Apple iTunes

Apple iTunes
1 - coldplay is always we see some left behind but is spurred by dolly parton of recent an 'island in the stream' opposing us flow is not trying at all pay past last
2 - star trek is not my truth they are lost in space as desilu 'displays every single improper, leaves u'...what did i miss ? but i learn this to my cost
3 - the big blue ball is chosen for art larger than life details missing i make these on the ocean as red a 'weather ball' real big (art? was tammy diaczenko...frank marino? higher interests at school well done but at cost)

Apple iTunes

August sooner than later...later tonight August 6. Here You Go Welcome August 2008

You know, in "Dressed To Kill" what I saw in the theater original release, that woman found a rankled tube of herpes cream on the bedstand. In this, she's in a drawer mocking me with notes to her Grecian lover while he sleeps on. "Luv'd it - " but then again health department papers for diarrhea and syphthruthis and blades fly in the leaving of it. She got hers. She was briefly introduced and quickly disposed of in the original as a bother from the position of no care. Here, we labor for hours with her little areolas like they've never been licked her belly so firm and then we see her problem - she won't let homos be rare and just as that. She has to open her face gently so naturally we see all diagrammed for us. God told her not to bother we have ours little, and she just keeps on playing with Michael Caine who butchers her good for the arousals no one can explain well with fear-based rationings. If anything, we learn our place for being served well. You don't get a Shirley Temple in a New York bar (however, for those of little expense, all I see are male-female celebrants, and not gay really) but you drink up until you've been to Los Angeles Roy Rogers and have been scammed for everything you make and with undue respects. The dead aren't so desperate anymore. In my mind, I have this woman in real life in a car accident with her guts squeezed out her butt and crying softly until help arrived. I can't get a straight answer, but she was in a wheelchair when we met and quite heavier (the heads of our favorite wild cats and rams in the den....Upland, CA....kept her grandsons from me see you later). Hope it's not real..."an avenger" she says. Fine, Fine.         

More movie faves (I was watching marveling at Brian DePalma's "Dressed To Kill" yesterday...still going through it that's Cyd Charisse who lived with my Uncle Jim lately and is in commercials now for LG phones and on ledge):

"Pretty In Pink" Pretty In Pink if everything Molly Ringwald is worthwhile and no extras in shots you plame (she's got a pretty-enough face - her pussy is perfectly sweet too says her rear molar-blind dad "tell about that encounter with him at the spare auto parts store again - he fucked your grandmother one last time and then what? her believing that one call from God's lonely 'porlaport' again without patterns and shapes?), her friend Ducky is a real jerk and like every one that ever fucked my ass with glimmerstein the caped one-wager, I turn around and a brand new Jew (one who is usually overly concerned about people at-large getting a chance, but meets me instead - see the 99 cents only store thanks again we really needed the favor too with you around hating me by face, fate, faith - equals that a place known to be the end result made at one with what's sent home) takes it away with his junky radan pulked with clothes fine tuning the double-yellow line to your spriggled half-heart at Deborah's "Last Of It Short-Term Augle Memory" you ran right out even under the gas you never once knew a bop in the head once you upper cleft. You're both directed by John Hughes (in "16 Candles" as handsome and rich but then again rich, then it was dark with the dogs raging they bit right in the ever-masking re-joy! candle at once died with pa-pa-plouf! ow! oof!) but he thought this stunk like a brand-new 'wax peter' from Hong Kong inspector number "cali-fran". There's nothing funny about poor people with lupus - trust that you gave something an old oily blanket with fish hooks from the rental trunk "put that ol' eyelet up through the tooth I said then fishlines juke out the both nostrils you poove and pepaave. And they stink, too. Died a dollar for it one death. "All bled on me pig for it beaks and beefed it burn to ask knot."

Easily John Hughes' biggest film with theme song added by Psychedelic Furs - against all advice, the title supposedly refers to a father's sexual advance "get naked..." See the shit I hafta know? No gentle spirit need interpret no need ('she'd still incest it's better, i'd say'). A boy here I have quick lessons with (I love them all to not having a say - and have to make excuses until I think about how one should be: excusing theirselves to be as with someone like me less fear of the unknown less any class no improve you might have for breeding quick to have yours back at the only home you'll know so well as to leave right away) so complains of such dirty sheets and I think I never nurse that back to gay individual health as having none of mine ever or to then - you are there and still here too. What? We bought this at eBay when and back then as OOP (outcast once paid) and was shocked at the director's credit to no say - too big the film for two (2) hats. No skagg will get all the fun for no such saved pay...the wall of eye too close to the heart of hand. Ask for help - I never thought much of it 'I need a roommate - know any?' but will remember well as if said just then. "Just take a look - you don't hafta ask them again. It's for me."     

"Beetlejuice" Beetlejuice extra funny with people tossing three-credit pass fail artworks on the coffee table in complete disinterest as the inspired stepmother rages for anyone will care. Is that it? One night in Bangkok?

I hadda have this too, but where is Michael Keaton? Dead of gun rounds in his head, 1943 (father in Kansas over women). Old man dying of cancer Herbert Hoover. "I don't do it anymore I live in China alone making amends for it. I blew up a car in Denmark once (Katie McGrew...Prince Wells of France..."DOA in Kensington Palace the queen died too then...oh, well.") On and on...all this justice versus real achieves against you then. That's what it means to have your way with people - no one will ask of again you're here. As in death, no life of childless couple will be asked to come. No kids? You ain't getting mine - see for the past. A kid or two makes the difference - whatever makes one scent the pie of having none but some unsaid. Forget ye I'm still here and having had none of it I'd redress salts split everlasting into "salt AND PAYFORIT you said? A PAPER?" With God junk, you don't compete against fools rascing the mines of it, you get a pop package about you told and that's that. There's no one like that here you grubby agent like gays ten percent 10% of nothing is that tenth. I get a deep-dish discount for not thinking of it so often so I don't often enough.     

