Parallel Lines" (1978).

Electronic "Getting Away With It" Getting Away With It (Full Length Version) from their self-title LP (1991) featuring Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe of Pet Shop Boys. A great multi-record this, I wanted a song called "Gangster" for you too...but see "Patience Of A Saint" and "Disappointed" elsewhere I hadda have 'em. Their LP so good to me.

tina's mom as angelyne with her cousin martinn smyth of detroit
at a wedding in france

Another Angelyne Sighting
09/18/05 0833
Saw miniature blonde bombshell Angelyne last night walking home from Sav On or Trader Joe's - she had her pink corvette (a '96 cougar model - low front) from the eighties in perfect conditon yet parked on Santa Monica Boulevard at the Normandie Room heading west. I waved and said 'hi' to her coming out of the shop and mind over said it's just Tina Ivans (aka Poison Ivy Rorshach of The Cramps). I died in the head then. I asked her just now "did you have scar revision?' (to went she a c-section for the Harry Potter girl Ashley) and she said "no, it healed well." Good going. "My mother and me do Angelyne from time to time. The car is rented from my father's firm who sells them usually. Fake plates."

The Cramps "Songs The Lord Taught Us" Songs the Lord Taught Us - the only one I considered newsworthy of.  Like that song title I just heard in the head - "Rockabilly Hillside". "Elton John made that. I have a copy of it somewhere (in my father's truck)" says Tina Ivans "but he takes the middle out." I kept looking at the cover of "Psychedelic Jungle" in the store after that one Frankenstein-type video-song "Goo Goo Muck" was shown continuously on Saturday afternoon tv with the likes of an early Billy Squier and Blondie - they are worthy for that. That stuff is Don Kirshner's showings.

been wundrin' about cocteaufest 2005 how it went off and all september 8 in toronto
mind says four hundred (400) attended at studio call after nine hundred (900) tix sold
she, her says "i wish i had that - drug money"
little me says "me too" + "give me your love"
i blessed last year's event here in la after leaving and sad for me i knew no one
my friend said wait for paid events then you get all you came for (see six flags friday sept 30)
my mind said homeless-type people benefit here - so ok for new plumbing but with group taxes afoot "we take half, about"
that ain't robin...robert gilliford with karol weiss ? as mender who is liz talking only when usual a switch-flippin' bitch...robin is sean nettles in real life
i'm gonna be home soon, sean
will we love?

you might want to think about a trip to vermont...see triple a for a triptik maybe
now is that time of year...see jodie foster's 'flightplan' on my honor day...no coincidence
as you recall, me and friends took a trip by way of stopping to boston to bennington, vermont though not much there
it was november 1 or such and i had just read 'the bridges of madison county'
no, that came from me my travels
we said 'fuck this' after staying one night boston was so cold a day before
copley plaza and all paul revere's grave boston commons mcdonalds at the edge of
we swung over and across upstate new york to have niagara falls and toronto instead
loved it coldish and rainy such at night, a wax museum, italian restaurant, sky needle
then down through new york state corning flushing etc.
you'll see that maybe
ours from 1986...the salem, ma witch museum on the way to boston....cool for now
you love my haiku...personal venture of but in front of you...an insult yet

Barry Manilow "Weekend In New England"
Weekend in New England from the "This One's For You" LP (1976)...could this be magic?

'flightplan' is about a woman who gets her dead daughter back while flying her jet-black coffin home from france
after many a frantic search around a big plane in-flight, the daughter turns up in a seat alive while her very coffin rests below headless still
'mom, i'm here - calm down' a punishment of having hauled her daughter to france unawares and uncaring an accident struck her down
never ask me why it changes...i don't know and wouldn't say either
a jodie foster film is worth the bother i'd say...she has kids at home who hate her success too
poof! she does three (3) films for one million dollars ($1,000,000) these days

When It Comes To Reciprocating Saws You Better Place An Extra Finger On It
09/17/05 1450
Madonna had her annual birthday smash last night at Pacific Design Center one month as per usual from her holiest day (August 16 then becomes September 16 - she never misses it) she says and now a bunch of you know her better than ever yet (she missed two [2] of these functions so far - we know it now pass it all on to an HBO function tonight). Never to worry - she won't sell to me these days, but she'll be back at my call while treasures decline her again. Meanwhile, went over to Pavilions and got me a handy-dandy reciprocating saw - ostensibly for pumpkins her lifeless body - to use around the clubhouse these days cutting weeds and stuff for at about nine bucks ($9.00) only. You can visit the manufacturer at Pumpkin Masters it works on wood somewhat (you hold the blade to see your way done well if - from on-top, on the bottom - whatever you do, so do it well enough with).

Carmel "It's All In The Game" It's All in the Game originally from the "SHAB" soundtrack (1988).

Two Soundtracks To This Day 09/17/05 0841
Of various artists "Cool World", "She's Having A Baby". No others noteworthy or founded to be. Please don't ride my music mentions around town - nothing is that great. Keep it light, incidental. In the car, please. Forgive - go back to that time when you didn't know anything of what happened. Forget, receive there as primary offender, never bring it up but remains indignant yet.

Foreigner "I Don't Want To Live Without You" I Don't Want to Live Without You  " live without your love " from the "Inside Information" LP (1987). So pretty, I.

Fleetwood Mac "Landslide" Landslide from their debut LP as named after them 1975. Nobody had them before that. By the way, I do Stevie Nicks in-person like one does like I am her - until the music's cut off, that is. Hear me do it once and you too will be swept away by the great north wind to Puerto Rico so cold to me. This whole album jam-packed do "Sugar Daddy" and others too "Over My Head" and "Warm Ways" are mine also. If "Tusk"? Have "Think About Me" I love that one. "Rumours"? Do "Songbird" by Christine. Her - "You know, they're gonna demand that we play and I'm gonna kick your ass. They're jealous enough."

Bryan Adams "One Night Love Affair" One Night Love Affair from the "Reckless" LP (1984). I didn't really meet Bryan (real name is 'Wilson' from France) at the 28th Annual Grammy Awards, 1985 (when they actually had a show), but I stood there in the lobby with as he signed autographs in a small group of - nice man (my mother was all about Pat Boone...OK! Weird Al was there too) Then Mr. Mister "broken wings, kyrie" came in the door the red carpet and all and I simply had to break away....never know me.

This is yesterday now. No, I can't sleep with bored ghosts around and their emotional-sexual needs. One of them in hell was trying to interrupt my pleasure-taking yesterday morning...however, unsuccessful. Trying to keep me fresh for my visit with my mother. Like you, she don't care. They're just getting to know her too much her new elysian and all I will rob you in the head for this.

The Jets "Make It Real" Make It Real from the "Back to Back" LP (2002) with honeys Atlantic Starr. I love this girl's voice. Then get their song "Private Number" Private Number I had it 45. Some say I still do. Psst..."Make It Real" is better on the second record switched out as not re-recorded. Now see that. Also I love "You Got It All".

no, imagine sitting 'round the campfire at night the head propped upward, being hamlet and with his mothertalks, midnight karaoke on the dark lawn scaring pests - sing it to the bone
no less than four (4) voice modules included with just six (6) "aa" batteries under the cranium-scalp do it all: 'robotic', 'alien', 'monstor', and 'amplify'

Dear Diary Today 09/16/05 1908
Gave away my refurbished turntable (bought for only five bucks ($5.00) in Trenton, NJ, but with new cartridge-needle plus cords, adaptors amounting to little I won't make back and off you) today for ten bucks ($10.00) at some shop that specializes in DJ equipment and havings on Santa Monica Boulevard my gift. One day I'll just buy a boxed speaker phono at a home furnishings shop like Restoration Hardware a better ideal (for now, a pre-holiday Brookstone). So save on this stuff young spinmeister the thing is placed with you better. With the cash proceeds I ate lunch at McDonald's combo meal #2 two (2) cheeseburgers fries with orange drink refill - no connection to need, thanks, though I needed to be sported eight cents ($0.08) after ripping off Rite-Aid for eight (8) of their own brand "AA" batteries (for my talking-singing skull Boris just placed out now for the upcoming holiday). Didn't have enough at all for the Big Mac combo #1 at four dollars nine cents ($4.09) for starters or pre-tax...see Aah's for that skull still it was forty bucks ($40.00) a coupla years ago. Everything will be fucked around with when I get back from my trip so say. Right angel Hull? By the way, the guy that was here when Terry got home was Microsoft's Bill Gates who died at Cedars long before now getting a lung from some woman (her - "he needs it still..."). Get that? Mind says he was 'guitarist' Phil Collen of Def Leppard too. Get that? I told him - and he's really shy about stuff, but around me a long time now, like years of just being really mean - "you know who I am, right (in this dump how could you miss it)?" and he found out what I think about who he is plus being scared by my vocal vapors continuously having to explain what this and what that is to feeling types. Everyone hates that knowing of, but you get to see my lies heard here too.

harry potter is older in the new film...a goblet of fire make soap
my top girl told me she got paid too and all is well! she cautions three (3) more films besides this, though - can i handle it?
hi tina...mike

neilsy's actual skull retrieved by madonna and friends a week later or then after offer from phones in the street "his dad i guess"...a wallpaper

Need A New Coffee Maker For Only Fourteen Ninety-Five As Payable By Check? 09/16/05 0917
Went to the Gevalia 'kaffe' site to sign up for their coffee club yesterday. Check it out - they'll send you a new coffee maker (looks like full-size - yes, at twelve [12] cups) for what's above (we chose white and the first suggested blend of house brew called "Antigua" okay). Someone says Dan Moon started this company with the queen helping through Elton John and went broke somehow earlier giving their gift, but you pay for the coffee makers over time with small coffee purchases issuing. Good enough for me. Our older coffee maker a Braun (ten [10] cups) always tastes like someone put cigarettes out in it -  no matter how clean you issue it. The name is for "jeveale" and means then "picked at the height of season" as in France. The name was on a golfball, Dan says. Toni Halliday says Gevalia is simply "the best at it. I use it all the time." Got "Hellworld" yesterday on DVD but hadda stop the first few minutes in 'cause the boys within are cute and in dire need of assistance - complaining from other present a toad about it all. A body shame is watching.

Update on 09/21/05: Just got my Gevalia brewer by UPS at the door and just now...making some coffee too the very first of the season. The bitch is big too (wait to see the box). They charged our credit card last night just fourteen ninety-five ($14.95) as said. I even used the little clock-timer to brew...it starts the pot the very next minute you planned - e.g., I set mine at 11:10 am to start at 11:13 am, and it started at exactly 11:14 am - just the moment after then. It kicks right in, though, and I'll be enjoying cups all day long now...brillowing my teeth for my upcoming visit. Keeps good home a fine gift if you keep the brew. Our older Braun now available for immediate pick-up.

REM "Drive" Drive from the "Automatic For The People" LP (1992) - " what if i ride? | what if you walk? | what if you rock around the clock | baby? " That metal pinknob on the cover we call "the north star" - it wanders waving through a stall of cattle punchin' heads and poking out eyes (don't worry - they didn't get the real ones around the head somewhere...not like they was gonna know anyway - what knows, runs). Also I use "Everybody Hurts"....I loved that a lullaby. Others favorites as needed: "Losing My Religion" from the "Out Of Time" LP (1991) and something called "Radio Free Europe" from their "Murmur" LP (1983). Again, their producer Scott Litt? Comic Drew Carey.

