Slips Out To August The Finest Month For A Birthday Party No Matter How Many Times Ignored At School You Hadda Do Something For Them Do Nothing To Me

Audioslave "Like A Stone" Audioslave - Audioslave - Like a Stone from the self-titled debut of 2002 and with Soundgarden's Chris Cornell singing it. Heard this last night at a pizza-by-the-slice place, loved it so. Thank fuck! Gregory Moon is Chris Cornell? I think that sometimes...that "Pakistani" guy died on a plane home to Tibet ("Richness To Rags Impress" cloaming "the sky is a dime" load up the saachs with dainty-pu)? No, he's Neil faking it every day - or not. Bought this one meself - about ten (10) or so altogether now (we owned-ate this stuff up times before - this, very new) although I don't have an income at all or hardly. Usually a CD a-week made it to me after dinners out Wednesday. Some songs purchased I've lost back to society during moves...and so?

Yes, Rosemary you got, and then again. Change nothing (be that - old white fucks, same ol' cock up in your ass bringing down shits). Save a tit, call in by free - or - free plus, and place it to be free. (The Rosemary stuff is for erstwhile friend A. Rosemary Shulman who lives with black children now we love playing you that is us too niggerlovers posterfreaks but does not have contact with me per se - proves we talked a bit the last evening by head or telepathy for me in your dreams some or pokes right through a feeling you had knows some...don't want to empty the whole load here, but my mind claims a suicide attempt by her after this coupled with working at UCLA now still by virtue of the directory there and my roommate's comments about working with...both-all are jerks I avoid all contact to stem this junk old crap give me new new the new me I have more formal more meaningful education than all of you plus more inside check the facts, nigger, then we'll test all-both and for joy speading joy afterward...both mean nothing however may be gone living with dead surrounding us coming and going...who if cares? say hi, hope all is well, we won't get along still but you share here unless crapped at in the head fully god wants no one here all rejected by and will be made to live it if eligible, if you need, ask in-person i'm here...happy birthday Aug 5 go to hell still more important than others who came and went..go to hell we achieved much together you still suck probably though...p.s i am real, that stuff may not be..who cared more? your mother is having heart problems? thought she died? will look into it again my friends only...staying dumb keeps you same rationalize nothing to me suffering of it too...i hate rosemary for thinking nothing of me as too familiar then and bitching about drugs and monies borrowed...still no change seen, who talks to that that's not my friend here maybe suicide solves it for you a bad news bear - come see, come see...demand to know me too rose and fran hi and go to hell stays consistent you are a joke to me while you may writhe in more than that...I do).

The dead? They'll leave it alone when you do. Someone dead but now seems living draws no further interest from them covering it with all known to them as such when you stop asking see fallen star urged out and into life again. Ten percent of nothing new is their pay still. Know little for yourself, eat at menu prices with thinking of how I cook little made at home. I live to try and fuck and to joy to others with simple-yet-proving-to-me-mind games and seeing cool ghosts torturing your minds. No one needed to know me again or review against gains had - what can I say? One day we'll help you see how your heaven left you a bounty too. Maybe not - fitting in nicely in my heaven-my scheme of things a poster child of loss and decay of against me. Come see. Says he-she-it favorite daughter of the queen's leastest faggot enjoying another secret harming at others "It's not over yet." Buckle down if both remnants of kings to simply shit both and me right back out to the harshness of any day I don't have yet.

Jackson Browne "Boulevard" Jackson Browne - Hold Out - Boulevard from the "Hold Out" LP (1980).

I Hadda Switch Brands Now You Too 08/01/06 1337
As you may well know, I'm a big fan of depilatories when it comes to removing "errant" hair (any single hair you wouldn't expect to see, or put in a drawing of you). Sure - back of the neck, the back itself, your ass (a favorite joke of mine is as lying in bed the right arm reaches around but lifts back-recoils at the singled sharp felt of razored hair). Ears, nose, etc. Needless to say the stores no longer had my usual brand "Nair" and I substituted this one called "Veet" as really no more expensive and it works as well as. A thicker cream in tube with tool is here. To apply myself and with certain ease, I put a natural sponge on a long wooden dowel with cable ties and wood glue and that's just perfect to me. See ya at the baths.