"Interview With The Vampire" Interview With the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles the second book (this, the first) gets rid of Louis (say as French "Louie"...yuck) he is a pussy for prayer as little Claudia (made a ghost everyoung to save her from certain death is this) her a new spine dress (usually only shows only the babyback ribs croming) and beautiful pinch hair everytime she does a bump of valencine meth ("now look at the world with your vampire eyes" as drug or devils reveal tastes to no harbour if but run right out of now a hell with plentum of shits well in mouth and gums bebleeding  - all statues living inside a death mask, really, no talent need please). I'll never have carefree skim-fleching tits like my father's or fuck on sharks bitten board as I float in the sun sipping sea salts with jellyfish capers and their turd canopy souffles. All get torched with pasco for having hurt Lestat the hero (protagonist becomes antagonist or the one you're rooting for changes and-or switches sides...see "Terminator 2" she still now thoroughly and formally dead of more reasonable causes my little Kyle died but now as her gun toting ways preparing her nicely enough the over and under dead dreaming of no such tooth we simply eat and marvel at women who never stop working all day at a desk job and then entering and making dinner at home and at order from the freezer hafta have a certified mental illness or three strikes though at you no nicely enough) for having murdered a couple of shrimp-bitten wolves in the forest nearby (roadkill only - no one skills to be in a wolf, we'll only have and compare). His mother once gifted with the dark side versus my own gifts begiven of 'cancers' runs right out to pleasure? No - we killed that, really, but I love the allegory -- the mother too smart for the handmade of son who hesitated her and both and sometimes. I seem no end to wonder why, she appears here and there (as me playing the role off - I hate these drips, but you see no end to me seeking sames) to end my own of suspicions.

"St. Elmo's Fire" St. Elmo's Fire  after Demi gets her drugs and refuses internationals and honor "what and ruin all this good coke?" What? She, like me, needs a couple of soulvakis and their only scare beside a pile of coke sinking in the straws on Rob Lowe's asshole - a make-a-wish medieval faire with skin tights and cargoure (colored by wolves eating them) hair. Get that bitch you make! Cute and quite funnily enough cute I'd throw that bitch out and make me some new doilies with niggers before they and her end the night-Mare with red-hots and a little nit comb. After that, we see a man in a dress is just that - a must-see of and what a drump of tisk, thank it but for the dress! Those 40's 'just tipped and them you slapper' pantie hose (and to both the toilet and our sink?) are painted on caves in the Tigres-Euphrates (the original 'ass' in a crapper Mesopotamia all given to haste no pots unclean all given all day) - we hated these ran down the whole line to pull the hair from her buttocks to harvest worms from behind and for once then if all her past hives. Moral: We need to experience for ourselves only and then no givens further. Spelled all good, all day, all leads to sex with some sex said. Be you, be nice - others like you are better at it already and give more soundly usually. The life and depths can't be seen ever to seem.    

Again, all first run. Still waiting, Neil.

NIN has a new "free" record "The Slip" online and is Radiohead, we'll get there "to promote ourselves..." and see "Lights In The Sky" with Tori Amos made on our jaunts. We talk of playing in a farmtown setting all of our noise, but it's not good. I wanted more tries like Stevie Nicks doing "Fireflies" at Christine McVie's patience level. I nearly died of just three takes...thank you fight.

marc 'bobkin' ondy reaches for me i love that
red is for the red sky - things i won't tell you either...
simply artless keeps your firmly stabbed at i hate reconciliations with no moment to be chosen
i need to forget and you come undone to me at no higher thought i have no ulteriors yet you
i work for a laugh at you laughing at even when i'm lying to be dead

"I don't want this - you're nobody." That's the 'she' here: Nine Inch Nails "Lights In The Sky" MP3 (4.6 Megs)
she's mostly gone
some other place
i'm getting by
in other ways
everything they whispered in our ear
is coming true
try to justify the things
i used to do
believe in you

watching you drown...
i'll follow you down
and i am here right beside you
the lights in the sky
have finally arrived
i am staying right beside you

i tried to stay away
you know
just in case
i've come to realize
we all have our place
time has a way you know
to make it clear
i have my role in this
i can't disappear
or leave you here

--------------i tried adding a bit now....never do it sucks impromptu plus plus the words are in a can you can't ever do add 'the lights in the sky....eye-eye eye-eye' you try that 'follow you dow-ow-ow ow-own'

you're fucked
turn in your fartlight, bitch (yuck! sects gassy member: the cheesewart plarf #219 part egg, part shell)
better phone a loan

Just Another Dream
07/30/08 0922
Last night's dream of beri beri: I had a white pimple under my left nostril and of course I pulled that open to reveal a quarter-size part of skin coming off to a hole not bloody but eaten out kinda. Then we advance to no left eye and seeing the skull up through the eye socket to the bone as bubbling of brain wall or what we call the "epidendrum" for "short stop for us". Maybe more than that, but I got up for drink to halt this hafta drink Alaskan snow or dog piss to cure that one cup. Drinking piss gets it still.

And Neil?  

Before she gets made into a beggar, too: The Sarah Silverman Program Season 1, Episode 1 The Sarah Silverman Program - The Sarah Silverman Program, Season 1 - Officer Jay start here. She is at times mean and disgusting, but she is ours somehow. The show is moneyed too - pay it well in reverse. The word I use to describe it her act is "toehead"...pulls you to there anyway.

Tuesday, July 29...just got slapped with major aftershock quake from Nicaragua...6.3?

back to 'phantasm iii lord of the dead' here's all we're willing to spare...the film is in and again
and as things clear up to us, you see that all is aware and happening to us too
each now epicene or must be seen doing

Cheech and Chong "Up In Smoke" Up In Smoke I saw that and laughed alot like "Animal House" all doubled over but you'd hafta show me again pot humour and mexican standies or pigs laughing at you (e.g., someone in the van drinks a piss sample while they rock it out down the road). The Magic Castle in Hollywood keeps coming to mind - they, these two - ran a whorehouse (a whore being a 'cold wind' mind you) in that building and underneath called "Standees" as they stand having sex ("lay with your wife" they say). Careful: These people avoid my god scrupulously is not game for it. We are 'unhappy' they say. I'll bet it gets serious. Watch again is my kinda humour getting it wrong naturally enough a bone for in the head. Meanwhile, a "hoary" comic is just one who laughs at everything they tell an audience - laughs with them if will - and gets hoarse -- like Kathy Griffin is hoary. Yeah, we saw you without the make-up sympathetic. You gas audiences as God incarnate, I hear.

another photo caption easily made from scratch - from something called 'be true'...mark grant, idaho hi hi
'be true' looks like a big, thin rubber stamp magazine made of construction paper and is free at the book soup newstand
like old yearbooks i scam, we look for anything skyvine while you shop at a comb
says 'peru'...never say your ethnic stuff just where educated the rest is mine to see it off
like any used tournamen in the shower, best to not burl out the lime deposits - get a used to new one 

