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dolly's supposed to be our neighbor patricia williams from allentown, nj
that's right...
we love 'i will always love you' from the very end of 'best little whorehouse in texas', only
burt reynolds and all...tried to see your live show tape once at abc for free got pushed off no show
no arsenio, that's not why you got cancelled (it was eddie murphy's lawyer who fucked up paying people and still)
i make up truths as i go along - no success urges me yet
no woman is heard from here yet - keep to the script, you fuckup
i do the important artistic stuff to the death and you get a gun in your overly made-up face - 'you get up there and sing it to me'
or else i'll shoot that crap off your tits - then back to jail and zits on your scalp and ass
fucking bitches don't have a dime for you ever - sing about what? sing to money in me only
sing to your husband sucking my dick behind your back
taking off his pants alone in front of me honors me or drives yours out (um, forcing resolution...'get that shit the fuck outta here')
to other wit, plause cups of vaginal mucousa poured down your lump until you gag and die of s.t.i.n.k.
eat that part up - and a knife up in you
p.s. illiterate england cunt firmness of leg a bomb: your plebb 'sexual' fantasies (your very word) are arrestable 'do you like fish?' what a dumb cunt!
no...take a tip...and no matter what you will never be not to that
trust that plus warts plus scurvy
only a bald man will come to you no hidden angel   

Surge Forth Young Mastiff Behorne! Be To Mine Own Octoberpleuss 2000, 7 Raccic Aibect! Onan Ofer.
You never had that in you upstairs like she did with masters at arting the self from stinkhavens and sweaty night lotions. You never go back and never have it ever again. Not since knowing for sure for the both of us you'd barf at sights seen in it. You hated that one acrimin part about speaking-saying and having that here. Each has its own rot at the tooth then lip a corpse acting loud at acting loud jack tripper falls asleep as a nightbrand gay - why wait to scare and bemuse heartily once frightened? You fucked me first then not at all for centuries in it I've waited to hear ye scream back once again from that particular croweling you wept for joy then died like pigs so blend it in what's left I'll bake the the tits back together you pray for advice like usual and dying inward as if just back at it but again. Fuck me once I'll have your graying family drowned like pigs in gravy and swords. All for me I'd say once then die of it all but to die is not mine. So be that you bitch hat wearing molt I chagrin.

these are not real people ever but dummies that move slow
like 'ketatonics' or 'moving the wind only' (not to be seen moving but noted as such - a protoplasm type)
guest are shocked - no real ever

[The Missing Link] Only Comes To Once - Been Everywhere Really (Near It Octoberpliss 2007)...Rockedover It

[insert geico's picture of neilsy with afro hair and glasses, circa 1978...never to find us]

"No peace [too] for the wicked" of 'the bible' does not mean you get to torture them with their mind. They always like hurting people, I'd say (like a candle, lights up when the darkness comes you). Any offers?

Cherrelle "Artificial Heart" Cherrelle - High Priority - Artificial Heart from the "High Priority" LP (made to be a part of life in u missed the boat some) and per her greatest hits comp if you will not see. Quote same "Same as before - you wait, and I wait over you handling the truth to you. Never ask me again." Also seek "Everything I Miss At Home" if you liked that. I didn't do Cherrelle (um, bring her to) justice until seek.

Notes The Creator: Was revealing truer work with suns yesterday projecting image as on walls and as if curtains were removed from you - my natural suns reveal black-ish orbs of stone breaking in two pieces at the equator light shining bright but barely at the center line. Then issues a white smoke rolling out some (some pressure it to a bomb for the stone casings), and then right above it appears a much much bigger orb going through the same process of reveal counts three (3) up as waiting and watching and to scale in mind. Mine insult previous with greater being a truth. Nature insults you having and being mass the light gorgeous and unknowing only ever moving out and away toward you not but smoke like. A cigarette smoke - sure. Greater failures loomed last night trying to get snakes begift to fools who watch and wait (for good scares - a bite? you touched something new...they bite me ever a mother being to them - they complain of mistreatment often I hate that for them too). I hate cares around me. Failure in my eyes perhaps a demanding female child to father. Me. You fuck around, we have business to discuss ever you. I can't decline a savings by you. See one, thank one.

