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contrary to popular belief
i've been getting the eggshells out
some say they're only imaginary
i know they're there
every now and again
...a little eggshell
someone else says there are plant cells and animal cells in your living butt
the ones you've eaten? yup - all alongside each other, and mixed
some square, some round
we marvel plants are old age itself
'that would be salt'
and water?
plant cells aren't square - they keep their water
hold yer water, windowsill

august 2012 is just bits away from being 'brilliant - you made it'

'people always think being negative is smarter...' dM maybe you want to know how hard stuff gets to be from me first

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i got locked in with a photo grab of a fight...justin bieber with michael jackson's hand? a graveyard with its just rewards then

august 1, 2012...a whole month of summer yet remains... asks 'are you poor if you have a flat screen tv?' to me, that means a computer touch-screen rigged as a tv...odd dimensions of height versus wide...a: you are poor if you think about it alot and so people will know and fake scenery (no trees, old trees with roof rot) is poor coupled with afternoon sunlight...we here used to say you take the bus when you're longer true i take the bus? see gay i.e., 'a self describing me'...poor makes me feel bad when i see them...i don't eat much around them...'take mine'

--------you'll get yours i have it right here

a few nice faces from 'butt' magazine...assume a fur meat

thank you...butt, um

july 30...been using osx to no remark...everything works...watching olympics...etc., etc.

someone asks what was "basic" like on the commodore? simple stuff and fun - you number program lines 10, 20 ,30 etc and you can insert lines in-bwteen these if need do later...the first thing is to clear the screen so line ten would be something like '10 clr' maybe with 'screen' in there you can insert text but have to place it actually and that meant something '20 print mary had little a lamb' matching it up to the screen...then line 30 could be 'loop' to repeat specifying lines that you want to play again and some loops go on and on...40 'print' is another...'go to' a line and get a number...string literals ? deliver ...and now that'll do...hrrmph

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apple's new operating system 'mountain lion' is now available for download - $19.99 upgrade from snow leopard on up...see ya soon...profits? you can't touch the manufacture of fresh as people buy a box and sell a box at slim margins ($75/$80) you know the machine and the sale...the rest is yours with supermarket distribution...

what? need me or something? i never change for you...was that justin bieber at apple beverly center (fierce, fearless)? nearby? then and again? up and coming review 'i'm in love and i'm horny' so valid the remix...afrika bambaataa ('a velvet - you'll see' madonna - 'a body language' says dM and adds lil' kim should be trouted here)

should keeps the change

noneother summer fantasy slings: tried the clear-vu 'all boys pass' just of late and the boys pictured are pretty good (my fave yet is the ad of red fishing hat another to one of my type with fat weiner poking out) possible stink alert: gives you $1 OPTION BUT DAY PASS HAS EVEN MORE LIMITED ACCESS KEEP THE BUCK I'LL LICK THE STAMP IN ENGLAND LTD HOWEVER NO GAY PORNOS IN ENGLAND WE'VE HEARD FROM ELSE xtube (the noral standard) found me this raging phalanx of a dark-haired guy with a playful black eye ('black-eyed adonis' i believe - no joke) then snapped it closed right in my face upon linking and zoomed the history about like we had an important one here - like m.o.'s david it was...he was that fierce (fearless)...we talked briefly is in jail-prison...ours? i have many a interest in the contrasting arts, mind pick, pull, pluck

okay i lied...great adventure's southwesterly side or farthest end from the western fort circa 1979
the hydro flume (splits at end to have two racing boats over whitewater humps) is upper right
lightning loops followed - interlocking coaster loops only thrown to and back by cabled plaform catapults - the wait in line goes up stairs that wobbled bad with car action
the snowy oval 'swiss bob' is right underneath that in foreground with 'grand prix' the oval wooden floor car race with the back side raised up then became 'traffic jam' or plain bumper cars
'panaroma wheel' in white was flower teacups you could turn with a center steering wheel and had canopy tops too - those got locked down after a while
the 'big wheel' is perpendicular to the little wheel and would be on left...
the 'matterhorn' (like music express a go-round in sleds under snowy cover with sound music) is directly behind the panorama wheel in blue and white
the ampitheater most famous for rock laser shows and the beatlemania show and what took the place of the first enterprise is lowest left
next to the ampitheater on left is the 'garden of eatin' (not to be confused with the picnic area outside in the parking lot) where german octoberfest was held complete with a real tin-sheeted festhaus on wooden sleds
laser show songs: styx 'come sail away', elo 'rockaria!'
the ride 'rotor' was between the ampitheater and the 'grand prix' and became a new 'tilt-a-whirl' one day
my ride 'wild thing' or 'wunderkind' (like troika only an extended white monster) was between the two ferris wheels and was replaced by 'scrambler' one day in 1977
in the rear on the festhaus lane behind 'swabinchin' (next to the ampitheater on left directly from the ferris wheel) was 'alpine blitz' german figure-eight motortrain and 'music express'
and 'super cat' too ? i guess there was another music express-type on that lane also - they had two rides of it
the haunted houses replaced 'alpine blitz' (not to be confused with sausage-fame 'alpen pantry' in malls) and the trailers where you could rent lockers and baskets for the day (or a big trash bag on the floor with ticket) were on the other side of a fence at park entrance
p.s. the park is exactly ten (10) miles from allentown where i grew up and was opened in 1974 when i was almost ten years old
they finally got a full-blown mcdonald's on the major outlet road at 195 the 'mount holly' exit in the early 80's that helped - my brother and sister both worked there at the exit to ga
neither worked at ga - only i did 1979-82 - there was nothing like this place anywhere the shore is good but tickets every ride and is quite harsh
dorney park the closest thing in spirit on tv is where? haddontown, pa...

this the lovely alpine blitz or thereabouts...

rotor: if you don't know what this is, a rubber-ish coarsen drum goes round and the floor drops inside
you stick to the wall - some say it cured cancer 'two times around' and you felt squirmy heats leaving
p.s. another 'palindrome' or forward and backwards spelled same

our matterhorn missing its white and blue tent closure but art seem

swiss bob - now rigged with hosed cable in the center on pole to rid the ride of its step-on electric track
is painted here somewhat and missing international flags on the toboggan hoods - e.g., japan, switzerland, etc.