Seal "Crazy" Crazy from the self-titled debut of 1991. He's done lot of stuff I like - "Future Love Paradise", "Kiss From A Rose", "Prayer For The Dying" to name them all - but nothing has topped this first one I think. We say "major markets" (major metropolitan areas) have this stuff and love it - not just "gays". That's where people who care about this 'winner' music are - in the cities - and with a very urban jungle in look and feel. They won it all for theirselves and have this to celebrate it made.

Swing Out Sister "Waiting Game" Waiting Game from the "Kaleidoscope World" LP (1989) - yes, I bought this one too hadda have it.

these are fuckin' perfect cupcakes mine were yellow cake though - bristol farms has them loose but expensive $$$ at the each a dollar twenty-nine ($1.29) - i paid four forty-nine ($4.49) for six (6)
someone new said they come from entenmann's shop...yup...and that is pepperidge farm both
got me a ny strip steak panini there at bristol farms last night and ate that...some hot pork sausages...grenadine...can of raid...that was today at pavilions

HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN SOAP        June Thompson

You need:

about 6 lb. waste grease        a pan to melt fat     
    (animal fat)                    a cloth for straining fat
1 can lye                           an iron, enameled or stainless
a wooden spoon for stirring     steel kettle, quite large

1. Melt grease and strain through cloth. You can boil the
grease in twice its amount of water. Let the impurities settle,
cool and lift off the fat, if your prefer to straining.

2. Dissolve the lye in 2 1/2 pints of water in the above large
kettle. USE CAUTION! The chemical reaction of the lye and water
makes water get hot and dangerous. It will burn skin or clothing
so proceed with care, using rubber gloves, and do not splash when
adding the lye.

3. When the lye solution and grease are both lukewarm,
add the fat to the lye slowly.

4. Stir gently, but thoroughly for 15 minutes or until its con-
sistency resembles cake batter. A chemical reaction between the
ingredients takes place called saponification and solution becomes

5. Soap will be tan in color, fresh and clean in odor. Borax
may be added to whiten soap. Then vegetable coloring and per-
fume of your choice can be added.

6. When soap is the consistency of thick batter, pour into a
box, or mold, lined with cloth. Be sure and protect work table
with layers of paper or foil.

7. Mold or let stand for 24 hours at room temperature. It
should cool slowly, preferably with a cloth over it.

8. When solid, remove from the box by lifting the cloth.
Pull cloth away and cut soap into pieces. Soap is gentle to hands
and finest fabric.

9. You can add 1/2 cup each washing soda and ammonia and
1/4 cup sugar to the lye solution before adding the grease for cleaning
power. The sugar should increase the lather.

GOOD HARD WHITE SOAP        Helen Jentoft

5 lb. of leftover bacon or        3 pt. water

    pork grease                    1/2 c. ammonia
1 can lye                            1/2 c. Borax

    Melt grease, strain through double cheese cloth to remove
any residue. Cool the grease until you are able to put finger in it.
Mix the lye and water until the lye is dissolved. Then add ammonia
and borax. Stir until mixrure thickens but not too stiff to pour.
Then pour it into a cake pan or square mold of some type. If the pan
is lined with a plastic wrap, the soap will unmold easier. Then when
it has set for 24 hours, dump it out of the pan and cut it into bars
using a fine wire or taut string. Best kept in a tin, covered. To use
in the washer, grate bar fine on a grater or scrape with a knife.
Careful with amount, it is very sudsy. Good for any cleaning purpose.


Use a glass vase or pitcher, preferably one that does not
narrow on the top. Fill with water mixed 3 to 1 with white vinegar.
Add a package or two of ordinary moth balls, and carefully shake
in a teaspoon or two of baking soda. Food coloring may be added
to match your color scheme. Surround the base with flowers or greens.
The action of the "magic moons" will last for hours and mystify
your guests as they rise and fall in a graceful manner. Use just
enough moth balls so they won't crowd as they go into action.

"Smells like a ripe ol' pisser in here."
Terry's mother lies - she made all of these recipes and had a book published herself with the army women who were making these names up with her.
"They wouldn't buy nuthin' from me" says the father who made his own castro convertible and brought it home as shopped - the wife lubbed it (all are made this way by the army who sells materials only).
I myself used to make clay volcanoes with baking powder and vinegar...you don't need no electricity...and though I prefer professional services.
You can boil candle wax and peanut oil (1:2) for hours as liquid Crisco and a few melted candles of treasure to in a glass with other candles shining on.

Again, these from "A Book Of Favorite Recipes" as compiled by The Women Fellowship, First Congregational Church, U.C.C., Grand Marais, Minnesota circa 1974.
Minor key: lye is hog jowls; borax is corn husks ground up; ammonia is chicken shit distilled into gandes or half-strings of it made watered.                          

Portishead "Cowboys" Cowboys from the "Roseland NYC Live" LP (1998)...I call it "PNYC" - a great song here " did you sweep us far from your feet | reset in stone this stark belief "...lyric - it's important here. Really, it says 'to so steal their signs and start felique'...in other words you took our money and told us backwards how much it was worth. A felique ("so as few can understand" in French, a statue like artless deco mostly) you look at it and cannot see what it is - you'd hafta ask. To avoid the scrabble-say of it - everybody likes the word.

The Fixx "Saved by Zero" Saved By Zero from the "Reach The Beach" LP (1983).

You know, I just figured out I was made to honor a sabbath of August 29 through September 14. To have made all of it die twice. No one gets anything of use from me - ever. Start it now among blood and borned rapes. X

"Go home, Doug." Ever get your nose cut off blade up snot?

country time lemonade meets blair witch - bewear a rubber
'night train' (as 'you ain't so bad after all')? 'i'm not gay but my friends are'? nope - 'fifty percent of nothing' again
like herb-shatterly's 'morris'

Fantasies Do Come True 09/14/05 1908
Get a load of this shit - pretty hot - coupla country queers trickin' a nation with fancy talk on Bareback Mountain (really it seems charming - folks just like me "he ain't got nuthin' to give working it out and all having given other people our word" - they had it too good is what it is). "Stay off my side Doug Moon." I thought that one guy Jake Gallendahl was is k.d. Lang in da skies - BEWARE THE DROUGHT! For the record, I love Josey Wales Clint Eastwood the best unforgiven killed in his wife, child - he kills people like I hate them dying, and not alot of talkin'. Heard he believed he was that for real like it was him...made it himself 1976 about. Clint's boys - that one with the eye I like him - star on that "Smallville" stuff people playing with colors on-screen.

Was Getting Some Cat Food At The 99¢ Only Store If Asked Them Not To Shit In Strips Under My Window 09/14/05 1627
After I went into Best Buy and found out that a computer microphone has three (3) bandcords on it the plug (ours, just two [2] - an error to be corrected yet) and that Westinghouse makes a superior color picture tube (I see gray grids on all screens...a bad thing for me...I wouldn't ask for better as post-modern and but accept this), I went into Target and saw they sell schoolchildren clarinets, trumpets, flutes, and violins. See that. The violin is one hundred ($100) even - all are professional quality in grade meanwhile the new bras so form fitting...for the girls outward not me. Wrapped Terry's little birthday gift in a clear rubberine today - seems nouveau to me. Something new and sleek I clipped from a soft page protector with white edge. The gift (a pair of black-metalled hair scissors to be paired with electrics involved no conduct or see well for other use) comes in the door and is surprising yet. A tray of six (6) beautiful cupcakes and a little girl's birthday card about fairies with cut-out dresses and furry playmate eats well here. No little girl goes without because of us - fuck her own choice. We check for standards and of available and think if better is possible. We make sure she gets the best and by consuming while others wait to see know or the same cupcakes rebuilt continuously in the mid-air since about 1953 arrive by hand-truck within scottles. Our best to yours bested. We'll be over with a basket of your own homegrowns for the fifth time and soon enough your son remarried to me. Please, we're not Jehovah's witnesses in the hightower - we know you now. Mexicans go "It poisons you if you buy those [intended for kids - like with hormones and stuff]." No, we ate those already - see my health yet? Please, you'd ask for tips from me first. My rule is to take something special and intended for better folks - perhaps a cupcake with a flower on top - and eat one a day when I work. A little something for me. Yesterday while eating canned soup in the morning as preparing lunch I told Terry "you know, some woman made this [because it's so good like we made her do it, like we made her give up her secrets to me]." Made a beautiful turkey meatloaf yesterday...potatoes, carrots in the ol' dutch oven nothing leftover yet.

A while back, I told you a 'fake' tree up the street had pomegranates on it without even looking - seems dumb yet maybe peaches. I saw bright red all over today so I took a walk up there and sure enough pomegranates hanging all over it with rich crowns on the bottoms each of. No, I just say it from afar looking at without checking but there it is so strange. On one day, I'll give you a picture of Dionys (a rich cluster or mostly a crown of shapeshifting banana palms near a big brown telephone-pole cross in back of the houses across the street) at work after we art her with the mind's suggest. Never to worry - "I'll be back" it says. "He can do it for me - we're getting bored." More: Bought me some grenadine from Rose's last night for homemade cherry cokes another blood rite. Usually, I, a Giroux person. Same stuff nothing ever changes. Fact: All applesauce is from pomegranates or then have brown lacings. P.S. Any fruit pulled on the bottom is for sauce only and as hiding fruit from. I just ate some shitty plums from Japan each pulled on the bottom into a point, and now reject firmly as plum sauce waiting for. Now you too. Get the delicious red plums my maternal grandfather used to grow himself with those raspberries mentioned - he knew better still.

Eagles "Those Shoes" Those Shoes from "The Long Run" LP (1979). Wanna kill yourself with feelings for? See their hit "Take It To The Limit"...feelings in a song are just placed there by us above - what we liked about it says something we like to you. Don't get all caught up in your switches flipping in the heart-head and along these lines - they'll kill you dead with cry. Grow up. Sees "Hotel California" as best overall but heard by you way too much.

Kiss "I Stole Your Love" I Stole Your Love from the "Love Gun" LP (1977). I was gonna say the greatness that is "Sweet Pain" from 1976's "Destroyer" LP, but this one clipped it up first. Then there's "Hard Luck Woman" from "Kiss Alive II" (1977) or the studio version for my mother. One more solid mention is "Strutter" from their "Very Best Of Kiss" collection (2002).

Six Flags Magic Mountain coming soon to you anyway? Odyssey Adventures [a gay time, thank you] on Friday, September 30. We were gonna go on the first some...rents a car. No, cheaply done in a coke can at Taco Bell - they close the park at 6:00 p.m. for this private happening. Buy it soon - your meth, I mean so discreetly. Parc news. Someone asks "where to go if a straight couple?" Orlando - period.

How Psychic Works 09/13/05 0954
Was walking up San Vicente to Sunset the other day and there's a billboard for this wine called "Red Bicyclette" but on the lower right the billboard says "Wanna ride?" Psychically in the head and just for the moment as first seen, it looks like it says "Winona Ryder". That's right, and how it works being psychic like me. A quick take reveals to me something not really there and then a second look at is to know more or less what's actually there in print. Apparently, she makes this wine and at home in the Napa Valley yet. Your code? No thinking to or from me. Not yet.

Howard Jones "Like To Get To Know You Well" Like to Get to Know You Well from this the "Dream Into Action" LP (1985) the title song if missing MIA....ask also "What Is Love?"
Thanks again to Fran Ermi who played this shit new to me while we alone in the car..."it was nothing to you, but it was everything to me" - if yours again?

