Apple iTunes
although rarely seen as such mine, someone said 'please, this is to be hate itself'
sure, playing backwards on pa's everywhere...bad singin' gone 'public affair'
initially, i regret the harshness of judges being the exception to mean for no such placement expect
celebrities and little people should never mix too drop-ins or casual cool ever
with thanks to charles nelson reilly and martha quinn for 'win lose or draw' anyway
speaking of which, charles is back simply say no more
she is too...
this originally was supposed to be the kids of famous singing stuff and only
although no longer there, seek christine mcvie's 'songbird' such is reduced as sum
not here though maybe not amazon

Make Do 'Til Then September 2007 End Summer Plague By You

george burns fixes a hole and closes this month after all

Title exchange: "Yes, I have what you want, but you're not what I want." They respond "Prove it." I did when you came and asked again of it. Mine: Under this particular scheme, you pay for that one - not me.

Colors wad? Only I see these for could be smarter.

If Being Attacked Viciously Wouldn't Matter If You Kept Thinking How Appropriate The Response Was To Wishes Made For And Against Us You'd Get The Pill RU-B9, CU-8R, 5TU8...English PUB...MFF...Pfft
09/05/07 1041
Where is fucking Sean Penn when you need him (if spitting full-shabb at people and their subsequent breasts with houseflies all over them doesn't get the same response anymore, surprise: may lift for extra pigmentation)? My sister and guiding counterparts sent me some more stuff a larger layer with wall knives, of course, from Orchard Farms (Omaha Steaks) -- so let's resolve that issue sent. I've been made to feel that these are a curse from people who hate me, so we'll need a few days since this is really the above and cohorts being a prick about takings. Fuck you - I eat it anyway with name on it but now it's stamped locally only at the post office where they type in bill payments late too after looking at you and your business ? and has been switched out to my door. Thanks Molly Perkins for doing it better who is that. You ever me send me shit and you'll be bitten by a snake you can thank me for personally before I take it and pull its mouth apart from its body for being known to me with meat on it. Sean was just saying...?

We're working on details too...but I can always say 'no' he moved while trying for better off no concert my pleasures stamped loudly in the corner and to the cent as if for you too but will cease you as only while you still do. So cease - I'm on the path today you see nothing. Stab at the hole. If you knew anything about celebrity for sure you wouldn't have said any of this at all we look for it to be else. I don't look for you at all...who?

"It protects us." It makes lots of fucking pricks too but we'll only hafta starve

"You [actually 'we' as women at-large other sundry unsavory] take people who are productive and make them this [someone like me ostensibly left to think about things and without]."
A voice of female and seriously unwanted made to be with me...who you can thank when you can't pay your bills if maybe thanking God didn't cost you enough...thank God.

I understand nothing of it. I won't either. You pay one either way and too much. Prayer: Be smart for you male-female the rest is shit and bother me to better for you. Good fuck.

You feel "sorry for people" if I let 'em feel sorry for you...see how it shines me up. Keep yours wait to be hear.

"Still trying to get there without saying anything to anyone who might seem more important (see a blubbering of hate crying at the police station one day)? Rest not - we'll see some bitch cashed your check long ago." - dM

"You don't amass your fortunes here, Bitch. You see how all lost can come and go in one place with no effort but that ain't yours to peep at." - dM who never lets others hold meetings in my home at no such cost

"It ain't hopeless as long as you're here." - dM who asked for nothing but gets it all and just in-time, anyway

"Duress is about doing things you didn't want to do and by some sort of coercion or force-by-night - not a receipt to get your money back at the gym." - dM

"Your penis? Please - that's the very last thing anyone special gets to see. Let it seem that way." - dM who thinks the odd thought is best served to well-versed who might know bits more about what's better for them

"Diamonds are forever? We might start trying with that particular cut. As you can see, it just ain't real, but a man that thrills you on that day is. Show us how you failed him everyday thereafter is mine to peep at." - dM

"Gays? Be pleased yourself - AIDS was." - dM who notes that no one needs to keep anything to theirself for that long (a gay keeps it in his ass from exotic travels as troll under tree while heteros court it with duo-pamprins)

"Thanks still, Nigger." - dM who talks like this at home on the plantation only the devil now known to me as singer Marvin Gaye or then Timothy Kyles

Here's another stinky link for logging it up river at your own panoplies if a scathing page-by-page secret summed for you by behest or then other (um, another "good times, bad times" scenario for the hirsute of languages made to be me) - you know - a little shop of horrors for sharing your own drac 'pour-no's?' as plants eat to of their own growths? Alsure becoarsen of hairs, a creelage mole says 'why, not' with hoarth narrage and zipper tomes. "If you had just one more -- I'd wouldn't know for sure so distracting to the lens then meet." Anyway, see this bad idea fromage at XTube (um, for you to showcase your ex's tube? yes no?) Prudish? Remember, have a known good before you as if as before and passing it on plus banners for having and saving and at a sense seem. No studio shit and I love amateurs like I love strangers - no one just passed on it as if to complicate the brain matter moulded. "Have it hape." Thanks for playing and please skip the clip-right-out's madeurned in hostile atom-like patterns like a clog in a 'c' street shampour that stops you from enjoying the free drinks flowing from the little round-up at the inner-beauty chokenet you shandle with oven mitts and housby turpentine after the next Mets game is blown out to sea by "sasquatch and his breathing my name." I'd cup your fuckin' chimp mouth, but some tram will only die louder on the roof next over of stab wounds noting extras nothing of and of the each of at. Me: "Oh, my God! That faggot will just not die." - dM who always shares the real me if at first unwanted again. Fran + Chris + Sean + the beaf'd of it with no camper titty or bright 'hopi' stripes down its one sturm and a whole kingle-host of others if that just does it anyway and as won't have you do my god his n-Chris' father was like Joey "Pliss" Heatherton all over my bed yesterday..."I just love this new mattress. It's me again." Yeah - we captured the oslo-comb market with this one...gulliver's own silk fan under the hotter homed-in cable. Me: "Yeah - they'd see this [by remote] and not come. Unherd of." that. But, I don't like used-up dog shit either...this is still for me? Be nice while I still get mine for me I'm not into caring types yet.

