Exit To The Garden Of Eatin' Land Of Fixins Intercondiment Assists - July 2005

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Alicia (say "ah-lee-see-ah") Bridges I Love the Nightlife (Disco 'Round) " oh i love the nightlife | i've got to boogie | if this goes 'round | oh how will it be " not "in the disco 'round" no , no - then " please don't talk about love tonight | your sweet talk ain't gonna make it right [break] when you've got women all-all over town "

Someone tried to stuff my butt in Tower the other day over Rolling Stones "Little T&A" Little T & A " her tits! her ass! [they're] sold [or then "so old"], baby! " I can't even remember their switch out to me - a fake, no - later then. No, Alicia Bridges is Polydor, Peaches And Herb are Polygram.

my cat a seal point siamese was too pretty but lost his claws - late in the game too ruining couches in the back where they shat trying to cover it all up don't even try it myrna louise

No You Don't Flip On Over To July Just Yet There Are Rules For The Not Havin' We Keep It 'Round About Your Own Expectations Are Wronged Here
07/01/05 0844
"You should be put to death." That's my father just now - can you believe that waste of me here? Better than casual-type visits at night in a false memory syndrome. Mind over says this stuff (I had a different bottle of this type stuff called "[Don't] Bite It" brought to me - just a red circle the international "don't do it here, not now" symbol with a line through the words "bite it" and I was supposed to know all from that no website or manufacturer said - like hometown beer you're pouring sale Budweiser in bottles - all of pride, all the day) stops cats from clawing the furniture without surgical-type interventions and of course. I don't know how this helps an animal that just crapped behind the couch and is trying to cover it all up, but maybe you see it. To note nothing I'd know myself. My cat turned doorknobs jumping up at it with paws gripping at sides when it got too cold in the garage I swear - to hope this helps. Meanwhile Calvin Klein are hittin' it at Macy's with what I call "heaven's underwear". The link exampled is good, but see the shop itself. They are hittin' it again red-banded waists and all the new in mesh gotta get a job.

next time you win

Tried to get you Salt-N-Pepa's massa hit "Do You Want Me" MP3 (5.4 Megs) on the iTunes from the newly remixed-out "Blacks' Magic" LP (1992) but no one cared (should be song number five #5 instead find skipping on right to "Swift" what should be song number six #6 - now figure that). The storm that would come in on that one. Until then, you must Lime but as hears it cheap, with no 'on-demand' symbolizing. Alternately, may I suggest "I've Got AIDS" from 1993's "Very Necessary"? How about "Somebody's Gettin' On My Nerves"...they riding around on my very last good nerve. Now see more soothin's here at dougmoon.com but as Kim Coles (um, "Spinderella") says "no two people alike like you - so now what?" Magics: Jimi Hendrix pre-war, Hoagy Carmichael at seance or smiling at people, Ella Fitzgerald ringing your bell for feed and at-war, and Dorothy "Gray" Dandridge while in Hawaii during bombing ("I don't know what they were doing, but it was over fast - ours made it" and she saw, she said - adds "I lost my life over that - crying, dying one day [as over this - a heroin plague]...")

Nirvana "On A Plain" On a Plain from 1991's "Nevermind" - an album jam-packed with what's good for you too. See "Something In The Way" too if "it's okay to eat fish 'cause they don't have any feelin's". Meanwhile, back at the ranch, " love myself | better than you | know it's wrong | so what should i do-oo-oo | i'm on a plain | i can't complain " and that's real, Bitch, and I go to Nirvana and i have anyone i want behind their back lying around in my beliefs like a heroin addict moaning from the missing pain from locked knee. I'm not alone with you ever.

Michael Jackson "Jam" Jam from the "Dangerous" LP (1991) shake shake an x-mas warning to thee. I liked "Leave Me Alone" from the "Bad" LP (1987) too and the god-like video for that one. "That's really Roland Orzabal's mind - I hate that bitch dying on us again on-stage stepping to crying in front of people and shit and then citing me like you do [edit me: "she's outta my...hmph hmph...l-i-i-ife" - boo hoo hoo hoo ! ] He's a cry baby." Roland Orzabal is the lead mindless piloting Tears For Fears as seen here soon too. I'd cry on stage and soon my own beauty revealed - most famous blubbering: Staind "Outside" - quote that back hi Sean. XOXO

k.d. Lang "If I Were You" If I Were You from the "All You Can Eat" LP (1995) - don't cut up too much fish smells. Now adds "World Of Love" and "Theme From Valley Of The Dolls" on the "Drag" LP (1997).
Ate some fish yesterday...a little fried up with chips - do you care? You need a taboo in there. A curse with you - remember that beautiful. Adds video if here Real Media.

fuck you same

Make One Of Them Mexican Cube Arts with Me In Steps I Add 06/29/05 2131
Take eight (8) equal-size cubes and longways together, tape (Post-it tabs 1" x 1 3/4" are excellent for this temporary use - do not use the colored part over the bind, mine now are yellow-tabbed and numbered with pencil on each bind for this - each face turned uses the same number across) two (2) on each end as one (1). Longways, you have two (2) taped stacks of two (2) cubes as side-by-side. This is  side one (1). Now open that up in the middle four (4) cubes on either side pushed together, and tape the top and bottom two (2) across together - leave the middle four (4) cubes alone. This is side two (2). Then break those two (2) in half with four (4) cubes upper and four (4) cubes lower binding both resultant cubes (2) as longways or up and down. This side three (3). Then peel those two (2) opposing down to the sides and tape across two (2) only to equal four (4) in total top and bottom. This is side four (4). Then divide lengthwise as four (4) across to make top and four (4) across again but to tape the opposing ends as two (2) cubes together as stacked top and bottom - this is four (4) again lengthways, but not joined in any middle of four (4) cubes. That is side five (5). Side six (6) breaks the four (4) lengthways in-half and makes a solid cube of eight (8) cubes. Tape the two (2) cubes making four (4) on-top lengthways and return then to side one (1) by dividing them in the middle now optioned. Now see a demon. This is side six (6) all and you're are done. Decorate each face left taped as in a cube with photo or whatever after marveling over shifts made, but keep it random for now. You decorate when some pieces of sides 1, 2, and 3 are showing and with no others - these are the whole squares to decorate all others fail us. Photo gifts and other shit you win. I needed to document this satisfying shit for you we got one as a gift long ago with Victorian angels or "cherubs mite" all over it. Have sense we recommend laminate and glue to cover. A pad of paper made this way pleases me too. Fix that. Make money, make shift. "Respect yourself." "Hand yourself over in respect of others" is my quote. Madonna knows she loved it from my coffee table years ago when they the girls came over for a midday of havin' and knowin', but couldn't work it all out. So there. More on 07/01/05: Was in Koontz Hardware on Santa Monica Boulevard yesterday buying a few things (e.g., some spackle for the darts thrown off, etc.) and took note of alot beauty in crafts. They have contact paper like crazy with velvets (red, green like short fur) and combed metal sheens (copper, aluminum, etc.) that made me shriekback. Check that stuff out for combes or adhesed picture types on the squares given if no photo or picture moves thee a high-tech enjoy here. We recommend contact paper or styled adhesive laminates from photos with sticking backings. No two applied to be really. Use templates to cut the very one (1) square involved carefully with no slobs. Also found some great face masks made outta loose muslin for while painting - just the eyes exposed in a round-holed oval but a few dollars only in a small glove-like pack of. See me there yet.

Journey "Send Her My Love"
Send Her My Love as originally from the "Frontiers" LP (1983) this, that one, honors me the moonman. Missing in the heart: "Only The Young" from "Vision Quest" - a soaring bitch.

Olivia Newton-John "Deeper Than The Night" Deeper Than the Night or then "A Little More Love" A Little More Love both as originally from the "Totally Hot" LP (1978)
Also "Please Mr. Please" don't play B17 and all "If You Love Me (Let Me Know)" - get on it mine are best "Have You Never Been Mellow?" ++
By the way, and to ONJ, you are a superstar - an easy shoe-in like all of Fleetwood Mac your star untaken. You know this - sorry you missed my list earlier my thought. Pat Benatar as shown on People Magazine - there as superstar - is arguably as to you and let off the hook. It may be yours to say too. My points untaken or hardly heard or cared about. Both and all a definite big one untold to many times. My error is egregious here. "Egregious" means leaves to others to know if right or as wrong. A half-fact by agree. None to know.

choose mcdonald's the font used is 'monaco'

As Talking To The Very Source It 06/28/05 1415
On Apple computers new, press the little button on right under the speakerhole named "(v)" kinda but in a better circle when in trouble. It cancels Java right quick and you thus continue then the minor trouble "enveloped" and as signified. We and my friends here were talking further last night about "anagrams" for "unordinately mixed [as in letters only]" or mixing up letters in a person's name or such to spell out new sayings-ways. Someone's computer might do this, but I say nearly impossible without thinking - another proof letters are off-center with no two alike in me. For further use later. Someone smart named "can opener" did me up with "Doug Moon" at once saying "um, no good" like it was magic and we continue now but as forever already done by me as an idea and as such is given I loved it too. I immediately bolted out and said "twenty-six (26) letters now as possible to the eighth power (^8)" coming up rudely and with two hundred eight billion, eight hundred twenty-seven million, sixty-four thousand, five hundred seventy-six (208,827,064,576) thinking off-hand like a racing to fuck it (Microsoft Excel balked at my formula "=26^8" giving me "10-E" something I wouldn't even make be bothered with 'sight' the "logorithm" just leave that off versus 'see' the "algorithm" or walk with me right to it, so I fucked it by chopping it up in the bowl before flushing new york and doing some by hand I simply hadda know - now see that). That was simply not right for eight (8) cards to be moved like walnut shells, in swifts just like in three-card monty (to shuffle three [3] of cards on table top and guess which is the one hearts, but with fucking around a third hand placed from underneath really fast, usually). Instead, we then tried eight factorial (8!) that is eight times seven times six etc. (8*7*6...), and all the way down and including times one (...*1) - or miss the logic somehow if you do. Still, I get the nastiest discharge of forty thousand three hundred twenty (40,320) combinations made out of and of. Someone says "flaws at length". Know us to better first, not just says. My math tingle tickler remains yet. "Absurd." Offer, we'd kill ya for doing by longhand. Yes, we leave spaces out and then insert to meaning. See. Tables made and backed into. The failures you sight as "duplicates" yes with matching letters should be searched for after-the-fact in results and canceled down by you, not by the math or resulting tables. This is no flaw - undo it then first to you the "grans" or "granpules-granules" those magelas of meaningless combinations you sight HRRMPH! That's why I hate playing that fucking game "Scrabble" (see "scrapple" - all them hard-earned meats from behind the ears scraped back up) and of all that cheap argument in hostile desperate need and you win nothing I'd own. A pinball with pacman inside collecting it your very old mind. 

Who wins it more? This is Prince and RuPaul - and nice enough.

RuPaul "House Of Love" House of Love my favoritest song from the "Supermodel To The World" LP (1993). RuPaul serves to make women feel real bad about theirselves and being just that.
Just look at him - lesson: if he could do it, so too can you. Now if you'll just on to it.

Lenny Kravitz "Can't Get You Off My Mind" Can't Get You Off My Mind simply the finest song done by him...others here at. I ripped up the world try to know it to myself - once it was MIA. Find it here no movie - no.

Enter The Lied Daylight 06/28/05 0845
See my other new ! photo exhibit called "Larrabee Sound". Had a dream this morning I got shot up the ass by Simon Raymonde (a Cocteau Twin reported by me as quite dead, no harm to thee - Robin Guthrie threatened to shoot me and Liz over her success too and way back that's simply credible) and bled to death out my belly. He was in a utility vehicle in garage arguing me with cross feelings and I told him he was going to die. I hate people making me feel this bad in the argueheart. A simple wallbang as from out our decorative window, then up in my lower right cheek near the bone and out my lower right belly. I resolved to die after noting excessive blood moving out it was nuthin'....I simply woke up then displayed my artifact as dug-up and as usualled proud and simply band-down in the kitchen and made my coffee without half-and-half, but with our very own back-up Coffee-mate (no, I don't live in that world...thanks to not, spares me, never a gift unseen). The half-and-half from the ninety-nine cent store called "Castle Crest" is simply marvelous the blend and all. Try some, Simon, you small bitch the glass and my assbone are never real to you. He gets his satisfactions light around here. Lives to be in Japan - or else me shot again? Apparently, scaring his kid to death he now a Jimmy Osmond-type person there. Coming soon! I found a picture of Prince (calls himself "Xavier" say "hah-vee-air") and RuPaul (Diana Ross' oldest son Michael - cute then your mama) up on a shelf in our closet plain-clothed from some language school in Japan. Learning Dutch (that is German and French mixed fluently) as something for Spelman, her black languages school in New York City. Jerks - see it soon.

Somebody stone me! Terri Walker "Whoopsie Daisy (Disco Mix)" MP3 (2.3 Megs) from HELL! They at the official site say they'll let you watch the video if you click on the picture or here and provide info. Now see that. I made her - a cute girl - into a "tantrist" ("taken at once" in French - "wants to know you" like that all funked you now know you are in HELL) or half-human, half-seen because I needed to see better than an album cover this time, this song. Mine for yours greated. No, a mirror image is taken away by asimilar frankenparts they tip you off. Improve to me yet a visit. An amoeba for "maybe you see me [doing this]" of French dials. A mitone say "my-ton" is French for "small ways to be". This from 06/26/05 and mostly then from 06/27/05.

shaken not stirred

Somebody At Glad Made These Try Again 06/26/05 1654
You buy flexible straws, don't you? I need someone to make flexing cups like that too with one inch (1") bases to pull up and have pushing down similarly and for fun. My inspiration comes from two (2) aluminum cups we have here that collapse into ashtrays or something like that four (4) parts are severed the upper parts always a bit wider than the bottom parts each (the top has a lip bent over slightly, the bottom a short saucer on it - you pull it up into a sealed cup that locks with friction only the metal really thin, otherwise is loose of rings and is low but with circles of beauty like water emanating outward, a snotty purse's ashtray or little portable drinking snigg (looks to get away without being seen...the laugh associated thus then) then for the river and what's nearby but not yours to serve). Actually, I was disappointed (again!) to find out from mind's own read of them that they are collapsable light cups for votive candles - the heat keeps the size up and it falls gently down when incursed (made to leave, i.e, as by light and its friction of heat). Otherwise, you implement use (that is and again, use for a purpose unintended by the providing entity or mind over it once of fashioning, e.g., a glass dick, a sugarbead) and fail too with a leak or mess? Still cute with  a base that rings it out when dead (the hammer that made seals here - the bottom cup arts through the disc accordioned just once at a hole on the bottom if just inside and is then lipped outward very tightly underneath - the outer edge of the disc also lipped but under and inward). Despite this, I'd still put my cigarette's out in here (new! favorite brands ever: Marlboro Lights) or slam to palm your very last request for more to drink down and off me. The army says this and no they won't leak as long as you hold. As long as there ain't lipstick all over it. "We wanted you too - not just her to see." Slam my deck down anyway. Make napkins too as pull-art or origami - see the Hefty childforks the handles like animals and in beautiful colors for little babies? I'll die of pleasure at your very next party. My favorite origami next to the "big bird" about one-half of this with folds: Take an 8 1/2" x 11" piece of paper and fold one corner up landscape or longways to make a square intended. Lick the edge folded slightly and tear it off the extra part or cut yourself. Open the fold and then fold all corners into the center forming a smaller square. Flip the paper square over and do it again. This, "quadris" or killer of fleas (people who bother us) in the house. Next, flip back on the open-ended side and fold in-half both ways linear to form lines in a plus sign '+'. Slip your fingers up inside the sleeve and play it open left and right once coloring it up and asking us to kill you dead if there bothering us. Ask questions of the dead - be artful. I learned these in elementary school long ago they're fun, really. Deadly fun? More maybe later. "Whatever it is, it hums and gets our attention. Pleasing..." Chris says. More 06/29/05: Put a little tea candle in mine as opened up in the middle thinking a metal design, thinking about how it might holds eggs, or somehow holds a little can - and it looked lovely if not burning down the spiritual house. Spiritual deck there...asking questions of. More 06/29/05: Get the orange-colored cup direct in a two-pack with off-white here at Liberty Mountain dot com for like two fifty ($2.50) per pack plus plus. I honor Amazon's contribution usually because I found it there.

