This Month Ends Apart From Me September 2006 Notes Cast

Thanks for nothing....timedate is September 6, 2006...still recuperating from tooth loss.

"If you knew anything, I'd know it too."
Credit Cherrelle and finally. See ya November 6.

Rush "Ghost Of A Chance" Rush - Roll the Bones - Ghost of a Chance from their "Roll The Bones" LP (1991)

"We don't care what you did at Barney's..."
Adds plus "We have our own way of doing things [it seems] - don't expect anyone to care." - both from a fat female staffer at Macy's Beverly Center to group setting in employment application and noting no one just sits down and does my job. Shoot for that while spraying these colognes and to please people this way.

"No, it's not your day - not yet anyway." - dM

Devo "Ohio" Devo - When Pigs Fly - Songs You Never Thought You'd Hear - Ohio an off-beat song from the "When Pigs Fly - Songs You Never Thought You'd Hear" LP (2002). This about the ol' Kent State shootings, of course what really happened at Trenton State in New Jersey (Kent is an all girls college and was used by president Gerald Ford once to cite anomalies to press). Do it again my mother shot in the hand taking juice out of her car, 1963. Do Don Ho grandmother gave me his studio record from Hawaii when she got back and I played it alot with my new button down florica shirt on circa 1974.

Saw A Movie Last Night
08/24/06 1237
Saw "The Devil Wears Prada" last night at AMC Century 15 (after one-half a pepperoni calzone and one-half a caesar salad with drink and all in under ten 10 minutes) mean to me I nearly cried - not sure why though. Was it the sheer hard work? The elation of having quit her? See it for yourself. A decent film, but way out of whack with people. Blame the army and a jailhouse for this shit - so mean to people to watch suffer at the hands of a rude boss. Only some of us will never hafta think about it again. The shots of Paris are nice to consider...

Back by popular demand! "dainty-pu" milk of the masses - how best to say? Say "de-hane pyoo-pyoo" just like it sounds it ridicules in American somehow. Is Greek, then Emerald Isles (those of China) say it this. Both President Bushes were in Pavilions last night shopping...neither look it, but we see anyway. The elder one looks like a Haight-Ashbury (San Francisco sound marven) with little blue-tint sunglasses on and frazzle-type hair. The younger one is zaned for closure now. Very harlequin or rounded off - nothing to disturb or then note, sad kinda. Be polite here. Who's important here? I don't go around like that - I tell 'em my fuckin' name all the time "Doug Moon" it's on the receipt from the savin's card...why? I might walk the alleys behind clause when I look like I was just shat out.

coffee beans are like rice - never are real
made in the shade of it with bits, esters
bring me nothing natural, nothing as so fresh
like others to truth - needs processing, pay
wild-type rice is not real either - dried potato some

rubbery kinda is not mine, no

Coffee Talk 08/21/06 0925
Does coffee rumble to your stomach in the morning? Make your mouth dry? Going so far as to avoid us? Orange juice if may remedies this? No way. We clean your gut down after steaks, plumbing, as in the morning prior to showing up and having us with you. So see a wetness in stool...or else you may with us, no. The dry mouth, nervous heart-type feeling helps you talk less to us when irritants have their way and easily enough. We don't want to hear you. Warm keeps cool out and then maybe headaches say "eat something too" as all ours said. Drink up. Tip: A "poison" makes you vomit, only. Any other ensuing sickness says not to, not this or again. Ancillary or "asks you" not to. It asks you. More on this day: Weakens muscles? Yes, so you hardly pass others on the way as then too fast. Takes your time on the way to there then.

A heart attack? How would you know? You wake up in the morning and you can't breathe - that's a heart attack coming in: no breathing taken. I woke up when I was nine (9) years old and I couldn't breathe in the heart still beating, of course. Was that a heart attack? Yeth, and no. No. I ran upstairs to my mother's room to at once resume breathing and of p-neumonia (splendid pee waters). A heart attack passes down and the heart stops beating after four (4) or so minutes and no, tingles that is from breathing too heavy with sugars around the heat does this. No bother, really, but some you see "take it easy" it said but "make no more." The heart and you remind does not circulate blood, it keeps stabbing at blood with light product to make it shine and bump around. The stabbing pops open no blood vessels with power, but does rupture cells that are no longer functioning by destroying their fat walls and the liver cleans that out promptly. No body works the way you think, but okay see yours still. Food gets sucked in with original placements removed and then osmosis (this for that taking out). Under cell layers and naturally, of course.

