Download iTunes
some worry the end is near like ebay died supplying once need
all you have is known as having and but had for with
not half of your upper catalog may be is missing yet
the morgue-attendant screen is a scary polaris but may adapt you
change skins i guess...
that piano setting on equalizer works best at average here
a few notches up in decibel strength too from there
oh, poo!
i dream of bits of ru paul's show erased here
i dream of jeannie
i have a dream...i believe in angels

Shoot Your Pack Off Into Their Next Forest July 2006 - There Ain't Much To Know Yet But You'll Soon See Trees Fall
No, I only wanted over two dollars > $2.00 a gallon - who also said over three > $3.00 would be fine? Not you. Not yet.
The Devil wears PRADA.

Finally got atacked by serious-type ghosts walking with weight on my mattress! Sent them most to fucking roundabout zit, but one stood there, Boy. Someone nelly, but arguably steadfast...a queer versus a queer may both will die as stupid spellbators tangling with the inner-web a woman's clatter 'round the bend. These were right out the ass of it, too. See schlem be with you our dick-a-night program fails me roundly put the whole glass wad in the ocean under its tonal influences, they are none about some and say.
July sems tomorrow..."we just don't like the bitch." It's not going to be that simple, trust it to me uris sad mat clown. Made me own bra me did with tear-away mountain doors on each of hanke tips. Bites in under the armples, both went with and when could but would did. Ooo-if'n-the-pooche! Brask slaps in the rear of it pinch to taut once beauty is ampled and just as simply imburled.

"We don't care about Bananarama." We cherish its success, not in its followers in and against six billion. The finalists in the soup-butt bakeoff have been named and are also found in and among by you. You don't issue big gold checks or have natural hang-ups about women and men meeting at-once when heard. They know what more about some things you may not have said, too. A gate-person trying to get on their gig like there's similar-type impossible odds, each and every somehow still just raeching it on about and in you. "I don't care if you are this Madonna..." better to not pick up the phone and say it for less. "No, I ain't never heard of that - is it you? Gogenddreams...sure. Like Sam Harrold - yeah, I buy them often to not makes me feel like twiggers in the time I make one and eat off. Plates, buckles, singing-strum then doe-lay-me. Sing it out fast, eat zips, then be. A lateral note ain't nothin' to know - sing it backwards then zip off - it will fuck faster. Never during yours will I use it new. Both old and bought back to some tail-end never starts right has some but bones wanding around a killer of joy then send me something hard-off a pig litter of it sure."

"She sings between them teeth like someone was in there asking for it. Two of them like that. Call yours - I got mine off. A rotunda of blacks that hate ain't gonna help that one to be newer or to you and me new. A black Jesus like it was just hair - it ain't his hair, it's in his muscles the order of them when nude. You are blind to pigs, but see their fat in the wenchels of them. A hoglayor is them making one new, they'd say if one could and to them both the families at once saying it strangely and new then. Somehow it has horn you'd say backwards to Trent and Michael the first duped out of and down south to eat smatchz. Fuck them both in Hell - he'd say it once too. Be just as fucked of it then when you see nothing more made by me or else me and then you too. The tapes you're rearing in my ass heard you and would still have to say it better for you at-once you hear then say."  

What Is Designer Clothing Or What Merely Hints At Prada And Now Actually An Acronym Like "Peter-Piper" Or "PEPI" Pee-Pee 07/02/06 1757
"We're taking you down." Go fuck yourselves or one other while I drain myself of blood hating to hear of you even if firmly locked in another death-struggle with one of your season-pets I can barely hope to then see what's left and just for me. Anyone can deliver a faulty education, but I must add some and to fault commit my own. To cite such error, and in the way I've taught it to seek answer but on the way back down. In a song by Curve ("Weekend" mention too small, get it the MP3 at their website), she goes "you wear 'PRADA' to show your wealth" - what is that - PRADA? The poorers getting their own richers? Stuff only Elton John wears to another hate of people while cancellation is due? Not to note me again! PRADA is an acronym (or casp-word like "AIDS" made of only it first-letters to somehow mean it kilmrorrs "all I don't see"..."assumes I'd die sooner"..."amyl's intended dietanny suppressant" if it bourlet champs wit) to mean "please read and don't ask" 'cause you made your own clothes on a hotnet of fabrics and patterns and used that label and passed it on to others. We like it the idea, but you've got alot of time of your hands, huh. Never insult me beggar - we love your homemade foodstuffs, but I'm puzzled by it each so cheap at the hand-soft and made what hidden. Like rats in the desert would make cheeses but with it nips, we wear all so pretty but note my mother's prada below. I love her gaucho gabardine shit, by why ask who made what? It's all shit to me...on one day yours that muslin cape-hat sorelead with tip-tinges and part hood. Smil fact reducer: Harlequins or court jesters playing that part of past used to have one or more diamonds on their suit roto on an axis into and out of a pocket or cove made in the clothing and always black. Looks smart is damning some a radio, actually.

Nicotine? From wheat smiths - is burned wheat and it contains little pushes upward in facts and day. A harm only added in some. Burned ashes I'd say orange juice against. "It's high on people's list - getting rid of you." An old meaten stew a' boiling t-hot at pot-shaft. Sit the fuck down or you'll just hafta shut it the both up as your eyes roll around in a bag of kitty litter. No July - not just this yet.

