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it doesn't get any better than this
though they swear it
you get everything back
and offer to sell nothing
i just want all that i had
another phase
a vowel even
sees me spell it out again
my way
all in magic marker first
then trace in technical pen with black ink
as soon you're done helping me
i can live again
free of your loss at a wit
'hell is for children' you'll burn - p. benatar
'and if i can't have everything well then just give me a taste' - nine inch nails

> o > pass through the hoop to be held out in july 2012 - you to 'zip up vegetables and wash back at home' - 'cursed female' porno for pyros

see last month's feature again

virginia: that's the real general 'george' custer (real name is 'max t. weiss' says he's an indian or french lafite, really...we say 'german') in 'john carter'...the real one we note is confederate chasing confederates as them a turncoat really 'i had to win, not lose to strangers'...'then they cut off my hand after his finger was lost' he adds - 'a real pig john mason i call him he just wants to work all day and play all night with it'...a john carter quote to another man in the army 'i don't know you - why?' always checking people for quotes or money on the town 'here, not there'...'always getting things done too soon so he can leave'...'is not chinese but a straggler, texan ('husky' german) i'd say'...

went to the zoo today...nice 11:00-1:30 or so and by bus...more later

use mta's 'nextrip' to see when the next bus is coming - a bit off today i guess returning bus #2 (sunset) schedule to me - a turn off?
also my day pass failed - i paid $5 for all day at the wheel and using my own card from times gone by...
apparently it didn't go on my card - check yours when and if, you're supposed to just pay in the box and tap the card on it
this at los feliz and riverside the '96' if the trip was about the same as planned give or take with detour involved
note hollywood and vermont is bits east or below the belt and at an mta subway station, conincidentally

how does it work, simply? send a text message to address '41411' that says only 'metro XXXX' in the body
the x's are the stop number for each bus stop (just two stop digits in the photo? not usual)
the stop number is obtained clumsily at the metro site under the header 'nextrip'
an example is 'sunset & horn' where spago was heading east or west on the 'line 2' sunset bus...the bus stop code for 'east' or toward hollywood proper is '8062'
send the text to '41411' and it sends you back a text message or e-mail almost immediately
fyi, a text message is an e-mail with a number as an e-mail address that has something alpha-numeric in the message header or body that triggers a machine to issue a standard form-letter response to an inquiry
the mta's text will say '2 east: 8 & 15min' for sunset-alvarado then with other garb underneath
the next bus will be there in eight minutes and then the following bus arrives in fifteen minutes or so - one may in-fact come earlier (this seemingly calls them too)
fifteen mnutes from now, that is - not fifteen minutes later - a one, two punch
i write down my most-used bus stops as they are not usually posted and that's why i photographed this stop - i want these signs put up
as for phoning in, it's way too noisy there...a braille in the harsh sunlight is and however no better

then the entrance today 06/30...$16 each

what you can expect for a carefree lunch order with cheeses...not at all bad for a sit-down among client
any the quality of the food is going to be good and noted by me as good (disneyland, etc.)
p.s. i'm the cheeseburger, fries, and soda guy - and the icee they're huge with spoon

a pinecone-like lizard you get to pet (a bird by day it says)

a favorite exhibit is meerkats (early porcupine or bear then it says)

pink flamingoes as nice as any

rope snake heading north on the rocks right up near the glass

komodo dragon a full-on horse some days

excellent human ape in the distance like prison wall spotlight

heading to the bushes

lying down on the job however special...the chimp that died? i scanned the incident in my head
was lagging down and being dragged as open arms by male adult who whipped it up the side of rocks then it fell down (as facing, rocks-male adult-baby on left hand)
sickly, unhappy 'barely alive' the ape said...'dangerous to us as no feed'

acelot photo taken for great front legs it keeps standing and stamping one and the other skinny

wyoming ram

giraffes always present

a cameo of our new friend - he paws at the glass endlessly for me
the hiding snake was mia missing in action this time (one pet mentioned he was crudely bought up)

underwater parthenon at petsmart - just an idea

more traditional lanes - making these anhydrous ruins convincing isn't easy

you can have too much class...which seal is real (my guess or placement was crest over the handle)?

remember trader joe's (a veritable festhaus of whiled cancer treatment) has the most reasonable prices on cloverleaf honey ($2.99 12 oz. squeeze bear) and mango-ginger chutney ($2.29 9 oz. jar) what are almost commodity (rapidly flushed down a toilet fast as satisfying in monotones) these days...less than $3 each

commodity 'no one prices it?' we don't know why you'd want this, but there it is and the price only goes up to no gain - in other words, people pay more for it to get its attention only it isn't worth any more coming or going...there are only two: pork bellies and gold (silver is just silver and is not a commodity)...

Spiegel 55% off sale prices already in effect - take at register: Save 55% sitewide in honor of the 4th of July. Valid 06.29 - 07.01

'as nice as any i've ever had' - dM about the quartered watermelons at pavilions twice now between $2-$3

'again, it was good' - dM regarding the chicken sandwich from burger king brought home to me from westwood today 06/29

cocoa brown: true to form, i bought a new mattress cover from ross dress-for-less thinking the lines would glamour up and down - they don't now you see
this is okay though along with rubber pants surrounding the fox base alpha
ross - don't put it off i saw crate & barrel's marimekko there too a green and brown duvet or button-down comforter cover for ease in washing sames

note: california's minimum wage is $8/hour currently and since january 1, 2008 - the last time i worked hourly it was $6.75/hour...

spiderman eats for free at carls jr. on wednesday, july 4 'no spidey masks'...burger king too? july 4th weekend june 29-july 1 gets you their excellent original chicken sandwich for $1.04 each...what is 104? ninety-six cents (pure) and at a tax...

don't mourn ann curry too much - is just katie couric (um, karen allen...margot kidder too) in make-up - we like those chinese bitches like connie chung alot for being no nonsense but where are you - in alaska? there was a first incident-storm or something where katie couric donned the make-up and made up the name on-the-spot for cameras...hurricane alexander or something...'ellen's gay thing ruined my life' she says with influences above and beyond...if anything a test of wits to the above 'do you hate people when the chips are down?' and enjoy this stuff crying and all? her and matt lauer joked privately about her doing ten (10) weeks and being cut down she did fourteen (14)...they film goodbyes in advance...'al roker's death really hurt us' and of aids she says 2002...a guy named martin hamlisch plays him they reveal on the air but no speak...'i died by a gun - trust that' he the head while slept 2003 as he understands it...all darlings to us...ann curry fell in disfavor for mocking some sort of dancer while on a panel of some sort being heavily dismissive to the effort more than i would relay here 'you don't need to be here - we're done' she said as not being willing to choose from any of the applicants present...

tragedy at the la zoo $16 adults mon-sun 10am-5pm: from here, take the sunset bus '2' east to western and walk north up to hollywood and western one block and pick up the sierra madre '181' bus east to los feliz and riverside drive and then get the burbank station '96' bus into the zoo on griffith park drive (a plastic card day pass for all this riding is $5 see all at mta)...simple...otherwise take the 405 to the 5 and get to the much better san diego zoo and balboa san diego on zoo drive...a hundred miles or so a day trip...morningside...

spiderman = john krasinski from tv's 'the office'...i think i like him still...richard again and his parents' snl connection may have something to offer...'saturday night live' is put together on the top floor of the commons at ucla and is filmed live about twice year at chateau marmont...i think that nbc has permanent residency upstairs at general electric's rockefeller center and it was no bother to film but a season's worth of shows there 'yeah' says one 'but they don't pay for it - ucla will'...good answer a university sucking it up a real gig and getting smarter about it all being done for real...

chevy chase went straight from being franknfurter in 'rocky horror' to make 'modern problems'...a telekinesis gig

obama's healthcare threatens only with more government and compliance - give me a better feeling on it than more obligation no more mandated pay...jailable compliance stuff? crap...another way for illegals to make the country sing...arrests walkers falsely...more: talk of medicare for people who aren't disabled by asking or near the age of 65? for what - for incomes on paper less than a bridge to happiness? is making someone ugly happy with my demise...stop being that you are one person in a sea of it...not particularly viable (can be what they are without bothering others on the street or inside the street a bar maybe) in comings and goings live....a bother me...what about the free clinic saban on beverly for you? says obama 'i get insurance by the quote like i always have - a vendetta with me i had two heart attacks i'll never care and cried to sleep alot.' thank you

insurance was always fringe benefits of a job that taxes you unduly and has to keep you healthy too - then bond ratings and other bankers crap? nobody will lend favorably if we ignore federal statutes? i don't borrow much these days i lend my talents or then money...anyway, if you get a condition - and we all hate this - call blue shield or whatever and wait three months to pay some then - being without stuff isn't all that bad you could just die...let them fight for some when and if don't be a baby though the losses are shocking and immediate they pay out over time...god says 'don't pay for anything you don't want' i like insuring my stuff against loss - you insure your stuff - you're all at fault every time you step on the street and that is not pursuit (following bitches around illegally is violence) what comes do the right thing when you can and it doesn't bother you your purse like buying a car...otherwise you note the mcdouble is hard to find on the mcdonald's value menu these days...$1.19 somewhere else...note people who work at nothing new every day are trying to get your ca driver's license...with faggots and banks citing won't be in california, texas, or arizona trying for me...

alot of people here loved prudential high option (they like insurance companies too) and with paying bits more for it any doctor for any reason about 80% covered ($20 on $100 - like lending it credit so what)...i had hmo's instead of paying any they were very good too with annual exams for myself innoculations and all but the asking of is pay ever but co-pay $5 or you pay alot there's no family clause for that little money and the domestic partner stuff is a flat-out joke to those who don't work well with others - you're not declaring me insane with that barfly hate - you're ugly and ugly at it...see no change from people who already shed their tears wisely are no man taking care of me....remember money talk should be in preventative care always a bit here and a bit nosejob in 1983 cost us $1,500 flat with a professional-type discount nobody honors and you should pay that (insurance paid some - can we get that on medicare a deviated septum?)...bits more...there is no education with a nose you hate seeing in the mirror when other people win it over you daily an injury sought while you stay behind...i was properly the invisible man when the ribbons came off nothing to think about now...thank my mother...she did it for her too...