Please, Bitch - I never watched porno dry. For parties, types of. Watch your language we go into public to avoid your sex homes taken aback themes. Stay there. Sharing is caring (shut-ins maybe you never say who cares) but so what be taken home. Also, the eagle flies right in to capture its own make 'em take it in slowly and surely with you in mind so much. Nothing too easy pays - no rules me the law is for pure bother with yours. See it come and not always to be with you.       

sgt. pepper's lonely hearts club band (says 'don't ask for too much and you won't get too much' - mine: 'you had yours tomb') the reprise...
we love the dougie character still - is just like wanted someone else (always within a furred skatch of yours to be thanks), so what? keep singing to it, bitch
the clip features girls on the back of motorcycles who are hilariously mean to the open air limo a buick riviera in mothballs at union station in below
'you should keep some' one says? no - 'you should sleep some' she says to the roman holiday inside like they're vampires - much funnier
another unheard is 'cap that' for the singing involved and then to the driver a woman (now said candice bergen) 'why you? again [you're here]?'  
did i tell you a big ol' snake was on me while i slept and then finaly crawled off me while i waited? days ago i fight ghosts daily
that guy from the santa monica bus stop flower shorts was in the library today still so pretty you fellow me
was looking into buying a hot dog the meantime, you go to pinks

The Moon And The Melodies (1986, Cocteau Twins with the minimalist piano of Harold Budd) "She Will Destroy You" Cocteau Twins & Harold Budd - The Moon and the Melodies - She Will Destroy You also seek "Sea, Swallow Me", "Eyes Are Mosaics", and "Ooze Out And Away, Onehow" what I call a "Christmas tree" tune among the orbs (most of these refracts or responses in sound are long in distance they seem - as if among the planets and stars I guess not to my thinking as hostile ever) that meaningful? It could be. I used to say the cover both album and CD format (the album says more to it) was thatchwork fencing rolled up tightly at harvest as to be with UK-type crop circles and all. I meant it too. It now revealed to me as the Roman coin "Kapurn" what featured three (3) heads (babies possibly) sewn together after decapitation - one in the principal setting's mouth and one sewn in the rear. A trinity of sorts? Exactly. The coins - featuring four (4) or so blades and the smallish cap to lower "bucket of heads" called a "todal" (say "toddle" hard to hold with heats added by burning) are a ghost too and they leave when insulted like money flies out the door here when insulted but nearly and exactly the same. See? P.S. We never know anything for you. If it's a secret, we'll keep it for you.

The name change suggests I'm there again, but is only a ridicule to my open-chord (three notes left, up then down) piano playing if you ask me when. Some made some. If please, it's mine only when I think it's good enough or great then I steal it (back?) in and practice up a medley of my own hits (no more than four [4] songs live ever? my thoughtful pieces Stevie Nicks looking to aire you out may fake two) and never for pay or to play. Never have.

Steve Martin "King Tut" Steve Martin - A Wild & Crazy Guy - King Tut I resisted this but love "Cat Handcuffs" the idea and the prose. A momentary arrest of sorts for a loved one, but known to you now. I had this album "A Wild & Crazy Guy" (1978) surprisingly I bought it fresh-new a beggar has it to be this. Poor bitch trying to be funny, popular. Popular? Never tell people they are wrong. Ask them to be sure again sweetly.

" And Jesus said to the beggar 'I have yours, so you must have mine. We should exchange. Nevermind then.' " - dM quoting the above, then mine:

" I had enough for the both of us until you showed up. Now you have mine. " - dM

art is larger than life - dM
so is andy warhol...

"That's your heaven. In my heaven, Sir Lancelot is lying naked on a grassy knoll when I chance upon it." - dM to Jodie Foster and who believes that's the way it is in movie "Excalibur"

Toni Halliday asks that you go to
the official Curve website and get her song "Weekend" and "before its over..." we walked on and around Robertson last night and saw "Curve" retailors...and you? North End Pizzeria (of Boston) will make me an Italian grinder one day at 8600 W. 3rd Street is where. It is Liz "Cocteau Twins" Fraser's birthday after all and you August 29 her new site pathetic again...

Tell Toni if you liked it by dialing nine '9' on the phone and speaking first then hanging up..."it gets there" she said.

"You know, the last batch of instant pistachio puddings I made in single cups tasted like someone poured vodka in them the nuts breeded I guess all became almost clear gel. Like Neil, I believe in fates, people being more important than they let on and I ate them anyway help and hurt my health." - dM as was vanilla vodka a recent purchase of ours...

Yogurt - and I love yogurt mostly - is just cow's milk frozen and citrus of lemon nature (as the very starter powder is this dried lemon rind...Country Time lemonade powder will might and do) then some vanilla...welcome Yogur(t)berry to West Hollywood (where the 12" CD shop Perfect Beat was staged heedlessly to discomfit them from selling such - still online) free samples galore with some further heartfelt obligations to buy now then. "People don't work like that." If you make them think, they do. Making them think is key - keep it coming in name. P.S. Each mind is an empty bush you grow to berry. You made each and every one touching with dirts and water mixed and such worded of shit if neglects should set to be pour. I use them wooden poo sticks from AM/PM at home and myself..."Nope, nuttin' yet." You, stir. "Where do people come from?" Who cares - you have them. One day my grandmother or whomever what not cut down her beautiful raipsing raspberry bush way in the back of the house because it was dirty, challenged for property rights, or having been around too long to no further such value seen being. A shame you had too much there...brown stemmings like peanuts grow into the ground on shoots, green leaves like elm - vibrancy itself. Try one (here's a fine link Gurney's Seed & Nursery), keep yours...I eat that up always the finest berry there is and note citrus is launching major-size fruit product on early growths seen at the storefronts - good. I love my own juices by nature and then say pee is usually only a production problem making you sick ever.

leona helmsley is otherwise known as 'actoring' katharine ross of 'the legacy' fame
katharine died last june it said, but nearly three (3) weeks ago from a return attempt
"that's all..." link for her hotel behind photo captioned...she likes my kind of boy, she says
i've only stayed at the helmsley in the village when i went out to the roxy at night as couples when
we have drinks at harry's bar on central park sometimes....
her quote now 'don't eat the grass' to her dogs again

my quote to ellen recently for a call-in is 'haiku' - a  japanese-type poem that just drops end but an irony
the name means 'even though you're here [we play]'

love these new night lights by ge or then jasco products and newly at pavilions
terry expressed disinterest but here they are anyway...and for you at $16.99 and $7.49, respectively, and as great gifts
sure, the laundromat there says they are closing september 8 and are being torn down we'll see more later...

Spencer Gifts ONLINE!
just 'cause we love them and they have the bamboo curtains you seek for $20 (for shipping you add only $6.95)...disco balls, neon, and all as fest approaches us and Aah's stocks up costumes now open...

Here Lounge The Nightclub West Hollywood features Jackie Beat each Monday....