"Peter Piper" is actually an "alliteration" (the only? they say 'mary mary buried underwater cement on her ferry' - no eat that again maybe not say twice is usual no), thanks it to say.     

Bananarama's new album "Drama" is here and at iTunes finally the featured song by me is "Look On The Floor" Bananarama - Drama - Look On the Floor [iTunes Link Maker Disabled STILL buy this anyway someone hates us I'll simply behead them and command for interfering, now fixed but hours later] - the sound is now BIG plush production and all. Recent quote "Go to hell - we don't know you." My return is I was walking home from Santa Monica Boulevard and two old gals - a coupla sunspots - passed me on the day the girls were supposed to appear at Micky's. Mind over or someone says "Psst - that's them" knowing full well that anything not written here goes on and on as easier to note and display. If they looked that bad (and you should see what gets pulled together by the rips) a another album on thoughts-feelings is called for. Other songs on the album I think I like (just in the ass-will-handle-it "we don't care about your opinion" -  this is not an opinion, and to be our fool once more than anyone should see but if naked too troop - an opinion says "i liked it" or the leisure-astute handom "i hated it" with no reason or back-up thought - basically a worthless shit from that what this is? maybe not - only your cheap-net of hand value answer would follow at the juncture set here..."you fucking piece of shit" my to own formal address what crimps you in the corner plus coffee a latin burp): "Rules Of Attraction" so aggressive to me to end yours, "Frequency" even if I tried what will to push you down, so catchy, "Feel For You" the title almost grabs at it the bronze with it some silver...the rest I pretty much hated hearing even by one. Why make more good at it just to be paid same? Not like anyone gets better with all knowing in-hand but shames other out noise. "Just shits it like craps falling in my hair." That's pindoodie.

Toni Halliday (better breath than spoken of before...a nutsy-type word) of Curve got one hundred grand (100K) to produce some dung on here actually six (6) songs and quotes them as better than made but arches of not cleared before being paid of. There are three (3) parts to a song according and to her meters with error edited in: the "visceral" or "lateral meed" then (she calls it 'the laterals' or is basically same) - what draws you in initially for hand-off, thanks, praise; the "nocturne" or what she calls the 'nadis' what lets you sleep knowing of no other need or what is accounted for
or then her 'quales' say "quay-less" what actually means "ending note to you to stay away from this type work, it will kill you with reasons"; and the "passible" or her 'promise [to deliver soundly over and over]' or then 'bonus' (what the girls said of her and as naming it else) what stays with you and asks not to leave your player just ever or then yet. With certainty, we cut back a few nodes in these here, but still sounds as if it's greatness done. It is a great, I said so. Writing songs is so hard I'd die of it...have a place to go. Take of ideas from but not gifted - so sad trying to live in that one beat-up nord of it sang 'til welles bipp'd libbers dry (until somebody tells you not to and then never again be to this one made). Do that anyway it's so funny to me your one of signature sounds - "you on your way now (yeah - back to your mama, same)."

A liveback to albums sensed: Curve "Lillies Dying" Curve - Doppelganger - Lillies Dying from 1992's "Doppelganger" LP or then ghost-type double seen and be heard. Love this anyway a calling to and from and afar. You just sit tight, Nector.

Please...the blonde girl of Bananarama looks just like Kent Gearhiser (some people hate me mentioning their name the first hit "The Wild Life" (if say the artor siobhan: they didn't play it my way - for up in the ass) from the rask movie "Something Stupid" look it up - can you believe it? this is my hate box and true a love of it...fear I say too do the foghorn-legwork, I'll provide the yucks...remember me I hated what of each this too...and said so but right and as if to you and then was quite often...not again!...not this!...not to me! I question of yours only, you respond favorably but to our massing of it slass retort) my erstwhile friend who begged me come to Hawaii for what, sex? No - you see about that here first (my friends trap me in hellholes nesting with their lovers no eggs yet - no can do, I lie there and reverse-pray for heaven's niggers to rain down on us as primals and tabble it all but with their death sorts 'dear god please if only one of your lowly niggers will make do with me' over and out lord yet may be unto me under it a truth "you're going to hell" seems if has-been, will never hafta go again since rests comfortably but aloud sifts then sorts a tross of spatz danglers in titty divine). Moreover, are your friends accusing you of coming down in price just because you stop and think 'maybe not'....what a joke I'll dei first. As fat and surly as I am I'll never admit you just got to watch me, really, an exhibitionist coupled with an underwear fiend. I get tired fast anyway waiting around for visits. Look on the's like meeting someone out at night in Philly - "You live in Delaware home of nearly eight-fifths of all American corporation due to no business affair taxes? Alright, I'll go."

Nobody wants you anyway.

This here written out in pure feelings on 06/30/06...the roomie got paid today if the first happens on a Saturday...we'll be dipping in and out.

