Apple iTunesApple iTunes
he seems to be saying me? but this is neil again? with a polaroid of me?
see? it doesn't feel good to me either...who are you now?
better just beat one wants to be defeated (for having the sheer nerve to ask)
look at them begging off silently - please don't ask me! not to me! yes, u
down, number: class that up some jermaine stewart 'baby, won't show some class'
'why you wanna move so fass?'...'what? i got the look u'
let's get to rammin'
u got the look
u got...
the look
the original winchester house is on the upper santa ynez property a favorite of ghosts and their killers dying of it as chinese then - get at that
we buy it to us again and have improvements made chepaer no one owns us this...any disneyland gorf is to trade stuff with drug dealers at night not your kinda fair be early at that halcyons deathbet
p.s. baby, don't you break my heart slow - i got u down to it 'onan' sesame, linseed
p.p.s. onanism isn't useful we use sex stuff to mode ourselves better unhappy every corner...
we just get you down anyway in your sleep - he didn't want to be seen doing, amen...and with god as my witness
you don't wash my panties, girl...moisturizing again? avoid all intimacies and useless to many lessons coived now?
#1 among all have to cared for then...ease me that out never bring me your nascent sexuality in a seabag
or else...hold u and that leather stitch ho hum
p.s. harroulb-flanagan just ridicules england for sucking cocks as harrod's and as our own pakistanis would have you simply rag bearers like my sister...a real junkbox
in fact, i gave my sister the last name 'flanagan' ('lezzie flanagan', that is) when we were growing up having also told her she was adopted
this she believed it only
a 'rag bearer' to me and is pure - one who wears what i wear only and while wearing it - no purpose then so clear
i was born to hear 'you ate my chocolate - i don't like that' not to have any meaning not even to me being with you
you were born because someone puts two 'unholy' things together: thus 'you got your chocolate in my penis butter' just another 'reesie' or buttfucker
next time wipe 'front to back' warns you this episiotomy or yes, kurt cobain time...and all in world where great potential is equated to a little brown in the skin
so dumb! a blowjob for anyone is still remarkably held stable at the 'introductory' rate of $30 per per and as per if this is letter
again, im free to suggest your price as if own...not one nibbled cent is been more to thee, but had
bald! some bald guy on 'just shoot me' hi again george segal charmed the fuck out of me a histrion wedding, and you bald bitch...
patricek selling in the elevator to me then

Rush On Out to April 2008 - Where Something Even Uglier Awaits To Your Thought!
"You keep doing what you're doing and it won't be long. I complained civilly about your thought..." - the father Moon who gets visited by blacks over such nonsense in the parking lots of stores, sure

...Madonna's record cover comes while we discuss a new...I call it "Peppermint Pig" (her name is "cochon" or then "catch on" basically a pig in Spanish-French...that tongue is so funny to me as asian daymaker - no eating ever all men all day no having really or else) to honor the band that woos her back...see Dean & Deluca too for peppermint bark or just hard candies we I adore and not for breath no. We eat lots of that still. May change. With title, I accept nothing but perfect, this not so perfect at admit but will be somehow. Grace changes with grace to us...DougMoon. Then, "4 Minutes" until you hit the stage is fine for speaking then see video version: We tell folks you got two (2) minutes (our rule) to give us a boner for a new song heard - no more or you're out, Nigger. So then maybe one (1) more try after that - or four (4) minutes altogether - before you fail me and then I turn my attention to being unhappy with all again. Like last night..." if you want it | you already have it | just be sure then " something like that we turn stuff on later too when paid for I swear that shit instantly won wasn't on there. Those horns drag on over from what -- Fleetwood Mac "Tusk"? Aaliyah "More Than A Woman"? Get world got bombed after that.

(...Dare Not Mention This Band Not Even One More Time) "Peppermint Pig (7 Inch Version)" Cocteau Twins - Lullabies to Violaine, Vol. 1 - Peppermint Pig (7? Version)

Thank fucks at YouTube for editing bits of talent made to pure nonsense...Peppermint Patty doesn't need to scream thousands of times over and over eggs, nor does Josey Wales need to seen spitting tobacco over and over. To lovefool - have sense. I still keep what's nicest about you, but certainly not with you. Fuck that stuff out of me like you review my submission for woman-like clarities. 

