[now adds hygenic-type fragrance]

[now inserts petit fleurs, a little odor-comptroll issuing bow between breastses]

[enters cash instruments...cash money is made and simply seen at u.s. franklin mint in philadelphia in big sheets to await paper cutter....take the tour sometime...phalmphet, tampani, flutsken nirvanyi]

Enter August Knowing How To Get That New Cash Smell Off Of White Paper Should You Print To Home Forthers - Why Wonder It Around BA Or BS?
I make everything too big and reduce bits of it as inward smarting itself says Neil.
I coat with egg white sometimes to never but would wrap working papers (folded right on on tiny typing errors) around my sweaty balls to get that kind of lived by at feeling.
"Without setting precedent" the response letter would say months later I could "stay" after all...
Crime suggests you had mine before you could see me with it and at roses. You made these and water me thorns.
Ghosts keep getting richer while we price at eye. Have mine back.
P.S. You make x's on the other side of printed laseriums until you catch the matches eye issue beforth. I did that ever at work to make certificates that look error-to-you-omit free. If the blind man and his whispering 'psst - it smells' machine at the Beverly Hills Courthouse hears about this you will wait to see with others how much you tendered for pay. No wait at express lanes everywhere should say less to the kids tricking birthday parties and other elves for free and-or no sex. Overheard once again "ENgLand".   

I guess...I eat to live...you do
' how i wish i'd been unborn...wish i was unliving here '
renew us to cobble 'dougmoon.com' one year we did...not you - the hard part to get for you
you wait and to see your part fissed...fimmled
i tried to...stabs at and always to rue
soon...all is you again...you you you
just you

Happy Day to Pecoraro's picnic in Cream Ridge, NJ today (Sunday, 08/05/07).....it's over now I guess? My mother went.

got my simpsons movie doughnut at 7-eleven yesterday...tasty
i usually stop in in the morning for a sausage and cheese-only english muffin no egg
and a slurpee - both someone else made and elsewhere
it counts me somehow

Ghosts tell me that channeling - or speaking in times - doesn't work the same way with them. Instead of in your head like me, the voice is projected as out-front as maybe behind a hand they say...or as in your ear confiding you. Mine is spoken both ways by me as from the back of my throat or is for a reach in the head as disciplined by me - hardly ever out front then for hearing inward. So see. Asks one patron "Can they [give ghosts] jewelry?" No - they can't get or receive anything for carrying although arrangements are made elseway. "We can carry nothing for you, but else maybe." No jewelry at all - not even perceived.

Because: I still can but won't...a friend asked me to....Gin Blossoms "Follow You Down" Gin Blossoms - 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: Gin Blossoms - Follow You Down from their 20th Century Masters or whatever 2003 features schoolmate Robert Girandola at performing. Denise Devitis (sp?) pays, of course. See Linkin Parc Marc Ondy sings this...is now working fruity stagings of for us.

Sade "Never As Good As The First Time" Sade - Promise - Never As Good As the First Time ...sing it with me from "Taboo"...um, I mean 1985's "Promise" LP. Sade says this means "Never touch me again you hurt me." So there. I think taboo means "touch me so I can break you again". Haunt me in my dreams and only if you please 'cause one day I won't be here anymore but my breath is spoken clearly to you as seen and all you'll have is the thought of having reached me when. Or, do that little and I'll appreciate it alot and forever with no response needed by me. And if you should ever doubt me...know it's been said before and to no quiet yet see.

No, I Didn't Do It, Did I? 08/03/07 1614
Just got off the phone with my mother...went to the beach in Bellmawr, NJ today. My birthday is "soon" she says...that's right. No, I didn't do that bridge in Minneapolis - a delivery truck hit a light pole on the northwest side and the resultant shaking from that three a.m. incident continued shaking the metals for hours the truck "Emerson's" delivery never stopped and the bridge kept going too. A woman driver and she couldn't stand it either long off the bridge and out of danger. An hour later the bridge crumbled at about four a.m. seem with countless below dropped in near the water most died of steam inhalation from boats below and cankers from burning metals they couldn't handle it all out of their cars wandering around no drownings just inhalations. So seem. Thirteen (13) dead and some too. They tried to bomb the bridge down today. Honors no one but in our plan is so seem in this year it said they get federal funds it said we protect no one from this as us being unprotective always and to ever...you protect others with chains, beltways around such nuisances.

