Apple iTunes Apple iTunes
find something to call your own like i do...samples not so clear or sound
but past experience...'today's the day' and who knows ? i'd go in a home
lever: she spent money on this one 'pavlov's bell' someone died...both songs on the 'lost in space' lp
get it all ready to come and be seen as if by some sound
btw: 'smilers' as in aimee mann's new lp is 'sliders' or the little burgers that may make you fat or mostly poor
sets of four ? at trader joe's maybe that aren't cheap but we eat at all - she says 'people who watch you work and sweat'
no - closet is 'smilies' like my grandfather who are around too much and think to they own the place by default
we'll be there when the work is done...when work is after to be done
when you own, you pay people yourself that's 50k? you? the staff of employed the army of own the place really to no take
or then the front desk at mcdonald's - the ones who eat at too cheap as any in investment keep monies but as if sound
the special sauce is a whopper, fool - ketchup plus mayonnaise and pickle
at best, tj's has said 'for the [studio] homeless', you fucking sexmongs - get out
no one needs to be hears from that...'hope springs forth and is eternal'
i'd label the vitamins but says leave for a doctor maybe
brown (black plus yellow) plus blue eyes make green (if to the black surround)

even after you fight for your food you is angry
maybe not so good these are okay
we miss mole sauce if the yellow curry sauce replaces easily enough (very nice) rice is rare but seen
we miss black cherry popsicles (or fruit floes then)
we miss green tea ice cream
we miss orange juice in the can sometimes (organic?)
we miss sun dried tomato splash...
we miss mojito sauce
we miss pork carnitas
a scrapbook ain't forever but we remember it some

Preview July 6 - It Ain't Theirs Yet I Hate Deadlines By Calendar Pay No One
Just look, it'll be there.

devo 'love without anger' from the 'new traditionalists' lp (1981)
'life's so good we gotta wear shades' is all it says...see it again

Ashlee Simpson "Rule Breaker" Ashlee Simpson - Bittersweet World - Rule Breaker from "Bittersweet World" LP (2008)...okay so there it is I worked for it. Stephanie here...hometown.

July 1 rest number one song sold?  Barbra Streisand "Songbird" (or then other Justin Timberlake "My Love"...) get to the fact and by tenths and he who sits should sings for me? Don't be that songbird. Curma prontess Ashlee Simpson has been dunmped off here by other white meat Michael Jackson as we lay around in bed for days he driving me nuts a soundless sneak being remade to repeat parents as hovering mothering (a wireless black mind in a dump-white tattoo "BBB" bets bought busted...naked on the lawn hassling with police again my favorite 100th floor story burnt out the window...after Burger King that is). I can't remember the song name too hard to extract for the fifth time taken back 'round the tree we'll get back to you that stuff is shit in basically, and mostly (a befutureless white girl trained speak and stance - rolio - by my own puerto ricans and one who sings about herself accomplish and not instrument vocal through to the song...real wife trash but only a genre: who is that calling the yellow bricks down?) Get to the hard parts faster bat them balls right back I jewly compliment me. See "Rule Breaker" and if. This song was really good however I never mercy a soul, ever - trust that. You see Billy Ray Cyrus is at once back to squire you out you big mouth trash bag. The boys from Disney high school (I sit and think about capping that activity, mostly, you're own little style of passing us off down lane...I like the one like me with pink hat on...I like me, mostly) have been lovely, however, we are eternally fucked up...Know us for hating personal style not yet to call your own. Disney is the devil's work again. "Too much dollar per pound to be punched." You gonna start having to charge the attic for that.

"You use moisturizer to keep fattening fatty heats out with ginko balls in the ports while heat issues out and with waters made leave." - dM
Stearic acid from eggs so vicious to filths in and out. Use moisturizers to reduce fat and bone always. Celery? Nothing cleans feet, tits, and 'this waits' like moisturizers too. Or be that no grainy veins at the foot...Lubriderm, yet display no greams bedside or me. Gross. West Hollywood clerks have boilo bottles with titsy flowers that look like lube at their desks - see "parking" section and if. Queers think that's original last to ask me. Little grimy sex aids shoot my lower load. How to ask no one anything without being seem ? while a mole over lip slows me eating at Hamburger Mary's while we (one "Mary Werstener" who hangs in there by loving her own  to talk...then song "why does it feel so good to be people without God in your life?" because we can't stand your bother + your bother + you're a bother + you get to give only, Nigger, and I don't want my charity of shit back without ours a synthesis or the rearrange not your lovings lowering the life...we hope it's all true "ask for the stars - if you only get the moon, you're still ahead of the game...") talk it all over her charity basiled faiths of homeless grimes along (Huntingdon, now) Long Beach used up long ago by Hollywood sancts who urge keeps of pink leathers as used but somehow saleable. You spit in anything I don't care - now get the $40-two seater (one burger fries, one chicken sub fries, beer, sodas - tip is there) charity out (so packed to the hilt with army less ours she says...whatever...some is nice, but never ask a black heart to freshen a blueblood) one does anything good in this world without the fork of buttspun up its ass. You take care of none but me and my own money as they pay no one to know that in the land of farsee. Do we challenge California? There are no worlds within words. Every time I say never do you put out a whole plate hoping to eat (and right out back - you fed yours), you pull down the menu and show me the kitchen's closed but an very ass. I'm still kicking out their eat by that I will not stink it out ever be you.