The discussions on a "thrombo" or "thromboses" was an argument here yesterday. Someone unseen said a "thrombo" is swallowing your gums (your 'langs' - spell it 'langes' slapping at your throat) down in a stringy pack after licking and sucking sheen? To me, it is a blood vessel blown in the head or neck seeming - maybe a bleeder under the skull that you can feel pulsing at first or as comes then a black scab curving over in there now. Actually, mind over says the "thrombo" is from choking to death on something - so theirs wins maybe not mine. Mine is a "vascular accident" from stresses, heat - what my mother calls it. The "neuro" or "neuropath"to me (sounds like a geek, but is somebody bothering you and is unrelated here not sure) is a person who keeps feeling things for others (I call it a "turd feeler" - a sadheart always appreciating other's feelings on things or their offerings on topic too much - a junker, a garbage-picker as to be against me) - god over says "asks others how they feel about things all  of the time" or someone always trying to link it all up somehow their gift is? The "vascular accident" is mine and the neuro and the thrombo. No, a "psycho" or "psychopath" asks you to think along lines with them (they won't cross over to your thinking no matter what) too much, asks you to think against yourself all the time. A "neuro" is someone who feels too much for others only and to be nebbing outward. Weak, ineffectual. A gay? Some of that. A gay is god's guilt - they live well against you and offer you peanuts in exchange for living next door helping old people. On one day, two of them with fruit and vegetables from their garden standing at your door. You are old, you have kids - a way into your heart. You call it 'thankful'.

Key again: mental is never reached by you in the head - you can't get in that; insane won't take care of theirself; manic is all push outward and leave no room for you - all push, all the time.
No, I pull over so you can waste my time with your idiocies and regularly. An idiot? Asks you questions you've never heard of..."where is the rain?"..."who made a sun for me?"..."why is god here in me?"
A retard turns inward from having to know or you. It turns away. Conversely, lucid (not a good thing yet) sees the light, but not yours. Coming to.

Genesis "Taking It All Too Hard" Taking It All Too Hard from the "Genesis" self-title LP (1984) also "It's Gonna Get Better". Also to "Turn It On Again" from the "Duke" LP (1980) and "Abacab" the title song from that album (1981) also do bigly "Me And Sarah Jane". I had them all you changed "Dodo Lurker (MP3, 4.1 Megs)" on issue (" i didn't | i | i didn't do it | i | i | i didn't | i didn't | i didn't do it | i | i | i didn't | i | i didn't do it | i | i didn't..." some englishman in court....he ran over a woman's head while she slept under his car at night - "usually, she heard the knockers [of the engine]")  but I have that here through the wires and, but stole that first album one from someone I knew....

Devo "Deep Sleep" Deep Sleep the very first liquid tv song from the "Oh, No! It's Devo" LP (1982) " i awoke the moment i was told | that a smile | is just a frown | turned around | on the face of a clown with a mean streak ". Review here: "Out Of Sync" from the same album but earlier you.

Speaking of liquid tv, a new movie based upon my favorite feature in that is Aeon Flux and it looks pretty good. December 2 - see Apple's site for the best showing - mind over says "that grass is engineers - not mine." Gonna see "Corpse Bride" soon too...

Brought up:
Aaron Smith ft. Luvli "Dancin' (JJ Flores & Steve Smooth Remix)" MP3 (4.0 Megs)
Guadino And Ultra Nate "Bittersweet Melody" MP3 (7.3 Megs)

Not Today 09/12/05 1445
Was out on the corner of Sunset and Highland today waiting for the bus when I noticed this keysmith had these clamping metal shells in his window showcase there that cover an outdoor to doorknob while you lock with key and toss the day out for someone. The one shown above is for kids ostensibly, but mine was seriously funny as a bad idea for people who fight people over daily and fairly. Unless you padlock or key enter lock (they'll put broken glass in there). "I'm gonna change the locks while you're gone" as now gets "I'm gonna put hardened poles on the outside of your wrought iron security doors while trying to poke the corner of the inner-left porches/stairs out" and/or "I'm gonna run a basic hard chain through the house and padlock it both sides but slimly on the way out in the back." Chew through that, Coyote. I'd hafta throw a chair through the front window to get outta here in a snap as it is. I'll be slapping at it with the bottom of my medusa lamp. And your planned fire exit? How much for that first lock on the lip? Thirty-five bucks ($35.00). I'm about taking away your say...your manner with it...been thinking about you too much like a black in jail. "The smoke alarm will burn your house down." They work it out like God says...in time. In time, while I'm away. More on 09/15/05: Just stopped into The Pleasure Chest yesterday to see cheap lube and glow-in-the-dark rubbers: Heavy metal chain is from two to three dollars ($2-3) a foot, new. Now see that. I've seen bolt cutters - two c's against one 'c' in the middle but turned around backwards and all both on gripped poles - snap-twist the metal on a heavy-duty padlock just like that, but not with grease on it. Where? At Public Storage. Madonna told me she loves driving around with these in the car and breaking locks just for fun.

Phil Collins "Long Long Way To Go" Long Long Way to Go from the "No Jacket Required" LP (1985) a deep downer inside sung with Sting like Mick Jagger sang "You're So Vain" with Carly Simon in there - just in the back a bit, but heard quite well. Adds "Another Day In Paradise" from "But Seriously" (1989). Review here: "This Love, This Heart" from "Testify" (2002). He doesn't have the biggest house in Beverly Hills (just right on Sunset) for nuthin', you know. Neil says "It isn't the biggest, but it is the best. Someone bought it."

Rufus And Chaka Kahn "Ain't Nobody" Ain't Nobody from the "Party" LP or whatever...this one I bought on 45 in 1989 or so at Tower Records in Westwood still hittin' it and as right on the Warner Bros. label after years plus now vintage. I hadda have it ever. Bitch, this song is from 1976 - it's that good. Rufus is just Rod Temperton and friends...the white guy in Heatwave her husband still. P.S. See their "Groove Line" - a master hit from Heatwave and Columbia House.

Erasure "Blue Savannah" Blue Savannah from their 'world of' comp "Erasure: Pop! 20 Hits" (1992)...tend to these also: "Breath Of Life", "Am I Right?", and "Chorus" that song an album a great one to me circa 1991, 1992. When someone walks away from you, they leave you a horizon of possibilities....a 'blue savannah' is this. A 'savannah' is a shortcut to home (listening to others really well does this) and need mention my favorite cookie (a peanut butter and shortbread) by the girl scouts and their new company, Burry (a chilly response from you if none sought). Erasure's biggest song ever, their signature: "Oh L'Amour".

I wanted Bob Seger's "Her Strut"...see the others here. How does this linking work? I have to petition every song featured in writing each with passwords and you must go there to see all details sought. Our language is tricky, but no independent sales means you see nothing here but there. Now know. I don't get paid for looking either.

The Groove Line Heatwave "Groove Line"
You're So Vain Carly Simon "You're So Vain" - adds there "That's The Way I've Always Heard It Should Be" my favorite ever...sweeps. About Warren Beatty, Christine (her real name) says "I met him one day and he really made love to me - my eyes. I like that - seeing the truth in it. We made love and he put a turkey baster up in me for the fourth time with lead and ammonium nitrates and I felt loved. Then I died - and that was that. Here's my song - someone who loved too deeply for that one call home. Never again would I submit - and so what? I died being famous really. Have that." Warren says "Yeah, you love me - so what. Lots of people do and that's real, Babe." Got it. I saw "Heaven Can Wait" in the theater when I was younger James Mason reviewing him at the gates of Heaven and all and I simply understand. "He's a palsy." Toni Halliday and I love palsies and demand a few be brought in as kids for the show (see "Showgirls"). "They just need to be trained" as hers. Back to Beatty, is Mark Rusnock's father Andy playing it down, vacuuming his hair. Worked at Marshall Maintenance (construction, tractors) when I knew him 'round 1976. He's Shirley too - nice people - welcome.

Yesterday - unwelcome, uninvited. To me, "unwelcome" means no longer feels the door is open to you. Then "uninvited", a specific date kinda, means don't come after all. Usually a pinpoint in advance now as withdrawn. God over says "women are 'unwelcome', but may need to be there. 'Uninvited' means [for a man] don't come ever in advance of being there and invited. Men versus women again."  Beatty says "Is it clear to you - that's really habberdashery [what you do - as in being too fancy for the occasion]." What I do is exchange symbol for symbol cheaply and by agreement to be understood by all who listen. All of this crap boils down the semantics or then favoring wordplays among the few paying for it off in the steaming of the street and you better know what uninvited means or get your ass kicked up to higher meanings and as paid in-full. Cool people know this and are not challenged at all when pulling you down in-between tears for theirself. Back to sense, we agree what we understand is real.  There's always gonna be people fucking around doin' a 'gavotte' and trying to be better than you as we simply get all what we asked for. We do God stuff here to laugh, sing - to see if anyone can know me better. Now eat that your wife is more like me we like to fuck and think it all over as perhaps aside a few. I like having better, knowing what that is. Better does more with same.

dubblemint twin

Another Hot Lesson
09/11/05 2119
On your gumball is written "made with, among others you call us over about, 'phenylalnine' (a your word - I think that's what I heard you say...) um, this from the study of 'phenylketonurics' is that right?" Say the second word (and it's spelled right for me) "fee-null-aruhl-kennon-sicks" to mean in Spanish "keeps it a secret" as "phenylk carols" or "feebled ways made sure" (not best: feel your way through, but "feeling around, cannot see here"). The world of wood esters is not real - this the hooves of horses not real. Gum is bananas period and wheat is gluten or gelatins made. Hooves? Never know - a smelly wood at best if cooked. Bananas are all gum and originate in Brazil...they hate people fighting them over good tastes and good times. From Brazil is ours mostly excepting Wrigley spirits gum - made by the dead, usually, for teeth and bone strength. Orbit gum orange pack (we skipped the pink one) is in my mouth right now a great sale at Pavilions made me five (5) packs this day each flavor known to be mine four dollars ($4.00). Orbit is about me too - mine really.

In fact, I would have little Orbit gum packs printed up in white and lace for my own little wedding - the inside of the sold pack so elegant yet discreet two in order as foil-lined. Like matchbooks. A mint flavor within, perhaps...you'd have Dentyne with push-pill packs inside like birth control or glow-the-dark rubbers with your brand-label faces on the top. A glow-in-the-dark nativity arises...illegal in France for being scary. See the idea at Halloween.

happy 9-1-1 when i lost my home my jeep being with you here...can't say it matters to me yet...no offence...cheers then...mine is beautiful as made by me, thanks...i have black bumpers on the bottom, a square cut from the bumper sheet lifted from keeps the screw in the center upward, stable

Donna Summer "There Goes My Baby" There Goes My Baby as now from Donna Summer: Gold" (2005) - originally served by me on the "Cats Without Claws" LP (1984) I hadda have it once heard....

Would I Still Live Here?
09/11/05 0805
To yet "If I had all the money in the world, you'd never know it." - Doug Moon
Maybe a new Jeep Wrangler with reclining seats (mine used to move forward as a whole unit) and air-conditioning (why not?) Soft top again, but with better tooling for taking off toward the back. Please, I gave people their dreams made perfect here for years already celebrity-type lifestyle except living in Beverly Hills north of Sunset. Sure, major Hollywood apartments, drives on Mulholland (pick it up on Cahuenga near the 101 before Universal City...drive to Laurel Canyon - that's enough for you stop by the little conservatory parking over the Hollywood Bowl for great views) with the top down...sure. Where are my sniffs you ignorant lazy bitches? Back to making it sense for others, wanted to give you Sheena Easton "You Could Have Been With Me" at iTunes today what led to Pretenders' "I'm Not In Love" cover from the "Indecent Proposal" soundtrack - they came up banks, so I'm thinking about Alanis Morissette "Uninvited" from "City Of Angels" soundtrack you just can't win...back to Elton someone there whines to me with threat about new stuff being left off. All informal, of course. Oh, well - we'll get around you and leave you for dead on the lonesome roadside again all of your stockings pulled off.