"How best to rid yourself of love is then to love." - dM
a thought of you but as quickly is unhad
even this so expensive to me unpaid, uncalled for
"no one obsessives about me" - that's right not even for a minute will you hear
keep yours...
what? you haven't even paid for this
and why would i pay more?

here it is the alternate in lifestyle asking it in...sorry, pass fail
he is serious about his pursuit in life - her...who? shannen doherty? no
my cousin melissa as p!nk scarlett johansson ? no
who also served coffee and fucked in 'basic instinct 2' the cigar building is in here also
but see how downturn eyes a la dianne keaton oprah dianne wiest beg you to please
he meets and greets casually coolly - no other thought but you real clean
we are here no other begs thought she is loved easily enough see no release of tension
it is her mind i hate
she is not here - she decided something major for me but without me
who are you? a woman and just because you do the right things doesn't mean i will
i laugh still over this junk
learn nothing - that other guy is a jerk and see that
at first glance outward we see all anyway
crying it out over some woman...i don't get that still
you are not good enough for some purchases at-hand too
he is me never any good ever and to be avoided, really
and still the other guy in this the picture doesn't get it
after all nothing said is better to be said
all are gay, kinda...but lacking in it another portrayal fined
be receptive or else to be you
only is to be you...thinking at all is simply junk to lead you out of unhappy time
"this movie glamours me for money paid"
well-spent, nigger

his quote "nobody wins"
nope...when they leave, and as they always do, you know you had all you could get your hands on...
so, a passion paid nicely any way you slice it
to so and slice yourself
'i so learned not to manipulate folks [from eating of this type stuff as personally ruinous, sort of]'
a clever lie now talented, better presented for forth
still trying to have more while keeping to some
still i cling
no, never no

if a win is never noticed at-first and kept bubble
she'd be enrolled in what i call '202'
missing stuff still

You'll Be Just That And Again 08/21/06 0154
Be back still hittin' it, still winning wit' the warbucks wound around time. Watched this movie "Match Point" (2005) about a poster boy - one nice looking, one is afterward a nice to know...same old shit, but beautiful film. A queer-type sinister like Merchant Ivory "Maurice" (with Hugh Gramm - notes his erstwhile girlfriend the Lancome (really is Estee Lauder) girl Elizabeth Hurley is the English girl in the "The Devil Wears Prada" preview - the story of is penisbetweenus-clitorisforshoris) but no one quite that downtrum is here. During a pornobreak like Sunday evenings on MTV...that J. Phoenix guy another Moon (um, "Calvin") return to ultimately reject for wordsay then body. Two stars of in a whole bag of alter-films.

Curve "Perish" Curve - Gift - Perish from their last studio LP "Gift" (2001)'s in my head yet. Says she " i'm scared of a ghost | a millionth of the size of me "...not me. Hydra was here again tonight one whole head lying across me while I try to doze it off. Big ol' snake head complaining of my calls tends to, babies me while scared kinda...someone touched it a doubting-type thomas and ran right the fuck out. Please, we are real only or we are not then real. Be real. It came into the living room later on (if seems like a vicious pet of mine, and is) and it made me know it again by standing in my way. I had to walk through this flashing ghost made of light and huge snake heads with a snake body dripping over the couch from and to and it was damn prohibiting. Downright scary as alternating ghost made of light to near flesh at sight with weight that makes the mattress move. Hope to never see it yours. What does it look like? It is like the easter lily bloom yet unopened - really smooth lips on a smooth snake with a black ribbon tongue that licks you underneath on your chest while you talk it over there is only one. The head is easily a foot long. Sometimes a woman is in there with snakes on her head as walking around...African looking. Sometimes outside it looks positively "ganguin" (as turning, oiling) or "hostile" with knobs on head. Many, some, none. "Hang in a bag on the side of the building the air. Evil muss dies and then just leaves, finally." The classics are easily enabled, better done...speaking though, talking it over? That's simply rude.

Other Curve on this album and again: "Gift", "Want More Need Less", "Hung Up", "Chainmail", "Fly With The High"...others?  