We use stink to thank you off an ass - to perhaps not be you too. Even bad breath is personally yours sent to you. TeePee (TP, T) welcomes you as if Great Adventure with box-lunch homes but dumps down like waters in a shelter out back by blowing tube. Pleased as if to please me. Leave you off overnight six days by butch and a day, and seen and as if just seeing then if. Like two tits in a freezer pack, one bursts out in tears when open, the other just cries as if alone. Is this real? "Never plan out a bad night in advance - let it become you with your second thought" or nevermind. A woman wants you to fall down within, but who will see her rhyming out the aegean seas with me? That means nothing you know - see that, check spelling some. They don't make Microsoft (a PC's tabernacle) for to enrich Apple like they don't ask you to keep that a secret to yourself. You are a fool asking me to test me in and again for you. Fool.

Love to the "modern" Jewish-type woman who gave an Asian woman in the tv audience (of "Montel"?) her "psychic" wandering eye to know if she would be a "success" in her chosen field "of choice." "Yes" she said thinking a nod. When queried again to confirm as if not heard correctly she added coldly "That's all." No - she could've said more the psychic, but wouldn't and no trap seen by me. Mine taken in: "We don't add these parts in, but keep studying to be a doctor but it's no fun you'll hate it. Adds one: We hate people - they are boring me bad." They are too smart - you don't ask about stuff unless everyone there knows why. We want to shit in it, not see it form on the very dot. Not your best look. We seek see what happened, not what will be following me while I sit and watch.          

Link up to modern talk to modern authors at Best Buy...

saw these tents at cvs cheap $20 they also have those as-seen-on-tv light switches
nad's...for that price just the tent, yes

This on 06/27/08: Ah, Mobil protests us here in West Hollywood at $4.75-$4.99 a gallon. Chevron (my favorite station) bits less at $4.69 to $4.97 a gallon. Where will it end? Other? 40,196...mock-up. McDonald's gave us a brand-new set of coupons angus burger and all pretty much the same with the weekly mail circular and also note I bought TJ's angus 'sliders' again too they are not bad at all ($5 for like two burgers' worth Gulden's mustard, Heinz ketchup). Ate their pot roast last night too 2-3 minutes in the microwave just right their garlic mashed potatoes so yummy.


On CNN today, a photograph ("God Hates Fags") urges "If guns kill people, do pens misspell words?" Oh, brother!  A new pen like the little lime green one a Sharpie on my key chain asks 'why be here if you're not going to write to Kitty Green?' Then 'why take Ti Kwon Do if you're not gonna kick someone's ass?' says another girl. It's the askin' of that bothers me. As long as you can go to WalMart or Sears when your mother's coming...a mercy me then electric fish tamer.

Alfred Hitchcock's classic "The Birds" The Birds - watch it now! I'm making birds like that, you know - unfold the wings and legs hang down for quick snatches and fun. In the meantime, a blackbird hit me on the head my hat in the rear on the way to Pavilions the other day in their lot near construction staging. Thank YOU bitch sat on the fence with that one wall eye looking at me. I've only been shat on once on the way to Allentown's Public Library (um, in New Jersey) during the summer when I was a kid. Right on the sidewalk under a tree. But back to, the preview of Hitchcock in a library (nobody real, ever) is a long wind in itself. Watch that instead.

Also, Prince "Under The Cherry Moon" Under the Cherry Moon - if anything, the soundtrack is staged and that's good enough....from 1986. Or then "Fried Green Tomatoes" Fried Green Tomatoes the Loreal below looks like Kathy Bates to me. Is her. That's why it's there. Fried Green Tomatoes is good fun if you've never, dying, the dying of it.

Devo "Freedom Of Choice" Devo - Freedom of Choice - Freedom of Choice title song from the 1980 album, explore this and themes with you Devo has things to teach you. No truth to Mark Mothersbaugh the lead singer dying or any other yet (he of late on the "Colbert Report" as a "cold pert" says he). His mother-in-law only. Zoom. Get to "Snowball" too I play and sing it often enough and also "Cold War" we hear now with its ultra-weird syncopies. Devo remind me on VH-1 showcases they have alot of fresh clips as yet unseen.

Devo "The Super Thing" Devo - New Traditionalists - The Super Thing from 1981's "New Traditionalists" LP. Many other goods story that got erased. What is the "super thing" referenced? Fuckin? No, God's ability to do. Other big hits with me include "Jerkin' Back 'N' Forth", and "Going Under". Words " i observe | like the pilot of a jumbo jet | or a girl | on the go | who hasn't got there yet "..."Beautiful World" from tv land and commercials is here too.