skymall: 6 ft. arch garden bridge

top itunes movies yet? 'cabaret' and then 'indiana jones ii' (iii is the apology for this one they said and rests at number twenty overall) is 'the way we were' with 'goonies' the remake? dog day (i'm watching now on netflix) fell to number seventeen...number ten is 'star wars iii' in remakes...'the sith' (sith = sixteenth, i'm told) i dunno know much here i'm a i-iii guy and watch some or little (i watched this though - the making of darth vader i call it)

take a just bit of disney's robin hood in - a pure theatrical release from 1973 we went to go see at director's chair tnj...

these are offensively cute and heretofore unseen by me - about $70 at petsmart - what if it dies?
the eyes move independently (one, two as popping upward) and the hands split as if to say hi - very human yet slow moving
the 'veiled chameleon' words from and i cry
a baby snake i talked to was up in-between the black aquarium rim and hood like a straight line on the very end of rectangle...
he said it was cooler there under the white light through a screen and he needs more water - that's all

See's Candies, Inc.
take a l@@k

A brand-new month is upon us July 2012 "How The Pied Piper Begins"

Sky Mall 'Fourth Of July' sabins:

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Someone asked me to paraphrase the story "Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore" a story of redemption only for a 'not-so-young, not-so-pretty' anymore type: Alice Walker (her name is not offensive or stricken yet) woke up one day asking her neighbors for a loan because she drank alot down the street. She couldn't pay and she couldn't get her stuff back from the pawn broker she lends to (a pawn broker gives you some cash for valuable stuff you own with a signed promise to redeem it by a certain date repaying the loan plus loan fees and interest or the stuff is sold and considered theirs as they hold it all for a small of return - note they decide whether there's enough value to loan anything at all no matter how special at specified legal rates of interest and fee). Alice doesn't live much she says adding "I won't work well with it" if asked to make money happen fast selling cars and she doesn't want to make anyone happy like that anyway so business wanes. She gets pregnant too selling her body at night to the very same pawnbrokers she leaves out during the day while she whittles away life in her hands by talking alot to friends on the phone. These friends aren't really friends - they are in her head as voice and practices for court calls she plans to make on behalf of a broker who is lying to others about who he is financially. He can't buy cars anymore, so he threatens people with actions he claims are new and broad yet. Alice doesn't go to jail, but her hires (the people she works for) get murdered and she gets scared and runs home to Alabama where she lives today.

"Dog Day Afternoon" and why not? A psycho goes loose in a Bronx neighborhood (a small place rife with pregnancies out of wedlock) because his mother sold his body down the lane to women who can't pay now and they threaten each to their own home. In the home, the mother is saucered or blank in the face and cries alot, so the psycho holds up a bank and he can't get another psychosexual (a woman in the head always banging) inside the bank to stop naming him to the police and to look at his records at school to see he is no one and to shoot them both 'he'll die for it' he says. The brother is the pansy inside and he tells the other brother played by Al Pacino to go fuck himself this time as 'no one exits my life alive I see to it.' Police, after struggling with inside ideals, shoot both but the Pacino character lives to tell his innocence only. The end. This isn't about gays "paying for a lover's sex-change" as noted ("I'm not paying for your sex change" he says to the brother's wife, really, as meaning a man-folded in here), it's about friends in the family who hate each other and who don't live well but long enough to see it all crumble.

view behind sunset plaza's chin-chin on 06/27
we recently dined of chin chin takeout - chinese chicken salad (a+), sliced pork (just okay) and my usual chicken fried rice what was a bit lighter than usual no play
no one knows, but you hafta put grated black hair (straight) in there or it's no game ;)

the lot beyond the lot - for the stairs
the church owns all of this and you can park lightly overnight if and it says lightly...don't be the bother of it

looking up the first lot toward westerly

stairs like the exorcist - 'take me'

chin-chin in the rear is beige second from right - ole henriksen is 'in-between' it says out front
these photos are taken at dusk (light dusted) and of course you need light behind you to be film - forgive, forgive

a lyrical bush i sat next to as overlooking and touched


omar's exotic birds circling overhead in santa monica on wilshire

Hot Offers
this sale runs out june 30...other and some
plus day runner supplies, inks

he sees the dark

i was looking at flumes (log rides) both six flags great adventure (log flume as with saw mill) and magic mountain (log jammer)...great adventure's log flume (seen with the indian tee-pee merch now missing) has 'lift 1', curves around high up to 'chute' or quick drop down to no splash and then 'spillway' down to the white waters and back splashing just above the ground winding and then 'lift 2' a big haul up and drop down to white waters and final small curve around to the station or 'varidyne' (if or 'teledyne' manufactures by orders from afar) the rotating carpet table that goes around inside the california club room...magic mountain's goes around in and out of itself almost 'lift 1' and then a chute and spillway but doesn't recover and goes around some more as ornate...interesting...oh - after a long loge you get lifted up inside and then chute (wheels) and spillway (boat)...real can ride almost anything at you tube (you too, u2) you know...

the los angeles times (another one that uses abbreviations in their 'url' or uniform resource locator) is celebrating print-fleece blankets of tv-watching fame today 06/27 (they make 'em from old newspapers they say)...san marcos? he advocates them for the dead 'they're warm to me' he says...the enabling spiderman has emma 'vesuvius' stone too? ok! hi to ann curry...'spiderman' + 'magic mike' (and his partner in crime the pentagon...obama needs to quit it...'quincy - stop playin')...

SAVE 20% on EVERY ITEM with LillianVernon - Shop NOW! Expires 7/31/12 - 200x200

lillian vernon at banner link has red and green letter-personalize blankets if so around $20, and great satisfactions to be found in a fleece blanket or tapestry (as with fringe) printed from your own photographs (album covers, books?) just $80-$100...also keepsake plates, doormats, and mugs, etc.

who's spiderman's threat this time - dr. conner (the lizard lover who attacks his young boy in florida)?

like spiderman, sexual but little: thought you'd like to see both pairs of parke & ronen w34's before i wear them one day soon
both won hard on ebay and still i'd like those raspberry plaid ones too from way back when - unseen or heard of
yes, they sprayed again wholly yesterday 06/26, briefly...and two dead ones showed their face in the side seam of the bag
it isn't like someone isn't always here trying to get me to part with my porno collection and dolls...a womanly rejected-type but i eat their food?
'we're trying to get you to be whole again'

spiderman again? okay the english kid is fun (a brown-haired wolfboy? sperls)...the '67 cartoon (like 'the mighty hercules' and yet both at netflix) is religion to's hard to capture peter parker he's a quiet matinee-type beauty...the cartoon villains are brilliant as flash...still waiting to see mirlo the dark shrouded figure with diamond eyes that punch and turn...also check out 'dog day afternoon' and 'the graduate' now both showing...we watched 'the hard ride' yesterday

the 'fifth avenue phantom' (episode 9 season 1) is my mirlo (see daedalus in hercules is ours too)
'we don't need to know this stuff, but we do know by virtue of not knowing' - dM as ends the talk

cvs has full-size coleman grills rack-wheels for $99 this week that actually use their green propane as gas bottles...
that's cool if you don't like hauling a white iceberg tank

'it's like trying to know towns in france...' - dM (there's no end to your imagination)

a french woman told me they leave christmas gifts to the birds, kinda...they put exactly fourteen (14) wrapped niceties or gifts wrapped (for example 'doorstop'-type gifts she said) on the porch in a basket to have and take on christmas morning as many as you wanted to stop by at an each no delivery and keeps it full she said - 'i use eighteen (18) a year only, as some stop by late...and for the three (3) days [prior]'...thank you...god doesn't like it and says it's cheap he 'needs favor' or effort made but i liked hearing of it...i want the twelve (12) days of christmas to be the fifteenth through the twenty-sixth and then no bother with oddballs and parties etc. being too early or what have you...they are officially december 26 through january 6 the drop-dead date for gifts and afore... - 125x125
it's never too early for ordering cards, however, and expect less than $25 for twenty (20) cards all-told
i also liked the style of printed pages to fold up and put inside a card sent like a letter to santa - red paper and with white raised frosting depot at banner?
officials say don't be a keyword for bidding at search engines (e.g. 'discount office supplies' under '')...a compete against corporate style searches
p.s. very charming were the graduation cards with insets of elementary school pictures (then, and then again)

vagabond - a vegan (not only ovo-lacto, but as a clown you have to be seen doing), we're vaguely bonded somehow as you look in my bags on the street...i'm a little girl now and would have to say or offer more to get out of sight with you...updates my previous 'not working but surely staying'...

solstice - i thought around the last day of summer in september the holding onto actually between the two equinoxes both vernal and both summer and winter correct my mind...just happened to be the longest day or holding on to the sunshine the very 'source of it'...summer is when the earth's axis is seemingly turned away from the sun the big belly of it is showing, winter is when it's turned down - it the axis never changes its direction held as revolves around the sun anyway...light hits at the equator but can't go anywhere up and down among heavy light shining...

'who will bury you?'
'moonrise kingdom' might be right up my alley, a story (i tend to like people who don't talk much)
is justin bieber's 'sixteen chapel' about me? my first thought was 'no' it's about worshipful little girls...okay, a little about me 'cept they leave you for dead
'be a friend first' + 'how many do you need?' + 'doesn't mean i hafta hear about you or know'
justin is my friend always but he's mean over it and david letterman lives in a hell of not knowing much
the person who brought it to me thinks it a major guffaw on the part of bieber a misspeaking or dulling off ? intelligently not so
the college jabs are unwelcome to the already hardworking i see it - remember the insane mother in 'scarface' you can't please her no matter what and with chainsaws
my mother feels bad for me, only - or will simply try to kill you first
so just answer the question did you think it was about you? not at first...these as good as any are brought to me
the tattoo 'believe' is more about me at first look - a heroin band as slim black ribbon for blood with its 'x' in the front and with a small, fat, snake tail on one end as implied...i love rings around roses...his is lowered to honor me i thought
still working on it all
my mind, over and out

'alice doesn't live here anymore' - no, she didn't die on heroin she lived 'i couldn't figure it out, though' she says
she fell out of touch but is inside always preparing for roles - don't bother her and we'll all be happier it says

Talk to you: Early to bed, early to rise TV's "Alice" the complete first season now out on DVD...CD Universe at the banner link has it. Alice is about a divorcee and her teenage son played by Philip McKeon taking off to live in Phoenix, Arizona while she works in a greasy spoon or then diner (a Vegas showperson type is her). The laughs are about her saucy co-workers and her fighting over not wanting to work too much but get tips ready. - dM
Some ask Jimmy Carter or Reagan people? Carter says "not mine - they hate people." Reagan says they're his "I worked too hard for too little." They as Linda Lavin say Gerald Ford people. "We liked each other - that's enough." Found this gem around sane...