Cutting Crew "I've Been In Love Before" Cutting Crew - Broadcast - I've Been in Love Before from the "Broadcast" LP (1992). I didn't get around to buying this with plus "I just died in your arms last night" and all like an old heroin addict (what's that smell? in the boxspring betty? the dresser!), but I like it alot. When Neilsy doesn't clean carpets, he sings some.

If all else fails, get something else from Pet Shop Boys they lift me these days still. "What Have I Done To Deserve This?" with Dusty Springfield and for instance from the "Actually" LP the hits are still worthy me.

yeah this is the one we had...around $500 in 1995 or so
had to keep that noise box down, damage the remote and you are just that fucked
hearing controlled says "hot hot hot" for a laugh being broadcast to the seeing-eye deaf
charged it all the same at 'the good guys' now defunct kinda
our smaller one looks like this too...soon will throw that away with halts on it
madonna says she got it at the "fountainhead" hotel - we talked while i was on the bus
that is the sunset plaza hotel where "people shoot off their mouths"
you're invited to take the tv somehow and they must bill you but cheap
continues "if you owe six grand, you might get only three grand to be charged to your card"
whatever! we film people in the rooms using these tvs too
where? not in your old room...uses radio heat and layers of
not every agreement is just signed for - "no, not you again"
the neighbor's kid over there...sure, the police academy and all

Filter "Take A Picture" Filter - Title of Record - Take a Picture ..."something you'll like of yourself" from the "Title Of Record" LP (1999 - "no one came for us" it seemed..."jews?" - "no, not really...not there are no one special anyway" ho hum). Then you'll also notice "Hey Man Nice Shot" a bad boy about someone in England blowing their brains out in front of the queen and on tv...kinda funny. No comment. Come see. Yes, we bought all of this stuff - hadda have it the first two albums some. "You don't buy much." This stuff is for you, a reconcile with, my path taken. "Am I someone special?" plus "What did I miss?" Pay the man, Clarice.

I've been out of the loop on new records, and to be fair the new one "Amalgamut" (2002) has greatness on it: "The Missing" plus "The Only Way (Is The Wrong Way)" Filter - The Amalgamut - The Only Way (Is The Wrong Way) - so should see.

Two (2) things from Fleetwood Mac we still enjoy or love to death: "Angel" Fleetwood Mac - Tusk - Angel from "Tusk" (1979) and "Fireflies" Fleetwood Mac - Fleetwood Mac Live - Fireflies from the double live LP "Fleetwood Mac Live" (1980) the farmer's daughter indeed.

1) That girl was you hafta track a ghost through the fog as no one gets through but you...a charmed hour and a haunted song. Check out "Brown Eye" look at me with that brown eye | what do want to do? I know I'm not wrong.
2) The fireflies are about contentious folks around you that light the way somehow with 'fight through this'. Never to appreciate for maybe usually they win, they all serve a purpose not necessarily yours but thank them one day by being good at what you do and silent to us about it otherwise your dreams of waiting tables astill us with fright and of. We'll see you flashing? No - they are us little dreams of...careful not to extinguish or falsely encourage then. "Whoever they are, they are real. They came into my apartment on Franklin - exactly five (5) of them - little angels glowing just like fireflies and asked if they could look around. I said 'sure' and then this. They are REAL." - dM

Happy Birthday Doug Moon ! Now Go To Hell
08/16/64 1432
It's Madonna's birthday today too if you'll remember (all of the fucking phone calls are driving me nuts) - - free iced coffees over at Starbucks until 3:00 PM! I've been napping today but will be out and about later for dinner and a movie...

