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no news is good news
but this isn't news
'and if you've heard this song before
now you're gonna hear it some more
i know a place where dreams get crushed
hopes are smashed
but that ain't much' - devo 'going under' then, devo 'love without anger'

It's No Strawberry Fair Yet And So Awaits May 2012
You better get to pickin'...

last day of the month is today - tomorrow is may 1, 2012

you know, shrimp come from chicken guts rotten in the water (lungs, and armpits)...sure...i just ate some last night on the barbie (barbeque, once soaked in sauces - my preferred method)

go to ackerman union at ucla - they have a cj's in there coupon the source

a triumph of the will: the new world trade center in, two
restate: the empire state building is still truest faith we see, but these are required by me and then some
or i'm no one to you...see everything is already done anyway at cnn
like the excellent haunted castle at six flags great adventure, you put down sod, then rebuild me in time...let the healing begin
p.s. flight 175=13? then count twenty five (25) days from my birthday 08/16? i'm no numerologous...
remember as that, there was something wrong there the salines in the air blowing heat all over the village like that (it takes a village...'it takes me to a village' corrected)

'nary [not even one] a scratch' - national lampoon way back when...'nary a drop' is shere hite?

unusable, unusual...same

skymall: my mother got that clear drink dispenser for her birthday in february - took it to a party people loved it...(available yet still? i got mine at anna's on sale usually about $30 and sent it via usps $15 in a gevalia amazon for sure)

i wanted to send out some of those great bagged and pruned fruit trees at pavilions too...
they even have, grape 'vine'
psst - bushes-trees there are: blackberry, blueberry, grapes, citrus, mandarins, grapefruit, but mainly and bagged, nectarine, apricot, peach, apple, plum, cherry around $10 each professional pruned bag

fidgets me 'no harm done' (the pet shop boys movie) + 'are you real?' gary numan

the la times features a $0.55 coupon for pepsi next today...coupled with their $0.99 sale on a 2-liter bottle at pavilions is now next to nothing...the soda with 60% less sugar notes no difference hundred sixty (160) calories versus just sixty (60) it is said...less thirst or doing without (is one major flaw noted?)...ralph's has regular watermelons right now about sixteen (16) pounds each at $0.19 a pound or about $3.20 each not bad...and boxes of capri sun coolers are $0.99 right now too...

target has coleman queen-size air mattresses right now for $25 all this week...and maybe you wanna try the red 'angry birds' roku2 xs their version of apple tv is also with netflix...about $89.99...a coleman six-person tent is $119 at target...

at office depot (link atop page) an hp laptop 17.3" 6gb 640gb is now $ better than mine? remember, we paid $500 all-told (at best buy tax and all) for ours and it's great...very techopoint...hp 17.3", 4gb 500gb is ours...i was trying to remember a place called 'b-e-s-t' and in red letters rising each in size at quakerbridge mall in new jersey and there it is a showroom of one piece then talk at the desk...

for old times' sake

the coke rewards program is still in full-swing - i just got two (2) free sweetkins yesterday from a combo of one or both and you can too...2-liters and bottles are worth three (3) points, forty (40) points gets you a free chilled sandwich bottle these cvs, the supermarket - wherever you shop with coupons...

tower video on sunset and in da rear being redone...that's the old carolco building in the background

how it's done...and so why

i like the bricks and color odds in this old copy shop on sunset

straight up the sierra building on doheny on a small earthquake day

a small holly reaching out at greystone 04/28

this is not holly but signals as such nearby...herringbone

like dogs they are - and so teaches one how to have and be with it a peace

another namesake car you may have missed and nearby - '66 thunderbird
at the old carlos & charlie's on sunset

that new awning took it up the butt today with a little bus crash...on our street 'palm'
i was just admiring their gaslight and rocks box patio this morning too...'was a gas tank inside the box?'

this was our gardener at cb2 today - i gave 'em an hour it was cute - is ellen degeneres out of costume
she says use three (3) plants in a planter: 'a thriller, a filler, and spiller'
her filler was my thriller, however (the kinky small daisies reaching are mine 'aspirilla')
they had a sangria, some steak tacos and paprika shrimp it was cute
she wants you to hop on those planters (i like the one closest to the lens alot and love metal boxes aluminum although tin-looking - plants love metal keeps heat out)
she planted a tall tomato plant in the metal box in one corner 'early girl' known as 'terminus' or delivers all in one lot at one time (plus cascova or young oregano, cilantro, and young basil)
all plants from anawalt they said (ladybugs and preying mantises too)

try your hand - found today 04/28 on the walk home from cb2 (the planter class was cute - more later)
i found two (2) more besides: 'warm' and 'cyclin'...cycling (save the answer peg to your desktop to view using right mouse)

the ultimate in discreet this property as submerged on hammond - for style's sake

chrissie hynde built this newfound at san vicente and cynthia - get that toilet view

Someone edited this site for the 1969 corduroy sale at Gap? Keep looking...I will too.

"Where would one go to meet a woman of your stature - the bowling alley?" - Sir John Gielgud to Liza Minnelli untainted in "Arthur"...methinks Dudley is her, kinda...sometimes...then not...people wanna be Judy Garland always...

have you seen these yet - coleman coolers on a wagon pull? $44.99 self help the ice cream man at pavilions
i gotta buy a new queen-size air mattress this week upcoming...slow leak plus crisco, flour, sour creams...rubber patches
the cooler has only two (2) wheels in back - it looks better with four, huh

this is a great vase, kinda, and labled technically 'buchi' something science?

"Did you see her house? She's got graffiti on the inside." - dM quoting my roommate about the news...morely about being on food stamps and paying still for $500 a-week brazilian blowouts...(tough love the job search plus kids?)

"You can know too much..." - dM it's none of my business or is no pay

terry got this 'retreat gray' merona polo shirt at target in florida - we took it back for a larger size 'm' > 'l' $12.74 ($14.99 regular) and in stock (i wear it first while he's at work to mock him)
nice and weighty with silks inside, i'd say
he's damned sure heavier (my last weigh-in just days ago was two hunded four [204] pounds), but he fits in like a petit somehow
i hate shirts that show your tits, but i attribute this to not being washed enough whatever they spray new with hurts the light outward
no hot or cold waters in the shower, no tight or loose clothes 'round town is my rule of thumb - it all starts with thinkings about too much or too little had a sense of things
by the way, even receipts don't pump money over state lines these days they want to push all back where it came from - gap century city made me take a merch certificate in my name for a parent's charge card return - no ask

remember the label: anti-perspirant plus deodorant - i don't smell anything but b.o. with a 2-for-1 deal on a mennen stick with no anti-perspirant just deodorant (it's really there - is supposedly for lonely types - anti-perspirant kills spirit says mind over...i use clear gels only, usually)

on the way to fairfax and fountain on fountain - good style

pleasure, little treasure: pavilions has these aluminum-capped torches for $9.99 right now...see you with it
don't forget to check your 'just for u' personalized savings

new and moreover:
eight (8) ounces is one (1) cup - get that
a can of soda is one and one half (1 1/2) cups thus or twelve (12) ounces
two (2) cups or sixteen (16) ounces is a pint or one half (1/2) a quart (and a full pound? yes enough)
a quart is thirty-two (32) ounces or eight (8) cups (oops! a quart is four [4] cups - pay attention)
exus: a pound (1) of meat is two (2) cups - a serving of meat is one half (1/2) cup or a quarter (1/4) pound (see the meat: mcdonald's 'quarter pounder')
a dollar ($1) is a dollup (1) or one (1) cup both of meat and cheese - two (2) servings, literally
a cup (1) of meat is eight hundred (800) calories or so dried the flame a matchstick going 'round
a cup (1) of milk is six hundred (600) calories or so dried the flame a matchstick going 'round
a person of any age needs twenty five hundred (2,500) calories each twenty-four (24) hours we describe as noon to noon - no exceptions and to be healthy
diets? never to lose weight but control appetite - we recommend emulsifiers like fish oils (only kelp - keeps heat wicked by removing wastes with it)
celery keeps weight off and is kelp somehow
p.s. gas is food too - sixteen (16) cups of food is a gallon of gas it is - more if you let it out
a gallon of gas is worth nineteen bucks with vaporines (chocolates) adding, it is said
a cup of gas is nine hundred (900) calories...
review: two (2) teaspoons is one (1) tablespoon; four (4) tablespoons is one quarter (1/4) cup

our cb2 gardening basket is this weekend april 28...

these diesel swimtrunks - and i'm not in the mood these days pending or yet - are excelsior as stretchy and complimenting of us $66
nearly $150 nearby and maybe a lighter shade at lasc
andrew christian has their blue-black version too $59
bliss soap the blue bar through and through $15 - i'm now using their action pak with lemon sage soap
fake tattoos rummage here at savvi - these are what i bought and what work really well with water-only application a cottonball, won't rub off either ed hardy, the ones i have now i'm wearing the finned t-rex
halt the talk: they the tattoos take on new meaning as turned and placed, partially concealed, or spliced...truly a living ghost of the art
that eight ball on fire looked like a red nipple though (okay, a stoma)

ross is serious about luggage these days $59.99 the each - victoriaknox, samsonite

this guy on la cienega says he was on a boat - the santa mar(ia)
the real one, he says

rain day france, netflix (we just paid again):
hunt for red october (keeps your seat, next is patriot games the revenge)
metropolis (how, why)
national geographic: inside the body trade (a subscription gives nice geo-political world and us maps)
the universe of keith haring
demolition man (stallone)
mgm's man of la mancha?
blue steel (jamie lee curtis befaws)
friday the 13th (number one - did you miss all of these? start here)
superman ii (will be good to you again)
fido (is not bad by the way - it takes itself seriously)

new, you: checked out something called emusic for a chance at a $100 subway card (will work for fool)...will sign up with paypal...took madonna's new record in exchange for their $10 intro-me fee...$1 paypal see-if then drops seven (7) days...

emusic is not bad, but is no cd
as for madonna they won't pump track number three for the having, i'm still evaluating sound quality
i also took eye to eye 'nice girls' and sing-sing 'mr. kadali' with its eventide or sprockets
michael jackson wanted me to flatter him with 'you are not alone' another great
the you tube files are a weird addition...the mini wet bar
p.s. the screen capture is taken with apple's 'grab' under the utilities menu and reduced in the 'preview' application 'bigger is better'

for a long pillow suggest a cover i sewed
the bedspread is new from target and reminds of the hydra or nine-headed snake the neck skin
saint lucia, sure - about $90 bedspread + $40 shams
cowboy fabric as online? alexander henry fabrics

for lesser astutes, a leaf punch, punch leaf for hand letters written by someone special - makes a wreath, others (is like a guitar pick made out of old credit cards)

leslie snyder...sally jessy raphael...mackenzie phillips

the three styles of hawaiian furniture per don ho: tiki, monmart (all crowns of kings on ends - 'only my voice then') and 'one like shaved fruit' he says i can't remember what he called it yet (picture a coconut whited by machete downward)...god over adds himalayan (or then somoan) - all flat stuff...