"It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World" It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World the movie with Spencer Tracy, Ethel Merman, Jonathan Winters and a whole host of others...where my sad ridicule 'momma...where are you momma? i'm comin' momma...' comes from.

You know animals don't seek or kill one another - they seek refuge where no noise is only bears, cats, foxes, etc. to raise their young. If you keep a plano (a quiet place), they will come to roost they hate noise as evidenced by light and heat moving. Then they find theirselves back-to-back against you but rarely and never eat each other. All eat grass.

See it here first: Bank Of America's new name a-comin' - First Republic Bank as seen first as advertisement in the latest issue of Time Magazine
...with Mother Teresa on the cover who wants me to get bugs off of her, okay...while she vacations in the woods in Pakistan with friends three blonde women
A republic is where women and men own everything, not us as above...China mostly
Bank Of America is number one #1 symbol to me all the world.

these are itunes not made meaningful to me yet

A new restaurant in West Hollywood on Melrose Avenue upper-west is Doug Arango's we passed by yesterday. An "arango[e]" hurts you no matter what they say in Spanish. They supposedly have burger (and tarot reading?) nights on Monday after prices that range from $31 to $50 per person so e-mail for that. You get local, overnight street parking for friends and family in West Hollywood by going to the sheriff's station at San Vicente and Santa Monica Boulevards and signing their guest book. Have your California ID exploring these themes ready. My old address at 916 Hilldale has the same parking quadrant as the new one at 930 Palm, so okay. An out-of-town friend visits here occasionally, and our renewal for permanent windshield passes that hang from rearview is here just again $18 at the each and up to two (2).

Remember folks: bugs, rats, snakes, bees are all vermin only - what you get for being dirty, leavin' food around we won't keep talkin' to ya about it. Even trees neglected or not watered draw them all in. Nature - what surely starves folks to death - is nothing to appreciate or safeguard. Eat leaves then. Caps on killing too much may not be real says frozen food, but we appreciate the sentiment anyway if "one thing leads to and is another."

"That's just one mouth I hear - one mouth per opinion." - dM and says have a dollar ready

Aerosmith "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" Aerosmith - Armageddon - The Album - I Don't Want to Miss a Thing from the "Armageddon" soundtrack LP (1998) I never saw that movie....did you? Plus "Falling In Love (Is Hard On the Knees)" Aerosmith - Nine Lives - Falling In Love (Is Hard On the Knees) and then "Hole In My Soul" from the "Nine Lives" LP (1997).

The only AC/DC song at iTunes is "Big Gun" AC/DC - Last Action Hero - Big Gun from the  "Last Action Hero" soundtrack LP (1993) - didn't see that neither. I listened to Bon Scott's "Problem Child" and "Squealer" yesterday at singing the later one myself okay both. This record has a live version of Aerosmith's "Dream On" too.

seek these - just piano and vocals stapled together for issue a nonsense
this is 'island girl'...there are two others at least 'robert ford' and 'grown some funk of your own'
this is all the record company got to play off of and develop into more with signed cover
there is also 'don't go breaking my heart' but for different reasons...not mine percussion and all chris ondy squeaking

huh? the straight lines up connect in the middle to form another arc as pulled together by cable...
better noise online this is 'arctriomphe'...if only to me

ABSOLUTE GARBAGE 2007! I love the record cover greatest hits or miss nots with "Vow" first thank you - Garbage  "Stupid Girl" Garbage - Absolute Garbage - Stupid Girl

Cliff Richard  "A Little In Love" Cliff Richard - I'm No Hero (Remastered) - A Little In Love or then big hit "Dreamin'" from the LP "I'm No Hero" (1980)...I love singing along with me.

look at these new reports...we hittin' it...allentown-robbinsville 195 and at exit 7a

Tried Apple's iPhone again today - same location Beverly Center - and it was beautiful this time links open right up with finger touch and turn to landscape was fine...the screen on iMacs such. But back to, the pages linked mine open up in blocks downward with grayed out checkerboards awaiting signal in. Terry gets mad when I leave my web pages pulled up like a slowhand woman trying to cover a demon eating a child. Someone said AT&T is eighty bucks (~$80) a month for that plus some as base only and iTunes must be on your home or office computer only.

RAIN TODAY! How many tornadoes do I have to give you to get your weather?!?

Made that sirloin stir-fry (of the current flyer pages three and four) from Trader Joe's with aparagus tips and general tsao sauce - pretty good as sampled in-store reguilt. The meat strip leaned is upwards of thirteen bucks ($13) for about one and one-half (1.5) pounds, the asparagus - not my favorite fruit but hearsay and no bias shown farmers-fishers - was over three bucks ($3) fresh trimmed we removed one (1) bottom inch to keep smaller bits, and the sauce again over three bucks ($3) so not cheap but okay! Then serve over their organic brown rice four bucks ($4) I guess (we had white only as the other not available)...I want to make a hamburger dish with rice teriyaki-sukiyaki - whatever - soon. 

Just 'Cause You Asked Ongoing
08/26/07 1207
Our household expenses per month:

Rent (c/o Decron Associates) $1,435
Electricity (c/o Southern California Edison) $30
Phone, Internet as DSL (c/o AT&T and Yahoo!) $50
Water (c/o National Water & Power) $20
Cable TV (c/o Time Warner Cable) $50

We don't have a car or gas utilities.

Leslie sassed me again by e-mail for having ridiculed her. Do we need the money that bad? Hmmm...says the mailman didn't pick up her check yet and she'll wait until I apologize. In hell. Is a real big deal for having had kids and for being a movie star I guess. I guess - what do I know. You say one word to me and I sink the Titanic - that's who I fraud itself.

My mind tells me these kids killed people in car crashes. Having scared two (2) old ladies to death on a back road myself in Morrisville PA, I believe it but no one will say. God forbid that happens take me instead. Marc Ondy and another girl Karen "Glowzinski" (sp...just the real Carol Burnett doing downtime and as real only...hope and heal) are involved who died days later head injury - who would ride with these kids? I'm also told my father and his son had his balls slapped in jail as guards. Somehow they survive these as my kin but I got nothing to hear.

In my opinion, you risk bodily and property harm always and totally being on the road. Take yours and leave (my first new car ruined after three months)? I believe my family were put back after mishaps and fast. Why not others?

Olivia Newton-John "Landslide" Olivia Newton-John - Gold: Olivia Newton-John - Landslide as originally from 1981's "Physical" LP the first song there big Carlos Vega drums (others? the Bee Gees-inspired "Carried Away" and her own dolphin song "The Promise") now from "Olivia: Gold" a big, beautiful record. Olivia, or Judith as she now call herself says "Tell them [people] I died, and I want them back again." So there.

