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every day a newspaper lands on the lawn with you describing my stuff
and you say 'bring me no more' and by buying
day after day it lays there
sometimes wet
even older in its pronounce -
turn the water off 'at six instead of seven' it advises me
the prices going up all along the way
you'll 'use me less' you say
so there

This Last Day Of May, Feel Free To Join The Great Outdoors In June 2012 As We Add Two Snow Days To Most Of Vermont And Upper Landry, Parts

rockin' price on a great favorite 17.3 6gb 500gb (we paid $450 for 17.3 5gb 500gb same model and color - works beautifully with time-warner cable and a wi-fi router):
Incredible Deals at Our Memorial Day Sale! Save $300 on HP Laptop Computer only $399.99 at!

or and then:
Get FREE next business day delivery with your $50 order at!

my favorite gap pants at ebay - mine are 33w 32l 'fatigue' (the ones i have on yesterday the shirt orange says 'death valley racing')

at effy banner link: cufflinks that are bar measures or tubes of yellow-green water with balance bubble and gradient...<$50

this crinkle quilt is like ours from target - help when you need it most (though they run the stitching and lines crossways mine went up and down - crossways is a loser but is on my bed not intuitive despite shams) ...the new cheaper sony wi-fi only box is there too...

that'll be the day:
gelson's - no sale hut - had but two (2) fryer chickens yesterday both foster farms for $25 the each - i'm thinking to myself 'price per pound somehow?' what's up? must have gold for legs...

cvs has seventy-five cent ($0.75) candy bars this week the purchase of which returns an extra bucks voucher for $0.75 right then at purchase - one per day, per visit? also ninety-nine cent ($0.99) 2-liters of pepsi too...

a fave movie : 'loverboy' with patrick dempsey as delivery boy...more of this

otherwise one great movie: 'coupe de ville' (1990)
a two-sided fishing pole reel in center? has a pulley device for hauling it in and not bending the rod

Enjoy $25 savings on any MBT purchase on, including already reduced styles! Enter code MBT25 at check out. Valid through June 3, 2012 only.
mbt are their spa shoes and take a bars of soap $ is $11...lemon + packs

to be or not be - a memorial wreath at the local park

me at our local memorial park is on holloway at santa monica
so what?

the 75th (76th) birthday celebration of hawaii defeating france?
seems to be from the presidio looking on to the northwest side

Happy Memorial Day 2012!

our coloring book for memorial day - a tractor in a town parade
made with drawez! sketchpad from the april 2012 page
click the magic wand to select a photograph or drawing from a file directory and you're off!

a coupla interesting ones from the vat

preview next month's shot in the dark no defeat of deadlines: june 2012 there's no bringing back the mask

can't stand the talk? put a website's domain name (e.g. '') in google or yahoo! under 'images' and see all the glory in paxt and pane...'that's where we'll meet...without words'...beautifully colors to select (draw) off? orange and gray so far...

though you get a free month with paypal, netflix cuts you right off for no 'paypal' balance - with no flo-through checking account option due to prior bouncings as a written check, i gotta change my billing to prepay and the 1st by waiting it out...i'll wait...

one we missed: 'blab! volume 12' (seem at amazon)

went for a walk on sunset last night saturday 05/ of devo's mirabelle restaurant is real pretty inside with cozy warmth and a recent makeover to well-wooded indian style...blessed sights (the interior films aren't at night - see it all better then) taco is now open on sunset...nice views all around but no traffic or wall-to-wall at 9:20 p.m...strange...

what i woke up with this word today 05/27: perdition (partition, probably a high-enough office) is keeping people safe from harm while they do things i like them doing
after death? sure...that idea more like pergatory, though, for catholics who speak ill of me
pergatory (perjured yourself from one day to another also) is a never-ending battle with a hell (alone, a self) in the head

prefix 'per-' without asking i know it to be true or said already
root suffix 'dictum' i do what what i'm told to do [as here and there]
others prefix and one root: 'par-' no one asks me to know, but i do know (see 'partake' a wedding)
'pre-' i know already [and you know too], 'har' root 'rather' i thought not [as willing to do]....

not much to crow about today, but office depot spots us a 15.6" hp laptop 4gb 500gb for $329 with a $50 mail-in rebate and is otherwise $379 this week (radio shack's price must met doesn't have comparable memory in parts is less)...good deal at the banner links...tell me a story...look for roku wi-fi streaming of netflix and you tube at home (with cable wi-fi router service that's doing real well now) and a new cheap sony box for streaming only (streaming player)...hp officejet printer circuit city?

meanwhile cooking channels each morning and in my head, alone...

me today 05/ brother chris' birthday tomorrow (b. 05/27/72)...we mention it not...40 years old
i remember the day he was born...a in my bunk bed against the wall...'we're leaving to go to the hospital' all pregnant...8, 9 am or so...
p.s. the air mattress in our flop-house is covered with a goldenrod flat sheet by royal sateen for the evening - it had chinese heiroglyphs for newlyweds on the fitted green part 'go to be in your own hell now' i bemuse to myself
what is real is the shelf of heat these flannel molotovs generate either in winter or spring

again, warmth plus canvas scent...see the ga history site...
don't get confused - the photo is during the off-season
this tent is a merchandise house-souvenir shop and could easily house two (2) floors above its formed and painted cement foundation

note: my pictures, if anything, are taken and intended purely for fanzines and invitations - that is, black & white copied pamphlets you make yourself with clips and art and staple up the honors us...i like black lines stapled over eyes a la ac/dc's 'dirty deeds' record...says 'confidential' you can't know anyone here...'oui'

'that's gonna teach you full of water' - dM about the ocean and boats on 'deadliest catch'

'blab' world is new enough published 2010 (at amazon)

elton john - the man who paid us at ucla - to live forever

more how-to from the art gallery reopened again on sunset near the house of devo (sunset plaza) - see no hours on sunday and monday
a cabin wall you want to bulb outward - then to net and stucco

patterns for enveloping and scheme...

maximus gluteous

african (or 'tahitian' then) bag of sugar cane...

moon-like balls - what you have to film at a distance to see a ball shine? spinning shines?

my favorite one and up-close

alot of 'maximillian' or peso blacks as robots about with spray cans
honors my own style of admiring rotors that lift and wave hands about

a large hammering spray can at the entrance in mode - all as spraying paint, no prior interactives of organ, though

seen on hostess doughnuts-type store display - a 'waving hand', a santa claus type thing

tower video on sunset still styling itself about - note hidden structures as above and below
for having + doing + having to do

novelty (not for teamwork but for a special friend in the room and with) boxers at aah's sunset that catch my eye often enough...and if the colors are nice (regularly $20)
note: gap is having a 40% sale at locations throughout this weekend - i got a red novelty tee-shirt ('liquor locker') in century city with a merch credit
see at amazon: big in japan, family jewels

see? terry's grandma died last week and was buried saturday (the webpage is classy, no?)

crossways table (and if the name of sears comes from 'cross shears' as cutting across society) $30 very sturdy and for the lakers this time
folds up into a yellow half-moon case with black-ish handle
p.s. roebuck is for 'roebling' or two (2) skeins of cloth way back when

that how-to (how not to?) house again on san get while the gettin's good

they're having a surfin' safari over at trashy lingerie...they say 'hi' to me often enough walking past

all for one...

...and one for all (this particular collection is called 'jungle fever')
stay 'abreast' of fashion news

on cvs at santa monica and lacienega...what are you trying to say?

safeway brand turkey meat in the just over one (1) pound pack - and just as nice as turkey store - is now two (2) for $5 at pavilions (buy one, get one free, actually) eat up

footprint today 05/25

spiegel's memorial day thrust:
Up to 80% OFF + EXTRA 55% OFF Entire Site

preying mantis update 05/25: of the first few out (and i only expect more - the store anawalt here is out of them, however), i have about three or four or five that stuck around and please me daily although free to run and they are growing-eating all off that one flower...some have gotten around in the house i don't where they are but they do appear to please me and sit still for it...they've been eating theirselves outdoors...'we eat but it's cold at night still...there are only four of us anyway like ghosts we are' and keep no kitty litter around we hate that stuff it pulls us in too soon and we die...

i get excited you get excited too: la cie rugged safe and rugged mini compact rubber-coated drives with sticker windows orange and black - what apple uses on usb to backup the operating system
starship: iomega dvd writer!
some: the wi-fi only ipad2 is here in black
more pet dump: my girl

(tennant/lowe) on the 'heart' 12" remix (1988) and the 'alternative pet shop boys' comp (1995)


we're both in the gutter
that's no surprise
what does it matter
when i look in your eyes
we've lost all our money
we're thrown out of bars
we're lying in the gutter
but we're looking at the stars

i get excited
you get excited too
i get excited
you get excited too

i hear the sound of the subway
the sigh of the heat
the click of the visitors' heels on the street
the rattle of the taxi
the scream of the car
the clatter of the dustbin
and the beat of my heart

i get excited
you get excited too
i get excited
you get excited too
i don't know why i don't know why
i don't know why i don't know why

you're in my soul
my body molds to your control
baby i've been thinking about you
all night long and the neighbors are talking

i don't know why, i don't know why
i don't know why, i don't know why


Save on Memorial Day Sale at! 11% OFF all orders. Use code: MEMORIAL11 (Valid from May 23-28)

skymall at banner link above: search on 'tables' for elton john-style furnishings like the one he had a white mannequin on all fours with butterfly wings in glass...the first greatest hits album it's in the room 'it's by francesco' he now says...