seen as sign: 'hiring', 'parking' as folded in

atop page: the current palette of colors, mood...indulge me

a 'virgule' is the backwards slash 'v then w' ('very wet, no class' it says 'voice then wait' a angle outward) ; a 'stamon' or 'statement' as not clear why is the slash forward is support as stays with me

'>' introducing the 'poinset', and '<' the 'reverse poinset'....'!' exclamation is 'reverse talange', '@' addeco, '#' pound or 'quarts', '$' dollar sign or 'ripand', '%' percent or 'wigand', '^' expone or 'karat' (to the power of), '&' ampersand introducing persons here, '*' asterisk or the hyphen (or ask) me, '(' + ')' parentheses same both...'_' is the 'reverse talange upward' or demands answers too, and then '-' hyphen 'if you ask me'...more later '~' cedille, '`' labering or weighing the tongue...

what's most like a mcdonald's closing?

on an orange traffic cone somewhere on santa monica - is good to the eye (um, 'reginald vault')

considers adding a wing - our house was vastly improved by sliding glass doors where the back door and walk once was
promises a scary countenance (face in mirror) at night even with snow alark, locks plus with a stick lain (however, i love the track plate slide and screw)

at gelsons: eighteen bananas is the rule - know that? like teeth they are (fact that)

how might to sew a blind-eye dog, and to beg less, be less for it

to go with the paul lynde show - the pussycat he was referring to as stands today on santa monica
a great all-night how to (no more in at 3am)

our friend dan moon (john denver) at a haircut place on santa monica

tuber at smart & final - rolls of vinyl tablecloth $15

they have lots and lots of take-out containers - a new shrew (a person who hates people seeing) in town

for ball games and the like - a gerrymander (everyone has the same from here)

some see more with textile grillades (shields) afoot

at target a bucket of monkeys has fit here - $59 faux leather chest/ottoman soon to be in our home?

make jello instant puddings much (and i'm having a measured half cup of instant pistachio right now in a glad sealable cup)? tupperware has a shaker for you (or then simple tumbler)

eye to eye 'am i normal?' - another lost found track that makes the grade (is not on itunes yet, but all others new and found)
hear pet shop boys produce...more from them and stephen hague soon

look under the header 'classic albums' for great rock moments in netflix - fleetwood mac, steely dan, metallica, black sabbath, rush, iron maiden, cream, queen, the doors, def leppard, grateful dead, lou reed, phil collins, meatloaf, tom petty, u2, deep purple, john lennon, duran duran, primal scream, paul simon, sex pistols, pink floyd, but no elton john yet...if stuff doesn't ring through on showing, it needs a few minutes to sync - 'no one else sees it' is best said...p.s. still loving 'icarly', too

MP3's at

Powered by Speedtest

do the internet frog speed test download speed just now was rated at 'ethernet' speed

favorite monik 'swiss gear' is raging at target this week
a moniker (um, 'mild case') is when you sign a check and no one can read it legibly - or then sign it fast for theirselves...
a malik makes you come and look as from behind to see no match - like they're hiding something

is not the real ronald i think of, but still is worthwhile to see
okay, he's real enough...
people in new jersey were a real problem with litter - almost laughable - tossing wrappers and bags out of their windows driving down the street
'we had to arrest people - they spit in your face'

a while ago - me and my nephew rick jr. at the tree lighting in princeton

well, i'll be: 'i'll wait sixty years you'll have nothing.' - dM

nothing travels faster than the sun: 'we go up in the air in california to land in new jersey arriving just beneath us.' - dM there's no such thing as a high-speed train

'they go somewhere else to defend our lifestyle - we're not here to defend theirs.' - dM who puts food out to defend an expansion and so is first

'social security wasn't made to pay people, it was made to keep your standing above others in society' - dM if you had more, you still do

revise: 'if clothes make the man, who made women?' - dM

'doing the right thing stinks - there's no air.' - dM

'the land always points to a hole in the water - be there for it' - dM

'if you think it was hard getting in naked with nothing, try getting it all back out' - dM

Get The Six Million Dollar Man: The Complete Collection only for only 6 easy installments of $47.99 + FREE Shipping at! - 125x125
don't laugh - i paid columbia house well over $1,000 for all forty-three (43) video tapes of 'lost in space' ($25.50 the each and over time)

these win the sideground lot: dundeal 'money on my mind'
savoir faire

aah's on sunset has fake tattoos galore - i love fake tattoos

and blow-up lounge chairs again $9.99

various studio umbrellas too - worship the rain, don't just be there

tower video on sunset under the shelf now - seem of exposures
eighty eight forty-four

our new french names for the big mac: the 'tout le monde', the 'jardin', the 'mes ami', the 'r. descarte'
our new hindi names for the big mac: apogee (um, 'apology'), ganymede ('naugahyde')
more or less later...whopphur...

don't be the last to know nothing new, nude

so you then

earth 'ursiris' day? how a bullet train has to do some green around belt, some water...

some just air then white standing still, plate to plate
at bristol farms doheny and beverly

represents them big ol' wooden forks and spoons hanging on the kitchen-dining room wall - don't eat here? 'i like oil and vinegar'

a lead-made promo bomb or les quartermain snuff box as my last turnip i swear it

a poop curl, pregnancy, and boxing glove

how woods pressed make metal and keep backwards movement-new joins out
working your way up understandings, no returns of this favor too soon

warns of the ol' dutch oven - keep a fire burning or disgust

caring for one's self as mothers an only child with knee drawn up, as asks scooping up water

a ghost says how to get around a ball that won't let me levitate? the ball lifts once daily for white

you might as no fit continue onward down stairs and be the first know more of it better
you might lift your skirt as mouthing ball and enter it in you

walmart has lawnmowers with briggs and stratton engines on sale again and now...'brute' (sears as craftsman displaced - they can't sell enough, they say)

only a bank can buy t-bills, to buy saving bonds as direct from the us mint...
they the mint makes paper money legitimately...your dollar as savings bond invest helps pay them to do...
like a spinning wheel of fortune with a whole us dollar sticking out on each number going 'round, your one dollar placed wins them all for us - you can't go wrong
bypasses legislatures and their governments of old people sweetly
we make a dollar great by snapping it up each time it's offered us...if you don't snap it up, you should be working for one somewhere

what you can't keep? from today's 'parade' magazine 04/22

hp laptop 17.3 4gb 320 gb at best buy - i don't sell you one better than mine
you don't need 500gb of handwritten memory, do ya?

more 'la' spray paint - see 'la canvas'
in the back they sell marshall (stack) headphones

flowers at the warner brothers complex on santa monica

poinsettia park today 04/21

nice basketball courts!

great preventative design at a red door palace

demolition around the block - smallish yet where they keep news telecast and satellite dishes on labrea
some complain of being unwelcome at night...

stop sign on doheny

another great guitar - think better thoughts

new barbie fleece blanket at aah's on sunset $20 - i like her new look (at amazon)

can't get mattel's v-rroom? this 'hot wheels' battery-operated motor shoots cars up a vent on present...make me a deal

the whole wall-mounted shebang as reminisce is $35 retail at aah's (see at amazon)

i hate a sale on smalls only, but like the look of geo-divine-if-did - on the sidewalk today at block party $10
the curve down seems to say 'i cannot know this to you' (the real maker site with large as this and above)

rest assured with pavilions new $2.09 wine (cabernet, sweet red) quail oak that two-buck chuck (charles shaw) is still $1.99 a bottle at trader joe's...their pack of ground beef (base blend 80/20) is still hovering overhead at $2.49...or then $2.59 a pound i've seen at their point of origin down the a 'quarter pounder' sandwich at mcdonald's is exactly cut in half for a big mac...

word of the day: 'rants' (um, 'tantrum' takes 'em down) - renovates, pulls all the curtains down...'runs the gamut' with providing information, sheds more light on...

another crate & barrel home outlet sale...some outdoor stuff

apple again: the new ipad makes pictures look fabulous no matter what, you matter what input, they look great by some sort of them again helping and hurting us by showing advanced portraiture...the hp laptop i bought forthwith also makes us look real good if you tilt the screen back some and until - i tilt the screen back and it looks like the apple ipad but the ipad is really a bit nice looking...also the coffee table book (or wall calendar) apple offers to make for mother's day (may 13, tentatively) are really in fashion with these keyings - if you take nice pictures, take a comes in the mail after ordering online with pix taken by you and is hardcover or softcover you choose - and why not? how a publishing of you might work...much like herb ritts, kinda...see apple store...see me come....more: think about a holocaust - your most precious things scattered to the wind outside of las vegas, someone finds this a book - 'there's nothing you didn't enjoy' it says...'you know how sometimes people deserve to die...' - dM

john carter opens at the chinese theater on april 22...hi

imdb doesn't have american mcgees 'alice.' just like anita gillette ('the paul lynde show' - he was a doctor a psychiatrist i think and loved martinis when he got home) wasn't real -- poon -- you don't work for fans the top market...

just tried bibigo (i have their ivory coffee mug - it has a small fly painted inside the rim) the shelf-top bowl of white rice from the microwave in one (1) minute (soon here at amazon) - not bad with chicken curry if le must do...otherwise, my favorite rice 'mahatma' is called in...

sometimes a lemon, is just a lemon
a 'let me see' and touches (douches) too fast

i watched 'frances' in its entirety yesterday (on netflix, yes) and raged at my own troubles (we each think i did this to her - courtney love - but also note the story is a story) but she looked great always i couldn't stand it...her boyfriend was real handsome too - looks like one and the same being? that's great...despite god-type beings and their refuse, take it on the chin...the movie glamours whomever it was like joan crawford...also, the person who filmed the sequence where she arrived home in a plaid-seated car claims it was for a thanksgiving-type arrival and he just found out it was out of the can, so to speak (harry david)...i love that movie...still...