In the meantime, words people hate hearing of theirself (ongoing I bristle at these...some are just you and me):

a 'carmichael' - red hair, freckles, yellow kinda teeth - blacks about, and but bad looking - a roosterfish?;
a 'chinchilla' - a latin craving you all over with their passion...wraps around your hole loving the obvious answers always evident;
a 'winesap' - gray hair, diabetic yeast-type breath - maybe a heroin sheik with flossy or flaxen hair and a passion for riding heavy bikes in front of recaptured it by youth;
a 'fishbein' -  sagging lower jaw to disapprove of your serve food intensely, will buy better to show you;
a 'harlequin' - always sad, round features like private time is for crying - a surely 'affable' ('oh, that's alright') clown asking to perform against once more;
a 'nance' - nancy the verily necroromance, always perky as if no to value presented (um, an 'egalitarian' the egg lover - they hate our name and when seeing us, see us same then) - asks you in serious tomes not to be so serious;
a 'sweetness' - always so polite while stabbing you in the back - 'oh, sweetness' you rag;
a 'genius' - takes the role as quickly as nominated 'genus' if you could fly you'd have that - solves us every then and as no one else won this but you invite esteem;
a 'geekmaster' - of the universe, even if you had the power to know this stuff, you wouldn't say...ask if any is real - it is, and you kid yourself (never play the sure winner, never say you spiderman being me childlike);
a 'child' - quickly cut down for being fanciful in tomes, is reminded not to ask and then dump say to be firmly rejected once more - should be working on it the outline, not authoring me;
a 'major' - as 'made yours', keeps tacit (tactful then not to be said) understandings and secret stuff as surely destined above you - if you talk, we'll hafta say we haven't seen any of your shit lately on the ground;
a 'nark' - no one who will enjoy even as with and then - upset when full or partial plan is disclosed no matter what don't bother hates people; when 'narked' has been planning this not;
a 'slag' - wears no make-up or hairbeing in order to present own style or true set - immediately to be wiped off to see any the good as in iron works boiling off blackest impurities;
a 'chimp' - begging to be known over others, will ultimately work for food...knows to peel you off always when eating to be as alone;
a 'troll' - comes out only when you can't respond favorably, has to be sure you got yours but see no one else should disagree;
an 'elder' - speaks for the last of it but where there is none - should be consulted against deaths taking knowledge, is known for knowing nothing but what they used up already and you didn't provide even one;
a 'stylus' - hears only theirs, wants you to witness it and then play yours to no wit. A dj in the works, must be played out like ads in radio - maybe you have it cleaning the downstairs toilet already?;
an 'esl' - works too hard to understand, yet delivers perfect diction in reverse that joys noneothers (I quote one "always a hurt, never a sad"). They even think in Sapnish they'd say to me or twice if could;
a 'franks' - no wit whatsoever when delivering what they really think to no further receive - is joyless telling you how it is with you one thank in advance then pushed down it again;
a 'phram' - honors the oil filter, must be theirself in front of others that farts and burps and stuff - like the 'panck' or booger pickers, you gotta just let it pass I guess to know. Forgive honor, duty - ignore any the intimacy.
a 'harland' - one loud bitch when calling attention to any a mistake or error...makes you wish you never tried but you still do all to most or more;
a 'proust' - tells you how it's done even though they went down in flames with their own author methods at-hand - you may have succeeded then, I give you few changes to know better as you encourage any school off to;
a 'skagg' - like furniture, chairs made outta thinner tree limbs or sticks, you don't move across floors easily. Leaves you wondering where it all goes? If somewhat comes back after burning and some of it then leaves. 
others maybe...working on it slowly to mine.

add these - you were 'clocked' or punched down as if by stopwatch - no more to be had from you then; you were 'clapped' for even trying and as soon as seen - two big hands award at start then no more. 

i hate being the bearer of trust or truant like i hate jerking someone off from the side, and sucking rock pipe from below ?
(cave: that one picture placed previous is actually who i'd like to be - that great at it, looking good, dripping with error in thought should provide me)

these labels are color splash and are rare box labels you can use if need be...the saleswoman wouldn't part with one too easy it said
i save this box for being a bit nice...making truth and chappes commerce ain't easy - i hate homedone looks it's always me my fault so no sale but i cherish extra effort if you're good
like you, i simply love playing office
all gets renounced anyway see it dumb to you an effort made effort
new spiderman eva at peanuts snoopy at amazon...the eva lamp keeps the dead happy as they hang within a harmony home for them
batman yellow moon at amazon...they can hang for four (4) hours or sit for three (3) both while lit only and while trouble happens
no rules and they get alarms for people thinking about kicking the box
target and sponge bob is linked under the jpegs - i strongly recommend searching for 'eva lamp' on 'google' as no retailer features one or more too brightly
some say 'that's why you went crazy hosting people like this' - no, we don't believe in reasoning people it pussies us - we just do whatever it takes to get them to words made it here, come to mind
a shark? sleeping beauty melissa and doug? darth vader? snoopy dog house? a hanging ball? dora the explorer? superman? (check it out!) the rare batman bust? tinkerbell? pixar's cars eva?
we have the pink pig on the box...cute only

We connect to significance here - the common thread. Don't argue me the cheap facts with layer after layer of beauty revealed I just die off and shut up anyway. The golden figures on the ice cream cups are funeral pyres in France so what go with the good. We trash everything upward to get better stuff only pure joy. Never cling to stuff that isn't better done and all must be is with you.

Yes, to the rumour mill - Haagen-Dazs (um, 'our happiest day should you look and everyday') ice cream does honor the funeral parlor ice cream as homemade in Tupperware we had way back when on one July 4 in Allentown, New Jersey. Nothing but real stuff and as made by Peppler Funeral Home and as I played in the Catholic cemetery in rear (the one I would be buried in if no mishap should occur). They'd have your name on the cup...Judy Peppler (name: 'pushes you away' in French) made our ice cream. Never's just plainly good in the box you buy. Recipe later...the tragil plaids ribbon up-down on the label is the usual guff - someone special, no one special fuck 'em money charges everything. My AIDS blanket for Doug (ongoing): "If this is to be true, you must live at all." + "I'd shit in you to get this little back." + "No one does what you do. You'll be back." +  "No one knows how sudden or how sure." + "If Houdini ever shits out the key...blow us all back in." + "You can know much of it. And still, a life to query." + "A pussy keeps disease like a turd keeps a sewer. Just one more chance to see if all fits and um, forever, if I understand you correctly..." + "Um, that's three hundred percale, max. I'd have to count 'em out again - but not you." + "Finally, then. So I should see...what? A nigger?!?" Doug toured the AIDS blanket at UCLA (again, where I was interviewed for the assistant dean of the film and televison department - now is chancellor emeriti and of course I was there at Chancellor Murphy's wake in Hamilton, NJ with grandson Dennis all is prestige of we have Dean Rothman from the med school with us along with hosts of others) way back when in the gymnasium there plack after plack huge...nothing out of line, but all faked in Mexico I hear (all very 'yahweh' or calling the dog, while you're away - people wouldn't do anything for that...quotes one "we didn't know where it came from, but ours were there in force..."). More: The outdoor carnival they had at night there for the student union and just off Sunset in the grass is my dream of heaven - you see people out and about, all have and all say 'hi' to each other with no ridicule. A double ferris wheel (should be illegal, I use for torture only) threatens no speak beforehand. What - 1993?