'where is she now?'
one and the same to me
we love the humours of david spade...and meg ryan too
i watch david's new show with katie segal and james garner and i like it too
the movie to suggest-prove this is "hanging up" with starring the real walter matthau (james mitty) and diane keaton
lisa kudrow...on your own little line to honor it vow, not spared out
you'll see it all but mind protects the image as golden to me...doug loves meg ryan
is my aunt once or twice..."she hates you for this" - i know all comes with tredipation, but works us a glory further
no one gets to impose self here - you still pay for perform and to see our way
now see that
we recommend "prelude to a kiss" for meg...alec baldwin is a fake too, i hear
a baldwin is a moon only...oh

Someone asked me about "The Birds" last night after talking about New York's trade tower bombing-burnings...Melanie Griffith, her mother then...onward. "What can you do about birds like that [a cannery having starved them with witch hunts]?" You shoot 'em, slap them around [real answer is "fire guns" - but is mean for hungry, none eat better]. "BB my black bird." Anyway, this video is case in point...bad people, bad times. Is us...Nashville made this happen with threats a demon haunts you.

my grandfather moon - um, 'jonathan winters' - is ernest borgnine too...
but "not since 1978" he says of now - he was asked to stop
says this is based upon american president teddy roosevelt - a chowderhead always eating and yelling
see that for yourself
tova borgnine is my aunt jeannie's (barbra, others) calling for - her makeup line fizzled
thanks, off

Pet Shop Boys "Only The Wind" Pet Shop Boys - Behavior - Only the Wind from 1990's "Behavior" LP its sentiments mine. A nice time in the life for was ours, an autumn again.

saw this poster in the window of lemon tree boutique during gay pride
i laughed hard over the sight of it, but it seemed more humourous then
"surely, you must be guilty of something" was my quote of it - very funny as dubious
this is somber in tone - very fucking mean, very judging
harsh...see it still
the poster i saw is no longer there as said and sold - see link

Entranced By The Ankhs 'Round Our Necks
07/30/06 1352
Whaddaya mean this stuff's not good? I couldn't shoot you and get better at it. Two (2) weeks alone here tips you off, Nigger (finally, that noisebag left me now furthers it playtime). The pool and jacuzzi drained, however, I cooled things off. Your challenge received duly to no further wit. Rest in HELL Liz Fraser. Walks the bottom of the universe licking scabs and looking at vintage merry-go-rounds in a limitless junkbox. Only cash payment to my favourite charities me frees her and Madonna from my bootclutch. May God bag of his wares to be so lowly of it. Teach of it. A half of it speaks to me. X

Looking to meet people privately while sink dries up? The craigslist is still outrageous and local plus hates it back. I looked at those '' parties ('poppicock' a pop-up or sumpin') those girls are so dirty to me. I used to use phone lines but they went away with treach. Pictures? Insane use of heart.

Metallica "The Unforgiven" Metallica - Metallica - The Unforgiven on their self-titled debut (1991). One day Jackson Browne...

Johnny Hates Jazz "Shattered Dreams" Johnny Hates Jazz - Turn Back the Clock - Shattered Dreams from the "Turn Back The Clock" LP (1988).

Nomad "(I Wanna Give You) Devotion" Nomad - (I Wanna Give You) Devotion the big dance hit from some time ago.

Starts With A Grave
07/25/06 1623
"We know you're busy with other collicks [callings from you to them, interests]" but one such reader supplies grave-making and at-a-touch: You build your grave before such need, not after such. You drive two (2) poles down into the severground as six-feet (6') each to draw heats and flames. The digging begins when you are fresh again after this and you make each square end around the poles [perhaps 5' apart, no more than 7']. In the dirt bottom, two (2) boxes of lime what are dishwasher detergents. Two boxes of Electrosol what is not nearly as nice as Cascade will do or some home brand the cheap store stuff. Cover and plant not with water. No bags - just you and me. Will help us live. The lime, by the way, eats cloths and rags up nicely. Find your own some. A "lichen" does these - a person who lives less.

Disraeli gears (again): For someone says "Walks across a desert and says they got there the right way. No - must sail to next time and around natural disasters of type. A fool is a disraeli, someone who has no reality. A black." - T. Halliday

Latest introduction by dance...puts right foot twisted but right in front of the other as stands crouched. Says "If I should stay..." 

Brasil '66 & Sergio Mendes "The Look Of Love"  Brasil '66 & Sergio Mendes - Look Around - The Look of Love from the "Look Around" LP (1966). "Brasil '66 is simply junk." It's on my little song list, and besides, James Dean "sings it all, really." Isn't that nice for him? An ensemble cast type-thing I was given in the head as review instant. Made me something better then after this.

James Dean lives on - I have him in a porno too with many others loved. All of the boys I like do them for me, kinda. Lovely all, thanks.