All AT&T Phones on Sale at!

Pre-July 4th Savings Event. Save over $150 on select Laptops. Plus Huge savings on other tech items at!

prometheus? a titan (immortal, giant,, tyrant...a tight-fitting dress on a big ghost?) punished for delivering fire (flame itself) to man from mt. olympus where the gods had never seen it prior to...was chained bodily as swash-clothed to a huge boulder on a mountain path at below for the privilege (by jupiter himself? it had to be someone you've heard of) while a single bird (eagle, hawk) continuously ripped his lower abdominal guts out...he couldn't die but agonized...implies the boulder would fall far if played the same reciprocal of helpfulness...i like a clear-ish glass ball high on be-obelisk, myself...a chore of staying steady in the gait...

ode to the beautiful music stuffs in 'drive' - like angels it is (some say biggie smalls is at the wheel...byron, babyface...even the opera voice is him)
i like the fashion of clothes here too - jail outlet? 'samasura' or 'what's mine is yours too' if a scorpio 'likes eating, but doesn't like what's being served'
the blonde girl is kristen scott or elizabeth taylor (the same little girl in 'jurassic park')...'tomlin' is ryan's last name here...'abernathy' is in red hair
also remember ryan gosling has a favorite movie here in 'all good things' still at netflix
p.s. alot of movies aren't delivering the emotional soundtracks from previews - that sucks (john carter? - the music tells you how to move the eye it matters)
pet shop boys with stephen hague produced this stuff like that of 'slumdog millionaire' some toni of curve too

my facebook page 'doug moon' has the latest motion nudes from shia labeouf...nice, thanks

a primo picture of the 65-foot high swings ride way back when...and while still searching for the all-white huss-schwarzkopf 'wild thing' (um, 'wunderkind')
it was across from the 'cat and mouse' or 'big fury' (a schwarzkopf 'jetstar ii' with working headlights) in 1976
the 1974 mustard-yellow souvenir book with no blue title on the top has it inside...'strawberry fair', nor 'dream street'...'runaway train' replaced it?
anything better than the black hanging ninja coaster yet? the french-spanish monorail in the news lately is ours coming to be north-southwest...
the word 'ninja' means 'not yours yet' in japanese-chinese (viennese)

symbols: the colon is the 'epicand', the exclamation point or 'reverse tandal' upside-down is 'reversing tandal' ('talange' is spanish), the 'tamara' is the semi-colon...

update my mac - actually how to burn cd-dvds this time and simply (and so play mpegs on your bedroom dvd player):

1) insert blank cd or dvd;
2) wait a few seconds for the cd-dvd icon to appear in finder on your desktop (fyi: or else is not actually new);
3) then see the note 'you inserted a blank cd' from finder click 'ok' for just finder then and with no further act (no formatting then, don't think here);
4) click on the new cd-dvd icon called 'untitled dvd' as now appears on your desktop;
5) drag your '.mp3' (or other files '.jpg' or whatever) onto the finder directory window for the disc (the file roster or target frame is most to be left);
6) when done, press the 'burn' cd button as yellow-and-black radon or the word 'burn' on the directory header-banner at right;
7) up pops a window asking you to title the disc do it here (e.g. madonna 'mdna' or whatever you like) do it well, do it once;
8) make sure you quote the correct burn speed at maximum in the drop-down box underneath (mine is '4x' or max) and press 'burn' the button on bottom;
9) the dvd will process or burn the disc flatly with verbal notes to you and check itself over once and very quickly - then will play in dvd players and play

quick-minded youtube to .mp3 converter or then one other...just enter the specific url (the '' address coding with 'v=' in it) of the specific video in the formula bar copy and paste then press 'download' when it's done processing then look in your 'downloads' (or wherever yours go as stated) folder it'll be's all too fast, but surely works...

'two to the third power' ('2^3' or '2 x 2 x 2' or just '8' then) or all combinations of '1' and '0' (um, 'on and off' as a light switch) in three (3) open spaces with no color-of duplicates just plain stamps, to be further used to represent individual characters or else meanings - let's explore graphically:

111 - these were simple at this far a one growing quantitatively from the right side or zero
100 - how can we say this much further ? all available mirror images from the middle of the prior sample the others just repeat previous and found
010 - simply what's missing in action - how so said? a decor, yet - logic me...bilateral symmetry or mirrored half from the mid or 'di' sample again from left, from right

new mode from kyle's mother (um, 'exene'): start with '000', and travel and lock a '1' heading left - that is, '000, 001, 010, 100, 101, 110'...where does the missing '011' fall in our algorithm, our new logic?

justin bieber on letterman - read no thoughts
amadeus (now on 'netflix') gives a nice intro to opera, by the way 'it isn't good enough' - beverly sills

not for kids: one of the most impressive acts in the kitchen is cutting the back (spine) out of a whole chicken with a cutlery knife - up one side, down another - and to careful...i like its look alot as two whole laying halves...also, avoid harshly-packed chicken the harsh matters to it the druids, drippings...a gentle bag is best for us as not so heat-laden...avoid hard machine and sleeks in food...'so avoids it fresh' - dM

'drive' wasn't bad ryan gosling looking habbed but heartfelt...two angry prison dads with guns-razors and a movie studio spilling over with $40,000 they break off and run to film with...and, no, $400,000 is a record lp and is nearly indelible to the world...tip: the blonde girl had a baby to get out of prison, the girl in the heist is the one he ryan killed shooting her in the mouth...the blonde girl with baby's father shot blindly all at the motel...ryan's father is lying on the ground at the end but will have the money folded...he fantasizes the final swipe with a blade because his father would kill him in a second as a worthless nut...he can't get closure from anyone that doesn't calculate for more time down in you let them hang theirselves and drive pay the lane (fees, licenses, police) driving - try walking it says more jab is that movies can make it all seem real talking for you...a blur...the people you write off now seem saavy somehow...a father ends it...ryan's mother is the blonde girl atrociously nice accepting all (she was let out of prison finally with that kid raising in a jail home), but you don't need to mention don't need to mention the guy shot in the ear at the pawn shop is him too dying off a part of himself as so accepting and made in the machine...very convoluted...

another skylar...on robertston

SkyMall, Inc.

skymall: peeing boy water-ish fountain, nottingham woods statue (face plate) for trees and at night, world's largest write-on wall map, bamboo tiki bar, inflatable movie screen, grassy porch potty, faux ivy (is the rage now), tidy tent storage unit, tropical thatch umbrella, 'streetstrider' street-legal lifecycle...

see? this had to be beefed up with fake 'ivory'

SkyMall, Inc.

make sure you page, look through skymall's online catalog with wood (actually a metal) flowermill on the front - great summer stuff at a banner link above and below...17.3" 4gb 500gb laptops are hovering around $400 now with wi-fi capability...bluetooth hasn't struck me with needs there too much yet...exciting: sound systems, screens...pixelization, video...

if i had an above ground pool and didn't bury it altogether (their liners with sand underneath are very nice cover in winter) i'd have a grassy knoll
that is, (an above-ground grave) built up the side longways
maybe a path with sand later after the grass locks the dirt down (water burlap on raked dirt and grass seeds, pull off easily in a few weeks)
once on-top, soak your feet in a water pan befirst you and me...lamps, fenceposts
remember when priming filters with sand, all must be full of water when starting up - upside down if possible ? the sand reacts better (that means all water in every part)
meanwhile still waiting for a hard-drying wax creme in a tube for the feet outdoors no stings same freedoms peels off like nad's (but 'not without my daughter'
p.s. the plastic queen-size mattress cover from bed bath & beyond fits the boxspring like a curse (no extras) $14.99 be careful with it vinyl rips with staples like scissors cut it

i wanted to explain a little but about the steak shack in 'rum diary' (netflix) - the waitress at the sugar shack wouldn't serve a meal so late because she would have to go in the backyard there and kill an animal to feed this guy what he thinks they agreed they would have for him always her languages, she agreed to go get a steak but leave the animal licking its wounds overnight if she had to (the back of the neck i believe she quoted me at price but may be wrong)...cut to the guys standing around and their hardship and at further catharsis or relieves - they ate the meat thinking at the end of the shift and hate them the paying persons showing up and demanding what's already gone...they are the dead somehow being as the animals too...the depp character was brilliant but the blonde one is the mayor he sought to meet at the airport and he got overwhelmed with hate and being so little in it why bother if no fun? was making out with the depp character to start the whole fight - tired too...everyone there is guided by ease the way we all like it all fun nothing but matching talents and then it gets nasty with wives around and feeling sorry for them...the blonde girl is depp's wife back from the grave too...she said and i quote 'their not gonna take my money down the lane' as he's paying for everything and as mayor of nyc looking to move them back down now...he says a puerto rican ('a part of being great') hates patronage or buying types...they hate blacks living well too...they hate them for not being address they say or 'something to look up to'...i liked this movie alot - period - but had to shut it off for a while the one-dimensional racial junk posited too late at night for my nerves...i hafta have my answers against ready and at the same time...i have to remember my experiences softly...not just as sitting here...the drug dropped in the eye is used by the fbi to get kremlin types to kill theirselves by making them sweetly suicidal...'sausailn' or hydra-methylene enevra or leukocyte mixes from cows (he said he got it from a 'horse's dick', but they may be just wearing thin of coping chemicals or endorphins)...maybe you stick with fish - enec(k)rals - from deep-lying alaskan crustaceans once shot in the back of neck to beblind...these folks survive from being sad and full of endorphins doesn't work on anything but be-bright on hard-working latins, basically, and they died fast too...not alot of sugar process, kills the liver fast...acid avelun is urine mixed with piss both from cows a urine is frightened poop made liquid...scares you to make sure of yourself...acid achelun (um, 'ask where it came from') is this...piss from a cow tipped, in one hour a piss - look there...itching alot...acid achelun is piss to me...this for people, and who keeping talking of it and in the bleach in mixtures too...

depp opened the movie with a blood eye (looks like shampoo stings) is from eating a pig killed viciously, in sausages maybe...

Help Starbucks Create jobs when you purchase from the Indivisible Collection! From June 12- July 9, Starbucks will donate with every purchase to help create jobs!