Mailed My Watches Last Night 06/26/05 1056
How much weight per rubber stamp - that is, a basic guide for not having enough postage to mind I sent ask. For each (1) american dollar or quarter (that minted equals $0.25) of weight, use one "rubber" or common first-class stamp at now thirty-seven cents ($0.37). That's what it said for being in absence of helping me. Their site seen is USPS a drop in the box is not dangerous anymore it said too. Did you know that you'll get six (6) years in jail for slapping mail like for BMG? Yup - they have it for you too. Should incarcerate food slappers-sorters in the market too that one loaf of bread on the floor when I fought my roommate I didn't mean that, to be it. Anyway, I throw our watches - both still elegant cool to me - back to Fossil as a gambit of sorts in and to Texas to get batteries and wristbands replaced. If they come back against all odds I have another years of having to and wear. So be it. They like seeing it too how they last against pinpointing my location so said. Afraid for stuff? I learn to pass the grade off to others and refuse the admit often just to see ours a fear as realized. I'm that one done to you. Don't be that testing, just you seen about and unconcerned. Live me well, I live you well too.

into the night use vaseline on black stocking over face will shine on film no depth perception

Sheryl Crow "Anything But Down" Anything but Down from this "The Globe Sessions" LP but arguably "My Favorite Mistake" made me bite in. See the whole chnez of her is right here Sheryl Crow someone said "Home" from the secondly eponymous "Sheryl Crow" the sophomore effort as self-produced or then the newer album "C'mon C'mon" featuring "Safe And Sound" a big top. All win. Stop fixing up Stevie Nicks' shit your "mother" get back to work you can then attack me from below and at my next unsavorable job. Your mother is Garlow yeah we got that. Say nothing. A class clown in chorus only but I like to sing that's how wins happen "your breath was so bad [as in memory] she nearly died" as she said. Simply made to and for her. As I remind others, stardom is grace youhavethis and all ours rise to see them rise not. Ours a generation of 'x' a Liz Fraser or signing off on all checks with massive talents exceeding "no one said you could either" you are thirty-six (36). Otherwise, see legend music teachers help us know how no one improves our work a Mozart. It is this, a lecteur.

Luther Vandross "Give Me The Reason" Give Me the Reason (From "Ruthless People") from the "Ruthless People" soundtrack.
We love hearing Luther sing...no, I don't buy much does it matter? I bought this or hadda have it the off-sounds from "Terms Of Endearment" xXX Michael Gore and all.

what? you did that

Introducing The Donnas 06/25/05 1718 Fall Behind Me
Make sure you dig up this video - The Donnas "Fall Behind Me" - released 11/01/2004 on the iTunes - great scenes to song. Gold medal and all. The song link blocked for now with system stuff. Soon we bought it. Hi Stephanie and drummer Liz Phair I'll be back for your man. Remember I hate languages in nature spelled - everything you see is fifty-fifty yours to mine but you may know it's there. Be that. We neither seek to prove or to know for you always a trap door out and away (or then, down, out, off - the stairs, of the house, the lawn). End this to me. No link for no mention yet.

Comic Relief With Mudflaps 06/24/05 2213
Was watching tv today and I noticed a silhouette for major league baseball - a guy swinging a bat - and just loved it. Couldn't find it though, even Adelphia who showed me and all. I call 'em 'mudflaps' - the ol' reclining woman in the nude at once signaling the off-put and thus behind in silvery gloss. Whoa! Pull it down twice an arm on passing. Anyway, I made my own stab at it in the dark here with hopes of doing better and show the source of my very favorite piquings at The Body Shop on Sunset. Don't think these shown here the best - they change 'em on film so you can't exactly copy 'em down for yourself. The girls in blackstalks there are particularly strummin' of our interests cocked cold on heels and ready to rock your window. They are the dead too just hanging out with the army girls and such. Ever hear someone get their ass kicked at the flash of it? See it come like danger like hot knives through the valley of your darkness for messing without nutz for here. Die down then like angelses come. What? The iPod ads already been (see above me tip in caption of photo - see best at show "Rollerskating")? (Don't get mad, but it's) like jerking-off in front of other people. You're mental or what about your g-thang with headphones on - so nothing in or heard while being seen as that - and in front of me this is living too. Not nice, but ok I'll have ya - I get lit from time to time and dance out too (a song that's simply too kickin' it like Terri Walker above - now do that in all black - there no mystery to me). What? Your mama? No need to remind me (I'm left to be this black = the key from Dee Thomas just means "you're black" - an insult to them restated look again). The other The Body Shop with best lotions involved you Andrea Ryan I love their free samples at Beverly Center so fragrant.

welcome our home in the head it awaits you too

Finally, our sour little tour....I'd fight it to leave yet about one of a year down.

Dire Straits "So Far Away" So Far Away
from the "Brothers In Arms" LP...hurt to yourself - then "Expresso Love" from the "Making Movies" LP...a powerful good

Foreigner "Dirty White Boy" Dirty White Boy
the very song that made me buy the "Head Games" LP...solidest rock vocals. I am for this and spitwater. Onward to "Double Vision" a title song on LP....or then "Blue Morning, Blue Day"

thought you knew

You Ain't Playing Office Your Own Stationery And All And As Finely Appointed 06/24/05 0903
Just cut up some old 8 1/2" x 11" paper to make a little notepad for myself usually with staples in each a corner and this time glued the stack together on end with Elmer's Glue-All to see and if. Imagine the successes us while dries. Will get back to you smooth out excesses with a toothpick while my own father boils out his concerns from used baseball hats in a hot-steaming coffee urn in his basement (somebody wretched dies in jail as bleeding from the nutz, he puts a hat on 'em and saves it to remember it with you well - see me there to keep all help out of his reach...mind over suggests instead clipping fingernails as permission taken to and eating them as so dirty but devoted somehow to me - when they're done pinching your tongue up at vourelunch, tell me what part you two liked the best and I'll remember it for you in all pain, a ball rolling to me but small and slower than you - dang! that yellow wrinkled-up lip-fungus and to taste so bad with the new cremes and all). The hospital I used to work at in Trenton, New Jersey made their own note pads down in their central stores at the basement all official and soever looking with an old green paper-to-drill press on the end line of it and some other type of rubber cement backing it up and out you simply have trimmed. Worked well I see, but you at home don't have to get so fancy about things. Let's see what works make your own checks with glass dicks 'of the world, world's finest' all over them the kindest cut I'm told yet, Sugarbear. So warm to it you buzzin' with light. More 06/25/05: The Elmer's pad a god sent - do one for yourself they're great for, and forget rubber cement just put cardboard on end will snap into place one day. Ate bits of chicken meat on salad wraps today - just butter lettuce washed and used like a slice of bread. Excellent just twice now but don't try and sell it just yet. From Trader Ming's (Joe's) frozen section again. More is less - a "talmage" or "curse made fancy" from France.

The legend that is Diana Ross (& The Supremes) speaks to us and here: "You Keep Me Hangin' On" You Keep Me Hangin' On "Love Hangover" Love Hangover "Swept Away" Swept Away
"Muscles" [NOT HERE!] "Pieces Of Ice" [AND WHY NOT?] from the "Ross" LP....I don't need no cure - what - for this here?

The whole catalog then a statement to such made, some missing yet Diana Ross
Something you can't get, a repeat ask to you from the "Swept Away" LP as featuring Brenda Richie as Cherrelle..."where you there too? you'd have to be with us to see how little it was..."
Diana Ross "Telephone" MP3 (4.8 Megs) from the "Swept Away" LP (1984)

an achin' heart is hard to handle

Listened to Cherrelle "Fragile...Handle with Care" MP3 (6.8 Megs) the kickin' it self-title song last night from the LP and in-fact titled "Fragile" (1984) simply singing it along..." f-r-a-g-i-l...i'm fragile " and fear you missed that over "I Didn't Mean To Turn You On". That led in mind to who does this so good the label a "Tabu" - Morris Day & The Time, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis (?) some another Prince protege and how hearing this late from just next door might stamm the neighbor itself now too good to know of anyone in my mind but somewhat fuckable at least that one greasy mole resting in a hairy compact case somewhere a far more glamourous life in-wait. "Are you trying to kill the bitch?" she says. No, I never take hints and never let my special abilities cover the holes for you they work for me only and my points of view. You have the express duty of being heard as yours - I don't work for that and neither do you, apparently. Look at Michael Jackson with all that rubber on his face "and quite nearly I'm white". So say you, your very eyesballs in a state of shock as steered from above with needles a verily princess die at sideglance and in a glass box held by the mother in a garage to be sure of what - staying? knowing where? "Dying ain't easy...like taking a breath...I'd say it once. See less Moon." To see and is then to know that. "He gives black artists their say." To please me and to it. I wrote the iTunes over lackings of Cherrelle's stuff like the white boy who loves Dee on "What's Happening!!"....still waiting for comment. Hi Dee to all my love.

in the belly it rots to you not, the glass a 'prezman' is used by coultiers or french missionaries to boil seeds and extract tars down the tube i smoke it up a glass crystal

Never What's Mine 06/22/05 2139
Like you, I've been thinking about getting paid and want taxes removed prior to seeing it mine. I don't believe in 'independent contractors' getting paid like businesses - or gift talk all personal-like -  unless you have people working for you and is that right for this here? For the world? Never, a bill an invoice will do. I want to see all not mine removed from sight before seeing mine done to me why should I bother with it tax laws and all H&R Block? Let my social security number guide you to personal taxations withholdings and all it affords me off. When someone says 'no thanks, that will put me into a higher tax bracket', that's just what it means too - no taxes will be removed from payment and you will hafta owe and send cash out to at the end of the year a bad bag you hold with checkbook and in hand. I suspected as much with dithered talk and socialites around, but couldn't yet say for sure without clause - so there it is: withholdings make me pay - they don't ask me first. I got into trubbles twice with taxation authority with tricks told to me: the first time, I raised the very number of my personal exemptions by a few like I had kids involved, making more cash appear to me each pay the feds knocked me down for that my paycheck needed be rewritten it comes; secondly and heretofore, I souched my retirements and other plans when I lost a job unfaith to me retiremints and all thus suffered a box of premium tissues a perfection near me rendered beautifully in each every day instead like bells I pulled the curtains down out of all accounts for that need fear no faiths yet. No guide is offer to thee of course why wait postpone no joys either one my own mother does each well learning of this right now even as we speak to it. Maybe? Don't mess around with taxes the state holds that bag yet employ that times is tough on folks keep your end up a bonepipe as "10 S" follows is rude only. Made my own split-pea soup yesterday I did. Oh, sure beware Hippocampus on Sunset for a fun shop, for my gift - go around me go ahead be outlaw nation. Neat: Five fifty ($5.50) a wand.

a crockpot will leave a chicken in its grease - not form to be  ours pieced together only; it just ain't right a close facsimile I conjured meself of our humble beauty, but stalled 

The above is provoleta - that skinless cheese roiling in iron skillets. You'll love it with chopped tomatoes, perhaps red onion - you can't just make it at home frying provolone cheese, you know.
Also, a smallened loaf of frozen white bread needing a bake but then cut up makes excellent doughnuts, bites. No need to powder on sugar yet. Some.
Electricity here is superb when making things hot - not drying meats - in an oil basking in it to.

DivAria "Flower Duet from Lakmé"
Flower Duet from Lakmé or "places no one goes" in French. From the "Fresh" LP this is actually Beverly Sills, Fred McIntyre's mother (he was my college roommate, a dearly departed friend now here and loving it some..."welkommen!" he loves German and studied that language in high school...a namedropper? no place for that comment - again - I love to brag actually, this is your God talking to me first as God the one powerful is one to you then...mental with it). These flowers duet at the east entrance of Carl's Jr. (to remember Paris) on LaBrea. At McDonald's palace.

hail to koresh! n^w-e

Two (2) fat bolts of lightning out of the ground seen straight up to cloverleaf.
Bells, a whistle make me shine.
More? Four (4) riders per unit sent, with lights signaled in the loops cascading making a distant-seen glowball of orbs and planet.
Cars blown around by forceful air in cups along line - three (3) may do battle a Space Mountain of sorts is the icehouse.
A triumph or "ours to defeat" as seen. "We didn't approve it yet..."
Being built by me - see that here and in the air.
See that. 