found these stamps at the post office and they are confusing as when - a humbled gift i call it (technically, is 'trefoil' or trifling of you)
i looked 'em up online and surprisingly, they don't just honor an envelope or thought like easter seals do, they are worth $0.45 cents each (i asked of them at the window the day before yesterday too)
the current first class rate is this at usps - i lose track by using my favorite ones the liberty bell stamps what resemble cash somehow by being sculpted just like a real penny
selling on ebay? i finally let them print out a mailing label for me at $1.92 for an estimated five (5) ounces sent on my behalf (god told me exactly how much to put, no scale)
they hold your money paid you at paypal for weeks but will advance you the shipping to $15 or so they say - and you print out and tape it the label to your envelope as made (when weighed out officially, the post office said i was just three cents over postage due)
the tracking or delivery confirmation number - one and the same, mind you - is very elaborate through paypal even today with 'sorting' and 'out for delivery' notes
and maybe when received in good order i get my funds earlier than the laggart or non-involve date of may 9...ho hum
everything comes back up the toilet on your side of the wall these days - stay posted

'in my mind' an essay on what ? pot-head national smoke-out day 04/20 another festival of no such money (is perhaps really about getting out of school at 4:20 pm as ours was 3:30 pm every day - but mom got home from work at 4:30 pm every day or she left to be home then - she got home then i'd say 'no' i could call her 'til then): when i went to bed, i was listening to my sister in my head talk about six flags great adventure and how they lock people out during storms she says (the grand overpass entrance is on the right going down their highway heading west as i see it in my head with flaggarts or people waving you beyond and outside)...whether it's lightning, heavy rains/winds, or the beauty of snow during the off-season, she said there's much more to enjoy just being around there then...she can't get to her kids fast enough she claims...that leads to her claims that our father is one of the flaggarts outside as some sort of local enforcement agency acting under some sort of an agreement and that he youths in plain sight from trip to trip...youths means seems to be someone else or younger, but refuses claim when asked...her mind somehow reports that she spies on these particular outings within during winter months the snow (and this gets fantastical in sound the place is closed down from the end of october through to april) and there are old naked men - about sixty (60) of them - running some sort of 'jaguar' (this name for given me now) like russians do in the winter ocean, perhaps...she says there are guns and that the men are asked to change into whatever creature (under creation) they can in order to escape a wrath of bullets kinda coming their way for being obstinent, heavily taking from, or whatever...some do change while running i see (and in my vision all are old and white looking at each others backs bulbous, yellow but unspotted i see no more and as it rages a man, but differently - a commune of sorts best explained as 'nothing we won't do') into eagles or birds - big birds - and some become antelope she says while others fail and to remain...this leads me to think about being them and with them (a plus together against others always) and how a narrow naked black trotting past puts all into perspective and halts the feel...the black is narrow and antelope-like with taut muscle, but makes one think things will be the gazelle, but their reasons for running are different...a black runs viciously from your clasp always and you are running towards something unsuspecting, and run fierce they will...does this help us feel bad for them before us as naked the both?

1) god (and forgive *me* here for saying) makes the food first - he said so to to always send in the food first - whether or not it gets taken, you eat what's leftover, only;

2) only a black is or can be a felon (a person who feels you up for trying it out..a white is a 'concomitant' or 'convict' then as trying to deliver to others too well) - you have better things to do with your time than bother me with a nuisant 'felony' charge...a black was made not to bemuse you, but to surprise one with the lengths of their takings from underneath you with what i call support for their trades...while you bother with me and women's trite non-pluss sexual (schezuan - whatever's around) ) issues, they count your cashes in-hand and no one fastidious court can believe how much and how little of it it is they've taken...god blessed niggers every day with me they are simply angels....and they know how to hurt people as they throw away and destroy cash so no one has the volume to push - trust that;

god - or was it someone else? - says it takes sixty white men to hate a nigger or black man - or was it my sister ? i don't usually talk like that...'how do you get handcuffs off?' was another topic - just break the chain in the middle or put in a bench vise you'll get them off and just ask me about bolt cutters too...'a scratch a day' - dM and if it's your birthday pray tell and you can't fuck that up or can you ? remember my rule from dear abby or whatever 'if you have something nice, don't tell people right away - enjoy it privately' even though you wanna know if it's true, too...that felony charge levied by a black nigger...who knows 'i like to fuck and i like to steal' but hate being caught in the act it teaches you not only to bother me with it, but to be a bother without end...sorry to all niggers 'this really hurts!'

p.s. nobody wants an opposing win against the harlem globetrotters, either - no matter how good you are a freak


devo 'speed racer' from 1982's 'oh, no! it's devo' lp...see 'deep sleep' too
this record is produced by roy thomas baker who produced queen and the cars and at the height of kingdom and always

crate & barrel has the lifestyle i want to live (the one you deny me being here with): alfresco, orange the secret garden, spring greens - all on sale yet...

shops at fingerhut, and walter drake too...our $89 'thermos' barbeque at target (now $99 as 'char-broil') is now with side stove at fingerhut...for beans? people complain viciously about putting it all together from max (and i know i helped here) but just remember you can have the leg arches on the right sides left and right, but they're backwards a great frustration involving drilling and sense...if you like charcoals, you can use them here question is whether or nor the slender coleman propane tanks (sold in cvs too) work mother cooked everything post-1977 on a char-broil electric hibachi (hitachi is a company, a flame) with red lava rocks inside...

banana king all portion:
a 2-liter bottle of soda (nautilus, no one knows us)? goes with a pizza only (is soda fountain or blend for take-out intro was coke and sunkist)
a can of fountain goes with a sandwich as take-out or lunchbag - hoagies only oils no bottle (intro was pepsi lite)
a re-sealable bottle is for lunch at work only - may be called back for duty too soon and regain (intro pepsi)
no resealable is one bank (unit of sale) at issue...can, bottle...bottle can be seen as empty too is macro sales happening too many too fast

the can, the finger - is art

abc's dick clark is like a president dying - almost inevitable...a sinking fund, a dollar a day

'i loved everything - thank you.' - dick clark

someone says 'what is a massive heart attack?' a: you can't move your arms...more: massive means you crumble inward to me, and like 'felon' (thelonious, 'the least of us') is not merely legal but is press and self describing at you...a heart attack is what you might suspect, but massive means crumbled down in angers to me...


Close in on repeat feature:

Are You A Superstar? Probably Who Knows If Your Hollywood "Walk Of Fame" Star Is Distinguished In Front Of Pep Boys 10/21/03 1145
Repeat my jerk (adding up quality stays put with the flavors die down) now half a thought: Is Donna Summer a "superstar"? No one is that. Only Madonna, Michael Jackson, Barbra Streisand, Elton John, Boy George, add Diana Ross to no thought. Who else captured your limited imagination across the board and made you eat bidge stink (a Time magazine issue must clare you as well as Elton John's did, as well as Michael Jackson's home theater looked to happy enough)? You'll find mostly of these in front of Wang's Chinese Theatre city next to Woody Woodpecker and Bugs Bunny answer me dirt I never had to ask I only just say it.

Easily now adds Linda Ronstadt to our thought of it...


bestbuy: hp pavilion 17.3 4gb 380 gb $400 even...even now? adds bluetooth...

two broadbears at netflix (like a quiet homosexual, i have a bunch of pots on the stove):
the legends of flight (boeing's new baby or then skins - i made boeing to mean an 'over-being' a 'boat-being' a god...those wings are asking for it...pray tell)
inside the mind of google (the nbc extras are fun and cartoon the way i like 'em + i noticed the dns server addresses the envelope or name (e.g., '') letter by letter as you type then adds '.com' to ask for comment or see sheets of page by you - interesting)
pet sematary 2 (as good as the first one, maybe)
futurama (we need to get back to this stuff - too much made in my face, but is excellent shit)
jeeper creepers (did we say? god stuff)
the crying game (it's in my nature)

'in my mind, you didn't choose on the tv screen itself to buy or watch anything on apple tv, you framed something on your computer drawing with mouse and screen and thus sent programming to the tv screen from the computer - see the difference here' - dM how are we cheated? apple tv uses one itunes sign in only or must be reset entirely...and you need a cable wi-fi router...$5 extra a month if you have time-warner dsl already...p.s. netflix helps you escape daytime tv and its insults to your don't play that shit here...

'your words come back to haunt you when everything does as you say, only' - dM as merely quoting your lack of speakings then

'don't agree with me again' - dM a patronage of sorts, and don't sell from me either

like sanitary cups of grapefruit like me? 'sundia' brand (as opposed to maker del monte) is really nice with whole pieces of grapefruit no breaks...about a dollar each if on-sale

remember, a 'boot cut' means boots - or you ruin the cuffs in the rear
the look is very sherbert...
i need cowboy boots again one day, but these will do - probably my third pair of timberland boots
always wear two pairs of socks to escape any discomfort in the heel...

blecch saying 'goodnight irene' (um, 'serene' supreme) - calling your mother by her first name? yes, as wound up with...alone, mad

siouxsie's 'peek-a-boo' strangely defiant these days...

blue hotel....

can't do a thing to stop me...

porta-jump says it will get the car kickin' from the cigarette lighter while inside the stalled car - as seen at target

egg-citing new hoover steamer machine with scrubbers underneath $129
queen-size air mattresses flat are still around $25 - make sure you get an electric hand pump too

our own black & decker toaster oven now $25 - all you need is a flashlight to see the dials
we keep one on the fridge

a&w rootbeer and mike & ike freezer or castaway pops for $1 at target
99 only stores has 'em too along with three-leg camera tripods and three-plug three-prong electric strips
pepsi and mountain dew 2-liters are there at one low price too

these extender poles are labled for marshmallows - $1 each at the entrance bins also
hot metal and rubber ends for marshmallows? they say (miniature) golf balls in water some

kellogg's krave cereal (i'm just trying mine in the cupboard now for weeks)? is like pepperidge farm pirouette cookies (almond tube with dark chocolate)...'brussels' maybe...the chocolate inside is mute or flat...

see more sam gross at google images
why so funny? the cat flexing, taking his time

she has a wooden leg on and stepped in a poop

is oblique, obligating

it's not over yet - the fat lady eats like a bird

b.f. skinner shocks and cheese, the fox watching the hen house-type humor
in my scenario, there's chickens talking - one with cat-eye glasses on - while a cock is taking stance as seen through a coop screen 'well if that isn't the fox guarding the henhouse'

do we have this one done already?
some say 'what are cat-eye glasses?' they are suspicion itself
someone else offers 'a turn of events'

someone says what is the '1065' score? i thought many questions answered at '15' or '5' dollars a pop - quick view allows '15' no math
today i think 'one less than sixty-five' honors me if '0' is always 'less than'
that's what it means to spend too much time alone answering to yourself all send
also, the date says someone will be here before october 1965 and is nostradamus
huh? my first thought was many answers at little money

double coupons at pavilions how so: i went over there this morning with a $0.55 manufacturer's coupon for a 2-liter of sunkist soda (la times sunday books section, i guess) and the double coupon gave me $0.55 plus $0.44 or just up to $0.99 the bottle's price on sale...i paid only $0.16 - $0.10 deposit fee and $0.06 there...just switched to gillette sensor 3 from the mega-expensive sensor excel (the metal handle with blades), and all is well so far - i didn't need any better than that but here's a coupon in sunday's paper buy one get one if you buy a pack of four about eight bucks now...good enough...i hate cheap disposable razors by rule they give ya boils with errant metal left'll lose your lover on 'c' street with a black pimple from is cheap cheated...use alcohol to clean hot water on repeat uses...