Was walking on someone's brown coffin with a cross on it this morning longways up to get somewhere out. It planted in dirt no mud in a vestibule somewhere 'round and around it flipped underfoot then an old guy got out and spoke like a vampire like a lover really - all long gray hair and suited. It ended like that windows around us. A flower shop?

More Presence Than You Can Say 08/02/07 1646
Why Jean Nate? Makes your skin great, they say and after bath. However, it burns bad I hear and not from experience I use Sea Breeze myself it's like that people are dirty even after splash all are peaches again. Last night as I dreamt, I was in a pool of corn syrup-looking liquis with colored puzzle pieces in it I was being cleaned rapidly my limbs flowed down with it. Boring? There's this girl with the shakes audible who is going through my nightstand left (I sleep on right only usually as bad boy in the corner of someone's home) every time I entered the room dark. And she is fully thick like real and is dressed in a black silk jacket and black stretch pedal pushers with no feet just looks like her legs come up outta the floor as sinking or rising in just enough at ankles. I get close lying on the bed and say 'cool' who are you ? but she won't face me and runs and hugs a back support stacked on blankets nearby in the corner. With a mullet hairdo long in the back and puffed on top not very attractive at all, we see a thin white diamond on the back of the jacket with "Al" or something like it ("always remember us" in short script people who play you radio - authoress Donna Tartt is who) in light script written on it. Some say Leslie my sister, but just Richard - whomever. Like the black guy with no legs who stunk bad a wino, I like this noisy rattle scare for other people who wait on me to die. Or just for fun you say.

Holy water? Boil Perrier with to no bubbles. That's all. Five (5) minutes burns spirits out. Don't drink - for shampoos and clothes only. Ondys as friendly-type bobkins (shorts on legs all knobby from laxatives - pictures show me light around clothes on expensive-type people) know clothes need blessings never do I. Just placato (eucharist, host) at dinner and religious artifact enter do we.

Friend Collier crashes here tonight in 'four or five hours' he says...

Back online 08/01/07 from 07/24/07 or so...AT&T-Yahoo! fucks cut off our internet with no apparent mercy for the asking your phone-see logics save you some so I see...late payments...not mine to pay in my name (you know this not of course or be care some) but see no contribution either...however, will stiff others yet...like you stiff me...every day. Every day. You stiff me driving around in new cars and latin smiles...what wishes you brieve...never hurts to ask, huh? Fucks. What? You first and then some. You first and last same. Back to what you will do.

Had to reinstall for cursing by e-phone and their service and still no whet a breast now starves the child unwanted you'll see as snakes what not. Who I won't owe to you. P.S. You pull open a clitoris and fuck in that says the above? You missed something I would never have know? See to that. You surgery I would just labia I guess jello.

A shower ensues...

And now that Time-Warner (thanks no, AOL) cable refuses us service until tomorrow I may walk and pay (the roommate being on vacation until August 7 my one teen now empty)...this enter from recent and some:

The known universe is now described to me from the 'known' plaguing I receive above or nearby and as: Fourteen (14) football fields stacked one on top of another their height one turned on its side. Each football field is visibly covered with dimes that overlap once. In the upper right-hand side corner is a basketball or the sun for each of layered that hangs once open or doesn't move. So fourteen (14) balls up to sun one or top sun what does not work right for being rattled as always open on top. So no light there well - dark most. The dimes spin always to form a nut or solid ball and the earth is one of these on layer number two called "Capricorn" - baked to height with me, the highest bake is lowest here. All dimes while rotating shake rattle and roll (um, "grizzle" or frying is best if said) continuously forming a sludge that cannot be made to stop ever, I guess. They leave the bottom and sift down from the top a year each taking one level. The height on the box each is nearly half of dimes while naming sense for itself. The bottom layer left goes underneath, up the right wall and starts all again across top the earth never moves the dimes nearly at a virtual with spins at intervals made seem. You, dumb.

To stop you from being senseful here. We know each other not.