What did my first Jeep cost me? With trade-in of 1981 Datsun 210 sedan for one thousand dollars ($1,000), plus five (5) years with Ford Motor Credit at three hundred fifty-two thirty four ($352.34) a month equals twenty two thousand one hundred forty ($22,140) as agreed to at sixty (60) months then. I had that fully from September 1987 through January 2002 when I hocked it for some. A good choice made some.

The Datsun? One thousand ($1,000) cash down, about one hundred eighty-seven ($187) a month four (4) years - so, nine thousand nine hundred seventy six ($9,976). Change to Nissan America.

The '95 Honda Accord EX with leather (sage metallic - yes, at new)? Five thousand ($5,000) cash down (sold another car - a Toyota Corolla sport model on the street for no trade - with plus savings made no problem at all) plus five hundred ($500) even a month for sixty (60) months: thirty five thousand ($35,000) - paid the bank off in cash coldly, snottily in after a threat taking - they stole it eventually with keys made (however is white-scared, and thus always insured). Nine (9) car-stealing niggers dead to date the car now rests comfortably in the North Atlantic off of Novia Scotia (where all is legal - the bank closed on me we see) dropped from an airplane nine hundred feet (900') up with one of yours buckled in. Eat my shit over bitch. Sandra Welch - a Puerto Rican cunt - dove it. Yours?

To help you see yours maybe one day out there...how much you pay in-total outward is what matters. See yours - I never drove anything old yet, but would if I had to I guess. Also, who are they making cars for anyway - old fucks? They hafta to sell to someone maybe you too. Good credit? That's not unreasonable, but ask anyway. Maybe your parents fucked people over too bad livin' it out already. 

Why Would You Get Mad Living Here?
09/10/05 0905
If I'm channeling in the other room (and speaking both parts tongued fluenty, likeably), my roommate gets mad. What's the insight? Sounds like someone else is here in the room - at least one other person and more than the tv - when we do this and we don't get much in terms of exciting company. Add fact, be curious. Dumb terms (from the 1950's) from a woman's joking e-mail to him but corrected some (boring me again - her own sex stuff is not this intriguing): "dirty sanchez" means excepting yourself from present company to see if you like anyone else you may see - is much of gay cruising; "teabagging" - the woman's e-mail suggests someone's balls hanging in your mouth while you just laying there -- a fool is not made easily enough here why would anyone like this stuff? -- a person who eats at your house asking little of it or to see more of you there (as in sharing a tea bag as not to be an additional unsundry or belittling expense nothing you can include as yours - note to you but on the side of my own bed: buy something light to eat for the both of you first). More later. Teabagging is looking to share everything brought in? No - that is "consome" in this lingo - making little large enough for two. The giggle of us between if my roommate should hear while "teabagging" to me from in the back bedroom. We are not this - a life taken soonly - we care enough and frighten easily of trauma or taking from. See me cry at once. Another great game I like to play along with singing songs on-the-fly but in Spanish deflect a ridicule of them: Someone cites the name of a traditional dance or "new wave" and I do it for them on-the-spot as named by them to hilarity amazement I personally know nothing at all - I show 'em like I know, like Paula Abdul knows. Fell on my ass once too but laughing...don't be so perfect at everything though...leave room for others to say and feel with. Laugh with, my observe.

More of them to finish (the first being God's answer always right ever, the second is what Doug would write on a test being given if at once - i'm very fucking cool and smart too - top that, be God or a geek asking just if it's you yet) :

1. Dirty Sanchez: The act of sticking your finger up your partner's behind and drawing a nasty-smelling mustache across their face. There has even been an upgrade to the dirty Sanchez, where you draw the mustache with a penis or dildo following anal penetration.
see the above - and remember, 'dirty' is need of attendance has dust, use -- 'unclean' is not to be sought again as is passed on with less appeal than when received;
a toilet unflushed is 'unclean', not just 'dirty'
doug: a bad deal - you enter clothed...comely, leave naked, used, unsatisfied - you brought everything and received nothing you want - you leave with less then when you arrived
if a sex act, would be sitting on someone's face with a dirty hairy ass; no running water, huh - and to quote my friend robert - a delicte - from 12/25/93: "i'd eat your ass if were cleaner...." 

2. Deep throat: You probably think you all know what this means, but I know a few college kids who got it wrong. So just so you don't embarrass yourself by misinforming your kids, deep throating is when the person performing a blow job allows the penis to slide back into their throat, occasionally causing gagging. Sounds pleasant, doesn't it? I encourage you to enlighten yourself further through the movie of the same name.
someone who talks of others with a lot of ambition toward and against them, much bile is felt
doug: someone who takes a cock down their throat - i never do this as no pleasure either or with injury - see me just sucking it off but you licking it
is key: see my sitting on, standing over as okay though

3. Teabagging: When you, being a possessor of balls, lower them into someone else's mouth.
see the above
doug: not mine or understood - pressed says using stuff over after once intended to off being have used, being cheap by not taking another from with
my balls so sensitive off not even the shower massage knows them well
per god we keep your 'nuts' for it or jackass of the sex all the way out front - guard them well but see change come

4. Dutch oven: This will earn you eternal love. Fart softly, then shove your partner under the covers and hold them there to let them bake.
someone who puts shit in their own food by not being clean enough; a hole in the ground for beans is a 'callube' - in a dutch oven, two are fed as one - no covering for tastes is simply dirty and fiendish about it, fiendish asks you if you care again does what it wants
doug: a hole dug in the ground for cooking beans, a double-layered something in oven of stoneware of food together in one pot

hole-in-the-ground cooking for beans: a hole dug holds hot water around a pot only; uses less heat, cooks over time - from a fire nearby the water is heated
dutch oven: in the center of town, people bring pots - the idea is clearly separatism involving blacks...unusually distaste for here again - your pot is on a round rack with others cooking no interfere but fire; a picnic center only

an oval 'dutch oven' honors me this at williams-sonoma
i saw a pale green one in the store this past weekend at beverly center - loved it labled as such
the french oven has a plataend or triangles raised in the bottom

5. Queef: A vaginal fart. Air comes out of your vagina and makes a pleasant sound. Music to my ears.
a woman asks you not to notice her bargain or odors - any odor of her...makes reference to her bad teeth knocking on the door of your heart aspoken off - actually her lower gums a crown of horns
doug: a woman's fart...spell it 'queaf' as rare, makes me queasy when two (2) become one (1) twisting out as when wrought to - a formula 409 by god himself
like any inner tube, punched fresh up, mind your psi (pounds per square inch - take your ass out sometime, when it rings...a dog cannot not bark bless the beasts and the children)

6. Princeton rub: Plain and simple, this means dry sex. You probably participated in this in some way in high school or junior high. Vertically it can be called "grinding" or "freaking," and horizontally it's called dry humping (the rubbing together of two bodies until orgasm without penetration).
two (2) 'alcohols' mixed as one massaging of you - the other is piss usually, and asks for a date if noticed - the queen uses it still in her armory of stills against youth plaguing her mind as 'you've already done me - why not less?'...will not cause you a pneumonia if mixed properly 2:1 - however, a bit rich for may tastes we suggest less is more
doug: no intercourse, just rubbing together naked two dicks very nice if no anal sought - i like it much, babe - we in convention call it "the collegiate"

7. Titanic: Someone who performs oral sex on the first date. Get it?
a lesbian of infirmities - however, we don't honor this one as true and teaming with - simplists
doug: a whale of it seen, known to be sinking only

8. Rainbow kiss: Performing oral sex on a woman while she's on her period. Yum.
you have food in your mouth, further asks then for clinical semen - junky use of a hate word
blacks again here hating white into their mouths bad breath where we cannot know strengths or weaknesses...what do you see coming and going? bad breath is never classy to no care - eat that first then me later when i'm dead...again...proper: light jesting to the basin if necessary..see gays do it well with 'honey, please...ici pordou (is it me)?'
doug: interracial slumming, making it happier for else seeing on

9. Tossed salad: The eating out of the behind.
you and another eating butts (no noticeable excrement or thanks off, usually - maybe your ass is here anyway and with warts what causes shit to appear too much) on others - women talk this
nothing makes a virus bloom post-anterior like the digestive tract, see excess washing in the cracks, topically speaking, that is - use less of ours seen
doug: nothing for me seen in here - alot of radicchio

10. Titty (fill in the blank)–ing: This is for those of you who think cleavage is amazingly hot and resembles a vaginal crevasse. Basically, the boobs are squeezed together and p
makes one friend bite another's ass with hate acts - make you a hate for you - a titmaker - women do this with each other as spanish-influenced and stupid kind of
note: no one does anything for anyone but self - is it yours yet? it's mine to know of first-hand a friend of the bitch sort of - remember people are real, they know much of it too
doug: simply women with their breasts exposed - lightly assuming
ruling by god over again: 'no ducts'

i don't believe in any of this junk like I don't believe in long hair and earrings on men, like i don't believe in talking about drugs (unless instructing in cares), but is from the days when you get your ass kicked being understood so well....ahem.

not enough? more dope yet

A favorite of mine now out...on DVD...there's another one from June 7 called "Deader"...ours is American-made...theirs is England...choose one soon. Choose life, then me. More on 09/13/05: "Deader" I rented because the other is missing in action; "Deader" sucks bad - no money, no mayhem just more psychological crap leave it off. However, Curve singer Toni Halliday stars with Kevin Shields before he died in 1998 (he lives me here in my house as a spirit, as in my family - his father Steve McQueen is my grandfather's younger brother pure Moon boys are cute...not just bastards) this in 1996 or so with the same cast of others Neil and Sean (both Moons) - Toni (another Moon?) confirms herself by being Curve in jeans and chainbelt at the end scene. Junk though as psychological, not sci-fi. "Quresalec" on the taxi within the film in Bucharest means "keep reminding yourself with interiors - don't make me honk as such". My 'ex-lover' Todd Serfass is in the film too on the metro wears glasses - hi, Fool. Next...the one featured above will be great I promise you. P.S. Toni says principal shooting was in 1993 mostly then some later on. All Kevin Shields from 1993-94. A lover of hers, really (Neil fucks her from time to time) stand back they both watched with me here...is it real? My whole backyard and nest stocked with the unworthy of me, but it goes on for miles in their heads looping up and down as such like swirls away. Just a bit heaven.

review of 'hellworld" on 09/18/05: no, no. more junk - hellraiser is chris ondy's dad by the way in make up "i pay forty grand in and make fifty grand back" he says - not this tyme...is the guy from the first alien too lance henrikson...this worthy of watch however - one of the boys is toni halliday's brother marc another (the all-new rod sterling of 'twilight zone' fame) far too short-lived as classy cute but okay ("i'm blond for one" - a heartbreaker both dancers at trenton state these film in princeton, nj every time)...so someone died the plot too sticky for my interests onward never know.

the best hellraiser ever? number two (II) flatly - see one first and slowly...pinhead has nails to suggest he has nailed his own mind...emotions like a palidrome (a person with nothing more to say...doug moon...um, no good) - a hershey - so don't bother reasoning with the likes of him - a black (soul) in disguise. chris ondy (elvis - one of madonna's idols - a gift yet) had the nerve to tell me yet he's rupert everett the face of ayds dying itself...and why not?