Plithdate (say "pissdate" to mean "after this we did what") 08/18/06: I had to go to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (we have that new English Harry Potter-type Peet's now somb) to get my free iced coffee-type drink because I didn't get out until after three p.m., but it all works out for me with their little direct mail promotion - so see it. Plus the Coffee Bean is right on the corner here so easy, so fast too. Thanks all again hope you heard and in-time I never pay. Then it was dinner at El Coyote a place I used to frequent often the price seemingly has risen (our bill about forty bucks ~$40 with drinks mojitas a fried onion yes - I use to say you can take everyone meaningless there and pay for all so cheap) but the movie fell through so tired of just going through the motions we are truly washed up but will try again for "The Devil Wears Prada" or see DVD. While at El Coyote so dark inside you can't even read the menu me maybe blind, I heard about the queen bringing her dog there once ago and it crapped on the carpet. She made someone there clean up the first load, and then she did the second one herself by duty called. Whatever! My guide? Just do it all...I cleaned women's toilets for you after all stacked to the bulb with poop and seat liners wiped and if only to cover blood rags (thanks again Rite-Aid for along-the-way miseries by bus this night "yes, it's me" the toilet full of piss warnings maybe not you "no, me"...) Meanwhile, the fucking cable has dropped off because Time Warner replaced Adelphia (who dropped hat using real electricity controlling things so bad and at wattage) and sees fit to discount our tv (as delivered as carefully by black "it's your tv" no, would will argue that?) probably because it is "stolen". Madonna stole our tv from a local hotel and we got it as a spare from friends moving around a smaller Sony. They say it is the tv, I say you work for Product Nation (a black organisation against theft and using theft - niggers rigging your home and kitchen to their device, use of justice - all niggers, and probably from jail repaying society the right way no I won't work doing that sweaty stuff nor will I fuck on cue where is white anyway ? the first cable guy I ever had in Hollywood we fell in love looking at my artworks together Comcast so pretty to me left a whole spool of wire for our second date then a black or someone else as more striking picked it it might happen, how it happens with them else at the helm - play lean we're mean about these things and call often we are all really Jews some can't escape your sight of us seeing) and we have to get a new one soon (we tossed our other one a huge Sony when we moved it pooped after years of 'round the clock but is nothing special you can see grid always and I fix nothing by Sony so cheap, so one-use then drop it a poop). The VCR and DVD work, but somehow no cable. Whatever - you do the right things, I do what makes the least sense for me. Thievery and fixing does not pay these days I just throw the shit away, but see nothing special.

They at El Coyote [every time you come we're having yours - here] sang "Happy Birthday" (you dry fuck) to someone two tables up in the blackness and I felt like that was for me (again) - thanks all. The gelato with candle looked fabulous! What we ate someone asks:

Mojitos (under 'long' cocktails, tastes of a fried onion, had two 2) - her
Cola (some syrupy soda ! the first one is on us as so tasty, then you, and a single refill then) - him
Guacamole & Chips - her
Albondigas (Mexican Meatball) Soup - him he loves it
Guacamole Dinner (two 2 hard tacos chicken with rice and beans and gaucamole $10.25 if adds the soup and more guacamole) - him
Two Taco Dinner (soft tacos chicken, rice and beans $8.25) - her

"She" Terry paid.

Gary Numan "Haunted" Gary Numan - Jagged - Haunted from the very new of the "Jagged" LP (2006) - all are reforms with Curve attending it. The album is entitled "Germann" in space where activity like this happens under name and code. Additionally, I've purchased about twenty (20) things from the iTunes actually, and have added twenty-nine (29) more by roommate and then some more yet (he made his dad a CD of country-type stuff, I made him buy through my site and have had the twenty-nine 29 commissions set aside by nothing to be ours, correct?) "We buy [precious little] too" is the message, but much more freely of it if it's there and as immediately available. This particular selection was chosen quickly among adds - maybe you hear else more. I like this one first a real powermong. Hope they get the "Pleasure Principle" LP (1979) one day - major momo "Metal" is on there. "I like metal inside - aren't you?" P.S. Toni Halliday, yes and of ubergroup Curve, is dressed as Gary on the cover him not available or else then. She works really hard making this stuff happen from old clips left to artings, but note one-word titles - usually a crap all down the list - are not necessarily indicating here. If I list the songs that sound good, you see most all: "[If I'm In] Pressure (I Feel Better)", "[When To] Fold", "[A Black Of] Halo", "[Being To] Slave", "[When] In A Dark Place", "[When And If] Before You Hate It"...enough for now, but all decent and promoting of self.

"We have to be careful making money this way [something about it not being 'right' or is 'ill-received' - he's not getting paid anyway why bother it]."
Credit Russell Stilts [who is that? some black] at MCA Universal...well, shit.
I know what it means to think too much about ramifications (others, odd ends) and still I have not much I'll said.