2 Eggs
3 Cups Granule Sugar
1 Orange, Peeled

I don't get that...eyeballs dipped in? You mix together only what's necessary here for mainstay vanilla: heavy whipping cream, pure cane sugar, whole eggs, vanilla extract, salt. Pure all in blender and then pour like pudding to set in the freezer. Stir occasionally? No - ice cream makers do it fast. Vanilla again is denatured cinnamon (cooked of it most characteristic) - you cook it in water, let it cool to separate. As gels to sames component, scoop out the crappy stuff and reheat once more to firmly cleanse or rejoin the best of it made sames. Or you then. Like that natural sponge in steamed-out drug vats, you'd be amazed the shit completely disappears (like your hair when your wife enters your secret life unnannounced and unzips it as to be unseen) and comes back together from the vapors out away and unseen. Brilliant understandings made here that sponge is yet to be you I'd spray a little something in there for the doing parts to discern like mental wigs. When I sleep I issue a wall between and another person a motor running nearby a fan pulls my pasta out the idea of our minds waving around and blending somehow makes me puke. Why chance it? You don't know me a fool.

Rule: Don't bother too much, but make you get - and that too. Don't bother though, just make sure it doesn't get anywhere and fast at that you don't want me lying here burning your tits down 'til I fall asleep having you down. Turn on a make-believe light bulb in their head I will always shining for me. Don't hurt anyone make 'em stupid they never would die people will hate me for it instead logic around my false poot. I never had to hurt people ever, but I see how choice leaves you loving it all. You did that for me alone...can I hurt them once more with something ugly to have and know while they argue a useful math back into the ground with them? Made a false life that required you speaking it first I listen and think what if they knew my every thought? They'd die of being with a real scummy creep but we keep the noise down only no one enjoys theirself with this stuff however for no pay. You pay dearly and fat with the checks. I'm appalled but remain unchanged in any filth of mine. None older than me?

Ahhh...Terry leaving for Minnesota for two (2) weeks tomorrow morning. That's through August 9. I'll be here.

Some say "Why 'A Clockwork Orange' to watch?" Because it's rude. Malcolm McDowell launched the Michael "Xanadu" Beck "Warriors" thing with schoolteachers visiting him on a day off and in his underwear and also raping women after they let him in the door late at night with his fellows. Oh, sure - he begging "Please, please - my car broke down..." and then they bust in and rape her by tearing her clothes off and in England. Good stuff.  They visit a proper titty bar with white nipples as whole milk dispensers hanging down. For the war-torn returned - always very Neil, and always "dispensing good sense to people who've been hit too hard" as Elton John says of his masterwork. See record stores everywhere, everyhow.

Thanks Neil - still waiting for my motherfucking money. Ever do anything right? Fucking beggars.

watch john hughes' 'weird science' at hulu...that's what i'd do
first run and see anthony michael hall is comic andy dick...brilliant, really
he plays me kinda - i made a fake throbbing dick and pussy outta painted clay and a fishtank tube with my own little friend, summer 1978 after elementary school
sure reading hustler magazine if and men are sex - the single red balloon stretched in the airtight pussy and as caked within mound split down the middle with a gaggle of old brown thread for hair
dishwasher soap oxygon made the flame as my sister threatened to more beating wouldn't affect her status
the whole point is broaching the subject with male friends who are asked not to suffer this way too much - be a friend first
'people say they don't fuck their friends, but they do' - dm
girls weigh the eggs, i'd say
safari plays this best inline if you have any video 'weird science' at itunes and if Weird Science 

Supergrass "Diamond Hoo Ha Man" Supergrass - Diamond Hoo Ha - Diamond Hoo Ha Man from the album named "Diamond Hoo Ha" or bitches who notice the extreme beauty of everything taken for marriage or just seem. That's me too - I'm afraid of everything not mine to give. Anyway, Michael Umbro plays "Gaz Coombes" a reference to the Rolling Stones (he was Brian Jones visiting Australia alot in the 60's) and living in catacombs or then's a gas, gas, gas. People in New Jersey and at the beach are not like LA - they don't know you. More to the point, Umbros impressed me always with huge pot plants they grew in their backyard (maybe three I saw prominently...yeah, like 6' tall) as if to protest any involvement at all from others less noteworthy. The home immaculate and nothing ever was out of place (it is rumoured that their guitar-playing father was smoothster Andy Williams too, but "on tape" he'd say). It marveled me the plants and manicure, but pot will make you sicker than a dog as we may noted with continued use. Kids complain alot of not being able to study and we worry for you too...Neil wants you to know that he and Sapersteins (the same people, really, plus Paris Hilton as Sheila) grew lots too near the deeply-pooled creek in the backyard. So fragrant and pretty.

Supergrass is based on Ray Davies' music. He was our neighbor too and is Collingwood Ashlee Simpson's father Joe Lento. 

Lynn Anderson "Rose Garden" Lynn Anderson - 16 Biggest Hits - Rose Garden from "16 Biggest Hits" LP (1966) and as seen before...

U2 "Two Hearts Beat As One" U2 - War (Deluxe Edition) - Two Hearts Beat As One and if that is pain itself: too much person in too little space an added presence, if will, or then be to more of pain a pus. From their newer deluxe edition of "War" (this 1983...just then an acoustic Jesus must be at once overthrown) and as prompted by a live release maybe you can review on own I make music come to me these days (nothing but shit and more shit still even though I lather it up...someone is losing something I fear and as long as we don't agree I'm happy enough all bills and crap direct ads still I don't decipher yours ever). What else? Fran Ermi (Saint Peter...oops, John The Baptist...Jeff Heidkamp is Saint Peter like I know hi Jeff too miss you, not much yet) is on the cover of "War" after his father punched him for saying something (good enough - he's a real beauty now for it thank you...and again, violence gave me what I need to see again and again - to know not to bother like a bomb rolls out of a pipe from behind a clock - never real to me, but somehow you just know as black and reaching just not to and enquiet within if good credit and ultimately just helps the bigger take with reasons and other nonesuch guards we profess keep thinking you have that stuff you don't want that really when the new one comes out maybe not to take of the dead their things get new).