circuit city at banner: color security cameras and outdoor can't be too sure all alone

starbucks cards are like piggy banks or oiled-up genie lamps - keeps cash for evening and drinks out of mind...mine is very paris patio all greenish blocks
i tend to write my balances on the card, you see

another 'still working at it' feature...

legs not curved just in the womb: my walk to school every day through high school - one (1) full mile to and fro, a fact
signed up for the draft too -
at may 23, we have one more full month for school to end
we don't get but a week at christmas...summer until just after labor day two and one-half months, tops
the map was made at yahoo! maps driving directions start to finish

someone office-wise delivered this postcard sticker dutifully from a trip...we say 'buenos aires'

the scariest bridge i ever met on the 95 in philly to their own airport just south - it's not all available on the internet, you know
people always only take 295 in new jersey to get around it and rejoin just to be south of the unspoken deterrent if any
p.s. the correct abbreviation for 'airport' is 'aptl' - did you know that any? i'd spell it out instead i hate nonsense or not being able to see for myself
no, 'arpt' is 'active participation' in police league sense - against one's will actually

ralph's (fresh fare?) has minute maid juice half-gallons for seventy-eight cents ($0.78) each this week no tax no crv just that much...i got watermelon and lemonade myself and so far...have alot, drink alot? eat when you want to, drink when you want happens that way anyway...

folded gay flags aready at koontz $13 - do better this year i can't stand all the taking and no placing first
another style seen says 'born this way' with bubble letters a la the original burger king logo and with colors stripes through them on brown
i tell people (um, peephole) i know who i am because i was born angry, only

seem at amazon

other than that they have a telescoping american flag pole kit for about $44
i want a pole that rolls down with winds settling (as one on top of the other or one inside the other, kinda)
that somehow betrays my ghost what always makes mine gather and hang grouped like in the civil war days...
not too late for the 4th of july: spinning poles and all other at amazon and perhaps office depot at banner links above...

these at anawalt have semi-permeable rods on the end that gradually feed a potted plant water using lacamer sponge stakes (near that at amazon)
other than that, seem scheurich at home

what mint and spearmint again there on roberston

new lighting-type shop on roberston 'between the sheets' - between melrose and beverly

colored gnomes at kartell on roberston (here at amazon)

these are dwarves?

don't forget the poke-in charm of nadeau on santa monica door number 9040
'furniture with a soul' or lasting value to someone

lowe's has real steel folding chairs for $9.99 this week - seat yourself

fadge (food of a napkin) = food wiped of the mouth for being uncanned - a baby's wasted of wiping

how so every day in america:
1) a rooster crows next to new york city and someone looks over their shoulder to see if it's okay to arise;
2) no one notices, but the east coast and the west coast shake hands every day after exchanging quotes left and right - so we agree;
3) the west signals the direct north to bring in quotes for the next day from new york city and they do, waving a hand in and on-top;
4) the north signals england to bring in more stock from abroad and from where they keep it all in stores above new york city - what they don't use goes to pakistan at north for further tinkering and checking if metals;
5) they bring the stock in to chicago only for distribution down to south what raises most food - is ammo mostly and distributes outline or all points east and west;
6) the south distributes its breadbasket left and right and upward some - mostly down;
7) each day then each day - saturday and sunday no talk just the south distributes food and stuff and drugs to welfare recipients hoping they die off hate
the end...

ok: watched a little 'trout' (glen stocki) running around today 05/23 with the angels at ucla's ackerman union the big screen across from carl's jr and their breaded chicken sandwich...ranch version (exactly $4.45 for the combo fries drink with the long-lasting coupon atop last month's page - with bacon adds a dollar more)...watched 'demolition man' (1993) on netflix - some good moments but awfully quiet in the explain department...has its gift, kinda...big on the 'live-long-enough-to-perfect' and the 'peace-piece equals boredom' movement and if as you are here to get my share get back to the previous two and the excellent 'judge dredd'...a nihilist (not on my list [of things to do]) won't listen to you ever...not just gasses you - waits for you to end speaking...

eddie munster? nicholas on 'eight is enough'...darrin steven's mother is yvonne de carlo some?

like devo's mutato google is celebrating the 75th birthday of robert moog today, 05/23, with a bit player-recorder

note local outdoor movies, food trucks, and alley music...'eat see hear' at fandango may 26-sep 15

05/22 found me burt's bees stick under the bed it wasn't dream ftl undies fumbled in (yesterday) and are perfect...

an old vampire bat found looking at the world's largest pool at news today 05/22 - great idea, chile

our familiar bridge to seaside heights and island beach state park probably during off-season...past-present
'all of our friends to say now'
the etruscans of jersey shore: snooki thinks she's pregnant 'by her father' of all things - 'not just yet' she says to him

lillian vernon: scatters or colored see-through pieces like marbles - what for? the beach - keeps others looking on out of your campsite, so to speak 'not the dog, yet'...those two haunted balls with pointed caps keep divers out - the other cement bust keeps them out but is heavy to lift...these have water through them and don't tip over like the flower box with broken glass for dirt the car radio with razored edges (a la 'mad' magazine) ? not really - you won't hit hard enough...against diving could be floating balls underwater sight...some say wet bread for hikes, but i highly recommend laserwriter confetti - no one gets all that up fast...

can-am spyder for as little as $199 a month? see honda of hollywood - they have 'em
meanwhile check out their atv texts

altec lansing speakers
install mac mini cleansing memory (pny 4gb ddr3 pc3 10666)
hp 17.3 laptops

pet shop boys rise to the top with 'bubadubbadum'
netflix: i finished watching 'heartless' - daniel day-lewis returns in a triumph of the wills to see why not
a little indian girl is perfect encouraging a lackluster to 'kill him'...'kill him'
she doesn't want to be that again she says...robert 'mutt' lange (ac/dc, def leppard) co-stars
very 'jacob's ladder' a dead person among the home with is the abusive father dead, the mother is the little indian girl and with wastes about in stacks, the other older blonde girl she doesn't want to be that anymore...the father is striking out with kid lackluster...the hydra nine-headed snake as demons defends a grave from eating of any and for the kid himself with maliks or shark-birds - easily enough ours alone - and the mother who won't commit to life again...the younger brother is the mother's hand as blue-eyed...and is used senselessly to comfit the brown-eyed boy still coming along to us but easily enough disposed of among too many choices in the afterlife causing hate with his liaisons...kill them off in your choice to be yourself again with god and the father who never errs here but with mother and child...before you hate him somehow, the man saran-wrapped is the father youthed and he doesn't want to be there for long 'so kill me' as this he won't hurt him much the knife done as with red paint, but you know it happened from this, you know it's true but for the mother it is said...they always shoot you...and 'thanks, i guess'...every little thing tossed at the church steps is held in abeyance - you can't use it any after that...set your day for it a deadline is impatience for positive or unlikely change (read too cheap at made or thought - too good to be true) being made at any a cost...and the winner please? p.s. the black guy - handsome enough as michael jackson and his #1 guy scott eklund playing the lead - is the father somehow the head handed over as the only part needed for identity's sake...a quick bite on the cheek for being clean, taut, and kinda cute only...a madness of it a moment had...the black appears as scavenger collecting when all else is had and taken? he stands to benefit not but collects sums as beyond reproof...

Lillian Vernon Online

a heart attack: pet shop boys do a phantasm theme of sorts 'help for heroes'

donna summer 'state of independence' b/w see same with chrissie hynde and moodswings

Hot Offers
hp pavilion g7's
make your own rubber stamps

was looking at amusement rides on ebay - a vintage schwarzkopf matterhorn car is $400 in delaware for pick up 'ho ho ho' i'd have this on wheels in a room maybe - snacks - a sled for a seek soda vending machines
p.s. no design: the bar inside is just the lap bar in recline...what would be better? the alpine blitz?

city target now hiring in westwood - go to and apply if

today we honor another bridge great - the barnegat bay bridge in toms river, new jersey heading to seaside heights the popular summer resort
badly betrayed here and in fallow, the bridge is one fat layer going to and one fat layer coming from
the lower one going to has a one-sided drawbridge for boats and has an overhead arch of traffic lights thus
the bridge was regular oil blue and with the separation of direction and band of traffic lights overhead looked pretty good and the ocean smell was wonderful
many complain bitterly of over-the-side car deaths and the sheer depth of the atlantic ocean bay - most is the raw ocean really - it's all there with the chris-craft boat house on entry on right
p.s. tom isn't noticeably for uncle tom - i think of tom collins of drinks and mixer fame only

'ghosts of mars' wasn't bad - i love jason statham, the girl was real good too (tip: the leader of the pack is statham - crises of conscious, gary numan folds of music - good)...casper van dien is no one there yet...'heartless' is good too still watching...