Coupled with "Sansbury" and what they mean:
"sansbury" as with "yes but without you" and you "buried [somewhat] afterward [or forgotten]" : "can't get away fast enough although they talk to you...";
"astbury" as in "ashes left" : "changes you, then leaves for you dead...";
"salisbury" as "saves less of it" a "salist" is an undertaker in France : "not what you wanted to see in meats, not revealed either; left on the side...";
"woodbury" as rots in this "burns to get over this and leave you for dead";
"tinderbury" is "makes room for no other as already sighted by you, then leaves";
"canterbury" is "makes harms to you, then issues leaves for theirselves" as a "canter" retells of you - no past is or will be repaired here;
"winterbury" makes it apparent "you are not wanted, then leaves you" for fact of having seen;
"cadbury" asks no other for anything not theirs "opens no new doors" either - a jerk to know for stages of income and travel;
"tymbury" makes others tell everything about theirselves, but uses no others for foundry or for knowing you - abuses tale with too much relayed by one other is at near;
"sisbury" is "no one makes us this, we made us this - be attractive to else as new then" or be seen losing to it again;
"talmbury" is when no one talks to the fourth or fifth reasons why we wouldn't say or have it known - we talc of you then, or powder it off;
"bunderbury" reasons us as new people not knowing and not needing to know - halts our prides when speaking of firsts made to self;
"calisbury" found someone new aching and in-need - we saw it too and let them die of it with you;
"centarbury" reorganizes our faiths in breadths or tones made us - will not ask us twice to move but will move theirselves it said.

- or then 'the very syspur' or silent key to of it -

eats without you seeing
calls first to see if you're there as avoids you
won't eat again here
burning to leave this out again not here said once more
won't speak won't say not to you heard speaking over it me
hurts to be here can we leave i hate seeing that here with me again a person i hate is here too
eats with no fork, makes you sad you entered a pig's den
won't make you happy ever says it too
tells the time to remind you i'm not interested in being for this and here with it
walks the street eating gloves or stealing and concealing
won't make amends, hates you any way you slice it up
eats with fish however little it takes to get away from this eating of mine seen...won't be acknowledged by anyone or runs for it away...drugs of, the use
shoots from the hip as won't art itself...speaks of others leaving too for it being asked of...a jew only
asks others 'not to' all the waiting for you to arrive properly and as newly seen again to brand them upward as you then

all the more some...none to be as later...there are fourteen (14) only and this.

Apple iTunes

Gino Vannelli "Hurts To Be In Love" Gino Vannelli - These Are the Days - Hurts to Be In Love from 2005's "These Are The Days" LP...originally from the "Black Cars" LP (1985) your kiss is like a half-opened door. The album title is about "blacks...they get the job done for it."

more and more
your kiss is like a half opened door
i can't get in
you stop me just before I begin
and it hurts to be in love
when you never get enough
oh it hurts to be in love

this endless urge
keeps my body right on the verge
we touch and then
i wanna do it all over again

and it hurts to be in love
when you only want me half as much
i tell you it hurts to be in love

i'm always worried you think I'm pushing too hard
oh baby it hurts me when you tell me I'm going to far

we touch and then
i wanna do it all over again
and it hurts to be in love
when you only want me half as much
i tell you it hurts to be in love
it hurts
baby it hurts
it hurts

Electric Light Orchestra "The Fall" Electric Light Orchestra - Xanadu - The Fall from the "Xanadu" soundtrack LP (1980). Also, the title track "Xanadu" and then "Magic" both with Olivia Newton-John never stop getting heard here "Suddenly". What is "Xanadu"? "As we approach greatness we are here" it says. What's on the way, in Swahil.

Pet Shop Boys "Sodom (Trentemoller Mix)"
Pet Shop Boys - Fundamentalism - Sodom (Trentroller Mix) from the "Fundamentalism" EP (2006)...." i lived a quiet life | no stranger to champagne "...'if i lived in this quiet time, it's because no one had its shame'? No, that's F. Scott Fitzgerald doing his versions of rhyme to the queen so she could read easier (dyslexic or something). The song continues their fabulous first-part quote into nothing hardy if it seems and by Lime " i never dared to venture out to cities or the plain(s) " - something like that, Faggot. I asked mind over to supply the next line of the song, the first being so good as just heard and I singing along with it over and over. With such error now heard overhead the specifics drain me down daily with certain sorrows, the "no sale" is yours too. Thanks again for all beauty's sake...I can't believe you'd tour. "We're not you sitting around with half a mind" if by Tennant. You'll see it all come to be before you when and after, if not just before saying. "It's a one page quote from you all the time." Agree to must see. Couple two (2) things readily: no interest in present typing, saying...many thoughts bits pieces. The space to from your own is here plus many a ridicule. At least I didn't pay anyone to say it for you. That's with yours shorting it out. Real intent? A synthesis by you something bitten out made great when.

Someone always knows better but before me, huh.

This past week such sees the remnants of Bananarama (no, '7' is not God's number - I'd know that too) and maybe Gwyneth Paltrow visiting my rooftop pool with no others barely around but me getting a little high if. Someone is nuts if not all. Have enough nerve for that, say 'hi'. Unless you seek speak to it from you you'll burn in nature's time. How could one person possibly matter? You see this. Meanwhile clouds drop, the dark speaks of being florid and alive, grounds raising, pools reshaping lifting turning and someone better fucking get out fast with words unsaid. Please, we stock doubles 'til no bother but me is seen...sure it's you...but not really. Hi then.

For other, I've been playing with Dionys, the reshaping plant king, and a new one called 'Cistern' (um, for 'sees and takes' - no one else sees then after) what starts fires and contains them too an angel-type rising with black plumes at night and then there's a 'v' shape kinda. Others coming going all nutsy talk. I hadda look hard for Cistern during the day (all sparkles loud at night) but found that posing as the loud froms of a palm tree nearby and sure enough. Then a whole Roman palazzo was raising in the distance seen from rooftop...