Coming to soon! Sharon Ann White - I am your daughter's godfather. You are all that remains of actress Joan Crawford who filmed everything in New York City and hated Hollywood, really ("fags" she says). You see that now and should be one hundred three (103) years old, save God noise. About ninety (90) really. Look up once in a while. My favorite film seen by me and I won't watch much: "Mildred Pierce" (1945) classy shit about a woman whose young son dies riding a bicycle in oil town and she leaves her sour marry for a bigger glory. A classy woman film. Also I loved "All About Eve" oops! that's just you - some woman shows up in your dressing room a big fan of your stage so humble seeking autogram and the next thing you know, you're showing up in hers a big star of the very grace and are now being asked not to talk so loud by your man so as to not obscure her own beauty your truth having been seen a great play on with every star of the time languishing in it Marilyn Monroe if present and offers "it was real, too"- and "The Women" of course as previously mentioned a hideous showcase of your own beauty but "not theirs" as your grace and childish way so if demanding to give your husband away to a 'lesser prospect' of gracer beauty while you toil in hers the background to making another life in and of entitlements in a broad sale to yet another savvy consumer if the girls get catty going 'round and 'round but forgive the prospect if wide still and then sees what matters to us at the end if will - we, however, never get to and do not know anything that may matters to us 'can we speak?' it says only enter blacks, gays the night train and not so bad in Reno divorce itc after all, and huh? Damn we paid alot in female gentility to get women to care for theirselves an affluence will fade and if no mention see then "Valley Of The Dolls" if then they still type contracts signed by pen. In this, see Susan Hayward - Sharon White's real mother - and a brutal command of stage it's in the eyes and all see that. The father of girl young Courtney Rose is patrol officer John Collins - is here now in my head since last week and barking ! loves the place - her consort in the press false name and is Busby Berkeley. My friend Steven who took me to see New Order at Universal Amphitheatre the "Technique" tour - you are George Michael and downing a flame of it now. George Michael was at party with you last night? Really? This around the time the "Faith" LP was out. Your friend blonde hair, but long, is Davey Johnstone rebuilt same. More later. See Macaulay Culkin is that gerber-looking woman with the peanut head and dark hair on "Will & Grace" - don't abuse it Spanish, curls in hair. Can you believe "Home Improvement" made Patricia Richardson the mother there dress up again as lately to slip in a few new episodes? So old, so wrong to her memory - nevermind him and the kids got the ol' kitchen oven out and everything. "Do you want us to die?" asks one the father of. No - I thought you did that finally ending that guy over the fence that face...Dan Moon again. "That's my privilege." So say you. Mary Pickford, thus Norma Shearer, is my great grandmother Mary Pivarnik paternal on the mother's side now dead but still around. Met her in Columbus-Cleveland, Ohio at a wedding once in my youth. A big woman...Will, my favorite pupil knows me from there too I chased him around then...that very resolve against me, that bee-stung face. My grandfather is Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. too along with Al Jolson the kindly blackface "from France" note that here also as flawed thinking. "We are not one paragraph" he says but I offer one person speaks that one voice rising above the din (of authors Anne Rice) and knows hardly nothing by and to yours. Did you see Culture Club's new DVD out this just Tuesday and as such with corresponding records made? All the videos very comprehensive plus some with the whole damned "Kiss Across The Ocean" live concert in there we rented that at machine and loved it up when back 1983 "we had to get paid first for these as made..." but wholly ignorant says I don't feel for anyone after "Colour By Numbers" just appeared in your hands as everywhere like you was born with it and in-hand. We all knew...and finally something worth having it's over now. More yet..."Kingda Ka" a tiger by kingdom come namesake honors the rollercoaster at Six Flags Great Adventure you are unwholesome a terrorist made that a beauty so stark. The films evil find your own the next big coaster a quadrile of loops is called 'arch-Triomphe' to honor the new underground caves leading to France by train and under the Atlantic as leaving Jackson, or then now Edison, New Jersey. Other DVD's sighted you may hear: "Too Close For Comfort" a janger-witt if the genius comedy of Ted Knight finally realized here with JM J. Bullock and all "mister RUSH" - need be we love all here. Then again, the absolutely disgusting Jerri Blank (this is Rip Torn aka "Laugh In" artist-suit Alan Sues before died and is back again...was at his little yardsale this past weekend in a day's wander no intent ever but see he young now to benefit "Wild About Cats" teaming 'ferals' or 'fearing you's as nature-raised only in the woods [i.e, no humans around]' with house-husbands and all the dead scratching back at me with tomes like I sample to you now a brochure I kept on our fridge "she deserves to live...even though she is wild?" questions Madonna back at me - correct nothing each a mangy dog barking at me, for me the world so perfect yet I intrude life scares me so bad...and why? so cold then the questions to me make me real to me a real then *** correct nothing or else you, live a little then more some have more in it) in 'where you're heading to with all this pleasing' in "Strangers With Candy". Sick stuff and very insightful it's you too at gayer weddings everywhere. Give it all away then have some of mine. I also got all excited over "The Bob Newhart Show" (no...may sleep - and you? reminds me of being surrounded by total darkness, hiding up in my parent's room a king-size bed there and with a tv afraid of any noises after checking the locks on each window in the house and even the bully stick immobilizing the back patio sliding doors just deep woods a very swamp of possibly dead children like me in back of the house all done with head turned away from curtains drawn if any surprise countenances in the darkened glass frame each while they the parents were out every Saturday night with friends...even Carol Burnett will have trubbles here) on DVD thinking it was "Newhart" still in production apparently a goldmine of laughs. What? Honey, please - there are no bl@cks in Vermont or on vacations. But wait on that good delivered and also remember "What's Happening!!" on DVD for me. I shaved my head with the ol' Oster professional hair clipper yesterday to protest your being. I look like a man again and I'm once again surprised how much hair I have at the very root, and the soft natural woodburn of color too is hardly any grey per shampoo. Now dedicated to the yard in prayer as flying me around. Home. More yet 06/28/05: Recent sightings at Pavilions - see me first: Terri Garr - looks like an older Lisa Kudrow - hi we love you. Tommy Lee Jones last Sunday...you dipped out quick thanks. Switched on us I know better. No we I don't bother people there but here. No one in LA does that.

If All Sights Are Made To Be Seen By Us 06/21/05 1120
From the "if I don't like it, you won't do it" department: Remember, all sights are made to be seen and by us - no two (2) alike with movement seen or then. An "obelisk" or sight made insane with height or breadth is joined in the back or on top as over to confuse and bemuddle (asks you not to think for more to) you. It is where we sat with images and we like the noise it makes but no to truth - remember that is touch to you only as twice removed it a feeling sight is (touch, hear, sight). The smallened Earth then reverses back to your fingertips only as wide and unseeable, really. When I make myself invisible to trick people, spirits there the coast is clear? My sight is unerring do not look for it then, but in the dark, we see ovaled bubbles swirling around me fast enough with colors in them. Diagonal most and swirl upward. Small bubbles about the size of a nickel chwarmed or greased around itself. Important, your sight is not destroyed unless seeking pleasures as all in the head not. More later. The cornish eye or lense view? Is like a chicken, and what the dead look through when eyeing things not theirs to know as about. You must ask to see in visilayers if must and by sight add each one noticed. The dead are like me high - latching on to one thing and being pleased in it forever no budge - a real freak to then. "We use water to see everything ours then" a lemon juice perhaps in spray may hinder.

In advise, went to the little MOCA building at Pacific Design Center over the weekend for their little (brief, manageable size I thank you lovely - all free but $$) art exhibit now available for showing (see hours first). Chinese paper lanterns in odd shapes and growths out, strings outward on these straightpins featuring 'here' and 'not here' type lattices with threads leading to old buildings honored now gone, and a projector screen suggesting light play leading out in threads with toy trains on the floor in a position and god-like growth an organic one a seaweed. You hafta wait for an accident on-screen and among to confirm no such on the floor. See the dead here playing around it. Dan Moon and studios does these inside. Two (2) ultramodern floors Elton John's money here plenty of other stuff - buildings, models planos etc., gentle seating. More please we'll pay something. Around the bend on Melrose, a perfectly round moonshop of sorts a food cafe was not open for us though - from on the moon itself sorts a light powdering down with brackets above you. Expensive eats but a flurry to. No apologies to yet a honeybee sees you plenty of seating.

no recommended by God too much power required for mass said

'Round And 'Round Ceiling Fans To Cassettes 06/21/05 0729
Here in our divine we have a ceiling fan over the bed and we sleep like two (2) little boy corpses with ghosts on top - one to my favorite nestings. A ceiling fan is no cherish to our god because of the heavy energy comsumptions involved for the air mass moved split-phase (what starts a fan moving slowly after stopping a blade with electricity on, is extra magnets and reversing poles only - use faster speeds to conserve then and truth that), but I was impressed forever in Houston, Texas a humid hot sunny where they use them high from above and on poles my favorite is Casablanca and guarantee I will always know one in mine. There are proper settings however. A clockwise "-->" movement from any face up is the way to cool down. Counter-clockwise "<--" movement is what draws heat up from the floor. Use in any room continual must be met with a pan of water to discharge heat gathering in certain places and also to make the pan eat some of the cold available for the floor. Place just under or as close as possible then to cool. No rules just those plus a single switch on the housing up-down usually determines direction clockwise or offer off. I tend to wire myself into a hole with technical-type motors and use a variable light dimmer to control speeds and perhaps direction of the blades you'll see. A light diode (an "LED" or "light-emitting diode" to search on be it clear, red, greenish-yellow, etc.) from Radio Shack inserted in any lit circuit guides thee home of no voltage met or required. Try 'em (positive and negative hirings matter here - turn the light diode around in the circuit if not working...just try it for fun..."what does the light mean?" "it's simply alarming" a joke with that flashing gay ring - I'd use an LED to indicate while improper switches are off such as in intercoms switched off at the speaker level by a single wire switched out but a battery pack aids the light to remind - Radio Shack has battery plugs and packs too for inside you then rather than obsessing, checking all the time you visualize an off mode taken as by surprise). Back to music cassettes now. I want to stress the importance of those who refuse to take their CD's out of the home but tape. Tower sells alot of great titles online by cassette more than you could think - and just l@@k! - and in the store some selected for about four dollars (~$4.00) each. You gotta fight for cassette on portables while they make these cute Disney tv/dvd combos for kids and for sale at Best Buy. Too fucking cute and very le cheap (boys: red and mustard yellow, girls: pink and lavender sans dvd they had 'em in the store last weekend when we saw, Carpenter's "Close To You" was playing overhead like should have I sang right along like it was me Karen Carpenter like I sang Coldplay "Speed Of Sound" - is again, a religion of mine good voice etc. - a bit yesterday in Tower to tip it off they kick you out for that supposedly Ani DiFranco tried it and hadda leave a ghost there said it stylin' in the aisle to your own shit).

the gift is given here 

toni sells maps too
Remind, all manor of luxury on cassette is at Curve the official site. Please help me to disregard Toni's 'last album' snipe as I burnt down my own house long ago to live in here. Even Snoop Dogg made his last album already two (2) albums ago..."I got paid for that though - handsomely at it." Please do not have this upstairs contractually. Press on to have. Her: "You have really emptied your barrels - take up some." More 06/29/05: I recommend all of these shown and heavenly, the "Doppelganger" LP is gettin' eaten up on tape, but get the "Radio Sessions" EP too - it's excellent shit done live early hits and for the BBC, supposedly and all. Ultra-rare and a good live feel - I usually hate live tapes as watered-down crap. You need re-invention...this stuff is hardcore good from shoegazers, studied types. Buy for the car it's in there. X.P.S. "Frozen" I mean "Cherry" the "Falling Free" too I lost my mind is so good to me all EP's.

mac pro does this to it

A new friend as in Los Angeles - Craig's List classifieds, etc. - homely looking but effective? Providing for you provides for me somehow.
Never Again The Dancer 06/20/05 1718
Yes, it's true - I dated Jason Priestley in late 1989 - he was in my home, I was able to drive him to his off of Hollywood Boulevard somewhere in a basement and then I think he broke a date (a no-no with Doug says else is here) and that was that. Jason - who needs little help to look like he does or eventually then, ornate, serene - had a ruddy complexion and a tight dancer's body and was extremely chess with me - playing it hard and mean. Called himself "Scott"...his real name at birth is "Scott Gregore Danforth". An ethereal. I remember laying on my couch with him and expecting more to happen, but seeing less with his our mouth added. He will be missed, however. This was at 7275 Franklin Avenue #514 enter Dan Badillo after Craig. Our lesson here: If satan is you with no leadership value so mess, and evil is God's perfection seen by you, the devil having seen too much to report to you or me then as cast out - meet these: the bedeviled have no interest in seeing more as having made too many friends along the way. Too many nights messing around with what counts in you. A "witchen" person seeks you not as having heard what's already available and is spooked. New: Three (3) ellipses "..." continues you on with stuff maybe to said but is missing. Four (4) or five (5) perhaps (to not) "...." changes the route altogether as not related. A new speaker comes in usually for the two five "....." - for a new paragraph abated then.
No one need learn anything I'd say.

the finest egyptian cotton as

Tip: Muslin is my favorite cotton fabric for sewing under pillow flaps or under seams. It is beige to light brown and simply marvelling in its strength. Ask for it by name, we have skilled educators here in the fabric industry and will name some soon: Diamond Foam & Fabrics on LaBrea - F&S Fabrics on Pico - International Silks & Woolens on Beverly Boulevard - all mine and I use.

two times a mother done 

Foo Fighters "End Over End" End Over End from the new "In Your Honor" LP so pretty to me that dark angel...okay then, "Resolve".
The ghost here is what I did for my lover Abraham Lincoln's funeral; two (2) wretched arms each side then drop downs in a private church, then flowers on-top, then a wolf racing around the room askew, then a buffalo for pride broken (not on-top, but aside the casket and inside it too looking around...he was a true beauty to me and still is you know him not). Never a face to mine ghost, but hands and claws scratching at walls. Each ghost three (3) sizes too small for me, but large for you. Abraham is a mogwai (but jokingly, "a palsy"...punched while in the gut) and is loved always by me. A big person is Brian.

Growing Chains Plus Bonus 06/20/05 1217
Someone asks what it looks like to me when I grow stuff like trees and on-the-spot. It looks like a film of growth happening at length with bit pieces of the film itself missing. And at that point, I'm made to go back and see what was made new versus what's newly acquired 'in mind' a tattling of sorts (maybe so desperate to know one just branch of? think kinder thoughts about me and mine made). We call it "reverse analogueing" or being made to look again and as it happens I'm holding it down to keep making - a lock or switch in my head and then you're sure of what you're seeing is real and no more asking then. Two (2) bushes on sticks ornamental, one is cut down and is real then see others blend in. I make bricks and stones too they build up from bottom slightly and swing around the whole face of it in fast-moving chains - and really quite elegant too as fitting them and as easily sighted. See some extras around the fence one day an extra floor to a building maybe. No sounds yet and the next day undisturbed by you or me. Great joke we worked on, related: Throwing down someone or piece of to their very death a dismember and then the genesis device-machine goes to work a signal perhaps - all life springs forth to celebrate the death of a stale or mate. See me for this one.

Notes: Nothing is more lying to us than daylight. Wait for night and see it shine on a bit of light made. Also, the cleanest I can come up with is a new idea for any such made still a gift to. Planning it out alerts ghosts what are real trouble with all light relays and then resisting my antics and they try and hide it all like the old ladies with their backs to you in gray hooded shrouds slow-moving to cover it all up but I cite. Keep it spontaneous, plus new for it. See us happen on-the-dit then. Above all, I am reality - your reality seen - look to see when the ghosts tire and but fade out then the old ladies resign theirselves to me and finally. They carry little with them, but to and again.