Too And Too Plus One
07/24/06 1719
At the risk of offending little heidi's (jekyll and hydes, black and whites kkk) everywhere, we think back to our favorite nimf combos of black and white males and in that order. Something athletically stout and a surer length in remote, if you will, if only to polish the wax heated up. There are problems and neverthelee, what often have suggest never say to do with off-colour white even if I like two (2) blacks pumping a flat up the track for every one (1) white somewhat navigating by pipes my values may are differing you to see. Some at-first cite the 'social' if cancers of movie "Brian's Song" (and see if Brian equals Abraham the latino mother of all blacks made you Mary, and if do). An unhealthy athleticism (a fascism or taking the best faces home to keep as in pizza boxes?) surely spills over in respects and duty for (never rush to or from - no easy in's or out's plus too), but who knew how far this actually went and into my own personal favorite of citing actual lengths taken: the drive to the governor's house on any ill-fated day made oft of and enough. Any barbour (having before knowing or taking too little soon enough...a lightbulb made us in the mouth and at a quick to play shine as brightly if then) friendship swills have a drink. Not two blacks (2) and a white (1) as earlier suspected homed and demanding of Arkansas sight, but two (2) white and a black (1) made sure enough (this may be inconsistent with what earlier reported, but 'no' another one made us by stealth and havings beyond not so noteworthy or called for again). The white as "Brian" was Josh Nelson, twenty-three (23) and an A&M football player from France actually - full of shit and asking for some with these Tennessee blackguards who were granted amnesty and play for it at one hundred bucks $100 a day plus baked potato "land mine" (that means drugs and sermis poop within 'be ours too' while cleaning eyes of and off of certain scrupulously a purity even). The Gale "Evans" (Sayers) part is played by singer Curtis Mayfield here who died on impact asking the 'governor' of France there to make his day by removing his hat. A drunk rings once and dies flatly with rounds of beers made piss shortly enough. The drink never ended for him as others watched horribly (plussed?) and he died ("halfway through seemed friendly" he says of me now - that means death only if you two 2 or more +). I know you ass-freaks fitting the bill become law hate this stuffed back in your ass already mishandled, but aggressive white management - the circuit winner here ended once, twice, three times - brings order to the court we gays made very shortly enough while inspecting the loins given of lightly too. Angry blacks equal shit to me then - see it. For just wanting to be on-top said - sure, see me then. Who then rests comfortable in HELL as number three done to it? Actor James Dean who ate shit in the mouth for three (3) hours while he died assailing old white men of this unattended but as invited not. The drive out of here and in 1966 proved uncomfortable with white daddies around and he shot at once, twice in the head for it no bother seen our world dwindling. So too see. A brother in the trunk to so say you.

So, no interest in being seen, no interest in being said as seen. For that? No. Keep yours happy and a lie seeking happiness at best you worship. Me before and now: "Oh - you gonna drive to governor's office? For this right here? Not again, you."

Confused some by the writings seen? There are no mistakes, just labels misplaced to you. Carl Weathers, Billy Dee Williams - it's all the same to me, Star Wars.
Gerald Ford the other - his son who played little league football with us (initials "CP") was exclusively pretty growing up out-front.  

Siouxsie And the Banshees "Cities In Dust" Siouxsie and The Banshees - The Best of Siouxsie and The Banshees - Cities in Dust from their "Best Of Siouxsie And The Banshees" LP (2002). I like "Shadowtime" alot too right now a great song missing here. Get "Kiss Them For Me" alternately then. The first song linked is from 1986's "Tinderbox" LP and all is Stephen Hague produced.

Bad Persons, Bad Days
07/22/06 0108
Neil and I (to some extent) have been bad boys with some of the music here and see in it how we trust. Only about two (2) groups mentioned here (those being 'Naked Highway' Neil and Richard DeSandre and 'Oh No Not Stereo' Neil and Eric "Mochee" Connelly...hi other is 'Dirty Sanchez' with Neil, Jackie Beat, and Richard Linklatter-Dicky Betts) are considered by me to be unworthy as in-house efforts with friends unsigned, but he gets them up there on the iTunes being what he is and I don't mind delivering my world-wide scope to but see large cash demands by no one special happen. This is not the link to the future I seek but youth needs wealth too any way you slice it and off the heads of others certainly unworthy if at the tables of restaurants hassling waiters and seeking. Have fun, see how it changes for you. To date, and of course, I live with my ex unemployed and not with one cent from any of this made me or even indicated to properly. I hope to do better with you offering nothing more. Slobs all and at war. One affiliate member (my last service provider) demands excess payment from me to rid theirselves of monies owed by exchange. Fuckin' slobs - I told their collections to go fuck theirselves while I work on seeing other more meaningful to you. In the family? So what - I don't have that here.

I hear Mochee (Stereo) hates doing live as promoted to by stealth. See how all could if stinks and made me. Sniff.

"You should stop doing it then." No to fool - that doesn't pay anyone and for sure. Not like we're lending money out.

A 'basic instinct' is to survive, only, and at all costs. An instinct is instructions to made and in you. Not to kill, to get out and away from onslaught only - even if living calls hard. Killing or to eat? Just dumb - nobody has choices or path there. In the movie, she and others stand accused and do whatever they must to leave it behind...and all are writhing in it. They can't say they were forced by with ties given.

