Apple iTunes Apple iTunes 
Apple iTunes Apple iTunes

- stephen king always welcomb as living his in own fantasy well while we all hope? is his segment in 'creepshow' the least liked? it's the most afforded without seeing your art this time, get the nuances
- deadliest catch i love watching on tv if the best draw for king crab is a human head...good entertainment nevertheless and i hope it's not all backlot 'perfect stormseses' i get that mad if basic cable is now $57.31 a month
- app store applications fail me as not having anything to count my change out as made me, but maybe i'm missing something tee hee? like artificial intelligence stuff, there's nothing i didn't work on beforehand

- the eights get it for being simply unmentionable - doing the good thing to be right about all, monkey shines on clapping like blacks at a rick james concert: real big at-length and not the usual threat for having it all ready
-- they call that 'galvan' (say 'galban' as gouging them out, kinda - or then 'gal(a)ban' as galloping or then 'gathering with them'...these...are evil people) as 'lettin' people know they did it all right...again it's good'
-- ok then -- 'galvan' is 'against you always'...and with thanks me

Jink off to September 2008 "Smells No Pie In The Window"

another one to be said like i did it meself and won't actually sell it either...

The Way Of Curve  (1990-2004) [2CD Ltd. Ed.] (2004) Torrent Download...yes for free ! opens in iTunes all ready mine and for "Arms Out" this OOP and priced to snell. Bad relations but good selects and new. Find "Radio Sessions" at Torrentz too and if not sold. Q: Are Curve striving for success still? Ask yourself - I'm no mapmaker to the stars.

"You put together yours from here as a 'synthesis' I'd say. You don't bring anything back here - we have that within the word 'nigger' and to be made as within this it thanks." - dM
p.s. the name 'synthesis' is mine to be only as a late-night club area and me making me happier only with mine and yours too if selected at-once or asked to be see ya soon (tee-pee ross street)

Likewise! ABC "Love Is Strong" ABC - Traffic - Love Is Strong and then "Life Shapes You" both selected quickly enough. The cover of this the "Traffic" LP (2008) demonstrates the mistaken identity of color "red" and perhaps then "blue" with only black and on white as specified printing. Maybe a clever trick with dismissing sprays of red (no mother will come but cat!)? You do the work to be above this and as with me. Further along, I 'see' (to be foremost of these a zimbalist-powers with minors in and of judith light) a strip of "blue" left side underneath but a strip see no more. Thank you (to not). God thank you woman (nobody cares)? Just get the name "Khalif" back.

What? "10 Questions For The Dalai Lama"?!?

1) Who gave vice-presidential candidate Al Gore a blowjob at the democratic national convention and what year was that with Fleetwood Mac (Rosemary Smith = Christine? YES...see Anchorge airport to confer title)?

(still working on it, "still waiting to be thanked" with my own questions afoot...never knowing for sure means what hearing of, never taking the bait either we are this providing to only and as keeping these gifts supreme the blowjob that is Fleetwood Mac as one fabled star, sure)

Tim Burton's "Nightmare Before Christmas" The Nightmare Before Christmas is always welcome to be. Abraham's story and as aforementioned you'll get into trouble here with him. He hates me right now for being as less cherished without. So what your Dad's here enough a better buy enough sometimes. Who's kidding who? They was only words Debbie Gibson.

Quote from a ghost-type being who left us to live well enough only (but first, adds "that's right, but they don't come"): "They wanna hurt people for being wrong. I hate that." You don't disagree with me...not on my don't sell that here. Not without a joke on the end, better for us both?, with you as other to note first and firmly in mind. Don't perfect this to me...we'll just do the aftermath it seemed. Be you.

The name "Aloysius" (say "allo-wish-us") is for the second man who flew with "Icarus" on homemade wings of beeswax and feathers they'd say and to their death in the hot sun as unwittingly undone. The bees knew better oft times refusing to eat what the flies made their maggots. Aloysius made it down safely in-fact his name means "dying better but not as soon either". Run and jump for the times hold us still they'd say. Really Abraham, and John Lennon the falling was him. You couldn't get to God with suicide but a hearty attempt left broken was okay. A song by Cocteau Twins called "Aloysius" and on the "Treasure" LP (1985) makes bird names from Alaska myth you too may see.