My Next Little Excite 06/20/05 0921
Should be looking for another job to be with you, instead I stopped in at Tower Video their Ticketmaster on Sunset yesterday to ask about DEVO tickets for their performances at The House Of Blues Sunset Strip August 6, 7 "he's a jerk-off, Bitch." How much? Sixty-two fifty ($62.50) per each and just that without the service charge if purchased at the box office you'd say? Ow! Still worth it though. The guy on the computer there showed me a half-expensed line of zeroes I trying to understand how many seatings left "0000000000000000" and like that (each one really a 'pod' of four [4] tickets it seemed). It ain't cheap being up-close and personal with folks in Heaven, you'd say. The whole group except for one named don't think-touch too much in advance...it cheats you there.

For Valfrid, his favorite group at iTunes - ABBA "The Visitors" The Visitors and their whole catalog of miseries ABBA then "I Have A Dream" I Have a Dream I believe in angelses and all some have sitars...

Val objects in mind as his favorite ABBA song is "Dancing Queen" Dancing Queen it is their finest moment, however...that new movie "War Of The Worlds" he spent December to July in the San Francisco area filming last year. We'll see it...my roommate thinks it looks so good (?) More 06/22/05 missed John Waters again last night signing DVD's at Tower - a hopeless proceed nine hundred thirty-six (936) enters we are poor still as checking the facts now credit first five cents ($0.05) from iTunes yet a minimum is fifteen dollars (>= $15.00): The "War Of the Worlds" preview just seen by me are bonus great! See ya there, to pig. Five (5) toils to ya. See ya to plus eat it all. Go back, watch the previews and both. x doug *B*B*B*B* Hey! That five cents ($0.05) is me buying one (1) song from Matthew Moon "Like A Fire" and getting a gift certificate song too from Vonda S. Dive in yet. Answer from mind over: Lenders get paid for their miseries - not you as penniless yet. Hrrrmph!

Today on CNN: Raw eggs no good for the AYDS or patients of? No, they just don't want you around people who are cooking and with. Fun fact #1. Why do you "fold" together in recipes? To keep dry powders from adhering or clinging with heat added to the bottom of a bowl all neat and dry thus missing some. Most famous example is instant pudding mixes - add mix once after milk in is the bowl or fold then. To make sure all mix is included in beating or such missing. That much powder is that much milk? Yes, but it couldn't really matter much - could it? Not my way about things. Not Bill Cosby's way either - see his latest promo about 'adding milk to' - "you fold" he says prominently "rather than add cards" he said to it a black then "but not now." Racial again? Who brought that up? Not me perhaps my understanding flawed. AYDS patients welcome in my kitchen the patience of the AYDS asks if dying still all you don't see but in me.

Introducing The Codec By Apple Co
06/19/05 1723
Why is it that I insist the electric or electronic (um, "electronic" has switches - not just flow, is the answer only...less than ten [10] volts or 'push' metres? no, never no...see "latice" or "littled noticed [in terms of push]" only...push is volt only, amps is flow or metred, measured flow only) give way to the physical mass or solid in order to have sound? That's just the way it is. Just like a motor spindle can turn no more faster with gears added, a sound can be no more than what's heard unless amplified and that is all together or wide. Introducing the codec or amplify in order of magnitude what gives MP3 and 4 their gears in reverse anyway. We take the individual wires sounds and pump up with magnets what move into place to produce broader sound and this much more for the money, you'd say. In each computer Apple at least a line of them met and solid hammering to your ears. You need something physical to hit off of and hard at that - the case for a CD met here. The case for paying more for MP4 what uses this and fully. More 06/20/05: Wave-file burners get rid of the codec for playing songs, but is not as sonically perfect - now see that. "These are intensely right, but delivering to trades unseen" our quote. End this - an MPEG is zeroes "0" and ones "1" kinda that do not hit it, Baby. Hit harder is wave file and only on CD - and not ever your hard drive as binary then.

the map explains it

Father's Day today June 19 - again midway through the mouth...send card? I didn't talk to mine all year 'cept in the head put my c@ck up his ass. Called the man - we had a nice chat - that was all. Is doing well and is not working like me. Retired thus far, just back from Seattle, Washington last week. Would not consider a trip to Florida like mother done... cites "bugs" + "alligators" and sees others. Do you like Hardees (seen here as no more than a Carl's Jr.? no, an orange roof is required) - there's one right next to Grandma's house in Middlesex, N.J. at 9 Orchard Lane (a 'Little Cuba' we made...three [3] places we made to you like this a sunshine in-fact to me Florida winds direct up from with light energies: Poughkeepsie, New York; Concord, Connecticut and surrounding is bigger than that; Bound Brook, New Jersey is this here "yeah, and they are dead over it...a sleepy town dying each..." Abraham said - see no more maybe one else Columbia, South Carolina and by prayer elsed). Ask Neilsy he eats there still - three (3) weeks ago in-fact. Some say the almond comes from the purplish Jacaranda tree now in bloom - yes. You gotta soak the seedpods for three (3) years to get growth in that little. Yuck! Thanks to the folks at Loreal in the Beverly Center for the free bottles of Vive men's shampoo just now - very generous to me and roommate so sweet of you (I got the 'daily thickening' one, he got the one 'for dandruff' but not originally it seemed). Got Clinique soap men's regular with da case from Bloomingdales too.

not a gay comedian, mainstream was on Merv often enough

More: Just ran into aged comic Rip Taylor (you know, squirts people with seltzer bottles...no, not Rip Torn) in full costume (feathered wig, mustachio, bright smock) at Pavilions. Terry got his autograph "rip taylor hello" for fun and keeps they pleased each other. His Terry's favorite story about Rip is him having to walk home on Hollywood Boulevard ("no - at first, up Melrose where Paramount is, then ventured forth anyway to Hollywood Boulevard to see fans of starking me...[more here later, but 'is this all you've become?' my mother in my head then and for real") in green tights and cape ("sequins afoil" he would say) from Paramount Studios after a fire burnt down the set of Sid & Marty Krofft's "Sigmund & The Sea Monsters". Mine having been revealed here earlier was him squirting the false nose off a disabled woman's face in one of the front rows of his show (he loves livin' it seemed). Also note that the real one and only Witchypoo works here as cashier for a while and after probable death (remember? in Florida) she is Kurt Vonnegut's ex-wife too. Red hair - a big star to us. A soulbeing, really. Back to Rip, no, not just a 'gay' comic seeking gay audiences "your hate, but owned by you", was big in the 70's on Merv and such - a zany comedian - no jokes, just zanes or lines at you and very fun to watch, I might add. Capricious - unpredictable at you in sorts and crimes a squirt maybe of the ol' H5O.

Word for this the day is now "heretofore" and this is "from here on until you see it yourself [as to why then]" in French native languages. Too little to complain to you as to why. What is it - "hitherto"? Even if you don't see it, it's true anyway. Even if you ask someone else to agree with you, "hitherto" or "may you see it yourself again and again". Hitherto thee. You'll fall in line too? No - "may caprice to you"...may you learn better of this then. Then "henceforth" is "you know I'm right [about this]" there is no need to longer be.

Others on 06/21/05: When you "recite" you say it once, but in front of us. To "recant" is to say it again and as best you can from memory. To "rescind" is to ask to change it, or not to say then. To "recount" is to alter what you said, in-fact, and by an ask. "He recounted his statement, if, and in-fact, it were true." That would be the problem one, confused often with 'recanted' - not a word, actually. To "ratify" is to stand firm etherelse what may become you. See that here...I recant you. No, Swiss chocolate has goat's milk in it and is all cheesy really (I'm enjoying this some of now and with nutz from Trader Joe's). A milk chocolate is always cold-stirred and not heated. Not your best cocoa powder to ever. Then, what is it to be "leftist"? A leftist is a person content to wait things out while we decay (as a pig, we kill this in-kind and in duty - "tell me what to do" is the right say for life, otherwise a jerk seeking other jerks among us - kill it dead before it kills and to you it does...a marquee of it, waits until you're down to speak it all out and at you - a bl@ck is this mostly and needing train - see this 'Swiss' in nature, not taking sides ever or, we drag your asses in anyway while waiting to see who wins I flame you to it, you want to vote out). It is an anarchist (sees no rule samed to them, steals much plus often) they are one and the same but a leftist writes checks to a bank for cashing an anarchist sees no rule ever they are white mostly pigs at the trough too but we wait for their ideas, answers of them. An anarchist doesn't pay their bills ever or on-time - that's the difference. A black would rather be caught dead doing nothing at all. A perfect person, and really to them. No thinking just be it to that. More: A "guerilla" is no leftist, but promises death to each one for wars waged. A guerilla leaves you open ended in left-field so-to-speak, but is no leftist - hates wars and promises you death for having one. Gets his man, too (at great personal expense? not really says I). From the French "guerilling" as "hangs in the center [until dawns break]". No "gorilla" act, that tips you off ahead of time as to why you need know. From French "gorilling" or "giving you the pass [to see us first]".

see the times it took

Come back in and enjoy this too: "The Eyes Of Laura Mars" starring female impersonator Faye Dunaway eyes of Egyptian or stalking you and soundtrack music by Barbra Streisand "Prisoner" Prisoner (Love Theme from &quot;The Eyes of Laura Mars&quot;). This was made by Neil's dad also and features Val "Tom Cruise" Andersen's father "Frank" as Faye - he was always her and forever that in drag...Kraft people they have gold sinks in their house in Acton, CA and biggest furniture - I was there. Quite frankly, Val would make a perfect Faye in reality's set. From 1978, an early Madonna is in here as a cheap model in the beginning and so is Neilsy as Brad "Exorcist III" Dourif - Neil does this occasionally, weather permitting. Neil's father plays odd roles as midget etc., but see the times the late 70's starring as these take shape with great music too many other little stories about Raul Julia fighting for it too. Also see fright filmmaker John Carpenter is faggy Rene "Benson" Auberjonois (say "ab-ber jun-oh" to be in French-Canadian "after you talk [about me, see some more]") too and always is this to that with big nose in credit. Love it some. The girl at Tower said 'she' Faye just came in or something like that to buy up all the copies available of this movie? It's good, but not that much of the good - is it? "You're a little girl with this stuff" says Neil's father in my head to Neil and I suppose. A little girl is most often dismayed ("wishes for else [instead of you being in here]") by you. One from the family is produced by us. As for the murders, God sees weirdos drawn in by the pose and shows you the photographer through his lense - is this yours being made fancy then crazy - maybe wanna be stop now? We don't want 'em "seeing you do it too much?" I'd say then. See less. No culprits, no crimes then or. Why would people wanna see that and dead? To me, you?

Notes: A "fetish" involves soaps - you clean the trunk, the tree then. Working your way in, but feet first (see "feigning interests in you [and to solve crimes about you a loathing or self-hate perhaps me suds is then]"). "Kink" is wigs, wearing disguises. See. Drag? Dresses worn by men no joke then, mean. Suits worn by women as then not loud enough? A "malefon" say "mal-eh-fon(d)". Smelling underpanties? Transvestism - no pleasures seen by others. Not English - just their way of expressing hate. Otherwise, undergarments is drag. All items producing semen are sex only - even masturbation are. 'Sex' for 'says me' is 'semen', otherwise, is just playing around. No men equals no 'sex' per se. Even masturbation - gets in on that. "Women don't have sex, per se." God. My opinion counts? Some. Women fake orgasms - remember that some have sex then and will. A "fixation"? Where you keep your eyes, mind observed when the whole world is looking at you. Someone beautiful and you care about this approaches for changes them off on you a refocus of sorts and you see nothing then but plainly something you'd say to try and cover it up for me too so embarrassed of you having no way out from seeing me too if also. To " leave a small hole in the wall | for just when you are looking at me " we both starve to avoid this I'll get the drill numbed yet. Is "just watching you"...

Tip: Neil's father (um, actor Udo Kier) used to call Madonna "Laura Mars" because she featured the film prominently on her showbiz roster or 'resume' as you'd call it. "Laura Mars" - a weirdo really named Laura Dearn before the actress similarly named we made her too from Bordentown, N.J. is Lisa Stalls - was really Neil's mother Ceil getting attacked in the mind for featuring dead women on the scene in her arts of sorts. A real problem person from the start in NYC. Three (3) pieces in would bother her nightly. "She couldn't stay away from it"..."a tramp" says Neil. Her own offering on sex is "anything that involves 'flow'..." No, simply not...playing around. See God who knows you better than you...see it to come.