[insert photo billard one fine day -- more magic than you'd make..."and remember - no dicks" finely featured, beautiful chest hair]

More soon! Meanwhile, lost hair and notable eyeball trying to get a picture of this dude from the COLT DVD SAMPLER (free in the mail, I guess) last night por vous (these mothers won't let you - a veritable no-one - fade to black...we'll get to you anyway what makes you special?) If you have the sampler "Bigger Is Better" no this from the DVD "CVS-002", 42:45 about this deserves a look "The Long Rangers" burned up in car crash? The frame would have little or no dick and pants on yet no shirt turning to look. Thanks, Niggers. I hassled with blacks and white women who hate all day yesterday over issue 'prostitution' (helps blacks, unhelp! I can't donate your parts can you employer meets bills credit cards without me thanks) it's illegal + wildly arrogant + drives homos home to it + rewards putting your own money on it a good bet always + hurtful to sense outward, but assumes you look to see yours in charge and we have plenty of culture against you. "So, you eat wads all day?" We use the term 'prideful' or threaten to make you naked to avoid these conversations altogther - have it ready to go I know nothing about me yet I'm really boring so far but cute? I would, I have, I would again meets old (you look up and see some) and ugly (nothing do I see for or even with you - a cow bell perhaps to eat now) pieces missing and some utterly added and you helped how. Avoid to avoid me avoiding you. "It's illegal." I'm still trying to get into Hooters Las Vegas and legitimately while women unusually hate fucks and wads altogether. Those, but some, are mine. "You were made for me, but I don't want you. I didn't  order you secretly or without you maybe a wish-dream." I make most in my head auteur-author pet sematary - you don't get paid to see that. One must purchase my "storybooks" or initial drawings based upon threats made you personally and they are scathing yet. "There is no turning back." You don't add me here. No Jesus (Ralph Nader-type) stuff.

Here, don't worry about not liking what you see (like I'm made to be). I don't win (get to the good stuff - yours - good goes from place to place but is usually unnoticed) that way but truth is failing us bad a sculpted by you still. I know you feel like I do - great, pretty good anyway. Like a's been proven to me that you make no sense if I want you to. Prizes galore ! don't fight me here.

Our friend here Terry Dior is back with us without incident and from Florida heights called nearly every day with boredom, question, and kelvo while I banked it usually thanks no pay ;) Notes he the faggot forgot his father's birthday (faggots are made to be without cause because they live well over you...every day a party at the that you too? to lessen my party with others here and paying always) spelled 'no thanks' in the collection can and how goes it? While all swirls in hate and haze heaven and hell the two steampots next door, also notes he didn't stop by my mother's at all to make, amends and collect small sums (a veritable lie see sum). I threw away her last e-mail before reading because niggers ask her to shit on me with her mouth while I tweak the weekend away having earned no cry for help. You don't shit is the daughter's belly doin'? I heard surgery was slight but two airshot staples thanks to my friends here you dying with. No kids need bother ever we take you simply and nicely enough. You must live better but hate people...don't bring it here, we leave the longshot for you. You have to be brought up slightly here with sexual and sense codes we tackle life to see it done well I'd do anything and have sense from it - trust that. Everyone would love to live with me trust that but are notably asexual with hands in hands (personal quotes like Rosie O'Donnell says "I need two people here for one family." I say as cleaning and helping only "I'm willing to take care of myself and one other.") The pictures here breed sense to people who serve no sense but are not necessarily to truth. Don't be that as I age you to fight harder but not me EVER? All choices made are reflected in you as fight and flight? And I quote "I need to see flight" as a lowly black sends. I trust you to it that's hate I love it still keeps you earned.

Going out and about? I don't work with more than four (4) persons, then it's all yours. That's enough asking and having to ask.     

Early Late One Rainy California Evening To No Thanks 04/02/08 2125
Was just discussing Cocteau Twins with the guy from Disney's "Home Improvement"...Tim the 'cocaine junkie' who came back to life after signing a yellow radio car and dropping dead of a heart attack one day while playing ball...yeah, Randy Meisner from the Eagles and then Will To Power...yeah. He calls their stuff "very flask" me that means 1) very personal in nature, like a urine test - intended by-for someone specific - or - 2) still being looked at to see what that is as held at eye-level (however, the '[relative] chroma' is yellow as seen by me still in cognition). Yet, I get - and as presented at awards table - a 'no thanks' for looking like glowing green test tubes, something a bit scientific or mostly trendy childsome - ok then a cocksucker playing with my wife. No. That in mind, you have Curve and Cocteau Twins here because they are the best things for me heard and get hassled for being perfect, yet unwilling to make with you. You just want to be who they are. So what? As I note myself, also get to "Evangeline (Live 1994)" from the iPod test I gave you...that fills me with perfect joy also. "Evangeline" lands in a straight line like a jet but previously announced and seemingly drives everyone away with it. You don't even get to know. "All for you, they'd say." The one title "Graveyard By The Sea" is unwelcome yet as just "Lazy Calm" (no not "Fluffy Tufts" the second more-illuminating song) from the "Victorialand" LP (1986) (highly recommended, but this one song seems slow on vinyl - at once reject this along with more recent song "An Elan" being a CD that skips for minutes on) what tells Jews "we know what you're planning and where - no bother." Refer all to my favorite poem ever "Anabelle Lee" (sic, antebellum south after the fall "they wouldn't come out or play - thanks again" they suffered bad says Poe his wife Dawn Eldrich didn't die they lied alot Richard D. again "God does that") by Edgar Allan Poe in "her sepulchre by the sea"..."the angels, not half so happy in heaven..." haven't lived until they've been seemed living like a ghost (on meth, sure) in an above-ground grave with stained glass windows and with all manner of ghosts coming and going. Our love not lost yet.