Da Da Da
08/25/07 1902
The finalists on "American Idol" a blab:

Pepper Labeija - Madonna with chesney teeth painted blue in film
Xavier (um, Octavia St. Laurent...I love Yves St. Laurent stuff China) the black girl with hair pulled back the most glamorous one savior get it? - Doug Moon
Fat, white trans-fat Dorian Corey - Neil Geraldo
Venus Xtravanganza - Kyle "Huang" Peterson, Oscar*, of course...others dull me Ondy's father is in there too the MC
Cedric, of course, is in there...

Kyle was on Sunset Tan on E! today 08/26/07 with sister briefly he is the guy running the shop there...he is also the beautiful boy in Marie Antoinette big brown eyes and all who fucks her (is her ghost-actual husband playing games with her with clocks running backwards even though same frame once by mistake or cover-up - he "keeps ugly for ugly" he says a real beauty me). The movie so mean and boring yet but good performances Kirsten Dunst and all...rented from the library just now (this note adds on 08/29). She - Marie A. - just can't win like a christ figure she grows up amongst no choices at all - all desperate pigs everywhere and life is heard from. Is not beheaded in the film - never really happened anyway. The present of this is to public for review only - not real to her ever. Rosemary Shulman (the real girl) played her mother the queen fabulously I didn't recognize-see her though...each got $1,200 plus fees so far...

Our only friend Owen Wilson didn't try and commit suicide - he did too much drug and drink and a woman palped him (drove him nutz..."I didn't try and kill her or me - I hate her...they see"). He came to ask for help last night (08/28) I hate him bestill.

jordin sparks...olivia newton-john's son mark twelve (12) years old
blake lewis...tina turner's fifth son angela a booker t person
melinda doolittle...president clinton's fifth son martin t
lakisha jones...a producer, no-one's son
phil stacey...evan dando's only son
chris richardson...olivia newton-john's fifth son without woman make-up on - see other
sanjaya malakar...made to look like bart simpson is elizabeth fraser with make-up on
haley scarnato...neil geraldo with make-up on
gina glockson...chris peterson or the son of kiss drumer martin or tom peterson
chris sligh...chris ondy in heavy cat make-up
stephanie edwards...the real woman's son in make-up
brandon rodgers...chris ondy again

all fakes.
Various Artists - Peter Pan Records - Candy Classics Sing-Along - Da Da Da

Seen at
Book Soup - a thick cardboard children's book but few pages with a hole in the middle (the image neglects but is certain) for inserting the erect (maybe you and not) penis...many cartoon faces-placings inside. Sure, for birthday parties, the odd photo of. Submit, submit. I checked the size of the hole - I'll have you know the cardboard spindle in a roll of toilet paper just isn't big enough - and all seems well. Still, I can't believe people place a picture like that - so unseemly - in ads online and someone supposedly responds over the part simply lain. Not me. "I need to see the hole too - might of used banishing cremes." Title of book? A cost of ten dollars prevented this thought outright. You just buy it.

Keeping in mind some of the nicest things I've ever seen weren't intended for me...not personally, anyway. The book was instituted for police departments everywhere - gets the ball rolling. "Do you know who this is?" No - do you mind?

What is "coitus" (say "coit-is" to be like "quote us") and as quoted often here like the offence "hirsute" (hair suit, of a primitive peoples)? "Coitus" means "captured by us and told of"...never again seen sometimes. There are athletic balls like volleyballs, etc. called "Coit" and that means "captured" somehow the ending "-us" means only "less so [here now]". Now carpet cleaning ensues maybe coitus? When I think of coitus, someone female and attending is curled up around me loving me. With that said:

Percent of men, ages nineteen (19) through life who've never attended a woman - United States only, we have sex often pleasurably and with me: forty-eight percent (48%)
Percent of women who've never ventured oddly - nineteen percent (19%) as some never do wise...

In the mail yesterday addressed to Douglas "Jackson" is training by Luke (Wilson one might assumes...we met on the roof one day - personal trainer, cute). If not,, I won't even go on the other's health insurance like we're married to something. Keep it dumb. Meanwhile I wondered about sex-type stuff how to say-be, about being Jim Carrey...demanding of we know nothing for you ever. What pisses me off is that his brother the other "Luke" Owen is not that nose injury and all - I liked the way he looks a goober kinda...what gives maybe changes into that.

My sister urges us again...she gives expensive gifts that are crazy good, needs to keep it up as long as practicable (within your reach) - I would...and why default to that (we don't wake up and wonder you, we wouldn't choose to be else made unless truly made to as be as less and less known woman):

2) See the way we jump all over dissent (speaking else and with no care towards others) as never worthy or ever - grab the candle hard, never worry we're with you;
3) Don't fight folks too much no prize so wonder whether I lived or died - people who know me can ask me by e-mail or if you need a card annually (and as exchange only friends are expensive I use mine bad) I'm still friendly to everyone as witnessed here, but can't bear to see you with dissent having been expressed...I'm embarrassed for us both plus need my hates to be real and continue on airless and were VERY special to me, then this a false rising and over others unseen by me. Cherish this to fault we set you up bad every day I wouldn't pay you upon death - trust that.

"You need to keep your mouth off of certain people in life. Is that you too?" - dM no matter what is always the true


You are a fuck up - thanks - I'll forgive you when I get the check.

"You're not nice but thank you."
Who arranges fucks for you and quietly? Your father?

>From: "Leslie-Moon" <>
>To: "Doug Moon" <>
>Subject: RE: Thanks Off
>Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2007 15:06:10 -0400
>You know Doug...whatever...I mailed the check today.
>I forgive you and will keep you in my prayers

Jesus Jones "Right Here Right Now" Jesus Jones - Doubt - Right Here Right Now from the "Doubt" LP released 1991 - albeit the devil you know is the only one. Someone says this is Bruce Willis singing - okay. The "Mike" ("J.D." Edwards) guy the frontman who died was Israeli and his name as producer only was Mike Myerson. Ninety two (92) isn't dying...reyouth, you'd-than-asia. Whatever...Willis is also Peter Bogdonavich (previously, "Willard Moon" my grandfather's second brother died heart attack electrocution age nine...) - get that? Nine (9) years down, then here again hating it all.

Sure, Oscar De La Hoya made a name fancy too...Jon Secada "Just Another Day" Jon Secada - Lo Esencial: Jon Secada - Just Another Day his brother stages...."People don't pay me to live - they pay theirsselves to be there it seems to me. Pay me now."