Genesis "In Too Deep" Genesis - Invisible Touch - In Too Deep another moody blue from a favorite group of mine as raised. From the "Invisible Touch" LP (1986) yes I had that too on issue like "Abacab" the self-titled one I stole from a neighbor.

Staind "Right Here" Staind - Chapter V - Right Here from the "Chapter V" LP (2005). Just heard this overhead eating out and liked it enough to say. Mention again "It's Been Awhile"...some made as some I liked singing it well, but that one ending verse about the father - I leave that out as junk added in some or someone made someone else not me.

Queen "Get Down, Make Love" Queen - News of the World - Get Down, Make Love from 1977's "News Of The World" LP an over-the-top album art see the bridge so strange with flexes. I just found out David Cassidy (remembering yes that The Partridge Family is largely Queen) is Randy Hart (actress Kate Hudson) himself. Die. The space-age techno-nonical sounds in the bridge are a black-and-white television signal put through a basic sound monitor - waves and waves plus offset add  in plus its splurge. Light converts to sound matter of electrical nature through tubes - and that's all and now is good to know of. The end of the national anthem at night's end on tv, a plane flying just as overhead, and some hotelier ad coming and going of are two of the sounds said and in there from stock tapes. Thought you should know.

Q: Disraeli gears? What control sleep and orgasm to some. While sleep occurs, no thoughts of sex. Simply stupid and indian in thought (they don't have orgasms with drugs all the time and so say). A taking waiting to happen.

my mother as connie francis thanks universal for their time, effort $35
circa (circle it as) 1957 at a restaurant in plains, new york - leonardo's 'of sicily' they say once (or two times then...)
connie spent nineteen hundred dollars on this affair...she wed a doctor falsely for promo - todd henkins
todd died of hate (is her brother, really - paul pivarnik)
paul somb

more: no one else got to play new york's ballroom as this where she played...she is staffed only, not yours
new york's ballroom is 'the promenade', 'the roseland', and 'max's kansas city' 
she died soon enough fucking around with elvis 'her returned brother' she said
she had to come to dinner now
she wouldn't come
neither would he, but so what - they're here and better for it all i'd say
'beige' was her agent by the way aka max factor then and now...never been to club beige this from odyssey gay labor mag thanks again
i hate people...and still i hate them...'we don't care what you think, you are a loser' - quote me instead: one off word here buys it in you can't pay yet

i'm not going to apologize for 'romancing the stone' - hitting on people who don't want you
this is god-type stuff to you - more than you know to see as perhaps suggested to me later
see someone else then later is too

Jermaine Jackson plus Devo "Let Me Tickle Your Fancy" Jermaine Jackson - 100% Motown: '80s - Let Me Tickle Your Fancy a revisit due to call...the dick below is in no error here - no edit suits us, a small claim rests, more later...grow the fuck up better people everywhere

why? where were you?
had another bad idea involving me and my mind - what if you could see what i see...the color red-blue, and not just a gussied up gray leisure?
these are what i like at first and thoroughly - when you look up this is mine taken
some say i keep a list of the good ones for later not now and then later
well, okay just i say that
more then as i see more of we both eat dog food?
i wouldn't eat me either...
but ass is not your ass...what if i were interested in you somehow?
it matters not
p.s. you poor bitch...ever me
p.s. get nothing here - i have yours
p.s. again - 'papi' was made beautiful to me by some guy i really dig...real hurtful..awfully cute too
you're never good enough for that...spic

and now one of yours enters the room how sees and i quit...every pleasure tainted
i still won't do the right things
not for essay

this is god again - a match made in heaven both animated with anal-glues and lomb goulper
she is simply gross - he still loves her somehow even though they never met a world comes together on it and inside
'better than being with you' he says while shitting on me and nearby
that's the point - keep choosing the easy stuff and i'll never stop glorying myself grapes with you at-hand
let's face it - you can't get this stuff to happen even if you wanted it and just for me
close the lid...apparently she still can't keep her man
not like i happy in it
dying is still just living - another jerk-off to you so easy to impress with linking and no value
she is the dead left to sort her ass out with nothing mine given - i toss it the fuck out at-word, they bring it back at hundreds costed the pound
learn to let go, nigger
i did...fuck 'em
you had to see that though and out-front - my best joke ever like fds...
for dat smell!
find da source!
finally, do something!
'sars' still aids really, same...ask if dying still
signed, mean +  afraid you won't love me if you know much more
i need passion...and the girl's simply got it
now fuck that, bitch
obviously, i don't want it...made damn sure the ministers
saw that pilot washed his hands, and made seal his fate
so to choose this life
if he dares, and then wills to choose
a fate made of mind and of our memory while being it to half-made
i choose while a choice is to be made
he who argued to that accepts his fate
think lots of it...lots and lots

(...the poster is loosely quote from gorillaz's 'dare' video...on god watching someone else he can't stand saying as from above and captive...)