Cocteau Twins "cry to God" (you be so sure of you too I will..."pick your path and I'll pray") in a bourning language unseen by any word usually unless demand by product (start this 1993). To be too well understood is to be death, yet any understanding here is your own by reach and that is not so said to be. Meanwhile, I cringe at any the childhood stories I relate as being just as croate (useless in a mind-body, "better to die" why did I bother?) as any your own. Home in on this too.

Terry gone has been uneventful, but said as some. All well is yet...tomorrow comes but late.

Make up to George Michael two (2) songs from the "Patience" LP as yet unseem by me: "Flawless (Go To The City)" George Michael - Twenty Five - Flawless (Go to the City) and "Amazing" like Madonna does but not so title. The cover says see Andrea Bocelli no blind man but Neil's father playing light he made much here too. "They want Andrea Bocelli with the money - romance" he says. Fuck that I seen you - I need to move with it...from here. "Take time" is better, he says.

more wins from newsy the grab bag...some suffer so bad...we'll withhold all other note as yet
forgive and forgive while others have nothing to think about

"The Beverly Hillbillies" episodes with Chris "Elvis" Ondy are on TV Land tomorrow 03/27 starting at 2:00 p.m. with "Big Daddy Jed" + "Cool School Is Out" do people stay on-top of such happenings? Someone mentions in my head, I look online and it's there already....(great show! Chris, Doug was there laying down...Granny is my grandmother on hertofore pills 1971-1972...they dated the rest I fear).

Look at the NapaStyle catalog! Movies? "Quills" Quills !!! + "Moulin Rouge" + "Pet Sematary" + "Transamerica" I guess? Music: Berlin "Voyeur" LP Berlin - Voyeur - Blink of an Eye see "To A King" + Soft Cell "Sex Dwarf" Soft Cell - The Very Best of Soft Cell - Sex Dwarf but "you know what they say about how small pays..." + Lindsey Buckingham "Holiday Road" live...take mentions seriously as I do.

The new Palihouse is open now in West Hollywood just steps west of Barney's Beanery...was in there yesterday. Construction has begun on the red part of the Pacific Design Center (a large slim punch to the sidewalk) and with huge cranes as ordered by me...I wanted a tower that twists longly on the way up but see no news yet.

Chinese Consulate Yesterday...No Bother
03/25/08 1733
Terry and I went over to the Chinese consulate yesterday (you take the subway from Hollywood to the Wilshire-Vermont station, and exit left heading to the first block turning left and two blocks down on right past a Lutheran orphanage I'm going to pick up...443 Shatto Place) to renew a doctor's regent passporte. Then back to the first block turning left (right if just heading in) to go on to MacArthur Park down a bit and turning right just at we see the infamous "Park Plaza Hotel" ("Less Than Zero", old Elks lodge?) what is closed down but open strangely enough too. The ghosts there say Universal has it but will not see you for - just location filming. This I will harbour too is anglican or for angels and asks you not to be there ever really. Terry lived there when he got to LA and was also mugged for his money nearby with a knife to his throat by three guys holding him in christ-like position by the arms out. More later...we talk and talked to spirit there and had lunch at Carl's Jr. (had the guacamole bacon six-dollar burger myself) on the way. The subway was great still...only cleaning ladies in the hotel but.

We spent time in Hollywood returning to the Hollywood-Highland station (we left from Hollywood-Vine) and enjoyed some light shopping at the Kodak complex (and if Virgin Megastore is still there plus we bought gay leather bracelets again from the upper street mart $10 for ripped as pigskin?) and then took home a chicken curry and thai iced tea from Pink Pepper (no mee krob though!)

Through April 5 - "It's The Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown" Peanuts' Charlie Brown - It?s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown - It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown I couldn't remember the plot to save my life ! is a dirty story for the Jews who make "Peanuts" - they don't know much either....visit YouTube for some little.

Movies at iTunes!
"Unforgiven" in lieu of "The Outlaw Josey Wales" Unforgiven

"Creepshow" Creepshow
"Working Girl" Working Girl
"Purple Rain" Purple Rain

"Doctor Dolittle" - no link available

Gregg Araki "Doom Generation" The Doom Generation

Newer "Hairspray" Hairspray

Madonna "Who's That Girl" Who's That Girl
Ken Russell "Altered States" Altered States
Stanley Kubrick "A Clockwork Orange" A Clockwork Orange

"Ghost" Ghost
"Terms Of Endearment" Terms of Endearment

Austin Powers......sure

born into a grave...not weight-worthy
with the mother goes child

Creed "My Sacrifice" Creed - Weathered - My Sacrifice...from all who passed from and won't say...the "Weathered" LP (2001). Really, about women and me...getting to know each other again it makes me happy, kinda.