"We don't care about this stuff [as not being particularly useful to one me here]." - one senseful female finch to another...perhaps as Michael "Captain EO" Jackson is starving and presenting his one 'gift' to a legless dancer? I am now a squirrel in 'little' heaven...high up inside my rock-solid tree all balled up with another whom and who sleeps as the dead while snow blankets your noise to the soundless outside. The light at night glistens everywhere you may be asleep....ever you.

"You tell people you don't manage yourself well." - another idiot reasons like female as lilacs I'd kill it simply....I tell people my reality with mere existence sensed with absolutely nothing made to be in my name and as supposedly paying the bill. Take heed...I'm not just you...I will survive your individual verbals as challenge as you may take flight. To trust in that is to be me as not.

Incidentally, I know who you are by your name - hardly a studio but see it a proud ethnis ending in '-ski' or a Mrs. something someone said. That's real to me I know you are no one by it Mrs. Pivarnik. At least a chalvoate or velvet as asian foreign has perhaps a day more to see me better. No, I'm not asian-korean, but appreciate the extra day of thought to seek me payment, Bitch. "A nearby grave? I'd have to dig that up." - dM

-dM (you can see it's in there..."Doug Moon")      

Adds some: the Tower Records shop previous month's page has a black board on top - is their electronic billboard as silenced with rusty poles but okay...some wonder...was supposed to taken down after try success how dumb?
The DEAD OR ALIVE video of "I'll Save You All My Kisses" features Neilsy ripping off his clothes for lead singer Pete Burns I guess...see that he's in these bands too as back-up. Most prominent person after Pete he says.
Of course we don't do anything so that we can know for you in advance we are majored by GOD here...so no foul play ever but after. I seek to be the sales side always listening for me and mine coming through as unknown as. Then my opinion roars out with you for. The dead get so mad like people who watch numbers - they can't know anything too for sure. They hate the truth done to me and try and change things. "Just say it like that" they say. "You better be able to deliver, however."

More Dream-Like States 07/18/07 1706
I was on this looping ride - you know, held steady by cables on the outside the car sits on inside of he loop going 'round - and this bastard falls from god-knows where and splits up and divides into nothing but brain pieces and corn kernels on me. Yuck. Maybe at a state fair, but probably Seaside Heights? Who knows. Nothing left. Then last night a greeting card white with green black-outline bunnies (not experienced or knowing as yet as green, but comes to you and some...or jesus pettting zoo the reject version with no approach for food held and running away now will have to kill kill my child-like and crushing affections at-once rejected by flight what again) lacing tightly across the bottom inside open with the name "Kyle Huang" (say 'whong') in the middle maybe just above as held in front of my face, large letters in pen black-outline only - the name means "pleased to meet me [as again in you]" explaining inside somewhat. Hi Kyle...we loved your presence lately (Kyle was at our rooftop party and was very nice to us - one of Chris Ondy's sons with his daughter too who arranged most of it...the son was "Benjamin" who was an army buddy of the father's Stone Michael Pavilik...Patricik...one plays with God, Pavilik, the other plays with the devil, Patricik).

Was over at Beverly Center today after lunch at Taco Bell - my mother's monthly check plus $20 got here - and I played with the new iPhone....you are doomed. Everything is fuzzy coming in and I can't believe you'd need to see or speak to anyone that bad. Expensive - I can't afford anything like that or anything. Doomed. More: You press only the hearbox and voicelet - not look as waiting at all and maybe shit on the back-sides no just cams - buttons to activate and arrear the phone the rest is onscreen and is clearly avoiding you with no say or response. You turn the phone sideways to initiate a change of page orientation (as a 'portrait to landscape' type thing) but to see all drop the connection to no wit. All I can say is they used too many phones in the store on a one page phone connect but my webpage page failed it bad and then links pushed how neat to? Was expecting an internet phone system-type abuse no phone company to pay and somehow with tricks - they use AT&T for another hefty miserable monthly bill? iPhuck that. No, you wouldn't need the same phone to hear-say but maybe you fool. Maybe one day digitali pays for fast streams for one major hub to another using harsh demon-diamond wheels. Sure, with studies off previous, three bits bitten over left in hyperdiamond reel, then shock out across to note major faccles or pictures and that wheel rejects harshly with their turn response out to web and all hear some say but broken in bits shocked out meaning none say fully yet. It arcs with hate to make sense seem not to dial. It only streams to you in the head never on film...recordable but no breaks you seem. 