"Also reveals no knowledge of iTunes or of me selling such and said. 'Buys into stereotypicals [um, all truth all the time - be it of thanks], is easy to manage [as uses the phone].'" - dM if quoting Leslie again

You know that guy that shot the abortion doctor in the face while he sat in the car was kinda nice about things, still. They aborted a black baby he was trying to help out. Christians. Was it worth it? Was it? "Yup, they still count me and I still win. Never real though so hairy to figure out who that was with all the shocked people around. The siren blared in me." Not as messy as you'd hoped too...half the face caved in, kinda. He had voices in the head, too. What did they say I'm sure. "Fuck that. No, fuck that. Fuck for and in me?" Killing folks over dead babies! All is not cost.

All these faggots are arming up the pussies for the dying half parts. Shoot me with real vannage sperm in my butt. "Yeah, you come right home with dat. Don't stop anywhere on the way. Come right to be home."  

Read on:

From the top down - it is the money, I'm sure. We'll die for those of these.

>From: "Leslie-Moon" <>
>To: "Doug Moon" <>
>Subject: RE: Thanks Off
>Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2007 13:07:35 -0400
>His brothers name is Roger..
>How about we forget the card since it's really all about the money
>with you and my kids live in "opulence" because we work our asses off
>Maybe you should at least try to get a job!
>Leslie Moon-Wittenburg
>Corporate Account Manager / AM3
>Direct   -  (888) 289-6424
>Fax  -  (888) 609-5603
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>Sent: Wednesday, August 22, 2007 12:56 AM
>To: Leslie-Moon
>Subject: RE: Thanks Off
>His brother's name is Erik, right? He says "thanks for everything"
>Montgomery & Kemp sixty-three "I'll be back." Heart attack...the little
>Okay - but my burden is huge here those kids live in opulence...we'd
>like to hear from you still.
>930 Palm Avenue #146
>West Hollywood, CA 90069
>If it's such a big deal, send your kid's birthdays I'll write them down
>and you stay on-top of it. I was the first one failed ever. Lonely here.
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> >Subject: RE: Thanks Off
> >Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2007 16:56:24 -0400
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> >Yeah I did; sorry!!
> >I hope you had a great birthday.
> >Rick's brother passed away on Thursday so it's been A few hectic days
> >for us.
> >Please email me your current address and I will be sure To send out a
> >card ASAP.
> >
> >PS: It works both ways; with that being said make sure you always reach
> >out To me on mine and most importantly don't forget my kiddies.. I
> >really hate that Thanks
> >
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> >-----Original Message-----
> >From: Doug Moon []
> >Sent: Tuesday, August 21, 2007 4:40 PM
> >To:; Leslie-Moon
> >Subject: Thanks Off
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> >You missed my birthday - thanks. I can't afford too many people
> >forgetting I'm here...
> >Doug
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Someone asks how my day was August 16 my birthday? I was coming down that day and awoke to two (2) charges to our bank account totaling seventy bucks ($70.00) thus eating up our dinner budget for that day. Nobody cares beyond my mother with no further meet or greet, but people think I "live better", so fuck you. I argued with the bank on the phone and got half back on-the-spot and went to the store alone to get cupcakes, ice cream, and a candle. They didn't have my favorite kind of cupcake of course, but I got two (2) with flowers on-top and vanilla ice cream and I sat alone and said with candle lit "Happy Birthday, Madonna" like a birth-Jew celebrates Christmas privately. This motherfucker above us is a real piece of shit. Hope you die. Can this shit be real? All niggers, all day long? I excluded everyone at my personal party for making me eat shit that day. All providing to no can do.

If you see too much here - it still isn't your business..."we're dead" so the fuck what. Thanks Ellen for today's show "Doug Moose"....Peter Frampton, The Bee Gees are on my mind. "Do you ever do anything for people?" Never forcibly. You honor me that way. All you do is sell your parts here. Neil get your ass back in town before I pull your house down.

Today my sister and father got thank-you notes for no such bother - like assholes.

"Why don't you go back to hell?" Women and faggots need to learn: you're dying of this. No one makes that special, ever. So what? Whaddaya gonna do - cover it up and tell your own story? See knives privately.

Heart "Barracuda" Heart - The Essential Heart - Barracuda from the "Essential Heart" LP comp (2002)...all other hits I just heard "Crazy On You" overhead...loved that don't ignore any "Magic Man", "Straight On", and "Dog And Butterfly".

A movie? "Leprechaun 3" Leprechaun 3 or "Leprechaun in Las Vegas" with cheap, havin' it people - kinda low budget but well done is easily on the best of list. That's why. "Leprechaun In The Hood" numbers one and two I liked too. One suggests "Deep-Sea Leprechaun" and "Leprechaun In High Office" for new films now verboten. One in the can unfinished is "Leprechaun Vegetable Garden" (he's out in the world hurting people, no reason - rejected for length) and another is "Leprechaun [And Is] Sprigs" ("he's working his way in the art world guiding others is correct there...")...that's weak but he is after a local tree-trimmer who stole his gold...weak. Warwick Davis stars in all used. He pays for them too it is said. *No previous Leprechaun need be seen, but get to the 'in the hood' ones - they are funny blacks and all with the wounded ghost man.
This just in August 21, 1718:
Micky's the gay dancenaught in West Hollywood just had a big ol' fire in the back upper...smoke is everyhow. And still it burns although I put it out! David Stiles is there.

Liza Minnelli "If There Was Love" Liza Minnelli - Results - If There Was Love  the Pet Shop Boys-produced master sombrah from her "Results" LKP (1989) we hadda have it again. To date new: 32,762...32,807...32,822...32,905

Your key to future lessons:

bin laden - me and people like owe us so see nothing more yet;
hezbollah - the women who rule from above they say...a real darkness to some, we say faggots here...won't let up on their prayer against us - fags - he exterminates them daily;
osama - women who lack skills...they won't work without too;
taliban - the parts that don't move men and women in chairs everywhere sucking softly on daily habits we seek...purity itself;
kulerallah - the ones we seek when and them...they will not come until hezbollah is dead (say "kulerallah" as "cool-er-ah" disease "cholera" sees things wrong for them as there are unseen as agents afoot);
obama - women who wait for nothing, industrious types never had, never will (combines osahallah and obama...osahallah is hate never-ending a family tragedy never seen here much)

"No one listens to you anymore. What's to say?" - dM who doesn't care if it's Henny Youngman's humour

k.d. Lang "Summer Fling" k.d. lang - Invincible Summer - Summer Fling from her "Invincible Summer" LP (2000)...I love singing this song. Who didn't we get - "Someday" by Glass Tiger (MP3, 3.3 Megs)? "How Can I Fall" by Breathe David Stiles?