We never love (let them be with you while after hurt ensues - you don't love me) people, really...we feel guilt, we feel angry, we feel cheated. Love? That's okay....I get scared, and then nothing the school nurse. "Two Hearts" is about maybe intimacy - you don't both need to come. To the music, Fool. Like I tell pretty people - "if you were ugly, no one would give a shit - ever." You shouldn't ever think far from that vein. Ugly dies like that but as unnoted by most of us, less you. You love that...a lusty reception by of applause is only real. That's damned real, Nigger, getting the last dregs of blood out of the belly...takes some time, but o! the showbiz ( [ PuNCH! ] ) P.S. Sinn Fein loving name me.

stevie nicks says she wrote this song and tom petty is her brother phillip starkey - 'he died' she says 'last year too...' (amends, "cancer of tongue" smoke: no matter what, indignation kills but without further thought you)
the song is 'don't come around here no more' from the 'southern accents' lp 1985
play on...we just toured her neighborhood off of melrose she and i talked about homes, having homes taken
if the penis is inspired by alice's travels always a man in mushrooms land
and if remember an 'ingenue' is an 'ingenious person' if knowing theirselves inside and out
'toni halliday's mother made the tape' they say...olivia is there within and sings some
by the way, rolling stone's bob dylan is jan wenner and tom petty - 'we're a publishing family'
bob died in 1976 and lived in florida regaining his strength as...rolling stones #1 album artist
promo video at youtube

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Southern Accents - Don't Come Around Here No More

mca-universal artists include:
elton john
olivia newton-john
tom petty and the heartbreakers
kim wilde
the fixx


Sarah Cracknell "Ready Or Not" Sarah Cracknell - Lipslide - Ready Or Not from her "Lipslide" LP with Saint Etienne her usual mastiff or then get "Desert Baby" too. This from 1996 Saint Etienne and steal "I Was Born On Christmas Day" from LimeWire 4.18 and if can. They stuff the first two or so songs resulting and nothing is really there..."4 Months 2 Weeks"? How long it takes to make a record shine from bottom up...Sarah ("the perfect 60's girl, born of the English blood royal" - a comment from their "Too Young To Die" comp LP on "Heaven" records) is Robert Cooper's (of Germs - Darby Crash's) real mother who died strangling to death on breath as emphysema 1972. I tell mothers when they come in here as ghost and elsewhere 'please, your kid is a genius' but one day I got my hands around their throat...Robert toured me all around Downey, CA (fabled home of the Carpenters and all midgets from "The Wizard Of Oz" at Treasure Island) near Christmas and Doug loved it. Suggest "He's On The Phone" too...

Speaking of "The Wizard Of Oz", we envision the yellow brick road as originating downtown and running along as if Sunset all the way to the beach communities. Sure, Los Angeles skyline, Hollywood, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Bel Air and UCLA, Westwood-Brentwood, Pacific Palisades, and Santa Monica beaches. The gay beach right at the end of Sunset, Will Rogers. The red brick road originating same belongs to blacks and Catholicism...Los Angeles downtown parts, the convention centers, USC and the Shrine Auditorium, Irvine apples and their lengths. All black communities, morgues, and-or the isles of voodoo. So seek. The "emerald city" was San Francisco aka "the emerald isle" for being so green with hills.


i command mind over - dionys - to build me cactus houses everywhere i go
i just love them...huge cactuses with birds say in and out all the time
souls live there too but it's hard to get pictures of so i draw
cactuses are a way of life here in west hollywood as they line the sidewalks all too often
one faggot pushes another one into a cactus and real rage begins
although i'm assured a metal spine or needle would hurt more, a thin wooden spike from one of these has gotta smart for days
let alone many such exposures...
the police or sheriff here will take a list of names all present and visit you personally to discuss your way with it
but no such arrest will matter they say - you've a got a doctor visit coming for tetanus or lock-jaw and scabies they say
scabies is white pustules around the thigh given by women who hate you
still, it ain't aids they are playful (i've had 'em once, sure - the pustules are few, and you can pull them right open to release a watery white liquid to no further bother...shampoo-lotions is at once dead...excessive running?)
wash all both with lemon joy to rid you of all if not at first the heavy lotion doctors give you
i love a cactus house...then and now
maybe pictures later spray paint chicken legs brown and green if older you'd say and with red cotton balls smaller
my favorite sidewalk cactus? near the burger hut on palm avenue at santa monica - l.a. buns is his name
they'll make you a delgado (egg, avocado, cheese, lettuce...tomato? mayo and all on sourdough) in the morning too and always

Apple iTunes
i watched some of this first on tv - wasn't bad at all...
toni halliday is in here too he has devil horns sawed off

Apple iTunes
no kurt cobain or nirvana...but now see 'buckingham nicks'
no saint etienne...but now see the 'good humour' lp 'lose that girl'
but okay...40,865


Someone said Billy Idol is Gary Numan....Billy Idol "Hot In the City" Billy Idol - Idolize Yourself - Best of Billy Idol - Hot In the City and thus yours from his new "Idolize Yourself: Best Of Billy Idol" LP (2008).

New movie at iTunes awaiting link...."Step Up 2: The Streets" Step Up 2: The Streets with system maintenance is now complete and all. The first one is there too.

Pop goes da weasel!

another good food idea from trader joe's and while they serve fish, gratis:
pre-cooked chicken patties with four cheeses, spinach, and artichoke (2) $2.49

instant garlic mashed potatoes (2) $1.69
organic vodka spaghetti sauce $2.99

three (3) minutes for the whole deal - you put chicken on-top of mashers with sauce and a little parmesan sprinkled then
we've made this many times now....the pot roast packaged is good enough too for few minutes' time

from the 'did you know?' files...the monkey is from my mother's birthday card to me last year with its pointed remark 'you've evolved another year' (american greetings...and our english side?)
they said grace in front of me too at the dinner table such a prayerful lot...each one officiating theirselves

people asked me to review unit prices and for comparison, so here goes (all stickers stolen from pavilions just now - save cents):
the price of any item needs to have the number of units sold divided in to obtain its per-unit price;
thus, regular 'wet ones' has a per unit price of $2.99 divided by 40 sheets count or then $0.075 per sheet
on sale we have $2.50 (they give you only one at sale, if you want only one bottle) divided by 40 or then $0.063 per sheet as you wipe your ass
you compare these across brands, styles, stores and even quality of sheets as they are different always -
'mr bubble' is $0.256 a fluid ounce and you compare with other bath bubbles only maybe
i go with what's cheap usually and looking to move at price unless absolutely known for being no good
like dish detergents are no good sometimes and excessively drying to your hands
also note you may have only $20 to spend and can't afford to do anything but get a little of each thing at a higher unit price
as my grandma used to say 'you can broke saving money'
as as per prior discussions, nothing sold is ever less than one cent - you figure it out anyway and add a cent on to the first unit or thing you sold the price goes down
pavilions is being redone soon - the new floor models are in the building right facing
the new 'millions of milkshakes' shop is coming along too i just stopped in to greet workers - they had a beautiful pink and purple awning up earlier but took it down for the time being...