We stop and and talk to this woman on our street sometimes - Mrs. Pavlik I call her - and she is also known to me as my mother's maternal grandmother with some function in there and actress Sandra Bernhard. Sure, they clean her up as she is heavy-set and a bit bulbous, but they get her into shape nicely enough not young neither. I've never heard such tenders as when I pair mother and daughter up to handle our frescoes, but it's not her problem the Liz Fraser-Johanna mormon I could kill that bitch failing herself. These Brazil-nuts never stop trying with blacks to achieve their ends while failing sanctions against them...hi Sandra. The CD is available at iTunes, Fool.

Sandra Bernhard - Everything Bad & Beautiful - Beautiful

As for this stuff, my roommate says I need medication...and for blacks like her. Fuck you all. As mentioned by Sandra, Fred Segal Fun.

Sue me, I have yours cooking with it still...outrage.

The Stockings Girl, The Socks - Did You Get The Socks? 07/15/07 2002
That new musical play about the "witches of Oz" (how if dulling me...a market pays to see self seem boring me your heart did go on without you a wrack of balls in satin films) "Wicked" is supposed to have Brooke Shields hiding within as witch and she is Barbara Walters' third daughter seem 1902 present her stage mother Teri Shields (Richard DeSandre thus is Martin Hewitt Rupert Graves hi all...by the way, if you were Gerard in Florida you aged plus you suck for not saying - deal me the deck, crime 'ever since you operated on my balls with your lover to me Dave Cornish...' it worked fine afterward all). Anyway, the play is supposed to be about failure-absorb witches (me always - never bothering a known of bother) reconsidering their measures of ingredients-poisons in science: a teaspoon of hirsute again or labels made fur...old food that made glory happen in people...a temporary hold out...it ain't right somehow and they go back and try figure out the true measures in their languages as such. Never yours we see. Witch stuff is so third world (you ask for yours, first), but okay you can't call you channeled me thanks. I made a batch of warts in someone's ass and just can't bring myself to ask - hope it all worked out like we planned in secret times plus in our secret. If you cut your tits off one more time I swear I'll fear it. You can't heal what you don't feel the hole in the ozone layor. "You can't hear what you don't fear." What bothered it again (you weren't asked to know of these). Anyway, we build into these roles and hope for the best. With witches, they wear a banker's bowler derby to declare theirselves a learner yet. Stuff like that. Green smoke from China issues out in the theater and then some suction under certain chairs clears it up backwards kinda. About nine bucks ($9.00) a show, then six ($6.00) for paying types who know it alone (per person? idiot bespeak p. per capita). Brooke owns most of Calvin Klein underwear valued here at six million ($6,000,000) per operation (per sew sold...ten [10] so far...brilliant and relocating, brilliant...says she "seven [million]" stock is how old? out of style? Canada wouldn't buy is worth nothing unless they say more...how do you look? hearsay) and is their chief spokesperson. Hates life hi. So...someone comments about the show at random "Needs work. Is them and is real. Butt-fuckers of society, they hate people at large like 'him'. Fuckers showing you real stuff while they die off again of fear and hate." Who is that? A real person. Ours don't need to be anything great...just wandering and telling me why how. Good to us. Good at learning why and taking less from it to see why. An asshole for me only. No one is that yet. I am that. Whatever I got was free. It was that. Now at Pantages in Hollywood...look it up.

"When I wanna look like a million bucks, I wear Calvin Klein [um, white briefs]. Ends that still." - dM...it ain't about you, Bitch.     

[insert andy warhol portrait of queen elizabeth that looks like batman's arch rival the joker...a mexican 'hirsute' or hairy body languages against us]
until then...

"No, the Harry Potter movies still give me boner - I think they've got much to offer me still." - dM
Will see "Order Of The Phoenix" (by order of a phoenix, a dead man will kill you soon) at any rate

That kid is naked in there for Doug Moon, I hear. I'm charmed every time.