Simply The Filthiest Movie Ever 06/15/05 1053
Simply the most "controversial movie ever made" to me per Entertainment Weekly of June 16? From 1996, "Kissed" takes top crown here - that nightmare woman fucking embalmed corpses with crooner Sarah MacLachlan playing in the background. Finished off her career of lovings it did and I quote myself "You can't even rest in peace without some woman climbing all over you." Most ridiculous is her male counterpart - barely loved-wanted by this insane, creepy english dyke (hates men for not being able to be who they are in life - is real - waits at the shoreline for them, a siren, is of hate) in maidenform playing with dead birds and at all - who decides to kill himself with her assist and after talking it all over no cancer or nothing no note just idiots 'where is the rain?' Truth, an idiot's guide home before talking to you. She cares of it not once done as by hanging, I guess, and somehow carries on with this idiocy of hers like she knows. Now others mentioned and I agree with:
"Caligula" - pretty mean stuff about Romans and discharging facts; really a porno by Penthouse's Bob Guccione is hard on the eye with machines of murder, sperm dripping. I remember from watching in the late 80's early 90's...Malcolm McDowell as ruler fisting a hearty male to be wed but with his permission with white pig fat and big gold ring on as woman watched - a real jealousy ensues. This big wall of murals powered by people pedaling mows over a field with offenders buried up to their necks in dirt - a whisking wing blade on the bottom twice over snatches the head off, the wall pushes it away. Some old man (perhaps yes John Gielgud) pleasures himself into a bowl publicly as in front of thee but shadow mewing...gross and convincing this way...raging disease, others not welcome, insane hate for others and all in the open robe setting anyone valued. Simply nutsy and without more technologies coming in how best to exclude you by vision. Like niggers say "you don't need that" is heard often enough. You honored people too well. This is historical - a fact of day made by Heaven.

"Do The Right Thing" - junk by Spike Lee adds in do what blacks tell you or see your pizza parlors burned down - junk. Spike Less is a real person, yes - he was on the elevator with us one night at Mondrian here in LA. I was going to a party in the hotel here on Sunset. The movie I paid to see - hated it, its conclusions. Blacks are always the same - working for whites who hate people making choice real. See this not. Is Madonna culture just having and saying but at world prompt. Ours said. P.S. You ask the mob (Catholic archdiocese of fathers, a protect of value to you said) permission to serve a pizza to anyone - they'll fucking kill you over lawyers. They killed this.

Adds: "Pink Flamingos" by John Waters and with the talents of Divine. Simply filthy, I objected strongly on first viewing at a friend's house...but bought it later for entertaining guests as unruly for a punch in the head and us more grown up, finally. Young people are simply stupid too and like me will stop taking stands against theirself in not knowing anything too well or for too long (impress me and will have sex). I don't want that around either with you now a demon as. You can be with this...and so what?  Grow into it...and to see why you and your friends wouldn't or shouldn't do this as simply not good showing hometown rowdies acting rich like gays do ('oh, your parents bought you this? tres impress me)? You are not good without top people helping but okay. "In-fact, money is everything and to truth. Now see that." - dM

What is "Pink Flamingos" about? The drag queen known as "Divine" - modeled as a fat Jewish-type woman with a hairline that starts mid-crown - is known to herself and others locally as "the filthiest person alive" - a gay signature of theft and warning to you. On one fine day, she receives a parcel unannounced at her low-life camper in the fall-winter woods, her mother sitting in a crib but within and after eating raw eggs as she waits patiently for the "egg man" to deliver the next load of it hers. Once upon opening the box, she screams aloud with disgust because someone sent her a live turd declaring theirselves the filthiest persons alive. So our battle begins here with this other couple - shitty actors in Mink Stole and another exclaiming or over-projecting each line of sansbury or hateful reveal - who sell babies of mothers who are kept below somewhere in "anti-abortion clinics" of sort and type (this particular reveal by the above). Other nudity, trans-sex stuff, and what's simply gross as players add up to a memorable experience I'd say once to twice before admitting it's real enough the funeral service media-know it makes and murder just how. Divine closes the film eating a wad of dog shit and it's quite real she gagged making a mistake it's right there on film trying to please us with no job too small for that nerve...Baltimore and their shipping lanes sang us here. Where are the 'pink flamingos'? In front of Divine's camper in the woods where she lives with her mother, "Crackers" her son whom she blows momentarily in the film, and "Cotton" her lovely blonde daughter who whores for the place, and it seems.

"Does anyone die in the film?" Yeah - Divine has the couple that challenged her throne tied to a tree near her trailer and she shoots them to death, both.   

New Pet Shop Boys! The album is called "Fundamental" (2006) and the song I like first is "The Sodom And Gomorrah Show" Pet Shop Boys - Fundamental - The Sodom and Gomorrah Show omi god no voice! A "Pompanstance" for the 2000's - please use it to be. "Pompanstance" (a much like 'pomp and circumstance') is a song played for us elementary school kids and on piano as we marched into the auditorium and took our seats for present of program. I could never get anyone to do it again for me as unknowing what, but I loved it. It is what I call "a midnight blue" - or dried of blood - that no one gets to play anywhere but with me here. Deeply hurtful then to me now. It says "We now know why [we had to kill each and other] as all are being honored together in this." A caution yet to of higher knowing. You may see nothing of it. "Sodom And Gomorrah" two kings of lower France that wouldn't speak to anyone new for fear of having them say something else to them they couldn't stand. Says "get both opinions, take one seriously (as both really the same, but said differently somehow...or 'no one gets clarity'). Best said? Die first before having better here - we hate hearing it.