'sensor excel will never cut you, but i'll be damned if i didn't lice my lower lip talking' - dM

yahoo! asks 'would you spend $60 on this lightbulb?' - a yellow and silver quadrant bulb (brown is black and yellow... a tint, then) - if it made brown azure maybe...'silver and red' god over says...and if red is black (layered clear), yellow (clear quartz or salt pressed), and white (distant aperture in center of collapsing diamond four sides into small hole), the last frontier, is remarked as a gray, kinda, but with light heading sideways a yellow, dirty with no remark...huh?

all color is semi-permeable membrane...clear and layers some

parke & ronen at fresh pair

netflix ongoing:
frances ( !!! - jessica lange about frances farmer i couldn't wait for this style of film)
creepshow (the first one)
little shop of horrors (in all of its original glory 'i'm hungry!')
kathy griffin
fido? someone needs to arrest that

regain: pet shop boys 'violence' from the 'please' the album #1 (1986)

i attached my screens in and out the hinge reverse (see-feel) to ensure privacies when needed
room dividers at amazon

mantra = mantle, you say it until it's true (like a false trophy you present)

devo 'r u experienced' from the 'shout' lp (1984)

if you could just get your mind together
and come along with me
hold hands
and watch the sun rise
from the bottom of the sea
but first -
r u experienced?
well have you ever been experienced?
well, i have

i know, i know
you'll probably scream and cry
this little world won’t let you go
but who in your world
are you trying to prove
that you're made out of gold
that can't be sold

but first -
r u experienced?
well have you ever been experienced?
well, i have
let me prove it to you

beautiful mutants
i can hear in my distance
i think they're calling my name
well maybe you can’t hear them
but you will
if you'll take hold of my hand
but first -
r u experienced?
well have you ever been experienced?
well, i have!

aw - not necessarily beautiful
but mutated!


cabin in the woods - why not? 'a funhouse for people who wanna pay'

all enthusiasm and biting it right off the air? is the 'cheese wheel' - like a clock it is tells me only what i want to hear...'everybody wants some'...knockers, knockwurst

i never made a 'far side' cartoon but love its understandings or book smarts...
hope this one isn't done better and already
p.s. in disney's 'chimpanzee' the monkey that leaves is the mother with other offspring about
no flint and flo, they look fake too...
been reviewing 'queen of the damned' too - marius is lestat's mother by the way (s/b 'bernadette') the one who gave him no choices but and the 'dark gift'
his story is ignored largely - he fought off wolves on a farm in france and killed them to be ridiculed this way, ultimately
...and the mother ran off on him after getting 'the dark gift' from him as dying of cancer!
the one who governs 'those that must be kept' is armand only a jealous alma mater - julius caesar? not now will you...we leave him in warm-water venice a master of children and their paints
the queen is indignant anyone would speak to her and he lestat was being her fallow - she kills ruthlessly from sight and her blood is not bested ever
so, at the end, even if they victim her by ganging up, they get better stuff in them
not our point - no one talks to any one of them they are refused the ground by christ

devo 'love without anger' a psalm
be a devotee

love without anger
love without anger
he picked up the phone
and took the call 
a long distance voice just started to bawl 
i don't care if you feel at all 
love without anger
isn't love at all
so why can't you have your cake
and eat it too? 
why believe in things
that make it tough on you? 
why scream and cry
when you know it's true? 
why fall in love
when there's better things to do

love without anger
love without anger
see barbie and ken in
a great big fight 
seems ken forgot to make it
home one night 
you know what you will see
simply can't be right 
looks like love's bark
is worse than its bite

love without anger -
he was young and in love 
so he just couldn't see 
and it compelled him to ask 
'are you kidding me? 
you must be kidding me'

love without anger
love without anger
love without a teardrop
isn't the same 
be asked to be counted
out of the game 
she thought it him who was so insane 
love is what it does by any other name

love is 'what is love' by any other name

'o sole mio!' - the madonna song below all sold to me already - keep it to yourself if to do better

axl rose is there with blonde bush hair on right...'won't dress up again - hurts me' - a big honor yet

styrofoam wig heads at amazon - a decoupage awaits?

cocteau twins 'need-fire' from 'judge dredd' the movie
sly, sly, sly

' there's no world | i've seen pictures | and if you decide | there's no camelot ' or family allowed, great place of commune...a little wishless person
judge dredd the full movie is not bad - i really like it myself
p.s. the uk version of the itunes store (you change country on bottom of the screen) has the soundtrack with 'need-fire' on it - you gotta buy the whole album though six pounds

Mom Deserves the Best. Let us arrange a smile for her this Mother's Day at with gorgeous flowers & thoughtful gifts starting at $29.99 - 300x250

see-feel: cb2 is offering design and gardening classes on select upcoming saturdays - register here i did...

i wanted you to know i really enjoy having these michael graves silicone breast or mixing bowls (at amazon) has one-cup preps for $18.89

more: i like fresh packs of red meat (beef) from the store sold in already chunks - no matter what, these hold up consistently well in the pot...for stews, soups...remember to look at that...and for now

spice girls 'stop' and renew culture club 'church of the poison mind' and stevie wonder 'uptight' too
new: the bangles 'manic monday' (written by prince) gets played alot here....retail, overhead

pavilions has this water tower in their flower department...just $250 to remove garden the model
through tuesday: simply juice karafes (under coupons 'just for u') $1.87 limit two (2), and 2-liter sodas galore including safeway's house brand $0.99

we're on for the getty today 04/15...myob

above a cafe at the getty center and facing south
we split a gourmet chicken burrito with rice and beans inside and i had a can of coke - about $11 all-told

current styles and exhibitions - the ritts one had few reveals and with no photos allowed
another hi to andy warhol and the airport photo gets los angeles to respect itself again

excellent receive: study of a magazine (um, 'amazing') cover - the dolly madison symbol says 'get rid of this' in shorthand 'extract'

reminds is also x-pro bruce webers - a famous gay portrait of richard alexander

this one is supposed to be marilyn monroe and chairman mao crossed

looking south again - the sculpted treetops 'tamaras' of wisteria are interesting
the surface materials here are cement with wax bulbs melted from - a florida-type look

is it us or them - don't give too much credit to the idea - a hallowed sculpture in a north wall under small drain and with sun

the bel-air and brentwood surrounds as valley with us facing west

great christ stuff from the west gallery

the whole kima

van gogh's 'irises'

'irises' from afar and as one-dimensionally spoken

good participle lower left from a large painting credited to dugas - is marc chagall

artist unknown to me - is marc chagall himself (himalayan he says)

i love this famous work too - marc chagall again 'dugas' or 'dubas' do this over he says

this is renoir? the teacups all have gold leaf (sun) in them and are meticulous, really

dumas too - chosen among others for being real good to you

looks like christ, but it isn't - st. patrick 'after being bit by a dog' they in the picture have say

this is sepulveda (say 'sep-puhl-vid-ah') running north along the 405 airport freeway left - it comes from around ucla and brentwood (a community just west of the university on wilshire)
take the metro 2 bus on sunset to hilgard at ucla and get off right after turning it left
cross the street to charing cross and wait for the metro 671 to sepulveda and getty center
or you can go down into the village itself and exchange both at leconte and westwood plaza
a day pass is $5 - i used three (3) bus tokens (purchased at pavilions a bag of 10 for $15 or then $1.50 each) and two (2) quarters then tapped my 'tap' card (pavilions has 'em - i kept mine) and off i went

through april: get a 6" subway sub before 9 am each day and get another free - we haven't made it over there yet, working man, but i asked and 'yes' the lunch menu is active and available at breakfast time...the 'philly' sub premium is now just 'steak and cheese' by the way (a mid-level menu for about $4.50) but see same...the savings ad is in the the way, mcdonald's big breakfast holds up well and is still cheap ($3.50 or about so...) - is that stan 'spiderman' lee again?

our hp laptop 17.3" 4gb ram (screen active and plus) 500gb (saved memory or clause about us wheedled) is now $429.99 at best buy and remember a wi-fi router at time-warner cable gets you right online...another hp laptop version mentions 'bluetooth' (used so phones connect with each other) with logo and i though we had that? we do have a plasticky disk drive that issues with lens from underneath on the right side, yes - no motors just pops out...burns dvds...update: these are pal'd out and now refurbished is on their mind...keep our price in mind...

using a hp printer like ours and having paper feed problems? use '92 bright' copy paper from office max - works real well no problems then...guess comparable staples then and office depot

rolling stone magazine just got my attention with their 100 (500) greatest songs mismatch: bob dylan's "like a rolling stone' was number one preceded by the likes of the rolling stones '(i can't get no) satisfaction' and ray charles at-or around number ten - i was thinking more like kc & the sunshine band this time 'get down tonight'...i need horns...speaking of the rolling stones, we both still thrill to hear anything good by us on odds and ends...'still a thrill' they say

1) bob dylan 'like a rolling stone' on king-queen 'columbia' label
2) rolling stones '(i can't get no) satisfaction' - on the 'london' label, moody blues
3) john lennon's applewort 'imagine' with plastic ono
4) marvin gaye 'what's going on' - good that and on the aggressive 'tamla', stevie wonder's family label
5) aretha franklin 'respect' on ge's atlantic label second home of abba's 'waterloo'
6) beach boys 'good vibrations' a good sunshine entry
7) chuck berry 'johnny b. goode'
8) beatles 'hey jude' paul's wife's name is judy and watch the green apple label grow into wea and beyond wea warner elektra asylum
9) nirvana 'smells like teen spirit' wea then geffen's wea
10) ray charles' action poon 'what i'd say' caps it off

'i don't listen to any of this shit, ever' - dM

speaking of nonsense, charles manson denied parole 1987 now 2004 - how long woulda man hafta pay? be spirit -

titanic, titan = tyrant, too big to feed, tight end or teat...