Also le deux "Angel Heart" for 'Lisa Bonet' (um, "empties your head" in French dialect) plus Mickey Rourke (no mention here - fuck him) so dirty to me the first as the mambot priestess to know. Don't let a chicken and a little blood on the tits steer you wrong here. More dead people rising than you could know of. "My observations [as solicited] are to leave it alone - it killed me dead, I think." Not, but thank you, Denise, our own perfect girl who thought DEVO's "New Traditionalists" LP not up to snuff in 1982...how, why? More on this - got to the bottom of this. Apparently DEVO wouldn't let Denise and father Paul "Gunther" Simon in on the deal (Bonet is Denise Devitis my very high-school friend and is perfectly white - the most popular girl ever, ever and so fucking mean too). Simon - my Karmann Ghia-driving seventh grade teacher - wanted to play instruments too. After all, they had bit parts done on "Freedom Of Choice" and previous LP's DEVO. DEVO said 'no' this time "no money, plus good stuff already with his 'Snowball'..." and that means we - and like with Ondy's who wanna play - couldn't know truth for sale always mad at studio people. Anyway, when she was on "A Different World" - blacks in half-heaven but dying of each other said to one another, I loved the show I was all captivated as so good and mean in comedy - she and Whitley did it all out to see who was best offered. Denise said "I'm not paying for that." Apparently, people have to pay to be on tv and glamorize and when someone gets too popular against your star, you dei (sic) inside. That was news to me (see an early Paula Poundstone reject her role in "Angel Heart" similarly as nurse to - "I wouldn't pay for that to come here, yet alone to me and you looking. A goose lays eggs, you make them again near me with glues and tape a winner bearing me. No thanks to dykes everywhere." Still a talk show for that in my mind a future in it solved. "She's dead." Um, we're in the life business - it's not your giving to say it or well neither of you shouldn't be to live who erased hollywood squares who canceled taxi she did but to scent me lymes. I loved Jasmine Guy too. She was a big deal and is really that black - another pardon sought. See less. "I marry Lenny Kravitz in the stars - he died on me twice [car accidents]." Continues "We get divorced and marry again in front of people each time. He's mine. And don't say 'nigger' - we hate you for that." Coupla of white assholes like that hafta eat nigger's shit - I don't. I rule you and Jason Taylor who is that. Niggers is my answering service to the gods. See less. Plus, that girl really sucked dick with half the associated guilt and can speak on topic, thank you. Her song with Madonna the ax out "Justify My Love" was hugely good even today. Lenny Kravitz - get real - has a life too beautiful - a black fool my cousin made from scratch. He's good though. He's Jason my friend, Diana Ross' son - was married to Chris' wife Christine Koshak #2 nice in school too. All approved of course. Fuck you both all. Whitley says "These people think they know what it's like to be black, and they mean it." Actress Roxie Roker delivered Jason who is black riefled hair all slicked back white (he, Chris Ondy and I were one-of-kind in high school - all together at once), but Diana raised him as Berry's boy on a farm in New Egypt, New Jersey and Wisconsin some. The one farm belt setting in the film "Angel Heart" is in New Egypt propered setting with film tunings spare. Funnily enough, the black reference "New Egypt" cracks me up - who knew? I told people I'm not going to no reunion there at an Elk's lodge - have it in Princeton and leave me out. New Egypt is rural, but near Great Adventure as westerly of. Too funny. I didn't get Sharon Station's meaning either as Jews emanating (they join us in school after year one only - the indignant dead as such). See. P.S. My favorite song in church was "Holy, Holy, Holy" god of power and might heaven and earth are full of your glory and all, but I also loved "Day By Day" what Simon wrote for "Godspell" he was in it after dying in a plane crash a Jew only ever. That song was fun to sing in Catholic retreat with Jews eating Burger Chef with Bishop Ahr people all hunched over kissing his papal ring and all as he sat there liking it some ("some wash feet" he'd say - a royal of it, knew the queen). I like it alot still. A beauty to me, we helped. I asked Denise for the best version - she said "Nicolette Larson" her mother's (the stage version sounds a bit shabby yet). Well! That's Todd Fraser's mother again......off. Hi Todd. He hates me still. Coming soon? Hey Allentown people - Ryan Seacrest is that bandleader (replacing the ultimate Ted Fish) who died drowning on a school trip to the beach. Another ugly one that story. Yeah, I channeled his old body - he stepped on something sharp in the surf ("two feet out" he says) and the resulting pain timed him out. Glass shraps from a seabag or sailor outfit. Huh? You people in Allentown High have been scary - you produce more death than a night stocking. Ho hum. Ryan adds "Hi - it was nothing new for me" and adds "who is 'Sandifer' to you?" and odds the question. Only the youngest Robert "Yummy" Sandifer aspiring black child and murderer-in-chef...I use him in the afterlight (another chip to the wheat taken - see People Magazine covers again). Yes, Denise I seen your house in Millstone, New Jersey where all stars live...a beauty mentioned by Renee Waldron while we passed on a walk-a-thon of some sort on weekend. Long ranch-type no upstairs with diamond-lag windows. An echelon you lived better than us sure did - so did Renee...again her father is Bob Freeman of Great Adventure fame and like of Warner LeRoy stature there I had the souvenir from there book it said. Loved her house all modern and such the first vertical blinds ever to seen by me with controls and all outdoor deck in the back and all a fixin's island in the kitchen an upstairs.   

a meal is at once filling to you egg powders and all

Real Men Will Eat Quiche 06/18/05 1439
Don't go putting off things like quiche (say "keesh") just because you heard something dumb at what eats it. I tried my first quiche when I was an ovo-lacto vegetarian (still will eat eggs, milk - and onward foul) in high school when we went to the Metropolitan Museum Of Art on 5th Avenue in New York City. A French place as just across the street kinda what mind now calls "Il'Atrope" or "as on your way" (um, "Le Jardin" or "garden of ours" unmercifully during the day) had us served in a basement restaurant this what was delicious there (some owner speaks us there). More than just spinach and eggs fluffed with crust, you gotta soak the spinach in lemon juice for three (3) or so days to get this even. I just tried both spinach and the broccoli-cheese version from Trader Joe's and the spinach rules me still to it first choice. Quiche comes from Spain really what eats these daily. Other than that, Rice A Roni that plain little box is ringing in big too these days with all their assortment of flavors made very cheap. We hail thee for excellent food choice that feeds the family one or two easily said. You just brown the rice and risotto within and in butter and then stir in water to thicken and with sauce. Nice and filling. Plus it's cheap.

Just got back from the 99¢ Only Store (e.g., all Shasta sodas one dollar $1.00 - sure, ninety-nine cents $0.99 then - a six-pack...I'll be back on that one no car) on LaBrea where you should continue going for great buys and all. Was gonna get a burger or in-fact chili dog at Pink's, but the line was too full and us with bags headed up Melrose Avenue instead the crowds as fit as ever I trying to find Olivia Newton-John and Pat Farrar's Koala Blue (and now wines? one day a restaging of the boutique from the basements where stocks a landmark we hear - "for fans" of she said). See that home Kraft vegemite (um, a peanut butter with 'soolah' or grass in it "a flavor off" she says) and all. What pissed me off is Mel & Rose's breakfast cafe finally as dead with a restaging of Tommy Tang's left over as also on-top of and dead. Junk to me.

As If You Could Know 06/18/05 1243
Was just talkin' to Rob Lowe as the last person who died at Cedars when they was open (all this brought about by my updatings of the landscape + "we can't know each other still...") - "they cut my head off" afterward "last June" as if to say "no more". "Who is this terrorist is the best song done without me" he would say. We laugh about about how "no one is worth anything these days" but I personally cannot continue on to that statement as not knowing he would say to me with Michael Jackson and all - his true counterpart in this havings had. At the very least, we could walk to sights sighted here The Hard Rock Cafe and know again while we pollute your view with what's not attainable yet. "That's our way home", he'd say. No one comes rushing in for that there. Who could see better than you? With that, to lunch there again one day soon and at my choice.

one after mary poppins

Whenever I Get In Bad Mood Usually 06/17/05 2011
Whenever I'm feeling bad - incredulous - I reach for an episode of "Murder She Wrote" on A&E and how could I but feel better. Angela Lansbury - stage and star of Disney's "Bedknobs And Broomsticks" - a Disney herself once but died in 1971, now returns as this aging sleuth among half-no ones to breed justice even then they don't live in California a seaside town living to solving old crimes among the clearly dead. What? Two of them left to be now? All gone, gone, gone - and now still entertaining us the masses as await. Check the facts for me less I beruse to you. That's me as Angela, doing you justice to no one who lives yet. See. What - "Bedknobs" - no famous songs from Disney? We lamoured over this but haven't seen it yet, really, as just as magical featured as Mary Poppins a witch.

More 06/18/05: I've been hearin' alot of the female belly in cryin' and other shenanigans - you need to keep that down. Don't think folding belly squeals in there is gonna help. I know your tricks, Jewel, and respond to it not. Be a man.

The movie as watched last night - this 06/19/05: Rented the DVD "just out now 30th anniversary edition and all" and finally know I never saw this but in pieces. Not bad and quite amusing in parts, but drags during the animation set and often at the end when people are deciding places in pre-war England. This is supposed to be Queen Elizabeth's mother (yes, the one who was shot in the face - "Kentucky bred" says she) telling her end of it. The animation is clever as shit and well-done, but the movie is like hours and hours trying to get out. See it anyway. What jarred me in this movie about a witch trying to find the last part of a spell with noisy kids around when her correspondence school closes she goes there on the bed what will take her anywhere on request but not to the missing half of the book itself? The dancing toward the end ! these guys wearing uniforms and headwraps acting like their heads are cut off Disney showcases each full talent fully to my detriment but okay you've been there practicing each for years. Disrepects major for Nazis and Jews their talents together you see it all and. Not bad...just a wee bit left for us now as empty suits of armour clear the decks for us. Apparently, and during filming, ol' Julia (her real name) wanted to put Secret anti-perspirant creme on the inside of her clothes, not in on her underarm and it smelled bad plus stained her blouse one of two.

More yet same day: The bed - a brass wharlicker most notably from Sear's I heard as they deny this - is controlled by the smallest child in the film a homely sin drawn in to her home by need and to her also a threat of needing someday though she now lives on grass and coutures or bits of hair shaven. She is first english gross possessing of some a sexuality and fuels her motorbike on potato sash or greens with it. The bed moves you into hyperalert fantasies when you screw in the lefterly ball down and tap three (3) times with a gayened finger after speaking it said. Most of the luxury afforded witchcraft here is just praying the ugly-enough kid (just as ugly, or then felinesque as Auntie Mame's and in-fact - without gift, and some mercifully) gets it right enough when piloting his own or finger towards ends. No suspenses here - just move it, Pal. Yeah - a quarter-turn (1/4) out then - so what get it on she appointed him this so homely that brat no other choices to make then fed dogs probably a prurient-type. Tip plus: Rosalind Russell is Chris Ondy's grandmother - the mother's mother and my great aunt, my paternal grandmother's sister. See that. Nickname: "Mita" for Marie Ann.

Mount Sinai - The Mount Sinai - Is In France 06/16/05 1142
In France proper, there is a mountain range called the "Tuilleres" say "twee-lah-rees" - that means "taken one at a time". The mountain "Dunellen" is there and that name is for "done once [in a day as not that big to us]" and then the other three (3) are Senellen (twice taken in as beautiful), Montellen (the only one to see), and then Dunellenes (done again as if to know how better - a foul one really, one that was tried by a woman's hand, too tired maybe, is one of smaller). Mount Sinai a misspelling once retrieved backwards - yours in the bible - is Senellen or twice told to you as two smaller peaks one. His Abraham's (or then Moses') calling was here on peak one - the left one from France proper or the above. The bush was just me sighting him and getting him to know better. A bitch really to me I killed him once for fun then he was down for three (3) days gone about six (6). See no more. Your white bible an ol' smoky of sorts now placed but face down on the nightstand for insulting me with choices unmade but no such Polares. Are you in Hell yet? The path back can still starts here if may no guarantee ever while you suffer to me still. "You want a credit card? It's in there, really."

The Dark Is Not Black Sees One Again 06/15/05 1317
The sheriff hadda stop by this morning to see what I was yelling about and to whom ('a ghost'...no?) I surmised in my underwear the door demanded me as an unclean hag (my roommate starts a fight and goes to work - I don't - but gets it? who is this to you? I'm you) It was at directed at mind over what lets me eat shit here at the hands of these in this place with no resources each day a new frost about being who you are and just at that (neither will be wrong...but not for you - I answer to anyone simply enough but that is never enough you see this and are that with your own sum, answers). A nut with no home or privacy doing it well ends up one day but I've never been naked on the front lawn like your kid was when they came (never a right moment with me and by your plan hotted breath and matte stink). I was messing around with a bitch that was demanding release yesterday and both can go to hell while we wait for nothing from me given once twice three demand seen so what (teh stuff I hafta believe is here - you got the trees and will so more). Why this? Because I get nothing but shitbags containing yours undone and rules leading otherwise down in it. Next? Keep laying eggs, I'll keep 'em hatching in you. Thanks again for letting me play the ark of the covenant seals once again the sand in your eyes and the angels at once gone but hissing. A murder of it? "You fucking son of a bitch" yeah we have that inside you. Repeats: The dark is 'no reply', the color black is 'nothing said'. What's the difference? The first is no presence. No light - and nuthin' it sees. There's stuff in there though but it is not component of dark or zone. One friend now in need of course as dead for the while says he was out in space and saw the sun 'for real' all white huge and scary. This is not the sun, but is nightmarish and stark like something from the space age in Israel a death boding. This is called "Polares" by God "the part of me that shines". A rectangular white surface as far as you can see on both sides what curves around the back if dreaming to it is hatched on top and bottom by similar-length curves over - a cuppled giving of sorts the top smaller and roundish. This redirects the sun's beam from above center as a fat pumping of light through a square black plate to the Earth directly below but aside, what seizes the metal in it to stop weighing it down. The plasma removes the light's countenance in space a sparklier type. The funnel captures most left in a day as refused by it. Your daylight is this if the sun dries it down some day. Otherwise, how in? I can write this from jail but hate new places and you unmoved, staring. No - we pull loads or beams aside in a huge cup and take out the metal with plasma actions at length and redirect outward toward the Earth top and bottom at once alternating each on ever. Not continuance - as pulled to, the bank to you. Lying - me? Not yet. The truth stinks to people not wanting it. I measure my stink in tones outward. One word, one day. Of course you're right about certain abuses of life seen, I'd see it less. As mine nor own.

Personalized-Styled Seeming Note Pad From Dangerhut 06/14/05 1312
Someone asks "when are people most damaging to others?" as if to prompt my note here. When they are happy and have all they need. That's when thoughts of the missive self lead to acts of perfecting one's life with rules about it - how it happened and with you, of course, at the very helm the Gorton's fisherman knowing to all along and now deriving the codes with you and involving others to an agreement - what I call "[yeah, for about] two weeks [then if spirits it back to you of no mention, no morning, 'tis fool]". Sure, it was you all along and now why wait let's get others down to it your rule supreme while they labor what else may see danger. Here, I enter silently a nascent or "nearly not smelled" and knowing if you to be nothing I need, and in foul, see people are here with you and you may see it this less and less. A whisper to thee. A quiet of thee foul at setting the world to rights if unseen and at once if and to then an unheard and softly said. I bother it this bunch who bother me no said so say.

Michael Jackson Is King's Spade Asses You Nothing To Know Full Heart 06/14/05 1226
Like any funeral of the sad's sight inappropriate as seen to be heard but seem since, Michael Jackson was freed two days ago from court sentencing for having no bounds or no reason to be there as court was closed today for honoring his schedule. The jury preceeded without him in closed quarters and rendered these to smaller penises being protected in flake everywhere but as erected slightly at morn's break for a new day's unheralded to dollars unseen as awaits: "We have no honor in this world. Build some. Have us at it, for should some honor you, they honor God too." All that honoring will get you remembered. Honor me less to you a black writhing is horsesay a giddy-up to him to die less and make it his fear then. A black authorship reigns here in court where features are furthered said but once to. I offer you my pride as having no suit big enough or my sympathy to you - or you would shame me again talking to freaks as you talk 'my penis' is again soon enough oh I heard it all barely in-full the Doug Moon talk to the jury in private and boy! if I could get that kind of attention to my beliefs savored I'd explode with my being said as believed. Thanks as only challenged by those who simply know better we are fools - and so? - "he will kill you all soon enough - have flaw they cherish it." It's fun here simply knowing instead of having to say - but see you.....back out. As other, mine, may God be with you the Lord I said. The part that calculates you in a darkened room of haute box - a sincerest living of the past as chained up a very dog barking at the dark and what adds tax to teasing times. So says "we need to be better about our launches out" so dark still in here is this there? You are there. I am here you. Today, the boundless dark box mind told me that every time if you say the word 'nigger' in Haiti they blow smoke in your face. Never know that laughed to me so to be and as still. This "verboten" or "not to be spoken as if [seen still]" or then niggers show up my high priest say nevermore I hate you for it and blacken the cause to you then. A nigger takes this all down for you seem.