More notes: An "alistair" is a handglove with a diamond imbedded for striking with added force of glass knob inside palm. I use them miraculously and at sight. No sift to you - an actors rube or leftover hate.

Skye "Love Show" Skye - Mind How You Go - Love Show has hit the racks and seeks its legitmacies with you all seem new and leaving you soon again. From the new album "Mind How You Go" (2006). Some halatype junk on the cover insinuates me somehow we wait for the answer then question the need to know of more of seen but not heard of or well - not by me anyway still listening for newt. Be the first to see if the truly slight might be missed and by me if altogether. "Eat less, be less" she that how you do it to me so good by you? Love less said the oven glove leaned.

"You promote hate - nobody pays that." You are a nigger. Apparently my words pop your bubble back into a slight reality of lines given and thus quashes your hopes of getting laid (never once properly relayed with prides afoot and excess demands thus). Proper and educated pays me still no matter how my view to excuse and relay. Whenever I'm playing around with blacks in the afterthis they leave me smelling like berries, kinda. More than juice - berries. Note that to someone else you think to hate.

Whiter version: "People turn hate right off *click*..." This is not entertainment, but may be paid for someone hating of you.

this picture is very looking-glass...very ingenue
so see

Tiffany-Amber Alert, Courtney Caitlin: Turns out that our little friend Jennifer Aniston on NBC dilictel "Friends" is Jennifer Pecoraro of Allentown, New Jersey fame b. 1972 who shot herself to death one day - and dot plainly - messing around with her father's .12 gauge shotgun (family friends, we vacationed together - both families had babies that year we kept ours somehow - my father hopes still I'd clean his gun with my ass buckin' it back). I'm glad Jennifer - a wayward readhead-type - survives somehow, but with years out of the way making friends and lying around with others moved on - hi all visit sometime unless neut (not here with us actually - be born or remade) or leuring (not leaving due to hate - all held over actually). Notes when: Apparently, and new to me, and in previous notes made, Jennifer planned to help with insurance money this way (the grandmother reborn of this) a jerky story for gains made how hateful no more to me you cashwitch. The chicken guts-parts smelling up the backyard next door was their dog bitten once by a snake she "made" with others rounding out bit hates to you a copperhead again birthing ponies next door. One day, no more for three (3) years piloting this stuff at with a very ugly mind for a girl and biting at people her dad. Got hit again poor thing all mad again and dying all ugly times. Just for notes and having better. Thanks for sending and receiving same you talent me. The couple Pecoraros and maybe some missing were here recently talking 'bout success and having others over for bit of it snot but not before the cash croup sets it in the dome...the mother rescued me when I shit my pants at school on top of the playground's wire mesh sanit-dome. Wait for the good to say it to best of made it and but by a sum. Your kids did not rise you ever either, huh, mine will and must if to live out from under mitt. Brothers names are Ty(rone) and Brad*. Both still heard from here, made was Trenton Corrugated Products. Mother is Helen, father is Tony. Hi all. Smooth it down, be wealthly at it with us.

Jennifer Aniston $4,000,000 - add to our salary list previous "We hated 'Friends' - a fiasco, really." The girls really made that show they are the best - the guys? Fucking scary bitches. Is that real or what?
 The above to new is all dated 07/21/06. Find you own in here.

"If someone tells me I'm not going to be paid, I sue them for threatening my health. They [the legal] come in and say they have nothing to say to me about being paid, but they talk to her and straighten things out. One day I got paid of course and went and gave her a dollar [the person is black, and of course, and angry always still]. 'Let me know if you win' I said to her. She returned 'You can take that back right now or I'll have you shot...' to nothing more said." Better to take the advices and wisdom seen - for a dollar? What's it worth?

"We'll keep you posted" is better or then to close account officially with letter stating why goes right to a lawyer then who has more accesses to trust. No hearsay, and thanks it Bitch. People's expectations and for performances are important and when you don't match up reasonably, someone knows better and why. We'll see you there.

What was the very first new wave song no earlier than 1980? We believe "Fashion" by David Bowie...for now. What? no - that's punk. New wave is tapes, punk can't play (well) but is there anyway.

Top contenders to that throne:

Gary Numan "Cars" Gary Numan & Tubeway Army - Premier Hits - Cars (Original Version) from his "Premier Hits" or then 1979's "Pleasure Principle" LP. One too early, more about synth disco.

Split Enz "I Got You" Split Enz - True Colours - I Got You from "True Colours" (1980) LP. This wins, nobody cares. Maybe too obscure, reason it away but it wins.

But one knew what these were and then. Top crown is to me? Psychedelic Furs "Love My Way" the highest honor yet to me and since.

