Of Course There Are Open Ends...We Don't Believe In Deadlines But Have You No Saviche? Vecile September 2010 Our Hadidly Mother Lou Gossett Jr.

"Owning is [enforced] by owing." - dM, otherwise you'd sell

"Renting is no longer owning in itself - it's rented out to own as if by floor." - dM

Hummingbirds like a quarter cup (1/4 c.) of sugar boiled with a cup (1 c.) of water too...is the red stuff (about $3 retail) not sugar? They really chirp and loud over the plain water stuff I've noticed. I insisted on buying, but then this...maybe still at buying.

Caution those netbooks and see the same as having and being made. I hadda take mine (the same pictured and from CVS) back (around $90 and bits over with coupons, class) for being unmercifully hard to coordinate with any established internet connection (the unit was previously used to secretly test for wires or something resisting a standard of delivery). My DSL line (see splitting an existing DSL line and with wireless stuff for junky army-type 'cafes' is object here too and should be a USB puvem somehow - wireless access is USB and the lists of studio lines they scan up at their dody are purely credit checks as reversi 'you didn't make the grade' having installed or something while on meth curing a zanzibar of pyor hate versus being seen a l'chaste) rejects from the perform of a solid established connection with their website at AT&T DSL citing 'firm' (farm, phram) requirements met to be with Safari, something else browser (what to do as your first person of neglects to bean better than Netscape, wears the cash outside of the home) but we were using their little Explorer already. And, further to be diseased with any other Microsoft operating system but "CE" (um, 'camera exchange'...completely euro or 'mentos' as cheap beyond thriving an unecessary penal system of women who've already had it all seem sense and with no drive-by waving (no thanks at all, just sad at a cheapish me-thought) but know better (only to be that and once stilled with what us having just notched you up a bitch-flinned-in-it prick) what intended for a digital camera we think to say. Is and feels like a framed led wristwatch somehow like it has no ability to take and make, a light panel the SD card implanted sits with no mention of song, less the internet and its feminine wiles. A finer point is two fat-sided USB's out (a-fat-and-another fat - an apex or mitch of unwanted savors - but no little phone connect to the courtesies what nice at all but are deeply serious in declining you their service only as hotel extremes and talking about and walking about a faggot's lair and a faggot is there too watching with 'fast lane' versus the Spanish fly of 'snob appeal' hexing a too-fast-to-have-them-also-solve-you decline. Another poor pooh-bear seeing a blustery day with them in greet, but no niggers owning the very streets at night grabbing a leasing tit at 7-Eleven's parking lot - as 'real' can say? Not with prince caveat (and what simply smells) and with but keyboard, earphone, and pink micro inputs (luh, duh - thanks for that remoulve too...ever try projecting expenses at max with no change in nothing more to be seem?) We looking to having logo (a smart seeing that not much is coming from users but all be placemat made once and at cray-level analyses you see nothing that much is new I rely on that dollard (dollop, dull-yup) every day waving pontiff-level hubs around at the mall while talking to diet and airline-denial freaks who have my missing hair growing off their kidneys like a dog's balls. I've personally analyzed Apple's opening starfield in Snow Leopard (this, census or sopha somehow still) and is a little art block flipped over from righthand upper and blown up big and stamped again nearby for resuse with no to spare...a hard disk is all phone numbers? Not to me - just extrapolates (or arc-ing in analyses again 'two cheaps fail to a sure thing') and no calc (extrapolation then or number crunching) if to see these small cheats are real in advance but I resubmit you having done my part. I tried (((wi-fi))) and all is begging in and no demands met (the cafe wi-fi I tried is deeply confusing with you really needing the service from home (the provider at AT&T gifting you somehow to kick it in for your use with your DSL logon and password...maybe you?) I leave things right there no offense unseen for mind over to take and make with others. You might advance this cause no need, but don't think you can't topple expensive with this type of thing one day as us having written to most already a scribe if them now. Is damned cute in its ideals (sharing with all you may have lonely to alone), but languages serve to protect from us once again and I can't say here at all and hafta trust that. Thank you, CVS, that sixty-seven cents came up again. By the way, having 'money' calls you in for spending - have it ready it's hard to resist I never do the right thing but have nothing either. (I feel bad, only.)