netflix ideals (remember you can use paypal to sign up):
prince of darkness (john carpenter directs, alice cooper)
phantasm ii (of iv, yet again you?)
paper chase (john houseman)
midnight express (brad davis)
great sale on easter candy at cvs...

you wanna use the net 10 'lg 900' to get on the internet and spoke (see text with pictures reduced)? on the menu, select 'internet search' and an earth icon with red arrows going around appears and sets up a connection - this your browser and it reports time used periodically with alerts - - once there and connected, you'll be on a google mobile center enter button once to activate and alert the search bar...type in the website url (e.g., '') you want and don't get too specific unless your search involves a back page or subdirectory you've already majored here...not all can respond, but the main page will suffice...i use '' and it comes up and i then forward around links from it or then the main page paging down alot to links...once your address is typed in, press the center button again to make the cursor go the 'search' button itself one line down and press once more as white finger to start the search and get your list of search results from google...a red line on-top measures the search remaining time and when you get to the link using the up and down arrows, just hit it to go there to the place or website desired...remember, it is a phone and an economical dial-up at that...hit enter again if the network claims memory insufficient is temporary allocation...don't bother adding cards either - it'll work well stores that hate us...they are mad over development costs and the writings that issue from memory-tightening cards or scratchers - they won't play along...the net is cute enough and makes a fun read on the road...not reliable for security-mode you tube, sometimes less than pictures is just text...the more you pay in, the more you'll play it gets to be a non-issue then and after...and no monthly bills that are exacting of from no finely done...

more: the 'qwerty' or quick-thinking keyboard is unlike any's like a regular typewriter, but with the top punctuation line or 'expression bar' placed above regular keys in the middle of raise to capital letters - each one then return to set - with the 'up' arrow and anything numbers or punctuation must be preceded by the diagonal 'up' arrow to box on right or the 'lebering' lettering key for each note struck...cvs has the lg900 on sale this week for $30..and net10 cards too...i've never seen the phone cheaper than $25 cutthroat...

if going to getty, go tomorrow instead 04/15 mail is coming brokeback mountain (way up in the hills you don't need money if just pack a lunch)

new: doug's itunes scripts! how do they work?

with all the hype, a beautiful little freehand drawing application for mac: drawez! sketch pad for mac
the slide button on left changes pen size, the one on right changes opacity (i.e., black to a light gray)
the pencil is for drawing, the eraser for erasing it, the eyedropper for selecting a pen color from within your art...make sure you don't select white to draw on white
you choose a color using the square-over-square icon - the top one is foreground or pen color, the rear one is background or paper color
when you get to the color wheel by clicking on foreground (your first to master), move the slide on right up and down to lighten or darken respectively
colors are always found in-between light and dark places or in the middle of...
once selected among hues, you can drag a color using the mouse from the top bar length to the bottom checkboard to keep it for future use
'auto sketch' the magic wand feature is fun too - it walks you through selecting a photo or graphic and then it draws it in outline form for you to art up - fun
printing? keep it down save drawings on desktop and open in something else preview to print or export freely - that's outta my interest range
'export to video' under 'file' menu? makes a cool edit-play video of your drawing stroke-by-stroke and for replaying elsewhere - very slick play me

a week or two ago, i got a queen set of orange tommy hilfiger sheets (other colors yet remain here at macy's) for $25...two sealy posturepedic pillows $8 each, and a white plush toilet seat $8...all at ross dress for less beverly connection...

looking down santa monica boulevard to east this afternoon and fedex
just after i took this picture two big wooden umbrellas from champagne's patio blew in a very hositile manner toward the sidestreet next to me hilldale (the corner at left)
...i helped anchor both and defray the cost while holding my own umbrella
be aware

looking up lacienega north - it's rain today 04/13

how long is a brand-new telephone pole?

like a long-hand division...

this one is eighty (80) feet it says before implant - probably twenty-six (26) feet in the ground it says
yellow sign: total diameter for stringing is fifty-seven (57) feet, twenty-three to twenty-six (23-26) feet in the ground, at-if two (2) divide measurements (one above, one below ground)
the great adventure ferris wheel is one hundred fifty (150) feet high - half of trees
the park was open this week for full-time (see calendar) - i just woke from a dream of being way overhead as in glass i saw the dolphin pool benches were colored
this picture was mine - i could hold the view and pull it back into focus for another look

another rainy day sight up lacienega closer to hills
that's greystone manor on left the new drinking spot - 'uhl' - that was 'visage'? maybe - 'industry' is what i'm thinking of and then 'area' too a nyc repeat

my friend wants to talk about a 'money tree' he runs three (3) at a time - you sign up sixty (60) folks to hand over $5 a week after a phone call no station and no drops of commit or they collect your sums for you...the money tree pays one (1) person either up-front or over time one pay guaranteed them - any the drops pay the man running idea? there's no way to get around the fact that saving is going to improper this for-at $20 a month on flex - is good friend, too...'no one drops out - not easily' he says...collect five (5) weeks first...

for anyone from the above: never improper yourself to collect first - get six (6) weeks in, then collect...also run, run, run if you cheat folks they'll kill you over it...better said from moon alone? a coinpot (cornpot - no talk and at work) to borrow from after one (1) day...nothing formal that bites the hand, no coin you don't contribute to...

'neither a lender nor borrower be' - dM, i use my friends or go out to be just me and alone

we're gonna trotsky over to see the herb ritts exhibit at the getty museum (on sunset just past ucla) this weekend...saturday probably
the museum ucla built says '.edu' at the end of their server that (to the tune of $45M) says owner scott glenn
the getty is free like tuition in california is free - no eats for that, and we want to reimburse you for sleeping around (um, 'making sense')
go for the general interest - trying to get away from disney-like etchings of three-films lost ('how we made it over time' type stuff)

pavilions has additional sales to consider your card: the net 10 'lg 900' my great mobile phone is just $30 right now...oroweat oatnut and the other flavors are just $2.50 a loaf with a price of 2/$5 no ryes though...canada dry ginger ale, 7-up, welch's grape and strawberry, sunkist, a&w rootbeer and cream, and hawaiian punch soft drink are all $0.99 a 2-liter bottle...

q: people suggest they never got to try rocky mount oysters (um, testes from bulls - a glama) - you like pepperoni? me too...all fired up

this last evening walking to town holloway and lacienega my fave 7-eleven
rain same as today from the mixmaster
barry's bootcamp? adult swim

jury duty is now complete with my fifth and final call-in action found this week...and thank you

pavilions has been selling crackerjack's in a bundle of three for $1 (usually borden, is now frito-lay frijoles bean dip)
nothing tastes nicer - try some (it's a sweet thinking cap that stuff with peanuts and all)
i ripped them off for two (2) bottles of their 'simply orange' juice 59 oz. bottle for $1.87 each too - limit two (2) with their 'just for u' program signed in (atop the coupon section)
i had to wrestle with their quizzes at the register, but i got 'em down

the peaceful emirates commercial: spencer & antwood 'trek' (a cat stevens folombed)
sighing on the brink of memories
p.s. all beautiful faces and yet warns you to run to the only english-speaking of bus - that china woman with black won't talk to you at all, just leaves
location? trinidad mostly...jamaica

new at cb2 a 'wire hare' for making topiary - what's worse? to do your own $69.95 + $4.95 flat-fee shipping
we think creeping fig ivy (ficus pumila) is good enough - last winters too

on beverly boulevard at roberston: one more interesting way to garden and white roses in center - like eggplant, keeps dog poo out
a veritable fire pit -

forgives the price: like boat-making, this chaise (um, 'no cushions') lounge and how made of plywood

so sees the truth

think more of turning or 'burlesque' shelves on a solid, stationed pole

maltese (even though i'm not there) king and queen, or salt and pepper after their food-fight in the pantry
ashtrays -

doug moon on facebook...don't look to like anything is witched, covering a big ass...'i'll tell you if i got anything wrong - it's part of my act' - dM and their gift-credit cards are for patronizing them as stock sale...

these are my new loves in life at parke & ronen...and still no, review
update as once received: snagged these on ebay for $30 plus solemn ship all-told < $40
no tie on front, i wrestled with some unknown of bitch twenty seconds left to bid out and lost a pair without red the iberco - mine $10 more now have red piping 'sleeves'
nobody gets parke & ronen for free - lasc has 'em one pair with blue piping for $99.50 - why ask why (of extreme automate, small business section) wants suggestions - i say no file overwrites without permission and directories that cut off by time-date for seeing...i want straightline ascii (alpha-numeric) sorts unless music and record albums make auto like apple does...directories add touch (text) i hate that and but backend on non-explicit photos then

'what cinnamon is to vanilla, black pepper is to anisette' - dM

'there's no business gripes show business' - dM

amazon has this screwdriver duragear 22 for getting around tight like mattel's vertibird a fixed spring turning on bend
you just gotta hold-pinch the silver ring above at bit while driving-screwing

home depot's (my way of saying not theirs is link of my words...keeps thinking about me) new ad features favorites briggs & stratton and honda mowers at the each
the cheaper model is mine to use always and with reach-worthy gas approaching us at $5 a gallon now

a single call in reveals no jurical duty tomorrow 04/12 either and thank thou if pur dou

top 10 gay bars in los angeles per la weekly and their blahdy-blah

madonna 'turn up the radio' from clubbing-wise last night...makes the lazor lights and bar-hoppers crazy
officially licensed-sanctioned from her new vehicle-lp 'mdna'
nicki minaj is lady gaga her protege, the dj runs the lights
seek cd player turntables in best buy - some allow you to scratch mp3's with no discs apparent

very chinese looking with mt hood - couldn't find the copper belt

dean & deluca's 'spring zing' cake - only $100
you can almost taste it (and then rip off the pretty idea)

04/11 happy birthday leslie moon, 1968: been thinking about food masts dean & deluca watching the today show on nbc (they have a flagship store at rockefeller center across from st. patrick's cathedral on 5th avenue)...emirates don't fly to new jersey that song and all...

was watching l7 do 'shitlist' from 'natural born killers' (is blondie 'denis' remade) on you tube and in this clip a guy's penis wound up cut off on his boot - no way - very pencil

the reel i like alot at mutato: comic-con - pay attention, schmidt 'bravos in sulfurs' eats alot of war-time congratulatory fries (more at cajoling a full-on black 'this really hurts' as anyone's listening)

got my invisible glass samples today 04/10 (i called them instead) - works great, and the glass is certainly different the light at night seems radial now or circular and clean-looking...nice...there are olives in there

terry's taking his $125 suede shoes back to armani exchange as the laces keep breaking - they broke in the store when trying them on too...he's been a jack-ass this month buying footwear...