Cocteau Twins "Aloysius" Cocteau Twins - Treasure - Aloysius from the "Treasure" LP  (1985)  " so send us another | send us a jubilee " as they make jews into blacks...for their sins against us? just goes along with, dies worse


Thanks to Kellogg's Fruit Loops cereal for the special lemon 'o' character as figure eights "lemony loot" - nice, thanks. We bought four (4) boxes of theirs with store coupon at-week that reduced each box to $1.50...fuck you.

"Nature - The Threat. The Promise." - dM who loves children's cereals despite their claims of promoting foster health

More and to them: A hungry handful of Fruit Loops at night got me lords of thanks from the mind of it and in words. "Sciem makes it wonder to me." Sure, and an "organic" cheese cracker from Trader Joe's took my eye tooth from its filling too with bother add heats and shit. People know what to leave and our stuff ain't easy to make their food for cancer patients mostly but you see no immortals shall survive their own of homelessness and a daily of hosking fright. Worship death - it paid me five grand $5,000 easy around 1998 (no AIDS I cured that right when I got it and at word) I didn't even need it that bad but other luxuries came to die the price so small anyway pay versus what you're willing to play less demotional sex (uninvited, but seen sighting at sale). "For choice it has no say..."

Some folks (um, "fucks" - when two become one) question whether this website by the name "" (to test the waters with bags after at lunch...) has actually been here for ten (10) years or more by its very moniker. I thought for sure when wrote it was August 1998 or so when I went to Disneyland with my mother and her brother Paul Pivarnik (now deceased to you formally with "hematomas [or then blood blisters] all over his body" but never actually to me will same) was around. It seems 1999 on our records together...not good (when I put all together, it seems like the sufferings are slighted back to me, but even one day existing beyond my margins should keeps you outta the bank and away from loans). Anyway, I've been this entity (no candy shell around my mind M&M) since March 1998 exactly when 33 1/2 signals the death of our son (that is Abraham's and mine made from scratch for him Abraham to leave hafta get inside something wet and greasy and be under for any transfer of rights it seems the world) Christ way back when and I enter mine to rule him down in our little showdown I speak of in 2000 or at age 36. The showdown against alternate thought, that is - we have problems being with, and without, it seems (always calling for and sending away is mine, but with careful of explain sometimes unheard but then neverless 'c' for 'comfort'). Rectly, I add I woulda killed that too, kinda (with deepest respects to people) for being a rebel of nutsy proportions going around talking heaven bullshit to people who are really not up to my standards for an of additionals sentence. This is people too - what? We've said many things along the way that have been cleaned down and as you tigthen you feel even dumber. Say noth as you provide even greater spaces for no being the word "nigger" never too welcome. More: See "Davey and Goliath" of Gumby fame for the ugliest, most heavy-handed treatment of Jesus stuff ever. Purely the dead speaking as halo...know the difference those salt dreams! So, neverless, ten (10) years of having you see me this I can't even speak who is this anyway? So, pay me in fear, only.

dM on Jesus' death and just now: "He hadda die to do it to you [I would...I know firmly OK is actually a baby talk]."
Him as channeled just now: "We hate people - that's all. We don't care [and still]."
Go with me next time...simply an outrage. Protects us somehow...and is real to you?

Our movie entry for today is "Mulholland Dr" Mulholland Dr. by David Lynch or so. I liked this movie alot - some woman who died in her bed (Ann Miller) now comes out to greet young girls (like I would greet males in any of your heaven before any preternatural longings set in as flying in and out to greet these in natural settings only any thought of word-wide long pressed flat) at any entry into a small community credit report says yes this is yes in our hills and then other showcases downtown at night in a drugged-up spirit life in closed down theaters I live for it. You'll hate their direct but succinct (as long-term savors then) treatments of problems though - painting jewels and all by pouring is one such. His stuff basically odd moments of rich texture made some view is the dead speaking. This one needs to be seen for last great moments in the theater. Maybe more later, and yes, Mulholland Drive is here in LA and straddles 'the basin' or Hollywood side and the 'silicon' or San Fernando valley as on-top of the hills overlooking the Hollywood pick up Mulholland on Cahuenga heading north and then it's up and over the hills you go observation stops happen occasionally left-right..."Dune" strikes me with its music, and by the way, that's good stuff.

