"Says she - le freak." "Le freak. C'est chic."

"Who Invented The Cheese Wheel?" And Other Senior Term Al-Anons Misinform Our Own In October 2010
I was implement, and simply - a wine cask.

"I swear Halloween the 31st was on a Friday this year with the 1st being on Saturday and we got fucked now with the first (payday) actually being on Monday. This is how desperate (um, forced to make choices among no clearly drawn or 'discrete' choices) these fuckers are."- dM okay then admits I added a whole day and with pleasure a few before this one?

We're gonna launch October's page soon enough it's only the 8th and Columbus Day is tomorrow. Meanwhile, Jason from "Friday The 13th" says he was swimming naked alone in 1972 in Columbus, Ohio when his right foot - the big toe - got hooked by another hook that was blue in the water and set "as a trap for people like me just meandering." He couldn't pull his foot off with great pain afoot and other people - three of them - raised the water as they got in - the place was small. "All like a trap to me" a deep punch hole. He wore the hockey mask always as retarded to them I just don't speak right (bit his tongue hard in a car accident at sixteen). "Bad luck people" he says.

"I asked Michael Jackson the other day who that was - Jackie Wilson - that he visited at St. Francis when he was dying. He said it was Flip Wilson and it was him too." - dM who also notes Flip is the father of Debbie Curve's guitarist too...go figure

allow full wit - american mcgee's 'alice.'

i saw this rowenta pink 'breast cancer' iron (um, the susan j., susan g. komen whatever foundation) at ross dress for less 'and it shows'
funnily enough, a black will use an iron and a pencil to pick out a 'tumor' before another one 'shows it how'
ross showed us only one on stack, so don't rush it on over (the rowenta site at-large and the iron as regular)
this iron is available yet nowhere like scholastic's 'dynamite!' magazine was in 70's - we kids raved over elton john and we hadda wait forever after paying the book club
our iron (pictured as twice, a norwegian cruise liner) is rowenta and has a shaved water reservoir that detaches for sane...nice, and about $100 then
my iron is for prostate cancer, and those familiar with the cowpers gland
'cowpers' is really for 'calipers' what make it move fast to be stopped shortly? it is the 'prostrate' lays down before thee bleeding some

seek 'bananas' too i guess...was that free in class? no, about $5 too

Trashy Lingerie shared their thinkings about 'fat' (your clause shape-size) women in the head as I walked away the other day. Apparently, larger women really act out on people who don't follow through with attention gained publicly and with act-type suits. "More than a problem, serious care is needed." Women never enter field without complaining, but it doesn't matter, China (a manufacturer) won't do it for you - period. Alternately, I tell people you spread the manufacturing cost fat to wide and divide up evenly. They hate that. Class is dressing everyone and at lot cost like two seats on an airplane (does it, the armrest in my car raised, come with an extra meal on the ashtray as you pilot the radio?) End you.

That direct deposit was burping bad on Friday night 10/01 - you couldn't cash from ATM's (three, really...the 'Plus' system and all be the other 7-Eleven, Chase, Wells Fargo, blahla blahala) and I hadda put together the night's process due by visiting Pavilions you get cash under cloak of retail (rsvp). We wait all month for quieted cash, and although they admit directing attention to rents come due and have first, I resist. I hate beggars and the silent auction of those who will not speak for the things I sing. Take it all again and by the way, I hafta ask like a nigger every day while adults superior my judgment (not everyone can blow me, you know). On the internet the request for cashes rejected are recorded although a big balance sits...when will you quit to die? Every reduce to crumb gets eaten in a few more days anyway. I've been here for years.

from lemon tree boutique, a few get-arounds from 'party partners design' a holiday marketer
lemon tree has an additional vintage decoration for sale: a black cat with green-belt tophat and monacle

nine inch nails, and formally 'what it takes to keep a man on the cross' and hidden track 'physical (you're so)'
if (writer-composer) marc bolan (t-rex) is-was president bush (elton john teaches you a simple banging on the keyboard - no you, no voices)
what else? the 'n' is a black cat bristling against flame - you're too close and you're fucking mean too (in my ass)?
kylie ('til now, a pan-favorite or 'ending with no bother' aussie soap star) was working with 'us' but died then for being too nasty to philip our assistant - no quote
gay industrial where we plague of themes trapping men as quarry yet and tanking the honor of the flight up in it 'and then we'll know his price at least' - front 242
now you run and tell from 'spike' - mine: 'don't tell people you're gay - admit it' or 'don't ask or we'll tell you [as no further an exception]')
from the pet shop boys family if being hopeful with on the way in and quarding your cashes on the way down from luxury to heartache and no further wigs in the airport
in japan, they throw you down a fucking chute to a garbage - ask madonna
...when not choking you to death with shadows draping in your door

loved the american beach flag at marc jacobs (now $50 at ebay)
remember: our flag has four red lines with the blue block then three more and four intervals of six and five stars ending once more with six