bee gees and john travolta 'you should be dancing'...justin bieber

i make my moves at midnight
goes right on 'til the dawn
my woman takes me higher
my woman keeps me warm

what you doin' on your back - eh?
what you doin' on your back - eh?
you should be dancing, yeah
dancing, yeah

she sees me then she's trouble
she gets it to me good
my woman gets me higher
don't drink down to my blood


start some fun right here: led data changing kit $32 at amazon - look close the lights are there as square diode panels

sunset boulevard: this is my first personal lunar eclipse, really, it approached here from the bottom right and went up into the sun
i looked again on the roof and it was crescent sun with horns up - nice show
just cover one eye (left) if you're gonna look at it striped
p.s. that's the actual eclipse somehow reflected in the lens but is backwards shining

checkpoint - see how one piece of glass slides around but should never be in front of the wood speaker
ikea maybe? another fine example, yet mp3 speakers

meet the schwinn ranger - my sole choice yet (at target)
i had a sky-blue schwinn varsity growing up...rectangular generator headlight

the famed carlos & charlies on sunset (once a favorite live spot for joan rivers) has a fashion market on wheels in their rear parking lot on the 1st and 3rd sundays of the month, i guess

pink taco having struggled with loan talk - opens fully end of may (cinco de mayo was a test run per sign)
shannon doherty owns up past the block kitchen coming from right or its no deal - the other owners are on left blocked in
that means no moving of her things ever while she waits with loans to pay (waits for a better news to buy the whole place herself - 'they hafta rent from me still')
p.s. that's the famed marlboro man (cowboy and horse) billboard rising up on the top, now is the apple ipad2 with smoking fits about
john belushi's chateau marmont is in the background - 'snl' films there alot, only still with studio guest at rockefeller center nyc every six (6) weeks while airing


the old kenneth cole near the round house of devo (um, mutato) is pretty decor as restaurant on sunset
luxurious fake grass and all...

tower's parking still in full swing as the generators were being tested below in the basement (they used to press house records and cd's down there)
we explained that tower closed its doors prior to in 1978 to avoid a buy-in for three (3) whole days - people were arrested and all
you don't buy from people to sell - 'you wholesale with others or quit'?
you don't buy from meatlockers - you hafta to prep it all i'd say
that is, you don't ask people to sell for you - you market all you sell to be in your own way

great adventure's scrambler plate...watching 'aliens' on syfy
eli bridge (every day you wonder about it) is a subdivision of hershey yet in pennsylvania - the scrambler is a great ride taken alone and rising
they have the kiddie-size one too - them holes in the center squares are shameful, however - should be lighted panels
is to be a western corral for best look - a horsebucket going 'round kicking up dust
it took three hundred forty (340) people in and around year 1969 delivering each a piece solid to plate with ninety-two (92) revisions of design after and among it
sometimes the pieces were not standard of use in enough quantity - we revised that
old broken cars - mostly and the dead do it too a stuff of daydreams and threats to the young 'our blood is in there'

memorial day - the official start of summer - is next monday 05/28

there's an official mini version of milton bradley's 'twister' game now (here at amazon) - a flat white keychain box with spinner on-top and with individual colored rubber dots stacked inside to peel and place repeatedly.....

The Best of The Dean Martin Variety Show! Get this blockbuster show on 6 DVDs for just $49.99 at! - 250x250

these pockets have been pissing me off with holes and spilling my laundry coins - my $4 burt's bees lipstick is missing too
singer makes sheets of great iron-on patches in white but i'm mad now - i'll use cherry chapstick in the meantime

mcdonald's has a free 12oz mccafe 'cherry berry chiller' coupon in today's parade magazine 05/20 with a $1 off coupon at the mcdonald's site...remember, twelve (12) ounces is a can of soda...three-quarters (3/4) of a pound...later on: the drink was nice and the ice-cap blender very interesting - you take a blender cup from upside-down and put under a touch-screen to pick a drink flavor then size...the ice comes right in and then a rounding thick zap of red syrup and the grinding pour unattended into a cup and place the pitcher upside down again and the module cleans it all up with water and wiping action after a quick blast of air...the idea is the fast pace of burgers and this stuff asking of it all...

bark-bark! bark! disneyland is now $87 a day...until december 31, 2013? miranda cosgrove 'carly' of 'icarly' is on food network's 'hungry girl' making spaghetti tacos...

great art medium (construction paper portrait) from the carly site

'i have my regrets in life - i let my wife go...' - who's your wife - rita wilson?

pet shop boys 'the theater' from the 'very pet shop boys' lp (1993 plus sizes the album's special edition plastic cover is childhood scented)
' from a patron of the arts | or at least a phantom of the opera '

'dreaming of the queen' is captured as funeral - this had no portend at all

dreaming of the queen
visiting for tea
you and her and i
and lady di

the queen said 'i'm aghast -
love never seems to last'
however hard you try
and di replied
that 'there are no more lovers left alive
no one has survived'
so there are no more lovers left alive
'and that's why love has died'
yes it's true
look it's happened
to me and you

the carriages arrived
we stood and said good-bye
diana dried her eyes
and looked surprised
for i was in the nude
the old queen disapproved
but people laughed and asked
for autographs

and there were no more lovers left alive
no one had survived
so there were no more lovers left alive
that's why love had died
yes, it's true
look it's happened
to me and you

i woke up in a sweat, desolate

more: i wouldn't normally do this kind of thing
newacre: pet shop boys demo release 'bubadubbadum' - not bad, haunting

pet shop boys 'the theater'

it's another white top
the streets are gleaming
i was even dreaming
that they're paved with gold
at half past ten
all the crowds are surging past
an electric display

there's another white top
below shop windows
upon the pavement
where you wave good-bye
boys and girls
come to roost
from northern parts
and scottish towns
will we catch your eye?

while you pretend not to notice
all the years we've been here
we're the bums you step over
as you leave the theatre

it's another white tail
somebody's singing
i was only wishing
for a bit of cash
from a patron of the arts
or at least the phantom of the opera
will i catch your eye?

while you pretend not to notice
all the years we've been here
we're the bums you step over
as you leave the theatre

(everybody everybody everybody everybody
everybody everybody everybody everybody)

how erotic in the park
then you walked back up the strand
did you catch my eye?

and then pretend not to notice
all the years we've been here
we're the bums you step over
as you leave the theatre

in the end, you pretend
'cause it's so much easier
we're the bums you step over
as you leave the theatre
we're the bums you step over
as you leave the theatre

a simple 'who are you?' from angels among us - we live and give well as you rush to and fro in the blessed snow on 5th avenue
'everybody' is from ubergroup black box...

on netflix this day: snatch...heartless...ghosts of mars?

went into chrissie hynde's new house (the toilet near driveway window) today 05/19 to look around before workmen left...

nice enough...views

sunken kitchen off entrance rug - note that

new nike colors at the athlete's foot, beverly center $95... see kohl's too for swift online ordering of nike

mine...didn't get to the green ones yet and the other lime guards are wearing thin

some friend of mine to be oft and seen - a heartwarmer that just appeared on my screen

madonna at her fragrance launch - simply fun
her mother wore 'my sin lavin' (lanvin?) by chanel as is this...tuberose

i like deep-woods 'off' and flying insect 'raid' too

donna summer 'i feel love' (a waveform madness) from 'on the radio' she says
a hard track to get mastered (bought) right - a harold faltermeyer
psst: barbra streisand really sings this...and others

See's Candies, Inc.
make it up to me with candy

i can't believe it - with people's court out on monday
you gonna be poor stripping for women - a nonsense, an asking of it
the new, shorter one is very doug moon - fierce, fearless

get this: your money isn't good anymore rushing you in and out to make favor and points
says richard the usual foil 'i don't work for you' an old-skin russian-type who can't stand fair market values
we'll see about that - even the emails won't go through
crappy, cheap old bitch - the sales withheld are on ftl briefs
keep checking on your own parke & ronen 'i want people who are gentle to buy new, not vulgar' - chief of ebay -- facebook is another commie bag of shit no ads (approves every lick is witchy too with flat-out lies from women and henches)
old, old, old...and faggots
p.s. don't get me wrong - owning famous-name stock is still glamorous and that outfit is still working on its details
its stock - still at one hundred (100) shares - is $4,800 and will probably double in less than one year
i'd keep netscape too worth about $800 a one-hundreth share but one such shareholder will sell for $1,200...just keep its glamour
people still worship its stars and seafaring themes - still the best, ever - but it was programmed against too easily as one molith and safari was ignored outright like netflix was until now
each one but a glamour (you hafta buy in early or get paid as terminus and staff only) says costs go up each time you use (their gift cards are advertising almost local at it too as no big money interest - is a vicious net) almost written but once and updated by hands like mine
getting public is glamorous but costly in ads - their legal photos of bandwidth and shine are among others too

more: wrote around mom's peppermill and got my gray briefs anyway - the ones i wanted always no matter how many pair...the guy had to take me off his list whatever?...a dream come true...someone - probably the seller (what's that called? 'striping in' - 'shilling') snatched the parke & ronen swimsuit going for $5-$10 (that looked like a tablecloth at bob evans in indiana - although the front button was noted 'as false') at the last minute (um, 'sniping') - they went higher than i would pay no more than $10...i'm no pantie freak, but think about how i'll look just one day after you turn away in boredom...p.s. if i took something away from you, just think about all you'll sell for me when your not home one night...

she who prayed for 'a new limo' says it was the cancer drugs that got her down
she'll be back...three weeks now and since release from the hospital (bethesda)

the tee-to-lay: few understand that ronald reagan's own dream of star wars was grid-panel of shots up to explode in time arriving or at if late, not levying from the sides at
a cannonball has not to meet one and another in the middle, but do a square dance of sorts before simultaning and exploding just nearby either side (like the m&m guys)
these are not cruel humours but are mine - the next generation of star wars per say
and remember water proves a bomb well with big ol' holes left behind, but all comes rushing back in dead and hot too - barely a notice then if in water (if a neutron bomb is only one in water)

Phantasm's plot: A young boy unusually spying on his older good-looking brother screwing in a graveyard, notices some man single-handedly lifting a coffin out of a post-service grave and runs and tells. His older brother, Jody - a bit racy - discounts his story, but winds up dead in a car crash that similarly took the life of his mother and father earlier on. The boy's caretaker, Reggie, eventually conspires with the boy to violate the funeral home in question - even slipping in at night into the basement where they store coffins - and encounters a strange scheme of compressing corpses and sending them into a space-age realm of mars-like atmosphere and slavery (the brown mites seem to toil over sidewinding miles in the red sand carrying and to be waiting for something). One of them - Reggie - although vexed by the flying ball(s) (I call it a 'teledyne') in their mausoleum and is trespassing, manages to put both hands on a shiny, humming tuning-fork portal that accepts individual rubber barrels with see-through eye-level windows as stacked (much like a Neptune Society nautilus for burial at sea) and stills its hummings to the point of fracturing the delicate membrane between worlds and having it suck up all that is surround into its dimension. The tall man, Angus Scrimm, after this demise, manages to meet the boy back home and have him grabbed into a dark closet to be with all he has seen [end film here - no talk]. Note: The generus here was they thought the parents were being made into slaves somehow after death.