Shop the 25th Anniversary Sale at!

along the lines of....was watching this guy on tv with a bar chart (zero to ten) who had a red bar in-between two light blue bars labled 'price mixing' or something...i scanned it down and they take an already sale of specific items and switch out the sold inventory with stuff purchased at a better price they harbor somewhere and work harder for while the owner of the inventory sits there for some reason as accounted for - that is the cost of goods sold or inventory on-hand at price subtracted from all invoices and is manipulated by those who set aside items sold in exchange for theirs hidden somewhere...great...while you wait and with your money afoot...

radio shack has these interesting circuit boards to play with-learn about now
the heart makes one grow fonder and with other ideas for implement (a reddish rose?)
a led (light emitting diode - flow: negative to positive only) lives on forever in my heart

the first day of summer is still today, tomorrow the first full day happened at 2:12 pm...the summer solstice (one day) is tomorrow june 22 at 2:12 pm...leap year - not a factor an accounting of it here...always june 21 ends spring...always...

uncommon goods et al at banner: highly recommended are online catalogs page by page - seek them out so you don't miss out on luxors...not everything is in them, however...cantaloupe bowls?

this orange model on robertson, june 20
and remember, the best (coolest) pedal car for kids is a farm tractor
ice cream truck? flying saucer...

skymall at banner: lighted palm trees and three-room tent with porch! inflatables...

ralph's (fresh fare - beverly and doheny) has nice american flag kits - push-together metal pole, stain flag, and plastic eagle pop for $11.99 in a clear vinyl

spring ends tomorrow! got your swimsuit ready? i haven't worn mine yet...

Bliss World, LLC Online Exclusive - 2 Days Only! Get up to a $40 bonus card with your gift card purchase today! Offer valid 6.22-6.24.12.
favorites: supershine shampoo, lemon + sage body bar soap, blue body bar soap, sinkside travel kit

remember, when it comes to getting a little fire going, you just need to have a small lit candle placed under the wood no matter how thick the log - no bother with propellents, although some say those fireplace briquets of particle wood have fumes or starter fluid in them...also, you go out into the woods with confetti scatters to lead home, candy bars and dry spaghetti sewn in your jacket, and matches and flame - flame must always be held by man and that is gunpowder or wicks with a lighter...dig for water the water table is down there on some level make a basement to flow in, strain and mix through a green leaves from on-high if, but not the vein parts...or skin specks from someone's face? i'd eat off someone else's plate first...

'what should i do - throw everything in the garbage hoping they'll come?' - dM

'some people aren't that lucky? some people won't brush behind the gum.' - dM

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don't forget amc movie ticket bundles with them christmas cards...they pulled 'dark shadows' fast enough...

catnap 06/19: in a dream i just had, i'm on a honda motor scooter (red) in the rain in new jersey and the engine says 'vasicated' much like it would say 'empty' but fuel was indicated half-way...there the dream ends at a gas station closed but seen open from a distance...a gulf (um, sunoco)...after a dalliance around the corners of a brick garage in the daylight, that is (it is dark out when to fuel)...for the future sense, a quart of oil needs to be mixed into each a tank of gas...10w30 whomever you are...finished the russian-feel of 'alice' at netflix - not bad - but i don't feel i know the book any better and i interpreted eveything (mind over says you eat something to undo your size up and down as opposites then she tastes the wood-knob mushroom but from the sides broken off? front and back - coming and going)...she's very crucible (kept in a small bowl) there someone wants her is 'the rum diary'...

summer starts in three (3) days time...

i like their banner too - very holy spirit

netflix: shakespeare in love
the rum diary (not bad at all - depp is the mayor of nyc here hugh carey)
natural born killers (c. hynde - 'it's not real')

an impala like we used to have the grandparents red stripe though and two-door $12,500 on san vicente

a great dry erase board <$10 at bed bath & beyond local plus other metal

Starbucks Whole Bean Coffee

warning may not suffice: the zippered bed bag i wanted $17.99 16" (both mattress and box) and 9" (box only) then 60" x 80" queen

is like the cd recorder at skymall - plays off records cassette tapes not 8-tracks but has aux (powered line no phono) in

the salad dressing pumps are almost exactly what i wanted for air mattresses a screw-on cap for air plugs - maybe repair
i just exchanged our air mattress at target for being faulty and ripping at cork
ok - they need to use screws but won't sell enough

so remembers great adventure's flying wave
it was up on light-yellow metal stairs when i was an operator on the ride around 1981-1982
remember with me - four (4) electric buttons and a foot brake: rotate 1, lift, rotate 2, panic lights all white to red and yellow like lightning it was
the line for the big ferris wheel is in the rear on left
before i went ride ops (you have to beg in - it's the greatest department to be in, no more pay though - as evidence - staring wage $2.90 per hour at season end 1979, exit pay $3.20 per hour or minimum age wage in mid-season 1982 $0.10 a year increase) i made dog tags in a wooden booth by the carousel in 1980 or so working on a heavy typing machine one person with fan motor
that was cute - you and a date on a metal tag with words - see supply sergeant at banner?
you can type up your own credit cards too like at hospital emergency and admitting rooms - but why?
rides i worked on permanently: flying wave, buccaneer, round-up, carousel (monster), log flume (through 1982) to run the enterprise once or twice too...
see the great adventure history page

preview children's sandbox magic cabin while we try and get an affiliate newsletter with them...very dougmoon! my own sandbox was blue and orange with tent cover...there's a version of alice in wonderland that is noise scary and harsh and by roman polanski at netflix...the rabbit is stuffed at first and lets wood shavings out of its aquarium belly to begin - very noisy and mean like boll weevil...

from my bagel walk to greystone today 06/17...give song, take wing

maid of the mist (is the name of boats under niagara falls) is not june gloom: century city

new sidewalk talk on sunset

now if we can just get one on beverly center - word is an outside refurb is coming (this at cedars east)
two same ladder rails hanging and holding each other up is good many marks on the side and a fat shiny pole running overhead inside will do against twists
i could've sworn the queen-size piss guard i just bought at bed bath and beyond $9.99 said 'zipper'
that and $6.99 worth of yellow jumbo bags (2) from koontz (full-size)

price index
sony style has this new master box with lights for sale - a big win here search else

and don't forget their google tv internet box

great shorts sale at athlete's foot beverly center $38/2

oddball poetry on the escalator today
second line begins with 'or'

words to use searching at lillian vernon at banner: flowers, wreaths, friends, family, holiday...calling your father helps people know who you are in the way they know things...dial the phone today...before trouble strikes....bedbugs are no joke...look under that word at skymall's banner...welcome welcome uncommon goods and photocards direct...usa today is national news and reports a high subscription full color...

Happy Father's Day June 17 Rodney King announced dead says it was from 'smoking pot' and now 'on to other things' he says...called my father in New Jersey all is well he's doing a little crossing guard duty (what I want for him) and just got back from Marion, Virginia with his brother Eddie seeing their sister Shirley (Marion is deeply Virginia almost Ozarks and where they hail from). Hasn't seen my sister Leslie since X-mas and notes I'm up early...hopes with me Obama doesn't get re-elected although I say I don't want encumbents being unseated too much. Says California doesn't have much wealth these days and after asking who has money anyway ("Obama's rich") I say it was the richest federal fund that is (still is the #1 producer of hate's cancer, we say)...hates Florida where the mother is as 'too hot' to which I say is nice and cool here like the basement in his condo he describes that way but not in a weather sense and to be watching tv (is home with his wife only, Joanne). Over and out. Our call was termed by the ringing of another phone that sounds like music a cue...Sister Jeannie? Is down at the beach alot 'with her boyfriend' he says...

gary numan 'haunted' follow-up to the excellent 'pyre' (pure) lp

red ball effect outside of city target westwood
i called 'em today 06/15 while my bedroom was being professionally squired for bedbugs
this time they used an off-white water-based mixture as bottle paste called 'phantom'

how much to give for a funeral-sympathy card? $30 (flowers)
this from the desk of tsj a whale shark found off the coast of california near calabasas one day - has murdered two sharks so far

a nice alternative to regular tacos - watch the salt in the green mist, however
is flautas - use soft corn ones

Spiegel: Save 55% sitewide in honor of Father's Day. Valid 6/16 - 6/18.

Get Sexy This Summer w/ Free Shipping Animation
summer begins not yet on june 21...june 22 is the first full day of it
stave not

the helping hand is the hurting hand, amalgamous: 'james deen' says cnn is going straight to the bank
this guy is one of my favorite actors naked - and i mean it - but he does harrassing type stuff in swat-type uniforms no gays really but with other guys present like russians
good stuff - they think he's gonna permission them one day
james dean's name is 'marco' and he's good too
madonna's tit was no accident by the way - i saw it it pink and nice enough
my concern is what you have to do to make people happy take off your clothes and all - she'll do it
nude = new to us

Effy Jewelers

this mona lisa (still somewhat one-dimensional) is on convex metal with two sliding holes on straight up-and-down metal edges in the back for screws - and for what? is magnetic $80 at lemon tree
eiffel tower too...the cubes on mona are what she used to make herself she says (as in make-up a chalk)  is 'larry david' or 'laravee damd'

fave of discreets: boner tube live & live jasmine, harm done

franks: someone challenged the the whole 'who was first in the 2-liter plastic bottle' thing saying 'pepsi was first' pizza parlors, you could buy a pizza pie and get only a carton of coke like a milk carton and with a fold and plastic clip on-top...then came the plastic and surprising 'oxygen' coke bottles next with no further fountain with claims 'they take too much from us' in buying soda they mean...hard times...the bottle had hard black plastic bowls on the bottom that gave way - if pepsi, it was preceeded by royal crown cola more first than pepsi what is first never but focuses on glass bottles in machines mostly chilled...burger king is the first pepsi to see sight taco bell too...

skymall at banner: wall-mounted gel fireplaces....outdoor fireplaces...titanic model ship

absolutely creepy garden sculpture at anawalt on robertson $18.99, $17.99
i want four green argentinian soldiers as rivet-core mannequins with test-tube helmets and one ovaline of sight attached by their backs like a crab and falling slowly by head and part into advance on the sand
hell? helpless but to enjoy...argonaut ghost seen in a magical garden here

$18.99 garden pigs...

what the mantis eggs-cocoons come in a soup cup with lid $8.99...ladybugs nearby

great outdoor pot...lid is $34.99, the stove pot is $119.99 and the metal stand is $79.99
so about $135 altogether now