Thank cartoon HBO 'True Blood'...someone else here a vapid, an odorform likes the show I can't have that forum that theft ('is this what my body says? take me, use me, all i want, i need...' Cherrelle should withstand me and also kill that). Nice-looking southern boys these days especially "Jason" from "Friday The 13th"...I love him. Ozarks. We get you not. Thanks all - Sookie looks better than ever is evolving into Lestat and her story you see (some man left this perfect woman aside after being perfect...their own legacy). The re-telling (and who is? Lestat's mother who - above dying of cancer...God says he really killed her - ran right out after receiving the dark gift to pursue her own ends after he killed wolves and was mocked for it by voice "Marius" - yup, 'folf killer' they said "The Vampire Lestat" Anne Rice). The blind girl is precious as Ahmet (um, Maharet who is forcifully blinded, plus sister Makare both short and forced to wander...a 'libning' say 'live-ning' + 'you see everything now') or whatever the skin crying blood like mascara..."Queen Of The Damned" same author. Also, the boys.

Remember, the excess of talk is thus one step closer to having and seeing. Don't see so much. The change you seek is in the eye, the rest ask you not to move just yet. A reward, kinda.

this caught my eye...will you see fest and in time? end quote: 'don't bring the meat' + 'no one nurses that' + 'hi hi'

along with stares right at me an unlawful, we have stabs in the dark: pay someone next time...'the real me?' yeah, like a hidden mole

brings hillary clinton to mind with a computer-card wreath at the white house: 'you can't leave that there' (even with the lights inside?)
okay, drumthwacket, princeton, nj (governor's palace route #206...front 242 a table with back to traffic nearby) - source: names a hateful of bees again

head cheese? sidac (um, 'similac' as the egg-nog brain)...cut or uncut? one and then the other, please?
easter breakfast my mother's house: cold kielbasa, nutroll, hard-boiled colored eggs, sidaq (the shark's sac...an egg nog hardened in cheesecloth an apron over bowl), egg bread, chilled ham slices
'do i have to? tell 'em you're a liar, tell 'em i'm a saint
say it's much too early, or just too late' - pet shop boys
lay down and paper mache (flour + water + newspaper strips) a hanging upside-down spiderweb body...blow mistmakers up candle rods and outward like never-ending trailsmoke

the ftd floral finally thank death...fuck that, don't
'aids is for you' - quote some lazy cunt
even in the afterlife you wallow in it - name-brand products are aids to what you are even with a gun to your head you won't know for me
beauty (what you do for us) and ugly die as one with what's real...no sense...just you and selma hate, pricked by the dentist only, no fucks
i have aids with a ten-year lapse and it eats pink hairy assholes up in about eighteen (18) working days...call it a gift...no talk just ask me for it
farrah fawcett died of aids, you know - no lee, just her in 1992 texas national...i wanted a whole celebrity chart in poor taste
tina weymouth became martha stewart with publications wealth ('highlights')
is also aka martha washington the president's wife and is betsy ross ben franklin's wife one and two

glow-in-the-dark and why not her halloween edition has jon[athan] and quincy [quintelle] ad[d]ams affacing jack-o-lanterns one is female and that is hillary - great artists of
very washington irving...aka walt whitman with help from 'my mother'
adds: face of the moon, is god with two oddball eyes turning right as facing and as aside

1) the skull-ish eyes are hollow and for no add'l work 2) what the blanket or cloud making the dark side looks like to me...
just now, is new vision since year 2000 or so

i hate your movie byron patterson - what crap! i hated it a torture - save the yoga guy hands on the back of your port thighs with yanni playing softly as if to see no hankies since '74
none is this a second-guess see dan moon the hate, but for god's sake get your answers up front if sifts through ashes naturally enough: no, actually, no + cucumber burps
thanks macaulay for the dick plus 'true blood' i'm still with george bush jr (mr mister at the grammy's with me 1985) and who now releases me to funds with sneff approvals
thanks vince vaughn too for the fake leg, is that me?
one day, all fed to sharks and once a year
remember a china to be hell on earth: they hate people

grass from seed, yes, is grown on jackets, etc. with wet burlap too - ghoulish at night
the photoshop filter, usually a pure of crap, is 'poster edges'...thanks