"Some people say they never got stung by a bee on the foot. That is extra creepy." - dM who got stung and among other things until he wore shoes out and about

just hiked it up to the kitty and lyle menendez estate...722 elm drive beverly hills...this on 06/25/08
it's all terry's family who does this shmaltz
nice enough though fuckin' ghosttown

holy card...the signature is moniker or fastly drawn for fastly seen
the address defunct we are now 930 palm #146 each a family
by request, and see they fixed the hat hair

From Trader Joe's overhead mistaken again, INXS "The One Thing" INXS - Shabooh Shoobah - The One Thing from their "Shabooh Shoobah" LP (1982)...hi K. Leatherberry #245 plus plus (if a "leatherberry" makes red on leather - a favorite of mine too).

death be not proust or giving beyond my art above in black still and today

Was watching "Sex In The City" (1998) the first installment online and for free...not bad. I'd call it "Married To The Morgue" no matter how nice my apartment smelled. I am those girls dying of it...lots of girls quote their father their finest lover so tender you. I had many good ones and sometimes wished they stayed longer. They need to be passed around too and fro touch upon touch you're turning Japanese. Pointe gross: I partially rented the full third season compact from the West Hollywood Public Library and had to return that buckwheat for being overly watts: an episode sampled but not paid for (dialogue increases wits down) featured simply disgusting situations bits dappled diseases and health checks urged by speed dial ('heal call us' - 'round and 'round the table we went, however, contains no trans fats 'what do you mean you don't wear a rubber always then but only?' I can't believe it's not butt-hair-de-de -- well it ain't). Sure, men fucking and crying like baby to orgasm and talk of chlymadia or the regis canned clams disease of feeding your twat cat food like Stove-Top stuffing "Giblets" flavor (ishtabb worms come out of your ass I hear almost six feet long...whatever...don't it come out but minutes after your underwear reappears as colored scarves?) Anyway, the look 'round the shop was tv-cheap all grizzly adams and I don't think they deserve the scarring so lets find our muse with it.

Meanwhile, should you get a red dick from fucking your dog? We'll pick that up later...with your usual decline to speak us said. Sometimes I get a bit scab or chaffing around the upper bushlip from lifetimes spun past you, but that Lubriderm soothes the meat and to watch it rise again each performance logically and vertically discrete. No one ugly has a fertility problem if it's been previously ruled out by each a measuring cup fifths full. Dry Robb Roy needs a little sperm from the bartender - did you get that? I'd never lip-drink that shit without topping it off...thanks, be Nick.

Crap month and with unnecessary heats! Pat Benatar has a new comp out the "Ultimate Collection" and LP and all (2008) -- I chose "Just Like Me" but changed to "Never Wanna Leave You" Pat Benatar - Ultimate Collection - Never Wanna Leave You under advice. Wonder where Happy Days' nutsy Erin Moran went? I heard the prayerful play here.

you get to this fast food faggots...i'm tired of asian yogurt palaces watching your figure? what?
you buy yogurt in the store when they discount it fully and you think in a day i'll have this...
you don't run with last cents to any yogurt you get sweet on it - stop robbing your body of pay or go broke just like santa claus did
"mind your health at home" i'll be waiting for that first britney shake 'tomatoes and sungrass' better not
millions of milkshakes as the army fights local restauranteurs for free dinners just if you'll parade around then fly out to houston

Supposedly Interscope Records - a top label at Universal - shows us how to do it at our iTunes affiliates website....

Now that another woman has proves she only wants to roll over at the glass ceiling and get fucked, we see the black with the seeming name that bombed us...mock me again you poor bitches who will sirve? Fenway above (from the defunct Farrell's site...history site) moves with the spirit you should too. My quote? ARCO (not originally Atlantic-Richfield, but "our" company as in gays not just a vanity label like Phillips '66 I'm said) folded to be Hess the cleanest necessarily full-serchice gas station never known by you outside of New Jersey. Click not.

"Women at work always want to know they are. I tell 'em 'You are no one. You are no one to me.'" - dM who notes once again "The boss can't be fired."


We welcome a used HP PSC Photosmart 2410 "all in one" printer scanner fax copier into our domicile...we didn't have a printer like we don't have call waiting or long distance service without a card. I lessen these further to asshole behavior but see this improve or reduce me ongoing. New scans below...others? Color cartridge is $35, black will be $20...or eBay for purchase only. Hewlett-Packard currently recommends this printer to you in its place (HP Photosmart C6280 All-in-One Printer, Scanner, Copier). Whatever you. The Elton John as Bartholomew or then "Captain Fantastic" is my current logo for sign in account - thought you'd enjoy that one. Obviously, he wants "Rocket Man" and collection now.

...ours, yours - link is to new model

Elton John "Someone Saved My Life Tonight" Elton John - Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy - Someone Saved My Life Tonight from 1975's "Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy" you only use ampersands "&" in company names e.g., "Hiram Walker & Sons" no government names. Only family, really, and for style.    