Suzi Quatro "Stumblin' In" Stumblin' In originally from the "If You Knew Suzi..." LP (1978) - this taken from Smokie's "The Collection" with Smokie (aka Bernie Taupin) and Chris Norman (Elton John) co-starring. A great song to yet ever.

Andrea Bocelli "Con Te Partiro" Con te partiro from 1997's "Romanza" LP - the title means "[to my love] we never parted"...Carmina died - she fell out of an open window during "a quake" and broke her little neck.

Where Does White Vinegar Really Come From? A Sour Foot? 09/09/05 0920
White vinegar comes from rotten orange seeds only - not grapes, not potatoes or pickles theirselves. Orange seeds were kept in a box for old folks who needed a little sour with their food in order to taste anything due to cuts and stuff from beers and labels (this of Germany, basically). Citrus is all sour, basically, and you can test this for yourself, Lemonhead. In this case, you mash the six-week old seeds left in the dark with a fork and cook it all until rosy and bright with pus and drips - six (6) hours, usually, on an open stove no lids. Then filter through (an Ash or dogwood) charcoal what keeps color and scent from liquids, but makes Jack Daniels shiny and clean. That's a vinegar too - so healthy yet. The sours remain and clean enough. Jack's has maplewood in there too to discolor, make fragrant. They hafta add linseed oil to make alcohol-like, but hardly it gets you drunk until rhine wine is distilled with it and for hours. All drunkeness is this - so see. Even flavor vodka is not just potatoes what use for flavor and needs upwards, but is rhine of hard white grapes distilled too. See. Only one (1) alcohol delivers else - that of cotton what is isopropyl alcohol only from its seeds. Egyptian cotton only - English makes nothing you'd use readily. Linseed oil, by the way, is sesame seeds cooked open and drained - maybe using my little glass pipe with the holed bulb on the end "10S" or ten (10) of those seeds at max for downward drain (no flame to touch). Cotton is squeezed to death under a heat and must be freshly used. For other friends - a household turkey fryer (electric, and aluminum - never a gas as too hot  ever but these are sold first online because it does not sell well) at four hundred (400) pressures (degrees then º) at six (6) hours length. Strap with two (2) rubber (from car outlets or then leather - it stinks though) belts to keep the lid on tight enough the pressure counts. Copper wires inside, natural sponges hanging. You get to lick the pot, I get nervous over the sponge being misused so fragrant. A single cup of taphold regular water among eighteen (18) beads (each at a box) clears the throat of maybe two (2) altogether each visit but don't keep letting the heat out...steel is spelled shrapnel - not in the backyard you own this yourself, please. Your own little wooden shack in history or place among is no crockpot of heatened gravies releasing in the home held. Maybe you cook beads inside of a cactus from the grocery store your own lavenders, soaps you make. Be smart, be safe then. "LiKe" for this please, not "LasT" year's news. Night and day, of course, and only.

Nine Inch Nails "Physical (You're So)" Physical (You're So) the hidden track from the "Broken" EP (1992) - I had this on CD and loved it hearing. You know, if I was gonna make you music by myself asking "where is god and I gave you my love?" this would be it. Also note "Sin" and "Terrible Lie" from the "Pretty Hate Machine" LP (1989, trapped in the eighties). Adds "Something I Can Never Have" - the new stuff is yours too. Silkscreened on white only - never to a stencil. The white stripes mean nothing there are none. Far simpler to make now, huh. Eight (8) of anything is for me - now see that cubic resonance is all.

Pssst: "They Asked Us Not To Let People Slip Away - We Care About Them" 09/08/05 1973
Just popped into the little protest of Governor Schwarzenegger (really, and me) and his proposed veto of same-sex marriage rights being arted by Universal Studios at Santa Monica and San Vicente for the camera there. Got up real close just to be sure we weren't being ignored over this shit with no less than two (2) signs to cover your AYDS ass with "Jesus loves straight people too" and "I love God and a gay man" - make no mistake these certainly save your asses from a rabid god-gay who hates people asking for things they don't need - someone like me. "That's not he point..." - shut up, Queer, or die talking to deity. In the meantime, I do as my lover asks of me (thanks for complicating this) and also none need fear that any 'pro' or 'con' announcement be made sane of you. To go fuck yourselves as showbiz whores. Also, I loved arriving to my own protests of the governor in and around 1987 although I simply disagreed in my mind over principle, it was fun, huh. Get the AYDS over this again all you don't see. Should it die last. Pray if God. Protest me and lose your liver in six (6) days. Be someone afraid to leave your burning house. Get serious soon. People in gay love ("dilettantes" - they love seeing others as burdened with it, visit Vermont and soon Wisconsin while picking up some cheese, othersome blacks). A gay is a god, but you ain't that big yet. A democrat will do - or lose your life to me a no-one of you. I'll stamp you gold. "We won't buy you." Does this mean I don't want gay sex anymore? Certainly, no.

Notes on marriage, from the educator's side: Marriage is about property (poverty) - real property (poverty), or land mostly (anything you can sell twice or more without use). A marriage then is legal for anyone who has this, otherwise, no one cares what you do, ever. A marriage divides this property (otherwise a poverty still) in two (2) - "you can have yours immediately" it said. That is all. The rest is yours - windsay, not knowing - not having much to say. You ain't got nuthin', but you want to manage it well - we know. Any other points? God said "whatever" - we are fools with you and like you playing along. Who cares more, does more. I don't care, but hate backtalk - should both see that. One more thing: God chose this life for Himself among all choices made me. It means nothing to you, but he's willing to defend it, its delivery of sane to Him. Means nothing really, but you'll die being different in this. "It's not the end of the world - it's not the end." Just what I want to see out of all choices made me. Signed, God - your fool forever and ever, some more. P.S. You know, in the olden days, you just didn't take on a woman else - he or she needed to have a little something, a dowry they called it (for a "dumb bell" - you didn't hafta ask anyone else for it or then). They knew better too - and today? A divorce seems cover it. When life may begins. It's the owning of others that others cherish so. The owning of it makes us less - sell some back to. An erratic, errant woman: "That's right! We had to give everything to it and be that then." Yeah, but you ain't worth much to me (either). Now you're vicious and all saying "see you later..." with extra parts missing.
Notes on FEMA (the "Federal Emergency Management Agency") I have lots of real experience with reporting and this stuff: Basically, serves to create jobs in depressed areas - like ours. Not pork, but ham - people collectively have lots to give and you sure didn't stop over here. Not true - the Northridge, CA quake of 1994 or so (Monday, January 17 to be exact, in the wee hours of the MLK holiday what simply collects and then replaces 'honest' Abe's birthday noted) paid us lavishly to keep doing our jobs and so creates jobs, keeps jobs flowing. New Orleans, a southerly depressed area with tobacco waning, needs this rainy season somehow. More importantly, we fed well - now you too. Ours: "For Every Mother Another" or then "FUCK" standing in as "For You Came, Knocked". So see, see it there. Remember, no one's mouth-wallet (yours?) cracks over a happiness in these times for you. You gotta be a little less, pitiful to them somehow. To date: Sixty-nine (69) deaths, and adds three (3) children missing somehow (their parents left them in a boat that sank eventually - two (2) boys, a girl, white). Now you know and see much more. Thanks to Georgia Plains (is peanuts, only some) - it was nuthin', huh. "We expect thousands more to die yet" they'd say. Influenza and such. Break's over and by the way, the federal government makes money happen only and funds it all - never consumes. That's state-wise or local tread. Not even roads or courts rest here. The word "federal" means "funding it all somehow" in French - yup, see "fed' erale" or for "fed around" meaning paid and pursued as else. So see.

Watch our friend Wendy Winter on "Meet The Mahoneys"..."I didn't know what to think but support you grandly."

Gary Numan "Are 'Friends' Electric?" Are "Friends" Electric? (as "they are so exciting to me!") from 1979's "Replicas" LP. Also note of "Praying To The Aliens", "Down In the Park", "Me! I Disconnect From You" and the title song then - very swahil and like snake charms. An other on the greatest hits comp "Premier Hits" there (1997)? "This Wreckage" " i call me | would like to | leave you | leave you | soon ". Then, "She's Got Claws" is recommended from 1981's "Dance" LP. At iTunes, a bit of confusion with the name "Tubeway Army" being added and left off as simply junk. Nothing anyone need know I had all of this junk (including the very first vinyl LP in white stark) and it was just something added in when no one cared and they were trying to get up and running as something new. Numan's band is like Elton John Band - that real - and is no one to know or anyone else by name until the "Pleasure Principle" LP struck later of in 1979 and made it simply formula.

Elton John "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds from "Elton John's Greatest Hits Volume II" (1976) I love Mellotron (and Farfisa) included within and on tape. "There was no bet [as with Beatle John Lennon the co-writer and as rumoured]. I just did it and he hated it - but we succeed anyway. See the plane..." - Elton as himself. Moon then adds "see the Bee Gees." More Elton suggest? "Street Kids" from the "Rock Of The Westies" LP (1975) then "Hard Luck Story"...literally the whole schmazz, really now.

Newer stuff? "Sacrifice" Sacrifice from "Sleeping With The Past" (1989) or then "This Train Don't Stop Here Anymore" This Train Don't Stop There Anymore from "Songs From The West Coast" (2001). Heard this at Christmas 2001 while home in NJ and loved it.

the finest la publication yet...and it's free for the taking here on the street

With Seymour's Eyes Spread Wide Open And Sigmund Made Me So Sorry I Asked A Bad Breath Signals Moribund Or Halting Presence 09/07/05 1427
In the LA Weekly of September 2-8, page 14, we see a soldier as "Baby Killer" quoting the aforementioned "Friedrich Nietzsche" (really, we credit author English Lewis Carroll - the queen II) as saying "the surest way to corrupt a [sic - replace with "our"] youth is to instruct him [or her then] to hold in higher esteem[s] those who think alike, [or rather] than those who think differently." Ho hum and hatheth thou slain the jabberwock? I tell kids to suspect anything different amiss and to beat it up when it presents always against you. God over says "you know what to do" - sure, all of these people and then nothing you know of. In all seriousness, I reject firmly prose in favor of stuff I like too. See some. The world full of difference, but most of it made already we'd say. Thank someone new. By the way, Nietzsche (you say "neat-she"), a black Swiss, is no friend to us, then - a fool, and spell that "Nietzche" to say "night-sha". Quote it from me instead. For Neil in makeup: "Army Bass" s/b "bastard"....the word "killer" is circled and redirected in front of word "baby" just "because I've been labled that again" by you against she. Fuck to her. Quote us to him less, my prayer. The full of Madonna now at iTunes but dicked with? No - bad sounds yet "Drowned World / Substitute For Love" this [is the] thing.

Madonna "Drowned World / Substitute For Love" Drowned World / Substitute for Love my favorite spoken from the "Ray Of Light" LP (1998)...or stay in a hell.