That's Steven "Aerosmith" Tyler on Food Networks' "America's Best" - sure, black glasses and all Alton Brown (like Elton John).

the 'real' halloween mask michael myers and all

aahs is ready to go with halloween...visit hamburger hamlet on doheny north too
was feeding fish at greystone yesterday (calcium cookies left at my door for 'russell jackson' and i too ate some)...saturday 09/25

the ghoul in center with king cobra is a black woman who is embarrassed you see her they said

the new west hollywood library building on san vicente takes shape

the red ship building at pacific design center still in the works

Neilsy is starring as Nero (himself) in new show about Rome and its patriarchs (founding fathers). All wood and burning alot. It was here around San Francisco, mostly, and the coliseum part is just at UCLA Drake (arch-drake...or Christ then) Stadium standing and not big (Nero said of three years later "he was drunk and mean always a beggar turned saint for being burned at the stake [left out] at night too - a jerk anyway and not my friend - comes to me at night and bothers me too...not my father that is Doug and me too.") They mold the other sites around times taken from them or what will live well. No truth to it there. Notes the sun rises overhead not here and is in reverse of my thought about the coliseum where the animals come in from behind and the sun rises to the right of.

summer 2010 spending capped at cvs: i hadda research this...'you can go broke saving money' like i did this month

Phone jab:
SMS - 'sorting module stature' or station, recalls numbers dialed only;
SIM - 'serial interface [manager]', who called who and when, asks if you're available somehow and with electronics.
more later...and as per need to know

People ask why I call them "Girl" all the time. It's a false intimacy (infancy) of sorts. New key: 'Girlene' is too skinny, a girl leaned - maybe you're leaving. 'Girla' is an ape, a gorilla. Looks as sweet, but jumps you. Don't get serious here, Bitch.

terry got these oddball potluck risers or 'bakers' from his parents ? no note and so strange (now $30 for the set)
i thought how much could they be and 'why these?' or then outlet - maybe the store sent with best wishes? their site and ups too won't say sender, who paid for
they did hit us with an ex-post facto nominal charge with an intl trade gap (and these look odd)
thanks and now you see they weren't on the website but the new mail catalog 'best buys' has 'em (as perhaps trefoil or requiring time and taken the time)
take a look at west elm too if you have the time

Finish lecoute of Rachel Hunter on 09/23/10 (these things too must pass):
Her: Why the delay?
dM: Been playing around alot...sad too. You gotta include sad. I've been sad (I may to leave off bitters or a half-assed delivery ensues).
Her: Sad?
dM: Yup - people have been a real pain in my ass back and forth, back and forth. I give you nothing? All to be avoided yet (...or then kissing my butt).
Her: Do you think people really care?
dM: I do - I take this seriously. Each person needed better than that Sting out on tour now (plucking at big string bass: bum-bum-bum-bum-bum bum-bum-bum-bum-duda-dum) - can we afford it? I wanted to try anyway. I think about not being alot - this is a dangerous being.
Her: Like what?
dM: The creator is hands-off - and you think 'what crap'. I think precedence, I think you and I have nothing in common. We are a joke, kinda, but it's a mean joke.
Her: I withdraw here (to fashionably note off - for, and in a sense, and is woman).
dM: Fine - the previous info is good enough. BTW, I am king. You are not. You are not.
dM: Maybe people know more than they let on. In my home, I talk and think it out alot to make stink out of info we trade. It is stink. Remember, your only friend - the answers aren't easy, you know. MYOB ('may you only be' to mind-mite your own business).
dM: P.S. You know better. I made you know. Unless? Unless.