I'm halfway through watching St. Elmo's Fire from the West Hollywood Library - not bad to fabulously good. I saw in the theater but maybe missed the point (a crappy kinda "fish called wanda" without the consanguinity or active blood damage a resentment "see and say with but with each see" there's not enough coke in a Jew's asshole to fuck Kevin Klein - why pay it to be beast? even a fratch nigger would save his life). Good stuff. Demi Moore (the beloved Teri Garr here ? we don't care what she's like at home a trench mouth know I never pay for that kind of shit "he's gay? and butt still, why would I know of you and your kindly works against me being happy alone and certain without you?" we like kind, downward turned eyes with siamese lenders or straps in back of the head - always look your beast) - who bored me with her antics originally (back to what Rob Lowe's asshole is like...hi again to the feminine yet indignant Dan Moon) is all when being rescued from a hotel date rape by Judd (Jeffrey) Nelson (he ran that satchel in Latin America offering hirsute sex to people...how so?) but (and) immediately phones another "What [go to bed] and ruin all this good coke?" That made me laugh! With coke, I jerk off and go to sleep (an after-eight or "ladies drug"...nighty-night, Bitch). The last time I exchanged candied hearts with my brother (tit for tat...this for that, but as gay in smaller-type takes) he took mine and left (never one to get anything right off the bat...I mercy you only as kindly I know what stink is, how it fits) and I did that. Fact - February 2007. No, I didn't fuck you in my dreams and remember, I don't eat the beans - only good stuff tailored to me...Neil loved me last night and as his boyfriend all erstwhile or as learning curb - who I also know that way - stood by angered by choices made by me. So real to me always they all hate it like it really happened. So good to me...they all come back to me and my ways with it. Or fuck off naturally with no more about you say.

So, a coming of age thing with Demi. We hated her and her bother with drugs before we knew them - remember that Hollywood. People are no one until later on...a moi (even me). I had to make someone new from scratch, though. And you? Same thing with Tommy Ross taking Carrie White to the prom. I loved that as a child hate it now...she hates being her to him. Intimacies.

My mother does not allow drugs at home, discussions like Puerto Ricans don't have gay sex. We don't condone each other. Her last offering told me not to be risking natures with us in the mail delivery systems that's all. Someone can stay with me - who would that be? "Don't make people know your business. Don't make people anything. Don't hide from them, don't ask for them." - dM (your only enemy 'til then - hiding and all)  - or - "Don't ask, don't tell" (don't ask about anything you might have heard of later as non-participative not playing, don't offer information either as freebase or currying favor - alts "Do you have some time - some free time?" leave it at that privately humble a good you seek...you give all your good swirling downward on a plate for god-knows-who, then are a piece of shit your one man world can't afford that optimism in others and why ask again...take your time be nice no one keeps anything wonder aloud) or you will be killed for violating the honor system you code to. God, honor, country - no women do I see.

Killed - over that shit? It ain't that good, but close. Meet in the sewer with unborn children and your wife's pubic hair after I make her attractive enough to me with her bald beneath me bent over. Eat at the crock.

The Cars "Cruiser" MP3 (6.8 Megs) from the 1981 - my senior year in high school, if you will - monstor hit "Shake It Up" the LP and eighteen million (18,000,000) in initial-based sales (before you buy, nigger). Any song noticeably left on the side gets it here. I think this song is about police in a certain city who attack gays after enforcing them all night. A gay is no match for me pushing and pulling a nonsense. I know you would if you wanted too + you're not good enough either way. You should be arrested for insinuating police but they don't want you around a nonsense, a wildcat useless to me others. Do your interferences at work? My nights are perfect with or without you. See the point made of you being placed very hurtful. "How does this hurt me?" I watched a porno on my roommates' sign-in a little clip gentlemen-types in a parlor fucking some asian woman...beautifully rendered, but what a haunt her pleasures concern of me. How best to be of service? One word-moan off...delivers me to less of it right now. People were good to me.

I love uniforms...fascists.

Thanks again to iTunes and Linkshare for letting it rot. It feels like and if I tattle:

[  ] I'm, paying off an illegal debt you won't mention for fear of more serious reprisal;
[  ] Like someone's trying to make my mother queen - not in her lifetime will you - you won't say again;
[  ] Like saying makes you know who are to you again - the loser embraced by me and not the other way around.