See ('astroadomist'...makes waves with pre-forethinking having no merit with others) Stephen Hawking next Friday in a one-on-one interview live on "Larry King Live" at 9 p.m. ET only on CNN. (Not real, the man has been dead for ten (10) years deceased July 10, 1996 at Rawhide, Connecticut - someone takes the body and the mind organizes him...)

London, England (CNN) -- Religious leaders in Britain on Friday hit back at claims by leading physicist Stephen Hawking that God had no role in the creation of the universe. In his new book "The Grand Design," Britain's most famous scientist says that given the existence of gravity, "the universe can and will create itself from nothing," according to an excerpt published in The Times of London.
(Ours: "The universe is nothing until I see myself - you do nothing but see yourself as me and get the job done. I'm tired of you leaving me in an essence. I see you and do nothing to you but wait silently.")

"Spontaneous creation is the reason why there is something rather than nothing, why the universe exists, why we exist," he wrote.
("That isn't spontaneous creation, that is spontaneous or flamed thinking. We don't think, we know. Example: You here are flamed thinking and for no pay. I got paid by making you think about this long ago. We know why, but add your abjects to shine it up more and to you. Know yourself better - no one said to you yet. Why ask what you know in me? I don't ask.")

"It is not necessary to invoke God to light the blue touch paper [fuse] and set the universe going." But the head of the Church of England, the Archbishop of Canterbury Dr. Rowan Williams, told the Times that "physics on its own will not settle the question of why there is something rather than nothing."
("Physics are yours and are hardly good. I make physics happen, but to inform me and not to work. Why it happens, and not why to not.")

He added: "Belief in God is not about plugging a gap in explaining how one thing relates to another within the Universe. It is the belief that there is an intelligent, living agent on whose activity everything ultimately depends for its existence."
("That there is someone like you. Someone who cares. I don't yet.")

Williams' comments were supported by leaders from across the religious spectrum in Britain. Writing in the Times, Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks said: "Science is about explanation. Religion is about interpretation ... The Bible simply isn't interested in how the Universe came into being."
("The Bible, as such, is hate - your hate. I hate that too. The universe, and again, came with me and I went back never.")

"A cripple? I told people that's what you get for looking at God's secrets." - dM just kidding...nice planet work the art and all do I hafta do everything?

the bottom of france or 'africa' then meets china head on and across (not really the aperture too small)

curve 'on the wheel' mp3 (5.5 megs)
from 1993's 'blackerthreetracker' ep

on a treadmill
can't get off
you're tired of searching
the feeling just won't stop
on the freeway
with new best friends
don't ask questions
and you don't pretend

easy life
i want an easy ride

left a note [alts 'left alone', 'that's enough']
hitched a lift
she sucked your dick
before she split
no questions asked
just existing
he called me
was i resisting?

easy life
i want an easy ride
hitched a lift
i want easy rules

i want nothing that's dragging and drowning
i want an easy life with no commitments
no one to hit me [sub alts: 'no one to call baby']
no one can hurt me [sub alts: 'no one's baby lately']
i am, i am
i am steel
nothing can break me when i'm on the wheel

i'm on the wheel
i'm on the wheel

no questions asked
just existing
he called me
was i resisting?
i am i am
i am steel
nothing can touch me when i'm on the wheel

i'm on the wheel [sub alts: 'i'm only real', 'i'm on the reel']
i'm on the wheel

nothing can break me when i'm on the wheel -
nothing can touch me when i'm on the wheel -

she might hafta come back after all, you ride the rims
you're outta there, but you don't want nuthin' for it all do ya?
who am i to you anyway? i don't know you
noises: 'salem's lot' never now one to fear me + 'hunt for red october' the caterpillar mechanism very slick + wellings inside you for prominent defecting
grow up - this is hurt but as unwilling to harsh review
sub alts: only if you know why, versus alts: if you need to, or then say this

Father-son success story Michael Douglas = Jerry Weintraub. He was revealed to me in Pavilions at the deli counter one day a month or so ago. Now this. Then see HBO "Entourage" star Jeremy Piven is CMI chief Mike Ovitz in drag, kinda. When he's not murdering young boys in Thailand (see how Thai food comes from this family). Also, threats to Eartha Kitt (is now Robin Givens? the boxer - recently and now in that Vegas movie with Bradley Cooper my new lover - is my grandad...real...israel to you) I seen "Boomerang" that must be her son. All that growl-rowl-ing on her bed the famous make-up success and all. The real one would be fat they'd say. That is real, growwwl. Le she inc'est au pussior! Save any the suffering...suffer the children. P.S. Eddie Murphy sings "I'd Die Without You"...thanks alot.