the panorama wheel with flowers on bottom - ho hum
credit site: ga history but well-chosen from above

just tried pavilions $1.99 breakfast sandwich on ciabatta bread for free via the 'just 4 u' mobile stand - was excellent after one night in the fridge and served sliced cold - sure - yellow egg flat, american cheese, bacon, mayo, lettuce, tomato...excellent flavor...they make 'em next to the sushi

dire straits 'so far away' from the 'brothers in arms' lp 1985
then 'expresso love'

bits of 'alice.' noticed - is all animation with live action only a la ralph bakshi
savior: ebay has a jet black rabbit with blank white eyes as figurine - for better news
is the oomingmak (say 'ooh-MING-mack' for the eskimo snack of whale blubber) is character there - 'mad matter' backwards?

bigger is better

read apple's osx news at

that old woman in 'lust in the dust' is greta garbo (um, stevie nicks) - she was too much ! being around lainie kazan...speaking of which, that cartoon 'family guy' is just fran drescher's 'the nanny' in costume...i swear it...that faux 80's wealth stuff...i was arguing a 3-d ride versus a 2-d from 'futurama' what flattens you and takes you around like a picture a la 'beetlejuice' me, 2-d is just flat on a map and cars wind around a simple track like old boardwalk haunted houses (atlantic city's steel pier had one when i was there, seaside heights had a good one) you see where it's all going and in time in front of you...3-d impies flying through the air or depth a bit like peter pan's flight at disneyland houses below - the surrounds and mats are secondary at the sides, kinda...

local times: marvin's neighborhood pharmacy (between san vicente and roberston on santa monica) is at 50% discount now for gifts and wares off marked prices...check it out...lost their lease to pipes up...nice stuff local pharmacies have great and individual gifts...

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we missed this one - the killers featuring toni halliday of curve 'a great big sled'
the video is good yet
'elo getting it back together...they were mean to us they should wait for more sets and songs' - t. halliday
theme: 'christmas in july' + 'hotter than july'

poltergeist 2 (the legend of preacher kane)
a league of their own (rosie o'donnell and madonna in the penny marshall film)
under the boardwalk: the monopoly story (my advice: pay everyone what can when can...mind over: 'pay anyone what can when can')
girl, interrupted
cruel intentions

women have a higher iq? they do what they're told to do only and relax their minds with the are murderers these days anyway...women don't murder as well...skills means someone showed you how, and they showed you what to skilled (skinned of it, softly heated away), be smart (know why not, as having been hurt)

'american mcgee's alice.' chesire cat tees at ebay...keep grinning...'i can get anything i want unless it's for me' - dM

tower video construction today 07/16 on sunset

second shot at fame coming

my tech term for dry mouth is 'psollias' no internet has this...mind over says 'psolleis' or dry mouth cancer cigarettes cause...saliva missing, alias to's like stomach growls 'boubourigamy' no one knows...

circuit city at banner link: dvd to apple tv converter <$30

'american mcgee's alice.' merchandise at ebay when i'm not checking for jars of lye and parke & ronen swimsuits (just lost a beautiful one to furth yesterday max bid $10)

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pepsi and mountain dew (pepsi, without the code) at cvs this week $0.77 a 2-liter...i stocked up on coke last week and refreshe...

note: you can get 'popcorn factory' (splitway cans of cheese, caramel, and butter) at the 1-800-flowers banner more great adventure we swear sister a loose cannon says my facebook page is boring...still learning the ins and outs...i just put her picture can pre-order 'the lorax' on dvd at the fye banner ships august 7...

this is me, my sister leslie and brother scott on ga's 'swabinchen' in 1974 (grandma p. just got back from hawaii hence the shirts with ga navy hats)
scott is the one x'd out
for the background, really
great adventure - original nyc owners? diana ross (hardwick), elton john (campbell soup co.), john denver (rca electric, ne andy warhol - is leroy), dolly parton (acme supermarkets with grand union too - american mercantile) - the rest are lawyers john freeman (nyc press, ny times)

for the sign's style

new exhibit at pacific design center

larger than life is thee - this laff coat is huge
there are gallon wine bottles on each step going upstairs apparently full of black ink but not so

this downfold camera burns images on white template larger and over time
it looks brown outline afterward

computer printouts bleed red a little - cheap printer?
i always say 'you could find out after paying bits more' - dM

the music was good...a western sequence is missing in action real cute
this is not magic mike - mike is star channing tatum who does the best dancing

saw 'magic mike' at amc theatres in century city last evening 7:10 pm showing - mean little movie and previews alike...was like being on bad drugs it made me crank, touching but mental abuse around every corner...the guys were real good at what they did but it's fast paced, street-mouthed (your dreams are not my dreams carrot for carrot) and cranky, boy - we all go for the insane ride around on submit and people's feelings, like it not...not alot of guys there i guess, but doomed to be with...not bad, just mean...all the guys dancing were good though the stars are playing different mean roles...the new guy still mine in bed alone like a spice rack i'll be back tomorrow...richard and his mother again snl...someone said 'he smells' old familiar trick...but it's hard not to enjoy yourself and company with real shit and piss afoot...makes a ghost seem real...

'magic mike' is about a dark-haired kid who's supposed to be nineteen and his sister living around tampa in an apartment complex...he gets a day job roofing and meets some guy whom he later meets again after dumping the sister and her boyfriend in a harsh money talk situation...he meets up with the roofer and they go into a club to have the one reveal to the other he dances around the back and why not?...they never touch, and the fucks aren't magical ever as a duty, but these guys are down on their luck bad and that makes for no shine...dumb drugs, dumb people (bad decisions), and matthew mcconaughey to tell you how to shake your ass as a man dancing in his club with the rules and regulations he himself doesn't know too well...he never deigns to know anyone matthew, but in a weird kinda dream of the life, dream-shits of a bigger club elsewhere and with garbage can people during a florida storm wetting the place down...showbiz stuff only...nervy...someone at universal has to master this stuff i guess...and be better at it always...p.s. the actors show everything ass and hole to ridiculous extent the only dick is a hand pump though - thanks for looking, you...the previews of seth rogen jerking off are simply strange meat...junky, boy

my phone numbers as update are:
magic jack (home): (323) 375-6627
lg900 my primary cell: (818) 203-1411
motorola my secondary cell: (310) 272-6392
don't call me, i'll call you...pray see

cooking a chicken or roaster? try soaking in water for six (6) hours with about six (6) tablespoons of salt...gets the red out, makes flavorful...foster farms is still a best bet here...