garbage 'vow' takes the 'me' outta 'melamine' and its rubber lover the other 'white teat' dandruff get your goldann spum and piggy 'burp' banc-sperm deutsche and decouting the passer gas, olga, helsinki
by 'aer lingus' and cunnilingust for ground nor should have it elerouge audor mobile apres-tit!
add in auto-tech (um, 'it made itself') 'stupid girl' a favorite of mine
note: 'breaking up the girl' is god-level stuff - you keep hitting the program of sorts for them, you need to lay off some if you want 'em around

garbage 'vow'
keeps it inside no talking
i can't use
what i can't abuse
and i can't stop
when it comes to you

you burned me out
but i'm back at your door
like joan of arc
coming back for more

i nearly died (alts: 'dined')
i nearly died
i nearly died

i came to cut you up
i came to knock you down
i came around to
tear your little world apart

i came to shut you up
i came to drag you down
i came around to
tear your little world apart
and break your soul apart

you burn and burn
to get under my skin
you've gone too far
now i won't give in
you crucified me
but i'm back in your bed
like jesus christ
coming back from the dead

i nearly died (alts: 'dined')
i nearly died
i nearly died

i came to knock you up
i came to cut you down
i came around to
tear your little world apart
i came to rip you up
i came to shut you down
i came around to
tear your little world apart
and break your soul apart

i nearly died
i nearly died
i nearly died

i came to cut you up
i came to knock you down
i came around to
tear your little world apart
i came to shut you up
i came to suck you down
i came around to
tear your little world apart
tear your little world apart
tear your little world apart
and break your soul apart

i can't stop when it comes to you
i can't stop when it comes to you
when it comes to you
when it comes to you

just like the last supper, i nearly had it my way again with you paying
at breakfast - we hate we each other and sit among you anyway
that's ayds dancing around in the background and being ignored

Blecch! People say I never show my face -- true. Here's a few, and yes, you could be home like me but I'd never have that eating my food and spraying shits:

Fixed me TracFone by soaking the battery in water for three (3) days - someone told me what to do and I'll be damned it simply jerks me right off...good thing to be just that.

Shelter our first lesson in Baltic Russian or not knowing why you would know. You know why I know, and now I know you know too. "You know me - and I know you know now. You know - and I know when and why I will not know. I will not know you, and you will not know to me - not now. You know not to, and I will not know, but I know why not. I know I do know, I know I will not know you. Not now. You know you know. I know you."

sees below the belt is nothing to see - 'transamerica' one-type showing

Thanks to Felicity Huffman (Macaulay Culkin) and friend - "Transamerica" was pretty good about things Zac Efron and all David Knowles some (we hated your Vietnamese place last night - I hate him too). They say I sold bits over 60,000 units (copies) and made a stink at iTunes. Good enough sight unseen.

full moon's 'puppet master ii' - it's in the family and at hulu
bodega bay is santa barbara, i guess - about one hundred miles north of here
(the name was sold to north of san francisco...bad people roamed here)
good film - i can't help but feel it was adapted (a re-shot, re-edit) later on, but a cinematic marvel, kinda
a story used to be required of it - this is good

Push Down: Ennis Sommer 2010 ! Fall Bequeath Me It's Summerblink Icepouge Sulvinch Titlou Cervice Yousself Chiapesqe L'Cupet Mucukole-Huan

the early frost: rick james 'dance wit' me' before you see any else
cold-blooded too...ask yourself '17' the wrongly accused? a hot crack-pipe (really a pot pipe) with a metal ring fresh from the stove re-awared a hot circle around a fleshen mole on the inner leg 'it bit right in'

Darth Vader is the elder Anakin Skywalker? That could be real stink - they burned them up to my liking on Tattooine when Luke was out and about. Still, is this jerks? Great movie the other night about a Michael Jackson-like black guy in an touring army of some sort then he comes home to same of hates ("Dead Presidents" um, a 'dead presence'). Nice looking. During a rage in 'be it nom', they find some white guy (probably a ghost...like others) with his intestines out and a dick in his mouth. A black did that...calls it "scaring him". I've seen it in real life - they keep moving it the innards around like someone's touching them.

'dead presidents' for now

this - a recent buy at a sale - has a velcro fly and ties too
i wear skimp for the girls they fucking hate it...i tire of them easily these days
i hate not wearing stuff i buy, so

i am not optimal to me (again) so see the edit...
usually i'd wait to see what i get, but this is what people look at happening every day in the mirror and go 'hmmph'
andy roddick looks good...on tv nothing is real...can't truss it
but for now...my further feature:

igy 'i'd gut you' diy 'douches in ymca' ugh 'unlikeable pure hicama'

don't forget, i read minds and usually don't bother
your ideas are so sad! i made you know me better
my father finally sent me a $50 money order* 'for head' yeah that's it...that's free still plus 'need a new bra' for the doll
...go to target you can wear their brasseries (um, bakeries) swimming, bunning
'carte diete' sees the tray
that money was long overdue - see at&t get paid days earlier checking-routing what thanks it both

Propaganda = proper gander. Let 'em see for yourselves. New Mexican-style credit card the Visa "prepagada" (say "prevah-pahgahd" or "cat's ass" unshaved, dirty...do not react-rewrap to sharp wit just here) or so whatever them. Thanks a lot of cars just stolen from Mike's Lemonade (watch their little videos inside - cute) and sister-shop Diddy Riese (say 'dd reese') you got your penis butter in my bachadura-brand lace peanut singes and tempt..."tastes like shit - it smells so bad when you open the can, too." Them there you eat this shit ? "Just like can farts - hatches by an old tooth up in my ass. I remember you too, now."