Yesterday What's More
08/20/07 1114
Finally took one of them accordion busses to the beach in Santa Monica yesterday - more fun than you think like a real limo. You can sit two (2) facing opposites right where the metal accordion is blowing breeze some they say and there are huge shoe-shining blocks just before that heading toward the driver. Sure, ride up high. MTA makes you get off at Sepulveda to pick up another bus (we picked up ours near Pavilions on Santa Monica) so expect two (2) fares to get there ($1.25 at the each) and no one will pick up at the beach we waited for what seemed like hours they hate homos coming and going it said. Instead we took Santa Monica's "Big Blue Bus" to UCLA campus for $0.75 overcollected as no change made and then took MTA via Sunset #2 back to West Hollywood fed the machine within some pennies to barge back. I loved the trip though campus and Westwood looks great haven't seen it for years I hate them still the new hospital a Facilities front only thanks again (find one bed natural instead air conditioned water - the whole shoot makes me feel a neuter loved the new Ralph's Fresh Fare at Macy's-Bullocks though). Anyway, we walked over the catwalk over PCH (Pacific Coast Highway) at Palisades Park in Santa Monica then descended to the beach areas where they rent the most fascinating of bikes and trailers with (starting at $8.00 an hour - a fat couple took off on a Schwinn tandem or two-seater one of many with a zipper-cover cart for a kid in the back the kickstand stayed down taking it all out perhaps on the bike route down to Venice Janet Jackson - the cart attaches with the weirdest 's' shapes ever to the left rear strat) and then to the water itself over and across an unmerciful beach where parking took forever for those who drove. Full of laying around types everyhow I couldn't stand it and hadda go (I kept my sneakers on however at the surf running from each and away). Third Street Promenade is funny, but Santa Monica is the homeless capital of the world and stink - the universal language - is everywhere too along with little black girls singing as street performers at full throttle - pretty good - spider monkeys collecting cash at a snatch and to their waistline of tills. Real assholes they...a blondish boy at the busstop hawaiian flower shorts and white t-shirt green outlines made me happy for days later I scanned his mind for conversation much coming and going (how home haircuts are better...salons mostly make you a bonehead a fool with no care ever...I need new combs-clips for my Oster and in-fact) as I demanded rides from above neglecting me again. Oh, nevermind the trip down Sunset was beautiful that vacant Islamic lot in Beverly Hills now has two new homes on it ostensibly Madonna and Brittney, $2M each and only and at my command get that outta there while Greystone gets it too. So see. UCLA made me proud - they really live up their name however see ya soon.

We ate lunch at Fatburger at the Third Street Promenade...fatburgers, onion rings, soda refill. The onions tasted like bananas just like sour cream these days bananas in everything....

Xtra! Parks I've been to at
Busch Gardens Africa  (The Dark Continent, Tampa)
Busch Garden Europe (The Old Country, Williamsburg)
Boardwalks Of Jersey Shore (Seaside Heights)
Epcot (Disney World)
Hershey Park
Knott's Berry Farm
Kings Dominion
Attractions Of Las Vegas
Six Flags Great Adventure
Six Flags Magic Mountain
Magic Kingdom (Disney World)

adds Six Flags Astroworld at Houston Astrodome, Camp Snoopy at Mall Of America - both now defunct

joan rivers finally one worthy...p.s. the jewelry at qvc is lovely

The prior-named movie of Scotland featuring yellow robes? "The Village" by N. Night Shyamalan...(I say "shal-mya-gen"...meaning 'some of this is real', or not real then)...a man murders his wife...she in-turn comes back blind...she has him murdered and he comes back mute and they murder others with stealth. She is priding a last murder attempt and has to defeat elders to get medicines to get them off her back. Elders are dead and returning slowly. A bother altogether. The queen has them locked up as in Scotland. She is one of them and is mean too. "I was one of them until Diana rose" she said. Better clips at Rotten Tomatoes "Doug let them in!"

Those women get out of line because you play their game as loser to them they sensing defeat somehow need bargaining not theirs, they say.

So there...barely rented at library. Is fascinating in the respect that it's like a Liberty Village (once and still of Flemington, New Jersey) - they make everything theirselves or do without the robes lambswool pressed. The movie but linked at iTunes below...having problems? Movies will play small from search results list - do not pull whole pages of title. "It's not about the dick, it's about the whole."

"The Village" starring William Hurt, Joaquin Phoenix, Sigourney Weaver, and Jools Holland at the end, etc. The Village

this feature has been in the pot for a while...
these wallet chain are actually from caskets - the ring is on the bottom left upper to pull and unlock inner latch
no need to hack open then...
we bought one - basically middle seen undecorated - on the street from a vendor who sells his and others like his at the bofa building nightly
'no need to carry one' he says
ours holds our $20 bamboo curtain back towards wall when not needed to convey excess noise or drupp haven, mounted as such with cabinet force clip ?
basically the part that is shaped like a 'v' pushing into plastic wheels...
please chinasoft - i live with a bullard...someone making noise to seem manifest more of self - you, know trying to be a man institution as oppressed

did you know cool-whip brand non-dairy topping has ground-up (shaved?) udders in the mix as carrageenan? sure - 'they're just milk' they say
we bought a bowl last night anyway for raspberry jello with real whole raspberries in it
i'll be using reddi-wip probably $2.50 a can as improved at pavilions

the miramax film 'paris is burning' - a big favorite of mine...
features wayward blacks doing their own ball gowns in new york city
we laugh with sargeant uniforms dug up in the grave...
the whole thing is hedon and worth watching xxxx
dedicated to the memory of venus xtravaganza - from and of the house of xtravaganza - who lives upstairs here with us
or in the very boxspring of my mattress heart
all see at stage 6 film number 1443845 using the free divx for mac...sorry windows (maybe else has divx for yes, you)
i'm from the house of labeija myself

carpenters 'calling occupants of interplanetary craft'
for my birthday...'we are your friends' so hurtful me
someone should come kill your ass...thirty-four turns to forty-three
was that you too at the steak depot?