Camouflage "Motif Sky" Camouflage - Relocated - Motif Sky from these previously released called "Relocated" (2006). Make sure you give these frontrunners a listen from the can and get back then to all that's known to be good. Thanks...the title means their materials were relocated to other acts for being underpaid. We release to pay up-front only...too many acts making money already in '96 when they returned to favor in a private home of ours. Devo does this mostly. Note also Devo declines any credit for Madonna's kicker "Incredible" saying "She thinks she works with us - she doesn't. She's mean - we hate that." Behind the scenes we'd see only..."talk to tape" they say.

like doug...kinda...breathtaking...yours, at right...mine is to begift and then to begat (to have been given or move forward to others)...have that then...thanks you
precious...(female trouble: no, not you -- not to be ever by you) so pretty to me

for people who hate gaylords and pronounce, here's some culture...penises? they're in there not
i hate that stuff...make it be real, pills sent by fedex crapping for newer warts
then i'll hafta pee? someone said there was pee in my soda - thanks! those penis sausages were delightful - again it was good
this my mother's actual birthday card to me this year a note only...harsh returns everywhere not mine
we are planning a thanksgiving week with her in nj even as we speak...  

Just saw Kit Kerrigan picking through trash days ago with his best bib and tucker on as homeless (they all add an acting stunt here) and ran into a young Bon Scott (AC/DC and late of VH-1 Masters) at the library picking out films...was Ken and Bob (Jack Black) Cleary's father. Hey! Just got another check from iTunes...$ do the math and nothing more.

New and touchworthy Elton John retrospective in pictures no less: "Eltonography" by Terry O'Neill who is actor Michael Caine and is featured well enough...lots of good glasses and looks. Fanzine repros. More: Bathtubs with hairy men and massages  at Wadsworth in England, an alternate shot of the "Rock Of The Westies" cover my favorite some. 

Hall & Oates "Method Of Modern Love" Daryl Hall & John Oates - The Very Best of Daryl Hall & John Oates (Remastered) - Method of Modern Love from their "The Very Best Of Darryl Hall & John Oates (Remastered)" comp LP (2001)

phantasm iii (important: type format as 'phantasm iii part 1') is gathering at you tube a favor to thee...
parts one and two for now then add others ten minutes each of 'til thru...there are nine all together
little bits (never no more than one minute) may be missing in-between from synching and the processing at you tube is raw...
get the film at the link provided earlier if you want to see it clearly reveal...or then pay the man
thank you to all !  i'd say...a rollercoaster of a film makes you wish you weren't there but keeps attentive
tried fixing segments five and six they keep it stupid anyway...sound + vision is off fuck 'em

Feeling inspired by the self? Don't forget Amazon sells Polaroid's handy-dandy video camera with USB cable and "for kids" sure at about $80....

"Like heels have horns..." - the above offering another fine analogy to being well enough off

answer by dM: two heels dug into the carpet of car as driving but to, if a 'heel' is trying to get by as a shoe but in the very rear a seam...the rear brake light attached to the horn an egg each in the heater core

P!nk "So What" P!nk - So What - Single - So What the very next offering of abuse from the homeset...just because you love it that way. My answers are a bit sharp these days and I apologize immediately and in this way. Not who I wanted to be ever...mizunderstood for the lackings in the times of it.

Gary Numan "Replicas" Gary Numan & Tubeway Army - Replicas - Replicas to respond favorably to hearing "Metal" from "The Pleasure Principle" (1979) this morning singing and along lines (a humble or hopeful to life or the 'daily bread' only...'is this you too? is this how you did it?' of parts left lacking in it) "Replicas" the title track (this, of 1979) says "why have the funeral now - you died long ago with me"? All I get is "there's nothing more I could have done [in a situation of reprimand against public-type behaviors that threaten the cleanliness in present to first-timers and then the institutions of stability or ensuring path and wealth beyond selfishness or right to it and then, yes, this spiel delivered you] - ask for yourself again" it could have been you. So what?!? The music is great here, Bitch...and as all message music goes down the drain to die a death no one thinks of ever but not here or ever. By the way, gays in showbiz (an earring maybe, yet very compelling) question me with great wealths in talent and money versus sad isolations in it. Thanks for me again. You're sad in an arrogance of some type level you won't sink to describing your way to others we speak to and in some need of theirs being portayed at once perhaps as unsavory in their head. "They didn't have names..." and it helps? Not really...keep thinking of yours if you think I'd like it and have right back to me then.