People (someone you) asked for summary statements of 'people types' by descriptor and we'll hafta do these ongoing for being needy as such. These are mine only and some regretably are add-up sense:

Black: Always making ends meet (prided at gift or the unextended-unexpected hand...sends woundage or looking at others as unfortunate back up hill);
Gay: Decorates in hell (+ forces gift outward in many an exchange to expect more);
White: Cuts down the middle (nothing you didn't expect or less, personal difficulties notwithstanding, where it rests with);
Adult: Free to receive well (with no other friends or in mind as now business-like);
God: Intra-personal never to speak (you have needs exceeding your ability to deliver never viable here, you ask to pre-peek just bits or then have to see only noth sight);
Mother: Unconditional care forwith (caring but with you, knows you not, milk and kisses);
Father: Broadens your adult context (as light shining outward and necessarily coming together again in further sights lengthened);
Child: Invests wisely in being-having together (refocuses the self to sending);
Teacher: Returns the child (rudely interests you in your own self-interests but too soon be seen - another child attacking the misguide of it);
Merchant: Until you stop trying (to buy me my own stuff with your eye for it anything else is too quick to see it coming and going);
Family: Unspoken but seen to assume freely (great for takes to).


and the truth is...i don't think of it ever
i hafta be nagged into it and then who-whom wanted to see more of this?
people make sure she looks good in overall influence even when i can't won't:
aids 'just because two men got together' laterals infection control +  hopeful (this ain't good, but it's good enough for gays - they think it's still true 'she's here'...mine: 'if not here, not ever'? a better place for it if so bless)
a wildly portrayed bridge phobia made the mouse under the chair: 95 bridge in philly coordinates beautifully with her trips to the bahamas post 1977 with priests and from philly international - 'fly down with the fool's fool'
my dream of her lying awake but solemn in a white coffin on the right side of st. john's church approaching mass makes me order up my own coffin with terribly sads...i'm waiting to see its own luxors made bo peep
the ol' college coffin - 'you're learning to use it...'

don't work on her behalf to make yourself seem real - people will add it all up the sundry list of achievements thank jews...
real is not spoken of often enough to own maxim: what can't be fixed, won't get broken - you can trust that
don't fight me to be - avoid being there always you no thinking comes with life so spoken

god bless the go-go's! 

From new Coldplay "Viva La Vida" or live Patrick Swayze anyway is their song "42" Coldplay - Viva la Vida - 42  our age when made this. More code later - the name from "Thanks, Wong Foo Julie Newmar"...the title of the album to me should mean "just because you asked, you get" like a song should play you out later on as thoughtful only - no questions forth in a supreme of gift. To be like borrowing money from someone really nice a fortunata then.

New! A basic music file no stern upcoming tours and all - Coldplay's Warning 2U (WAV, 1.3 Megs)

pet shop boys 'i'm with stupid'...from the 'fundamental' lp (2006)
this changed at the end: the tall one introduces himself as chris lowe and i laughed so hard...
nicely done and quite new - six weeks old

Pet Shop Boys - Fundamental - I'm With Stupid

Inner City "Ain't Nobody Better" Inner City - Paradise - Ain't Nobody Better Babe...from their "Paradise" LP (1989)....get to "Big Fun" and the "Good Life" too.

Stevie V "Dirty Cash" Stevie V - 100% Pure Dance - Dirty Cash on the "100% Pure Dance" comp LP...see me others.

Finished watching Indiana Jones here at home last evening - it was damned good too. Alot of laughs go see. That woman was God - he got mad again and left with her 1956 from Australia. So seek - and thanks Marc Ondy you were real cute (Brian "Sammons" - or Hawn..."Jodie's sister" he says - plays the interview parts for speaking mostly, Marc is the "boo" or hollow face with round eyes that joins us for view outward).

The company of Indiana Jones finds the crystal skull - looks like it's the skull from the "Alien" movies...long in the back looks like a loaf of bread wrapped with tin foil inside and is magnetic - deep in a spider-webbed catacomb. The Austrian woman and her company finds and snatches the skull as awaiting and the chase begins. A land-based boat is the hero in this chase as someone invokes Dionys (the plant king that morphs nature) with the skull held outward. The boat is flung over a cliff and into a huge river by a hanging tree down. The river issues three major scares in a natural waterfall situation and the company all winds up with the skull to be placed at its initial burial site at Montenegro (the name of the falls issued - to mean "more than the eye" can see). Inside the unlocked chapel - a great beauty of art and impose like a ghengis cohen thing all red chinese - there is a zodiac composed of sitting glass skeletons as beperched on bricks of past lives or rumans. Each undecorated, one is missing his skull and as it is held high against in thought by the Austrian woman, magnetism takes it from her hand and bolts it on the one spine to be missing. Eventually, all skeletons and woman herself begging to be known to it combine to form God as a huge cyclone rages around and outside. A spaceship forms and takes off from, but will one day return they say. Indiana Henry Jones and Karen Allen then get married loosley in Boston in front of their "son" the Austrian woman prevails here.

There are other notes beside my fast writing, but I'm not really thrilled to be with their details...isn't that be enough?

There's a white Montenegro (what is that? an Oldsmobile "Toronado" or "breaking winds" the Montenegro is sold as a Cadillac only with leather interior) parked outside black vinyl (um, leather) top making sure I get the flue....we see newer model yet this is a 1973 I'm told in me.  