Send one of a Million Smiles this Summer with flowers & gifts starting at $29.99 at - 180x150

reprise: pet shop boys 'babadubbadum'...because we love it
at the official site: new song 'invisible' - great stephen hague from the september 2012 album 'elysium'...
the video is chembot 'what we do' how we do it: minor keys as moving half-steps downward on treble staff, the chroma pushing away or toward...he cries in glass shards as a big chair someone is always sitting on no matter which way turns
more and more: 'my girl' (see no connect but underworld and ennio morricone) on the christmas record my god a great outhouse record say it's not true 'for your own good' an 'apocalypse' they say 'so you don't hafta see it yourself'

bubadubba dum
pooka pooka boom
all my wasted time
and that's the truth
but it happens that way
when you're in the mood
you don't know why
it just happens that way
waiting through the afternoon
one thing on my mind
but there's no way to recompense for that

(unwanted lecterns - pooka means he's gonna pop in and scare you sometime - be on your very mark)

titles they don't sue at all:
if then, when?
my only house (at home)
(apart from) french wit
galloping gourmet (leave me alone)
so sorry (then when)
acid talk -- pfft

one or two (make three)
someone i'd know
'round we'd go (just kidding)
first things first
vast majority
over the head
this smarts
over and under
word for word
a life worth living
if you'd ask i'd say
reaching, believing
frankly i'll have that
send each a letter
kneel before god
sometimes forget
a walk in the sand away
no one you know
just me
you'd be me in a flash
sparks and fire
drummer hoff
why can't we stay together
love in itself
no story untold
to be the last is never enough

tried a couple of square, sushi-style dinner plates from target and they are actually quite nice with food on them - don't be turned off - the present is nice somehow (regular food-wise, that is)...they are called 'homanahs' for 'helping hand' per the above...

skymall at banner link also has pet beds like the american and uk flags...petsmart has plenty of plastic igloos...wicker style tables with house inside

in lieu of 'phantasm 5' - 'john dies at the end' same family of wedded fortune (take a look at 'bubba ho-tep')

edie brickell 'what i am' heard at gay pride

netflix: another well-done michael jackson retrospective 'history'

soaps and yolks too

devo 'snowball' mp3 (4.2 megs) from 1980's 'freedom of choice' lp

devo 'snowball'

my baby took our love
and then she rolled it up
rolled up a hill
like pile of snow
like a snowball grows
until it gets too big
until she lost control
and it rolled back down
and it rolled back down
and it rolled back down
and it rolled back down

she took a tiny bit
and rolled it up again
slower than before
she went a step too far
she had to let it go
i saw it roll straight down
my baby turned around
started off again
started off again
started off again
started off again

eyes were made for lookin'
hands were made for holdin'
hearts were made for lovin'
lips were made for kissin'
legs were made for walkin'
tracks were made to follow
that's what i'm gonna do
two tracks
in the snow
two tracks
up that hill
my heart broke
when my baby left
two tracks behind

there's wasn't anyone else she was doing forward flips trying to get away up that snowy hill
she was retarded, but quick on the take

cvs has a 'sale' on the rogaine 3-pack this week - $39.99 for three bottles...have a manufacturer's coupon from the sunday paper too
salsend: rogaine $20 rebate form for june 2012 purchases (add upc from box and original receipt)
at cvs, go into the 'extra care' section and make sure you register for their e-mails and make sure your e-mail address and extra card card number are entered and are up to date
their emails give you good sales advice always and also note i don't use the 'send to card' savings as method yet (versus printing one out) it isn't affirming enough at the register
some virtue and misunderstandings to be...get yourself a little printer from circuit city or then office depot at banner it pays
p.s. if you have the hp printer i bought, you may have to uninstall (the routine is in the hp folder) and reinstall the software from disc from time to time like i do if it locks up or no scan
i never put the printer software in either i custom install...the laptop uses it well enough also
no matter what price you pay, i think the software advice helps - also 92 weight paper

i'd upholster this smart loveseat if i had one such in mind - precious (similar pet bed
at amazon - wide selection of lesser argument at petsmart and banner link)

lillian vernon excise: mini sofas-chairs and beanbags galore, patriotic ornaments perhaps for outdoor trees, brilliant cotton quilted reversible mats, door mats, hanging mummified skeletons in spider webs make great spirit, bobbing-head grim reaper for year-round sales, silk florals, bunny face features for a tree, desert storm pink camo stuff, 5-piece horse play set...consider not personalizing a zydeco or camo towel...lighted wreaths...i want year 'round folksay of holidays...

this company logo in the trash as box had to come along for the ride - 'flanders'
they spy on folks and film them ? philanderers as keepsakes

i was pettin' baby snakes at petsmart this weekend before heading to cb2 and got this new groove going < $5 with new cocoons from anawalt on robertson $8.99 for two (like scrotums they are)
the toybox of it really bothers me with others touching, however
mark this day (yesterday 06/11) as the last day i saw a mantis from the first hatch, too
p.s. you never get to see the real lance bass it's dangerous a wait around (he's alot like green on 90210 - like that, a cute girl plays him alot...i look at the ass it's there)

one more from yesterday - they tour cars from the 70's a showstopper (a red camaro was in front of this the route moves kinda fast)

apple is releasing a new operating system update in july - osx mountain lion (see store - july 10) and for $19.99 this time...we'll wait...god's recommendation is to buy each time it comes out 'is screen time' he says 'unless you're lacking in it and don't use much with us, they let it play'...'you don't use much these days, do you?' osx mountain lion is gonna pay stocks they say above

this father's day, send colorful airport paper 'usa today' - 10 weeks for $20 at banner, or at least a smart at banner link has those poop (um 'waste') pads my sister used for her chihuahua they have martha stewart brand and all of floor diapers in blue....they are surgical mats, really (for foot and lapirenes or throat too)...doug 3, scott 0

one more john carter note: he is the kid at the end, an angel is playing him at the crypt and is jerky with offhand and drug talk (as merely indefensible an alibi) - don't get turned off by it i raged, myself...john carter was a scotsman who left a wife around france and who went up to scotland to sell mortgages quietly (nicely, that is) as his marriage failed...he wanted out of the financial arrangements he held privately for no keep...they ultimately took his life for it in argument (originally noted to me as poisoned)...

refresh me: spockets...dieter's dance party and dieter versus me alone while supplies last
maltese japan and china translate:
set 1: you're not serious about us, be more serious when asking of it;
set 2: i don't want to know you but i do know anyway;
set 3: don't think we don't care - we care, but not enough;
set 4: have a nice day go to kill yourself
one more sprockets german holiday made cinema with home alone's catherine o'hara
dieter = 'detox' a sad wylers of one and another one (a drug-down), 'theatre'

got this ikea shelf ('lerberg' wide angle - $14.99) second-hand today is bright an oddball, plants
general shelf stuff to browse
looks a like a painted ladder from the front - i like that

dame shirley bassey 'diamonds are forever' from the front fence 2
is the queen somehow in make-up nina simone
remember moonraker
also: carly simon 'the spy who loved me'

someone finally opened up this spider hole for a spot of tea...

this afternoon - some tidbits at hancock and santa monica

molly ringwald was the grand marshall today - i didn't see her pass by actually but there she is

a universal tour bus - very exciting me

more tidbits

the guy in front is charlie watts of the rolling stones

dr. bronner's is always welcome - castile soap made from felled cyprus trees in the everglades boiled for their very oil they are
the guy is nuts and hence blind (god smote him) but i love his soaps especially the almond oil in green

they bought disco balls (um, 'dimanstras') and dismantled them waiting for the each new

me taken on the sly at the parade - like frankenstein (no top to my head)


more john carter: i wrote apple and had it the download sent again to see the last twelve (12) minutes (put the blame on me, but is cost management)...leave it off as provide next set jerky explain all by richard incognito the bald ones are arch angels...i'm learning the tech sides of tv and cueing through 'hdmi' (high density markup interface, not 'multimedia' there is no sound in it) and all (ran it through my laptop to the westinghouse tv via hdmi and it needed a sound cable still - apple tv sat on the side this time you have to purchase directly through it or fuck around thanks yet and p.s. the laptop screen is duplicated exactly on the tv as a mode or input chosen input 1, input 2 you adjust itunes to show no menus but all screen)...john is zeus (as hercules he made himself man and beseeches himself as statue on mount olympus) for sure (the handsome statue below) and that was him and pocahontas for sure...he is sir john raleigh (ne mills) of more...of giants and gods...

some say 'keeps sharks in' underwater
no - probably keeps dancers from the whiskey

see? some say apple's steven jobs is in there...maybe you know more

the festival kicks off - they almost guarantee you a lay

dropped by cb2 today on sunset around 4 - lance was taking the pictures and looked real good
talked to rosie briefly in there as spirit - some complications arose
there's more photography on facebook

chanteuse lil' kim is playing part the festival 'keep the change' she says and is rumoured to distribute underwear to a volunteer of nudes at american apparel
'don't click your balls' she says to a scratcher

the titanic sinking slide at the festival from the driveway at koontz 06/09
strangely it says 'liverpool' in the back - is that right? actually it said 'aubrussen' (france, as brussels...means 'brushless, no arts' takes our money) only

'a cup of soda add ice is like a bar of soap in your ass - nothing's better' - dM

Dads & Grads! Save $15 Off Two Father's Day & Graduation Purchases at! Use Promo Code BUY2SAVE15 at checkout. - 300x250

one music toot: debbie harry 'rush rush' mp3 (6.9 megs) from 1988's 'once more into the bleach' with blondie
is supposedly from the 'scarface' soundtrack...