we found 'chandler' on the way...(as incredulous, only) you're 'sweet lou' (an older asian-sounding man getting ballentines from an even older man - an azt is 2 out of 3)?!? thank you
you so sweet! i don't throw people out until i can think takes days to notice i'm being too nice only and being driven crazy with get that out of my ass!
we have no that...a slight hesitation bothers me the thought (key to follow...)
Soon - let's tackle Shakespeare. I've never read any, thus my cliffsnotes. (all alternate or versions here) when.

Carl Sagan's "Cosmos" Carl Sagan's Cosmos - Carl Sagan's Cosmos - The Shores of the Cosmic Ocean just because the series is good, I guess...says he saw "Quadrant Nine" (um, "QL-9") and large spacebeings (like "two gloves" he says] were dancing and singing "I got in trouble. They were gonna kill me they said in my head." To worth watching us then.

At Amazon: Pirates Of The Caribbean EVA lamp or a baseball then...Pixar's Wall-E at HSN, Disney's Princess Crown...other you? On the way as walking home, stopped by Madonna's Interior Illusions West Hollywood, California on 08/17 for their outdoor calumnity or door sale yours to theirs ("all mismatch and for no find" it says) and enjoyed a free house margarita with complimentary of photosnap us me and Terry of proudknit belly. Thanks again - high prices on furniture ("very Mozambique" or the dead of Africa leading, I say...the name of means "mostly broken as nothing new") but some. Then, adding to friends and underwear sites, there's "Geovanny" underwear for Gio now is absent and but owed some that name means "beautiful wherever [and whenever] you go"...ostensibly for the Desi Arnaz and juniors of look. My sister sends a $50 Vanilla Mastercard thanking her here.

We don't have lists, but play right off them "1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die"...for Cocteau Twins (both "Treasure" and "Heaven Or Las Vegas") and at Wikipedia. Look up Doug Moon there...notable exclusions disinclude Curve and of all things Elton John says serious ! you need to pay I guess and cooperate by completing forms someone said "no" Rolling Stone with higher edges to meet "bring up these sales" it says.

No songs yet...see Taschen for new bigger books..."The Big Penis Book" a real beauty of love within, and Jeff "Koons" is what I had in mind. On my birthday weekend, we barbequed hamburgers and Johnsonville Brats (Beef) they were really a finely-tuned kielbasi real good and I made a glass pan of lasagne too still diggin' it (both ricotta cheese and mozzarella are seven bucks $7 each right now and made with Ragú meat sauces). Countless raspberries alter after...and still no lil' magic to be found. The 2008 Summerbeing Olympics!?! "Mi goe" (say "me-gow") in Mandarin Chinese means "maybe you shouldn't ask me to do it [to you] again" as "I'd go [from here]" and "mi youe" (say "me-yow") means "maybe you shouldn't say so soon [wait 'til the day is over]." "Both should need you as further" me and you.    

Thanks to Disney's "The Suite Life Of Zack and Cody" for honoring my ways on yesterday's show  - sure, miniature golf ("'re a quitter/queer!"), reading Jane Austen books to each other for understanding and fun, and a Three Stooges-type pie fight. Then I hadda go...but thanks. The show is about twins who live with their mother at a hotel...somewhere "in Denver." The all-new Ben Vereen is concierge.

As seen on TV ! The Awesome Auger with drill...$19.95 + $8.95 S/H. Whatever! They sell the augers only in CVS for $19.99 - you on your own. Then, these ugly dolls (these are really homesewn "stuffed animals"...if only to win the surest gathering of dusts and grease) are what we sewed up in grade school (eighth grade) in a program called "IPA" or "introduction to practical arts". In our high school (we walked up there each daily about once a week), they had a whole room of sewing machines (and one with whole kitchens and washers too)...Madonna and Neil portend or purchase with you here. Think of us only when seen...mine own was a three-legged green octopus with two (2) eyes to be yet and fashioned from the lowliest "chemique" (for "chemical base" or no further treatment after eggs killed of) or "rathered" (or "loosely weaved" by theirselves) cotton. the same thing "but is black only" and quiet heavily flawed by weaving. To me, this is cheap cotton shit - only - for oaken-type houses that bleeds, shrinks, and finally holds stains like cheapest underwear sprayed with milky white plastics. And as such, is finely tuned for the ruinous work that lies ahead the textiles destroyed by non-use (a not wanting of after made - a gay's own verily harp).