Other than that, Pet Shop Boys cover Dusty Springfield's "In Private" Pet Shop Boys - Fundamentalism - In Private (Stuart Crichton Club Mix) actually made by them so see. The EP is "Fundamentalism" (2006). What is 'fundamental' can't be reduced by your says. It is them and necessary only.

And the title track David Bowie - Scary Monsters - Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) from David Bowie's "Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)" LP (1980) was missing from the album content at iTunes for being too good to us, and if you can't get the remix and-or of "Loving The Alien". Get that else. I had "Scary Monsters" in 1980 yes and we have it here still and again on CD.

From Mochee's new band "Oh No Not Stereo" comes "The City" Oh No Not Stereo - 001 - The City from LP "001" (2006). My favorite song not featured? "Where You Are" with childing screams...these but mastered beautifully.

Is That 'Nigger' For Me? No, But It's At-Reach - Songs From The Voting Booth From The Glory Of It 06/13/06 1833
Tried to get a little bit of Gary Coleman's interview along with Alison Angrim ("Little House On The Prairie") and Brandon Cruz ("The Courtship Of Eddie's Father") on TV Land as bored yet but selecting among and only to get talked-over snippets of crap. Do better - you can laugh along with anyway, though, with the way they look and all. Gary says "they ain't done yet - but up for a view." Anyway, when people came in to vote, we finally figured out they could sign their name upside-down on the roster of names-addresses though I thought it improper mostly and some would object. Other than that, you flip the book around often enough after indexing each new post.

The Ballots You Could Use By Party (Keep In Mind You Have To Register To Vote - Don't Cause Problems That Day):
Republican...goes with spending only - no gifts of.
Democrat...talks about gifts to others all the time.
Non-Partisan...won't say who they vote for (until party time, that is).
American Independent...sways both ways, is useless to both this way (the president who is this says "we have money - it mattered").
Green...has money, announces it this way - a Republican usually.
Libertarian...blacks, won't vote either way - 'useless' some say and is cordoned actually.
Natural whites with money problems, mostly The South - a useless beggar too.
Peace And Freedom...pregnant moms from jail - wants considerations.

Mostly only Democrats voted, some-most parties were none voted here. A few streets, one hundred fifty (150) voters only, ask for no more though. I am Republican and one of few here voting too.

"If you were Democrat, you would have gotten more from people." Fuck you - I don't want gifts, I want earnings and no to thanks. A body problem is one too many.

How Stupid Should I Be? I'll Just Toss It Another Bucket Of Shit and Piss While I'm Speaking 06/12/06 1906
Not again...we're fighting with the upstairs again over this shit so see change cum, Niggers. And after just receiving that purty flower basket and all...who ordered that anyway? Thanks again., I guess. I also got another few reminders I'm not doing my part around themes like I'm just you - a note today from unemployment I owe them money for an error? Fuck you in the ass, Nigger. Fuck you - I don't work for that or you. See hate for what it is rambling on here we'll lock up checks, burn out offices, snipe ya at restaurants 'til you go away. All wishes, sure, with the punch to the face given randomly around corners maybe you fall down and go boom on the cement. I hate people fucking me let wait see. To your ass, Nigger. I spend all my time talking to women and niggers, thanks. As for gay pride, mind says it's moving all ghosts or whatever the fuck you are to a country in Africa at four o'clock this afternoon for ten (10) years time. You'll be made black (obviously a vast least you get to lift stuff to your face) at the end, of course. Do I hafta do anything? What do I care? I've heard you on topic and still see you dying in it going to hell despite hell. The parade I looked at for a while it was okay but I'm at a loss to say why I care or otherwise the place is simply ruined you come anyway.

Find yours in it and stay out of my way I'll fry your ass somehow. Hate the life.

P.S. Nigger? Why? Toss it all in the pot and like I do without a care. Stinks. Meanwhile, may I borrow Jerry Springer's chair - someone's sleeping on the job.

Fact: I stop the wind you make with others, cold - and I made it happen too although bored with it and you. I'm gonna make lots more now and always against the sun's light pushing in - you'll damn near see it heaven come. "It doesn't help you." You forfeit your only life to me for that heard by. Trust that to me a few more tornadoes why not.

Friday already? I've been recovering slowly from the fifteen-hour day I had at the polls on Tuesday (converts to $105.00 - almost a teenager and once gift - in "six 6 weeks' time" alt hope, but maybe you must also have misunderstand something here too - no, $80 plus $25 train per website have that ready...voices yet: "you're not getting paid at all" + undue affection - see niggers come to be with you, ours are ours, and our team is never seen by you and to trust that changes with skin). Surely the mite realm of horror blacks - the turnout was decent but theatening to add one more and be at-ease while little people-types (each simple misunderstanding handed you grows in human proportions to once dust) gather and reign it in (freaks or then le must explain grab each of reins on distances not checked once accurately, other signages, and the polling locations and unmercifully changed of women from nudist camp at the firehouse to 'too bad so sad' never to know theirs nighting - an edit living large) wreaked havoc on my nerves (should I put my icy glib hand on this serial faggot portraying at with me and be with finally? my, that's a big gun asks? yesp let's do it the wind did come and stop) and the simple trolic maths (ballots used, ruined forever, returned unused, some equal signatures, must all total back etc.) at the end nearly ended of my pollute. A disaster that harkens back to Great Adventure and the daily stats on rides - you stay in the office at night tired but dead until it all adds up right...fuck that, finally (Richard Pryor hears the tax judge after adding up what's 'I forgot' - "You'll get it right next year, Nigger"...and so will I bold-type face just snatches the antenna). See more playing games with out fast enter free (maybe we took some stuff home for that...notes I threw all of your stuff away - in three (3) days' hypnotime you better have it too and back, just East Motherfucker). I'll think it all over once again. I really like playing office, seem if in the finer prints. Skid_______________________.