hello my friend we meet again
it's been a while where should we begin, feels like forever
within my heart are memories, a perfect love that you gave to me
oh, I remember

when you are with me
i'm free, i'm careless, i believe
above all of the others, we'll fly
this brings tears, to my eyes
my sacrifice

we've seen our share of up's and down's
oh, how quickly life can turn around, in an instant
it feels so good to reunite within yourself and within your mind
let's find peace there

i just want to say hello again
i just want to say hello again

'cause when you are with me
i'm free, i'm careless, i believe
above all of the others, we'll fly
this brings tears, to my eyes (repeat twice)

my sacrifice, my sacrifice

(i just want to say hello again)
i just want to say hello again
my sacrifice

Then the movie "Sideways" Sideways about a couple of plain ol' guys from Club Med who decide to start a little winery in California with dykes and all...2004.

felt 'primitive painters' say 1985 or so - thought you'd like to hear this maybe again...i still love it!
her liz's (of then be cocteau twins) lyric for you to follow as if 'magliss' (then 'matchless', kinda) you possess of absolutely no magic at all no gift to speak of ever you halt:
'oh! you should see my trail of disgrace!' the rest is pure dupree or emerl kafka one beself
these group identities have a point - end the hirsute, end the madness we shit this stuff out and in you
people argue my worth all the can then argue the facts that do not necessarily exist by having you know
people stink and do not care - who are you playing for? not to a trust of that
or slapped down bad every day like blacks...they hafta's not just playing ignorant we demand this
we agree we made mistakes, but no one sucks cocks over don't just suck mine, girl
you live that off to keep your hates or person-parson then - i'm not you: i suck on them first as yet disgraceful, but you are not dumb as of this yet
as i tell talentless women every day 'eat this first, then i'll taste yours' one is going to help this - if you speak, i will come
no world will come down...that is what the song is about...people who do not agree ever, but pay lavishly
to try six 6 years in homo-lure jails across the land...english fucks don't get well over ever...madmartigans eat at talent that up
p.s. my brother chris is puff daddy - is that new? that one prison scene in 'monsters ball'...adds reconteur rebecca schaeffer was beautiful in 'father of the bride' 1991 kimberly williams now see that
george newburn is in france he says to me...
a 'primitive painter' can't say how it should be...uses others too much if 'primitive' calls others to see and agree with this as only...
a 'primitive heart' can't get others to agree with their choices of in love and life and thus hurts people for being it...a child is this with no true ask but think about seem
i don't marvel others insults one homo to another looking on as loving a leaving 'lives for the day'...but will later cherish the note home
someone has to stop hope from dying off fast in the eyes of no hope at all...why ask why...have that ready to go
help yourself down and out i'll get yours favorite dish covered up right here with beans added up and down and inside me
a shit necklace of hairburbs loves to me these days...'infj' is or feeling intuitive more shit i can still me, i guess

happy easter ! no hydra plant this year ? someone 'save me' by cinderella

Here's that furniture store on Robertson (near Alessi) that sells to the dead and the near-dead with holes in the middle of plastic chairs, etc. Kartell Furniture (featured here is the "Battista" 4460 or "baby-taker"). Do not you will not hassle people $350 I guess ask them when serious these I make to you real and prove me to be true to will change us not or them butt seem somb. No one admits anything to you, too. Real spirits I'd have to pray for once fairy to me. Real, you ass-creep.

Our iTunes Playlist And At This Juncture
03/20/08 0913
Song Title, Artist - number of plays* recorded by iTunes itself:

"Fruitopia 1" Cocteau Twins - 32...for all days, Cocteau Twins don't speak to me directly, theirs are ideas-feelings within them and w/o whole words...'is so refreshing' and closes my home-made of performances daily;
"Low And Behold" Curve - 30...anything evil could live well where we come from - a farmtown with darkest of roasts right off the ocean after evenings pass so dark so nothing can see;
"Wolf In The Breast" Cocteau Twins - 25...there is a limit to our givings but i'm suspect for habituals and their savings around meals, meals-missed - i feel habitual;
"Fotzepolitic" Cocteau Twins - dreams are a young girl's dreams - not much for you the scary hairs on rhino's horn all together made at you;
"Pepper-Tree" Cocteau Twins - 21...i can't believe the things you touch of in life, i also can't believe no one will look at these either...i'm left to hoping about your fall;
"Forgotten Sanity" Curve - meth-ods used to be this bad, but now see of less...i'm still outcast and powerful too;
"Suckling The Mender" Cocteau Twins - 18...alien sky themes or speakings at no one who asks and across the sky downward - you were thought of and before this and think of before this yourself make another person;
"Athol-Brose" Cocteau Twins - 18...after all the talk we see you come and go and how...a giant sun unfolds to you as something more creator-type and in the news of technical types only...perhaps a tabitha to your samantha;
"Cherry-Coloured Funk" Cocteau Twins - 18...about aids they went riding horseback (bareback) only god knows why - instead, how 'bout a little something for me us ? who smile when feeling less like;
"Hopelessly Devoted To You" Olivia Newton-John - 18...she decides by herself as god's child always turning left toward camera with new bounties of thought about her thoughts - no you;
"Never Do That" Pretenders - complain about me while i notice anything this life, you keep your mouth and methods off of one person - me - while i shiver at the thought of you hating me nice chair;
"Feet-Like Fins" Cocteau Twins - say-speak my name too many times before i get there in photographs of me perhaps - see me wave goodbye to your only knowings of it...fins in a pool picture, describes you only;
"Yu Le Zhang" Faye Wong - 16...a christmas song of sorts we exchange with someone at ucla - a chinese hard-ass there tells me why it's okay what happened and all and i tell her why it's okay too - both should see;
"Love Comes Quickly" Pet Shop Boys - 16...a gay pretext that rises and sets with the likes of aimee mann - we want to believe it won't be any work at all when, then stave this;
"Perfect Lie" Sheryl Crow - 16...i say i won't be back, but i will as no one then and again we told you now that's cut your face with drugs they see your surgeries nose-bob you were never to be happy anyway;
"Mud And Dark"  Cocteau Twins - 13...if the road to hell is paved with the promise of doing better, this girl can still think she's doing well somehow when as immersed in mud and dark and as left by;
"Quisquose" Cocteau Twins - prince's guitar blade, a 'marquis' has thought ahead of the kill coupled with a questioning - so the official questions that humbles one to without any answer made to us at all;
"Left Of Mother" Curve - 13...left with no one to speak of per no plan ahead, we ask old adage if all is better to and with us yet and still no answer...people are evil and-or you've missed quite a bit too;
"We Live For Love" Pat Benatar - 13...this just damned-hurtful a track as any of hers with baby angels limning in it...too good for the first album's quote, sells realms of music still the angels will make to me and cry;
"I Hurt You" Pretenders - 13...there is no other answer sometimes and aways - i hurt you because you hurt me, but most notably because i was told i was no one special to you yet and you are never that adjust from being;
"Birds Of Paradise" Pretenders - 13...a friend died at once as i was stuck home and robed and asked them not to participate in my life until seen there - let me finish mine as we are no one special together and always yet;
"Harmony" Elton John - 12...a gay giving down to harmonizing you and with wishes for...take that little if can they'll kill ya over loveboat;
"For The Love Of Big Brother" Eurythmics - 12...a supreme giving by god to the blackness in our life as it pleases me by...i do what i want to you and you make no sense out of that but caring for;
"Make No Mistake (He's Mine)" Barbra Streisand - 11...all we have to respect in each other are our common of feelings or pains - no thoughts or deeds - this hurts me bad, do you understand that? i do and will try;
"Cico Buff" Cocteau Twins - 11...this ours isn't right for you (he ate a sandwich with mayo in my face), but then a gentle breeze comes and blows this away and as gently as not to bear you for some - play it loose until;
"She Will Destroy You" Moon And The Melodies - 11...end your fights with people each little task ataken and may end with these bigger boxes around - winning means winning, however, and you may win without asking or;
"Crushed" Cocteau Twins - day things may look better keep it to yourself though no one likes this stuff 'all of you' ever - you happy or sad is can be crushing to others always keep focused on 'us' then not just 'you';
"Miserablism" Pet Shop Boys - 11...decrease your wants as best said top stay solvent or quite hateful of the fact-day made to you - at least you have the time to stop and think about things when to arting them up from but*;
"How To Be A Millionaire" ABC - who zeals over money spends even more wasn't enough still...'be near near' is better such said than 'the cards you were dealt | and at the hands of face'...butt ugly!

' i've seen the future | hmmph | i can't afford it all...'

*excludes CD's and their play - one asks "where's Madonna?" we play her alot, but on CD and so repeat this "Amazing" MP3 (3.5 Megs) then asks "is this useful?" most notably...we transfer no CD to online play - taxes the computer (Pet Shop Boys lyris...with realism on the 'sparsest' of sex...not really, my intent when sung is to be 'sparsist' or 'sparring-at-insist' or the 'initial spark' or 'impetus' (franks, Mart Young real father now is Chris Young or then Julian Sands the onus now on you, others like you) of having said or mentioned - the thing that launches hateful review with truth...a yet shakespearean and noting celebrity gays don't take enough for themselves to say anything to you about being gay...they are hated and are made awkward, usually, us yet having edited out potential hurts for onlooking if no gay need yet say).

Madonna's new record LP is entitled "Hard Candy"...April 29. Hearts of candy yet? Hard on you can be really nice too..."4 Minutes" ('til showtime) featuring Justin Timberlake and Timbaland Madonna - 4 Minutes (feat. Justin Timberlake & Timbaland) - Single - 4 Minutes (feat. Justin Timberlake & Timbaland)

The Next Few Tied At Ten And Onward Some (To Eight Plays - Is That Winning?)