Kraftwerk "Tour de France" Kraftwerk - Tour de France Soundtracks - Tour de France from the "Tour de France Soundtracks" 2003 (original issue of the song was 1983). Also get their "The Telephone Call" Kraftwerk - Electric Cafe - The Telephone Call from 1987's "Electric Cafe" LP.

The Night Before Last's Dream
07/16/06 1454
There were these people dancing on stage ten (10) or twelve (12) of them doing great moves and all for youth-group with green and pinks in the background some blue, and as they moved forward their faces kept changing into those of old women who died as if to mock them or maybe still inside honoring me the thought yet. And you? Lots of skin protrude. Good moves though in this the snap dance of sorts.

our friend richard desandre met artist sam gross at a nyc publisher house signing
drew him an angel balled up with the inscription "not now!!! i'm dreaming of you" with cigar in hand, wincing
that's from sam (donaldsen) himself
"nobody was bigger or better - seek me not"
another favorite: 'first homosexual's national bank' with someone's bare ass in the night depository (revealed and as opened for your deposit...)

Notes: Someone just drops in to deliver a gallon of Stoli chilled and a newly minted copy of "Basic Instinct 2" on DVD...for Terry? Thanks Matt...and two and-a-half months earlier than said. People demanded it I was said again. Incidentally, something else came right on time and was the voter day paycheck for being clerk - one hundred five dollars ($105) made of to me. Consider it deposited cleftarly and six (6) weeks we waited. The DVD was $29.99 at Tower Video and at-hand, but will cost only $22.42 with tax and standard shipping to here. Trust me, I tried for it.

Lindsey Buckingham "Trouble" Lindsey Buckingham - Law and Order - Trouble from 1981's "Law And Order", I didn't have this one. It was on the radio all the time wrestling it with Olivia Newton-John's "Physical". I didn't have Soft Cell's "Tainted Love" either with all that airplay but loved it still. Thought about it often though. I didn't want Olivia's album just singles play, but like Michael Jackson they get you somehow and without buying in as group or feeling sorry for.

What? I'll get thirty bucks ($30) in some necessary type of credit if you'll only mention the Anne Bancroft movie "Fatso" (1980)? Sure - I loved it with Dom Deluise and maybe saw it three (3) times in the theater like the movie "Magic" with Anthony Hopkins and Ann Margaret (1978). I forgot to mention that and a few others and how careful advertising in a magazine like the below pays us well. Meanwhile the clip of "The Devil Wears Prada" (get this at the Apple site) looks extremely good and we'll get to that. The Meryl Streep character looks extremely vulgar as a man in drag looking Italian and as quite to be avoidable - a gross Sophia Loren type (that literally smells of bad breath-alcohol-yeast through the paper) but seems to hold no water on film. Check it out to see better.

Earlier on, I asked a prominent black producer in the head about making songs happen and how people really work hard to get it done. Blacks who get credit and leave early with what they learned are like me - bits and pieces of good things as credited where (blues and all to rock and roll - sure then), but talented engineers of white stature need to figure out transitions of one made to another and then having a place to go. It ain't easy. The guy says "a xylophone" does it for working it all out. Take the tip.

Paula Cole "Where Have All The Cowboys Gone" Paula Cole - This Fire - Where Have All The Cowboys Gone? (Album Version) from the "This Fire" LP (1997).

oop(s)! who said that? but now outta print (this cover the magazine's cover intro to a smaller white paperback book on simon & schuster publications? 6" x 9" sam gross cover - yes, i had the both)
the 'blind man' joke is here...a 'lampoon' makes people see it all happen anyway by living out the mocks made simple again
it's there - you simply see it come and go and in your face
'we fight wars only to see it living next door again' - to cherish an early dM being threatened to see fight
why bother you over it? pussy willows says "bombs all studio huts made yours at border and without warning and runs right up the coast to then go home (to hero-type sandwiches?)"
that was no shark a car accident made news...sharks eat the dead only they are pussies too
unless mine made you halfway through a wall in your home eating piss a starshine yet
this book gave me 'mutterperl-perlmutter' who can't win an argument fairly now mumbling their same asserts but under their breath and at you once defeated and openly
the woman having chocolates made by rats holding her tied and at gunpoint while they clean her twat into a heart-shaped box of chasens
"just one more of those chocolates - or else"
a gobble-truth for women hated in the grave 1946
i also got 'pay the man, clarice" from there too - a man and his wife standing at the rear of the sphinx with camera as their egyptian guide points and says "sphincter" the husband goes "pay the man, clarice"
thanks me for watching with stories suggesting homo acts slight, but jokingly with yours firmed of hetero...women's breasts as ridiculous yet knowing more than seen of - a thought made...
being a collegiate at-time made me
women never learn but say it anyway - just one bit bites it in too

"You're not gonna die over a fuck, you're gonna die over a fried egg. Just 'cause someone's mama got mad." - dM
And to be that sure of what matters made madness with then.