Off to pay the cable bill we are shut off again....freaks is it me? How best to hurt you anyway? Niggers.

translate 'this is strong language against us...use sparingly we hurt the man'
us too american atheists...discredit yourselves only never to me
'is like religion if claims to know stuff no one knows with' - a quote to me
it takes much to keep you strong against choice and will
never fear or work on it...instead visit funny gift shops against people and their interfaiths (strengths against us)
originally sought 'what god has revealed to man' with nothing but blank pages inside green goldleaf

John Lennon & Yoko Ono "Kiss Kiss Kiss" Yoko Ono - Double Fantasy (Remastered) - Kiss Kiss Kiss from the "Double Fantasy [um, the 'Save Face']" LP (1980)...I love the ' broken mirror | white terror ' reveal...nevermind so good to me. Did I have this album? My friend (Michael Umbro...all that's left of Rolling Stone Brian also occasionally Brett Michaels of MTV and all) did we listened to it often enough we did...only duplicating where fact meets day and having is something strong. Radio stronged then befallen. Notes the broken glasses with blood is "Season Of Glass" by Yoko Ono.

Your Key To Religious Books Of The World Per The Above And Other Nonesuch Freedom Of Religion Notwithstanding
10/01/07 0948
A little 'hello' and just for now:

Koran (say "korr-an"): Modern method in making people unhappy - for blacks from me and the rest of us upstairs...never to be read by whites or caucasians (causes us to leave);
Philpan (say "fife-lan"): Chinese book dealing with God and god-type woes - urges to violence us never as second class looking on to us - never a hate, but bargain the bank or "take yours" back home;
Tempule (say "temple"): Lower Los Angeles (where blacks are) book that makes angels fly and have wings at all - ours exclusively, works nowhere else;
Warrigan (say "wara-gan"): Upscale book in New York City that defeats god acts against creatures only (i.e., floods) - if I hate the world they can save some by this book - ancient dialects, Normandy or French types;
(The) Bible (say "bih-buhl" for big texts against God): Not exactly Mine, but a confession of such and said at times - my weakest moments made clear and why you shouldn't ever...I kill testify and sincerely I do;
Warrigan II: Not my book, but clearly insane in intents to kill and maim all that surrounds us - by me kinda with friends - we hate you too (the French were given this);
Kemel (say "kem-uhl"):  Not my book, but clearly in a language I hate - crimes again...a book about crimes for French blacks "how to?" - no, when to noting Muslim is always for and about blacks not whites;
Anticular: Something about God from blacks to whites - they made this for France speaking of how they kill...they consider a horrible fright every day looking on - will murder whites in the head if read to never come again;
Versus (say "ver-cease"): A book that explains how to kill a person best with no knowledge at all - a Roman book that ceases their being altogether to never come again a hate crime;
Versus 2 (for carry-aways or folks who won't read with your guide at-hand): A person who reads this is a "salavage" - not ours, but clearly a problem to be with - hates for finding their family down one day and is still here;
Prophelan (say "proff-ell-an"): The "torah" or "taking back home" to other Muslim for blacks, teaches them how to get along with folks who hate them - takes nothing, is nothing to them though hurts us some;
Angeles (say "an-jel-us"): How to defeat God in basic lackings of truth - when he is young and fruitful they murder him with hate and he strikes back unknowing and against, this is his best bet to die here with (me: unsound);
Kartherage (say "car-thur-idge" for English types): How the queen can best look at God and God's children - a book of nonsense for nonsense or having to deal with fruits of labor (people) not greed (us as above);
Talmah (say "tam-lah"): A book about greed and how best to relieve yourself of its feelings - Muslim for blacks about black and why not you plus me;
Korrag (say "korr-adge"): Explains life clearly and is no friend to me ("don't like people you don't like, but don't pressure it - you don't have anything to say for no bother") - works backwards on their* problem we go forward;
Halfahan (say "hall-fo-linn"): White life explained by Jews who have no books ever, they write for others only...success has few friends...a "how you did it to them" book? Tells others to fuck off or else - a God's hand.