Madonna "Secret Garden" Secret Garden from the "Erotica" LP (1992)

this is half-mast and something special to the dead as hanging ever and never unfurled a flag
looks like "two poles coming off the [very] flag pole but shoots upward both - a place to hang your hat, red and green on a gold pole"

As a principal music enthusiast, I paid people to show me their best with album arts - all of these mentioned have been paid in-full and by me. Don't take my contributions here for granted - this stuff is well beyond radio and their constraints for bothering people and at that cost. We want people - the right people: the ones who make music and their lists of as always placing more time consumed and as enjoyed on the table - to get paid for what they do, as all they made and their efforts forward are uniformly worthless unless we agree otherwise. Wanna fight for food again while what else sits by while you lay dying? Wanna dance naked to eat dinner now smallened by your acts of? I awoke from a nap just now to hear some woman say "finally, we don't work to educate people's kids"...I don't know what that means or whomever in England, but Americans aren't cheap to make, Babe. Years and years of thanklessness in education act, and they read and write so to move our bills, and everybody likes fucking and then talking about them doing so. More importantly, they stay quite happy when you have yours in winning and they have nothing else edible so to yet. Eat that in the morning when they get up with their kids making them cry. Love, Doug Moon P.S. I pay everyone and gladly not politic - just to fuck off, just to avoid having to think about anything I do or then buy. Fact-day: People are worthless and so is their money they die easy. Who to pay next? All I get in this world is to ridicule their choices as fully-funded. Lightly I do. "We don't want families to..." We are that, Fool, and inside you. A family is an affluence, and among a conquered peoples - don't forget that.

When I hear politics - and trust it - I know everything there is to know, I think you are simply retarded trying to a cut a deal for the whole world at once. Nothing like that sinks in. Where's the joke - the part I like to hear? Say nothing by you again you are no one to know.

The Tic Tac Salad Is Like A Three-Bean Salad But Fresher Seeming 09/07/05 1229
Tweakers don't wanna eat, but worry about their breath being freshened all the time (sure - 1969 well through the 2000's). What to do? The folks at Tic Tac - a holdover from the seventies yet - suggest yellow (banana) and orange (a citrus). I like to think of green ("spearmints"), orange (just that, and my favorite here)...white (but peppermint). Red (cinnamon?) Yours yet? Think of gift-giving and your own popular of that mixes dots in a covered glass or other ornate. A popular giving to sense of. To spooning out on a paper plate at a party using a baby spoon to sampling it with fingers like pill-takers eat. Moreover, is orange flavor in fact and a mintsay? Anything that restores cleanliness is, apparently - see then banana come a very nice flavour. Similarly, my roommate is on the lookout for giant M&M's now...and why is that? Just got two (2) packs of Tic Tacs at Sav On for forty-four cents ($0.44) each (spearmints, orange - yes, I eat 'em all at one serving mostly...I'm not my mother with forgottens in her purse serving all need made). Seen the new cornballs by Act II for the upcoming Halloween yet?

One of my favorite albums ever and is here! LaTour "Cold" Cold and from the album LaTour (1991) also featuring "Allen's Got A New Hi-Fi" and "People Are Still Having Sex". Biggest hit here? "Blue" from the club scene in "Basic Instinct" - a BIG one. Again, the film's theme on MP3 from one year ago maybe today.

on the way...Neilsy said it's great enough

A scene from (Charlotte Rampling? an ace in casting): (spoken loosely by Charlotte with cigarette waving about smally in-hand and as if to Sharon Stone's character and as guiding her murderer friend her sister and a female - both women accused are psyschiatrists waiting to hear more of this character of Sharon's speak - why she is there with): "We're in jail here - you and I. She's not in jail - she comes and goes here while you walk free...sort of. I'm not free - look at me - we're here together. Is she coming back sometime?" Then I heard yesterday "She killed her family and mine. And her - look - she killed my kids first. And do you? Do you kill kids?" as "incredulous" but loosely. See more of same...her again: "Why be friends? To take a look backwards at us? We're here. Enjoy us too."

The said 2006 - and they mean it. Probably January. A hot wire with us. They are perfecting for routine or afterviewing post-market, mostly. Will be Carolco-MGM reformed and at $6M with costs. After this will be $7M with post-productions added in at then. Total will be of $8M flat - a big film spent on already. Any pictures, stills you see (Catherine Tramell in but hoop earrings with a blonde fall? never no) - Boy George is with her from "the other side" a dream of his and from her "Casino" days. Never real, with him funding nothing yet as poor somewhat...forgive, forget. Oh, alright - Michael Caton-Jones is Boy George, however, the photo and not of my key here is still put together falsely although he helped with the filming of "Casino" as producer somewhat (he directed all seen with actor James Woods - "they're fruits together" says Neil). He is also director Neil Jordan a BIG winner same (the queen is but Mario Kassar - a devil of fortunes merely, a funding agent) ..."big losses" he says a crime of his is staying, waiting on. You cannot hold up films.

What? The murders? She just really likes her - that's all. It's her aunt? Yeah, mostly - but they love each other. A murderer is free to socialize too, but they are demons (excess knowledges) now and know much people hate to know of. Needy then. Be needy too.

One more exact line from the film and as Charlotte's character to Sharon and at a pizzaria: "You know (actor pause - and for effect), you're here and I'm here (adds deepened pause). One of us is leaving..." Sharon's character and as agreeing softly, and if as feminine "....(then as nods yes) you."

A new song from this movie is advanced to you on the bottomish of my rectory page. On near the bottom - Gaudino a big pump up, you have a buzz on. "Do you have the movie?" No, I'm just piecing together the idea of it for you as I find out stuff - a big fan-type.

The Communards "Disenchanted" Disenchanted ...another I hadda have from their self-styled LP of 1986. Yup, ran out to get it this one. Other than that, hear songs "Tomorrow" and "TMTLTBMG (There's More To Love Than Boy Meets Girl)" from 1987's "Red" LP - their second one off. Coupla self-styled commies but never each a threat. The dark one is Pete Burns...believe that.

You like that stuff? Try 'similarly' Julia Fordham's "Happy Ever After" Happy Ever After (Original Mix) a bit emotional the original mix from 1988 her self-titled record I hadda have this (see the video here somewhat). Then  there's another Jimmy Somerville song that sounds like this but better called "Elegy" I want it yet. Some faggot had it at the beach (Will Rogers Beach - an only gay beach at the very end of Sunset Boulevard in Pacific Palisades) we play games with each other who has something you don't have someone died of the AYDS this is their song but brought to me by a feeling-type person lying around with their balls out.

Tears For Fears "Listen" Listen from the "Songs From The Big Chair" LP (1985) - a yet another spiritual high and all...in falsetto " leaves learning this way "....

Latest sighted while checking out and groceries at Pavilions: artist Salvadore Dali young and new as "Sean"... c'mon - I wouldn't just pull that out of my ass.

A Bit Confuse But We Care For Anyway
09/07/05 0826
Like Shirley talks to Dean, I talked to Bob "Gilligan" Denver yesterday while in the bathroom tending to myself. He said he's been firmly dead for six (6) years now and he just wants to go to Hawaii to live. Fine - fine. Regardless, we care for people who cared for us (however ace), or cared not to speak. I told him "you people never die [enough]" I just saw you - the whole cast of "Gilligan's Isle" with Sherwood Schwartz - on TV Land getting another digitally-enhanced award and that makes me mad. When is this all over to me?  He said he died three (3) times now, the first time in 1973 of drugs or/and partying. These are major icons to me and it's a bit difficult to see why and how. More later. Rehnquist? Shot during military exercises here again...and once again from being in Iran from 1976 another injury - for now. Died of "tb" last week from the same wound healing still with surgeries. Back to Denver and to his mother "Don't worry - I'm still here...and very young." More: Bob Denver is Dean Moon - the one who wrote all of that Vince Guaraldi stuff "because I was an entertainer" and I met him at Motel 6 in Hollywood last year (a great vacation spot for you and so cheap with all of the background friends Madonna cast off "well, she is the star and proves it to you and your friend's dismay [but no more now...you see it too])...he had blonde stringy hair - nice enough to know that way and he looked like the Hawaii type. Dean has been in Hawaii for six (6) or so days now resisting the threat to out him as such "I can't go to Hawaii and work - that's why they did this to me..." He was getting three hundred dollars ($300.00) a year (me: "no so much to think about here" - rather me, so little to understand yet) from the actor's union in exchange for keeping your 'real' name afoot for roles and such, and he then forfeited that to be who he is today - a mogul of sorts with Wanda Jean (my aunt "she contacts me..."), etc. This guy had his twin ("no one real", he now says - follow this: both died in a plane crash to France, 1962 ? I've had enough yet) play Gilligan the first two (2) times (of six [6] roles) and then he took over in a trade dispute (the first photograph selected then rejected for such as not Dean). "Sherwood Schwartz an army guy [and most notably is Suzanne Somer's father...last name was "Cunningham"..."Meredith Cunningham" is Suzanne, father is then "Charles" - and I quote "I don't care who you father was - who is that?" to John Ritter who father "Teses" or then "Tex" paid for much there on that set "Three's Company" but as construction funds channeled in slyly] is the meanest ever and he taught me too. A fag, really. To all: ["that would be a colon, please" he says to me then and now] leave Doug Moon to die naturally. He is that demon and hates people all the way." Be nice to me, get nice from me. Also, this star-type stuff gets released to me in natural steps away - I don't need all of this studded crap up the face at once. See the elegance here. Fact: Dean was fifty-two (52) when he first starred as Gilligan two (2) full years after returning to the world - "that was hard on me...a little role" he says. The year was 1966....

Judge Rehnquist: Real name is Donald Mard (say "mayored") - "sits around deciding nothing, but listening to things as the dead returned to here." More: Shot in the back of the head leaving breakfast at Tehran ("really England" he says "until they have a fight and can't win anything the right way...that's really who they are - women and cowards" - we assess this as being in geographical Turkey and actually). Ronald Reagan had them freed with diplomacies and bullets, but made them stay long anyway - six (6) weeks in 1979-1980. To Moon "You would do that too..." Yeah - why are you there, and as an old man (of eighty six [86] and, of course, trying secretly against folks - army trained 'to hero, not hear you') and doing what? "Defrauding people of their lives [making ammo - bullets, and shields against them]." Anyway, this man came back slowly, surely after six (6) years about and using the dead and their "techniques" left for those who reject God as such - a winner each way for us. "I made a mark in this world no one makes. I came back from the dead slowly, surely." Yeah, but you're not me and cannot say. Workin' on things again, huh.

We regard the Supreme Court justices favorably and only. Nice faces making things clear to us. Law is sound and so is their judgment until exception in you strikes. "Law is false, I am real." - His, "The law makes perfect sense and is logical. Of greater minds." - Doug Moon from experience of college-level courses - I was really impressed upon. "Always ruling for the exception." - My mother.

On logic: What we have seen to be, adds what we now know. Everybody has this ability as nothing to me. Care for people as they present, I'd say. Maybe just kills Spock again. Instead? Levies argument, gets to the heart of the matter and fast. Saying yours first and well at that. Keeps it small for you.

Associate new word "incendiary" - causes flames, may burn the house down. Actually, threatens you in words and deeds. You don't know what to do and are "laconic" (to me, "hesitant to speak") - thinking it all over in terms of you again. No, "terse" is few words used to convey you - hiding something inside. Really, "refuses to speak at all", hates you. "Flagrant" means even as others can't issue - above our means. Flying a different color as within it. "Doug, you're going to Hell [with this stuff]." - his again. No, "a sucker a day [to comes in the door]" is mine.