also remember the adobo sprinkle seasoning was a winner as instead of bread crumbs - we took that right in for lo cal? cvs usually has it cheap or goya...

make sure you see and know: joe d'allesandro and jane forth in another andy warhol production
'these were never intended for sight - they're made for me and alone' - andy w.
'these, are mine' - dM

that pet chameleon at petsmart (see banner at link) had the longest tongue by the way - even longer than a frog - it eats at a distance it showed me a fast lick one day last week...thanks saint etienne your new record 'words and music' is real good...uplifting, even...

netflix adds:
fritz the cat? (legend near-porno film u need see very entertaining and ralph bakshi too good voice good spirit grade: a-)
exorcist 2 the heretic?
smokey and the bandit 3?
mo' money
stark raving mad (s. scott again)
grizzly park (interesting enough - jailers take a group of truants up the appalachian trail in the ozarks to pick up deeply trenched garbage along the way and trouble strikes left and to be right...still watching...if angels surround to knock off officials...stars the real matthew broderick and his girlfriend from ferris bueller mia sara...more: i liked this alot, grade: a- you don't hafta see it, but it's real good)

stevie wonder 'superstition'


very superstitious
writing's on the wall
very superstitious
letters start to fall
thirteen months of maybe [pregnancy unfold]
from the looking glass
seven years of bad luck
a good thing's in the past [alts 'in the pants']
when you believe in things
that you don't understand
then you suffer
superstition ain't the way

ooh - very superstitious
wash your face and hands
letting go of problems
do all that you can
keep me in the evening
keep me off the phone [alts 'going strong']
we don't want no 'savings'
sad is the song
when you believe in things
you don't understand
then you suffer
superstition ain't the way

very superstitious
nothing more to say
very superstitious
the devil's on his way
thirteen months of maybe
pledged the looking glass
seven years of bad luck
a good thing's in the past
when you believe in things
that you don't understand
then you suffer
superstition ain't the way


pavilions has safeway's store brand of soda 'refreshe' on sale this week five (5) 12-can cases for $10 or $2 the each i bought four (three dr. pepper or dr. dynamite, one rootbeer) - add $0.60 cents ca redemption for each case only or a true cost of $2.60 each...all they need now is a few cases of cream soda in the blue box what is sorely missing...

found: st. vincent 'the party' something new in the st. germain, saint etienne vein
is velvet underground being redubbed i'm told
saint etienne 'answer song'

saint etienne 'tonight' from the new record 'words and music'

check my make-up and check my watch again
i can hardly wait
play the album and play it all again
i can hardly wait
they say the music press is set to try us
they say that they're in love with synthesizers
and baby don't you know there'll be surprises
this could be my life this could save my life
i can hardly wait
maybe they'll open with an album track
or a top five hit no turning back
ooh ooh ooh-oh ooh
ooh ooh ooh-oh ooh
maybe they'll open with an album track
or a top five hit no turning back
ooh ooh ooh-oh ooh
ooh ooh ooh-oh ooh
tonight when the lights are going down
i will surrender to the sound
and look at all the kids around
tonight the sound is breaking like a wave
wish it could always feel this way
and life will never be the same
check my make-up and check my watch again
i can hardly wait
there's a part of me only they can see
i can hardly wait
maybe they'll open with an album track
or a top five hit no turning back
ooh ooh ooh-oh ooh
ooh ooh ooh-oh ooh
maybe they'll open with an album track
or a top five hit no turning back
ooh ooh ooh-oh ooh
ooh ooh ooh-oh ooh
tonight when the lights are going down
i will surrender to the sound
and look at all the kids around
tonight the sound is breaking like a wave
wish it could always feel this way
and life will never be the same

it's been so long in coming


head on over 12-3pm

today we remember the super round-up at great adventure...
you turn a knob to shut the doors up ramp by screw pump, press 'rotate' and the pull on the joy stick (or push then to reveal) all the way up and down
no timer just the 'stop' button' and note releasing the joy stick leaves you right where you are
the lights transmit electricity underneath - wire flange brushes up to concentric rings of copper - the sign here doesn't tilt
the only injury was a chain whip over the eye that...maybe not bad enough to suture
we also had to clean up alot of vomit here with kitty litter and a broom
p.s. the high-speed tilted teacups 'calypso' is in the back on left and the other end of the western fort skyride is on right in front of the hump hydro flume
note the first ride missing in action as engineer-driven was the great train ride in-between these two

my posits:
the first 12"? sugar hill gang 'rappers delight' on the sugar hill label
the first ep? pretenders 'extended play' in lieu of a new album highly in demand yet 'talk of the town'...'cuban slide' and 'porcelain'...on sire

friday the 13th!

was working on the circumference or line length of a circle last night before i went to bed - measure around the waist and roll it upward to circle...the world...trying to get rid of the diamler or front of the hula hoop and know its flat across length...also note radial sphere growth from center is no density but toothpicks as lines outward...otherwise is cubic...'tis truth

egg case update: the preying mantises (japan) liked a small side slice of plum much - they ate it inside on edges and left a minimum of carcasses on the floor (s/b only husks, basically) - the cage is neat with leavings and not so much fanfare...avoid any direct sun too...avoid bits orange juice didn't work well although they asked for it...they eschewed bits meat also...

remember, you can cook marinated raw shrimp on the barbeque easily enough - me too - remember to devein first with scissors up the back and then rinse only before...pick and peel after cook only...whites right up on the roaster...

someone asked what's the difference between 256 and 64 on the keyboard below? 256 means they have a full character set but in only green...64 implies one-half of 1,024 or a quad of electrically-maintained memory - bandwidth colors, basically...mind over says 64 is not colors but colored characters done all over again to be 64,000 length (1,024 x 20 it says) or twice the memory made as before...somehow not right they don't make colors they make colors happen fluently or without asking much....