kit kerrigan - tori spelling's tv husband - wears the red with dollar sign
his wife tori is the black girl that joins with troubles...he is johnny lang's brother?
stevie nicks is the kid's mother dragged into coffin...neil is the blackmouth eye-corpse and as assistant director then 'hamby' he says
dan moon (john denver) is and was always reggie in the trunk - hi all!

"Phantasm III: Lord Of The Dead" not bad ! I've been watching download all to download all eight (8) files by placing in your formula bar, then use applications at left on their page to concatenate and play. Only 700 megs total anyway...good stuff. Note: My cousin Kristine Pivarnik is the girl you meet in the ghost town with hoop belt on. Her father is Paul (McCartney) Pivarnik.


The original laugh factory: William Peter Blatty's "The Exorcist" The Exorcist as directed by William Friedkin...nevermind about the director's cut. Stupid.

i found a big ol' abandoned wasp nest in the woods when i was young
dontcha think it would make great stationery with all that spit in circles?

IKEA is back with a new catalog some items not available online. Jansport backpacks online....CVS has great fleece blankets $2.50 ours is lime green, seafoam...just like on the plane, big stitches on the edge 45x60 or so!

Outcast! You can get my computer an Apple 450 MHz Power PC G4 at eBay really cheap now $100 or less BuyItNow!

Nothing from Neil's camp yet, but my mother sends me a fifty-dollar ($50) Amex gift card for dinner. Thanks Mom (we ate at Tango Grill Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood on Friday night 08/15 to avoid tweaking - is not - and had my usual 'Suprema De Pollo' with mashers that is just chicken breast severed and hammered out thin to breaded and squeezed with lemon the mashers are garlic and have onion and tomato bresks or tunings nearby...he Terry the roommate thanks again had a 'skirt' or flank steak a long one with fries your option...$40 for both including tip we eat fast at that because of french bread and chorizo oil beforehand and love the leftovers anyway...add in provoleta or melted provolone cheese in skillet with onions and tomato beforehand we recommend it heavily a lover's feast - no - and as the Gaucho Grill on Sunset closed due to pressures growing nearby and yet a housing deficit made there we hope to see you soon anyway). From before, Taylor Dayne sings "Incredible" by Shapeshifters.

Madonna "Give It 2 Me" Madonna - Hard Candy - Give It 2 Me the new single now sounding great from the "Hard Candy" LP (2008). Once approved once seen. "A very police state in France" she says.

08/14/08 0832
I was on this Nickelodeon ride - all lime green poles and some orange and with thick cable wire running out to someplace and then back. It was fast and fun! It was supposed to be at Great Adventure at night kinda, but someone else says Brazil somewhere at a park called "Palisades". You hang from a wire cable and at fast speeds and grab on to other cables running along with you. It took forever to get on it and the ride was very long. Exhilirating.

More about Katie McGrew: The other night, I popped into Book Soup (to see something called "The Dangerous Book For Boys" as seen in the front window left...and argued an 'imperative' type sentence with eyebrows raised as opposed to declarative, exclamatory, and interrogative...) and to my amazement there was a little group in the back at the author desk meeting someone special...some denizens worshipping? I removed myself quickly before notice, but passed by on the sidewalk later on and the worship continued outside in a small group (it seems someone always cares a little more than others - that's nice for them). This blonde who looked like a pug was talking and we assume Katie McGrew - so don't get too alarmed by the news. The bomb she had supposedly ripped a tit off and then she couldn't get help "lighting cigarettes each day" says God over, "but I passed on shortly thereafter and came back like this - ridiculing naysayers like him. Thanks." Says her name is "Kym West" - that's big in France. She fought Michael Keaton in productions...we know he's real because he worked out with friends in Santa Monica.