"The math is the mind." - quote it to dM as the crasp marbles dropping through these contexts remind you not to say so clearly or dearly just yet. And to know no more of it by you. While others more of autodidact self-learner (okay, teaches the self a foodstuff) autostimulate somehow but with others watching, the clearly sent of reminds one to seek at the very of what self more often than not so what found (em, without saying it). The person taught well knows not to labour heavily while another re-riches itself with rewards internal then some clopped off. You could make the very decision to call it all in right here about anything you made what new. Don't be dumb - it was said in many different ways and each time you knew nothing of it or would not then say to hear again. So call.

"Like two hands of shit - one simply weighs it more."- dM        

what's just back from eating pennsylvania dutch still loves pussy...
this site here toon tracker features 'all the songs' i crave from 'josie and the pussycats'
...but i died of a breath unspoken listening to it in..."valvo nupts!" ("open the door, not my kind [as let's get it over with]")
is this a joke thanks anyway...these died on the way DOAD not a one is good or in the show 2 franx
these are by rossi's - people who are still trying to be you as with will and rearing in advance of having to do soon
elton john and diana ross made the grade six 6 years later cleaning it up for actual have-sale then and made great humours for us too
in hacienda, the black is my favorite here on tamlas...don't ride it around town
we may not live up to our sends out for pizza but will order more slices anyway...if only to shitzu back out
geomodel forms rear..."women are not going to pay for this anymore..."
when women etz have small to clent businesses lumped up-meat, i fear i'll never have to compete fairly or openly then
i'll still profit handsomely such-how with smarter but un-supported women everywhere who know you don't matter and neither do they with blacks still showing theirs off the wiser of two white meats
in another hundred years of 'family-style' hair in promotion servings, the log-wheel holds curtains dry
$$$ (when i pay, i hear of yours paying for too) asks me for the most to be made, so why meet the very faunt of it said by me?
| --------- the givings and havings of still extensive if putts beyond yorr dreams but why seem to know more of the green -------- and still we fight to see how ends, if, and naturally without if one and should seem ---- |

"We're not particularly fond of each other, but turning outward we see nothing to be used or new. Better to keep quiet sums and know of their meaning."
(You ain't that bad...fum to me for I will swallow...each intimacy abounds...can't keep nuthin' but sale.)

found another good one of this star-pet while throwing the rest of that shit away in bags droves
your idea of beauty does not make me want to fuck - like you, fails to arouse me, others "that's not my job while you'll here up in but one cake"
says the blindman at the altar - "a nigger?!?" take two from me then eat up-ship
this is not your hate, this is what I like and is not ironic to me ever
why would I think that? pussy vs. zimbalist plussed pussy, black-owned black, kincode behavior, a belcor-blue, xassis, m-dextriss, nimblot-2 nor, xasprist, pre-litany effeldorn 
not like I add you in to my masturbation fantasies once or then ever
let someone else imagine me suffering, and draw out your phonebook of tits in the pinched parts of tapehead
i can't figure the rest out...and then whom made this plot thickener? by whom?
not who...made it from whom? that word 'fantasy'...gross
see me...a land lubber...sorry, to that butt...hold the shit of it back up in your bitch
doesn't that smell? like capers on a straud pair of skatch-boiled chapwicks and by rosling t'toot
fair thee well by lord of this house! to fair thee bide it well! well enough! and to be this off kindred I beggeth you bleed but before me so to be bleeding be it to bleed as no other will bleed to be it mine!

hate has you in the scrim pouch, boiling it both tucks it lappors and heals leskors right back out 

Chaka Khan "This Is My Night" Chaka Khan - I Feel for You - This Is My Night from her "I Feel For You" LP (1984)..." the owners of the night are calling me "....and besides the title track, consider-get "Through The Fire" and too. What's right for you ain't mine. A great album yes I had this too in 1984-1985 listening steady.

David Bowie "Golden Years" David Bowie - Best of Bowie - Golden Years from the "Best Of Bowie" comp (2002), and is unusually striking from the "Changesonebowie" LP the greatest hits comp of 1976 where I got it on my birthday Aug 16. Alot of good songs on that one and but seek out "Starman" from "Changestwo" or then "The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust" LP as actually to be first. Missing in action MIA from level one? The siamese-like "John, I'm Only Dancing" and usually from "Aladdin Sane"...I guess...they're fucking with everything these days: titty extras no one wants trust concepts, edits no one seems to notice but I watch to with care. Just one nipt off and I say I saw - my mind records visions but records it all fairly for no true loss cited yet. "That's your punishment for not buying me early - if at first. Missing tracks...diminishing sound qualities as you in-fact listen on...and barely to me again the sores remain me." haven't learned of it yet. You barely made the cut - see if no other will be. It's everywhere you look aside trying to own it all to yours as it rises and sinks pourn down. It must be your money...ownership does this and as some will owns nothing. Nest - we'll be cripping up old newspapers at-over "dear abonole" to please women who remained not honored with their men ironing then cleaning. Yours paid for that. Who stole out from under what was told to be expected is ours to see win and be for profit (pops out at away from ya, pops up) or a loss (less, but longer to be noted) cited but after tale told two the worls unfair made me.