We'll discontinue our links to you next month. Their quote:  "We don't have any sales recorded." What shit ! not one affiliate has paid us yet like people in the way get to be. Anybody there? My methods involve collecting all units expressed and stealing funds out of the way. We'll collect your phones. Nothing works yet model me lower. Bitches. Some of you didn't even get to play, huh. Bitches.

"We don't have anything for people who hurt people." - "Us" to "them"

That's wishful. Now mine "I don't know anything for you." - dM

We'll be back...I'd live in your hairy fart-minder just to blind an eye. "If you can't sort 'em out, see in one that each of die a beggar. All the same of it made bade and in bloom - 'so kill me then' not so fast you dial tomes in me over days but eves - and who knew they had such resolves to it. In the end a fighter noted to be alone fightin' it 'round the bend. That first realization so sparkling to me seeks me to be clarity in itself. A broom whisking of all to be and away. A beggar."  - A. Chance, linkquist of hirsute languages and avadge probes

i found this picture of gwyneth [qualas] paltrow at great adventure's front ticket office about 1976
she was fired for being late it says (although obviously exempt in her high position over your parent, meaningful me) but came back because her father owns part of the park as the one and only 'andy gump'
like gump, she sells drugs and here too...pot-bud and cammles or wiccan stuff - that's why they get called a 'junkie'
gwyneth - like others hated by sight-name - died just shortly later having a skinny dip at her father's nighttime palace in nyc - she drowned on coke at eighteen (18)
she later came back (what kills you gets you brought back too, many to extras) but hated the experience - "all elves and fucking mean to me - kill me then i said and they did for them" lager covorts "that's not living to me"
keep it cheap if that's all they offer...show them nothing new, never mention foodstuffs and crazy behinds ever
i never made an 'elf' ever...never would i have that unless elton john he is an elf a real one see this hear:

this from the movie 'tommy' 1975 the who and all...tina turner as acid queen
roger daltry is not real but i forget who played him here
the who was tommy lee shaw (styx is about him sort of - not him, son made once and again) died by the queen 1962 at universal had him shot never came back
"she'll do you too" i threatened to cut your head off twice now and kill your house queers every day
shame...a box museum asks of this
drummer: just a cute boy, anyone really, but happy to be with and very kickin'...see re still engines of aggression
the guitarist...a freelance, plays individually to you only...dream stuff is you i never play lead in my dreams rythym only the hard stuff
he's not blind he doesn't care about people is beautiful to himself a saviour of hate days made new loves himself before market seem
the greatest loves of all? why be seen to be saying you...
"you liked this stuff? really?"
Elton John - Elton John's Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 - Pinball Wizard (From "Tommy" Soundtrack)

Roommate on vacation two weeks again soon 24...last time I was poisoned bad. Got you down...though.

"If you commit suicide no one will care." - Thanks, Dyke
Adds: You lived and seemingly prospered as that little left. I never cared about you - you are never real to me. I don't pay you or to be as this plus you may have had yours already. You died - I can see that you never live well so solvently stupid I get mine only, and basically avoid most of you. Eating twat- that's a deep issue to me it ain't a hot leftover boner, Girl. Eating an ass makes sense to me always. God sense to you and your scrap. Eat that.

You get junk for ignoring gender - it's important to adhere. A man failing (as for hirsute women) is the ticket for this lowly shit. Eat up women make the world go 'round. Me too. Offer us better, get nicer stuff. Pay me more. 

Cast Your Lazy Vote Right Now! Simply Click Right Here And We'll Cast Your Ballot Directly To The Wind - Vote "No!" For June 2007 And You Might Wind Up There Stats
Just kidding to fool - we need to see what you did anyway (can you believe it? legalize pre-perception...i vote to get the answers right, only the most popular, best-looking who made the effort more niggers in high offices on coke fucking white women in the butt on many intrudring cameras...old motherfuckers hold it against you, too for not voting..."i voted as you sat, you old bitch"...voted you down the ass...voted to raise retirement age, tax within churches two more prayers for me and my withholdings).

[ ] no cars
[ ] no college
[ ] no loans, no finance
[ ] things no one will say