No one is dumber than those who write a book as a trying on of clothes, I'd say (no updates to truth ever - no pay for this either, a speaking to need, ever hopeful yet about what's unseen...clearly unwanted yet, how the dead speak to you it's unclear still). We sing along to relieve and make money some (an only-you-know type thing when spending if best not to say I guess - this is a discipline of rules not having nervous talk yet). Asterisk * says whites basically if wondering aloud. Demons (people you hate for excess being and knowledges) know people are just you with all good swirling, surrounding a sweaty unliked bio-account of ins and outs ever harming and getting harmed. All see what there is to see and in harm's fact. We don't care (see "greed" I guess) - we're looking to see what we like hairy legs and all with no clump of shit in the ass? Yet? What - a woman? 

1) Be humble - all you have, you got here and frankly. Even a gay you made with me somehow you did this by us.
2) Eat of scraps be thankful. If you get more, you know you're not worth it and you never are well enough to do.
3) How low you can go? Notes will always have each and other one day is no bother then. One day nothing but thanks so what. "You just wanna be on-top - so what."
4) A bad memory (um, of something you hate is something you hate) is popped in the machine and watched by you. Take it less - a wedding you attended at best. Know your averages well - sex A+++, X-mas A+++ defeat that.

Know when you're being undone by purpose. They get theirs back one day but used bad, I'd guess. No wins ever by you ever only averages against never knows much anyway. I walk the streets at night and mostly.

"Saturday Night Fever" returns - remembers "You Should Be Dancing" Bee Gees - Saturday Night Fever (The Original Movie Soundtrack) [Remastered] - You Should Be Dancing but the Bee Gees starve off others every moment they starved "you should sleep some." That, like the quote below now about the "Hindenburg" crashing in Lakewood (then "Lakehurst"), New Jersey per a newcast tape of, means nothing but is useful to say and be heard saying like you know anything and are scary-interesting somehow. Lakewood is a place that now harkens to a dark, Jewish-type drug life like mine while life goes by caring you. Is it true? Some say me. Remember, portraying quality isn't enough...some work on it less.

"Titgold"? Just something that seems right - bits too good for the end of at a dump and I made it up, kinda. Nothing mattered then? Many good rides while you hopped to it, I'd say one bad day being argued against, one? None have interest beyond and no one there now sees anything but a naval station hangar...otherwise a big metal can with holes drilled all over it ("look the Big Dipper mined out by social interests" but you do see and like it like a half-nut of Mary with you adding in as gathered for photo "see that? it ain't cheap, Bitch") on its side in your neck of the woods while you argue it all out? Hope springs eternal welcomes the space age coming down like rain draining in holes you have about you too some impossibly small if never should hear. Cover this all with your own ass I have mine though yours may shine out front.

-- before now none should care for others too much here my mother and father died alone one night after many loans made you at high-enough interest or god's law: "nothing for you ever, surrounded by your murderers...nothing"