Phantasm II: In Phantasm II, the story picks up with Mike, the younger boy, being pulled out of the house physically now and into a waiting open coffin in a hearse parked outside on the street. The brown mites - who are throughout the house now - are very ghost and well done here tackling with Reggie who comes to the rescue by turning on the gas and having all explode behind the old man as he is leaving the scene. A lot of kicking and screaming after this in trees and elsewhere, and finally the old man remits the younger kid saying he doesn't 'want him in pieces' (Reggie is desperate for the boy and has a timing grenade on-hand). 'Take care' he says he'll be back. In pre-story still, the kid winds up in a lock-and-key psychiatry unit having been freed of his torment, but is let loose one day and goes right over to the graveyard in question - 'Morningside' - and starts digging graves up all by hand to prove his point and the two men are reunited on-site and our story begins again with them going to the source now elsewhere. The location is retrieved by psychic link and causing yet another maelstrom with the enterprise even grander than thought (lots of beauty here - lots). At the end of their hellboat, a stolen hearse takes off with our heroes only to see the rescue driver reveal herself as kin and it explodes down the road leaving Reggie on the road and Mike nearly dead of flames and heatstroke.

the ball says it puts 'fingers' through a hole in a door, say, and has poking action basically that is stick-like and taking by apparent blade
don't tell anyone

Phantasm III: Picks right up with Mike yet older now recuperating from his wounds being in a coma and having fits on a respirator - come or go - and the trouble starts immediately with him linking up with Reggie who is around town visiting per kin, thoughtful about his role here, and as far as he's concerned, successful in his plight. Trouble strikes again in the form of nursehand administering meds and pulling the plug on Mike and here we go again the two reunite. They note that from town to town the path of this death-holocaust is always the same 'no family allowed' and one notes 'a town is like a person - you either die or get murdered' and I've never been corrected here "A small town is just like a person - some die, some have to be murdered." The older brother, Jody, has resurfaced now and don't think for one minute the extras aren't worth noting - there's just too many of them to say for. Good film and again - great scenes of beauty, mausoleums, and candlewicks. It ain't over yet...the hearse pulls away once more and again after many violations and crimes to see a black girl hero remit her skin to else, and the older brother appears to Reggie outside to tell him in the dark once more it isn't all available to understand. Finally he, Jody, sucks up his body into the air to change into the shiny ball and at once fly away after the younger brother who has already run out of the shed self-to-be-revealed as one of them. Mike is all shining spheres in the eyes and shivering with the necessaries of cold about him...

Phantasm IV: Is the long drawn-out conversation with Mike having and knowing more but fighting the old man (the cute older brother still cloaked and as aging) who is tired of the conversation and his choices afore. This one deals with how it all came about - natural science and being left to do too much alone. Exactly what he does to get there, but as in the eye only - no answers to be talk yet. Basically, the older brother is remitting the younger one and finally, and is trying get Reggie to keep the bitch as a friend and out of his hair paying with nonesuch sums unheralded or with treks in and out of neurospace and to seem (cement walls that pull open like curtains are real to me every day although as unproven - you don't sit there trying to make them yourself - you are thankful and hearty for it somehow, apologetic). The talk on and on has worn him of his one good nerve. See it for yourself.

a thoughtful but opinionated (paying) review on 'phantasm 4' having passed gas - the key word in my heart and hand is 'merced' - should be the name of one-a film it's that pretty
keep in mind reggie is john denver himself...dan moon...and as dressed in black and white is delivering mike back to his childhood in an ice cream truck to try for me again

If the next one, they will not leave him the older brother alone in his evolution of thought ever as they keep regarding him as an evil to be remaked. The plot concerns all three as they are heralded to stop once and for all he says in the sepulchres where people 'rest with us.' Evil must die, but in my opinion they do live very well in their own regard and it gets tiresome to speak out. No matter how meager, alot of filigree and shadow. Alot of danger - it's verboten here.

Finally kudos to the priest for slapping that old woman around in P2 with the knife in the heart - she played it too well for who she is always looking. The corpse comes back because he doesn't have anyplace to go he says. Horrified? Always, ever.

Extra the new plot: "Mike wakes up in a delirium after being hit on the head one more time and is sheltered and regarded (by what seems to be his older brother) if he does not speak of the evil that surrounds 'us' he says - evil being whatever's causing him and his spirit to fail and transfer him unwillingly. Mike resolves to fight further and is taken by force to be with Reggie who bows out when he can but he sees in one more time an opportunity to fuck someone new and stays with (he is regarded as both gay and uninterested in anyone that speaks of olden days - he hates them for it because he lost a finger favorably or knowing why fighting a woman once with an ax and handle to no shame ever from others). Mike and Reggie resuscitate their tiers, but Jody falsely accuses one of stealing time in refusing not to and they're off to unknown limits again. Their refusal culminates in the beheading of a woman no one has seen before and both go beserk trying figure out if she was real or not. Sound familiar? Is a woman's hand of not caring at all, and the tall man hears her cry once more and comes in to make sure no cares about it again - 'infidel is infidel' - but is not necessarily interesting to us or them. Take it lightly here - there's nothing to see but much to laugh at and out-loud this time. They are finally dumb asking us to care once more or even once." - God

donna summer? not you see me here? 2012

for memorial day: the ss nimitz at berthing, july 1986
bond: to russia, with love
...has its secrets

been driving, detour leaning: meanwhile 'phantasm ii' is still watchable online at netflix - see it all over again...the name 'antwerp' (all of space revolving around us or a nighttime ocean full of sirens and brimstone) still sounds good for 'v' or even 'antigua' the one who stays home waiting but is a bigger threat...achilles, antigua...

this still isn't right, but is good enough - ours went high up in the trees and had four branches - no metal nets under the cars what spun around on pivots independently as two-shots, kinda

a chronograph watch as shown (um, the chronometer) turns left or counter-clockwise on a watch to meet up with the seconds hand to count out '60', '45', '30' or then '15' seconds at a single backwards dial and match - know you know
no waiting then for the top of the clock then

looks like universal's 'battleship' is pulling the studio gaz-wheel on us again despite the additional threat of rihanna, demure yet launching with the codes - i thought it was gonna be a real hit-and-miss, a real launch at hide-and-seek over being challenge - real ships, real bombs - this is like 'independence day' all techno as worms - this would work, but it's awfully mad at the world...i want skirmish...i want a nice lunch, stink...

the uss missouri

took a few notes on the uss missouri - is high up, loved just shelling at people continuously from mid-deck they say now (usual target? honolulu, hawaii)...they others couldn't get on-top of it all metal sheets and no bombs would faze tragedy there the arizona (what sank partially and returned - usual target? scottsdale, arizona, and no other - one such says 'we build to bomb [and possibly carry] our own') was just as mean, they say...i've only been on one the uss north carolina that was intricate in wilmington, nc (their usual target: england proper 'we need to hope' someone says)...1976 or so...said russians shot them all - fifty-three (53) died, fifty-six (56) wounded and dead - at night with barrel guns all over it in 1956 - fixed up once and for all and deployed never again since 1978...wouldn't sink ever, but held 'too much heat [as inside]' my dad says...usually they wipe it down inside with rags and clean cloth - it wouldn't work well - too much aluminum from the hindenburg...true...

the uss arizona is tricky still - no warship ever went to hell

killing fields: who killed the most people? uss arizona twice as many as uss north carolina next up, then uss missouri, with twice as many as the uss hawaii bombing france proper, the uss nebraska twice as few as the top guy their target was france too - paris more? the littleton or us(p) rhode island bombing new jersey and trenton from the delaware heights from just under philadelphia...three times as less as the arizona...1912 or so....the french boat brittany (um, the brittania) 1910 killed more than anyone (estimated to be six million with fourteen hundred a-pop tops) off the coast of florida and georgia sound always shooting always, until wwii broke out...