As Someone Who Burned His Face Off Over Bubblegum and Nailpolish Remover In The Sun And Plus Remember The Bees 09/06/05 2020
Just used this stuff (a continuing asshole) called "Goo Gone" to remove a price and manufacturer sticker from the bottom of a new glass candle holder - a green glass at level for tea candles with metalcast bottoms. This or both from Koontz Hardware - oh, sure a little gift for me every time someone around me shops for else. Sure, the stickers came right off with this citrus and oil-type cleaner (and maybe for the face - "non-toxic" but adds "do not treat clothing") and keep that in mind. I like my stuff perfect, and if you are like that with me, try this stuff it works fast, fast. You'll scour a bit, sure. "Nothing is for sale with you." True - mostly is free at this and that price. I wouldn't do it at all for you - that's for sure - and hardly permit the deliver.

Culture Club "Love Is Love" Love Is Love from their new greatest hits collection if not "Mistake No. 3" a gorgeous beauty. One day I'd like to show you more of what we-them offer album-wise. In the meantime, "Love Is Love" is from the "Electric Dreams" soundtrack (1984) and "Mistake No. 3" hails from the "Waking Up With The House On Fire" LP of 1984 also. Some say Boy George is just me and no Culture Club made no bad records and I worshipped him in my youth with pictures all over my walls a triumphant - is that you? That's it. That's all. What else to hear then? "Move Away" originally from the "From Luxury To Heartache" LP (1986). Get the superb "Love Twist" a 'hayzee fanta(y)zee' from "The Box Set" issued and there (just bought it in myself, and with real shmo hittin' the wires - so good to me and I check on the superior sound quality from time to time...still 'ace'). Great and from the first album "Kissing To Be Clever" ("[it's] better to like people [than hate them outright]" - 1982). A gay then - however, is openly lackluster when we meet. No class, but made the effort to be friendly some. More: "Love Twist" has Selassie (Maotenegroa - a queen of russian czars laid bare by laughter from her - real-life sister of the character actress playing Dee on "What's Happening!"..."she had to have the world...me too" John Wanamaker's pets - my maternal grandfather abroad many sours "playing niggers at God..it pleases Him") - - a prominent african woman of wealth who speaks to whites directly instead of at home and who was shot to death in England while entering a clothes mart in 1962 by the queen's royal guard "again" they'd say or for being "a wayward angel"; (true if we'd say and play you down loving it all - she said to the queen in full access in 1961 with warnings aside "your clothes are my clothes" meaning she'll have them on one day - the queen is known as sovereign and answers no questions like that without kills involved). Here is being mocked by Boy George calling her her own name for whites "Captain Crucial" (say it "crew-see-uhl" and as reported on tapes provided by the BBC) as making people in general do all without paying or having us. On tapes heard, she mocks love and other topics by saying "I really, really, really love you" harshly and stating in degrees of feeling as having been as useless as her love stated. A mock barely heard by others. Hers for blacks feeling off. We care not and laugh our heads off at her dying again. A fool for it in there - the queen is like any Amy Fisher just shooting at first bell. Both of ours.

Anecdote: Selassie then became San Francisco comic "Tangerine" in 1976 (relays loosely, no black can climb here: in a black woman's sexhaunt voice to gays "I put one foot on the microwave...and oh lordy!"...let her do it - so nasty but hilarious I heard 'em at Rage long against - ask them about) and then Moms Mabley a comic actress in Clara's Heart with Whoopi Goldberg she does the part first and tells of her childhoods...other stuff I hear of with Martin Lawrence her son. I watched all Whoopi films (in-fact, that is really her Moms in makeup) until she died to me in "Baghdad Cafe" on tv. Awful junk - I think of her.

from the preview, looks like a slowhand but delivers some - or - i shock you with a small electrical charge in your sleep
video west doesn't have this....i asked, but checked the shelves for myself anyway
got a 5-hour porno on dvd's instead....to punish it a well of being...due back saturday at noon or so...$1.62 total fee anticipated...the title is too nasty to say it to you, your kids...
...grabbed the first one i saw that featured the number '5' on the spine...a value ever to me...what could you know from the cover anyway besides no women? did i star in it?
no scat...if seeing it come makes you scatter, run

much later: tower didn't have it neither...we decided on 'showgirls' instead...i'm not horny yet...that girl deserves a chance...the screenwriter and both director did 'basic instinct' after all
no, no ?

"showgirls" (i'm still watching....) has alot of naked x-titty in it for a faggot - a woman's sex is so curious to me, but the breasts are nice to looking - both are sensually singer toni halliday and her little sister maxine starring in a girl fantasy...the girl is a punk and makes too much trouble with people we like knowing striving to know her talent-appeal as blacks and people who pick up hitchhikers, but unfortunately she has the power and don't ask for more than you'd actually like to see or then see you doing lap dances for the likes of an aging and sexless kyle maclachlan with a seemless wig on and his nasty female companion an 'angelique' with a dot on her face - "a velaa" says toni - this flique says any faggot could be with me successfully no areola is offensive enough here ("is that make up?" i asked to so pleased of) but do you like being who you are? i do...for the girls? i don't want to get falsely horny on this...that's alot of titty there for a major release...actor robert davi is faked to a degree of being shamed - please - his face in this is like freddy kreuger the guy has it only...remember his tender love scene with james bon in columbia...

by the way - curve's song under the group name "scylla" and on the soundtrack called "helen's face"..." in your | in your | in your own time | you will | realise "...is used well enough in a dance scene, but muted softly - good enough for me as not just credits-in-play...star "elizabeth berkley" ('saved by bell' her mother singer melanie-martha davis produced) didn't want curve - an otherworldly glory - reportedly, and saying "i hafta pay for that" and i'm getting just now "it's not a big deal to me [they are] a failure only to her and [to] me" - no - that is god's stuff and you just don't use a curve song for a loose film albeit a Carolco film at once dumped by me for tits too much - i make you say stuff to get me out of stuff too - "curve is the voice of compassion for people from god - we tell you one more time why and why not" - doug moon

how do you save your position on DVD viewing for next time you sit i'm busy too? on your remote, press the "save position in memory" or whatever it's called like that and wait for it to be confirmed as on the screen a note - then just shut your machine and tv right off...when powering back up, just press play on the DVD machine once...do not remove or exchange disc or you may or are fucked for being dumb again it's beyond me here...you should be able to exchange discs but i dunno...not yet...too much heat is retained already what fleurs they say with electrics...so? i know how it works, you work on ancillaries or not havings and yourself

final notes: you know - this movie wasn't bad, but is mean to nice blacks if watching - a black girl gets her ass kicked helping one white girl throw another down the stairs after wordfight and fire off and then the lead girl - somewhat like dorothy in 'the wizard of oz' comes for your broom and kicks your ass over not much given or taken - all people who hurt people die unless you're like her a catholic - good enough, waste some time with her - p.s. liz fraser we see your breasts but dare not mention it as one...sean nettles (alan moulder) is in the eighties dance scene as cute boy and liz fraser dances topless with two (2) other girls in a blonde short cut - thanks...you're gross. that's a war on the world two girls mad at each other because one is old and the other one means it sometimes. junky people equals junky people - ask blacks enough too scared of it to ask for anything and then needing to be understood - fuck 'em. their last quote here taken by me - "we're here to live white people - they are gods...they are each god...when we come back we will be what they are for our efforts here and we ensure them happiness for that purpose...." have a day with it. true today. a good film with too much titty though - motto here: faggots everywhere beware of women coming in and out of your life. this is real to you and you're leaving soon if.

key: director paul verhoeven (the name is spanish-sounding for 'all you might want to know about me is heard elsewhere, not here' - literally, "you could know more"): neil geraldo (neilsy); man picking up hitchhiker: singer chris isaak; black man screwing her: singer 'tricky' (said they had fix a lazy eye on film walton mims? okay my c'ohche)...watch the QuickTime preview at the IMDb...not bad.

watched a little of the dick cavett 'rock icons' DVD stuff too shot at trenton state college most of - david bowie (a woman, really - polly herbert) "young americans" (1975 - at rider college in lawrence, nj as rented privately) and thoughtful stuff on interview from janis joplin (1971, at tom's river - she wouldn't go the college said 'no' a big deal here and there - she talks about loving tina turner's stuff and no one knows her yet...she all 'yeah, the ike and tina review - know of that ever?' and he's all 'come by some time tina' like he's me...very kind, listens is interested, is warmly inviting to new) who was also my babysitter eileen adams was actually there in our house for this when my maternal grandfather died january 1974 she loved steppenwolf and wouldn't stop talking about it...[please, if i see you on tv, you're coming in - my friend patty mcelderry? the very tabitha on 'bewitched'...see it still]...sits with marc 't-rex' bolan for a bit - good stuff both died less than two (2) weeks later of drugs each two (2) days apart 'bad batches from the queen' he is guitarist brian may of queen's older brother it seemed then - but I can't stand living in the past so much - outta there. p.s. dick worked with my dad who was on his show once some (my mother balks at gays and this - loss of income he met bowie who was generally unwanted there - janis got $100K to appear i got - left an unuseable fortune of $9M too, i hear) and raised sean from scratch pretty much in west trenton near the carvel i was there too chainlink fence in the backyard on a corner. hi there dick i have your black wooden stapler from cooper-jarrett still marbed with "dick" in pencil on the bottom.

No, Liz Fraser my grandfather's maid only being in HELL and nagging me is what I call "omniscience" or always being online in the mind with it as knowing, rationalizing. Who else has the time to seraphim with me? One of the very witches of Salem, MA fame hasn't cracked my code yet though I stab the walls. I spit on her fame. Meanwhile, it costs forty-nine ninety-nine ($49.99) to get in Six Flags Magic Mountain full price with ten dollars ($10.00) parking. A few extra ducats ($10.00) and you can get a season's pass, they say. One day will do with a Coke can halving that.

Don't think we've forgotten about the fantasy layers either...so real the initial takings by me they are sad. Two girls outside the backdoor..."what are you doin'?" like my dad on the phone...stuff is mean to me too. Hit "ESC" or "escape" when too much typing isn't really yours online...

If Questionnaire 09/06/05 1117
Favorite meal, would eat every day if had to: tacos - yellow corn shells, fresh and spicy (turkey) meat, fresh iceberg lettuce and tomatoes and with purer cheddar cheese. So nice, so filling - so nice. Two (2) things guaranteed to make people so jealous they split in two trying to have it all: moving bodies in a morgue, operating amusement park rides. Nevermind knowing God and having-seeing ghosts...

Please, a white corn shell is of a flour for tempatas (crispy wheats made, of a cereal hot-cooked) or then flautas (lightly floured shells), and yellow corn a then corn 'meal' (for frying vats only) - I've seen to it all. Flour holds in fat to grease nothing else, and meal is fried merely to release the fats (or lard - never no) within as such. Meal floats, flour sinks. Flour is no remedy then, meal is. Use meal as such for shells, not husks, not flours each of then.

Presenting the Majest 09/06/05 1017
A "majest"? Didn't we cover that? Another "majest" is a person who takes too much time doing things and then asks you not to. A "majest" as in "majestic" is more than a high road seen to be, it is embattled all the way home and stops briefly from fighting to correct you somehow. A "majest" is unwelcome and silly at play. A "majest" is a royal in-fact that won't stop playing games with your mind. A fool of bargains made already or no talk to see how we feel now.

Basia "Astrud" Astrud  a whirling sensual kaleidoscope from the "Time And Tide" LP (1987). Also adds "Cruising For A Bruising" and "Baby You're Mine" from the "London Warsaw New York" LP (1990). Yeah, we bought all this up on CD too...Basia is aka actress Connie Selleca.

Lindsey Buckingham "You Do Or You Don't"  You Do or You Don't from "Out Of The Cradle" LP (1992) - I bought this CD for this one song sounds like Fleetwood Mac's best...see "Trouble" too from 1981's "Law And Order" a BIG ONE, and "Holiday Road" from "National Lampoon's Vacation" their original soundtrack (1981) not amassing here but singing alternates.