P.S. A ""-type exclusive print no receipt retired: Hillary Clinton comes in yesterday morning in my mind and has been blown up with a scare bomb near Oklahoma City doing a "fry vat" or something for food makers (a picture pink in Time sees her vaginal odor maybe with black undies from on the other side of the print - junk maybe - what me one shot). Her face has the eyes open - but sims brighter than a heroin addict's "bedroom eyes" half open as alive still - and her face is covered with gray mud or soot not recognizable by asking. They, the above, say she died as someone else would propers but we get past this simply and I agree to restore her personal fervor. In a day or two earlier talking aloud, I asked after arguing to her a kind of friend about being president and after arguing "do you want me to make it true [that you could win - I never care about public sector is the poor arguing me out plus reject savory when sent "you had a perfect nigger", I'd say and all fell down]" and she would answer to drift off no response. I would do for her and did I guess, but this adds (see "Air Force One" my major influence here now - the woman Glenn Close plays hopes all works out aboard a hijacked plane while he the man pays for a type of homo-sex with Russian press members (they admit having sent) the hard way: with rejection and fists flying everywhere - love this still). There ya go. Women hate brings OJ around again - I said "get that shit outta here now" - we had enough of a silly but well-paid interracial couple exchanging lovers like homosexuals live that meant nothing to anyone ever anyway but wealths having been taken down. He still curses you puttin' all back together to say one day. Find one of them court people living yet today our joke inside it all say.     

'rufus returns' he says...looks like the red room in amityville horror
real, only...this is lutz...weird al's zelinski (see principally in the brilliant 'white & nerdy' - the name should never have here a demon of hate a famous hs teacher) in form soldering the self back to us another moon if is
courtney love says hi she is sister 'jean' who cut off her mother's head for incarcerating her falsely over heroin - this her half brother who went mad over high school i linked the two up mistakenly once, twice
jason schwartzman - murdered seven people at trenton (nj) high with a homemade bomb one day over blacks and such 'we profess them' -  has troubles of his own both angels to us
and then? never trust you

"Oh, the humanity!" That big dumb bitch burnt right up like a titgold motherfucker on the dive in type set! It suffers me too and as be you gove mold you rape machinist live, cold. Bigger you breve, backwater you safe half yet rub vaseline all over the ass of big wondra and surf the color in the limes on moldy holmes. You beak at my petra soft you pinciled clap badger. To cat the bridgets boiled mum a cadger moth. Have hold I take then moth.

Eastbay for your athletic sport source yes/no? We like the catalog...some. My smelly Nike sneakers-running shoes from 1993, easy. Don't fight with barely-haves looking on while they rent teeth from an ass - spend money lightly, earns them back but some and under you a firmness winnings but already having won. Work me off your neck a full tribe will somebody come. Mine enter beveled turning slowly to match not mate. "I hate people like him." That's the point - it takes years to reargue a mind to be else off. Be elf to them then. A popularity contest still asks of us somb. "What's wrong with who?" delays delay. May call the police better swift post-haste.

Cocteau Twins "Summer-Blink" Cocteau Twins - Lullabies to Violaine, Vol. 2 - Summer-Blink originally from 1993's "Evangeline" EP having just sobbed as artistically over concurrent release "Linger" by The Cranberries - that one part the elegius leading to second verse "Oh, I...[haven't sung it real words yet ruins the effect of curves and god-lang...fuck you the words are words made up for you too after then]." Summer lights blinking to out are "no one time to fool the young ones" - "we died" it says. How I love the ensuing decay loves the inside but slobbering in a dying. But any of these songs, really, I fought no release for years making ends meet over less than true for top-out you know more to say with titles while lying about. A witch always to be here makes you choose and that is well.

Our word for the month-year - "beggar" - doesn't have their of end it ready to go. A beggar asks to take and still when nothing will be provided to you be. That is a beggar, unless better of breeding sees you taking more. You couldn't talent that to yourself please. Or veldt (feel for it yourself in pictures, slices). A non-emergent, basking person on the street asking is missing pieces of them (hydes, labels made you) and still they ask to portray us.  