When I'm Away From This You Try And Play Me 08/15/06 1119
Was having great laughs last night in the bathroom saying group names (music groups, names like "Fleetwood Mac") in Chinese and later-earlier defining all these foreign word-phrases on-the-spot after hearing and then restating them all beautifully and in my way...see what you miss. Ghosts ask - yes - I see them mostly as humanform blurs of clear (one recent was huge outside my window...huge ribbons of swirling blackbirds and clear - very nice about ninety feet 90' tall some to be soon mine as if). Back to, I sometimes worry that these words are just one dumb, rude person somewhere and not one true discussion of the intellects. I miss conversations for this. At night and with our annual celebration of selves seen and at-fact (what I call 'fool on the hill' recollecting the years no one adds in yet, sees similar jehovah's witness 'no one cared when i came' me too, do nothing yours though ! one large picnic-barbeque party at five years had others opening my gifts...thanks it again, Neil - actually, your day alone without work don't be sad expects no one will come to your funeral either my mother sends $150 cash to convert and a fine miscellany of foods again from Omaha Steaks...burgers, chicken breasts and other stuff boxes and boxes one crate) the air and wattage is full of stuff to be GONE GONE GONE from daylight seen the witching hour real buildings moving in and out extending platforms to me from nearby roofs, stairs you'd say. All is well then some that squirrling chia plant leaving huge blocks of self around so nutsy these days. Scee fights with minoritie-types who don't recognize supremacy yet I judge and pass them off back home in Honduras for that a slimb shot of cosmic-tumb fishline pulls them out, away. "Who makes this at best? See it then there." Or, tomorrow waking from storm blast facenight. Something little and linear like this always to be come. Now see that thinking alternately is to be yours however vicious and time-honed the imminent (surely seen but not heard of yet) success will fail at some time taken too soon. The indignation! Can't have it an unallowed or future seen as too if brevity. Thanks, Fuck - see ya out. No one I meet is any good...lots of stupid jerks and I go on and on in stance so stupid some lasting hours over seems days a skid erased or redone by edits of mind anything but that as taken from me. Nothing leaves here without scentings and as having been done that well. "Remember I was vapour." - Gary Numan (notes new album "Jagged" too soon if here).

" i love you more than gary busey, i love you more than dykes love lucy..."
been singing this song from the 'jesus is magic' preview around town...gays just love lucy...mexicans...the whole 'throwing it down in haste' shit marm ("she's just too busy", a friend)
happy birthday mochee...another sweet 16 lie brian 62
or then be else
more later...

Just One More Little Sighting
08/11/06 1119
We play with caskets alot in here (they - ghosts aplentiful and not just proven to be - show me how from walls, mostly a cabinet reforms a matte grey, how emerges from unseen the fireplace etc. - this was an AIDS hospice of sorts and also murders for the army lurk here a hostile morgue is underneath I'm told..blah blah one is real they lay on a table and transform after enter into no speak to reform theirselves after a bombing of sorts - get it and shortly? all real, Pimple). I stare and stare and stare and move around in sight trying to catch all available for see and this one coffin lifted on the stair near my bedroom - all is but encouraged, nothing else just artful...french-style stuff I fight to keep Jews hate it all - had a white sock of sorts ease flatly out of the bottom resting on floor like a soul-body oozing out and but silently while you wait. I lubbed it watching silently....then soap suds all over the floor! It looked like that only but is my worst fear ever - plumbing mishaps! I jumped right up and then nothing. A dirty-type trick. This place is definitely not for you off limits is so scary - what I fear is having made a mess of our lives, only. The plant king moves around and I fear I made it eat shit by moving here so scary and aliving sometimes a full indian-type honka face and moving around. I made a fan grave (a paddle wheel in the dirt like on the back of the Mississippi Delta Queen - real long though and not as big a circle or sweep) to suck up disapprovals in ghost being and it the man-core plant liked it like a food of sorts was in there. A reverse giving then. Full of jerks ! but I don't tell you all I cannot. No, I'm careful not to add or subtract any sight or part of sight then tell - it's surprisingly decent in tones but you'd see us light and dark being what it is and all are you me? Pretending of all thought of and then you get like geek-master of universe something silly this is definitely a 'no' here...there's lots I won't say of. Careful is not to see or approve of then. You'll be as cheap to that. No one really gets scared here except when a black tries to startle me a white probably just incriminating blacks, women. They can do, say whatever they want who cares. X

To top that.