no jury duty in burbank tomorrow 04/11 (my sister leslie's birthday), don't check in one day and they give you another week they say...what else? if you don't need to come in that day, you go right to work...

new: i found those collectible brass-rimmed vegetables and fruits (um, snuff boxes) from san francisco: limoges and else limoges
p.s. this stuff is world - i'm looking for salient items that tell the story like o.u.i (ours alone unless in it) and a black band across the eyes a la ac/dc 'dirty deeds' lp - no one you will know

seek emirates airlines outboard...american on the run and virgin with us air abroad...

nice new photo albums for $20 about at aah's
our family's leatherbound edition is special always too

launch your own memorable sky lantern float-away fireball about $6 at aah's?
somebody nice died...halloween
'you never told me' - bananarama 'through a child's eyes' album #1

this is a start at aah's: the colored plastic back comes down, off - insert your pix there for a 'dream of me' snowball on the fridge maybe it is half-size
ideas, matches calm whole ball of
serious kit: make your own snowdomes and at amazon

one yahoo reader asks 'is it okay to ask for jesus in a seance?' a: you can ask for him xx, but he's not always available to talk...start easy and ask gently maybe he'll speak through - but no games though (don't ask for too much) he's mean to doug moon says 'the helping hand is the hurting hand'...

or, i as say, 'just say no' you don't hafta be that...*here*

two marts to consider england off: 'fresh & easy' and 'tesco'

apple got their merchace (doing against one's will - no gain...'merch' sell in thanks, 'ace' purchase to gain any more) trade-in program up and kicking again
one hundred dollars is the difference between old and new how quaint no raise no taking
like three months wait for an elective surgery is the difference between having and not having insurance...and as a second opinion awaits
green machine: i never felt anything hotter than the back of this green machine - like a stream iron it is but i expect light fumes, mostly
use an ass-fan it matters and measures heat out to them too with richters

crate and barrel's new early summer catalog is up for grabs but is not with us online - summer starts on memorial day, you know may 28 (see roughly june 21 - september 20)

'john carter' - sexy: i'm gonna try and make it to the theater - el capitan on hollywood boulevard still has it through april 19th they say (today's the 10th)
fierce, fearless: in one scene, a big dope is swinging a rock on a chain, and he says in mid-air he could pull it all his way...shot right, that is
john has to make everything himself in the film by designing in his mind and drawing down his own demons too
the desert dwellers don't hafta drink or eat much and the feathers on wing keep the sun out and scare off with shadows while another creature pounds the ground to achieve them off
you're nobody special with enemies afoot, i'd say, he says 'i can't make stuff happen it insults my god'
mine: 'i can't jerk-off to an ass like that' but i like his tits
just kissing

another garden-grocer of a house directly across the street - i go just past here to make phone calls and do emails (the reception is better)

where the pipe antenna and lift tractor were on sunset near hustler - note the cement rail of platform - a good language and body of yard

crystal crayons at aah's sunset - and if that's not the point (at amazon)

supposedly a poached egg maker, but mind say uses a beaten egg flat within to dry cement out of house's foundation for adding pipes
the black ball on stick raises out for handling of rim - we use these often for eggs to be cracked in boiling water as lain in a hot skillet (not for me though - scrambled is mine)
new: someone says is for stirring paint correctly - with no knife or bother after, france
if you use eggs for a platform case, put nothing in the point and many places is okay - will not rot a tube out after either like sanding does
p.s. is a flat-line ghost as wiggling ball in the air plus comet trail of light and if you don't like sperm...egg poacher at calphalon our own brand
new: breaks glass silently at night as hand held guide

these are the ones we used (prior to any rust) now at amazon
in grade school we were taught to empty a single eggshell into white bread pushed into a cupcake tin and bake some...add butter too? some, underneath egg
then came quaker instant oats and apple cinnamon flavor, instant cream of wheat - both big deals to us

jesus posing images at same locale $5.99 - 'i am freedom', 'i am spirit', 'i am victory', etc.
learn about more at ''

the moon dough farm again at aah's...i'm flattered only (contact website is an earfoam from bananas, largely)
and if 'hello kitty' and her pink microwave and new compact refrigerator paws at you gently - a friendly of touching
...kisses you gently after licking her asshole
sanrio (witchpoo sante ria) is hello kitty's object indentifying home - not a major though this year

video frames an up-and-coming good idea for movie balls (private tape loops of fave movies no sound, no controls)
use it fab then a poseable fabric is like bakeable fimo somewhat

still too expensive or as price yet unnamed...

new-ish rent of a shell on sunset 8860 - was nothing i too think of

tower video on sunset readying the belt across lap
i want an apple store here and at hollywood and highland

sandbags for storms down the lane?
no jury duty tomorrow tuesday either says one call in - this last bait of pix taken 04/09

Take Aim Then Shoot, Fire 04/09/12 1300
I wrote Target a little review about their black sofa futon $99 - "a good-enough value" no matter what - but it lifts up on one end if you sit too close to the edges. I'm in the clown position of trying to get everyone to like the fruits of my labors, my quick think-and-acts as scrub yet, so it's a problem much to my ado. Like the one we threw away, I decided a third leg in the center rear of frame will prevent the move up...makes it almost like four legs underneath then.

the second review is hilarious - 'half my back'
follow the directions provided and hold the back with both hands right in the middle before pulling frontally for folding down - it works somehow
would i buy it again? yes (terry says 'no')

Mary Poppins? Wilfred Brimley...Roger Mudd = Dan Rather = Tom Brokaw = Mike Wallace "All I can say is 'here dying again'..." Anything for Moon? "Yeah - drop dead for trying too hard at something already being done for you." Thanks. Was jailed for six (6) years for making Richard Nixon cry. Got out in three (3) San Quentin 1966-69...the queen had him over for six (6) months too 1975-78.

check out the flagstaff at google a cartoon - it's about running sound backwards, i guess
centerscope - the sound comes from the picture i'd say
diameter 1/4" metal three inches high with jelly jar rim, beaten egg on bottom in black or cobalt aluminum
leave for three (3) days in the sun no fires around and then melt down into platen steel becomes tape for sound when wound and rewound make extra flat and wind
no spraying yet

analysis: all should be considered six (6) 'minute' frames in single sample taken in punch center yellow as tact or sense of...
blue is bass, green is treble, and red is mid-range or flex...
yellow is light emanate then or electric pulse getting through as hole
this pushes the rounding at left of light center to the right or future instead and gets rid of anticipatory nodes or waiting and accepting too slowly and as one punch in
does it then matter? you see light punching out or sound changes in atmosphere still

"Racial epithets are like a gravestone. No matter what, you win - but not for long." - dM who adds epithets are for 'appetites' per the above

"Hungry for stink." - L7 (and now adds their provencal "Shirley")

feeling so real
cuts through the steering wheel
how many times
have we totally slimed?
all she needs
is a batch of speed
how many times must you be told
if there's no weather
we don't go
she just had lunch
when she wants it, too
casts turds out
as she's burning out
hair feels so fine
crosses the finish line
how many times must you be told

towed? no - an old jail bitch from around vegas
'you don't live here with me' - cassandra harris
l7? think of 'g7' - the top nations, 'we've seen ya around'

"Don't be so quick to wave - doing your laps." - dM and the figure eight - a little light, a little dark

me and just me on easter night in our living room
despite snoring (you wake up on your back eyes shut closed with a pile of black shit in your mouth) i like sleeping on the blow-up mattress and or (very campground)
i think the balls of air within move unnecessary heats out too - softly, slowly
save the mattress for a warm summer day, and remember to sleep right on the floor if your back hurts alot

all pix on easter sunday this am - from a small jewelry store on santa monica
solve: grow grass in a ring of plaster eggs under wet burlap, pull it off when length if add some vine too - then stop watering it or leave it green

cool disco ball and arch atop this hotel santa monica and holloway - palihouse

new nerds 'surf & turf'...tough enough
i like keeping nerds, hersey's chocolate, and beef jerky on-hand...kettle corn...palmers chocolate coins (basketballs, baseballs) in the sweater bag is good this year - cvs
cvs kettle korn $1 a bag is superb (only one burnt bag per a decade...)

magic hoist on sunset near that makeshift antenna now removed (or underground then)

brush rj-s same sign - $70 tomorrow no fits then $30 more on sunday by

piana (sic) room at greystone

pine on their grounds - intention? one over to right from below

downtown la in the distance a washwater, a seafoam

oval room guides

outside looms

humping turtles? and i quote 'we need more room - that's all'
pet watcher? monkeys, turtles

baby turtle - and i quote 'so she can feel free - too big sometimes and i shelter the cost...'
by: one other over
the turtles and fish don't like squeaky clean water for seeing you they said - a clean day makes them nervous...needs some half covered of light
they won't ever come out? they come out for food (bagels not recommended, they like fish?)
those geese eat their babies and adults too - 'a few we miss' they say and dead turtles dry to white fish foams the fish eat
'we like burgers' they say 'no bun'

a malik - somewhat of christ - see from distance or reduce some always
we are always magical...also, playing music or mastering from behind rips up anticipatory nodes - record backwards, it's better sounding and is madonna's technique online to destroy heretofore interests
waiting for sound to evolve is like knowing a story as how it unfolds - skips alot on the way and bores you to death with badings, too

some suggest the aids ribbon is an ampersand '&' one of ours

HAppy EAster! Someone dead was bitching about having to play the Easter bunny as big hand puppet in the woods in New Jersey and threaten kids. Soon, eggs offered outward and at Mom sent an extra $25 for "ham" and baked me a nutroll, but I tried making sliced chilled keilbasa instead...a ham?