the uss north carolina - hi

exciting: aquarium of the pacific in long beach has penguins and the annual bug fair at the natural history museum
please, it's like the drive-through safari at great adventure - you might like it alot when you get there - travel light...go yourself? not mine - you need a backboard, a showman
expect alot of laughs, don't let people down...the aquarium and zoo are packaged together for adults just $33 at the aquarium

mta to the zoo seems lacking these days from hollywood - i hate going to eagle rock...driving is just straight down franklin to western left on los feliz at the light then los feliz east to just before the 5 overpass and hang a left at the inverted fountain on right and drive right in a bit past the park and children's areas...or keep going right straight into glendale...the galleria is on central and brand boulevards both, turn left on either...

someone asks: 'can i make my own great adventure balloon?' yeah - 'no experience yet' says use all-cotton sheets flattened - one side and another sewn together as bulb - both outer be outer and gesso (white pre-dressing for a canvas see art stores) if necessary - use a candle to fill with hot air overnight is warned in a shopping basket of some kind - seal it not, but keep it open alot too (a hula hoop is too) big use a round trash container instead (metal mesh we'd say three feet 3' wide is the balloon) as sewn in and bottom pushed out two feet (2') can sew in a message or letters as design but often just paint or salve (glue) on...nice, will float upward five (5) minutes or more with no stout or help then...candles upward and around five (5) gas or liquid mesh candles (or round fat) six (6) per may six feet (6') max top to bottom...the trash can should hang one-fifth (1/5) below and be open some with hole upside down a pipe up in circle maybe - we'll draw out later...

buy, sell: sales at pavilions? soft soap is $0.99 each, flavors

huss machinenfabrik hammer ('jump 2' the video) and troika, early (to then 'wunderkind')

baseball fan: great for blackfitting (black soul outline), this photo of glen stocki ran today in the la times

Bliss World, LLC
the old navy of better living and skin tone

a new dr. pepper-type commercial

'you win here to lose elsewhere' - dM

'like a married woman having babies for someone else - you just can't know me' - dM

with operating rides and with savor electronics about, it's important to mention 'toybox' (my one-word prayer) the forgiveness-excuse of people wanting to play and be hands-on all the time...'toolbox'? a grab-on as those who operate the tools mete (measure or meter) out the work - watch yourself among more pro-active...thinking ahead, forgiving yourself...

don't be so fast to make fun of those lighted twigs (english deriv: faggots) - marvin's pharmacy on santa monica next to b of a makes it shine
incidentally, marvin's is liquidating with drastic reductions - how about all of them bounced check fees b of a?
p.s. your marvin's prescriptions transfer to pavilions nearby automatically

did this window sticker always say 'tot finder' or was it 'fire alert' or 'first alert'?
i don't remember any shame associated with having it in my upstairs window...maybe my younger brother's then
is stylish nonetheless its shiny chrome paper...if like '911' the few first of any nine lives why bother
i always thought it was a black witch from a distance anyway - is very halloween, bewitching

the top five (5) or six (6) most common girl names (enter - see last few upward) in the usa right now (as spurned by news, cnn and or):

1) paige (tied with...'taylor' - mind over wouldn't give me the name again but i thought about a square dance an 'x' of tied ham*)
2) rebecca
3) wednesday, wendy
4) kurda (that is anything you want, cathy, kathy)
5) nadeen
6) frances

1) robert
2) john
3) kenneth
4) william
5) scott
6) morgan

*thanks kitsch from the 'today' show 05/16...john carter isn't available yet for pay 06/05 we know it's good

listen to the new garbage record 'not your kind of people' - the title track starts at precisely 1442 the moment i was trenton, nj
'great and regarded both always get excited'
great? you can't help but see it
legend - oft heard of, never seen
hero - someone you heard of (as before seeing)

this furniture at cvs is awfully nice for $200

not my favorite 'star wars' characters the girl, but kinda cute - $0.14 each at cvs right now limited stock
pez cures anything too...pez at amazon one's $0.27, the other $1.40 (the geico or 'general electric insurance company' newt is $6.99)
mine came with three (3) ribs of candy each, however
pez = pets
p.s. my choice among was yoda, however - we can't help but hate frank oz junk but he has done good things though little shop of horrors and all
yoda was powerful and is not just old and overbearing - chinese - his real name is 'anna' say 'ahna' as in 'honor my wealth' he says his looks too
imagine that - now's the time

Buy 3 Get the 4th Free Used CDs and DVDS Code= USEDB3MAY Expires June 4

Sip your way into summer with our new seasonal drinkware at

if you've got early color and glory from great adventure in photographs - get some over to this pocket
i get tired of the new wave's a matter of careful preservation against corporate lead
meanwhile the 'lady bug' ride - a great up-and-down beauty from my own tenure - is ready for viewing
if you're my hero, you'll have the 'wild thing' the white huss-schwarzkopf magna spider with small flowers painted on it (still a threat here and to make gumbo is the 'pretty monster' - a no go) in action from 1976 and earlier on
the ride was removed for the 1977 season and was replaced solvently (by the scrambler shown below) but is featured in the early (1974) goldenrod souvenir books in the 'strawberry fair' section
as for the tee-pee, i want a cheap overnight place in hollywood called 'tee-pee' that people can crash in with a quick flush out back to shelter if somehow
the tent smell and feel of canvas is miracle these days the sun and all - that pole on lacienega is #1 donate of three or so to follow

SkyMall, Inc.
inflatable movie screens, spider tents
iron model catapults, guillotines...the home floor scrubber/polisher
search the great outdoors with: 'ride-on', 'go-kart', 'pedal car'...king tut lamp
$5 a day automated bank - laser sculpted, 2aa batteries, $1,300 when it's over
2-person infrared sauna...

avail yourself: more pictures of sinking ships at yahoo at google

1 Week Only! All Desks and Chairs on Sale at! Save up to 50% All Desks & Chairs!

aah's on sunset has the westinghouse unbreakable colored led lights i want - just $9.99
like any christmas decor (and see if lillian vernon at link) - we try everything to see what we won't have in about time

...and a few twigs with battery packs on 'em about $15
other excitement includes a string of flickering fire bulbs and a tight machine that blows burping bubbles of smoky fog

limerick: more than vascillating is that 10% we discussed on the bus yesterday as being typhoid (infecting but not as relating - see michael jackson's 'people bring you disease because they don't have anyplace to go...') - homosexuals (open and availing), like disease having its potents or limits, were or are resposnsible for over half the world's population - a merit i seek a consanguinity factor...the world (nature then) resins them after so many sayings and perhaps as it wonders to itself whether it has 'the good' in valence (mxing widely) or not...'time goes on' it says to me now...'let them win and to finish it off' - dM

new order's subgroup: the other two 'ripple' and further seek 'superhighways' + 'cold feet'

the truth
that never wants to leave you
the hand that
always feeds you
the eye that only
ever sees you
the touch that never
leaves you

i can't love you anymore
i won't stop trying
who is it owns this place
i stand in?
you can't love me anymore
but don't stop trying
who is it owns this place
we stand in?

the truth that always
wants to find you
the hand that never
beats you
the eye that never
seems to judge you
the touch that
always warns you

thank you gillian gilbert of upper darby, pa

fake ivy trellis, wood rainbow bridge for garden with rails

the temperature map of the good ol' usa has some big and some little
these are phone boxes really - wires travel across in lines only
sunlight travels across the yellow blocks downward it seems
the purple is deathly cold always in winter, the light blue is waterous only - lakes
green is grown solvently in summer - no basking (heat) or ridges (floods) ever
green can winter but not solvent or ice (under salt water) winter - no killing of trees
the dark blue is land only for fishing and streams - no growing, growing happens in greens only
the tan is nothing people will know temperature-wise - a lake of gorgeous proportion

this flower is called 'cicely' (so sees cocteau twins 'treasure' lp for name and song)
circe? the cocteau record is all about the theme of deadly nightshades...cicely supposedly fries in a pan like a hot summer rain and causes temporary blindness? not ours to say
' so breeze | so after me | tell me what can i do? ' happy days are here again

visit for free samples with every order + free shipping over $50!

the hollywood farmers market the southern view this mother's day at ivar and hollywood (hollywood and vine - you can't miss it on sunset heading east at jack in the box)

the north view up ivar - the market is a big cross on four widths (sunset to hollywood at selma wide)
we didn't stay long (looking really for the outdoor oscar arena no one knows yet - is south of sunset a misnomer is afoot - we stopped and chatted for a while at the palace in hollywood too and blessed that and the cosmos building on cosmo), but the prices were not supermarket great (berries were always $10 a three-piece box) and there wasn't any corn to speak of as i looked?
there is a big new trader joe's however at selma and like all the others yellow cratebox inside
we ate a split plate of chicken nachos with black beans at baja fresh but my companion balked at the calorie count (600 calories a plate we say - the fat however is 200 grams) - i'm not with that yet folks need to eat less stop badgering me or go to africa and starve it off the scalp
yes r. well(e)s and r. phelps hi on the bus...we see you

the capitol records building from behind one block east of vine

the new 'w' hotel from hollywood boulevard in front - to revise photos
i was told a bomb in 1986 made them redo the whole shebang - a radisson?
see the subway station hollywood and vine is right beneath

the hollywood palladium (cocteau twins, massive attack, alanis, etc.) and nickelodeon studios (rosie o'donnell-type productions, icarly) across the street on sunset


a bit haysi fantayzee, but my favorite snap dress from moca - that's clear vinyl in between lines
this stuff is reportedly the liz taylor collection from uptown (moca is at pacific design center)

haysi fantayzee 'shiny shiny'

Bliss World, LLC
supershine shampoo!