"Ave Maria" Carpenters - 10...this stopped the count, naturally...for I sing this...and for myself...and often be it enough;
"Need-Fire" Cocteau Twins - 10...(for) there's no more...stars in heaven;
"How To Bring A Blush To The Snow" Cocteau Twins - 10...witchcraft of curve-like proportions...all intoning you;
"Midnight & Royal" Curve - i did it to you...features great foreboding...sad winds within the self and how you pay for it;
"Helen's Face" Scylla (Curve, on hiatus) - 10...the face of the first ghost that fell...helena is a man and is square-faced with frames changing;
"Primitive Painters" Felt - 10...see the above as video...I perform liz's part mostly only to be and me...'how i wish that i could be as strange as i am interesting';
"Do I Have To?" Pet Shop Boys - the wavering synth lines outward...people always ask me 'do i have to?' yes - i never have anything i don't want;
"Lover's Day" 'Til Tuesday - women and young gay men are the same, we drive home naively enough that there's no day for no commit - they honor losers only a goad;

"To Face The Truth" Pet Shop Boys - 8 + 9 = 17...saved this twice at itunes from download and sing along only until 'a lawyer with a case to prove | submits the evidence then move'...

"Ella Megalast Burls Forever" Cocteau Twins - 9...of course you're good at what you do, you've been working on it since day one polishing and perfecting and still and when you're gone;
"Clean" Depeche Mode - 9...we fought wars to free us of the stuff and still i'm the cleanest i've been...sometimes...with old heat and radio from these wars we died urging us forth but;
"Wash Me Clean" k.d. Lang - neil's character vang balboa studio and ruffle, we have his female counterpart mocking lesbians worldwide with a threatened bath;
"It Couldn't Happen Here" Pet Shop Boys - matter how good you are, you do what you do and someone takes exception to it and for laughing too loud and drinking too much;
"It's A Sin" Pet Shop Boys - matter what i like, it's a sin...but like very disease people give us, is hardly harming though...think it over for yourself only maybe this costs you more;
"Tragedy > For You <" Front 242 - ventured where no one goes and you can't blame others for being scared of you this a gay industrial practice;
"Pack It Up" Pretenders - 8...about getting famous and how rushing from place to place means just this until you can't be with me anymore;
"Talk Of The Town" Pretenders - doesn't have to be true until you question of me too...gays and friendships;
"The Beautiful Ones" Prince - 8...self explanatory - you're so nice there's no me to consider i'm yours already.      

...and that's that. Use LimeWire to get of those that won't be bought....did you know that all of Los Angeles was a dirt-road backlot until 1956? Sure, you had to walk to Canter's delicatessen for lunch from the Chinese Theater backlot and Warner Bros. nationally too. See some samed yet.

!! Similarly thanks Knudsen sour cream for their pink "gloria" cake of the latest "People" magazine..."It's the sour cream" in our ambrosias too three (3) makings since you (see "DOUG" in the front of cake). Scan depot "Hybrid" closed down with sad roommate matchers nearby the whole place regularly goes to rental HELL. Ours is $1,500 per month, by the way - you can't just have it move in. Terry on vacation in Florida March 28 - April 3.

this was recently at cnn...a 'wolverine' was sighted - do you know what that is?
this is a human male leaning against a tree changing into a wolf - these are real, but alarms in them tell them not to be when
they do it everyday for friends (in alaska? where they're alowed to be without bother) it takes approximately four (4) minutes for 'fanning and flame' they say no hurt but harm some
no one enjoys being pursued for this and no one gets to opine much about how-why
is to be...naked too when appear is 'vastly hard on us'..never clothes ever they say
why? 'we need to hurt people sometimes and don't want to be human for that...'
another here 'i don't want this...i hurt people too much and are asked to do more of it they'd say to me'

Sneaker Pimps "Unattach" Sneaker Pimps - Low Five, Vol. 1 - EP - Unattach from something we may have missed 2006 ? "Low Five, Vol. 1" EP what says we did good for you as some, but not as great as having kicked someone's ass "over balls"...mid-singer ("um, until they fight") Kelli "promo" Dayton is firmly here, but it's not clear why...not firmly mine, but developing again. "No one you know walks away from a salend back catalog. Not ever me." - dM...then, perhaps more or less: A "tesko" or then "technical" or not proven richly (or without finding again or then ever) suicide is mine favorite - you hide the body yourself somehow. How to best hurt others as mad and offending, not how best to get a reaction from...please, Bitch! It is you about it? What do you see? I keep asking ugly people if it's still true? Then "spin spin sugar" a big, fat hit is about launching the color of rings that comb and weave energy around the universe "sylmars" - nothing special to onlooking, but is also the sun here ?...really pretty and makes the cotton candy or gammas of the white room and keeps it nice too. What is to you? "Call on me - spin spin sugar" I'm here announcing. Seek and deselect if all is new to you and again. Featured here earlier: Sneaker Pimps "Post Modern Sleaze" MP3 (3.1 Megs) the album cover is how we heat the world on a switchplate "Becoming X"...1996 new cover now yes we see but do not necessarily say...why to bother it.