Will Wonders Never Cease? Bad Apple 06/13/05 0722
Not one took me (us, seem less) up on my half-ass - the invite at once unreceived. Hrrrmph! I was so nervous if one would say what a creep partially spake, but toil winds took your plime upstairs again too simm. Revout. Talked to ghosts in the yard (they misinform me, mostly - oh, it's just a fucking door after a lie told me) and that made up for any lonely wait while I scare ya gets anyway. I like them seeing the truth here with me and that confirms my every suspicion you won me. Skipped the stuff on Santa Monica Boulevard altogether per usual, but dried some clothes at the laundromat and made a clipped up bush on a tree stalk grow all over itself with stems while one next to is still permed neatly. Which said it best? I think these things retreat shortly enough as false growth, but I locked that one up from for ya - see ya at the coudourdral. Next years flac-finder is fanned way out next time I please myself "get the ayds" someone says long after being infected in cincy twirls around the spine with courtmees and playboras sweating a tinmiff ambered with sugarmawls with inside mem danged flies mooly impact. Cranking eggs ain't no bother under the house two (2) harm-hassing raid bombs and a blurb to better it off. Took pictures...see my new photo tumma soon you joy mesmie! Gram fat. X 

hey hey

It's just that good feeling maybe you see it if someone had knew: Mariah Carey "Say Somethin'" MP3 (2.8 Megs) Snoop? You hear that don't chew? He was out on the street one night we passed cake. See it shine on. Evans "tisk tisk tisk" Crayton now remade? I shot the sheriff - that still sucks on me. Lip. More 06/14/05: When this album came out, nuthin' said to seem - but I got e-mails with the subject made "Mariah :)" on each a few days and got the hint after asking mind over "what's this mean?" - so soon enough I'll take a listen for a big hip like this. Too much stuff to see through plus yours only (forever yours), but I trust to get there. No e-mail gets here sane like you did it - not even one - but hers did and she wrote it through somehow fine. Stopped there for now - so see. That girl on the cover looks more like 'Beyonce' because that is her only ever to fool. The fake one that covers for the girl singing lead with two big legs and who wowed us on the Grammy's way back. Sisters. Shakespeare comes up - that is Lomax 'Green' aka Donna Summer's son. Not really - he is her mentor from Blood Sweat And Tears who died and came back in 1972 at age ten (10) for that a wound out. He's mentioned in her autobiography as the guy 'Hoby Cook' (actually a guy named Dave Neuberg then he to become Hoby Cook) who got her started "with preachin'." Enough 'bout that. Spent time with Evans TAGG last night too...hurting me with tales about his mother dying and my father being asked for a stay with us as his football coach (tears - wound up with another white family close by...and mercifully the are Cotes). Bad people times, but no one likes that stuff...not here. He is the black kid that had to show me Parliament Funkadelic when I displayed my Kiss "Destroyer" album at school. "Oh, I see..." Eric Clapton's "I Shot The Sheriff" was performed by this person and two other black kids on stage during talent show time. Remember to that - see it come to be done then an early aspirage.

Key off: A "kaftan" is a towel around the head wrapped as sort in-front. A "kafka" is already together as one piece sewn - the queen did it with herself. A "cohchon" say "coke-kon" is one that hangs in front often mistaken and worn together so see. Is tv's "Maude" with. Endora's again? The "brangere" or "brought back around" as wind would say....

I Could Never Take The Place - Of Your Man 06/11/05 0828
Yes, I'm still forming the simple logics of my little guest party tonight - my versus planning against ridicule and formerly no show for stark and complaint is like the ol' sea bladder - a full array of fine placement options to be on welcome tongue if at once redrawn as pearl to be as shell, as if conch. Every please offering at my table folds back into common day and as bride fallow if none toasts so well what butters it. What was to one become? The shallows of naming expensive people a verily brooke who only concern at that you missed their first vow to live alone and as to mand you missed? Please, scuba knife at what waits - the snake won't bite water out of the way any faster as if you once ever knew how electric windows could be reverse manually and at lukewarm proceeds but crank what will if carma eggs torn the vent and left no smell a tape measuring up the whims of descent. Turns out my next door neighbors are both formerly Prince and songwearer Michael Masser - the very maim behind Whitney Houston's earlier ballads like "Didn't We Almost Have It All" (actually, no - a bit of some, then what's mostly left out once it's partially said or then to be heard just once and having to saying it again) and my favorite e-mascing ever "All The Man That I Need" (just remember this bit right here while who writes that shit - some man does this with her at the lafronte singing table? sure - just laying around wearing my clothes while order-eating mint diapers full of saldavol plax in pinwheat muscovies their somal eyes missing it once over - David Foster had to step in on that one - too many "hamming" verbs about doing this the same as his tried and true one day someone has a copy the only one left no one asks about it but some will say it both someone said or something all missing all gone the way of cheese mixing and tasting it again - one day Benny Mardones done to you spin-tuba like two (2) eggs sent in to halve what's creaming grounds up through the dash in your car's cape heater in vant). Anyway - at whim. At pleasure. I tried to be good about things that failed to chart the single thought split in two barked at the bath both bathing at once bade. Back to blacmange or eating it said never to hear twice same story over and over 'no class means never having to say you're sorry' - no - people are real tenders in suez parts gaming their grievances just and breaking the very heart of hole hading it ham. Never ask to see anything not shown. Stop trying to compensate yourself with carings placed once missing as it noted. We know you're nervous and all, but save the care for what kind of heart and came to see what we said before it starts in boring through both too talk and took it up a seam about the furniture down south sleeping with rain who fell from most-oft heard no nothing eat sleep drink leems of viscom dornings before tight would say soldier out. Separates the eggs from the whites without having my lines down the middle so if to clamboard this way arm out whack sways by a whack. Visit mee kroub. That handbag of cloths an escargot wait to be seen sharing what fanlons a note rises here but fades as quickly just one more says never know it that both bathe and back to back if two flashes in one camera it sees heat bask at both but light one mirror fed to but and another but ask to what wand.

Somb, bitter facts a child-lie mists within bit burdens with being bit eggs laid one per add that value black to bold you see nothing fangs apt bone:

A sixty-second (to be noted snaps of the finger at attack or wave - skip this an entry - mine: a note of what's made this a but note plus with but an pause only - that's mine an 'on' and an 'off' a single light of if then but a darkening of such said once) minute is noted at the first perceptible change seen by on a sun dial. Try it asks some. An inch is what's between numbers on the face of a clock - a seam should be done. A clock is half a day seen light and other reverse as dark, the twelve (12) hours then seem intuitive if somehow and if counts building squares thinks it knows says none know.    

The Second Half Of Our Creative City Feature To Place Just Below - More Stuff You'd Hate, Excesses, Having It Anyway 06/09/05  1624
There were some obvious omissions to our last aerial so I add them with here Pacific Design Center and all. I'm bored now. "People don't share your humour." I imagine to understand that some of you get my need in it. I write to pique your interest in the interest of doing you down the ass hole. A fool's plate of schnez I can barely think there are stinky women trying every little desperate thing to distract my interests afoot why will they learn? Poor bitch's bitch in a bitch. Eats rare cancers to be in die should pull a book's worth of sandpaper out of your ass library. Better to die than DIY.   

1) Pacific Design Center - interior designers, movie studio operations, a lot of jerks just in case you been wundrin' - a World Trade Center of fresh fuck-faces - I made 'em snakes one day, a piss pool
2) West Hollywood Library And Plus The Community Center Then - gay pool and recreation, the latest information about the AYDS probably lying still-dormant in your very ass AYDS is dead with you inside living your only dream
3) Hard Rock Los Angeles - the one I like best, they're all good only been to one maybe two, really - the right one is here doing well enough. Also ramp up next door to Todai um "to die for [us in ours a pleasure]" and on Beverly then - "the [very] mother of all seafood buffets" - walking by ever on, I thought this just a stinky sushi pit what is actually intended for heart patients as omega from cocaine and drink a slow-down for us - but see this quite a quality spread I surveyed it the other night actually walking inside. They, these nice girls said count on about twenty-four bucks ($24.00) a person not lunch and "come back" really sweet to us. What do I know even tempura all Asian foods meet here at with mini creme brulees after it desserts come. "You can eat 'til midnight" she one girl said. OK!
4) Beverly Center - a cancer of mid-american retail has strummed, wait until you're gone too make it nice see it everywhere; I get free samples up and down hand creams, gums, say-make up stuff -- also then see and within American Eagle Outfitters as stuff I like to know. Is American Apparel (soon coming to our West Hollywood at San Vicente and Santa Monica Boulevards) and are Urban Outfitters at once. We like their do and without words. Don't tell me you're not national and can't come up with some extra duds for here. "Who's side are you on?" The working man's, of course. What works, what does not fail me. Was in Fred Segal today 06/23/05 and apparently Mary Tyler-Moore owns that her son Marc Tannenbaum is Fred actually by signature both diabetics not "we hate diabetics - they rob us." Loved these ripped-up hooded sweats with zippers down the middle of the hat; gas-stained too as new is unapproachable at coffee times sweaty sex. One fifty ($150) at each buys small but shrinks.
5) Cedars-Sinai Medical Center - still quite the best when it comes to exorcising demons - may God bode you to his own breast medsex for fool, will work for sex, mexisex unionson, sextet millitel, sexts
6) Hotel Sofitel - That old restaurant 'Ma Maison' was here never stayed here yet mostly caters to gourms and wangs on LaCienega bunch of temtura boodibowls perfume rice dishes yamashooshi tetramins.
7) Pavilions - They never see enough of us we take everything home and throw it away - some do-gooder tried to pay for my food to give no gift plus someone said something about the poor I took more.
8) Koontz Hardware - Did you need know this place? They work hard here too day-in and day-out for no reason - everything here is well-chosen, priced to sell. Excellent wall clock assortment, flatware.
9) The Factory Nightclub - Previously "Axis" gay nightclub or the ol' Studio One. Cursed for some reason a factory that once made something someone got burnt up on the job. A sick, twisted, neuro-gay dump. A plague of gay hate....apology accepted whence come.
Minor Key: Rage is for Los Angeles-types and is not full of drag and kink. Collegiate, my very best lays from here is still wundrous. Micky's is Apache with strats on and homing valley-type gays a step removed from having, some kickers - moaner haunts, other-being solarprap rejects in their own church. Mickey's is for 'nice' people - you can fuck them yourself and talk it all over in there. Studio or what ever that is now is Long Beach and their own brand of reject - old, misery, new beginnings, child-related smims. Old military cunts just up for evening to ask me if I ate their shit yet. Dies like a dog is still a queer in pimp heaven. Puts stuff in food. Dance clubs only. Everything great died, the crowds are simply stonewall-types mostly geeks (shows you cards of who they wanna be - "is that me yet?") I eat a sandwich and sit and watch them - simply gross. You'd die of it - miss nothing yet. Do I hate you? I like being up in your ass that's something smallened to you plus I have SAMS and I wiped crap on your wall behind the mattress (some faggot actually did that to me - believe that? wiping shit on someone's wall - that's faggots - lube on stuff, cockrings under the couch - a dirty pride to me I throw their cheese collection out the kitchen window, fail to use party picks when I make my own subway footlengths - oops thought you knew).
10) The Abbey is a beautiful place to visit with friends while God is here killing you're better off. Nice. Dance club? Rage still has it all, Baby. You choose.
11) MOCA at Pacific Design Center - an art box you may visit on times....note the dirt seen is all cement now a huge fountain lush valley and grass the satellite photo dated or aged slightly from 1996 the formwork (use basic toilet plunger red cup on number two cement mix in plywood-hinged stylars) benches superb of grass layers like I would make-have you can simply chip a tooth over it so grand if snakes to you. Remind, the plant horsetail (looks like very skinny bamboo or sugarcane very rigid and with loose fronds on-top) gets rid of rats in boundary, snake plants (shave green, heads upward only like flame, and seem ready to bite in of twists) is divide and dissent in all manner of slither. Some, not all needed. Any berries in tree gets rid of birds...recommend boysenberry. Why? They don't shit at their house yours anymore once sent off to scarve a cars beneath if your windshield.
12) Jerry's Famous Deli - This the West Hollywood edition - needs care. Remember, only a Westwood (the village propered at UCLA) kills a McDonald's dead while they pull the gums out in slim strands down in the teats of this stylish franchise in Westwood. Slaps the bag back, slenders if the hair. Maybe already gone...some say but on this as listed....I can't go there anyway having been bitten too bad oncetwicethree times now but marvel at your new hospital from direct above just yesterday l@@ked at another expanse of wealth (the sainted body of quality but as yoursed, covered with a warmest blanket of money if denies but protects it to yet, if onward then twenty [20] bed capacity set in us a census colors me pleased). Who would believe it? Just yesterday I bet my life against having spent the rent money down with odds and ends check back often. Opens occasionally for parties. If as poor, is no one to then know. Share the blood then. Rule: Someone special, perhaps then as unsexy, has many 'thanks to you notes' and a bowery of grass what keeps dogs out, down. A parflavor of original deed is no one's friend and we see how the glitter fades. Sex me then. Pay my bill with truest wealths made you. The medical center has a morgue fullest of them to know better in yours a soup perhaps it sperm non-taste over thus a liverspots made claw in a soak. To better my day. Come on my schedule next time and as beckoned a star. You'll be to waiting not. More: Who is "Jerry"? Jerry Casale - a lead singer of DEVO - opened one in 1986 is my favorite in Studio City a starcharmer near the studio bowling lanes there then onward with a Marina del Rey unit. Is Jeralde "Jerry" Jones Johnson...mother is Barbara Basia Johnson then, and a yes um, Keith Haring then "see the difference a world makes me?" Now then - see that.

Two Favorite Cleaning Items Re-Exposed 06/06/05 1733
My mother's a nurse. Do you think it matters to people? It does. In the halls of professional esteem, they teach you what and if to use when cleaning your floor and cabinets kitchen-bathroom, and these two (2) items I still present from Puerto Rico's border a brown and a blue my heart. Nothing cleans a floor be it wet or wood like Pine-Sol - period. Oh sure, others cut grease salts in the air like grime, but nothing survives this crap what smells like dirty fools (dead people) afterward too. Nurses must use this at home to fight staph (a woman problem dismissed regularly by me as being filths only - a filthy woman disguised then of sweats and perfumes) and further decay elements like crazy. There is none better to use on floors we recommend this still I use. Comet, on the other hand - but two (2) or more taps with a hammer from a sodium cyanide - is still miraculous to me when cleaning all that tubs and tiles. Oh, sure - wet towels in dirty places of water leaves rust, but that comes free in time or with baking soda afoot and leaving. Use Comet liberally every time you wash down toilets and sinks and I'll honor you further later on. It kills what bothers me too - people and their stinks. Have fun - nothing else necessary but Windex brand glass cleaner for cleaning all in the household. You'll see - my mother used nothing more when I was growing up, but advanced to Lysol toilet cleaners to get rid of her needs in the bathroom as I often sat on the rim it was cleaner in that house wiping my ass with dinner napkins and walking barefoot on the linoleums with my toes pinched to avoid unnecessary contacts. To this day, my lips never touch a fork - I drag teeth off. Just Comet me then - with thanks for. Tip: Use Comet when you get tired of Brite an ammonia that fails me brutally unless this with heavier waxes glueing the dirt and wax back down. If Comet don't get it up, you don't have it...so vicious but not rust will adhere. Vinegar with water added, starches like baking powder do it off.