tupperware now has these great sandwich (orange) and salad (green) lunchsets for sale $29.50
i worry that they won't have foundry or new things to have and enjoy
worry not! some of my favorite pieces are the sandwich holders, but the lids can be vicious
i also had two (2) magnifique or extra-large tumblers with lids blue and magenta
someone stole the magenta one or terry left it around i hate that...i have the blue one here
i strongly recommend hefty red cups for soda and for flavor however (they made outta rice)

Recent celebrity sightings me still crazy from the heat: Days ago, Lindsay Lohan in a blue cotton halfback dress at CVS on LaCienega and Santa Monica. As I passed by leaving I'm all "Lindsay Lohan" with no turn back to answer the beck. You hafta scare 'em a little. Today, John Hughes (what's morely the same or leftover) at Trader Joe's shopping. Again, he's best known visually as the guy in "Sixteen Candles" who has cake with Molly Ringwald (now an elementary schoolmate, Debbie Jenkins...we knew each other beyond that is basically an innate person - she is ugly about boys being injust or totally bothersome like me...I love teasing them only for being so kept of it) on the table top. The rich one, sure.

this is lindsay and if again for 1999's performance of 'the legend of sleepy hollow' i saw on pay-per-view last year
dean jones her real father was ichabod crane and is very well watching in my opinion so given to it
hi to her brother as braun bones too...'facts of life' mindy cohn

Mindy Cohn as in "The Facts Of Life" my favorite was the Whelchel girl? Facts Of Life, The (1979) - The Facts of Life, Season 3 - From Russia With Love

Starbucks sent me a card (as having registered a gift card or two to me) for a free fruit-type drink thickly up a straw I can't remember the name (is "Sorbetto") as not in all stores. The one on Sunset near Saddle Ranch makes it and as the only one that does says "only the little cups" not even for a dollar more for sales bigger but suggests a quiet asking of each individually he knew I had not even one cent on me. This yellow and has yogurt on top they hafta make room for another machine but is seen by me as yogurt dying a predictable death but now as inside me. But again, is not bad and for free. Someone adds in my head to intone (like Curve does, suggests I know more and with a tranquil eye, an eye of the moment and upward you are in danger of leaving and love) me "mother's milk" is in there like blacks add to mashed potatoes on the Mayflower, but is hardly common that piss needs electricity to get out basically a hot electric rod with ball on the end and in the breast is no fool. Junk. This to the people who still think milk comes from a hairy glove tit up near a ribbed asshole with houseflies laying eggs in it. Try pinching a tit on a goat for cheese. Again, we suggest a homily to foods given or a humbling of self before fame (yours). "I don't live in that world..." but see you come in too often with what I need? "You better hop for that dollar."

' i wasn't born | (and) to be good enough for you | i am here | (and) to be nobody's fool ' - Curve, taken from "Unreadable Communication" on the "Cuckoo" LP (1993) a firm moment in music...

here's a lovely retrospective on oz's chris keller...thanks again
i wouldn't necessarily say gay...a gay is less valued if these are givings beyond norms
a gay is extended to by these if any less?
what? and after all 'i was a perfect ten on the kinsey scale - then this'
yup 'from here to vermillion' or after wars what's seen and only as naturally hills and such
this is not cyan or sees little yellow cymk as little yellow as possible but present still

...hi to the olympics blonde angelina as male was cutest smiling was on tv last night shoot at you later hi beijing no malacong yet

cyan seen here is rudeness in code for much interest here, but little light to be shed or knowing to be produced
the light or yellow as primary in any composite color is spread as thinly as possible
so see me come

If you cared, ever: "The Price Of Love" in the above video clip as by artist name "Client" in its freshest version from Client - Client - Price of Love 
"Client" are Curve on hiatus, hence the soaring guitars right, left...out
New notables not yet seen by me:

Get to "Oz" Oz - Oz, Season 1 - The Routine from HBO all the seasons you seem. I don't know what episode has "Chris" (Jason Erickson's father, really the head Bee Gee of singing fame with Dan Moon adding in plus costume director Michael Kaplan) in it with his dick out meeting other men through bars casually (I've been assured a basement dwelling myself no thank you), but honor the man's work - very naturally known to be and without deliberate faults and throwing others out in front all time while you wait (if as to earn as your own). Sure, you can listen to weirdo blacks talk philosophy all day long (you, you, and you again - what ends the show and thinking of shows) but see the bigger picture - going out on a limb and going back in simply enough provided you don't meet someone's sense of justice or having to put your good out before others pay for it or see it out naturally and in the hands of others enjoying with you. Merry Christmas.