new cover some...thank the thought
'spin spin sugar' is diffo here not the remix at all...quite worthy though

rosie o'donnell and madonna do my favorite - if to impress us - 'mo and ro' for and if once again
something i really liked from the 'rosie' made six million this year, next year lower but more still
p.s. remember, rosie was the unfortunate puerto rican or whatever girl who owned a hair business in piscataway, nj and who tormented my mother with touchings and pretty talk about her 'hair'
someone got too close for comfort an awkward, inexperience of a girl soon to aspire to the army's tough talk and one who never seems to get anything good in her own hirsute of natural being this
angels hate people like her - "all hurt, no sad ever" and mo are all lies like other things you'd bother us with...we are not nice people: we, i, you
good times, bad mother is still this being jailed so so slowly to have her house all paid!
you don't have to ask no old white woman to live you...ask her and her mother and her daughter now with one-minor wrap of sausages hanging between her legs to be with us what's again
a woman does not take my place in the world or any other world of others made to you
worlds within worlds yet sadder-type women and their snakes seem too big for its ideas of you being or do they?
one bites you always no matter what the other does this too if given no chance to be seem...

coupla new posi-florives (once again, heaven only knows) honoring me and my way with it made to you...neil says it's him again - all i know is that this cute guy doesn't do any teeth the bald guy lower does it all
patrick swayze? not again...i didn't ask for him (but seem tears) you gonna fight it this time the breast cancerses? renal tomography and all says the jewish guy not him the puerto rican anything her little german man...neil
he did his teeth i'll lying there in-between a fur baskit of hammy but well-flossed of legs, or asians who probably traded filthy egg and shrimp recipes underwater before enter my own gay welding of aids + dds, afgt
make sure you ask and redeem the pink-ish balm on swab 'novostat' or whatever it's called with you that stops any needle or harsh cleaning from knowing you well perhaps palps i've had...but the biggest hip needles then!
no pain makes me sense...just know not to then this bubblegum

leftover snaps at:

from the cvs pharmacy entrance at santa monica and lacienega...

a fanciful 'crown of thorns' at the ol' 'tail o' the pup' its in error on san vicente and beverly

all that's left of 'tail o' the pup' weenie roast and too...that makes money and should be replaced and nicely enough but they were truly gross for economy buyers - like chicken skins boiled in a butt sausage
fucking gross - was it me then being too cheap?...i died eating that shit use real oscar mayerses next time or then my favorite foster farms chicken franks for tasting great and but no problems
i'd sell hot dogs anytime boilbed or grillside with timiny bits of sauerkraut a muss to be see...gulden's spicy brown mustard only yet you

where you can get california poppies at cedars...'cedar ridge' was california until 1912 and 'sinai' or 'sign me then [to say you love me]' is god over us a real bitch about making you here
spray wet licorice ('anisette' a flavor then) or then jasmine or butter sauce on flowers to keep bees away so what i only use raid no offence so great bombs in the house, over vegetables
no, i channel little gray plasmas into their tiny holes in and out to get the chirping to stop with me in my i spray your face with it in my mind's use when you talk too much with like ash that burns, a thrash
the chirping stops with you no leader

a nice figure '8' for me...max factor family and all...cutting wheels for a body loose or then felt as viciously accurate, tin plate please so unforgiving

another longwind...people don't think these shots have any or much value and they don't

santa monica and fairfax alt 1

santa monica and fairfax alt 2

somehow this didn't make the original cut...our entry of door at home here...some say the numbers reflect me again 1964 our year of being here...i need eights around me
you may hear me breathing behind hole but cannot prove this as to be you and aloud...otherwise how it actually looked at the holidays this year of past no easter lily can priority me again to be this

simon raymonde 'worship me' hard to find me as from the 'blame someone else' lp (1998) - cocteau twin vocalist liz fraser makes it damned magical if to be so sincere
also seek 'muscle and want' if should have and should tube should mate with you and your request easily seek