Soon ? I want to do an expose on boys in the news who fucked girls and broke their necks like Kennedy's do it...maybe soon. I got an update on Robert Chambers by dreams. Rick James used the metal type pot pipe with the ring on it to burn an "o" on the upper thigh. Did you know? Only if you want me to "nobody asked for this be careful..." still labricating or asking myself why and how me? Don't always be so safe - you had a point too. Always issuing and retracting over time (like you got nothing overall and to be right ever - see photo-like boxes of you instead...alot of air above for growth, not sure) makes you a non-person. No one lives with you in tragedy...not with vicious takings and all your life so sound. I've never had sex worth that, but on average let's say so "the ass so rounded and firm to the touch" Marc Ondy.

Check out the gift shop under the doughnuts below - they have funny mug that has a Cheerios-sized doughnut glued on bottom like milk like the very least is hard to clean.

My mother says the Id is the place where you're crying to sit and think about what you did. Id that you too?

Make it meaning with me: "You get followed around by a wheel that leaves tape on the road."

the eating tour 'depeche mode' continues
like being at san diego zoo (103 miles from los angeles a single day trip 405 > 5 on down) seeing the pandas from eats to eats
my favorite doughnut is lower left, kreme -they wouldn't let me have that alone by photosnap
the kreme inside is perfect like from the 'eet gud' bakery of lore

To Date Us - The Picture Of Mars On The Previous Page Is Because He Passed Me On The Street One Day And Said 'Jesus Loves You' But He Was Scrawny And Had Long Hair...Hello Again
06/17/08 0945
My roommate just left for work (um, tardy) but cautioned me in reverse "My dad went to work all his life to support the likes of you." So what. My father doesn't talk to fags - I liked that - and he the complaintant struggles to match up old blue and black socks himself now for too many complaints. He got another $350 in the mail as we spend to your worlds made to buy a plane ticket home this time to Minnesota and who cares less? Fags make this by supporting people to baby-like lengths...I myself love another mother to cry for but who has the influence? To cash my code (you get some as I get some of it), last night I ordered up two (2) personal pan pizzas with one topping that is pepperoni at Pizza Hut Express here in West Hollywood but steps away and got a two (2) liter jar of Pepsi as offered and then received twenty percent (20%) off my first order made online with computer a bit bothersome (quote "no credit card needed" this under 'specialties' not 'pizzas' the new pasta pans about $12 unseem - remind this is jail but cuts six 6 years to one 1 as hard worked) but there it is for carryout in fifteen (15) minutes. Everything was good one pizza to offer him if should bark from the dark, but I will finish that today for myself they ain't that big...blame Neil for troubles asserted him nwo...or Pizza Hut. The whole order about $8.68 then if the pizzas are usually $4.00 each.

Just between you and me, people say food is 'poisoned' like Mexican candies I eat. I eat all anyway in the hopes of being with people better. They live you long and no such secret is best kept. Talk to women they specialize in making do with less and cautioning you about good seen everywhere (and one notes where all the meat goes pound for pound we ship little ol' England overnight to no resale). She's not in my bag yet but lives us well as lesser seem...I myself look for a bad taste it's everywhere, but even lead is just an acetate or black dots on a cellophane or gel that block light transmission as on a film. Hardly a threat. Eat up and thanks again. The lowly tomato  as accused a swamp thing is definitely a plus with its absorbing of energies over our limit as with markels or shiny star-like darks. So good to you. Every now and again a backwash that tastes like lead from some health food like the whole wheat spaghetti I used. An old egg better. Alcohol? Always get extras from your doctor for these until he says don't bother...whatever you. The mouth is my threat to health and happiness.

Official, The Guide Away:

The "Id": The place we hide with warts - yours and mine together only. Embarrassing.
"Ego": Mine alone - no you ever. Surely enough here.
"SuperEgo": Yours affecting me too greatly a fool for you only as in basket case.
Adds The 'Panoply': Mine left to rot - no one sees or hears us together or alone; a rotten person trying many out.

Now mine to assume:

Id: Hardly the 'child' inside - the imp or idioms or ideas not yet made flesh to you. See ya soon if unchecked with goods and services leading away to-from. The seedling if to be bear.
Ego: Who I am as allowed to present what tested and true...'ergo', therefore. What little I could get away with. The tree of actual knowledge or knowing if will.
Super Ego: The unwanted guest rising above and blooming but over you. Will one day suck your roots out from under you. The fruit as wildy bear little to no prune not selved.
Add the truly burdensome Id again but as clearly fleshen:  Anything goes with this 'zane' of being too first not sure you can speak, now says everything see and say.

Being adult means not taking too many suggestions from the inner self yet tailoring to the persons being spoken to. "Stop talking so much...or be fruit. Be pruned as to be fruit but as yet unwanted."

Note: These are places where you hide your face. "Like a cat box" they'd say. "A place to poop unless someone is looking." (For convention or any wrongful education in us, I tell people it's how others make you feel: little, the same as, more than should, or can be little for again...we aren't good with understandings that are complicated me but I ask for you to see.)