The firehouse again? I owe the county a little something to add odds cash-wise to loot up and against their smells pray (then see it daily reconcilations with AIDS patients by these a yeasterly hate at the dying - a recap of finer points by woman-as-poothound stell at large). See damask I hate intrusion of any type imagined or real, and at vow. Vote over here now. Tally the results on your own self or blow you boats back to barge r'eal. Stinks both at me made one. Plush you eats down.
Edit overheard touring sounds open, said as if by this an idiot woman "These showers are open...does that mean you can see persons walking around naked?" Like retards making things, seconds matter to the touch. Be, but with that failing at it.

Patrice Rushen "Forget Me Nots" Patrice Rushen - Straight from the Heart - Forget Me Nots as from the "Straight From The Heart" LP (1982)...strangely and ill-suit, I don't remember that album title at all a favorite song of mine this yet. Pardon, this is not disco. Dance, more like a new wave sound - later than all of that.

Sunscreem "Pressure" Sunscreem - 03 - Pressure ('release me' to fool) the little hit I hadda bought on the album called "O3" - sounds like something technical, I guess at for you (1993). The other goodie here (note these as more than mere words can say - I note it to you for freedom's sake, being free of sad choices howsit unmade to me, stupid titles usually tip you off: 'xesmo', 'crappipe', 'the day is fun', 'both sides now and later', 'latin bee', 'the sad song' by poopie doo, 'skimmer') is "Love U More" an excellent song to have and hear again - bitch really takes off. Skip the logic break to it fact.

The above written to on early morning Friday, June 9 - all below is easily Monday prior. We were busy conjuring fact, fiction. Reading up, gay pride is now. See that.  

Los Angeles Gay Pride (wince 1970) is next weekend June 9, 10, 11 - now get that. Too late to make day. The gay flag hangs here with green smudge to discourage gay after-sale what gift Pavilions of last year. The roommate hates the gesture of noting one another sane and demands requit. My quote is "It's not right to use gay for everything they have and willfully as no one special only to eschew as symbol now." A lie - I gave me into the overall cloth pot and like contrary misstatement 'you never rule me' it says kindly and assuming. You know, speaking of other and of all color, lackluster whites need black and brown basically as slags to get afraid of meeting the self seen and maybe in harsh tone. Be that as it may...complaints rage still about how mean they are. We know of this some I work against white devils the initial percept. "He crapped in my ass." Again here.

Electronic "Late At Night" Electronic - Twisted Tenderness: Deluxe - Late at Night from the depths of a relative obscurity back to my hand without improvement and outward at. Someone license says 'get Neil Tennant [of Pet Shop Boys]' back. He's here in this producing to no sale that hat rich with it. From the "Twisted Tenderness: Deluxe" LP (2001). That makes reference to hurting people as soon as they hurt you (signaled me: you are no one special, once is sensed, is life threatening to some) - a grand of not tolerating fools you love although loved (some, none - a clarity is to be sought here...another pause at mature). You hurt 'em bad and you mean it too. A faggot, really is me I turn on you like a vicious snake never to sweatin' the road out yet. The LP a clever-enough fake to be you and pre-dated for your excrement and comfort a god-type song. Others to be mine? "Gangster" from the first LP " i'd like to read | i'd like to write | but where i live | i learned to fight "...someone needs to kick your ass down. Now read that. "An education ain't your right of way - and we'll hafta prove that." The queen says that to me now. Select you. "The queen's dead like you." - Credit one of yours still reading her own notes on. Like my parents profess, we don't make better people than us - we'll know about that. Ask to see us first and holding it but in.

Captain Crucial (a nutbowl stricken with once-in-a-wholly-unnatural-lifetime caring about you, someone sick with it, senseless abandon by you and to thus me) knows no one will be there to help you art out of feelings within. You pay up to be then. What's real here? You are real. You are real because you remember this at-once even when doped up...and you run, run, run. P.S. Captain Crucial is inspired in truth by Selassie ("says less, leaves") Noverjuck (say "noh-verr-horr-luck" for "never around" in Swahili) and then on to Culture Club. Was shown to me as a female black being disgusting about someone white who loves them - both staging an infancy with you. Really gross - all catharsis or washing away with cradlings and a stricken look. A nutpiece to be understood properly as shown to me in my head by the victim or one of.

Our walls come down...and go right back up.