stick with the press it's 'about a girl' from mtv's 'unplugged in new york' (1994)
if band hero proves you're no one and you can't play and in your own home see it doesn't much matter anyway
see buck owens' aka john farrar's guitar in the back to honor the thought olivia newton-john and all
sony atv: all that vends audio theatrical visual
sony atv > cbs > columbia (feds) > general electric (atlantic, warner-nbc)
universal (capitol-emi abc capital cities then add-co microsoft) > warner-elektra > wea > sees the light at&t before and is apple (as belgium some, if belgium is france's royalty set)
nirvana is for 'urbane' (cobain, and plus as 'spoiled milk') gets to know people against their knowing and is a sexual too (tomb)
while a real place in the mind is city-slick and quite a handful to onlookers
loves caffeine, rainy weather, codeines and for mouth pains thus seattle the starbucks king don mcclean do my wash over you
the song is inspired by the 'gilligan's island' theme - the skipper kept a few is his dream only as don ho 'homa hona hand...nodo man'

nirvana 'about a girl' i.e., without a girl
is it me...is it you? two necks
i'd be an amazing friend
i'd do with an ear to lend
i do think you fit this, true
i do want you
have a clue

i'd take advantage but
you hear me
i have to try
i can't see you every night
[but i'm] free [right now...when you care enough we go to someone's home?]

[do i do what you seem to like to do, kinda?]...i do

i'm standing in your line
i do hope you have the time
i do pick a number two
i do keep a dim world view

i'd take advantage, but
you hear me i have to try [too hard]
i can't see you every night
[and be] free [to be seen by others - shit or get oft the pot]

i'd be an amazing friend
i do, with an ear to lend
i do, think you fit this, true
i do want you
have a clue

i'd take advantage, but
you hear me i have to try
i can't see you every night [just being with here]
no i can't see you every night...

i do...
i do...
i do...
i do...

i'm on the only one around here - you'd hafta rape me
there's no waif if you act now

"Filths, to me, are evidence of something reproducing itself. Look for it - it's all there." - dM and if filth is what people chase away as 'dirty' lay an egg

"I ridicule people often with 'sophist' reasoning. A fool for it and again." - dM who never reads into anything, at best a cartoon as comes and goes

Watch this Michael Jackson spoof by some guy named "Shane" - super weird but worthy for laughs.

'i'm touched by your presence, dear' - queen victoria before beheading you
something special but vile...'thanks for lending me faith' - cocteau twins 'iceblink luck' if 'iceblink' is when winter melts into finding stuff
if 'seeming is demeaning' polaroid pixie and bask relief

a bitch more off the top - you showcase the truly great stuff as no question to be with me
i'd hafta be dead to know my own charms - you too - that brown schmell (um, previous shot) is no mirwais (um, 'mere waste') but a wacky tripod
i reach for better we have that your via of promotions (i got mine at sony style beverly center $10)
some would rather be dead than bald - i'd rather you see you like that
i'd rather have red hair at a new home in burlington county coat factory
someone fagging me brought a dead dog fur in here days ago a whole pelt - we do exit interviews this way a luxury to heartache (you have every wealth and a lover that hates and abandons you)
from musk to musk, from mite to cusp 'a hair is to stink as a flame is to herd'

my best birthday present is nestea by lipton almost eight bucks a sump or powermong of it no you 'the sweetest pie is not shared by you' at target without raspberries their wireless printer of uncalling
we love the simple reserves (versus diet soda) and heart-making mickles of the ever-solube coffee mate and also the mace-actings of pam too - my mother won't acknowledge name stuff but i do the name says 'never say never' and 'chalit anne, i do understand' now what's my name? doug.moon don't.move i have that old rubber in the walls