not bad at all - an eye opener
a very shroud of turin he is
john carter got to go to mars after an indian-type fight with cavalry on-hand and found he could jump great distances in the atmosphere what is full of strings, kinda - they hold you aloft
he could carry another person even - the yucks come from his handsomeness not being spoken of and by angels as tribesmen who deliver him around, kinda
their bone curls are their hair and they are dried up to master the eye as thought of - their pets are needy and fast as chinese lions
others are white gorillas and all are fashioned for a gay sense of present - two sets of arms opening as greet is hilarious to me along with a gentle-docile approach to only have it scream right in your face
all wrestle over his beauty with tacts and seriousnesses that are madly calculating all the while
two moons tell you you were never intended to see, but one is the earth, really - no sun on mars as is behind the world, actually and are like balls - earth is much bigger than mars twice as big
two cities, one moves around and mines for water the first step in any green grocer of a village - one stays put overlooking production as sidewinding river and the other goes around pounding and turning the ground aside - if you're lost and looking for water, you dig it's true
plants what make hydrogen or then helium (a tight air-free triad of hydrogen and the city grower's name) need water and oxygen destroyed (or then nitrogen - oxygen destroyed by time and cleaves of the sun shining)
all the dust made by this pounding gets one part of a desert armada driven by lightweights or devoted-to-sound types to shoot at one another mistakingly what are at-once the same parts and this utopia marks it boredom with reaches for new and seem - all trust issues and keeping trust for the individual self no savior and like money talks to the hand each one
as god says 'only what's needed, only when' - dM i need to be john carter but not with you eating maxims - more easy-to-understand cartoons, less talk of tales kings-queens and to see their humanity they are poor people
these things move too fast in my opinion and need to show you their invention more - moving the eye around fast has to have its reward (is 'beat the clock' to me - a crabbing) or boredom sets in...four and one-half stars for a movie that can't speak a serious sharing of it
a trefoil (three more thoughts to a serious enjoy) is here - buy the box the paper says today (as some recycling-concern organa with front-page sticker) and enjoy its looks (it's no morgue - but okay a 'blair witch' with some style)
p.s. there's not one green leaf in the whole thing...a tree might grow up in your ass for that kind of starch
sum: the all-for one cause as landslide and as against personal achieve - theme 'pride versus achieve'

his special trait? he doesn't talk much...a ganymede or cupbearer to the gods
the apache (a past in the east) indians said they were gonna eat his ass with the other white men they kill...
'pass the dutchie on the left-hand side'

'i was even thinking that they're paved with gold'

closed set for the $20 festival down san vicente

wit and charm both - we update the keep of our lone mantis today 06/08

downloaded 'john carter' from itunes ($3.99) getting ready to rock on that 'til 9pm this day...meanwhile, got tickets for amc theaters from ucla's box office for something new...however 'dark shadows' is cramping down today...'prometheus' (a man who got his supernatural guts pecked out marc ondy) has spent for big ads in the paper - why not you too? ask again...john carter downloaded to my laptop fucked up and i've been able to watch only up until the bald man (richard - always showing up when someone gets something they trail you) gets stabbed in the cave of gold...these niggers claim it's one computer only although downloads everywhere anyway and won't sync across lines to mac mini or apple tv what won't see any of it unless bought there (what do i hafta buy now? clothes?) - you better spruce up that apple tv with another version download and on-screen keyboard soon we have the connection already - you have to keep a homonid on the side to process sights only no computing - no excel - don't be cheap everyone else has it you are simply fucked up these days you are fucked up even your friends halt the cause...don't think this is funny sell something you own...i'm gonna have three (3) whole shares of apple soon enough (up to five) they are worth $7.6 million now (1/100) are getting seriously stupid with stuff you had and have no more? for whom? apple won't take majority stake in theirselves and they have it all because that is a fight strategy announced in advance....

more: now i see why people are gonna hate this shit his nudity is striking and quite disturbing to a sense of things...quasi-blacks as angels and him being a bit too nice to look at...people hate this need someone an older brother like's off the hook for now the laptop crabbed a bit

dancer lance bass is gonna be puttin' on the footlongs at cb2 west hollywood this weekend for gay gotta rsvp rosie said she'll be there too...maybe not, maybe me...

subway ripped me off today 06/08 before 9 am with coupon and thank god someone dumb pointed to my wallet left on the ground back at the bus stop - you think you'd hear it fall...the coupon was for a free six inch 6" for one of equal or lesser value with drink any size and the bill came to $10.88 i got burned...more: their chicken footlongs are $5 flat all this month i don't eat that with steak and cheese around but the guy said $1 more for a footlong after 6" was ordered so now $10.88 he the coptar says he could only give me $3.75 per sandwich the fucking thing should be $5 for the footlong and $1.50 for the drink plus tax no mention of steak and cheese or then an extra $0.50? whatever - i'll eat them down...that wallet pissed me off...usually i demand return of missing items and they come soon...i have one pair of wool-comb jeans missing...i negotiate carefully all you don't take my shit...always about food...even more: terry went over there like the bulldog he is and still no threat to pay (he hates me for fucking up - lately he calls me 'dumbass' like it's real to anyone i ruled too heavy)...anyway, don't let one bad trick fool you we'll see ya later richard you fucking pig...'what am i supposed to do - eat your socks?' see no class to this operation front and back, front...p.s. and remember i returned a gym pass by taps though...niggers everywhere...

obama drove by somewhere on travelcade and all can say is excitement if it's real that girl in the paper who went on a date to the princetonian diner late at night with george clooney i almost had cream in my coffee 'try it black sometime' he says when he not picking my pocket, that gifts ever...'he sat there and pulled on my dick one night' - dM

a commercial on tv suggests the laid back home style of barry white 'a smart house - there's no charge here'...

SkyMall, Inc.
browse the virtual catalog by hand to see same
rainbow bridge with rails for the garden wood or metal
exterior pocket impervious carry-on case
lp + cassette to cd recorder in the form of portable record player
front page banner stands for parties and you being shown off
sleek storage beds up to queen size < $400
red pullman holt floor-scrubber polisher
fourteen (14) gallon portable gas pump with hose and nozzle
heavy boxed step chest for up along stairs (lillian vernon has on-step weaved baskets)
power dome portable full-on electricity, two-story escape ladder, skeletal gnomes and garden statues

garden statues galore!
they come to life at night, in the snow

Friends & Family Event: Save 15% on your entire purchase at! Offer Valid 6.7 – 6.10

Save up to 30% on select Martha Stewart products at!

PetSmart - Wild Bird
i can't get dog kennels online (see electronic wireless fences though)
i love feeding humming birds - we have them always

'you can't use a spray can full of teeth and talk on the phone or as they say rhyme' - dM

'in france it's the against the law to tell a woman 'never'...never have' - dM

Father's Day! Save 15% on gifts at Use Promo Code SAVE15DAD at checkout. - 180x150

'starship troopers' is awfully cute in all the right ways...still watching...a good mix of cartoon and sentiment...arachnids? for me? about kennedy at bay of pigs one suggests is laughably ugly among valor or and women showering together? so people get turned on in all the wrong ways for no pay...command unto thee: 'use the gun that matters' - dM

terry roommate took some pictures of the new city target in westwood on weyburn avenue

these on 06/07...

how it will look logo and all

still construction only no stock yet
the building was at first bullock's (west coast of macy's) and then macy's its namesake
they were no different inside but no teamsters run macy's west of the rockies
reagan's said 'no teamsters' and meant it - bullock's opened in 1975 from scratch
texas macy's is 'hr's' to honor the queen only and then in colorado is 'hr max's t'
new jersey's was bamberger's and pomeroy's too dunham's (was wanamakers add credit then) also
mcdonald's is sear's now and again - watch out
their meat? they pick a whole side of beef down with sharp sticks and boil it over days waste in water until paste, it is livened again with equal salt mixed in and all is in water when poured off and then made into patties - fourteen percent (14%) salt must remain
'no grease [or gabberjaw of fats] lives well then' he the maker says
like macy's, westwood (ucla) is one of the few places with the supreme distinction of having closed a full-on operating mcdonald's (hollywood was a small boxy smokehouse near a high school hollywood high but is true of it false)
sizzler - ever the brilliant - was ruined here among waste too no business problems
only jail labors close businesses, bad credit is their lifeform, i'd say
citibank was at&t spreading the wealth it is said of sizzler (we paid our bills to germany with it who install everything and be overseas)

this isn't target max-e what is still at work in denver, colorado and streets there
this one is state-wide only and serves no tax base but plusses for students 'and fore' they say (homeowners here suffering - b of a pays all bills yet until stalls erect or vendors come in shelves-wise)

don't forget i love a slide puzzle (message unintended to me) - the special ring included keeps its place but pops right out (from

just a few minutes to win my way - maybe is novel

the cure 'just like heaven' deserves to be heard and get back to signal to noise

'enthusiasm' = 'outward artistic involvement' if 'artistic' means 'without asking you know what to do'...

another oldie but goodie
see april's coupon for a breaded chicken sandwich still good until 07/10/12

search my soul: at 2:03:00 left in the david bowie movie 'the man who fell to earth' there's a peppy little song called 'search my soul' that's fun and new with horns...see-feel at you tube
this is hot to trot - everything sold

q: 'you're no one special' a: 'i don't feel special'

smart & final has jennie o turkey store and variety plats on sale for $3 the each (2/$6 as suggest me) - i got two (2) this morning...i made lasagne already this week 'tis perfect too (if you don't skimp on the cheese)...i hafta use 'precious' brand or else...for no-risk dining...i used safeway brand turkey meat from pavilions,'s all ok

a few neighborhood shots before gay pride strikes up the band this weekend - this is larrabee looking south
people say 'are you gay?' i'm god (you end, and the real one) and only you know that
i don't hafta describe myself well or pray neither - i used to, though

this is 'cynthia' street looking west...our streets are 'hancock', 'dicks', 'palm', 'nemo'...'wetherly'
i like prissy, formal-type girl names - 'cynthia'

nu-art fire hydrant with butt

this e.a. poe image in sidewalk talk makes me think the ussr (with the us inside?)
a simmons or dark-ish spider-like figure among the shadows with eyelashes beating

finally, that $2 spraygun car wash at santa monica and gardner - you can wash your auto or bike late at night in your shorts like i used to always

looking west up sunset plaza on sunset boulevard this am 06/06
sunset goes past beverly hills-bel air and ucla and pacific palisades and winds up at the beach (will rogers) and ultimately
sunset on pch is where malibu begins too (trailer park, cliffs, pepperdine university - should have a big catholic cathedral and mausoleums too (my chosen spot is to be there - i love a cancer on the beach)

looking up the hills on sunset at direct north

sunspots (this one day later on 06/06): i went to the roof and looked at the sun quite a bit about quarter to seven maybe a bit early and saw nothing new except maybe around the top and in a window's reflection (and no, that's not good enough) and then traded it all in for a great personal view of the lunar eclipse just last month...the sun said 'it was there along the bottom, but none get to see it with the naked eye yet' - so there....'venus is just too close to us now' it said...the sun has a person that comes here and to 'survey my wits [witholdings from you] and then i tell my body [of sorts or makings in the head] what to do against the thoughts i have'...brilliant, me...the 'person' is the size of semi or tractor trailer and swims in the sky only three (3) nautical (um, 'without counting it out, we think it's true') miles a day about...its 'luverae' we call it...