Carpenters - Carpenters Gold: 35th Anniversary Edition - Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft (The Recognized Anthem of World Contact Day)

Cocteau Twins factoid: We see my favorite all-time 'malledade' (the song of a life lived richly female if sung only while others toil to about 'oh, l'amour!') by this canticle is "A Kissed-Out Red Floatboat"...what is a 'floatboat'? The lower lip protruded by too much passionate and as kissing. You're kissed out need-wise having your fill daily, and but left to defend every day with him leaning about. He really doesn't care if you're sad again or your claims of this lack of caring being closer to 'animal'. A being with no needs prepared forth every day lives every day. "Defend you against youth." The words aren't necessarily obscured - they are embarrassing (never the good stuff - just bitching we shared with women), little made of, studies, and curves avoiding most message to world art. For a gourmet who is place God - can we express feeling without saying as perhaps a woman's place in it made? Crying to God? Don't do it.

Further, no one would allow this shit without tricks and each release saw demands met simply and arguably against type (more accesses to, proper lyrics, no overdubs or transparencies overlain). Everybody wants to be this magical talking to the light. A verily hate box. All mine. You sing it with a gun at your head and plus see no other shows in truth - please! Just be to me tapping in to higher conscient to deliver the song eyes blanking out to it.


Cocteau Twins - Blue Bell Knoll - A Kissed Out Red Floatboat

P.S. Pretenders "Tradition Of Love" - someone errant was mailed out to sea by god-over in a floating black casket (a scallopar) with tuna (um, the lilacs you seem - lying about but fragrant) about for needs met if a 'tradition' or trade off is done despite you - every time. We have our very needs too and although all is well for you, you made me look again. I mock to you singing from the sky but behind your head and my mantra is "love"...and to let love rule you. Let you starve me to death with it. You can blow the storms out of the sky but love made me come. Let's make love our final choice [oh nice to touch you're lovely to look at...] you can hold on for your hosannahs or highest praise [I loved too quickly for you it seemed].

The Pretenders - Get Close - Tradition of Love     

Soon to me! The halfull exclaims of 'the queen' (tactile...understanding nothing to be, 'a wishmaker' paying you to dream of her) in the 1950's or so - e.g., "That's deibeuling of it!" You say "die-bale-ing" with her force forth to mean 'has no bounds and will be punished [a hirsute]'. More to give less later..."Have a go at [the] winskallb!" you add harshly to mean 'acting on your own, paying twice'. You say "win-skull"...better than ever never to be me more. Expresses it least: Cloud #9 or so we should seem was given to him fully for having no money to show simms. A pig is this as you made me express. "Less is to be more for us." Thinking is to be past of its prime.

Real inline franks: Tried to extract post-tax funds from this nigger's Ross IRA (hairy-type forms on the line you leave authority in town simlultaneously but receive all at a flank) - you know - a thousand bucks at next three mid-months, three mid-months then we have all we need and I still can have all yours oster reasonably is saving for retirement what a gay-bitten fool! Two hundred beggar-hat negroes (-$200) each month right from the mellom's diss at the world bank and now like nineteen thousand 'white-people' hops sit there while I get scolded by same. Some bitsy called to check out a detail and he cancelled it all while piggers try and tapple my drubb habil in particular no meghan like I'd eat from that beggar's ass. Negroes. Someone smarter in the pancil of pist is bemusing that Muhlkenkampf mutual while it prives itself accordingly you should lose all you slave to in one flat dump across gay nations had. One day gay will rise out of looming to you. Lose to you. See how I scheme you around the dart? That's me b'beggar: What you don't see still sees you and thinks 'nah - fuck that'. Gets you later so steps up the claim. Ross IRA fucks over mandatory saving with my cap dart. You take it all anyway who has money like that a fool? People who share bras with nothing at all are there wit' you...beautiful plump blacks handle all money-type frats of age and beltway blinds.

"Your cheap goads mean nothing to me, Bitch. I was given intelligence like grapes and saw you for what you are long before you did anything right for yourself. Only to me, then should be you as used bad." - dM

"Crime means you know  - that ain't so easy the hard part is with this there." - dM ..."thank god you're here."...if one-half of all murders is still solved and easily enough you.

"I assured the school my work would be pretty much the same and to seek no improvement as unseen or to be unmet. Big brite would answer the call this way." - dM

I love lists - nationally publicated, sure - for expressing that certain exclude gaainst those who see little of others to be made. "You can argue the facts" but my opinion is to be linear and self-free to guides off and away. Isn't it about people anyway regular-type folks like you and who you might agree to see (this makes me again possible to me if I simply labor to suspend mine own disbelief) - what they think versus what they have little of to know a danger lurks around every conquer? I hate being bothered with half-truths (only you would know, I forgive all of it made to me knowable, keep entertainment and an eye on pleasing others to be simply and in mind...bags and bags of shitty fart sounds and nervous winkings at women licking stamps out at you still it seeks of Charlie Callas a regular hit from the ol' crack pipe):

The top 10 national universities per the latest and then recent "US News & World Report" [um, the Compton 'hirsute' edition -- with advil touches to 'Bell Gardens' and simile be racists] were:

1. Princeton University (never errs on the side of women - hardly 'world' though...colds and nuclear fusion? new jersey kills people dead trying to understand how-why while you bait it...i test figs using homos)

2. Harvard University (is ivy-type league stance itself i say an education as 'rigor'.. is genuinely intersted in being this for you, plans for acceptances only never bargains to be for less had)

3. Yale University (is never to be had really - wealth and celebrity protecting itself against the poorboy of nonsense having to be and know for you again and again...answers you and no one like you)

4. Stanford University (people like me getting down to businesses with cooperative effort - fucks over a recent noise and having to be with - california makes criminals to pay and to know of you better first)

5. California Institute of Technology (make all computers happen and challenges from scratch often - you don't use mine, don't use yours either, I do)

University of Pennsylvania (tie) (is no one special unless medical - is prestige itself, but fosters two queers living next door and asking not finger my hole as routined - a real bitch bathes me better and the hole just sparkles)

7. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (escapes us as no bother ever - is for dopes or dead people who hate change...kill them all you now have a brand-new six flags more appropos for its titsuckers, dengue democrats)

8. Duke University (is for rich kids - i like-love a four-year fuck college for white and white-worthy vangeurs all else eats at the table downed to...kills people with trust with having to know nothing trust people ange)

9. Columbia University (new york's answer to homely is concentrated and day will grow up and have realizations about self never to know ill-placed...the hardest lessed on earth, thay say)

University of Chicago (tie) (someone kids theirself on the list or the lips first these are major money thanking you not to...some are colored can you believe it that's america or vow - we send niggers as all-confusing)

My #1 plague-assist - ivy-league blacks acting white until offset casual mention a verily deathtrap - you said it was so and i did it to you...never say never be i will be in you with me niggers everyhow being you fork, spoon...fresh from the jungle all rents paid up for eves...aggressive yet still arguably hostile at times ribbon hair resists the winds of change still learning a recent mild of manners and when to speak of at others to be speaking at.