No, These Are Not Philosophy But Commonly Heard-Said and Now Defined
09/05/05 1955
I know you've been wundrin' about these too: The word "gestalt" is German influenced and means then, literally, "our general feelings on things" - definitely a throwaway in term and use of. A killer in terms of having not to say anything smart. Following gestalt is then "zeitgeist" or "how we are all feeling" again, but in French - more junk to see and feel with. Never a philosophy or to then "see things my way", it asks us what we see. We see that nothing is yours. Finally, meet my "gestapo" - we ask questions but with guns. Martial law, or taking at will from you. That's it. One I've never heard or used except in drugging form is "laetrile" (the druggist then stops your heart from beating so fast) or "the lay of the land to us". Again, in French, "what do we see?" collectively is not ours, but yours again. So see. New: Adds challenges "blitzkrieg" -  that means "no one knows where anyone is, but you do and announce it to unawares and all of the time" as French. As implied in lingos, a president of a company or nation does this. No, an "annendaele" as "spells correctly always" does not fit here, French. A "nuremburg" asks too many questions, does not stay for the answers from others, technically speaking. A jerk to us - will be hunted and killed, probably, for stirring correct pots.

They Can't All Be California Pizza Kitchens 09/05/05 1703
So we don't get accused of lying around on our asses (by no one I'll ever care about and with bug bites galore), we took the bus over to the newly restyled California Pizza Kitchen at Sunset Boulevard and Laurel Canyon (8000 Sunset Boulevard) what replaces the ol' Wolfgang Puck Cafe and their shimmering mosaics (get their Wolfgang Puck soups and stuff fresh and still at Gelson's on Santa Monica Boulevard at Flores Avenue...otherwise a renuzit Spago is in Beverly Hills and elsewhere - eat your hearts out). Yeah, but really nice and we dip back into the shaved rocks of lipponed-style times - the 1940's or so - and someone cracks this was called "Deeds" for "loradeeds" 1950's French for "scraps made to us and we get by on bits and pieces" then and has been put back somehow. More later I'm mad again. Here we are: Very elegant (as seen above), our share came to thirty-four sixty-eight ($34.68) and then adding five twenty ($5.20) tip I did it in my head using my methods seen prior here for exact calculator result and such. Apparently, you hafta order a drink or two to enjoy yourself but I noted Benmont Tench (of Tom Petty's band) and another guy named Scott Wilkins (someone dead in France - both named to me as special apparently...both Ondy's and Neil with as but above - they order on the roof and sink down to join me but with conversations aside and bargaining me to exit this one first - a real square-dance or hodown - you exit first then come back around newer somehow...you change clothes) next door to our table both young again instead. I noted at the table on the other side that you could get a half-a-head of iceberg lettuce with delicious chicken bits as "lettuce wraps" (try that), but we had the hummus (semi-squares of pie crust as pita dipped into white bean and pepper sauce), Thai crunch salad, and then me with a traditional half of caesar salad and barbeque chicken pizza, sodas and ice teas and all. I get mad walking home seeing people just out...I hate them mostly me walking 'round town (but see kudos for the Apple iPod girl and dancing as replacing the esteemed Marlboro Man at enters West Hollywood turn - les special). Where is the bus? Someone cheers from a restaurant for only god-knows what - yeah, shove that our waiter from New Jersey too Brielle I like that name so what. "You should stay dead." Nevermind I got poisoned fucking around or am being made to honor something stupid again finally who cares. When do I get to pay? Doing your bit parts I'll give you spirit-cancers of the neck and bone and you wonder why I examine your bra. Last week I did pick up that little boy ghost not so tall who concerned me while talking in the basement. I get worried for the young ones ("I'm black..." tee hee...in the spirit world? hmmm...) their society so special showing me the spirit doors and all to their underground clubhouses of sorts for when I wind up there just as them do. Ten (10) years old? This world is so sad sometimes...but okay. That gives way to one hanging on my back I bent over for the ride upstairs, simply then rotting my flesh with their poisons, wart-like bulbs of light flowing down my right arm in the darkness. Their affection covers all you see in me. Touch me not...so cute.

once home of silk boxers for men no mucous

Decoding A Bra - For Guys
09/05/05 1441
What are bra sizes (this, for guys maybe shopping)? The first measurement in any "bra" (no, a "brassiere" fastens in front - in the middle, this a "brasing" say "bray-zing" or just "bra") is the waist - say "38" wide. That is her measured waist at the collarbone down (the widest part is only - not where squeezes or the 'nape' of the shoulder). The cup size or "formost" is graded like that at school - your report card - without an "A" grade, really. A "B" cup is good enough for us, a "C" cup is "average formed", a "D" cup is "poor form", and an "F" cup should be seen by a doctor as "failing yours" and in form. All lengths outward, all graded for comfort. Loved the fruity-looking ("tangier", with lace on top) bras at Target recently as considered and now the above at Victoria's Secret my home for the answer. The army enforces all you see, reducing bulk with straps if may and a boddace. My waist is thirty-three (33) easily but I prefer larger in underwear and slacks for ease and sloppy at sight. Naomi has on a "B" cup and is "fair-weathered" with no large areolas. Otherwise "ansel-weathered" or eats too much in front of others.

Total deaths to date, New Orleans: Sixty-three (63) - nineteen (19) males, twenty (20) females, twenty-four (24) schoolchildren on one bus. If you were one of them, it hurt bad, huh. Lots of footage from Georgia last year instead of you there.

How to glow in the dark! Spray an article of clothing with light white paint (Krylon is fine) not to dry, and then a yellow. Cover with premium-ace honey (adds no water) and then bake for three hundred sixty degrees (360º) at nine or ten (9-10) minutes then. Let dry one (1) hour and process in the dark by letting as shielded from light for one (1) hour or so then lamps and try. The more you use, the less you need to look at it for. Otherwise, try Glow Inc. More yet this on 09/10/05: My recipe for hardcores to test on, I just bought a beautiful can of Krylon's "glow in the dark" spray paint from Koontz about five bucks (~$5.00) a sturdy can of (no ideas yet of). Spraypainted a yellowed white-plastic touchtone phone corded and yet purchased cheap in a drug store back east from-by ConairPhone (in-fact, model SW207) for use at nightsee, and mind over says use the piant inside drawers so as not to bother anyone while rummaging at night and so see. One day, I'll bake one of my own lather bras to see how else I mention works well (that was from mind too). Still testing the phone to see by gathering in sunlight what's free. The phone glowed a little last night when held under a table now is in the window some.

Also see old check-writing fiend Walter Drake...and part with this week's ladies special. The catalog is worth reading as online - again, it is that good to me with their little inventive ways and stuff. Historically, I ordered beautiful white cardboard cut-out magazine boxes to catalogue and store treasured magazines (like "People") from this place prior to moving to California in July 1987 (I moved them with me - so silly is yet). Nice and valued by me still - the vendor usually seen in the "Family Weekly" a newsprint troll like "Parade" in east coast newspapers their Sunday editions.

Continuing On With Coldplay And Sound As No Longer Bored With You 09/05/05 0929
The next segment or one in the middle has no grounding or place to know it. It is colors to signal you off. Sound comes from the above and how hard is all you need hear. The bottom has up to sixteen (16) segments none of them are real. So see. The end. The colors help keep me happy and change often enough.

The official BANANARAMA site! Tour videos or something new for you!

With Tough Times Being Around And All 09/04/05 1523
I'd like to remind you my favorite Kool-Aid flavor is lemon-lime right now. So good, you could sell it on the street in cups without being arrested. And timely, the end of summer being afoot and all. In my childhood, I thought it took two (2) cups of salty sugar to make with one (1) cup as now being reserved for artificial sweeteners. Who knows better? My runner-up flavor is black cherry Terry won't let me make orange he hates it. Tastes just like the St. Joseph's (means "not real to you" - ?) aspirin of my stomach-pumped youth...could be better though.

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Rick James "Dance Wit' Me" Dance Wit' Me from the "Rick James: The Ultimate Collection" LP (1997) and as originally from the "Throwin' Down" LP (1982)...I remember leaving Great Adventure's employee lot one night after work or play thinking about this record and how good the song was...hearing it on the radio somewhat. My friend Joanne Lentoski ("you're real - and mean though"..."and gay..I hate gay" hi to all u no me too well see ya...your pork roll sux) a white woman had the first one "Street Songs" for my Latin exposure. I saw Rick James at Six Flags Great Adventure with openers The Mary Jane Girls "in my house" - nearly the only white there in a roiling sea of black - and while he was on the "Throwin' Down" (LP) tour. A great show ! that started while the sun was still up (were two shows?) He comes out on stage cheaply lit at our expense and at first "without his moustache" but "in a weave and stockings" he now says to act like an impostor and nobody buys into the guy - very funny and very, very mean. Then he appears in full regale - a big star entrance. The rule? He nows calls it "switch bait...to fool the mothers." And so soon...the idea made here. More? Do "Cold Blooded" from the vincent album of the same name (1983).

Dead Or Alive "Come Home With Me Baby"  Come Home With Me Baby from the "Nude" LP (1989) - the very last song from Dead Or Alive that made any sense at all. "Turn Around And Count 2 Ten"? No. What is that? Prince's stuff? P.S. Pete Burns' real name is Gary...he auditioned for the role - against us too. In Philly, kinda.

Alicia Keys "Diary (Hani Club Mix)" Diary from "Superstars #1 Hits Remixed" LP (2005) - we owed Alicia Keys a mention on something really good only. Here that is and after I channeled her or whoever at the book store signing here in West Hollywood..."who are you?"

Donna Summer "State Of Independence" State of Independence from "The Journey: The Very Best Of Donna Summer" LP (2003) - the Chrissie Hynde version with Moodswings is good too, but it ain't this good. Maybe not.
Chrissie's version with Moodswings "Spiritual High, Part 2" is right here from 1992 and their "Moodfood"...I had that too aftersearch Spiritual High (State of Independence), Pt. 2

Jefferson Starship "Find Your Way Back"  Find Your Way Back as originally from the "Modern Times" LP (1981) and now the Airplane/Starship "Hits" comp. See "Jane" and "Stranger" too, "White Rabbit". I remember being with my dad at Hershey Park in Hershey, PA, trying to win this LP at hot, wooden games like that of and featured at Busch Gardens, but to no avail...

Saint Etienne "Lose That Girl" Lose That Girl from the "Good Humor" LP (1998) -  I told Saint Etienne I didn't care for this LP (on Sub Pop) when it came out, but found this gem later on. Think they slipped it in?

A-ha "The Sun Always Shines On TV" The Sun Always Shines On T.V. from the "Hunting High And Low" LP  (1985) - and yes, the story goes I met these guys all three (3) at the official Grammy Awards party 1985 at the  Westin Bonaventure me in tuxedo and red bowtie they are real only. This song is at least important as Regina "Baby Love" sung on the dancefloor at Fantasia (within the hotel) by Liz Fraser dressed as Boy George that very night or one other there...a good song that still. As for themes, all I used to offer is "the sun is always shining above the clouds...every day a good one made."

Celine Dion "Where Does My Heart Beat Now" Where Does My Heart Beat Now a favorite still from the "Unison" LP (1990 yeah, the CD...more like 1985, 86)

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Just in time is the "feathe" for the eyes - no, like a fifth of vodka sees and for the queen.