David Bowie "Starman" David Bowie - The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars - Starman
Is about a hopeful reading a newspaper ad. Is God's about young men and what's in them. Also, God's reluctance to know you, another jerk feeling for humanity that is no gift. To laugh with at my unseen of cruelties is gifting.
Songs I liked alot: "Space Oddity" (is adult contemporary, a problem with many seen - will grow into it, make money), "Diamond Dogs", "Suffragette City", "Rebel Rebel", "Young Americans" ("all the way from washington" LOL!), "Ashes To Ashes", "China Girl"..."Criminal World"..."Blue Jean" others maybe not you. Fuck you then your kids are gay it's a hereditary trait folded in of weakness. One day my father found a David Bowie fanzine under my bed or around sperm. He hated that, but what else do you need to know less? Please, I'm dying of yours made to me, your way with it countless textiles ruined forever to be me. "It's for smarter people, someone more imaginative...the dead."     

Siobhan Fahey "Bad Blood (Alan Moulder Remix)" Siobhan Fahey - Bad Blood - EP from the EP of very same name (2005). Something newer, please. As you note, Siobhan was in Bananarama. Still is, kinda.

Update Said The Ol' Homestead
07/10/06 0941
Went to the ol' homestead (a place you left and wish you still had - maybe mother father still have and if) at 916 Hilldale and lots of changes have occurred yet. Most of the foundation is being supported in-place with cement forms coming if rebar suggests and just like a graveyard rests underneath but the basement is filled in with dirt now. One wonders with pipes erecting whether or not the water heater and washer were buried within (they are not, I hear). That suggests the rear bedrooms are cut off too for more yard - and we'll see. Meanwhile, most floor planks remain but many large squares are cut down into with new supports for some reason or another (a heater?) More later and as if and yes all walls have been removed completely. Overall, I think about how they switch out woods by plank, but the underlying work new is far more elaborate than that so see. Went to Santa Monica by bus (would be $1.25 each way from West Hollywood unless their coin $1.10 I paid) yesterday to have lunch and tour the pier there (they wandering there say "hard to get in-place" - "but sure is funny when boats hit it the cement floor [that projects outward]" - rocks outlying defend you only and with buoys to notice). Everything along the way there is getting nicer, but still is a graveyard of fact and day all along. We ate at Hot Dog On A Stick at Santa Monica Place, yes, and just briefly. Those ghosts there so slow with it. Went to Trader Joe's for samples of their chicken strips with mole sauce (mole is a pepper a "dagamolle" or round red pepper) and organic rice (really good! the rice is in the freezer section the sauce plainly named) I also love telling people out-loud what each vitamin supplement does for you while waiting in line to pay "strengthens nails, hair" (enjoy also their "Chicken Tarragon Sandwich" on a pita-type bread what I had yesterday and their "Spicy Thai Pasta Salad" with angelhair pasta and gingers I have these often enough with also their "Chicken Caesar Salad" etc.), Pavilions (for ice - our fridge has been on fritz for two [2] weeks now thank ghosts, still waiting on that...a replace from here ours was bought at the ol' morgue for $150 over some a rent increase and probably held body parts a head and a knuckle of, blacks both...Ralph's sells not only bags but blocks of ice how funny we had one days ago it lasts and lasts...makes little ice sculptures to suit you), got free cakes from Starbucks on the street we'll mention that too earlier we had their free-in-the-mail and now split into two (2) cups tangerine frappuccino...yum!...closing for renovation. I now know I miss absolutely nothing being this and sharp clean. Nothing at all thanks off let's conjure.

"You're all like Andy Warhol - with cents and dollars."

don't rush out on our account...another one had now at $25 per se
they now want 'a home address' that 'matches the bank's records' before charging even once - and even at yahoo! small business
no place to make that happen and no mention of 'how best to' in by-laws or agreements
you'd have to call one or the other - don't even try yahoo! they say 'no' or nothing at all to me screaming at asian talking
(i hate talking to malagongs on the phone)
today rejected another charge for two liters of soda the last of it at $1.53 against $1.56 written down - they needed $1.00 for the similar decline of apple itunes
i have a credit card now but why fuck with it?
i don't pay $3.95 above and beyond for this type of service...
very frustrating indeed steer off if may...
a woman or someone who sits by while you do anyway is at work here...
it's not the same as credit or your money used by's prepaid, bitch
'we [mistakenly] think you should have credit', credit is no rule yet
everybody has one and if you too

Grace Jones "Pull Up To The Bumper" Grace Jones - Nightclubbing - Pull Up To The Bumper from her "Nightclubbing" LP (1981). Is Cher singing, really. Other songs to note me by her and she if noted and at-once a starving model named Iman to direct? A cover of Pretenders' "Private Life" is due me plus "Slave To The Rhythm" and then "I'm Not Perfect (But I'm Perfect For You)" available else-seen. What does "la vie en rose" mean? "If you lived like me (or else like this, you'd still do it the same, you'd say)." Translates?  La vie (you live) en rose (like a rose) - "get better at being me" it said.