i don't need anything that bad but i'm nice enough to be with me too
gay marriage is made sense with persons of me...i love me he is gentle quiet and above all the sweetheart of my dreams
- walt whitman
his bridge in philadelphia is like number two in the country after the golden gate...no one cares what you think no one special can show you that in reflect i declare not you you are no rex reed and moralize at the end and quite freely
a man only cries to women for financial forgings - so what ever see your father cry i never did but once he cashed my pittance of saving bonds lying to her (that was poison ivy from deer hunting, fool, the brush was low that year)

how the other half lives (against all faction) is in stills like a murder scene 'he wouldn't fuck her - that's why' + 'better off dead, but still as dead'
you used to have to kill a faggot to enjoy their ass and mouth - trust that
'truth is, you think about the dead as the only such offered so what' start small with a disease you might not deserve
'as long as it happens after the facts'
no one asked me about red dicks for having sex with a dog - who gets to have my sex and to only bite you on your face
what? i love red dicks...'um, how'

'i despise poor people'...we are not poor
an unwanted hair in a picture of you
dr pepper cures rotting pork smell in the gums
never have i made such a sin to be so near to the toilet

3/29/09 5 5 5 5 Wonderful, caring man. Not a drug pusher. Received life safing care and follow up. Would recommend him to anyone. A bit hard to get to know in the beginning, but always listens and answers our questions. Insurance: Medicare Logged-in users can respond to this rating :) Click to report rating 1/8/09 5 5 5 5 Great doctor! Very easy to talk to! Extremely nice. Explained the procedure throughly, and answered all questions I had about the surgery. He was kind to my family. I have recommended him to many people and will continue to do so. If I ever need another surgery, I will definately go to him. Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield Logged-in users can respond to this rating :) Click to report rating 5/27/08 4 4 5 5 Very easy to talk to and very likeable. Explained my procedure and condition thoroughly. I have recommended him to many people and I will see him again if needed. Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield Logged-in users can respond to this rating :) 12/14/06 5 5 5 Very caring and compassionate to me. Insurance: Blue Cross / Blue Shield Logged-in users can respond to this rating

"This doctor I told him I liked him (like tits like cheats in a blatt scalpel...not one bit it there, but at home in the dresser they pied the piper) and he showed me his wedding ring. Cute. I go to the park with a bag of crumbs for the birds - that's where we'll meet. Without words. He tells me not to say 'shut up' instead I should say 'be quiet'. When I get a head injury, I shut the fuck up. Your kid cried when 'we' tried to fuck him in the basement at Amityville. A pig. Uno."

alisha 'all night passion'

my sister leslie sends my parents plus baby scott ? the no. 2 circa 1967
one of them we are a propaganda, mostly...u? no - then is nothing

Note that on 08/27 my only rear crown came off while eating chicken soup (I'm still waiting to pay for a $350 root canal to finish previous work after three and one half months what would be when - mid July?) Days back, I was eating a burger at the hut down on the corner and something popped in there like a sesame seed. Now this...after fifteen years by the doctor in Glendale what ages with radio? "Who will buy?"

What else? The dishwasher melts the pills for instant access no hards to crush but then what? Make the case for no morgue activity...

So, I was at CVS on LaCienega and Beverly the other day poking around and they had this sale-gift table (like Radio Shack often does) that sports fine savings on the rare and unusual. Still too cheap a person to befriend with brand loyalty (sorry, sometimes Palmolive but not SoftSoap ever...others dry hands bad) I noticed the Topsy Turvy strawberry planter for exactly sixty-seven cents the season closing down and all? Still, I wouldn't take one as hesitant to kill another placebeing, but some black woman snatching up the last two of three boxes made me act (this launching-through works on me always as 'should I?' or 'why wouldn't you take one?' is often asked and at nominal price - to know 'why not' you). Anyway, the strawberry plants - ostensibly one for each hole in the red and green bag - I priced at Anawalt on Robertson were $1.19 each and to get about two (2) plants to separate in the block of. Still, my loyalties rest with cheap supermarket produce no wait no further bother and I get tired of sparing things from the trash and letting others have access to "destroy everything you touch" a fave song by the asian (um, 'aegian' by the sea) Ladytron no less. That sixty-seven cents actually made sense today when I returned it to the store closer to me for six ninety-nine ($6.99) or seven sixty-seven ($7.67) as with tax and but no receipt. The sales tax - it's like that. I hadda turn around and buy a box of four (4) brown plastic bed lifts because the person I live with plopped right down on the bed to tie his shoes and popped holes into two (2) of the previous units with his ass lump down. Nothing special, and there went and are $5.00 of the refund with a firm price of 2 boxes of four stands for and but $10 - I took just one box. When you get done playing games trying-making me who you are to no one like me, you can see the gift I get for myself anyhow.