"Superman" Superman is always good this series is all I need a triumph with Chris Reeves and all...once done well and for all days what a jerk. A little fish swims in to a little pond and becomes this thing - naturally his own destroyed by such turnings away and with technologies afoot? No - this bitch is using my stuff my green porno crystals (see the love early on - you don't remake a place in time, not in my heart anyway...) to be the boy that holds secrets in some higher place of thought thinking about you all the time (unless the mother's around, that is - and unlike me, she washes your underwear with a careful of review to follow). These 'supermen' seek us without such said. We are it. However, in other reveals that follow, I have friends like him and burnished (or reviewed just as carefully as underneath with no thought aforementioned) that don't believe in seeing you special to no one we know yet. My truest value "Hey - what's that? Why would you have that and not me?" See yourself then: climbing walls and rescuing people - from your assumption, of course - the good old fashioned way while I figure it all out. A pair of stockings and secrets plus you ever knew. Have a nice day - on Everest in a wheelchair and if K2 is really highest mount unspoken. Remember, winning is with others in tow - like I beat your ass every day after following your rules to use you bads.

"Natural Born Killers" Natural Born Killers - and just for the fun of it. Ours again, and to yours a friend. The opening scene with L7's "Shitlist" ("bum - dada dum - bada - dum dum dum" you made my...shiiiiiit liiiiist a another "shite") makes it a bargain only. A great film only.

"OOP" usually means "out-of-print"...if I resent any that (with any owners significance denoted by) you'll see it here and usually to no further bother. Nothing here seems makes sense - you just get to do it anyway. You. You didn't want something and for money - so what? I can't give your reasons so there are none - just don't make people cry delivering the shit to paupers (people who simply will not surprise me with it and no further mention or reciprocacy) and those ever-present fishbeins (discriminating yours to be at theirs). 

Then, And If Then
08/08/08 1006
People are cute in gay magazines - they're gonna host club nites with someone's birthday party at midnight entering August 16 my special day. I like that - either me or Madonna's birthday. Hold the phone, Terry gets home tomorrow morning 10AM from Minnesota calling every day like a lonely fool. Went to Target and 99¢ Only stores last night on the bus and got a little for me yet. Make sure you keep them steaming with pride. At Target I got a 7-pack of Hanes underwear for five dollars ($5.00) even and at the 99¢ Only stores I got a 2-pack of Eveready brand "C" batteries for just under one dollar ($1.00) a pack. I got two (2) packs and surely the savings rage on with other stuff but note Shasta brand sodas are now seventy-nine cents ($0.79) for a 4-pack (also - those great penlight booklights are back - clips on in many colors just ninety-nine cents $0.99 and with batteries included). Now laundry. I had to renew "" at Network Solutions that's done now and my California drivers license by mail with their checklist firmly in-hand - not more sixty (60) days past expire it says with no more than two (2) such by-mail renewals. OK!

Last Night's Dream 08/07/08 1541
Last night this morning I was in a guest room next to a long brown suitcase that was a contemporary coffin but for a plane or something travel - not mine. After worrying a bit about its contents, a young woman comes in and says 'oh, just my toothbrush' or whatever from zippers on the side. Cut to the kitchen (this is in a garage or condo, ground floor) and that relief or cartharsis of delivers a conversation I'm sure that leads to a little girl saying 'oh, if it's a coffin you want' and in the hallway comes a silver contemporary model that is flimsy with no padding inside she delivers this. In a bedroom we see a queen or full mattress bedset on the right against the far wall right next to a double slide into the foundation cement and against a wall that features space for two (2) coffins to be slid down into on rubber flanks all is white. It doesn't appear that they can go through the wall, but maybe. Next we're in another garage - say behind that wall - where there are two banks of coffins like wooden racks - one basically adult, but seen little and another with children-size coffins, little, one is maroon all are dark. Some woman says "look, this one is bleeding still..." I tried to get away but this whirling dervish doesn't want me to leave and that's it. Like you're in HELL it was. With the dream came name "Carol Wyzcynski"...Calabasas, CA? A spirit trying to get out.

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