Lord God Maker Of Marshall Stacks Is Hershey PA - Get It? 04/08/12 0758
Jim "James" Marshall IOU: Been watching "Rock 'n' Roll High School" with The Ramones, Rodney Bingenheimer, and John Denver (aka Andy Warhol, Mary Woronov - brilliant) etc. (Richard is one of his schoolboy scouts and he Warhol is also Vince Van Patten somehow) on Netflix and I always say PJ Soles (who ultimately is Stevie Nicks) deserves rock stardom for having Marshall stacks on either side of her bed during her fantasy know, being a fan first. That movie is full of great performances, but the Marshall stacks have been air-brushed or were not really there but seem. And you? They were there...

devo 'going under' from the 'new traditionalists' lp (1981)
you keep traditions because you have no better to show for it
is not for us yet....


left home with a friend of mine
gone two years and i don't know why
now i'm happy all the time
i can't think and i'm feeling fine
girl put me in a situation
going through some computations

if you heard this song before
now you're gonna hear it some more
i know a place where dreams get crushed
hopes are smashed - but that ain't much
voluntary experimentation
going through some computation

i'm going under
i'm going under
i'm going under
i'm going under
i'm going under
- going under
- going under
- going under

down under where the lights are low
to a place where all the meetings go
doing things i never did before
inside-out you'll never laugh no more
the little girl with full red lips
never knew it could be like this
girl put me in a situation
going through some computation


New Mutato reel seemed as such...Hail Devo at
Make sure you finger their interactive colorband mutato player for soundz off... reach out Club Devo

Effy Jewelers

found this put-together diamond jewel pendant on the sidewalk today (beverly) and it was in a little practice pouch
nice enough for play and knowing not to yourself - effy jewelers makes them
i can't find one online yet...the setting and diamond or whatever were separate and put together by me and needle-nose pliers - the chain, knotted
is up for bid now on ebay - may be nice enough for you is hardly a beelzebub (sentimental of gem that questions you as may be false)
the necklace fetched $56 on ebay...they have lots of others there too

No jury duty in Burbank on Monday - call us again on Monday eve they say. Thanks.

Search eBay for a full-on soda machine to vend cans and bottles - one such has a Pepsi machine for $500 ships $350 - think in that neighborhood..."no returns - ever."

People say "Where did you get those swank Japanese-type unfinished screens for the living room?" I dunno - they're very Pier 1 Imports, but Amazon has these to offer...

From End To End 04/07/12 1023
I just repaired an umbrella - somewhat of a sentimental value - with a thin, unfinished aluminum tube from Koontz Hardware (the price, 'nominal' or not worthy of mention versus a 'modicum' or modest sum). Easy cut to length, I inserted the metal ends that broke after straightening and the fix is basically mechanical (frictive or held by friction) and flawless (spotless), really. A pinch or two later of the umbrella is special and not yet ready to refuse. "You'd drive across town to save ten cents." - My mother

From the 'but um' department: I asked Angus Scrimm what he thought of the umbrella's sold in the office catalog below with a funeral home name stamped on them (lovely bulb model, however, $25 a poop and to no further remit). A no go - "People bring their own" it is said of him. Another so lance of Chicago-types says people need to know who they are (as company standing still). That led to talks of blacks in jail and how getting to know one is a speedy affair but is assured failure like walls of burnish semi-caskets for pre-need sale.

another wood-base guitar in front of the standard on sunset this am 04/07 (mcdonald's breakfast?)
that manufacturer quote was about guitar center versus sam ash - so there
'there are no friends in banking' - dM

CB2 has shipping for $4.95 on a bevy of reduced items...see-feel. I like this lamp in particular. Make your own potholders with square loom and cloth-like bands like I did as a child...and often enough. "Too hot to hand off." - dM

on a wall somewhere nice...hi fran

this car - a ford mustang cobra ii 1974 caught my eye at heritage classics on santa monica boulevard here in weho

you get laid driving this, but the black seats seem rounded and low...
my father drove my mother's red mustang around after a while and he broke the driver's looked he was driving from the back seat
on his own, my father had a blue-green oldsmobile cutlass the old kind that smelled good inside as all metal
he had a big burgundy oldsmobile delta '88 or '77 or whatever - big car, maroon, black interior
he had an oldsmobile green cutlass supreme with black interior and vinyl roof
that became the oldsmobile custom cruiser station wagon 1975 silver, side wood panels, wheel covers, blue interior, no-open moonroof, tailgate top and bottom, reversing and posing seats (a split loveseat of 2 and 1, a bench facing back window in the back)
that was traded in upon divorce proceedings to became chevrolet caprice classic silver/red for the mother
back to father, he got a ford granada 'ghia' white and maroon vinyl top all power features
before junky used-type cars, a malibu classic blue with blue and vinyl top - four-door all power windows (this when i was learning to drive)
my mother went on from chevy caprice '77 to cadillac 1978 8-6-4 engine and coupe de ville d'elegance white-red (slightly new)
then another cadillac sedan de ville blue (only new) then mercedes upwards to current models - he went onward to jeep wagons and still is there

Renaissance 'Pleasure' Faire is back this month...we like the idea of handmade gauntlets and all "pitchforks"...with seared meats on them walking around eating as knobs (kabobs)...

Note of: Auntie Mame's Coral Browne (Vera Charles) is Carol Channing and Sandra Bernhard among others less and known to "27 Dresses", Drew Barrymore, etc., ...watching now and other. "Queen Of The Damned" is real good and enough too. Did we mention "Master Of Disguise" with Dana Carvey? Netflix...$8 a month for just online...use PayPal.

Kim Kardashian At The London Fog 04/05/12 XXXX
A few days ago, Kim Kardashian had someone pelt her with a bag of flour from overhead at The London - they re-enacted it on tv as a direct hit of emptying a sandwich bag. "It was a girlfriend of mine we weren't ready and this was harmless but overblown. If real the gig, then I present." Q: "Ever hear of Doug Moon?" A: "Yeah - is a freak about us being clean and neat, but has no real interest. A pig for boys." Well said, but I do it better. She plays girls well for people. Watched her lose an expensive necklace on vacation and we were all heart for her - good job. P.S. It was in her bra and then towel and that's that. Is Emirates is the biggest airline in the world? Never heard of them, but welcome (is Virgin, surely). If you believe that you know America means is "of the stars" lengths untold.

the container store at century city mall had zip-up closets on sale today

their usual fare - most exciting are aluminum paint cans in various sizes and lids

the bus back through beverly hills: a homeless person ostensibly blanco'd on the ground was being shrouded with police tape and black dignity curtains
the head's missing (shrunken in) and she didn't want anything she said is teaching for a mini-lesson of them

Website for a property and management toybox: Peachtree Business Products

re the above, i see these on cement and wood fences everywhere in town - always right on the edge
i thought they were for dog leashes kinda dumb no matter how thick - you slip the cord under the rear of it and the dog sits
now i find out is for anti-skateboarding? ho hum
more: this creep our age but doing the second-time-around thing on a skateboard zipped past me on the sidewalk yesterday only to strike some woman with bags knocking her to the ground...
i didn't see it happen as i approached the skateboard unheralded with downward view and then them assisting her back up to her feet, all care...
that's a shame for the boy and what i'd be like too less the foolery of asking it in
'put another log on the fire...' - dM

gary numan 'she's got claws' from 1981's 'dance' lp (promo vid with sound lapses front and back)
do 'this wreckage' from the 'telekon' lp (1980) too

lyric yet and subject to more rights:

you are distraction
like pictures on the wall
i don't like eyes
you are attraction
it gets to be routine
you're up, i'm down

she's got claws
she's got claws
she's got claws
but the factory knows
we're dreams in cold storage
we could dance
the night

you say you love me
maybe you do
a patience i can't steal
i don't believe you
you said 'straight'
it's like giving up hope

here on the ground
on the floor
screaming nothing at all
here on the ground
like some whore
looking down on you all
too much advice
i'm not sure

laughing hyenas
with pens for charms
you'll just suck in the boys
we have to leave soon
shut the door
this house is far too cold

she's got claws
she's got claws
she's got claws
but the factory knows
we're dreams in cold storage
we could dance
the night

she wasn't meant to end the conversation, either

Tip of the iceberg at Netflix:
auntie mame
queen of the damned (anne rice vampire fest)
brokeback mountain
ghosts of mars (john carpenter)
driving miss daisy
car wash
richard pryor on the sunset strip
mr. magoo's sherwood forest
the graduate
my tutor (matt lattanzi)
dumb and dumber
wings (tv show - the real 'maude' is here mary pasternak is her name...)

a cheap black and decker electric mower raging at lowe's for $200 plus a shop vac for the basement and leaks
although i love a briggs & stratton gasoline engine on push mowers (a gold like computer chips is this), first fools in the seventies were willing to tangle with heavy utility cords while blades spun underneath
this newer suggests a late of rechargeable technology is afoot...i like gasoline mowers me myself
like i just enjoyed the semi-scent of liquid charcoal starter in the hall here recently
...and the near sight of a honda push mower too...grandma pivarnik had a 'toro' mower with key (neil took that hi)
p.s. although we had a serious riding mower, i always cut my lawn with a push mower (for it's accuracy under bushes) diagonally in lines - it looks great
when i was really little, i'd be out there on the lawn behind real with a kiddie fake mower - i couldn't wait to mow the lawn like i couldn't wait to drive
q: are you larry, curly, or moe? i'm moe, only...i mean that

midnight storm: the 'dark shadows' preview trailer tim burton and all

"Like a water pistol attached to a garden hose - show US." - dM about manufacturers who market theirselves, no to proof

"If you don't catch it at lunch, it's inevitable." - dM remolding Ron Reagan's "If you have ketchup at lunch, it's a vegetable."

"No one makes a McDonald's fry - they soak potatoes overnight and electrocute the skins off, then grind them up whatever the cause with oil, squeeze out a high-pressure brick, saw 'em up natural-like, and freeze hot. They make all major fries this way." - 0 dM, 10 McDonald's

anawalt on roberston has 'spearmint' and 'mint' the both for $1.99 a cup or each
i thought mint smelled better? one is older than the other and is young
p.s. leaves go in with the lemon at night for making toothpaste it is said

our gayville street santa monica heading east today 04/04 - more than the sun, i'm here

purple pagonias on the road 'fountain' at the corner of crescent heights

the eyes of laura mars, same logo

rings out and aloud, same

one bright red eyebol - we're simply trying to showcase all available colors

orange top hat and cape on one bright young man - a tuxedo shop sunset somewhere

up and down the rabbit hole on formosa deep down

i.q. pest: restaurant and ________________? wines, rinse...lounge? on santa monica east just past la brea
tip: the answer is 'lounge', but see how unlikely

i had one of these safes when i was little - is virtually foolproof
at aah's and amazon

a model of a house behind trader joe's on santa monica

i love diesel, their man

we have strawberries (and poison sumac? i learned my lesson in 1975) growing at our front door now...

nobody hears you in the morning while they're eating and dreaming off in the head

The MOCA box at Pacific Design Center is livened again with an oddball dress show - ostensibly from the rayon 60's or so. Features great divides of fabric and clear vinyl (one favorite is a peach colored top and ring, with a horizontal slash of clear vinyl, then more peach fabric, more vinyl and downward - very Jackie Collins), lights and darks of contrast and pantie liner arts (an ivory bikini of fabric sewn over brown jumpsuit - the bra, a cutaway of omal caps only doesn't work well - should be masqued back) - good enough for one stop shopping of.