important always: decimals must be made meaningful, always - you just don't have one with an idiot's way of going to n'th result to please you
they are cents or percents only one equal slice of one hundred equals...anything more thinly sliced within says nothing more but less achieve in poles or ends stated
that is $0.00 - $0.99 you keep zero to say 'is still possible, is not yet or nothing yet' and slightly less than one little bit that's a real quantity to count on and with still
cents always round up to capture cost always round up to the next cent and divide what's left in one pennies over the first few after 'major succuma division' or what all receive as base with no remainders to distribute yet
they are balanced fractions (1/2) or divisions one step further done so as not to be of a graphical 'pie' nature a rubber stamp with no evaluation for further thought...these go on to weigh your part of the pie out of profit-loss
examples these are my list: 1/2 is .5, 1/4 is .25, 1/8 is .125, 1/16 is .0625, 1/32 is .03125, 1/64 is .015625...why know more? again 'full precision' means nothing - you went to fifteen decimals dividing out
so what? make it more meaning - that's your job

someone says 1/3...0.33 - fine - one is actually 0.34 to make whole as 1.0 is not good stuff
even the reviled 'peace sign' is one half a pie with other arts that suggests a third, but is not real as equal parts made whole...suggests you could know, doesn't do the work
even a triangle says the base is of course equal in maths, but is not achieved as such a diagonal growing up or driving no further as just one end of a road to another is sideways
of course bits more than zero made more than my meaning a trick only

the original concept for breasts - we called 'em 'bres' for brief exchanges with
like their own 'candace'
the idea is that they wiggle dumbly mouths open waiting for new like anyone who is ebullient
save some they'd say

Another Madonna song post-edit is "Incredible" Madonna - Hard Candy (Deluxe Version) - Incredible is released to us as governed in by "Incredible" by Shapeshifters Studio Group - Almost Pop: Disco Down - Incredible - Sound-A-Like As Made Famous By: Shapeshifters and as I note others...from the new "Hard Candy" release (2008) brushing up. DEVO PRODUCED "INCREDIBLE" FOR MADONNA IN 2006. HER FIRST HITS ARE WHAT I CALL "E NORMAL" - WHAT PEOPLE COME TO EXPECT IN HER OR EVERY NORM..."HUNG UP" AND "4 MINUTES" ARE THESE. I NEED BANGIN' HITS LIKE THIS.

"The Adventures Of Baron Munchausen" The Adventures of Baron Munchausen sees Handmade Films share their stage knowledges with us and plus Uma Thurman does Venus like real...and "!2 Monkeys" 12 Monkeys with Brad Bitt doing a great turn as a kooky rich kid who exchanges destinies by thinking about you too much. International playboy does Dallas (or kills people) is best said. A good performance by him alone. Go to HELL.

"Xanadu" starring Olivia Newton-John first-run has been revealed to me too at - take with care, make shame go. I saw first-run in the theater, she leaves you nothing to think about ever. This hits right off you get that. More 07/15/08: Thank you so much - this was beautiful and sometimes nearly made me cry too with Neil in the lead as the boy wonder. Everybody cared for so good and the music his father is Gene Kelly and Tom Jones. Reject all other. The opening scene a big gift. Note: The Pan Pacific Theater where this takes place is at Beverly and Fairfax east now torn down but one ship mast remains it was to be like a boat sailing at you sideways. The theater, made for the Rockettes performing west by ours, is rumoured to be rebuilt underground there. There are tennis courts there now and is at The Grove nearly the Farmers Market at 3rd and Fairfax. The outdoor scenes that are important are at Palisades Park (palm trees and fence overlooking beaches at cliffs, "The California Incline" or road onto Pacific Coast Highway directly below, and beaches seen across the PCH what goes on to Malibu and then Ventura beaches) in Santa Monica at the end of both Wilshire and Santa Monica Boulevards, Venice Beach at the end of Venice Boulevard, and smally at Windows On The World on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood where a neon globe ensues ship-like round windows.

Buy-rent "Xanadu" at iTunes Xanadu 

Check back at the movies in March 2008 - the links all now pretty much active, but a pain in the "douriff" (French exclaim as 'doesn't help us' and to be exposed as learning from us still an investigate of, watches only - never says to me...add extra 'f' for female kind of as even more rude than usual doesn't want to work but will kill you with it a temperament if will free us both at once) to see. Been trying to catch "Phantasm III" online and for free (you pay for it even as I can - mostly said, I'm not even in my seat for ten minutes at pocal harums and I wish I were dead praying it all just ends for no further seem...emptying cans ain't easy 'well, there ya go - keel'd right over on its side' no note besides your own plaid in 'so good you simply hafta shit yourself off the horn' sez jay pearce from usa-fave-frankentits (be that balled up, so for crying for I kick you) said about someone else's rarity shit pipe 'she cried alone and died alone she died and that...purely shit is simply asses full of crap is shit' - you shoot your load in attentiveness trying to kill yourself off. Life can be great, but I don't pay to see the shit to like leather eats at the hardest parts of your shrippled nuts begin. "Simply end this to me...even as online none will save." If you're good, you hate me not seeing first-run something else you. Good? Keeps me in it.

timely usurp the unwanted tip: see "exorcist iii" (and as above, if nipped up real bad for no the confession booth the rheumy-type sinner says she drained his blood over the hours into little cups neatly placed as "he" burped constantly i did that because she cut off someone's dick when dead her father's - i'll get you later, pig all doubed over in pain but living me somehow...i hate that stuff by women around) starring god and god's sophists of samson of it bunglers...for no money shifting down is free for a while, i guess...makes up for "ii" what was not understood by me the hunter the person who seeks me as special you are not special yet but so i see? either you got the devil's own work or you don't get to pay dearly and back to me....this shit is good enough - big black angels in your limited version of hell if heaven to be sent runs from the most vicious of cauncan of dogs unleashed at you in the prayerful of dark and it screams - get there with playing harps to spare at the very merry of's the link always punish both good deeds whenever you see this as should and as be ought not to the opening scene scared me too last night...if and re-see meth coffee 