Rick James "Cold Blooded" Rick James - The Definitive Collection: Rick James - Cold Blooded from "The Definitive Collection: Rick James" comp LP (2006) on Motown, CBS (Casablanca then and if Donna Summer is Rose Raynor or matriarch Mary Moon with Irish skin like lye...will one day have my mother's house again one full acre to be bigger sent home my grandmother is Diana Ross too? OK! Kate Pierson...all sleep with the lights-radio on) - get that again. Also always new: "Dance Wit' Me"...git "17" too " she was only 17 | 17 | and she was sexy ".

more food for thought - evil done writes can thank yourself
'we laughed, we cried'

Know thyself beggar (better): I wanted to get to the theater to see Indiana Jones and with the crystal skull, but the roommate (if now reminiscing a legal marriage is a legal divorce, and see no domestic partner benefits to suggest you having my sex...and after all I hear you in my radiohead as guide never sanction or question...basically is mental) found it online for free and you too may see. I live on being honored you know, never a thank you, card, or even request to hear that one song again never. So, we peek at films while others writhe in pain over point flash card and remorses at debt -- maybe you got thrown out (better than paying that, I guess). Maxim: I don't move until the price is right or tit for tat all things being resamed. If you don't like stuff, try paying. It helps me decide not. In careful review you can't lose - that paid me well, Faggot ratsi.

***** (that is, four puckered-up is a woman trying to be there - the first one I can truly smell it) Fuck you, Parlamount - this thing looks great! Fuck you - a few minutes in I hated to stop - who is that woman? Kate Frances a beggar "from Scotland" I need deceit, Fool. It's me for that - GOD - "A woman for a man [who shot his load, basically - to a bedevil, that is mine...good luck getting care for that all spent up but see no riches yet]."

We don't hate you (have to answer to you vehemence...thank lee! or people who remove people from sight as "gravely" I mean that "lehvenohoek" or silently removes the sheerest brilliance of "Ren & Stimpy"), but it spirals inside me. You call first, that's don't own (owe?) me how much is it worth anyway? I miss you...sure...I keep missing you (Coldplay sings with a cold that is...get the old stuff too brace yourself) that makes it easy I need religion but you won't pay me the first song a promo for cat food that never ends. Be real.

You don't ridicule me without living here. I ask you a question 'is that, like, real stuff...for you only?' you must answer not. What color is the penis I have on? Reddish? And with veins? Too many veins you'd say to not?

Kung Fu Pandas - is that good stuff? Yogi Berra is not my dream forward but okay...God hates us.

nelly furtado relaxes at home...gayle palefsky is this too stop ridiculing you don't know anything
per my guide, fat threw me around when i was young...people live in front of you and often...propensity...stately...skinny-ass cheaps
now you too can see...she hates people like me i never take the bait her song did well she hates being lord god to me!
being female or choosing is for freaks - why would i get fucked? to be that off-center and counting
many here play it safe and that's smart...go with it but don't think that's good stuff...i made one hole in da middle on both - get up that sweet harmony to the coven mitt
if you could know - look at those me
i cut the other freak out like i always douche...not with here you...yours? i just cut my hair...and possibly i have bathed but i stank for days
' the sun goes black | and still i smell of you ' - curve if a holocaust is personal only no you

Why would anyone make movies over so dumb! You can't improve "Willard"...rats ate your face off over him they were so hungry to me all them snakes curtain goes up others just fall to side. One bit him good on the ass. I tell people they don't have no venom or eggs - they're just dirty like that. That bite is so cold in the takes days to know about it just scratching around the hole. 

Had me a green Hulk doughnut at 7-Eleven today ($0.99) with my cola Slurpee (I resist diet flavors always makes bad breath + skurvvy-type looks) - green, clear slime inside not creme as I thought (look's like Nad's "gonads" or balls - the "Persian" hair resolver system for a "persian rug" made with real bulls their looking-glass sperm from "Sue Ismiel" and but "not without my daughter" - ow! the vicious wetlocking sperm gets to those odd coarsen hairs lining the inner thigh and most sickening to sight ones gauvarning to the upper salas - errant hair resisting normal electropisthis...use a lit candle like blacks and chase your distended asshole back in too - you gotta burn that back and get the fuck out before another notices the ungodly smell-scent possibly at a linger). Hi Krispy Kreme et al...they make delicious creme doughnuts, Fool. My sister used to keep mugs under her bed with hockers in 'em. More than phlegm...she keeps it with her pottery wheel pumping 'round and 'round like many nuts waiting for inspiration to strike them down. You need one of them inferno ovens make your poison tiles for cheese and crackers at your filthy bodego. Hey - if she had anything at rags you pull down the hair to be harlahoff ind. You can't just have sperm you know -- better get that on-tap to be sure enough we switch it out anyway bits of turtle eggs you might get do you know truth and at present what must never be meets what's only real and ever to you? I wiped my right up the first time (after initial shock - I thought 'they' made this mess after permanent magazines I saw up in a treehouse at Cindy Wilson's mother's in Menlo Park an ongoing-type infection after death perhaps popped or lanced kinda...maybe you heard now enter Pet Shop Boys) with an "I'm With Stupid" points next over tee-shirt beige from Jamesway (where I bought Devo's "Freedom Of Choice" LP in 1980 an important aspect...she's just the 'girl u want' bad but there's no talk of that right for you Billie Jean as I dream of how it may pay me in riches, and perhaps additional lustre...take your man) is like Target - there's an awkward, mawkish woman around even less skilled than you with questions unending for play to be out (like we sick lascivious musical act Prince on you for expressing any interest at all you be the man now). Your mother doesn't make you hide shit at the very thought, does she? By the tub her touch so affirming to me like a beautiful nurse and her bath never is male or hairy I'd get a boner (a 'tip' on that one -- never just warm, sleepy, or making it do). I take good from everyhow never is this complete to be. Take all good from many suns I do but sometimes the answer is just that.  