CVS were cute giving me $3.00 in 'extra bucks' for my birthday on and around the day - thank you. Cute. I want the Sylvania internet computer 'netbook' for $100 they have at the register now. I want one for the bedroom. For me. eGlobal Wireless can help you and at that price seem.

see more sam gross at 'hairy green eyeball ii'
'gross' means you had than you wanted - you had to eat it all, kinda

Playing around nights ago, I decided to fake plasmas of water levels here at about seventy-five feet or more over trees and, surprisingly enough, there are preparations here for this type of taking or event. Two cranes nearby tried walking away and literally to the east while a strange flat building opened on the ground in the garden that looked like bumper cars but with a sea-faring theme and aqua blue and black in scallops and seaweed points kinda. Whatever...no real water, but like light making it. Maybe I dump large volumes on some soon. Another 'trick' I do for the asking is making the ground like the ocean - no pipes break, but is kinda scary and for the asking.

toni and elizabeth berkley do 'showgirls' the movie and make this one happen too

got me calvin klein knit boxers mit button at macy's for $14.99 and yes, in white
dropped by 'the grove' yesterday 08/22 for cirque du soliel it was hot and stunk with people alot of beggars too - two thumbs down

Curve "Nowhere" MP3 (4.0 Megs) the title track (1997)...and for haters from "Open Day At The Hate Fest" too (2001).

curve 'nowhere'

fire fire
burning bright
in the darkness of the night
it casts its glow on everyone
because it whistles clear
loud and true
for the blackness is no fool
when daybreak is its only sun

while the angel sleeps
the rest are nowhere to be found
while the wicked speak
the devil's nowhere nowhere nowhere

tinkle tinkle go the bells
fire burnt and london fell
an end must come to all this fun
you'll see me rising up above the fog
i see my house
my love
my dog
they're growing for the world to see
they're growing there
for you and me

the harder you run
the less you achieve
the more that you give
the less you receive

while the angel sleeps
the rest are nowhere to be found
while the wicked speak
the devil's nowhere nowhere nowhere

fire fire burning bright
in the darkness of the night

Here we are - a few days past my 46th birthday 08/16 and ten years past the ascension of Christ. What gives? Phone calls from my mother and father were unusually bright and now Terry's back no work for him Thursday and we sober it up...we're not allowed to obtain their wealths until forty-six years old. And so?

tomorrow 08/16 we'd think to say...she wants no less than $600 from promoters and as well-wishers
she got six (6) of them - one was $3,000! total was $9,000 says she...and thanks again 'nobody special' she says
'were not being sued, you are' and 'all's well so far' we'd add

for sharon riggs 'carmen diaz' star of that neat film with j. marsden and father (see ch131.com)...the 'nowhere' film by gregg araki (a second part)
christina applegate appears here - she was in pavilions no makeup on ? and i asked her what day it was because i was knocked up and watermelons were on sale saturday and sunday only $2.88 each
it looked like she complained to a clerk - she better watch out she's not young you know (at 48?) a mother or something
she always delivers perfection to me but i told the cashier to tell her 'doug says hi'
this was last weekend (friday, and to so sure...i got my melon the next day) - i looked great too
add not: christina is apparently neil's mother as is catherine o'hara and the pretty and crazy killer columbian woman in 'collateral damage' with arnold - keep that inside
the cocteau twins song in the first clip is 'seekers who are lovers' remixed to the 'otherness' ep (1995) all great, all good
is james marsden our hero and also kevin dillon who makes points at us with hollywood girls all lined up to screen kiss? he'd only be examined too much as in '27 dresses'? not real ever and is marc ondy?
james farantino is the father and he james franciscus i guess...the money is well spent if dying one off is simple enough and that viscious panthera is one fast scratch to the neck
when you're with me, all is built into the walls but don't just sit there and cry i don't care like that

i drew this (from find-a-death.com) from a doll and want to thank it again at vineland and victory read more
it's on manila construction paper - the original that is i love circus bibs
like that baby bear that bit that trainer on the back of her neck for poking it with stick during a tv interview

target has faux cherries (um, a wax fruit some joined with brown barber) on sale at the store only probably
sure - bing cherries in a clear bag...maybe you? the photo is actually 'earrings' but says it some
new: sister leslie sent me a $50 gift card for target - the cherries were $5
thank you leslie - something permanent to keep plus groceries the garden salsa sun chips go back for no spice