cvs has my fave loveseat, table, and chair on sale for $199 this week...see it come and with reddish tropico cushions - very cobra
they had a sale on m&m's been trying their new 'mint' flavor for $0.75 each - is it over? big as peanut size they are

happy mother's day mother's been getting into playing golf...we spoke briefly on friday afternoon
'9 holes' she says

a roman-type metal gate at some place near pavilions called 'four gables'
don't be left out style-wise - is typically for underwater use, actually...scares fish away

miniature chest, smoking incense dragon head

now that's pretty - found while looking for an online vendor of chalkboard seats at yahoo images

can't buy me a thrill: bliss (link above) has great travel-gift-hotel packs of soap and weiners for $$ or so (sinkside six-pack)...the shampoo makes your hair very clean and is like god intended - a mat of wool - when lathering i like it alot...the little bath bar of soap is also very rare as a greenish kinda oatmeal feel lemon and sage...still using mine all, some...

i had one like this when i was a child - a quality assessment of childhood (wooden grand piano with colored-band of xylophone inside?)
mine was green the seat and wood, there was a pegboard with color pegs inside underneath the framed chalkboard and the seat and table were linked with shiny metal tubing
further, the chalkboard was magnetic for those famous plastic magnetic letters
note: lillian vernon has a lemonade stand like this with chalkboard

news of academy awards outdoor screening events in matter what, a movie was about success (not having to ask) being with others as they watch and validate a feeling about a film...these days there's alot of wondering about all the time - who are we, how we feel - is it funny (did someone get hurt or made to know better showing us how?) it is...or it isn't...we know that a result and violated this way, alot of us spend our time practicing in the head for roles about us being sacred, or special to someone in the the way that we are sure of our advancing or speaking out of the way to each other...until then, no integrity speaks...

finally a car for ken worth drying at the $2 24-hour mon-fri do-it-yourself hand wash on santa monica at gardner with shotgun waters - vision from lemon tree boutique

a brief furnish around get vlc 'videolan' for our feature no error...'phantasm 3' part 1 of 2 (38.50 minutes)...all the quality is there...and now the conclusion 'phantasm 3' part 2 of 2 (48.28 minutes)...

hey ho: design your own mousepads with photo and trim at lillian vernon (see link above)

'hey friend!' my sister leslie (b. 1968) from facebook

david bowie 'golden years' mine:

golden years
gold wah wah wah
golden years
gold wah wah wah
golden years
gold wah wah wah
don't let me hear you say
life's taking you nowhere
angel (who bought off the babe)
look at that sky
hey life's begun
nights are warm
and the days are young
(who'd run up the bill)
lost my baby
lost my soul
what's not begging?
you save a little soul
golden years wah wah wah
last night they loved you
opening doors and pulling some strings
in one clock
and you looked in time
never looked back
war-torn and timed
well, stick with your baby for a
thousand years
nothing's gonna touch you in these
golden years
golden years
sum up these rags
and you won't belong
gonna drive it down
to where you once belonged
in the back of a dream car
twenty-foot trunk
don't cry in my sleep
don't break my heart
doing all night
gotta get that spark
wish upon wish upon day upon day
i believe oh lord
i believe all the way
run for the shadows

david bowie = martin landau
dick clark = regis philbin

the baby mantises stay in this one flower outdoors and in abundance - they stay right there
one can be seen on-top in front near left
plants always die on me for being sharecroppers, but this comes from the streetscape - someone left it in a broken pot on the ground way back when...
the plant is a 'semalia' or 'soft touch' an african rose of types

kudos to burger king (this, sunset and labrea and is newly refurbished with all-new wet labs) for keeping a single whopper meal on their breakfast menu although wonderfully done - i appreciated that before 11 am yesterday on my walk around hollywood proper...i would've sat on it 'til then arriving at the sunset and crescent heights mcdonald's a bit later...whopper with cheese? not necessary what a nice sandwich too the whopper...ralph's nearby at poinsettia and sunset didn't have calico corn or the wrapped counterpart all sweet or white corn instead...they do have the green coke glasses again $1 each and newer-style clear ones...i just replaced the two (2) colors that broke on, clear...and packaged just as sweetly for sale...$10 total...sweet...p.s. some say corn and other vegemite is nicer for to the senses because they grind up the stuff finely and spay it on produce with water as blended - and yet so?

kiss 'god of thunder' my absolute favorite song from the 'destroyer' lp (1976) and if the $2 bill marks the bicentennial only
what does the $1 gold papoose coin mean? gene simmons sings
pay attention: the album is about the demise of a person (um, 'detroit rock city') and birth of a rock god


(up, up)

you've got something about you

you've got something on me

don't run off or be frightened

in my world there's a deal

i was born out of memphis
a juvenile product of soul

i was raised by the demon

to change your reign and run forth

for the...

god of thunder
and rock and roll

the spell you're under

will slowly rob you of your virgin soul

i'm the lord of the wasteland

a modern day man of steel

i gather darkness to please me

and i command you to kneel

before the...

god of thunder
and rock and roll

the spell you're under

will slowly rob you of your virgin soul

beth i hear you calling | but i can't come home right now | me and the boys are playing | and we just can't find the sound | in just a few more hours | i'll be right home to you | i think i hear them calling | oh beth what can i do | beth what can i do

more sidewalk talk from sunset today 05/10...

me today 05/10

late: happy birthday to rick jr. 05/09

this week at ralph's: florida natural orange and grapefruit juice half gallon $1.88...raspberries $1.50...reese's king size $1...more

our little forum: how to block calls on the net 10 lg 900
under 'menu', select 'contacts' and enter the unwanted phone number under 'add new' (has fields for 'first name', 'last name', and 'number' - use 'number' for area code and number, do not preceed with a '1' )
drop down to 'group' and as named place the caller in a specific group of unwanteds (group can be 'colleagues', or your own name set up first under 'group')
for a new group name, go under 'contacts', select 'groups' and then under 'options' choose 'add new group'
under 'recent calls' choose 'settings' then 'call reject' - turn reject on with right-left arrow, drop down to reject list to choose 'groups' with right-left arrow and then name 'reject group 1' with right-left arrow and choose 'done'...add other groups as necessary, grouping is for rejection only i'd again if will
sound immature? you to further ignore your own discomfort...

out in the with the new

Mom Deserves the Best. Show her how much you care & Save 15% this Mother's Day at Use Promotion Code MOMDAY15 at checkout. (Offer Ends 05/13/12)

endorses? can sleep on it...think of an underground railroad, and if you like to read

obama = one black answers many arguments
clinton = can light if no talking over nicotine
bush = barely understands shoots him
reagan = reprises evenly as great although nihilist
carter = can always rake the earth rake (peanuts grow as tubers in the ground)
ford = for our rigorous demands
nixon = note interest take only news, 'no, i transfer only numbers' (as tomlin operator with plugs overhearing)

i've seen these growing in someone's backyard - green plant with dry brown shoots off into the ground they are there on the end almost above ground in brush-like grass

you know, i wait patiently for the good stuff, but i'll be damned if all year long i couldn't get calico corn to appear in the free bin no matter how advertised
they have four (4) fresh 'gourmet' ears every single day locked up in plastic wrap for four and five bucks but no shucking bin ever - not ever
the last time i ran over there over this i got a raincheck and that never came good
here we are running to the farmers market on sunday morning in hollywood just to see a same
meanwhile their kids are enjoying the benefit nutrition without us -- who are they?
the ones who take fresh home when it's no longer worthy of our sale
get me my corn and freely please and i'll enjoy the paltry of white ears i was sold today instead
it's no sale yet, but the white is probably good enough

quality candle maker 'little' debi at pavilions has alot of nice remembrances for the local mother's day
note: those striped hurricanes, while seemingly unattractive, have round glass cylinders in them and any the candle lifts out on metal-ish hooks (my mom got one plus some...lime)

these deserve to be seen...on santa monica heading east across from circus books

at target west hollywood last evening wednesday 05/09...the hollywood sign but no so bright a picture again
the building itself has 'gwc' like geffen's logo on it...for 'greater west hollywood' a towering up?

pavilions 'just for u' vendor: 'sun drop' soda hereby declared by me is a very sweet 7-up (a pepsi to a coke?)

queen 'don't stop me now' supposedly from the 'jazz' lp (1978) u 2 credit 'american dad'

'union' = unless nothing is offered, nothing
'forensics' = formally originates review, every now something interesting come see
someone adds 'gaf' = gets ahead faster

a famous toy way back when, this was my doctorin' bag when i was a child...white only
most important were the plastic stethoscope and white and colored dot pills (pareils) inside - they cure anything

these park & ronen swimtrunks at amazon are also very sleek...$120...if you don't want yours (or see a sale held) get 'em up at ebay...

these are the string lights hidden at koontz - better placed than here? start with the colored ones at $12.99
lillian vernon at link?