i don't believe in destiny, or the guiding hand of fate;
i don't believe in forever, or love as a mystical state....
rush 'ghost of a chance' from 2004's 'roll the bones'
it ain't about the words - that pretty lull or cadece makes it that great
the video is black-to-blank so what...

Rush - Roll the Bones - Ghost of a Chance

the opener to 'phantasm iii' -  note these brown robes are prominent in 'star wars' too
thank you scrimm for great playing if inscrutable yet...he understands them, is him many goods
you know, morningside was at the current site of the san diego wonder huge vampire (fruit? have moles) bats are right inside the entrance left in a big bird cage (m. elegant)
it's still there - buried underneath soot and stone...don't be a bother me
we recently had 'hellraiser' night with elevator boxes and 'phantasm' night with the silver balls hanging in trees here like at christmastime
they called 'teledynes' are vicious at ghosts with all to return the very next don't escape my glory, bitch
all real fool - the films all feature live footage and i use alot of their good ideas
in salem's lot there's lots of good shit too all real - bartholomew the unthinkable of space vampire bangs heads together just like i do it
what do you mean i'm not pretty - what you made is what you get an ( ( ( orange bang ! ) ) ) stuff's expensive
the elevators take you down ('no flapping of wings') and remakes you painlessly with piano strings stretched across your face as pulls with claws but looks real mean - nails tapped in
the elevator takes you to yours but ambles it shamelessly on the way my gift with any of remorse...lots of opportunity for certain selves who stick with it...i wouldn't give it all up, but pussy easily enough
two cheaps fail down to be at a sure nothing fails me my maths
real...'real to you' it bitch that stuff ain't cheap...they're not in hell, you are...boring...go away...ridicule? not to be mine...ur cheap
the lesser make-ups in 'hellraiser' is what i do as making too fast on the spot - junky and at-thought kinda...but then 'round and 'round you go always perfecting to me no jokes awe-inspiring at me
the little english box gilded with pretty zanzibar goldleafs is funny enough exploding in your face when it solves by you...unless you're special that way no jokes here...rubik's cube is farce i'd throw that shit away
junk...for a junk do slide puzzles instead they are brilliant and to be much at fun

"Please note I found $22 on the sidewalk Saturday night heading to my friend's for another favor. I didn't want to go the ATM and decided to walk the bus. You keep the change, Fool - and be thanks." - dM

"Keep thinking - only a fool turns shit in." We just found a phone on the sidewalk - you'll get that back (after few chatty cathy's stir up the ol' frequent flyer and local rape hotline 'no pless! he fucked her ASS, so bad to you me...'). Doing the right thing gets you down in it. Like a pig - each as sanctified or unwilling to move my way. Write your screams right on the web...those aren't balls unless you know. Both could be yours, too. Can't just slap a tit this she did write it with her own ass drawing out the straps in bacon and lard flalleliens. She knows too much to be true. Knowing is the fault at crime.

"You better check the facts. Something's changed." - dM as in $13.05 check now replaced with another small one burbling on

"Cyndi Lauper dreams to me of the day someone older tells her what to do and she just does it no failure be her own." - dM...p.s. you have that - they're waiting with you + Neil's father just plays guitar this way by being told about don't get to be who I am as criticizing arrangements listening to that. Hate is real and never plays by ear. You get to hear it later and on your own.

We talked here (assholes in-out) about how a premium rent here of under $1,500 per month is assumed by social security payments national average how? If the average month is eight hundred fifty-six ($856) every two weeks paid, what then? If you others out there could get it better for less, and why then here? Someone says we pay half the rent for old and how us that?  Quote this "You go to a local supermarket and get form number 'DW2' and send it in [as if in U.S. Army-type talk]." One adds "they take half of your personal" ownings or something what is that. We note others 'unfortunate' (but perhaps wildly outspoken or every as unkind) being with those who can pay often enough (if the dollar is still as if the truest crime of all coming and going with our stuff must selling but without my questions or talk then...'5% for crime' the humble pie if caught is mine). So why be it save? For more to consume and on them? Communists who hate profit for no face (i.e., an ugly, old woman with a pussy boulge from eating snakes saying 'yes' to me have and in my home seeing it with) make these true always.