"You owe money." That's just like someone noting that you're playing with yourself - the reason you do it is because you're alone. Rather than be bothered asking for nothing to be given. Read the manual, check the fact up it. There's no shortage of people who note that I do nothing right. Who is to be the fool? Who learned about more?

Bitch, you live on grass as it is the things done to you virtually unaddressable in heights of seen. A real pig for it is to be you have no more.

barbie appreciates your black vote of her, this and i'm sure of it
we have race selection but it helps us be free of you too!
barbie doesn't wake up and wonder u
barbie wonders why you'd say that about someone ?
why anyone would know that ?
it's easier to be barbie
ugly dolls have to fight for everything twice - or take all for having lipped
for ugly and their incidences of such, there is now 'haute barbie'
just a bit hot under the collar - now see that
only faggots love black barbie 'cahantl' or 'what's missing here?' to blacks
always choosing the piquant or mildly irritating
to place self within if not seen readily without gift or another to see being

Paula Abdul "Blowing Kisses In The Wind" Paula Abdul - Spellbound - Blowing Kisses In the Wind from the "Spellbound" LP (1991) - I hadda have this one for sure also note "Rush Rush"...its over. Look at her first album plus too with...I choose "Forever Your Girl" the title track if new to this one you're only decades behind time. I had the record in 1992 (somehow late never buys until sees why) and enjoyed it much. Rivals Madonna bad? When you live in Madonna's world every one is a threat to me. Blacks buy black music? Like whites buy music - hardly at all. "That's so good to me by you" suck on cheek. I spend my whole day trying to get little black children to buy white Barbie their first love now admit that. In truth and in time, I pale in this discussion and become white Barbie just smiles and waves. Maybe you too?

We figure out - somehow - what you'll pay for and do that (we in the business call it a "genre" or boring fact to me, remove once). With similar profits handsomely outtaken (your black having scored but with white we are Tommy Hilfigger and Adidas too unfortunately no woman-owned (sells little appreciated to same, unless steal) or black business (half water, half of yours made - some sort of demo only, baked goods something insensible ever) ever amount to much with fucks easily on the side - that's all you wanted it seems), we make our stuff too. See? It all works out. What do I want? What every white male wants: You removed peaceably and in accord with my own needs should you return but with your own interests afoot. People hanging on you everywhere make you to die. You can't just live that, you hafta employ it. It's that thankless.

Your music - please! No more to me thank GOD you're there doing that little bit so I don't have to. You had to do something, huh.

"What? You ain't never seen me before?" "Jesus Is Magic - The Movie" out now on DVD the preview looks funny...that girl has latourettes (just saying it, some nerve - sings she - and this stuff is hard to make, Bitch ' i love you more than bears love honey | i love you more than jews love money ' - she does it so good in the preview like a retard, is for retards but who has the time?) too. A coffin? Good points taken home. Are you protesting our friends again? Why would be bother it? So to be if, and to be bumke. Ur pee counts somewhere, stiff. You can't lose - be that for too a win!

P.S. That girl Sarah is-was also Jesse Hondura "the seamstress in the band for Led Zeppelin" and also was Tammy Wynette our country-singing friend. See it less.

One More Year Of It Says To The Camera 08/10/06 2024
The birthday stuff isn't a hint to reself (I'll get YOU something instead - now only forty-two 42 if yours had ever lived...tinie-tyme ruble tip: those round-ish candies are fried eyeballs - u just can't truss it) - it reminds you how perfect life could be without hinting at it (rhymes with "hinie"). You're a December 25 person still waiting for our tree to be discarded? Both stay for free. Just renewed "" - that faunk legend, the recitt name - for another year (1) at thirty-five smitts ($35.00) so eat that at the flap (see then Network Solutions). This is the business "license" for us as webmasters you know - what registers us and makes sure we pay an annual fee to know for you. Keep the change and bear it often. A "permit" is for at school, a "license" is fee and scholarship based and issued from a bureau of the taxing government only. See both here as "permit", really (no checking for absent details is no license, but OK!), then call it a "business" or "scorb" card. We'll certificate.