anawalt on robertson sells plywood discs in roughly three (3) sizes: $22.99, $25.99, and $35.99
don't know why you would how? leave it to beaver (be there)

they also have plenty of wednesday flora

...the mint is supreme these days

another elton john wanderlust from the 'goodbye yellow brick road' lp (1973) 'all the girls love alice'
measure your stardom in cups, dollars - he says inspired by alice cooper's 'school's out - i'm eighteen' as one prose

lyric some:

raised to be a lady by the golden rule
alice was the spawn of her public school
with a double-barrel name
in the back of her brain
and a simple case of 'mommy doesn't love me' blues

reality it seemed
was just a dream
she couldn't get it on
with the boys on the scene
and what do you expect from a chick who's just sixteen
and hey hey hey
you know what i mean

all the young girls love alice
tender young alice they'd say
come over and see me
come over and please me
alice it's my turn today
all the young girls love alice
tender young alice they'd say
if i give you my number
will you promise to call me?
wait 'til my husband's away

poor little darlin'
with a chip out of her heart
it's like acting in a movie
when you got the wrong part
and getting your kicks
in another girl's bed
and it was only last tuesday
they found you in the subway dead

and who could you call your friends down in soho?
the one or two
middle-aged dykes in the a go-go
and what do you expect from a sixteen year-old yo-yo
and a hey hey hey
you know what i mean

been watching the movie 'giant' on netflix...
i think alice is a male, someone like me


chris porter, foster - whatever

note: got my mocha frappuccino at starbucks last evening just before the 5 p.m. bell - only $2.12 for the 'grande' or 'larger than life' size...whipped cream, green straw - a squirt of chocolate liquer...through 05/13 a very good way to spend out half the month and off...having to get in under that wire...

circuit city (link above) has the mac mini memory card 4gb ddr3 pr-3 10666 for $23.99 with free shipping...

make sure you check out circuit city's prices for hp and shipping over $ depot has them too

Mom Deserves the Best. Let us arrange a smile for her this Mother's Day at with gorgeous flowers & thoughtful gifts starting at $29.99 - 300x250

Mom Deserves the Best! Save $15 on $39.99 & up at when you use your MasterCard(R) card and Promotion Code MC154ME at checkout. (Offer Ends Wed 05/09/12)

these are real enough for fans...'phantasm 5'
the munsters are now at netflix - always a good time

review with: 'phantasm iv' the highway to hell clip

yesteryear at a glance: at cb2 we ordered five (5) glass balls ("bubble balls" from tabletop accessories) and sent to one mother (and if to be delivered one day is late) -- total is $19.98 all-told -- two (2) big 6", three (3) small 4" ones...i'd buy 'em for myself...and fragile in a home...$13.75 + $4.95 + $1.28 tax tell a friend...i love glass balls...

Effy Jewelers
a fave of mine - search on 'heart pendant'

one of my preying mantis cocoons hatched today 05/08 - each very well formed as adult-looking, they're out on the patio in and out (the top peels off)...classify under phylla, the arachnid family certainly no hominid turning their head alot (only a vampire bat as no neck - test by an up and down movement of the mouth)...

sent a trifle of mother's day stuff out today 05/08 via usps and their flat rate of boxes delivered within three (3) days up to seventy (70) pounds - review with:
small flat box (video cassette size) $5.35
medium flat box (file folders size) $11.35
medium depth box (pair of shoes size) $11.35
large depth box (pair of boots size) $15.45

'...if the firmest insult is replacing' - dM

if you can't beat 'em, join 'em? 'if you can't be with them, join them' - erma bombeck

'last to leave is the last to worry' - ann landers, scanned down by me

the first evil: water
the second evil: daylight
the third evil: sugar (candles too)
the fourth evil: rock music
the fifth evil: beauty of a woman
the sixth and final evi: beauty of a man
- each make you do when you don't want to
as opposed to dimensions what are demonries or one knowing more taking advantage of you

no keepsake: the mac mini still making me very happy....went to macy's last night to look around they've been putting 15%-20% coupons in the paper each day...05/08

these piggy banks at macy's beverly center wanna be known to you they say

martha stewart everyday food - our current food court - her peppermill stuff at macy's is cute too - there, search for mean-spirited gifts from haiti and rwanda?

i loved 'a raisin in the sun' 1961 - someone who presents anyway
see it as billie holiday 'lady sings the blues' a first version of her and that is diana ross...and somehow redd foxx too...not a bad show at all
someone said the voice of 'tigger' (um, 'winnie the pooh') delivering that hate

some wonder where insects nests are - this big one halfway down the wire on left
mother's day a fruit? view planters we used at cb2

koontz has one of these lasko flex four-watt fans for $20.99 (amazon may find you one still)
i like its style but it may be too new too soon for you (four watts or 'whats' as footsteps in the dark is a nightlight stand)
koontz also has (among others) festivity lights in the lightbulb section now starting around $ set is colored cut clear canisters with white twinkle lights inside
i just took a colored ball (with paints inside) set back to target for being glass and frail and one bulb broke inside again - i hang them in the bedroom window on hooks to be festive at night...back to the drawing board

this set 'mon petit' is $12.99 at target - not alot of choice there

this girl's name is dunderra a layaway bargain to be seen in bed bath & beyond about $39 something

if you're gonna graduate from ross to a quality (wood-set) vinyl toilet seat, the buck stops here at bb&b - i love a vinyl cushion but they get razor burns in back
i put a hellraiser-looking ruby-set ball in a set of three at ross back on a shelf yesterday 05/06 to have one fall and shatter on the floor...ho hum

very gnome-like on lacienega north these 'two tops' as we call it

open space around there trying to get a good reflect in the window - never direct imaging one assumes and as might you say

don't forget the sweets at starbucks through 05/13 3-5 pm this a sample this am while conditioning the thought of half-price frappuccinos
i'm on my way to pavilions and thought i'd stop in - my favorite store is at santa monica and west knoll a real big one

Office Depot, Inc
great stuff here - don't miss checking it out!

george c. scott's 'beauty and the beast' was a hard watch for to see a traitor (worthy versus unworthy, a footnote) - tests me - the woman held up very well...1976...we watched in school on sony's beta machine along with the likes of 'roots' and elseway...take the time...recall: we watched 'sounder' too about chicken stealing among blacks and its price...'a raisin in the sun' also with sidney poitier

on netflix: elton john 'someone like me' his whole story, kinda

much to my horror, we didn't inherit the jack spade bacon bag from work, we paid for it somehow at bloomingdale' excelsior for laptops and incidentally the mac mini en route
even the newly expanded marshall's at beverly connection has the bags priced at no less than $118.99
the lesser spider bag is from trader joe's but is fully functional at $3.99 (also in red, orange, and green)
their one pound of ground meat 80/20 is now hovering at $2.69 a pack - we made swedish meatballs yesterday in the crock-pot with ground pork too (see 'lillian vernon' above has the crock-pot cookbook)

this is my preying mantis cage...awaits steed
i want a real plastic terrarium rectangle with vented colored lid from petsmart starts at about $5 if locally seen
p.s. preying mantises at gardening zone a trusted online vendor
my dream cage at amazon

LT - 090909 - 460x80 Logo

our recipe is easily enough halved...the casserole dish from crate & barrel

great tasting-looking for a brunch: 'pineapple stuffing'
one-half (1/2) cup butter
one (1) cup sugar
four (4) eggs
one (1) twenty-ounce (20 oz.) can of crushed pineapple, severely drained
five (5) slices of cubed white bread (no crusts)

greased casserole dish
bake at three hundred fifty (350) degrees for forty-five (45) minutes to one (1) hour until brown

cream butter and sugar together adding one egg at a time - then pineapple, fold in bread last
is a great dish for guests, my mother says (in the head) 'don't be cheap - bring some meat'

new: the apple ipad 2 is now $399 somehow at best a local trip
great gifts from mom -
more: researched the ipad 2 at apple - no visible difference whatsoever says the camera lens has more pixel depth and scan memory is faster...all fumes move forward with confidence some
funnily enough, the apple store units won't push my andrew christian ads on the ipad they blank out to '?' symbols

had a 10:00 'genius bar' appointment at the apple store today 05/05 to brighten my disk and get final advisement on the new op system

madonna has a new perfume exclusively at macy's called 'truth or dare' with cross on-top of logo and all - a good move reminds of the golden days of pop
adam yauch = adam levine in maroon 5 sos a culture of it
p.s. material girl clothes are 80% successful at macy's they say
the perfume as sampled by me on my way from a sisp of issey miyake pour homme is musk (jovan) and lemons kinda - very archipelago at first or jagged looking
the salesperson said something plus 'gardenias'
the bottle as put resembles a shampoo squeeze pack from a hotel that is brilliant, and soapy looking

thought you'd like to see macys at beverly center and the ferrari store - the point is the settee in front of apple

this escalator may one day unfold into my skybridge to the sofitel across the street
across the way, marshall's is now in my ralph's at 101 beverly connection as split with nordstrom flax (now de nord's at quakerbridge nj?)
even as city target builds in...marshall's lease is three (3) months tops they assure me

thought you'd like to see koontz from behind and how and why not a prefab building - a real factory of thought
was built to be professional offices during the 80's frightfest

the cars 'you are the girl' from the 'door to door' lp (1987)

'mean' averages us
'smart' has been hurt

'www' the world-wide web?
'why wait?' wondering
wonders whether with
west wind wimbledon

tough time with the tub or sink (hard, green soap scum)? the original 3m scotch-brite sponge yellow and green pad and yellow comet cleanser got sparkling results this time...

just installed 4gb of memory into my (may 2009) mac mini ($35 at best buy - 'ddr3, pc-3 10666') using this you tube guide and a putty knife and it works flawlessly - not easy, but not sad either...thank you...and onto osx lion one day...
tools? just use a precision set of (small) screwdrivers and the putty knife that's all plus a good flashlight to see in the screw holes (if wait at amazon)

i scanned this girl on tv cooking authentic (mother told) mexican food for cinco de mayo (today) and asked her what it meant to her the celebration...she said it means 'i don't hafta live here if i don't want to if things get too hard [on us and our families]' and then return one day when things are better for all...'we lost, but we lost for war only' me everything backfires a stick expanding on the other side solvently when one side is grappled...what you want, what you think you want...i like everything but then...