this is what we worked on in high school - we had lots of them in a lab 1981-82
they didn't just disappear...bell labs (at&t) as honeywell (mit) made these
these are for line prints only - no video context, to be surely

the rainbow colors on the logo are no accident - commodore electronic or tandy inc and tandy (nabisco's tandy corp - two different schemes) produced the apple and then at&t bought it up
the difference was tandy corp was a start-up with no money until 1992 when at&t bought them as is guilty only...uniden (at&t at arm's length) all
bell labs made these too to operate phones from literally - schools had them because they house phones that well
the beatles are at&t and apple - they pushed for these with john denver (general electric, rca then) and actor james legros who headed apple for six (6) years prior to jobs being there 1992-1998
james legros (deibert) was a wireman only - a big one though - 'he knows everything'

sneaker pimps 'post modern sleaze' a video present
the sound here is eternal
btw, in 'lust in the dust', when people played piano, they weren't allowed to use two hands ever - you had to get by using one hence the sound
you can have two players maybe, but not often
cut! i couldn't understand the dead father tattooed the girls' asses...he did it
loved that they shot the padre too...
lightly, divine was a pariah (a cesspool) and i martin (the blonde one) too
she has to be seen to be believed - even more scary are her eyes so deeply set
that movie is gifted, boy (mike meyers is michael jackson in '54' by the way)

apple was clearly ribbon wire disk drives when commodore ruled in the early 80's
they had their own everything? cross platform use, at least
this box i scanned said 'candle[tte]' on top in cursive - further, someone licked it upward to a blackboard with chalk
this had a lightbulb on right that flickered in morse code a flickering candle of sorts...
for communicating with the dead? next to the ear? maybe
was used in filmed depositions of autopsy the flickering light shorthands findings so to speak so no missing or contrary on tape licks counting
maybe not even the author or investigating coroner (who died with no name provided) notes edema (swelling alot) and other (if a mortician has been given a name and instructed pay)
'challenges courts bald with quotes from them'...

so see

joe d'allesandro comes to mind...'flesh' at google images

see's candies offer:

Small Lollypop Box icon

Root Beer Lollypops icon

Assorted Lollypops icon

another wellspring of genius: usps reports my mail being tracked as sent to 'catano, pr' the pr is for what? puerto rico...that's just great...origin is florida

(CBS News) Rejoice Macheads! Apple's new operating system Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion is almost here. Apple released the "gold master" version of the software to developers Monday. The public will likely get the same copy of Mountain Lion, which is expected to be made available for download on July 25. Several sources speculate the software will be released the day after Apple's earning call on July 24."

the state of california - always a shining star for loudmouth faggots - returned my roommate's 2010 audit sheet with no further talk (no agency speaks, just demands these days like a whore - these are franchises and that means anyone earning under the seal too) but a bill for $1,400 plus over the rejection not of domestic partner (bullshit ugly + unwanted, aids) but head of household again (they pay for everything while you wait to have sexual speak - the feds say okay)...the state is supposed to bill 2% flat (a $50k salary is $1,000 per annum) to cover passbook savings all year to pay their add their fees...i'd get a tax lawyer for the bother but they're in cahoots too no pay is no much is a fuckin' fruit stand with your garbage music and movies playing overhead anyway (with stars around) ? it's all people like me need apparently or roast in the 5 o'clock solar plex while you fat it all out to parts in shit...and sex...if you win, you're gonna hafta do the job with guns around...they win alot too...even ghosts have an ammo...

thank you matt lauer for being openly bored with anne hathaway over the batman movie what about 'les miserables'? she looked good - they had to put the last movie on tv to pay for it ten years of staring time will know, no matter how nice i am, i just can't see a movie - i hafta get agreement on it or sit alone in it...and if then i hafta cajole the answer 'was it good?' to no intellect or dialing up with - just cheap disagreement always trying to make its own economy happen with 'marketable' smarts - 'a stitch in time saves twine' - a little laugh here and there spares the talk further until the tongue may fall and you yourself know why not you...amen

netflix: 12 monkeys...(studio) 54 w/ ryan phillipe (this kid shines, boy - just saw co-pilot breckin meyer on the street days ago with a biggish car ('the parents' he said when caucasoyed) - he looks good, ryan was real good-looking too at cvs a while back...tell a friend)

you can print personal dog tags in sets at military clothing's banner online harry's army and navy...

see honda motorscooters

more cvs: scott toilet tissue regular white twelve (12) roll pack is $7.44 this week a bonanza! i've been buying single wrapped rolls there at $0.88 each...a four (4) pack is worth about $4.29 at regular market prices...

today is 7-eleven's birthday - they're having free slurpees until 7 pm...i'll get mine...

friday the 13th: 12-3pm starbucks issues their tall refreshers a sweet color of drink for and so remember us at the cube...

andrew christian shops at banner links have accelerate swim trunks (very sleek in slate) what shine like vinyl $34 and loose-tight warm-up trunks in soft gray (get it?)...plaid pocket polos and also umbro and jack spade in the boutiques...why not here?

received today mateo call me:
'unlock any iphone $29.95 free activate and shipping with carrier of choice'
so? 800-241-1070 'txt' friends 4 more discounts

the second mantis bulb hatched today 07/11...we'll let them free many left last time
so a dry clean cage after moists helped - a cleaning of wet and peppermint debris launches them
i cleaned it two days ago...these are ghosts don't get too upset if they shed skins let them be
they don't hurt, but like dogs, get upset over being disabled legs don't work
again, a dog is a head on a magic carpet and they pulse nervous over a leg not working or disablement...don't keep asking anything to move too much

mac osx due: the gold standard (no sound clips or marketing inside) was released to prospectors on monday morning
some say it crashes alot, but they don't use it right (ask it too many questions fast)
goes with new 'exus' servers by intel
an operating system welcomes a new machine or processor only
captures new only and then what's behind new as long as it keeps up with technology or has the capacity for the conversation (doesn't ask what to do and often enough)
expect yours today some time at announce to stock market close, one day late
you can't keep saying july - it's july 11
no box - we're excited

someone said 'show me your teeth' - these on 07/10/12
our friend katie couric says you can bring your gums down with 'milk tots' or milk and sugar boiled together - we note that (half, and half)
the tooth tells you not to talk under the breath while eating - eliminates nares or nosewinds also


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i was talking on the way home from the store with a bruce springsteen-type and he remarked of 'fantastical' people (i define singularly as gay or 'having to be seen to be believed' - see divine in 'lust in the dust' alot of survivorship to meet in one place, i'd say)...the 'hoi polloi' he said 'a rich person who has it all for no apparent reason' he's working on it (i solved the word to myself as 'hit parade' all music phalanx and the requisite weirdos for it as a 'pig fat' snapping along and asking of it...i myself ran to blame the beatles for having made hitler (another maxis or way for saying the english 'hit parade' as they are somewhat earlier than bemused with england, germany, and sweden as one true land mass)...high politic...'pigs but as not meated'...they return how hitler started (at my request to know) as a radio-type screamer in the streets and i said in seriousness 'a fruit stand'? they said 'no - a collector of [his own contracted] garbage cans' and he wanted them others in the street to move out of the way but was loud about it and in german...eventually they said there were full-on bodies in the garbage (old people as much) and he collected them to no further wit...'so what?' he said 'they live well'...add it up to then...