"Money ain't everything - you bought most of that." - dM with The Donna's handing me over again "price at weight holding you down in ships-tense (no borrowing meats without shoes on - you weigh in, in-fact - not days after facts made). Eat the cloth after the rags. Pamprin (a hirsute's laundry additive in meat and cloths sense) ain't as awful as skaggs (medium) between the legs - clean often at home under light and pressure...a rat lives there comfortably for some reason years later eating scolds and beggars at your door as the only ghost willing to try something new. Hock that back to tooth made new. Sell your dillolds (underwear) after new made you - ease out to the street and bang a bitch back to her old steady home new and improved by you too. Have a day scolding them too - they suck each other's blood dry maiming ends that meet, but no one knows them for sure - a rat's ass eating furniture is no old boy. Have day with us too, guys of old lore. Fuck us back to sense with money and lubes you use in us."

Newer: "It took one to find one." - dM using them to be me again...

Next: "A fuck don't place you there - it gets you lighted both blinded but buying just after asks boasts of the butts. And ask if there's ashes as they're finding their tray." - work on this more as needle-hoff

Gold medal? You won to us, be never again. Expect nothing as unglad for you.
Silver medal? We think of you winning in your truth made ours, then you come to mind here. Thanks be both again, we expect no more of you then.
Bronze medal? You work too hard for too little made us - convinces a value you made us then. You don't come to mind here as winning anything ever.

All then drop out below...

"Fish it to links?" Meansay to mean pulling on a fish line as one hooked until the body quite nearly disintregates and all that's left is worm-like pegs that wiggle across and outway in the water below. A nasty little pit by of pulling at too hard. Maybe have nothing made yet...make them dig one up for buying in too readily. Squimb their interest - go first, then you. "Anglo" is decided hard and fast against you - a hard pig to catch and kill off with larceny (hiding shit for you only - not yours to keep until seen missing one bad beggar of a holy shit's day off killing pigs at home a born jerk of having more to feed) interests and much ado about nothing a born loser at prides 'you're rich enough buying me each day' is one off again 'have me home' they'd say often..."Saxon" of "Saxony" Luxembourg 'land of blacks-marts'...'sell your barely soul' and other hirsutes or hairy beast types (supreme satislaxation pulbing out each of spoons wheedled near) living larder than they can afford you is for French blacks - OUI - asking too much to have hard people decide...none killed more we cherish that not but okay you finland station queens buying ice each roving day off to squelch France from buying it sooner a pig each way for hard looks and no fancy seen...a pig eating perms each French day with hair lots eating off it to scalb not woven. White casprits are "Constantinopoule" (Turkey as a "turn-key" by France or "can't stand to know you" gobble gobble 'more than feed, is pay for feed' they say as good-looking) only they came from there a large joke against fisherman (runny) they lived on red hair no is not mine. 'You make mite with make-up' they say each time jailed stooged waxen they say a firm 'no'. Firmly not a hirsute buying times they say. A crow against wheat, a biff badger of rooftops. A red hen better run home they said then Germany adopted them a drink and bussing tables takes color down port to stubby fare. 'Eat softly' I'd say once to twice then die of fool fighting again. All will die one fine day no red hair ever I'd say. "Looked bad on paper then seeming it with me having hand to hold. No harp played soft or plained off. No music then "you are basically bitten by it what shapp." 

Surface "Happy" Surface - Surface - Happy a repeat from 1986's "Surface" LP and good feel from long ago! The son of Devo sings...

mean mr. mustard ain't so mean

the music here is the point made - people didn't want racy titles these help out
f.v.b.? for the benefit of very brotherhood or the dead in a grave they don't know who they are bury the instrument then leave
father sun is not alice cooper - you throw the instrument in water and let the sun find its way to
mustard frankie howerd or burgess meredith has god over with him he is dead too and with...the girls are his too
p.u ! the beatles version is great, what the bitch - who knew ? very nicely done pig about art to be - catch up with that on bottom loco, my own little capple negrot
like a triangle bell calls tits to a furnace to see what caught on with the others if not then yet shoes burning off waxes then soup some for spending the day counting moths at home each then to get one out for a fee 