"Citing in reverse" means that someone takes your words immediately or soon enough and ridicules you with tests, illogical know-how. Illegal yet. Some - and is definitely not my key. See it.  

"You'd think with all of the name-brand products I use these things wouldn't happen." - dM

"If they come just one more time, I'll have it ready." - Neil (really, his mother I guess..and yes, it's about unruly "untimed" blacks...thanks it off)

George McCrae "Rock Your Baby" George McCrae - Choice Disco Cuts: George McCrae, Vol. 1 - Rock Your Baby - from the blather "Choice Disco Cuts: George McCrae, Vol. 1" (did we feature this before? oops sorry fournet)

Another Rude Displacement Issues From Last Night's Dream 08/08/06
Some suggest I'm not good enough to be Meg Ryan or in-charge of things, kinda, when stuff like this happens and still I reason you with - take it all hope against hope. Some part of me is sad, I let you down then I remind myself no one took care of me but me and my wily way with it all (less now three percent 3% [gay propers you right out the door my name is douglas thank you no] for having left it all here and with me to divide and distribute if privately and such no one cheats me outta sips from careless flow past and to). Last night after day and petty fights in the air of above, I awoke to the most inhuman of bodily wine stinks to see a legless yet prominent black next to my bed facing right from bottom. These blacks are traditional hellfire - a black ghost that doesn't face you but sits erect like a Stalin-type with face to the side and who will not bespeak you as somehow indignant. So fucking gross (scary) I hate that shit posed by other ghosts and jerkoffs around dragging in the plus-stink like chains of vapor. You'll get to know these remade by you alone in yours kept of it. Keep walking it in - I'm better at having it here.

Nobody came to meet this shit - keep yours. God sends you this in covenant and gets that like no one sees. Consider yourself saved in it with no further bother to me I'd punch you right in your fucking mouth for saying it mine. To ignore me is maybe now to see for you too. A cobra is then.

Meanwhile, thank God for the instruction purpose. 

love the cover art here see no more
someone suggests moon loves little girls
i reach for them so pure to me yet
caring for one real with payments issued?
hardly we'd dump
but a walk in the woods perhaps behind homes reveals more
i'd be there to fire up the mattress coils once again
or to be friend
a woman's mind is on to wash my hand of it
is to be fucked only the whole life
(some suggest having a dick curled up inside you is to feel a mounting of itself...perhaps this, no)
a girl doesn't have-need that yet

Camouflage "Motif Sky" Camouflage - Motif Sky - EP - Motif Sky from the superdillyicious new EP "Motif Sky" (2006) I check back for their music often looking for Camouflage "That Smiling Face" MP3 (4.6 Megs) ('all diese worte...' in fake German to mean 'all these words', that would be "al deurbt" say "ay-dand" for "all you say [to me, these days]") from their first album "Voices & Images". I have a rare copy of that here on CD and perform it often but is a gay drag down about a person you had to love with abandon but who is hard to take. "It's about my mother hating me being gay" say Neil. Yeah - keep that down we hafta relate somehow your mother too prominent in it. The electronic syncopies wash all away for me the music closes with machine telephonies outward and thanks it to not say. A beauty - this new music a god-like lives up to that nicely being heavily layered and full-watted. Back to, this new release also features "Conversation" and it is noteworthy too I'd buy it.

don't feel with this too much
we've moved on
a little vignette now is to my song
harold faltemeyer is here with and just inside

At challenge: The law isn't politicians and lawyers - it is us, our age. The tastemakers who say and to do. We'll lock your ass up and steal your belongings over havings to this shit. Just try it, Old Man - we'll fuck to you.

Men women gays blacks others untidy unwelcome...
Try and move across lines and on-top...
No drop downs...that's simple non-thinking kinda good stuff for lazy states quickly
God says 'across lines but to meet in the middle where you are fanning out' - 'less is more'
I talk talk talk to know better but recoil often in jest (heh, heh...maybe not)
Be that...we kill simply enough I guess, when it just doesn't matter
You are that, but I found out only after checking the facts better
Or I'll try and say it again...'a conquered peoples' is a term I but as often used
Be pleasant or we'll meet as often.

Says someone while at home, obviously hurting, with a black hole (the size of a dime?) in their face under eye and to another nearby "Why'd you do that? This really hurts me."
Another had a bullet shot up the skull from somewhere just below, the hole on-top now bud-blooming a pink-red, the slimline bullet that eased out now resting just aside in hair...
You could live on with both of that - they didn't...under six (6) minutes to be the each.