Neil says "We can't support because we said you're willing to die for us or give us half of everything" outlying yet unspoken????? Have God with you then. He says "We don't have to tell you anything." What could that be? You hopeful again not to have say? I tell 'em "get her down before the rent is due me again" gut ghost. Or I'll kiss someone's ass over small favors made me so confuse. Say that by gift basket and be truth to be but sold as truth. "Friends of friends only" - no principal will take here. Know thy fault. "The dead give no gifts" but take some to you.

Olivia Newton-John "Soul Kiss" Olivia Newton-John - Soul Kiss - Soul Kiss from the album of the same name (1985). This is what I'm performing now and almost daily - very Christmasy and yet. This album has nothing on it but the song yielded I paid for it myself at Sear's upon issue, yet follows up a big hit so no the bother. Think less about being on your knees and more more about being free to give all and in the mouth to someone who receives you and so well (I have this quite often yet and well to myself). We are not so free, but often deeply held. No music is about gays or prostitutes in this way.


you tube doesn't guarantee the authenticity of anything and you should note that
when you pay and go first-run you know for sure as keeping copies of recent releases
they say they take everything away and in-time 'they don't want records of' and to adjust
the foil arrow is like pictures being considered for reel neil says - you peel off to at-once pay and look two cents maybe

More later you pig: Add Olivia Newton-John cleanly to my list of superstars you'll never be - I feel remiss. She has clips up at about her often performance. To have paid a drag queen. I visited the parade high on jitz for a while, but heard my name overspoken by public address passing too many times to think selfishly. I stood at the burger hut only under hood and drank a Snapple with pee in it. I enjoyed the view at, Punchboy. Back to crack, Nigger. A curse means you say things people hate. Damned means you do things people hate. People are cursed, that's all. Damned is the dead doing with me.

Meanwhile, Blondie that is Debbie Harry did Great Adventure in New Jersey and of late. Is she a superstar? I frequently note she is most famous a "rock icon" - known for facebeing. I look for legs to see if people are real...Olivia was for sure at The Greek a few years ago.

Blondie "Accidents Never Happen" Blondie - Eat to the Beat - Accidents Never Happen  from the "Eat To The Beat" LP  (1979) thing you'll never find on a greatest hits comp. Dig up "The Hardest Part" here too...and "Dreaming" is free. Look on list for the "Rockbird" LP (1997?) and " French Kissin' " as Debbie solo I love that one...full macabre and where is "Rush Rush ['ama tao' or 'if i tell you' come]" from "Scarface" too.

Are You A Superstar? Probably Who Knows If Your Hollywood "Walk Of Fame" Star Is Distinguished In Front Of Pep Boys 10/21/03 1145
Repeat my jerk (adding up quality stays put with the flavors die down) now half a thought: Is Donna Summer a "superstar"? No one is that. Only Madonna, Michael Jackson, Barbra Streisand, Elton John, Boy George, add Diana Ross to no thought. Who else captured your limited imagination across the board and made you eat bidge stink (a Time magazine issue must clare you as well as Elton John's did, as well as Michael Jackson's home theater looked to happy enough)? You'll find mostly of these in front of Wang's Chinese Theatre city next to Woody Woodpecker and Bugs Bunny answer me dirt I never had to ask I only just say it.

Download iTunes Apple iTunes

You Can't See The Gay Games Like You Can't See The Special Olympics - Like Me, You Just Don't Want To (That Ain't Seeing At Home, It's Believin') - You Can Still 'See' May 2008

Don't tell folks you know something unless you was there...unless you could positively object at the first note made off. Knowing comes first, and I do not know and as I listen some. I saw my mother get her head cut off in France yesterday by some sort of device (maybe previously Chinese - a motor box sucking up string-wire around neck placed) as she shopped wearily during the day - a sad, god-like nod off. So what - she's a big deal now. Even though I slapped the Eiffel Tower with the 'hand of god' (a huge, clear hand with varying degrees of density only may wind) I don't want bad relations prior to our friendship of 2012 (see Tunnel Atlantic if you don't accept our own invite to the Beijing or the 'beautiful beginning' and if the Coca-Cola logo is a huge, clear wrench fixing the world under disc as if our own Jewish dreidel with flat turnings of sun). Be there for it only. "Don't cry to be me Argentina - I don't cry, but my white-silver tits would expand in water to be like tablecloths over that one [kickboxing] surgery [by my father's 'father' not husband]." Not even for you...two tears the other night unseen by pillow over having to go to bed or come down is all I won't share with the skynet as if self-aware. Saturday June 10 this of late grants me beginning anew.

Don't think we didn't see ya...The Bri and Rose's husband back from crack (Jock Magazine, November 2004 - see link at Amazon)....very nice, but not so well to be seen. I buy porno (pawn, prawn, pronto) mags in bags of three (3) at the newstand on Hancock, Cynthia....thought it was "Indulge" magazine. Thanks "In" Magazine for Olivia's pranx.