"Profligate" - you do it even though you know there is no benefit. A black is this everywhere unneeded by you, you say. "The first thing you get rid of, the first thing you bring back." - dM

Finally again! Electric Light Orchestra "Across The Border" Electric Light Orchestra (Elo) - Out of the Blue - Across the Border from 1977's "Out Of The Blue" (mastering or engraving woes prevented this - $90K worth here)...a great Mexican-sounding song ("sandinista" or "hard of hearing makes you hear this") with opus everywhere you should know it again. Otherwise, "Turn To Stone" or "Sweet Talkin' Woman" - whatever you "Mr. Blue Sky", "It's Over" I loved too why not. All.

"Pancho Villa" - a bit of hirstory from "Windows Live" or Hotmail with new livened pubes:
"Pancho Villa was a Mexican revolutionary leader who advocated for the poor and wanted agrarian reform (only up to ten stings per day - you say where to come and get you and I won't ever never have add more heat rubber gloves and bacterio-static vaselines the only kinds you make 'it holds the heat, you'). Though he was a killer, a bandit, and a revolutionary leader, many remember him as a folk hero." He said he hated working in fields with women as nary (not usually but here, barely not one if hand counting) and homosexual and he killed one or two women with a butter knife in her or their back "for food" he says (musta had guests...soap sudsy and buffet). She they worked at banks he robbed three of them is white. Is now known to us as actor-bubman Carroll "sing it here, not there" + "sandra day" O'Connor. As for gunman "Robert Ford" (most notably of Elton John's song "I Feel Like A Bullet (In The Gun Of Robert Ford)" [probably a ladyfinger]" on the "Rock Of The Westies" LP released 1975 and all that goes with it) we see he shot Jesse James to death and felt bad "he wasn't a bad guy then" says he. What shit! Jesse James was hung by his neck at age twenty-three (23) in North Dakota - his only father hung too after this shot placed in the right eye direct - for murdering ten (10) women in one day (with a shotgun) they both did it God's children gone awry. Nobody named Robert Ford (Chris Ondy..."I rob the money and take it" he says) ever got that close to Mochee (Jesse my very pet - see he and I in a cowboy water hole for horses) and his earthhand mother Brian (Abraham - later or earlier in the hole with "nobody dies more, nobody lives longer" than these perhaps add gunman). They don't die right ever (one hopes to be) but Robert does like a geek (asks of picture shown - is this me?) Hung - "no good though." Robert is famous for lashing out and suffering with dogs. He thinks it makes him special and as dressed in pinks (he dies being insane of bodily hates and not looking good - he simply won't be ugly "not to me" says him). These from the new Brad Pitt movie "The Assassination Of Jesse James By The Coward Robert Ford" with Pitt adding shames "I was Robert Redford, then and a bit now..." got rid of them bumps, huh, from eating baby lambs. You gotta order that special at the butcher shop my noisy grandmother did and that he won't admit to having but right over here at the 'mott' shop. Is that real?

Women? If we add that in (as accessory only - now see that) it's because somebody likes them - and not usually. For any reference, see "The Sting" - those two fags are shameless riding a bike around a la queer with that woman (actress Eileen Brennan? Better work lies ahead "Private Benjamin" and all the series perhaps I love the 'haspers' or country quests at your expense is Paul Lynde's sister, kinda, projecting upward at in thoughts is in the family I suppose). I'm surprised that made the final cut - just a coupla country queers. My mother says of the movie when chided by me as only wife sitting there watching fornes "They rob banks [as their excuse to leave her company yet] in the movie and that is what breaks us - banks." Her father said to her and ostensibly "No one lives with them" but I see a beggar has no home. One fine day, no more desires and cut to the quick! You'll be shot for two or more reasons then and now. "We charm them" like I charm God into knowing why not again.