the new petsmart on lacienega at 3rd is exciting top and bottom floors and all manner of kept pet
as may well know, i'm expecting baby preying (praying, preying? preying) mantises and they have both crickets ($0.10 each) and fruit flies as the old of banana
everything container-wise and fish and foul and reptiles...nice
the dog pen is $209...i scanned my uncle eddie about an old gate like this he keeps at his refurbished house in nj he says it tells him when people come

LT - 090909 - 460x80 Logo

'wigs today' on lacienega at san vicente now has styrofoam heads for about $8.00 each

my tiki hut (a new board a day) to and fro beverly center is still taut with negotiations, apparently...san vicente and past melrose

they subdivide properties nicely here...and that diy garden nearby decided not to after razing it and all
at the 'old spaghetti factory' deconstruction in hollywood they cite annual property taxes at $10k per million of value...and a scramble to make that dough make after six (6) years vaca or so....

more dollies from lava lady's (s/b actress julie newmar) house on san vicente


great old tyme commercial: julie newmar sells korvettes

pacific design center the blue building of internal crane oft missed - wolfgang puck is inside in two (2) places nonetheless

at an art gallery or so on melrose between robertson and san vicente a beat horse

our lonesome clear drink dispenser is at koontz too they have 'em local - about $42
that's 'champagne' the french eatery across the street on santa monica - recommend? the 'chicken pesto' sandwich on a baguette with salad or fries about $8.50

reminds starchild arts using intersecting plywoods are fun - you notch downward by carving out a ruler shape on the top of one piece and the bottom of another
like a plywood christmas tree four (4) sides carved halfway in or about then tap together with mallet
model with cardboard first...this on fairfax east side between fountain and santa monica

don't knock it - these are stagework quality and are that magical
note: the notch has to come exactly halfway down (or up then) both pieces

the $25 coleman queen-size air mattress at target is simply beautiful with new colors a bronzed brown vinyl and an ivory padded look
it looked small at first (actually a target-type full?) but i laid it on the real bed and the size matches up - maybe the old one was extended outward some

george c. scott's 'beauty and the beast' is upon us
i thought maybe he's an old pig paying her back for farm woes...
a ghost of her father comes from the roses and he is a giant bee...great show he's famous for it

'saint nick' is pretty good storytelling on netflix...'the dark knight rises' is raging on you tube joker but? the joker is his butler...and his father...

my mother says in the head she has a madhouse of bees under her front walk in and out (they say they hate women and perfume too) - use rock salt (like morton's in the big yellow bag) to pour around holes they reject that and should live near water for the geese and neighbor offers 'screen the whole place' as some woman i see in black crease pants was laughing and dancing around kinda on a front walk and got two bites up her leg...

our building - that much like a $50 a day hotel on the roof - sends around these little monthly newsletters with household tips (the calendar all drawn out notes rent is almost past due on the third 'today' and gussies six percent (6%) late on the 4th pay or quit asking about me) and this month says you should put a teaspoon of baking soda in flower vases to furlong the fruit there...a teaspoon of salt is better i'm told...all kill with razier, but you should see nothing in as soon as two (2) weeks anyway...try your hand at it...meanwhile, i was just i was reminiscing that my grandparents as apartment dwellers always had a waste disposal in their sink (along with aqua water purifiers and touch-tone phones, broomstick vacuums and yellow delicious apples in the closet, grapefruit juice), that you could sweeten with coffee grinds as bemused...they say 'don't ever', but you can't even put peels in there at all without trouble no matter how new here...that's just for incidentals from a hand wash i'd say...what else? 'ice cubes' may freshen they add...a broomstick can be used for lock-ups...mind over suggests hot coffee against clogs of any size...pour in one whole hot pot to seize and demoose (push back heat)...let lather on own...

apparently, abba just released 'the visitors' lp as remastered with signet hit as title track...'rock mat' garbage is coming soon with new lp 'not your kind of people' - great title may 22 or so

gary numan 'metal' from the 'pleasure principle' lp (1979)
my favorite song from the album - a long-since treasure - is this a baroque in all

our own lyric:

we're in the building where they make us grow
and i'm frightened by the liquid engineers
like you
my mallory heart is sure to fail
i could crawl around the floor just like i'm real
like you

the sound of metal
i want to be
oh i could learn to be man
like you

plug me in
and turn me on
oh everything is moving

i need my treatment
it's tomorrow they send me singing
'i am an american'
do you?

picture this -
if i could make the change
i'd love to pull the wires from the wall
did you?

and who are you
and how can i try?
well here inside i like metal -
aren't you?

all i know
is no one dies
i'm still confusing love with need

at first, unsure you should speak, then you're running the whole place

Bliss World, LLC

many haikus to emerald cocoa-flavored almonds - nice (see at amazon)

imagine with postal sticker on it - very magical way back when to get this
national lampoon should be credited for the fact we think a subscription, college
arouses alot of good sexy feelings with and is times square
'famous-type people you admire just need to hear your voice once, i think' - dM a clarity of me no token no force you work it out

the 'tavern on the green' recipe book at amazon, 'tavern on the green' christmas cards at amazon
favorite memory: a small bowl of rounded broccoli with hollandaise sauce on top - oh, that was jack baker's seafood shanty with a beetle in it as one free meal

hi gallant: watch that - they tried to autofill me through paypal (what next to never gets to autofill for anything - a paid purchase on ebay doesn't come to me without wait are you that?) for $31.99 when i let it sail as is for $4.99 for two (2) months each only if not cancel one here makes that for music are you nuts...'nobody is denied but' watch your claims against thee...they say i have a music credit of $35.99 if i reopen my membership to play it out...who's the fool? see paypal...also note their complaint e-mail is to twitter ? another bad note...maybe is yours still...p.s. note that amount is exactly twice what i was paid ever to sell itunes...$18...ever...we try again with others...please play along for quality and service or to not...

have a sincere or firm purchase in mind no bank rolls for film here...

the rolling stone 500 had rollings stones' 'brown sugar' and 'miss you' in the 500-490 bracket...are there actually five hundred songs weighing in that heavy here? maybe...

u2 'numb' from the 'achtung baby' lp (1991)

skymall: rechargeable tea candles...

'feed me!' don't forget the excellent stagework of 'little shop of horrors'...

we've been getting into the whole giada thing at target...her bamboo-type vase is nice $15
despite what people say, i love everything at target - it's their lifestyle of throwing too many things away i hate
i'm very heirloom minded

called progressive insurance myself for an auto coverage quote even after a few years away - very reasonable to a good driver on the lam...used my old vehicle '88 jeep and with no insurances quoted onboard...very reasonable...and eases me out...

the starchild starbucks logo to me is the green deer with rack that relaxed its hair down a la warner leroy's tavern on the green...
anyway, my favorite drink there is half price for a few days ($3.65 or so the regular price for the 'grande' version) mocha frappuccino
this is mine alone and with whipped a sweet whirlwind, a classy slurpee it is
p.s. with sunday's la times coupon, tried starbucks mountain dew-like can of orange brew - not bad, an energy-type drink like beer, kinda
just tried their pomegranate of green tea can too 'just for u' at pavilions paid this time...not bad...
not just free eggs this week, i got lays potato chips (regular and barbeque) for $1.88 each limit three (3) and three (3) 2-liter bottles of coke fifty-nine cents ($0.59) each...see you out there and with a rummy on

googled images of tavern of the green - 'enjoy yourself, take only what you need from it'
i scanned my grandfather moon and my grandfather says he loved tavern on the green (atlantic records made it, not ge) until they charged him too much one day
still my most expensive meal in all of doug moon recorded history eighty bucks ($80) a person, for six (6) people one table four eighty ($480) all-told - mom paid one christmas near eve
i still get burned at any over sixty bucks ($60) for two (2) people - and that's with an app, a cocktail, and leftovers to take home
tip, sure

call this number for me at least once today: (285) 672-9034 (they can call here repeatedly, but you can't call back...)

twin towers the two, and to see why

this from yesteryear is now the safari at great adventure in jackson, nj
just for design and flaw

our own tarzan taylor kitsch
'john carter' the movie is on itunes

This Isn't The Light At The End Of The Tunnel And To See Yourself Shine - Perhaps April 2012 Can Help Once There
That movie "Metropolis" was right on target - don't work so hard at it. Talk to you...

the ride - no slouch - that took the place of schwarzkopf's 'wunderkind' the wild thing circa 1976
source: great adventure history

from the excellent netflix film 'metropolis' their mary is quite close to the bone
mary pickford is here

this is my (god's, bartholomew's ) mary - all understanding - one and the same understanding

king's dominion's eiffel tower in richmond, va right on the 95 freeway is supposed to be one-fifth (1/5) the size of the real two hundred seventy-five (275) feet
is that right?

two guys commercial - remember fame and style with me

SkyMall, Inc.


SMS Audio STREET by 50

Army Boxer w/ Shop Online Now Text
i love the phys ed retro gym shorts in gray
hudson swim shorts black and blue each

someone plays this for me all the time - now you too: freemasons 'rain down love'