To Madonna's "SHAG" And Or With A "T" Lining The "A" On Top 06/06/05 0927
Simply has a gift, simply has the gift? May I offer again "SAAG" for "seems already as given". A technique breeds you ever all the brushes know you too. Got me a great 3' x 5' gay rainbow flag for necessary offenses upcoming at Pavilions yesterday - just five bucks ($5.00) donated as wrapped neatly in a plastic sheath a nylon sheet tool-dyed just outside the door. Oh, sure - a bit thumbfinger smudge in the spraygreen when I got home, but the price evil a gifting. Maybe more onward or today? Is probably done now - don't ask often enough. I'll get a wooden dowel over at the Koontz for the hanging in place of winter's night. Remember, an American or country flag thanks you for dying instead of being here with us - we died and yet our vipers pledge you informally, and the gay rainbow flag (now, newly metered to us with better colors in - skip the white for now or hag it with such to honor me I wouldn't bother really is all ugly yet and yet remember me white gets it indoors kinda without purple too around not quite the gay who died for it all like me) says thanks - we got you home again. See it. Pray to God he doesn't kill you for being a gay here - I hate my gay friends yet. I really do - so fucking dumb all the time.

Jeremy's Popcorn Salad As Tasty Enough 06/05/05 XXXX

6 cups popcorn, dry as popped - to fool: no kernels
1/2 cup green onion
1 cup nutz celery
3/4 to 1 cup mayonnaise - I choose best foods, hellman's only
3/4 cup bacon slice-chopped - this would be cooked already - turn baco's off here not good for you with mayo afoot; too much salt in your head a headache ensues a b/o we mean it too pay here, pay there
1 cup cheddar cheese nixed
1/2 cup water chestnuts suzy wan is best as cooked in can

mix everything - hope for the best no kernels or to chip teeth - bitch left one in mine he made tonight bitch
it wasn't that i didn't like it, but he got mad over the complaint as such - "see that?"
jason priestley's mother made this for him when he was twelve "a cookbook fed us rice dinners and this" he said - "eat up and then see me later holding hands with him and her together in fields of florry as we speak - hats off to nick ryan you died again, bitch! that's why i live here in doomsayer's valley eating mush you made - have a palace so grand and we'll die there together like doug and i...see ya to fool's layer of..."

Dumb mother quote here: "You know, if you're gonna honor him, honor his death. Leave him alone."
Never to you would I be - mine next: "Leave that bitch alone, please." To what replies "You're my enemy now - you tried to kill me once or twice here" as all serious (seriously flawed in it, that is).
At UCLA they have ID's at the medical center with these emblazoned shoelaces on them as to hang from the neck a logo is stamped in blue. During crisis, they use these with a small handgun that winds the cloth of the lace harshly up inside it and chokes you down to size to pass right out. A hook of it behind the neck with small pads to regard you outward on the way down to the floor. We'll get one like that for you and your friends too. I use something called "golden vein" - silence can be golden and all - in the very trachea core it does same at no risk to you a verily mad dog.

Movies That I Had to See Over And Over with Friends From Tops to Bottoms 06/05/04 1044
"The Abyss" @@@@, "Star Wars" @@@@@@@ (9) - and the soundtrack? I wouldn't own that - had the restyled one though Walter Murphy? le must junky, "Batman" @@@ - had the soundtrack too Jack Nicholson as The Joker is all that is really, "Grease" @@@@@@ (2) - had the soundtrack a great big film for kids, "The Howling" @@@@@@ - read to Fangoria about pioneering make-up artist Rob Bottin the reason for those fucking wolves with air bladders inside their faces growing - groundbreaking and seedy slime agore, "Edward Scissorhands" @@@@ - had the soundtrack so pretty too, "Creepshow" @@@@@@ - a big bang in the seat, great fun with Adrienne Barbeau from "Maude", "Altered States" @@@@@@ - note: we loved this one and saw it lots no matter what, "Raiders Of The Lost Ark" @@@@@@@ (4), "Amadeus" @@@ - had both soundtracks one red and two green to this love it this only "Masonic Funeral Music" is really "Traip [or holy art, people will not work for you anymore a cruel master now as dead] I: Modern [verse] VI" - masons, no, but okay some, "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" @@@@@@@@@ the king over all with the soundtrack I bought it made sense, maybe more obsessions lurking...links it later you consider me and this first. By the way, the last three "Star Wars" including new are about Darth Vader maturing. Sith is his father dying of him a broad man learning lexicons and killing faiths of it - bilateral symmetry in a truth make-up perhaps. He is mean - he is me rising too. I killed people left and right with blinders on - always being fed to the foxes like Adrienne Barbeau in "Creepshow" (while my mother eating sconces in the "Father's Day" segment) maybe making a friends along the way, huh. The Ted Danson buried up to his neck for fucking his father Leslie Nielsen's other daughter with a new wife. That's Neil and me actually. See me later for more I hate you Neil still for that in 1862. Key: A "@" is paid ticket viewing, a movie at the mall, even in Virginia we vacationed I saw. First movie? "Rumpelstiltskin", 1971. The old nigger (my dad) took me in Trenton. By the way, a home viewing is no mention unless you had that great tv-com box from New York City featuring the sex-wip talents of Gloria Leonard (really, Chris Ondy's mom) prior to being x'd off. A quote: "The difference between pornography and erotica is lighting." No, that's not the actual answer, but it is brightly shining and white. A virtue in films ways. An unmerciful showing limited and thoroughly unwelcome as uncut and pre-viewed to no mercy. Names later but see it cut down to size in 1980 by "Dynasty" (again, Linda Evans is Bo Derek herself a liar actually and a man) what rushes people out to the stores in this a new day for it. Tip: Safari will play all trailers at the IMDb with Windows Media Player - something's up with the codec (the part of your system that responds to other cueings outside of this used) in Netscape, I think. They just ask you to watch a brief announcement. Good fiending - I just watched all available as listed here - pretty exciting still to me.

Note 06/16/05: When I wrote to you in January 2004, I gave you top ten movies and the number of times I saw them as indicated with a "!" per viewing paid ticket. I can barely remember this shit, and ask for assistance from the above when counting times seen in the theater and get numbers cited on-the-spot that seem to be right - hence our discrepancies. I went to see favorite movies many times with friends and family as we had to to achieve mutual experiences with each other, and just need you to know that I wish I could do better for you, but will not after this assistance of sorts having failed as casually as others fail me. I'm not important enough to know for sure how times I've flown across the country either - see that. Once again, I hate having to rely on others for this type of work that sees itself fail routinely in the face of. Seen not mine, and plus know nothing here need be rushed to. My apology is seen as your notice of this. The numbers will range then from this low to that high - I saw them many times anyway - the titles are correct as tops seen. "He can't get anything good for himself." Don't go too far - I'm just not hitting it here. Is this look worthy of God? Hate this for you too.

Alright, my best guesses on 06/22/05 for not knowing for sure: "The Abyss" I saw twice on my own and then dragged another to at least was waiting for it a pounce...was dating someone hopelessly and liked the higher message of triumph in adversity, doing the right thing for 'us' anyway - who is this terrorist? a hope to you for see....may divorce bright you; "Star Wars" six (6) times easy enough and then on and on a sheer thrill anyway; "Grease" twice paid for sure at Director's Chair an event film that had to say goodbye too many times with that ending is real to me - a big summer film but twice may have been enough - no? then credit John Travolta's excellent dancing at the prom a big wow a faggot sees him and her shine bright with "Hopelessly Devoted To You" a killer scene there too - "Xanadu" just once her an unjust "muse" (that would be a tool or paper - something to convey your talent, only) to be with old god Gene Kelly and stale prop buildings the Pan-Pacific theater around we kept only the best parts too see it today on Beverly Boulevard east of Fairfax Avenue raquetball only but stiff Michael "The Warriors" Beck was all he could be to that flat a reminisce basically but with awesome parts too; "Raiders" a skillful filmmaking so exciting finally replaced "Star Wars" with a fight...four (4) times easy - easy. I loved it enough so cruel to you credit Karen Allen there that sniggle at first, and after drink scotch; "Sgt. Pepper" - believe the number nine (9) - I saw that bitch again in Richmond, Virginia with a few spare minutes at a mall theater while on vacation in 1978 and at King's Dominion. You just overhear this one, and you'll be hooked inside. Any others, fuck you - I tried. "War Games" - $$$ you had me in theaters many times too. So what? John Carpenter's "The Thing"..."eatin' face" - no, but some. Definitely adds "Grizzly" - a bear gone mad, I hadda hide my eyes often in the Jamesway theater in Hightstown, New Jersey, but saw it three (3) times while it ran free. A fucking abuse yet. These people then made "In Search Of Noah's Ark" happen. Per God, it was real enough to die (Israel makes these faked). A jerk made the ark and he found it again unmade as still there not a late story either. From 1886 in Israel - a rokkin-type boat or sitmaker, you had to stand in the bottom "to balance all on top" he said. From France and England - women to men.  

Presenting Pet Shops Boys' complete facing at iTunes with no further guide - to "fuck yourself" Pet Shop Boys

you used to decide who left the room with these bleeding

You're All Mesmer Eyes 06/05/05 1105
My roommate came home with this from Sportcraft one day unnannounced, and of course had to mount it on the wall behind my seat here the perfect palace of ante-thought - my worst view brought up-front and made real to me with argument no less. So, and with real piercing in darts the walls surround but nip ardently, I dully move my ass out from aside this when the meat strikes me as offended. Unfortunelately, I learned to enjoy this game and usher to you the same way as a good few minutes spent like bowling or any other mindless pursuit that suggests a first-timer could in-fact be and win to joy or laugh along with. According to the official-type rules and all - the mand hanual - you gotta put a distance of seven feet nine and a quarter inches (7' 9.25" - an very odd) between you and the board and I just put tape on the floor now to indicate yours off my need. Will patch minutes in lamen hole later I seem the damage is done. We in my head tried naming a local bowling alley built at LaCienega and Santa Monica (now a Sav-On Drugs) yesterday on the bus to Target needed some beautiful child paints for hand-arts expressing mental sets cheap millitudes ahead etc. - my offering: Beachwood Lanes that's cheap and like the favors of Joyce De Junger-Witt comes from a local streetname "Beachwood Canyon" hers on Barham near Universal "DeWitt" as 'to wit [a grave]...too white or brightly held by others' I asked yesterday her inspirations for such after noting it myself in thought how she did ("we used to own that - a graveland, basically" adds "yeah, your family built on it - they didn't care about 'us' that much...') A bowling lane name has to honor a lane somewhere, really. A lover's lane in post-war attitudes.

no it doesn't mean you can wash it down ever

More: I made a little cake from that batter left in the fridge and boy ! was that tasty. I just used the pan that came with our Black & Decker toaster oven as lined with non-stick foil a bit more expensive than that heard (intended to bake at thinnest layers you batter bake you add some on-top, not left of solids growing out). Those fucking cupcakes are still in the locked oven days later our landlord called on about this. Could you imagine being a mother (my cheapest plot device yet after kitties and your own harms inside) and spending your very last cent on a chicken dinner locked inside your kids go to bed hungry? That's real in this world, you know - urged not to rock the pinball machine too hard and all the while you rest. We even took apart the door to the glass and then I drew the line there all them fuckin' bolts and you ain't even sure you'll get in yet. Fuck them for this still. Fix them all for this. Someone suggests a warning buzzer disconnected somehow before this. No, no - never no. What are you doin? Cooking babies under pressure in the slide oven? The cleaning cycle? Silently they die in the vapor sound room in the rear of your church being beaten up by God-willing again. Tip: Jimmies - those irresistible (impossible to resist? impossible to have again 'cause you keep doing it that once onward - a joke really) candy monikers (by name only - offends meaning of; see "a singer") - were made to keep plastic wraps off of cakes and their icings like pimples were made keep containing hand wraps off of people. You then keep your cake tins, pans to yourself to your home. Know that and see them rubber cake pans at Target called "silicone" all red and very flexing - to fool they burn never as in oven and for the stove too coming - imagine you only. A cardboard band that follows the lining in and around across the pan horizontally looks to be a metal support across, but isn't and the result in expire (after you look at it) is just that flimsy and suggesting of it. By the way, silicone is rubber for in the body (like that of fake tits - the problem is they "velvet" inside or get hairy kinda with light added growing strands normally, not just leaks - they are gross like hairy kidneys inside and get just as hard and lumpy - use salt waters only bonded as salines thankx), rubber plainly is for footwear. There are three (3) grades - one (1) is for dog chow or strumming along with strings too - the purest in-fact is for dogs and their bones-music (they hum to them softly with heat added). All banana skins mashed and boldened. Last night I added some change to a vending machine and the dollar inlet looked just like Edward G. Robinson's mouth - all wide and soured with it taste a fun game in the head. Look at this below I believe it lives within me and is hungry too.

red is choice it don't burn as well as light colors ithas salt in it a roadsalt or heavy crystal

Vowels Undone Forever 06/04/05 1123
Oh, yeah - we know a "vowel" (" A, E - A, E, I, O, U, U | and sometimes Y " - the song-joke in is called "IOU" and is by "Freeze" - you get that here, not there then - see Cherrelle who sang it have her new greatest hits out on CD and all since May 24 - I did that up she'd say - and her requisite quote to return "You did nothing I can see with you but this.") links one 'phoneme' or sound uttered with another sound uttered and with - but that's truth what we all see. Simply said, this is wrong. Words are not always spoken - they are heard only in-fact as channeling is heard - nothing through the air what does not really exist in much we temper and taper all heard to me and then you, kinda. A "vowel" signals me to reduce the calls in you so you can understand a word what is a high concept and not just what you think. If a color has three (3) parts (you sight it, you say it, you see it), a word has two (you sight it, you say it only - sentences or term concepts whole have meanings, not words). You hear it, and you know nothing more until I get a vowel and know you're serious about things. Is it real? Yes - it dials me up, otherwise you're playing word games and snotty codings and I got rid of that with you. You can pretend it's there, but you dial me with pretend. See no value with sounds other than reminding me what I liked about you and me. That's all. Vowels link utterances or a mouth moved at once in a particular direction, but well then but see they have no meaning theirselves - a dataform then, not information as nothing emerges here, a math, an operand to or a 'plus' sign '+' with really no hard tact or reaching for a something our end. A glide over says - all are not real or useful actually as the queen of England uses sound pitches to say word meanings on police radios and as used in song I hear - not even whole participles or lengths taken sometimes for meaning. An understanding is achieved with signs pointing to, not having a meaning at end. To end, my earth-time father - all lumpy like gravy playing the plate - goes "when you define a vowel to me, you are God." Yeah, like my last hit made me sing. I do what I do to my interest a cruel laugh because I hate at people - not to impress someone who doesn't know or couldn't possibly say. Am I God? Who are you to say that? I'm more God than you, though - that'll do nicely. Otherwise, petition for one a saint - start early, young. Go with what dies along lines it helps to know you that well. But seriously me, I live to make well-wishers happy - you've been suckin' eggs for a long yolk. I am you at interest but better at it I'm God relearning me so I don't fuck up the life I loved living with you it was great anyway just doin' it up all the time. Change nothing, Bitch - it all was good enough before this came and I don't know what did that or exactly what an ol' nigger like my dad - old nigger - may provides me. You can't live it down on says, can you?