yesterday (06/04): the sun said it likes scandinavia - they build huge bowls to capture sun and 'it's like gold to them'...the sun can do its thing there it also likes the venus thing - it wants you to know it, not venus it said so it lets it pass in-front...i want it to pull up to the world for a view...

next up: la kings and beautiful facial hair

freshly lain: disney's 'john carter' is available at itunes now $3.99 to rent onscreen as overnight...'hd' is $1 more...ralph's has the dvd locally for $16.99 starting wednesday (tomorrow with card), plus fye and cd universe at link banners...'curb your enthusiasm' season 8 (ending with michael j fox) now at itunes too...very funny shit

brought to me: 'verbaceous' - loves hearing it own voice (s/b 'ranacking' - verbaceous should be 'curvaceous' only loves its own somehow)

20% off Used CDs and DVDS at Code= USED20JUN Expires July 9

heaven and hell: this guy had a taxidermist stuff his cat (what got run over by a car) and he flies it to be fresh
the cat 'loves it' and says 'it makes me feel bad for myself never'

Father's Day Box

on this day, june 5...rooftop view looking to the north at left

looking due east toward downtown our stonehenge hidden by palms

our gym inside and soda machine (get one at ebay and local pickup some will too ship)

the heat sauna in the gym - individual shower (closest to) and bathroom at left

the northwesterly view at pool - the beach is found at deeply left
ghost messes with pictures often - nimitz (now the iowa) is where the colors screw up
at night the ship emerges from the same front of hills all black...'stay out and away' it says

same as some more is said - the tall building with palms upper left corner is 'the london' hotel

downtown seen some and again is due east of here...our jacuzzi 'til 10pm at night (the box behind is stairs up to)

inside the box itself

inside the jacuzzi - for thought and design

the pool with the new red building at right and miracle mile (museums) in the distance
'what to expect, what to leave off' - dM

Milk Chocolate Seegars

we made cinnamon buns with bridgford frozen bread (about $4 for three loaves that always rise well over a daytime from frozen) - let 'em rise next time
roll out a loaf on the table, lace with cinnamon sugar, walnuts, raisins, and orange rind
roll up with pastry cutter pushing 'round all the while, slice up the loaf, lay in a pan and bake after rising some
on top - lace with confectioner's sugar and some milk blended some...let rise

Father's Day Mug & Assorted Little Pops

q: is all this wind because of the queen? a: 'it isn't yours to say'

things to think about at netflix:
elton john 'goodbye yellow brick road' (one damned good show here - i had in on dvd when it came out all dreams made fold)
the wiz (there is no witch of the west but a bag lady - quality throughout though ross is the witch of the south here, is not done well a great joy of ruining stuff is missing the michael jackson stuff is great)
limitless (with bard bradley cooper)
lawnmower man?
starship troopers (casper van dien)
steel magnolias (and still we watch)
nothing in common (jackie gleason why i bought a jeep - how much could it be?)
sphere (sharon stone in an underwater meeting with god as gold fishy orb)
longtime companion (the first first-run movie ever about gays dying of aids on fire island - love to hate it as a permafrost 'early fross')
drive, half nelson (some ryan gosling)

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emerson lake and palmer 'lucky man' is really the beatles, george sings
was made after john broke up with yoko in 1971 - they got divorced then
'i was hirohito for a while' - john
i love this song, the guitar and moog are so good - simply evil
to me, it's about a simple person with simple loves already gone - someone you'll never get to know then
to alot of demons in the world, it is someone you can't call up in the head - no one is that you can know everyone so like jesus is it

no novelty shop: someone asks what is the dollar besides a thank-you it's the most official piece of paper there is (as seeing from my own sight of it, how to behold, its regard)... more than stock what is very pretty 'cdnow', more than a birth certificate, it's a real take and grab from a frame on the wall...neil says 'a way of wondering with you, what it is what it might be used for when handed over'...not mine: all focus, no drab...every other is a beggar to be understood and held over...'cash makes people hop' - dM

unamerican (um, if as 'american' means 'doing well for each other') - was never true, you don't cherish making money and openly showing us how if effort

target westwood made people hike it to olympic collection (some like me applied online and had appointments prior to - then they had a sunday paper may 27 launch a big square ad for an open call on two days june 1, 2 - another very mean math and personality test all dealing with sub-zeros 'no talking about me from you' or witless with-less types and who to call on a supervisor or do something about it yourself thinking along lines - one question was swear-to-god 'none of the above' math-wise) for a fucking email? fuck you - a dinner theater full of red shirts and khakis ('at least you had hope') you hand it all over...same with the new burger hut downstairs taking information while fat-old-ugly hire their sluts...someone said they would drop the interview for having launched an open call - i wouldn't mention it ever i can't sell the motion of me to it then...they look at teeth i know that - most there were husky latin e-normals no drugs just fat means jail...alot of nice black girls applied...frankly, you can take in way too much information from others for a few points to be made - is illegal ('no standing act against shelves' no waiting for life it is said)...why ask why...six jobs total? for that pay? we need seven hundred (700) jobs for a paper call...

standstill: with rogaine being produced by lilly pharmaceutical now (a plus?) and their new box for the foam, cvs has upped the price $10 to $49.99 everywhere usually is $39.99 then or at sale...i hate that no new claims 'new and improved' but box 'rejuvenates hair follicles'...usually i wait and get it for $10 a can a box of three (3) mousses $30.99 on sale (and with rainchecks - you get a raincheck or receipt for a sale item not seen on the shelf - always ask for this they apologize in multiples - i have one for wet ones right now at $2.50 a pop and they're on sale at pavilions so you wouldn't use that yet with no expire that's $0.0625 a sheet)...and but with no other discounts can apply if on sale but maybe...fudge around at the rogaine site they'll flume you $10 for it...i got mine...rogaine says you have to pay them a bundle of cash before they start working hard - do you like this kind of stuff? i tell them if you don't work for me, you don't work for anyone (and i'm not real turnabout about these things either i want to live well and get paid in cash if at all possible)...

talk about vengeance: the aliens in 'alien' are killer whales (t-rex and bird-like, japanese stalking japanese...geiger is earthquakes)

at ralph's $1 raspberries and $1 minute maid juice drinks - you to stock up (actual price is 10/$10 but you can buy one at that price)

richard dawson? we'd have him around if he was still here - is long dead - with all these celebrity deaths you should have an obituary page...who's next - neil diamond? that phantasm lip-job was very 'hogan's heroes'...good-great dawson movie: 'running man' space age post-apocalypse convicts allowed to horn each other in a vast junkyard...none set free but to be on a game show fighting it out with chainsaws and as televised... schwarzenegger hosts...nice harold faltermeyer music...the electric guy is 'raytheon', the chainsaw is 'dynamo', the fire starter is 'fiero', and captain america 'amerosa'...'cannon' too - the hockey guy? 'platon'...who sings? john stamos...dawson delivered the goods here, boy...schwarzenegger never looked better....

pretenders 'show me' from the 'learning to crawl' lp (1984)

pretenders 'show me' (i'm from missouri)

show me the meaning
of the word [alts 'of the world' - no, but a bit of a mystery played out much earlier]
show me the meaning
of the word
'cause i've heard so much about it
they say you can't live without it

welcome to the human race
with its wars disease and brutality
you with your innocence and grace
restore some pride and dignity
to a world in decline
welcome to a special place
and a heart of stone
that's cold and gray
you with your angel face
keep the despair at bay
send it away, and

show me the meaning
of the word
show me the meaning
of the word
'cause i've heard so much about it
i don't wanna live without it
i don't wanna live
without it
i want love
i want love
i want

welcome here from outer space
the milky way's still in your eyes
you found yourself a hopeless case
one seeking perfection on earth
some kind of rebirth, so
show me the meaning
of the word
show me the meaning
of the word
'cause i've heard so much about it
don't make me live without it
i want love
i want
i want love

pride - not having to ask, dignity - not having to answer
god over: pride - not having to see, dignity - not having to say
c. hynde: pride - not having to know you, dignity - not having to see you (for who you are)
she's talking to a daughter type here (she says 'a friend in loathing of theirself')

tears for fears 'pale shelter' from their debut record 'the hurting' (1983)
the name means being old versus being made young again and if it reversing
pale shelter? i can be around as long as i don't ask for anything (a quiet gay in love with someone)

tears for fears 'pale shelter'

how can i be sure
when your intrusion's
my illusion
how can i be sure
when all the time
you changed my mind
i asked for more and more
how can i be sure
when you don't give love
you give me pale shelter
you don't give me love
you give me cold hands
and i can't operate on
this failure
when all i wanna be is
completely in command

how can i be sure
for all you say
you keep me waiting
how can i be sure
when all you do
is see me through
i asked for more and more
how can i be sure
when you don't give me love
you give me pale shelter
you don't give me love
you give me cold hands
and i can't operate on
this failure
when all i wanna be is
completely in command

i've been here before
there is no why
no need to try
i thought you had it all
i'm calling you
i'm calling you
i asked for more and more
how can i be sure

you don't give me love
you don't give me love

you wouldn't know good if came through you

today on lacienega - style, color
thriller (you, sending to me), hinge and binge or live well 'til then, sees cash networks getting less than or equal to nothing
british as lira (new one 'c' with line is euro union or french lira) have many or three options none clearly shot - 000, 001, 011
still sitting on stuff

gay-famous mark's on lacienega at willoughby now dusty 'rose' - see same

i call him 'thaddeus' they think 'zeus' - roman guy named 'marcus' fifth century anna (sic) domino he does his own

stopped into 'petsmart' banner

great stuff...'evolve' headless tanks - cool

LT - 090909 - 250x250 Logo

foul: gay pribe is next weekend here in la - do better or i'll rant

small, protecting someone special a dolphin: 'like the bun on a hamburger - you can't keep it all in'

overheard: 'like a blister - always showing up when the work is done' could be 'like a blizzard - always showing up when the work is done' a business? credit trisha yearwood

got a new black logitech keyboard (model 'k120') from ucla's student store (see even cheaper at circuit city banner) for about $15 no mouse or extra usb plugs (i didn't appreciate that) no obvious sound buttons but works nice enough - the one we spilled drink on emits senseless little sparks no matter what although is purely apple and mall has a 'fast finger' keyboard in red alts between qwerty (ask me again for no numbers or punctuation) and abc (standard layers seen)...