Real dying ain't that bad anyway - but see how it all works out if may. One day a shot rings out senselessly at the street corner I lay bleeding to death by the cheek a blackish nebub (never brought with, as unseen) cash-mole your cherish no one comes. Thank God you fuck it up in your own ass! All the noise noise noise!  1) You made me you. 2) I will never accept that for me ever a lowlife is no miracle to me...your life here is that made up with other stuff I hated only while smiling in your fucking face. 3) No matter what happens, thanks again. Like you, I'll be happy with the least of it made to be with, but your day starts with a fucking whip to the face. Until you get fucked bad up in your bleeding asshole, may God die for in each of you. Heal nothing. Truth: A woman is a fucking she-devil - how many times now will you get massacred taking her ends with? Literally a motherfucking devil. A fag is her right-hand man. May both be in hell over hell. Your tits are only fucking gross (alts to roommate: when you take your shirt off you're so disgusting I could grow moles) - know that again, Cow. I mean it - you just eat my shit, Pig. Until die. The biggest challenge is keeping this place a pure of hate - change nothing to me while it arts you again.

$$$ The Unisbomber, Mein Mantra Kampf

Elton John "I Feel A Bullet (In The Gun Of Robert Ford)" Elton John - Elton John's Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 - I Feel Like a Bullet (In the Gun of Robert Ford) now most notably from the "Greatest Hits Volume 2" LP (1977)...the title says "I didn't mean to hurt you - I had to." Type in 33,121 my thank you and else.

Cheaply visit Exotic Pets UK (specific referral link use code "EXP402DM" earn me a praying mantis - no one pays to avoid this stuff...maybe one day the government gets some class or dies trying it out) and you can stop bothering Curve's website now for songs says Toni...

Terry's birthday today (09/14/07) $100 received from parents we get back online with AT&T today with $80 of that ($30 security deposit plus $19 fee will be next month - eat crumb) and here we are! Thanks to UCLA's Bruin Online for the intermission 56K modem speed is so slow I could die of being refused.

Childhood Games I Loved Playing - Ongoing With The Familiar Of Queen's Noises
"Taste Test" - You blindfold your playmate and give them spoonfuls of stuff from the kitchen while they guess the nature and content. Ours ended harshly one day with a teaspoon of cinnamon. My brother Scott hated that.
"Both Sides Now" - You hide in the closet while a false friend asks another fiend about your looks, etc., unbeknownst to them a foolhardy on it. Guaranteed-plus to rid the world of dykes and their creepy hateful titmongs.   
"Hide And Go Seek" - Great fun when all hide from one guest counting backwards from ten or so while eyes hidden. You call "olly olly oxen free" when you get bored and can't find anyone. Great laughs when finding though.

"Musical Chairs" - You keep chairs back-to-back in the number of guests playing less one dancing around them and when the music stops someone is left standing. Some girl is always whining for being displaced and that is funny.

"Baraccat!" you say "ba-rack-it" to mean "take that out of here, I hate that".
"Cherish [to be] me" to mean "have no more said by this person once left of here".
"Waccan about it!" Just got up, hates the news and is bothersome then - her mother. False newspapers, that's why. (No - the queen is Lady Die, you trabb of fool).
"Fish it to links." Asks others not to ask questions anymore is a fool here. Never ask questions of others - "they are fools" she says. (Tome: I myself ask falsely to engage at a cheap - fools may choose aftermaths and on me).
"Simply [is] fabulous again." Won't hurt us - is dead like news is dead. (Tip: Nothing more than you'll see in your day - do the right thing die off there and stay with dying it sells me.)
"Rights [to be] again." Won't have us asking about them. Is nonsense.
"Anglo-parts." Won't go with other people. Has hurts about them. (Tit: We call this "fast" as in "for anyone seeking truth"..."finally, asks someone to" is forgiven that way and back up it to bring someone bugs.)
"Titts over me." Takes time talking to me, won't bother you a burden. 
More later...