from the above:
hoi polloi - fat cats no (weekly) checks just having;
glitterati - no reason to be, just does to you and others with wit and at will;
papparazzi - photographs only, no words;
intelligentsia - no one you will know, thinkers only;
academe - friend of the family only - no friend to you;
gesthalt - no one anyone knows but fights you alot;
zeitgeist - a friend that died you know them.

hoi polloi: fat in the face, in your face;
glitterati: no one who will know you - cars, furs - is worlds away;
papparazzi: stars photographed being abroad, largely undefined;
(and if celebrity is a celebrated person, enters a room to brighten it only)
intelligentsia: princeton types, humanities, monitors suffering only - computer world;
academe: everything made math, no opinions or feelings made openly - all colleague or calling each other on the phone;
gesthalt: what makes people get up and go or alter sense - sometimes towards you, grass roots, what was the impetus or initial spark;
zeitgeist: mass youth of feeling in the wind, zit quotient.

the former 4ad group 'lush' enter as sing sing 'mister kadali'
add another track same album 'i do'

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07/10: had another 'shinagera' (say 'shin-negra' fast forward for notes of accomplice or helping hands around - for the dead) last night...a rich tapestry of dreams linked, long...the last one was on the ocean east coast at night a party of four whiles ago, this one has me on a plane heading to san francisco at end...$5 in my wallet...thoughts of not needing to be where i lived...more later...all pleasant vacation type stuff with god afore...on the plane an american airlines flight - i was hanging playfully on and underneath my mother's husband i identify as st. john in a trough of winded air like a monkey - we passed over from say, sunset boulevard, to a shoreline where the mountains should be with the 'real' san simeon (um, 'hearst castle' up north a bit) in-between two lanes - it was a tall rectangular house, light yellow, with rocks and greenhouse windows framed in brown with a green dragon and four standing saints two on either side (we are flying north but are due east of the building close in the air as if taking off - just before that i was in a car)...their heads-faces drew me in for being painted and yellow-ish...the dragon all green and bowed (three humps or winds) in the middle as to be snake-like moved for me protoplasmically or like a ghost as we passed...a few old friends around one was andrew mccarthy...this started at some sort of night-time meeting at parkings lots around ucla on the edges like sand and tar and logs...upon leaving, i thought it best to go back to a lower or prior lot and ask for my wallet from someone (it is to this day stacked with cards and is brown) rather than ask for it later...we were very happy on the plane like roseanne's family going to disney world...all smiles...

the earlier potent dream on the atlantic ocean at night hopping ships with large whiskered fish around and walking to sand dunes on the tarmac during the day in florida was good too a party of four and always with plump types - so far south the land and beaches curved in front of me to community aspect, but strange arrivals on the shore always...

watched 'goon' again last night with the roommate...ok! synopsis: an east coast-type guy who's a bouncer at a local bar (billy scott as doug 'glatt' - is about the archangel michael and doug i'd say...scott is also john lithgow and ray davies' brother 'dave' of the kinks...chrissie hynde is ray davies' daughter michelle with michelle von furstenberg et al) attends an inside hockey game with his friend a friendly slight vocal type and winds up punching an unattractive mouthy hockey player in the mouth for bored insults...the slight one has a little web show and gets the bouncer knocked up to be a real player though he can't skate and onward he marches using his bouncer skills against those who don't play well but interfere like basketball players do - no touching to be sure but severe distraction...enter the brilliant 'laflamme' a darkish rock-star glamour player who needs the bouncer to keep him alight while bigger gooks mess with his plays and drown him in sorrows ('he's hurt in all the right ways' - dM)...alot of blood and good game you don't hafta know much but the injuries ensue and with the final countdown to conflict, the biggest players at-hand, you get lots of gay gift and again no touching or being alone and its smarm...(like 'play misty for me') is all about the interferes and angers with being touched unnecessarily - a good metaphor all the way around - thanks for the feed the murderers are angels and they hafta earn the right to kill you properly...laflamme the dark one will get you killed for being hurt and never taking much to the self - see it come...

'that needs to be in a mattress finder...' - dM if a mattress finder is the mexican grinding machine for them in landfills

skymall at banner link: wireless observation camera and receiver $99
circuit city has the uniden security model sketchpad and camera we like...

i need to get fashion fauxs georges marciano stuff from 'elle' or whatever but this for now
it's important to realize this stuff rises up in the dark and makes a truth for you
the gesso is shine perfect by the way - shine and forth - someone says it needs to clean with fork and spoon i redoubt you the queen
the queen print is at cb2

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subway has a $3 deal on their breakfast sandwiches with drink coffee or soda at opening in the morning until 11:00

cvs offers great lasko floor fans $20 this week
i looked at their 2/$5 digital watches in summer colors - s/b a blue box stand with three tiers of them in colors - few available yet the price is regular too no rainchecks
beverly connection's cvs had a big fluorescent yellow, green, a mid-size blue and white and a green and black job - not much certainly not what's in the ad orange sherbert, kinda
digital is cheap and fun these have grids behind the numbers - very 80's looking - a plus?

they have 2-liters of coke now for $1 each no minimum 5/$5

lillian vernon at banner: large and small interior drawer spice racks, clocks-thermometers, toy medical kit...if you wanna browse a lillian vernon catalog do it here and then order from me at banner...they don't have it ready at the official site

small note: the lifeguard that crossed over a line was the little cuban boy that floated to florida on a raft alone and was resisting his father a while back...

the first lain on 07/08...please (a fatigue and of wealth) it's never gonna be perfect
be well-chosen

net10 lg900 update: have scaled back from 750 minutes at $25 a month no carryover to 200 minutes at $20 a month with carryover because i'm left with about 500 minutes of use a month (this month closed with 503 minutes left)...we'll see - a great deal either way...