Of Course I Came To Your Festival Of Lace-Thought Perhaps Still As Somewhat And Unsure
06/05/06 1108
"What if I got everything right for you? What if all came to be and on the spot?" Well, I don't need that - one more test with you in review as simply mental another mania of pure starlight nothing gets in except bills piling up and noted against that whimsical way of yours ...ever hopeful for the littlest bit of it said well and then what? Now you too. I ventured out last night after a fabulous weekend of usual therapies and saw my friend Jason Erickson (um, Michael Jackson the other white meet...all successful upper-ether niggers would have this dot option out but with tricks ain't everything and then to be that - MJ is mine that's God, look for it, who would you be? "I'd be Robin Givens...again") and his jailbird friends in their little musical "The Lord's Lover" (King King 6555 Hollywood Boulevard across from Hollywood Toys & Costumes - near that - the very clubhouse entrance in rear of) sufficiently baited for fact much like a penis is extended as collateral through a hole in the wall I've got mine-yours and it's always insulting no matter what I'm here but go open heart-open hand to your Deborah of threat-mimes trying helping me again as I breathe cold smokes and letteret (a broken up print-type font of sorts and on the breath as your titty texts broken from me a howling that keeps me in a welcome still silent) but remember who made that healthcare horror possible it wasn't you (at this juncture, we note town-terror Anthony DePinto a failed childhood open-heart surgery ours as Raymond one of our friends about town - where is he now? follow up? other? ours Gerard is Sal Mineo still...wait to know his mother did him up twice now). Thanks to Neil (you're so cute playing the bongoes), John Ondy we like this too (you have no depth...who is that? real cute...we are lovers now but you've changed see no Chris yet...), Toni Halliday (I like your little bodyguard with earpiece Richard thanks again, Nigger), and who else? That fat girl (simply a morgon in a babydoll dress just like Baby Jane very much an Addams family-type with false ribbon sash and just barely singing along while on stage as too good for it all it seemed) was a richness - pay her extra simply for the look of it the sheen. Insane goodnesses to me! I sat in the back on left view sipping grapefruit juice and vodka (the name of that? a 'wet beach' gross $12.00 but with entry no paid - hey, I offered no comp fuck you) and fucking with your view a closer video made by me while babysitting the video girl's camera move up from behind me then. But seriously, I would put a gun to people's heads and in jail to achieve this crap so good to me singing your own made-up songs about god with your dumb-enough thought-feelings failing in execution as hard to get it on stage and in front of people that candid-type asian living a white asshole's only dream the rice dream couldn't handle it your are no one deliver that junk to me anyway. So cry. The god character in this thing (mostly oddballs singing and dancing on stage in drag and leather while questioning fool like a workers union seeking more more of the good stuff maybe even more to me - real cute though posing and provocative - good stuff by Warner Bros. staging as signaled me - those naked (bikini bottom, direct-apply nipple patches of certain color, leur bodypaints ensue with word "shame", then "wonder" what is at-first "wb") girls will get you hurt and in trouble...never defend their right to be as me...natural, nice, desired of us at first - 'danger zone' I'm tested on these here and defeat you roundly with surmises say nothing to it again heal thyself) is really odd in white suit and smiley faces a freak Mark Hamill of "Star Wars" fame a real freak hi we'll see you later on that. Rambling here of course I stuffed in some ghosts on stage the virgin simply was there some blackbirds, but I thought the show was good and then I fucking left to avoid hurts known to me already (these people named are not free to socialise unless die...I fucking hate them making me know their showbiz shit making people have first, so get it off me). If around Hollywood, dip in on these private stagings in afterhours clubs kept from view, and really Jason owns this one with his father a boss-type and stars well here and know I tell all - so weird and fun but a lot of aggressiva fat female asses in the chairs taking up limespace - get in there help to balance weed off. Hollywood strikes me dead again as very sexy at night-day with all the right folks about - still my choice for living and being so dirty...see it. No, I didn't get anything in the data head at all...keep your junk inside you. Keep yours. Wait to be asked. X

"We are not playing to you." All we ask is that you be good at it, and thus a discreet. No one asked you anything yet, however, these are not times regularly as such and said. You have been paid up for forever god blessed that once twice three times on it and within. Give your own gift to me else and said. Give yours back to me just once if you said. Me? Let no doubt erase these to you.

People gave their lives here - remember that. They gave what they had to give without being thoroughly useless to me as that would be said and that's serious to me, Nigger. I didn't live like you do - I had the very good and kept playing you out loud. See that and keep your sympathies intact for self, the self will awares of. It all comes natural, simply. An adult copperhead snake on the hot road in my development said to me but after-fact "I didn't know where to go..." before having its head cut off by a police officer in someone's yard. That's really sad, isn't it? Like you.       

Not Again ! ? !  Another Month To Hagg It All Out But In Front Of You Student-Pupil, Pray-See, As Then, With - Or - Retards Back To Me As Only Inwardly Mobile And As Such To What's More Easily Known, May 2006
Do you think this stuff is easy the creative arts? Only for you and toward your particular standard of being. I have to enjoy this stuff later but it's pretty inscrutable "who did this stuff?" and all god over says he doesn't want to sit with me while I enjoy my own texts thoroughly after all manner of spelling error is corrected with leads to staring blindly until noted "what? the word-phrase-lateral 'penis' is spelled backwards as '[sees me, but still will] sips this' it. June, meaningful somehow make meaning evil plays to you your way with your songs and right next door a woman is evil as are all blacks another cherish of ours 666...that's what the AYDS-breast cancer-distended colon ribbon is too sixes that 'p' backwards someone special a fetus 'p' is in-fact for 'penis' something dirty, something about you. Fact: Both are beautiful to me but not really maybe not yours avoid broad, general-type statements like I do avoid lists saying your favorite what if you're wrong? Leave room for you. And me too...being made to know is still not a deliver good. Bring me no more.