'ted dansen' my mascot for pride 2005 what i take home if you don't do well while i'm there

Today's Mitre 06/04/03 1204
Just yesterday I walked up our street here and it dawned on me I live in my own Heaven. I never advanced past this house up the street to the schoolyard as I just sit on the porch gazing out mostly (once we parked bitterly up the street a bit and I had to greet a visitor at mine house all but talking my attention from - happens all the time and I ask them gay not to speak to me too much like lathers, like same), but let me tell you, there are absolute beauties in terms of homes up there one being renovated I'm proud of this a dead end. Eerie that not seeing knowing until when. Elton John built the apartments on the corner entering northeast and a staging house for films on the opposite side garages above dorms now reversed all but. Both nice locations and for visitors but deeply protected by armies and same (it's an old graveyard shaped like a torch landing - you see that on last month's aerial portait - the dead won't have just anyone or just anything here too - trust that). Like Heaven knows. "Only Burt Reynolds balked at being made gay here" says Elton John further at. Reply - "it teases me and I'm unusually old. I met Elton John and he is sprightly - meaning 'mean and about things' - I enjoy that immensely." Me too damn you. By mention, Burt's favorite film is "Deliverance" (1972) - his: "see it again -  I loved it too. Not a gay film 'per say' (sic) - a film for gays. Thanks again for knowing you so well to mine. Thanks." Please, Bitch - this broaches the contact with women. Jon Voight is the beautiful one and Burt the mean, masculine ass-kicker on trip. They fuck Ned Beatty's ass in the film - a veritable Ted Dinard, (really that was Rock Hudson - always something gross - "malevolent" he says) a helpful diffuse, really - to get around the subject matter being set in your fed. Not a gay movie - for the thought of it. Eventually, they had to strap ol' hateful Ned up for too much talkin' about what they did and to whom upon return home - they had to kill his assailants on a camping trip gone all wrong with hillbillies bearing guns on a riverside (we call 'em 'cooters' with no teeth) - so what. "Suey! Suey suey!" Seems the ol' rush to judgment again. 

i get two of 'em for sperm in my food any day of the week - yours not mine

always picking and choosing among, and yet to be seen being chosen over; carefully coding on each so to be numbering your douchebags
the kitten runs from you too is correct then
to take care of yourself or then being taken care to of your nocturnal emission awaits

Prepared Especially For Douglas C. Moon - A Rural Dignity 06/03/05 1526
Just now I got my little annual statement from the Social Security Administration what provides my annual taxed social security earnings from calendar year 1979 to calendar year 2004. My total fee'd? Five hundred fifty-five thousand seven hundred twenty-eight dollars ($555,728) - the poor speak to me in this - and that's all for twenty-five (25) annuals. On average with no frills and no going over not once, that is twenty-two thousand two hundred twenty-nine dollars ($22,229) per annum or per year still ahead of the game. Poverty would be cited at five thousand ($5,000) or at per annum, per average for my age what is turning forty-one (41) soon 08/16/64 the devil worship to me my indefinably christ-like birthmark is gross but light and unshaded now - I'd have it cut out of hip bone, I'd have punchmeat done to my only tit to the fat wettled - trust that. Back to a poverty, you should plead it if then like muzik to me own ears. Like a single straw sippin' right to it the duct empty.

More: From last year, this was copied so I add a year. My method would be to take 1979 and make it my whole year as I looked to work, and worked little - just like the last two (2) years I've had. If I wanted to make my "average years working" joke on calendar years where we go all the way down with unemployment no continuum, we could avoid going date to date annually - a junker to me kinda. This isn't about inception to date, this is all the down or just January 1's from then a great joke. Like business itself, you can know how to do all and when it happens, but why make things so technical people hate it and quit off. So, add a year out of last year's advice received, or rename your terms the average doesn't matter much especially since we cut little out by excising one calendar period opting instead for leaps across what I did under strictest advice would not be mine, actually - not for this joke. Simply would be wrong too - I started work in the fall of 1979 and wouldn't duplicate that past day in the last year 2004 but that's when I made any money then here. See me now? To undo you, take my total made and divide by twenty-six (26) to see against yours the glass half-empty again. Thus now, twenty-one thousand three hundred seventy-four dollars ($21,374) per annum or per year "still ahead of the game" you'd say it again. See - why bother it over change you compare vastly on the quick.

There is no right answer to me, we need to simply agree how we compare - period. No one has that answer - trust it here. A person going to the supermarket has our key. You have but ten dollars ($10.00) to spend to get many things needed for dinner just to get by and correctly with then. Therefore, you will you pay a higher unit price to get less of something at total cost but within your budget. A mother feeding many kids will by bulk ketchup say at a lower unit price to take care of many needs ongoing for longer if you'll only take this much from me. They will (but "you can broke saving money"). Point is, no one can say who you are and how you needed it to know or they would simply tell you like at the doctor or lawyer who demands you do it and this way for this purpose and this end. That is my guide to you and reporting it to others who know not your particular feel in it for net, for answer to you. Our standard of thinking through this, is please? Remember, good reporting asks no further questions unless unwilling to read. Read my ass then. Tips off: Simply a vowel says its name? God knows that a "vowel" is meaningless a very symbol against meaningless symbol said. It is someone's kind idea like a color is. See it? That's named this. Means nothing. Never did. We like it though. The letter 'x' is useless like that too no one need know that here only. But we like it honors God. So what - use your fancy - honor your pledge to pleasure yourself at my whim. A symbol is not where you end up having - you consider having it held. "No - no that fucking thing again" it may says and get comfortably before it received here. See stink only an idea, a concept based upon priors held then how bad it could in-fact be, until sighted smelling at you seeing it simmed. As with colors, I can't know what you are. I can't see what you see. It matters - the stuff you choose for yourself is mostly can be heinous - the way you glory me in it. Just tell me what you need and how - we'll see. Then get back to the real world or I'll kick your ass at the bank while you talk it all over. Have a pleasure to end it for you. I did what I wanted to do. That mattered, Babe. Ends that.

Why Live So To Die 06/02/05 2145
I can't believe this fucking oven I use here - first, the oven will not come on with cleaning cycle shit afoot on the same dials like calling people you hate but for you all the time tying up the line Amana French jerk-offs like niggers taking it all from you again while you wait on them in your own kitchen. Then the door locks shut - who ever heard of a fucking oven holding twelve (12) cupcakes (and a particularly nice sheet of non-stick foil above on rack) for ransom as they burn on 'broil' setting? I'm only going to buy the mix again for a dollar the nice Pillsbury stuff too red, white, and blue-dot cakes with red sprinkles and can icing as same in matching - why yearn me? Is this the ghosts here really God could know - they hate me cooking my mother out of town I do like a woman but yours at heart, actually. See me soon over this shit God is fuck making me keep them in there I'm sure so there's no guessing in your undercookbook. I hurt people over this shit I'd rather eat your batter I don't use a manual on a fucking white oven with no frills - do you? We had nothing like this ever please shoot me I lost hair. "If you don't have the manual, you shouldn't be using the oven." Niggers again. White people our ruler God's ruler in-fact would simply kill you over this you'd be in the tree outside with digger begging. See ya at the market, Amana. You ain't no Thermador drawer, Bitch. In the meantime, to eat yet another half-pint of fresh raspberries your people picked I got it for nuthin' two bucks ($2.00) today compensates me richly.

Listen to this shit from Amana:

"Amana ranges and wall ovens with electronic oven controls are equipped with a safety mechanism, which automatically shuts the oven off after 12 hours of continuous use. Some range and wall oven models have a special feature that permits the user to override the automatic shut-off allowing the oven to stay on for 37 hours of continuous use. This feature is called the "Sabbath" mode. Please refer to your Owner's Manual to see if your particular model has an override feature and, if so, how to program it."

Crap for renters in morgues. The laws states "no two ovens in any one body make wash" in France. "You used it as a heater" - yeah 'cause the fucking miniwax heater in the front room keeping bodies cool to the floor wouldn't come on either 'bad thermostat' and all. Ghost fucks again. Remember folks - no matter what you got, heat cooks it up. You or heat - never a both never in one hot-ass balloon blowin' out. Even God chooses a lower basket weave to one leave - trust that (but will next fuck your mind over - better to have the heat on-hand). No, I'm not so hungry, but the lock on the door relieved soon enough moving over. Still won't open though - a tip to ones coming off, I guess. Hate, hate, hate. Then this: "The rich call people - they'd come over in the morning to relieve this then." Fuck that - I'm not callin' anyone over a goddamn oven made in Sioux Fall, Iowa. Eat my very shit this is not China they'd cut off your balls over food lost like this. Blacks with old fucking soda cans using my rump to politicize me. Get those fucking cassette players back in player portables too, you greasy minks. Like that black guy shot up with heroin - only - in Terminator 2 thinking about me too much now that you're here, Skynet.

Update 06/03/05 0922: Fucking oven is still holding my cakes for ransom with batter for twelve (12) still in the fridge hoping them jimmies don't bleed. Insane - we're waiting. By the way, that was "Stars & Stripes" 'Funfetti' cake mix from Pillsbury - awful cute I love cupcakes with rich icings and sprinkles on them (for mail carriers once - a little something in exchange for not hurting us by keeping stuff out breaking my CD cases from BMG I just replace them myself for them being so cheap and nice to you - you call right up to demand new - have some class. You know blacks at the USPS hate CD's in bulk they don't get paid any more to lift your load higher - come on over I got yours yourself in the mit steaming we'll wait together fronted by a pleasing Asian "awfully subservient" yet speaking on it to white folks who don't "care about talking like we do" as your authorships fail me and fiercely - come here first I'll show you how to talk to it seem who's in charge then tapping my CD in "the rythym of time" as you say it). A good news: We get to lavish here in your own homemade until December now. I'm pleased - some right in.

"Bitch, nobody wants you." Is it true?

Download iTunes
the why, the how

Two (2) great videos they have now at iTunes: Coldplay "Speed Of Sound" stole my ideas for light bars is at Arena in Hollywood proper....Kelly Osbourne "One Word" that is would be "hello"...great!

For this month, a seagrave of it - a LaFrance urging water:

Enya "The Longships"
The Longships originally from the "Watermark" LP (1988) but now as from the "Only Time" retrovisit collection. Here's her full catalog at iTunes all good, all day Enya
I Want Tomorrow
also hear "I Want Tomorrow" in full synth from "The Celts" soundtrack the second linktag seem I hate aberrance in form but loved this too. Also get "Aldebaran" also all waveform synths among the stars actually with angel types around.

Hear "Fat" Yaz do "Goodbye Seventies" Goodbye Seventies from the "Upstairs At Eric's" LP (1982) the only greatest hits album anyone need - " we're tired of fyte-ing in your | fashion war ".
Also hear "Situation" and "Don't Go" here my mass said.

Thompson Twins "Lay Your Hands On Me" Lay Your Hands on Me from the "Here's To Future Days" LP (1985) - these come from my last time in New Jersey when I sat on the floor in our den with my little records (now on CD) - healing it alone while others were out eating or whatever who cared less than me then. My own "oíche chiúin" say "oy-ka kine" or "silent night [to think about all I know to be]" in Irish-Gaelic. Subtract last, add Chrissie Hynde's "I'll Stand By You" and you'll have my mood music almost a bleed cry all weird in the garden of love. Thanks to Enya - hate the song named that way never heard it yet. Also see "Doctor! Doctor!" originally from "Into The Gap" come undone before thee - a great synth for the summer.

A Flock Of Seagulls "Magic (Radio Mix)" Magic (Radio Mix) from the "Magic" CD single. It's all about me - magical types - and features the guitars of lost member Paul Reynolds brilliantly. You had this here, but now cannot get or simply - I have mine.

Missing Persons "Windows" Windowsfrom their greatest hit and the "Spring Session M" LP (1982) to me from on da plane to Houston, Continental Airlines my first commercial flight ever Summer 1983

Remember what was good about Madonna just dying to me, my very order of it with "Who's That Girl" Who's That Girl and "The Look Of Love" The Look of Love both bigger-type themes from the "Who's That Girl" soundtrack LP (1987). The movie so good to me as prienamed "Slammer" and for remembering what's important when I first got to California and prior to exploring gayer themes, made her dance and sing in front of thousands at the Anaheim stadium proper. Sure, it was me all along. I got that Dan Gilroy there too.

Psychedelic Furs "Love My Way" Love My Way
from the "Forever Now" LP (1982) teaches people how to sing in alpines or unspoken as such. A big favorite here this week " love my way | it's a new road | i fall low | and my mind goes ".

Olivia Newton-John "Magic" Magic from the "Magic: The Very Best Of Olivia Newton-John" LP (2001) and originally from the movie "Xanadu" (1980) a cross-over hit for blacks and big. I sing along with this all the time a big number from 1980 " and if should your heart survive | a destiny will arrive | to bring all your dreams alive | for you " I'll bring all your dreams alive...for you. Simply brilliant her biggest ever you. This alternately killed Diana Ross' "Diana" down deader than dead as all over smack.


Return To Your Childhood Just Now...To Jelly On The Floor As Legs Just Left Of You...Your Old Records All Spread Out...You're A Little Girl All Over Again In May 2005
This ridicules my mother who does that....too much lovey around. See me further ridicule myself to offset kinda or balance out. Do you know anyone who has a gold sink or a bidet in their bathroom? Both as so luxurious to me. That's true wealth or having more than you both may and need. Fortunate has all that you want only a smaller fortune then. Gold belongs in a sink a gentle stream of waters up and inside you around the middle. Soda is affluence after all 'til you take a wife and know for damned sure her favorite brand of soda beverage is not your brand. A soda may be cheaper on the butt downer, but the bidet was made to know you in it assuming and of course all things being the same. End this jerkie to me and "that's a damned gay shame." Reasons.