Now the real list (this dictated from the above net only as are all comments - little to some stated as me, only my way of saying) we love your ways too (see newer bamboo fence purchased at a gay man's yard sale surround my terrace for primacy matches the bamboo-type curtain forcibly pulled down at least twice now severe acts at get you more of this says to be sum):

1) Princeton - Makes more money, has more money - a champ at being resolute (not challenged in view, god-like unavailable too). Harvard cheats them often. My choice is clearly not to be this...prides often, slowboat sured.
2) MIT - You make money too, is real classy at that. I want to be this good at hating people. Is a beat-the-clock nature and rewards unmercifully. No blacks may enter really. Pince dumb is issues taken down the path fools.
3) Harvard - You are number one everywhere, rejects good sense. I do too - people are real, but very bothersome. Takes you down to nowhere too but knowing isn't cheap. You know. Hates pride, likes truth as in a beggar.
4) Stanford - Markets economics well and siege is underway here as China looms in. They cared more and take problems down. Is not us and is seen to be bothersome, not so. They had all and asked not to again as you learn.
5) University Of Pennsylvania, Penn State - Has walls around all that is safe already. Is never known for being cute or hostile. Likes people, has their money. Big on blacks who play right - none do, but are here. Wealth.
6) Univeristy Of California Los Angeles 'UCLA' as tied with UC Berkeley for knowing less is more - Has no bother with me but has bother with others. Full of blacks and asians who think critically, but are unwelcome. Trust.
7) University Of California San Francisco - Still in operation after major financial woes involving gays and losses there. Will recover. Cures any everything with class. Has no bother with blacks they help here. Route home.
8) Princeton at MIT a cooperative known as Yale - Makes every anything wondrous with surveys and feelings they destroy no home. All is to be class and pleasing to others as is here. No known limits or value to see a bother.
9) Harvard at UCLA Federal-level as spending spree - We took much with class and manage but suffered badly for known about town and ways. You equip us to do better, we withdraw not. You need us to explain more will do.
10) University Of Massachussetts not MIT - Helps little people know theirselves better. Will not manage ways around people 'take your money back' or else. Never leaves alone. Understands you too well. Explains nothing ever.
11) University Of Michigan*
12) University Of Dallas News*
13) University Of South Florida, Floridans*
14) Southern Baptist University - Won't deliver skills..."has them" it says. Really should work on social disease or marketing's everwhere lacking.
15) Seton Hill (now 'Hall' for women advancing us inward) - Has nothing that isn't borrowed. Has nothing theirs then, and it all goes when they are done. Brilliance this way.
16) University Of South Detroit Or 'Mac Davis University' - Eats grass as "agriculture leaning" it says, but mostly makes mistakes and sees why. A great thing here.
17) South Florida Commons University Miami State*
18) FBI Training Centers At Hillbrook Or 'Lawrence Villiard University At Mexico'* A College Really
19) Douglass College At Rutgers University The Medical School*
20) Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar Wang State At Trenton State New Jersey University*...real

Ours, somehow, was named Number '28' thanks again. Good enough for you sees Roman State College and University sem.     

New at iTunes the John Lennon catalog: John Lennon "#9 Dream" John Lennon - Walls and Bridges (2005 Remaster) - #9 Dream from 1974's "Walls And Bridges" LP...."this isn't yours - this isn't mine...this hurts me. ever have hurt?" from Doug who loves imitating those who've been shot and aftermaths...

Al Pacino is just Robert DeNiro in the first two "Godfathers" see that. Pacino is the real Scorsese...

More seem misinterpret from English-types on the transcriptions below:

Case #1: "We don't know why you are here, but we'll pay you some." The queen says this.
More later as if heard.

I grabbed some woman ghost in my closet last night by the cloths or shoulder (the end of a cloth hanging, often then a camel coat...our size only if looking to be true) while after night owling over and over - a first for hate everywhere as she being held from walking at wall was definitely a no-no as for being excessively cruel to a no sighted ever (these welcomed always, but screened mostly for attack...then see plague of wonder may enter...we seem new to each other). She - who is biggerly faked to look like my mother a trickster always getting much right but fucking it up by being there at all she my mother would never get to see my penis at seat - was fighting it off slightly like catatonic maybe in your sleep - but I whispered "don't worry - who are you? come here" softly and we finally parted after such said and such penis to flute was made to be as no play (tried and true method us off out). These are not sex fouls, no, but are clergy and are clearly to stay free of these meetings they just reminding you to stay limber for us. I do what I want and extend courtesies often to foul play for having seen. You see this yet. The mattress bobs with weight and others come and go and I say "great - keep it going, Bitch." Get it done to me. One night the guy who is supposedly director Joel Schumacher came in old and gray smassis and acted hysterical waving arms like "oh, this is what you do" like a parent does after finding bare facts. "Who are you? Get the fuck out." I hate people getting the wrong stuff from right place and acting like it's theirs to be known.

Enter August befreely: I love that little saying 'six pence none the richer' - its wistful side add if. In England, as prior explained else, you hafta have five pence (about the height of bepennies) to ask any shop owner how much price before being smelt afoul of us a plague of asking and no buying should such see. Our quote says just a bit more than required is ours yet and to be still. Ask of it no more to be as made less to you. Ask for no one.

In America, we imperialist nation and everything such said has a price on it. Still, I am labled free to the masses as such should said. I am not free, however. I suggest your price before naming mine it is said. If you were not to be free, you would pay more to most and such should be say and then said. What would you add to keep your day scheduled on it? Still I give up no McDonald's to get a Burger King. No Coke to get a Pepsi. And still, I push nickels to the front of the washer maker before styling in. And still yet, I tap pennies with alset behammeur to be more round if like quarters. You should watch your price while paying yourself more of it, I'd say.

Remember afoul of us, American Express gave me cash every time I returned a leather bomber jacket to The Gap as unwanted begift - and every time I gave to no further quote by them. You cite bejewels and pot-phones at a foul-mouth for bankruptcies, and I gave those away as gifts too. We exchanged with you too it seems if no credit could should you see me, you, you.

You. (You too? Not with you around denying yourself and for appealing to me.)

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Although We Delivered Our Quiteless Seem - Never Too Embarrassed To Life - We Continue Off July 2007
You may need this offers nothing to us but the burning hyde smelt. "Strongth to act" we offer it quote. Be still.