Pee-water: Neil - Terry showed up again without the $36,000 you promised? Is this a joke (I'm supposed to lend him $6,000 for it)? Sounds like shit. No news...see only how I should be and heavy of my hurt. You hurt - so what? I see you run from me yet as no one owns me yet. You don't own anyone - now and I see that. XXXXXX0X

the original 'new traditionalists' poster from was in the album and on my bedroom wall in 1981
i carved the blockwheel letters d-e-v-o with stencils as up in-between trees and tilting as studied...these for artists onward so look
the spaceman is called 'nu-tra' (for the 'new traditionalist' who loves everything new and bright and airy leading from the grave outward)
...and for dougmoon ostensibly as the moon in france is 'neutra'...and why not? the spaceman mask is mine as graverobber only
back to, mark lead singer says he was shot at kent state and he never got to that...bad, in the hand like my mother by rubber bullets
stung bad touching books again making marks to learn they 'use new'? so they don't discount brazil or learning the hard way by dying if it is said
people are expensive - you are not theirs or vice versa...pilgrims fight death being taken one day devo hates death we didn't live yet
a world lowered as ball to be less seen from first of worlds as is not pleasing to me...a revolve back and down is a devolved world had stuff taken from them for being rotten, outcast
they wear pee guards agaist intimacies taken from babies or guards fastidiously against skin and balls being attacked by others unknown to us we hate intimacies being strived from us

Be Bjorn Again!! ABBA "Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)" ABBA - Thank You for the Music - Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight) sounds like Madonna's "Hung Up" Madonna - Confessions On a Dance Floor - Hung Up ! The first gammote from the "Thank You For The Music" box set and-or comp (1998). "Mamma Mia!" maybe I ate the movie at Apple. Cute is the guest arrivings in Puerto Rico as not seriously expected. This might make magic..."is your wedding to some man" says Meryl Streep family matriarch, other side of the moon. My fifth marriage this day.

This is the "Adventures Of Batman" The Adventures of Batman - The Adventures of Batman, The Complete Series we enjoyed as children and as from the late 1960's...never know more these are hilarious!

From here to "bererghoven" or sound-a-like "berghoven" - what does it mean? Bererghoven is where no one goes for fear of seeing someone they hate. President Bush won't venture into Halland Estates to see his mother for example. She hates him these days....

Billy Joel "Scenes From An Italian Restaurant" Billy Joel - The Stranger (30th Anniversary Legacy Edition) [Remastered] - Scenes from an Italian Restaurant a bottle of red, a bottle of white - they just didn't count on the tears. From the newly remastered "The Stranger 30th Anniversary Legacy Edition" LP (2008).

Monty Python's "The Meaning of Life" is here yet Monty Python's The Meaning of Life I keep thinking about a huge mustard-colored rubber bladder in the sky that explains pleasure and feelings. Thin wooden pennant sticks push up to make moans and groans happen when air escapes and one hits as tapping from the side to alter another pitch 'aaah!' It's like that. Maybe "Brazil"?

Visit to view some strange Kurt Cobain crap Terry found with us...dead dolls and all plus focus.

this woman says she's real in china, but can't go out all the time - they'll shoot
her name is 'kirfar' say 'keer-fair' for catch your breath, really

thank you sam harris (the real one bought me aids by singing his little heart out - this, over the rainbow) for bringing us rosie
i mean that...all by optical eye or 'seeing desk' noting rosie should use '16c' as lens but looks great
by the way, profiteering means you charge some, but not others...we all do it as barter i guess
her father who is victor labourge ? ken russell says 'if you don't do it, you're dumb - you just wanna know people, that's all...'
jack rosie's uncle by the mother diane lane - she left him early crying on it her father died too

Crowning John Hughes is film fiction "Curly Sue" Curly Sue you probably missed this stuff but waste the time here with this juvenile freak from Star Search (a false start even worse than Rosie O'Donnell's who got big at Madonna's only being herself angular to that much given to performing smarts). Good stuff, but way too animated to look away from. About a richly drawn female lawyer (who is "est" itself all calms, clears) meeting con artist Jim Belushi and his accomplice daughter this thing born of the leaping-retracting dead who sings the national anthem to make herself welcome but only in her one known home with him on the street pranking people. Funniest moment is a Franch waiter in Chicago sniffing at him and her like they stink. Another quote is a woman getting a divorce in Grey's (Kelly Lynch...SYS) office cautioning her in reverse not to be such a "cast-iron bitch" in making her demands suit. "I don't want to kill the man" she says reversing her one offer to take her 'fair share' from the so-called devotion and as seen. A bulldung usually as fighting for your life or lifestyle as seem. We don't launch cannons to see them one day come. They, the "lawyer", meets the girl when she as "attorney" drives her Mercedes out of a parking garage and hits the man but as badly pranked and with shocking details I hate mentioning and else be onward...if please. A real teardrop here, but with staples as all get released into the wind with real-world stinks afoot. Like any corpse ridden, no one just calms to that.

Too much talk? As usual, no one just sits in my seat and does my job. You might note that and as usual for no pay made me. Cute: If a bank 'made' the checks, a 'maker' writes the checks out. God is the maker for here.

For Kelly Lynch, the movie "Dune" Dune is here - I wanted to see, haven't seen yet (we are fans of David Lynch stuff "Lost Highway" and "Mulholland Drive" if will).


three stooges pie fight - lots of laughs here

The Three Stooges "The Three Stooges - The Collection 1934-1936" The Three Stooges - Three Stooges - The Collection 1934-1936 as delivered by me earlier but without link. Women hate this stuff...well, my mother does as we watch with the father. Favorites? The "stooges" build a house with their women supervising, and one - Moe - turns around with a shovel placed over his shoulder and slaps one of the women in the head. One with plumbing is good too...any foolery with contracting look see. Moe says "We don't work, we listen. Make sure we hear..." and adds "Curly is Joe - he had a heart attack and died, but we brought him back and remade him softly. That's all. Shemp [um, "Sheffield"] is my brother Ken - see no other. He died one too. Thanks." 