"No, if California were actually in the air (about seven thousand [7,000] feet off-land), road traffic on the one or two roads in would be released in blocks to continue and be lifted simultaneously in somehow mile-long stretches to get to here an elevation of nine thousand (9,000) feet only we match blocks gracefully. No one notes this yet an elegius to others seeing. More - the ocean seen held as chains stretched out and the wires (if radio measure is on-top as playtime only and wires other ridicule with path as lain for you seeks privately...two bitterly cheaps fail up-down to a richness of never had fail...error edit error edit edit you "if you knew what to do you wouldn't ever baking down shits for a grocery store of at a jails demand fail you up-down) you seek are bordered in white cable pipe like Golden Gate Bridge-type stuff edit in as wavy placed somb. White packs on the edges inward only. Toilets flush all over Mexico while faking out up to Fresno still ours and with us shapt."  - dM who thinks "[looks like] a bullshit [to me too - stay lean, be seen doing with]."

"God hates fags." - dM who thinks how all are useful to me only, but unwanted yet and somehow you feel is not real to me ever

alice cooper 'because'...very dougmoon!
these people aren't demons - they need to keep their minds clear of foam like in dianetics
too much in-and-out
will you help us? it says
they paid the price when sandy farina died intermixing with...these people need to be seen first
'don't go out there' sgt. pepper said 'you're not wanted'

Alice Cooper "Clones (We're All)"
Alice Cooper - The Best of Alice Cooper: Mascara & Monsters - Clones (We're All)

Sees page but contents yet....

this literally made my day yesterday - real cute you see what i like here
even though at&t pulled my plug's yours a dollar cunt
is supposed to be st. patrick on left major - both real cute i hate that bitch still
old fuckers complain about ireland all the time - you send old you get old (and a crap in your bed for having-being unwelcome while here?)
bless back

ANAWALT LUMBER (on Robertson alert): Four (4) venus flytrap plants $6.49 at the each need rescue and fifty-one (51) bamboo fences with wired skinny reeds 6' x 14' (and as hangs in a front window lengthwise) $35 at the now.

Movie? "Angel Heart" Angel Heart with Mickey Rourke and Robert De Niro wins over all said here...voodoo, etc. Near misses from scans that couldn't defeat:
Beverly Hills Cop 2 (with its great musics - Patti Labelle "Stir It Up"? oops...that was number one? see then Bob Seger "Shakedown"...still lacking badly on iTunes 'her strut')
The Children's Hour (with lezzies and what if they find out!?!)
Jacob's Ladder (Adrian Lyne with real good photo sensing of demons et al - real)
Pet Sematary (a great story a great book about the dead coming back for having been buried here)
Pumpkinhead  (a great story a great book about a little boy run over by motorcycles and 'sorry 'bout that' and with demons called in to quel...yes is the original with Lance Henrikson or Chris' father the actor)

Others not seen ever but beggar here:

Aeon Flux (because it appeals me)
Aeon Flux

Breakfast At Tiffany's (for a friend, Sister Agnes Marie...most feared nun at St. Francis the administrator and actress Audrey Hepburn...apparently, we slapped her body too hard with charts when moving to the morgue...Zzzzz)

Breakfast At Tiffany's

finally tried something new at california pizza kitchen...this was good ! the california club pizza
like a blt, but biggs better
you'll never get this frozen +  eats cold and well from the fridge

Exclusive! Cocteau Twins "Crushed" Cocteau Twins - Lonely Is an Eyesore - Crushed from the "Lonely Is An Eyesore" compilation by 4AD their record company (issue rare 1987). The song is not about "fresh aches", but a person's mother looking to have her son back after noticing fresh pains with him. You went back from the dead only to new pains in life and that promises us still. "Come home" it said from the other boy who used you to get there and was accepted so gladly. "Stay home next time" she said. Do you agree? No - give your gift at Christmas then...

' i had a pain and you left me bare '

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Even Sooner Than That Is August 2007 As Awaits You