kaleidoscopic world: got me wig heads from 'wigs today' on lacienega at san vicente - their wigs are very cool and expensive (one example is $700)
these for magazines, decoupage, and curses $8

got this stuff 'mod podge' at aaron brothers about $6.50 or so
sealer, glue and finish from

they have these gift candles 2-for-1 right now they smell like coconut suntan oil and orange creamsicle ice-cream, etc. regularly $19.99 a jar each
i love the suntan oil one 'sun & sand'
at amazon some and lillian vernon has holders and hurricanes much
add all to see what of and 'if there's an elephant in the room' you leave a few things to be break

great washer hamper - you dont need to see the real thing - at cb2 about $30
for the rhyme of it seeing is having

our cable bill? just under $135 a month...that's cable tv basic with 'cooking channel' added, two (2) receiver boxes, and wi-fi router...includes phone as magic jack only and dsl roadrunner internet...tell no one...

no bologna:
nitrates: cow bones mostly in foods frozen - is bones 'night traits' or is hard when all else rests;
nitrites: same as chicken bones mostly

pusher: opens up a bag and asks if what's in there is yours - gives you some;
trafficker: opens up a box and says nothing to anyone - gets it to where it's all going all, asks no questions of anyone;
dope fiend: asks no one anything, has it all alone and without asking.

eddie murphy's 'golden child' is back at netflix (all of christendom trying itself with nostradamus outlooks on length - 'patience of a saint')...'heathers' (a snooty high-school girl dies at the hands of an early-morning dare 'i'm not gonna drink that piss - okay, give it to me' and wishes her entire school to death for its lack of sense)...'she-devil' (top-notch meryl streep and with roseanne in a wife versus coping with studio life vega)

here publishing at the dialog cafe sunset and holloway free wi-fi and all but may be time-warner (this on 07/06)...

a ga ticket stub from 1976 the 'height of kingdom' - that means before corporate six flags entered in 1977 and wiped all the colors down
the park converted to season passes and took on corporate sponsorships for individual rides - e.g., delta skyride
the depends wave swinger...just kidding
anyway, pay attention to the details i provide (costumes, hand-painted signs on rides, etc.) we've all done nature trails in the backyard for bits money - this had it all
this was the failed warner's jungle habitat just bits more north (upper montclair, nj) and the beatles helped it out
a kid's mind has ears, spaces, and ears in-between and they are different as they don't seek to entertain and you intrude alot - this place was cool and always worth a mention

the original art and backdrop with rock music playing

the operating booth at enterprise - i liked its tudor style - one button and emergency stop but horn to start the ride

hold in your heart the original enterprise - longer cabs with chrome bars and where the great american theater is
even the pretty monster was a scary prospect then...and then to be held in a suite of false accomplishments

spiegel renew again: Save 50% sitewide at Spiegel. This weekend only! Valid 07.07 - 07.08.

'three times the weight, three times the drop' - dM if 'wait' is the last part again

free doughnuts...on wilshire in santa monica and if a dozen is about $8 at krispy kreme

netflix add to list: goon (you won't hafta work on liking this not one bit)...a midsummer night's dream is up next

i liked this bookcover at book soup on sunset yesterday - tower records is up for lease across the street
peruse the inside of the book at amazon - the guy on the cover could easily be me

still thinking about the schwinn ranger for the streets - about $180 at target reminds one of jeep wrangler the sahara editions
fyi: 'shimano' is the gear changer mechanism on right (and brakes)

the old gay 'silver spoon' restaurant on santa monica finally shot out of the cove
the name always makes me think of older faggots with a ricky schroeder-type dining on their meat (this, real)
linus pauling? truth is, i thought the prior name was 'ubrication' somehow not suspecting an old garage for oil and gas 'chadwicks'

i never ate here ever - what do i know?
never ate at a meal at rage, either....oops, not true i enjoyed their buffets from time to time (at rage that is)
one restaurant i never ate at (but want to) is taxco gardens...there are lots of them, i guess

offend the kids: 'jason and the argonauts' ray harryhausen and all

you eat this? you're being cheated again
james deen? rupert murdoch when you can pay more and if it's all the same to you
i spit on your grave

dweeb city under the 'circuses, parades, and fireworks' header: great shiny-type fireworks last night on the foggy roof...toward dodgers stadium (east), venice beach (southwest), and what? lincoln heights (south)?...could i get them more wrong? thanks you

circuit city at banner: logitech keypad revue with google tv $99

der ter 'magic cabin' cites my website as being 'offensive' in many different ways of saying it (others say 'not ours, not enough traffic', you are 'too dumb') wish to offend my other banners, but i wanted their colorful whimsy...get it all in no matter how trite and while can so it all can go back out again...sometimes it's just that's simple...

who me?

best sight from the fourth? someone dressed as uncle sam (a bouncer at a bar on the boulevard)


if you watch 'flowers in the attic', note the mother (stevie nicks) is caught between her two older children and their old-age counterparts - they are the same two people...the youngest child is the father who died and the younger girl is the mother's sister...not really whipped is the mother but cradling an old man who wakes up with congestive heart failure each sleep...the woman sells much to see...the older counterparts fight a death in those kids also...the grandmother was great but forced to pray by the old man it helps him with the devils that plague him nightly she does it whole army of folks want their house - all well done...the last scene filmed at greystone and at their pool i showed you the trellis...the other outer house is called harriage house somewhere near washington dc i doubt the kids were poisoned...sad as agreed by i...don't write off the daughter but the fact is she went...could be me...

happy the 4th, america...'of the stars'...happy birthday timothy kyles (um, marvin gaye) wherever you lay...

went and got some foster farms chicken franks (still the nicest to me) and buns for the grill...hormel baby back ribs from target later (we ate them up - i woke up bald and toothless...alone)

the only place around here that sells ribs nominally is the old lafabula on santa monica (baby blues bbq near fairfax) - tony romas at universal?