My new digital scale a recent buy from Circus [of] Books won't read to two (2) decimal places (e.g., "0.25")? Use 'tare' (um, for 'target') at zero. Start from left of the zero or balance. What measured? Soda bottles...

nirvana 'dive' + some lyric: 'everyone is weighed in...die die die doubting me'
'howard the duck and mr. stress both stayed' - from pretenders 'precious'

nirvana 'dive' by stevie nicks

us? [as useless]

pick me, pick me - yeah
there's a long-lost signal
unleash that leash - yeah
everyone is hollow

pick me, pick me - yeah
everyone is waiting [alts: weighed in]
pick me, pick me - yeah
you can leave the game now [alts: out]

[your favorite as 'fave' your firstborn]
died, died, died
doubting me
died, died, died
doubting me

kiss this, kiss that - yeah
there's a long-lost signal
at least, at ease - yeah
you can be my hero

pick me, pick me - yeah
everyone is weighed down
pick me, pick me - yeah
i refuse them their cake then [alts: 'cape then']
pave [the way]

died, died, died
doubting me
died, died, died
doubting me

die, die, die
doubting me

die, die, die
doubting me

die, die, die
doubting me

doubting me
dive in me

like gym class, you know i don't play well
'incesticide' is knowing the self too well, agreeing to a fault with people who don't care
nirvana are painful high school feelings alot (but not alice cooper forty and still skipping class and messing with teachers) becoming adult and the roundabouts there
sincerely, i waste these outward and rest assured that at age 36, one half are quite dead already and as is our common bond if that plainly serious
his mother is a nurse, too, and blacks bond with that

dive - bite right in or leave it without comment, i have the menu maybe you eat
sliver - i can have anyone, why would i have you? 'okay then, maybe just a bit'
stain - having given is the firmest soil ('i'm staying' - kurt)
been a son - when you can pay for something tell us how you did it
turnaround - we left this fully sated, no looking back too much
molly's lips - stay focused on what really matters, or see the legs
son of a gun - this must be the place, huh? you got there too easy
(new wave) polly - you don't have be that good, but you have be like them
beeswax - don't tell people what you think just to get heard ('we say you' - kurt)
downer - you hafta be there, fine, but i start to think i am you then with a wait for
mexican seafood - you eat what first shows up and leave - they feed you their garbage - you
hairspray queen - they look good and do it well too
aero zeppelin - we go with what's naturally good, they pay us ('this is who we are - a poor-man's led zep' - kurt) + (mine: 'it was the rolling stones, led zep, and us..." a freak in serious delay or then metallica)
big long now - the wait matters and i can't get up the nerve then we're at your mercy
aneurysm - you lose your mind staving for others, no one needs you and your point was?

"If you don't like this stuff, it's 'cause you can't get any better at this shit for the pay you get here." - dM

"I just laundered my cell phone on Labor Day by accident. For $20 plus $20 airtime card to activate, they gave me another one but it's a different model an LG 420G now from Target. They say it's the spinning of the washer, not the overstuff (that moves grease and dirt like a plate of food just bits away) and panties layering up the axle." - dM (310) 890-7661...maybe old number soon again (not -- they want to replace the SIM or serial ID model by mail so opted for just the minutes)...I had to petition two hundred plus (200+) minutes even though this new phone doubles all airtime minutes too without announce you. Maybe bits nicer?

August Stunk Like Rubber Flats In A Double-Decker Bus Circling A Cheap Sandwich House For Teabags
You could buy your intended an old rose with 'nosegay' (bends an old bone back out from heaping skeleton - small thankless pappet of ravel flonges a nonesuch in oulox and au n'pip)...nearly black with decay, one fresh flower pays for them all and nearly to wit. I just threw all of my plants away I hate being their maid watering and all. Let someone else help alpen a thrive. Even the venus flytrap went...I can't keep talking to faggots all day about stuff they hate seeing...one for the other like two open graves.