we have netflix over again...back to 'halloween h20' - twenty years later another night of it - that wasn't bad!...sheer aggression on the part of michael myers a purely good to me with knife (i told him you should use this aluminum one 'it'll cut you too bad [as using]' he says...that wasn't bad (though too much skin around the eyes a silent and child-like)...he'll be back (come soon)

coward - won't talk back (mine: won't move, doesn't think you see them)
craven - won't open its mouth (mine: hides the self, won't say beforehand)

there's always someone coming up short, having a smoke at my expense

Enjoy FREE Shipping with any $40 or more order at Offer ends 6/30/12 - 125x125

got a new electric kitchen stove by frigidaire in our 'office' today (see at lowe's)
circuit city? you need a two hundred forty (240) volt line, of course (two house circuits joined as one and rated as such with a single breaker)
yes, there's a light inside and a built-in timer...the light switch is on top of the white bar at left
we check the temperature it's perfect and signals you when ready with a beep, but if you interrupt warm-up with a timing loop it doesn't seem to rise any further

Celebrate with our 4th of July Decor at - 180x150

Get Personalized Beach Towels for kids this summer starting at $19.99 from

found down: mosquito-repelling citronella gear candle: bite-lite ('fluted' is the fat thick variegated or washboard-like mold)

jefferson airplane 'white rabbit' - ask alice 'when she's ten feet tall'
glen campbell (marty balin) married grace slick (my godmother) in a shotgun wedding of sorts - she's from texarcana - this is a beach boys song 'love (will bring us together)' he's brian wilson too and went mental fighting the queen over being sovereign with her around
incidentally he does philly's stylistics too...

sky mall writes us these:

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encore present: eye to eye 'am i normal?'
we go through too much too fast my mind, rosie o'donnell sings and does a great job here 'hey!' real lyric 'alone i'm nothing', 'alone i'm no one'

with cd's coming back into view, i envision stores that carry stock being subdivided into acts and according shelf buy 'em and leave 'em with like a soda machine (no artists really but ok)...full inventory and checking out of artist or act per sales guest and maybe you add a few more to your roster...i'd stock and sell certain acts bought wholesale or otherwise with no mention of new but don't hafta be a part of the problem...and remember counterfeit is talk of your own stuff you have receipts (and if 'the buck stops here') a retail is a glamour, a having done for...put your money where your month is...not available for sale but is bitching at its market (its meeting place)? is head for it...

cd universe at link has all manner of curve as hard to find, and something to hold

'if i loved you, you'd be free' - dM

See's Candies, Inc.
when in doubt, cut it out
smart teacher appreciation and grad gifts o'er the miles
rootbeer lollipops

'you'll be up in no time...' (caption, bee hives, they wouldn't say...weights lifting in time?)
sam gross at google images

the apple in face missing threatens you with particle bee stings until your certain death the green fruit in eye keeps 'em happy and waiting until deliver
the banana in ear says 'i have all the end-wax you need' i sent you and furthermore it's very fast-lane with drisophila-drosophila (the ephemeral tetse fly lives but a day) producing itself about
a who-made-who

'loved in loss' - dM

'it's like a hand puppet - don't keep fingering in the eyes if you wanna get something done' - dM

national doughnut day? ok! krispy kreme

gary numan 'conversation' from 'the pleasure principle' lp (1979)
meanwhile berlin - who just played house of blues sunset last weekend - do 'blink of an eye' from the 'voyeur' lp (2002)

ken russell's 'altered states' i saw many times in the theater - why?
blair brown became casey kasem's wife and can't do anything they say - she is picked up in spirit by the girl on melrose place et al marcia cross
stephen tyler is-was william hurt in the nude and afore - he wants out of his marriage (sane versus send) but i suspect heavy passions over academics more and more - it's a great knowing game with scopes and meters
a silly morgue show - but is princeton-serious
you can change the shape of your head with belts - he used belts and it hurt him mostly with heroin and peyote then is here
the old indian man - and i translate everything, every word - said 'i don't want to know you' + 'i don't need anything i'm old' but couldn't get away like ill-fated sex partners and as arranged
he didn't want him touching the slag on top of the brew where the peyote rests (bones of chickens or foul boiled out) - you know geeks and passersby...hard not to notice ugly strivings away from too
the woman was brilliant as were all others - heroes even, but have no need for junky sex topics
he carried her along as being brilliant and she erred trying to be his assistant - a caution and talks away
all strays from science who go 'back to the egg' is my quote (like birth - nothing more but skin in or out for others yet only eighteen years off the qualified replacement) and they sum it up as 'apocalypse' or the one big mistaken eye of god thrown out into the sky unblinking
god. me. is psychosexual and heavily burdened with frights afore as requested, required - a good fun only
the morgue movies show you how corpses (um 'no minor [as thoughts]') move - they're fast at it and they're noisy mean too
sounds like hate, you wouldn't understand ever - be nice about things, care for yourself and others as well as you do, don't see too much before they do, and finally public deference is to a money talk as somehow a caring of it - you're probably wrong is right to assume
i'm iooking for people who show me how they handle adversity or disagreement, those who are smooth in the talk - the talk is the problem always 'how say you?'
one last flaw - only what's needed, only when - no magic of extras, not here

chrissie hynde and shirley manson do pretenders' 'talk of the town' live enough to have guitars play

Transfatting, to be in its place...

Starbucks® K-Cup® Packs

the white rubber stretched over white rabbit's face and the blooded mouth of the queen of hearts is just mine
the queen says they have to punch her in the mouth to get her to wake up from the dead
white rabbit needs to hear and not see so much - 'i'm a vagary' (a point unmade) he says to others
bottom right 'future case'

1983 movie 'mausoleum' the only other movie besides 'phantasm' known to have given its gift of now called 'one dark night'
the namesake film - is stinky?
the psychic in the crypt is mine - he never talks, but is missed badly ('somebody bombed us' he says mitchell groom - the other film? his mother's death years later and is john carpenter too)
the toothbrush the black girl sucks on is very pj soles and is famous for it
good film - thank you again (and the other one i watched also - thanks again too)
the leningrad is brian eno (richard's father, died in 1956) who died and was interred in langdon, illinois but kept getting buried again in los angeles alot of studio talent afore

another oldie but goodie - clive barker's 'nightbreed' or the story known as 'cabal'
craig sheffer is real pretty - good film

Someone said "What's 'Queen Of The Damned' about?" (see Netflix and p.s. you can search in Google with the film title plus the word 'Netflix'): There are two (2) prior books - the first one is about the vampire Louis a crybaby of sorts who complains bitterly at the chance about his maker the vampire Lestat whom we meet in the second book only and as a turn of events (we like him Lestat better we say, his style). Lestat goes on in the third book with the help of a gillespie type (another vampire named Armand) to meet the secret, to meet the whole origin of the species in the form of a queen who sits silently as a statue with her erstwhile king in a subterranean chamber of sorts 'Those Who Must Be Kept' are their names to us. Like faggots who breathe, no one ever intended the two to meet like no one ever intended this queen among plagues or unintendeds to drive a powerful earth spirit to the brink of insanity with her reasoned demands causing him to curse her to the height of being off with bloodborne disease that doesn't let you rest as the dead for and forever. This statue kept of a queen keeps moving behind your back very slowly and is only blind to the naked eye and he reinstills interest in her being by simply being around. He gets her most royal of blood in him to be closer to the source (a great wanderer of spirit is he), as the sitting soulmate literally gets the ax, and we're off answering his Lestat's every whim and test of virtue in the desert the sunny sands of time with her poisons and potion at the helm. Oh, there are others lesser afoot cursed to walk the earth these two small women as sisters one blinded by in both eyes for seeing and saying so some and such, but none garners the interest of the queen who won't fight or fear for you as no one she would know. Lestat goes on to be whim as rock star - beyond verboten to all the others she left about and around - at the Cow Palace outside of San Francisco and it's their challenge to him that launches a major rebuttal from her so much as flying in to be hacking them all up. The movie ventures off, but the book ends all intact and no one knows anything more about how or why they live on. The ghost - a black ball like Abraham - that made them is Anestes (bees, vampires, etc. - all swarms) one I hand over to her for being bothersome to me in voice and deed. A part of me I have to take out of my eye and fry up in the sun often enough for thriving heedlessly (an earth-versus-sky quote). There are parts to love, however. A quiet mule. In my opinion, the eyes may have to go for being a bit sprightly and too often it could happen to me? Ho hum. P.S. In the movie, they are at the 'Burning Man' festival in Death Valley at night. Is the burning man me? No - a bon fire for all bon fires missed in high school...

The second book about Lestat concerns a young man living on a secluded or remote farm in France who has to battle wolves to spare himself and his farm from the cancer his mother is dying of silently in the home. One fated night he battles the wolves to the death and is ridiculed as the victor by a big unseen spirit named Marius (a big one never known to us and missing in action always). Marius bites him and gives him the 'dark gift' as 'the choice' he 'never had' (a great mystery, the mother later says it is her beefing him up as chosen one over the other - I doubt it yet - God picks one and leaves for another). Lestat, in a feeling sense, masters the dark gift as it were and gives it to her before she dies with another harsh of bite herself and is hardly an oedipal pux. Upon sensing the gift and betroth, she marcs out on her own citing an almost laughable boredom with her son and almost. Is hardly seen again but at a town-type meeting in a later book - never a welcome is she boring herself with details to a refrain. He, Lestat, the center figure now in every book, never gets to know anything as the tale is omniscient (narrating itself overhead) and is a real hate bag that way (I get to know the error in thinking - you don't). In the fourth book, he trades bodies - a godspeed in exchange for a glam - with a dark-haired man and then he the man refuses to give the body back his name is Raglan James...David in the Talamasca (their 'familiar' in the Vatican office seen at the end of 'Queen' with Armand whose tale is told in the sixth book above the waters in Venice, Italy) is a drag here throughout and ultimately refrains from any bonding activities even with a great new body like an English person does while staying in American hotels (they are in Rio, too). Over and out.

Up Up And Away In My Beautiful Balloon Only To Sandbag Down In May 2012 And Parts Lower
Have a friend, be a friend. Why not to forgive yourself then?

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she & him 'have yourself a merry little christmas' - starbucks has it at link (then, the levi's pioneering session is liz fraser look-see violet indiana)
pretenders version + 2000 miles

one, and another one

another design-plus from yesteryear: great adventure's hydroflume or speedboat plunge

but one of two flumes...

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