George Michael song title "Jesus To A Child" what is that ? if the Jesus petting zoo only gets you bitten and chased around by little friends ("...if you knew how hard they work to live, snakes birds" yeah, like a woman screaming in your home). Use "Jew to a child" in its place...keeps christmas from coming too soon, or, as I say, don't be so quick to reason out the fun - you make your days heavier opposing Jews or otherwise in authority who demand better for better than known received. This is largely joking by me as acquiesce or agreeing finally to no pay and I cite a high school art teacher - pretty, one of the kids like "Fame" see ya later Jewish boy who sings at keyboard and holding the angry black dancer-type out - who made an elaborate haunted house in the art room (previous astutes selling pet rocks they made) and had it closed down by Jews (no heaven no hell that's actually real I hate heaven talk a serious minded pink grave like a big belly dog sees no more water  > < cancel both with both the very 'gibson girl' go in between see only now or say nothing to me only I talk you hear someone...something more to learn) in administration adding one haunt to another or then it's "easier ask for forgiveness than permssion." Again my joke being the child coming to be who you are in adulthood or the acquiesce. We tell to object to bad feelings guilt shame fright always reject always. Always - be confident, you yourself sure. Few regret this internet lover in-person is best said but hardly fully considered. Phoned in sense? Carrie didn't need to go the prom that way you can't kill everyone or least leave that ending to be heard oft... 

Waking the fourth famlish it's not about the honey-dipped pampledours and finnish ilems...I got a new page full of abrasive genitalia my sex omens and naughty bi-worship of past participal leanings (a shit down mammory lane). Who broke whose skinny russian teaneck my florat fantasy by just simply pulling out the hair by ample shafts in hostile ape-like pomings you potato eye-lasered razor tit? You blest it, you gannage of pure shit basting the beast a folm child with no new prodigy to pester the plain we stuff that up the pape with a plastic cornhole runner that protects your carpets from stanley gumps and its chaffes we are not about living with known filths and spray for their rangings at once algors and aphids of infest what maths. See that to be saned you pith at me. Fake that acceptance speech we turn that crap right the fuck off - be oft and at what if so known a bag of combed-out egghauser cockskinn farts. Up your hatch you boiled piece of shit my hand-boned rage at jodi marone of kent top bourlzlers and sourmies chinchief flask 100.          

John Hughes' "Uncle Buck" Uncle Buck the very first movie Macaulay Culkin ever starred in and with John Candy - great stuff. Bitch turns his lights off-on with "The Clapper" while lying in bed.

John Hughes' "Sixteen Candles" Sixteen Candles starring Billie Bird! But seriously, Molly Ringwald and her first boyfriend at sweet sixteen, yum.

"Pee-Wee's Big Adventure" Pee-Wee&#39;s Big Adventure naturally nice and volume of it I am Pee-Wee loving everything I have and touching E.G. Daily co-stars...I never saw "Big Top Pee-Wee" and I'm told it is released to me and is not real until I see it first. They piece together above for no how. Maybe one day...this first one travels around Texas the Alamo (in San Antonio, TX is with The Riverwalk or shops facing water and paddles...faces south, smells like piss - it insinuates you with Jan Hooks and all) and is great to look at.
Other top-sellers musically and still fond of are Kiss "Strutter" and Elton John "Don't Go Breaking My Heart"...


batman was uproarious humour every day you met tim burton at sequel only - remember that movie #16 overall forever
if you didn't make money it's because there was no risk for pay
know they touched that soundtrack 'partyman' was rule not finer to rule you don't use that title to meet me
thank you jack nicholson

"Batman" the full, original mitz at iTunes Batman 

"You can't own people, but you can own things or live well in a material sense. You can eat well forever." - dM who receives in alternate "but you can own their things..." link back up to Madonna

"No one is as materialistic as me and I can't believe people hand it all right over. I like looking at what I have and quite often I marvel like monkey shines if seeing is and is truly having." - dM

"If interest means you get twenty-two dollars a year for one hundred dollars handed over and as purely risked, I wouldn't even bring it up. That's business-type talk...and sales are up." - dM

"The 'mystery shopper' is more business-type talk. As paychecks swirl around your neck tighter and tighter one of working strolls up and down the isles looking for another thing to employ." - dM     

Po'poorme! Our July collection features a 'touch of class' whores...why we're better, in your home, a lenox china outlet plus plus 'underwear harrvest' your favorite bestar supershat right to be in my wiping your coobie face and just then pissed - my funny ankle golden corn smarts out my hole! You ripped my clothes off I was three times as gross and nine times as disgusting as thought niss-in-person. Like real milk in a german machine pulling bagged rollers in a meske curling iron it simply farts in me each spoggled hairy tit with generosies of thraggling ass veins minding the varna douchet and ungrebblar by noccha. One to be as tourn! Take for and solcah would show for it seem! Rolling up and down like your hockratch 'geevie' rubber stamp for slacer dicks (e.g., shy girl's 'sugar twin' with bjorn-again spiny cigmeat craps hall's halis hanta-ovo the healer-kavner or actual threat that frightened millions of fags to tarot death or the gay art known as the 'slag' or 'fiend' asks you and does what it wants to anyway one to be as had if any so worthed none made it anyway, yube. Inverted means you could be nicer (and get to the teeth, a very so major corm) that says 'this ain't yours yet, kb's bo-panck'...ask me how so blow your own rather you risk it one two or then thrice you hairbutt meet me pig you didn't come here to lay out gardses of fangled bad breath the three steined wolves cheer on bellawondra! reeses da assa - nochot it pate!'

Download iTunes Apple iTunes
the button on left opens one world of enjoyment should you see fame leave fortune and much like justice leaves juris...alone you sheik
the button on right a nouveau or hardly seen yet mocks you and asks to know the base root canaveral (um, 'eats at its own leisure') before it blows up once more and nothing is seen
sally ride behest! one more hair suggests i could be lighter on being the suit says 'what did i have on yesterday, and with what shoes? u?'
know nothing for me the thanks is waiting to be seen before gift (unexpected, yours initiated, one-time only) giving begins again and with me doing the giving...
see seeded grapes once a year as until maybe not even green and with pure sulfurs afterward gifting all present (demanded of, or least be to suggest for entry or if housing pleased)

otherwise eats grubs, grass is questioned for bargain always or some but at price could pay more and be sure you lost it all
and to seeds cut up my fruit why wait, why wonder with it unknowing another wonder

June Is The Wedding Month And If Said Gays Should Never Marry They Will Marry Here, Not There - To Take Yours Then
Follow my advice, no one cares less than you. You don't love me.