all this time in one room
just to get a picture of you...(like elton john a bag of coke and my own pee-pee...asked for nothing still, the picture is one that gets me off in my need a white vicor in there, u don't match a palsy)
why we're here
once again
heaven only knows (we want no change and there's more to know, be frightened of...corpse fuckers, all, we care for people who died mostly and love their shitty ways here)
worship me, i'm no one
who can turn things upside down - (if i can't kill you and world with my mind it's because i wouldn't anyway - people hate that shit, you'd undo it right away and plus it's just my family i hate really)
believe in me, you're all I see (i need you to be what you are i am real but not interested in shitty miracles as studio really and ever present to me - from cheat to cheat, cheek to cheek, eat all of shit)
kings and fools rule out their day (be that fool, not me ever)
hear them knocking at your door again (just bills and demands i kill that just as innocently and cover it up fags call from hell asking about that scary niggers or blame to, niggers)
tell it to me once again and i'll listen (i pick up the phone although the roommate tries to confuse the issue with hate - found a gym book on the floor in the hall too - 'don't pick it up' - i did anyway fool a creepy bitch)
i'll listen...(hopeful and still pricing upward - faggots are eternal you know just like lies to people demanding immediate of answers - to hafta fuck you again, sure)
close your eyes
all they want is
just to take a picture of you (don't look if you hate what you see about you - this how we pay people to be so alone they helped us and you still die bad living like sam malone no matter what you died bad no shandling came)
fame and fortune once again? (how dumb - but maybe someone liked it and saw theirself once just dying while holding it all down like grain packed in a hindi rat's ass)
heaven only knows (hold you...bless your grave each every you pig to me)
here he comes, the one you've all been waiting for (they are electric because you are no one easily enough but hate any trying to be me as well should you)
worship me, i'm no one (who me? be worship-worthy many are that you can't compare we laugh so hard at the proof made meal)
who can turn things upside down
we will give you all that you require (sure, sure - people were worked like motherfuckers but we do not replace a fool's shame as me frankenfreak to be one of many afool trick you alive still off camera)
believe in me, you're what I see (be to real - you can't see shit 'cause no one cares...we'd spray the shit with mere piss and fds 'til it died of candor and hot hairy balls like sugar bear having his nuts romo'd by saintly bees)
kings and fools rule out their day

alto or parts over you some missing:
we complain, and we complain
for you -
you, and your fur-lined lives (you kill a lot of shit just to have comfort...mink is asian hair cut from a scalp fact you dope they shave the shit at ends...nobody's proved it blacks are carpets in the car? not in a rolls - eat hers)
for life...neverending
believe in me
i know i'm not sure
sure of who looks for (but it's here, nigger jesus - yours would be killed or supplied by 'no i can't get you out of sucking their dick!' also dear abby wouldn't use cover-all trust that clearasil 'robber denn stabber' complexion)
(hands cradled in implication, one guesses at me) you are not on top until you think about me being a pity...i mean to 'mercy' your fantasies are spelled phantasies or a phantasm...police will be called back for dates yet

Movie? Go for "Dangerous Liaisons" Dangerous Liaisons if 'liaisons' means you have more with you than what you like to see in order to have what you like to see. In this class struggle of sorts, we have Michelle Pfeiffer presenting to higher-ups John Malkovich (JFK Jr., studiously and really) and Glenn Close (once again, grandmother Ethel Kennedy or was that the sister?) with her degree as such "chastity" or is it then her "industry" that's being presented on a stage of sorts quiet and limiting. Those two spend their time undoing her for being unusally poor and usually then not to me and but without pleasuring us also. I myself feel like Glenn Close quite often and at the end wiping off her make-up in a close up...I can't believe what I've been reduced to, I was somebody special and now this: bored and given to mayhems. Lonely I guess...maybe no.

"Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix" Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix the latest installment, sure - I didn't get through the whole thing before being dropped off, I then will "Phantasm II" starring Marc Ondy as Hoboken himself. The latest live Linkin Marc is okay too...I see ol' Vincent Tompkins-Stout (still our own dear?), a hometown type of surely reform status - was remodeled after god-knows-what to be the guy in this "Phantasm" if Marc is a girl here, kinda...thank fuck so crazy to me. I think he is actor Barry Tubbs seem. Whatever...nobody carried on like that the first day of school. I was second to that, definitely. The movie is great by the way I feel so bad for people left around.
...also "Tootsie" but with cares the theme song by Stephen Bishop will help you in somewhat "something's telling me it might be you" and all...director Sydney Pollack is the real Dustin, by the way.

Somewhat and finally! Breathe "Hands To Heaven" Breathe - Now That&#39;s What I Call the Eighties - Hands to Heaven as stridently featured on the brand-new "Now That's What I Call The Eighties" comp LP (2008). And I thought that was the early nineties - no, simply no. Also to seek "How Can I Fall?" day ever yours. Other stuff is there at the comp, sure...know who pulled me in.

i recommend the movie 'warlock' the one thing julian sands did right...
here he prostrates himself like a bitch, then humours me endlessly with pray-no-match lori singer as fur there along the times
they never seem to create me can watch the entire film 'warlock' at you tube like i did in segments starting with title 'warlock julian sands 1/11'
i started watching the new one 'armageddon' and i talk to the actor at the same time...ideas some, he is flatly abused by me...we seem to have altered the first film some a grandeur of hate they'd say
traditionally, the first film presents a real monster to us and is mean viewing, then we seek humours in the abuse further...truly these are assholes always and have no offence such as harm or seeing for others
these graves guard and beckon us and still i ask 'how does that pay you?' and it does always i leave alone

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