Top Ten U.S. Cities by Doug Moon
1) New York City
2) Los Angeles
3) Chicago
4) Philadelphia
5) Dallas
6) San Francisco
7) Boston
8) Washington DC
9) Denver
10) Atlanta
For now...what do I know?

Mind over says:

1) New York - no doubt about it;
2) San Francisco - major importer of fact and day;
3) Chicago - all of China is here;
4) Los Angeles - no one is bigger, better - job losses though - everyone can't be here, they hate that...they who? major exporters only of fact and day e.g. Sears is one;
5) Miami - no bald men here, all factual takings;
6) Philadelphia - makes all money happen nicely enough, is England too;
7) Miami North or Dade - same, but isn't usual where Philadelphia stocks cash as needed - call it Houston;
8) San Francisco populus or Oakland, CA - where democrats rule and tele-manufacturing is king;
9) Los Angeles as Washington state college displaced - where Apple is made king by money every day with Microsoft at the helm now - soon Quasar or RCA the original owner-viewer Princeton;
10) Dallas - all football equipment and licensing is here - no other need apply.
No more for now...but now:

11) New Orleans - a big faction lives here (Singapore Airlines);
12) Detroit - all cars live here for a time only...a witchcraft of it;
13) Trenton, New Jersey and outlying - a friend of airlines and others too many;
14) Dallas, Texas and outlying call it Arlington and France - a big population of Steelers fans too, Princeton - all cow growers and gentle;
15) Sarasota - makes every child toy known to man - is blacks widely;
16) Denver - all airlines rest here and is big market too;
17) Philadelphia as Maryland Quakes or Baltimore - nobody eats more cash in terms of meat - makes all lunch meats here;
18) Newport News or Delaware, is in Virginia as Washington D.C. - makes Fisher-Price toys also, all blacks really and some whites who read books for a living (McGraw Hill);
19) Columbia or Columbus Ohio - makes all cars really - is their top person and in Tennessee - is Memphis;
20) Maryland or Maine Heights - lunchmeats for kids, is Denver too and Baltimore - Philadelphia Harbor;
Honorable mention is Honolulu - sprawling harbor of Japanese and their hate towards China - the farthest they can go to be Western - watch out they hate us now and Apple too.

Editor notes: Miami North is Orlando is the Feds is Houston, Ohio is Chicago, Sarasota is Tallahassee (tell a hot seat like Raleigh, VA - all phones meet), Philadelphia Harbor is South Philly is Bunker Hill, Baltimore? We need a big name individual but airport pegs and I-95 Penn's Landing. More later maybe some...Illinois? "The Great Divide"...the grapevine? God says "the end of light, its noise."

colorful petunias today in front of chin-chin on sunset - i don't always have a choice against nice and easy

chateau marmont is the highest point on sunset today 04/03

at the old roxbury (shannon doherty xo): the new pink taco - they have one in century city (at twentieth century fox) too
someone said today off-broadway is the avenue of the americas (in century city only - the presidential lane north and south it runs - nyc on 6th? a fulsom)
off-broadway is any theater you access in nyc by turning a corner off broadway the street...they're real and everywhere
avenue of the americas (um, 'stars') is a 'west coast production' and mostly a command performance by the queen
we are a fledging stage here, you are a fledging in film - one and the other one, and one other

how deep a paint job ? in front of mcdonald's on sunset today - some say just buff and shine
another how-to

the outside view from that mcdonald's...sunset and crescent heights

from just inside, the single inspiration...the 'a' in the window is a health rating or grade by the department of agriculture - mostly meats and use
this mcdonald's is a major all-nighter for drive through and is tightly wound around a covered 'u' drive inside the building itself...a nightmare as single proposal

debi lily does it again at pavilions until may 15 - $4.99 each fruit candle
very piquant and wick

Make your own toothpaste per mind over: Two (2) eggs beaten without yolks is one tube. Put one (1) teaspoon sugar in a bag (plastic) overnight with lemons in there too - two (2) lemons uncut, unopened (they gather moss off the sugar). Mix all in the morning from the sugar - no lemons then, just use - into the beaten whites and apply liberally with toothbrush (no caps need apply). Keep in a jar, is frothy and nice enough too. No dentifrice need apply. Mouthwash: Use none, but one (1) teaspoon alkalai (table salt kept in water overnight as plunged) with one (1) teaspoon tea salts or dried leaves is usually nice too within one (1) cup of diced or tomato'd water (just pieces in there for a minute). The tea leaves keep out of the mouth. Salt is one to one (1:1) for alkalai.

this is it just arrived and i put it together: screw on bottom frame under velcro'd veil, screw in legs one big box of one-half size but fat
the unit is black hinged underneath in the middle to fold and box up
$99 plus delivery ain't bad...very plush and velvet...low-ish back that folds down and fold-up sides...a studio line...find one alone at target

I hesitantly called the folks at Green Dot today after getting thirty (30) charges - no matter how small - in the golden pot by month's end. They still charged me the $5.95 monthly fee, and as I misunderstood, the charges hafta post too (versus a 'pending' status). They'll waive it the charge this month they say after having just one (1) less than thirty (30) charges last month (they keep a gas gauge of types in front of you) and now I know the rules - you too. Meanwhile, their instant online bank load deposits to card are still very sleek at $2.95 from Visa or Mastercard, etc. as all I've been charged recently (no card purchased at store then, but say some they want all cash now from ATM's nearby).

One day sale at Macy's 04/03: Aluminum Black & Decker toaster oven black and brush metal $19.99...we have a similar model from Target is reliant-k...we hafta use a flashlight to set the dials little and so dark...

more than exciting, a local water main break near lacienega and willoughby

a guy i talked to had his car parked in the driveway right behind me here - apparently after corking it a bit - the right panel trim and underside left hanging

some say water the first evil - it's strong like talk and salines in the bladder you can't get your teeth to stop chattering
but seriously, i need to qualify the news daily
'i never seem to affect the shelf' - dM

Movie hut (at Netflix...however, was watching "One Special Night" again, Julie Andrews, and "Dante's Peak" about a Mount St. Helen's-type volcano in South Dakota ? is real good too and just like a cartoon - anything can happen and it's all entertainment no thinking it over - an old woman goes wading in pot-smoke water and burns her vulva-vulcan through to the heroin she's on - a quick note from the camera shows no leg below the shin...see the ransomed beauty of George Romero's "Monkey Shines" too starring Jason Beghe before his un-named balded stint in Stallone's "Cliffhanger"):
empire of the ants
watchers (corey haim)
dr. bronner's magic soap box
pet sematary
the fly
maniac (i saw this on a date with a girl)
transylvania 5-6000
haunted honeymoon (dom deluise as 'dom')
the thing with two heads (rosey grier, too life-like, i'd vomit)
dazed and confused

These "Room Essentials" black 'futons' at Target are rare birds these days - West Hollywood Target now has limited stock after weeks of watching. Ours ordered much earlier was supposed to be delivered to our door today 04/02...$158 or so all-told...pick one up...avenge me...

pretenders 'lovers of today' from album #1 1980

my lyric: ----------------------------------

i tried to talk
to my baby
i said 'no, no, no,
no baby
please don't cry -
no, no, no,
baby please'
'cause all of the leaves
come down
every time babies cry
all of the leaves
come down

i put my arms
'round my baby
i said 'hush, hush, hush,
hush baby sleep tight now -
hush, hush,
hush baby sleep'
'cause all of the birds
start to sing
every time babies
all of the birds
start to sing

oh! (run home, all over me)

nobody wants to see
the lovers of today
so assumed [always to be heard: 'soul as you']
they've gone too far -
nobody wants to be
with someone
so afraid they'll
be left with [most: 'will never be there']
a broken heart [most again: 'alone and broken hearted']

i kissed the eyes
of my baby
i said 'dream, dream, dream,
dream baby all night long -
dream, dream, dream all the night'
'cause all of the stars in the sky
twinkle in
my baby's eyes
all of the stars
in the sky

(run home)

i tried to talk to you,
no, oh
oh, run
run, run on -
no, no, no

(no, i'll never feel
like a man
in a man's world…)

mine to care for? me?

a real upside-down danksin with apparent navel, i like to wet my fingers and feel this tree up

from the rear of our building on hancock, real nice pines...they like being clipped up too

the first mcdonald's big mac (in the red box, only) was in june 1972 (1973 to top that)
all review care of ebony at google

hardly liquid (considered cash) you buy 'em at half face value and wait 6-7 years
...for twice the money along the way!
see at a commercial bank...and all on half-wing
e.g. a $75 face bond is about $35 - on the spot (you can cash them 'at-lengths' we say, and but banks hate it probably)
the talk gets expensive - some say 'wrong' fourteen, fifteen years...
you pay half in cash and get another half in six, seven years - or just face value then
the fourteen years is to double the face value - non-issue to us savvy anyway

you, to stay in touch

got a new glass teapot - this at koontz
mine came from bed bath & beyond $9.99 (along with a bedskirt that has an 18" drop for cups - ross has no duvets or bedskirts at all, but tommy hilfiger sheets for $25 queen set and sealy pillows $8)
the teapot was 'the whistler' is now 'whistling kettle' in caligraphy all same - we burnt our last one up but i love glass, cleans with white vinegar only
p.s. bed bath & beyond also has nice libbey cocktail glasses and heavy like crystal for $9.99 a set of four (4) - very sleek (sorry about the misquote)

jesus mugs (and 'last supper' plate, plastic) both from 99 only store on labrea and as advertised...$0.99 only
and if only quarters have lead acetate on them...pound a penny to size on cement with a hammer
feed the world by vend

windows 7 and hp gave me this 'moon' look up-front - i like it alot thanks

'five guys' a new shop near gym bar - or whatever - is reminiscent of 'two guys' department store in bordentown, nj - a hotbed of talent
the five guys business site, the break up


Shop Starbucks

"I Feel Creeped-Out Hauling Your Sperm On The Bus" In A Cool-Whip Container No Less, But Back to March 2012
But not a thought for the $25 you'll never get to see. "It all comes out in the wash" with nary a drop of ground-up udders.

hamilton avenue, trenton new jersey - famous for cream doughnuts (long, powdered)
krispy kreme will do - they got the insides right enough

grandma's german-type snap-together dolls

diesel panties when, where

memory lame 05/78: looking down inside the statue of liberty's crown - up the arm is right
the lines are to the front

this was brought to me on 04/17, now you too see
psst: watch with the sound off - is flattered (i heard it not once yet)

you can cut off front forks and tap 'em another bike like we did often enough

SkyMall, Inc.