Our Purple Leopard Beanbag Chair is a little girl's dream, only $79.99 at
point is, you could get the printed-up fleece blanket for that money or just a bean bag

people think you need clear gelatin (um, wheat sauce) to make lunchmeat - just take two (2) cups of your favorite poultry cooked in water (one cup) and then boil down as shredded about forty (40) minutes on high and loose into meat salted and peppered with one (1) tablespoon of honey only after meat is salted...ham is similar no pepper yet and also turkey add one (1) boiled onion first...boiled onion is one full tablespoon of onion meat and a cup of sugar sauce (one tablespoon sugar and water mixed on heat) to make the meat stand fruits, vegetables...unless clams (hard ones at first) into clear cup with hammerknoll (pound maker or wood knob) and seal and refrigerate for six days on-end first it'll seal...martha stewart ('we do it for maths') says push into tin foil it helps... also notes hillary clinton is worth seventy-five million she knows 'for sure'...'i'm worth twenty-six' she says...ninety-two at fault we stocks yet...'i don't use that - stocks are given [and taken from me]'...also notes that you get a million for each kid you've raised if you're famous she says 'that means people know your name well'...

those preying mantises hatched today 07/04/12 and get out through the top of the cage somewhat too
welcome, welcome

interestingly and surprisingly enough, the new frigidaire stove issues its burners out on wire clips for cleaning (i don't try and do these things, you see)
through a hole in the drip pan they plug right back in with prongs...neatly enough

at cvs this week: craig has added a new dvd player to their usual $150 machine - also great for regular reception it is said
i devote a screen to a computer and in this case is apple tv in the bedroom for playing licks etc.
someone said the black sleek of the $99 apple tv is for the car - i dunno how at 120v an irregular
the apple tv box used to be the mac mini and also you could square-jaw on the bothered computer screen and send to...
meanwhile the unit is good for netflix on the big tv only and playing your itunes collection on it audio-video
you can also buy movies directly from itunes without any computer and also watch movie previews without itunes
you were supposed to be able to send computer content to it, now it houses it all alone basically...know why...they have all your songs on there from wherever you sit
p.s. cable router wi-fi required $5 about more a month the craig takes hdmi yes the ca waste fee is about $8

'i had hands, but they couldn't just feel each other at the arm' - dM quoting a ghost, roughly

at speigel - a repeat? Save 60% sitewide in honor of the 4th of July. Valid 07.04 only!

who is the real spiderman? peter nagahuchi daily tribune photographer accused of stealing while and was executed summarily by handgun our fun begins....israel...florida...wyoming mtv's dan cortez ultimately...his father was dr. richard connelly and then daily tribune press secretary and owner michael j. cortez by name change...'spidey' was reborn again (after four years of 'secret stints' we call them) no fare in 1928 and killed again by connelly as the 'platypus (hands on at night as something strange) killer' messing with his eyes too much after injury and that killed him 1943 (his eyes got completely brown and scared the mother off dianne weiss)...then born again in 1952 with neil and as neil remains dangerous as shit...knows richard some....

Get a free 4th of July travel kit packed with four bliss favorites with any purchase of $75 or more! Use promo code FIREWORKS at check out.
just looked at their sinkside travel packs again - nice

mechanical gold painting: a 'c' of yellow on another 'c' of yellow (pure yellow) then a 'c' of black movement (right above it and perhaps inside) is black and then yellow and yellow (a reversing of the underneath) onward and upward only, the c's are next to each other with negative (light) blue space underneath or as in-between only...light blue is two (2) lines of red and one of white, very can make red with two (2) greens and a white in this way too...onward and is easier to make than red do your part...

chrome: boil salt on any metal continuously for six (6) days then buff out and around...on paper (not for tv, however as sounds made only two sharps and then wits or playing it out) two (2) lines of green only as thinnish 'x's - an 'x' and an 'x' stamped on top obscuring some, rub around some in newspaper? you can use yellow and stamp smally one on-top of one another...

uncommon goods: wooden wine and beer barrels as cabinets...easy wheelbarrow

fyi, time-warner cable's office hours are 8:30-5:00 mon-fri

mount and source, defatigue by drawez!

got me spidey sunglasses at pavilions - ostensibly for kids mine fit that well <$10

these aren't so wide-view on the slender-ish head

'where rockinghorse people eat marshmallow pie' - on lacienega

no matter - feed your head (like is spinning)

for form - someone should do this better a guilding of
fyi, you make metal rings on a huge metal roller desk a 'lathe' that pinches metal on the ends and rolls it around forcibly but easily like paper in a typewriter - sure
you change the any the ring size with knobs
other ones clamp the edge of a metal sheet and bend a seam along a ruler to make seals that interlock and again is like folding paper only

another lamp on balls suggestion

noticed: those apes at the zoo show you their assholes alot and have big balls...

mac's mountain lion osx due in july still out to key - can't wait to join the pack as we skipped on lion...replaced my apple tv remote battery finally a flat clock battery 'DL2032' about $5...3v...still activates my mac mini (you can cancel and reinstate the remote on apple tv with a couple of on-screen buttons but it's not key)...i think they use it to pay is renewed for the very month $8 again...

swim and shorts - take a look at andrew christian's stuff really nice at banner...we have the boutiques here everyhow...and again...

found these cuties at google images for pics in red
any other ideas? thank you

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i was standing at that bus stop pictured on last month's page and at the zoo and my mind told me hillary clinton's brother 'george' i guess was passing by in a black something or other so i channeled him (this is on riverside drive)...q: 'how much is your sister worth?' a: 'about seventy-five million' he says...'how much are you worth?' all very friendly in tone a: 'twenty-six million' he says...they apparently have a house in the los feliz area (old mansions near the park on the way to glendale (animals? cemetery forest lawn in parts high mountain back - you can't make mountains seen from afar, trust that) - los feliz implies eccentric with their money they live there as a family somehow somewhere and she loves it an outdoor-type barbeque palace kinda dark curtains sliding glass doors i'd say then...says you can lay around there forever she just loves it so...and note 'president hillary clinton' is real somehow to you...notice also benet's in the spiderman '67 episode i gave's like that....