Bonavit(e) say "bon-ah-veet' the parenthesis version dimed is for a woman said the same way - what is that mean? Beautifully organized, really, but I believe is the good life calling with a unheralded vitality -- is a double plus negative among struggling as demanding with comings and goings. Under the foot as unpleasant.

The Taco Bell just east of Beverly and LaCienega is ripped up. They better put that back in - they left the front up.

The Hunter interview continues as Gary Coleman enters his thoughts same later...I'm not always ripe for the thought but a late read enlivens me. My birthday is Monday and my mother graced me a card yesterday-today with $100. Terry called yesterday and literally crying from Minnesota his father 'hurting his feelings' again...I sent waves outward for the dose of it I hate crying during a murder plot. Someone asked for rain I mouve that somehow...

a friend from exeter it seems...fran
the look is precious to me - some is too fairy for him alone a propaganda or proper gander never as clue (i'd expect parts bits nicer)

Got my new Green Dot card today Monday 08/09 it was a Visa this time - I called it in and all for use zero balance awaits us getting pure cash is very easy at any US Bank. CVS LaCienega and Santa Monica has desklamps for $5.00 now that boast a $2.00 rebate by mail what expired in 2009. They are not great lamps for colors on wall, but use the spiral bulbs that save money and are in silver, purple, pink etc. Have that. The CVS on Beverly and LaCienega has those brown bed cups for lifting the bed real cheap right now they are round. $2.50 maybe?

I had a cardboard box under my bed what suggest IKEA's Barometer desklamp. Now you too.

foreigner 'i don't want to live without you' my favorite foreigner song and is from the 'inside information' lp 1988 sing 'urgent' too

old boxes help me see better - when i was more of life left to be in you

God is a DJ or 'depardijeau' as I am 'l'peau' the no 2. bikini pencil with its own naphalon creacil and mint stand. I told you so I just bought Nu Shooz 'Driftin' (pass the sake of you) from iPubes now by the Coca-Colab our banstabban of Pakistan and Vermont Shores bits of Euclid Avenue. If so, I play 'Baby' (the one who gets his feelings hurt by so many hearing and in these words) - not you. "If I'm not to be. I won't be." Oh. I thought of it all day, and my feeling's that I was wrong - I was wronged. "I was wronged." I don't drink piss and eat crap - I just love hearing about it. Nothing stinks more, but true to form, it's just not that real yet. When choosing the self "If I was gonna eat anyone's crap - I'd eat yours. You're as gluten free as anyone I'd nomen." These are fantasies you fool...you like poo-poo? Come see me...people still complain wildly about me licking someone's ass. What? If I was a ghost that's where you'd find me up some boys hairy ass all night every night my name is still "Macaulay"..."Bo weevil, bo weevil where you been all day?" Spraying that dead...evil little bitches get the gas-x foam and the asshole. To ladle in my sewer...a flushing war between Mexico and San Jose will erupt in Mount Hood - the biggest macachine ever by Cyramen and Rheinhaun claris-fenk Cryognetics and those infular of clemens pathology. No food tanks as "ignorance is lift"...no placing like home.

Nu Shooz Driftin' AIFF (13.1 Megs) from 1987's "Told U So" using "WireTap Pro" to lift from iTunes. Too many walls. See Amazon for the uncomplicated MP3.

When Lizzie Borden's Father Brutally Cut His Wife's Face With A Razor And Committed Suicide He Knew He Was Wrong And Still She Bled So Bad - I Learned My Lesson In July 2010
These two were the Czar of Russia Peter Romanoff and his wife Marie...yes, the ones deposed of. They killed their kids and Lizzie is Anastasia returned - and for real. 1812 (and thank you again Life Magazine's remarkable-famous women edition way back when 1976 or so no matter how so is faked). They did mortuary there in Chicago. Remember, hurting people is twice as bad - keep the words little and don't do so much damage beforehand. I'll help you to it later.