Kenny Loggins "I'm Free (Heaven Helps The Man)" Kenny Loggins - The Essential Kenny Loggins - I'm Free (Heaven Helps the Man ) [i.e., "you on your own"] as from "The Essential Kenny Loggins" compilation (2002). This all done from the "Footloose" soundtrack (1984...Neil's own story, I hear...zarumph!) is my favorite song from the man as still counting the others I liked fail and flail around while this remains steel. Maybe you have another lover like you have another hole in your in head...more: what does "vox humana" mean? Someone says "voice over soul" or "ask for what you want, you'll simply get it - don't wait to be seen needing." It really means "ask me, I've got yours too". Oh. Other songs to use here are "Meet Me Half Way" I like that one also. What ever happened to Lori Singer anyway? Dead in the water I hear and married in Arizona.

In Place Of Last Night's Dream And While Enjoying My Stay Alone All Is Going Great
08/06/06 1159
Last night while sleeping (if finally then) I hopped right up over a vicious muscle spasm in my left calve (that word "calve"...yes, simply is gross) like a fucking witch's finger stabbing in from back it wouldn't stop. I nearly tried to cry it off the end of the tucked in resisting any usual and soft push to the floor while strength heals with firmings. I nearly died of that. Will kill the world one day came. Someone's all during this 'you shouldn't tuck the end in" like a fuck who's been waiting for it after said. Stay mean.

"Hate has a price." One day, the hate (no reason, no bother while what steams at it) you curried to so no further and as with others leaving the table to no gain comes in through the dark or then in your day and makes you know nothing more of it. The dead revile in this having made this way. One urges that all who've gone down resist review. Countless hapless incidents involving other rounded up and sent butt-down for saying and believing in so. Ours seem a remain unwilling to talk to and again will have that no not again.

Please, bother to me be again not. "That's why you don't want people hating." Again, keep listening for this boil-out of confirming in tone before speaking at it once more but to be heard as speaking out and just for this once of what's made in time and enjoyed once but again again "I'll have the same" it said.

Says she who's been knived and shot bare by me in the head if countless times "I had this bitch [me, Doug] down..." That's why you're still asking to be there - so successful in ruining my eight-year present to you but other. I'd kill that myself and simply if could, could others remote. You'd be dead, bitch - take another look, I will too. Before sending to others, that is.

Dead speaks no more? To me they say and still I review with to you. To speak with the last of it but spoken.

"thinking is pain itself"
i like irregular shapes, pieces

Linda Ronstadt "Skylark" Linda Ronstadt - 'Round Midnight With Nelson Riddle and His Orchestra - Skylark originally from the "'Round Midnight" LP with Nelson Riddle and his orchestra, I guess? No - it was from the "Lush Life" LP (1984). I had the first two Nelson Riddle albums by her (the other - the first one - was the "What's New?" LP with that hilarious 'just laying around' stance, the third one was the "For Sentimental Reasons" LP) when time and consider it good living, and of course, irritating to by gay marketers of the haute past. A very lush life, Darling, poodles and all if living in a hatbox in someone's closet. Also note song "What's New?", "I've Got A Crush On You", "Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out To Dry", "Crazy He Calls Me", etc. Once revisited, get "Hurts So Bad" (with skurv or heated guitars 'like needles and pins'...they always win if a skylark lays dying to fool onward lookers into trying again while running away always) by her on the "Mad Love" LP (1980) I had that on vinyl too as purchased outright a real good one then (seek on else if missing some). Even better living a madness. Seek it "Different Drum" too my once all-time elizabethan favorite.

Linda Ronstadt fifty-three million dollars ($53,000,000) and as by request of her. She is Peggy Blaze's grandmother...really? Peggy Blaze is my friend who works at Universal and is from New Jersey with us. She differs in opinion, we see nothing of it. Stay lean of it.

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Despite All, It's Not Like You Can't Go Right Back And Have Just A Little Of What Confirms You'll Have Absolutely None Of It Although Agreed To And In Writing No Matter How Little Is Taken From Says Still July 2006
Jesse...for a boy. He knows who he is. Alabaster...