'you're about two million off - does it matter?' - no

'when you're a millionaire, what's another dollar' - dM my quote about not losing weight

thankless: 'i'm about two ten now - i need to be under two hundred' - dM who often rubs his ass with cocoa butter while eating their celery...

petsmart july 4! 4th of July Sale! Save up to 50% on hundreds of items at! Offer Valid 6.29 – 7.4

for a friend...xo

a flock of seagulls 'man made' from 1982's self-titled album the last track
then and again space age love song

thank you, lio

circuit city at banner: hdmi to tv converter (hdmi input in the back to regular rca plugs out front)...don't be locked out by apple tv or else

'like an iceberg - it took alot to make this little' - dM

i scanned rodney king's coffin - nothing but two old sweaty prosthetic legs - you know, the salmon-colored ones with rods...thank you

don't think you can't replace carpet guards (those aluminum metal strips on the edges of wall-to-wall carpets) bothering you with metal mercers and nails easily enough - pry right up with the back of a claw hammer and tap in a new one measured to length and with nails provided - no problem!

that 'dog day afternoon' on netflix - geez - saving that much action (arrives the demanded ride to the airport and yet to jet out still) for eight (8) minutes? a jesus and abraham story and abraham (the quiet deadly one) is a real pressure cooker, baby...all our love

synopsis: two army guys from the viet nam (even as delicate treatment eats none of them) age decide to heist a neighborhood slim-line bank (savings on gauches, merely, only) and find little cash among the eaves - the price was their lives getting out of the thinking-man strategy that developed in its cause - pure hate with deadpan officials and bullshit languages we all hate (no one keeps their word, ever)...teaches no lesson yet but how a simplice (no names) death is infinitely useful against talk and people treated not so well...simply maven (made in the stars) thank you, you my mind and prior to the movie ends on the way with a wave goodbye from the hijackers frozen in frame almost confetti - we don't need to know anymore...that gieger counter (the guy driving out) would die soon as put - trust 'aliens', sure...i got bullied? you torture human minds too much and for pay...let it the name of what - being a big hero? loser...

watch it again:
hellboy (more true than ron perlman is in it they crack a tube to the pull of space in the antiguas for christ all in black...membranes ghosts into our flesh)
apocalypse now (see martin sheen is coppola this time)
judgment day (they blow up the big temples of christ for liking him too much in the present sense)
play misty for me (a bored woman plays psychotic over being jilted by radio clem clint eastwood - from school, actually...hope lange 'play misty for me' all phone-in freak - is real good she is the bartender's wife)
lust in the dust (divine in her only cowboy western - unbelievably good performance)
before the devil knows you're dead (excellent ethan hawke in the deadliest matricide-mother done of the century - purest sister movie to 'drive' )
flowers in the attic (the 'one red mitten' story told in reverse? great great great!)

ga concert series: billy squier 'learn how to live' from 1982's 'emotions in motion' lp

extra bucks for spring 2012 spending (2%) are now ready at cvs...

ga concert series: rick springfield 'state of the heart' from the 'tao' lp (1990)
this was the 'love somebody' tour, however the 'don't talk to strangers' tour

ga concert series: rick james 'dance wit me' from the 'throwin' down' lp on 'gordy' he says (1982)

this new feature from ga history 1974 suggests flooding - it's about right for the lake (prospertown - actually a fabled swim hole with beach) and log flume
other photos have our costumes from way back when (hacienda brown and flower and yellow mark or with blue both 'games' and 'ride ops')
this month we're gonna feature all the bands i saw at ga in the western arena by virtue of youtube

ga concert feature #1: the fixx 'are we ourselves?' from the 'phantoms' lp (1984)
another must see: sign of fire

another great shot of the early magnifigance and in spectravision or no sun panoply (that is, no sun evident - just greens)
very fountainbleu (all you can see is mine) or french national in look
that's the pretty monster (regular, flower-ish) on left near - not to be confused ever with the wild thing (wunderkind) an extended higher up version in all white and black trim

after many years of having one here, i learned the beauty of a pasta cooker - that is a chowder pot, strainer insert, half steamer basket and glass lid (ours was from williams one assumes)...if an egg and wholesome (nothing to think about) spaghetti flavor is clearly present in angel hair always, you heat the water in the pasta cooker and place the pasta sticks right in the basket no actual touching of heat - is decidedly nicer than a saucepan...

ga concert series: a flock of seagulls 'over my head' from 'the story of a young heart' lp (1984)
i think this album cover would make a nice fleece studio blanket from lillian vernon at banner
stay reflective...i know the end products of the d-i-y cards will be smashing no counterfeit there and larger than life
afos 'remember david'

the first few to be seen...these are terry's contributions to art from the la zoo on 06/30/12:

all the docks float around on four poles - i like the look
whooping crane

on its way to be brown? never before seen as such
'too much sunlight' it says...penelope

you can pet sheep and goats next to a huge hand sanitizing fountain and wash with blowers paid for by dolly madison
they go mad being touched and asked to be noted on the hoof only by me

gecko? not really i scrubbed after petting this one even getting honey-baked almonds (and kettle korn) samples along the way
that lazy eye and all

blue danube are these blue is brown and gold to us, actually
i'm a stalwart for the male-flask mocha danube with red sonce (or slimmed) bill
for the cage alight - simply strange (for harveling bees?)

they stand like this because they are tired one, then two...the pink says to us 'not busy yet' they say
these are wildly popular everywhere tropic (now snow)...much missed are the huge vampire 'fruit' bats and galapagos turtles at san diego
...we have koalas now and a cute wallabee just one
their nocturne house sits an 'udder' failure yet...the flintstone's-like cave dwelling of days gone by stalactites and all is a good party house at night (if to question a vapor)
...a huge toucan-like bird is another feature with wellwater of information each exhibit has a own maven so to speak

no gift in winter, or summer
young boys-men run the slither center a wet-lab or laboratory box behind glass replete with magic butlers (heated fridges) full of anti-venoms
...and a host of young misses in padlocked aquariums
a deadly place at night no matter and a big box turtle crawls out of an open half-window to bask in the sun - no way

the snakes are actually slow-moving and cute enough to be there but are surely threatened to be with pay
venom are stings only all hydrols, toxins are snake bites and are twice as mean easily
both burn the skin layers out and cause the heart a failure if prolonged that's all
ice - and lots of it until no heat appears

i asked mind over what is the one thing people should never eat for old age problems? 'alfalfa sprouts' it said
'you'll never get them out' a big heat-draw like bacteria it is but plant + 'seriously reduce salt and workout too'
'youth is age, but in-reverse' it said

monitors are similar or smaller - monitors are big cats and this is a dog or horse laying down - a horse is here
that coming in from around the back to eat big chunks of reddish meat is funny - they love it

ga concert series: roberta flack 'feel like makin' love' from the album of the same title (1974)

ga concert series: christine mcvie 'love will show us how' from the eponymously (self)-titled 'christine mcvie' lp (1984)

ga concert series: andy gibb 'love is thicker than water' from the 'flowing rivers' lp (1977)
some wonder what happened to roger daltry - and here he is
actually was the 'shadow dancing' tour - so there

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