Notes mailed or left for my brother and sister by blacks:

"Lives for money? You live some."

"Has yours. Do you want it now?"

"Open your heart, not your grave."

A Flock Of Seagulls "Rainfall (Single Version)" A Flock of Seagulls - Rainfall - Rainfall (Single Version) another reworked massis or "stored value" from their debut days.

Mea "Alive" Mea - Ultimate Dance - Alive from the "Ultimate Dance" LP (2006) and by various artists. Is Madonna. Neil does "I Don't Care" and that's good too...these promote health and wealth among indies by selling less to others for them.

Soon, and as per Bananarama and their new album, the "rules of attraction" made here:

1) Never cry first (wait until somebody else cries - never will you be first here).
2) Never ask to see anyone beyond you seeing (don't reach for more than who is present, ever).
3) Never ask anyone to see anyone else (don't send people elsewhere, see to them yourself).
4) Never make anyone see something they didn't see theirself (let people see for theirself - don't rush in with it).
5) Never make us have you in mind either (don't demand to see us, ever).
6) Leave us out of talks not participating in (don't talk behind the backs of others, ever).
7) Make us see no other as yours yet (don't show-off).
8) Walk to, don't run (walk to always never running what is singular in purpose, only, and not a friend to).
9) Run to no man or child then (let people come to you, then).
10) Ask no other to see no other being asked (ask no one if they saw you or else then - no bother to others in review).
11) Make no one see anyone else doing or being done to (don't ask others to look your way, ever).
12) See no other being done with or without (ask no one to bother with others at all - it's your bother alone).
13) See that no one has this too soon or without other present (ask no one to see anything too soon, never open yours early either).
14) Eat yours, then speak to others about eating theirs with you next time (eat when asked to, ask no others to eat at then).
15) Eat without others never. Use yours to eat some then (eats when asked to again and again, be with, no eating apart from).
16) Eat not in front of others eating then (eat not with others watching).
17) Eat not the rewards or thank-you's of others while speaking (wait to be served, then eat with those offering some or all).
18) Make yours not about theirs and not in ridicule it said (do not speak of others harshly or without them present somehow).
19) Bear all hope against guard of it being for them (eat what is served, do not play with food).

The end. Don't "chew gum" or "say someone is wrong" - that's how to have a better personality and is not the same thing. One is for sales, one is for selling the self to. "I don't want to be attractive to others." How to avoid being underattractive to others is then a key here.


Radiohead "There There (The Boney King Of Nowhere)" MP3 (4.9 Megs) from 2003's "Hail To The Thief" LP. Got mine from BMG at full-price here. This song's video promo (at featured to me at the movies once.
Singer Thom Yorke is supposed to be Captain Bly(the) or the blinded sailor who steals ships instead of sails them home. "To see you off it" he said. "Nobody sails me home, then speaks of it" is more accurate to that.
Is Christ with one eye blinded lefterly or to choice. My song is sung by me only.
The 'king of the hill' got there telling people what to do, and how to respond, only.

There's this old battered king on a throne receiving someone disenfranchised and mad and he the king goes downward but openly "There there..." to the man and angered. After hearing his problem (and I certainly didn't in this listening of mine about me) he says "see the bursar on the way out." Well, okay the anger went "How much do you think I might get then?" to what the king replied "At least ten dollars..." and the man left with that (the lion ate cheesefors?) The bursar gave him the anger forty-two dollars ($42.00) on the way out. Who was this anyway? The aparticiple or half-said "there there" is a "sheltering from" not "a grave" as Neilsy suggests.

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somebody making and singing says 'stops me from selling mine - the harder stuff to take'
doubt anyone was gonna buy that anyway, i say - who interferes with that once it aflame?
rather a small spark of it and to you again
well, towards you a song and at that price...$0.99
oh, sure david bowie required a whole album of purchased online to get his 'loving the alien' remix Scumfrog vs. David Bowie - Club Bowie - Rare and Unreleased 12'' Mixes
all the tricks in the world won't say it right
we let people do what they do
and brought back from a theft made, and literally
'we'd rather pay' it says
or 'we don't want it' then


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